SABEN (Seban)

James, of Rehoboth, and Dority Heden, July29,1727.

Rachal (Seban), of Rehoboth, and Edward Hedden, int.Mar.13,1740-41.


John [of Gloucester. int.], and Sarah Scott, Apr.27,1713.


Elizabeth, of Ipswich, and Nathan Wheler, Jan.13,1689-90.*

Hannah, and Joshua Plummer of Newbury, Dec.17,1793.

Rebecah, and Nathan Coldwell of Ipswich, Jan.1,1788.*

Thomas, and Sarah Scott, June29,1725.


Anna Clifford, of Kensington, NH, and Caleb Searle, int.Oct.14,1825.

Catharine G., of Epsom, NH, and Rev. John Burden, int.Sept.10,1836.TC

Jeremiah R., and Sophia Ann Howard, int.Jan.10,1837.TC

SARGENT (Searjant)

Anna S., of New London, NH, and Benjamin Lowe, int.Dec.29,1832.TC

Asa M., a.19y., shoemaker, and Martha A. Webster, a.24y., d.Samuel and Alice Spiller, Feb.18,1847.*

Ignatius, of Gloucester, and Susan Chaplin, int.Mar.10,1831.TC

John (Searjant), of Newbury, and Lidia Thurston, July5,1748.

Rebekah T. [F. int.], and Jonathan Todd, jr., Mar.28,1818.

SAUNDERS (Sanders)

Abigail M., and Jacob Searle, Oct.5,1836.PR2

Amos N., and Elizabeth Pickard, Feb.24,1825.

Amos, and Rachel Bradstreet, Nov.20,1832.TC

David (Sanders), and Prisilla Nelson, Feb.末,1794.

David, and Phebe R. Cheney, Nov.1,1832.TC

David, jr., and Elizabeth S. Howe, Mar.17,1836.TC

Dolly, and Daniel Todd, 3d, June12,1818.

Edward (Sanders), and Elisabeth Gage, Dec.18,1716.

Edward (Sanders), jr., and Marcy Smith, May29,1758.

Edward (Sanders) [jr. int.], and Sally [] Kilborn, May10,1787.

Edward, and Sally Nelson, June21,1798.TC

Eliza Jane [], and George J. Hale, Mar.29,1832.TC

Elizebeth (Sanders), and Nathan Plats, Mar.4,1739-40.

Elisabeth (Sanders), and Benjamin Todd of Newbury, July15,1773.

Elizabeth (Sanders), and Joshua Dickinson, May1,1785.

Elizabeth, and Phineas Dodge, June30,1825.

Emma, of Bradford, and Enoch J. Noyes, Nov.27,1834.PR2

Ezekiel, of Waterford [Watertown, ME.CR1], and Polly [] Todd, Jan.2,1796.TC

Ezekiel, and Sarah Burpee, int.Oct.21,1803.

Hannah, and Henry Hilliard, int.May24,1803.

Humphry (Sanders), and Mrs.Jane Dickinson, June26,1759.

Humphrey (Sanders), Lt., and [Mrs.CR1] Hannah Stickney, Apr.19,1768.

Jane (Sanders), and Moses Pickard [jr. int.], Dec.2,1742.

Jane, and Joseph Dresser, jr., int.Dec.8,1810.

Jesse, and Sophrona Hardy, May16,1822.

John (Sanders), and Mary Dresser, Jan.18,1763.

John, jr., and Lucy Bradstreet, int.Mar.2,1805.

John, and Ann T. Stickney, Nov.25,1844.PR48

Joseph, and [] Mary Todd, Nov.25,1824.

Joshua (Sanders), and Elisabeth Stickney, Dec.10,1792.

Julia G., and Albert Nelson, Apr.15,1828.TC

Lucy Jane, and Amos M. Dodge, Dec.19,1841.TC

Lydia (Sanders), and Jonathan Story of Ipswich, Dec.31,1772.

Maria [], and Josiah Robbins, Apr.24,1826.

Mary (Sanders), and Jeremiah Burpee, int.Mar.2,1750.

Mary (Sanders), and Daniel Chaplin, Mar.15,1792.

Mary, and David Tenney, Aug.31,1816.

Mary, and Thomas Creasey, Oct.23,1823.

Mercy P., a.18y., d.Amos N. and Betsey, and Robert D. Ricker, a.20y., shoemaker, s.Ira and Hannah, of Newburyport, Dec.16,1846.*

Priscilla N., a.19y., d.Amos N. and Elisabeth, and Philip Reed, a.23y., shoemaker, s.Richard and Susan, Feb.18,1845.*

Sarah M., and John A. Dorman, Dec.25,1827.TC

Savory, and Eliza Falls, int.Dec.14,1832.TC

William (Sanders), and Anne Lowell, May25,1761.


Eliza E., d.John and Mary, and John Fenderson, b. Malden, of Malden, Apr.11,1849.*

Johnson, of Boxford, and [] Mary Gale, Jan.27,1829.TC


Abigail, of Bradford, and Benjamin Plumer, Jan.28,1812.

Benjamin, and Mary Tenney, Apr.5,1836.PR2

Elizabeth F., of Newbury, and Benjamin F. Howard, Jan.29,1829.TC

John B., and Rachel J. Hale, May18,1819.

Mary [], and Moses W[heeler. int.] Thurlow, Dec.25,1810. [1811.PR46]*

Robert, and Catharine Spofford, Sept.1,1831.TC

Ruth G., of Newbury, and Elbridge G. Merrill, int.Aug.24,1833.TC

SAWYER (Sawer)

Abraham, of Newbury, and [] Margaret Hidden, at Newbury, Feb.17,1736-7.TC

Ann, and James Todd, Dec.7,1756.

Benjamin, of Byfield, Rowley, and Molly March of Newbury, at Newbury, Apr.16,1761.TC

Charlotte, and Seth D. Hall, int.Mar.25,1837.TC

Ezekiel (Sawer), and Hannah Stickne, Dec.27,1704.

Ezekiell, and Mehetabel Jewett, Dec.10,1730.*

Hannah, and Samuel Woodbery [of], May10,1715.

