Ann Williams, d.John Wheelwright, and Esther, July2,1841.

Esther, d.John, blacksmith, and Esther, Sept.24,1846.

Mary, d.John W., blacksmith, and Esther, Oct.17,1849.

William, s.John and Esther, Nov.20,1842.


Adelia, d.William and Jane (Walen), Nov.20,1840.

Albert, s.Albert G., blacksmith, and Mary, Mar.31,1846.

Alonzo Hartshorn, s.Wheeler and Margaret, Jan.16,1845.PR27

Amelia Wheeler, d.Wheeler and Margaret,末蔓末, 末末.PR27

Charles Thomas, s.Thomas, trader, and Lucy W., Nov.29,1849.

Edmund Eugene, s.Wheeler and Margaret, July末,1843.PR27

Frank G., s.Albert G., blacksmith, and Mary C., July4,1849.

J. Eleanore, July26,1848.PR36

Martha Letitia Rogers, d.William, mariner, and Eliza, Nov.6,1843.

Mary Choate, d.Albert G., blacksmith, and Mary C. Blatchford, July13,1841.

Mary Olive, d.William, mariner, and Jane, Aug.1,1845.

Sarah Amelia, d.Wheeler and Margaret, Jan.20,1847.PR27

Susan P., d.Albert, blacksmith, and Mary C., Oct.17,1843.

William, s.William, mariner, and Jane, Feb.4,1848.


Elleanor, d.Charles A.C., and Harriet, Sept.2,1840.


末末, d.Addison and Mary J., of Lane's Cove, Sept.9,1847.


Cathraine J., d.Joseph, stone cutter, and Catharine, Apr.23,1845.

Edward, s.Jasper, freighter, and Betsey P., Nov.8,1843.

Jabez, s.David and Lucretia, May21,1841.

Nancy Ann, d.Jasper, freighter, and Susan P., Oct.24,1847.

Samuel, s.James, jr., fisherman, and Mary J., Aug.6,1843.

Samuel Brookens, s.James, jr., fisherman, and Mary Jane, Aug.31,1844.


末末, ch.John, jr., cordwainer, and Esther T., Nov.末,1845.

John Warren, s.John, jr., cordwainer, and Esther T., Jan.17,1847.


Addison, s.Solomon, mariner, and Nancy M., June2,1845.

Ann Pool, d.James and Mary Pool, Aug.10,1840.

Benjamin, s.Alesander, wheelwright, and Harriet, Oct.14,1848.

Benjamin Colby, s.William, mariner, and Lois, Mar.16,1849.

Elisabeth B., d.William, freighter, and Lois, Nov.19,1846.

Frank, s.James, trader, and Mary, Mar.30,1844.

George Washington, s.Solomon, mariner, and Nancy M., Oct.8,1847.

James Pliny, s.James, trader, and Mary, Apr.4,1846. [1845.PR33]

James Plinny, 2d, s.James, Esq., trader, and Mary, June4,1848.

Jane, d.Holton, mariner, and Olive, Oct.6,1845.

Laura Ann, d.William and Lois Colby, June21,1841.

Laura Ann, d.Holton P., cordwainer, and Olive, Oct.30,1849.

Lois, d.William and Lois Colby, Oct.21,1842.

Lucy Ann Choate, d.Alexander, wheelwright, and Harriet, Mar.21,1843.

Martha, d.William, tailor, and Mary, Mar.29,1846.

Moses Foster, s.Alexander, and Harriet Hadley, July25,1841.

Simeon Edward, s.Solomon and Nancy Maria (Brown), Jan.5,1841.

Solomon, s.Solomon, fisherman, and Nancy, Mar.3,1843.

William, s.William, trader, and Lois, Oct.28,1844.


末末, twin chn. John D. and Clarissa, Mar.22,1841.

Barnabas D., s.Barnabas D. and Martha, Aug.6,1840.

Benjamin, s.William B. and Betsy, Apr.15,1841.

Clara Augusta, d.John D., store tender, and Clarissa, July16,1847.

Edward Orrin, s.Samuel F. and Nancy Haskell, Aug.27,1842.

Leander Miller, s.Moses and Betsy, June20,1842.

Mary O'Dell, d.William, expressman, and Mary, Nov.17,1841.

Mary Dodge, d.John D., tide waiter, and Clarissa, June30,1849.

Sarah D., d.Samuel, mariner, and Nancy, May19,1845.


Mary Ann, d.Josiah and Hannah, Aug.27,1840.


Mary Wakefield, d.William and Mary Wakefield, May1,1840.


Lucy Choate, d.Samuel and Judith, Jan.7,1842.


Henry Channing, s.Rev. S.C., clergyman, and Delight R., Nov.20,1848.


Levi, s.Alfred, laborer, and Mary E., Nov.5,1843.

Mary H., d.Morris, quarryman, and Bethany, Oct.17,1845.

Morris Edwin, s.Morris, stone cutter, and Bethany G., Jan.25,1849.

Robert, s.Alfred and Mary Elizabeth, Feb.14,1842.


Joseph Warren, s.Waldron, stone cutter, and Martha, Nov.15,1849.

Sarah, d.Waldron, quarryman, and Martha [Oct.28,1845. in pencil.]

Waldron, s.Waldron, quarryman, and Martha, Aug.2,1847.


Ada, d.Henry and Charlotte C., Feb.22,1840.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, mariner, and Dessina, July18,1846.

George Edwin, s.George, mariner, and Lucy, Aug.30,1846.

George P., s.George, mariner, and Lucy, at Beddeford, ME, Sept.6,1848.

Georgiana, d.Aaron and Harriet, June1,1841.

Jane Cummings, d.Henry and Charlotte, Aug.27,1842. [Aug.19,1841.PR75]

Joseph Norwood, s.Aaron, fisherman, and Harriet, Oct.23,1844.

Juliann, d.John B., butcher, and Mary, June27,1849.

Lucy P., d.John B., laborer, and Mary, Feb.22,1843.

Mary Emma, d.Henry, mariner, and Charlottee Cecelia, July7,1845.


Abigail, d.David, quarryman, and Abigail, Mar.13,1846.

Charles Henry, s.David, stone cutter, and Abigail, Aug.19,1844.

Clinton A., Aug.30,1848.PR52

George, s.David and Abigail Parsons, Oct.20,1842.

Lyford, Oct.6,1840.PR52

Sylvanus, s.David and Abigail Parsons, Apr.23,1841.

HOLLEY (Holly)

George William (or Hawley), s.William, mariner, and Mary, Aug.20,1849.

Phebe, d.William, fisherman, and Mary, Apr.18,1843.

HOLLY (Holley)

Emily, d.William, mariner, and Mary, Sept.1,1845.

Lovenius, d.William, mariner, and Mary, Nov.28,1847.


Dennison, Dec.18,1841.PR38

Elisabeth, d.John, carpenter, and Margaret, Feb.16,1848.

Isaac Dennison, s.Robert and Susan, Dec.18,1841.

John, s.John, carpenter, and Margaret, Dec.3,1849.

Lydia Jane, d.James D. and Sarah Child, Oct.28,1840.

Rhoda D., d.James D., blacksmith, and Sarah, Apr.27,1843.

Susan Eliza, d.Robert, jr., carpenter, and Susan, Oct.20,1847.

William, s.Robert, jr., carpenter, and Susan, Nov.12,1843.


[D. Brainard.different ink.], s.John, trader, and Mary, June11,1848.

Newell, s.John, freighter, and Mary, Apr.10,1845.

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