CALDWELL (Coldwell)

Eliza, of Ipswich, and Sewell Foster, int. Mar. 4, 1820.

Harriett F., of Ipswich, and Thomas G. Pickard, int. Feb. 7, 1841. TC

John, 5th, of Ipswich, and Dolly Hoyt, int. May 4, 1770.

Nathan (Coldwell), of Ipswich, and Rebecah Safford, Jan. 1, 1788.


James, of Newbury, and Abigail Jewett, at Newbury, Jan. 2, 1734-5. TC*

John [Dr. int.], of Ipswich, and [Mrs. int.] Dorothy Jewett, Jan. 18, 1753.


David, and Elizabeth Doake [of Ipswich. int.], Feb. 3, 1702.


Susanah [wid. int.], of Gloucester, and Thomas Wood, Mar. 27, 1733. [1732-3. int.]


James, and Grace Barker, Nov. 3, 1680.*

CAREY (Cary)

E[mme. int.], Mrs., and Joseph E. Brown, June 30, 1814.

Robert (Cary), and Sarah Abbot, June 18, 1804.

CARLTON (Carleton)

Abigail, Mrs., of Boxford [of Bradford. int.], and David Poor, at Boxford, Oct. 19, 1773. TC

Anna, of Methuen, and Moses Pengree, Mar. 9, 1748.*

Elizebeth, of Bradford, and Thomas Todd, int. Sept. 14, 1754.

Betty, Mrs., of Boxford and Reubin Gragg, at Boxford, Jan. 15, 1771. TC

John, of Bradford, and Hannah Plats, Apr. 4, 1732.*

Mary [wid. int.], of Newbury, and John Holmes, at Newbury, Mar. 18, 1755. TC

Mary M. (Carleton), of Methuen, and Samuel P. Prescott, int. Sept. 30, 1843. TC

Nathan (Carleton), of Haverhill, and Pamele [Pamela. PR2] Spofford, Jan. 16, 1815.


Eliza C., and Samuel E. Morean, int. June 1, 1833. TC

Joanna, of Salisbury [of Newbury. int.], and Jeremiah Poor, at Salisbury, Nov. 3, 1742. TC

Joseph, of Chester, and Hannah Lull of Byfield, Rowley, at Newbury, Oct. 25, 1764. TC


Priscilla, and Nathaniell Brodstret, Oct. 16, 1687.*


William, of Newburyport, and Mary Pulsifer, int. Feb. 12, 1808.


Judith A., wid., and Rufus Harrington, widr., of South Boston, Aug. 6, 1845.*

Mariette, and Jonathan H. Holmes, Apr. 13, 1837. PR38*

Moses, and Elmira Platts, Jan. 3, 1822.


Martha, of Hampton, and William Lion, 30: 9m: 1676. PR3*

CATE (Kate)

Elizabeth Ann, of Ipswich, d. Mark F. and Eliza, and Joshua R. Millet, a. 22 y., butcher, s. Joshua and Deborah, at Georgetown, Mar. 17, 1845.*

CAUL (Call)

Jonathan [Call. int.], of Newbury, and Sarah Payson, May 26, 1761.

Jonathan, jr. [Call. int.], of Newburyport, and Hannah Stacey, July 11, 1773.

CHADBURN (Chadbourne)

Ann Elizabeth, and Benjamin Johnson, Jan. 21, 1824.

Lewis W. (Chadbourne), and harriett W. Kneeland Apr. 29, 1842. TC


Mary, and John Bennitt, Dec. 2, 1714.


Timothy, of Newtown, and Elizabeth Brown, int. Oct. 2, 1761.


Elizebeth W., of Salem, and henry Boynton, int. Mar. 10, 1839. TC


Elisabeth, of Boxford, and Thomas Smith, Apr. 17, 1769.


Eliza, and Lincoln Dole, Apr. 6, 1836. PR2

Elisabeth, and Thomas Plummer, Sept. 12, 1780.

James, Rev., and Mrs. Mary Hale of Newbury [at Newbury. TC], Dec. 14, 1736.

Mary, of Saugus, and Nathaniel Daily of Claremont, NH, Feb. 27, 1837. PR2*

Rose, and John Tenney, June 1, 1748.*

William, of Newbury, and Jane Nellson, Feb. 11, 1752.

William, and Hannah Lowell, int. Aug. 17, 1779.


Robert, and Hannah Balch of Topsfield, int. Apr. 14, 1832. TC

CHAPLIN (Chaplen)

Alfred, and Elizabeth Todd, Mar. 23, 1843. TC

Anne, and Thomas Burpee of Lancaster, Oct. 19, 1743.

Asa, and Mary Bayley of Haverhill, int. Aug. 2, 1771.

Benjamin, and Susannah Brown, int. Oct. 29, 1805.

Caleb, and Sally Davis, July 24, 1802.

Charles, and Mercy Fisk of Newbury, int. Mar. 10, 1832. TC

Clarissa, and Charles Miller, Sept. 23, 1827. TC

Cyntha, and Gilman H. Smith, Sept. 11, 1827. TC

Daniel, and Mary Sanders, Mar. 15, 1792.

