Margaret, of Bernard, VT, and Robert Laird, int.Jan.6,1787.


Charles, of Boston, and Nancy Laird, Sept.19,1819.*

Simeon, and Sally Hale, Mar.9,1807.*

WADLEIGH (Wadley, Wadly)

Edward, and Naomi Ramsdell, Sept.27,1802.*

Hannah G., of Newbury, and Elias Dole of Salisbury, Feb.12,1832.

Mary, of Newbury, and William Ruddock, Nov.13,1833.*

WADLEY (Wadleigh)

Abigail, and Thomas Young, July31,1779.

Mary, of Salisbury, and John Rutherford, int.Dec.24,1819.

Sarah, and Moses Cheeney, Mar.2,1779.*

WADLY (Wadleigh)

Abigail, and William Stickney, int.Feb.6,1779.


Elizabeth, of Ipswich, and Dr. Parker Clark, at Ipswich, Apr.12,1789.*


Eunice, and Aaron Jester, Sept.8,1792.

Nancy, and Martin Moran, Apr.13,1801.*

WAIT (Waite)

Mary Ann, and Rufus Hodsdon [Hodgdon. int.], Feb.23,1843.*

Sarah, and William P[ierce. int.] Johnson, Feb.13,1815.*

WAITE (Wait)

Amy, a.22y., d.Gideon and Martha, and Simeon Briggs, widr., a.24y., machinist, s.Samuel and Eunice, July14,1846.*

George Washington, of Baltimore, MD, and Hannah Colman, June24,1816.*

Thomas, and Mrs.Hannah Eathens of Salem, int.Oct.24,1811.


John, and Sally Ham Moses of Portsmouth, int.Jan.5,1799.

Sally, Mrs., and Reuben Abbot Libbey, int.Apr.18,1807.

Sally, and Joseph Collins, jr., int.July14,1810.

Thomas, and Sally Mendom, int.Dec.22,1798. (forbidden by his father, John Walden.)


Abby M. [of Lowell.CR4], and John Y.F. Durgin of Boston, Sept.25,1837.

Ann, and Henry Ware, int.July26,1834.

Charles, and Elizabeth Couch, Sept.8,1799.*

Elisabeth [Mrs.int.], and Morris Poor, Aug.10,1783.CR2*

Elisabeth, a.42y., d.Charles and Elisabeth, and George Lawrence, widr., a.42y., machinist, s.David and Ruth, Feb.25,1848.*

Henry, and Mercy Munro of Lexington, at Lexington, Sept.14,1780.*

Horace J., a.22y., manufacturer, s.David and Martha, and Sarah E. Currier, a.21y., d.Joseph and Nancy, Jan.12,1848.*

Joseph J., a.25y., manufacturer, s.David and Martha, and Martha A. Shepard, a.18y., d.Isaac and Anna, May29,1849.*

Mercy [Mary.CR4], and Ebenezer Sargent [jr. int.], June4,1789.*

Phinehas, of Salem, and Sally Eddy, int.Aug.10,1799.

Samuel, and Louisa Wood, Sept.12,1833.*

Sarah, and John Creesy, Feb.17,1765.*

Sally, and Elias J. Davis of Newbury, int.Apr.13,1799.

Sukey Boardman, and Matthias Holmes, Dec.15,1808.*

William, and Mrs.Elizabeth Gardner, May12,1765.*

WALLACE (Wallis)

Anna, of Woodbury, and George A. Huse, int.Nov.14,1844.

Elizabeth [Mrs.Elizabeth S.CR4], and Nicholas Nelson, Dec.2,1827.*

Hannah, and Daniel Knight, Dec.29,1799.*

Robert, and [Mrs.int.] Judith Rogers, Oct.3,1793.*

WALLIS (Wallace)

Elvey [Elcey.int.], and John Norton, June18,1798.*

Ruth, and William Pickard, Oct.9,1806.*

William, of Boston, and Elizabeth Pike, May1,1819.*

WALSH (Welch)

Nancy, and John Emory Bartlet, Sept.21,1809.*


Hannah, and Joseph S. Lane of Hampton, NH, Sept.4,1831.*

James K., of Lynn, and Emiline Pike of Salisbury, June22,1835.

John, jr., and Rebecca S. [T. int.] Pierce, Oct.6,1842.*

Maria L., a.23y., d.Joseph and Sarah, and John Dixon, a.26y., mariner, s.Joseph and Sarah, May7,1845.*

Mary Ann, and Michael [T. int.] Todd of Boston, Nov.6,1832.*


James, and Mrs.Elizabeth Staniford of Ipswich, int.Mar.21,1807.


Ann, a.22y., b. Ireland d.James and Mary, and Dennis Horgan, a.27y., manufacturer, b. Ireland s.John and Ellen, Nov.29,1849.*

George W., a.23y., wheelwright, s.Ezra and Sally, and Phebe R. Libby of Porter, ME, a.34y., d.David and Mary, Mar.15,1849.*

Ira, of Plymouth, NH, and Elizabeth Ann Herbert, Jan.16,1822.*


James, and Martha Elwell [of Newbury.int.], Jan.21,1793.*

Martha, and Abel Keyes [Kyes.int.], Oct.25,1804.*

Martha [S. int.], and Samuel Fowler of Salisbury, May30,1813.*

Mary C. [E. int.], and Samuel Fowler, Mar.6,1818.*


Reuben, and Mary Webster, May21,1815.*

WARE (Weare)

Henry, and Ann Walker, int.July26,1834.


Anne, and Nathaniel Butler, Aug.21,1786.*

Elisabeth, wid., and Nathaniel Harriden of Gloucester, int.Feb.7,1772.

George [Warren.CR3], and [Mrs.int.] Abigail Davis, Feb.24,1800.*

John, of [East. int.] Cambridge, and Rebecca Kelsey, Mar.4,1841.*

Mary, and Alexander Caldwell, int.Oct.21,1769.

Sarah [Elizabeth.int.], and Benjamin Pearson, Oct.27,1778.*

Sally, and Asa Gibson, Nov.13,1796.*

Stephen J., of Newbury, a.23y., carpenter, s.John and Eliza, and Mary H. Sargent, a.20y., d.Nathaniel and Lydia, Dec.14,1848.*

William W., of New Orleans, and Jane Wheelwright, Sept.8,1825.


Caroline H., and James P. Frothingham, int.Sept.28,1833.

Caroline, d.Isaac and Betsey, and Luther Davis, manufacturer, s.Richard and Abiah, May9,1844.*

Elisabeth, and James Browne of Newcastle, Eng., in NH, Aug.22,1764.CR2

James, and Lois Lancaster, Sept.1,1792.*

Jane S., and Alvin Libbey, Mar.16,1845. [Mar.11.CR1]*

Joseph H., and Elizabeth Creasey, Aug.4,1822.*

Moses P., and Mary D[owning.CR1] Howard of Newbury, June9,1822.*

Sarah E., and Thomas Pearson, int.Sept.22,1846.


Jane, of Chester, NH, d.James and Elisabeth, and Albert Griffin, a.28y., cordwainer, s.Jacob and Ruth, Sept.29,1845.*


Daniel G., and Tryphosa H. Wasgatt of Mount Desert, ME, Dec.1,1836.*

Tryphosa H., of Mount Desert, ME, and Daniel G. Wasgatt, Dec.1,1836.*


Abigail, and Robert Chapley, int.Mar.4,1823.

James, and Ann Taylor, int.Nov.20,1822. (forbidden by Waterhouse before published.)

Jane, of Andover, and Samuel Craft, int.Oct.24,1782.

Mary, and Thomas Alexander Annis of Portsmouth [NHCR2], July14,1808.*

Peter, and Abigail Storey, July24,1785.*


George, and Mary [Cline. int.] Raboteau, May20,1810.*

Luther, and Mary Coombs, May24,1798.*

Luther, and Sarah Beale, July21,1806.*

Luther, and Betsy Boardman, June8,1808.*

Robert, and [Mrs.int.] Mercy Rowe, July8,1781. [1782.CR1; June23,1782. int.]*


Anne, Mrs., of Newbury, and John Woodman, jr., int.Nov.15,1788.

Edward Timothy, and [Mrs.int.] Rachel Ellis, Sept.10,1806.*

Rachel, of Cambridge, and Joseph Whittemore, int.June8,1771.


Thomas, and Susanna Kate, Feb.19,1801.*


Elizabeth P., and Robert S. Lane, int.June19,1841.

Job, and Elizabeth Fisk of Newbury, int.Jan.4,1812.

John, and Sarah Pettingell of Newbury, Oct.31,1812.*

John, and Sarah Hervey, int.Feb.14,1818.

Sarah L., and Allen Stanwood, May16,1837.*

William, and Abby Nickerson, int.July6,1847.


