Joshua, jr., and Sally Dousett, Jan. 2, 1838. PR7

Hannah L., wid. Reuben, b. Gloucester, d. –––––, of Gloucester, and Samuel Norwood, fisherman, Nov. 5, 1840.*

Rachel H., a. 22 y., d. William, jr. and Lydia, and Charles Rowe, jr., a. 22 y., s. Charles and Marietta, int. Nov. 28, 1840.

Lucy, a. 24 y., d. Andrew and Nancy, and William Witham, jr., a. 28 y., carpenter, s. Joshua and Hannah, Dec. 17, 1840.*

Nancy P., d. Daniel B., and Eben Pool, 4th, carpenter, s. Joshua and Nancy, Jan. 3, 1842.*

Rhoda, a. 22 y., d. Henry, deceased, and Esther, and Apollos Choate, a. 25 y., carpenter, s. William and Sally, Feb. 24, 1842.*

Addison, and Adeline G. Norwood, Apr. 1, 1842. PR45

Mary Ann, a. 22 y., d. Joshua and Rhoda, and James C. Parsons, s. John and Betsey, July 5, 1842.*

Emily, a. 26 y., d. Francis P. and Hannah, and Samuel L. Young, of Gloucester, teacher, b. Annisquam, int. Mar. 30, 1843.

Lucy H., a. 22 y., d. Jabez, jr. and Lois, and John G. Treat of Litchfield, CT, s. –––––, of Middlebury, CT, May 29, 1843.*

Betsey B., a. 23 y., d. Joseph and Betsey, and John C. Goodrich of Gloucester, laborer, Nov. 22, 1843.*

Esther, wid., d. Nathaniel, deceased, and Esther, and Jacob C. Bray, widr., fisherman, Nov. 26, 1843.*

Bethany, a. 22 y., d. Benjamin P., deceased, and Betsey, and Morris Hill [of Newfield, ME], stone cutter, Dec. 21, 1843.*

Lydia, a. 22 y., d. William and Sally, and William H. Jordan, a. 40 y., stone cutter, b. probably Biddeford, ME, Jan. 22, 1844.*

John P., a. 22 y., fisherman, s. Jonathan and Olive, and Deborah Stevens, a. 22 y., d. Oliver and Deborah, Sept. 15, 1844.*

Leonora, a. 23 y., d. Caleb and Deborah, and Leonard Reed of Charlestown, a. 24 y., morocco dresser, Oct. 6, 1844.*

Daniel B., a. 31 y., freighter, s. William and Lydia, and Harriet F. Oakes of Gloucester, a. abt. 19 y., b. Gloucester, d. Elisha and Harriet, of Gloucester, Jan. 14, 1845.*

Esther, a. 29 y., d. Henry and Esther, and Charles Lane, a. 29 y., carpenter, s. Capt. George and Sally, Aug. 18, 1845.*

Louisa G., a. 18 y., d. Joseph and Betsey, and John [J. in pencil.] Wilson of Gloucester, a. 23 y., farmer, b. Gloucester, s. William and Sarah of Gloucester, int. Nov. 8, 1845.

Deborah, a. 21 y., d. Caleb and deborah, and William H. Parsons, a. 21 y., freighter, s. Thomas and Judith, Dec. 3, 1845.

Nathaniel, a. 25 y., trader, s. Nathaniel and Polly, and Olive Giles, a. 22 y., d. Dea. Thomas and Olive, Dec. 18, 1845.*

Mary Jane, a. 22 y., d. Jabez and Lois, and Josiah Wood of Burlington, a. 25 y., cordwainer, b. Burlington, s. Sylvanus and Rebecca, of Burlington, Aug. 13, 1846.*

Jonathan, jr., a. 27 y., mariner, s. Jonathan and Olive, and Ophelia E. Tarr, a. 18 y., d. Edward and Tammy, Dec. 6, 1846.*

Ophelia E., a. 18 y., d. Edward and Tammy, and Jonathan Tarr, jr., a. 27 y., mariner, s. Jonathan and Olive, Dec. 6, 1846.*

Reuben, a. 24 y., farmer, s. Reuben and Hannah, and Lois J. Knowlton, a. 21 y., d. Azor and Lois, May 6, 1847.*

Margaret, a. 25 y., d. Amos and Sally, and John Hooper, a. 25 y., carpenter, s. Robert and Sally, July 7, 1847.*

Sarah G., a. 23 y., d. Joseph and Betsey, and Ambrose Hodgkins, a. 25 y., mariner, b. Gloucester, s. Isaac and Mary, of Gloucester, int. Nov. 13, 1847.