Daniel, and Martha Danforth, int. Mar. 26, 1808.

David, and Mary Bradstreet, Jan. 10, 1737-8.*

Dolly C., and George K. [B. CR1] Prescott, Feb. 17, 1833. TC

Ebenezer, and Beckah [Rebeckah. int.] Poor of Newbury, Jan. 5, [June 8. CR1], 1744.

Ebenezer, and [Mrs. int.] Mary Hovey, Nov. 14, 1764.

Eliphalet, and Patty [Martha. PR19] Spofford, Dec. 4, 1802.

Elesabeth, and Nickolas Jackson, Dec. 9, 1656.*

Elizabeth, and John Searles, Nov. 25, 1708.

Elisabeth, Mrs., and John Bailey, Dec. 23, 1816. CR1

Elisabeth B., and William G. Johnson, June 8, 1848. PR24*

Eunice, and Brown Emerson, Esq. of Sterling [Lincoln County. int.], Oct. 16, 1790.

Hannah, and Israel Hazzen, May 27, 1724.*

Hannah, and Benjamin Chritchet, int. Apr. 1, 1774.

Hannah, and Isaac M. Nute, Nov. 26, 1807.

Hepzibah, and Benjamin Bishop, jr., June 24, 1800.

Jerimiah, and Ann Kilburn, Feb. 28, 1703. [1703-4. int.]

Jeremiah, jr., and Sarah Hazzen, Nov. 28, 1760.

Jeremiah [Jeremy. int.], and Eunice Stickney, Oct. 6, 1801.

John, and Margaret Boynton, Apr. 9, 1701.*

John, and Hepzibah Wood [Jewett. int.] of Boxford, Jan. 27, 1746. TC

John, and Sarah Stickney of Byfield, Rowley, at Newbury, June 16, 1772. TC

John, and Margaret Chaplin, int. May 2, 1778.

Jonathan [of Andover. CR1], and Sarah Boynton, Sept. 2, 1730.*

Jonathan, jr., and Mehetable Hale of Bradford, Nov. 30, 1756.

Jonathan, and Mary Hall, June 26, 1804.

Joseph, and Elizabeth West, d. Troyford [Twiford. CTR], Feb. 21, 1671.*

Joseph, and Sarah Seeton, Dec. 1, 1747.*

Joseph, and Ruth Wood, Sept. 24, 1778.

Joseph, jr., and Polly Bishop, Oct. 11, 1803.

Luther, and Elizabeth Conant of Ipswich, int. Sept. 10, 1831. TC

Margret, and Thomas Wood, June 2, 1736.

Margaret, and John Chaplin, int. May 2, 1778.

Martha, and Samuel Longfellow of Newbury, int. Dec. 30, 1789.

Martha, and John Stickney, Oct. 21, 1804.

Martha, and William M. Shute, May 13, 1832. PR47

Martha D., and Stephen Getchell, int. Apr. 9, 1837. TC

Mary, and Jonathan heriman, Dec. 23, 1736.

Mary (Chaplen), and John Jewett, jr., int. Aug. 19, 1774.

Mary, and Joseph Nelson, int. Nov. 3, 1776.

Polly, and Joseph Spafford, int. Nov. 22, 1788.

Mary, and John Low of Methuen, Sept. 17, 1833. TC

Mary N., and Morris Mosher, Apr. 12, 1835. PR2

Mary A., and Joseph Foster of Ipswich, int. Feb. 28, 1841. TC

Mehitable, and Samuel Harriman of Bradford, Feb. 24, 1805. [1804. PR2]

Mercy, and Solomon Nelson, Mar. 15, 1725. [1724-5. int.]

Moses, and Hannah Stringer of Topsfield, at Topsfield, June 9, 1747. TC [1746-7. int.]

Moses, and Elisabeth Hopkinson, int. Dec. 1, 1776.

Paul, and Cyntha Ann Hobbs, int. June 30, 1837. TC

Rooxby [Lincoln. PR19], and Caleb G[reenleaf. PR19] Tyler of Montgomery, AL, Oct. 2, 1833. TC

Salla [Sally. int.], and Nathaniel Nelson, Jan. 17, 1794.

Sally, and Joseph Cheney, Aug. 1, 1826. TC

Sarah S[pofford. PR19], and John L[ewis. PR19] Parker of Bradford, Apr. 28, 1831. TC

Solomon, and Polly Young, Nov. 20, 1794.

Sophia, and Phineas Dodge, jr., Dec. 22, 1829. TC

Susan, and Ignatius Sargent of Gloucester, int. Mar. 10, 1831. TC


Amos, of Haverhill [in Coos. CR1], and Mehetabel Barker, Jan. 29, 1791.

Ann, of Ipswich, and Francis Tenney, Nov. 15, 1832. TC

Debby, of Newbury, and George How, at Newbury, June 9, 1798. TC

Edward, of Ipswich, and Ruth Jewett, int. Oct. 28, 1727.

Edward, of Ipswich, and Sarah Kilburn, Jan. 4, 1731-2.*

Eliphaz, a lay preacher, and Hannah Jackman of Byfield, Rowley, at Newbury, Aug. 18, 1772. TC

Elizabeth, and David Stickney, Apr. 23, 1761.

