BABADGE (Babbidge)

Christopher, and, wid.Hana Carleton, 5:8m:1674.CTR

BABAGE (Babbidge)

Mary Ann [Babbidge.PR358], and George W. [M.PR358] Pew [of Gloucester. int.], Nov.5,1829.*

BABBADG (Babbidge)

Hester, and John Mascall, jr., Oct.6,1674.CTR

BABBAGE (Babbidge)

Christopher, and Lydia Marston, Dec.6,1705.

Hannah, and Nathaniel Osgood, jr., Oct.6,1745.*

James, and Elizabeth Knowlton of Ipswich, at Ipswich, June13,1728.*

Martha, and William Driver, Sept.19,1830.*

Susannah [jr. int.], and Jonathan Mason, Jan.22,1756.*

BABBIDGE (Babadge, Babage, Babbadg, Babbage)

Anstis [], and William King, July20,1760.*

Anstis, and Robert Stone, May14,1772.*

Benjamin, and Abigail Mears [of Boston. int.], at Boston, June17,1742.*

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Woodwell, Oct.21,1762.*

Benjamin, of Portsmouth, NH, and Polly Phippen, int.Apr.13,1793.

Benjamin A., and Elizabeth Fairfield, Jan.8,1837.*

Catherine, and Warren G. Rayner, Sept.1,1840.*

Christopher, jr., and Anstis Crowninshield, Sept.27,1749.*

Christopher, and Mary Young [jr. int.], Jan.31,1765.*

Christopher, and Martha Emerton, July28,1768

Christopher [jr. int.], and Ruth Randall, May6,1792.*

Christopher, and [] Eunice Barnes, Dec.1,1822.*

Christopher, and Elizabeth P. Masury, int.Jan.8,1837. [m.Jan.25.PR198]

Eliza, and David T. Harris of New York, Aug.末,1831.*

Elizabeth [], and Benjamin Ward, Nov.15,1770.*

Elizabeth, and William Cotten, July27,1788.*

Elizabeth, and Ebenezer Ropes, July30,1826.*

Francis, and Amelia Goldthwaite. Jan.27,1842.*

James, and Mary Shaddock of Boston, int.Mar.16,1727-8. (Marriage forbidden by John Carter, Mar.25,1727-8)

John, and Susanna Becket, Jan.11,1732. [1732-3.PR480]*

John, and Sarah Becket, June25,1789.*

John P., and Sarah Pulsifer, Aug.8,1813.*

John Laurent [Laurens of Boston. int.], and Nancy [Ann. int.] Kimball, July25,1816.*

Lucy Ann, d.John, deceased, and Charles W[arren. int.] Swasey, printer, Mar.11,1849.*

Lydia, and Jonathan Lambert, Oct.14,1742.*

Martha, and Andrew Ward [jr. int.], Jan.6,1793.*

Mary R[uth.PR126], and Henry Russell, jr., Aug.27,1835.*

Mary, and James Parnell, Jan.11,1836.*

Nancy, and Joseph Cheever, May5,1816.*

Susan B., and Alfred R. Brooks, Feb. [19. in pencil], 1831.*

Susan A., and Gordon Robinson [of N. Hampton. int.], July19,1832.*

Susannah, and Samuel Archer [], June23,1789. [June21.PR135]*

William, and Mary Bateman, Apr.13,1806.*


David, of Bethlehem, NY, and Eliza Glover, Nov.30,1831.*

James [of South Kingston. int.], and Cecelia Remond, Dec.10,1843.*


Lydia, and Thomas Morse, Feb.7,1828.*

Phillip, and Hannah Baker, at Beverly, Oct.22,1689.


Mary [Balch, in pencil], of Topsfield, and Henry Luscomb, jr., int.Mar.25,1809.

BACHELDER (Batchelder)

Franklin, of Danvers, and Love Dodge, Sept.27,1827.*

Harriet B., and Jefferson Adams, Mar.16,1828.*

John, and Sarah Rae, int.July9,1709.

Joshua, and Margaret Aborns, June24,1821.*

Nathan A., and Caroline S. Purbeck, Aug.30,1849.PR144

Samuel, and Hannah [Harriot. int.] W. Williams, May28,1826.*

Sarah, and Thomas Pitman, int.Apr.12,1783.

BACHELDOR (Batchelder)

Elizabeth [of Lynn. int.], and John Clough, Jan.13,1807.*

BACHELER (Batchelder)

John, and Mary Herrick, Aug.14,1673.CTR

BACHELLER (Batchelder)

John [of Lynn. int.], and Rachel Newhall, May5,1811.*

Jonathan [of Lynn. int.], and Mrs.Mary Brown, May30,1813.*

BACHELLOR (Batchelder)

Elizabeth, and John Mascoll, May14,1701.

Josiah, and Mary Rayment, Dec.18,1700.

BACHELOR (Batchelder)

Joseph, and Meriam Moulton, 8:8m:1677.CTR


Jonathan [Baker. int.], of Beverly, and Elisabeth Trask, at Beverly, Feb.6,1728-9.*

Susey [], and Richard Valpy [jr. int.], Jan.28,1781.*


末ael, jr., of Billerica, and 末末紡 Way,末蔓末, [1694?].CR2

Benjamin, and Eunice Neal, Feb.20,1745.*

Benjamin, jr., and Margareet Elson, int.Mar.1,1777.

Charles D., 2d m., of Chelsea, trader, and Maria Louise Felt, d.Joseph.Oct.4,1848.*

Danyell, and Susan Spencer, Aug.1,1664.CTR

Daniell, jr. and [wid.CTR] Sarah Frude, Sept.12 [7:7br:1688.CTR]

Daniel, 3d, and Elizabeath King, Dec.15,1715.*

Daniel, and Ruth Daniel, certif. Apr.12,1775.*

David G., and Eliza Ann Roe, int.Oct.15,1837.

Elizabeth [of], and Tarrant Putnam, June8,1715.*

Elizabeth, and John Devoreux, Nov.20,1718.

Elizabeth, and Samuel Bacon, Sept.26,1734.*

Elizabeth, jr., and Joseph Ropes, jr., Oct.10,1745.*

Eunice, and Joseph Daland, Apr.3,1779.*

Eunice, and Henry Brown, int.Sept.1,1804.

Hannah, and Joseph Hillard, June22,1722.

Jacob, see Bawn, Jacob.

Jacob [Dr. int.], and Sarah Gardner, Nov.30,1780.*

Jacob, and Sarah Adams, Sept.16,1790.*

John, and Hannah King, Jan.20,1701.

Joseph, and Sally Kimball, July28,1793. [certif.CR12]*

Josiah, and Abiah A. Morse, July1,1828.*

Mary, and Jacob Fuller, June14,1683.

Mary, and William Candidge, Nov.末,1689.CTR

Mary, and Benjamin Stacey, Sept.25,1735.*

Mary [jr.CR1], and Isaac Osborn, Feb.8,1758. [Feb.5.CR1]

Mary [], and Bonfield Felt, Sept.23,1762.*

Mary, and John H. Neal, Apr.22,1838.*

Michael, and Johanna Wells, Nov.20,1694.CTR

Mihil, and Mary Tailer [Tayler. int.], May24,1733.*

Retiah, and Mary Hale of Boxford, int.Feb.27,1740-41.

Samuel, and Elizabeth Bacon, Sept.26,1734.*

Samuel, and Ruth Ropes, int.Aug.10,1753.

Samuel, and Anne Orne, Mar.14,1754.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Fuller, Dec.15,1685.

Sarah, and Archebald Greenfield, May31,1733.*

Sarah, and Joseph Gardner, July31,1769.

Sarah, and Frederick Oliver, May24,1829.*

Susan, and John Carey, certif. May30,1813.*

Susannah, d.Daniel, shipwright, and Benjamin Boyce, s.Joseph, 24:12m:1703.CR7

Susanna, and George Felt [jr. int.], Mar.26,1713.*

Tabitha, and Jonathan Glover, jr., Feb.23,1726-7

Taylor, and, wid.Jemima Mascol, Jan.24,1764.*


Abel, of Boston, and Elizabeth Bates, int.June23,1749.

Abiah Ann, and Langdon Beard, int.May3,1828.

Deborah [], and David Smith, Feb.17,1805.*

Elizabeth, and Moses Fairfield, Feb.15,1810.*

Mary, and Alexander Barnes, June25,1799.

Stephen, and Clarissa Caldwell, Nov.12,1815.*


Samuel, see Bagnal, Samuel.


John, of Danvers, and Judith Ann Stone, int.Oct.19,1845.

BAGNAL (Bagnel, Bignal)

Elizabeth, and John Masury, at Danvers, July26,1775.*

Samuel [Bagg. int.] and Marcy Browne [Mary, d.John, shipwright. int.], Apr.26,1748.*

Thomas, and Polly Hudson of Lynn, int.May27,1775.

BAGNEL (Bagnal)

Samuel, and Elizabeth Phippen, wid., June27,1749.*

BAILEY (Baily, Baley, Baly, Bayley)

Adams [jr. int.], of Charlestown, and Ellen Hathorne, Dec.25,1815.*

Adna, and Nancy S. Bishop, July2,1826.*

Caroline, and Joseph Very, Aug.5,1830.*

Charlotte, and Joseph Dewing, Aug.末,1830.*

Edwin A., of Marblehead, and Hannah G. Porter, Oct.7,1830.*

Eliza, and Purchase Jewett, Aug.末,1823.*

George E., and Cynthia Clarridge, June26,1827.*

George, tanner, and Hannah G. Kelley, Sept.15,1847.*

Hannah, wid., and Freeborn G. Colby, Apr.19,1846.*

Jacob, and Susanna Smith, May28,1794.*

John, and Abigail Lozier, Apr.15,1703.

John [of], and Martha Johnson, Jan.2,1803.*

Joseph, of Boston, and Mary Jane Boyd Champney, Aug.24,1819.*

Lydia, and John Carrell of Boxford, Oct.29,1723.

Martha E., and William J. Mead, Sept.10,1838.*

Mary, and Daniell Wilkins, int.Oct.13,1714.

Mary J[annette.CR11], and Charles W[inship.CR11], Wead [both of Lynn.CR11], Feb.8,1836.

Rebeckah, of Topsfield, and David Richardson, Apr. [16.TC], 1723.

Samuel, and Eliza Young of Pelham, NH, int.July28,1821.

Samuel, and Sarah Ann Dexter Roberts of Boston, int.July31,1830. (Certificate Aug.20.)

Sally, and Samuel McIntire, Aug.22,1819.*

Susanna, and James Brown, int.May27,1825.

Thomas, and Mary Estes, int.Nov.13,1714.

Thomas, and Mary Haynes, July31,1796.

BAILY (Bailey)

Abigail, and Benjamin Pudney, Nov.25,1718.

Nicolas, and Rebecca Knights of Topsfield, int.July10,1711.

Sarah, and Israel Joslin, Dec.18,1718.

Susanna, and Israell Richards, Jan.3,1716-17.

BAIN (Baines, Bane)

Joseph H., and Mary Brown, int.May18,1845.


William J. [] and Nancy [Ann. int.] Murphey, Nov.28,1842.*

BAITMAN (Bateman)

John, of Concord, and Elizabeth West, Jan.17,1705.


Abigail, of Beverly, and Samuell Leech, Mar.5,1718-19.

Ann, and William Brown, Apr.26,1824.*

Ann T. [Parker. int.], and John W. Annable, July12,1832.*

Anthony, and Elizabeth Clark, int.Mar.21,1847.

Benjamin, of Haverhill, and Mary Brown [jr. int.], at Beverly, Aug.28,1749.*

Benjamin D., and Mary Anderson, Apr.22,1821.*

Bethiah, and Jonathan Dyke of Ipswich, Dec.8,1698.

Charles, see Boden, Charles.

Cornelious, and Hanna Woodbery, Apr.26,165[2.TC].CTR

David [of Andover. int.], and Lucy F. Mann, Dec.27,1827.*

Edward D., and Emily S. Fitch, May4,1835.

Elizabeth, of Ipswich, and Nathaniel Symonds, int.Oct.19,1805.

George, and Mary A. Blythe, Nov.10,1839.

Hannah, and Phillip Babson, at Beverly, Oct.22,1689.

Hannah, and Ammi Brown, at Ipswich,末蔓末, [bef. 1815.]

Hepzibah, of Beverly, and Joseph Lovejoy, int.Sept.18,1802.

Hester, and Job Swinerton, 2d m., 2:7m:1673.CTR

Jabez, and Rachell, Allin, June15,1703.

Jane, and Jabez Smith, May24,1818.*

Jasper T., and Louisa Healey, int.July28,1827.

John, and Mary Bleigh, at Marblehead, Jan.17,1700.

John, and Sarah Herrick of Wenham at Wenham, Nov.21,1723.

John, jr., of Ipswich, and Eunice Pope, Nov.4,1745.*

John, and Hepzibah Elson, certif. Jan.14,1778.*

John, and Mrs.Nabby Stone, May13,1810.*

John, and Martha Goldsmith, July末,1824. [July4. int.]*

John K., and Mary A. Nimblet, int.Oct.10,1841.

John, jr., and Elizabeth M. Martin, Mar.1,1848.*

Jonathan, see Backer, Jonathan.

Jonathan, jr., and Mary Conant of Beverly, int.Jan.25,1744-5

Jonathan P., and Clemantine R. Gordon both of Holderness, NH, June4,1829.

Joseph, and Mary Leach of Beverly, June1,1747.*

Joseph and Nancy Felt, Feb.6,1803.*

Lowell [Lovel. int.] of Providence, RI, and Mary [] P. Page, July27,1829.*

Martha E., and William W. Kilman, Oct.12,1848.*

Mary, and William Browne, privateer, Nov.4,1696.CTR

Mary [], and Samuel Balch, jr., of Beverly, at Beverly, Jan.11,1710-11.*

Mary, of Beverly, and John Laws, int.Mar.26,1809.

Polly of Wenham, and Henry Potter, int.June11,1819.

Mary, and Philip Short, int.Sept.10,1831. (Certificate Oct.28.)

Mary, Mrs., and Isaiah Gauley of Danvers, Nov.1,1832.*

Mary, and Charles Parsons, July2,1837.*

Mary J. [], and Jeremiah Ray [of Amherst, NH. int.], Apr.18,1846. [Apr.16. dup.]

Nancy [], and Peter E. Webster, Sept.9,1822.*

Nancy Maria, and Thadeus Perkins of Boston, Feb.13,1840.*

Paul, and Mary Poland, int.June11,1825.

Paul, and Maria [P. int.] Phimby, June20,1830.*

Priscilla, of Boxford, and Tarrant Putnam, int.Oct.16,1742.

Priscilla, and Nathaniel Frye, int.June3,1810.

Robert, and Abigail Trask, July11,1723.

Samuel, of New Market, NH, and, wid.Elizabeth Herick, Jan.31,1773.*

Samuel Osgood, of Danvers, and Mary Smith, int.Dec.24,1825.

Samuel Osgood, and Sarah B. Richardson, int.Nov.27,1830. (Certificate Dec.7.)

Sarah, of Marblehead, and Peter Blair of Cockburnsmith, Great Britain, Oct.5,1752.

Sally, and Jeremiah Peaslee of Danvers, int.Dec.8,1832.

Sarah P., of Boston, and Charles L. Haywood of Grafton, Aug.22,1842.

Silence, of Dedham, and Rev. Nathaniel Fisher, int.Apr.28,1782.

Stephen of Swansea, husbandman, s.Abraham, of Swansea, husbandman, and Esther Buffum, d.Benjamin, blacksmith, Nov.18,1735.CR7

Thomas, and Nancy Brown, Jan.30,1816.*

Thomas, and Mrs.Mary Francis, Aug.17,1829.*

BAKSTAR (Baxter)

Susanna and Isaack Hide, July12,1665.CTR


John, of Mansfield, CT, and Hannah Procter, int.Apr.20,1745.

