Thomas, m., freighter, s.Thomas, apoplexy, Nov.20,1844, a.50y.


Abigail, w.Michael, Feb.16,1817.PR70

Amelia, d.Michael,末蔓末,1824.PR70

Betsey, w.Michael, Feb.16,1821.PR70

Lavinia, d.Michael, Feb.21,1849.PR7


Aaron, b. Boston, s.Aaron G. and Mary, convulsions, Aug.12,1846, a.7y.


Betsey, wid.Dea.John, typhus fever, Sept.12,1849, a.52y.

John, Dea., m., carpenter, b. Gloucester, consumption, May13,1847, a.55y.8m.23d.[a.53y.CR2]


Sally, wid.Phillip, tumor [consumptin.CR1], Nov.20,1841, a.45y.


Esther, d.George J. and Sally, fits, "badly burnt some years previously," Aug.31,1849, a.19y.

George J., m., fisherman, s.Joshua and Esther, typhus fever, May2,1843, a.47y.

George, s.George J., deceased, and Sally, fracture of the skull, Oct.7,1843, a.9y.11m.5d.

Sally C., d.George, deceased, and Sally, consumption, May6,1845, a.16y.11m.


Betsey, w.Zebulon, Feb.27,1819, a.45y.7m.28d.GR1

John, m., freighter, b. North Yarmouth, ME, consumption, June24,1843, a.34y.

Lucy Ann, d.John and Rebecca C., Aug.3,1837, a.11m.GR1

Zebulon, Feb.3,1830, a.24y.10m.20d.GR1


Caroline, d.David and Caroline, consumption, Aug.13,1846, a.20y.

Daniel, Capt., widr., gentleman, s.Benjamin, chronic diarrhea, Aug.21,1842, a.71y.

David, Apr.30,1840.PR90

David, s.David and Caroline, Dec.20,1844, a.22y.GR3

David, unm., s.David and Mary, consumption, Dec.17,1849, a.22y.6m.

Betsey, w.Samuel, old age Jan., 1843, a.82y.

Elisabeth [B.CR1], d.Benjamin and Mary, consumption, Apr.14,1847, a.26y.

Ellen L., d.Daniel and Serena, weakness, Aug.28,1846, a.24d.

Emma, d.twin, Samuel, jr. and Mary, dropsy in the brain, Nov.25,1841, a.1y.9m.

Emma, d.twin, Samuel, jr. and Mary, dropsy, Nov.13,1843, a.2y.2m.16d.

Epes, m., freighter, s.Samuel, June末,1848, a.45y.[June22,1847, a.47y.GR3]

Henry Acton, s.Charles and Elizabeth, Mar.7,1849, a.4y.GR3

Judith, wid., d.Nehemiah and Ruthy, old age, Mar.17,1843, a.74y.

Luther, unm., quarryman, s.Benjamin and Mary, consumption, Aug.7,1848, a.21y.

Lyman, s.Benjamin and Mary, Dec.7,1848, a.17y.GR3

Mary [Polly.CR1], b. Hamilton, w.Capt. Daniel, consumption, Aug.1,1840, a.64y.[7m.GR3]

Mary, twin d.Samuel, jr. and Mary, dropsy in the brain, Nov.22,1841, a.1y.9m.

Mary, twin d.Samuel, jr. and Mary, consumption, June20,1843, a.1y.9m.8d.

Mary, Mrs., insanity, June4,1849.CR1

Samuel, jr., m., fisherman, s.Samuel and Betsey, consumption, July20,1845, a.48y.

Samuel, mariner, s.[Benjamin. in pencil], old age and influenza, Feb.21,1849, a.90y.

Sally, b. Gloucester, w.Charles, of Thachers Island consumption, June20,1843, a.49y.

Susanna, wid.Moses, old age, Jan.29,1840, a.77y.


Elisabeth, b. Hamilton, w.William, Esq., May5,1840.


Susan [Susannah.CR2], w.Henry, lung fever, Dec.24,1848, a.65y.


George, Warren, s.William and Abigail, scarlet fever, Aug.4,1849, a.5ス m.


Calvin, farmer, s.William and Mary, typhus fever, Nov.9,1849, a.17y.10d.

Cordelia, d.Charles and Lucy, consumption, July13,1843, a.16y.

Betsey, w.Zebulon,末蔓末,1841, a.abt. 71y.CR2

Ellen, d.Joseph and Jerusha, dropsy in the head, Jan.31,1842, a.5y.

Joseph H., s.Joseph and Jerusha, dropsy in the head, Oct.8,1849, a.5y.6m.

Joshua, jr., m., carpenter, s.Joshua and Hannah, accident thrown from a carriage, Dec.28,1841, a.33y.

Lois, d.Henry and Lois, Sept.1,1800, a.1y.11m.6d.GR1

Lucy, w.Josiah, lung fever, Apr.4,1847, a.78y.

Lucy, w.Charles, spinal disease [consumption.CR1], Jan.6,1849, a.41y.5m.2d.

William Henry, s.William and Lucy, bowel complaint, or cancer, Aug.12,1842, a.8m.

Zebulon, widr., yeoman, b. Gloucester, lung fever, Mar.4,1840, a.74y.[a.abt. 80y.CR2]

WOODBERRY (Woodbury)

Andrew, Capt., Aug.10,1807, in his 61st y.GR1

WOODBURY (Woodberry)

末末, ch.Charles and Rhoda, Oct.末,1842, a.abt. 7d.

Rhoda, w.Charles, Oct.16,1842, a.33y.


Rhoda, wid., d.Abraham and Anna Lurvey, suddenly, June11,1840, a.35y.


Lucy G., b. probably Maine, w.Oliver, ovarian disease, Sept.15,1842, a.abt. 30y.

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