Annie E., w.Philo, jr.,末蔓末,1833.GR10

Mary, w.Philo, Jan.18,1806.GR10

Philippa Woodman, w.Granville,末蔓末,1842.GR10

Philo, Dec.9,1808.GR10

Philo Willey, Feb.25,1838.PR551

Walter, Apr.13,1842.GR10


Susanna, d.Thomas and Hephzibah, Feb.1,1684-5.


Hanna, d.末末, bp. 29:3m:1642.CR1


Charles Grafton, s.Jery L. and Lucy, bp. Apr.6,1817.CR6

Charlotte Elizabeth, d.Jery L. and Lucy, bp. Apr.6,1817.CR6

Clara Louisa, d.Jeremiah and Mary, Jan.31,1833.CR12

Edward Lang, s.Sarah, bp. Aug.3,1834.CR6

Eliza Ann, d.Samuel Lee and Mary Jane Page, bp. Aug.29,1824.CR12

Elizabeth, d.John, bp. Oct.13,1799.CR12

Ellen Maria, d.Jeremiah and Mary, Dec.7,1828.CR12

George William, s.Jery L. and Lucy, bp. Dec.5,1819.CR6

George Derby, s.Jery L. and Lucy, bp. July20,1823.CR6

George Lee, s.Samuel Lee and Mary Jane Page, bp. Aug.29,1824.CR12

Harriet Lang, d.Jery L. and Lucy, bp. July6,1817.CR6

Henry Laurence, s.John, bp. June16,1802.CR12

Henry Lawrence, s.Jery L. and Lucy, bp. Apr.6,1817.CR6

Isabella, d.Elizabeth, bp. July19,1835.CR9

Jeremiah Lee, s.Samuel and Lois, bp. May23,1779.CR6

Jeremiah, June2,1796.GR9

Jery Lee, s.Jery L. and Lucy, bp. Apr.6,1817.CR6

John Leland, s.Elizabeth, bp. July19,1835.CR9

Josiah Clark, s.Samuel and Elisabeth, bp. Mar.4,1781.CR6

Laura Deland, d.Jeremiah and Mary, June3,1839.CR12

Louisa Lee, d.Samuel Lee and Mary Jane Page, bp. Aug.29,1824.CR12

Lucy Ann Williams, d.Jery L. and Lucy, bp. Apr.6,1817.CR6

Martha Ellen, d.Jery Lee and Lucy, bp. May3,1818.CR6

Mary, Apr.9,1799.GR9

Mary Elizabeth, d.Jeremiah and Mary, Sept.22,1823.CR12

Mary Jane, d.Samuel Lee and Mary Jane Page, bp. Aug.29,1824.CR12

Nathaniel, s.Samuel and Elisabeth, bp. Aug.18,1782.CR6

Nathaniel Langdon, s.Sarah L., bp. Aug.2,1835.CR6

Porter, s.Elizabeth, bp. May27,1838.CR9

Rebecca, d.Lucy, bp. 1:7m:1639.CR1

Rebecca Putnam, d.Jeremiah and Mary, Jan.15,1827.CR12

Rebecca F., Nov.27,1827.GR9

Robert Cook, s.Hazleton and Mary Ann, bp. July3,1836.CR9

Samuel, s.Samuel and Lois, bp. Nov.23,1777.CR6

Samuel, s.John and Ruth, bp. May25,1794.CR6

Sarah, d.Jeremiah, bp. Feb.24,1750-51.CR2

Sally, Oct.14,1785.GR9

Thomas, s.Lucy, bp. 1:7m:1639.CR1

Warren, Dec.14,1846.GR10

William, s.John and Ruth, bp. Mar.13,1796.CR6

PAIN (Paine)

Abigall, d.John and Abigall (Harney), Dec.12,1712.

Francis, s.John and Abigall (Harney), June2,1718.

Henry, s.John and Abigall (Harney), Dec.20,1710.

John, s.John and Abigall (Harney), July21,1706.

Jonathan, s.John and Abigall (Harney), Apr.3,1714.

Mary, d.John and Abigall (Harney), May21,1708.

Mary, d.Henry and Mary, bp. Apr.1,1739.CR11

Sarah, d.John and Abigall (Harney), Apr.1,1716.

PAINE (Pain)

Frederic William, s.Dr. William, May23,1788.CR11

Julia Octavia, w.Joseph A., Apr.11,1815.GR9

PALFERY (Palfrey)

Remember, d.Peter, bp. 16:7m:1638.CR1

PALFERYE (Palfrey)

Mary, d.Peeter, bp. 15:10m:1639.CR1

PALFRAY (Palfrey)

Anstris, d.Walter and Margarit (Manning), Jan.7,1691.

Benjamin, July6,1801.PR552

Benjamin, Dec.23,1810.PR552

Catharine S., w.Edward, Jan.15,1835.GR9

Edward, Apr.17,1805.PR552

Edward, June8,1833.GR9

Elizabeth, d.Walter and Margarit (Manning), June9,1693.

Elizabeth, July29,1807.PR552

George, July30,178.PR552

Hannah, Oct.23,1792.PR552

Jonathan, Aug.23,1764.PR198

Lydia [d.Warwick.CR12], Dec.4,1791.PR552

Margarit, d.Walter and Margarit (Manning), Nov.15,1687.

Martha, Feb.28,1796.PR552

Mary C., Dec.3,1803.PR552

Nancy, June20,1798 or 1799.PR552

Richard, s.Walter and Margarit (Manning), May7,1681.

Richard, Dec.4,1762.PR198

Susanna, d.Walter and Margarit (Manning), June8,1695.

Thomas, s.Walter and Margarit (Manning), June24,1689.

Walter, s.Walter and Margarit (Manning), Sept.2,1683.

Warwick, s.Walter and Margarit (Manning), Nov.15,1685.

Warwick, Sept.末,1739.PR552

PALFREY (Palfery, Palferye, Palfray, Palfry)

Benjamin Ward, s.Warwick, bp. Nov.8,1767.CR1

Benjamin, s.Warwick and Hannah, bp. Aug.3,1800.CR4

Elizabeth, d.Thomas and Elizabeth, bp. Oct.11,1719.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Warwick, bp. Sept.2,1739.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Warwick, bp. July27,1766.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Jonathan and Elizabeth, bp. Apr.8,1798.CR4

Hannah, d.William, bp. Aug.末,1793.CR12

John Crowninshield, s.Thomas and Martha, bp. Aug.20,1797.CR4

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Elizabeth, bp. Apr.8,1789.CR4

Lydia, d.Jonathan and Elizabeth, bp. Apr.8,1789.CR4

Mary, d.Warwick, bp. Oct.7,1764.CR1

Mary Chapman, d.Warwick and Hannah, bp. May29,1803.CR4

Nancy, d.Jonathan and Elizabeth, bp. Apr.8,1789.CR4

Nancy, d.Warwick and Hannah, bp. May26,1799.CR4

Richard, s.Warwick, bp. Jan.3,1741-2.CR1

Richard, s.Warwick, bp. Feb.3,1772.CR1

Richard, s.Jonathan and Elizabeth, bp. Apr.8,1798.CR4

[Sally, d.Thomas.CR12], Oct.4,1781.PR79

Thomas, s.Warwick, bp. Dec.3,1769.CR1

[Thomas, s.Thomas.CR12], Apr.4,1783.PR79

Thomas, s.Thomas and Martha, bp. Dec.8,1793.CR4

Walter, s.Warwick, bp. June1,1718.CR1

Walter, s.Warwick, bp. Apr.26,1761.CR1

Warwick, s.Thomas and Martha, bp. May3,1795.CR4

PALFRY (Palfrey)

末末, ch.末末, sailmaker, bp. June22,1783.CR11

末末, s.Warwick, bp. July末,1789.CR12

Jehodan, d.Peeter, bp. 25:10m:1636.CR1

Jonathan, s Peeter, bp. 25:10m:1636.CR1

Patty, d.Warwick, bp. Mar.6,1796.CR12

Warwick, s.Warwick, bp. Oct.30,1715.CR1

Warwick, s.W., bp. Oct.末,1787.CR12

PALMER (Pamer, Parmer)

Caroline, Nov.12,1819.PR26

Charles W., s.Charles and Clara L., Aug.4,1835.GR9

Charles W., s.Charles, Mar.末,1847.

Eliza, Feb.7,1814.GR9

Elizabeth, d.Richard, bp. Aug.11,1751.CR11

George W., s.William H., Sept.末,1846 [ Sept.15.GR9]

Grace Porter, w.William L., Apr.21,1843.GR9

Hannah Maria, Jan.31,1822.PR26

Jane E., d.Theron, shoe dealer, and Elizabeth T., May8,1848.

Leon J., s.Charles, June末,1844.

Louisa V., d.Samuel, clergyman, Jan.末,1846.

Lydia, d.Richard, bp. May6,1759.CR11

Maryann, Oct.20,1814.PR26

Martha, d.Richard and Mary (Gilbert), 21:6m:1678.CTR

Mary, d.Richard and Mary (Gilbert), 8:7m:1673.CTR

Mary, d.Richard, bp. Mar.19,1748-9.CR11

Richard, s.Richard and Mary (Gilbert), 6:10m:1675.CTR

Richard, s.Richard, bp. July13,1746.CR11

Richard, s.Richard, bp. Aug.16,1747.CR11

Richard, s.Richard, bp. July1,1750.CR11

Richard, s.Richard, bp. Mar.26,1758.CR11

Samuell, s.Richard and Mary (Gilbert), Apr.7,1683.CTR

Sarah, d.Richard, bp. Dec.13,1761.CR11

Stephen, Aug.20,1817.PR26

William, s.Richard, bp. Jan.21,1753.CR11

William H., Mar.25,1811.GR9

William, H.H.,末蔓末,1839.GR9

William L., Mar.22,1839.GR9

PAMER (Palmer)

Sarah, d.Richard, bp. July2,1710.CR1


Ann Atkinson, d.M.P., bp. Sept.24,1837.CR5


Abigail, d.William and Abigail, bp. Aug.14,1803.CR4

Abraham Watson, s.William and Abigail, bp. June30,1811.CR4

Almira, d.Isaac and Polly, bp. Feb.26,1794.CR4

Angelina D., w.John B.,末蔓末,1821.GR9

Anna, d.Philemon and Mary, bp. Dec.12,1784.CR6

Anna, d.Philemon and Mary, bp. Aug.12,1787.CR6

Augusta, d.Isaac and Polly, bp. Oct.3,1797.CR4

Bridget, d.Michael and Margeret, bp. July21,1848.CR14

Charles, s.William and Abigail, bp. Sept.4,1814.CR4

Charlotte, d.Isaac and Mary, bp. Feb.6,1801.CR4

Clarissa, d.Isaac and Polly, bp. Aug.4,1792.CR4

Edward, s.William and Abigail, Feb.22,1817.CR4

Elizabeth, d.William and Abigail, bp. Dec.22,1805.CR4

Emma M.T., d.John D. and Angelina D.,末蔓末,1847.GR9

Eunice F., d.John, Feb.末,1847.

George Augustus, s.William and Abigail, bp. May19,1822.CR4

Giles, s.John and Mary (Coree), 16:2m:1675.CTR

Hannah, d.Henry, bp. Jan.2,1783.CR11

Hannah, d.Isaac and Polly, bp. Aug.4,1792.CR4

Hannah, d.Broadstreet and Hannah, July27,1794.

Harriet M., mother of John B.,末蔓末,1791.GR9

Henry Bradstreet, s.Broadstreet and Hannah, Apr.22,1796.

Isaac, s.Isaac and Polly, bp. Nov.27,1795.CR4

John, s.John and Mary (Coree), Mar.30,1674.CTR

John, s.Phileman and Mary, bp. Jan.3,1779.CR6

John Watson, s.William and Abigail, bp. July24,1808.CR4

John B., s.Harriet M.,末蔓末,1821.GR9

John D., s.John B. and Angelina D.,末蔓末,1840.GR9

Joseph, s.John and Mary (Coree), 17:7m:1680.CTR

Lydia, d.Philemon and Mary, bp. Sept.23,1776.CR6

Lydia, d.Isaac and Polly, bp. Aug.4,1792.CR4

Lydia B. (w.Joseph Hartwell), Feb.18,1820.PR468

Margerett, d.John and Mary (Coree), 11:12m:1682.CTR

Mary, d.末末, bp. 13:10m:1646.CR1

Mary, d.John and Mary (Coree), 12:2m:1676.CTR

Mary, d.John and Mary (Coree), 2:12m:1677.CTR

Polly [Molly, d.Philemon and Mary.CR5], (w.John Adams), Mar.4,1774.GR7

Mary, d.N., bp. July24,1791.CR12

Polly, d.Isaac and Polly, bp. Aug.4,1792.CR4

Moses, s.Isaac and Mary, bp. May6,1802.CR4

Phillimon, s.Phillemon and Mary, bp. Feb.9,1772.CR5

Rebekah, d.Philemon and Mary, bp. Aug.26,1781.CR6

Rebecca Ann, d.Wililam, bp. Oct.3,1830.CR10

Sally Winship, d.Noah, bp. Jan.16,1780.CR12

Sophia Mellen, d.Nathaniel, bp. Jan.25,1789.CR12

William Bradstreet, s.William and Abigail, Mar.7,1801.CR4


Deliverance, s.Deliverance and Sara (Veren), Jan.16,1676.CTR

Deliverance, s.Deliverance and Margaret,末蔓末,1686.CTR

Elias, s.Elias and Sara, 31:6m:1660.CTR

Margrett, d.Deliverance and Margaret, Oct.7,1688.CTR

Samuell, s.Deliverance and Margaret, June24,1687.CTR

Sarah, d.Deliverance and Sara (Veren), July29,1678.CTR

Veren, s.Deliverance and Sara (Veren), 15:12m:1680-81.CTR

William, s.Elias and Sara, 29:1m:1658.CTR


Alvah, June20,1838.GR10

PARMER (Palmer)

Mary, d.Richard, bp. Oct.5,1707.CR1

PARNALL (Palmer)

Francis, s.Francis and Mary (Stacy), 28:8m:1667.CTR

Joseph, s.Francis and Mary (Stacy), 22:9m:1673.CTR

Mary, d.Francis and Mary (Stacy), Mar.6,1668-9.CTR

Moses, s.Francis and Mary (Stacy), 21:4m:1670.CTR

PARNEL (Parnell)

Benjamin, s.wid.Annis, bp. July19,1747.CR2

Betsy, d.John, bp. Feb.末,1783.CR12

James, s.John, bp. Feb.末,1783.CR12

John Bird, s.Jonas, bp. Dec.31,1775.CR12

John, s.John, bp. Feb.末,1783.CR12

Jonas, s.Jonas, bp. Dec.6,1778.CR12

Martha [d.Jonas.CR12], (wid.Capt. James Derby), Jan.1,1774.GR9

Mary, d.wid.Annis, July19,1747.CR2

Polly, d.Jonas, bp. Dec.末,1783.CR12

Sarah, d.wid.Annis, bp. July19,1747.CR2

William, s.Jonas, bp. Apr.1,1781.CR12

PARNELL (Parnall, Parnel, Pennel, Pennell)

Abigail, d.Benjamin and Mary, bp. [bet. Oct.28,1716 and Feb.3,1716-17]CR3

George, s.John and Sarah, bp. Sept.20,1831.CR11

Hannah, d.Benjamin and Mary, bp.末蔓末,1721.CR3

John, s.Benjamin, bp. Aug.31,1712.CR2

John Henry, s.John and Sarah, bp. Dec.26,1824, a.2m.CR11

Lisa, d.Benjamin and Mary, bp. Oct.3,1714.CR3

Martha D. (w.Joseph Ross), Feb.20,1804.PR299

Sarah Ropes, d.John, bp. Aug.19,1827, a.4m.CR11

PARROT (Perrot)

Abigail, d.James and Abigail, Oct.12,1732.

Abraham, s.James and Abigail, Dec.29,1737.

Elizabeth, d.James and Mary, Nov.10,1726.

Betsey, d.Samuel and Mary, bp. Jan.14,1787.CR4

James [James Jeffry Perrot.CR11], s.James and Abigail, Apr.1,1740.

Sarah, d.James and Abigail, Feb.17,1735.


末末, d.Calvin H. and Maria J., Nov.13,1849.

Albert A., s.Calvin H. and Maria J., May27,1848.

Catherine A., d.Calvin, trader, Jan.末,1846.

David T., Aug.22,1820.PR553

Mary E., d.David T., Dec.7,1844.

Mary Ellen, Jan.15,1845.PR553

Matilda F., d.Nathaniel H., Nov.末,1844.


Abigail, w.Samuel, Sept.1,1805.GR9

Augustus H., s.John J. and Mary E., Nov.28,1847.

Clarissa A., d.John, Oct.末,1847.

Ebon O., Jan.29,1842.GR9

Betsey, d.Thomas and Elizabeth, bp. Dec.16,1787.CR4

Elizabeth Abby, Mar.20,1845.GR9

Emeline Ashby, Nov.17,1828.GR10

Frances G., w.John H., Nov.1,1829.GR9

George W., Mar.4,1815.GR10

Hannah M., w.John, Mar.16,1814.GR9

John, Oct.3,1814.GR9

John H., Apr.2,1826.GR9

John J., s.John and Mary E., July31,1849.

Jonathan, Nov.11,1793.GR9

Joseph, s.Thomas and Elizabeth, bp. Nov.6,1785.CR4

Joseph M.,末蔓末,1840.GR9

Stephen Clark, s.Thomas and Elizabeth, bp. July24,1796.CR4

Thomas, s.Thomas and Elizabeth, bp. Nov.6,1785.CR4

William D., a member of Co. H. 23d Reg. Mass.Vols., Mar.23,1838.GR9

PASCA (Pasco)

Margery, d.Hugh and Sara (Wooland), Mar.3,1673.CTR

Sarah, d.Hugh and Sara (Wooland), 16:8m:1671.CTR

PASCO (Pasca)

Abigail, d.Hugh, bp. Oct.19,1690.CR1

Abigaile, d.Hugh and Mary, Feb.2,1692.CTR

Elizabeth, d.Hugh and Mary, Aug.14,1685.CTR

Hannah, d.Hugh and Mary, Mar.22,1690.CTR

James, s.Hugh, bp. Apr.14,1700.CR1

John, s.Hugh and Mary, July15,1689.CTR

Jonathan, s.Hugh and Mary, Oct.11,1696.CTR

Margarett, d.Hugh and Mary, Feb.17,1694-5.CTR

Mary, d.Hugh and Mary, Oct.9,1680.CTR


Abraham, s.末末, bp. 5:6m:1649.CR1

Alden, July24,1840.GR10

Elizabeth, d.James and Hana, 16:4m:164.CTR

Elizabeth, d.John and Elizabeth, 6:12m:1652.CTR

Elizabeth M. Abbott, w.William H.H., Mar.26,1839.GR9

Elen, d.John and Elizabeth, 30:7m:[bet. 1652 and 1658.]

Harriet M., Sept.19,1835.GR9

Ira J[oseph, s.I.H.CR5], Apr.27,1835.GR9

James, s.James and Hana, 21:4m:1655.CTR

John, s.John and Elizabeth, 1:1m:1658.CTR

Martha Miranda, d.I.H., bp. Nov.15,1840.CR5

Mary, d.James and Hana, 21:3m:1647.CTR

Mary, d.James and Hana, 6:2m:1649.CTR

Mary Miranda, d.I.H., bp. Nov.15,1840.CR5

Nicholas, s.James and Hana, 21:8m:1657.CTR

Return, ch.Ira H. and Hannah D., Aug.4,1839.GR9

Reuben Parker, s.I.H., bp. Nov.15,1840.CR5

Richard, s.John and Elizabeth, Apr.30,1648.CTR

Sara, d.John and Elizabeth, 28:5m:1650.CTR

William H[enry.CR5] H[arrison, s.Ira H.CR5], Oct.11,1841.GR9

PATERSON (Patterson)

Abraham, s.William, bp. June17,1799.CR11

John, s.William, May4,1761.CR11

Lydia, d.William, bp. Dec.28,1755.CR11

Mary Rich, d.William, bp. Mar.1,1767.CR11

Rebecca, d.William, bp. Dec.28,1755.CR11

Sarah, d.William, bp. July3,1757.CR11

Thomas, s.William, bp. Sept.30,1770.CR11

William, s.William, bp. Dec.28,1755.CR11


Elizabeth, d.John and Elizabeth, bp. Feb.15,1789.CR11

James, s.末末, bp. Mar.13,1785.CR11

Joshua, s.Thomas, bp. Feb.16,1787.CR11

PATON (Patten)

Agnes, Nov.31,1824.GR9

George, May23,1822.GR9

PATTEN (Paton, Pattin)

Paul B.,末蔓末,1838.GR10

PATTERSON (Paterson)

末末, two chn. Mr., bp. Oct.18,1789.CR11

Amelia, d.William and Sarah, bp. Nov.9,1800.CR4

Ann Fuller, w.E.S., Sept.8,1810.GR9

Benjamin, Nov.22,1779.PR353

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Mary (Barnes), Feb.21,1808.PR353

Benjamin, 2d, s.Benjamin and Mary (Barnes), Jan.17,1809.PR353

Eliphalet Smith, s.Benjamin and Mary (Barnes), Aug.1,1813.PR353

Hannah, d.William, bp. Feb.20,1774.CR11

Hannah, d.John and Hannah, bp. Jan.24,1796.CR4

Henry Norris, s.William and Sarah, bp. Nov.27,1796.CR4

John Archer, s.William and Sarah, bp. Aug.30,1805.CR4

John, July26,1826.GR10

Margaret Strout, d.John and Susanna, bp. Sept.29,1805.CR4

Mary, d.Thomas, bp. June15,1794.CR11

Mary, d.William and Mary, bp. Aug.28,1808.CR4

Mehetable, d.William, bp. Apr.25,1773.CR11

Mehitable Smith, d.William and Sara, bp. Apr.11,1802.CR4

Mehitable Smith, d.Benjamin and Mary (Barnes), Feb.10,1811.PR353

Nathaniel C., Aug.31,1835.GR9

Priscilla, d.John and Hannah, bp. July19,1801.CR4

Rebecca, d.William and Rebecca, bp. Aug.15,1813.CR6

Rebecca C., Sept.11,1843.GR10

Robert Smith, s.William, bp. Sept.1,1771.CR11

Sally, d.John and Hannah, bp. Aug.26,1798.CR4

Sarah, d.William and Sarah, bp. Mar.3,1799.CR4

Sophia, d.Capt., bp. Nov.19,1803, a.10m.CR11

Susanna, inf.d.William and Susanna, bp. Feb.15,1789.CR11

Thomas, s.Thomas, bp. May4,1800.CR11

William, s.William, bp. Aug.26,1764.CR11

William, s.William, bp. Mar.18,1770.CR11

William, s.William and Susanna, bp. Feb.15,1789, a.perhaps 7y.CR11

William, s.William and Sarah, bp. Jan.11,1795.CR4

William, s.Thomas, bp. Sept.16,1798.CR11

William, s.Benjamin and Mary (Barnes), Aug.24,1817.PR353

PATTIN (Patten)

David, s.David, bp. Jan.24,1768.CR11

Betsy, d.John and Elizabeth Hulen, Dec.6,1775.PR554

Hannah, d.David, bp. Jan.24,1768.CR11

PATTY (Pettey)

John, s.John and Sally, bp. Sept.4,1808.CR11


John, s.John, deceased, and Sarah, bp. June29,1740.CR1

Polly Royall, d.John, bp. June8,1794.CR11


Albert L., Rev., Oct.22,1805.GR9

Albert Henry, s.Edward H., bp. Apr.11,1848.CR12

Amelia Mellus, w.Edward H., Apr.5,1806.GR9

Edward H., Dec.5,1803.GR9

Harriet Amelia, d.Edward H. and Amelia, Nov.8,1833.CR12

Marie H. Hoffer, w.William E., Nov.24,1844.GR9

Mary Ellen, d.Edward H. and Amelia M., Oct.12,1828.CR12

William Edward, s.Edward H. and Amelia, July14,1839.CR12

William Edward, s.Edward H. and Amelia, Feb.14,1842.CR12


末末, d.[s.PR188] George, Feb.18,1840.PR88

Alfred, Feb.6,1806.GR9

Alfred Symonds, s.Alfred, merchant, and Jerusha (Winn), June10,1836.EC

Anna Perkins, d.David and Marie Pingree, Oct.18,1839.GR9

Augusta Balch, w.George Augustus, Dec.26,1839.GR9

Brackley R., h.Lucinda (Dodge), Aug.17,1798.GR9

Brackley R., Aug.27,1825.GR10

Caroline, d.Samuel, bp. Aug.21,1813.CR12

Catherine Elizabeth, d.Joseph, bp. July17,1808.CR12

Charles, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, Dec.8,1797.GR9

Charles Frederick, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, Mar.4,1806.GR9 [Mar.12.PR334]

Charles Henry, s.Jacob and Lydia, bp. Aug.20,1815.CR6

Charles B., s.Brackly R. and Lucinda (Dodge), Aug.15,1843.PR515

Charles Blake, s.Alfred, merchant, and Jerusha, Mar.12,1848.

Christianna, wid.Ezra, Dec.1,1774.GR9

Clara Endicott, d.George and Clara, Aug.21,1828.PR92

David Robbins, Apr.4,1820.PR555

Edwin N., s.Alfred and Jerusha, Jan.8,1846.

Edwin, s.Allen, Jan.末,1848.