BALCH (Balsh)

Abigail, of Beverly, and Nathaniel Brown, at Beverly, May11,1731.*

Benjamin, and Lois Phippen, certif. Dec.13,1800.*

Benjamin, jr., and Caroline L. Moore, Feb.12,1829.*

Caleb, of Beverly, and Jerusha Porter, Feb.21,1739-40.*

David B., and Fanny Charnel of Ipswich, int.Nov.5,1808.

Hannah, of Danvers, and George W. Hazeltine, int.Feb.26,1837.

James, and Harriet Jane Duncan, June27,1833.*

Joshua, of Beverly, and Joanna Williams, int.Sept.3,1743.

Louisa, and George Savory of Bradford, Jan.31,1822.*

Lucy Elizabeth, of Newburyport, and David Merritt, jr., int.June15,1845.

Mary, see Bach, Mary.

Mehitable, and Thomas Toplady [], Nov.25,1802.*

Samuel, jr., of Beverly, and Mary Baker [], at Beverly, Jan.11,1710-11.*

Samuel, and Eunice Moses, Aug.27,1819.*

Sally, of Topsfield, and David Saunderson, jr., int.Apr.20,1822.

Sarah, of Topsfield, and George C. Varney, int.Feb.24,1839.

William [of Boston. int.], and Marian P. Kitridge, June7,1835.*

BALCOMB (Balcam)

BALDEN (Baldwin)

John, and Arrabella Norman, Sept.末,1664.CTR

BALDIN (Baldwin)

Peeter, and, wid.Rachell Dellocloce, May27,1672.CTR

BALDWIN (Balden, Baldin)

Benjamin, and Sarah K. Putnam of Wilton, NH, Nov.6,1842.*

Charles, and Sarah Ward of Lynn, int.Mar.26,1831. (Certificate Apr.18.)

Ebenezer S., and Mary B. Smith, Jan.20,1847.*

Emeline A., and James Clark of Boston, Nov.6,1838.*

George, and Ann Fausell, June19,1834.*

George, and Abigail B. Goldthwaite, int.June9,1839.

George, of Malden, and Mary Thompson, int.Dec.18,1842

Jabez, and Ann Briggs, Sept.2,1804.*

Loami, and Sally Swan, certif. Mar.5,1799.*

Luke, jr., of Boston, and Elizabeth O[rne. int.] Cushing, May30,1822.*

Mary, and Israel Herrick, June15,1829. [June25.CR12]*

Mary Ann, and George Hood [], of Washington, D.C., June20,1831.*

Ruhannah D., and Mark M. Merrow, int.Nov.15,1846.

Sally, and Gorham Burnham [of Gloucester. int.], Jan.20,1822.*

William, and Abigail Scolly [], Mar.21,1782.*

BALEY (Bailey)

John, and Hannah Mansfield, jr., Nov.18,1756.


Amos, and Mary Kimball, June12,1814.*

Charles [of Lynn. int.] and Susan Heard, Jan.1,1837.*

Edward [of Boston. int.], and Rebeckah Mansfield, Aug.4,1712.*

Eliza L., and Ephraim Burr [Barr, of Southport, CT. int.] Nov.11,1839.*

Elizabeth M., and Jerehmiah Todd, int.June11,1837. [m.July11.PR248]

Elizabeth A., and Hoyt M. Roberts, Feb.7,1848.*

James [of Chester, NH. int.], and Nancy Crilley, Apr.12,1820.*

Jonathan, and Sally Crilly, Aug.2,1812.*

Martha M., and Charles H. Staniford, s.Charles, Mar.21,1847.*

Mary, and James Bishop, both of Marblehead, Sept.16,1765.

Mary, and Judah Dodge, int.Sept.25,1824.

Sally [], and Stephen Clay [3d, of Chester, NH. int.], Feb.17,1828.*

William, and Sarah Woodman, int.Dec.23,1780.

William, and Betsey Day of Ipswich, int.Nov.15,1800.

William [jr. int.], and Sally Lummus, Nov.17,1805.*


Alice, and Thomas Smart, int.Feb.18,1775.

Alice, and Alexander Anderson, May3,1789. [certif.CR12].*

Elisha, and Polly Widgher, int.July20,1782.

Henry A. [], and Lydia S. Brown, Oct.14,1849.*

James C. [jr. dup.], mariner, s.James, and Emeline A[] Jenks, d.Elias, Feb.5,1849.*

Martha, and John Work, both of Lynn, Nov.21,1752.

Mary E., d.James, and George F. White, Dec.1,1844.*


Martha and Abraham Wendell, certif. Aug.14,1797.*

BALSH (Balch)

Clarissa, d.Benjamin, and Charles H. Hudson of Newburyport, Mar.14,1837.CR12*


Benjamin, and Elizabeth Young, int.June29,1782.

Mary, and Peter Windat, July26,1705.

Nathaniel, Esq., of Boston, and [] Eunice Brown, Sept.5,1751.*

BALY (Bailey)

Isaac, and Elizabeth Tucker, both of Marblehead, Oct.30,1727.


Rachell [Prance. int.], and Richard Hutchinson, Feb.16,1713-14.*

BANCROF (Bancroft)

Daniel, jr., and Sally Cloutman, Aug.5,1794.*

BANCROFT (Bancrof)

Alpheus, and Phoebe Woodberry, Nov.末,1809.*

Alpheus W., and Charity Galucia, int.Feb.4,1832. (Certificate Feb.23.)

Daniel, of Reading, now resident at Worcester, and Hannah Symonds, Aug.14,1770.*

Edmund, of Pepperill, and Phebe Bancroft, Mar.14,1792.*

Elizabeth, and William Treadwell, May29,1803.*

Hannah, and Jonathan Parker, Feb.20,1794.*

Hannah, and Alonzo G. Cornelius, Sept.15,1831.*

J. Strong, and Eliza Ann Dodge, Dec.4,1841.PR88

Jonathan, and Lucy Forster of Reading, int.Apr.12,1783.

Joseph, and Martha Mansfield, Nov.8,1821.*

Lucretia, and Luther S. Snow [of Dorchester. int.], Apr.8,1813.*

Olivia P., and Robert Murry, June30,1839.*

Phebe, and Edmund Bancroft of Pepperill, Mar.14,1792.*

Phebe, and Jonathan Glover, May15,1794.*

Phebe W., and Francis Skerry.Oct.12,1819.*

Rachel, and Stephen Haraden, June11,1811.*

Rachel L., and Oliver Thayer, Apr.6,1824.*

Sarah, of Lynn, and Thomas Bowditch, Apr.21,1760.*

Sally, and Abner Burbank, Oct.19,1806.*

Sarah, and Edward G. Smith, Nov.12,1820.*

Sarah A., and John H. Bond, int.Dec.15,1844.

Sophia, and Joshua Burbank, June28,1812.*

Thomas, and Polly Smith, Aug.29,1793.*

Thomas, and Elizabeth Ives, d.Robert Hale and Sarah, Nov.10,1797. [Dec.10. dup.]

Thomas, and Clarissa Aborn of Lynnfield, int.May13,1815.

Thomas P. [oynton. int.], and Hannah Putnam, Dec.9,1822.*


Lucy, and Richard Rowland, June7,1686.CTR

Martha, and Jeremiah Pittman, July2,1686CTR

BANE (Bain)

Dudley, and Lydia Batcheldor of Wenham, int.Feb.7,1806.


Caleb, and Martha Griffin, Apr.6,1785.*


Mary, of Boston, and Isaac Hower, formerly servant to the late Samuel Gardner, Esq., int.Mar.18,1774.


Ann, wid., and James Punchard [jr. int.], Sept.10,1798.*

BANNARD (Barnard)

Peter, and Sally Lefavour, int.Jan.17,1800 (Forbidden by Amos Lefavour.)

BARBER (Barbour)

Elisabeth, and Thomas Burton, Feb.8,1784.*

Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Smith, May20,1773.*

BARBOUR (Barber)

Seward P., and Louisa G. Frates of Portland, ME, int.Jan.12,1840.


Lydia J., and George Gray, at Dover, NH, Sept.16,1827PR175


John, jr., of Sutton, and Hannah Putney, int.Dec.25,1745.


Phillip [of Boston. int.], and Elizabeth Neale, Nov.13,1712.*

BARIEPO (Berrepo)

Betsy Gibbs, and Samuel Hodgden, July1,1798.*


Abigail, and Thomas Buxton, of Danvers, Feb.23,1826.*

Albert G., of Boston, and Mary L. Page, int.Jan.31,1841.

Benjamin, and Ruth Killam, certif. July10,1814.*

Benjeman, and Mary Cotteral, Feb.6,1837CR14

Charles W., of East Boston, and Sarah Merrill, Jan.1,1845.*

Elizabeth, and David Wilson, July2,1809.*

Elizabeth G., and William F. Gardner, Jan.11,1827.*

Henry, and Lois I. Pattee of Danvers, Aug.8,1826.

Henry M., and Harriett L. Perry, Jan.28,1841.*

Hiram P., of Hardwick, and Eliza [] G. Chipman, June11,1838.*

Jeremiah, and Hannah Annibal of Hamilton, int.Dec.14,1811.

John, and Ruth Martins, both of Marblehead, Nov.7,1738.

John A., and Mary Ann Teague, d.Thomas A., Sept.10,1847.*

Joseph W., and Sarah A. Hay, Nov.30,1836.*

Lydia, and Thomas Fuller, int.Feb.9,1739-40.

Lydia, and Daniel Andrew, Nov.28,1748.*

Lydia B., and Francis L. Farrington, int.Feb.25,1849.

Margaret M., and Joseph Maugridge, July13,1824.*

Maria R., and Job Spiller [of], Oct.22,1818.*

Marietta, and Ira C. Burnham of Lynn, int.Jan.4,1834.

Martha Ann, and Hugh Boyce, jr., Oct.12,1843.*

Mary, and John Phips, Feb.4,1735-6.*

Mary, of Marblehead, and Hezekiah Legro, int.Nov.7,1739.

Mary Ann, and Charles A. Ropes, int.Oct.22,1843.

Mary, and Samuel Very, May7,1845.*

Matilda, and Ephraim Lord, of Lynn, May31,1836.*

Nancy [of Haverhill. int.], and John Joye, Dec.13,1812.*

Nathan M. [U. int.], of Chelsea, and Mary E. Merrill, Feb.5,1846.*

Nehem, and Mary Waters, Nov.1,1716.

Samuel, and Margaret Lerock, Oct.22,1791. [certif.CR12]

Sarah, of Topsfield, and Nathan Hurd, Jan.26,1834.

Susan [Burke. int.], and Moses Mack, Dec.3,1842.*

Thomas [of], and Eunice Stevens, Nov.16,1762.*

Thomas, and Mary Hitchens, Feb.2,1805.*

Thomas, and Mary Hall, Sept.7,1806.*

Thomas, 3d, and Mary Eliza Swan, Mar.31,1836.*

William G., and Harriet C. [E.PR101] Eveleth, at Lynn, Nov.3,1841. [Nov.7,1842.PR101]*


Henry, and Lydia [Ann. int.] Vincent, Nov.28,1833.*

Isabella, and Robert McCloy, Sept.12,1828.*

John, shoe dealer, and Emiline C. Becket, Aug.8,1844.*


Thomas N., mariner, and Nancy Ann Trask, May27,1849.*


Mary, a.33y., and Michael O達ryan of Boston, a.42y., laborer, s.末末 of Ireland, May19,1844.

BARNARD (Bannard, Benard, Bernard)

Ann, wid., and Christopher Flanders [of], Jan.8,1822.*

Clarissa A., and William S. Tullock of Danvers, int.Nov.1,1846.

Edward, Dr., and Judith Herbert of Wenham, int.Nov.18,1780.

Edward, jr., and Elizabeth Martin, May4,1806.*

Edward, and Julia R. Ames, int.Apr.27,1845.

Eliza, and William Shaw, Jan.15,1822.*

John, and Sarah Ramsdell, int.July10,1773.

Joshua G., of Danvers, and Clarisa Ann Walton, int.Mar.25,1838.

Leonard, and Martha Cook, Oct.13,1805.*

Leonard, and Clarissa B. Fuller, int.Nov.10,1832. (Certifcate Nov.29.)

Martha, Mrs., and George Wood, Aug.26,1823. [Aug.24.PR196]*

Martha C., wid., and William Tilton [of Middleton, NJ. int.], July26,1825.*

Rachel, Mrs., and [Capt.CR1] Samuell Barnard of Deerfield, May29,1723.

Samuell [Capt.CR1], of Deerfield, and Mrs.Rachel Barnard, May29,1723.

Samuel, Esq., and Mrs.Elizabeth Williams of Hatfield, int.Aug.24,1744.

Samuel, and Betsy Cook, May30,1799.*

Samuel [jr. int.], and Nancy Chapman, Oct.28,1810.*

Samuel [jr. int.], and Mary Jane Arnold, July28,1835.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Jonathan Jackson of Newburyport, Jan.3,1767.

Sarah, and William Hawden, int.Dec.27,1777.

Sarah, and [Capt. int.] Robert Emory, Dec.16,1800.*

Sarah, and Henry Thomas, Sept.13,1829.*

Susannah B., and Ezekiel Needham, Nov.19,1840.*

Thomas, of Andover, and Abigail Bull, Apr.28,1696.CTR

Thomas [jr. int.], and Mrs.Rachell Lindall, May7,1713.*

Thomas, jr., Rev., and Mrs.Lois Gardner, May31,1773.*

Titus, and Sarah Davis, int.Jan.20,1781.


Alexander, and Mary Badger, June25,1799.

Benjamin S., of Boxford, and Dorcas F. Kimball, int.Aug.23,1840. (Stopped by Miss Kimball.)

Benjamin S., of Boxford, and Dorcas F. Kimball, int.Sept.12,1840.

Eunice, and William Boden, jr., certif. Oct.12,1795.*

Eunice [], and Christopher Babbidge, Dec.1,1822.*

Lucy, and Thomas Galloway, Dec.24,1801.

Mary, wid., and James Powllen, Aug.2,1670.CTR

Mary, and Benjamin Patterson, June19,1803. [June11.PR353]*

Michael, and Eunice Peale, June10,1804.*

Michael D., mariner, and, wid.Hannah Leach, Oct.5,1846.*

Nathan, of Reading, and Julia Ann Jeffry, int.Oct.31,1835.

Sara, and Nathaniel S. Foster, Apr.11,1809. [Apr.9.CR4]*

Thomas, jr., and Esther Dodge of Wenham, int.Aug.4,1804.

BARNET (Barnett)

John, and Abigail Benson, int.Mar.28,1795.

BARNETT (Barnet)

John (alias Barbant), and Mary Bishop, 14:8m:1661.CTR

BARNEY (Barny, Berney)

Bridget, see Brannan, Bridget.

Christopher [Burney.CR14], and Nancy Smith of Lynn, int.Apr.8,1841. [m.Apr.18.CR14]

Peter Wooding [], of Marblehead, and Lydia Cheever, at Marblehead, July28,1772.*

Sara, and John Grover, May13,1656.CTR

BARNY (Barney)

Jacob, and Hana Johnson, 18:6m:1657.CTR

Jacob, and Ann Witt, 26:2m:1660.CTR


Daniel, and Lucy L. Andrews, both of Hingham, Feb.12,1837.CR5

Elizabeth, of Falmouth, and Jacob Clark, int.July6,1782.

Betsy [d.James, 2d and Eunice (Carlton). dup.], and Jonathan Holman, Nov.9,1815.*

Ellen Augusta [d.Henry and Mary Ann. dup.], and Francis Coxe, July2,1846.*

Ephraim, see Burr, Ephraim.

Hannah, and James Eustis of South Reading, Aug.28,1843.*

Hannah Louisa, and William A. Perkins, Oct.9,1845.*

Henry [s.John and Sarah (Pierce). dup.], and Mary Ann W. Buffum, Dec.16,1824. [1822. dup.]*

James [b. Tottenham, High Cross, Eng. dup.], and Mary Ropes [d.John and Mary.dup.], June10,1750.*

James, jr. [s.James and Mary (Ropes). dup.], and Eunice Carlton, [d.Col. Samuel and Eunice (Hunt). dup.], certif. Dec.23,1779. [Dec.28. dup.]*

James, and Priscilla Symonds, June18,1786.