Hannah, and Joshua Jackson, Jan.3,1733-4.

Jane, and Nathanael Barker, Mar.31,1767.

John, and Elizabeth Tenny, May23,1710.

John (Sawer), and Mary Lighton, Nov.19,1711.

John, and Elisabeth Smith, May18,1769.

John, and Abigal Kilborn, June22,1774.

John, of Scarboro, ME, and Hannah Lancaster, int.Nov.15,1817.

Mary, and William Stickney, both of Newbury, Feb.13,1743.*

Mary, of Byfield, Rowley, and Moses Jewett of Hopkinton, NH, at Newbury, Oct.29,1776.TC

Polly [], and John Gage, Feb.18,1794.

Marcy, and Daniel Goodwin of Newbury, int.Nov.19,1756.

Moses, and Elisabeth Kilborn, May21,1771.

Moses, and Hannah Crocket of Barnstead, NH, int.Sept.21,1794.

Nathaniel S., and Almira Dole, Dec.22,1825.

Samuel, of Hopkinton, NH, and Betty Tenny of Byfield, Rowley, at Newbury, Dec.23,1777.TC

Sarah, of Newbury, and Joseph Smith, at Newbury, Jan.17,1743-4.TC*

SCAILS (Scaels)

James, and Sarah Curtieus, Nov.7,1677.*

Matthew (Scaels), and Elizabeth Jewet, int.Oct.31,1707.

Susanah, d.John, and Benjamin Scot, Dec.28,1676.*


Joseph K. [R. int.], and Abigail N. Lowell, Oct.20,1831.TC


Mary Jane [Killey.PR2], and Gorham Jewett, Nov.17,1825.

SCOTT (Scot)

Benjamin (Scot), and Susanah Scails, d.John, Dec.28,1676.*

Benjamin, and Sarah Creesey, Dec.9,1714.

Benjamin (Scot), and Martha Pearley of Ipswich, int.Dec.30,1780.

Benjamin, of Ipswich, and Elizabeth Phillips, Dec.30,1824.

Dolly, of Ipswich, and David Perley, int.May25,1809.

Elesabeth, and Moses Clark [jr. int.], [Mar.18. different ink.], 1784.

Hannah, and Richard Syle [of], at Newbury, Aug.31,1697.TC

Hannah, and John Jewett of Ipswich, June1,1742.

Hannah, and Thomas Payson, May22,1798.

Hannah, of Ipswich, and Maj. Paul Dole, int.June12,1824.

James, T., and Lydia Pickard, July1,1828.TC

Jane, and Nathan Todd, int.Jan.28,1776.

John (Scot), and Elizabeth Crosbie, Sept.24,1701.

John, and wid.Rachiel Day, at Gloucester, Nov.16,1743.TC*

John, and Mehitabel Todd, Nov.23,1784.

John, Esq., of Newburyport, and Hannah Pickard, Aug.9,1815.

Joseph, and Mary Barker, Nov.25,1707.

Joseph (Scot) [jr.CR1], and Jemima Jewett, d.Jeremiah and Prissila, Oct.18,1736.*

Martha, and James Jewett, Nov.14,1744.*

Martha, of Ipswich, and Solomon Dodge, int.Aug.15,1809.

Mary (Scot), and John Decker, June18 [28.CTR], 1680.*

Mary, and Thomas Mighill, jr., Nov.27,1792.CR1

Mehetable, and Aaron Dresser, Dec.4,1730.

Mehitable, and Daniel N[] Prime, Sept.3,1815.

Mehitable, a.18y., d.James T. and Lydia, and Benjamin Whicher, a.30y., laborer, s.Philip and Rosana, June27,1847.*

Marcy, and Richard Toppan of Newbury, Feb.26,1730. [1729-30.CR1]*

Moses, and Mary Todd, Sept.8,1768.

Nancy, Mrs., of Newburyport, and Moses Perley, Apr.23,1835.TC

Samuel, and Elisabeth Baley, July12,1717.

Samuel [jr.CR1], and Bridget Boynton, Mar.13,1751.*

Samuel, and Mary Smith, July30,1818.

Sarah, and John Sadler [of Gloucester. int.], Apr.27,1713.

Sarah, and Thomas Safford, June29,1725.

Susannah, and John Bennet, Apr.21,1725. [1724-5. int.]

Susanna, and [Lt.CR1] Samuel Northend, June2,1752.*


Harriet B., a.19y., of Newbury, d.Samuel and Hannah, and Benjamin F. Thurlow, a.23y., ropemaker, of Newbury, s.Benjamin and Sarah A., Oct.16,1844.*

SEARLE (Sarl, Searels, Searl, Searls)

Abagal, and Joshua Kant of Newburyport, int.Sept.22,1796.

Benjamin G., and Caroline P. Cutter of Hollis, NH, int.Oct.3,1834.TC

Caleb, and Anna Clifford Sanborn of Kensington, NH, int.Oct.14,1825.

Daniel J. (Searl), and Sarah E. Hazletine of Salem, int.Oct.31,1841.TC

Debora (Searels), and Ephraim Nelson, June14,1715.

Deborah (Sarl), and Israel Adams, at Newbury, Oct.16,1740.TC

Deborah, of Byfield, Rowley, and Joseph Metcalf, jr. of Ipswich, at Newbury, Dec.4,1765.TC

Debby [], of Byfield, and Stephen Longfellow [jr. int.], Oct.18,1802.PR2

Elizabeth (Searls), and Samuel Poor, int.Sept.12,1730.

Elizabeth, of Byfield, Rowley, and Soloman Pearson of Newbury, at Newbury, Mar.28,1765.TC

Elisabeth (Searl), and Israel Adams, jr., int.Feb.3,1770.

Eunice (Searl), and Elisha Gardner of Brookline, Nov.21,1765.

Unice [Eunice. int.] (Searl), and David Nelson, jr., Nov.2,1785.

Hannah (Searl), and Benjamin Winter, int.Dec.20,1787.

Huldah, and Odlin Bachelder [Oct.12. int.], 1799.

Jacob, and Abigail M. Saunders, Oct.5,1836.PR2

Jane (Searl), and Jeremiah Jewett, Nov.26,1747.

