Elizabeth, and Archelaus Lakeman of Newbury, at Newbury, Jan.11,1775.TC


Charles, and Sarah Merrill, int.Nov.1,1840.TC

Charles, widr., a.31y., shoemaker, s.Pemberton and Susanna, and Nancy Bodwell, a.28y., of Lowell, d.Isaac and Sarah F., of Danvers, Oct.17,1848.*

Clarrissa, and James Osgood of Dunstable, NH, Dec.11,1834.TC

Daniel, and Judith Emery of Newbury, at Newbury, Dec.29,1720.TC

Daniel, of Newbury, and Ednah Pickard, June16,1749.*

Daniel [jr. int.], of Newbury, and Betsey Chute, at Newbury, Dec.8,1796.TC

Daniel, jr., and Irene Bradstreet, Sept.17,1820.

Daniel, jr., and Lydia L. Merrill of West Newbury, May30,1826.TC

Daniel J., and Susan Howe, Apr.3,1834.TC*

Daniel J., and Sarah Thurlow of Newbury, int.Dec.30,1842.TC

Ednah, and Isaac Pickard, Sept.28,1820.

Eliphelet, of Bradford, and Rachel Johnson, Jan.29,1767.

Eliza, of Bradford, and Stephen Harvey, int.Feb.11,1826.

Elizabeth [Eliza.CTR], d.Thomas, and Samuel Pickard, May31,1687. [1681.CTR]*

Elizebeth, and Lt. Mark Cresey, Dec.16,1790.

Ezekiell, of Newbury, and wid.Sarah Spaford, Oct.26,1736.

Francis P., and Sally Harris of Rumney, NH, int.May9,1818.

George J., and Eliza Jane [Elizabeth.int.] Saunders, Mar.29,1832.TC

George J., and Julia Ann Proctor, Jan.1,1839.TC

Hannah, of Bradford, and Thomas Lull, Sept.25,1745.

Hannah, of Bradford, and Moses Plumer, int.Mar.6,1770.

Hannah, of Boxford, and Caleb Jackson, at Boxford, Apr.20,1774.TC

Hannah, of Bradford, and Jonathan Jewett, at Bradford, Nov.17,1791.TC

Hannah [d.Isaac and Ruth.PR29], and Moses Richards [s.Moses and Jane.PR29], Feb.26,1809.CR1

Isaac, of Newbury, and Ruth Jewett [d.Paul and Jane (Payson).PR28], May1,1785.

Jacob, of Boxford, and Mary Heriman, int.May11,1728.

Joseph, jr., of Newbury, and Mary Northend of Byfield.Rowley, at Newbury, 末蔓19 [ Sept.14. int.], 1765.TC

Joseph, of Salem, and Eunice Chute, Sept.18,1806.

Joseph, a.24 1-2y., shoemaker, s.Francis P. and Sarah, and Apphia Todd, a.22y., d.Ezekiel and Susan, Dec.31,1845.*

Joshua, and Lucy Jane Creasey, Apr.17,1832.TC

Lidia, and James Platts, Sept.10,1691.*

Patty [Marthy.int.], and Moses Pilsbury of Salisbury [NH. int.], June12,1798.*

Mary, wid., and Jeremiah Nellson, Feb.1,1732-3.

Mary, Mrs., of Newbury, and Rev. James Chandler [at Newburv.TC], Dec.14,1736.

Mary, of Bradford, and David Nellson, May7,1752.

Polly, of Newbury, and Samuel Knight, June10,1791.*

Polly, of Bradford, and Moses H. Palmer, int.Sept.25,1819.

Mehetable, of Bradford, and Jonathan Chaplin, jr., Nov.30,1756.

Mehitable [of Bradford.int.], and John Merrill, at Boxford, Mar.30,1786.TC

Moses, and Elizebeth Wheler, Dec.4,1727.*

Moses, and Hannah Jewett of Ipswich, int.Apr.9,1803.

Pemberton, and Susannah Jewett, Aug.29,1797.TC

Rachel J., and John B. Savory, May18,1819.

Ruth, of Newbury, and John Pierson, at Newbury, Dec.12,1727.TC

Samuell, and Martha Palmer, Nov.3,1698.*

Sarah [of Newbury.TC], and Joseph Peirson [at Newbury.TC], Jan.1,1722. [1722-3.TC]

Sarah, of Bradford, and Henery Poor, May20,1751.

Sally [Sarah.int.], of Bradford, and Bradstreet Pearsons, at Bradford, Oct.末,1780.TC

Sarah J[ewett. int.], and Nathaniel Creasey, May8 [16.PR9], 1823.

Sarah, and Stephen Palmer of Dover, NH, Oct.11,1825.

Solomon [of Bradford.int.], and Martha Herriman, Nov.12,1792.

Susan, and Matthew Johnson, Sept.29,1842.TC

Thomas, and Agnes R.U. [W.PR6] Bean, Sept.27 [17.PR6], 1835.TC

William [Dr. int.], and [Mrs.int.] Martha Johnson of Newbury, at Newbury, Nov.6,1753.TC

William, Dr., and Jane Jewett, June29,1775.

William, jr., and Sarah Lowell, Sept.23,1778.


Mary, and Jonathan Chaplin, June26,1804.