James, and, wid.Hannah Smith, Nov.30,1794.

John [s.James and Mary (Ropes). dup.], and Sarah Pierce, May20,1784.

Mary [d.James and Mary (Ropes). dup.], and John Carde. Sept.9,1770

Mary [d.James, 2d and Eunice (Carlton). dup.], and George C[ampbell. dup.] Smith, Dec.5,1811.

Mary [d.John and Sarah (Pierce). dup.], and William W[arwickCR11] Palfry, Nov.17,1823.*

Mary Eliza, and Caleb Buffum, jr., Feb.3,1839.*

Mary Ann, and Samuel C. Tufs of Cambridge, Dec.12,1843.*

Pricilla [d.James, 2d and Eunice (Carlton). dup.], and Samuel Curwen [s.Samuel and Jane Ward.dup.], Mar.22,1818.*

Rebecca, and Thomas McClintock, June13,1824.*

Robert [2d, s.James and Mary (Ropes). dup.], and Hannah Bray, Aug.18,1791.

Robert, and Mary Ropes, Sept.20,1818.*

Sarah [d.James, 2d and Eunice (Carlton). dup.], and Samuel Rea, Aug.30,1807. [ Sept.3. dup.]

Sarah [d.John and Sarah (Pierce). dup.], and Jonathan Holman, Oct.25,1832.*

Sarah, and William Rose, Mar.18,1847.

Tiley, and Samuel Clemmons, certif. Nov.4,1810.*

William [s.James and Mary (Ropes). dup.], and Rebecca Wood, Aug.27,1786.

William [2d m., s.James and Mary (Ropes). dup.], and Ruth Doke, Dec.2,1788.

BARRAS (Barrass)

Betsy, of Portland, and John Harris, int.July27,1805.

BARRASS (Barras)

Peter [Barros,. int.], and Elizabeth Grandy, certif. Sept.4,1781.*

BARRE (Barry)

William, and Elizabeth Smethurst, int.Mar.27,1779.

BARRET (Barrett)

Mary, and John Searle, Nov.21,1770.*

Rebecca, and Jonathan Felt, certif. July4,1776.*

BARRETT (Barret, Barrit)

Catherine, a.27y., and Jeremiah Horgan [Harragen. int.], of Danvers, a.32y., s.末末 of Ireland, May9,1844.*

Dorcas, of Concord, and James S. Gerrish, int.Aug.6,1825.

Edward, of Danvers, and Catherine Flynn, both b. Ireland, June16,1849.*

Elizabeth, and Greenleaf Porter, Feb.1,1805.*

Elizabeth P., of Danvers, and Edward B. Perkins, int.Oct.15,1837.

Henry, of Malden, and Lucy T.G. Stearns, Jan.19,1848.

Jonathan S., of York, ME, and Julia Manent of Portsmouth NH, Oct.28,1845.CR5

Joseph, and Elizabeth Pitman, certif. Nov.25,1773.*

Joseph, and Hannah Osborne, July30,1780.*

Lydia, and William Lund, Mar.23,1835.*

Polly, of Beverly, and Benjamin Day, int.Dec.2,1809.

Mary Ann [Barnet. int.], and Robert Hughes, Sept.7,1845.*

Mary, and Michael O鱈eary of Danvers, both b. Ireland, May27,1848.*

Mercy, of Concord, and William Gibbs, int.Sept.7,1811.

Patrick, and Catherine O達rian, both b. Ireland, May20,1849.*

Thomas, and Lois Symonds, int.Dec.11,1784.


Abraham I., and Jane [M. int.] Wallis, Aug.13,1837.*

BARRIT (Barrett)

Mary, and Thomas McClintock, Feb.26,1822.*


Sally, of Deering, NH, and Robert McKeen, int.Dec.21,1812.

BARRY (Barre)

Elizabeth L. [F. int.], and William Abbott, June21,1830.*

Mary, and William Abbott, Dec.2,1824.*

Mary, and James Victory, Jan.25,1835.*

William, and Sally Brown, certif. June10,1797.*


Benjamin, and Anstiss S. Dunlap, June10,1822. [June18. dup.]*

Gideon, and Nancy Forrester, certif. Mar.29,1812.*

BARTELL (Bartoll)

Sarah, and Joseph Browne, Nov.24,1706.


Caroline S., and Stephen D. Brown of Lynn, Dec.12,1824.*

Luther D., and Mary Tuck of Kensington, NH, int.Nov.1,1818.

Peter, and Betsy Annible of Hamilton, int.Aug.18,1810.


William, and Elizabeth Woodbury, int.Jan.4,1812.

BARTHOLMEW (Bartholomew)

Catherine, Mrs., and Capt. Richard Janverin, Oct.30,1699.CTR

Hanna, and James Browne, 5:7m:1664.CTR

Mary, d.William, and Mathew Whippell, 24:10m:1657.

Sarah, and Ebenezer Gardner, 7:9m:1681.CTR

BARTHOLOMEW (Bartholmew)

Benjamin, and, wid.Hannah Smith, certif. May22,1794.*

BARTLET (Bartlett)

Eleanor, and Jeremiah Barzue, int.June6,1805.

Eliza, of Haverhill, and Joseph Sprague, jr., int.July23,1808.

Elizabeth, and Nicholas Martin, Oct.9,1795.*

Jane, of Exeter, and John Ropes, 3d, int.Apr.21,1738.

Joseph, and [] Sarah Price, Mar.18,1739-40.*

Richard, of Newbury, and Abigaill Ropes, Nov.21,1706.

Robert [late of], and Elizabeth Searle, Jan.6,1761.*

Robert, and [] Hannah Standley, Aug.2,1796.*

Robert, and Lydia Pearce, Dec.24,1816.*

Sally, and Rev. Samuel Judson of Uxbridge, May28,1797.*

BARTLETT (Bartlet, Bartlit)

Abijah, and Hannah Clements, Nov.2,1819.*

Alexander, and Mary R. Groom, int.June28,1846. (Withdrawn.)

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Fowler, Aug.13,1810.*

Benjamin, and Mary Ann Pedrick [], June7,1826.*

Benjamin, and Mary Dismore, Mar.15,1829.*

Bethiah, and George Jackson, both of Marblehead, July27,1740.

Catherine, and John Meacham of Castleton, VT, Oct.20,1847.*

Dorothy, of Newbury, and John Ropes [jr. int.], at Newbury, June6,1707. [June5. dup.]*

Betsey [], of Haverhill, and Nathaniel Sparhawk, at Haverhill, Apr.24,1780.*

Elizabeth, and John Nevens, int.Dec.12,1816.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and George Masseys of Marblehead, int.May22,1831. (Certificate June4.)

Elizabeth M., and John T. Hooper, jr., int.Apr.5,1840. (Stoppd by order of Hooper.)

Elizabeth, and Samuel Nason, Feb.2,1841.*

Esther G., and Stephen Doret, Feb.5,1832.*

Hanah, and William Heileger, both of Marblehead, Oct.30,1738.

Hannah W., and Stephen Dorett, int.Mar.23,1845.

Louisa A. [d.Bailey, Esq. Of Haverill. dup.], and Oliver Carlton [of], Nov.27,1831.*

Mary, and Robert Peele, at Marblehead, July3,1735.*

Mary, and Andrew Woodbury, both of Marblehead, Oct.29,1738.

Mary, of Salisbuary, and Samuel Webb, int.Nov.13,1784.

Mary, and Amos Hill, Apr.27,1802.*

Mary E., a.24y., d.John and Sally, and Henry Brown, 3d.a.24y., painter, s.Henry and Rebecca, May13,1846.*

Nancy, and Samuel Ireland, formerly of London, Great Britain, now resident of Salem, int.Mar.17,1798.

Nancy, d.Robert, deceased, and Edward Callum, Mar.17,1845.*

Rachel, and William Smith, 斗ate residents in Beverly, Apr.5,1814.

Samuel, and Hannah Veal, Nov.20,1823.*

Sally, and Henry Lancy, Mar.29,1802.*

Sarah Leonard, of Haverhill, and Joseph E. Sprague, int.Apr.17,1819.

Sarah, and John Colman, Oct.29,1820.*

Sarah, and John Frost, Sept.16,1826.*

Thomas, and Sarah Graves, Oct.10,1819.*

William, of Marblehead, and Anna Hale of Beverly, Sept.17,1740.

BARTLIT (Bartlett)

Jacob, jr., s.Jacob, of Bellingham, blacksmith, and Sarah Boyce, d.David, husbandman, Dec.10,1731.CR7

BARTOLL (Bartell)

Eleanor, and Nathaniel Goldsmith, int.Aug.5,1809.

John, Capt., of Marblehead, and, wid.Hannah Lindall, Jan.8,1767.CR1

Mercy C., and Levi Wallis, May8,1817.CR12*

Sarah, and Benjamin Reeves, Oct.11,1736.*

William, and Susanna Woodbery,末蔓末, [bef. 1680.]CTR

William, and Mary Felt, May4,1734.*


Edmund [of Sutton. int.], and Anna Flint, Apr.9,1739.*

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Samuell King, July6,1721.

Elizabeth, and Francis Broad, int.Aug.29,1730. (Publishing banns forbidden as 迭obt Williams & Wife can Testifie that they have often heard the said Broad say that he was a married man, and had a wife and two children in England.)

Elizabeth, and Daniel Henderson, Nov.5,1733.*

Elizabeth [oldest, ch.Samuel and Margaret (Gardner). dup.], and William Cleveland, Nov.23,1783.*

Betsey C[leveland.dup.], and Benjamin Russell, jr. [s.Benjamin and Priscilla.dup.], July [5. in pencil], 1830.*

Gardner, and Ann G. Donaldson, d.Alexander and Elizabeth, June23,1840.*

Jabez W., and Rebecca F. Rogers of Billerica, int.June23,1822.

John, and Mary Webb, d.Benjamin and Mary, Oct.18,1802. [Oct.17. dup.]*

John, and Harriet M. Pritchard of Newburyport, Mar.23,1841.

Margaret, third, ch.Samuel and Margaret (Gardner), and [Capt. int.] Samuel G. Derby.[Jan.26,1791. dup.]*

Peggy, and Samuel Derby, Jan.26,1791.CR1

Margaret, d.John and Mary, and George Dean Phippen, s.Hardy and Ursula, Apr.13,1840.*

Mary, Mrs., and [Dr.PR639] Bezaleel Toppan [s.Rev. Christopher, of Newbury.PR639], June27,1734.*

Mary, and William Tapley, Nov.21,1734.*

Mary, and Jonathan Fox Worcester, Sept.9,1841.*

Mathew, and, wid.Elizabeth Dickenson, Dec.20,1694.CTR

Patience, and James Mascoll, Nov.7,1721.

Rebecca [], and John Smith, Aug.4,1787.*

Samuel, and Mrs.Mary Butler [d.Capt. Bowditch.PR31], 鍍radition says Miss Babbidge, Dec.26,1723.

Samuel [2d m.dup.], and Mrs.Elizabeth Marston, Sept.29,1737.*

Samuel [jr. int.], and Margaret Gardner, d.Jonathan and Elizabeth, Dec.11,1764.*

Samuel, and Abigail W. Northey [of Boxford,. int.], d.Abijah, June23,1831.*

Sally [d.Samuel and Margaret (Gardner). dup.] and John Derby [jr. int.], Nov.23,1791.*

Susanna, and Nathaniell Knight, June29,1723.

Thomas, and Mary Willoughby, May10,1710.*

Thomas, and Rebecca Dimand, certif. Aug.28,1780.*

William, and Mary Foxcraft, May1,1721.

William, and 末末 Ramsdell of Lynn, Sept.3,1739.

William Cleveland, and Mary [S. int.] Winckley [of], d.Enoch and Mary, of Amesbury, Dec.23,1840.*


Jeremiah, and Eleanor Bartlet, int.June6,1805.


John T.S. [], of Boston, and Hannah E[] Stone, July21,1846.*


Philander R., and Martha A Symonds, both of Danvers, Mar.31,1844.


Mary Butler, of Boston, and Elisha Smith, int.Aug.22,1806.

BASSET (Bassett)

John, and, wid.Clarissa H. Perviere, Oct.21,1822.*

Mary, and Benjamin Gardner, Nov.2,1782.*

Miriam, of Lynn, and David Northee, int.May13,1732.

Rachel, and Ephraim Silsby, Jan.23,1693.CTR

BASSETT (Basset)

Clara [H. int.], and Joseph Gray, jr. of Danvers, June30,1847.*

Elizabeth, and John Procter, Apr.1,1674.CTR

Betsey, of Marblehead, and Zachariah Searl, int.Oct.28,1820.

John, and Sarah Newhall [Newell. int.], Aug.3,1835.*

Joseph, and Eunice Hacker, 1:10m:1737.PR5

Lydia Ann, and William Dodge, int.Aug.30,1846.

Rachel, and William Beans, Sept.2,1739.*

Rebecca, and James Walton, int.June10,1826.

Robert C. of Marblehead, and Sarah D. Foster [Sarah P.], Oct.9,1831.*

Samuel, of Marblehead, and Elizabeth Vincent, int.June2,1821.


Abra, and James Woodley, int.Sept.5,1835.

BATCHELDER (Bachelder, Bacheldor, Bacheler, Bacheller, Bachellor, Bachelor, Batcheldor, Batchelour)

Anna, and Henry Herrick, 3d of Beverly, int.Mar.18,1737-8.

Benjamin, and Sarah Whipple, at Beverly, Apr.11,1750.*

Benjamin P., and Ann Stetson, int.Nov.17,1844.

Bethia, and Joseph Porter, at Beverly, Apr.21,1741.*

Bethia, and Job Creesy, at Beverly, Mar.27,1746.*

Charles W. [M. int.], and Henrietta Woodman, July22,1849.*

Elisabeth, and Israel Lovett of Beverly, at Beverly, May30,1728.*

Elizabeth, and Solomon Emerson, Nov.28,1819.*

Elizabeth T., and Simon Gilpatrick, Sept.17,1839.*

Hannah, of Beverly, and John Dutch [jr. int.], at Beverly, Apr.29,1798.*

Hannah, and William Harris, July16,1809.*

Hepzibath, of Beverly, and Daniel Adams, at Beverly, Mar.14,1773.*

Increase, jr., and Sarah Parker [Park, of Augusta, ME. int.], Mar.8,1835.*

James H., of Danvers, and Susannah M. Rideout, Sept.19,1843.*

Jemima, and Joseph Hartwell, of Bedford, at Beverly, Dec.12,1750.*

Jeremiah, and Abigail Dowst, July28,1825.*

Jesse, and Sarah Tink, int.Oct.2,1819.

John, 3d, and Mary Rea of Topsfield, int.Apr.27,1745. (Forbidden by her father, Uzziel Rea, both being minors, May4,1745.)

John, and Elizabeth Hazelton, int.Feb.27,1830. [Certificate Apr.1831.]

John H., and Emma Eaton Dodge, Mar.19,1846.PR359

Jonathan, and Hephsibah Conant of Beverly, int.Feb.2,1744-5.

Joseph, and Judith Rea of Killingsley, int.Oct.30,1742.

Joseph, wheelwright, and Mary A[] Adams, June10,1849.*

Joshua, and Mary Dissamore, at Beverly, Apr.3,1740.*

Josiah, and Mary Leech, at Beverly, Oct.26,1732.*

Lydia, and William Porter, jr., at Beverly, July5,1733.*

Mary, of Wenham, and Israel Porter, at Wenham, Dec.28,1737.*

Mary, and Archelaus Rea of Topsfield, at Beverly, Nov.6,1750.*

Molly, and Asa Porter of Wenham, at Wenham, Apr.14,1768.

Mary F., and Darling Pitts, July5,1838.*

Mary, Mrs., of Beverly, and George Turner, int.Feb.28,1847.

Mary P., and Joseph N. Smith of Charlestown, int.Apr.29,1849.

Mehitable, of Beverly, and Thorndike Deland, jr., int.Aug.1,1801.

