Benjamin, and Elisabeth Noyes of Newbury, at Newbury, Nov.20,1745.TC

Benjamin [jr. int.], and Ruth Jackman, Aug.8,1776.PR33

Ebenezer C., and Abigail Barker of Bethel, Sept.23,1817.PR33

Elizabeth, and Dr. Parker Cleaveland both of Byfield, Rowley, at Newbury, Aug.2,1773.TC

George, and Hannah Bishop of Newbury, Aug.27,1728.*

Hannah, and David Adams, at Newbury, Sept.29,1742.TC

Hannah, and Timothy Jackman, jr., int.Dec.27,1767.

Hannah, of Byfield, Rowley, and Eliphaz Chapman, a lay preacher, at Newbury, Aug.18,1772.TC

James, Dea., of Salisbury, and Rachel Jackman, int.June22,1773.

Joseph N[oyes.int.], and Sarah Davis of Newburyport, Oct.15,1807.PR33

Juidiah [Judith.int.], and Oliver Tenney, jr., June11,1788.

Lydia, and Benjamin Tenney, both of Byfield, Rowley, at Newbury, Mar.18,1783.TC

Mary, and John Harday, Apr.2,1667.*

Mary, and George Thorla, jr. of Newbury, at Newbury, Mar.23,1758.TC

Mary, of Byfield, Rowley, and John Barker of Bradford, at Newbury, Mar.27,1781.TC

Polly, and Samuel Tenney, int.Apr.3,1791.

Paul, and Sarah Burbank [of Bradford.int.], Nov.24,1801.PR33

Rachel, and Dea.James Jackman of Salisbury, int.June22,1773.

Ruth, of Byfield, Rowley, and Elias Cheney, at Newbury, Mar.9,1768.TC

Ruth, and Benjamin Jackman [jr. int.], Aug.8,1776.PR33

Sarah, and Jeremiah Jewett, 3d, int.Oct.31,1772.

Sally, and Isaac Pearson of Newbury [at Newbury, Sept.15.TC], Aug.3,1794.*

Susan B., and Moody Cheney, May1,1834.TC

Susanah, and Theodore Cross, int.Aug.7,1790.

Timothy, of Newbury, and Hannah Chute, at Newbury, Apr.9,1723.TC

Timothy, jr., and Mary Thirston, at Newbury, Apr.2,1751.TC

Timothy, jr., and Hannah Jackman, int.Dec.27,1767.

Timothy, 3d, of Byfield, Rowley, and Molly Burbank of Bradford, at Newbury, Oct.19,1768.TC

Timothy, Capt., and Mrs.Anne Adams, Feb.22,1779.


Caleb, and Hannah Hale of Boxford, at Boxford, Apr.20,1774.TC

Caleb, jr., and Elizabeth Spofford, May22,1817.

Caleb, jr., and Sarah Grover of Atkinson, NH, int.June20,1829.TC

Deborah, and John Trumble, May14,1662.*

Edmun, of Abington, and Elisabeth Poor. int.May24,1718.

Elisabeth, and William Dole, int.Aug.8,1792.

Hannah, and John Dorman, jr. of Boxford, int.May6,1762.

Hannah, and Moses Poor, int.Nov.14,1786.

John, and Elizabeth Poore, 27:2m:1669.*

Jonathan, and Hanah Garrfeild, Dec.6,1681.*

Joshua, and Sarah Abbot of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Apr.17,1728.TC

Joshua, and Hannah Sawyer, Jan.3,1733-4.

Joshua, and Susannah Holland [Sarah Holon of Ipswich.int.], Nov.6,1753.

Joshua, and wid.Eunice Dorman [of Boxford.int.], at Boxford, Oct.1,1765.TC

Joshua, jr., and Elener Fisk of Ipswich, Aug.21,1783.

Lidia, and Tobia Colman, Apr.16,1668.*

Mary, and William Foster, 15:3m:1661.*

Mary, and Nathanael Fuller of Ipswich, int.Oct.19,1708.

Marcy, and John Houe of Boxford, int.Oct.27,1753.