Jane [Jeane.CR1], and Enoch Tenney, Nov.6 [16.CR1], 1786.

Jeremiah (Sarl), and Mary Thurston, Sept.23,1756.

John (Searles), and Elizabeth Chaplin, Nov.25,1708.

John (Sarl), and Mrs.Bethiah Danford of Bradford, int.May15,1756.

John, jr. (Searl), and Ruth Medcalf of Ipswich, int.Aug.31,1764.

Jonathan (Searl), and Mrs.Hannah Cogswell of Atkinson, int.Dec.7,1771.

Joseph (Searl), and Ruth Chut, Oct.26,1741.

Joseph (Searl), [jr. int.], and Molly Coleman of Newbury, at Newbury, June7,1781.TC

Lois (Searl), and Dr. Nathaniel Cogswell, Mar.8,1777.

Lucy (Searl), and Amos Stickney, int.May19,1770.

Mary (Searls), and Noys Person, jr., Oct.31,1797.PR34

Mary, and John Perkins, jr., both of Topsfield, Nov.9,1819.*

Mary, and Luther Moody, June22,1829.TC

Mehitabel (Searl), and Samuel Tomb of New York [of Newburyport, formerly of NY State. int.], Mar.23,1793.

Mehitable, and Benjamin Hobbs of Topsfield, June21,1804.

Ruth (Searl), and David Chute, Apr.28,1785.

Ruth, and George Thurlo of Newbury, int.May12,1804.

Samuel (Searls), and Elizebeth Dickinson, Dec.8,1737.

Samuel (Searl), and Martha Willit, int.Oct.28,1775.

Samuel (Searl), jr., of Byfield, Rowley, and Mehitable Burpe, at Newbury, Dec.14,1780.TC

Sarah, of Temple, and Moses Wheeler, 3d, int.June15,1782.

Sarah [J. int.], and Isaac Adams of Boxford, Apr.2,1833.TC

Stephen (Searl), and Polly [Mary.PR44] Jewett, Feb.23,1793.

Stephen, jr., and Sally Stickney [], May27,1829.TC

Susanna (Searl), of Byfield, and Samuel Johnson, at Newbury, Oct.20,1774.TC

William (Searls), and Jane Nelson, int.Aug.3,1723.

William (Searl), and Abigail Mearill, Dec.6,1752.

William (Searl), jr., and Mary Nelson, Nov.26,1770.

William (Searl), Ens., and Nella Straw, both of Byfield, Rowley, at Newbury, Dec.31,1777.TC


Dorothy, and Ezekiell Northend, Sept.10,1691.*


Susan, and Daniel Merrill, Feb.14,1820.PR12*


Sarah, and Joseph Chaplin, Dec.1,1747.*


William, of Ipswich, and Harriet N. Clark, int.Mar.4,1843.TC


William, of Killingsly, and Martha Pengree, Dec.11,1744.*

SHATSWELL (Satchel, Setchell, Shatwell)

Francis (Setchell), of Ipswich, and Sarah Platts, int.June14,1755.

Nathaniel (Shatwell), of Ipswich, and Elizebeth Todd, Sept.11,1790.

Nathaniel (Shatwell), of Ipswich, and Sarah Tenny, Nov.9,1819.

Sarah (Satchel), and George Southwick of Danvers, Dec.18,1760.

SHEPARD (Shepherd, Shepord)

John, and Rebecca Pryar of Ipswich, int.末蔓末, [1718.]

Jonathan, and Mehetabel Tenny, Feb.5,1722-3.

Samuel, and Mrs.Dorothy Flint, Apr.30,1666.*

Sarah (Shepherd), and Nathan D. Dodge of Ipswich, int.Apr.27,1829.TC

Tymothy (Shepord), of Haverhill, and Marcy Barker, Mar.18,1730-1.


William M., a.23y., shoemaker, s.Jacob B. and Harriet, and Ednah E. Hobson, a.19y., d.Eliphalet and Elisabeth, Oct.15,1844.*

SHUTE (Chute)

Aaron, and Betsey Poor, int.Nov.12,1802.

Eliza, of Deery, NH, and Joshua Pilsbury, int.Sept.13,1836.TC

Samuel C. and Priscilla Dole, Apr.5,1823.TC

William M., and Martha Chaplin, May13,1832.PR47*

SILVER (Sillver)

Samuell (Sillver), and Sarrah Colebee, July8,1701.

Sarah, and Thomas Alee, Feb.6,1670.*

SIMONS (Simonds)

Anna, of Topsfield, and Edward Bishop, jr., int.Apr.13,1777.

Benjamin (Simonds), and Elizabeth Smith, Sept.30,1819.

Jacob, of Topsfield, and Susannah Bishop, int.Nov.25,1776.

John, and Elizabeth Boynton, Nov.9,1664.

John, of Boxford, and Ruth Dorman of Topsfield, May13,1746.*


Mary, and Peter Cooper, int.Sept.6,1755.


Louisa, of Haverhill, and Colman Platts, Oct.20,1833.TC


Abigail, and Benjamin Spiller, int.June30,1804.

Anthony, of Ipswich, and Hephzibah Wheeler, int.June25,1773.

Aramintha, and Dole Pilsbury, July7,1835.PR2

Benjamin, and Martha Kilborn, Dec.17,1708.*

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Creecy, int.Jan.23,1741-2.

Benjamin [jr. int.], and Lydia Webber of Methuen, at Methuen, Apr.10,1783.TC

Benjamin, and Mary [Polly.CR1] Harris, June14,1798.

Benjamin H. [N.CR1], Capt., and Elizabeth B. Plumer, Nov.2,1826.TC

Benjamin H. [N. int.], Capt., and Ann L. Lambert, Dec.13,1831.TC

Bethiah, and Daniel Johnson, Sept.8,1768.

Caty, of Ipswich, and Nathaniel Pickard, int.Jan.5,1822.

Charlotte, and Gorham Smith, May30,1841.TC

Daniel, jr., of Ipswich, and Polly Nelson, int.Apr.13,1805.

David T., and Olive Lambert, June5,1833.TC

Dorothye, of Ipswich, and Robert Rogers, int.Dec.4,1702.