Nathaniel, of Alexandria, D.C., and Sarah Smith, Oct.22,1811. [Oct.27.CR1]*


Charles, and Caroline B. Kent, Dec.3,1840.*

Irene L., wid., a.32y., d.Joseph and Nancy Whitfield, and William Costin of Philadelphia, PA, a.30y., mariner, s.Isaac and Lavinia, Nov.9,1845.*

William, and Sarah Goodhue, Dec.10,1805.*

William B., widr., a.37y., master mariner, s.John and Mary, and Isabelle S. Trundle [Trundy.int.], a.25y., d.Samuel and Jane, June8,1845.*

William B., widr., a.39y., mariner, s.John T. and Mary, and Mercy Trundy, a.32y., d.Samuel and Jane, Oct.12,1846.*

WAYMOUTH (Weymouth)

Olive, of Newbury, and Samuel Moody, int.Nov.12,1831.


William, and Rebecca Stocks, int.Oct.25,1777.

WEAD (Weed)

William, and Mrs.Susan Teel, May13,1807.*

William, and Ruthy Gardner, int.June13,1807.

WEARE (Ware)

Lydia, of Kensington, and Ebenezer Pearson, jr., int.Dec.7,1822.


Elisabeth, and William Preston, Feb.23,1777.CR2*

John Watkins, and Susannah Keizar, int.Nov.9,1776.

Samuel, and Sarah Conner, int.June4,1796.


Isaac, a.35y., mariner, s.George and Nancy, and Sarah Bayley, wid., a.29y., d.John and Sarah Osborn, Jan.12,1846.*

John, and Nabby Lurvey of Salisbury, int.Aug.25,1804.

Susan H., of Boston, and Daniel R. Moody, June6,1833.*


Ann [Mrs.int.], and Joseph C. Cheever, Sept.27,1843.*

Daniel, and Sarah [Abigail. int.] Calef, Aug.18,1776.*

Elizabeth, and James Campbill, int.June16,1779.

Emmeline R., a.20y., b. Haverhill, d.Joel and Rhoda, and Stephen M. Pillsbury, a.23y., grocer, s.Alfred and Sally, Oct.21,1849.*

Margaret, Mrs., and Patrick McGan, int.Mar.12,1842.

Margaret, a.16y., d.James and Margaret, and Benjamin D. Rodman of New York, a.26y., mariner, s.William and Harriet, June11,1848.*

Samuel [of Marblehead.CR1], and Hannah Ramsdel, Dec.31,1776.*

Samuel, and [Mrs.CR1] Sarah Griffith, Oct.19,1780.*

Sarah, of Wenham, and William Springer, int.May2,1779.

Sophia, a.24y., d.Theodore and Sarah, and James Tobey, a.26y., housewright, s.Nathaniel and Mary, Mar.9,1846.*

Stephen, and Anna Stickney of Newbury, Aug.16,1801.*


Almira, of Haverhill, and George W, Bartlett, int.May13,1843.

Caroline Almira, of Standish, ME, and Richard Stone, int.Aug.27,1830.

Charles, of Lowell, and Elizabeth Cooper, Dec.29,1828.*

Ellsworth, and Emily A.P. Sargent of Haverhill, int.June7,1845.

Enoch, and Sarah Eaton, int.Mar.23,1776.

Isaac, and Sally Morrill of Salisbury, int.Dec.6,1806.

James, of Rowley, and Mrs.[Miss.int.] Hannah Rogers, July14,1816.*

James, of Derry, NH, and Maria Eayrs, Jan.22,1829.*

James, widr., a.67y., cordwainer, s.Samuel and Susannah, and Harriet Bartlett, a.44y., d.Abel and Bridget, Oct.25,1849.*

Luke [Lake. int.], and Sarah Holton of Danvers, at Danvers, Aug.30,1781.*

Mary, and John Carleton, Sept.17,1798.*

Mary, and Peter Talbot, May10,1803.*

Mary, and Reuben Wardwell, May21,1815.*

Mary Ann, of Salisbury, a.19y., d.Philip and Hannah, and Elijah Davis of Amesbury, cordwainer, s.Elijah, Apr.8,1846.

Sarah, and Samuel Horton, May25,1778.*

Sarah [Mrs.int.], and Josiah Hook, Esq. of Castine, July19,1806.*

Susan, of Amesbury, and Jeremiah N. Jaques, int.Apr.13,1833.

Susan, of Amesbury, and Moses Dodge, int.Oct.11,1834.

Toppan [of Chester, NH. int.], and Sarah Brown, May10,1795.*


Henry, and Elizabeth Newel, int.Dec.27,1776.

WEDGER (Whittier)

Hannah [Whittier.CR3], and Ezekiel H. Wentworth, Mar.29,1813.*

WEED (Wead)

Bayley, and Lydia Lurvey of Newbury, int.Nov.25,1815.

Orlando, and Sarah Chandler of Amesbury, int.Dec.8,1764.

Rebekah, and Aquila Worthen, Jan.3,1782.CR2

Sarah, and Richard Hunnewell, int.May11,1771.

Sarah [Mrs.int.], and William Bowles, Apr.9,1781.CR2*

William, and Sarah Sawyer [of Newbury.int.], Nov.24,1790.*


Abigail M., and John C. Gilbert, int.Aug.22,1846.

Betsey March, of Greenland NH, and John Greenough, int.Mar.4,1797.

Hannah S., and William O. Smith, Sept.30,1840.*

John, of Newbury, and Hannah Stone, Apr.22,1821.*

Joseph, and Lydia March, Sept.22,1781. [1782.CR1; June22,1782. int.]*

Levi, and Abigail Jennings, int.Nov.5,1845.

Lydia, and David Stevens, Dec.27,1785.*

Mary, a.19y., d.John and Hannah, and Thomas Bayley [of Newbury.int.], a.28y., mariner, s.Thomas and Eunice, Apr.27,1845.*

Sarah, and Richard Ayres, Jan.2,1797.*

Seth, and Margaret Short, May10,1792.*


Eliza B., Mrs., and Charles Pierce, int.Mar.2,1842.


Bridget, a.20y., d.Patrick and Susan, and John Cleary, a.35y., laborer, s.Patrick and Francis, Nov.11,1849.*

Catharine, and Richard Peters, Oct.6,1793.*

WELCH (Walsh, Welsh)

Abby W., and Dana Dodge, Jan.24,1841.*

Alexander, a.33y., mariner, s.James and Katten LeFavor, and Elisabeth McNair of Manchester, N.S., a.23y., d.James and Elisabeth, Nov.21,1848.*

Benjamin, and Lydia Ham, May6,1804.*

Benjamin C., of Tewsbury, and Mehitable Barker, July3,1831.*

Caroline W., and Nicolas W. Chandler of Plaistow, NH, Dec.25,1828.*

David, of Portsmouth, NH, and Lydia A. Floyd, int.Nov.20,1847.

Betsy, of Plaistow, and Joshua Emery, int.Jan.10,1801.

Ellen, a.18y., d.Thomas and Mary L., and Thomas McGlew, a.20y., blacksmith, s.Hugh and Catherine, Oct.14,1849.*

Francis Richard, and Sarah Lord Roberts of Boston, int.Mar.31,1836.

James, and Betsy Wells, Nov.16,1803.*

James W., and Mary E. Cutter, Nov.7,1844.*

Jonathan Coates, and Zilpha Smith of Rowley, Dec.3,1818.*

Mary, Mrs., and Leonard Smith, Oct.5,1806.*

Mary P., and Lewis H. Stevens of Wenham, int.June22,1844.

Richard, and Mary Ann Wingate, Sept.22,1828.*

Richard, and Abigail Hall, int.Aug.6,1831.

Sarah, and Solomon Littlefield, Oct.27,1834.*

Susan C. [Sarah C. int.], and John Sargeant, jr., Nov.3,1839.CR6*

Thomas, and Mary Gutteridge of Newbury, int.Sept.18,1788.

William, and Phebe Cook, Apr.9,1811.*


Almira W., a.20y., d.Prince and Sarah, and Asa Barker, jr. of Lynn, a.23y., cordwainer, s.Asa and Lois, Nov.8,1845.*


Zacheus, of Gloucester, and wid.Susanna Malligan, int.July12,1770.


Daniel, and Sally Merrill, Oct.7,1802.*


George, and Betsy Comerford, int.Apr.9,1842.

Jane [Millington. int.andCR1], and John Johnson, Sept.25,1836.*

Mary, and John O'Hard of Boston, June7,1839.

Richard Hazen, of Boston, a.25y., carpenter, s.Jeremiah and Hannah, of Chelsea, and Hannah [Harriet. int.] Clement, a.24y., d.Joseph and Mary, July3,1845.*

WELLS (Wills)

Abigail, and Joseph Williams, Mar.20,1785.CR2

Abigail W., and Samuel March, jr. of Salisbury, Jan.3,1828.*

Almira, of Newbury, and George Currier, int.Dec.10,1831.

Ambrose H., and Ann Maria S. Cobb of Poland ME, int.June9,1849.

Caroline W., and [Capt.CR4] William Graves, jr., Aug.15,1837.*

Charles, a.36y., groom, s.Samuel and Nancy, and Elizabeth Jane Allen, a.20y., d.Daniel and Louisa, Sept.16,1846.*

Daniel, jr., of Newbury, and Rebekah Russell, int.Mar.29,1800.

Daniel, of Newbury, and Ann Doyle, Oct.18,1825.*

David, and wid.Lydia Johnson, int.Sept.24,1774.