Eliza Endicott, d.George and Clara, Oct.4,1834.PR92

Elizabeth Smith, w.Joseph, Apr.2,1767.GR9

Elizabeth Manning, d.John, bp. Jan.末,1814.CR12

Elizabeth Smith, d.Joseph Augustus, July31,1822.CR12

Elizabeth Putnam, d.Francis and Martha, May10,1829.PR92

Ellen, d.George and Clara, May21,1833.PR92

Ellen Elizabeth, d.Nathaniel, bp. May20,1836.CR12

Ezra, s.Ezra and Christianna, May28,1797.GR9

Fanny, d.George and Clara, Feb.18,1840.PR92

Francis, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, July14,1799.GR9

Francis, s.Joseph, Dec.7,1801.GR9

Francis, jr., s.Francis and Martha, Feb.11,1828.PR92

Francis, jr., s.Francis and Martha, Mar.25,1831.PR92 [Mar.26.GR9]

Francis A.N., Sept.13,1849.GR9

George, Feb.18,1795.GR9

George, s.Joseph, Jan.12,1804.GR9

George Francis, s.Nathaniel, bp. Nov.14,1813.CR12

George Webster, Mar.28,1828.PR555

George, s.George and Clara [Endicott.GR9], Mar.1,1830.PR92

George L.,末蔓末,1831.GR9

George L., s.Brackly R. and Lucinda (Dodge), Jan.20,1832.PR515

George Washington, s.Oliver and Abigail, bp. Oct.25,1835.CR6

George H[enry.PR555], s.David R. and Lydia E., Mar.28,1845.

Georgianna, d.James M. and Harriet R., Oct.11,1849.

Harriet, d.Jacob and Lydia, bp. Aug.20,1815.CR6

Harriet W., w.C. Webster,末蔓末,1826.GR9

Harriet Elizabeth, Feb.23,1826.PR555

Helen Bloodgood, w.Francis, July4,1834.GR9

Henry W., Aug.22,1838.GR9

Herbert, s.Samuel, jr. and Eliza (Mussey), 2d w., May27,1806.

Herbert, s.Samuel, bp. Dec.13,1811.CR12

Israel Morgan, s.adopted, 末末, bp. July13,1828.CR10

Jacob Low, s.Jacob and Lydia, bp. Aug.20,1815.CR6

Jerusha Tay, w.Alfred, Apr.26,1808.GR9

Joseph, Dec.12,1757.GR9

Joseph Augustus, s.Joseph, Aug.7,1796.GR9

Joseph, s.Francis [and Martha.PR92], Jan.31,1824.CR12

Joseph Augustus [subsequently changed to George Augustus.dup.], s.George and Clara, Aug.23,1831.

Joseph, s.Allen, Mar.末,1845.

Joseph S., s.Allen, cordwainer, May末,1845.

Lucy Manning, d.Jacob and Lydia, bp. Aug.20,1815.CR6

Lucy E., d.Allen and Lucy, Feb.19,1849.

Lydia E. Chandler, w.David R., May6,1819.GR9

Marianne Cabot, w.Samuel Endicott, Oct.11,1828.GR9

Martha, d.Samuel, bp. Dec.13,1811.CR12

Martha Endicott, d.Francis and Martha, July6,1826.PR92

Mary Ann, d.John, bp. Jan.21,1816.CR12

Mary Crowninshield, d.George and Clara, July26,1836.PR92

Mary I., d.Alfred and Jerusha, Mar.2,1845.

Nathaniel Cranch, s.Nathaniel, bp. Dec.15,1811.CR12

Oliver Bancroft, s.Oliver, bp. Aug.21,1842.CR6

Samuel Endicott, s.Francis [and Martha.dup.], Apr.末,1825.CR12 [Apr.19. dup.]

Samuel J., s.Charles, currier, Apr.末,1846.

Sarah Louisa, d.J.A. [Joseph Augustus.GR9], Dec.6,1823.CR12 [Nov.6.GR9]

Sarah A. True, w.John P., Aug.29,1835.GR9

Sophia, d.Nathaniel and Elisabeth, bp. Oct.1,1809.CR6

Susan E., w.Brackley, Oct.11,1827.GR10

Wellington, s.Nathaniel, bp. Jan.21,1816.CR12

William, s.末末, bp. July21,1745.CR2

William Augustus, s.Jacob and Lydia, bp. Mar.17,1816.CR6

William Henry, Apr.10,1822.PR555

William G., Oct.末,1823.GR10


Augusta Smith, d.Patty H., bp. Aug.28,1825.CR10

Benjamin Williams, s.Patty H., bp. Aug.28,1825.CR10

Francis Henry, s.Patty H., bp. Aug.28,1825.CR10

George, s.William, bp. Oct.2,1836.CR5

Lewis, s.William, bp. Oct.2,1836.CR5

Martha Ann Hadley, d.Patty H., bp. Aug.28,1825.CR10

Mary E., d.Franklin and Hannah A., May4,1849.

Sarah, d.Sarah, bp. Sept.21,1701.CR1

PEAL (Peele)

Abigail, d.George, jr. and Abigail (Agur), June1,1700.

Abigail, d.Robert and Mary, bp. Sept.11,1743.CR1

Ann, d.Robert and Mary, bp. Sept.27,1747.CR5

Ann, d.Robert and Mary, bp. Mar.29,1752.CR5

Benjamin, s.George and Abigail, bp. June14,1719.CR1

Benjamin, s.Ebenezer and Hannah, bp. Oct.17,1742.CR1

Ebenezer, s.George and Abigail, bp. June14,1719.CR1

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Hannah, bp. Oct.17,1742.CR1

Elizabeth, twin. d.George, jr. and Abigail, bp. Mar.23,1728-9.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Jonathan and Sarah, bp. Feb.2,1734-5.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Jonathan and Sarah, bp. June6,1736.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Robert and Mary, bp. Sept.24,1749.CR5

George, jr., Jan.2,1673.

George, s.George, jr. and Abigail (Agur), Nov.14,1697.

Hannah, d.George and Abigail, bp. June14,1719.CR1

Hannah, d.Jonathan and Sarah, bp. Nov.18,1733.CR1

Hannah, d.Roger and Hannah, bp. Mar.23,1739-40.CR1

Hannah, d.Ebenezer and Hannah, bp. Apr.17,1743.CR1

Jonathan, s.George, jr. and Abigail (Agur), Dec.16,1702.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Sarah, bp. July18,1731.CR1

Jonathan, s.Jonathan, jr. and Margaret, Sept.5,1756.CR5

Joseph, s.George, jr. and Abigail, bp. Dec.6,1730.CR1

Joseph, s.Ebenezer and Hannah, bp. Sept.13,1747.CR5

Lydia, d.Ebenezer and Hannah, bp. June25,1749.CR5

Lydia, d.Robert and Mary, bp. May26,1754.CR5

Margarett, d.Roger and Hannah, bp. Mar.23,1739-40.CR1

Margarett, d.Robert and Mary, bp. Feb.28,1741-2.CR1

Martha, d.Jonathan and Sarah, bp. Nov.8,1729.CR1

Mary, twin. d.George, jr. and Abigail, bp. Mar.23,1728-9.CR1

Mary, d.George, jr. and Abigail, bp. Aug.12,1733.CR1

Mary, d.Robert and Mary, bp. Oct.19,1740.CR1

Mary, d.Ebenezer and Hannah, bp. June2,1751.CR5

Patience, d.Roger and Hannah, bp. Dec.13,1747.CR5

Paul, s.Ebenezer and Priscilla, bp. Apr.4,1756.CR5

Priscilla, d.Ebenezer and Priscilla, Apr.10,1757.CR5

Rebeckah Waters, d.Roger and Hannah, bp. June3,1753.CR5

Robert, s.Roger and Margaret, Aug.29,171.

Robert, s.Robert and Mary, bp. Jan.9,1736-7.CR1

Rodger, s.Roger and Margaret, Aug.5,1710.

Roger, s.Roger and Hannah, bp. May16,1742.CR1

Samuel, s.Roger and Margaret, Mar.23,1716-17.

Samuel, s.Roger and Hannah, bp. Oct.27,1751.CR5

Sarah, d.Jonathan and Sarah, bp. Sept.15,1728.CR1

Sarah, d.Ebenezer and Hannah, bp. Nov.24,1745.CR5

Sarah, d.Jonathan, jr. and Margaret, bp. Aug.2,1752.CR5

Sarah, d.Ebenezer and Priscilla, June3,1759.CR5

William Bartol, s.Robert and Mary, bp. Dec.17,1738.CR1

PEARSE (Pierce)

末末, d.Samuel and Hannah, bp. Aug.末,1725.CR3

Abraham, s.Samuell and Hannah, bp. Apr.15,1722.CR3

Amos, s.Thomas, bp. Nov.29,1741.CR2

Anna, d.Thomas and Mercy, bp. Nov.12,1738.CR2

Hannah, d.Samuel and Hannah, bp. Apr.24,1737.CR3

Isabel, d.Samuel and Hannah, bp. Apr.24,1732.CR3

James, s.Samuel and Hannah, bp. Apr.14,1734.CR3

Jonathan, s.Samuel and Hannah, bp. Mar.22,1729-30.CR3

Joseph, s.Thomas, bp. Mar.1,1718-19.CR2

Joseph, s.Samuel and Hannah, bp. July23,1738.CR3

Samuell, s.Samuell and Hannah, bp. Oct.末,1723.CR3

Sarah, d.Thomas and Mercy, bp. Nov.12,1738.CR2

PEARSON (Peirson, Person)

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Polly, bp. July31,1822.CR10

Edward L., s.Benjamin, jr., tobacconist, May末,1845.

George E.,末蔓末,1843.GR10

William P., Apr.30,1849.GR10


George H.,末蔓末,1842.GR9


Margaret, w.Israel,末蔓末,1820.GR9

PEAS (Pease)

Mary, d.John, bp. 5:3m:1667.CR1

PEASE (Peas, Pees, Peese)

Abigaile, d.John and Ann (Cummins), 2d w., 15:10m:1675.CTR

Abraham, s.John and Mary, 5:4m:166.CTR [1662.TC]

Benjamin, s.Nathaniell and Elizabeth (Ashby), May10,1702.

Benjamin, s.Jonathan and Sarah, bp. Jan.28,1749-50.CR5

Benjamin O., s.Benjamin, June末,1846.

Benjamin A., s.Benjamin and Jane, Nov.23,1849.

Bethiah, d.Robert and Sara, 11:4m:1660.CTR

Bethiah, d.Robert and Sara, 18:11m:1673.CTR

Caroline E., w.Samuel W., Oct.7,1819.GR10

Catharine Aiken, d.Benjamin, bp. June6,1841.CR5

Charles H., s.Richard, baker, Oct.末,1844.

Charles A., s.Richard, Dec.末,1846.

Charles, Dec.2,1847.GR10

Daniel, s.Jonathan and Sarah, bp. Jan.6,1754.CR5

Deliverance, d.Robert and Sara, bp. 6:10m:1664.CTR

Elizabeth, d.Robert and Sara, 20:6m:1662.CTR

Elizabeth, d.Isac and Elizabeth (Thomas), Feb.11,1697-8.

Elizabeth, d.Nathaniell and Elizabeth (Ashby), May15,1706.

Elizabeth, d.Jonathan and Sarah, bp. May25,1746.CR5

Eunice, d.Jonathan and Sarah, bp. June10,1764.CR5

George W., Apr.6,1814.GR9

Hannah, d.Jonathan and Sarah, bp. Mar.5,1758.CR5

Harriet E., twin. d.Samuel W., tin plater, and Caroline E., Mar.1,1849.

Harriet, d.Richard and Harriet W., June11,1849.

Isaack, s.Robert and Sara, Nov.30,1671.CTR

Issacke, s.John and Ann (Cummins), 2d w., July15,1672.CTR

Isaac, s.Isac and Elizabeth (Thomas), July1,1698-9.

James, s.John and Ann (Cummins), 2d w., 23:10m:1670.CTR

John, s.John and Mary, 20:3m:1654.CTR

John, s.John and Margerett (Adams), Apr.22,1678.CTR

John, s.Nathaniell and Elizabeth (Ashby), Feb.4,1703-04.

John H., s.George W., printer, June末,1847.

Jonathan, s.John and Mary, Jan.2,1668.CTR

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Sarah, bp. Feb.28,1747-8.CR5

Margaret, d.John and Mary, Oct.8,1658.CTR

Margaret H., d.George W., printer, June8,1849.

Mary, d.Robert, bp. 15:8m:1643.CR1

Mary, d.Robert and Sara, 15:12m:1666.CTR

Mary, d.Robert, jr. and Abigaile (Randall), Mar.11,1680-81.CTR

Mary, d.Isac and Elizabeth (Thomas),末蔓末, [aft. 1699.]

Mary, d.Jonathan and Sarah, bp. Sept.26,1742.CR1

Mary E., twin. d.Samuel W., tin plater, and Caroline E., Mar.1,1849.

Nathaniell, s.Robert, bp. 15:8m:1643.CR1

Nathaniell, s.Robert and Sara, 28:12m:1677-8.CTR

Robert, s.John and Mary, 14:3m:1656.CTR

Robert, s.Robert and Sara, Mar.25,1669.CTR

Robert, s.Jonathan and Sarah, bp. Dec.29,1751.CR5

Samuel, s.Jonathan and Sarah, bp. Nov.16,1740.CR1

Samuel W., Nov.26,1818.GR10

Sarah, d.Robert, bp. 15:8m:1643.CR1

Sarah, d.Jonathan and Sarah, bp. Dec.21,1755.CR5

William, s.Robert, jr. and Abigaile (Randall), 26:7m:1679.CTR


Austin J.,末蔓末,1841.GR9


Andrew J., s.Joshua, trader, Apr.末,1846.

Mary Jane, d.William and Lydia Ann, Jan.20,1837.

William Wallace, s.William and Lydia Ann, Nov.28,1833.

PEDRICK (Petherick, Pethrick)

Thomas Henry, s.Benjamin and Mary Ann, May27,1824.CR14


George, s.George and Hannah, Aug.8,1688.CTR

PEEL (Peele)

Abigail, d.Benjamin, bp. Jan.5,1777.CR5

Benjamin, grand s.Robert and Mary, bp. Apr.1,1764.CR5

George, s.Benjamin and Mary, bp. Dec.5,1773.CR5

Josiah, s.Robert, bp. Mar.17,1771.CR5

Robert, s.Robert, jr., bp. Mar.17,1771.CR5

PEELE (Peal, Peel)

Abigail, d.Robert, bp. Sept.9,1745.CR1

Abigail Mason, d.Capt. Jonathan, Nov.1,1767.PR406

Abigail R. (w.Benjamin Edwards), Nov.18,1814.PR414

Catharine Sparhawk, d.Willard and Margaret, bp. May22,1814.CR1

Betsy (Smith), w.Robert, Aug.21,1768.CR1

Elizabaeth Donaldson, Oct.1,1776.PR149

Elizabeth Ropes, d.Robert and Elizabeth, bp. Mar.10,1816.CR6

Hannah, d.Benjamin and Mary, bp. Apr.17,1768.CR5

Hannah, d.Robert and Hannah, bp. July3,1791.CR4

Hannah Benson, d.Robert and Hannah, bp. Mar.29,1801.CR4

Jane A., d.Jonathan W., merchant, and Sarah, Dec.8,1848.

Jonathan Willard, s.Willard and Margaret, bp. June末,1804.CR1

Joseph, s.Joseph and Mary, bp. Apr.7,1799.CR4

Lydia, d.Joseph and Mary, bp. July27,1800.CR4

Margaret, d.Roger and Hannah (Peal), Jan.8,1736.

Margaret Mason, d.Willard and M., bp. June19,1803.CR1

Mary Millet, Jan.15,1775.PR134

Mary, d.William and Lydia, bp. Mar.2,1794.CR4

Rebecker, Sept.4,1778.PR173

Robert, Apr.19,1767.GR1

Robert, s.Robert and Hannah, bp. Dec.8,1793.CR4

Robert, s.Robert and Hannah, bp. July7,1799.CR4

Robert, s.Robert and Hannah, bp. Jan.25,1807.CR4

Sarah A., June18,1814.GR9

Stephen, s.Stephen, bp. Dec.1,1801.CR12

Susan, w.William, Jan.4,1803.GR9

Susan S., Oct.4,1828.GR9

Thomas Benson, s.Robert and Hanna, bp. Jan.9,1803.CR4

Willard, s.Capt. Jonathan, jr., Nov.30,1773.PR406

Willard, s.J.W., merchant, Oct.末,1847.

Willard Silsbee, s.Joseph Willard and Sarah Ann, Nov.20,1847.PR188

William, Dec.27,1738.GR1

William, s.Robert and Mary, bp. Mar.3,1782.CR6

William, s.Robert and Hannah, bp. Apr.2,1797.CR4

William, May26,1804.GR9

PEES (Pease)

Benjamin, s.Jonathan and Hannah, bp. Dec.17,1780.CR5

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Hannah, bp. Jan.13,1771.CR5

Polly, d.Benjamin and Mary, bp. June30,1776.CR5

Rachel, d.Hannah, bp. Apr.5,1778.CR5

Samuel, s.Jonathan and Hannah, bp. Feb.28,1773.CR5

Susannah, d.Hannah, bp. Apr.5,1778.CR5

PEESE (Pease)

Eunice, d.Jonathan, bp. Apr.19,1767.CR1

PEETERS (Peters)

Elizabeth, d.末末, bp. 8:1m:1640.CR1

John, s.Gilbert and Elizabeth (Hilliard), Mar.14,1676.CTR

Richard, s.Gilbert and Elizabeth (Hilliard), 12:11m:1670.CTR

William, s.Gilbert and Elizabeth (Hilliard), June19,1673.CTR

PEIRCE (Pierce)

末末, s.John, bp. Oct.8,1785.CR5

末末, d.William, May27,1842.PR188

末末, s.Augustus, Mar.末,1848.

Benjamin, s.Jerathtmael, Dec.6,1772.PR487

Benjamin, s.Jerathmael, Dec.13,1776.PR487

Benjamin, s.Jerathmael, Sept.30,1778.PR487

Bethyah, d.Thomas, bp. Mar.30,1707.CR2

Caroline E., w.George C., Feb.16,1820.GR9

Caroline Putnam, d.William P. and Caroline, bp. Feb.21,1841.CR4

Charles Francis, s.John B. and Sarah Ann, June24,1842.

Charles E., s.George C. and Caroline E., June3,1848.GR9

Clara E., d.James, Oct.末,1847.

Elizabeth, d.John and Elizabeth, Apr.6,1724.

Betsy, d.Nathan, bp. Mar.6,1774.CR12

Betsey, d.Jerathamael, Feb.4,1783.PR487

Betsey, d.Jerahtamael, Apr.14,1785.PR487

Betsey, d.Jerathamael, Mar.23,1787.PR487

Elizabeth, Mar.23,1787.PR534

Betsy, d.Jonathan, bp. Jan.18,1789.CR12

Elizabeth P., May24,1813.PR141

Ellen Glover, d.Charles and Emma, Mar.13,1847.CR11

Eveline, d.Jonathan and Lydia, Aug.24,1809.GR9

George, s.Nathan, bp. Oct.末,1783.CR12

George C., s.Jonathan and Lydia (Osborne), at Medford, Apr.25,1812.PR563

George Cook, s.Jonathan and Lydia (Osborne), at Medford, May2,1814.PR563

George O., s.George C. and Caroline E., Oct.4,1840.GR9

Henry, "ch.educated by Mary, w.John Houghton," bp. Aug.31,1712.CR2

Henry, s.Jerathmael, Aug.11,1789.PR487

John Nichols, Sept.18,1805.GR9

John Osborn, s.Jonathan and Lydia (Osborne), Apr.8,1808.PR563

Jonathan, Jan.31,1782.PR563

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Lydia, Jan.31,1804.PR563

Jonathan F., s.Jonathan, shoe manufacturer, Oct.末,1844.

Jonathan A., s.Jonathan and [H.GR9] Jane, May26,1849.

Joseph, s.Jerathmael, Apr.5,1774.PR487

Laura Caroline Glover, d.Charles and Emma, Aug.4,1845.CR11

Lucy G., w.George C., Apr.4,1836.GR9

Lydia Osborne, d.Jonathan and Lydia (Osborne), Jan.12,1806.PR563

Mary, d.Thomas, bp. Aug.7,1709.CR2

Mary, "ch.educated by Mary, w.John Houghton," bp. Aug.31,1712.CR2

Nathan, s.Nathan, bp. Sept.20,1772.CR12

Rebecca A., Mar.14,1813.GR9

Samuel, s.Nathan, bp. Sept.28,1777.CR12

Sarah, Mar.20,1758.

Sally, d.Jerathmael, Nov.24,1780.PR487

Sarah Ann, d.William P. and Caroline, bp. Feb.21,1841.CR4

Theodore A., s.George and Caroline E., Nov.28,1845.GR9

Thomas, s.Thomas and Elizabeth, bp. Aug.26,1705.CR2

Thomas, s.Thomas, bp. Apr.29,1711.CR2

PEIRSON (Pearson)

末末, s.Edward, Mar.10,1847.PR188

Abel Lawrence, Nov.25,1794.GR9

Abel Lawrence, s.Abel L. and Hariet (Lawrence), July24,1824.PR310

Abby Lawrence, d.Abel L. and Harriet (Lawrence), July30,1821.PR310

Annie Osborn, July17,1848.PR310

Charles Lawrence, twin. s.Abel L. and Harriet (Lawrence), Jan.15,1834.PR310

Clarissa Ann, d.John, Dec.末,1846.

Edward Brooks, s.Abel L. and Harriet (Lawrence), Jan.22,1820.PR310

Ellen Elizabeth Perry, w.Edward B., June16,1828.GR9

George H., June16,1816.GR9

Harriet Lawrence, d.Abel L. and Harriet (Lawrence), Sept.29,1831.PR310

James Jackson, twin. s.Abel L. and Harriet (Lawrence), Jan.15,1834.PR310

John, twin. s.Abel L. and Harriet (Lawrence), Dec.22,1826.PR310

Mary Ann, d.William and Louise (Perkins), Apr.19,1823.PR96

Mary J., w.Gen. George H.,末蔓末,1827.GR9

Sarah, twin. d.Abel L. and Harriet (Lawrence), Dec.22,1826.PR310


Fanny M., d.John J. and Rebeckah D., Aug.14,1844.


Benjamin, s.William and Susanna, Mar.12,1739.

John, s.William and Susanna, June16,1738.

William, s.William and Susanna, Dec.31,1735.

PENDAR (Pinder)

Ann Leavitt, Aug.4,1817.GR9

Simon, Aug.1,1800.GR9

PENDERGAST (Pendergrass, Prendergast)

[Marcella.CR14], d.Thomas and Jane, Nov.2,1849.

PENDERGRASS (Pendergast)

末末, s.末末, bp. Nov.4,1787.CR11

Ephraim Gray, s.Anna, bp. Apr.10,1785, a.3y.CR11

Polly, d.Anna, bp. Apr.10,1785.CR11

PENNEL (Parnell)

George Elias, s.John, bp. Oct.17,1808.CR11

John Lane, s.John, bp. Sept.2,1804.CR11

William Webster, s.John, July4,1806.CR11

PENNELL (Parnell)

John, s.John, bp. Sept.30,1803.CR11


Hanna, d.末末, bp. May4,1679.CR1


Eliza, d.Walter and Eliza, bp. Feb.16,1833.CR11

Sally, d.Walter and Eliza, bp. Feb.16,1833.CR11

Walter, s.末末, bp. Sept.12,1836.CR11


Edmund Thomas, s.Edmund and Susanna, bp. May12,1844.CR11

Elizabeth B., Oct.6,1824.GR10

George Henry, s.Edmund and Susanna, bp. May30,1846.CR11

John, May30,1799.GR10

John S., s.Thomas L. and Elizabeth B., Apr.末,1849 [Apr.3.GR10]

Mary E., Feb.20,1846.GR10

Moses F., s.John W., July末,1847.

Samuel Frederic, s.Edmund S. and Susannah E., Aug.末,1848.CR11

Susanna Weeks, d.Edmund and Susanna, bp. Jan.29,1843.CR11

Thomas S., Sept.17,1824.GR10

PERCE (Pierce)

Hannah, d.Thomas, bp. May31,1713.CR2


末末, d.Nathaniel, bp.末蔓末,1784.CR5

末末, d.E. (Brookhouse), Dec.24,1840.PR88

Aaron, s.Jeremiah S., tailor, and Elizabeth [(Millet).PR564], Feb.10,1846.

Abigail, d.John, bp. Aug.4,1799.CR12

Abigail, d.John and Nabby, Oct.13,1800.

Anna Frothingham, d.Nathaniel B. and Susan Elizabeth (Breed), June10,1840.PR371

Anna G., d.Isaac and Eliza A., July5,1847.

Ann B. Seccomb, w.Capt. Jonathan, Oct.31,1803.GR9

Anstiss C., d.Daniel, tailor, and Anstiss C., Apr.15,1844.

Arthur A[ugustus.CR11], s.William [A.CR11] and Louisa [Hannah L.CR11], Oct.19,1848.

Arthur H., s.William A. and Hanah L. (Barr), Oct.19,1848.

Asa B., Jan.18,1844.GR10

Augustine Stanford, May13,1813.PR215

Augustine, s.Augustine Stanford and Lucy Ann (Jones), Nov.6,1840.PR215

Benjamin, s.David and Hannah (Fabens), June8,1797.PR423

Benjamin Millet, s.Jeremiah S. and Sarah (Millet), Dec.22,1827.PR564

Caroline E., d.Joseph and Elizabeth (Hunt), Sept.21,1816.

Caroline, Feb.10,1839.PR550

Caroline Augusta, d.Joseph, bp. Aug.27,1843.CR5

Caroline B[urgess.CR11], d.Jonathan C., attorney, and Elizabeth G. [(Brookhouse).PR202], June21,1844.