Elizabeth H., of Ipwsich, and Nathan Moore, Oct. 12, 1837. PR2

Hannah, of Ipswich, and Thomas Pingree, int. Dec. 13, 1766.

Hannah, and Nehemiah Jewett of Ipswich, int. ––– ––, 1784.

Joana H., and Thomas M. Todd, Nov. 23, 1836. TC

John, of Ipswich, and Mary Woodbury, int. Oct. 1, 1777.

John, jr., of Ipswich, and Martha G. Conant, at Topsfield, Oct. 24, 1838. TC

John, and Elizebeth W. Morse of Ipswich, Dec. 13, 1841. TC

Jonathan, jr., of Ipswich and Elizabeth Richardson, July 28, 1829. TC

Joseph, and Mercy Wintworth, Apr. 23, 1707.

Joseph, of Ipswich, and Mary Pearley, int. Mar. 8, 1766.

Joseph, and Mary Lummus, both of Ipswich, Jan. 16, 1801.*

Mary, of Ipswich, and Aaron Pingree, jr., int. Mar. 14, 1767.

Molle, and Isaiah Smith of Ipswich, int. Jan. 15, 1797.

Olive, of Ipswich, and Joseph Metcalf, Apr. 3, 1800.

Olive F., of Ipswich, and Jeremiah Elsworth, int. Sept. 13, 1828. TC

Sarah, and Daniel Conant of Ipswich, Mar. 19, 1800.

Sally L., of Ipswich, and John Tenney, Nov. 20, 1828. TC

Symon, and Marry Brewer, Mar. 21, 1666.*

Susan, and Nathaniel Howe, both of Ipswich, Nov. 4, 1839. CR1*

Susannah, and Capt. Daniel Dresser, July 26, 1785.


Abigail P., and George Wildes, June 19, 1832. TC

Bethiah, of Newbury, and Samuel Hopson, at Newbury, Jan. 19, 1793. TC

Hannah, Mrs., of Newbury, and Dea. James Chewte, int. Oct. 30, 1762.

James, and Maria Lewis of Lynn, int. May 16, 1841. TC

Mehetable, of Newbury, and David Poor, May 1, 1816. TC

Mehetable B[ailey. int.], of Newbury, and Charles Hills, Dec. 3, 1818. TC

Sally, of Minot, and Paul Tenney, int. July 5, 1803.

CHENEY (Ceene, Cheaney, Cheany, Cheene, Cheeny, Cheney, Cheny)

Abner Moors, and Lois Hannaford, July 22, 1800.

Anna (Cheany) [Hannah of Newbury. int.], and Lionell Chutte, Dec. 10, 1702.

Anna, of Bradford, and Samuel Holms, Feb. 19, 1771.

Debby, and Enoch Mooers, int. June 26, 1802.

Eldad, of Bradford, and Johanah Woodbary, Mar. 28, 1733-4.

Elias, of Newbury, and Jane Plumer, Sept. 7, 1762.

Elias, and Ruth Jackman of Byfield, Rowley, at Newbury, Mar. 9, 1768. TC

Betsey, of Bradford, and Paul Stickney, int. June 15, 1810.

Esther, and John Foss, int. Jan. 15, 1814.

Hannah, of Bradford, and David Spaford, Mar. 6, 1734-5.

Hannah, and William Straw, Aug. 8, 1824.

Harriet, and Charles H. Allen, Dec. 14, 1831. TC

Hephsibah, and Thomas Smith, both of Byfield, Rowley, at Newbury, Dec. 5, 1776. TC

Ichabod (Chenney), and Ann Chutte, int. Jan. 5, 1708-9.

Ichabod, of Bradford, and Rebeckah Smith, int. Mar. 23, 1738-9.

John (Cheaney), of Newbury, and Mary Cheut, Mar. 7, 1693-4. CTR*

John, and Mrs. Mary Smith, June 5, 1773.

John [Jonathan. int.], and wid. [Hanner. int.] Honyford, Mar. 16, 1790.

Jonathan, jr., and Mary Andrews, May 25, 1813.

Jonathan, jr., and Catherine P. Floyd of Newbury, July 17, 1834. PR2

Joseph, and Sally Chaplin, Aug. 1, 1826. TC

Luther, and Elizabeth Ann Stickney, Feb. 18, 1826.

Lidia (Ceene), of Newbury, and Jeremiah Poor, int. Jan. 28, 1708.

Mark, and Mary Pike, June 10, 1799.

Mark, and Sarah Tenney, May 17, 1808.

Martha, and John Lighton, June 4, 1691.*

Mary (Cheeny), wid. John [of Newbury. CTF], and David Benit, Apr. 29, 1672.*

Mary (Cheny), and Isack Kilorne, July 24, 1684.*

Mary (Cheene), and Francis Brockelbanke, int. July 25, 1719.

Mary, and Moses W. Howe, Dec. 29, 1831. TC

Mary N[ann. int.], and Daniel R. Noyes of Bradford, Apr. 22, 1834. TC

Moody, and Susan B. Jackman, May 1, 1834. TC

Moses, of Newbury, and Sarah Whitten, Oct. 23, 1740.