Seth D., and Charlotte Sawyer, int.Mar.25,1837.TC

HAMILTON (Hambelton)

John [Hambelton. int.], "a foreigner," and Mehitable, Duty of Byfield, Rowley, at Newbury, Dec.25,1778.TC

Hitty (Hambelton), and William Bailey of Newbury [Newburyport. int.], June17,1787.

HAMMOND (Hammon, Hamon, Hamond, Hommon)

Bridget, and Joshua Prime, May31,1750. [June18. 1752. dup.]*

David, of Ipswich, and Mary Platts, int.July11,1719.

David, and Elizebeth Plats, int.Aug.6,1748.

David (Hommon), of Ipswich, and wid.Elisabeth Wood, Dec.1 [17.CR1], 1782.

John (Hamon), and Prudence Cotton, Nov.7, 末末.CTR*

Mary, of Ipswich, and Jonathan Pickard, int.Nov.3,1739.

Mary, and William Conlee of Newbury, int.May2,1770.

Nathanael (Hamond), of Ipswich, and Bridgett Haris, int.Jan.30,1713-14.

Oliver, and Sarah White of Wenham, at Wenham, Mar.18,1756.TC

Sarah, of Watertown, and Thomas Lambert, at Watertown, Dec.19,1699.TC.

Sarah, and Pelatiah Cummings of Topsfield, Nov.8,1770.

Sarah (Hammon), jr., and Samuel Lord, 3d [of Ipswich.int.], May19,1774.

Susannah, of Ipswich, and Nathan Brocklebank [jr. int.], Oct.14,1784.

Thomas, Lt., of Ipswich, and Hannah Lancester, int.Oct.16,1713.


Martha, and Abraham Cole, int.Nov.1,1807.

HARDY (Harday)

Albert S., of Bradford, and Sarah G. Brocklebank, int.May6,1837.TC

Alice [Ellice. int.], of Bradford, and Benjamin Wallingford, jr., Dec.9,1762.

Asa, and Joanna C[olby.int.] Merrill, Dec.5,1815.

Benjaman, of Bradford, and Hannah Brocklebanck, int.Mar.4,1795.

Benjamin, and Mary Waters, Sept.21,1817.

Caroline, of Bradford, and Flint Weston, Oct.18,1830.PR17

Daniell [of Bradford.int.], and Martha Wicom, Jan.15,1701-2.

Daniel, Capt., of Bradford, and Mrs.Damaris Dickinson, July16,1746.

Daniel [David.int.; David.CR1], jr., of Bradford, and Sophia Thorla, Dec.5,1815.

David, and Joanna Palmer of Bradford, Aug.6,1772.

Dorcas, of Bradford, and Seth Jewett, int.Feb.12,1726-7.

Enos, and Jane Holms, int.Sept.1,1792.

Hannah, of Bradford, and Daniel Spofford, int.Oct.17,1812.

Hannah, of Bradford, and Jonathan Parsons, June15,1835.PR2

Harriet, and Archabald Pool, int.May10,1824.

John (Harday), and Mary Jackman, Apr.2,1667.*

John, of Bradford.and Martha Burbanke, July31,1695.CTR*

Joseph, jr., of Bradford, and Lucretia Bartlett, int.May30,1794.

Lucy, of Bradford, and Jeremiah Clark, July29,1828.TC

Mary, and John Gale, Aug.16,1825.

Newman B., of Bradford, and Lucy F. Merrill, Apr.17,1833.TC.

Phineas, and Submit Cowdry, Dec.28,1819.

Phineas, and Elizabeth Andrews, Aug.13,1829.TC

Reuben, of Bradford, and Elizebeth Adams, Mar.21,1742-3.*

Reuben, and Sarah Ann Hills, June3,1823.

Samuel B., and Caroline Rogers, Jan.17,1826.

Sophrona, and Jesse Saunders, May16,1822.

Stephen, of Bradford, and Mary [Sarah.int.] Holms, Aug.20,1740.

Stephen, jr., and Hannah Thurston [jr. int.], Jan.12,1768.

Stephen, of Bradford, and Polly Joseph, int.June24,1786

Susan, of Bradford, and George W. Cunningham, Oct.24,1837.PR2

Thomas, and Mercy Teny, 22:9m:1664.*

HARREN (Hazen)

Jacob [Hazzen. int.], and wid.Abigail Spaffard of Boxford, Nov.16,1761.

HARRIMAN (Haeriman, Hearriman, Heriman, Herraman, Herreman, Herriman)

Abigal (Heriman), and Samuel Kezer, Apr.20,1742.*

Anna (Herriman), and Joseph Haskel of Gloucester, int.Mar.7,1778.

Enoch, and Martha Palmer of Bradford, June5,1759.

Enoch (Herreman), jr., and Sally Brocklebank, int.Jan.29,1795.

Enoch, jr., of Bradford, and Mary Ann Hilliard, int.Nov.30,1836.TC

George, and Betsey B. Bunker of Plantation No. 7, Oxford Co., ME, int.Feb.11,1832.TC

Hanah, and Calab Boynton, May26,1674.*

Hannah (Heriman), wid.and Joseph Palmer of Bradford, Oct.1,1745.*

Hannah, and John Stephens, Feb.16,1808.

Hiram, and Elizabeth H. Boynton. May8,1828.TC

Hiram, and Sarah S. Spofford of Boxford, int.Mar.16,1833.TC

Jane (Herreman), and John Dresser of Boxford, int.July30,1760.