Charles, s.David and Hannah (Fabens), Apr.21,1812.PR423

Charles Carroll, s.Edward B. and Elizabeth P., June16,1841.GR9

Charles, s.Jeremiah S. and Elisebeth (Millet), Apr.20,1843.PR564

Charles W[illard.PR371], s.Nathaniel B., bank-clerk, and Susan [Elizabeth (Breed).PR371], July20,1848 [1843.GR9]

Daniel, jr., Jan.29,1811.PR390

Daniel Augustus, Feb.28,1839.GR9

David, Sept.20,1770.PR423

David, s.David and Hannah (Fabens), Dec.30,1798.PR423

Dolly (Webb), w.Henry W., Sept.18,1803.GR9

Dudley, jr., Feb.20,1769.GR9


E. Granville,末蔓末,1847.GR9

Eben S., July15,1835.GR9

Edward Lang, s.David and Hannah (Fabens), Mar.12,1800.PR423

Edward B., Dec.29,1814.GR9

Elijah, s.Elijah, Aug.末 末,1790.CR12

Eliza G[rafton.GR9], d.Jonathan C. and Elizabeth G. (Brookhouse), Jan.24,1841.PR202

Eliza Grafton, d.Jonathan and Elisabeth, bp. Mar.13,1845.CR11

Elizabeth, wid.Samuel T. Pearson, Oct.29,1795.PR423

Elizabeth P., w.Edward B., Feb.8,1814.GR9

Elizabeth G., Apr.11,1821.GR9

Elizabeth B[arrett.GR9], d.Edward B. and Elizabeth P., Dec.7,1849.

Elizabeth B[rookhouse.CR11], d.Jonathan C., councillor-at-law, b. Essex and Elizabeth [G.PR202] B[roookhouse.PR202] Dec.12,1849.

Ellen Lander, d.Jeremiah S. and Elisebeth (Millet), Apr.6,1838.PR564

Ellen Anstiss, d.Augustine Staniford and Lucy Ann (Jones), May16,1838.PR215

Emiline A., w.Nathaniel B., Sept.18,1839.GR9

Esther, Apr.2,1810.GR9

Fannie Brown, w.Henry F.,末蔓末,1848.GR10

Fitz, Aug.20,1844.GR10

Francis, s.David and Hannah (Fabens), Apr.24,1802.PR423

Francis Ellen, d.Jeremiah S. and Sarah (Millet), May23,1835.PR564

Francis, s.Isaac and Eliza A., at Wells, ME, Jan.12,1845

Frederick J., Apr.4,1840.GR9

George Augustus, s.David and Hannah (Fabens), Oct.15,1813.PR423

George Holten, s.Nathaniel B. and Susan Elizabeth (Breed), Aug.16,1842.PR371

Hannah, d.David and Hannah (Fabens), July6,1794.PR423

Hannah [d.James and Hannah.CR4], w.Michael Carlton, May26,1800.GR9

Harriet, d.David and Hannah (Fabens), Nov.26,1808.PR423

Henry W., Jan.29,1800.GR9

Henry, s.David and Hannah (Fabens), Nov.15,1803.PR423

Henry Augustus, Jan.4,1817.PR565

Henry C., Nov.15,1831.PR125

Henry W., Mar.1,1832.GR9

Henry T., s.Joseph, pilot, Aug.末,1844.

Henry G[rafton.CR11], s.Jonathan C., councillor-at-law, and Elizabeth G., Aug.16,1846.

Horace Stanley [s.Nathaniel B. and Susan Elizabeth (Breed).PR371], Sept.22,1846.PR287

Jeremiah S., Apr.13,1797.GR9

Jeremiah S., s.Jeremiah S. and Sarah (Millet), July6,1822.PR564

John, Oct.14,1780.GR9

John, Jan.26,1781.PR96

John, s.John and Nabby, Jan.26,1803.

Jonathan W., Capt., Mar.17,1791.GR9

Joseph, s.Joseph and Elizabeth (Hunt), Mar.27,1810.

Joseph S., Dec.10,1829.GR9

Joseph Augustus, June10,1834.PR380

Joseph, June10,1837.PR566

Joseph Augustus, s.Jeremiah S. and Sarah (Millet), July1,1840.PR564

Joseph Francis, s.Joseph, bp. June28,1846.CR5

Julia A., w.Benjamin C.,末蔓末,1830.GR9

Leroy S., s.Isaac and Eliza A., Aug.17,1849.

Lorette M. Fuller, w.James W., Oct.19,1849.GR9

Louisa Ann, d.Augustine Staniford and Lucy Ann (Jones), Jan.6,1843.PR215

Margaret Osgood, d.David and Hannah (Fabens), Nov.24,1815.PR423

Maria Louisa, Dec.6,1835.PR380

Martha Cheever, w.Benjamin, Oct.3,1830.GR9

Mary, d.Elijah and Elisabeth, bp. Apr.6,1783.CR5

Mary, w.John, Aug.13,1795.GR9

Mary, d.David and Hannah (Fabens), Apr.1,1805.PR423

Mary Elizabeth, d.John and Mary, Aug.8,1824.GR9

Mary Ann, d.Jeremiah S. and Sarah (Millet), Feb.11,1833.PR564

Mary W., d.Augustine Staniford and Lucy Ann (Jones), July31,1845.PR215

Mary E., d.Henry A., mariner, Nov.末,1845.

Nathanael Olvier, s.Walter, bp. Dec.8,1782.CR1

Nathaniel B[rown.PR371], s.Joseph and Elizabeth (Hunt), Sept.14,1813.

Nathaniel Brown, Oct.12,1838.PR380

Rebeccah Darling, d.Elijah, July29,1797.CR12

Rebecca Harthen, Dec.22,1822.PR565

Samuel W., Mar.25,1837.GR9

Sally, d.Elijah, Oct.25,1792.CR12

Sarah E., Apr.21,1824.PR134

Sarah Elizabeth, d.Jeremiah S. and Sarah (Millet), Apr.21,1824.PR564

Sarah E. Jewett, w.Charles C., Aug.25,1846.GR9

Sophia Ann, d.Joseph and Lucy A., Oct.25,1832.CR11

Susan E., Apr.5,1816.GR9

Susan Breed, d.Nathaniel B. and Susan Elizabeth (Breed), Sept.28,1844.PR371

Thaddeus Webster, s.Thaddeus, bp. Sept.19,1841.CR5

Thomas, s.Elijah, Sept.25,1794.CR12

Thomas B., June3,1816.GR10

Timothy Orn, s.Joseph, bp. Mar.24,1799.CR11

William, s.David and Hannah (Fabens), Apr.7,1807.PR423

William Emerson, Oct.28,1818.PR565

William A., s.Joseph and Elizabeth (Hunt), Jan.27,1823

William, Mar.27,1838.GR9

William Andrews, s.Joseph, bp. Aug.18,1844.CR5

William O[sgood.CR11], s.William A. and Hannah L. (Barr) [Louiza Barr.CR11], Nov.30,1846. [Dec. dup.; bp. Apr.16.CR11]


Abby F[rothingham.PR444], d.Jacob and Abby F., June29,1848.

Charles H., s.William H., printer, July末,1845.

Edward Lee, s.Jonathan and Frances Ann, bp. July9,1846.CR11

Elbridge Gerry, s.John and Hitty (Procter), Feb.9,1808.CR575

Elbridge Gerry, s.John and Hitty (Procter), June29,1810.CR575

Elbridge G., s.John and HItty (Procter), July5,1834.CR575

Eliza Anna, d.John and Hitty (Procter), Mar.17,1809.CR575

Helen Eliza, Oct.12,1846.PR444

Jacob Madison, s.John and Hitty (Procter), Nov.29,1811.PR575

Jacob, Nov.29,1812.GR9

John, May29,1779.PR575

John Andrews, s.John and Hitty (Procter), June1,1804.PR575

Jonathan, jr., s.Jonathan and Sally, Apr.30,1809.

Lucy A., d.John and Hitty (Procter), Oct.24,1830.PR575

Maria T., d.John and Hitty (Procter), Jan.29,1839.PR575

Mary Jane, July4,1818.GR9

Mary W., d.John and Hitty (Procter), Feb.22,1829.PR575

Mary Howard, d.Jonathan and Frances Ann, bp. June9,1846.CR11

Hitty [Mehitable.CR576], d.John and Hitty (Procter), Jan.5,1806.CR575

Procter Jefferson, s.John and Hitty (Procter), June17,1802.PR575

Sally Smith, w.Jonathan, May末,1781.GR9

William Henry, s.Jonathan and Sally, Nov.12,1811.

William Henry, s.Jonathan and Sally, Jan.8,1813.

PERROT (Parrot)

Jacob, s.illegitimate, 末末, bp. July15,1739.CR11

Joanna, d.James, bp. Oct.10,1742.CR11

PERRY (Perrye)

Augustus H., s.Horatio B. and Sarah Ashton, Oct.10,1836.PR577

Augustus H.,末蔓末,1837.GR9

Bezoil Baker, s.Horatio and Harriet, bp. Aug.12,1809.CR4

David, s.Jane, bp. 2:6m:1641.CR1

Elisha, s.Jane, bp. 11:6m:1644.CR1

Henry, jr.,末蔓末,1818.GR10

Horatio B. [s.Horatio and Harriet.CR4], Dec.30,1808.PR577

Ittai, s.Francis L., mariner, and Mary A., Jan.6,1849.


Lucy A., d.Ittai, jr., pilot, and Abigail, Sept.12,1844.

Mary, w.Samuel Trofitter, Oct.28,1768.GR9

Mary A., d.Ittai, pilot, and Abigail, Dec.13,1849.

Samuell, s.Francis, bp. 10:2m:1642.CR1

Sarah (w.Ward Poole), Mar.2,1771.GR9

Sarah Ashton, w.Horatio B., Apr.9,1813.GR9

Sarah A., d.Horation B. and Sarah (Ashton), July7,1838.PR577

Sarah A., d.Horatio B. and Sarah (Ashton), June30,1840.PR577

Sarah, d.Horatio B. and Sarah (Ashton), June15,1844.PR577

William, s.Horatio B. and Sarah (Ashton), June末,1845.PR577

William A., s.Moratio B., gunsmith, and Sarah (Ashton), July10,1846.EC

William W., s.Henry W., Feb.末,1848.

PERRYE (Perry)

Benjamin, s.Jane, bp. 18:5m:1641.CR1

Sara, d.Jane, bp. 18:5m:1641.CR1

PERSON (Pearson)

Hannah, d.Richard and Hannah, bp. June18,1786.CR11

PETERS (Peeters)

末末, ch.Bethia, bp. Mar.末,1691[-2.]CR1

末末, ch.Benjamin, bp. June末,1794.CR12

Bethia, d.Richard, bp. Sept.末,1686.CR1

Ebenezer, s.Richard, bp. Apr.末,1695.CR1

Elizer, s.Richard and Bethia, Jan.3,1694-5.CTR

Elizabeth, d.John and Elizabeth, bp. Oct.4,1801.CR4

John, s.John and Elizabeth, bp. Oct.4,1801.CR4

John H., Apr.19,1836.GR10

Mary, d.Richard, bp. Sept.12,1697.CR1

Mary Norman, d.John and Mary, bp. Oct.4,1801.CR4

Mary J., Jan.15,1841.GR10

Hitty, d.Benjamin, bp. Nov.末,1787.CR12

Richard, s.Richard and Bethia, June5,1690.CTR

William, s.Richard and Bethia, Jan.11,1687.CTR


Harriet A., Mar.29,1828.GR10

Harriet S., d.Joseph, cordwainer, and Harriet, Apr.26,1845.

Joseph N., May29,1818.GR10

Sarah N., d.Joseph and Harriet A., Feb.13,1848.

Thomas S., Aug.12,1804.GR10


Benjamin, s.末末, bp. Apr.27,1678.CR1

John, s.John and Phillis, Mar.29,1673.CR1

Miriam, d.末末, bp. Apr.27,1678.CR1

Sarah, d.末末, bp. Apr.27,1678.CR1

PETHRICK (Pedrick)

Joanna, d.末末, bp. Apr.4,1680.CR1

PETTENGILL (Pettingell)

John Melvill, s.John and Hannah, bp. Oct.11,1812.CR6

PETTEY (Patty)

Caroline L., d.John B. and Caroline E., Sept.11,1849.

John, s.John B., Feb.末,1848.

PETTINGAILE (Pettingell)

Samuell, s.Richard, bp. 9:12m:1644.CR1

PETTINGELL (Pettengill, Pettingaile, Pettingill)


Charles C.末蔓末,1822.GR9

Fannie B.,末蔓末,1824.GR9

Luther D.,末蔓末,1820.GR9

Sarah G., w.Luther D.,末蔓末,1826.GR9

PETTINGILL (Pettingell)

Charles Henry, s.John and Hannah, bp. Aug.23,1818.CR6

Elisabeth Melvill, d.John and Hannah, bp. Apr.24,1814.CR6

Josiah, s.John and Hannah, bp. Apr.28,1816.CR6


Anna N., d.George W., cabinet maker, and Mary A., June8,1848.

PHALEN (Phelan)

Edward Capt.,末蔓末,1845.GR10


Samuel, s.William, bp. Apr.25,1779.CR11

William, s.Wililam, bp. Apr.25,1779.CR11

PHELAN (Phalen)

Andrew Jackson, s.Maurice and Sarah, June7,1822.CR14

John, s.William and Sally Kervan, Sept.5,1836.CR14

Mary, d.William and Sarah, June25,1838.CR14

Michael F. [Thomas.CR14], s.Michael, b. Ireland, and Jane, Oct.29,1849. [bp. Oct.29, a.4w.CR14]


末末, ch.Ebenezer, bp. Aug.7,1774.CR5

Abigail, d.John and Abigaile, Jan.7,1677.CTR

Abby Rider, d.Sylvester and Abigail, bp. Sept.8,1844.CR6

Ann, d.John and Abigaille, Apr.22,1669.CTR

Ann, d.John and Elizabeth, Sept.19,1703.CR2

Charles [s.William and Elizabeth.CR11], Mar.8,1824.GR9

Charles S., s.William, jr., sash maker, Oct.末,1845.

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer, bp. Dec.11,1768.CR1

Ebenezer Smith, s.Ebenezer and Sally, bp. Aug.12,1792.CR4

Eliza Innis, d.William, jr. and Hannah D., bp. July14,1844.CR6

Elizabeth, d.John and Elizabeth, bp. Apr.26,1702.CR2

Elizabeth, d.Joseph and Elizabeth, bp. July11,1736.CR1

Elizabeth, Aug.12,1738.PR592

Emily S[outhward, d.John P.CR5], Nov.20,1840.GR9

Hannah, d.John and Abigail, Apr.12,1683.CTR

Hannah, d.Henry, bp. Oct.17,1714.CR2

Hannah, d.Ebenezer, bp. Feb.3,1772.CR1

Henry, s.John and Abigaile, Apr.3,1673.CTR

Henry, s.Henry, bp. Dec.14,1766.CR1

John, s.John and Abigaile, 6:12m:1670.CTR

John, s.John and Elizabeth (Putnam), July8,1709.

John, s.Ebenezer, Dec.21,1777.CR5

John Punchard, s.William and Sarah, bp. Dec.15,1793.CR6

John P., Apr.17,1811.GR9

Jonathan, s.Henry and Rachel, bp. July25,1708.CR2

Joseph, s.John and Abigaile, 7:10m:1675.CTR

Joseph, s.Jonathan and Elizabeth, bp. Sept.21,1707.CR2

Lucy, d.William and Sally, bp. Nov.17,1799.CR6

Lucy C., w.John P., Oct.2,1815.GR9

Lucy E.,末蔓末,1837.GR9

Lucy Elizabeth, d.John P., bp. Aug.18,1844.CR5

Lydia Gould, d.Ebenezer, bp. Feb.4,1776.CR5

Martha Bowen, d.William and Elizabeth, bp. Oct.13,1825, a.3w.CR11

Mary, d.Jonathan and Elizabeth, bp. Sept.2,1705.CR2

Mary, d.Henry, bp. June1,1712.CR2

Mary Forbes, d.William, jr. and Hannah D., bp. July14,1844.CR6

Nathan, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, bp. Aug.25,1734.CR1

Nathaniell, s.John and Elizabeth (Putnam), Oct.22,1711.

Rachel, d.Henry, bp. Nov.2,1709.CR2

Rachel, d.Henry, bp. June29,1718.CR2

Rebekkah, d.John, bp. Sept.7,1718.CR2

Samuell, s.John and Abigaile, Jan.6,1679.CTR

Sarah, d.John, bp. July3,1715.CR2

Sally, d.Ebenezer, bp. May5,1782.CR5

Sally, d.William and Sally, bp. Nov.21,1796.CR6

William, s.William, bp. Oct.14,1781.CR6

William, s.William, bp. May18,1783.CR6

William Henry, s.William, jr. and Hannah D., bp. July14,1844.CR6


Emma E., w.Laroy B., June5,1849.GR9

PHILEPOT (Philpott)

Mary, d.John and Mary, Nov.1,1715.

PHILIPS (Phillips)

末末, three chn. 末末, bp. Sept.9,1787.CR11

末末, s.Jane, Aug.16,1823.PR79

Hannah, d.John, bp. Jan.2,1783.CR11

John, s.John, bp. Jan.2,1783.CR11

John, s.Juda, bp. Sept.18,1812.CR11

Ruth, d.Samuell and Mary, Sept.4,1696.CTR

Samuell, s.Samuell and Mary, Feb.17,1689-90.CTR

Sally, d.John, bp. Jan.2,1783.CR11

Susanna Peabody, d.James and Lucia, bp. May18,1806.CR4

Timothy Major, s.Juda, bp. Feb.24,1811.CR11


Mary, the female asylum, bp. Aug.7,1816.CR12

PHILLIPS (Philips)

末末, s.末末, May26,1839.PR79

末末, s.Stephen C., Jan.31,1841.PR88

末末, d.Stephen C., merchant, May末,1844 [July7.PR188]

Bethyah, d.James, bp. June17,1711.CR2

Caroline, d.Aaron and Eliza, bp. Aug.25,1841.CR11

Catharine, d.Aaron and Eliza, bp. Aug.25,1841.CR11

Edward B.,末蔓末,1822.GR10

Elizabeth, d.Samuel and Mary (Emerson), Mar.5,1698-9.

Elizabeth, d.James and Sarah, bp. Aug.16,1702.CR2

Elizabeth Saunders, Nov.27,1827.CR11

Hannah, d.James, bp. Aug.7,1715.CR2

Huldah, d.末末, of Beverly, bp. Nov.13,1791.CR11

James, s.James and Sarah, bp. Sept.7,1701.CR2

John, s.Samuel and Mary (Emerson), June22,1701.

John, s.James, bp. June27,1708.CR2

John, Apr.28,1818.GR10

Lydia, d.James, bp. July1,1705.CR2

Mary, d.Samuel and Mary (Emerson), Aug.5,1694.

Mary A., Jan.8,1848.GR9

Patience, d.Samuell and Sarah (Mayfield), 2d w., Aug.8,1706.

Ruth, d.Samuel and Mary (Emerson), Sept.4,1696.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Mary (Emerson), Feb.17,1689-90.

Samuel, s.James and Sarah, bp. Sept.7,1701.CR2

Sarah, d.Samuel and Mary (Emerson), Jan.28,1691-2.

Sarah, d.James and Sarah, bp. Sept.7,1701.CR2

Sarah, w.John, July22,1806.GR10

Sally, d.Timothy and Judith, bp. Oct.20,1816.CR11

Silence, d.Jacob, 末蔓8, [1690?].CR2

Silence, d.Sarah Prince, bp. Sept.17,1693.CR2

Stephen, s.Stephen and Dorcas, bp. Nov.29,1801.CR1

Stephen H., Aug.16,1823.GR9

PHILPOTT (Philepot)

Elizabeth, d.John and Elizabeth (Ives), July10, [aft. 1718.]

John, s.John and Elizabeth (Ives), Sept.26,171.

Mary, d.John and Elizabeth, bp. Dec.24,1727.CR1

PHIPEN (Phippen)

Joseph, s.Joseph, 3d and Elizabeth, Mar.3,1686.CTR

PHIPENNY (Phippen)

Rachel, d.Joseph, bp. Aug.12,1683.CR1

PHIPENY (Phippen)

末末, ch.Samuel, bp. Dec.末,1685.CR1

Abigail, d.末末, bp. Aug.2,1685.CR1

Ann, d.末末, bp. May19,1678.CR1

Anne, d.Jos., bp. Feb.末,1683-4.CR1

Cromwel, s.末末, bp. Oct.5,1679.CR1

Elizabeth, d.David, bp. May末,1689.CR1

Jane, d.末末, bp. Oct.7,1683.CR1

John, s.Joseph, bp. Nov.16,1679.CR1

Joseph, s.末末, bp. Aug.末,1681.CR1

Sara, d.末末, bp. May末,1691.CR1

Thomas, s.末末, bp. Aug.末,1675.CR1

PHIPPANY (Phippen)

Lydia, d.末末, bp. Dec.30,1786.CR11

PHIPPEN (Phipen, Phipenny, Phipeny, Phippany)

末末, ch.Thomas, bp. Apr.17,1763.CR1

末末, two chn. William, bp. May6,1780.CR12

Abiel, s.Samuel, bp. July15,1705.CR1

Abihell, d.Samuell and Elizabeth (English), Nov.13,1704.

Abigail, d.Nathaniel and Margaret (Palfry), Sept.16,1717.

Abigail Dane, d.Joseph, bp. Oct.29,1804.CR12

Abigail, w.Robert C., May20,1839.GR10

Anna Kennedy, d.David and Anstis, bp. Aug.9,1801.CR4

Ann, d.Nathaniel and Ann (Pickett), July20,1798.PR581

Ann Maria, d.Israel and Sally (Hutson), Nov.14,1823.PR212

Ann Maria, Oct.8,1840.PR212

Anstis, d.Nathaneel and Margarett, bp. June7,1724.CR1

Arthur H., s.George D., clerk, and Margaret B., Sept.7,1849.

Atwater, s.Samuel and Rebecca, bp. June28,1724.CR1

Atwater, s.Samuel and Rebecca, bp. June5,1726.CR1

Benjamin, s.Joseph, sr. and Damaris (Searl), Sept.29,168. [bp. Sept.末,1688.CR1]

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, bp. Apr.28,1717.CR1

Benjamin, s.John and Elizabeth, bp. Oct.29,1721.CR1

Benjamin, s.Nathaniel and Ann (Pickett), Oct.25,1788.PR581

Benjamin, s.Nathaniel and Anne, bp. July10,1796.CR4

Benjamin Cook, s.David and Nancy (Cook), Feb.11,1807.PR582

Benjamin Howard, s.Nathaniel and Martha C., bp. Aug.5,1827.CR6

Benjamin Franklin, s.Benjamin and Mary M. (Wells), June15,1830.PR581

Catharine Curt末, w.Israel, May18,1823.PR212

Charles, s.Thomas, jr., bp. Dec.28,1812.CR12

Charlotte, d.Nathaniel and Ann (Pickett), Aug.13,1800.PR581

Charlotte (w.Capt. Daniel M. Mashall), June5,1816.GR9

Charlotte Lane, d.Nathaniel and Martha, bp. July2,1826.CR6

Della B., Mar.26,1847.GR10

Daniell, s.Joseph and Seaborne (Gooden), Dec.20,1671.CTR

David, s.David and Ann, Apr.14,1673.CTR

David, s.Nathaniel and Margaret (Palfry), Sept.18,171[5.TC]

David, 末末, July25,1775.PR582

David, s.David and Nancy (Cook), Nov.11,1799.PR582

Dorcas, d.Joseph and Seaborne (Gooden), 22:10m:1678.CTR

Ebenezer, s.John and Elizabeth, bp. Aug.2,1724.CR1

Ebenezer, s.David and Nancy (Cook), Nov.16,1802.PR582

Elizabeth, d.Joseph, sr. and Damaris (Searl), Feb.15,168.

Elizabeth, d.John, bp. Apr.15,1711.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Benjamin, bp. Sept.7,1718.CR1

Emeline L., Dec.22,1828.GR9

Esther Adams, d.Israel and Sally (Hutson), Apr.23,1820.PR212

Eunice, d.Joshua and Hannah, bp. Dec.24,1775.CR5

Eunice, d.Nathaniel and Ann (Pickett), Feb.26,1796.PR581

Eunice L., Apr.7,1828.GR9

George, s.William, bp. Mar.末,1790.CR12

George Dean, s.Hardy and Ursula K. (Symonds), Apr.13,1815.

George Barton, s.George D. and Margaret (Barton), Feb.12,1841.

Hannah, d.John, bp. Dec.30,1716.CR1

Hannah, d.Joshua and Hannah, bp. June3,1770.CR5

Hannah A., d.Abraham, June末,1847.

Hardy, 5th s.Joshua and Hannah (Sibley), July6,1778.

Hardy, s.Ebenezer and Elizabeth, bp. Feb.27,1790.CR4

Henry O.W., s.Niles T. and Mary J., Nov.29,1848.

Israell, s.Joseph and Seaborne (Gooden), July17,1681.CTR

Israel, s.Nathaniel and Margarett, bp. July17,1720.CR1

Israel, s.Thomas, bp. [aft. June], 1781.CR12

Israel, s.Israel and Sally (Hutson), Jan.12,1812.PR212

James, s.John and Elizabeth, bp. Apr.23,1727.CR1

James, s.Thomas, bp. Apr.21,1754.CR1

James, s.Thomas, bp. Apr.13,1760.CR1

John, s.Samuell and Rachell (Guppy), 4:8m:1679.CTR

John, s.Samuell, Dec.25,1685.CTR

John, s.John and Elizabeth, bp. Mar.15,1719.CR1

John, s.Nathaniel and Abigail, bp. Dec.23,1787.CR4

John Prince, s.Benjamin and Mary M. (Wells), Oct.2,1840.PR581

John, Mar.18,1843.PR212

Jonathan, s.Samuel and Rebecca, bp. July1,1722.CR1

Joseph, s.Samuell, Feb.9,1696-7.CTR

Joseph, s.Samuel, bp. June14,1713.CR1

Joseph, s.Joseph and Susanna, Dec.18,1730.