Moses, of Brentwood, and Eunice Burbank, Jan. 22, 1770.

Nicholas, of Newbury, and Hannah Tenney, at Newbury, Dec. 1, 1717. TC

Phebe, wid., and John Perley, int. Oct. 25, 1805.

Phebe R., and David Saunders, Nov. 1, 1832. TC

Rebekah, of Bradford, and Moses Hazzen, int. Nov. 18, 1769.

Samuel, and Abigail Joseph, both of Byfield, Rowley, at Newbury, Dec. 9, 1783. TC

Samuel, and Deborah Baker, July 3, 1825. TC

Samuel, of Boxford, and Judith Dole, June 17, 1829. TC

Samuel P., and Sarah Dole, June 17, 1829. TC

Sally, and Nathaniel Andrews, Dec. 30, 1818.

Susanna, of Newbury, and John W. Jewett, Dec. 2, 1824. TC


Benjamin, and Hannah Chaplin, int. Apr. 1, 1774.

CHUTE (Cheut, Chewt, Chewte, Chut, Chutte, Shute)

Ann (Chutte), and Ichabod Chenney, int. Jan. 5, 1708-9.

Daniell, and Hannah Adams, of Newbury, Apr. 20, 1743.

Daniel, jr., of Byfield, Rowley, and Mary Stimpson of Newbury, at Newbury, Dec. 4, 1781. TC

David, and Ruth Searl, Apr. 28, 1785.

Elisabeth (Chewte), and Enoch Noyes of Newbury, at Newbury, Feb. 24, 1746-7. TC

Betsey, and Daniel Hale [jr. int.] of Newbury, at Newbury, Dec. 8, 1796. TC

Eunice, and Joseph Hale of Salem, Sept. 18, 1806.

Hannah, and Timothy Jackman of Newbury, at Newbury, Apr. 9, 1723. TC

Hannah, and Rev. Arriel Parish of Manchester, July 17, 1792.

Hannah, and John Poor, int. Oct. 20, 1797.

Hannah, and James Peabody [both of Byfield. PR2], Apr. 10, 1827. TC*

James, and Mary Thurstan [of Newbury. int.], Jan. 26, 1715. [1715-16. int.]

James (Chewte), Dea., and Mrs. Sarah Pearson, Mar. 30, 1761.

James (Chewte), Dea., and Mrs. Hannah Chase of Newbury, int. Oct. 30, 1762.

James (Chewt), and Mehetabel Thurston, June 13, 1775.

Jemimah, and Samuel Jewett, int. Mar. 2, 1722-3.

Judith (Chewte), of Byfield, Rowley, and Daniel Thurston, at Newbury, Feb. 4, [1763.]. TC

Judith, and Jeremiah Clark, Feb. 27, 1834. TC

Lionell (Chutte), and Anna [Hannah. int.] Cheany [of Newbury. int.], Dec. 10, 1702.

Mary (Cheut), and John Cheaney of Newbury, Mar. 7, 1693-4. CTR*

Mary, and Jonathan Core of Westtown, int. Sept. 24, 1726.

Mary, and Jeremiah Colman of Newburyport, June 8, 1808.

Mehitable, and Jonathan Elliot of Newbury, int. Sept. 14, 1800.

Richard, and Dorothy Pearson of Newbury, Oct. 17, 1805.

Ruth, and William Hine of Marblehead, int. Nov. 15, 1718.

Ruth (Chut), and Joseph Searl, Oct. 26, 1741.

Sally, and Enoch Poor, Jan. 2, 1833. TC

CLARK (Clarke)

Aaron, and Johanah Blake of Ipswich, Nov. 2, 1741.

Aaron, and Elizabeth Dresser, Nov. 17, 1794. TC

Aaron (Clarke), jr., and Mary N. Whittier, July 7, 1825.

Aaron, jr., and Matilda Jane Daniels, Dec. 5, 1837. PR2

Abigael, and Daniell Woodbury, Apr. 4, 1733.

Abigail, and Anthoney Atwood of Boxford, June 11, 1734.

Daniel, and Mary Lambert, July 29, 1731.

Daniel, and Olive Nelson, Apr. 28, 1801.

Daniel (Clarke), and Hannah Curtis, int. May 14, 1807.

Dolly, and Edward Smith, Nov. 14, 1822.

Ebenezer (Clarke), and Lidya Dresser, Oct. 14, 1713.

Elizabeth, and Ephram Dow of Ipswich, int. Oct. 15, 1726.

Elizebeth, wid., and Mighill Hopkinson, Aug. 3, 1741.*

Elisabeth, and David Hobson, Jan. 11, 1765.

Elizabeth, and [Lt. int.] Joseph M. Jewett, Nov. 9, 1820.

Elizabeth G., a. 17 y., and Charles Pickard, a. 21 y., shoemaker, s. David and Hannah, of Ipswich, Mar. 18, 1847.*

Elizabeth, a. 42 y., d. Aaron and Elizabeth, and Alexander Potter, a. 43 y., farmer, of Ipswich, s. John and Martha, of Ipswich, June 3, 1847.*

Hannah, and Danill Foster [of Ipswich. int.], Mar. 9, 1725.