Nickolas, and Sarah Reiley, 末:5m:1646,*

Nickolas, and Elesabeth Chaplin, Dec.9,1656.*

Samuel, and Lucy Dodge, Nov.27,1821.


Polly [Patty.int.], and Aaron Nelson, Oct.20,1816.


John F., and Hannah M. Elwell, Apr.27,1818.

JAQUES (Jacques)

Benjamin (Jacques), of Newbury, and Mary Adams, Mar.25,1760.


Jamuis [James of Newbury.int.], and Mary Wicom, July3,1719.


Moses, and Dolly B. Bradstreet, Oct.20,1833.TC


Sarah B., a.27y., and John F. Todd, a.25y., shoemaker, s.John and Ann I., Nov.3,1847.*


Ezra, and Catharine Pearson, int.Oct.15,1806.

JEWETT (Jewet, Jewit, Jewitt)

Aron, and Abigall Pearley, int.Nov.18,1719.

Aaron, and Hannah Pearson, both of Ipswich, Apr.20,1769.

Aaron, jr., of Ipswich, and Susanna Dole, Nov.27,1811.

Abel, of Littleton, and Mary Pengrey, Jan.24,1739-40.

Abigail, and James Calef of Newbury, at Newbury, Jan.2,1734-5.TC*

Abigail (Jewet), wid., and John Todd, at Ipswich, Feb.16,1734.TC*

Abigail, of Ipswich, and Amos Stickney, Dec.25,1751.

Abigal [Nabby.int.], of Ipswich, and John Pemberton Palmer, June25,1793.

Abigail, of Ipswich, and Nathaniel Stickney, Dec.17,1818.

Abraham (Jewit), and Ann Alin, 2:2m:1661.*

Abraham, and Sarah Dorman of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Jan.5,1702-3.TC

Abraham, of Ipswich, and Judith Matson, June1,1800.TC

Almira, and Elijah B. Weed [Jan.28. int.], 1832.TC

Amos, of Bradford, and Mary Bayley, Feb.18,1734-5.

Amos, and Jane Tenney, Nov.1,1744.*

Amos, and Ann Noves, int.Jan.10,1765.

Amos [of Ipswich.int.], and Phebe K. Howe, Nov.10,1829.TC

Anna (Jewit), d.Maxemillian, and Berzilla Barker, 5:10m:1666.*

Anna, of Byfield, Rowley, and John Morse of Chester, NH, at Newbury, Oct.15,1778.TC

Ann, and Francis Palmer, June10,1690.*

Anne, and Charles Tuttle [Jr.CR1] of Ipswich, Apr.23,1735.

Anne, and Joseph Sweat of Salisbury, Mar.17,1737.

Anne, and Ezekill Page of Haverhill [at Haverhill.TC], Dec.30,1742. [bet. 1741 and 1778.TC]

Anne, and William Tenney, Nov.7,1745.*

Ann, and Stephen Pengree. Feb.17,1756.

Ann [Anna.int.; Anne.CR1], and John White of Beverly, Aug.14,1766.

Aquilla (Jewit), and Ann Tenny, Oct.23,1704.

Aquila, and Martha Peirson, Mar.10,1724. [1723-4. int.]

Aquila, and [wid.int.] Mary Hovey, May22,1753.

Augusta, and Jonathan Taylor, jr., July21,1822.

Benjamin, and Dority Rogers, Jan.18,1725-6.*

Bethiah, and William Webester of Haverhill [at Haverhill.TC], Mar.8,1738-9.

Daniell (Jewit), and Elizabeth Hopkinson, Feb.25,1700-1701.*

Daniel, and Elizabeth Burpee [Nov.末.CR1], 1783.

David, and Elisabeth Goodwin of Newbury, int.Oct.26,1771.

David, Rev., of Candia, and Mrs.Phebe Thurston, Oct.31,1771.

David, 2d, and Sarah Poor, int.Dec.26,1787.

David, jr., and Sarah Danforth, int.Aug.12,1810.

David, and Abigail Peirce, Mar.7,1836.TC

Deborah, and Joshua Dummer of Newbury, June27,1820.

