Benjamin, and Abigail S. Tyler, Apr. 7, 1825.


John, and Jane Bradstreet, July 2, 1728.*

Richard, jr., and Abigail Lane, both of Ipswich, July 4, 1805. CR1*

Sally, of Ipswich, and Daniel Nelson, int. May 9, 1816.

MARCH (Marsh)

Nabby, and Moses Nelson, Apr. 10, 1797.

Hannah, and Lt. Jonathan Nelson, Aug. 1, 1802.

Molly, and Benjamin Sawyer of Byfield, Rowley, at Newbury, Apr. 16, 1761. TC

Mary, of Newbury, and Ezekiel B. Pulsifer, int. June 12, 1830. TC

Susana, and Thomas Nelson, Apr. 7, 1803.


Abigail, and Sumner P. Spofford, Nov. 15, 1837. PR2

MARSH (March)

Phebe, of Londonderry, and Simon Lull, int. Nov. 7, 1772.


Charles, and Lydia Ann Spiller, Apr. 10, 1836. TC

Josiah, of "Chebacco in Ipswich," and Mary Hidden, June 3, 1731.*

Mary, and Samuel Todd [Dec. 14. int.], 1783.

Nathaniel, and wid. Abigail Pierce of Ipswich, at Ipswich, July 6, 1775. TC

Sally, of Lowell, and Isaac Pearson, int. Nov. 10, 1837. TC


Elizabeth B[rown. int.], and Nathaniel Bailey, June 4, 1804.

Judith, and Abraham Jewett of Ipswich, June 1, 1800. TC


John, and Betsey H. Gage, Apr. 7, 1833. PR42


Robert, and Emily Mitchell of Boxford, May 4, 1834. PR2


James, and Mary Jane Todd, July 15, 1834. TC

MERRILL (Mearill, Merrel, Merrell, Merril, Morrill)

Abigail (Mearill), and William Searl, Dec. 6, 1752.

Benjamin, and Eunice Dodge, June 20, 1805.

Benjamin A., and Hannah Kimball, Nov. 27, 1834. PR2

Clarissa, and Richmond Dole, Nov. 10, 1828. TC

Daniel, and Joanna Colbey of Sandown, NH, int. July 27, 1793.

Daniel, and Susan Seaward, Feb. 14, 1820. PR12*

Daniel, and Elizabeth Edwards, June 21, 1831. PR12*

Elbridge A., and Ruth G. Savory of Newbury, int. Aug. 24, 1833. TC

Betsey, and John B. Bateman, Apr. 14, 1814.

Elizabeth, and Isaac Lord of Ipswich, int. Feb. 22, 1835. TC

Hannah [jr. int.], and Moses Wright of Topsfield, Feb. 15, 1827. TC

Isaac N., and Mary Dole, Oct. 6, 1828. TC

James, and Judith Spofford, Feb. 15, 1810.

Joanna C[olby. int.], and Asa Hardy, Dec. 5, 1815.

John, and Mehitable Hale [of Bradford. int.], at Boxford, Mar. 30, 1786. TC

Julia, and Jacob F. Jewett, May 24, 1827. TC

Lewis A., and Apphia Ann Perley, July 4, 1837. PR2

Louisa, of Newbury, and Daniel G. Todd, int. July 4, 1841. TC

Lucy F., and Newman B. Hardy of Bradford, Apr. 17, 1833. TC

Lydia L., of West Newbury, and Daniel Hale, jr., May 30, 1826. TC

Maria B., of Bradford, and William Varney, int. Aug. 28, 1830. TC

Martha, and Charles Kent, Apr. 24, 1817.

Martha F., of Newbury, and Silvanus Merrill, int. May 23, 1829. TC

Mary (Merril), and Moses Atkinson of Newbury, May 19, 1757.

Mary, and Abel Spofford, Nov. 16, 1809.

Moses, and Betey Kezer, int. Sept. 26, 1788.