David, and [ wid.int.] Margaret Currier, Aug.24,1775.*

Elizabeth, and Charles Cook, Sept.12,1786.*

Betsy, and James Welch, Nov.16,1803.*

Betsey [Martha J. int.], and James Taylor, May19,1817.*

Eunice, and George Pickenpack, Apr.7,1814.*

Hannah, and Benjamin Davis, July17,1794.*

Hannah, and John Higgins, Dec.25,1811.*

Hannah, and John Putnam, June11,1830.*

Jane P., of Amesbury, a.25y., d.Enoch and Catherine, and Rufus L. Chase of Haverhill, a.27y., cordwainer, s.Amos B. and Mary, Nov.26,1845. [1846. dup.]

Joanna, and Aaron Robinson, May5,1816.*

John, and Abigail Galiashan, June24,1772.CR2

John, and Martha Smith, Mar.6,1781.*

John, jr., and Sally Hoyt, Sept.23,1798.*

Joseph, and Rhoda Sampson, Oct.12,1779.*

Judith, and Joseph Sydney Smith of Mercer, Mar.3,1805.*

Lydia, and Uriah Fletcher, int.Aug.2,1770.

Molly, and Samuel Foster, Oct.15,1776.CR2

Mary, and John Delash, Sept.19,1779.CR2*

Mary Harris, and Benjamin Whitmore, Nov.12,1805.*

Mary, and James Taylor of Dover, NH, Jan.15,1812.*

Mehetabel, of Portsmouth, and John Murfy of Great Britain, Jan.13,1765.CR2

Moses, and Anna Nowell, July10,1777.CR2*

Moses, and Ruth Gallishan, July21,1796.*

Moses, and Eunice Perley Lunt, May20,1810.*

Rhoda [Mrs.int.], and David Young, Feb.26,1795.*

Samuel, of Newbury, and Elizabeth Swasey, Nov.12,1803.*

Samuel, and Hannah Rose, Jan.5,1809.*

Samuel W., of Newbury, and Tamson Doyle, int.Sept.19,1835.

Sarah, and James Richards, May26,1796.*

Sarah, and Jonathan Flood, Jan.24,1798.*

Sally, of Hampton Falls, and Benjamin Hale, int.Jan.3,1807.

Sally H., and Thomas Foster, July5,1827.*

Thomas G., of Boston, and Elizabeth S. Willis, Nov.6,1838.*

William, and Sarah Obey, Sept.12,1780.*

WELSH (Welch)

John, and Mary Williams of Rowley, May21,1796.*

Richard, and Betsy Gall, Jan.23,1802.*

Robert W., and Charlotte J. Larcom of Beverly, int.Sept.15,1827.

Sally, and Robert Griffin, Jan.1,1804.*


Eliza J., a.22y., d.Edmund and Eliza, and George Pearson, a.25y., line maker, s.Ariel and Hannah, Mar.5,1848.*

Ezekiel H., and Hannah Wedger [Whittier.CR3], Mar.29,1813.*

Hannah, and James Ford Nash, int.May17,1818.

Joseph, and Hannah Titcomb, July26,1812.*

Margaret A., of South Berwick, and Samuel Kilborn, int.June17,1849.


Thomas, and Salome Gains of Ipswich, int.July22,1769.

WESCOTT (Waistcoat, Wesgatt, Westcoat)

Charles, and Abigail Proctor, Nov.18,1810.*

William H., and Fanny D. Pearson, int.Nov.5,1842.

WESGATT (Wescott)

Susan, and John Witherbe, Nov.6,1808.*

WESSELLS (Wessels)

Mary, Mrs., and Jacob Henry Bolt, Nov.27,1805.*

Mary, and Edward Dorr of Salisbury, July26,1812.*

WESSELS (Wessells)

John James [Capt. int.], and [Mrs.int.] Mary Harrington [Herrington. int.], Dec.11,1783.*


Edward Loyd [Lt. int.], of West Maryland and Lucy Cushing, Feb.16,1841.*

John, of Bradford, and Elisabeth Bartlet, Dec.18,1766.CR3*

Thomas F., and Eunice P. Cole, int.Oct.5,1840.

Thomas F., a.25y., master mariner, s.James and Mary, and Abby Greeley, a.20y., d.George and Elisabeth, Apr.8,1848.*

WESTCOAT (Wescott)

Charles, and Eunice Cole, Dec.25,1779.CR2


Abby Gilman, wid., a.27y., d.William and Sally Colby, and Caleb Niles Haskell, widr., a.30y., tin plate and sheet iron worker, s.Caleb and Fanny M., June29,1846.*

Hannah, a.35y., b. Duxbury, and Nathaniel Perkins, widr., of Danvers, a.46y., tanner, b. Maine, Jan.13,1845.*

Josiah, and Abigail G. Colby, int.Mar.26,1843.


Susan, and William Hickok, May8,1816.*

WEYMOUTH (Waymouth)

Miranda W., of Webster, ME, a.20y., d.Deminicus and Letitia, and Thomas O. Roaf, a.24y., manufacturer, s.Thomas and Rachel, June20,1848.*

Shadrach, and Sally Carter, int.Nov.30,1825.

WHALAND (Whealan, Whilan)

John, and Nancy Livermore, Sept.13,1795.*


Anna [Mrs.CR1], and Daniel Pike, Aug.4,1801.*


Catharine, and Ephraim Jewett Smith of Boston, Jan.21,1808.*

Esther, and David Pettingel, Apr.4,1822.*

Humphry, and Mary Nowell, Jan.12,1777.*

Humphry, and Hannah Harris, Sept.7,1780.*

John, and Mary Tracy Thompson, Mar.21,1814.*


Mary, and Jonathan Wheeler of Rowley, int.July21,1780.

WHEALAN (Whaland)

Peter, and Lydia Straw, Dec.22,1779.CR2*


Abijah C., of Lowell, and Priscilla P. Pettingall, Sept.2,1832.*


Abijah, and Ploomy Dean Peak, Sept.13,1812.*

David [of Newbury.int.], and Judith Pearson, May28,1815.*

Jane, and John B. Dean of Chelmsford, Jan.2,1826.*

Jonathan, of Rowley, and Mary Whathan, int.July21,1780.

Mary, and John Jackman of Newbury, Mar.16,1817.*

Mary Y. [J. int.], and Erastus H. Morse of Lowell, June1,1843.*

Mary L., a.20y., d.Joseph and Mary S., and John H. Noyes, a.21y., baker, s.Timothy and Sally, July7,1846.*

Moses B., and Elizabeth Heath of Methuen, June19,1838.*

Moses B., and Lydia A. Heath, d.Lot, Dec.22,1844.*

Rebeccah, and Samuell Noyes, Mar.21,1764.CR3

Samuel, jr., and Mary Jane Cary [of Boston.CR1], Oct.19,1829.*

Sally Searle, and Enoch Moulton of Portland Nov.5,1804.*

Sarah S., and James Carey [jr. int.] of Newbury, Jan.23,1839.*

Silas, widr., of Newbury, a.60y., stone mason, s.Warren and Sarah, and Elisabeth Laskey, wid., a.60y., Oct.8,1846.

Solomon, and [Mrs.int.] Sarah Milk, Dec.2,1786.*

Susan, a.23y., d.Silas and Eunice, and Horace Downs of [West. int.] Amesbury, a.22y., carriage maker, s.Reuben and Sophia, Feb.4,1847.*

WHEELRIGHT (Wheelwright)

Charles C., of Hampton [NH. int.], and Mrs.Mary Knight, Aug.31,1820.*

WHEELWRIGHT (Wheelright)

Abraham, and Rebeckah Knight, Sept.15,1780.CR3

Annie C., a.18y., d.John and Ann, and William T. Wills, a.22y., merchant, s.John and Sarah, Apr.25,1848.*

Charles Cobbett, and Edah Gibson of North Hampton, int.Oct.6,1810.

Ebenezer [Capt. int.], and Anna Coombs, May10,1791.*

Ebenezer, of Portsmouth, NH, and Sarah Boddily, Jan.21,1823.*

Elizabeth Cogswell, of Newbury, and George Greenleaf, int.Sept.23,1813.

Esther, and Asa Davis, Oct.5,1797.*

Jane, and William W. Warner [William Warner Caldwell. int.] of New Orleans, Sept.8,1825.*

Jeremiah, and Mary Blunt, Jan.27,1805.*

John, of New York, and Ann Adams, Dec.2,1826.*

Laura, of Boston, and Jeremiah Pearson Wood, int.Aug.21,1831.

Mary Ann, and [Capt. int.] Benjamin Harrod, July31,1825.*

Rebecca, of Newbury, and Thomas March Clark, Esq., int.May11,1811.

Sarah P., and [Maj.CR4] William B. Titcomb, May10,1827.*

Thomazin, and William Eustis, Nov.24,1785.*

William, Esq., and Martha Gerrish Bartlet, Feb.10,1829.*


Anna Thomas [Mrs.int.], and Joseph Bayley of Gloucester, Sept.18,1821.*

Anson, and Anna Thomas Parker, Apr.19,1799.*

WHILAN (Whaland)

Mary, and James Hynes, int.Feb.11,1846.