Dorothy [Mrs.int.], and [Dr. int.] John Calef of Ipswich, Jan.18,1753.

Dorothy, of Ipswich, and Prescott Hobson, int.June11,1826.

Ebenezer, and Susan Stickney, Nov.18,1794.PR39*

Ebenezer, and Mary Farington, May16,1797.PR39

Ednah, and William Todd, Jan.24,1754.

Ednah, and Henry Cushing of Providence, RI, May24,1804.

Eliphelet, and Ruth Pickard, Feb.27,1733-4.

Eliphalet, and Sarah Gage, June20,1751.

Eliphalet, and Sarah Richards, Nov.4,1804.

Eliza, of Ipswich, and Mark F. Kate, June3,1821.

Eliza, and John A. Lovering, Dec.5,1830.TC

Elizabeth [Eliza.CTR], d.John and Elizabeth, of Ipswich, and John Hidden, May16 [20.CTR], 1687.

Elizabeth (Jewit), and Isaac Platts, Nov.30,1704.

Elizabeth (Jewet), and Matthew Scaels, int.Oct.31,1707.

Elizabeth [wid.int.], and Dea.Ezekiel Jewett. Oct.23,1716.

Elizabeth, and Caleb Brown, int.Oct.18,1722.

Elisabeth, wid., and Ens.Andrew Stickney, Dec.2,1723.

Elizabeth, and David Parley, June18,1729.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Nelson, at Ipswich, Sept.5,1732.TC*

Elisabeth, and Isaac Kimball of Bradford, May17,1733.

Elizabeth, and Gideon George of Haverhill, at Haverhill, Apr.14,1737.TC

Elizebeth, and John Pengree, int.Aug.25,1750.

Bette, of Newbury, and Oliver Tenney, at Newbury, Apr.30,1752.TC*

Elizebeth, and Richard Webber, May19,1774.

Elizabeth [jr. int.], and Thomas Tenney, Apr.30,1784.

Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Bradstreet of Ipswich, Apr.23,1807.

Eunice, and Timothy Harris of Ipswich, May7,1765.

Eunice, and Jonathan Tayler of amherst, NH, int.May12,1788.

Eunice, and Joshua Noyse, jr. [of Newbury.int.], May末,1797.

Ezekiel (Jewit), and Faith Parrat, Feb.26,1663.*

Ezekiel, Dea., and [wid.int.] Elizabeth Jewett, Oct.23,1716.

Faith, and Paul Dodge of Ipswich, Mar.30,1736.CR1 [1735-6. int.]

George, and Hannah Lambert, Jan.9,1729. [1728-9. dup.]

George [jr. int.], and Sarah Noyes of Ipswich, Apr.16,1771.

George, jr., and Lavinia Smith, Sept.1,1822.

Gorham, and Mary Jane Scilly [Killey.PR2], Nov.17,1825.

Hannah (Jewet), [of Ipswich.int.], and Stephen Peirson, Feb.27, [1711.TC; 1710-11. int.]

Hannah, and John Tenny, Jan.23,1717.

Hannah, and Solomon Wood, both of Boxford, Nov.27,1745.*

Hannah, and Thomas Ilsley [Elsley.int.] of Newbury, Dec.24,1760.

Hannah, and Nelson Todd, Dec.25,1770.

Hannah, and Amos Dresser, Aug.5,1773.

Hannah, of Ipswich, and Samuel Plumer, int.Apr.26,1776.

Hannah, and Daniel Nourse, jr. of Ipswich, Aug.17,1801.

Hannah, of Ipswich, and Moses Hale, int.Apr.9,1803.

Hephzibah, see Wood, Hephzibah.

Isaiah, and Alice Wood of Bradford, int.Aug.22,1813.

Jacob, and Elizebeth Northend, Dec.21,1732.

Jacob, and Bethiah Boynton, Feb.2,1741. [1741-2. int.]

Jacob, jr., and [Mrs.int.] Elizabeth Northend of Byfield, Rowley, at Newbury, Nov.19,1771.TC

Jacob, and Sarah Clark of Stratham [NH. int.], Aug.4,1785.