Hannah, wid., and John Perley, Nov. 22, 1814.

Hannah D[ickinson. int.], and John Foster, Mar. 25, 1828. TC

Harriet N., and William Selone of Ipswich, int. Mar. 4, 1843. TC

Hester (Clarke), d. Richard, and Jonathan Hopkinson, May 11, 1666.*

Israel, of Ipswich, and Ann Sweat, int. June 17, 1758.

Jane, and John Pickard, Apr. 25, 1780.

Jeremiah, and Lucy Hardy of Bradford, July 29, 1828. TC

Jeremiah, and Judith Chute, Feb. 27, 1834. TC

Joanna, wid., and Isaac Kilborn of Lancaster, May 10, 1744.*

John (Clarke), and Mary Poore, d. John, sr., Jan. 10, 1672.*

Jonathan (Clarke), and Jane Pengre, Dec. 17, 1716.

Joseph D., of Ipswich, and Sarah M. Howe, Feb. ––, 1833. TC

Judah (Clarke) [Judith. int.], and Hannah Kilborn, Apr. 5, 1704.

Juda (Clarke), and Ruth Boynton, Feb. 1, 1714-15.

Lucy, and Humphry Hobson, int. Nov. 9, 1822 (banns forbidden by themselves).

Mary (Clarke), and Joseph Kilburn, June 6, 1707.

Mary (Clarke), and Jeremiah Elsworth [jr. CR1], Oct. 29, 1741.

Mary, and Moses Richard, int. Aug. 7, 1778.

Moses, and Elizabeth Pickard, Jan. 10, 1750.

Moses [jr. int.], and Elesabeth Scott [Mar. 18. different ink.], 1784.

Moses P., Dr., and Elizabeth N. Bettiss, July 21, 1833. TC

Richard (Clarke), and Alice –––––, ––: 6m: 1643.*

Richard (Clarke), and Abigaill Wycom [of Newbury. int.], Dec. 2, 1702.

Richard, and Abgail Kilburn, Aug. 9, 1727. [1726-7. int.]

Samuel, of Gloucester, and Ruth Blackledge, July 6, 1758.

Sarah (Clarke), and James Orduway of Newbury, June 19, 1696.*

Sarah, and Nathaniell Bayly, Jan. 2, 1700.*

Sarah, of Stratham [NH. int.], and Jacob Jewett, Aug. 4, 1785.

Sarah B., and Samuel Adams of Boxford, Sept. 21, 1824.

Simon, and Ruth Taylor of Scituate, int. May 13, 1738.

CLEMMONS (Clemons)

Anna, of Newburyport, and Dudly Lull, int. Oct. 24, 1791.

Martha (Clemons), wid., of Middletown, and Aaron Pengrey, int. Oct. 6, 1750.

CLEVELAND (Cleaveland)

Abigal, of Canterbury, CT, and Parker Cleveland Esq., int. Apr. 18, 1795.

Parker (Cleaveland), Dr., and Elizabeth Jackman, both of Byfield, Rowley, at Newbury, Aug. 2, 1773. TC

Parker, Esq., and Abigal Cleveland of Canterbury, CT, int. Apr. 18, 1795.


William, a. 24 y., cabinet maker, of Cambridgeport, s. John and Margaret, of Europe, and Martha H. Perley, a. 27 y., d. Allen and Martha, Aug. 30, 1846.*

CLOUGH (Cluff)

Ebenezer, and Elizabeth Thurla of Newbury, int. June 26, 1777.

Ezra, of Kingston, and Mercy Stewart, Dec. 26, 1734.

Ezra, and Bethiah Duty, both of Byfield, Rowley, at Newbury, Mar. 15, 1759. TC

Mary, of Newbury, and William Kezer, int. June 4, 1775.

Nathaniel, and Rebekah Kezar, int. Sept. 4, 1765.

Rebecca, and Simon Stickney, Nov. 9, 1784.

Sally (Cluff), and Samuel Plummer, 3d, int. Oct. 20, 1792.


Peter (Clowlin), and Elisebeth Heart, Nov. 13, 1791.

Peter, and Esther Wool [Wood. int.], Nov. 17, 1813.


Ezra, and Lucy Nelson, Nov. 22, 1706.

Hannah H., of Dracut, and Hervey Platts, int. Apr. 6, 1837. TC


Joseph, of Newburyport, and Anne Burbank, Apr. ––, 1787. [1788. dup.]*

Nancy, and Dole Pilsbury, Apr. 16, 1812.

Sarah, of Newbury, and Samuel Pickard, int. Apr. 9, 1823.


Abigail, of Ipswich, and Thomas Pickard, at Ipswich, Dec. 12, 1765. TC

Abigal [Nabby. int.], and Isaac Smith [jr. CR1], Dec. 6, 1789.

Elizebath, and Joseph Knight, Apr. 14, 1787.

Hannah, Mrs., of Atkinson and Jonathan Searl, int. Dec. 7, 1771.

Hannah, and Capt. William Eustis of Newburyport, Nov. 1, 1809. CR1

Nathaniel, Dr., of Ipswich, and [Mrs. CR1] Sarah Northend, Mar. 26, 1761.