Edward, and Dolly Clark, Nov.14,1822.

Elizabeth [of], and John Plumer, Nov.21,1701.

Elisabeth, and Daniel Goodwin of Newbury, Apr.10,1746.

Elisabeth, and John Sawyer, May18,1769.

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Simonds, Sept.30,1819.

Faith, wid.John, and William Law, May2,1666.*

George, and Polly Prime, Feb.10,1803.

Gilman, H., and Cynthia Chaplin, Sept.11,1827.TC

Gorham, and Charlotte Smith, May30,1841.TC

Hanah, and Joseph Trumble, May6,1669.*

Hannah, and Tobias Lear [of Newcastle. int.], July10,1704.

Hannah, and Stephen Pearson [jr.CR1], Dec.26,1750.*

Hannah, and Solomon Lowell, int.Mar.11,1775.

Henrietta I.T., of Northampton, and Rev. Charles C. Taylor, int.Apr.21,1838.TC

Isaac, and Elisabeth Pearson, int.Oct.5,1765.

Isaac [jr.CR1], and Abigal [] Cogswell, Dec.6,1789.

Isaiah, of Ipswich, and Molle Chapman, int.Jan.15,1797.

Israel, of Danvers, and Sarah Cooper, int.June25,1766.

Jacob J., and Elizabeth A. Whittier of Methuen, int.Nov.10,1843.TC

James, 3d, of Newbury, and Elisabeth Stuart, at Newbury, Dec.5,1757.TC

James, and Jane How, int.July16,1795.

Jane, and Benjamin Tenney of Newbury, Nov.26,1767.

Jane, and Jonathan Page of Atkinson NH, Mar.30,1799.

John, and Faith Parrat [sr.CTR], Feb.24,1657.*

John, of Newbury, and Ann Nelson, int.Dec.10,1709.

John, and Elizebeth Bayley, Dec.23,1736.

John, and Mary Fowler, Feb.7,1751.*

John, of Newbury, and Mehetable Palmer, Oct.3,1754.

John, and Mary Peters of Haverhill, int.Nov.24,1795.

Jonathan, and Hannah Boynton, May17,1744.*

Jonathan, and Hannah Barker, May9,1749.*

Jonathan, of Danvers, and Abigail Kilbourn, Mar.10,1760.

Joseph, and Sarah Sawyer of Newbury, at Newbury, Jan.17,1743-4.TC*

Joseph, and Elizabeth Palmer, Sept.28,1752.

Joseph, and Deliverance Lane, Mar.26,1789.

Josiah, jr., of Newbury, and Jamima Jewett, at Newbury, Aug.23,1750.TC*

Judith, and Nathaniel Perkins of Boxford, Nov.3,1774.

Lavinia, and George Jewett, jr., Sept.1,1822.

Martha, and Calab Burbank, May6,1669.*

Martha, of Ipswich, and Samuel Woodbary, int.Apr.12,1724.

Martha, of Newbury, and David G. Watts, int.Apr.27,1833.TC

Mary, sr., and Jerimyah Elsworth, Dec.2,1657.*

Mary, d.Hugh, and Daniell Wircome, Oct.14 [24.CTR], 1658.*

Mary, and Thomas Gage, Dec.10,1697,*

Mary, and Nathaniel Elsworth, Aug.11,1752.

Mary, Mrs., and John Cheney, June5,1773.

Mary, Mrs., and John Thurlo, Apr.20,1774.*

Mary, and Simon Cole of Boxford, July5,1785.

Mary, and Samuel Scott, July30,1818.

Mary Ann Elizabeth, a.21y., d.Benjamin and Elizabeth, and Charles L. Todd, a 21y., blacksmith, s.Edward and Sarah, Nov.7,1849.*

Mehetable, and David Bayley, int.Dec.1,1759.

Marcy, and Edward Sanders, jr., May29,1758.

Marcy [], and Joseph Todd, Nov.4,1779.

Moses, and [] Martha Jewett, Dec.6 [16.CR1], 1742.

Moses [jr. int.], and Martha Plats [Nov.21. int.], 1783.

Moses, and Lucy Dole, Mar.8,1785.

Moses, and Mary Jewett, int.Feb.19,1803.

Nathaneel [Nathan. dup.], of Boxford, and Sarah Burpee, May23,1751.

Rachel, of Wenham, and Lt. [Capt. int.] Thomas White, at Wenham, July13,1776.TC

Rebeckah, and Ichabod Cheney of Bradford, int.Mar.23,1738-9.

Ruth, and Joseph Kilborn, jr., May25,1769.

Samuel, and Elizabeth [Mary.CTR] Elethorp, June21,1677.*

Samuel, and Margaret Herriman [at Haverhill.TC], Feb.9,1775.

Sarah, d.John, and John Pickard, jr., Feb.11,1679.*

Sarah, and John Penney of Charlestown, at Charlestown, Mar.29,1711.TC

Sarah, of Boxford, and Nathanael Spaford, int.Oct.12,1734.

Sarah, and Thomas Burpee, Feb.21,1786.

Sarah, of Ipswich, and William Daniels, at Ipswich, Nov.26,1789.TC

Solomon, and Easther Hibbard of Methuen, at Haverhill, [after 1778.].TC*

Thomas, of Newbury, and Lydia Stickney, Apr.3,1750.

Thomas, and Elisabeth Champney of Boxford, Apr.17,1769.

Thomas, and Hephsibah Cheney, both of Byfield, Rowley, at Newbury, Dec.5,1776.TC

William, and Elisabeth Ropkins, Jan.4,1785.

Zilpah, and Jonathan Coats Welch of Newburyport, int.Oct.30,1818.


Mark, of Boxford, and Allis Travis, int.Dec.6,1740.


Coroline, of Newbury, and Thomas Merrill, jr., int.Aug.8,1829.TC

SOMERSBY (Sumersby, Summors)

Mary [Summors,], of Newbury, and John Stewart, Dec.12,1753.

Thomas (Sumersby), [jr. int.], of Newburyport, and Sally Dole, June4,1803.


Amos, of Amherst, NH, and Hannah Wood, int.Jan.2,1796.