Jacob, and Mehitable Burpee [of Hamilton. int.], at Hamilton, May24,1797.TC

Jacob F., and Julia Merrill, May24,1827.TC

Jacob F., and Ann C. Holmes, Mar.14,1837.PR2

Jacob, and Lucinda Herriman of Bradford, int.末蔓末,1838.TC

James, and Martha Scott, Nov.14,1744.*

Jane, and Stephen Pengrey, Mar.3,1737.

Jane, and Dr. William Hale, June29,1775.

Jane, and John Whipple of Ipswich, int.末蔓19,1781.

Jane [Jenny.CR1; d.Paul and Jane (Payson).PR28] and Joseph Todd, May15,1795.TC

Jedediah, Rev., and Mrs.Elisabeth Dumer of Newbury, at Newbury, Nov.11,1730.TC*

Jedediah, Rev., and Mrs.Elizabeth Parsons of Bradford, at Bradford, Oct.29,1765.TC

Jemima, d.Jeremiah and Prissila, and Joseph Scot [jr.CR1], Oct.18,1736.*

Jamima, and Josiah Smith, jr. of Newbury, at Newbury, Aug.23,1750.TC*

Jenney [Jane. int.], and Moses Richards, Sept.28,1785.

Jerimiah (Jewit), and Sarah Dickinson, 1:3m:1661.*

Jeremiah, and Elizabeth Bugg, Jan.21,1728-9.*

Jeremiah, and Mary Mighill, Jan.27,1737.

Jeremiah, and Jane Searl, Nov.26,1747.*

Jeremiah, 3d, and Sarah Jackman, int.Oct.31,1772.

Jeremiah, Dr., of Barnstable, NH, and Tempe Dodge, int.Dec.23,1796.

Jeremiah [jr. int.], and Abigail Emery of Newbury, at Newbury, July15,1797.TC

Jeremiah, 4th, and Sarah Barker of Bethel, int.Dec.12,1806.

Jeremiah, Capt., and Eleanor Adams of Newbury, int.Mar.31,1832.TC

Johanna (Jewitt), and Thomas Farnham, Nov.10,1697.*

Johanah, and Jonathan Pickard, int.Apr.8,1710.

John (Jewit), and Elizabeth Cummings, 2:2m:1661.*

John, and Elizabeth Rayner, Nov.28,1700.

John, and Elizebeth Lull, Aug.13,1729.*

John, and Martha Hobson, Sept.23,1731.

John, of Ipswich, and Hannah Scott, June1,1742.

John, jr., and Mary Chaplen, int.Aug.19,1774.

John, Ens., a.82y., and wid.Judith Mighill, a.67y., Dec.14,1797.TC

John W., and Susanna Cheney of Newbury, Dec.2,1824.TC

Jonathan (Jewit), and Mary Wicom, Jan.24,1699-1700.*

Jonathan (Jewet), [of Ipswich.int.], and Ann Hopkinson, Apr.28,1707.

Jonathan, jr., and Mehetabel Killburn, Dec.17,1741.

Jonathan (Jewet), and Mrs.Rebeca Poor of Newbury, at Newbury, Dec.27,1742.TC

Jonathan, and Peggey Richards of Newburyport, int.Dec.15,1790.

Jonathan, and Hannah Hale of Bradford, at Bradford, Nov.17,1791.TC

Jonathan, and 末末 末末, Oct.21,1807.PR27*

Joseph, and wid.Ann Allen, "formerly wife of Capt. Bozen Allen of Boston," at Boston, 13:3m:1653.TC*

Joseph (Jewit), and Rebekah Law, Mar.2,1676. [1676-7.CTR]*

Joseph, and Ruth Wood, Jan.16,1680.CTR*

Joseph, and Mary Hibbert, Mar.27,1706. [1705-6. int.]

Joseph (Jewet), and Jane Hazzen, Jan.1,1707-8.*

Joseph, and [Mrs.int.] Mary Payson, Nov.6,1732.

Joseph, and Martha Treadwell of Ipswich, int.Oct.12,1765.