Nathaniel, Dr., and Lois Searl, Mar. 8, 1777.

Northend, of Berwick, and Elizabeth Lambert, Nov. 1, 1794. TC

Sally [Sarah. int.], and Olever Appleton of Ipswich, Dec. 19, 1790.


John P., and Harriet Spofford of Andover, int. Apr. 22, 1836. TC

COLBY (Colbey, Colbie, Colebee)

Abraham, and Sarah Buckman of Newbury, at Newbury, Nov. 21, 1712. TC

Eliza (Colbie), and Henry Dow of Haverhill, at Haverhill, Apr. 11, 1692. TC*

Joanna (Colbey), of Sandown, NH, and Daniel Merrill, int. July 27, 1793.

Rebeckah, d. Isaac, deceased, and Jeremiah Fowler of Amesbury, at Amesbury, Jan. 6, 1706. TC*

Sarrah (Colebee), and Samuell Sillver, July 8, 1701.


Abraham, and Martha Hanson, int. Nov. 1, 1807.

John, and Polly Barnes of Westminster, at Westminster, June 23, 1789. TC

John G., a. 25 y., cordwainer, of Ipswich, b. Ipswich, s. Jonathan and Deborah, of Ipswich and Elvira Bray, a. 21 y., of Ipswich, b. Deer Isle, ME, d. Nathaniel and Mary, of Deer Isle, ME, Mar. 29, 1849.*

Robert, of Great Britain, and Abigail Tenney, at Newbury, Aug. 31, 1715. TC*

Simon, of Boxford, and Mary Smith, July 5, 1785.

COLMAN (Coleman, Collman)

Hannah of Newbury, and Nathaneel Heriman, May 21, 1742.

Jane, of Newbury, and Samuel Herriman, at Newbury, Oct. 16, 1729. TC*

Jeremiah, of Newburyport, and Mary Chute, June 8, 1808.

John M. (Coleman), and Mary Ann Hill, int. Jan. 31, 1837. TC

Molly (Coleman), of Newbury, and Joseph Searl [jr. int.], at Newbury, June 7, 1781. TC

Phebe [of Newbury. int.], and Dudley Toylor, Nov. 23, 1738.

Sarah (Collman), and Mighell Hopkinson, June 16, 1696.*

Sarah, of Newbury, and Abner Spaford, Dec. 23, 1734.

Thomas (Coleman), and Abigal Pulsefor, int. Aug. 1, 1795.

Tobia, and Lidia Jackson, Apr. 16, 1668.*

William, of Newbury, and Susanna Thurston, May 17, 1792.


Aaron, of Ipswich, and Eunice Darman, int. Oct. 10, 1778.

Daniel, of Ipswich, and Sarah Chapman, Mar. 19, 1800.

Daniel, of Ipswich, and Lucy Hazen, int. Feb. 12, 1811.

Daniel, of Ipswich, and Hannah Conant, int. Dec. 16, 1838. TC

Elizabeth, of Ipswich, and Luther Chaplin, int. Sept. 10, 1831. TC

Eunice F., and John Peabody of Ipswich, int. Apr. 18, 1835. TC

Hannah, and Daniel Conant of Ipswich, int. Dec. 16, 1838. TC

John B., of Ipswich, and Sarah Conant, int. Sept. 27, 1840. TC

Lucy P., and Leander Jewett, Feb. 3, 1829. TC

Lydia E., a. 20 y., of Ipswich, b. Ipswich, d. Joseph and Anna, of Ipswich, and George W. Millett, a. 22 y., shoemaker, s. Joshua and Deborah, Nov. 28, 1848.*

Martha G., and John Chapman, jr. of Ipswich, at Topsfield, Oct. 25, 1838. TC

Mary W., and Timothy W. Emerson of Newbury, June 12, 1834. TC

Sarah, and John B. Conant of Ipswich, int. Sept. 27, 1840. TC

William F., and Martha Potter, both of Ipswich, Apr. 30, 1828. CR1*


William, of Newbury, and Mary Hammond, int. May 2, 1770.


Mossis, of Exeter, and Abigal Lull, int. Oct. 28, 1721.


Elizabeth, of Cambridge, and Samuel Woodbury, at Cambridge, Oct. 27, 1709. TC*

COOMBS (Coomes)

Elisabeth (Coomes), of Newbury, and Jeremiah Pearson, at Newbury, July 4, 1754. TC

Mary, of Boston, and Joseph Bailey, int. July 11, 1810.

COOPER (Coopr)

Elisabeth, of Newbury, and Richard Lowell, at Newbury, Nov. 11, 1736. TC*

Hannah (Coopr), and Thomas Lull [jr. CR1], Nov. 7, 1749.

Leonard (Coopr), and SarahPlats, June 26, 1729.*

Mary (Coopr), and Moses Hopkinson, Nov. 5, 1734.

Mary, and Jacob Pearson of Byfield, Rowley, at Newbury, May 31, 1753. TC

Moses, and Phebe Jewett, May 15, 1729.*

Moses, of Newbury, and Abigail Lowell, at Newbury, Feb. 24, 1736-7. TC

Moses, and Ruth Johnson of Haverhill, at Haverhill, Apr. 8, 1741. TC [1741-2. int.]