Mehitable A., and Richard Lavers of Charlestown, Dec.25,1839.*

Nancy, and Lincoln Stetson, Nov.10,1810.*

Nathaniel, and Hannah Collins, Nov.18,1787.*

Olive O., and Jay H. Moulton, int.Mar.28,1841.

Rachel, and John Breen, int.Feb.25,1844.

Richard, and Jane Woodman, Sept.2,1841. [ Sept.5.CR5]*

Ruth, Mrs., and Benjamin Kimball of Wenham, at Beverly, Nov.18,1747.*

Samuel, and Ann Webber, Mar.12,1820.*

Sarah, and James Chappleman of Beverly, at Beverly, July1,1731.*

Sarah C., of Pittsfield, NH, and Alva A. Evans, int.Apr.9,1837.

Sarah F., and James Stimpson [Simpson. int.], Aug.13,1837.*

William, and Edeth Brown, int.Oct.5,1751.

William, and Mehitable Aborne, Mar.20,1808.*

William, jr., and Elizabeth Goodwin of Marblehead, int.Nov.26,1843.

William L., and Harriet M. Sweet of Newburyport, int.Mar.3,1844.

William, 3d [of], and Mary Ann Smith, Dec.14,1848.*

BATCHELDOR (Batchelder)

Ann P., and Charles W. Wilson of Danvers, July22,1830.*

George, and Sally Bray, certif. Oct.29,1795.*

Hannah [], and Thomas Lougee, Oct.1,1823.*

Henry, and Lydia Brown, int.July1,1821. (Forbid.)

Henry, and Lucy Sheppleton Foster, int.Oct.20,1821.

John, jr., and Jemima Conant of Beverly [at Beverly.dup.], Sept.6,1720.

Joseph, and wid.Mary Ann Newhall, int.July9,1831.

Lydia, of Wenham, and Dudley Bane, int.Feb.7,1806.

Lydia, and Moses Cook, Dec.5,1824.*

Mary, and John Kettle, June25,1719.

Mary, and William Masury, int.Aug.30,1778.

Mary F., and Eli Hood of Lynn, int.July24,1830. (Certificate Aug.18.)

Mary E., and Ebenezer Burrill, Feb.23,1832.*

Sarah, and Samuel C. Roberts, Dec.11,1830.

William, jr., and Lydia T. Sprague, Apr.28,1830.*

BATCHELOUR (Batchelder)

Ebenezar, and Ruth Tarbox, both of Wenham, Sept.29,1699.CR2


Aaron, and Elizabeth Cheever, of Danvers, May末,1835.PR358

Eliza, and Edward Symonds, Mar.26,1822.*

Elizabeth, and John Stout, Apr.19,1849.*

John, and Betsey Merrill of Georgetown, Mar.17,1814.PR358

Mary, and William Babbidge, Apr.13,1806.*

Michael, and Mary Batten, Aug.7,1785.*

Thomas, and Elizabeth Jenks, Feb.1,1842.*


Benjamin, jr., and Mary Dolbier, Aug.18,1748.PR78*

Benjamin [jr. int.], and Mary Rice, Dec.20,1772.*

Charles F., and Elizabeth H. Smith, Sept.7,1836. [ Sept.10.PR109]*

David, and Hannah Downing, int.Oct.5,1833.

Elizabeth, and Richard Leathers, int.Oct.20,1711.

Elizabeth, and Abel Badger of Boston, int.June23,1749.

Ira, and Mary Peabody, Sept.7,1826.*

James F., and Judith C. Borroughs, Aug.21,1848.PR109

Lydia, and Joseph Beadle, Aug.17,1738.*

Mary, and William Meacham, int.Aug.14,1731.

Mary [jr. int.], and Samuel Becket, Dec.6,1771.*

Susanna, and James Buffum, certif. Feb.6,1795.*

William, and Sally [Sarah.PR109] Forbes, Nov.8,1808.*

William B., and Harriet L[ang.PR 109] Brown, Apr.26,1839. [Apr.25.PR109]*


Josiah, and Eunice McIntyre, Oct.22,1840.*

Mary D., and John C. Thorner, Oct.31,1842.*

Olive, of Durham, and John Peters, int.Sept.21,1816.

Samuel, and Sally Daland, Nov.1,1808.*


Elizabeth, and Joseph MacComb, certif. Dec.15,1782.*

BATTEN (Battin, Batton, Battoon)

Abigail, and John Cowley [], Jan.30,1781.*

Christopher, and Mary Tapley, Sept.19,1706.

John, and, wid.Elizabeth Lander, July31,1750.*

John, and Mary Masury, Jan.22,1758.*

Louisa, and David Brown [of Bowdoinham, ME. int.], Sept.末,1826.*

Lydia, and Henry Meek, Jan.23,1829.*

Mary, and Michael Bateman, Aug.7,1785.*

Nancy, and Josiah Merrow, Nov.9,1817.*

Procinda, and Ephraim Richardson, Dec.1,1822.*

Richard, and Lydia Stileman, Jan.28,1759.*

Richard, and Betsey Yell, Dec.6,1821.*

Susanah, and John Starkey, July19,1686.CTR

Susanna, and Josiah Beadle, Jan.26,1762.*

William [], and Abigail Yell, Jan.14,1836.*

BATTER (Batters)

Daniell, and Mrs.Sarah Hunloke, Feb.12,1704.

Edmond, and Mrs.Mary Gookin, June8,1670.CTR

Edmund, and Martha Pickman [Pittman.CTR], Oct.末 [Oct.26,1699.CTR]

Edmund, and Mrs.Barbara Hide, May25,1714.*

Edmund, and Mrs.Hannah Higginson, Sept.25,1724.

Elizabeth, and George Bickford, July30,1722.

Mary, and John Emerson, jr. of Gloucester, May14,1696.

Mary, and Joseph Goldthwayt, Oct.30,1741.*

Sarah, and David Goldthwayt, Jan.15,1735-6.*

BATTERS (Batter)

Martha, and John Ward, Sept.14,1758.*


Ellen [of Maitland, N.S. int.], and Charles T. Connor, Jan.14,1849.*

BATTIN (Batten)

Hannah, and Benjamin Symonds, Dec.14,1738.*

John, and, wid.Elizabeth Knights, Feb.26,1728-9.*

John, and Hannah Holland, Oct.14,1734.*

Rachel, and Samuel Lander, Oct.10,1735.*

BATTIS (Battise, Bettis)

Abigail S., and William H. Pitman, int.July7,1844.

James H., and Sarah A. Procter, int.Jan.21,1844.

John, and Lucy Peabody, Nov.1,1812.*

John, and Mary A. Wilson, int.Sept.1,1839.

John, of Marblehead, and Mary Ann Saunders, int.June28,1840.

BATTISE (Battis)

Mary A., and John W. Lewis, int.Jan.16,1836.


Edward, and Martha H. Cottle, Mar.28,1829. [Mar.9.CR4]*

BATTON (Batten)

Hannah, and Richard Pearson [Person. int.], Sept.8,1779.*

Margaret, and William Smith, int.Dec.6,1777.

Mary, and Edward Hulin, May15,1774.

BATTOON (Batten)

Elizabeth, and William Steward, Jan.9,1769.

Margaret [Batton,. int.], and Benjamin Dorrell, Oct.26,1779.*


John, and Polly Loring, Feb.8,1787. [certif.CR12].*


Jacob [Bacon, of Gloucester. int.], and Abby [Abigail,. int.] Webber, Mar.18,1847.*

BAXTER (Bakstar)

Elizabeth, and John Rogers, 29:8m:1674.CTR

Elizabeh B., and Horatio R. Langmaid, July3,1844.*

James, and Mrs.Mary Raynard, Apr.26,1831.*

James, and Nancy Lopez, int.Dec.29,1839.

John, and Abigaile Whiterig, Nov.24,1677.CTR

John, 2d m., and, wid.Elizabeth Mackmallen, 1:9m:1679.CTR

Priscilla, and Benjamin Wilkins, June3,1677.CTR


Eliza S. [Buxton.CR12], and Henry M. Shillaber, Aug.16,1842. [1841.CR12]

BAYLEY (Bailey)

Lydia, and John Jefferds, May5,1721.

Mary, and Joseph Porter, May3,1709.CTR*

Mary, of Boston, and Rev. John Prince, int.Mar.11,1780.

Nicholas, and Rebeccah Knight of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Nov.15,1711.

Rebecca, and William Brown, Esq., at Boston, Apr.26,1694.


Mary, and Eliab Goldthwait of Danvers, int.Mar.1,1823.

William, and Ann Rankin, Oct.9,1802.*


Edward, and Elizabeth Medcalf, Nov.8,1670.CTR

Elizabeth, and Zachariah Goodell, last of 10m:1666.CTR

BEADLE (Beedle)

末紡m [Samuel.CTR], and Hannah Lemmon, June10,1668. [June20.CTR].

Abigail, and Benjamin Hinderson, July22,1706.CTR

Abigail, and David Beadle, Oct.22,1736.*

Affe, and Allet F. Penny, Dec.3,1818.*

Benjamin, and Abigail Hammond, Apr.9,1713.*

Catherine, and Jonathan Tuexbury, Dec.14,1740.*

David, and Rebecca Gillingham, Dec.6,1716.

David, and Abigail Beadle, Oct.22,1736.*

David, and Lydia Wiley, Dec.17,1769.*

David, and Martha Silsbee, Jan.5,1806.*

Dorothy, and William Lord, Aug.10,1693.CTR

Elizabeth, and Peter Hinderson, Nov.10,1701.

Elizabeth, and Thomas Dean, Dec.9,1701.

Elizabeth, wid.[sr. int.], and Samuell Cook of Wallingford [widr.PR642], Jan.26,1715-16.*

Elizabeth, and Stephen Daniel, 3d, Mar.18,1739-40.*

Hanna, and Richard Palmer, Oct.29,1706.

Hannah, and Elias Trask, jr., Dec.12,1760.*

Hannah, and John Mack, Sept.6,1795.*

John, and Mercy English, Oct.11,1722.

John [jr. int.], and Mary West [jr. int.], Aug.9,1745.*

John, and Lucy Robins, Apr.30,1805.*

John, jr., and Mary M. Brown, Mar.27,1838.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth Evens, June9,1708.

Joseph, and Lydia Bates, Aug.17,1738.*

Joseph, and Tabitha Hitchins, Jan.19,1804.*

Joseph, jr., and Lucy M. Ottignon, Apr.2,1842.*

Josiah, and Susanna Batten, Jan.26,1762.*

Lemmon, and Rebeccha Atwater, Jan.4,1709-10.*

Lucy, and Ephraim Felt, 3d, July1,1828.*

Lydia, and Joshua Webb, Dec.16,1798.*

Lydia, and Jonathan Osborn, 3d of Danvers, June26,1832.*

Margaret, and Benjamin Swinerton, int.June1,1734.

Mary, and Benjamin Gray, Mar.31,1699. [Apr.1,1700.CTR]

Mary, and Samuell Phippen,末蔓末,1708.

Mary, wid., and Thomas Eden, jr., July11,1751.*

Mary, and William Symonds, Dec.19,1754.*

Mary, and Edmund Henfield [jr. int.], Apr.25,1772.*

Mercy, and John Dove, Dec.8,1768.

Mercy, and William Wyatt, jr., int.June7,1783.

Mercy, and Thaddeus Gwin, Sept.30,1787.*

Nathaniell, and Mary Hix, Apr.20,1670.CTR

Nathaniell, and Hannah King, wid.,末蔓末,1701.

Rebeckah, and Samuell Phippen, Mar.20,1718.

Rebecca, wid., and John Sterns, Oct.27,1726.

Rebecah, Mrs.[of Boston. int.], and John Beckett [jr. int.] Apr.27,1738.*

Samuel, and Katherine Blany, Oct.27,1733.*

Sarah, and Richard Elvins, July14,1715.*

Sarah, and Stephen Welcomb, Nov.25,1739.

Sarah, and Richard Masury, Nov.29,1754.*

Susanah, and Henry Herrick, July23,1694.CTR

Susanna [], and Henry Souward [], Apr.27,1780.*

Susannah, and John Elliot Dale, Sept.21,1788.*

Tabitha, and Alvan Merrill of Danvers, int.Nov.6,1830. (Certificate Dec.1.)

Thomas and Elizabeth Drake, 18:7m:1679.CTR

Thomas, and Margarett Ingersoll, June19,1712.*

BEAL (Beals)

Elizabeth, and Samuell Luscomb [Liscomb. int.], Jan.10,1715-16. [Jan.20. dup.]*

Jedidiah, jr., of Hingham, and Hannah Masury, Feb.13,1749.*

Miriam [Bean. int.], and James Morrison, Dec.3,1809.*

BEALS (Beal)

Christopher, and Nancy Crandall, Jan.23,1803.*

Mary, and George W. Felton, Jan.31,1830.*


Warren H., Rev., of North Hadley, and Elizabeth L. Worcester, Apr.27,1841.*

BEAN (Beane, Beanes, Beans, Been)

Abigail and Daniel Crockett, July23,1807.*

Emily G., and Thomas A. Moody, Oct.31,1848.*

Miriam, see Beal, Miriam.

BEANE (Bean)

Mary, and John Masury [], Jan.20,1763.*


Martha, and Samuel Pope, Dec.8,1709.*

BEANS (Bean)

Abigail, and Wills Moulton, Jan.10,1726-7.

Elizabeth, and John Callum, Nov.30,1685.

Elizabeth, and John Brooks, Apr.12,1734.*

Joshua, and Mary Slue, June23,1701.

Joshua, and Mary Fuller, June7,1704.

Joshua, jr., and Sarah Cox, int.Oct.9,1731.

Mary, and Jonathan Wilson, Sept.17,1766.*

Rachel [], and Joshua Buffum, jr., Mar.2,1760.*

Robert, and Mary Peal, int.Dec.5,1730.

Sarah, and Clement Henly, Oct.26,1726.

Tamsin, and Joseph Mogey, July27,1699.CTR

William, and Hanah Verry, Feb.6,1695.CTR

William, and Martha Winslow, Oct.29,1702.

William, and Rachel Bassett, Sept.2,1739.*


Langdon, and Abiah Ann Badger, int.May3,1828.

Michael, and Susannah Townsend, int.Aug.28,1779.

Nancy, and William A. Bird, carpenter, June30,1844.*


Thomas, and Sarah Briggs, int.Jan.15,1780.


Ann, and James McGellan [McLellan. int.], Oct.10,1841.*

James, and Sarah Jewett, Oct.15,1841.*

Mary, and James Arnold, Mar.22,1841.*


Abigail, of Newburyport, and John Clifton, int.May2,1841.

Elizabeth, of Great Island, and Richard Eates of Great Island, NH, "who lived in England till the 11th day of the 7 mo. 1684," formally of Newington, East Kent, Eng., at Dover, NH, 23:4m:1687.CR7 [24:4m:dup.CR]

Elizabeth, d.Henry, of Piscataqua, deceased, and Joshua Buffum, s.Joshua, 17:7m:1702.CR7

Jacob, and Rhodea Peabody, Dec.4,1808.*

John, and Anthoney DeGrave, int.Feb.3,1810.

John, and Mary Vinal of Boston, int.Dec.11,1813.

Samuel, and Eunice Appleton of Hamilton, int.Jan.4,1818.

BECKET (Beckett, Beckitt, Beeket)

Nabby, and Benjamin Hawks, Aug.14,1791.*

Augustus, and Hannah Johnson, Jan.15,1835.*

Benjamin, and Hanna Ulmer, Apr.16,1767.

Benjamin, and Polly Wyman of Danvers, at Danvers, Nov.9,1790.*

Benjamin, and Mary Ann Prime [Prince.CR4], of Danvers, June6,1839.

Caroline, and Otis Allen, int.Sept.18,1824.

David, and Elizabeth Townsend, May1,1817.*

David A., mariner, s.David, deceased, and Ellen M. Brown, d.Jonathan, Apr.30,1846.*

Elizabeth, and William Slade, Feb.28,1724-5.