George, of Danvers, and Sarah Satchel, Dec.18,1760.

Isaac [jr. int.], of Danvers, and Elizabeth Dresser, at Danvers, Dec.19,1758.TC

Isaac, of Milford, NH, and Mrs.Hannah Lakeman, int.Jan.11,1798.


Anna, and David Bailey, int.July14,1804.

Benjamin, and Abigail Smith, int.June30,1804.

Hannah, and John Hobson, Nov.5,1788.

Hannah, and David Pickard, into. Feb.16,1811.

Jonathan, and Susan Bailey, Apr.30,1820.

Lucy W., and John P. Brown, Jan.17,1836.TC

Lydia Ann, and Humphrey T. Packer of Boxford, int.Jan.11,1835. (No certificate granted).TC

Lydia Ann, and Charles Martin, Apr.10,1836.TC

Samuel, and Annes Vennen of Ipswich, int.May19,1781.

Samuel, jr., and Allice Peabody of Topsfield, Mar.4,1819.

Sarah, and John Febens, int.Sept.6,1835.TC

William Vinin, and Anna Over Pulsofer [Pulsafer. dup.] of New Salem, NH [Newbury.dup.], int.May27 [July26. dup.], 1811.

SPOFFORD (Spafard, Spaffard, Spafford, Spaford, Spoferd, Spoffard, Spofforth, Spoford)

Abel (Spafford), and Elinor Poor of Newbury, at Newbury, July17,1746.TC

Abel, and Mary Merrill, Nov.16,1809.

Abygall (Spoford), and Samuell Ames, int.May7,1718.

Abigail (Spafford), wid., of Boxford, and Jacob Harren [Hazzen. int.], Nov.16,1761.

Nabby (Spafford), and David Tenney, jr., Oct.20,1785.

Abigail (Spafford), and [Lt. int.] Rufus Wheeler, Dec.18,1788.

Abijah (Spaffard), and Mary Town of Boxford, Feb.10,1756.

Abner (Spaford), and Sarah Colman of Newbury, Dec.23,1734.

Apphia [] (Spafford), and Capt. Eliphalet Spaffard, Nov.10,1774.

Apphia (Spafford), wid., and Asa Parker of Andover, Mar.1,1780.

Apphia, and Moses Wood of Bradford, int.Apr.21,1810.

Apphia, of Bradford, and Amos J. Tenney, Esq., May9,1834.PR2

Ayer, of Jaffrey, NH, and Jeremiah Spofford, jr., int.Sept.18,1813.

Benjamin (Spafford), and Polly Adams, int.Sept.23,1786.

Catharine, and Robert Savory, Sept.1,1831.TC

Daniel (Spaford), and Judith Follinsbe of Newbury, at Newbury, Nov.17,1742.TC

Daniel (Spafford), Col., and Mrs.Betty Emery of Newbury, at Newbury, Apr.12,1780.TC

Daniel (Spafford), Col., and [] Phebe Jewett, Jan.11,1786.

Daniel (Spafford), jr., and Polly Nelson, int.Mar.5,1796.

Daniel, and Hannah Hardy of Bradford, int.Oct.17,1812.

Daniel M., and Hannah Parker of Bradford, int.Jan.1,1814.

David (Spaford), and Hannah Cheney of Bradford, Mar.6,1734-5.

David (Spafford), and Mary Bagley of Bradford, May27,1756.

Diadamia, and Daniel Moulton of Newbury, June23,1818.

Dorcas [] (Spaford), and Samuel Bradstreet, Nov.9,1736.

Elanor (Spafford), Mrs., and Abraham How [] of Ipswich, Feb.5,1784.

Eleazer, and Mary Flint of Danvers, at Danvers, Jan.24,1765.TC

Eliphelet (Spaford), and Lucy Peabody, Dec.27,1748.*

Eliphalet (Spaffard), Capt., and Apphia [] Spafford, Nov.10,1774.

Eliphalet, and Sarah Palmer, May9,1811.

Elizebeth, and Benjamin Stickney, int.Jan.25,1730-1.

Betsey Smith, and Moody Spofford, jr., Mar.18,1806.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Noyes, Mar.末,1808.PR18*

Elizabeth, and Caleb Jackson, jr., May22,1817.

Francis (Spafard), and Priscilla Wallcut, May28,1722.

Frederick, of Boxford, and Deborah Wilkins, Mar.26,1812.

Gardner, of Bradford, and Mary Platts, Dec.6,1825.

Greenleaf, and Emily N. Willmarth, Oct.14,1830.TC

Hannah (Spaford), and Robert Crage, int.Nov.22,1735.

Harriet, of Andover, and John P. Coker, int.Apr.22,1836.TC

Harrison B., and Abigail P. Kilham of Boxford, int.Sept.27,1835.TC

Huldah (Spaffard), and Moody Spaffard, Oct.16,1766.

Huldah (Spafford), and Parker Spafford, July13,1800.

Isaac (Spafford), Dr., of Wenham, and Mary [] Ayer, Nov.3,1774.

Isaac, and Naomi Adams of Rindge, NH, int.Dec.24,1808.

Jacob (Spafford), and Mary Tenney, May29,1777.

Jeremiah (Spafford), and Temprance Spafford, Feb.13,1777.

Jeremiah, jr., and Ayer Spofford of Jaffrey, NH, int.Sept.18,1813.

Job (Spaford), and Mary Brocklebank, May13,1746.

John (Spoferd) [jr.CTR], and Sarah Wheeler [d.David.CTF], Mar.9,1675 [1676.CTR]*

John (Spoffard), and Dorcas Hopkinson, Feb.15,1699-1700.

John (Spoford), and Sarah Poor, int.Dec.20,1717.

John (Spaford), and Hannah Taylor of Boxford, int.Nov.2,1728.

Jonathan (Spoford), and Jemima Freethe of York, int.May13,1707.

Joseph (Spafford), and Polly Chaplin, int.Nov.22,1788.

Judith (Spafford), and Jeremiah Dodge, jr., Mar.25,1770.

Judeth (Spafford), and David Tenney, Mar.7,1793.*

Judith, and James Merrill, Feb.15,1810.