Jane, wid., and Israel Hazzen, June18,1761.

Jeremiah (Heriman), and Patience Pearley, Apr.17,1735.*

Jeremiah, and Ann Poor, int.Mar.27,1769.

Jeremiah (Hearriman), of Boxford, and Sarah Dole, int.Feb.28,1792.

John (Heriman), and Jane Bavley of Bradford, int.May7,1726.

John (Heriman), and Mary Plumer, Dec.26,1751.

John, and Cordelia Farmer of Tewksbury, int.Mar.12,1831.TC

Jonathan (Haeriman), and Margret Wood, Aug.19,1691.*

Jonathan (Heriman), and Mary Chaplin, Dec.23,1736.

Jonathan (Herriman) jr., and Sarah Plumer, Nov.26,1769.

Jonathan (Herriman), and Martha Plumer, int.June6,1772.

Jonathan, and Sarah Moulton of Boxford, Sept.14,1800.

Leonard (Herriman), and Martha Plummer, at Newbury, July5,1715.TC

Leonard (Herriman) [jr. int.], and Rosamond Herriman, Dec.13,1763.

Lucinda (Herriman), of Bradford, and Jacob Jewett, int.末蔓末,1838.TC

Margeret (Heriman), and Jonathan Boynton, June6,1711.*

Margaret, and Moses Burpee, Apr.25,1758.

Margaret (Herriman), and Samuel Smith [at Haverhill.TC], Feb.9,1775.

Peggy, and Samuel Adams [jr. int.] of Bradford, at Bradford, Aug.23,1792.TC

Martha (Herriman), and Caleb Webster of Haverhill [at Haverhill.TC], Nov.24,1784.

Martha (Herriman), and Solomon Hale [of Bradford.int.], Nov.12,1792.

Mary (Heriman), and Samuell Cooper, June25,1691.*

Mary (Heriman), and Jacob Hale of Boxford, int.May11,1728.

Mary L. and Caleb B. Le Borquet, Oct.7,1835.PR2*

Mehetable (Heriman), and Jonathan Plummer, June6,1744.*

Moses, and Olive Brown [of Boxford.int.], May6,1804.

Nancy Poor, of Boxford, and John Brockelbank, jr., int.Aug.24,1807.

Nathanael (Herriman), and Mehtable Spafford, Aug.25,1720.

Nathaneel (Heriman), and Hannah Colman of Newbury, May21,1742.

Rosamond (Herriman), and Leonard Herriman [jr. int.], Dec.13,1763.

Samuel (Herriman), and Jane Colman of Newbury, at Newbury, Oct.16,1729.TC*

Samuel (Herriman), and Elizabeth Stickney, Dec.21,1752.

Samuel, "Elder," and Huldah Nelson, Dec.3,1801.

Samuel, of Bradford, and Mehitable Chaplin, Feb.24,1805. [1804.PR2]

Samuel, and Sally A. [Sarah.int.] Hilliard, Oct.11,1835.PR45

Sarah (Heriman), and Samuel Hazen of Boxford, int.Sept.14,1723.

Sarah, and Nathaniel Holmes, Nov.25,1800.

Sarah, of Bradford, and Thomas Merrill, jr., June8,1824.

Sarah, and Cyrus Dorman, Mar.19,1829.TC

Thomas (Herriman), and Martha Pool, Sept.23,1766.

William (Herraman), and Rebekah Pearson, Oct.31,1765.

William B., and Olive Nelson, May8,1838.PR45


Rufus, widr., of South Boston, and Judith A. Carter, wid., Aug.6,1845.*

HARRIS (Haris)

Ann, and Moses Duty, jr., int.Aug.22,1761.

Brigitt, and Joseph Boynton, Jan.30,1692-3.*

Bridgett (Haris), and Nathanael Hamond of Ipswich, int.Jan.30,1713-14.

Dorcas, and Jacob Kilburn, int.Sept.8,1716.

Edward, and Sally Potter, both of Ipswich, Jan.15,1807.*

Elizebeth, of Ipswich, and Samuel Burpey, Mar.26,1730.*

Elizabeth, and William Tilton, both of Haverhill, Oct.4,1842.TC*

Hannah, and John Stacey of Gloucester, Mar.13,1755.*

John [sr.CTR], and Elizabeth Wells, Oct.24,1677.*

John, of Ipswich, and Elizabeth Hodgkin, Apr.7,1752.

John, jr., of Ipswich, and Eunice Thurston, July31,1766.

John, Lt., and Ruthy [Ruth.int.] Pickard, Jan.3,1803.

Mary, and Thomas Birtby, Feb.3,1718.

Mary [Polly.CR1], and Benjamin Smith, June14,1798.

Mary Elizabeth, and Richard Creasey, jr., Oct.20,1833.TC

Mary P,. and Sewall Foster, Oct.8,1835.TC

Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Hazen, Apr.5,1670.*

Nathaniel, and [Mrs.int.] Elizabeth Elwell, Apr.9,1826.

Phebe, and Edward Payson, Aug.20,1723.

Phebe, and Nathan Dole of Newbury, June6,1754.*

Phebe, and [Dr. int.] Joshua Jewett [s.Paul and Jane (Payson).PR28], June14,1798.

Rachel, and John Webber of Newbury, Mar.15,1759.

Ruth [Mrs.PR2], and David Payson, June3,1811.