Elizabeth, and William Peele, Jan.26,1762.*

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Waters, Sept.13,1805.*

Emiline C., and John Barlow, shoe dealer, Aug.8,1844.*

Eunice, and John Bray [jr. int.], Nov.29,1774.*

Hannah, and Benjamin Phippen, July5,1739.*

Hannah, and Joseph Hathorne [jr. int.], Feb.20,1742-3.*

Hanna, and Joseph Cloutman, June20,1770.*

Hannah, and Thomas Rowell, int.Oct.10,1778.

Hanna [], and David Malcolm, Mar.10,1782.*

Hannah, and Jonathan Deland, Nov.20,1808.*

James, and Susanna Porter, Feb.5,1804.*

John [jr. int.], and Sara Rue, Nov.25,1762.*

John, and Sara Browne, Mar.16,1769.

John [jr. int.], and Elizabeth Ingersoll, Mar.9,1775.*

John [Capt. int.], and Sarah Dean, Jan.24,1791.*

John [jr. int.], and Catharine Cook, Sept.30,1800.*

John [jr. int.], and Sarah Browne, Aug.2,1807.*

John J., and Rebecca H. [K. int.] Andrews, Nov.14,1839.*

Jonathan, and Jane H. Campbell of Amherst, NH, int.Nov.2,1807.

Lydia, and Samuel Leach, Dec.19,1792.*

Margaret, and Joseph Searle, Nov.20,1781.*

Mary, wid., and Daniel Webb, July27,1727.*

Mary, and George Ulmer [of Waldoboro. int.], Apr.22,1783.*

Mary, and Joseph Browne, May7,1786.*

Mary, and Abraham Knowlton, int.Jan.15,1791.

Mary, and Aaron Kehoe, Apr.1,1798.*

Mary, and William Kelley, Oct.16,1808. [certif.CR12]*

Mary C., and Joseph Brown, July22,1838.*

Rebecca, and William Fairfield, Oct.19,1772.*

Retiah, and Rebecca Swasey, certif. June4,1794.*

Samuel, and Mary Bates [jr. int.], Dec.6,1771.*

Samuel, and Hannah Carroll, Dec.8,1802.*

Sarah, and Thomas Murry, Mar.25,1750.*

Sarah, and John Babbidge, June25,1789.*

Sally, and Ebenezer Sloacum, Sept.11,1791.*

Susanna, and John Babbidge, Jan.11,1732. [1732-3.PR480]*

Susanna, and David Felt, Nov.8,1758.*

Susanna, and Thomas Rue, Jan.24,1765.*

William, and Susannah Fowler of Newmarket, int.Apr.6,1745.

William, jr., and Mary Murray, Aug.9,1752.*

William [jr. int.], and Mary Ulmer, Dec.26,1773.*

William, and Hannah Butler, Aug.24,1794.*

William, and Hannah Waters, Oct.7,1798.*

BECKETT (Becket)

Catherine, and Solomon Gould, Oct.23,1831.*

Eliza, and Francis Goss, May1,1814.*

Elizabeth, and Henry A. Ruee, mariner, s.Thomas, deceased, June17,1844.*

James, and Deborah Peabody of Haverhill, at Haverhill, Dec.11,1783.*

John [jr. int.], and Mrs.Rebecah Beadle [of Boxton. int.], Apr.27,1738.*

Joseph [of], and Mehitable C. Ruee, Nov.8,1843.*

Mary, and Daniell Webb, July20,1675.CTR

Rebecca, and Samuel Cook of Boston, Nov.11,1821.*

Rebecca, and Israel F. Johnson, int.Aug.23,1834.

Sally, and Robert Richardson, June2,1811.*

BECKFORD (Bickford)

Ann, and Henry Hubon, Jan.5,1812.*

Benjamin [], and Mary Collins, Dec.6,1733.*

Benjamin, jr., and Betsy Holt, May24,1786.*

Benjamin C[ox.PR643], and Sarah G[rant.PR643] Stone of Lynn, int.Aug.31,1821.

Daniel, and Hannah Pickering, Apr.28,1793.*

Daniel, and Jane M. Trask, Apr.26,1818.*

Daniel R., and Dora A. Taylor, Apr.24,1849.*

David, jr., and Sally Edmunds, Mar.21,1793. [certif.CR12]*

Ebenezer, jr., and Betsy Smothers, May20,1810.*

Ebenezer, and Sarah A. Wellman, Oct.2,1845.*

Edmund, and Lydia Rose, Mar.18,1794.*

Eliza, and Winthrop Sargent, May4,1823.*

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Cook, int.Mar.28,1778.

Elizabeth, and William Holland, Sept.17,1786.*

Betsy [Bickford.CR12], and Bradstreet Hale of Gloucester, Nov.30,1792. [certif.CR12]*

Elizabeth, and Isaac Knap, Nov.3,1799.*

Elizabeth, and Benjamin French, Feb.26,1804.*

Betsy, and Andrew Wilson, Nov.29,1807.*

Elizabeth C., and John Davis [of] July8,1823.*

Elizabeth [], and Benjamin Pearson [jr. int.], Nov.29,1838.*

Elizabeth, Mrs.[], and Charles Nye, July5,1840.*

Emeline, and Hiram K[ing. int.] Bryant, May3,1827.*

Eunice, and Nathan Robinson, Dec.19,1802.*

George, jr. [], and Eunice Cook, jr., Sept.29,1751.*

Hannah [], and Peter Grover, May8,1805.*

Hannah, and Joseph Lowren, int.Aug.2,1823.

Hannah [], and James Poor [of], Nov.10,1824.*

Harriet, and George Mugford, May12,1835.*

Henry S. [of Andover. int.], and Mary Ann Perry, Feb.15,1830.*

John, and Polly Yell, Oct.15,1789.*

John [Bickford.CR4], and Polly Ramsdale, Nov.6,1791.*

John, and Mary Ramsdell, d.William and Mary, of Lynn, Nov.7,1792.

John, and Hannah Swasey [], Apr.26,1821.*

John M. [W. int.], and Anna Griswold, Mar.29,1849.*

Jonathan, and Sarah Chever, Oct.5,1794.*

Jonathan [Bickford.CR5], jr., of Wolfboro, NH, and Elizabeth T. Downs, Oct.5,1843.*

Joshua [], and Polly Jennings, certif. Dec.31,1796.*

Joshua, and Sarah Rust, Sept.8,1822.*

Josiah, and Benedicta Moore, Apr.29,1838.*

Louisa, and Humphrey Cook, Apr.9,1835.*

Lucinda, and John Howarth of Andover, Aug.2,1833.*

Lucy, and Isaac Leatherby, jr., of Lynn, May3,1795.*

Lydia H., and William M. Arrington, Mar.25,1827.*

Lydia, and Joseph Hill, Aug.15,1833.*

Polly, and Joseph Osgood [jr. int.], Oct.23,1796.*

Mary, and Stephen Driver, 3d, Jan.14,1821.*

Mary White, and Joseph Jenkins Knapp, jr., Nov.6,1827.*

Mary, and John F. Libbey, July14,1842.*

Mercy [], and Andrew Evens, Sept.1,1805.*

Nancy, and Joseph Mudge, Aug.10,1799.*

Pinson, and Nabby Cox, Jan.9,1793. [certif.CR12]*

Pinson, and Hannah [] Butler, July23,1797.*

Pinson [jr. int.], and Lydia Brown of Danvers, Nov.17,1823.*

Rachel L. [S. int.], and Timothy H. Dakin, 3d m., clerk, Aug.23,1849. [Oct.28,1849. int.]*

Rebecca, and Nathan Lake, int.Oct.29,1791.

Rebecca, and Nathan Millet, Sept.21,1794.*

Samuel, and Mehitable Felt, May31,1793. [certif.CR12]*

Sally [Bickford.dup.], and Nathaniel Archer, certif. Nov.2,1794.*

Sally, and Henry Shad, certif. May30,1800.*

Sarah [], and Jonathan Pratt, June27,1802.*

Sally, and Nathaniel Trumbull [jr. int.], Sept.4,1808.*

Sally, and Moses Stevens, Oct.20,1816.*

Sally, Mrs., and Penn Townsend, July10,1827.*

Sarah, and Isaac Bradford, both of Boston, Nov.24,1833.

Sarah A., and George W. Sargent, int.Apr.30,1843.

Thomas, and Mercy Cox, certif. May26,1794.*

Thomas [], and Mary Manning, certif. Mar.21,1800.*

Thomas, and Caty Wilder [of Boston,. int.] certif. May21,1810.*

Thomas F., and Polly Goldthwait, Sept.21,1817.*

William, and Elizabeth Shirley, int.Mar.14,1835.

BECKITT (Becket)

John, jr., and Susanna Mason, Sept.20,1711.*

Margarett, Mrs., and John Swinnock, Nov.13,1712.*

William, jr., and Mary Mascoll, Sept.10,1713.*

BEDDOE (Bedoe)

Susan B., and Patrick Conelly, b. Ireland, Aug.16,1847.*

Thomas, and Hannah Moneys, Dec.1,1811.*

Thomas, and Harriet Jamison, July2,1840.CR12*

BEDEE (Beede)

Appleton G., and Harriet N. Crafts, int.July21,1839.

Ivory H., and Henrietta J. Wilson, Dec.17,1848.*

Mary Ann, and Benjamin Stoddard, Sept.18,1837.*

BEDNE (Bedney)

Robert, and Hannah Harwood, Nov.17,1801.*

BEDNEY (Bedne)

Caroline [D. int.], and James F. Foster of Danvers, Apr.3,1828.*

Eliza A., and William Knowlton [of Brandon, VT. int.], June20,1825.*

Robert, and Mary Smith [Mrs.Lydia], Dec.28,1830.*

BEDOE (Beddoe)

Mary, and Joseph W. Sanborn, May15,1845.*

BEEDE (Bedee)

John, of Poplin, NH, yeoman, s.Jonathan, of Poplin, and Anna, deceased, and Mehetable Pope, d.Enos, clothier, and Lydia, deceased, 16:10m:1794.CR7

John F., and Elizabeth A. Ingersoll, Aug.19,1842. [1841.CR12]

BEEDLE (Beadle)

Martha, Mrs., and Asa Hood, Nov.15,1812.*

Sarah, and William Carrel, June5,1761.PR78*

BEEKET (Becket)

Hanah, and Joseph Maning of Nantucket, int.July12,1707.

BEEN (Bean)

Emily, and William Adams, Mar.29,1846.*

Nathan, jr., and Sally Right of Marblehead, int.Dec.21,1805.

BEERES (Beers)

Hester, and John Johnson, 23:12m:1677-8.CTR

BEERS (Beeres)

Charlotte, and John Thornton, June25,1829.*

BEESOM (Bessom)

Hannah, and Job Burchstead, Dec.13,1829.*


Isaac, and [] Sarah A. Foxley, Oct.26,1835.*


Lydia, wid., and James Norrice, May9,1728.*

Lydia, and Benjamin Neal, Oct.4,1742.*


Joseph, and Mary McVay, certif. Dec.4,1803.*


Francis, and, wid.Mary Rowland, int.May26,1781.


Hanna, and Christopher Osgood, 6:10m:1663.CTR


Abigail, and John Wily, Sept.20,1772.

Abigail, wid., and William Thomson, int.Mar.6,1773.

Abigail, and Stephen Seymour, [Feb. or Mar.], 1775. [int.Jan.26.]*

Benjamin, and Abigail Meservy, Sept.1,1767.

Daniel, and Elizabeth Peel, Feb.17,1771.*

Eliab, and Polly Carter, Sept.25,1803.

Elizabeth, wid., and Charles Gowen, Feb.20,1785.*

Betsy, and Joseph Gardner, Dec.10,1789.*

George, and Sarah Lander, Nov.14,1740.*

Granvill, and Caroline A. Wright of Lowell, int.June14,1846.

James S., and Philinda C. Ross, Apr.7,1842.*

John, and Betsy Driver, certif. Feb.27,1802.*

Margaret, wid., and Gideon Woodbury, certif. Jan.22,1804.*

Margaret, and John Paul, int.June7,1807.

Mary, and Enoch Goodale, Dec.28,1782.

Mary, and Joseph Andrew, certif. May13,1797.*

Mary, and Thomas Needham, certif. June17,1799.*

Mercy, and Samuell Trask, int.Nov.6,1714.

Rebecca, see Yell, Rebecca.

Samuell, and Elizabeth Foster, Dec.6,1721.

Samuel, and Peggy Gray, Apr.26,1785.

Samuel, and Charlotte Hector, Nov.3,1831.*

Sarah, and John Chamberlan, int.Aug.3,1755. (Forbid.)

Sara, [], and Richard Birmingham [of], Dec.14,1758.*

Sarah, of Danvers, and Samuel Aborn [jr. int.], at Danvers, June27,1772.*

Thomas, and Rebecka Ebborne, 10:10m:1680.CTR

Thomas, and [] Elizabeth Butman, July27,1834.*

William, and Abigail Foster, Nov.24,1768.

BELLMORE (Belmore)

Mary, and Edward Weltch, int.Aug.26,1780.


Albert J., and Mrs.Mary Jane Yeaton of Portsmouth, NH, int.Apr.30,1837.

BELMORE (Bellmore, Belmour)

John, and, wid.Mary Hathorne, int.Jan.19,1777.

BELMOUR (Belmore)

John, and Nancy Melzard, June26,1801.*


Frederic, of Waltham, and Sarah J. Swan, Oct.3,1836.*

Mary Eddy, and Benjamin Wheatland, at Watertown, Apr.9,1827.PR170

Robert E[ddy.PR170; of Watertown. int.], and Martha Wheatland, Sept.18,1827.*

BENARD (Barnard)

Paul, and Noami Blood, Nov.23,1817.CR1*


Katherine, of Boston, and Stephen Smith, int.Sept.12,1774.


John, and Mary Joplain, certif. Sept.19,1780.*


Charles, and Sally Swasey, certif. Sept.10,1799.*

Charles, and Hannah Cree, Apr.8,1833.*

Elizabeth W., and John C. [O. int] Torr, Feb.10,1834.*

Sarah, and John Woodard, int.Nov.28,1829.

Sarah, and Phillip H. Brimblecom, Aug.11,1834.*

BENJEN (Benjon)

Cornelius and Priscilla MacIntyre, certif. May11,1777.*

Priscilla, wid.[Bengen. int.], and Peter Jew, certif. Sept.3,1781.*

BENJON (Benjen)

John [Benyon. int.], and Mary Green, May8,1825.*


Stephen, and Sarah Johnson, July末,1806.*

BENNET (Bennett)

Abigail, and Charles Hooper, Dec.1,1745.*

Deliverance, and Christopher Croe, Oct.8,1657.CTR

Elijah, and Sophia Wallis, Dec.2,1812.*

Henry, and Betsey Horton, int.June29,1799.

Mary, wid., and Phillip Crisfeild, int.Apr.2,1748.

Thomas, and Lois Symonds, Apr.7,1785.

BENNETT (Bennet, Bennit)

Benjamin P., and Elenor [Sarah E. int.] Duffy, Sept.7,1846.*

Charles F., and Sarah E. Briant of Beverly, int.Aug.25,1844.

George W., and Elizabeth M. Magoun, Feb.23,1843.*

John, and Mary Dennis of Marblehead, May1,1783.

William, and, wid.Elizabeth Smith, Mar.末,1674-5.CTR


Joel [Bruning. int], and Nancy Hall, Nov.26,1829.*

BENNIT (Bennett)

Jane, and John Ellis, Nov.28,1780.CR6


Abigal, and John Barnet, int.Mar.28,1795.

Abigail [], and Henry Rust, certif. May28,1809.*

Catherine C., a.21y., d.Samuel, sr., and Isaac W. Chandler of Beverly, a.22y., cordwainer, s.Isaac W., of Beverly, Sept.18,1845.*

Francis, and Susanna Majory, Mar.25,1739.

Francis, and Mary Symonds, Aug.3,1777.*

Francis, and Margaret Bidelcom, int.Nov.11,1820.