Lavinia [d.Dr. Moses D. and Irene (Mighill).PR17], and Capt. Orin Weston [s.Samuel and Mehitable (Cowdery).PR17], Oct.29,1835.PR2

Leander, and Mary Perley, Nov.10,1833.TC

Lemuel (Spafford), and Patty Baker of Andover, int.Jan.31,1784.

Lemuel (Spafford), and Hannah Frazer of Newbury, Apr.9,1785.

Lucy, and Amos Jewett Tenney, Apr.6,1802.

Lydia, and Jonathan Thurston, at Newbury, Dec.10,1722.TC

Martha, see Patty.

Patty [Martha.PR19], and Eliphalet Chaplin, Dec.4,1802.

Mary (Spoford), and David Wood of Boxford, int.Feb.5,1701-2.

Mary (Spoford), and John Hartshorne [of Haverhill. int.], Sept.22,1709.

Mary, and Edward Wood of Bradford, at Newbury, Dec.23,1713.TC

Mary, and Jacob Barker, Oct.22,1736.

Mary (Spafford), and Nathaniel Bayley of Bradford, int.July9,1757.

Mary (Spafford), and Jeremiah Kimball, jr. of Ipswich, Apr.22,1799.

Mary C[haplin.PR2], and Andrew Horner, May24,1812.

Polly A., of Boxford, and Nathaniel Nelson, Dec.31,1828.TC*

Mehtable (Spafford), and Nathanael Herriman, Aug.25,1720.

Mighill, and Mehitable Dole, May20,1824.

Moody (Spaffard), and Huldah Spaffard, Oct.16,1766.

Moody, jr., and Betsey Smith Spofford, Mar.18,1806.

Moody, Esq., and Miriam Putnam of Danvers, int.Dec.16,1815.

Moses, and Elisabeth Morse of Bradford [of], at Bradford, July16,1776.TC

Moses, and Hannah Kimball of Bradford, at Bradford, July1,1779.TC

Moses D[ole. int.] (Spafford), Dr., and Irene Mighill, Dec.6,1798.

Moses, and Eliza A. Dresser, June3,1835.PR2

Nathanael (Spaford), and Sarah Smith of Boxford, int.Oct.12,1734.

Olive (Spafford), and Jacob Stevens of Bridgton, Cumberland County, Feb.20,1782.

Pamele [Pamela.PR2], and Nathan Carleton of Haverhill, Jan.16,1815.

Parker (Spafford), and Huldah (Spafford), July13,1800.

Parker, and Hannah Wilkins, Nov.19,1816.

Paul, of New York, NY, and Sarah Spofford, Mar.26,1822.

Phebe (Spaffard), and David Adams of Rindge [of], Mar.5,1773.

Phebe (Spafford), and Henery Dole, int.Nov.15,1796.

Rachel (Spaffard), and David Nelson, jr., Apr.1,1755.

Rebecca A., and Nathaniel C. Moore, Apr.26,1836.PR2

Rooxby, and Preston Lincoln, Dec.28,1819.

Ruth (Spofard), and John Brockelbanke, Apr.22,1714.

Samuel, and Sarah Burkbee, d.Thomas, Dec.5,1676.

Sarrah (Spoford), and Robert Heselltine of Bradford, int.Mar.5,1701-2.

Sarrah (Spoford), wid.and Caleb Hopkinson of Bradford, int.Apr.25,1701.

Sarah (Spoford), and George Dickinson, Jan.10,1733-4.

Sarah (Spaford), wid., and Ezekiell Hale of Newbury, Oct.26,1736.

Sarah (Spaffard), and Dudley Tyler, jr., int.Oct.20,1762.

Sarah, of Andover, and William Spofford, at Andover, Nov.8,1770.TC

Sarah (Spafford), and Benjamin Adams, jr., Dec.4,1770.*

Sarah (Spafford), Mrs., and Jonathan Wood of Boxford, Nov.24,1778.

Sarah (Spafford), and William Pearley of Boxford, int.Jan.10,1789.

Sally, of Bradford, and William T. Poor, int.Feb.4,1809.

Sally, and Robert Harvey of Andover, June5,1813.

Sally, and Eben Eaton of Framingham, Feb.3,1820.

Sarah, and Paul Spofford of New York, NY, Mar.26,1822.

Sarah S., of Boxford, and Hiram Harriman, int.Mar.16,1833.TC

Sewell, and Elizabeth Nelson [jr. int.], May21,1818.

Sophia, and Isaac Adams, Mar.27,1823.

Sumner P., and Abigail Mardin, Nov.15,1837.PR2

Susan Prescott, and Aoret [Aroet. int.] Melvin Hatch of Haverhill, July8,1813.

Temprance (Spafford), and Jeremiah Spafford, Feb.13,1777.

Thomas (Spofforth), and Mary Liton, May23,1686.*

Thomas (Spoford), and Bethiah Heselltine, int.Nov.15,1701.

William, and Sarah Spofford of Andover, at Andover, Nov.8,1770.TC

William, jr., and Eunice Lincoln, Feb.17,1803.

William Henry, and Sally Gorden, Dec.8,1831.TC


Edward, of Andover, and Martha Luck, at Andover, Feb.22,1721.TC

STACY (Stacey)

Ellen Eliza, of Gloucester, and Dr. Ambrose Mills, int.July20,1833.TC

Hannah (Stacey), and Jonathan Caul [Call. int.], jr. of Newburyport, July11,1773.

John (Stacey), of Gloucester, and Hannah Harris, Mar.13,1755.*

Nymphas [jr.CR1], of Gloucester, and Phebe Dole of Ipswich, Sept.30,1767.

STANIFORD (Stanfort)

Aaron, of Ipswich, and Mary Pickard, Nov.27,1777.

Lydia (Stanfort), and Edward Goodridge of Newbury, Dec.4,1788.*


Samuel, and Mary Kilburn, int.Oct.6,1753.

STEVENS (Stephens)

Aaron (Stephens), and Hannah Perley, Oct.31,1814.

Abagail, of Newbury, and Amos Dole, int.Jan.29,1774.