Moses, and Mary Lowell, Dec. 15, 1826. TC

Nathaniel (Merril), of Atkinson [NH. CR1; Boscawen. int.], and Mrs. Hannah Hobson, Jan. 12, 1768.

Phineas D., and Lucy Foster, Oct. 3, 1832. TC

Ruth Hadley (Merrell), and Samuel Jewett, int. June 3, 1789.

Samuel (Merril), and Olive Kezer, Dec. 4, 1794.

Sarah (Merrel), and Joseph Knight of Plaistow, int. Mar. 27, 1761.

Sarah, and John Palmer, jr., June 11, 1807.

Sally, and Daniel Rogers Currier of Newbury, Mar. 30, 1809.

Sarah S., and Francis Andrews, July 3, 1834. TC

Sarah, and Charles Hale, int. Nov. 1, 1840. TC

Silvanus, and Martha F. Merrill of Newbury, int. May 23, 1829. TC

Thomas, jr., and Sarah Friend of Wenham, at Wenham, Mar. 18, 1782. TC [1762. int.; Mar. 25, 1762. PR25]

Thomas, jr., and Susanna [Susa. int.] Johnson, Jan. 11, 1797. TC

Thomas, jr., and Sarah Harriman of Bradford, June 8, 1824.

Thomas, jr., and Coroline Soffredini of Newbury, int. Aug. 8, 1829. TC


Thomas [Morrill, of Pomfret, CT. int.], and Elizabeth Cresey, July 8, 1788.

METCALF (Medcalf)

Hannah (Medcalf), and Israil Davis, Mar. 20, 1750.*

Joseph, jr., of Ipswich, and Deborah Searle of Byfield, Rowley, at Newbury, Dec. 4, 1765. TC

Joseph, and Olive Chapman of Ipswich, Apr. 3, 1800.

Ruth (Medcalf), of Ipswich, and John Searl, jr., int. Aug. 31, 1764.

Samuel, of Ipswich, and Rebekah Dickinson, Mar. 22, 1732-3.

Sarah (Medcalf), of Ipswich, and Benjamin Stickney, int. Nov. 29, 1757.

MIGHILL (Mighel, Mighell, Mighil, Mihill)

Ann, and Benony Boynton, Apr. 4, 1706.

David, and Huldah Dole [d. Capt. Moses. PR30], Aug. 9, 1770.

David, Dr., and Elizabeth Mills, d. Dea. John and Margarett, of Dunbarton, NH, Sept. 7, 1814. PR30*

Dorothy, and Joseph Bishop, Mar. 18, 1802.

Elizabeth (Mighill), and Thomas Gage of Beverly, June 11, 1695. CTR*

Elisabeth, and Solomon Nelson, jr., June 5, 1766.

Elisabeth, and Jeremiah Pearson of Newburyport, Dec. 9, 1779.

Elizabeth, and Rev. Humphrey C[lark. TC] Perley [b. Boxford. TC], Nov. 30, 1797.

Elizabeth, and Daniel Moody of Newbury, Nov. 24, 1799. TC

Ezekiell, and Elizabeth Hobson, Oct. 10, 1686.*

Hannah (Mighil), and Nathan Little of Newbury, Nov. 12, 1741.

Hannah, and John Pearley, jr., Sept. 21, 1769.

Hannah, and William Gage, Feb. 18, 1773.

Irene, and Dr. Moses D[ole. int.] Spafford, Dec. 6, 1798.

Jeremiah, and Sarah Lambert, Dec. 5, 1758.

John (Mighel), and Sarah Batt, July 6, 1659.*

John [Mills. PR30], and Elizabeth N. Bridges, July 22 [12. PR30], 1836. Tc

Judith, wid., a. 67 y., and Ens. John Jewett, a. 82 y., Dec. 14, 1797. TC

Mary (Mighell), [d. Thomas. CTF], and John Bally [s. James. CTF], June 17, 1668.*

Mary, and Jeremiah Jewett, Jan. 27, 1737.

Mary, and Ct. [Capt. int.] Thomas Todd, Oct. 16, 1814.