Joseph, and Hannah Gage, Apr.10,1781.

Joseph M. [Lt. int.], and Elizabeth Clark, Nov.9,1820.

Joshua, and Mary Tod, Apr.4,1715. [1714-15. int.]

Joshua [Dr. int.; s.Paul and Jane (Payson).PR28], and Phebe Harris, June14,1798.

Lavinia, of Ipswich, and Moses P[almer. int.] Lowell, June1,1821. [1820.PR2]

Leander, and Lucy P. Conant, Feb.3,1829.TC

Lucy, and John Ropkins [Hopkins.CR1] of Newbury, July7,1763.

Lydia, and John Boyanton of Dunstable, June4,1745.

Lydia, of Boxford, and Elhanan Winchester of Brookline, Apr.9,1761.*

Mark R. [B. of Ipswich.CR1], and Mary Dole, Dec.17,1837.TC

Martha wid.int., and Moses Smith, Dec.6 [16.CR1], 1742.

Martha, of Boxford, and John Brown of Monson, Apr.9,1761.*

Mary (Jewet), and Abner Dole, Nov.8,1694.CTR*

Mary (Jewitt), and Ebenezer Browne, July29,1698.*

Mary, and Nathanael Brown of Ipswich, June1,1742.

Mary, and Simon Stickney, Apr.18,1751.

Mary, wid., and James Barker, Apr.10,1753.

Mary, and Edward Elsworth, Mar.2,1772.

Mary [d.Paul and Jane (Payson).PR28], and Benjamin Bishop [jr. int.], Apr.30,1784.

Polly [Mary.PR44], and Stephen Searl, Feb.23,1793.

Mary, and Thomas Dole [of Ware, NH. int.], Nov.3,1796.

Mary, and Moses Smith, int.Feb.19,1803.

Mary, and Amos Pearson of Ipswich, int.May7,1803. (Banns forbidden.)

Mary, and Joseph Farnum Foster of Ipswich, Sept.22,1805.

Mary Ann, of Newbury, and Frederic Lambert, int.Mar.31,1827.

Mary B., and Green Wildes, Oct.10,1831.TC

Mary H., and James T. Plumer, Nov.13,1838.TC

Maximylian (Jewit), and [wid.CTR] Ellinor Boynton, Aug.30,1671.*

Maximilian, of Littleton, and Rebekah Burpee, Aug.26,1766.

Maximillian, of Byfield, Rowley, and Molly Pearson of Newbury, at Newbury, Oct.5,1780.TC

Mehetable, of Boxford, and Jonathan Burpee, Feb.4,1729-30.*

Mehetabel, and Ezekiell Sawyer, Dec.10,1730.*

Mehetable, and Richard Thurstain, May5,1731. [1730-1. int.]

Mehetabel, and George Abat of Ipswich, int.June14,1777.

Mehetable, and William Whither, 3d [Whittier.CR1; Whitcher, jr. int.] of Methuen, Sept.30,1797.TC

Mehetable Jane, and James P. Todd, Nov.25,1834.TC

Mehitable P., of Georgetown, and Charles Dole, int.Sept.23,1843.TC

Moses, and 末末 末末, May13,1741.PR27*

Moses, of Hopkinton, NH, and Mary Sawyer of Byfield, Rowley, at Newbury, Oct.29,1776.TC

Moses, jr., of Ipswich, and Abigail Todd, Apr.29,1806.

Nathaniel, and Mary Geage, Jan.15,1706.

Nehemiah (Jewet), and Priscilla Bradstreet, June14,1707.

Nehemiah, of Ipswich, and Margaret Hazen, Jan.8,1767.

Nehemiah, and Joanna Burpee, Dec.24,1767.

Nehemiah, of Ipswich, and Hannah Chapman, int.末蔓末,1784.

Olive, of Ipswich, and Capt. George W. Howe, int.Oct.10,1835.TC

Paul, and Jane Payson, Oct.16,1759.

Philomela, and Moses Johnson, jr., Sept.29,1810.

Phebe, and Moses Cooper, May15,1729.*

Phebe, and Nathaniel Bradstreet of Ipswich, Dec.7,1762.