WHILEY (Wiley)

Frederick, of Bradford, and Harriet Stillman, Oct.11,1831. [Oct.16.CR4]*


Charles, and Polly King of Salem, int.Aug.1,1807.

Charles, and Mrs.Rebecca King of Boston at Boston, Sept.29,1835.*

Sarah K., d.Charles, and George Lambert, widr., of East Cambridge, b. England Apr.14,1845.*

WHITCHER (Whittier)

Hannah, and Samuel Ober, int.Aug.1,1767.

Moses, and Sarah Brookens of Newbury, int.Dec.末,1773.

William, and Polly Osgood of Salisbury, int.Dec.23,1789.


Sarah M., of Lowell, and Enoch Coffin [jr. int.], Mar.8,1838.*


Adeline, and Nathaniel Mulliken, jr., Apr.7,1830.*

Alice, a.24y., d.John and Mary, and Patrick Croudel [Cronella.int.], a.24y., mariner, s.John and Bridget, Oct.8,1849.*

Ambrose H., and Harriet Spaulding, Apr.20,1834.*

Anne [ wid.int.], and Joseph Sevier, Jan.9,1781.*

Archelaus, and Phillis Shepherd, May29,1783.*

Bethiah, and Moses Somerby, Nov.9,1784.*

Daniel Appleton, Esq., and Mrs.Mary Van Schalkwyck of Concord, int.Apr.27,1807.

Edward L., and Hannah Wood of New Bedford, int.Sept.15,1832.

Eleanor, of Boston, and Greenleaf Clark, int.July4,1772.

Betsy, and Dr. Jonathan Greenleaf Johnson, Oct.4,1813.*

Elisabeth, a.26y., d.Worthy and Fanny, and Nathaniel R. Winder [Winde. int.] of Newbury, a.28y., mariner, s.Thomas and Nancy, Nov.11,1847.*

Gilman, and Elizabeth Brown, May31,1791.*

James T[erry.int.], of Norwich, CT, and Mary Ann Ashby, May11,1842.*

Jane, and Richard Dangerfield, Oct.10,1790.*

John, and Lois P[earson. int.] Lunt, Oct.5,1834.*

Leonard, of Haverhill, and Mary Dalton of Newbury, Aug.21,1794.CR2

Lydia, of Portsmouth, and Charles Hodge, int.Dec.7,1805.

Mary, of Haverhill, and Moses Brown, at Haverhill, Oct.1,1786.*

Polly, and Jacob [John Jacob. int.] Eckel, Aug.29,1797.*

Mary, and Stephen W. Marston [of Newbury.int.], Dec.31,1816.*

Mary Ann, and James Hill of Dover, NH, June4,1839.*

Philips, of South Hampton, NH, and Hannah W. Brown of Newbury, May17,1838.

Rebecca, and George B. Perkins of Newbury, Dec.1,1831.*

Rufus, and Anna Pike, Dec.14,1778.CR2*

Susanna, and Benjamin G[reenleaf. int.] Boardman, Nov.8,1805.*

William, of Boston, and Almira Dodge, Aug.25,1842.CR6*


Charles E., of Lowell, a.25y., carpenter, s.Jonathan and Lucy, and Mary Hilldrup, a.26y., d.Joselin and Mary, Apr.8,1846.*

Sydney J., of Boston, and Elisabeth A. Dodge, Apr.20,1848.


John Walton [Whitlock. int.], and Catharine Wise, Aug.18,1803.*

WHITING (Whitis)

Daniel, and [Mrs.int.] Mary B. Stevens, May27,1838.*

WHITIS (Whiting)

Stephen [Whitin.CR1], and Mary Merrill, June16,1793.*


William, and Mindwell Averill of Charlestown, June28,1822.*

WHITMORE (Whittemore)

Amos, and Sevel [Sarah.int.] Woodman, Dec.22,1811.*

Anthony, and Priscilla Chase of Newbury, int.Dec.6,1794.

Benjamin, and Martha Plummer, Aug.5,1802.*

Benjamin, and Mary Harris Wells, Nov.12,1805.*

Benjamin, of Newbury, and Nancy Goodrich, Oct.24,1809.*

Benjamin Franklin, of Boston, and Martha Mary Goodrich, Apr.24,1828.*

Bridget, and William Picket, May21,1805.*

Daniel, of Newbury, and Betsy Brown, Nov.9,1809.*

Eben B., of Newbury, a.29y., ship carpenter, s.Daniel and Betsey, and Harriet W. Jackman of Newbury, a.25y., d.David W. and Sarah, Dec.22,1846.

Elizabeth, and John Pounding, Nov.20,1830.*

George W., and Sarah W. Chase of Newbury, int.Nov.9,1839.

Hannah, and Robert Campbell, May15,1804.*

Hannah, of Newbury, and Joseph Picket, int.Feb.22,1812.

Jacob, of Newbury, and Mrs.Lydia Story, Jan.9,1809.*

Jacob, of Newbury, and Elizabeth Delany [Delano.CR4], Aug.15,1824.*

Jonathan, and Elizabeth [Mrs.Deborah.int.] Clannin, May29,1783.*

Lydia, Mrs., and Enoch Moody of Newbury, int.Feb.12,1813.

Martha, and Franklin Bartlet, int.Sept.12,1835.

Sally Hart, and William Stickney, 3d, Nov.30,1784.*

Sarah, and Stephen Pillsbury, at Boston, Dec.2,1839.*


Abigail, and Enoch Titcomb of Newbury, July28,1803.*

Elizabeth, and Zebedee Cook, Mar.31,1825.*

Joseph W. [of Sudbury.int.], and Nancy [Mary int.] B. Gerrish, Oct.4,1840.*

Julia A[nn. int.], a.24y., d.Abiatha and Betsey, and Stover Grindall, a.23y., mechanic, s.John L. and Nancy, Aug.28,1848.*

Lydia, and Benjamin Appleton, jr., Sept.26,1803.*


James, of Boston, and Anna Raymond, int.Dec.24,1777.

WHITTEMORE (Whitmore, Whittmore)

Elizabeth Flagg, and Joseph Moody, Jan.19,1790.

Joseph, and Rachel Waters of Cambridge, int.June8,1771.

Polly [Mary.int.], and Joseph Hooper, Nov.11,1802.*

Mary A., of Haverhill, and John J. Kendrick of Amesbury,末蔓末,1844.

Perley, of Vassalborough, and Mary Ann Meader, int.Oct.25,1807.

WHITTEN (Witten)

Catharine [Mrs.int.], and Charles Perry, Jan.19,1837.*

Charles, and Eunice Lavalette, int.May4,1842.

Charles, widr., a.36y., mason, s.George and Elisabeth, and [Mrs.int.] Phebe C. Mitchell, a.34y., d.Beby and Elizabeth, Aug.15,1848.*

George, and Catharine Sargent, Oct.22,1823.*

James, and Susanna Noyes [of Newbury.int.], Feb.20,1768.CR3*

James, and Mary Bishop, Nov.21,1825.*

John, and Mary Poor, Nov.11,1837.*

Mary Jane G., and Valentine Bagley of Amesbury, int.Sept.26,1847.

WHITTIER (Wedger, Widger, Wicher, Widger, Witcher)

Alexander, of Newbury, a.24y., chaise maker, s.Joshua and Mehitable, and Sarah E.J. Flanders, a.20y., d.Daniel and Sarah, July3,1845.*

Anne, and James Francis, Apr.12,1795.*

Caleb [B. int.], and Elizabeth Jones, June25,1837.CR2*

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Davis of Belfast, ME, int.June1,1847.

Ezekiel G., and Sarah L. [E. int.] Stanwood, Dec.12,1833.*

Martha Lydia, and Thomas Choate, July28,1833.*

Mary, and Daniel Chase,末蔓末,1784.

Mary H., and James [S. int.] Barker, Apr.13,1837.*

Sarah Ann, and Thomas Patten, jr. [3d.int.], Oct.29,1826.*

WHITTMORE (Whittemore)

Abigail [Whittemore. int.], and Edmund Sweat, jr., Jan.25,1791.*

Elisabeth Flagg, and Joseph Moody, int.May17,1788.

Joseph, jr., and Bridget Ridgeway of Greenland NH, int.Oct.23,1789.

Nathaniell, and Jane Mills, Dec.2,1784.*

WICHER (Whitcher)

Hannah, and Samuel Ober, Sept.17,1767.CR2*


Thomas, and Martha Chandler, int.Nov.24,1781.

WIDGER (Whittier)

Hannah [Whittier.CR3], and William Davis, 3d, July17,1799.*

WIER (Wyer)

Catharine, and John Perie, int.Dec.25,1790.

WIGGEN (Wiggin)

Mary Hazen, of Stratham, NH, and Nathan Brown, int.Oct.13,1821.

WIGGIN (Wiggen, Wiggins)

Ebenezer L., of West Amesbury, and Sarah S. Haynes, int.Aug.20,1840.

Isaiah, manufacturer, s.Thomas and Margaret, and Dolly F. Bean, d.Betsey, Dec.22,1844.*

Laura A., of Newmarket, NH, and George E. Colbath, int.May22,1847.