Charles M., and Mary C. Pearson, Nov.1,1831.TC*

Elizabeth, see Perkins, Elizabeth.

Francis, and Hannah Pearson, int.Sept.29,1770.

Jacob, of Bridgton, Cumberland County, and Olive Spafford, Feb.20,1782.*

John (Stephens), and Hannah Harriman, Feb.16,1808.

Robert, and Olive C. Ilsley, int.Nov.20,1836.TC

Tabitha (Stephens), of Bridgton, and Jeremiah Todd, int.Oct.8,1803.

STEWART (Sewart, Steward, Stewartt, Stuard, Stuart)

Abigail, and John Yell of Ipswich, Nov.29,1736.

Ann, and Nathaniel Brown of Newbury, at Newbury, June13,1737.TC*

Charles, and Sarah Fisk, at Newbury, Dec.31,1741.TC

Ebenezer, and Elizabeth Johnson, May23,1698.*

Eliza, and Silvanus Wentworth, Nov.7, 末末.CTR*

Elizebeth, and Benjamin Webster, Feb.17,1725-6.*

Elisabeth, and Ebenezer Gove, Mar.28,1728.*

Elisabeth (Stuart), and James Smith, 3d, of Newbury, at Newbury, Dec.5,1757.TC

James, and Sarah Prime, June25,1733.

James [of], and Mary Boyanton, Jan.11,1741-2.

John, and wid.Sarah Bayley, Mar.8,1726-7.

John, and Hannah Bayley, int.Nov.10,1732.

John, and wid.Margreet Gage, Sept.5,1749.

John, and Mary Somersby [Mrs.Mary] of Newbury, Dec.12,1753.

Judith (Stuart), and Moses Lull, at Newbury, Apr.11,1754.TC

Mary (Sewart) [Stewart. int.], and Jeremiah Hunt of Billerica, Aug.12,1731.

Mary, and Nathanael Boynton, Mar.8,1736-7.

Mercy, and Ezra Clough of Kingston, Dec.26,1734.

Richard (Stewartt), and Judith [] Poor of Newbury, at Newbury, Apr.4,1728.TC [1727-8. int.]

Robert (Stuard), and Ann Adams of Newbury, at Newbury, Dec.11,1727.TC*

Sarah, and John Webster of Kingstown, int.Dec.1,1719.

Sarah, and Ephraim Boynton, May2,1732.

Sally, and Lewis Esnee, Oct.30,1817.

Solomon (Steward), and Martha Farington of Andover, at Andover, June28,1727.TC

STICKNEY (Stickne, Sticknee, Stickny)

Amos, and Hephzibah Wicom, Apr.17,1722.

Amos, of Bradford, and Hannah Syles, Jan.22,1743.*

Amos, and Abigail Jewett of Ipswich, Dec.25,1751.

Amos, and Lucy Searl, int.May19,1770.

Andrew (Sticknee), and Edna Lambert, Jan.22,1689.*

Andrew, and Marah Dickinson, int.Sept.3,1721.

Andrew, and Sarah Brocklebank, int.Sept.7,1723.

Andrew, Ens., and wid.Elisabeth Jewett, Dec.2,1723.

Andrew (Stickne), and Mrs.[] Sarah Lunt of Newbury, at Newbury, Dec.12,1727.TC

Ann T., and John Saunders, Nov.25,1844.PR48

Benjamin (Sticknee), and Mary Palmer, Jan.16,1700-1701.*

Benjamin, and Elizebeth Spofford, int.Jan.25,1730-1.

Benjamin (Stickny), and [] Mary Morrison, at Newbury, Oct.2,1750.TC

Benjamin, and Sarah Medcalf of Ipswich, int.Nov.29,1757.

Benjamin, of Byfield, Rowley, and Elizabeth Stickney, at Newbury, May15,1765.TC

David, and Elizabeth Chapman, Apr.23,1761.

Dudley, and Betsy Davis of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Mar.2,1797.TC

Elizabeth (Stickne), and Richard Dole, Aug.4,1709.

Elisabeth (Stickne) [], and Henry Lunt of Newbury, at Newbury, Mar.28,1724.TC [1723-4. int.]

Elizabeth, and John Stickney of Newbury, Mar.9,1751.

Elizabeth, and Samuel Herriman, Dec.21,1752.

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Stickney of Byfield, Rowley, at Newbury, May15,1765.TC

Elisabeth, and Joshua Sanders, Dec.10,1792.

Elizabeth Ann, and Luther Cheney, Feb.18,1826.

Betsey P., and Amos D. Pilsbury, Jan.1,1829.TC

Elizabeth, a.28y., d.Jeremiah and Rachel, and Michael Huntee, a.41y., merchant, of Charlestown, s.Michael and Mary, July27,1847.*

Eunice, and John Wood, Mar.27,1800.

Eunice, and Jeremiah [] Chaplin, Oct.6,1801.

Hannah (Stickne), and Ezekiel Sawer, Dec.27,1704.

Hannah, of Boxford, and James Barker, int.June23,1764.

Hannah [Mrs.CR1], and Lt. Humphrey Sanders, Apr.19,1768.

Hannah, and Joseph Kilborn, int.Aug.1,1811.

James, and Elener Willson, int.Nov.22,1735.

Jane (Stickny), and John Syle, June21,1722.

Jedidiah, of Boxford, and Peggy Tyler, May24,1757.

Jedediah, and Sarah Stickney of Byfield, Rowley at Newbury, Feb.2,1768.TC

Jeremiah, and Rachel Hobson, Mar.28,1815.

John, and Hanah Brocklbanke, June9,1680.*

John, and Anne Lull, May20,1725.

John, of Newbury, and Elizabeth Stickney, Mar.9,1751.

John, and Martha Chaplin, Oct.21,1804.

Jonathan, and Mary Fisk, int.Jan.30,1730-1.

Joseph, and Jane Pickard, Dec.26,1727.

Josiah, and Martha Ellsworth, Feb.1,1781.

Judith, and Simeon Danforth, July9,1801.

Lucy, and Moses Tenney, both of Byfield, Rowley at Newbury, Feb.6,1776.TC

Lucy, and Amos D. Pilsbury, July18,1832.TC

Lydia, and Thomas Smith of Newbury, Apr.3,1750.