Joseph Hardy, s.Hardy and Ursula K. (Symonds), June10,1807.

Joseph, s.Benjamin and Mary M. (Wells), Dec.11,1833.PR581

Joshua, s.Nathaniel and Seeth (Hardy), Jan.27,1742.

Joshua, s.Nathaniel and Ann (Pickett), Nov.15,1793.PR581

Joshua, s.Hardy and Ursula K. (Symonds), Dec.13,1812.

Joshua, s.Nathaniel and Martha C., bp. Sept.5,1830.CR6

Julia A., d.Edward A. and Mary A., Aug.16,1848.

Lucy, d.William, bp. Feb.26,1792.CR12

Lydia, d.Nathaniel and Margarett, bp. Sept.17,1727.CR1

Lydia, w.John Fisk, Jan.7,1747.PR432

Lydia, w.Andras G. Clough, Dec.27,1784.PR393

Margaret, d.Nathaniel and Margaret (Palfry), June15,17[13.TC]

Peggy, d.Thomas, bp. Oct.24,1775.CR12

Maria, d.Ebenezer and Elizabeth, bp. Mar.16,1792.CR4

Martha, d.Israel and Sally (Hutson), Feb.14,1817.PR212

Martha Ann, d.Nathaniel and Martha, bp. July2,1826.CR6

Martha C., d.Benjamin and Mary M. (Wells), Oct.31,1835.PR581

Martha Clark, d.Benjamin and Mary M. (Wells), Jan.12,1838.PR581

Martha E., d.Niles, June末,1846.

Mary, d.Thomas, bp. Nov.21,1708.CR1

Mary, d.Samuel, jr., bp. Aug.14,1715.CR1

Mary, d.Benjamin and Hanah, bp. July6,1743.CR11

Mary Eliza, d.Joseph, bp. May26,1806.CR12

Mary, d.Israel and Sally (Hutson), Aug.1,1814.PR212

Mary A., Aug.1,1814.GR10

Mary Jane, Apr.24,1822.GR10

Mary Dustin, d.Nathaniel and Martha C., bp. Sept.21,1834.CR6

Mary Elizabeth, d.Joshua and Betsey B. (Holman), May20,1842.

Mehitabel, d.Samuel and Rebecca, deceased, bp. July9,1727.CR1

Moses Hitchins, s.W., bp. Nov.末,1785.CR12

Nancy Cook, w.David, Aug.2,1778.PR582

Nancy, d.Ebenezer and Elizabeth, bp. Feb.27,1790.CR4

Nancy Keneday, d.David and Nancy (Cook), Feb.2,1801.PR582

Nathan, s.Thomas, bp. Oct.19,1712.CR1

Nathan, s.Joshua and Hannah, bp. June3,1770.CR5

Nathaniel, 5th s.Samuel and Rachel (Guppy), Aug.4,1687.

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Margaret (Palfry), July5,1711.

Nathaniel, Jan.28,1765.PR581

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Ann (Pickett), Feb.19,1791.PR581

Nathaniel, s.Benjamin and Mary M. (Wells), Jan.26,1832.PR581

Niles T., Jan.10,1812.GR10

Olave, d.Thomas, bp. Apr.19,1767.CR1

Rachell, d.Samuell, Aug.5,1683.CTR

Rachell, d.Samuell and Rachell (Guppy), Sept.13,1693.CTR

Rachel, d.John, bp. Oct.11,1713.CR1

Rebecca, d.Samuel and Rebecca, bp. Dec.4,1720.CR1

Rebecca Maria, d.Samuel, Dec.7,1783.

Becca, d.Thomas, bp. Feb.末,1784.CR12

Rebecca, d.Thomas, bp. Sept.末,1786.CR12

Rebecca, d.Thomas, jr., bp. Dec.29,1804.CR12

Rebeccah, d.Joseph, bp. Feb.29,1808.CR12

Rebecca, d.Thomas, jr., bp. Dec.28,1812.CR12

Rebecca, d.Abraham, Mar.末,1847.

Robert A., Apr.19,1832.GR10

Robert, Jan.17,1839.GR10

Robert H., Sept.20,1849.GR10

Rufus, s.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, bp. Aug.7,1785.CR4

Ruth, d.Samuell and Rebeccah, bp. Dec.21,1718.CR1

Samuel, third s.David and Sarah, 6:3m:1649.

Samuell, s.Joseph and Seaborne (Gooden), 20:7m:1674.CTR

Samuell, s.Samuell and Rachell (Guppy), 12:10m:1677.CTR

Samuel, s.Samuel, jr., bp. Jan.7,1710-11.CR1

Samuel, jr., s.Samuel, Apr.23,1785.

Samuel, s.Nathaniel and Ann (Pickett), Feb.5,1787.PR581

Samuel Webb, s.George D. and Margaret (Barton), Oct.13,1846.

Sara, d.Joseph and Seaborne (Gooden), 8:8m:1676.CTR

Sarah, d.Samuell and Elizabeth (English), July末,1702.

Sarah, d.Joseph and Susanna, June25,1726.

Sarah, d.Joshua and Hannah, bp. Dec.13,1772.CR5

Sally, d.Thomas, jr., bp. Apr.10,1806.CR12

Sally, d.Israel and Sally (Hutson), Oct.18,1809.PR212

Sarah A. Skidmore, w.Robert, Mar.1,1835.GR10

Steeven, s.Samuell and Rachell (Guppy), May9,1682.CTR

Stephen Sims, s.David and Nancy (Cook), Mar.30,1813.PR582

Susan Keneday, d.David and Nancy (Cook), Aug.5,1805.PR582

Susan Keneday, d.David and Nancy (Cook), Sept.16,1808.PR582

Susan H., Apr.4,1811.GR9

Susanna, d.Joseph, sr. and Damaris (Searl), July2,168. [bp. July10,1687.CR1]

Susanna, d.Joseph and Susanna, July7,1723.

Susannah, d.John and Elizabeth, bp. Dec.14,1729.CR1

Susanna (w.Thomas Hovey), Dec.19,1751.PR484

Thomas, s.Thomas, bp. Jan.28,1710-11.CR1

Thomas, s.Nathaneel and Margarett, bp. Jan.17,1730-31.CR1

Thomas, s.Thomas, bp. Mar.1,1752.CR1

Thomas, s.Thomas, bp. June7,1778.CR12

Thomas, s.Thomas, jr., bp. July9,1807.CR12

Ursula Symonds, d.Hardy and Ursula K. (Symonds), Sept.21,1809.

William, s.Joseph and Susanna, Sept.23,1721.

William, s.Thomas, bp. Mar.1,1752.CR1

William Trumbull, s.Benjamin and Mary M. (Wells), Sept.25,1842.PR581


Catherine, Aug.21,1833.PR377

Eliza, w.Charles,末蔓末,1805.GR10

Joseph H., s.Joseph, Jan.末,1845.

Lydia J. Stevens, w.Thomas P.,末蔓末,1824.GR9

Martha, w.Samuel, Mar.19,1791.GR9

Mary E., d.Samuel and Martha, Mar.1,1831.GR9

Mary Ellen, d.末末, bp. July26,1835.CR11

Samuel, June19,1787.GR9


Elisabeth, d.Thomas and Abigail, bp. Aug.16,1772.CR5

Jonathan, s.Thomas and Abigail, bp. Dec.9,1770.CR5

PICKERIN (Pickering)

Eunice, d.John, bp. Nov.末,1705.CR1

PICKERING (Pickerin, Pickring)

末末, ch.Joseph, bp. Nov.末,1794.CR12

Abigail, d.William and Eunice, bp. June12,1743.CR1

Alice, d.Benjamin and Jane (Hobby), Nov.19,1703.

Benjamin, s.John and Ales, Jan.15,1665.CTR

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Jane (Hobby), Apr.10,1699.

Benjamin, s.Edward and Hannah, bp. Mar.28,1725.CR1

Benjamin, s.Joseph and Sarah, bp. Feb.27,1742-3.CR1

Benjamin, s.Joseph and Sarah, bp. Mar.11,1748-9.CR5

Benjamin, s.Joseph, bp. Feb.19,1797.CR12

Benjamin P., Feb.22,1844.GR9

Charles, s.Timothy and Rebecca (White), at Philadelphia, May25,1784.

Charles, s.wid.Lurina, bp. Nov.5,1815, a.10y.CR1

David, s.John, May28,1788.PR62

Edward, s.Benjamin and Jane (Hobby), Nov.18,1701.

Edward, s.Edward and Hannah, bp. Aug.20,1732.CR1

Edward, s.Timothy and Rebecca (White), at Wilkesbarre, Penn., Sept.12,1787.

Edward, s.wid.Lurina, bp. Nov.5,1815, a.8y.CR1

Elizabeth, d.John, bp. 3:1m:1644.CR1

Elizabeth, d.John and Elizabeth, 17:6m:1645.CTF

Elizabeth, d.Jonathan and Jane (Cromwell), June2,1669.CTR

Elizabeth, d.John and Ales, 7:7m:1674.CTR

Elisabeth, d.William and Hannah (Browne), Jan.5,1712-13.

Elizabeth, d.Capt. William, bp. Jan.11,1712-13.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Timothy and Mary [Lydia.CR1], Nov.12,1737.PR584

Elizabeth, d.Joseph and Sarah, bp. Oct.26,1755.CR5

Elizabeth (w.Adam Ravell), Feb.末,1757.PR462

Elizabeth, Aug.10,1757.PR568

Elizabeth, d.John, Mar.5,1774.PR62

Elizabeth, twin. d.Timothy and Rebecca (White), at Philadelphia, Nov.21,1793.

Eunice, twin. d.Timothy and Mary [Lydia.CR1], Apr.19,1742.PR584

Eunice, d.John, Dec.1,1772.PR62

George, s.Timothy and Rebecca (White), at Wilkesbarre, Aug.7,1789.

George W., s.William, wood dealer, and Mary A., May27,1849.

Hanna, d.John and Ales, 2:5m:1677.CTR

Hannah, d.William and Hannah (Browne), Jan.26,1697-8.

Hannah, d.William and Hannah (Browne), July末,1699.

Hannah, d.William and Hannah (Browne), July8,1708.

Hannah, d.Edward and Hannah, bp. Dec.21,1729.CR1

Hannah, d.William and Eunice, bp. Feb.8,1740-41.CR1

Hannah, d.John, May25,1764.PR62

Hannah, d.Joseph, bp. Sept.23,1798.CR12

Henry, s.Timothy and Rebecca (White), at Newburg, NY, Oct.8,1781.

Henry White, s.John and Sarah, bp. June9,1811.CR1

James, s.William and Hannah (Browne), Feb.24,1701-2.

James, s.James, bp. Jan.28,1776.CR12

James, Apr.22,1820.GR10

James E., s.James, teamster, and Mary G., Oct.2,1847.

Jane, d.Jonathan and Jane (Cromwell), last week:9m:1667.CTR

Jane, d.Benjamin and Jane (Hobby), Dec.10,1704.

Jane, d.Joseph, bp. Aug.14,1737.CR1

Jane, d.Joseph and Sarah, bp. Sept.30,1753.CR5

Jane E., w.John F., Jan.9,1846.GR9

John, s.Jonathan, bp. May19,1678.CR1

John, s.John, jr. and Sarah (Burrell), Oct.8,1688.CTR

John, Esq., Mar.11,1711.GR7

John, s.Edward and Hannah, bp. May14,1727.CR1

John, s.William and Eunice, bp. Jan.2,1738-9.CR1

John, s.Timothy and Mary [Lydia.CR1], Mar.2,1739-40.

John, s.John, Nov.17,1769.PR62

John, s.Timothy and Rebecca (White), Feb.7,1777.

John, s.Joseph, bp. June末,1787.CR12

John, s.John and Sarah, bp. Dec.4,1808.CR1

John, Mar.17,1820.GR9

John F. [s.Elizabeth.CR10], Jan.30,1830.GR9

Jonathan, s.John and Ales, 27:7m:1660.CTR

Joanthan, s.Jonathan and Jane (Cromwell), May11,1674.CTR

Jonathan Ingersoll, s.John, June27,1782.PR62

Joseph, s.John and Ales, Sept.9,1663.CTR

Joseph, s.John and Sarah (Burrell), Nov.29,1695.CTR

Joseph, s.Joseph, bp. Aug.14,1737.CR1

Joseph, s.Joseph, bp. Aug.19,1804.CR12

Lowis, d.John, jr. and Sarah (Burrell), May1,1684.CTR

Lois, twin. d.Timothy and Mary [Lydia.CR1], Apr.19,1742.PR584

Loys, d.John, June22,1778.PR62

Lucia [Lucy.CR5], d.Timothy and Mary, Nov.12,1747.PR584

Lucia, Nov.23,1747.PR43

Lucy J., w.James, Aug.16,1815.GR9

Ledia, d.John and Sarah, Mar.17,1697-8.CTR

Lydia, d.Timothy and Mary, Feb.27,1735-6.PR584

Maria (w.Alfred G. Munsey), Mar.17,1841.PR587

Mary, d.Jonathan and Jane (Cromwell), 1:10m:1670.CTR

Mary, d.John, jr. and Sarah (Burrell), May11,1691.CTR

Mary, d.[Capt.CR1] William and Hannah (Browne), Dec.18,1715.

Mary, d.Timothy and Mary, Mar.29,1733.PR584

Mary, d.William and Eunice, bp. June12,1743.CR1

Mary, d.Joseph and Sarah, bp. Jan.11,1746-7.CR5

Mary, d.James, bp. Sept.27,1772.CR12

Mary, d.Joseph and Mary Henderson, Dec.25,1772.PR228

Mary, twin. d.Timothy and Rebecca (White), at Philadelphia, Nov.21,1793.

Mary Orne, d.John and Sarah, bp. Dec.8,1805.CR1

Mary M.(Beckley), d.Samuel and Roxana, w.John F., Apr.16,1834, in Barre, VT.GR9

Mary L., w.Benjamin P., June29,1842.GR9

Mary J., d.James, teamster, and Mary G., Aug.4,1845.

Nathaniel, s.John, Nov.9,1765.PR62

Octavius, s.Timothy and Rebecca (White), at Wilkesbarre, Sept.2,1791.

Priscilla Treadwell, w.John, Jan.4,1827.GR9

Rachel, d.Joseph, bp. Apr.1,1792.CR12

Rebecca, w.Timothy, July18,1754.GR7

S. Osborne, s.Joseph, bp. Dec.1,1789.CR12

Samuel, s.末末, bp. Aug.3,1684.CR1

Samuel, s.Edward and Hannah, bp. Apr.6,1735.CR1

Samuel, s.John, Sept.28,1785.PR62

Sara, d.John and Ales, 7:7m:1668.CTR

Sara, d.Jonathan and Jane (Cromwell), 25:11m:1675.CTR

Sarah, d.John, jr. and Sarah (Burrell), July25,1686.CTR

Sarah, d.William and Hannah (Browne), Jan.23,1703-4.

Sarah, d.[Capt.CR1] William and Hannah (Browne), June4,1711.

Sarah, d.Timothy and Mary, Jan.28,1729-30.PR584

Sarah, d.Joseph and Sarah, bp. Jan.4,1740-41.CR1

Sarah, d.James, bp. May29,1774.CR12

Sarah, w.John, July23,1777.GR7

Sarah, d.James, bp. May3,1778.CR12

Sarah, d.John, Sept.21,1783.PR62

Theophilus, s.John and Sarah, Sept.28,1700.CTR

Theophilus, s.John, Apr.5,1776.PR62

Timothy, s.John, bp. Feb.14,1702-3.CR1

Timothy, s.Timothy and Mary, July6,1745.PR584

Timothy, July17,1745.GR7

Timothy, s.Timothy and Rebecca (White), at Philadelphia, Oct.1,1779.

Timothy, s.John, Aug.27,1780.PR62

William, s.John and Ales, 11:11m:1670.CTR

William, s.William and Hannah (Browne), Aug.3,1700.

William, s.Joseph, bp. Aug.14,1737.CR1

William, s.John, Apr.6,1767.PR62

William, s.James, Aug.末,1780.CR12

William, s.James, bp. [aft. June], 1781.CR12

William, s.Timothy and Rebecca (White), at Philadelphia, Feb.16,1786.

William, s.Joseph, bp. June28,1801.CR12

William, jr., July26,1838.GR9

William, s.Benjamin, July末,1847.

PICKET (Pickett)

William, s.John and Mary, bp. Mar.26,1848, a.2w.CR14

PICKETT (Picket)

Danyell, s.John, bp. 25:11m:1651.CR1

Jacob, s.John, bp. 3:7m:1654.CR1

James, s.John, bp. 19:9m:1648.CR1

John, s.John, bp. 19:9m:1648.CR1

Rebeca, d.John, bp. 30:4m:1650.CR1

Sarah, d.John, bp. 19:9m:1648.CR1

Thomas, s.John, bp. 19:9m:1648.CR1

PICKMAN (Pitman)

末末, ch.C.G., June7,1771.PR79

末末, s.Benjamin, jr. and Anstis (Derby), Nov.末,1794.PR639

末末, s.Benjamin, jr. and Anstis (Derby), Sept.27,1797.PR639

Abigail, d.Capt. Benjamin [jr.CR1] and Abigail (Lindall), Feb.9,1705-6.

Anstiss Derby, d.Benjamin, jr. and Anstis (Derby), July11,1793.PR639

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Hardy), Jan.30,1671.CTR

Benjamin, s.Capt. Benjamin and Abigail (Lindall), at Boston, Jan.28,1707-8.

Benjamin, [s.Benjamin.CR1], Nov.7,1740.PR639

Benjamin, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, bp. Oct.30,1748.CR5

B[enjamin.CR1], s.Benjamin and Mary (Toppan), Sept.30,1763.PR639

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, jr. and Anstis (Derby), Sept.17,1790.PR639

Caleb, s.Capt. Benjamin and Abigail (Lindall), June16,1715.

Cartret Rawlins, s.[C. Gayton.CR12], Aug.22,1780.PR79

Clark Eaton [Clark Gayton, s.Benjamin.CR1], July30,1746.PR57

Clark Gayton, s.Clark Gayton, bp. Feb.5,1775.CR12

Clark Gayton, s.Benjamin, jr. and Anstis (Derby), Nov.22,1791.PR639

[Dudley Leavit.CR12] s.William, May1,1779.PR79

Elizabeth, d.Nathaniell, jr. and Parina, Dec.25,1673.CTR

Elizabeth, d.Samuell, Apr.26,1686.CTR

Elizabeth [Pitman.CR1], d.Capt. Benjamin and Abigail (Lindall), Jan.22,1713-14.

Elizabeth, d.John and Margaret (Morgan alias Norton), July22,1735.

Elizabeth, d.Joseph and Elizabeth, bp. Oct.1,1750.CR5

Elizabeth, d.William, Feb.17,1782.PR79

Elizabeth Derby, d.Benjamin and Anstis (Derby), May28,1799.PR639

Elizabeth Leavitt, d.Dudley L., bp. Apr.23,1815.CR12

Francis Willoughby, s.Benjamin, jr. and Anstis (Derby), May15,1804.PR639

Hasket Derby, s.Benjamin, jr. and Anstis (Derby), Mar.12,1796.PR639

James, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, bp. Aug.30,1752.CR5

John [Pitman.CR1], s.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Hardy), 12:7m:1679.CTR

Joseph [Pitman.CR1], s.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Hardy), 11:7m:1668.CTR

Joshua, s.Samuel and Liddea, Aug.19,1675.CTR

Joshua [Pitman.CR1], s.Benjamin, Aug.28,1681.CTR

Judith, d.Benjamin and Love, bp. Apr.18,1736.CR3

Judith, d.Benjamin, bp. Jan.29,1737-8.CR1

Love, d.Benjamin and Love, bp. Oct.8,1732.CR1

Love, d.Benjamin and Love (Rawlings), Oct.26,1732.

Love Rawlins, d.Benjamin and Mary (Toppan), Apr.10,1786.PR639

Lucy Grafton, d.Dudley, bp. Oct.末,1811.CR12

Liddea, d.Samuel and Liddea, Jan.7,1672-3.CTR

Martha [Pitman.CR1], d.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Hardy), June3,1677.CTR

Martha, d.Benjamin, jr. and Anstis (Derby), Nov.24,1802.PR639

Mary, d.Benjamin and Mary (Toppan), Sept.29,1765.PR639

Mary Anna, d.Benjamin, jr. and Anstis (Derby), Dec.9,1800.PR639

Mary Toppan, d.[Dr.PR79] Thomas, deceased, and Sophia, bp. Jan.12,1817.CR12

Nathaniell, s.Nathaniell, jr. and Parina, 13:2m:1676.CTR

Nicolas [Pitman.CR1], s.Benjamin, Aug.18,1687.CTR

Peeter, s.Samuell and Lidea, 14:6m:1667.CTR

Peeter, s.Samuell and Liddea, 27:12m:1669.CTR

Peter, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, bp. Dec.22,1754.CR5

Rachel, d.Capt. Benjamin and Abigail (Lindall), July25,1717.

Rebecca Taylor, d.C. Gayton, bp. Dec.13,1772.CR12

Samuell [Pitman.CR1], s.Samuell and Lidea, 21:9m:1664.CTR

Samuell, s.Samuell, Jan.10,1687-8.CTR

Samuell [Pitman.CR1], s.Capt. Benjamin and Abigail (Lindall), Jan.19,1711-12.

Sara, d.Samuell and Lidea, Dec.4,1659.CTR

Sara [Pitman.CR1], d.Samuell and Liddea, 7:12m:1661.CTR

Sarah, d.Capt. Benjamin and Abigail (Lindall), Dec.1,1718.

Sarah, d.Joseph and Elizabeth, bp. May29,1757.CR5

Sally, d.C. Gayton, bp. Sept.20,1772.CR12

Susana [Pitman.CR1], d.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Hardy), 3:12m:1673.CTR

Tabitha, d.Nathaniell, jr. and Parina, 4:9m:1671.CTR

Thomas, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, bp. Dec.21,1746.CR5

Thomas, s.Benjamin and Mary (Toppan), May10,1773.PR639 [May9.PR12]

William, s.William and Elizabeth (Eastwick), 7:7m:1676.CTR

William [Pitman.CR1], s.Benjamin, June10,1684.CTR

William, s.Capt. Benjamin and Abigail (Lindall), at Boston, Oct.1,1710.

William, s.Samuel, bp. Mar.27,1737.CR1

William, s.Benjamin, bp. Mar.13,1747-8.CR1

William, s.Benjamin and Mary (Toppan), June25,1774.PR639

William, s.William, bp. Oct.19,1777.CR12

William Dudley, s.Dudley L., Esq., bp. Oct.24,1819.CR12

PICKRING (Pickering)

Hannah, d.Jonathan, bp. May28,1682.CR1

Ruth, d.John and Sarah, Oct.10,1693.CTR

PICKWITH (Pickworth)

Peggy, d.John and Elisabeth, bp. Feb.25,1776.CR5

PICKWORTH (Pickwith)

Abigaile, d.John, bp. 2:8m:1652.CR1

Benjamin, s.John, bp. 2:5m:1648.CR1

Hanna, d.末末, bp. 14:8m:1638.CR1

Hana, d.Samuell and Sara (Mastone), May3,1670.CTR

John, s.末末, bp. 14:8m:1638.CR1

Joseph, s.John, bp. 12:12m:1642.CR1

Mary, d.Samuel and Sara (Mastone), 30:5m:1675.CTR

Rachell, d.John, bp. 3:3m:1646.CR1

Ruth, d.末末, bup. 14:8m:1638.CR1

Ruth, d.John, bp. Dec.21,1777.CR5

Samuell, s.Samuell and Sara (Mastone), 3:7m:1672.CTR

Sarah, d.John, bp. 6:8m:1650.CR1

Sara, d.Samuell and Sara (Mastone), July17,1668.CTR

Sarah, d.末末, bp. Oct.末,1675.CR1

PIERCE (Pearse, Peirce, Perce)

Abigail Buffum, d.John and Nancy, Aug.19,1802.CR4

Abigail B., July22,1827.GR10

Benjamin, s.Jerathmeel and Sarah, Sept.30,1778.GR9

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, Apr.4,1809.GR9

Caroline, d.Nathan and Elizabeth, bp. Dec.25,1803.CR4

Caroline, d.Nathan, bp. Feb.3,1828.CR4

Kate A., w.Charles H., Jan.1,1836.GR9

Charles Henry, s.Benjamin, Jan.28,1814.GR9

Charles, s.Nathan and Elizabeth, bp. May29,1814.CR4

Charles H., Mar.19,1828.GR9

Charles H., Oct.6,1834.GR9

Charlotte Elizabeth, d.Benjamin, Nov.9,1804.GR9

Edward, Mar.24,1827.GR9

Eliza, d.John and Nancy, Nov.24,1800.CR4

Elizabeth, d.James, jr. and Elizabeth, June17,1755.

Elizabeth, d.James and Elizabeth, bp. Oct.10,1762.CR5

Elisabeth, d.John and Patience, bp. Nov.5,1775.CR5

Betsy, d.Jerathmeel and Sarah, bp. Feb.9,1783.CR6

Betsy, d.Jerathmeel and Sarah, bp. Apr.17,1785.CR6

Betsy, d.Jerahtmeel and Sarah, bp. Mar.25,1787.CR6

Elizabeth Phillips, d.Nathan and Elizabeth, bp. Dec.7,1806.CR4

Hannah, d.James, jr. and Elizabeth, Sept.5,1749.