Nathan, jr., of Belfast, and Mary Sawyer, Nov.8,1810.*

William A., of Lowell, a.21y., machinist, s.Thomas and Margaret, and Hannah Jones, a.26y., d.Joseph and Susan, Apr.18,1847.*

WIGGINS (Wiggin)

Hipsy, of Kensington, and Moses Brown, 3d, int.Sept.25,1800.

Rachel, and William Boardman, Apr.30,1786.CR2*

WIGGLESWORTH (Wiglesworth)

Edward, Col., and Mrs.Rebecca Babson of Gloucester, int.Oct.16,1790.

John H., and Sarah T. Norton, int.June3,1843.

Margaret [of Cambridge. int.], and Rev. John Andrews, at Cambridge, Sept.8,1789.*

Michael, and Charlotte Goldsmith, Nov.26,1795.*

Sarah, and Francis Michael Bequet [Becquet. int.], Sept.18,1793.*

Sarah, and Rev. Samuel Clarke of Princeton, Sept.13,1819.*

William, and Mrs.Elisabeth Carr of Newbury, int.Feb.22,1783.


Samuel, a.22y., trader, s.Samuel and Hannah, and Hannah Varney, a.19y., d.Richard and Relief, Apr.20,1849.*

WIGLESWORTH (Wigglesworth)

Catharine, and Samuel Dole, May29,1805.*


Henry [Rev. Hervey.int.], of Conway, and Ann Tappan, Aug.19,1816.*

WILCOM (Willcomb)

Elizabeth [Mrs.Jane.CR1], and Joseph Kent of Newbury, Aug.9,1785. [Oct.9.CR1]


Mary, Mrs., and Michael Coleson, Mar.14,1819.*

WILDE (Wildes)

Caroline Elizabeth, and Caleb Cushing, Nov.23,1824.*

WILDES (Wilde, Wilds)

Asa Waldo, Esq., and Eliza Ann Lunt, June7,1818.*

WILDS (Wildes)

Mary H., of Newbury, and Francis Chase of Hampton Falls, NH, Nov.18,1840.

WILEY (Whiley, Wyllie, Willey, Willie, Willy, Wily, Wylee, Wyley)

Abigail Pike, and Timothy Kinsley Cassady, May29,1796.*

Elizabeth, and Daniel LaFavor, Oct.7,1819.*

James, and Anna Burbank, Nov.29,1809.*

Patience, and Joseph Putnam, Jan.19,1834.*


John Weaver, and Susannah Kezar, Nov.24,1776.

Susannah [ wid.int.], and John Peters, July27,1780.*


Josiah, and Martha Groves, May29,1791.*

Lydia [Mrs.int.], and Moses Peirce, jr., Feb.1,1789.*

Martha, and Nicholas Peirce, May25,1783.*


Jane, Mrs., and Joseph Kent of Newbury, int.Sept.23,1785.


Daniel, and Abia Nichols of Haverhill, int.Sept.30,1775.

Elisabeth, and John Curvill [Carroll. int.], Jan.10,1779.CR2*

Hannah, and William Hawkins, July18,1780.CR2

Lewis, and Laura Bayley of Parsons, int.Apr.2,1819.

Mary, and Edward Russel, Jan.27,1771.CR2

Sarah, and Paul Floyd of Newbury, int.July27,1811.


Robert, and Martha Gilman, int.June13,1818.

WILLEY (Wiley)

Ebenezer, and Elizabeth Clough, Apr.24,1806.*

Lydia Thompson, and James Stickney Goodhue, Dec.18,1809.*

Samuel [of Newbury.int.], and [Mrs.CR1] Anna Kimball, Nov.28,1804.*


Abby [W. int.], and Henry Bartlett, Dec.18,1844.CR2*

Ansell, and Betsy Dame, Mar.25,1809.*

Arrianna, a.21y., d.Enoch S. and Eliza, and Edward T. Hardy, a.25y., merchant, s.Francis W. and Jane, Apr.6,1848.*

Caroline Ann Buckminster, and Joseph Balch of Boston, Dec.31,1811.*

Caroline A.B., a.22y., d.Joseph and Lydia P., and Charles M. Hodge, a.29y., druggist, s.James and Martha, Oct.14,1845.*

Edward B., of Boston, a.21y., stage actor, s.Edward and Elisabeth, and Nancy P. Martin, a.19y., d.Calvin and Candes, Jan.17,1847.*

Elisa, a.22y., d.Enoch and Eliza, and John M. Coffin, a.32y., master mariner, s.John and Mary, Nov.4,1846.*

Elizabeth, and John Brookings of Newbury.Nov.28,1805.*

Enoch Sanborn, and Eliza Mary Pike, May20,1824.*

Francke, and Caroline H[all. int.] Bartlett, Dec.17,1844.CR2*

George, and Hannah Sanborn, Dec.16,1798.*

Hannah, and Abraham Jones, July17,1796.*

Hannah, Mrs., and Peter Florie, June11,1812.*

Hannah Winn, and Walter Gould of Portland ME, July1,1832.*

Hannah S., and Daniel Chase of Concord, NH, July18,1832.*

Isaac, of New York, and Sarah Meservey, Dec.8,1797.*

James, jr. [of Boston. int.], and Lydia Currier, Sept.21,1789.*

James, and Elizabeth Boynton of Newbury, int.Oct.26,1811.

James C., a.22y., mariner, s.Griffey and Mary, and Mary Ann Crowly, a.15y., b. Ireland d.Malachi and Ann, Oct.7,1845.*

John, and Hannah Appleton, June6,1792.*

John, and Sally Harris, Dec.28,1802.*

John Eaton, and Betsy Merrill, int.Feb.25,1804. (forbidden by Betsy Merrill, Feb.29.)

John, and Hannah Thompson, Nov.11,1835.*

John, widr., a.36y., tanner and currier, s.John and Elisabeth, and Caroline Sleeper, wid., a.35y., Feb.8,1849.*

Joseph, and Abigail Wells, Mar.20,1785.CR2

Joseph, jr., and Clementina Smith, May11,1815.*

Joseph, jr., and Lydia Plummer Mills, Apr.13,1820.*

Joseph, jr., and Eunice B. Moody [both of Newbury.CR4], June22,1841.

Joshua, of Ipswich, and Jane Pettingall of Newbury, Oct.30,1765.CR3

Lemuel S., widr., of Boston, a.40y., merchant, s.James and Lucy Ann Jenkins, a.38y., d.Robert and Mary Jane, Sept.12,1847.*

Lucy [of Salisbury.int.], and Richmond Tuttle, Apr.12,1836.*

Martha [Wilson. int.], and John Robinson [Roberson. int.], jr., Aug.13,1810.*

Mary, of Rowley, and John Welsh, May21,1796.*

Mary C., and Samuel Goodhue, int.June2,1842.

Peter, and Mary Somerby, Jan.21,1785. [1784.CR4]*

Peter, and [Mrs.int.] Lucy Thompson, June7,1788.*

Robert B., and Hannah S. Brown, Oct.18,1821.*

Robert, and Mary L. Blake,末蔓末,1832. [Mar.31. int.]*

Samuel M., and Harriet M. Coker, Jan.22,1826.*

Sally, and John Porter, Nov.3,1804.*

Sally [Mrs.int.], and Henry Myers, Aug.2,1807.*

Sally, and John Marshall of Frankfort, ME, int.Sept.16,1820.

Thomas, of Salisbury, and Susan Simpson, May21,1827. [May14.CR6]*

William, Capt, and Hannah Russell, May11,1813.*

William Cutler, and Ellen Hall of Portsmouth, NH, int.July21,1820.


Joseph, Esq., of Belfast, ME, and Caroline Cross, June14,1824.*

Lorinda S., a.21y., d.Thomas and Susannah, and Daniel Pardee Greenleaf, a.23y., engineer, s.Joseph and Susan, Apr.22,1841.*

Mary, and Benjamin Balch, Apr.24,1766.CR2

WILLIE (Wiley)

Eliza Ann, and William Remick, int.Jan.6,1822. (bans forbidden by Capt. William Remick Jan.12).


Elizabeth S., and Thomas G. Wells of Boston, Nov.6,1838.*

Hannah, and Daniel C. Johnson, Sept.4,1825.*

Lucy, a.19y., d.Benjamin and Polly, and John Q. Adams, a.20y., cordwainer, s.Barzilla and Polly, Mar.24,1849.*

Susan, and Ebenezer Somerby, Aug.18,1811.*


Emma, of Newton, a.21y., d.John and Sally, and William K. Giles of Needham, a.25y., painter, s.David and Sarah, Apr.4,1848.

WILLS (Wells)

Charles, of Newbury, and Elizabeth LeBreton Johnson, int.Dec.15,1849.

John [jr. int.], Capt., and Sarah Newman of Portland Aug.17,1808.*

Rufus, of Newbury, and Caroline Perkins, Nov.21,1837.*

Sarah Newman, of Newbury, and Joseph Moody Titcomb, int.Aug.10,1832.