Sarah, and Beriah Browne, Jan.6,1673.

Sarah, and Jonathan Creasie, Mar.27,1722.

Sarah, and Eliphalet Tenney of Newbury, Oct.13,1755.

Sally, of Rumney, NH, and Francis P. Hale, int.May9,1818.

Timothee, and Pheebee Pearson, Aug.24,1682.*

Timothy, of Ipswich, and Eunice Jewett, May7,1765.

HART (Heart)

Frances M., and Nathan Todd, int.Apr.25,1841.TC

HARTSHORNE (Hartshorn)

Abigaill (Hartshorn), and Thomas Wood, Jan.30,1711.

John [of Haverhill. int.], and Mary Spoford, Sept.22,1709.


Robert, of Andover, and Sally Spofford, June5,1813.

Stephen, and Eliza Hale of Bradford, int.Feb.11,1826.

HASELTINE (Haselton, Hasletine, Hazeltine, Heselltine, Hezeltine)

Abraham (Hezeltine), and Elizabeth Longhorne, Oct.7,1669.

Bethiah (Heselltine), and Thomas Spoford, int.Nov.15,1701.

Mary, and Solomon Wood, Oct.15,1690.*

Mary (Haselton), of Bradford, and Eliot Payson, jr., int.Oct.18,1760.

Robert (Haselton), and An 末末, 23:10m:1639.*

Robert (Heselltine), of Bradford, and Sarrah Spoford, int.Mar.5,1701-2.

Sarah E. (Hasletine), of Salem, and Daniel J. Searl, int.Oct.31,1841.TC

William (Hazeltine), and Dorothy Lancaster, Oct.31,1757.

HASKELL (Haskel)

Ann D., of Newburyport, and John Perley, jr., Dec.4,1817.

David, and Hannah L. Lofty, Dec.末,1831.PR23*

Joseph (Haskel), of Gloucester, and Anna Herriman, int.Mar.7,1778.

Sarah, of Ipswich, and David Todd, int.Sept.21,1765.


Joseph T. [Hotchkiss.int.], and Ruth P. [C.PR2] Perley, Jan.27,1818.


Aoret [Aroet. int.] Melvin, of Haverhill, and Susan Prescott Spofford, July8,1813.

HAWKS (Hauks)

Joseph, of Ipswich, and Mary Elsworth, int.Nov.13,1801.

Love (Hauks), of Lynn, and Moses Dole, int.Aug.2,1796.


Ann M., and Henry Davis, int.Mar.8,1840.TC

HAYNES (Hains)

Electa, of Rowe, and Dr. Humphrey Gould, June11,1827.TC

Mary [Polly.int.], of Haverhill, and Asa Plummer, at Haverhill, Apr.20,1778.TC

Samuel (Hains) [jr.CR1], of Greenland NH, and Hannah Johnson, July9,1772.

HAZZEN (Harren, Hassen, Hazen, Hazzon)

Edward (Hassen), and Hannah 末末, 末:1m:1650.*

Edward (Hazen), and Jane Pickard, Nov.6,1684.*

Elizabeth (Hazen), and Nathaniel Harris, Apr.5,1670.*

Enoch (Hazen), and Martha Thompson of Roxbury [of Deer Island ME. int.], at Roxbury, Feb.9,1797.TC

Greenleaf K. (Hazen), and Susan P. Towne of Boxford, Oct.12,1828.TC

Hannah, and Richard Eastick [Easty.int.], jr., Feb.7,1750.

Hepsibah, and Jonathan Dickinson, Jan.30,1793.

Isabell, and John Wood, Jan.16,1680.CTR*

Israel, and Hannah Chaplin, May27,1724.*

Israel, and wid.Jane Harriman, June18,1761.

Jane, and Joseph Jewet, Jan.1,1707-8.*

Jeremiah (Hazen), and Sarah Adams, Oct.13,1737.

John (Hazen), [of Boxford.int.], and Sarah Nelson, May9,1715.

Josiah (Hazen), and Lucy Perley, int.Nov.30,1798.

Lucy (Hazen), and Daniel Conant of Ipswich, int.Feb.12,1811.

Margaret (Hazen), and Nehemiah Jewett of Ipswich, Jan.8,1767.

Moody P. (Hazen), and Laura Tapley of Danvers, int.Apr.26,1828.TC

Moses, and Rebekah Cheney of Bradford, int.Nov.18,1769.

Phebe (Hazzon), and Isriel Kimbal, Feb.末,1794.

Presilla (Hazen), and Jerymiah Pearson, July21,1681.*

Samuel (Hazen), of Boxford, and Sarah Heriman, int.Sept.14,1723.

Sarah (Hazen), and Daniell Wicom, June27,1690.*

Sarah, and Jeremiah Chaplin, jr., Nov.28,1760.

Thomas (Hazen), and Mary Howlet, Jan.1,1683.*


Susanna [Sukey.int.], of Ipswich, and Moses Dole, [jr. int.], at Ipswich, Oct.31,1793.TC

HEART (Hart)

Elisebeth, and Peter Clowlin, Nov.13,1791.


Dudley, of Newbury, and Achsah Brown, int.Mar.2,1811.

Mary, of Hampstead, and James Tenney, int.Oct.5,1754.


Hannah W., of Acton, ME, and Josiah W. Bean, int.Apr.20,1839.TC


Thomas, and Mary Anderson of Boxford, int.May21,1743.