Hannah, d.James and Elizabeth, bp. Oct.10,1762.CR5

Hannah Peel, d.John and Patience, bp. July27,1777.CR5

Hannah, d.John and Patience, bp. Apr.16,1780.CR5

Hannah, d.John and Patience, bp. Sept.14,1783.CR5

Hannah J., w.Jonathan, May26,1821.GR9

Henry, s.Jerathmeel and Sarah, bp. Aug.16,1789.CR6

Henry Nicols, s.Benjamin, bp. Oct.12,1806.CR12

John, s.James, jr. and Elizabeth, Mar.27,1744.

John, s.John and Patience, bp. Apr.3,1774.CR5

John C., May3,1827.GR10

Jonathan, s.James and Elizabeth, bp. Oct.10,1762.CR5

Jonathan, s.John and Patience, bp. Feb.3,1782.CR5

Jonathan, June22,1806.GR9

Joseph Adams, s.Jerathmeel and Sarah, bp. Dec.20,1778.CR6

Louisa, d.Nathan and Elizabeth, bp. May29,1814.CR4

Lucy Ann, d.Nathan and Elizabeth, bp. May29,1814.CR4

Mary, d.James, jr. and Elizabeth, July1,1752.

Mary, d.James and Elizabeth, bp. Oct.10,1762.CR5

Mary Wright, d.John and Nancy, Nov.28,1798.CR4

Mary Ann, d.Nathan and Elizabeth, bp. Dec.25,1803.CR4

Mary C., d.Nathan and Elizabeth, bp. Jan.2,1825.CR4

Nancy, d.John and Nancy, Nov.14,1796.CR4

Nathan, s.Nathan, bp. Nov.12,1775.CR12

Nathan, s.Nathan and Elizabeth, bp. Dec.11,1808.CR4

Rebeccah Allen, d.Nathan, bp. Mar.23,1779.CR12

Rebecca Allen, d.Nathan and Elizabeth, bp. Dec.7,1806.CR4

Samuell, s.Abraham and Isabell, May10,1689.CTR

Sarah, d.Humphry, bp. Sept.1,1751.CR2

Sarah, d.James and Elizabeth, bp. Oct.10,1762.CR5

Sarah, d.Nathan, bp. June23,1771.CR1

Sarah, d.Benjamin and Mary, bp. May30,1773.CR5

Salley, d.John and Patience, bp. Sept.6,1778.CR5

Sally, d.Jerathmeel and Sally, bp. Dec.27,1780.CR6

Sukey, d.Nathan, bp. July末,1785.CR12

Thomas Heathee, s.末末, bp. Dec.末,1786.CR12


Abigail, d.[Richard.TC], and Elizabeth, Oct.16,1722.

Abigail Hall, d.Jacob and Mary, bp. Sept.24,1821.CR6

Benjamin, s.Richard and Elizabeth, bp. Aug.23,1730.CR1

Eliza, d.Mary, bp. Sept.7,1823.CR6

Elizabeth, d.[Richard.TC] and Elizabeth, June1,1717.

Eunice Leavett, d.Mary, bp. Sept.7,1823.CR6

Hanna, d.William, jr., bp. Aug.29,1714.CR1

Lucy Ann, d.Mary, bp. Sept.7,1823.CR6

Margaret, d.[Richard.TC] and Elizabeth, Dec.4,1724.

Mary, d.Mary, bp. Sept.7,1823.CR6

Mehitable, d.Mary, bp. Sept.7,1823.CR6

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel, bp. Feb.5,1715-16.CR1

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Abigail (Phippen), Sept.6,1740.

Philip Henry, s.Mary, bp. Sept.7,1823.CR6

Richard, s.[Richard.TC] and Elizabeth, Apr.2,1727.

Samuel, s.[Richard.TC] and Elizabeth, Dec.2,1720.

Samuel, s.Nathaniel and Abigail, bp. Jan.31,1742-3.CR1

Sarah, d.Nathaniel and Margarett, bp. Oct.30,1720.CR1

Sarah, d.Mary, bp. Sept.7,1823.CR6

Susan Hall, d.Jacob and Mary, bp. Oct.5,1828.CR6

Susannah, d.[Richard.TC] and Elizabeth, Jan.22,1718-19.

William Baker, s.Mary, bp. Sept.7,1823.CR6


Elizabeth, d.末末, bp. Oct.2,1681.CR1

Mary, d.末末, bp. Oct.2,1681.CR1

Thomas, s.末末, bp. Oct.2,1681.CR1


John Calvin, s.Moses and Martha, bp. Mar.24,1811.CR6

Sarah, d.Moses and Martha, bp. Mar.24,1811.CR6

PINDAR (Pinder)

Charles H., June9,1813.GR9

Mary, Mrs., Mar.22,1778.GR9

PINDER (Pendar, Pindar)

Hannah Wade, w.John, Nov.17,1821.GR9


Susan P., Apr.26,1789.GR9


Annar, June30,1797.GR9

Ann Maria, Aug.12,1843.GR9

Asa, Feb.25,1807.GR9

Asa, Nov.18,1833.GR9

D.P., Dec.31,1795.GR9

Harriet Elizabeth, w.Thomas P., June4,1840.GR9

Mary C., w.Asa, Jan.17,1817.GR9

Rufus D.,末蔓末,1831.GR9

Thomas Perkins, Oct.4,1830.GR9


Charles H., Nov.6,1825.GR9

Harriette, July25,1829.PR589

Isaac L., s.Isaac, June末,1846.

Julia M., w.Charles H., Aug.3,1829.GR9


Thomas, Mar.12,1817.GR10

PINSENT (Pinson)

William, s.William and Rebecka (Greene), Mar.26,1677.CTR

PINSON (Pinsent)

Elizabeth, d.Thomas and Mary, Feb.9,1697-8.

Mary, d.Thomas and Mary, Sept.30,1694.


Eliza A.H., July22,1844.PR178

PITMAN (Pickman, Pittman)

末末, d.John, bp. Aug.末,1784.CR5

Ada W., w.Samuel, Apr.1,1832.GR9

Atwood, s.Samuel, bp. Feb.末,1668[-9.]CR1

Augustus P., Dec.9,1835.GR10

Benjamin Swan, s.John, bp. Dec.6,1808.CR12

Benjamin, Apr.4,1836.GR9

Bethiah, d.Joseph, jr. and Bethiah, bp. Sept.15,1771.CR5

Bethia C[hapman, d.Mark and Sophia.CR6], Sept.8,1809.GR10

Caroline Sophia, d.Mark and Sophia, bp. Sept.17,1826.CR6

Caroline C.,末蔓末,1830.GR9

Eliza B[uffington, d.Mark and Sophia.CR6], Apr.20,1819.GR10

Elizabeth, d.Benjamin, bp. Sept.末,1688.CR1

Francis Oliver, Apr.10,182.PR367

George, Mar.30,1838.GR9

Georgianna, d.William H., Mar.末,1847.

Hannah M., w.William,末蔓末,1831.GR10

Harriet M., wid.Nathaniel, jr., formerly wid.William Wells, Nov.14,1836.GR9

Henery Clark, Mar.7,1821.PR367

Henry, Jan.26,1831.GR9

James W., Aug.4,1842.GR9

James E., Nov.6,1844.GR10

John, s.Benjamin, jr., bp. Feb.12,1698[-9.]CR1

John, s.John and Martha, bp. Oct.28,1753.CR5

John, s.Joshua and Hannah, bp. Oct.29,1780.CR5

John C.,末蔓末,1798.GR9

John, s.John, bp. Dec.6,1808.CR12

John Francis, s.Mark and Sophia, bp. Apr.4,1813.CR6

John Bowditch, July1,1815.PR367

John Francis, s.Mark and Sophia, bp. June2,1822.CR6

Jonathan, s.Thomas and Sarah, bp. May20,1787.CR11

Jonathan Shove, Mar.10,1827.PR367

Joseph, s.Joseph, jr. and Bathiah, bp. Jan.3,1773.CR5

Joseph, s.Mark and Sophia, bp. May6,1810.CR6

Joseph F., May28,1848.GR10

Julia A., Jan.20,1841.GR10

Mark, s.Bethiah, bp. June20,1779.CR5

Mark, s.Mark and Sophia, bp. Oct.7,1810.CR6

Mark, s.Mark and Sophia, bp. Aug.21,1814.CR6

Mary, d.Joseph and Elizabeth, bp. Mar.27,1743.CR1

Mary, d.Mark and Sophia, bp. May6,1810.CR6

Mary Jane, Feb.6,1819.PR367

Mary A., Oct.4,1823.GR9

Mary A.,末蔓末,1842.GR9

Matthew Very, s.Thomas and Sarah, bp. May20,1787.CR11

Michael, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, bp. Aug.23,1741.CR1

Michael, Nov.5,1790.PR367

Michael Augustus, Dec.31,1829.PR367

Michael Augustus, Aug.3,1831.PR367

Nancy, Apr.22,1801.GR9

Nathaniel, Jan.12,1801.GR9

Rebecca, d.Benjamin, bp. May7,1682.CR1

Samuel, s.Samuel, bp. Dec.25,1687.CR1

Samuel Cloon, s.John, bp. May15,1811.CR12

Samuel, Nov.23,1823.GR9

Sarah, d.John and Martha, bp. Sept.11,1768.CR5

Sarah, d.Thomas and Sarah, bp. May20,1787.CR11

Sarah Ellen, May4,1823.PR367

Sarah E., w.Benjamin, Dec.20,1837.GR9

Sophia, d.Mark and Sophia, bp. May6,1810.CR6

Susanna Francis, d.Mark and Sophia, bp. June1,1817.CR6

William, s.John and Martha, bp. Feb.22,1767.CR5

William Russell, Mar.3,1817.PR367

William H.B., s.William H. and Mary C., May25,1848.

PITTMAN (Pitman)

John, s.John and Martha, bp. Feb.2,1755.CR5

Jonathan, s.John and Martha, bp. Nov.6,1763.CR5

Joshua, s.John and Martha, bp. Sept.26,1756.CR5

Martha, d.John and Martha, bp. May14,1758.CR5

Mary, d.John and Martha, bp. Jan.20,1760.CR5


Albert W., s.Thomas and Caroline E., June20,1840.PR590

Caroline A., d.Thomas and Caroline E., Sept.18,1843.PR590

Charles E., s.Henry, mason, July末,1845.

Harriet E., d.Thomas and Caroline E., Aug.15,1839.PR590

James E., s.Darling, Sept.末,1844.

Laura P., d.Thomas and Caroline E., July18,1849.

Mary J., June18,1811.GR10

Nathaniel, Sept.1,1809.GR10


Benjamin Brown, s.Ichabod, bp. May19,1754.CR1

Ichabod, s.Ichabod and Sarah (Browne), Mar.5,1727-8.

Ichabod, s.Ichabod and Eunice (Browne), June28,1752.

Mary, d.Ichabod and Sarah (Browne), Dec.20,1721.


Mariam G., w.Capt. John, Sept.27,1806.GR9


Mary Jane, w.Benjamin, Aug.12,1819.GR10


Jane Davis, d.Lewis, of Newark, NJ, and grand d.Mrs.Lemon, bp. Oct.2,1831.CR1


Albert, s.Moses and Mary (Hayden), Dec.2,1824.PR593

Caroline, Jan.13,1780.GR9

Catherine E., d.Moses I. and Mary, Oct.20,1848.

Charles, s.Moses J., cordwainer, and Mary E., Sept.2,1845.

Elizabeth, d.Joslin, July末,1847.

George Henry, s.Moses and Mary (Hayden), Oct.10,1827.PR593

George E., s.William H. and Sarah H., Nov.18,1848.

George, s.Richard M. and Abigail, Aug.末,1849.

Harriet Elizabeth, d.Moses and Mary (Hayden), June15,1834.PR593

Harriet E., June15,1839.GR9

James Semple, s.Moses and Mary (Hayden), Nov.7,1832.PR593

James, Nov.7,1833.GR8

John Franklin, s.Moses and Mary (Hayden), Feb.4,1830.PR593

Mary Delight, d.Moses and Mary (Hayden), Apr.16,1817.PR593

Moses Justin, d.Moses and Mary (Hayden), Jan.14,1819.PR593

Ziba Hayden, s.Moses and Mary (Hayden), Apr.15,1821.PR593


Henry A., s.Oliver, Sept.末,1846.


Melisa Howard, d.John B. and Eliza, Aug.6,1842.


David Miller, Feb.28,1842.GR9

George, s.Thomas and Ellen R., Apr.14,1849.

Mary J., Dec.1,1831.GR9

Mary J., d.James and Ann, Nov.29,1849.

Matilda, June9,1834.GR9

POMEREE (Pomeroy)

Elizabeth, d.John and Mary (Cowes), May5,1680.CTR

John, s.John and Mary (Cowes), Nov.4,1683.CTR

Mary, d.John and Mary (Cowes), Oct.13,1677.CTR

Rachell, d.John and Mary (Cowes), Nov.29,1681.CTR

Susannah, d.John and Mary (Cowes), Feb.10,1685.CTR

POMEROY (Pomeree, Pomroy, Pummery)

Cordelia Furbish, d.Hiram and Elizabeth, Dec.16,1828.CR11

POMROY (Pomeroy)

Augustus, s.Arad and Sally (Ropes), Jan.8,1807.PR147

Edward Augustus, s.Arad and Sally (Ropes), Jan.21,1810.PR147

Joanna Wright, d.Arad and Sally (Ropes), Sept.25,1808.PR147

Nancy, d.Arad and Sally (Ropes), Dec.11,1811.PR147

Sally, d.Arad and Sally (Ropes), Aug.20,1814.PR147


Benjamin, s.Hiram and Mary L. (Jenkins), Feb.6,1822.

Charles Edward,末蔓末,1840.GR9

Edward A., s.Joseph P., trader, Nov.末,1844.

Edward A., s.Joseph P., trader, and Mary S., Sept.19,1849.

Emily Cutler, d.J. Sullivan and Emily, bp. July1,1843.CR9

Hannah Lindsay, w.James S., June3,1808.GR9

Hiram Augustus, s.Hiram and Mary L. (Jenkins), July19,1820.

James S., Dec.14,1808.GR9

John Phillips, s.Hiram and Mary G. (Phillips), 2d w., Oct.11,1838.

John C., Oct.31,1839.GR9

John Cowell, s.J. Sullivan and Emily, bp. July1,1843.CR9

Mary Judith, d.Hiram and Mary G. (Phillips), 2d w., Feb.22,1837.

William Kennison, s.Hiram and Mary L. (Jenkins), June26,1823.


Mary, d.John and Elizabeth Delaney, Apr.末,1832.CR14

POOL (Poole)

Patty Tucker, d.Haven and Polly, Nov.24,1806.

Mary Ann, d.Haven and Polly, Mar.6,1805.

Matilda, d.Haven, Apr.3,1808.

POOLE (Pool)

Albert, s.Zebulon, Mar.末,1845.

Fanny Maria, Mar.末,1834.GR9

Martha West, Sept.4,1845.GR9

Mary Zelinda, July14,1832.GR9

Sally, Apr.18,1802.GR9


Alice, d.Henry, bp. Oct.4,1778.CR12

Eben S., Mar.15,1823.GR9

Elizabeth P., Aug.24,1812.GR9

James S., Sept.1,1827.GR10


Mary E., w.Eben S., May3,1823.GR9

Mary E., Sept.10,1832.GR10

William, Oct.29,1804.GR9


末末, s.Joseph, Dec.4,1692.CR2

末末, ch.Ebenezer and Mehitabel, bp. Dec.7,1783.CR5

Abel H., s.Stephen and Sally, 13:4m:1828.PR63

Abbie H., w.William H., Mar.14,1828.GR9

Abigail Shehane, d.Abigail, bp. May16,1830.CR10

Benjamin, s.Joseph, bp. 17:2m:1653.CR1

Bethshua, d.Joseph and Bethshaa (Foldier), Apr.9,1683.

Caroline E., Nov.7,1830.PR183

Catharine M., w.Henry E., May19,1836.GR9

Damoris, d.Joseph, bp. 23:2m:1643.CR1

Damaris, d.Samuell and Exercise (Smith), Feb.末,1686-7.

Daniel, s.Folger and Theodate, 11:11m:1787.CR7

Daniel, s.James and Lydia, 30:11m:1801.CR7

Daniel, s.Stephen and Sally, 4:11m:1808.PR63

Ebenezer, s.Samuel and Sarah, 23:1m:1719-20.CR7

Ebenezer, s.Joseph, bp. June9,1734.CR2

Eliezer, s.Joseph and Bethshaa (Foldier), Dec.4,1693.

Eleazer, s.Joseph, bp. Nov.14,1736.CR2

Eleazer, Mar.21,1751.PR328

Eleazer, s.Eleazer and Esther [(Buxton).PR328], 14:3m:1793.CR7

Elizabeth, d.Samuell and Exercise (Smith), May23,1698.

Elizabeth, d.Samuel and Sarah, 16:4m:1716.CR7

Elizabeth, d.Joseph, bp. Oct.14,1739.CR2

Elizabeth Hacker, d.James and Lydia, 17:3m:1813.CR7

Enos, s.Joseph and Bethshaa (Foldier), June6,1690.

Enos, s.Samuell and Exercise (Smith), Feb.1,1694-5.

Enos, s.Enos and Margaret, Nov.10,1721.

Estes, s.Samuel and Sarah, 18:12m:1721-2.CR7

Esther, d.Eleazer and Esther [(Buxton).PR328], 27:10m:1790.CR7

Esther Buxton, d.Abigail, bp. May16,1830.CR10

Esther M., Nov.9,1845.GR11

Eunice, d.Samuell and Exercise (Smith), Aug.12,1700.

Eunice, d.Joseph, bp. Apr.30,1727.CR2

Folger, s.Stephen and Mary, 14:2m:1756.CR7

Folger, s.Folger and Theodate, 18:9m:1782.CR7

Francis D., ch.Samuel C. and Frances (Dissmore), Dec.25,1811.PR556

George, s.Joseph, bp. 8:5m:1649.CR1

George F., s.Stephen and Sally, 23:3m:1827.PR63

Garthrude, d.Joseph and Bethshaa (Foldier), Aug.27,1685.

Gertrude, d.Stephen and Mary, 末:10m:1753.CR7

Gertrude, d.Joshua and Bethiah, 6:9m:1794.CR7

Gertrude, d.Eleazer and Esther, 14:8m:1799.CR7

Hanna, d.Joseph, bp. 20:5m:1645.CR1

Hanna, d.Joseph, bp. 26:1m:1648.CR1

Hannah, d.Samuell and Exercise (Smith), Feb.17,1696-7.

Hannah, d.Joseph, bp. Sept.3,1721.CR2

Hannah, d.Samuel and Sarah, 20:7m:1734.CR7

Hannah, d.Folger and Theodate, 28:12m:1789.CR7

Hannah, d.James and Lydia, 15:2m:1797.CR7

Henry, d.Samuel and Sarah, 14:6m:1733.CR7

Henry E., Feb.16,1819.GR9

James, 16:12m:1765.GR11

James, s.James and Lydia, 6:3m:1795.CR7

James, s.James and Lydia, 21:7m:1795.CR7

James, s.Joshua and Bethiah, 12:3m:1797.CR7

James, s.James and Lydia, 25:7m:1810.CR7

Jerusha, d.Joseph and Bethshaa (Foldier), Apr.1,1695.

John, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Mar.16,1713-14.

Jonathan Dean, s Joshua and Bethiah, 8:8m:1792.CR7

Joseph, s.Joseph, bp. 27:8m:1650.CR1

Joseph, s.Joseph and Bathshaa (Foldier),末蔓末, [bef. 1679.]

Joseph, s.Joesph and Bethshaa (Foldier), June16,1688.

末末, twin. d.Joseph, Apr.1, [1695?].CR2

Joseph, s.Joseph, bp. Sept.1,1717.CR2

Joseph, s.James and Lydia, 22:8m:1816.CR7

Joshua, s.Stephen and Mary, 24:11m:1763.CR7

Joshua, Oct.16,1829.GR11

Lot, s.Joshua and Bethiah, 27:4m:1803.CR7

Lucy A., June6,1842.GR9

Lydia, w.James, 16:3m:1775.GR11

Lydia, d.Folger and Theodate, 31:10m:1785.CR7

Lydia, d.James and Lydia, 27:2m:1808.CR7

Margaret, d.Samuell and Exercise (Smith), Oct.21,1691.

Martha, d.Samuel, bp. May20,1711.CR1

Mary, d.Nathaniell and Prisca (Chatwell), Feb.27,1704-5.

Mary, d.Benjamin and Sarah, Jan.17,1711-12.

Mary, d.Samuel, bp. Aug.30,1713.CR1

Mary, d.Joseph, bp. May31,1730.CR2

Mary, d.Eleazer and Esther [(Buxton).PR328], 16:7m:1788.CR7

Mary Ann, d.James and Lydia, 13:2m:1806.CR7

Mary, d.Stephen and Sally, 21:7m:1813.PR63

Mehetable, d.Joseph, bp. May3,1719.CR2

Mehettable, d.Samuel C. and Frances (Dissmore), Dec.2,1815.PR556

Nancy Hall, d.Samuel C. and Frances (Dissmore), Nov.13,1807.PR556

Nathaniell, s.Joseph and Bethshaa (Foldier), Nov.20,1679.

Nathaniel, s.Joseph, bp. May17,1724.CR2

Orlando E., s.Samuel C. and Frances (Dissmore), Mar.29,1810.PR556

Peter, s.Joshua and Bethiah, 25:6m:1799.CR7

Philadelphia, d.Samuel and Sarah, 26:12m:1723-4.CR7

Rebecca S. Fairfield, w.Orlando E., Apr.6,1810.PR556

Robert, s.Samuel and Sarah, 9:6m:1717.CR7

Ruth, d.Samuell and Exercise (Smith), Mar.11,1705.

Ruth, d.Samuel and Sarah, 6:1m:1728-9.CR7

Samuell, s.Joseph, bp. 18:3m:1656.CR1

Samuel, 11:4m:1689.CR7

Samuell, s.Samuell and Exercise (Smith), June11,1689.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Sarah, 27:7m:1731.CR7

Samuel, s.Ebenezer and Mehitabel, bp. Apr.30,1780.CR5

Samuel C., s.Ebenezer and Mehittable (Carroll), d.Capt. Samuel Carroll, Nov.26,1783.PR556

Samuel L., s.Samuel C. and Frances (Dissmore), Jan.20,1809.PR556

Sarah, w.Samuel, 5:3m:1693.CR7

Sarah, d.Samuel and Sarah, 2:5m:1726.CR7

Sally, w.Stephen, 7:8m:1788.PR63

Sarah, d.Stephen and Sally, 11:1m:1811.PR63

Sarah Nichols, d.James and Lydia, 2:6m:1821.CR7

Seba, ch.Stephen and Sally, 9:3m:1816.PR63

Stephen, s.Folger and Theodate, 11:1m:1784.CR7

Stephen, s.Eleazer and Esther [(Buxton).PR328], 11:3m:1796.CR7

Susanna, d.Samuel, bp. June30,1717.CR1

William A., Oct.22,1820.GR9

William H., s.William A., Apr.末,1845.

William H., s.William A. and Elizabeth, Apr.14,1847.


末末, ch.Israel, bp. Apr.末,1675.CR1

末末, ch.Jos., Apr.末,1681.CR1

Abigall, twin. d.Joseph and Anna (Hathorne), May23,1676.CTR

Abigail, d.Eleazer, bp. Dec.17,1738.CR2

Abigail, d.John and Apphia, bp. Mar.22,1740-41.CR3

Amos, s.Joseph, bp. Nov.29,1741.CR2

Anna, d.Joseph and Anna (Hathorne), Sept.5,1667.CTR

Anna, d.Israell and Elizabeth, June17,1687.CTR

Anna, d.Joseph, bp. Oct.2,1687.CR1

Anna, d.Israel, bp. Sept.16,1722.CR2

Asa, s.Eleazer, bp. Jan.26,1734-5.CR2

Benjamin, s.Israell and Elizabeth, Sept.4,1685.CTR

Benjamin, s.Israell and Elizabeth, May17,1693.CTR

Benjamin, s.William, bp. June19,1715.CR2

Benjamin, s.John and Apphia, bp. Oct.22,1738.CR3

Caroline Elizabeth, d.Elijah and Rebecca, bp. Sept.14,1834.CR9

Daniel Abbot, s.Elijah and Rebecca, bp. Dec.16,1827.CR10

David, s.Eleazer, bp. May9,1731.CR2

Dudley, s.Dudley and Betsey (Austin), at Gloucester, Mar.30,1794.

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer, bp. Feb.6,1780.CR5

Eleazer, twin. s.Joseph and Anna (Hathorne), May23,1676.CTR

Eleazer Austin, s.Dudley and Betsey (Austin), Oct.25,1795.

Elizabeth, d.Israell and Elizabeth (Hathorne), 2:8m:1673.CTR

Elizabeth, d.Israel, bp. Apr.26,1719.CR2

Elizabeth, d.Joseph, bp. May14,1732.CR2

Elizabeth, d.John and Aphia, bp. Oct.12,1735.CR3

Elizabeth, d.William, jr., bp. June12,1748.CR2

Elizabeth, d.John and Susannah, bp. Oct.8,1749.CR5

Elizabeth, d.Thomas, bp. Aug.28,1757.CR1

Betsey, d.Thomas and Martha, Mar.21,1784.