William T., a.22y., merchant, s.John and Sarah, and Annie C. Wheelwright, a.18y., d.John and Ann, Apr.25,1848.*

WILLSON (Wilson)

Alexander S., and Elizabeth G. Lake, Apr.3,1834.*

Sarah, and Samuel Souter [jr. int.] of Haverhill, Dec.25,1783.*

WILLY (Wiley)

Lydia, and Moses Titcomb, int.Oct.20,1808.

WILSON (Willson)

Andrew, and Hannah Kent, Nov.24,1782.*

Andrew, jr., and Hannah Butler, May12,1805.*

Anne, of Portsmouth, NH, and Joshua Pike, int.Feb.15,1783.

Benjamin, and Sally Questram, Sept.29,1805.*

Benjamin, and Abigail Middleton, Mar.20,1831.*

Charles G., of Zanesville, O., and Harriet Abbot, Oct.23,1832.*

Elisabeth W., a.22y., d.Joseph, and Enoch Pierce, a.26y., tailor, b. Newbury, s.Henry, jr., of Newbury, Nov.7,1844.*

George, and Mary Brown, Mar.5,1815.*

George, and Sarah March, both of Newbury, Nov.28,1841.

Harriot Byron, of Danvers, and Butler Abbot, int.Mar.30,1816.

Harriet M., and George Knapp, Aug.9,1837.*

Harriet S., and Edward T. Yeaton, int.June15,1844.

Harriet B., and Charles Ash, int.Nov.1,1844.

Joseph, and Mrs.Elizabeth Morrison, int.Nov.24,1821.

Lucy A.M., a.31y., d.Joseph and Elisabeth, and Samuel K. Gilman, a.29y., trader, s.John K. and Abigail, May11,1848.*

Robert C., a.29y., carpenter, s.William and Nancy, and Eliza Bancroft Ballou, a.31y., d.John and Catherine, Apr.18,1847.*

Sally, Mrs., and John McGrath, int.June9,1810.

Sarah, and James Sweetman, July15,1812.*

Sarah E., and Parker Noyes of West Newbury, int.Nov.19,1842.

Thomas, and Molly [Mary.int.] Simons [of Newbury.int.], July21,1794.*

Thomas B., and Sarah Page, both of South Hampton, Sept.13,1846.

William Kent, and Mrs.Lydia Fowler, int.Oct.13,1810.

WILY (Wiley)

Mary, and Tristram Knap, int.Feb.22,1800.


Ruth, and George Thurber, Aug.2,1840.*


Elvin, and Phebe Smith, Nov.2,1831.*

John, and Betsey Hammond of Danvers, at Danvers, July25,1791.*

WINDER (Winders)

Margaret, and James T. Perkins, both of Newbury, Nov.24,1831.

Nathaniel R. [Winde. int.], of Newbury, a.28y., mariner, s.Thomas and Nancy, and Elisabeth White, a.26y., d.Worthy and Fanny, Nov.11,1847.*

Sarah D., of Newbury, and Charles P. Chamberlin, int.Sept.9,1848.

Thomas, and Ann Coe [wid.CR1], Oct.7,1812.*

WINDERS (Winder)

Lydia M., of Newbury, and Samuel Littlefield of Charlestown, Mar.1,1842.


Harriet, and Weston B. Adams, Aug.27,1821.


Alpheus G., of Lowell, and Sarah Cass [Carr. int.], Oct.30,1833.*


Augustus C., and Sarah C. Brown. Nov.13,1827.*

John Hill, and Catharine Moulton Haines, May15,1806.*

John, and Ruth Cheever, int.Nov.6,1830.

Mary Ann, and Richard Welch, Sept.22,1828.*

William Abbot, of Hallowell, ME, and Elizabeth Stevens, Feb.6,1816.*

William P., of Bangor, ME, and Phebe Cook, int.July21,1836.


Mary S., of Amesbury, and William C. Barton of Salem, Dec.23,1840.CR2


Elisabeth M., a.18y., d.Moses and Sarah, and Moses B. Moulton, a.21y., mariner, s.Moses E. and Ruth, Nov.20,1845.*

Jeremiah, a.27y., cordwainer, s.Otis and Lucy, and Mary E. Gordon, a.23y., d.William and Hannah, Sept.30,1849.*

John, a.24y., manufacturer, s.Josiah and Theodosia, and Elisabeth McNeil of Amesbury, a.24y., d.John and Jane, Oct.28,1848.*

Moses, and Polley Rogers, Sept.22,1811.*

Moses, jr., and Charlotte Hodgman of Ashby, int.Jan.2,1838.

Rhoda, of Newbury, and Edward Bass [of Newbury.int.], Oct.28,1830.*

Sarah A., a.18y., d.Moses and Mary, and Charles L. Geer, widr., a.24y., machinist, s.Elijah and Cynthia, Nov.14,1847.*


Elizabeth Ann, of Nottingham, NH, and Lorenzo Dow, int.May10,1848.


Thomas Newman [of Winthrop. int.], and Elizabeth Hunt Evans, May29,1815.*


Anna, and William Morrison, Sept.9,1798.*


Albert, of Boston, and Mrs.Elisabeth Chamberlain, Feb.26,1839.*

Catharine, and John Walton Whitoak [Whitlock. int.], Aug.18,1803. [Aug.30. int.]*

George, widr., of Kennebunk, ME, a.35y., merchant, and Caroline Mulliken, a.37y., d.Samuel and Phebe, June9,1846.*

Jonathan, and Betty Chase, int.Sept.13,1766.

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Norton, June27,1776.*

Jonathan, and Lucinda Rose, Jan.6,1811.*

Sally, and William Mason, Aug.17,1791.*

William, and Mary Rutherford, Oct.18,1796.*

William Rutherford, and Mary Daniels Page, Jan.4,1824.*

WITAKER (Whitaker)

David, and Lydia Johnson, Aug.11,1808.*

Isaiah, of Newbury, and Mary Derham, int.Mar.12,1803. (forbidden, first by him, and then by her.)

WITCHER (Whittier)

Mary, and Caleb Haskel, Dec.3,1767.CR3*


Dorcas L., of Wenham, and Alonzo M. Felt, int.Aug.31,1844.

James, and Elizabeth P. Baker, June7,1826.*

Joseph, and Esther Furnald, Jan.30,1803.*

Polly, of Cape Ann, and Moses Colby, int.Aug.28,1802.

Thomas, jr., and Mary Johnson Simpson, Jan.12,1821.*

WITHERBE (Witherby)

John, and Susan Wesgatt, Nov.6,1808.*

WITHERBY (Witherbe)

Elizabeth D., and William B. Emorton, June27,1833. [Aug.24. int.]*


Leonard, Rev., of Newbury, and Caroline Noyes, int.May5,1827.

William, Rev., of Ashfield, and Mary Stacy Frothingham, June9,1825.*

WITTEN (Whitten)

Martha [ wid.int.], and Daniel Favor, Mar.12,1775.*


Rosannah, and Sargent O. Morse of Charlestown, int.Apr.18,1846.


Joseph, of Beverly, and Mary Stickney, int.Sept.13,1777.


Patience, and Israel [Samuel. int.] Martin of Salem, Oct.17,1802.*

WOOD (Woods)

Albert, and Catharine G. Davenport, Aug.21,1834.*

Alfred, and Ann G. Currier, July31,1839.*

Amos, and Sally Doyle of Newbury, Dec.30,1817.*

Bartholomew, and Ann Titcomb Todd, May21,1812.*

Caroline M., a.30y., d.Job and Abigail, and Augustine W. Dame, a.30y., cordwainer, s.Eliphalet and Mary, Jan.21,1849.*

Charles, and [Mrs.int.] Sarah Holliday, Nov.11,1787.*

Charles D., and Pamelia J. Lawrence of Berwick, ME, int.July29,1848.

Daniel, of New York, and Susan G. Cilley, Sept.7,1842.*

David, and Elizabeth Bird, Jan.22,1795.*

David, jr. [Capt. int.], and Dolly Greenleaf, July19,1821. [July29.CR1]*

David, jr., and Jane Rand Oct.15,1831.*

Deborah [Mrs., Sarah.int.], and Theophilus Jaques [of Newbury.int.], Apr.5,1795.*

Edward E., and Sarah E. Spalding, Oct.15,1838.*

Eliza, and William Wyer, jr., Jan.1,1791.*

Elizabeth, and Joshua Pilsbury jr. [of Newbury.int.], Feb.8,1794.*

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Muzzey of Boston. June19,1822.*

E.A. [Elizabeth Ann. int.], and Samuel Bradford of Philadelphia [Penn.CR1], Mar.23,1835.*

Elizabeth, and Stephen P. Bray, Oct.3,1839.*

Francis E., of Newbury, and Jacob W. Lunt, int.Jan.13,1849.

George, of Methuen, and Thankful Paine, Nov.30,1815.*

George W., of Newbury, and Harriet Merrill, Apr.21,1839.*

George W., widr., of Ipswich, a.29y., cordwainer, s.John and Betsey, and Adeline L. Stickman, wid., of Boston, a.25y., d.Frederick and Hannah Cook, June1,1849.

Hannah, of New Bedford, and Edward L. White, int.Sept.15,1832.

Hiram, and Prudence S. Evans, July10,1825.*

Hiram, of Newbury, and Lydia Hale Towle, int.Nov.4,1848.