Phebe, and William Tenney, jr. of Hollis, Mar.28,1776.

Phebe [Mrs.int.], and Col. Daniel Spafford, Jan.11,1786.

Pheby, and Moses Adams of Newbury, at Newbury, May16,1793.TC

Priscilla (Jewet), and Hilkiah Boynton, Feb.2,1708-9.

Priscilla (Jewet), and Stephen Jewet, July12,1708.

Prissila [wid.int.], and Edward Puttnam [Putman. int.] of Middletown, Sept.3,173[5.TC]

Priscilla, and Zachus [Zacheus.CR1] Perkins, May22,1740.*

Priscilla, and Samuel Dresser, May25,1762.

Purchase [of Ipswich.int.], and Ruth Todd, at Ipswich, Oct.28,1736.TC

Purchas, of Ipswich, and Johannah Todd, int.Nov.14,1787.

Rachal, and Enoch Dole, Nov.13,1729.*

Rebecca, and Jerimiah Burbee, May19,1714.

Rhoda, and Moses Wicher, May11,1802.

Robert, and Mehitable L. Dole, int.Oct.3,1812.

Ruth, and John Lunt, Oct.26,1696.*

Ruth, and Joseph Varnum of Dracut. at Dracut, Oct.3,1697.TC*

Ruth, and Edward Chapman of Ipswich, int.Oct.28,1727.

Ruth [d.Paul and Jane (Payson).PR28], and Isaac Hale of Newbury, May1,1785.

Ruth, and Stephen Pearson of Ipswich, Oct. [22.CR1], 1787.

Samuel and Jemimah Chute, int.Mar.2,1722-3.

Samuel (Jewet), and lydia Wallingford, at Newbury, Apr.26,1743.TC*

Samuel, and Meriam Pool, int.May20,1769.

Samuel, and Ruth Hadley Merrell, int.June3,1789.

Samuel P., of Ipswich, and Mehitable Dodge, Aug.6,1826.TC

Samuel, jr., and Olive Dodge, Apr.28,1828.TC

Sariah [Sarah.CTR] (Jewit), and Philip Nellson, June24,1657.*

Sarah, d.Maxemillian, and Jeremiah Elsworth, May13,1689.*

Sarah (Jewitt), and William Hobson, June9,1692.*

Sarah (Jewet), and Samuel Prime, int.Mar.23,1705-6.

Sarah (Jewet), and Jonathan Baley, Jan.30,1707-8.

Sarah, and Joseph Bayley, int.June12,1725.

Sarah, Mrs., and Capt. Samuel Pickard, int.May20,1731.

Sarah, and Joseph Dickinson, June12,1732.*

Sarah, and Samuel Hunt of Billerica, int.Dec.29,1733.

Sarah, and Joseph Hoit of Stratham, NH, Apr.16,1741.*

Sarah (Jewet), and Moses Thorla of Newbury, at Newbury, Aug.5,1756.TC

Sarah, and Simeon Plumer of Newbury, Jan.18,1770.

Sarah, jr., and Moses Hobson, jr., int.July11,1778.

Sarah, and James Curtis, Esq. of Winthrop, ME, int.Jan.2,1823.

Sarah J., of Georgetown, a.22y., d.Gorham and Mary, and Marcus M. Currier, a.22y., shoemaker, of Georgetown, s.Daniel R. and Sally, Sept.1,1847.*

Seth, and Dorcas Hardy of Bradford, int.Feb.12,1726-7.

Sophia, see Swett, Sophia.

Stephen (Jewet), and Priscilla Jewet, July12,1708.

Stephen, and Sariah Trask of Beverly, int.Sept.28,1723.

Stephen, and Lydia Rogers, Nov.23,1725.

Stephen, jr., and Elisabeth Little, Nov.27,1764.

Susanna, and Josiah Grover of Atkinson [NH. int.], June5,1795.TC

Susannah, and Pemberton Hale, Aug.29,1797.TC

Susannah, of Ipswich, and John Creasey, jr., June12,1821.