Ellen Maria, d.Elijah and Rebecca, bp. July17,1831.CR10


Ezra, s.Joseph and Apphia, bp. July1,1744.CR3

Fanny Grant, June6,1818.PR454

Frances T., w.George N., Jan.12,1824.GR9

Ginger, d.Israell and Elizabeth (Hathorne), 8:10m:1679.CTR

Ginger, d.Israel and Sarah, bp. Aug.17,1707.CR2

Hannah, d.Ebenezer, bp. Jan.30,1774.CR12

Hannah, d.Jonathan, Apr.19,1776.PR93

Harriet Low, d.Elijah and Rebecca, June8,1825.GR9

Henry Williams, s.Elijah and Rebecca, bp. July12,1829.CR10

Hipseba, d.Joseph and Anna, 11:2m:1678.CTR

Israell, s.Israell and Elizabeth, Apr.4,1683.CTR

Israel, s.William, bp. Aug.20,1710.CR2

Israell, s.Israel, "of ye village," bp. June25,1716.CR3

James, s.Thomas, bp. May29,1757.CR1

James, s.Thomas and Martha, Oct.8,1781.

John, s.Israell and Elizabeth (Hathorne), 24:7m:1677.CTR

John, s.Israel, bp. Mar.末,1712.CR2

John, s.John and Apphia, bp. June13,1736.CR3

John, s.Thomas, bp. May29,1757.CR1

John, s.Thomas and Martha, Feb.14,1778.

Jonathan, s.John, bp. 12:1m:1648.CR1

Jonathan, s.Samuel, jr., bp. Oct.15,1738.CR2

Joseph, s.Joseph and Anna (Hathorne), Oct.23,1665.CTR

Joseph, s.Joseph, jr., bp. Aug.13,1710.CR2

Joseph, s.Joseph, bp. Mar.16,1734-5.CR2

Joseph, s.Joseph, bp. Apr.6,1740.CR2

Joseph, s.Ebenezer, bp. Jan.20,1750-51.CR2

Laura A. Swain, Nov.14,1846.GR10

Lydia, d.Joseph, bp. July17,1737.CR2

Lydia, d.Joseph, bp. Dec.25,1743.CR2

Lydia A. Dennis, Jan.16,1814.GR10

Margaret A., d.John D. and Margaret (Stanley), Jan.8,1841.PR557

Patty, d.Thomas and Martha, Oct.15,1779.

Mary, d.John, bp. 12:8m:1645.CR1

Mary, d.Joseph and Anna (Hathorne), 18:10m:1672.CTR

Mary, d.Israell and Elizabeth, Sept.22,1681.CTR

Mary, d.Joseph, deceased, bp. May29,1715.CR2

Mary, d.Israel, bp. Apr.24,1726.CR2

Mary, d.Eleazer, bp. Aug.22,1736.CR2

Mary, d.Joseph, bp. Mar.4,1738-9.CR2

Mary, d.Joseph, bp. Apr.6,1746.CR2

Mary (w.John Felt), Jan.25,1762.PR207

Mary, d.Dudley and Betsey (Austin), Nov.30,1797.

Mary Allen, d.Elijah and Rebecca, bp. Aug.31,1823.CR10

Mehitabel, d.Joseph, bp. Sept.末,1682.CR1

Mehitable, June8,1735.PR93

Mercy, d.Joseph, bp. May末,1684.CR1

Nathaniell, s.Joseph and Anna (Hathorne), Mar.8,1670-71.CTR

Nathaniel, s.Ebenezer, bp. Jan.25,1778.CR5

Priscilla, d.Joseph, jr., bp. May25,1712.CR2

Rebicca Abbott, d.Elijah and Rebecca, bp. Oct.7,1821.CR10

Ruth, d.Joseph, bp. Sept.末,1682.CR1

S. Elizabeth, June25,1833.GR9

Samuell, s.Joseph and Anna (Hathorne), 4:6m:1669.CTR

Samuel, s.Eleazer, bp. Jan.30,1742-3.CR2

Samuel, s.Thomas and Martha, Aug.3,1788.

Sarah, d.John, bp. 3:4m:1649.CR1

Sara, d.Israell and Elizabeth (Hathorne), Aug.24,1675.CTR

Sarah, d.Israel, bp. Feb.10,1709-10.CR2

Sarah, d.Israel, bp. Aug.26,1739.CR2

Sarah, d.Ebenezer, bp. Jan.30,1774.CR12

Sarah Elizabeth, d.John B., bp. Oct.10,1840.CR9

Thomas, s.Thomas, bp. May29,1757.CR1

Thomas, s.Thomas and Martha, June29, [bef. 1778.]

William, s.Joseph and Ann (Hathorne), 30:6m:1674.CTR

William, s.Israell and Elizabeth, Feb.12,1688-9.CTR

William, s.William, bp. June21,1713.CR2

William, s.Wililam, bp. Apr.21,1751.CR2

William R., Feb.18,1806.GR10

William Henry, s.Elijah and Rebecca, bp. Aug.28,1836.CR9

William Theodore, Sept.6,1846.GR10


Adaline, d.Daniel and Eunice (Fellows), Jan.1,1818.PR300

Benjamin, s.Nicholas and Mary, Nov.6,1671.CTR

Bethiah, d.Nicholas and Mary, May23,1668.CTR

Daniel, Nov.19,1770.PR300

Daniel, s.Daniel and Eunice (Fellows), Mar.24,1800.PR300

Dolly Ann, Feb.15,1831.PR132

Edward, s.Daniel and Eunice (Fellows), Nov.14,1809.PR300

Eunice, d.Daniel and Eunice (Fellows), Aug.27,1797.PR300

Francis Bracy, s.Francis Allen and Mary (Bracy), Mar.7,1841.PR297

George Allen, s.Jesse, Oct.16,1825.CR12

George William, s.Francis Allen and Mary (Bracy), Sept.21,1843.PR297

Hana, d.Nicolas and Mary, 25:1m:1661.CTR

Hana, d.Nicholas and Mary, Mar.27,1666.CTR

Hannah Wallis, d.Daniel and Eunice (Fellows), Jan.6,1802.PR300

Harriet, d.Daniel and Eunice (Fellows), Apr.17,1813.PR300

Henry, twin. s.Daniel and Eunice (Fellows), Sept.9,1806.PR300

Henry William, s.Mary, bp. Aug.28,1825.CR10

Jesse Franklin, s.Capt. Jesse, Aug.23,1823.CR12

Joseph, s.Nicholas and Mary, June9,1673.CTR

Lucy, d.Daniel and Eunice (Fellows), Oct.2,1815.PR300

Liddea, d.Nicholas and Mary, Feb.26,1666-7.CTR

Lidea, d.Nicholas and Mary, July16,1670.CTR

Margaret F., d.Daniel, blacksmith, and Dolly M., Apr.24,1845.

Martha, twin. d.Daniel and Eunice (Fellows), Dec.17,1803.PR300

Martha, twin. d.Daniel and Eunice (Fellows), Sept.9,1806.PR300

Martha Ellen, d.Francis Allen and Mary (Bracy), Mar.17,1839.PR297

Mary, d.Nicolas and Mary, 4:11m:1659.CTR

Mary, d.Nicolas and Mary, 10:9m:1663.CTR

Mary, twin. d.Daniel and Eunice (Fellows), Dec.17,1803.PR300

Mary Anna, d.wid., bp. July3,1836.CR12

Mary Abby, d.Francis Allen and Mary (Bracy), Sept.14,1846.PR297

Mary A[bby.CR11], d.Francis A[llen.PR296], trader, and Mary [(Bracy).PR297], Aug.22,1848.

Samuell, s.Nicholas and Mary, 9:11m:1664.CTR

Samuell, s.Nicholas and Mary, Apr.22,1669.CTR

Sara, d.Nicolas and Mary, Oct.4,1662.CTR

William Oliver, s.Capt. Jesse, Oct.7,1820.CR12


Mary, twin. d.Maximillian and Mary (Voden), Jan.16,1695.

Sarah, d.Maximillian and Mary (Voden), Dec.27,1700.

William, twin. s.Maximillian and Mary (Voden), Jan.16,1695.


Caroline M.C. Southward, Apr.8,1833.GR10

Cordelia, d.George A., mariner, Oct.末,1845.

Elizabeth Felton, d.George W. and Elizabeth H., bp. June1,1844.CR9

George Henry, s.George W. and Elizabeth H., bp. June1,1844.CR9

Joseph, Nov.10,1823.GR10

William F., s.William, mariner, and Catherine, Aug.16,1848.

POWARS (Powers)

Caroline E., w.Stephen,末蔓末,1838.GR10

Caroline, d.Joel, undertaker, and Eliza F., Oct.15,1844.

Charles H., Dec.7,1839.GR10

Eliza F., w.Joel,末蔓末,1803.GR10


Stephen A.,末蔓末,1829.GR10

William F., s.Joel, superintendent of burials, and Eliza F., Oct.18,1846.


Thomas, s.Thomas, bp. Nov.3,1765.CR11

POWER (Powers)

Hannah, d.Richard, bp. Sept.25,1763.CR11

POWERS (Powars, Power)

Ellen, d.James and Ellen, July26,1849.


Hannah, w.Thomas, Oct.26,1718.

PRAT (Pratt)

Nathaniel, s.Joseph and Peggy, bp. Feb.19,1786.CR4

PRATT (Prat)

Abigaill, d.John and Margarit (Maverick), May17,1696.

Caroline G., w.George W.,末蔓末,1835.GR10

Caroline A., d.William and Harriet, Jan.1,1849.

Cynthia F., d.John and Elizabeth,末蔓末, [aft. 1834.]CR7

Elias, s.John and Margarit (Maverick), Aug.23,1702.

Elisha, Mar.10,1799.GR9

Eliza P., d.Samuel S. and Mary W. (Wethee), Sept.17,1839.PR560

Elizabeth, d.John and Margarit (Maverick), Aug.24,1700.

Ellen M., May17,1835.GR10

George C., twin. s.William, cordwainer, and Harriet N., Mar.20,1846.

Georgianna, twin. d.William, cordwainer, and Harriet N., Mar.20,1846.

Hannah, d.John and Margarit (Maverick), Jan.25,1706-7.

Hannah J., d.Samuel S. and Mary W. (Wethee), Feb.3,1845.PR560

Harriet Anne, d.Caleb and Anne Gibney, Sept.25,1842.CR14

Henry John, s.John and Mehitable, bp. July7,1833.CR9

Jacob, s.J. and Sally, bp. May26,1805.CR12

John Irving, s.John and Elizabeth, 15:10m:1834.CR7

John W., s.Samuel S. and Mary W. (Wethee), Dec.11,1835.PR560

Joseph, s.Joseph and Margret, bp. Sept.9,1770.CR5

Loraney I., d.Samuel S. and Mary W. (Wethee), July25,1837.PR560

Lydia, d.John and Margarit (Maverick), May25,1711.

Margarit, d.John and Margarit (Maverick), Mar.1,1694.

Peggy, d.Joseph and Margaret, bp. Dec.26,1779.CR6

Mary, d.John and Margarit (Maverick), Aug.22,1698.

Mary (w.David Moore), Feb.21,1785.PR351

Mary W., w.Lewis,末蔓末,1843.GR10

Maverick, d.John and Margarit (Maverick), July20,1713.

Ruth, d.John and Margarit (Maverick), Dec.25,1704.

Samuel S., Feb.25,1810.PR560

Sarah (w.William Price),末蔓末,1786.PR559

Sarah E.,末蔓末,1831.GR9

Sarah Ellen, d.John and Mehitable, bp. July7,1833.CR9

Susan Harris, w.Elisha, Nov.2,1801.GR9

Susanna, d.John and Margarit (Maverick), Apr.25,1709.


Mehitable, d.Ruel and Mehitable, Sept.18,1848.

Sylvia W. (w.Capt. W.M. Swasey), June11,1844.GR10

PREBBLE (Preble)

Elizabeth Derby, d.Ebenezer and Elizabeth, bp. June19,1796.CR4

PREBLE (Prebble, Pribble)

Sarah Ellen, d.Ebenezer and Agnes D.T. [of Gorham, ME. dup.], bp. Sept.18,1831.CR1

PREIST (Priest)

Elizabeth, d.John and Elizabeth (Gray), Jan.20,1679.CTR

PRENDERGAST (Pendergast)

Mary O'Donnell, w.Lawrence, May5,1828.GR9

PRESCOT (Prescott)

末末, ch.末末, Mar.26,1795.PR79

Benjamin, s.Rev. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Higginson), Jan.29,1716-17.

Elizabeth, d.Rev. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Higginson), Sept.15,1721.

Elisabeth, d.Benjamin, bp. Dec.10,1752.CR1

Hannah, d.Rev. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Higginson), Dec.6,1719.

James, s.Benjamin, jr., bp. Mar.19,1748-9.CR1

John, s.Rev. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Higginson), Aug.2,1718.

Sarah, d.Rev. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Higginson), Jan.29,1722-3.

PRESCOTT (Prescot)

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, jr. and Rebecca, bp. Mar.末,1746-7.CR3

Catharine Elizabeth, d.William and Catharine, bp. Nov.17,1799.CR1

Charles Thomas, s.William, bp. Aug.1,1802.CR1

David, s.David, mason, and Mary, Aug.26,1845.

Edward, s.William and Catharine, bp. Jan.15,1804.CR1

Frederick, s.William and Catherine, bp. Aug.19,1798.CR1

Henry, s.Benjamin and Mercy, July19,1735.CR3

Henry, s.Benjamin and Mercy, July25,1737.CR3

Martha, d.Benjamin, jr. and Rebecca, Nov.23,1744.CR3

Mercy, d.Benjamin and Rebecca (Minot), Feb.5,1755.

Rebecca, d.Benjamin, jr. and Rebecca, May20,1742.CR3

Theodore Thomas, s.William and Catharine, bp. Nov.24,1805.CR1

William Hickling, s.William, bp. May15,1796.CR1


末末, s.John, baker, Oct.末,1846.

Andrew, May28,1729.PR173

Andrew, s.Andrew and Mary (Lambert), Mar.24,1760.PR173

Andrew, s.Andrew and Mary (Lambert), Aug.1,1775.PR173

Anna, d.Thomas, bp. Oct.31,1714.CR2

Charles H., s.Richard, baker, Oct.末,1846.

David, s.Thomas,末蔓末, [1689?].CR2

Eliza Ann, d.Joseph and Rebecker (Peele), Nov.10,1820.PR173

Elizabeth, d.John, May9,1745.PR17

Elizabeth, d.Andrew and Mary (Lambert), Mar.11,1765.PR173

Elizabeth, d.Andrew and Mary (Lambert), Apr.12,1771.PR173

Francis Perley, s.John, jr., bp. Oct.4,1846.CR5

Harriet T., d.Jonathan and Alice G., Aug.1,1826.GR9

John, s.Thomas and Rebecka (Nursse), 20:9m:1673.CTR

John, s.John and Elizabeth, Sept.4,1717.

John, s.John, Sept.3,1746.PR17

John, s.Andrew and Mary (Lambert), Mar.24,1769.PR173

John, s.Hannah, Oct.20,1787.

John Diamond, s.John Diamond and Sarah, bp. July8,1798.CR4

John, June18,1816.GR9

Jonathan, jr., Aug.12,1824.GR9

Joseph, Oct.1,1780.PR173

Joseph W., s.Joseph and Rebecker (Peele), Nov.10,1807.PR173

Joseph Hood, Aug.25,1844.PR268

Joshua, s.John, Mar.22,1750.PR17

Margaret Stevens, w.John, Aug.29,1815.GR9

Margaret F., d.Joseph and Rebecker (Peele), Aug.3,1822.PR173

Margaret Stevens, d.John, bp. Dec.12,1841.CR5

Martha, d.Thomas and Rebecka (Nursse), Oct.21,1676.CTR

Mary, d.Thomas and Rebecka (Nursse), Feb.15,1671.CTR

Mary, d.Andrew and Mary (Lambert), Sept.17,1755.PR173

Mary L., d.Joseph and Rebecker (Peele), July25,1812.PR173

Moses, s.John and Elizabeth, July6,1715.

Nellie, July28,1849.GR9

Phillip, s.John and Elizabeth, Mar.6,1719-20.

Phillip, s.John, Oct.30,1748.PR17

Rebecka, d.Thomas and Rebecka (Nusse), May12,1670.CTR

Rebeckah, d.Thomas, bp. Apr.20,1712.CR2

Richard, s.John Diamond and Sarah, bp. Nov.22,1795.CR4

Samuel Lambert, s.Andrew and Mary (Lambert), Mar.6,1763.PR173

Sarah Ellen, d.John, jr. and Margaret S., July29,1849.

Susan P., Apr.29,1825.GR9

Susanna, d.Andrew and Mary (Lambert), Sept.3,1761.PR173

Thomas, s.Thomas, bp. Sept.25,1709.CR2

William, s.Andrew and Mary (Lambert), Apr.29,1757.PR173

William R., s.Joseph and Rebecker (Peele), Oct.28,1814.PR173

Willie, Dec.14,1842.PR268

PRIBBLE (Preble)

Joshua, s.Nathaniel, bp. July23,1721.CR2

Nathanael, s.Nathaniel, bp. July23,1721.CR2

Priscilla, d.Nathaniel, bp. July23,1721.CR2

Rachel, d.Nathaniel, bp. July23,1721.CR2

Stephen, s.Nathaniel, bp. July29,1722.CR2


Adaline M.,末蔓末,1813.PR559

Anna Eliza Carlton, w.Charles H., Nov.13,1831.GR9

Anne, d.Theodore and Anne (Wood), [July23,1671.CTR]

Augustus E., Mar.18,1829.PR559

Benjamin S., Mar.15,1836.PR559

Benjamin B.,末蔓末,1845.GR9


Charles H., Jan.1,1831.PR559

Eben N., Aug.31,1805.PR559

Edward Augustus, s.Ephraim S. and Mary, Jan.28,1829.

Edward A., s.Augustus E. and Ann M., Oct.9,1849.

Elizabeth, d.Walter, bp. 13:1m:1642.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Theodore and Anne (Wood), [Jan.19,1669.CTR]

Elizabeth, d.Walter and Elizabeth,末蔓末, [bef. 1670.]

Elizabeth, d.Capt. Walter and Freestone (Turner), May9,1714.

Elizabeth, w.William, jr., Oct.7,1793.GR9

Hanna, d.Walter, bp. 30:11m:1647.CR1

Hannah, d.Walter and Elizabeth,末蔓末, [bef. 1670.]

Hanna, d.Capt., bp. July31,1681.CR1

Hannah S., Oct.15,1807.GR9

Harriet, d.Ephraim S. and Mary, July9,1836.

Henry A.,末蔓末,1826.PR559

Henry, s.Charles and Sarah, Sept.3,1849.

John, s.Walter and Elizabeth,末蔓末,1645 [bp. 18:11m:1645.CR1]

John, s.Capt. Jo., bp. Aug.18,1678.CR1

John, s, Capt. Walter and Freestone (Turner), Mar.29,1700.

John Henry, 2d,末蔓末,1803.PR559

Joseph, Feb.21,1834.PR559

Margaret A.,末蔓末,1811.PR559

Maria Cleghorn, w.William, Feb.8,1825.GR9

Mary Elisabeth, d.Ephraim S. and Mary, Oct.30,1831.

Richard, Jan.23,1841.PR559

Rufus B., Aug.28,1832.PR559

Samuell, s.Walter, bp. 12:1m:1654.CR1

Sarah, d.Capt. Walter and Freestone (Turner), Feb.4,1709-10.

Theodore, s.Walter, bp. 30:9m:1643.CR1

Theodore, s.Walter and Elizabeth,末蔓末, [bef. 1670.]

Thomas, s.Ephraim S. and Mary, May9,1834.

Walter, s.Walter, bp. 16:1m:1656.CR1

Walter, s.Walter and Elizabeth,末蔓末, [bef. 1670.]

Walter, s.Capt. John and Sarah (Wolcott), May17,1676.

William, s.Walter, bp. 24:1m:1650.CR1

William, s.Walter and Elizabeth,末蔓末, [bef. 1670.]

William, s.Capt. Walter and Freestone (Turner), Mar.22,1701-2.

William, at Newburyport, Mar.8,1779.PR559

William H., Feb.20,1826.GR9

PRIEST (Preist)

Elizabeth, d.末末, bp. Jan.末,1679[-80.]CR1

Elizabeth, d.El., bp. Aug.末,1680.CR1

Hanna, d.末末, bp. Oct.末,1689.CR1


末末, s.Thomas H., turner, Feb.末,1846.

Charles L., s.Thomas H. and Susan H., July13,1848.

Ebenezer Bradford, s.David N., bp. Jan.16,1825.CR10

Elizabeth B., Mar.1,1827.GR10

James M., s.James M. and Sarah Jane, May25,1849.

Joshua S., Mar.30,1820.GR10

Moses Stevens, s.Thomas, bp. Jan.16,1825.CR10

Samuel L[oring, s.David N.CR10], Mar.30,1821.GR10

Sarah E., d.Joshua S., carpenter, and Elizabeth, Feb.9,1846.

Susan H., w.Thomas H., Dec.29,1816.GR9

Thomas H., Jan.20,1811.GR9


末末, d . James, Jan.3,1695-6.CR2

末末, ch.末末, Nov.15,1802.PR79

末末, d.Dr., Nov.12,1848.PR188

Abel, s.Joseph, bp. Apr.8,1711.CR2

Amos, s.James, bp. Feb.14,1747-8.CR2

Anna, d.Abel and Hannah, bp. June8,1740.CR2

Asa, s.Dr. Jonathan, bp. Feb.22,1746-7.CR2

Benjamin, s.Henry and Sarah, bp. Mar.24,1804.CR4

Benjamin Ropes, s.Henry and Ruth Hardy (Ropes), Nov.末,1822.PR487

Catharine Elizabeth, d.John, jr. and Loisa, Aug.4,1821.CR1

Charity, d.James, June10,1693.CR2

Charles Edward, s.John and Loisa, Oct.5,1827.CR1

Daniel, s.Joshua, bp. Sept.14,1735.CR2

David, s.James and Sarah, bp. Jan.31,1702-3.CR2

David, s.David, bp. Mar.20,1725-6.CR2

David, s.Robert, bp. Feb.19,1737-8.CR2

David, s.James, bp. Dec.3,1738.CR2

Ebenezer, s.Robert, bp. July9,1732.CR2

Elizabeth, d.Robert and Sara (Waren), 19:12m:1669.CTR

Elizabeth, d.Joseph, bp. July29,1705.CR2

Elizabeth, d.Joseph, bp. Mar.18,1715-16.CR2

Elizabeth, d.Richard, bp. Dec.2,1716.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Abel and Hannah, bp. June8,1740.CR2

Elizabeth, d.Robert, bp. Mar.13,1742-3.CR2

Betty, d.Timothy, bp. Dec.22,1751.CR2

Ezra, s.Jonathan, bp. Nov.22,1741.CR2

George, s.John and Mary, Dec.6,1791.CR1

George, s.Henry and Sarah (Millett), Jan.27,1792.PR303

George Henry, s.Henry and Ruth Hardy (Ropes), Oct.末,1821.PR487

Hannah, d.Abel, deceased, and Hannah, bp. Aug.16,1741.CR2

Hannah M[aria, d.Sarah.CR10], (w.Daniel B. Lord), Feb.14,1827.GR9

Henry, at Ipswich, Oct.12,1764.PR303

Henry, s.Henry and Sarah (Millett), Sept.4,1787.PR303

Huldah, d.James, bp. Feb.24,1733-4.CR2

James, s.Robert and Sara (Waren), 19:11m:1664.CTR

James, s.Robert and Sarah (Waren), abt. Aug.15,1668.CTR

James, s.James, bp. Jan.12,1700.CR2

James, s.James, bp. Nov.7,1731.CR2

James Chever, s.Henry and Ruth Hardy (Ropes), Jan.末,1825.PR487

James, s.Sarah, bp. Oct.2,1831.CR10

John, s.Richard, bp. 20:12m:1641.CR1

John, s.Richard and Sarah (Rix), 15:9m:1682.CTR

John, s.Samuel, bp. Feb.19,1698[-9.]CR1

John, s.Richard, bp. Feb.24,1711-12.CR1

John, s.John and Hannah (Frost), Oct.14,1735.

John, s.James, bp. Jan.29,1743-4.CR2

John, s.James, bp. Nov.24,1745.CR2

John, s.John and Mary, Apr.19,1782.CR1

John, June16,1797.GR9

John, s.Henry and Sarah (Millett), Mar.27,1798.PR303

John, s.John and Loisa, Apr.13,1816.CR1

John, s.John and Sarah, bp. June16,1822.CR10

John, s.John and Loisa, bp. Oct.12,1823.CR1

Jonathan, s.Richard, bp. 15:1m:1657.CR1

Jonathan, s.James and S., bp. July20,1707.CR2

Jonathan, s.Jonathan, bp. Apr.13,1735.CR2

Jonathan, s.Henry and Sarah (Millett), Jan.13,1789.PR303 [bp. Jan.17,1790.CR4]

Joseph, s.Richard, bp. 10:7m:1643.CR1

Joseph, s.Richard and Sarah (Rix), Dec.28,1680.CTR

Joseph, s.Joseph and Elizabeth (Robbinson), May30,1702.

Joseph, s.Richard, bp. Sept.2,1705.CR1

Joseph, s.Robert, bp. July19,1730.CR2

Joseph Hardy, s.Henry and Sarah (Millett), June7,1801.PR303

Louisa Lander, d.Dr. William H. and Elizabeth L.B., Nov.13,1848.