Peter, and Mary Skillions, int. Sept. 6, 1755.

Samuell, and Mary Heriman, June 25, 1691.*

Samuel (Coopr), and Mary Hobson, Oct. 3 [31. CR1], 1734.

Sarah, and Israel Smith of Danvers, int. June 25, 1766.


Elkanah, and Martha Kilorne, Feb. 11, 1808.


Jonathan, of Westtown, and Mary Chute, int. Sept. 24, 1726.


Prudence, and John Hamon, Nov. 7, ––––. CTR*


Submit, and Phineas Hardy, Dec. 28, 1819.


Ephraim, of Dunstable, and Susanna Kilborn, May 11, 1763.

CRAIG (Crage)

Robert (Crage), and Hannah Spaford, int. Nov. 22, 1735.

Samuel W., a. 25 y., cordwainer, of Ipswich, s. Tappan W. and Harriet P., of Rumney, NH, and Maria Perley, a. 23 y., d. Moses and Sarah M., Sept. 9, 1847.*


Silas, of Lynn, and Polly Bailey, int. Sept. 2, 1804.

CREECY (Creasey, Creasie, Creassee, Creesey, Creessee, Cresee, Cresey, Cressey)

Abell, and Hannah Lowell, int. Apr. 22, 1727.*

Abigail (Creasie), and William [Benjamin. int.] Rowse, Nov. 11, 1720.

Abigail [J. int.] (Creasey), and David E. Perley, Dec. 15, 1842. TC

Ann (Cresey), of Newbury, and Samuel Hidden, int. May 9, 1759.

Charles (Creasey), and Mary Bradley of Haverhill, ––– ––, 1833. TC [Dec. 29, 1832. int.]

David (Creasie), and Hephsibah Plats, Dec. 7, 1727.

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Smith, int. Jan. 23, 1741-2.

Elizabeth (Cresey), and Thomas Merrit [Morrill of Pomfret, CT. int.], July 8, 1788.

Elizabeth (Creasey), and Amos Dunnels of Newbury, Feb. 9, 1797. TC

Elizabeth (Creasey), and Edmund Boynton, Oct. 28, 1824.

Hannah, and John Hodgkins, Oct. 3, 1725.

Hannah (Cresey), and James Davis of Ipswich, Mar. 23, 1762.

James (Cresey), and Sarah Hopkinson, Mar. 15, 1763.

John (Creasie), and Sarah Davis, Oct. 13, 1720.

John (Cresey), and Bettey Lowell, Feb. 16, 1767.

John (Cresey), jr., and Phebe Bradstreet of Ipswich, Nov. 15, 1792.

John (Creasey), jr., and Susannah Jewett of Ipswich, June 12, 1821.

John (Creasey), and Lydia Perkins of Essex, Sept. 12, 1839. CR1

Jonathan (Creasie), and Sarah Harris, Mar. 27, 1722.

Jonathan, and Elinor Barter of Kittery, int. Oct. 3, 1724.

Lucy (Cresey), and Asa Andrews of Boxford, int. Mar. 5, 1757.

Lucy Jane (Creasey), and Joshua Hale, Apr. 17, 1832. TC

Mark (Cresey), and Elizabeth Richards, Jan. 27, 1757.

Mark, Lt. (Cresey), and Elizebeth Hale, Dec. 16, 1790.

Martha (Creasie), and John Bridges of Littleton, Mar. 5, 1728-9.

Martha Hale (Cresey), and Allen Perley, May 13, 1816. CR1

Mary (Creassee), and Joseph Horssley, Apr. 6, 1671.*

Mary (Creessee), and Samuell Hidden, Apr. 20, 1698.*

Mary (Creesey), and James Browne, Mar. 5, 1718.

Mary, and John Palmer, Oct. 3 [23. CR1], 1750.*

Mary (Cresey), and Benjamin Winter, Jan. 15, 1761.

Mary (Creasey), and Sherburne C. Blodgett, Sept. 22, 1835. TC

Micall (Cressey), and ––––– Hidden, Aug. 20, 1686. CTR*

Micaell (Creesey), and Martha Dutch, int. Oct. 30, 1719.

Nathaniel (Creasey), and Sarah J[ewett. int.] Hale, May 8 [16. PR9], 1823.

Nathaniel (Creesey), and Abigail P. Lambert, Nov. 4, 1842. TC

Olive N. (Creesey), a. 21 y., d. Thomas and Mary, and John M. Phillips, a. 25 y., shoemaker, s. Nathan and Lydia, Dec. 4, 1845.*

Richard (Creasey), and Dorothy [Dolly. CR1] Bradstreet, Mar. 24, 1795. TC

Richard (Creasey), jr., and Mary Elizabeth Harris, Oct. 20, 1833. TC

Samuel (Creasie), and Mary Andrews, Oct. 7, 1725.

Sarah (Creesey), and Benjamin Scott, Dec. 9, 1714.

Sarah, 2d, wid., and John Plats, Mar. 21, 1742-3.