Lydia L., a.18y., d.Richard and Ann L., and Gorham Thurber, a.23y., clerk, of Providence, RI, s.Dexter and Jane H., of Providence, Apr.11,1848.*


Robert, and Betsey Gould of Boxford, int.Jan.5,1833.TC


Elizabeth, and John Pingry, Apr.14,1825.

HIBBARD (Hibbert, Hibert, Highbirt)

Elisabeth (Hibbert), and Edward Pearson of Ipswich, Dec.5,1763.

Easther, of Methuen, and Solomon Smith, at Haverhill [after 1778.].TC*

George (Highbirt), and Sarah Elsworth, Nov.24,1709.

James (Hibert), and Susanna Payson, Sept.26,1732.

Mary (Hibbert), and Joseph Jewett, Mar.27,1706. [1705-6. int.]

Mary (Hibbert), and Jonathan Pickard, Oct.31,1751.

Susanah (Hibert), and Thomas Todd, Mar.22,1753.


Gideon, of Newburyport, and Mary I. [J. int] Ilsly, Sept.29,1816.

HIDDEN (Hedden, Heden, Hiden)

末末, and Micall Cressey, Aug.20,1686.CTR*

Anne, d.Andrew and Sarah, and William Cresee, Jan.23,1687.

Dority (Heden), and James Saben of Rehoboth, July29,1727.

Eben (Hedden), and Sarah Elsworth, Aug.13,1744.*

Ebenezer, and Elizabeth Story [of Ipswich.int.], July17,1701.

Ebenezer, and Elezebeth Kindel, Dec.13,1786.

Edward (Hedden), and Rachal Seban of Rehoboth, int.May13,1740-41.

Elisabeth (Hiden), and William Duty, May1,1684.*

Elizabeth, and Cornelius Davis of Newbury, Aug.24,1696.*

Elisabeth, and Aron Plumer, int.Feb.14,1718-19.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and John Hobson, Esq., Apr.29,1757.

Ephraim, and Hannah Hodgkin, Nov.8,1759.

James (Hedden), and Jemima Moodey of Newbury, Sept.26,1748.

John, and Elizabeth [Eliza.CTR] Jewett, d.John and Elizabeth, of Ipswich, May16 [20.CTR], 1687.*

Lucy (Hedden), and Thomas Ellsworth, Aug.4,1743.*

Margrit, and Thomas Teny, Sept.8,1680.*

Margaret [wid.int.], and Abraham Sawyer of Newbury, at Newbury, Feb.17,1736-7.TC

Patty, and Lt. Joseph Kilburn, May13,1794.CR1*

Mary, and Josiah Martin of "Chebacco, in Ipswich," June3,1731.*

Mehitabel, and James Burnam of Ipswich, Oct.11,1785.

Price, and Eunice Hodgkin, int.Mar.17,1759.

Samuell, and Mary Creessee, Apr.20,1698.*

Samuel, and Ann Cresey of Newbury, int.May9,1759.

Sarah, and William Price, Sept.12,1727.

Sarah, and Enock Wells of Newbury, int.Feb.28,1760.


Prisela, of Stratham, and Stephen Palmer, int.Nov.9,1745.


Henry, and Hannah Saunders, int.May24,1803.

Mary Ann, and Enoch Harriman, jr. of Bradford, int.Nov.30,1836.TC

Sally A. [Sarah.int.], and Samuel Harriman, Oct.11,1835.PR45

William S., and Mary W. Thurlow, June28,1832.TC

HILLS (Hill)

Abel M., Capt., and Ruth G. Thurlow, int.Feb.29,1824.

Albert S., and Eunice A.H. Perkins, int.Apr.10,1835.TC

Azubah, and Moses Currier of Newbury, int.Mar.12,1803.

Charles, and Mehetable B[ailey.int.] Chase of Newbury, Dec.3,1818.TC

Deborah, see Dorothy.

Dorothy [Deborah.int.], and John Pearson of Newbury, Oct.3,1805.

Dorothy P. [Laura Ann, name having been since changed by Gen. Court. dup.] and Moses H. Littlefield, int.Dec.17,1836.TC [May30,1837. dup.]

Betsey, and John Thurlow [jr. int.], Mar.28,1811.

Francis, and Hannah Tennev, Oct.24,1803.

Hannah J., and Charles Annable of Boston, Sept.25,1826.TC

John, and Elizabeth Knap of Salem, int.Jan.13,1816.

Laura Ann, see Dorothy P.

Mary S., and Simon T. Currier of Newbury, int.Apr.6,1830.TC

Mary Ann (Hill), and John M. Coleman, int.Jan.31,1837.TC

Obadiah, jr., and Lydia Wood of Bradford, int.Oct.17,1812.

Obadiah, and Lois Foss, Nov.31,1814.

Sarah Ann, and Reuben Hardy, June3,1823.

Sarah M., and William Griffis, Feb.19,1834.TC

Sophia, and Aaron Rogers, Dec.20,1808.

William S., of Newburyport, and Mehitable Boutelle, Dec.22,1818.

William F., and Cyntha Pearson, Dec.31,1829.TC [Nov.末.PR34]

William F., and Elizabeth Perkins [Stevens.int.], Aug.21,1831.TC


William, of Marblehead, and Ruth Chute, int.Nov.15,1718.