Lois, a. 23 y., d. James and Polly, and Moses W. Lunt of Newburyport, a. 22 y., cloth dresser, s. Benjamin and Charlotte, at Newburyport, Dec. 24, 1847.*

Frances, jr., a. 25 y., mariner, s. Francis and Sally, and Sarah A. Witham, a. 22 y., d. George and Sally, Jan. 19, 1848.*

Horatio, a. 23 y., mariner, s. Amos and Sally, and Adelia Morse, a. 19 y., d. Esrom and Eleanor, Apr. 9, 1848.*

Mary P., a. 23 y., d. William and Sally, and Sylvester Cunningham, a. 22 y., mariner, s. Nehemiah D. and Betsey, Nov. 28, 1848.

William N., a. 23 y., mariner, s. William and Charlotte, and Lucinda C. Phipps, a. 18 y., b. Branford, ME, d. William H. and Sarah P., Dec. 13, 1848.

Laura Ann, a. 23 y., d. Capt. Charles and Nancy, and John D. Sanborn, a. 26 y., expressman, s. Levi and Mary, Feb. 4, 1849.

Robert, jr., a. 20 y., mariner, s. James and Polly, and Hannah Allen, a. 21 y., d. John and Betsey, Mar. 13, 1849.

Henry, of Wenham, a. 24 y., joiner, s. Henry and Esther, and Hulda Kimball, of Wenham, a. 20 y., b. Wenham, d. Paul and Sally, Aug. 29, 1849.

Sarah J., a. 21 y., d. Francis and Sally, and George W. Dousett, a. 24 y., mariner, s. David and Sally, Oct. 11, 1849.

Mary E., a. 23 y., d. Zebulon and Sally, and Daniel Marchant, 3d, a. 26 y., freighter, s. Daniel and Lydia, Dec. 29, 1849.

Rhoda, a. 24 y., d. David and Nancy, and Thomas Tarr, a. 23 y., mariner, s. Thomas and Esther, Dec. 30, 1849.

Thomas, a. 23 y., mariner, s. Thomas and Esther, and Rhoda Tarr, a. 24 y., d. David and Nancy, Dec. 30, 1849.


Caroline W., a. 20 y., and Isaac R. Bray, widr., a. 28 y., fisherman, s. Benjamin R., Dec. 15, 1844.*


Harriet N., a. 19 y., b. Boothbay, d. John and Abigail, and William Turner, a. 24 y., freighter, s. John and Mercy, May 6, 1840.*

Sarah Esther, b. Boothbay, ME, d. J.M. and Abigail, probably of Boothbay, and David Dousett, jr., a. 23 y., mariner, s. David and Sally, Dec. 30, 1847.*

John, a. 22 y., quarryman, b. South Berwick, ME, s. James and Bridget, and Mary A. Marchant, a. 18 y., d. Caleb and Mary, Nov. 28, 1848.


John Rowe, and Lucy Rowe, Nov. 18, 1840. PR47

Sally, wid., a. abt. 50 y., d. Isaac Rowe, and James Harris, widr., a. abt. 55 y., trader, int. Jan. 22, 1841.