Martha, d.Joseph, bp. June21,1713.CR2

Martha, d.Dr. John, bp. May26,1765.CR1

Patty, d.Richard, bp. May3,1795.CR11

Mary, d.Richard, bp. 16:2m:1648.CR1

Mary, d.末末, bp. Oct.31,1686.CR1

Mary, d.Samuel, bp. May7,1710.CR1

Mary, d.Robert, bp. Apr.21,1734.CR2

Mary, d.Dr. Jonathan, bp. June3,1744.CR2

Mary, d.Dr. John, bp. Jan.29,1769.CR1

Mary, d.Henry and Sarah (Millett), Sept.6,1795.PR303

Mary Louisa, d.John and Louisa, Mar.4,1813.CR1

Mary Ann Ward, d.Sarah, bp. Aug.4,1833.CR9

Nathan, s.Jonathan, bp. June25,1738.CR2

Nathan, s.Richard, bp. Mar.1,1789.CR11

Nathaniell, s.Richard, bp. Nov.27,1791.CR11

Nathaniel, Oct.4,1823.GR9

Nathaniel Wells, s.Sarah, bp. May16,1824.CR10

Phebe, d.Timothy, bp. Dec.18,1748.CR2

Rebekkah, d.James, bp. Dec.11,1698.CR2

Richard, s.Richard, bp. 18:1m:1655.CR1

Richard, s.Richard and Sarah (Rix), Jan.21,1678.CTR

Richard, s.Richard, bp. Apr.11,1708.CR1

Richard Derby, s.Dr. John, bp. Aug.末,1773.CR1 [bp. July11. dup.]

Robart, s.Samuel, bp. Apr.末,1692.CR1

Robert, s.Joseph and Elizabeth (Robbinson), Dec.29,1700.

Ruth, s.Jonathan, bp. Aug.4,1751.CR2

Samuell, s.Richard, bp. 18:3m:1651.CR1

Samuel, s.Samuel, bp. June末,1694.CR1

Samuel, s.Joseph, bp. June7,1719.CR2

Samuel, s.Timothy, bp. May31,1747.CR2

Samuel Ropes, s.Henry and Ruth Hardy (Ropes), Apr.末,1833.PR487

Sarah, d.Richard and Mary, Jan.2,1703-4.CTR

Sarah, d.David, bp. May5,1728.CR2

Sarah, d.Robert, bp. July25,1736.CR2

Sarah, d.Robert, bp. June29,1740.CR2

Sarah, d.Dr. Jonathan, bp. July23,1749.CR2

Sarah, d.Richard and Sarah, bp. Dec.5,1784.CR11

Sarah, d.Henry and Sarah (Millett), Sept.21,1785.PR303

Sarah, w.John, Oct.18,1796.GR9

Sarah, d.Henry and Ruth Hardy (Ropes),末蔓末,1826.,PR487 [Dec.16.GR9]

Solomon, s.Joseph, bp. Mar.30,1707.CR2

Susanna, d.Susanna, bp. June14,1685.CR1

Susanna, d.Joseph, bp. July3,1709.CR2

Thomas, s.John and Mary, June3,1784.CR1

Timothy, s.Joseph and Elizabeth (Robbinson), Oct.末,1703.

Timothy, s.Joseph, bp. Aug.12,1722.CR2

William, s.Samuel, bp. Apr.末,1692.CR1

William, s.Joseph, bp. Sept.8,1717.CR2

William Henry, s.John and Mary, Oct.23,1786.CR1

William Henry, s.John and Loisa, Nov.15,1817.CR1

William Williams, s.John and Sarah, bp. Sept.18,1836.CR9

PRIOR (Pryor)

Moses, s.末末, bp. Sept.23,1787.CR11

PROCTER (Proctor)

Abigail, d.John and Elizabeth (Bassett), Jan.27,1689.CTR

Abigail, d.Thorndike, jr. and Abigail (Wilson), Aug.27,1727.

Nabby, d.Ebenezar and Martha, bp. June10,1781.CR6

Annie Osborn, w.William, Apr.3,1827.GR9

Augusta Pierce, d.William and Sally G. [Sarah Goodhue.PR76], Feb.6,1831.CR12

Benjamin, s.John and Lydia (Waters), Jan.28,1731.

Benjamin, s.Robert and Hannah, Oct.24,1775.

Caroline Elizabeth, d.William [and Sarah Goodhue.PR76], Mar.15,1820.CR12

Charles Edward, s.William [and Sarah Goodhue.PR76], Oct.18,1815.CR12

Charles, s.Daniel, bp. Sept.4,1829, a.15m.CR1

Daniel, s.Ebenezar and Martha, bp. June10,1781.CR6

Daniel Littlefield [Litchfield.dup.], s.Daniel, bp. Sept.4,1829.CR1

Debby, d.Ebenezar and Martha, bp. Sept.4,1785.CR6

Desire, d.Jonathan and Desire, bp. Apr.17,1737.CR3

Eben, s.Ebenezar and Martha, bp. June10,1781.CR6

Eben, s.Ebenezar and Martha, bp. Feb.1,1784.CR6

Ebenezer, s.Thorndick and Hannah (Endicot), Aug.16,1702.

Elisha, s.John and Elizabeth (Bassett), Apr.28,1687.CTR

Emma J., d.William H. and Mary A., June10,1848.

Eunice, d.John, bp. June22,1707.CR1

Francis Pierce, s.William [and Sarah Goodhue.PR76], Dec.29,1816.CR12 [Dec.28.PR76]

George Frederick, s.William [and Sarah Goodhue.PR76], Nov.10,1824.CR12

Hannah, d.Thorndike, jr. and Abigail (Wilson), Nov.9,1723.

Hannah, d.Thorndike, jr. and Abigail (Wilson), Sept.3,1729.

Hannah, d.Nathan and Mary (Reed), Oct.22,1730.

Hannah Manning, w.Benjamin, June20,1783.GR9

Horace Masury, s.William and Sarah Goodhue, Aug.6,1822.PR76

Jacob, s.Nathan and Mary (Reed), Feb.12,1726.

Jacob, s.Nathan and Mary (Reed), Oct.12,1737.

John, s.John and Elizabeth, 28:8m:1668.CTR

John, s.John and Lydia (Waters), Sept.14,1728.

Jonathan, s.Thorndick and Hannah (Endicott), Aug.2,1705.

Joseph Holman, s.William [and Sarah Goodhue.PR76], May4,1818.CR12

Lydia, d.John and Lydia (Waters), Mar.31,1730.

Lydia, w.William, July5,1814.GR9

Martha, d.John and Elizabeth, late of Ipswich, June4,1666.CTR

Martha, d.Robert and Hannah,末蔓末,1763.PR67

Patty, d.Ebenezar and Martha, bp. June10,1781.CR6

Martha Ann, d.Robert and Lydia, bp. Aug.23,1811.CR12

Mary, d.John and Elizabeth, late of Ipswich, Oct.20,1667.CTR

Mary, d.John and Elizabeth, 30:11m:1669.CTR

Mary, d.Benjamin and Mary (Witheridge), Oct.12,1695.

Mary, d.Nathan and Mary (Reed), Dec.21,1728.

Mary, d.John and Lydia (Waters), Dec.3,1733.

Polly, d.Ebenezar and Martha, bp. June10,1781.CR6

Mary A., Aug.21,1809.PR276

Mary Elizabeth, d.William and Sarah Goodhue, Sept.19,1813.PR76

Mary Elizabeth, d.William and Sarah Goodhue, Mar.26,1819.PR76

Mary Olivia, d.Daniel, bp. Sept.4,1829.CR1

Nathan, s.Thorndike and Hannah (Endicott), Oct.18,1698.

Nathan, s.Nathan and Mary (Reed), Nov.25,1735.

Nehemiah, s.Daniel, bp. Sept.4,1829.CR1

Priscilla, d.Benjamin and Mary (Witheridge), Dec.11,1699.

Robert, s.Robert and Hannah, Dec.23,1760.PR9

Ruth, d.Nathan and Mary (Reed), Jan.21,1732.

Samuell, s.John and Elizabeth (Bassett), Jan.11,1685.CTR

Sarah, d.John and Elizabeth (Bassett), Jan.28,1676.CTR

Sarah, d.Benjamin and Mary (Witheridge), Jan.2,1701-2.PR76

Sarah, d.John and Lydia (Waters), Aug.21,1736.

Sarah, d.Nathan and Mary (Reed), Apr.11,1741.

Sarah Holman, d.William and Sarah Goodhue, Aug.29,1821.

Sarah Ellen, d.William and Sally G. [Sarah Goodhue.PR76], Feb.3,1828.CR12

Stephen, s.Nathan and Mary (Reed), Mar.22,1724.

Thorndike, s.John and Elizabeth, July15,1677.CTR

Thorndick, s.Thorndick and Hannah (Endicott), June2,1700.

Thorndike, s.Thorndike, jr. and Abigail (Wilson), Nov.26,1725.

Thorndike, s.Robert and Hannah,末蔓末,1759.PR67

Thorndyke, s.Thorndyke and Eliza, bp. July19,1789.CR11

William, s.John and Elizabeth (Bassett), 6:12m:1674.CTR

William Henry, s.William [and Sarah Goodhue.PR76], Nov.26,1814.CR12

PROCTOR (Procter)

Abel Johnson, June12,1836.GR9

Benjamin, May14,1811.PR276

Caroline Herrick, d.Harriet, bp. Sept.12,1830.CR10

Charles Frederick, s.Thorndike and Eliza, bp. Aug.22,1824, a.3y.CR11

Daniel Littlefield, s.Daniel and Mary, Jan.28,1802.CR4

Elizabeth, d.Jonathan and Desire, bp. [bet. Mar.1,1746-7 and Feb.10,1750].CR3

Elizabeth Hathorne, d.Thorndike and Eliza, bp. Aug.22,1824, a.6m.CR11

Hannah, d.John and Desire, bp. May15,1743.CR3

John Henry, s.Thorndike and Eliza, bp. Aug.22,1824, a.7y.CR11

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Desire, bp. Feb.25,1738-9.CR3

Joseph, s.John, jr. and Lydia, bp. Sept.4,1743.CR3

Lucy Harwood, w.Abel Johnson, June18,1837.GR9

Lydia Ann, d.William, Dec.末,1846.

Martha, d.末末, of Ipswich church, bp. 19:6m:1666.CR1

Mary Eliza, d.Harriet, bp. Sept.12,1830.CR10

Nehemiah Holt, s.Daniel and Mary, bp. Jan.19,1806.CR4

Prudence, d.John, jr. and Lydia, bp. Nov.23,1740.CR3

Sarah, d.Ebenezer and Mary, bp. Apr.19,1730.CR3

Sarah, d.Francis and Kezia, bp. July2,1732.CR3

Sarah, d.John and Desire, bp. Sept.8,1745.CR3

Sarah (w.Benjamin Shillaber), Jan.27,1758.PR561

Sylvester, s.John and Lydia, bp. Oct.29,1738.CR3

Thorndike, s.Jonathan and Desire, bp. Mar.29,1741.CR3

Thorndike, s.Thorndike and Eliza, bp. Mar.3,1816.CR11


Elizabeth, d.George, bp. July21,1717.CR2

PRYOR (Prior)

Thomas, s.末末, bp. Mar.1,1789.CR11

PUDNEY (Pudny)

Abigail, d.John and Judith (Cook), Aug.14,1683.

Amos, s.Benjamin and Abigail, Aug.5,1722.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Abigail, Apr.3,1720.

Elizabeth, d.John and Judith (Cook), Oct.末,1676.

Elizabeth, d.John and Judith (Cook), Jan.7,1689-90.

Johanna, d.John and Judith (Cook), [June29,1668.CTR

John, s.John and Judith (Cook), [28:7m:1663.CTR]

Jonathan, s.John and Judith (Cook), Mar.18,1677.

Joseph, s.John and Judith (Cook), [Aug.25,1673.CTR]

Judith, d.John and Judith (Cook) [24:9m:1665.CTR]

Mehitable, d.Joseph and Mehitable, bp. Jan.24,1724-5.CR3

Samuell, s.John and Judith (Cook) [13:8m:1670.CTR]

PUDNY (Pudney)

Abigail, d.Judith, bp. Mar.末,1691[-2.].CR1

Abigaile, d.John, jr. and Mary (Jones), Feb.28,1693.CTR

Hanna, d.John, jr. and Mary (Jones), Apr.2,1691.CTR

John, s.John, jr. and Mary (Jones), 17:6m:1685.CTR

Mary, d.John, jr. and Mary (Jones), Apr.25,1687.CTR

Samuell, s.John, jr. and Mary (Jones), July13,1689.CTR

PULCIVER (Pulsifer)

David, s.末末, bp. June末,1686.CR1


Mary Robinson, d.Edward and Lois, bp. Aug.13,1797.CR1

PULSIFER (Pulciver)

Charles H., Dec.25,1827.GR9

Charles Augustus, Nov.22,1841.PR292

David F., s.David, jr., painter, and Elizabeth S., Nov.15,1846.

Francis, twin. s.Nathaniel, painter, and Huldah, Sept.14,1849.

Hannah N., Apr.7,1831.GR9

John Henry, May9,1837.PR292

Lucy A.K., Nov.10,1847.PR562

Nathaniel, Apr.末,1810.PR562

Nathaniel Fuller, Dec.9,1835.PR292

Samuel, Sept.26,1843.PR292

Sarah Ann Pitman, Oct.27,1839.PR292

Thomas F., twin. s.Nathaniel, painter, and Huldah, Sept.14,1849.

PUMMERY (Pomeroy)

Ruth, d.Mary, bp. Apr.20,1690.CR1


John, s.James and Hannah, bp. Sept.12,1847, a.10w.CR14


末末, d.John, bp. Aug.末,1784.CR5

末末, ch.Samuel, bp. Dec.末,1788.CR12

Abigail, d.William and Abigaile (Waters), 3:7m:1670.CTR

Abigail, d.末末, bp. May末,1684.CR1

Abigail, d.John and Martha (Hooper), Jan.16,1717-18.

Benjamin, s.John and Martha (Hooper), Aug.8,1712.

Benjamin, s.John, jr. and Hannah (Marston), Sept.20,1735.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, jr. and Priscilla, bp. July13,1760.CR5

Benjamin, s.Samuel and Susanah, bp. Aug.26,1770.CR5

Benjamin Franklin, s.Samuel and Mary, Apr.29,1797.

Charles, s.John and Kezia (Masury), July5,1798.

Darkes, d.James and Darks, bp. Sept.7,1766.CR5

Eleanor M., d.John and Kezia (Masury), May21,1792.

Eliza, d.Samuel and Mary, Oct.15,1801.

Elizabeth, d.Benjamin, bp. Jan.16,1763.CR1

Emma M[aria.PR321], d.Jessee S[mith.PR321], and Olivia L. [Olive S. (Lewis).PR321], June30,1849.

George, s.John and Kezia (Masury), Mar.17,1796.

George, s.John and Kezia (Masury), June7,1806.

Hannah, d.John, jr. and Hannah (Marston), July30,1742.

Hannah, d.Benjamin, bp. Aug.2,1767.CR1

Hannah, d.Samuel and Mary, Oct.9,1787.

Hanna W., Oct.21,1822.GR9

James, s.John and Martha (Hooper), Sept.19,1720.

James, s.John, jr. and Hannah (Marston), Mar.14,1737.

James, s.Benjamin, bp. Nov.13,1768.CR1

Jesse Smith, Feb.6,1813.PR321

Joanna, d.Samuel and Mary, May22,1795.

John, s.William and Abigaile (Waters), Apr.2,1682.CTR

John, s.John and Martha (Hooper), Feb.20,1707-8.

John, s John, jr. and Hannah (Martson), July17,1731.

John, s.James, bp. Apr.17,1763.CR1

John Masury, s.John and Kezia (Masury), Mar.29,1794.

John Masury, s.John and Kezia (Masury), Apr.7,1804.

John H., s.Jonathan P. and Hannah W., May26,1849.

Jonathan P., Mar.11,1819.GR9

Kezia Masury, d.John and Kezia (Masury), Mar.19,1790.


Mary, d.William and Abigaile (Waters), Jan.17,1673.CTR

Mary, d.John and Martha (Hooper), Oct.20,1710.

Mary, d.John, jr. and Hannah (Marston), Dec.29,1747.

Mary, d.John, jr. and Sarah, bp. June30,1754.CR5

Polly, d.John and Kezia (Masury), July25,1784.

Mary, d.Samuel and Mary, Sept.3,1785.

Mary, d.John and Kezia (Masury), Jan.18,1801.

Mary Lewis, d.Jesse Smith and Rebecca (Lewis), May15,1839.PR321

Olive Delina, d.Jesse Smith and Olive S. (Lewis), Mar.21,1845.PR321

Olive Delina, d.Jesse Smith and Olive S. (Lewis), May31,1846.PR321

Priscilla, d.Benjamin and Priscilla, bp. Dec.20,1765.CR5

Rebeckah, d.John and Kezia (Masury), Apr.6,1786.

Rebeckah, d.John and Kezia (Masury), Feb.21,1788.

Rebeckah, d.Samuel and Mary, Aug.27,1792.

Rebecca P., d.Jesse Smith and Rebecca (Lewis), Sept.25,1842.PR321

Samuell, s.John, jr. and Hanna (Marston), June18,1740.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Susannah, bp. Mar.25,1770.CR5

Sarah, d.William and Abigaile (Waters), Oct.27,1685.CTR

Sarah, d.John, jr. and Hannah (Marston), Aug.3,1750.

Sarah, d.John, jr. and Sarah, bp. Dec.19,1756.CR5

Sarah, d.Benjamin, bp. July2,1769.CR1

Sarah, d.Benjamin and Priscilla, bp. Sept.15,1771.CR5

Susannah, d.Samuel and Mary, Jan.10,1790.

Thomas, s.John, jr. and Hannah (Martson), Jan.26,1744.

Thomas, s.James and Dorcas, bp. June23,1771.CR5

Thomas, s.Benjamin, bp. Nov.末,1792.CR12

William, s.William and Abigaile (Waters), Nov.11,1677.CTR

William, s.John and Martha (Hooper), Aug.11,1715.

William, s.John, jr. and Hannah (Marston), Sept.18,1733.

William, s.Benjamin, jr. and Priscilla, bp. Dec.10,1758.CR5


Aaron, 3d, s.Aaron, jr., grocer, July末,1844.

Caroline S., (w.Nathan A. Bachelder), Dec.22,1829.PR144

Eliza J., d.Aaron, jr., trader, and Lydia, Mar.21,1849.

Loisa Johnstone, d.William, bp. Oct.20,1805.CR12

PURCHAS (Purchase)

Elizabeth, d.Abraham and Ruth, June14,1698.CTR

John, s.Abraham and Ruth, Aug.22,1695.CTR

PURCHASE (Purchas, Purchass)

Jonathan, s.Thomas and Hannah (Cook), Feb.4,1710.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Elizabeth, Jan.29,1679.CTR

Thomas, s.Thomas and Hannah (Cook), Oct.22,1712.

PURCHASS (Purchase)

Benjamin, s.Abraham and Ruth, Mar.2,1705-6.CTR

Ruth, d.Abraham and Ruth, June10,1702.CTR


Mary J., d.Charles and Louisa, Sept.30,1848.

PURINGTON (Purinton)

Huldah, d.Bethiah (Frye), 25:9m:1809.PR445

PURINTON (Purington)

Abigail, w.Samuel, 10:3m:1739.CR7

Content, d.Amos, 1:11m:1771.CR7

Mary, d.Amos, 10:2m:1775.CR7

Samuel, 27:1m:1738.CR7

PUTMAN (Putnam)

末末, d.John, 3d, Feb.15,1691-2.CR1

末末, s.John, 3d.Feb.16,1692-3.CR2

Abigail, d.Jo., jr., bp. July6,1684.CR1

Bartholmu, s.James, bp. Oct.末,1688.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Jonathan and Ledia, Feb.2,1686-7.CTR

Esther, d.Jonathan and Ledia, Nov.18,1693.CTR

Ezra, s.Dea., Feb.28,1695-6.CR2

Hannah, d.Eleazer and Hanah, Dec.8,1694.CTR

Jerusha, d.Jonathan and Ledia, May2,1696.CTR

John, s.John, bp. 14:5m:1667.CR1

John, s.Bartholemew, bp. Dec.4,1748.CR1

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Ledia, May8,1691.CTR

Joseph, s.John, jr., bp. July1,1688.CR1

Joshua, s.John, 2d, 末2, [1694?].CR2

Ledia, d.Jonathan and Ledia, Oct.4,1684.CTR

Mary, d.John, jr., bp. Oct.末,1689.CR1

Nathan, s.James, Oct.22,1693.CR2

Ruth, d.J., bp. Aug.末,1673.CR1

Ruth, d.Jonathan and Ledia, Apr.7,1689.CTR

Sara, d.James, bp. June末,1686.CR1

Sarah, d.Thomas, Dec.26,1693.CR2

Seth, s.Thomas, May19, [1694?].CR2

Susanna, d.Jo., bp. Sept.4,1670.CR1

PUTNAM (Putman)

末末, d.Thomas,末蔓末, [1690?].CR2

末末, d.John, 3d, Feb.15,1691.CR2

末末, s.Joseph and Elizabeth (Porter), Apr.14,1713.

末末, d.Ebenezer and Eliza (Fisk), 2d w., May22,1799.

末末, d.Charles F., Feb.末,1847.

Aaron, s.Jonathan, jr. and Elizabeth, Dec.23,1721.

Aaron, s.Stephen and Miriam (Putnam), Aug.30,1730.

Abigail, d.John and Hanna (Cutler), Feb.20,1682.CTR

Abigail, d.Thomas, Oct.27,1692.CR2

Abigail, d.Dea., bp. May26,1700.CR2

Abigail, d.Edward, jr., bp. Sept.11,1720.CR2

Abigail, d.Benjamin, bp. Jan.4,1729-30.CR2

Nabby, d.Nathan and Betsy (Buffington), Mar.20,1775.PR487

Abner, s.Nathan and Betsy (Buffington), Mar.17,1765.PR487

Ada, d.Ebenezer and Betsy (Fisk), May22,1799.PR512

Adaline, twin. d.Perley and Betsey, May13,1810.

Allen, s.David, bp. Aug.4,1734.CR7

Allen, Dec.12,1793.GR9

Amos, s.John [jr.CR2], Jan.27,1697.

Amos, s.John, jr., bp. Oct.11,1724.CR2

Amos, s.Amos, bp. Aug.31,1729.CR2

Andrew, s.Edmund, bp. Jan.27,1750-51.CR2

Anna, d.Thomas, jr. and Ann (Carr), Oct.18,1679.CTR

Anna, d.Joseph and Elizabeth (Porter), Apr.26,1705.

Anna, d.Thomas, bp. May6,1716.CR2

Anna, d.Isaac, bp. July31,1726.CR2

An, d.Thomas and Ann (Holyocke), 25:6m:1645.CTR

Aphiah, d.Eleazer and Hanah (Boardman), July8,1716.

Archelaus, s.James, bp. July4,1697.CR1

Archalus, s.Nathaniel and Hannah, May29,171[8.TC]

Archelaus, s.James, jr., bp. May14,1721.CR2

Arahcelaus, s.Arhcelaus and Mehetable (Putnam), Nov.16,1740.

Archelaus, s.Archelaus, jr., bp. Dec.9,1744.CR2

Asa, s.Josiah and Ruth (Hutchinson), July31,1714.

Asa, s.Asa, bp. May27,1750.CR2

Asaph, s.Isaac, bp. Sept.20,1724.CR2

Augusta, twin. d.Perley and Betsey, May13,1810.

Bartholmew, s.Bartholomew and Mary (Putnam), Mar.3,1712.

Bartholomew, Feb.2,1737.PR487

Batholomew, s.Batholomew and Sarah, Sept.20,1772.PR487

Benjamin, s.Nathanyell and Elizabeth, 24:10m:1664.CTR

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Jan.8,1692.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Bithiah (Hutchinson), Oct.12,1718.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, jr., bp. Aug.29,1742.CR2

Benjamin, s.Henry, bp. Sept.15,1751.CR2

Bethiah, d.Benjamin, bp. Sept.11,1748.CR2

Caleb, s.John, jr. and Hannah, Feb.14,1693-4.

Mehitabel, d.Caleb and Silence, 6:9br:1723.

Caleb, s.Caleb and Silence, Feb.10,1725-6.

Caleb, s.Caleb, jr., bp. June15,1750.CR2

Caroline Matilda, d.Perley and Betsey, July2,1820.

Caroline Messer, w.Nathan, Sept.10,1821.GR9

Charles, s.Ebenezer and Betsy (Fisk), Oct.19,1802.PR53

Charles Fisk, s.Ebenezer and Eliza (Fisk), 2d w., Oct.19,1802.

Charles Gideon, s.Samuel, Esq. and Sarah, Nov.7,1805.

Charles A[ppleton.CR1], s.Ebenezer and Elizabeth (Appleton), June10,1828.PR514 [June11.PR79]

Charles Hiram, s.Hiram and Elizabeth, Apr.28,1829.CR12

Cornelius, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Sept.3,1702.

Cynthia, d.Perley and Betsey, Oct.5,1806.

Daniell, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Nov.12,1696.

Daniel, s.Samuel and Mary (Leech), Nov.27,1717.

Daniel, s.Amos, bp. Nov.26,1738.CR2

Daniel, s.John, jr., bp. Apr.24,1748.CR2

David, s.Capt. Jonathan, bp. Sept.8,1706.CR2

David, s.Joseph and Elizabeth (Porter), Oct.25,1707.

David, s.Jonathan, jr. and Elizabeth, Nov.7,1717.