Benjamin, of Topsfield, and Mehitable Searle, June21,1804.

Cyntha Ann, and Paul Chaplin, int.June30,1837.TC

Jonathan, of Topsfield, and Rachel Forster, Jan.13,1778.

Tabatha, of Charlestown, and Thomas Nelson, at Charlestown, Mar.19,1715-16.TC

HOBSON (Hopson)

Aaron, and Mary Boynton, int.July8,1812.

David, and Elisabeth Clark, Jan.11,1765.

David, and Hannah Bishop, int.Nov.19,1768.

Ednah E., a.19y., d.Eliphalet and Elisabeth, and William M. Sherburne, a.23y., shoemaker, s.Jacob B. and Harriet, Oct.15,1844.*

Eliphalet, and Betsey Elwell, Oct.1,1812.

Elizabeth, and Ezekiell Mighill, Oct.10,1686.*

Elizebeth, and Thomas Lambert, Oct.13,1732.

Elizabeth [Mrs.CR1], and Robie Morril of Salisbury, July15,1759.

Elizabeth, and Richard Kimball of Ipswich, Dec.5,1822.

Elizabeth A., and William G. Gilbert, Nov.28,1833.TC

Elizabeth Ann, a.21y., of Georgetown, d.Nathan and Mary, and Solomon Nelson, a.22y., of Georgetown, b. Georgetown, s.Asa and Ruth, of Georgetown, Dec.6,1848.*

Hannah, Mrs., and Nathaniel Merril of Atkinson [Boscawen. int.; NH.CR1], Jan.12,1768.

Hannah, and John Batcheller of Newbury, Apr.16,1809.CR1

Hephzibah, and Jeremiah Dow [of Ipswich.int.], Nov.10,1724.

Humphrey, and Elizabeth Northend, July25,1683.*

Humphery, and Mehetabel Paison, June26,1712.

Humphery, and [wid.int.] Priscilla Perkins of Newbury, at Newbury, Mar.5,1745-6.TC

Humphry, and Sarah Mighill, Nov.17,1785.

Humphry, and Lucy Clark, int.Nov.9,1822. (Banns forbidden by themselves).

Jane [wid.int.], and Joshua Woodman, Dec.2,1742.

Jeremiah, and Jane Dresser, Jan.1,1728-9.

Jeremiah, and Lucy Ellsworth, Sept.23,1778.

John, and Sarah Vernam, d.Samuel, of Chelmsford, Dec.4,1679.*

John, and Dorcas Pearson, Sept.7,1699.*

John, jr., and wid.Martha Pool [of Gloucester. int.], at Gloucester, Nov.29,1753.TC

John, Esq., and Mrs.Elizabeth Hidden, Apr.29,1757.

John, and Hannah Spiller, Nov.5,1788.

Julia, and Moses T. Witcher [Whittier. int.], Dec.25,1837.TC

Lydia, jr., and Moses Dole of Newbury, Apr.9,1765.

Lydia, and Jacob P. Bradford, June10,1802.

Martha, and John Jewett, Sept.23,1731.

Mary, and Samuel Coopr, Oct.3 [31.CR1], 1734.

Mary, and Rev. Benjamin Wadsworth of Danvers, Feb.2,1775.

Mary [Ann. int.], and Ira Hutchinson, Feb.2,1832.TC

Mehetable, Mrs., and Dea.Benjamin Gibson of Boston, Sept.11,1744.*

Moses, and Lydia Lancaster, Dec.1,1725.

Moses, jr., and Sarah Jewett, jr., int.July11,1778.

Nathan, and Mary Pierce of Ipswich, int.Apr.18,1807.

Prescott, and Dorothy Jewett of Ipswich, int.June11,1826.

Rachel, and Jeremiah Stickney, Mar.28,1815.

Ruthy J., and Mark C. Perley, June29,1843.TC

Samuel, of Buxton, and Rachal Lane, July17,1788.

Samuel (Hopson), and Bethiah Chase of Newbury, at Newbury, Jan.19,1793.TC

Sarah (Hopson), and Paul Ilsley, at Newbury, May28,1761.TC

Sally, and Ezekiel Pierce Bailey, Oct.30,1815.

Sally K., and Aaron Blackinton, Oct.27,1831.TC

Susannah [Hopson.CR1], and Thomas Bailey, Aug.27,1793.

Thomas, and Lois Bailey, Nov.29,1795.TC

Tristram, a.21y., shoemaker, and Mary E. Battis, a.25y., of Newbury, d.Joseph and Olive, Feb.19,1845.*

William, and Ann Rayner, 12:9m:1652.*

William, and Sarah Jewitt, June9,1692.*

William, and Hannah Johnson, Nov.9,1753.

William, and Lydia Parsons, at Gloucester, Mar.9,1758.TC

William P., and Harriet Lambert, Apr.20,1836.TC

HODGES (Hodge)

Sarah, and David S[ewal. int.] Bachelder of Haverhill, June2,1808.

Susan H. (Hodge), a.21y., of Newburyport, d.Nathaniel and Hannah, of Newburyport, and Moses P. Payson, a.25y., shoemaker, s.David and Ruth, at Newburyport, May11,1846.*

HODGKIN (Hodgins, Hodgkins, Hodskins)

Ann (Hodskins), and Aaron Bray, Oct.26,1818.