Tampson Ann, and William Rogers, Sept.16,1828.TC

Thomas, and Hanah Swan, May18,1692.*

Thomas, and Sarah Burpee of Candia, NH, int.May17,1804.

William [of Littleton. int.], and Hannah Pickard, June8,1727

William, and Anna Town, int.Aug.11,1758.

William, and Mehetebel Dole, int.Oct.28,1797.

JOHNSON (Jonson)

Benjamin, and Ann Elizabeth Chadburn, Jan.21,1824.

Daniel, and Hannah Trumbal, Jan.20,1725-6.

Daniel, and Keesiah [Kezia.int.] Dodge, Apr.6,1741.

Daniel, and Bethiah Smith, Sept.8,1768.

David, and Betsey Norris, Sept.29,1814.

Elesabeth (Jonson), and Jonathan Plats, Dec.6,1655.

Elizabeth, and James Balley, May12,1680.*

Elizabeth, and Ebenezer Stewart, May23,1698.*

Betsey [Betty.int.], and Charles Philbrook of Clinton, ME, Jan.20,1800.

Hanah, and Thomas Palmer, Jan.9,1677.*

Hannah, and William Hobson, Nov.9,1753.

Hannah, and Samuel Hains [jr.CR1] of Greenland NH, July9,1772.

Hannah, and David Burbank of Brentwood, int.Dec.20,1774.

Jane, and George Philbrook of Greenland [NH. int.], June30,1768.

John (Jonson), and Hannah Crosbie, Dec.6,1655.*

John, and Susannah Todd, June7,1726.

Joseph, and Hanah Barker, June30,1693.CTR*

Joseph, and Mary E. Baswell, Feb.28,1849.PR24*

Martha [Mrs.int.], of Newbury, and [Dr. int.] William Hale, at Newbury, Nov.6,1753.TC

Mary, and John Burbank of Newbury, int.Apr.5,1777.

Matthew, and Susan Hale, Sept.29,1842.TC

Moses, jr., and Philomela Jewett, Sept.29,1810.

Moses, and Sophia Moody, Nov.29,1824.

Nathaniel, and Sarah Anable of Ipswich, int.Oct.17,1778.

Nathaniel, jr., and Elizabeth [Betsy.PR24] Todd, Dec.5,1815.

Nathaniel, jr., and Margaret B. Rogers, Dec.5,1844.PR24

Nehemiah, and Abigail Plumer, Dec.5,1820.

Paul, and Hannah Thorla of Newbury, at Newbury, Dec.9,1779.TC

Paul, of Newburyport, and Harriet Jane Todd, Dec.19,1833.TC

Rachel, and Eliphelet Hale of Bradford, Jan.29,1767.

Ruth, of Haverhill, and Moses Cooper, at Haverhill, Apr.8,1741.TC [1741-2. int.]

Samuell, and Frances Wicom, May31,1694.*

Samuel, Ens., and Rachel Boynton, Jan.29,1739-40.

Samuel, and Susanna Searl of Byfield, at Newbury, Oct.20,1774.TC

Susanna, and Nathan Woodbary of Newbury, Dec.10,1746.

Susanna [Susa.int.], and Thomas Merrill, jr., Jan.11,1797.TC

Thomas, and Hannah Dresser, Jan.24,1739-40.

William, and Maria L. Anderson of Haverhill, int.Jan.13,1838.TC

William G., and Elisabeth B. Chaplin, June8,1848.PR24*

JONES (Joanes)

Jonathan, and Mrs.Sally S. [C. int.] Dickey, Apr.16,1837.TC

Joseph (Joanes), of Stratham, and Abygall 末末, int.Mar.4,172.


Benjamin, and Prudance Dunnell, Aug.13,1752.*


Abigail, and Samuel Cheney, both of Byfield, Rowley, at Newbury, Dec.9,1783.TC

Polly, and Stephen Hardy of Bradford, int.June24,1786.


Charles R., a.23y., merchant's clerk, of Salem, s.John E., of Sweden, and Irene H. Bradstreet, a.22y., d.Nathaniel and Charlotte B., Sept.24,1846.*

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