James, and Rebecca Long, Jan.2,1796.*

Jeremiah Pearson, and Laura Wheelwright of Boston, int.Aug.21,1831.

John, jr., and Hannah Burrough of Newbury, int.Sept.18,1790.

John, 3d, and Lydia Mitchell, Sept.25,1803.*

John, 3d, and Ann Spiller, Mar.25,1806.*

John H., and Grace Girdler of Marblehead, int.June24,1837.

Joseph [Woodman. int.], and Betsey Howard, June25,1835.*

Louisa, and Samuel Walker, Sept.12,1833.*

Mary, and Moses Rollins, Sept.9,1777.*

Mary, of York, and Andrew Frothingham, jr., int.Sept.28,1799.

Mary, and Moses Coffin, jr., Dec.23,1802.*

Mary, and George Hooker, Feb.9,1806.*

Mary, and Lt. Joel Abbot of Saco, ME, Jan.1,1820.*

Mary E., and George W. Hayes, June1,1837.*

Peleg B., of Newton, and Mary Ann J. Russell, Mar.19,1839.*

Rebecca O., and William H. Huse, int.May22,1847.

Rufus H., of Bradford, and Louisa M. Hardy, int.Nov.6,1841.

Sampson, and Caroline Duffee, int.July2,1830.

Samuel, and Mary Davis, Aug.17,1783.*

Samuel, and Phebe Chase, Aug.6,1823.*

Sarah [Mrs.int.], of Charlestown, and [Dea.int.] Thomas Thompson, at Charlestown, Nov.20,1792.*

Sarah, and Moses Pierce, Sept.9,1798.*

Sarah C., and Charles L. Huse, Sept.1,1840.*

Thomas, jr., and Rebecca Horn, Dec.6,1785.*

William, and Mary Hoyt, int.Sept.29,1787.

WOODBERRY (Woodbury)

Agnes, and Capt. Enoch Haskell, July6,1809.*

Caleb, and Hannah Clarkson, Jan.26,1804.*

Judith, and Robert Pearson, Apr.14,1805.*

Nancy, of Beverly, and Gardner Appleton, int.Nov.2,1811.


Dinah, and Joel Gill, int.Feb.4,1786.

Harriet B., a.19y., d.David and Sarah, and Albert F. Mansfield, a.23y., mariner, s.David and Abigail, Oct.12,1845.*

Mary, and Abram Edwards, Dec.22,1776.*

Sarah, Mrs.[Miss.int.], and Stephen Hooper of Marblehead, Oct.10,1764.*

William, and Polly Hofford of Middle Town, int.Apr.21,1782.


Abigail, and Capt. Charles Cornelius Robeteau, Feb.9,1797.CR1*

Sarah, Mrs., of Worcester, and Ebenezer Perkins, Feb.26,1782.

Sarah, and William Cummings [of Newbury.int.], Dec.26,1786.*

WOODBURY (Woodberry)

Ann, Mrs.[Miss int.], and [Capt. int.] Jonathan Coolidge, Aug.18,1795.*

Ann A., and Isaac N. Knapp, June22,1841.*

Bezaleel, and Mary Knight, Jan.15,1789.

Charles, of Beverly, and Frances Bradstreet, Feb.15,1842.*

Eliphalet, Capt., of Salisbury, and Abigail Brown, Nov.29,1814.*

Elisabeth, of Gloucester, and Stephen Bailey, int.Aug.8,1767.

Hannah, and Robert Fawcet, int.Mar.2,1776.

Lydia M., and Dr. John Brickett Sept.12,1809.*

Lydia M., and John Bailey, jr., May25,1837.*

Mary Jane, and Jeremiah Harding of Tewksbury, int.Apr.26,1828.

Mary, and Michael Wormstead, both of Newbury, Mar.12,1839.

Nancy [Woodberg. int.], and Herman Antoine [Henry.CR6] Seidinburg, Dec.11,1832.*

Osment, of Mobile, AL, and Miriam P. Johnson, Sept.20,1842.*

Samuel, and Betty Morse of Chester, int.Sept.20,1783.

Samuel, and Mary Jane Lamprey of Hampton, int.Feb.28,1834.

Sarah E., of Gloucester, and Joseph Babson jr. [3d.int.], July10,1828.*

William, and Eunice Swett, July19,1779.CR4*

WOODFEN (Woodfin)

Sarah, and Stephen Caldwell, int.Oct.3,1835.

WOODFIN (Woodfen)

Richard L., of Marblehead, and Sarah Couch, Nov.28,1830.*


William, and [Mrs.int.] Sarah Arnold, Feb.13,1786. [Jan.27,1787. int.]*


Abigail, and William Caldwell, Sept.18,1768.CR3*

Abigail, and John Martin, June7,1790.*

Apphia E., a.20y., d.James and Olive, and William H. Bradbury, a.21y., manufacturer, s.Samuel and Abigail, Apr.11,1849.*

Catherine F., and Sherman Johnson of Williamstown, Oct.5,1831.*

Charles, and Abigail Stacey Call, July2,1807.*

Daniel, and Mrs.Lovey Gears, June3,1805.*

David, and Sally Farnham, May3,1801. [Nov.16.CR4; Oct.31. int.]*

David, jr., and Elizabeth Truesdell, Dec.31,1807.*

David, 3d, a.25y., house carpenter, s.Jonathan and Sally, and Mary Jane Hall, a.22y., d.Ira and Cynthia, Jan.14,1849.*

Betsy, and James Runnells, int.June29,1805.

Elizabeth Gage, and Soloman Titcomb of Newbury, int.Feb.16,1828.

Eunice, and Thomas Bates, Apr.4,1776.CR2

Hannah, of Newbury, and Daniel Johnson, int.June16,1764.

Hannah [ wid.int.], and Samuel Stocker, Feb.10,1772.*

Hannah, and Benjamin Kingsbury, jr., Sept.5,1779. [ Sept.8.CR1]*

Hannah, and Daniel Smith, Aug.26,1783.*

Hannah, and John Moore of Lynn, int.Oct.10,1795.

Hannah M., of Newbury, and Nathaniel Coffin, int.Mar.21,1819.

Hannah, and Enoch Huse, Oct.24,1819.*

Henry, and Abigail Ward Truesdell, Sept.30,1804.*

Henry Augustus, Rev., of West Newbury, and Mary Jane C. Norton, Jan.11,1843.CR4*

James, of Boston, a.27y., merchant, s.James and Sarah, and Susan H[arriet.CR1] Coffin, a.24y., b. Castine, ME, d.Isaac S. and Susan H., Oct.22,1846.*

Jeremiah, and Anna Gerrish Kelly of Newbury, int.Aug.2,1806.

John, jr., and Hannah Scales, Nov.13,1766.CR1*

John, jr., and Mrs.Anne Waters of Newbury, int.Nov.15,1788.

Jonathan, and Susannah Day of Gloucester, int.May24,1777.

Joseph, and Hannah Moody [Woodman. int.], Mar.10,1772.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth Dole of Newbury, Sept.19,1781.*

Joseph Hills, and Hannah Bartlet, May12,1789.*

Joseph, jr., and Elizabeth Fullington Colton [Cotton.CR4], July20,1808.*

Lois, and Benjamin H. Keyes, Nov.30,1842.*

Lucy R., and Oliver L. Towle of Portland ME, Sept.20,1843.*

Martha G[age. int.], and Samuel Keizer, June8,1834.*

Mary, and John [Jonathan. int.] Thompson, Nov.29,1778.*

Mary Ann, and Asa Leonard of Somersworth, NH, June6,1828.CR6

Nathaniel, and Mary Jaques, Feb.2,1832.*

Nathaniel, and Mrs.Mary Brockway, int.May28,1836.

Phebe, and Elias Davis, Dec.28,1769.CR4*

Pulaski, and Elizabeth Harvey [Hervey.int.], Mar.18,1802.*

Samuel, and Olive Rackleyft [Ratcliff. int.], July20,1777.*

Samuel T., and Sarah G. Underhill, Oct.末,1827.*

Sally, and Joseph Newmash, Mar.30,1800.*

Sevel [Sarah.int.], and Amos Whitmore, Dec.22,1811.*

Sally, and Jeremiah Carter of Newbury, Nov.14,1827.*

Susanna, and James Lowell Foot, Sept.4,1814.*

William, and Hannah Merrill, Aug.10,1793. [Aug.11.CR1]*

William Racklyeft, and Caty Norton, July28,1803.*

William B[rown.CR6], of Newbury, and Eunice W[ells.CR6] Brown of Seabrook, NH, Apr.27,1835.


Ruth M., of Leicester, and William W. Caldwell, jr., int.Aug.24,1848.


Sarah, and George Koys, int.Apr.12,1834.

WOODS (Wood)

Aaron D., a.23y., painter, and Mary A. Clarkson, a.18y., Nov.29,1844.*

Abigail, Mrs., and Thomas Taylor, int.Sept.20,1783.