Elizabeth, and John Harris of Ipswich, Apr.7,1752.

Eunice, and Price Hidden, int.Mar.17,1759.

Hannah, and Ephraim Hidden, Nov.8,1759.

Hesikiah, and Ruth Kimbal, June26,1751.*

John (Hodgkins), and Hannah Creecy, Oct.3,1725.

Mary, and David Bayley, Dec.7,1727.

Sarah (Hodgins), and Francis Webber, Aug.6,1753.*


Willard, Rev., and Margaret Crocker of Londonderry, NH [June22.PR32], 1819.


Mary, of Newbury, and John Bayley, jr., at Newbury, Nov.4,1756.TC

Sarah [Homans of Newbury.int.], and Moses Lull, at Newbury, July8,1755.TC


Elizabeth, of Ipswich, and Samuel N. Gage, int.May1,1821.

Lucy, and John Pearley, int.Jan.23,1765.

Susannah [Sarah Holon of Ipswich.int.], and Joshua Jackson, Nov.6,1753.

HOLMES (Holms, Homes)

Ann C., and Jacob F. Jewett, Mar.14,1837.PR2

Benjamin (Holms), and Mary Burbank of Bradford, int.Sept.29,1734.

Elijah (Homes), and Hannah Kerrick [Mirrick. int.] of Bradford, at Bradford, Sept.26,1769.TC

Jane (Holms), and Enos Hardy, int.Sept.1,1792.

John, and [wid.int.] Mary Carlton of Newbury, at Newbury, Mar.18,1755.TC

Jonathan H., and Mariette Carter, Apr.13,1837.PR38*

Mary (Holms), and Elijah Blasdell of Amsbury, Mar.13,1728-9.

Mary (Holms) [Sarah.int.], and Stephen Hardy of Bradford, Aug.20,1740.

Nathaniel, and Sarah Harriman, Nov.25,1800.

Nathaniel, and Abigail Poor, June18,1818.

Richard, and Alce 末末, 23:6m:1647.*

Samuel (Holms) and Anna Cheney of Bradford, Feb.19,1771.

Samuel, and Abigail Floyd of Newbury, Sept.29,1831.TC

Sarah, see Mary.


Joseph, of Andover, and Mercy [Mrs.Mary.int.] Pickard, Feb.10,1825.

HONYFORD (Hannaford, Hannerford)

[Hanner Hannerford.int.], wid., and John [Jonathan. int.] Cheney, Mar.16,1790.

Lois (Hannaford), and Abner Moors Cheney, July22,1800.


David, and Phebe Foster of Ipswich, int.Apr.19,1820.

Nathan, of Topsfield, and Elizebeth Palmer, Mar.6,1731.


John, see Ropkins, John.

Margaret, and Josiah Wood, Dec.23,1686.CTR*

HOPKINSON (Hobkinson)

Ann, and Jonathan Jewet [of Ipswich.int.], Apr.28,1707.

Caleb, of Bradford, and wid.Sarrah Spoford, int.Apr.25,1701.

Dorcas, and John Spoffard, Feb.15,1699-1700.

Ebenezer, of Bradford, and Mrs.Mary Pilsbury, Apr.5,1774.

Elizabeth, and Daniell Jewit, Feb.25,1700-1701.*

Elisabeth, and Daniel Wood, Nov.15,1715.

Elisabeth, and Moses Chaplin, int.Dec.1,1776.

Hester (Hobkinson), and Thomas Burkhee, Dec.3,1690.*

Ira, of Bradford, and Julia Poor, int.May10,1823.

Jeremiah, and Elisabeth Hunt of Concord, at Concord, June9,1705.TC

Jeremiah, and wid.Margret Barker, May20,1728.*

Jeremiah, and [wid.int.] Martha Woodbary, Jan.11,1742.

John, and Elizabeth Pearson, June8,1670.*

John, and Mary Wheeler, Feb.12,1712. [1712-13. int.]

Jonathan, and Hester Clarke, d.Richard, May11,1666.*

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Dresser, June10,1680.

Mary, and James Tod, June22,1699.*

Mighell, and Sarah Collman, June16,1696.*

Mighill, and wid.Elizebeth Clark, Aug.3,1741.*

Moses, and Mary Coopr, Nov.5,1734.

Moses, and Sarah Wood, int.Mar.9,1757.

Rebeckah, and Petter Davis of Concord, Jan.6,1730-1.

Sarah, and Stephen Morss [of Newbury.int.], July15,1725.

Sarah, and James Cresey, Mar.15,1763.


Lois, and Benjamin Dresser, Mar.21,1820.


Andrew, and Mary C[haplin.PR2] Spofford, May24,1812.


Joseph, and Mary Creassee, Apr.6,1671.*


Joseph T., see Haskins, Joseph T.


Lidiah, and Thomas Pearley, July8,1667.*


Abigail, of Topsfield, and Ebenezer Kellburn, at Topsfield, Aug.2,1743.TC*

Ivory, and Anne Pengre, Dec.9,1707.

Mary [wid.int.], and Aquila Jewett, May22,1753.

Mary [Mrs.int.], and Ebenezer Chaplin, Nov.14,1764.

Samuel, and Lydia Langley [of Chelmsford.int.], at Chelmsford, May24,1757.TC

Sarah, of Newbury, and Bartholomew Pearson, at Newbury, Dec.9,1726.TC*


Aaron S., and Lucinda M. Dowe, Dec.17,1818.

