Ann [Annie. PR78], Maria, d. Nathaniel and Ellen Augusta [Betsey Rowe. PR78], Apr. 12, 1841.

Ellen Augusta, d. Nathaniel, mariner, and Betsey, Apr. 28, 1849. [Apr. 26, 1848. PR78]

Lucinda W., d. William, jr., fisherman, and Charlotte, June 18, 1844.

Phidora [Fidora. PR78], d. Nathaniel, fisherman, and Betsey, June 28, 1843.

William H., s. Nathaniel, mariner, and Betsy, Dec. 20, 1846.


Hale, s. James H., cordwainer, and Ann T., Feb. 24, 1847.

James Brainard, s. James H., cordwainer, and Ann T., Dec. 10, 1849.


James, s. James, stone cutter, and Betsey, June 7, 1843.

Laura, d. James and Betsey, Aug. 10, 1840.


Catharine, d. John, fishmonger, and Catharine, Nov. 30, 1846.

James Smith, s. John, fish vender, and Catharine, Jan. 21, 1844.


John H., s. Aaron, mariner, and Sophia, July 17, 1845.

Mary Elisabeth, d. Aaron, fisherman, and Sophia, Jan. 22, 1843.

Sophie Norwood, d. Aaron and Sophie, Jan. 20, 1841.


Abagail Maria, d. Edmond and Abagail, Apr. 9, 1842.


Allen, s. King H. and Laura A., Nov. 24, 1847.


Betsey Marshall, d. William, freighter, and Margaret, Mar. 21, 1846.


Charles William, s. Ezekiel, operative, and Martha, Oct. ––, 1848.

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