Mehitabel, and Rev. Ebenezer Dutch of Bradford, Aug. 18, 1780.

Nathaniel, and Priscilla Peirson, Oct. 3, 1705.

Nathanael [jr. CR1], and Elizebeth Payson, Oct. 27, 1737.*

Nathaniel, Esq., and Judith Dole of Newbury, int. Sept. 8, 1776.

Nathaniel, and Maria Proctor, Nov. 17, 1827. TC

Priscilla, and Thomas Lancaster, Oct. 25, 1753.

Ruthy, and Samuel Charles Tidds, Nov. 2, 1813.

Samuell, and Elesabeth Tappan, Mar. 26, 1657.*

Sarah [Michell. CTR], wid. Steven, and Robert Greenhow, Mar. 6, 1687. [1688. CTR]*

Sarah (Mighell), and Jonathan Woodman, June 24, 1700.*

Sarah, and Parker Noyce of Newbury, Nov. 7, 1734.

Sarah, and Asa Nelson, May 24, 1770.

Sarah, jr., and Moses Bradstreet of Ipswich, Jan. 26, 1775.

Sarah, and Humphry Hobson, Nov. 17, 1785.

Steven (Mighell), and Sarah Philips, Nov. 3, 1680.*

Stephen [Dea. PR30], and Elizabeth Woodman of Bradford, Aug. 8, 1735.

Stephen, Dea., and wid. Mehitable Kimball of Boxford, at Boxford, Mar. 26, 1783. TC

Thomas, and Hannah Northend, Nov. 26, 1747.*

Thomas, and Sarah Northend, Nov. 13, 1750.*

Thomas, and Rachal Lane, Oct. 15, 1778.

Thomas, jr., and Mary Scott, Nov. 27, 1792. CR1


Charles, and Clarissa Chaplin, Sept. 23, 1827. TC

Joseph [of Pascataqua. int.], and Martha Elithorpe, Dec. 10, 1713.

MILLET (Millett)

Edward, and Lucinda Dodge of Ipswich, int. Sept. 20, 1840. TC

George W. (Millett), a. 22 y., shoemaker, s. Joshua and Deborah, and Lydia E. Conant, a. 20 y., of Ipswich, b. Ipswich, d. Joseph and Anna, of Ipswich, Nov. 28, 1848.*

Joshua, and Deborah Howe, July 20, 1819.

Joshua R., a. 22 y., butcher, s. Joshua and Deborah, and Elizabeth Ann Cate of Ipswich, d. Mark F. and Eliza, at Georgetown, Mar. 17, 1845.*


Ambrose, Dr., and Ellen Eliza Stacy of Gloucester, int. July 20, 1833. TC

Elizabeth, d. Dea. John and Margarett, of Dunbarton, NH, and Dr. David Mighill, Sept. 7, 1814. PR30*


John P., and Harriet Brown, May 10, 1832. TC


Polly, of Topsfield, and Asa Bradstreet [at Topsfield. PR2], Sept. 17, 1816.


Hannah, See Kerrick, Hannah.

MITCHELL (Mitchel)

Andrew (Mitchel), of Lunenburg, and Dorcas Nelson, Sept. 4, 1770.

Anne, and Jonathan Ellsworth, at Ipswich, Feb. 9, 1780. TC

Emily, of Boxford, and Robert McQuesten, May 4, 1834. PR2

MOODY (Moodey)

Daniel, of Newbury, and Elizabeth Mighill, Nov. 24, 1799. TC

George, Dr., of Bradford, and Sarah M. Creasey, int. July 24, 1830. TC

Jemima, of Newbury, and James Hedden, Sept. 26, 1748.

Luther, and Mary Searle, June 22, 1829. TC

Samuel S., of Newbury, and Emeline Pike, July 6, 1828. TC

Sophia, and Moses Johnson, Nov. 29, 1824.

William, of Newbury, and Rebecca Gray, int. Sept. 27, 1835. TC

MOORE (Moers, Mooers, Moores, Moors)

Abner (Moors), and Susanna Lull, int. Sept. 14, 1762.