Benjamin F., and Elizabeth F. Savory of Newbury, Jan.29,1829.TC

Sophia Ann, and Jeremiah R. Sanborn, int.Jan.10,1837.TC

HOWE (Houe, How, Howes)

Abraham [3d.int.], of Ipswich, and Mrs.Elanor Spafford, Feb.5,1784.

Amos W., and Sarah K. Daniels, int.Nov.6,1842.TC

Daniel (How), of Ipswich and Susanah Daniels, int.Apr.8,1784.

Deborah, and Joshua Millet, July20,1819.

Dorothy, and John N. Pearson of Ipswich, July13,1830.TC

Elizabeth S., and David Saunders, jr., Mar.17,1836.TC

George (How), and Debby Chapman of Newbury, at Newbury, June9,1798.TC

George W., Capt., and Olive Jewett of Ipswich, int.Oct.10,1835.TC

Hepzibeth, and Daniell Kimball, Feb.1,1753.*

Jacob (How), and Lydia Davis, Nov.21,1752.*

Jacob (How), and Betty Fostor, Dec.18,1783.

Jane (How), and James Smith, int.July16,1795.

John (Houe), of Boxford, and Marcy Jackson, int.Oct.27,1753.

Joseph (How), of Ipswich, and Mehetabel Stickney, Feb.7,1793.

Joshua, and Charity Bailey, Apr.6,1826.TC

Judith, and Oliver Bailey of Ipswich, int.May11,1822.

Lucy (How), of Ipswich, and Moses Boynton, int.Aug.3,1786.

Lucy, and Philemon Daniels, July5,1810.CR1

Lucy Jane, and William Littlefield of Boston, June8,1843.TC

Mark (How), Dr., of Ipswich, and Mary Payson, Mar.6,1760.

Mary (Howes), and Peter Moores [jr.CR1], Jan.15,1748. [June15.CR1]

Mary (How), of Ipswich, and Asa Brocklebank, int.Mar.30,1771.

Mary (How), and John Kilborn, at Ipswich, Feb.9,1780.TC

Moses W., and Mary Cheney, Dec.29,1831.TC

Nathaniel, and Susan Chapman, both of Ipswich, Nov.4,1839.CR1*

Philemon (HoW), of Ipswich, and Sarah Kilborn, July4,1754.

Phebe K., and Amos Jewett [of Ipswich.int.], Nov.10,1829.TC

Ruben (How), and Lucy Wood, Dec.21,1780.

Ruben (How), and Judeth Tenney, Apr.7,1797.

Reuben, and Elizabeth Bailey, int.Oct.6,1810.

Reuben, jr., and Elizabeth Dickinson, Apr.18,1815.

Samuel (How), and Susan Stickney, int.Dec.31,1836.TC

Sarah (How), and Thomas Wood, Feb.28,1711-12.

Sarah (How), and John Daniels, jr., Aug.22,1776.

Sarah M., and Joseph D. Clark of Ipswich, Feb.末,1833.TC

Susan, and Daniel J. Hale, Apr.3,1834.TC*

Susannah [Susan. int.], and Enoch Dole [s.Stephen.PR15], Dec.21,1819.

Thomas, and Rebekah Gipson, int.Aug.14,1814.

William F., and Susan E. Potter of Ipswich, Nov.30,1842.TC

HOWLETT (Howlet)

Lidia, and Arther Brown, Apr.5,1750.*

Mary (Howlet), and Thomas Hazen, Jan.1,1683.*

HOYT (Hoit, Noyt)

Dolly, and John Caldwell, 5th, of Ipswich, int.May4,1770.

Joseph (Hoit), of Stratham, NH, and Sarah Jewett, Apr.16,1741.*

Mary P., see Noyt, Mary P.

HUCHINS (Huckins)

Jerusha, of Bradford, and Richard Boyanton [jr.CR1], Sept.2,1730.*

Joseph, of Bradford, and Sarah Boynton, int.Jan.30,1735-6.

Love (Huckins), and David Boynton, int.Oct.23,1725.


Mehetibel, and Ebinezer Brown, int.Apr.7,1722.


Elizabeth, and Timothy Palmer, June3,1670.*

Esther [Hester.CTR], and Anthony Austine, Oct.19,1664.*


Gilman, and Adeline Rogers, Apr.26,1832.TC

HUNT (Huntt)

Elizabeth, and Francis Palmer, Dec.3,1682.*

Elisabeth, of Concord, and Jeremiah Hopkinson, at Concord, June9,1705.TC

Jeremiah, of Billerica, and Mary Sewart [Stewart. int.], Aug.12,1731.

Mary, and Thomas Wood, June26,1683.*

Mary (Huntt), and Ebenezer Douse, Nov.23,1715.

Samuel, of Billerica, and Sarah Jewett, int.Dec.29,1733.

Sybil P., and Charles Boynton, int.July30,1836.TC

Stuart, and Ednah Woodman of Bradford, int.July25,1761.


Michael, a.41y., merchant, of Charlestown, s.Michael and Mary, and Elizabeth Stickney, a.28y., d.Jeremiah and Rachel, July27,1847.*


Abigall, and John Lambert, May14,1662.*

Ira, and Mary [Ann. int.] Hobson, Feb.2,1832.TC

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