Abigail [Mrs.int.], and Michael Reddy, Apr.3,1786.CR2*

Betsey [Mrs.int.], and William Richardson, Nov.20,1823.*

John, of Bloomfield, ME, and [Mrs.int.] Mary Johnson, June11,1835.*

Lucy M., a.19y., tailoress, and Jacob E. [G. int.] Clarkson of Exeter, NH, a.22y., carriage manufacturer, Nov.14,1844.*

Richard, and Betsy Merrill [Morril. int.], Aug.13,1809.*

Sarah [A. int.], and John [F. int.] Atwood, Nov.18,1841.*

William W., and Mary Brown, Oct.5,1830.*

William W., widr., a.36y., rigger, s.Richard and Betsey, and Eliza A. Towle, wid., a.30y., d.Samuel and Dolly Barker, May31,1846.*


Ann Maria, of Portsmouth, NH, a.18y., d.Job and Margaret, and Sylvester M. Yeaton, a.25y., engineer, s.John and Hannah, Sept.28,1848.*


Eliza, of Haverhill, and Charles L. Huse, int.Apr.2,1848.

Jacob, jr. [Woodwell. int.], of Newbury, and Achsah Smith, Jan.18,1816.*

Salem, and Eleanor Clark, Jan.22,1806.*


Abigail, and Jonathan Pearson, jr., Nov.2,1779.*

Elizabeth, of Newbury, and Abner Pearson, int.Feb.3,1810.

Esther, and John Shackford, Nov.26,1780.*

Gideon, Capt., of Newbury, and wid.Martha Noyes, int.Nov.21,1772.

Gideon, and Sally Bray, int.Dec.26,1775.

Gideon, and Mrs.Ruth Goodwin of Newbury, int.July6,1781.

Jacob, and Sally Davis, Mar.20,1798.*

John [of Newbury.int.], and Elizabeth Titcomb, Nov.14,1784.*

Mary, and Enoch Hale [of Newbury.int.], Oct.25,1781.*

Polly, of Newbury, and Nicolas Lattimer, Sept.28,1806.*

Mary Jane, a.21y., d.Jacob and Sarah, and Benjamin Day of Bradford, a.26y., cordwainer, s.Benjamin and Sophia S., July21,1848.*

Sally, of Newbury, and Michael Doak Dennis, int.June7,1799.

Susanna, of Newbury, and Stephen Burditt, Nov.13,1808.*


Joseph, of New York, and Sally [L. int.] Jeffers [Jeffries.int.], Feb.12,1820. [Feb.10.CR2]*


John, and Mary Hodges, Sept.5,1779.*


Walter [Moore.CR4], and Mary Ann Flanders, June8,1823.*


Louis, a.21y., lawyer, s.David and Judith, and Julia Ann Elisabeth DeFord, a.29y., d.Samuel T. and Catherine, Apr.10,1848.*


Edward, and Sarah Caswell, Apr.5,1764.*

Elizabeth, and Reuben Page of Charlestown, Nov.4,1827.*

Hannah, and William Green, Aug.20,1826.*

Joseph H., a.23y., rope maker, s.William and Susan, and Hannah C. Hammond, a.21y., d.John and Eliza B., Apr.2,1846.*

Sarah Boardman, and Robert Cowen, Aug.31,1818.*

William, and Betsy Hills, Jan.14,1796.*

William, and Mrs.Susannah Gilbert, June28,1818.*

William, jr., and Elizabeth Goldsmith Kimball, July7,1825.*


Charlotte P., and Charles Lathiar [Lothian. int.], Feb.3,1835.*

Rachael W., and James G. Grace, Feb.11,1836.*

WORMSTEAD (Wormsted)

Emily A., of Newbury, a.25y., d.Michael and Phebe, and Ebenezer Safford of Newbury, a.25y., cabinet maker, s.Samuel and Polly, Sept.12,1847.

Enoch, of Newbury, a.22y., rope maker, s.Michael and Phebe, and Harriet N. Smith of Newbury, a.21y., d.Samuel and Elisabeth, Dec.8,1847.

Michael, and Mary Woodbury, both of Newbury, Mar.12,1839.

WORMSTED (Wormstead)

Mary [S. int.], of Newbury, and Jesse D. Gunnison, July1,1841.*

WORSTER (Worcester)

Hannah, and Thomas Frederick, Sept.1,1833.*

Washington, and Rebecca Tucker, June13,1831.*


Aquila, and Rebekah Weed, Jan.3,1782.CR2

George, of Newbury, a.23y., carpenter, s.Joseph and Charlotte, and Olive Ann Currier, a.19y., d.Daniel and Ann, Jan.25,1848.


Alfred G., and Mary Elizabeth Packard, int.June2,1849.

Almira P., and Timothy B. Ingalls of Charlestown, int.July13,1844.

Almira S., a.23y., d.James and Sarah, and Moses D. Eaton, a.23y., mariner, s.Henry and Hannah, June13,1847.*


Anne, and Thomas Platt, Jan.13,1783.CR2*

David, and Susan Abbot Pilsbury, Oct.11,1840.*

Elizabeth, and Richard Bulger [Brilard.int.], Oct.7,1779.*

Elizabeth [Mrs.CR1], and William Stover, Oct.7,1802.*

Hannah, and Charles George, May15,1793.*

Henry C., of Hartwick, NY, and [Mrs.int.] Elizabeth LeBreton Stickney, June26,1823.*

James, and Mary Ann Souther of Seabrook, int.Mar.2,1830.

Jane, Mrs., and Patrick Burk of Portsmouth, NH, int.Sept.17,1842.

Jane, Mrs., and John Clark, int.July13,1845.

Jane, of Newbury, d.John and Margaret, and John J. Deanin of Newbury, s.James and Catherine, May26,1849.

Joseph, and Eunice Souther, Nov.30,1830.*

Wilkes, and Elizabeth Hoyt, Feb.22,1801.*

WYAT (Wyatt)

Ann, and Joseph Tyler, jr., Apr.21,1790.*

Hannah, and Ichabod Morrill, Jan.23,1790.*

WYATT (Wyat)

Anna, and Timothy Palmer, Dec.16,1779.*

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Rapall, Aug.21,1784.*

Elizabeth [Mrs.CR1], and Pardon Brockway, Sept.14,1785.*

Elizabeth, and Ephraim Noyes [of Newbury.int.], Oct.26,1790.*

Elizabeth, and Stephen Pritchard, Aug.23,1810.*

Elizabeth, and [Capt. int.] Samuel Chandler. Nov.20,1811.*

Hannah, and Benjamin Coffin [of Campton, NH.CR1; Sept.28. int.], 1773.*

Hannah S., and Charles T. Hoit of Haverhill, int.Oct.12,1838.

Joseph, and Elizabeth Elliot, Sept.30,1787.*

Joseph, and Hannah Goodhue, May19,1811.*

Joseph, jr., and Hannah Price, Aug.4,1828.*

Josiah, jr., and Polly Brown, Apr.2,1797.*

Keturah, Mrs., and Nathaniel Howard, int.Apr.11,1767.

Mirriam, Mrs., and Humphry Tyler, int.Apr.2,1780.

Mary, and John Noyes [5th.int.] of Newbury, Nov.15,1767.CR3*

Mary, and Nicolas Richards, Dec.13,1808.*

Mary, and Nathaniel Harlow, jr. of Bangor, ME, July5,1814.*

Mary Ann, and Francis Butters, jr. of Haverhill, Oct.1,1837.*

Rebecca, and Robert L. Treadwell, int.June25,1820. (forbidden by Rebecca Wyatt.)

Samuel, and Mary Goodhew, June20,1765.*

Samuell [Daniel. int.], and Hannah Rogers, Mar.27,1768.CR3*

Samuel, and Benjamin Norton, Nov.26,1775.*

Samuel, and Elisabeth Stanwood, Mar.27,1777.*

Sarah, and Theodore Pearson, June2,1779.*

Sally, and [Capt. int.] Richard James Calley, Dec.16,1783.*

Sarah, and Samuel Nelson, Sept.13,1806.*

Sarah, and William Henry Noyes, June2,1836.*

Stephen, and Hannah Treadwell of Ipswich, int.Mar.27,1777.

WYER (Wier)

Mary, and Nathaniel Tracy of Boston, June16,1818.*

Nathaniel [Capt. int.], and [Mrs.int.] Mary Rollins, Dec.15,1785.*

Sarah, and [Capt. int.] Benjamin Toppan, June22,1814.*

William [Capt.CR1], and [Mrs.int.] Sarah Nevens, Oct.4,1781.*

William, jr., and Eliza Wood, Jan.1,1791.*

WYLEE (Wiley)

John, and Betsey Tappan, Apr.26,1787.*

WYLEY (Wiley)

Anna, and William Jones, int.Oct.15,1796.

Isabella, and Thomas Pritchard, May10,1801.*

James, and Anne Pike, Feb.7,1771.*

Mary, and Tristram Knap, June1,1800.

Nancy, and Samuel Perkins, int.July20,1796.

Sally, and Jonathan Hains, Oct.29,1811.*

WYLLIE (Wiley)

John, Capt., and [Mrs.int.] Catharine Stanwood, Nov.12,1828.*


Samuel W[heeler, Dr. int.], and Margaret Toppan, Nov.13,1824.*

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