Dennis (Moores), of Beverly, and Susan [J. int.] Pickard, Oct. 10, 1838. TC

Enoch (Mooers), and Debby Cheney, int. June 26, 1802.

Eunice (Moors), and Josiah Noyes, Feb. 6, 1764.

John A. (Moores), and Nancy M. Peirce, Dec. 1, 1836. TC

Martha (Moors), of Newbury, and Thomas Look, at Newbury, Feb. 13, 1716-17. TC

Nathan, and Elizabeth H. Chapman of Ipswich, Oct. 12, 1837. PR2

Nathaniel C., and Rebecca A. Spofford, Apr. 26, 1836. PR2

Parker (Moores), and Mercy Lull, both of Byfield, Rowley, at Newbury, May 20, 1762. TC

Peter (Moers), and Mary Perrson, Nov. 12, 1723.

Peter (Moores), [jr. CR1], and Mary Howes, Jan. [June. CR1] 15, 1748.*

Ruth (Moors), and Jonathan Thorla, both of Byfield, Rowley, at Newbury, Nov. 16, 1758. TC

William Whipple, and Olive Weston, June 9, 1811. PR2 [Aug. ––, 1810. PR17]


Samuel E., and Eliza C. Carr, int. June 1, 1833. TC


Susanna, of Beverly, and John Dodge of Bluehill, Mar. 13, 1783.*

MORRILL (Merrill, Morril)

John T., and Eliza F. Pearson, int. Jan. 24, 1841. TC

Orlando W., and Caroline Larkin of Newbury, Nov. 17, 1831. TC

Robie (Morril), of Salisbury, and [Mrs. CR1] Elizabeth Hobson, July 15, 1759.*

Thomas, see Merrit, Thomas.

MORRISON (Morison)

Daniel (Morison), [of Newbury. int.], and Abigall Kimball, Nov. 25, 1712.

Daniel, and Harriet Elwell, Nov. 24, 1836. TC

Mary [wid. int.], and Benjamin Stickny, at Newbury, Oct. 2, 1750. TC

MORSE (Morss)

David (Morss), and Elisabeth Thomas, Sept. 3, 1793.

Elisabeth, of Bradford [of Boxford. int.], and Moses Spofford, at Bradford, July 16, 1776. TC

Betsey [Elizabeth Morss of Ipswich. int.], and Clemont [Clemens. int.] Pingrey, Sept. 23, 1794.

Elizebeth W., of Ipswich, and John Chapman, Dec. 13, 1841. TC

Huldah (Morss), [of Ipswich. int.], and David Goodwin [jr. int.], Aug. 21, 1792.

Jeremiah S., and Assenath Pearson, Sept. 30, 1830. TC [1829. PR2]

John, of Chester, NH, and Anna Jewett of Byfield, Rowley, at Newbury, Oct. 15, 1778. TC

John (Morss), [jr. of Newbury. int.], and Polly Pingry, Dec. ––, 1793.

Leonard, of Haverhill, and Adeline Dole, Nov. 9, 1834. TC

Moses D., aud Betsey Peirce, Mar. 14, 1833. TC

Nathaniel [N. in pencil.], and Betsey Wood, Oct. 27, 1823.

Sarah, and Moses Perley, Apr. 4, 1822.

Stephen (Morss), [of Newbury. int.], and Sarah Hopkinson, July 15, 1725.


Morris, and Mary N. Chaplin, Apr. 12, 1835. PR2


Daniel, of Newbury, and Diadamia Spofford, June 23, 1818.

John, Capt., of Wenham, and Molly Bailey, July 21, 1808.

Mary [Polly. int.], of Boxford, and Thomas Lancaster, at Boxford, Apr. 1, 1799. TC

Sarah, of Boxford, and Jonathan Harriman, Sept. 14, 1800.


Enoch, and Mary Greenough, June 18, 1722.*


Thomas [Moses. int.], of Newburyport, and Martha Pearson, Dec. 29, 1768.

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