Hannah, and Robert Peele, Dec.5,1790.*

Hannah, and Timothy Churchward, Mar.29,1815.*

Henry D., and Margaret Gowan, Feb.13,1806.*

Julia A., and Peter Nelson, mariner, Aug.7,1848.*

Margaret [], and Patrick Murray, Dec.11,1826.*

Maria, d.Samuel, and James H. Lord, clerk, s.David deceased, Feb.5,1846.*

Rebecca, and William Harris, May10,1807.*

Rebecca A., and Nathaniel Goldsmith of Cincinatti, int.Aug.19,1849.

Samuel, of Biddeford, ME, and Elizabeth Graves, at Beverly, Oct.12,1790.

Samuel, and Bethia Thissel, May30,1813.*

Samuel, and Rebecca Oliver, Sept.21,1817.*

Samuel, and Sarah M[] Prentiss, Mar.14,1832.*

Susan, and Joseph Frost, Dec.31,1809.*

Thomas, and Hannah Daland, Feb.4,1768.

Thomas [Bonson.CR12], and Abigail Seymore, certif. Jan.13,1778.*


Priscilla, and William Pickney, Jan.14,1813.


George A., of Glastenbury, CT, and Susan G. Fogg, d.Stephen, Oct.29,1844. [Oct.22.PR64]*


Elizabeth, and Thomas G. Day, Sept.7,1817.*

John, and Elizabeth Bartlett Brimblecom of Lynn, int.Oct.16,1830. (Certificate Oct.30.)


Frederick, and Nancy Knight, int.July6,1833.


John, and Abigail Ingalls, May5,1814.*

BERNAP (Burnap)

Lydia, of Reading, and William Upton, at Reading, Jan.4,1726-7.

BERNARD (Barnard)

John N., and Ann Kennedy [both of Boston.CR11], Nov.10,1842.

Paul [], and Elizabeth Allen, June4,1809.*

BERNEY (Barney)

末末, Mrs., and Michael Culliton, Nov.12,1841.CR14

Lawrence, and Phebe Daley, Nov.27,1834.

BERREPO (Bariepo)

Engle, and Hannah Cook, int.Nov.14,1778.


Abigail [], and George Hifield, May6,1832.*

Atlanta A., and Daniel B. Rollins of Lynn, Apr.11,1841.*

Augustus D. [of Nashville, TN. int.], and Mary Adeline Farnham, Sept.6,1842. [1841.CR12]*

Benjamin, and Lydia Richards, Sept.17,1824.*

Catharine, jr., and John Turner, jr., Sept.29,1752.*

Charles, and Hannah Brown, certif. Jan.18,1801.*

Charles, and Susanna Eden [], Mar.16,1806.*

Charles H., and Jane Burke, int.Dec.24,1825.

Daniel, Dr., of Andover, and Susan Farnham, int.July8,1809.

Ebenezer, and Lydia Southwick of Danvers, int.Nov.18,1802.

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Stone, Dec.9,1743.*

Elizabeth [], and David Kief, Sept.末,1781.*

Betsy, and Stillman Lathrop [of Boston,. int.], Feb.25,1808.*

Elizabeth, and [Capt.CR5] Samuel Smith, Oct.19,1835.*

Elizabeth, and Charles H. Manning, int.Dec.14,1845.

George E., and Lydia W. Masury, int.July15,1838.

George F., and Mary Ann Speed, int.May22,1842.

George F., and Abba C. Trask of Beverly, int.Feb.6,1848.

Hanna, see Skerry, Hanna.

Hannah [Verry,. int.], and William Perkins of Andover, Apr.3,1728.*

Hanna, and Benjamin Valpy, Dec.15,1761.*

Isabella, a.26y., d.Margaret, and George W. Glover, a.27y., tailor, s.Benjamin, Jan.2,1845.*

Jacob, and Levenie Cutler of Hamilton, int.Sept.20,1800.

Jane B., and Perkens Norton of Charlestown, int.June5,1836.

John, and Ruth Ingolls of Lynn, int.Mar.22,1711-12.

John, and Katherine Manning, Oct.26,1722.

John, and Mary Putnam, June15,1757.

John, and Mary Ward, May11,1788.*

John, and Mercy Symonds, certif. Oct.21,1794.*

John [Barry.dup.], and Mary Frye, Nov.17,1799.*

John, jr., and Sarah Miller of Marblehead, int.Sept.5,1805.

John [], and Sally Brown, Apr.12,1807.*

John, and Harriet Young [of], June9,1816.*

John P. [Jonathan Perkins,. int.] and Hannah P[] Southwick [of], Oct.3,1826.*

John, and Lydia A. Goldthwait [], May17,1831.*

John N., and Hannah R. Lewis of Lynn, int.Apr.2,1843.

Jonathan, and Sally Gardner, Aug.3,1814.*

Jonathan, [of East Andover. int.] and Hannah Southwick, Apr.8,1817.*

Joseph B., and Eliza A. Mansfield of Lynn, int.Apr.14,1844.

Leander S., and Mary D. Hersey, Feb.20,1842.*

Lucy, and Jacob Chace of Lynn, Mar.19,1795.*

Lucy, and John Brown, jr., certif. July6,1799.*

Lucy Ann, and Thomas Smith, Oct.3,1844.*

Lydia S., of Montville, ME, and Paul Hanson, int.June16,1844.

Margaret, and Thomas Brooks, Nov.22,1829.*

Maria A., and Abishai Cuttle [Cottle, jr. int.] of Lexington, Sept.4,1834.*

Maria Louisa, and Devereux Dennis, Sept.30,1846.PR271

Mary, and Samuel Ives, jr., July4,1745.*

Mary, and John Burchmore, July4,1779.*

Polly, and Joseph True, Jan.10,1809.*

Mary, and John P. Brown, certif. Nov.12,1809.*

Mary, of Middleton, and Jesse Tyler, int.July14,1821.

Mary Ann, and John Peele, May17,1826.*

Mary, and Albert J. Spaulding, Nov.30,1830.*

Mary B., and Washington Tarbox of Lynn, int.Oct.27,1832. (Forbid.)

Mary B., and Henry T. [F. int.], Skidmore, Feb.8,1835.*

Mary, Elizabeth, of Danvers, and Charles Roberts, int.Sept.18,1842.

Mehitable, and Isaac Hacker, jr., certif. May17,1795.*

Nancy R., and Nathaniel Gerry, Sept.28,1813.*

Oliver, and Elizabeth Palfray, Apr.21,1757.

Oliver, and Mary Brown [d.Capt. William, dec. int.], Jan.27,1762.*

Oliver, and Elizabeth Caves, Aug.6,1780.

Oliver, and Lucy Larrabee, Dec.1,1811.*

Oliver, jr., and Betsey Cromby, Mar.26,1820.*

Peter, and Peggy West, Dec.9,1804.*

Rhoda, and Jacob Symonds, June15,1800.*

Samuell, and Moriah Potter of Lynn, Feb. [11.TC], 1723-4.

Samuel R. [B. dup.], and Clarisa Nichols, Aug.8,1822.*

Samuel S., of New York, and Abbie C. Abbot, int.Apr.20,1837.

Sally, and Micaijah Johnson, Aug.21,1791.*

Sally [], and Jacob Wilson, Dec.末,1822.*

Sally, and Aaron Meader, jr., July1,1830.*

Silas P., and Hannah Besom, Nov.22,1846.*

Thomas, Esq., of Ipswich, and Mrs.Elizabeth Turner, May2,1728.*

William, and Sally Cammel, Jan.27,1799.*

William, and Abigail Sheldon, Dec.8,1816.*

William, and Elizabeh Searle, June11,1822.*

William A. and Pamelia S. Smothers, May8,1836.*

William W., and Jane E. Pickett, int.Jan.9,1842.

William H., and Lois K. Rea, Apr.30,1844.*


Elizabeth, and Elisha Sparhawk, Aug.31,1823.*

George, and Maria Larrabee, Jan.17,1843.*

Jane, and John Lambert, July8,1831.*

John, jr., and Mary C. Smith, Oct.19,1823.*

John, and Mrs.Clarissa [] Millet, Mar.25,1838.*

John, 3d.m., merchant, and Mary Ann Ropes, d.Timothy, June27,1848.*

Mary Ann, and John Ashby, Sept.8,1822.*

BESOM (Bessom)

Hannah, and Silas P. Berry, Nov.22,1846.*

BESSOM (Beesom, Besom)

Hannah P., of Cincinati, OH, and Ebenezer Seccomb, jr., June24,1845.PR194

John, of Marblehead, and Hannah Wales, int.Oct.25,1823.


David, and Lidia Kemball, Jan.20,1719-20. [Jan.22 dup.]

Elizabeth, and Stephen Webb, Nov.27,1746.*

John, and Susana Durin, 10:8m:1670.CTR

John, and Edeth Hull, Feb.1,1692-3.

Mary, and Nathaniel Nurse, Nov.7,1754.*

Sarah, and William Stacey, int.Jan.24,1735-6. (Posting int.forbidden by Sarah Best, Jan.24.)

Sarah, and Michael More, int.June10,1738.


Richard, and Hannah Manning, int.June9,1711.


Jonas A., and Lucy E. Woodbury, Sept.22,1834.*

Sarah M., and Edward L. Norfolk, Aug.3,1841.*

BEVEN (Beavens)

Edward, and Harriet Fisher of Marblehead, Oct.19,1834.*


John, of Marblehead, and, wid.Ruth Whittemore, int.Mar.4,1775.

John, and Elizabeth Leach, int.Dec.27,1777.

BICKFORD (Beckford)

Anna, and David Steward, certif. June27,1775.*

Benjamin, and Lydia Norrice [], Oct.2,1750.*

Benjamin, jr., and Sarah Clough, Oct.8,1761.PR78*

Bethiah, and Samuel Ruck, jr., Nov.13,1729.*

Caroline A. [], and Elias C. Larrabee, Mar.21,1844.*

Clarrisa [], and Charles S.D. Nick, Apr.2,1837.*

David, and, wid.Sarah Odell, Dec.5,1765.*

David, jr., and Anna Whitworth, certif. Apr.18,1777.*

Deborah, wid., and Worwick Palfrey, Mar.3,1763.*

Deborah, and Isaac White, [jr., of Boston,. int.], Mar.22,1781.*

Ebenezer [], of Danvers, and Hannah Hunt [jr. int.; d.William and Eunice (Bowditch). dup.], [both of], at Danvers, May26,1772.*

Edmund [], and Elizabeth Clough, Aug.16,1758.*

Elizabeth [jr. int.], and Samuel Stone, jr., Dec.6,1744.*

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Very, jr., Dec.19,1745.*

Elizabeth, of Middleton, and George Hutchinson, int.May18,1748.

Elizabeth, and Benjamin [A. int.] Touret, May10,1846.*

Esther, wid., and Joseph Cook [jr. int.], Feb.7,1771.*

Eunice, and Thomas Ropes, Apr.10,1759.*

Eunice, and Andrew Morgan, certif. July3,1775.*

George, and Elizabeth Batter, July30,1722.

George, and Lucy Morgan [jr. int.], Nov.21,1771.*

Hannah, and George Smith, Nov.25,1756.

Hannah [Mrs.CR1], and Robert Neal,末蔓末,1763.*

James, and Esther Peters, Feb.5,1765.*

Jane G., and George Dickinson of Boston, July22,1832.

John, and Elizabeth Hayward, Oct.6,1724.

John [jr. int.], and Rebeckah Ruck, July29,1760.*

John, and Sally Brown, Aug.3,1817.*

Jonathan, and Sarah King [jr. int.], Nov.14,1765.*

Joshua, and Rachel Hilliard.Nov.18,1762.*

Joshua, and, wid.Sarah [], Brown, Oct.25,1764.*

Martha, and Abraham Fowler, jr., Oct.30,1748.PR78*

Mary, Mrs.[of Reading. int.], and Warwick Polfry, jr., May3,1738.*

Mary, jr., and John Fowler, Apr.13,1749.*

Mary, and William West, Nov.1,1750. [Nov.25.PR505]*

Polly, and James Mansfield, Aug.24,1794.*

Mary E., Volney C. Stone, [Nov.21,1841.]*

Priscilla, of Reading, and David Phippen, May24,1738.*

Priscilla, and Benjamin Punchard, jr., Sept.6,1757.PR78

Pinson, and Deborah Ward, Dec.9,1756.

Rebeckah, and John Archer, Feb.6,1722-3.

Samuel, and, wid.Anna Allen, Nov.16,1752.*

Samuel, jr., and Phebe Smith, int.Dec.13,1777.

Sarah, and John Punchard, jr., Mar.22,1753.*

Sarah [], and Samuel Goodhue [of Danvers,. int.], Jan.27,1780.*

Sally, and Nathaniel Coverly, jr., of Newbury, VT, int.Jan.9,1798.

Susanna, and Samuel Punchard, Apr.16,1762.*

William [], and Lucinda F. Small, Aug.19,1829.*


Simeon, and Lydia Sherman of New Bedford, int.Oct.29,1825.

William, of Boston, and Martha Bosson, int.Feb.8,1803.

BIDDLECOME (Bidelcom, Bullycome)

Martha, [Mag. dup.; Margaret. int.], and William Ryan, Oct.27,1823.*

BIDELCOM (Biddlecome)

Margaret, and Francis Benson, int.Nov.11,1820.

BIGELOW (Biglow)

Esther, and Nathan Emerson of Danvers, int.Nov.16,1833.

BIGLOW (Bigelow)

William, and Margaret Lander, Jan.13,1799.*

BIGNAL (Bagnal)

Sarah, and George Day, May20,1726.


John, of Danvers, and Sally Thornton, int.July21,1798.

BIGSBY (Bixby)

George, and Mary Porter, Aug.6,1718.

Louisa, see Bisby, Louisa.


John, and Hannah Peters, certif. June17,1782.*


Eunice W., of Mansfield, and William Graves, int.June25,1848.


Ellen [], and Patrick McCarty, July15,1839.*

BIRCH (Burch, Burche)

Eleanor [] and William Jones, Mar.4,1804.*

BIRCHMORE (Burchmore)

Zachariah, and Sarah Daniel, Jan.8,1770.*


Benjamin M. [ason. int.], and Elizabeth Conners, Jan.14,1827.*

Elizabeth [of], and James Symonds [], Jan.2,1770.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph Joplin, July16,1835.*

George, and Sarah Evens, certif. Nov.8,1807.*

Horace, of Watertown, and Fanny Fish, Apr.26,1836.

John, and Nancy Mason, Aug.17,1803.

Joseph, and Martha Luscomb, int.Jan.11,1806.

Martha, and Samuel Gale, certif. Feb.8,1775.*

Miriam, and Jonas Parnel. jr., certif. Aug.25,1773.*

Nancy M. [ason. int.], and John King, Dec.8,1822.*

Pamelia, and James Carter, int.Sept.4,1824.

Pamela, and John Stevens, Oct.8,1826.*

Rachel M., a.37y., d.John, and Jacob D. Edwards, a.27y., painter, s.Joseph, Sept.14,1848.*

Sarah, and Nathaniel Pease, int.Dec.9,1775.

Sally, and Abraham Mullit, Jan.18,1789.*

William A., carpenter, and Nancy Beard, June30,1844.*


Judith, and Henry Cooke, June末,1639.CTR


George, and Catherine Conlan, both b. Ireland, Aug.24,1848.*

Richard [of], and Sara Bell [], Dec.14,1758.*


Louisa [Bigsby.CR14], and Michael Morris [both of Topsfield.CR14], May30,1836.


Edward, and Elizabeth Cash, Mar.9,1692-3.CTR

Elizabeth, and Eliezer Giles, Sept.25,1677.

Elizabeth, and John Browne [], Feb.21,1813.*

Elizabeth, and Samuel McIntire [of Reading. int.], Jan.18,1818.*

James, and Mary Ball, both of Marblehead, Sept.16,1765.

John, of Pembroke, and Anne Kenney, Aug.2,1726.

John, and Catharine Dodge, Dec.15,1766.

John, and Sarah Hawkins, Aug.2,1769.