Daniel, a. 24 y., fisherman, s. Daniel, deceased, and Sally, and Martha W., Harris, a. 20 y., d. James and Betsey, Dec. 30, 1841.*

Winthorp, a. 24 y., mariner, s. Daniel and Sally, and Mary Fears, a. 22 y., d. John and Hannah, Oct. 26, 1845.*

Martha, a. 19 y., d. Joseph and Esther, and William Goady, jr., a. 23 y., mariner, s. William and Susan, May 20, 1846.*


Benjamin, a. 22 y., cordwainer, s. Samuell C. and Lydia G., and Serena Byrne, a. 22 y., b. Franklin, d. Martin and Huldah, Nov. 25, 1846.*

Asa, jr., a. 26 y., farmer, s. Asa and REbecca, and Mary Haskins, a. 24 y., d. William R. and Betsey, Jan. 5, 1848.*


Solomon F., of Quincy, a. abt. 24 y., stone cutter, s. William and Joanna, of Quincy, and Susanna Norwood, a. 17 y., d. Charles and Susanna, Nov. 21, 1843.*

Eliza J., a. 19 y., d. Elias and Polly, and Alfred Giles, a. 26 y., chair maker, s. Matthew and Sally, Nov. 6, 1846.*


Charles O., Rev., a. 25 y., preaching, b. Milford, NH, and Sarah Ann Pittee, a. 19 y., b. North Yarmouth, ME, Apr. 22, 1844.*


Cornelius, a. 25 y., laborer, b. Ireland s. Edmund and Bridget, and Eliza Ward, a. 25 y., b. Ireland d. Michael and Bridget, at Salem, Aug. 25, 1848.

John, a. 23 y., quarryman, b. Ireland s. John and Johannah, and Johrnr [Johana. made over in pencil] Miaxsy, a. 19 y., b. Ireland d. John, at Salem, Aug. 25, 1849.


Ann Eliza, of Gloucester, a. 24 y., b. Gloucester, d. Israel, jr., and Betsey, Gloucester, and Asa Knowlton, jr., a. 35 y., freighter, s. Asa and Nancy, int. Dec. 11, 1841.

John, a. 23 y., butcher, b. Gloucester, s. Israel, jr. and Betsey, of Gloucester, and Martha T. Knowlton, a. 18 y., d. Timothy and Hannah, Jan. 12, 1845.*


John G., of Litchfield, CT, a. abt. 25 y., manufacturer, b. Middlebury, CT, s. ––––– of Middlebury, CT, and Lucy H. Tarr, a. 22 y., d. Jabez, jr. and Lois, May 29, 1843.*


George W., and Eliza Fears, May 12, 1845. PR31


William, jr., a. 22 y., fisherman, s. William H. and Sally, and Lucy Pickering, a. 20 y., d. Winthrop and Lucy, Nov. 29, 1843.*

Lucy E., a. 21 y., d. William and Sally, and Richard Davis, a. 28 y., mariner, s. Daniel and Nancy, Dec. 4, 1849.


Thomas T., a. 21 y., freighter, s. Richard and Rhoda, and Eliza Jane Gott, a. 18 y., d. John and Peggy, Jan. ––, 1841.*

Thomas T., widr., 2d m., a. 28 y., freighter, s. Richard and Rhoda, and Henrietta Pool, a. 25 y., d. William and Sophia, Mar. 26, 1848.*

George W., of Saco, a. 22 y., tailor, s. Richard and Rhoda, and Lucretia E. Rowe, d. Ames and Rebecca N., Sept. 19, 1849.


William, a. 24 y., freighter, s. John and Mercy, and Harriet N. Thompson, a. 19 y., b. Boothbay, d. John and Abigail, May 6, 1840.*

Caroline, a. 20 y., d. Leonard and Tammy, and Edmond Y. Rogers, seaman, Oct. 14, 1841.*

Martha, a. 23 y., d. John and Mercy, and Azor Knowlton, jr., a. 26 y., mason, s. Azor and Lois, Mar. 4, 1845.*

Harriet N., b. Boothbay, ME, wid. William, and Moses Pool, jr., widr., a. 31 y., mariner, s. Moses and Rhoda, Jan. 2, 1847.*

Leonard M., 2d m., a. 65 y., mariner, s. John and Mary, and Winnoford Nowland a. 46 y., b. New Brunswick, d. Thomas and Catharine, Oct. 21, 1849.


Charles, a. 25 y., quarryman, b. North Yarmouth, ME, s. Joseph and Susanna, of North Yarmouth, and Adelia B. Walen, a. 24 y., d. Michael and Elisabeth, Dec. 28, 1847.*

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