Maria, and Otis Thompson, Sept.1,1831.TC

Martha (Stickne), and Joshua Boynton, jr. of Newbury, at Newbury, Apr.14,1743.TC*

Mary [d.William.CTR], and James Barker, jr., May10 [11.CTR], 1667.*

Mary (Stickne), and John Pallmer, Nov.18,1709.

Mary, and Samuel Duty, int.Oct.28,1757.

Mary, and Samuel Ewell, Apr.6,1837.PR8

Mary, a.32y., d.Jeremiah and Rachel, and Reuben Pratt, a.29y., machinist, of Chelsea, b. Newburyport, s.Benjamin and Betsey, of Newburyport, May15,1848.*

Mehetabel, and Joseph How of Ipswich, Feb.7,1793.

Meribah, of Bradford, and John Adams, int.Aug.25,1764.

Moses, and Sarah Groves of Ipswich, int.June25,1757.

Moses, and Sally Pike, Oct.7,1799.

Moses, jr., and Mary Smith Brocklebank of Bridgton, int.June6,1813.

Nathaniel, and Abigail Jewett of Ipswich, Dec.17,1818.

Paul, and Elisebeth Pik, int.Feb.26,1778.

Paul, and Betsey Cheney of Bradford, int.June15,1810.

Paul, jr., and Betsey Rogers, int.Mar.14,1811.

Rachel, a.23y., d.Jeremiah and Rachel, and Alfred K. Bradstreet, a.33y., shoemaker, s.Moses and Mary, Dec.2,1847.*

Samuell, and Jullian 末末,18:2m:1653.*

Samuel (Stickny), and Susanna Perley, Nov.15,1715.

Samuel, and Faith Plats, June6,1733.

Samuel, and Irene Rowlens of Newbury, May11,1784.

Samuel, jr., and Ruth Flood of Boscawen, NH, int.Nov.16,1805.

Sarah (Stickne), and Francis Palmer, Oct.30,1716.

Sarah, and James Dickinson, Mar.5,1740.*

Sarah, of Byfield, Rowley, and Jedediah Stickney, at Newbury, Feb.2,1768.TC

Sarah, of Byfield, Rowley, and John Chaplin, at Newbury, June16,1772.TC

Sarah, of Byfield, Rowley, and Nathaniel Kimball, jr. of Ipswich, at Newbury, May15,1783.TC

Sarah, 2d [Sally,], and Jacob Vinton, May12,1828.TC

Sally [], and Stephen Searle, jr., May27,1829.TC

Simon, and Mary Jewett, Apr.18,1751.

Simon, and Rebecca Clough, Nov.9,1784.

Spafford, and Lois Pike, Oct.7,1795.

Susan, and Ebenezer Jewett, Nov.18,1794.PR39*

Susan, and Samuel How, int.Dec.31,1836.TC

Thomas [of Hallowell. int.], and Dolly Lancaster, Feb.9,1792.

William, and Mary Sawyer, both of Newbury, Feb.13,1743.*

William, jr., and Judeth Frye of Salem, int.Apr.9,1778.


Edney [wid.PR2], and Jacob Flin [widr.PR2] of Milford, NH, July1,1798.

Robert, and Elizabeth Fry, Oct.4,1660.CTR*

STIMPSON (Stimson)

Patty (Stimson), and Abiel Brown of Reading, Apr.19,1792.

Mary, of Newbury, and Daniel Chute, jr. of Byfield, Rowley, at Newbury, Dec.4,1781.TC


Hannah, and Richard Swan, Dec.3,1683.*

STORY (Storer)

Abigail, of Ipswich, and Benjamin Todd, jr., int.Mar.22,1806.

Elizabeth [of], and Ebenezer Hidden, July17,1701.

Esther (Storer), and Prince Cumins, int.Sept.15,1804.

Jonathan, of Ipswich, and Lydia Sanders, Dec.31,1772.


Abigal, and Capt. Thomas Lyon, int.May24,1740.


Abiah, of Ware, NH, and Andrew Pingree, int.Sept.9,1802.

Nella, and Ens.William Searl, both of Byfield, Rowley, at Newbury, Dec.31,1777.TC

William, and Hannah Cheney, Aug.8,1824.


Hannah, of Topsfield, and Moses Chaplin, at Topsfield, June9,1747.TC [1746-7. int.]


Dorithie, and Thomas Abbat, 13:5m:1655.*

Hanah, and Thomas Jewett, May18,1692.*

Richard, and Ann Trumble, Mar.1,1658.*

Richard, and Hannah Stone, Dec.3,1683.*

Sarah, and Joseph Boynton, May13,1669.


Samuel, of Newbury, and Hannah Perrson, int.June30,1733.

SWEAT (Sweet, Swett)

Anna (Swett), of Pembroke, NH, and Benjamin Poor, int.June21,1829.TC

Ann, and Israel Clark of Ipswich, int.June17,1758.

Joseph, of Salisbury, and Anne Jewett, Mar.17,1737.

Joseph (Sweet), of Newbury, and Elizabeth Poor, int.Feb.9,1760.

Polly (Swett), of Ipswich, and Jacob Dole, int.Oct.15,1814.

Sarah, and Horatio Nelson, Sept.9,1834.TC

Sophia [Jewett.PR2] (Swett), and Horatio Nelson, Aug.30,1829.TC


Emeline, of Stoneham, and Thomas Dole, int.Nov.5,1831.TC

SWITCHER (Whicher, Whittier)

Hannah, and Samuel Boynton, Feb.17,1686.CTR*

SYLES (Syle)

Hannah, and Amos Stickney of Bradford, Jan.22,1743.*

Jane [], and Timothy Palmer, Nov.13,1730.

John (Syle), and Jane Stickny, June21,1722.

Mary [], and Joshua Boynton, Nov.29,1725.

Richard [of] (Syle), and Hannah Scott, at Newbury, Aug.31,1697.TC

Richard (Syle), and Abia Browne of Ipswich, int.Sept.5,1702.

Richard, and [] Mary Grenough, Oct.28,1719.

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