John, and, wid.Betsy Roles, Mar.27,1796.*

Joseph, and Hannah Hammond [], Nov.17,1793.*

Lydia, and William Vaugh [of Boston. int.], Mar.2,1820.*

Margaret, and Jonas Farrington [Harrington. int.], June11,1815.*

Margaret, and Isaac Adams, int.May25,1817. [m.July9.PR520]

Mary, and John Barnett (alias Barbant), 14:8m:1661.CTR

Mary, wid., and Thomas Robbins, 2d m., Mar.11,1674-5.CTR

Mary, and Jacob Kemball [Kimball. int.], Aug.16,1827.*

Nancy S., and Adna Bailey, July2,1826.*

Priscilla, and Samuel Day of Gloucester, Aug.19,1702.

Richard, and, wid.末末 Golt, 22:5m:1660.CTR

Samuel, and Mary Jones, May13,1695.CTR

Samuel, and Peggy Cox, Dec.30,1787. [certif.CR12]*

Sarah, and Matthew Rolls, both of Marblehead, Nov.16,1749.

Sara, and Joseph Henderson, Oct.22,1783.*

Sally, and Charles Holden, Jan.30,1794.*

William, and Dorothy Hooper of Beverly, Oct.15,1700.

BIXBEY (Bixby)

Priscilla, of Boxford, and Joshua Higgens, at Boxford, Oct.27,1720.

BIXBY (Bigsby, Bixbey)

Aphia [Affa, of], and John Powers, at Boxford, Feb.26,1771.*

Jemima, and Joseph Town, both of Topsfield, June19,1727.

Nathan, and Abigail Rogers, Nov.25,1718.


James, and Sally Johnson, int.Oct.26,1811.

John, and Eleanor Dyer, int.Dec.22,1810.

Joseph Marston, and Abigail Swasey, certif. Dec.31,1801.*

Mary, of Beverly, and Richard Lee, at Beverly, May12,1761.

Nathaniel, jr., and Mary Ober of Beverly, Mar.13,1733-4.

Peersis, and Robert Follett, 29:9m:1655.CTR


Harry [of Boston. int.], and Eunice Cockburn, Nov.17,1791.*


Elizabeth, of Marblehead, and Capt. John White, int.Sept.2,1807.

E.C.G. [Mrs.E.C.J. int.] and Charles W. Shepard, Oct.21,1847.*

BLACKMEN (Blackmore)

Joanna, wid., and John Hingham, int.June14,1806.


David, and Polly Webb, int.Oct.3,1804. (Forbidden by both.)

John, of Providence, and Jemima Kenny, int.9:xbr:17[09].

BLACKMORE (Blackmen)

Joanna [Mrs.Joanna Blackman. int.], and John Joseph, Dec.13,1807.*


Elizabeth, and Amos S. Thornton [of New York. int.], Jan.15,1827.*

BLAIR (Blare)

David, of Boston, and Margret French, Oct.18,1739.*

James, and Rebecca Morgan, Jan.25,1800. [certif.CR12]*

Peter, of Cockburnsmith, Breat Britain, and Sarah Baker of Marblehead, Oct.5,1752.

BLAISDALE (Blaisdell)

Silas, Rev., of Amesbury, and Abigail Perkins, Aug.31,1841.*

BLAISDEL (Blaisdell)

Sarah, of Thomaston, ME, and Josiah Burley, int.Oct.5,1845.

BLAISDELL (Blaisdale, Blaisdel)

Samuel R., and Mary M. [W. int.] Luscomb, June15,1837.*

Thomas C., od Danville, NH, and Lydia B. Stodderd, int.June28,1840.


Amasa, and Phoebe Eaton of Reading, int.Jan.25,1812.

Caroline A., and Edward B. Parshley, Jan.7,1849.*

Charles, and Margaret Crilley, int.Oct.8,1825.

Jethro, and Almira Morse, Sept.9,1838.*

John, and Nancy De Grose of Boston, int.Mar.20,1825.

Lydia, and Samuel M. Nute, int.Aug.10,1833.

Lydia, and Solomon [W. int.] Esty, Feb.23,1837.*

Sarah, and Jonathan Pease, Dec.11,1739.*

BLANA (Blaney)

Ivory, and Mary Brown of Lynn, Oct.25,1753.*


Aaron, and Anstis Dean, certif. Sept.25,1781.*

Aaron, and Elizabeth Short, int.May27,1820.

Anstis [], and Addison Richardson, Jan.1,1800.*

Anstis D., and Jonathan Peirce, June14,1807.*

Benjamin, and Margaret Brown, Dec.4,1791.

Benjamin [jr. int.], and Jane L[unt.PR207] Heusler, Sept.末,1825. [June.PR207]*

Daniel, and Mary Blanchard, int.Feb.26,1783.

Daniel, and Emma Saunders, Nov.12,1809.*

Elizabeth, and Samuel Emery, Sept.24,1829.*

Hannah, of Andover, and Enoch Brown, int.Oct.2,1802.

Hannah, and William Reith, Nov.25,1834.*

Isaac, and Sally Dwinald of Danvers, int.Feb.23,1805.

Jerusha, and Benjamin Folensbee, May6,1804.*

Joab, of Petersham, and Lucinda Orsment, Jan.24,1847.*

Lucia [], and Samuel Cloutman, May8,1814.*

Lucy, of Wenham, and Charles Henry Orne, Mar.25,1814.*

Margaret, and Peirce L. Wiggin, Dec.6,1838.*

Mary, and Daniel Blanchard, int.Feb.26,1783.

Mary, of Tewksbury, and Ephraim How, Aug.1,1805.*

Pliny, and Sarah Orsment, Dec.12,1830.*

Priscilla, and William Wallis, Nov.8,1827.*

Samuel [J. int.], and Sally Jones, Nov.30,1809.*


Oliver [Poland, of], and Mary Lee, May27,1830.*

BLANEY (Blana, Blany)

Alice, d.Thomas, deceased, and James Needham, s.Daniel, Oct.11,1770.CR7

Andrew [of], and Mary Seccomb, Apr.23,1799.*

Bethiah, and Chantrell Collins, July15,1759.*

Elizabeth, Mrs., see Murphey Elizabeth, Mrs.

Jonathan, and Betsey Grant of Greenfield, NH, int.Aug.8,1801.

Jonathan, and Elizabeth K. Trask, Mar.14,1802.*

Joseph, of Marblehead, and [Mrs.CR1] Abigail Brown, May19,1757.

Joseph, jr., and Anna Cox, Nov.24,1763.*

Joseph, of Lynn, and, wid.Hannah Henferd, int.Nov.4,1797.

Katharine, and Jonathan Tarrant, Apr.10,1760.*

Mary, and Henry Trevett [of], at Marblehead, Dec.24,1747.*

Mary B., and John Smith, jr. of Danvers, int.Apr.29,1820.

Sarah, and James Hooper, jr., Apr.10,1744.*

Sally, and Benjamin P. Ravell, int.Oct.18,1823.

Stephen, of Danvers, and Abigail Goldthwaite, int.Apr.3,1842.

Thomas [Bleener. dup.], and Alce [Elce. dup.] Peasley, d.Robert, of Haverhill, deceased, 6:11m:1742-3CR8

BLANY (Blaney)

Abigail, and John White, jr., June4,1745.*

Daniel, and Hannah [] Kempton, Nov.3,1737.*

Elizabeth, and Walter Phillips, jr. of Lynn, int.Oct.17,1713.

Elizabeth, and William Dow, Sept.9,1748.PR78*

Hannah, and Samuel Daland, July2,1744.*

Henry, and Lois Ivory of Lynn, int.Oct.12,1727.

Henry, and, wid.Hannah Graves of Lynn, int.July30,1748.

John [] and Katherine Walker, Nov.20,1712.*

Katherine, and Samuel Beadle, Oct.27,1733.*

Penelope, and John Dampney, int.Sept.28,1728.

Thomas, and Desire Dean, Dec.8,1720.

Thomas, jr., and Mary Estes, Jan.25,1752. [int.Jan.6,1753.]*

BLARE (Blair)

Victor, and Esther Clark, int.Mar.25,1732.


John, and Mary Rea, int.Feb.14,1741-2.

BLEIGH (Blythe)

Elizabeth [Bly.CR1], and John Jones, Sept.29,1727.*

Mary, and John Baker, at Marblehead, Jan.17,1700.

BLETHEN (Blethin)

Elizabeth, d.John, and Isaac Chase of Swansea, mason, s.William, of Swansea, 10:12m:1704-5.CR7

John, and Jane Lemarcom, "A Jarzey maid," May10,1676.CR7

BLETHIN (Blethen)

John, and Jane Markes, May10,1674.CTR


John, and Mary Robbinson, July29,1701.

BLIE (Blythe)

Oliver, of Exeter, NH, and Desire Metcalf, int.May11,1765.


John F., and Mary Ann Gould, wid., Feb.24,1846.*


Daniel, and Lydia Lewis, int.Dec.5,1816. (Certificate granted Oct.24,1819.)

Stephen W., widr., of Athol, silversmith, s.Stephen of Athol, and Harriet Hood, d.Julia, Apr.20,1845.*


Charles [of Lexington. int.], and Charlotte M. Winn, d.Joseph R., Apr.10,1845.*


Abigail, and Thomas Murphy, Jan.末,1828.*

Elnathan, and Tamah Hunt, certif. July5,1800.*

Joseph, and Rachel Needham of Danvers, int.Jan.25,1812.

Nancy, and John Story, int.Mar.22,1823.

Naomi, and Paul Benard, Nov.23,1817.CR1*

Nathan, and Hannah Kenny, Aug.13,1815.*

Rachel, and Joel Powers, Oct.1,1815.*

Rhoda, and Joel Powers, Sept.8,1808.*

Sarah R., and John Simon, Sept.20,1807.

Susan, and Joshua Town, Mar.8,1810.*


George, and Hepsey Lovejoy, Apr.27,1834.*


John, of Boston, and Abigail Grigs, Aug.18,1718.


Edmund, of New York [of New York], and Eliza N. Sinclair, May3,1827.

Nathaniel, and Nancy Griffin, int.July11,1807.

BLY (Blythe)

John, and Rebecka Golt, 11:9m:1663.CTR

Jonathan, and Sarah Gustin, July20,1704.

Rebecca, and James Gillingham, May22,1692.

BLYTH (Blythe)

Benjamin, and Mary Legary of Lynn, Jan.4,1733-4.*

Benjamin, and Mehetable Cook, Sept.18,1769.

Elizabeth, and John Warden, Oct.9,1757.PR78

Jonathan, and Polly Conneway, Nov.1,1801.*

Mary [wid.Mary], and Solomon Newhall of Lynn, Nov.1,1744.*

Mary, and Richard Pike, Nov.12,1772.*

Mary [Mrs.CR12], and Jonathan Ingersol, int.Feb.15,1808. [certif Feb.1.CR12]

Samuel, and Abigail Massey, Oct.13,1743.*

Samuel, and Lucy Cleveland, Oct.11,1767.

Samuel, and Sally Rolland, Nov.13,1787.

Sarah [Bleigh, jr. int], and Mathew Philips, Sept.24,1730.*

Verin, and Elizabeth King, Apr.6,1770.

BLYTHE (Bleigh, Blie, Bly, Blyth)

Mary A., and George Baker, Nov.10,1839.

Sarah Rolland, of Windsor, VT, d.Samuel, deceased, and Charles M. Endicott, June8,1818.

BOARDMAN (Bordman)

Abigail, of Ipswich, and Asa Wiggin, int.Sept.19,1812. [m.Oct.11.PR193]

Charles, and Elizabeth Williams, int.Oct.4,1781. (Dec.12, forbidden by Elizabeth Williams.)

Daniel, and Sarah Bruce, int.June25,1837.

Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Bowditch, Mar.25,1798.*

Francis H., and Lucy Gray, Nov.29,1810.*

Francis, and Elizabeth Boardman Mead, at Providence, Mar.18,1819.PR362

George D., Rev. [of New Sharon, ME,. int.], and Sarah B. Hall, July3,1825.*

Hanah, and Eleazer Putnam,末蔓末, [bef. 1694.]

Harriot, and Eleazer M. Dalton, Jan.4,1818.*

James, and [Mrs.CR11] Mary Easty, Sept.16,1834.*

Lucy, and John Francis, jr., Apr.18,1826.*

Lydia, of Chelsea, and Edward Hone, int.Mar.28,1807.

Lydia, of Danvers, and Thomas Lord, int.Apr.12,1828.

Mary, of Lynn, and Joseph Knight, int.Oct.20,1738.

Mary, and Benjamin Crowninshield, jr., Jan.1,1804.*

Sara, and Zechariah F. Silsbee, Nov.27,1810.*

Sarah G., and William H. Honeycomb, June5,1832.*

BODEN (Bowdoin)

Ambrose, and Lidia Shelden, Dec.14,1693.CTR

Amelia, and William Garret, May29,1832.*

Augustus C. [L.PR103], and Mary A. [Angeline.PR103] Bulson, at Boston, Sept.10,1839.*

Charles, and Mrs.Annis Foster, Feb.16,1812.*

Charles, and, wid.Sally Still. Jan.1,1827.*

Charles [Baker. int.], and Ruth Woodbury, July4,1830.*

Charles D., and Mary Knapp, Feb.21,1842.*

Edward, and Martha F[oote. int.] Southwick, Apr.17,1828.*

Elizabeth M., Mrs., and James S. Boden, int.Sept.18,1842.

Hannah B[arnes.PR103], and James A. [Thomas A. int.] Foster, Aug.21,1837.*

James S., and Mrs.Elizabeth M. Boden, int.Sept.18,1842.

Lucy, and John Mansfield, Nov.26,1815.*

Mary, and Thoedore Littlefield [of Wells, ME,. int.], June3,1827.*

Michael B[arnes.PR103], and Elizabeth M. Cushing, Mar.18,1839.CR12*

Nancy, and Thomas Hutchinson, Dec.13,1818.*

William, and Experience Downing, certif. July18,1774.*

William, jr., and Eunice Barnes, certif. Oct.12,1795.*


Sarah, of Danvers, and Asa Hood, jr., int.Mar.4,1849.

BOICE (Boyce)

David, and Anne Ally, int.Mar.29,1712.

John, and Elizabeth Osborne, Jan.18,1727-8.*

Margarett, and Jonathan Trask, Feb.23,1709-10.

Sarah, and Jonathan Harwood, Aug.18,1726.

BOLLAND (Borland, Bowland, Bowlen, Bowlin, Bowling)

David, and Hannah Lloyd, int.July7,1827.

BOLLES (Bowles, Bowls)

Frederick, and Mary Francis, Nov.12,1820.*

Jesse Nichols [of Thomson, CT. int.], and Joanna J. I[ngersoll. int.] Fisher, Dec.21,1807.*

John D., and Mary Ann Griffin, Oct.11,1842.*

Lucius, Rev., and Lydia Bolles of Hartford, CT, int.Sept.2,1805.

Lydia, of Hartford, CT, and Rev. Lucius Bolles, int.Sept.2,1805.

Mary S. [Bowles.PR366], and Samuel Briggs, July5,1818.*

Mary [] and John LeCraw of Marblehead, Dec.8,1834.*

Mathew, and Harriet C. Shepard [d.Michael and H.F.C.PR608], Oct.5,1842.*


Elizabeth, and Herbert Symonds of Marblehead, Sept.2,1810.*

James, of Manchester, NH, and Ellen Boyle, int.Mar.22,1846.

John, and Sarah Sims, Mar.16,1788.

Sarah, and Warren Aborn, int.May5,1821.

William, and Lois Cummings, July12,1818.*

BOMAN (Bowman)

Martha [BowmanPR567], and Benjamin [T. int.] Radford, Aug.29,1844. [Aug.28.PR567]*


Abigail, and Simon Lamb, Oct.10,1790.

Elias, and Elizabeth Pappoon, Mar.27,1798.*

James, and, wid.Lydia Lander, int.Mar.1,1760.

John H., and Sarah A. Bancroft, int.Dec.15,1844.

Samuel, Margaret Crowell, July15,1753.PR78*

Samuel, and, wid.Abigail Frye, July5,1757.


George, of Marblehead, and Ann Freed, at Marblehead, Sept.28,1690.

James Lewis, and Polly Longeway, July10,1797.