David, s.David, bp. Dec.13,1747.CR2

Deliverance, d.Thomas and Ann (Holyocke), 5:7m:1656.CTR

Deliverance, d.Thomas, jr. and Ann (Carr), Sept.11,1687.CTR

Ebenezer, s.Thomas, jr. and Ann (Carr), July25,1685.CTR

Ebenezer, s.Thomas, bp. Jan.17,1713-14.CR2

Ebenezer, s.James, jr., bp. Oct.20,1717.CR2

Ebenezer, s.Archelaus, jr., bp. May2,1742.CR2

Ebenezer, s.Archelaus, jr., bp. Apr.8,1750.CR2

Ebenezer, Sept.22,1769.PR53

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Sally (Fisk), Aug.27,1792.

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Eliza (Fisk), 2d w., Sept.6,1797.

Ede, d.John, jr., bp. July29,1733.CR2

Edmond, s.Thomas, bp. 9:5m:1654.CR1

Edmund, s.John, jr., bp. June27,1725.CR2

Edward, s.Thomas and Ann (Holyocke), 4:5m:1654.CTR

Edward, s.Edward and Mary (Hale), Apr.29,1682.CTR

Edward, s.Edward, jr., bp. June30,1711.CR2

Edward, s.Ebenezer and Eliza (Fisk), 2d w., Jan.23,1806.

Elbridge Gerry, s.Perley and Betsey, Apr.2,1817.

Eleazer, s.Eleazer and Hanah (Boardman), Sept.14,1695.

Eleazer, s.Henry, bp. Aug.13,1738.CR2

Elijah, s.Henry, bp. July26,1741.CR2

Elisha, s.Edward and Mary (Hale), Nov.3,1685.CTR

Elisha, s.Elisha, bp. Jan.8,1715-16.CR2

Elisha, s.Josiah, bp. Mar.24,1727-8.CR2

Elisha, s.Asa and Sarah, Mar.16,1741.

Eliza, w.Allen, Aug.20,1794.GR9

Eliza, d.Perley and Betsey, July29,1802.

Eliza Lawrence, at Franconia, NH, Sept.11,1830.PR558

Elizabeth, d.Thomas and Ann (Holyocke), 30:6m:1659.CTR

Elizabeth, d.Nathanyell and Elizabeth, Aug.11,1662.CTR

Elizabeth, d.John [and Hanna (Cutler).CTR], 26:9m:1680.

Elizabeth, d.Thomas, jr. and Ann (Carr), May29,1683.CTR

Elizabeth, d.Benjamin and Sarah, Jan.8,1690.

Elizabeth, d.Joseph and Elizabeth (Porter), Apr.12,1695.

Elizabeth, d.James and Sarah, bp. Aug.4,1700.CR2

Elizabeth, d.Thomas, bp. July6,1712.CR2

Elizabeth, d.Tarrant and Elizabeth (Bacon), May20,1718.

Elizabeth, d.Jonathan, jr. and Elizabeth, Nov.28,1719.

Elizabeth, d.Samuel and Mary (Leech), Dec.2,1719.

Elizabeth, d.Ezra, bp. May7,1721.CR2

Elizabeth, d.Josiah, bp. July4,1725.CR2

Elizabeth, d.William, bp. May15,1726.CR2

Elizabeth, d.Jonathan, jr. and Elizabeth, Nov.19,1728.

Elizabeth, d.Jonathan and Sarah (Perley), Jan.11,1744.

Elizabeth, d.Samuel, jr., bp. Nov.25,1744.CR2

Betsy, d.Nathan and Betsy (Buffington), Jan.12,1758.PR487

Elizabeth, d.[Capt.CR1] Bartholomew and Sarah, Dec.7,1764.PR487

Elizabeth Cabot, d.Samuel, Esq., and Sarah, Nov.11,1807.

Elizabeth W.A., d.Ebenezer and Elizabeth (Appleton), Jan.7,1831.PR514

Elizabeth [Harriet. dup.] Proctor, d.Rufus and Abigail, bp. July10,1831.CR10

Ellen Eliza, d.Samuel K. and Nancy, bp. Aug.12,1827.CR6

Ellen Maria, d.Ebenezer and Elizabeth (Appleton), July28,1835.PR514

Emma, d.John, jr., bp. July9,1727.CR2

Enoch, s.Jethro, bp. Feb.26,1731-2.CR2

Enos, s.Josiah and Ruth (Hutchinson), Oct.6,1716.

Ephraim, s.Nathaniel and Hannah, Feb.20,1719.

Ephraim, s.Archelaus and Mehetable (Putnam), Sept.30,1744.

S.M., d.Amos P. and Mary A., July9,1848.

Eunice, d.Joseph and Elizabeth (Porter), Apr.13,1710.

Eunice, d.Edward, bp. Sept.13,1719.CR2

Eunice, d.Benjamin and Bithiah (Hutchinson), May21,1722.

Eunice, d.David, bp. Apr.28,1745.CR2

Eunice, d.David, sr., bp. Mar.31,1751.CR2

Eunice, d.Benjamin, bp. Aug.4,1751.CR2

Experience, d.Thomas, bp. Nov.20,1698.CR2

Ezra, s.Edward and Mary, Apr.29,1696.CTR

Ezra, s.Ezra, bp. June8,1729.CR2

Fanny, at Franconia, NH, June28,1846.PR558

Frances, ch.Joseph and Mercy, bp. June12,1827.CR6

Frances Goodhue, d.Perley M. and Mary E. (Whitney), May12,1845.PR14

Frances Tuttle, d.Perley M. and Mary E. (Whitney), Sept.27,1849.PR14

Francis, s.Nathaniel, jr., bp. Nov.6,1748.CR2

Francis, s.Ebenezer and Eliza (Fisk), 2d w., Jan.3,1808.

Francis P., s.P.L.M.P., mariner, and Mary E., Sept.27,1849.

Frederic Ward, s.Ebenezer and Elizabeth (Appleton), Apr.16,1839.PR514

George W., s.Nathan and Betsy (Buffington), May17,1778.PR487

George, s.Ebenezer and Eliza (Fisk), 2d w., June10,1804.

George Osgood, s.Capt. Hiram, Sept.29,1823.CR12

George Washington, s.Joseph and Mercy, bp. June12,1827.CR6

George Franklin, July28,1831.GR9

Gideon, s.Tarrant and Elizabeth (Bacon), May29,1726.

Granville A., s.John P. and Helen M., Aug.16,1849.GR9

Hana, d.John and Rebecka (Prince), 2:12m:[after 1661.]CTR [bp. 14:5m:1667.CR1]

Hannah, d.John [and Hanah (Cutler).CTR], Aug.22,1679.

Hanah, d.Eleazer and Hanah (Boardman), Dec.8,1693.

Hannah, d.John, jr. and Hannah, May7,1708 [bp. May11,1707.CR2]

Hannah, d.Elisha, bp. Sept.8,1717.CR2

Hannah, d.Nathaniel and Hannah, [bp. Mar.4,1721-2.CR2]

Hannah, d.Joshua and Rachel (Goodale), June16,1722.

Hannah, d.Samuel and Mary (Leech), July7,1722.

Hannah, d.Joshua, bp. Jan.15,1726-7.CR2

Hannah, d.Edward, jr., bp. Apr.23,1727.CR2

Hannah, d.Amos, bp. Oct.1,1727.CR2

Hannah, d.Stephen, bp. May18,1735.CR2

Hannah, d.Jonathan and Sarah (Perley), Dec.10,1742.

Hannah, d.Amos, jr., bp. Sept.24,1749.CR2

Hannah, d.Nathan and Betsy (Buffington), Mar.13,1763.PR487

Hannah, d.Samuel, Esq, and Sarah, June21,1799.

Harriet, d.Ebenezer and Sally (Fisk), Feb.5,1794.

Harriet, d.Ebenezer and Betsy (Fisk), May22,1799.PR53

Harriet Eliza, d.Joseph and Mercy, bp. June12,1827.CR6

Helen M., w.John P., July28,1817.GR9

Henry, s.Eleazer [Eli.CR2] and Hanah (Boardman), Aug.14,1712.

Henry Bridges, Sept.21,1827.PR558

Holliock, s.Edward and Mary (Hale), Sept.28,1683.CTR

Holyoke, s.Edward, jr., bp. Sept.29,1706.CR2

Huldah, d.Joseph and Elizabeth (Porter), Nov.29,1716.

Huldah, d.Jethro, bp. Apr.16,1727.CR2

Huldah, d.Edmund, bp. May3,1747.CR2

Isaac, s.Edward and Mary, Mar.14,1698.CTR

Israel, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Aug.22,1699.

Israel, s.Joseph and Elizabeth (Porter), Jan.7,1717.

Israel, s.Tarrant and Elizabeth (Bacon), Sept.24,1730.

Israel, s.Israel, bp. June8,1740.CR2

Israel, s.David, bp. June20,1742.CR2

Jacob, s.Nathaniel and Hannah, Mar.9,1711-12.

Jacob, s.Archelaus [sr.CR2] and Mehetable (Putnam), Nov.21,1749.

Jacob, Nov.17,1780.GR9

James, s.John and Rebecka (Prince), Sept.4,1661.CTR

James, s.James, bp. Feb.22,1690.CR2

James, s.James, jr., bp. July31,1726.CR2

James Phillips, s.Amos, jr., bp. Apr.28,1745.CR2

James, s.Archelaus, jr., bp. Aug.9,1747.CR2

James, s.John, jr., bp. Aug.5,1750.CR2

James, s.Nathan and Betsy (Buffington), Nov.26,1755.PR487

James S., Mar.7,1822.GR9

Jepthah, s.Eleazer and Hanah (Boardman), Aug.24,1699.

Jeremiah, s.Dea., bp.末蔓末, [bet. 1693 and 1699.]CR2

Jeremiah, s.Jonathan and Sarah (Perley), Oct.31,1737.

Jerusha, d.Jonathan, bp. Sept.15,1700.CR2

Jethro, s.James and Sarah, bp. May2,1703.CR2

John, s.Nathanyell and Elizabeth, 26:1m:1657.CTR

John, twin. s.John, Aug.16,1691.

John, s.Samuel and Mary (Leach), Oct.8,1715.

John, s.John, jr., bp. Oct.11,1724.CR2

John, s.Caleb and Silence, Dec.25,1727.

John, s.Caleb and Silence, Apr.23,1733.

John, s.John, jr., bp. May27,1744.CR2

John, s.Henry, bp. Oct.13,1745.CR2

John, s.Nathan and Betsy (Buffington), Sept.3,1771.PR487

John Fisk, s.Ebenezer and Eliza (Fisk), 2d w., May25,1800.

John Pickering, s.Samuel, Esq., bp. Feb.7,1813.CR12

John P., June19,1815.GR9

John Preston, s.Perley and Betsey, June19,1815.

Jonathan, s.John and Rebecka (Prince), Mar.17,1659.CTR

Jonathan, s.James, bp.末蔓末, bet. 1693 and 1699.]CR2

Jonathan, s.Jonathan, jr. and Elizabeth, July13,1715.

Jonathan, s.Elisha, bp. Sept.3,1721.CR2

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Sarah (Perley), Dec.30,1740.

Joseph, s.Nathanyell and Elizabeth, 29:8m:1659.CTR

Joseph, s.Lt. Thomas and Mary, Sept.14,1669.CTR

Joseph, s.Edward and Mary (Hale), Nov.1,1687.CTR

Joseph, s.Bartholomew and Mary (Putnam), Aug.1,1714.

Joseph, s.Joseph, bp. Apr.26,1724.CR2

Joseph, s.David, bp. Oct.14,1739.CR2

Joseph, s.Joseph, jr., bp. Apr.21,1751.CR2

Joshua, s.Amos, bp. Feb.25,1732.CR2

Josiah, s.John [and Hanna (Cutler).CTR], Oct.29,1686.

Josiah, s.Benjamin, bp. Oct.2,1687.CR1

Josiah, s.Josiah and Ruth (Hutchinson), Mar.3,1718-19.

Josiah, s.Asa, bp. Mar.11,1743-4.CR2

Levi, s.Jonathan, bp. Aug.4,1751.CR2

Lois, d.Edward, jr., bp. Apr.19,1724.CR2

Loisa, d.Samuel, Esq., s.Gideon of Danvers, and Sarah, Oct.4,1801.

Lucy, d.David, bp. Apr.23,1732.CR2

Lucy Cleveland, Oct.31,1790.PR558

Lucy Blythe, Apr.28,1823.PR558

Lucy Blythe, d.Hiram, June4,1826.CR12

Lucy Mary, at Franconia, NH, Aug.4,1844.PR558

Lydia, d.John, jr., bp. Oct.11,1724.CR2

Lydia, d.Amos, bp. June14,1741.CR2

Lydia, d.Joseph, jr., bp. July27,1746.CR2

Lydia, d.Jonathan, bp. July19,1747.CR2

Lydia, d.Nathan and Betsy (Buffington), Dec.31,1759.PR487

Margarit, d.John, Feb.20,1682.

Mirriam, d.John, jr. and Hannah, Feb.9,1697-8.

Martha, d.Samuel, bp. Mar.27,1743.CR2

Mary, d.Thomas and Ann (Holyocke), 17:8m:1649.CTR

Mary, d.Nathanyell and Elizabeth, 15:7m:1668.CTR

Mary, d.John, Sept.29,1688.

Mary, d.Edward and Mary, Aug.14,1689.CTR

Mary, d.Joseph and Elizabeth (Porter), Feb.2,1690-91.

Mary, d.Edward, bp. Feb.10,1717.CR2

Mary, d.Bartholomew and Mary (Putnam), Sept.末,1719 [bp. Sept.20,1719.CR1]

Mary, d.Joshua and Rachel (Goodale), June26,172. [bp. Oct.15,1727.CR2]

Mary, d.Ezra, bp. Mar.3,1722-3.CR2

Mary, d.Tarrant and Elizabeth (Bacon), Apr.26,1724.

Mary, d.Jonathan, jr. and Elizabeth, Feb.19,1725-6.

Mary, d.Samuel and Mary (Leech), Feb.13,1729. [bp. Feb.23,1728-9.CR2]

Mary, d.Caleb and Silence, Nov.8,1729.

Mary, d.Bartholomew and Ruth, bp. Aug.22,1736.CR3

Mary, d.Caleb and Silence, July16,1739.

Mary, d.Archelaus [jr.CR2] and Mehetable (Putnam), Mar.13,1747.

Polly, d.Nathan and Betsy (Buffington), Apr.1,1770.PR487

Mary Ann, d.Samuel, Esq., and Sarah, Aug.20,1803.

Mary Ann, d.Perley and Betsey, May17,1805.

Mary C., at Franconia, NH, July18,1817.PR558

Mary, d.adopted, Israel and Mary, bp. Oct.7,1821.CR6

Mary Abbot, d.Nathan and Mary, Dec.28,1822.

Mary A. Gomez, w.Amos Perly,末蔓末,1823.GR9

Mary Daland, Apr.9,1824.GR9

Mary Ann, d.Samuel K. and Nancy, bp. Aug.12,1827.CR6

Mary Abigail, d.Rufus and Abigail, bp. May16,1830.CR10

Mary Ellen, July18,1837.GR9

Mary Eliza, d.Perley M. and Mary E. (Whitney), May26,1841.PR14

Mary Ann, d.Amos, July末,1844.

Matthew, s.Thomas, bp. Feb.10,1709-10.CR2

Mehitable, d.John, 3d, bp.末蔓末, [bet. 1693 and 1699.]CR2

Mehetable, d.John, jr. and Hannah, July20,1695.

Mehetable, d.Joseph and Elizabeth (Porter), Jan.13,1720.

Mehitabel, d.Nathaniel and Hannah, Feb.末,1726-7.

Mehitable, d.David, bp. Mar.13,1736-7.CR2

Mehittable, d.Archelaus [sr.CR2] and Mehetable (Putnam), Nov.11,1742.

Mehitable, d.Oliver, bp. Aug.16,1747.CR2

Mehitable (w.Henry Johnson), at Danvers, Mar.16,1799.PR284

Mica, ch.Nathan and Betsy (Buffington), Apr.8,1754.PR487

Miles, s.Edward, jr., Sept.5,1725.CR2

Miriam, d.John, 3d, bp. Nov.20,1698.CR2

Miriam, d.Stephen and Miriam (Putnam), Apr.9,1721.

Moses, s.John, jr. and Hannah, May29,1700.

Moses, s.Caleb and Silence, Nov.18,1721.

Moses, s.Caleb and Silence, Aug.31,1737.

Moses, s.Stephen, bp. Sept.30,1739.CR2

Moses, s.Caleb, jr., bp. May15,1748.CR2

Nancy, Feb.7,1809.GR7

Nanny, d.Jethro, bp. Feb.18,1738-9.CR2

Nathan, s.Jonathan, jr. and Elizabeth, Dec.6,1723.

Nathan, s.Samuel and Mary (Leech), June7,1725.

Nathan, Oct.24,1730.PR487

Nathan, s.Jonathan, bp. Sept.17,1749.CR2

Nathan, May16,1761.PR487

Nathan, Mar.7,1796.GR9

Nathanyell, s.Nathanyell and Elizabeth, 24:2m:1655.CTR

Nathaniel, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Aug.25,1686.

Nathaniel, s.末末, bp. Nov.6,1687.CR1

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel, bp. Oct.1,1710.CR2

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Hannah, Apr.4,1714.

Nathaniell, s.Nathaniel and Hannah, May28. [bp. June21,1724.CR2]

Nathaniel, s.Bartholemew, bp. Feb.5,1737-8.CR1

Nathaniel, s.Archelaus and Mehetable (Putnam), May17,1746.

Nehemiah, s.Edward and Mary, Dec.20,1693.CTR

Nehemiah, s.Elisha, bp. Mar.29,1719.CR2

Nehemiah, s.Ezra, bp. Sept.5,1725.CR2

Oliver, s.Joseph, jr., bp. Oct.21,1722.CR2

Oliver, s.Nathan and Betsy (Buffington), July19,1773.PR487

Perley, Sept.16,1778.GR9

Perley Zebulon Montgomery Pike, s.Perley and Betsey, Feb.14,1813.

Perley, s.Perley M. and Mary E. (Whitney), Jan.20,1843.PR14

Peter, s.Josiah, bp. Apr.5,1724.CR2

Peter, s.Caleb and Silence, July2,1735.

Philemon, Oct.12,1789.PR558

Phillip, s.Jacob and Susannah (Harriman), Mar.4,1739.

Phinehas, s.Thomas, bp. Apr.4,1708.CR2

Phinehas, s.Isaac, bp. Oct.7,1722.CR2

Phineas, s.Stephen and Miriam (Putnam), June10,1728.

Phebe, d.John, jr., bp. Sept.22,1728.CR2

Phebe, d.Archelaus, bp. Dec.1,1751.CR2

Prissilla, d.John and Rebecka (Prince), Mar.4,1657.CTR

Priscilla, d.John [jr.CR2], May7,1699.

Priscilla, d.[Capt.CR1] Bartholomew and Sarah, Aug.21,1766.PR487

Prudence, d.Thomas and Ann (Holyocke), 28:12m:1661.CTR

Prudence, d.Edward and Mary, Jan.25,1692.CTR

Rachel, d.Joseph and Elizabeth (Porter), Aug.7,1702.

Rachel, d.Joshua and Rachel (Goodale), Dec.2,172. [1728.CR2]

Rebecka, d.John and Rebecka (Prince), May28,1653.CTR

Rebekah, twin. d.John, Aug.16,1691.

Rebecca, d.Jethro, bp. Sept.5,1736.CR2

Rebecca Cleves, d.Perley and Betsey, Aug.1,1808.

Rebecca A[ugusta.PR14], d.P.L.M.P., mariner, and Mary E. [(Whitney).PR14], Sept.22,1847.

Rodney C.M., s.Nathan, wood dealer, and Caroline, May17,1849.

Roger, s.Henry, bp. Oct.16,1743.CR2

Rufus, s.Stephen and Miriam (Putnam), Sept.11,1723.

Rufus, s.Samuel [sr.CR2] and Elizabeth (Putnam), Mar.31,1746.

Rufus, s.Samuel sr., bp. Nov.11,1750.CR2

Ruth, d.John, jr. and Hannah, July13,1703.

Ruth, d.Thomas, bp. Oct.22,1727.CR2

Ruth, d.Josiah, bp. June4,1732.CR2

Ruth, d.Bartholemew, bp. Apr.19,1741.CR1

Ruth, d.Samuel, jr., bp. Mar.31,1751.CR2

Ruth, d.[Capt.CR1] Bartholomew and Sarah, June27,1768.PR487

Samuell, s.Nathanyell and Elizabeth, 18:12m:1652.CTR

Samuell, s.John [jr.CR1]; and Hanna [(Cutler).CTR], Nov.5,1684.

Samuel, s.Eleazer and Hanah (Boardman), May30,1707.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Mary (Leech), Feb.24,1711.

Samuel, s.Thomas, bp. Jan.5,1723-4.CR2

Samuel, s.Samuel and Elizabeth (Putnam), June13,1741.

Samuel, s.Samuel, Esq., and Sarah, Mar.2,1797.

Sarah, d.Thomas, bp. 23:5m:1648.CR1

Sara, d.John and Rebecka (Prince), 4:7m:1654.CTR

Sarah, d.John [jr.CR2], Mar.5,1693.

Sarah, d.Joseph and Elizabeth (Porter), Sept.26,1697.

Sarah, d.Edward, jr., bp. Nov.28,1708.CR2

Sarah, d.James, jr., bp. Dec.4,1715.CR2

Sarah, d.Nathaniel and Hannah, June1,1716.

Sarah, d.Thomas, bp. Nov.13,1720.CR2

Sarah, d.William, bp. Dec.22,1728.CR2

Sarah, d.Stephen, bp. Feb.25,1732.CR2

Sarah, d.Tarrant [dec.CR2] and Elizabeth (Bacon), Apr.29,1733.

Sarah, d.Jonathan and Sarah (Perley), Mar.2,1738.

Sarah, d.Asa and Sarah, Oct.22,1739.

Sarah, w.Bartholomew, July31,1740.PR487

Sarah, d.Bartholemew, bp. Jan.15,1743-4.CR1

Sarah, d.Benjamin, bp. May19,1745.CR2

Sarah, d.Joseph, jr., bp. Jan.29,1748-9.CR2

Sarah, d.Samuel, jr., bp. Nov.13,1748.CR2

Sarah, d.[Capt.CR1] Bartholomew and Sarah, bp. Sept.9,1762.PR487

Sarah [d.Dr. Ebenezer.CR1], Aug.30,1765.PR53

Sally, d.Nathan and Betsy (Buffington), Feb.27,1767.PR487

Sarah Gooll, d.Samuel Esq. and Sarah, June1,1810.

Sarah Ingersoll, Aug.25,1825.PR558

Sarah Becket, w.George Franklin, Dec.10,1834.GR9

Solomon, s.Tarrant and Elizabeth (Bacon), June5,1720.

Solomon, s.Samuel [sr.CR2] and Elizabeth (Putnam), Nov.13,1748.

Stephen, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Oct.27,1694.

Stephen, s.Stephen and Miriam (Putnam), Mar.19,1718-19.

Stephen, s.Stephen, bp. Feb.14,1741-2.CR2

Stephen, s.Jacob, bp. Oct.18,1741.CR2

Susan S., Apr.17,1800.GR9

Susanna, d.John, Apr.11,1690.

Susannah, d.Thomas, bp. Nov.20,1698.CR2

Susanna, d.Edward, jr., bp. Jan.17,1713-14.CR2

Susanna, d.Elisha, bp. Sept.8,1723.CR2

Tamer, d.Nathan and Betsy (Buffington), Oct.23,1768.PR487

Tarront, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Apr.12,1688.

Tarrant, s.Tarrant and Elizabeth (Bacon), Apr.3,1716.

Tarrant, s.Samuel and Elizabeth (Putnam), Feb.18,1743.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Ann (Holyocke), 12:1m:1652.CTR

Thomas, s.Thomas, jr. and Ann (Carr), Feb.9,1680-81.CTR

Thomas, s.Thomas, bp. Aug.25,1706.CR2

Thomas, s.Thomas, bp. July27,1718.CR2

Thomas, s.Samuel, jr., bp. Nov.29,1747.CR2

Timothy, s.Thomas, bp. Apr.26,1691.CR2

Timothy, s.Stephen and Miriam (Putnam), Jan.10,1725-6.

Uzziel, s.Amos, bp. Oct.12,1735.CR2

Wendell P., s.George, druggist, Aug.末,1846.

William, s.Joseph and Elizabeth (Porter), Feb.8,1699-1700.

William, s.Bartholomew and Mary (Putnam), Aug.末,1717 [bp. Aug.4,1717.CR1]

William, s.David, bp. Mar.8,1729-30.CR2

William, s.Oliver, bp. Sept.23,1744.CR2

William, s.Bartholemew, bp. Mar.2,1745-6.CR1

William, s.Caleb, jr., bp. Aug.10,1746.CR2

William, s.Bartholemew, bp. Apr.14,1751.CR1

William, s.Bartholomew and Sarah, Sept.10,1776.PR487

William Henry Appleton, s.Ebenezer and Elizabeth (Appleton), Feb.6,1832.PR514

Zadoc, s.Nathan and Betsy (Buffington), Dec.29,1752.PR487


Elisha, s.Elisha and Margaret, May23,1738.

Eunice, d.Elisha and Margaret, July15,1750.

PYNCHEON (Pynchon)

John, s.William, bp. Dec.14,1766.CR11

PYNCHION (Pynchon)

Elisabeth, d.末末, Jan.26,1752.CR1

PYNCHON (Pyncheon, Pynchion)

Catherine, d.William and 末末 (Sewall), Feb.25,1754.PR84

Elizabeth, d.Wililam and 末末 (Sewall), Jan.26,1752.PR84

John, s.William and 末末 (Sewall), Nov.27,1766.PR84

Sarah, d.William and 末末 (Sewall), Feb.6,1757.PR84

William, s.William and 末末 (Sewall), July24,1759.PR84

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