Sarah (Cresey), and Ezekiel Parsons of Gloucester, Dec. 8, 1757.

Sarah (Cresey), and Samuel Pearson, Dec. 6, 1792.

Sarah M. (Creasey), and Dr. George Moody of Bradford, int. July 24, 1830. TC

Thomas (Creasey), and Mary Saunders, Oct. 23, 1823.

Thomas B. (Creasey) [Lt. CR1], and Rhoda Ann Whittier, Nov. 25, 1829. TC

William (Cresee), and Anne Hidden, d. Andrew and Sarah, Jan. 23, 1687.


Margaret, of Londonderry, NH, and Rev. Willard Holbrook [June 22. PR32], 1819.


Hannah, of Barnstead, NH, and Moses Sawyer, int. Sept. 21, 1794.

CROMBIE (Cromby, Cromey, Crumbie, Crumby)

Aaron (Crumby) [jr. int.], and Dolly Dorman of Boxford, Oct. 31, 1812.

Benjamin (Cromey), and Rebeeca Davis of Ipswich, May 6, 1741.

Benjamin, and Clarissa Thurlo, Nov. 20, 1817.

Charlotte (Crumby), and John B. Buckminster, June 9, 1814.

Dorcas, and Benjamin Pilsbury of Newbury, Oct. 10, 1769.

Mary, and Daniel Robins, May 26, 1817.

Nathaniel (Cromby), and Ann Dorman, Nov. 9, 1826. TC

Ruth (Crumbie), of Boxford, and Nathaniel Burpee, int. Aug. 18, 1779.

Thomas N. (Cromby), and Ruth Maria Noyes of West Newbury, int. Feb. 9, 1828.

CROSBY (Crosbee, Crosbey Crosbie)

Anthony (Crosbee), and Prudence Waid, Dec. 28, 1659.

Elizabeth (Crosbie), and John Scot, Sept. 24, 1701.

Elisabeth, and John Bayley, Jan. 17, 1722.

Hannah (Crosbie), and John Jonson, Dec. 6, 1655.*

Jane, and John Pickard, 29: 8m: 1644.*

Jonathan [of Oyster River. int.], and Hannah Wycom, Aug. 5, 1718.

Mary, and Richard Longhorne, 16: 11m: 1647.*

Nathaniel (Crosbey), and Elizabeth Bennett, Dec. 13, 1693. CTR*

Nathanael (Crosbie), and Hephzibah Person, Feb. 7, 1720.


Theodore, and Susannah Jackman, int. Aug. 7, 1790.

CUMMINGS (Comings, Cumins)

Dolly A., a. 20 y., d. George and Elizabeth, and Moses R. Littlefield, a. 21 y., shoemaker, s. Japhet and Lucy, of Deer Island ME, Oct. 30, 1845.*

Elizabeth, and John Jewit, 2: 2m: 1661.*

Hannah (Comings), and Robert Pirkins, Jan. 8, 1751.*

Pelatiah, of Topsfield, and Sarah Hammond, Nov. 8, 1770.

Prince (Cumins), and Esther Storer, int. Sept. 15, 1804.


George W., and Susan Hardy of Bradford, Oct. 24, 1837. PR2


John, and Hannah Adams, Nov. 1, 1798.


Bartlett J., of Newbury, and L. Goodridge of West Newbury, Mar. 19, 1828. TC*

Daniel Rogers, of Newbury, and Sally Merrill, Mar. 30, 1809.

Eliza M., and Allexander Lucy, Nov. 1, 1831. TC

Hannah, and Tristram Brown, Oct. 28, 1799.

Joseph J., and Olive A. Davis, int. May 4, 1836. TC

Joshua, of Newbury, and Mary Pingre, Aug. 15, 1776.

Marcus M., a. 22 y., shoemaker, of Georgetown, s. Daniel R. and Sally, and Sarah J. Jewett of Georgetown, a. 22 y., d. Gorham and Mary, Sept. 1, 1847.*

Mary S., and John M. Dobson of Ipswich, int. July 22, 1837. TC

Moses, of Newbury, and Azubah Hills, int. Mar. 12, 1803.

Nathaniel, and Elisabeth Dwinell of Danvers, int. July 25, 1772.

Nicolas, of South Hampton, NH, and Sarah Brocklebank, Aug. 13 [28. dup.], 1787.*

Simon T., of Newbury, and Mary S. Hills, int. Apr. 6, 1830. TC

CURTIS (Curtice, Curtieus)

Ephraim (Curtice), and Elizabeth Kilburn, Sept. 6, 1693. CTR*

Hannah, and Daniel Clarke, int. May 14, 1807.

James, Esq., of Winthrop, ME, and Sarah Jewett, int. Jan. 2, 1823.

Lydia, and Josiah G. Tyler, Mar. 9, 1820.

Sarah (Curtieus), and James Scails, Nov. 7, 1677.*


Henry, of Providence, RI, and Ednah Jewett, May 24, 1804.


Polly, of Hamilton, and Dr. Joseph Torry, at Hamilton, Mar. 18, 1794. TC


Caroline P., of Hollis, NH, and Benjamin G. Searle, int. Oct. 3, 1834. TC

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