Patty [PollyCR11], and Joseph Paschal, Nov.16,1800.


John, and Elizabeth Johnson, Aug.26,1794.*

BOOBIER (Bubier)

Joseph, of Marblehead, and, wid.Rebecca Pinson, Jan.1,1696-7.CTR


Daniel, and Mary Gardner, Nov.27,1825.


John, and Lucy Boynton, May8,1814.*

BOORN (Bourn)

Francis, jr., of Swansea, and Elizabeth Stearns, Nov.2,1755.*


Jeremiah, and Hester Lambert, 8:8m:1659.CTR


Alice, and Ebenezer Mash, Nov.25,1700. [1699.CTR]

Elizabeth, and Israel Shaw, Dec.26,1695.CTR

Elizabeth, and Edward Carrill, Mar.13,1700-1701.

George, and 末末, June末,1692.CTR

Hannah, and Rueben Cummings of Middleton, int.Sept.1,1747.

John, and Mary Silsbee, Feb.28,1749-50.

BOOTMAN (Butman)

Hannah, and John Henman, July17,1734.*


Hope, late of Barbadoes, d.Joseph, of Barbadoes, merchant, deceased, and Edward Hankin of London, mariner, s.Roger, deceased, Mar.26,1712.CR7

BORDMAN (Boardman)

Mary, and Samuel Chamberlain, Apr.17,1797.

Ruth, of Cambridge, and John Higginson, at Cambridge, Dec.4,1719.

BORLAND (Bolland)

Francis, of Boston, and Mrs.Jane Lindall, Sept.22,1726.


Sarah, and John Brown, at Boston, Apr.21,1698.

BOSEN (Bosson)

Jonathan Davis, and Martha Young, June18,1783.


Thomas, and Anna Atkinson, Nov.17,1816.

BOSSON (Bosen, Bowson)

Abigail, wid., and Richard Palmer, int.Mar.12,1831.

Abraham F., and Emma F. Stetson, Oct.22,1838.*

George C., of Chelsea, and Mary Jane Hood, int.Apr.1,1849.

Jonathan, and Lydia Palfray, Nov.29,1810.*

Martha, and William Bicknell of Boston, int.Feb.8,1803.


Eliza A[nn. int.], and Edward Wilson of Danvers, s.末末 of Ireland, Apr.4,1844.*

John, and Polly Andrews, certif. Jan.13,1805.*

Lydia, and Joseph Henfield, Sept.14,1710.*

Mary, and Walter P. Jeffrey, Dec.7,1826.*

Sarah, of Lynn, and Benjamin Nurse, [int.Sept.4,1714.]*

Sarah M., and George L. Kehew, Nov.4,1847.*


James A., Rev., of Danvers, and Eliza Symonds, July11,1819. [July4.PR611]*

BOTMAN (Butman)

Abigail, and James Elmes, int.Jan.19,1777.


Dolly, and David Safford, certif. June11,1809.*

Dolly N., and William B. Safford, June7,1832.*

Betsey B., and Charles D. Mugford, Oct.8,1839.*

Francis, and Abner Goodhue, July10,1796.*

Hannah, and John Ferguson, Sept.2,1798.*

James, and Dolly Newhall of Lynn, Mar.15,1768.

James, and Ruth Hathorne, Feb.11,1787.

James, and, wid.Phebe Newhall of Lynnfield [Pheabe Lindsey, 3d, d.John of Lynn.PR206], int.Oct.13,1804. [m.Oct.22.PR206]

James, jr., and Priscilla Clark, June28,1806.*

James, and Sarah P. Cheever, Mar.29,1832.*

John, and Lydia Henfield, Oct.21,1798.*

John, and, wid.Sally Smith, Mar.1,1812.*

John, and Lucinda Floyd, Sept.22,1839.*

John C., smith, s.Lynch, deceased, and Mary C. Frye, Sept.18,1844.*

Lydia H., and Thomas R. Safford of Exeter, NH, Aug.22,1831.CR1*

Lynch, and Mary Cummings, Nov.25,1813.*

Margarett C., and Reuben Alley, jr., Aug.30,1832.*

Mary Ann, and Richard Mellory, June29,1835.*

Priscilla, and John Sluman of Concord, NH, June13,1830.*

Ruth, and Jonathan Ward, certif. Feb.22,1811.*

Ruth S., and James H. Andrews, June30,1845.CR12*

Sally, and Hugh Irwin, certif. June9,1801.*

Sally, and Benjamin F. Brown, Jan.23,1825.*

Stacy R., of Lynn, and Caroline L. Gardner, Dec.28,1841.

Thomas, and Abigail W. Newhall, Dec.26,1847.*

William H., and Eliza Hill, June2,1816.*

BOUDEN (Bowdoin)

Mary, and Peter Deiley, both of Marblehead, Aug.26,1753.

BOUENTON (Buffington)

Thomas, and Sara Sothwick, 30:10m:1671.CTR


John, and Eunice Fuller, Dec.15,1725.

Mary, and Ebenezer Hutchinson, Dec.13,1726.

Ruth, and John Goodale, Nov.11,1724.

BOURDON (Bowdoin)

Charles, and Mary Davidson, Mar.13,1785.

BOURN (Boorn)

Joseph, Rev. [of], and Mehitable Harris, Aug.30,1827.*


Nicholas, and Mary Ann Chadbourne, int.Nov.10,1839.

BOWDEN (Bowdoin)

Ann, of Boston, and Joseph Mackintire, jr., int.Jan.2,1773.

Benjamin, of Lynn, and Abigail Hawkins, int.Sept.5,1749.

Charles D., and Joanna Elliot, certif. Sept.18,1800.*

Debby, and William Armstrong, int.Nov.14,1801.

Ebenezer, of Marblehead, and Mary Gardner [], Nov.16,1750.*

Elizabeth, and James Watts, 26:5m:1661.CTR

Grace, and John Dawson, int.Nov.14,1789.

Grace, and Robert Hambleton [Hamilton. int.], Aug.14,1791.*

Hannah [Moulton. int.] and Stephen Curwin [Currin. int.], Nov.26,1811. [Nov.24.CR6]*

Hanna, and Benjamin Price, Feb.22,1817.*

John, and [] Elizabeth King, July23,1807.*

John, and Ann Crispin, Mar.25,1824.

Mary [Bowen.CR6], and Peter Crosby, Apr.27,1788.*

Rebeckah, of Marblehead, and Thomas Fabens, int.June22,1751.

Rebecca, and Pickering Collins [jr. int.], certif. Dec.8,1804.*

Sally, and Jonathan Perkins, Nov.1,1807.*

BOWDIGE (Bowditch)

William, and Mary Gardner, Aug.30,1688.CTR

BOWDITCH (Bowdige)

Anna, wid., and Richardson [William Richardson. int.andCR12] Russel, Nov.9,1793. [certif.CR12]*

Anna, and William Appleton, Dec.22,1793.*

Ann, H., William Osborne [jr. int.], Sept.1,1816.*

Daniel C., and Elise [] Green, May21,1836.*

Deborah, and Thomas Moriarty, both of Danvers [both of], Oct.31,1782.*

Ebed S. [of Gloucester. int.], and Anstiss Green, July25,1834. [July24.PR119]*

Ebenezer, and Mrs.Mary Turner, Aug.15,1728.*

Ebenezer, jr., and Mrs.Elizabeth Gillman of Ipswich, int.May10,1755.

Ebenezer, and Mary Appleton, July25,1797.*

Ebenezer [jr. int.], and Rebecca Felt, Oct.21,1800.*

Elizabeth, and William Jeffry, Sept.21,1766.

Betsey M., and William F. Symonds, Mar.7,1824.*

Elizabeth M[ilod.PR207], d.Thomas, deceased, and John Felt, jr., of Wenham, s.Jonathan P., Sept.30,1847.*

Eunice, Mrs., and William Hunt [s.Lewis and Elizabeth.dup.], Dec.12,1728.*

George, and Sally [Sarah.PR119] Stodder, Oct.11,1807.*

George, jr., and Margaret P. [S. int.] Brown, July30,1843.*

Habakkuk, and Mary Ingersol, July23,1765.

Hannah, and John Ingersoll, July21,1792.*

Helen M., and Luther Upton, Sept.29,1836.*

John, and Mary Carlton, July12,1759. [July11.PR487]*

John, and Polly Cook, Mar.11,1791. [certif.CR12]*

John [], and Lois Bowditch, certif. Sept.28,1806.*

Joseph, and Mrs.Elizabeth Hunt, July22,1725.

Joseph, jr., Capt., and Mrs.Sarah Gardner, Mar.3,1757.

Judith, and Timothy Wellman, Apr.5,1791.*

Lois, and John [] Bowditch, certif. Sept.28,1806.*

Louis, and Francis Cogswell, June26,1836.*

Lucy, and Robert Collins, Feb.15,1807.*

Mary, Mrs., and James Butler [of Boston,. int.], Sept.8,1715.*

Mary [jr., d.Joseph, Esq. int.], and Capt. Jonathan Orne, Aug.21,1760.*

Mary, and Lewis Hunt [2d m., s.William and Eunice (Bowditch). dup.], Apr.7,1782.*

Mary, and David Martin, Apr.20,1791.*

Mary, and Michael Pitman, jr., certif. Sept.18,1814. [ Sept.25.PR367]*

Mary P., and William Archer, Apr.6,1823.*

Mary Ann, and Ezra Upton [of], Sept.12,1836.*

Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Boardman, Mar.25,1798.*

Nathaniel, and Polly Ingersoll of Danvers, int.Sept.27,1800.

Richard, and Sally Collins, May24,1807.*

Richard, and Prudence S. Pierce of Windsor, ME, int.Jan.7,1844.

Samuel, and Nancy Welman, Aug.15,1790.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Joseph Hathorne, June30,1715.*

Sally, and John Brindley, May12,1793.

Sarah B., and Jacob J. [P. int.] Davis, Apr.20,1848.*

Thomas, and Sarah Bancroft of Lynn, Apr.21,1760.*

Thomas, jr., and Lucy Mansfield, Sept.17,1786.*

Thomas, and Harriet Mylod, Sept.17,1815.*

BOWDOIN (Boden, Bouden, Bourdon, Bowden)

David W., and Florence E. Tapley of North Danvers, int.Oct.14,1849.

Willard L., and Hannah Whitaker of Springfield, int.Nov.19,1848.


Samuel, and Sarah Smith, int.June14,1794.


Eleanor, and John Carnes, Jan.15,1750.

Elisabeth, see Rowen, Elisabeth.

Elizabeth, and William Phelps, Sept.18,1822.*

Mary M. [Brown. int.], and Charles Brown, Oct.19,1809.*

Sarah, and Thomas Farnham, Aug.30,1821.*

Stephen [Bourne, int.andCR11], and Sarah Shaw, Sept.16,1818.*

Stephen, of Newport, RI, s.Jonathan and Sarah, and Esther Shove, d.Squires and Esther, 18:1m:1819.CR7


Anna, and Isaac Frye,末蔓末, [bef. 1823.]CR7


Ann Maria, and Edward Gale, June13,1824.*

Elizabeth, of Swansea, and Joseph Dean, at Dighton, Apr.6,1732.*

Francis P., and Abraham True, int.Oct.13,1827.

Henry, and Rebecca Taber of Dartmouth, int.Apr.28,1738.

Mary Ann, of Nashville, NH, and Mark M. Graves, int.May16,1847.


James, see Boyer, James.


Alexander, and Harriet A. Very, Nov.5,1848.*

Hannah W., and Josiah P. [Jonathan p. int.] Punchard, May2,1844.*


Mary, Mrs., and Capt. Christopher Clark, Dec.12,1695.CTR


Daniel [R. int.], merchant, s.Joel, and Theresa M. Savory, d.Richard, deceased, Oct.22,1847. [Nov.22.CR4]*

Eunice, and George Torrey, Feb.末,1826.*

Hannah, and Daniel Stoddard, certif. Feb.21,1801.*

Joel, and Eunice Pearson of Newbury, int.Dec.2,1802.

Joel, and Margaret Rogers of Ipswich, int.Aug.27,1808.

Joel, and Lucretia Rogers of Ipswich, int.Apr.3,1819.

Joel, jr., and Leafy Curtis of Scituate, int.Aug.2,1828.

Lucretia, d.Joel, and Bracket H. Clark [of Lawrence. int.], trader, Nov.17,1847.*

Nancy, and George Curtis of Hanover, Nov.11,1835.*

BOWLAND (Bolland)

Thomas, and Anna Twist, int.June7,1777.

BOWLEN (Bolland)

William B., and Mary Avery, int.Nov.14,1807.


John, and Sirena Sweetser [both of Lynn.CR11], July8,1835.

BOWLES (Bolles)

B.F., clergyman, and Mary Ellen Wilkins, Feb.25,1849.*

Eunice, and Nathaniel Archer [], May22,1803.*

John, and Eunice Sleuman, Aug.9,1787.

Lemuel, and Rebecca Gardner, int.June16,1782.

BOWLIN (Bolland)

Thomas, and Anna Twiss, Dec.12,1784.

Thomas, and Hannah Archer, certif. Dec.19,1794.*

BOWLING (Bolland)

Thomas, and Hanna Doke, Mar.12,1812.*

BOWLS (Bolles)

John, and Eunice Malloon, July21,1783.*

BOWMAN (Boman)

Clarinda, and Joseph S. Kidder of Lynn, June10,1842.

Betsy, and Andrew Ward [], Nov.18,1798.*

James, and Mary Palmer [Parmer.PR368], at Danvers, Oct.5,1773. [Oct.3.PR368]*

James, ans Mary Easta, Sept.13,1834.PR368

Mary, and Samuel Chamberlain, int.Sept.2,1797.


Almira M., of Wenham, and Edward T. Walden, int.Oct.8,1837.

BOWSON (Bosson)

Thaddeus, and Abigail Fowler, Nov.13,1808.*

BOYCE (Boice, Boyes)

Abigail, and John Richards, int.Oct.11,1729.

Anna, and Absalom Harwood, Sept.22,1748.*

Benjamin, s.Joseph and Susannah Bacon, d.Daniel, shipwright, 24:12m:1703.CR7

David, and, wid.Sarah Smith, int.Jan.29,1728-9.

David, jr., and Katherine Neal, Sept.20,1744.*

David, and Hanna Lang, July27,1777.*

Ellenor, and Samuel Thomas, Dec.25,1735.*

Esther, and Ezekiel Golthite, Mar.20,1695-6.CTR

Esther, and George Edmonds of Lynn, Nov.3,1747.*

Hannah, d.Jonathan, of Danvers, and Daniel Needham, jr., tailor, s.Daniel, June15,1770.CR7

Hugh, jr., and Martha Ann Barker, Oct.12,1843.*

Jonathan, s.Joseph, and Patience Gaskill, d.Samuel, May28,1708.CR7

Jonathan H. [John.CR5], and Mary Jane Moulton, Feb.7,1841.*

Joseph, and Sara Meachum, 4:12m:1667.CTR

Lydia, d.Jonathan, husbandman, and Eliphelet Warfield, s.Samuel, of Mendon, tanner, Dec.10,1731.CR7

Lydya, d.Ebenezer, of Danvers, husbandman, and Richard Sergant, s.Richard, of Boston, deceased, Apr.28,1757.CR7

Mary, and Josiah Southwick, sr., 13:10m:1653.CR7

Mary, and Jonathan Trask, int.Nov.2,1709.

Mary, d.Benjamin, and Nathan Gaskill, s.Samuel, yoeman, 26:1m:1719.CR7

Patience, d.Jonathan, husbandman, and Samuel Osborn, s.Samuel, jr., husbandman, Aug.21,1740.CR7

Rebeckah, and Benjamin Very, int.Dec.4,1731.

Samuel, and Eunice Goodale, Oct.15,1740.*

Sarah, d.David, husbandman, and Jacob Bartlit, jr., s.Jacob, of Bellingham, blacksmith, Dec.10,1731.CR7

William [Boyer. int.], and Ann O'Neal, Aug.27,1837.*


Elizabeth, and Isaac Bullock, int.Aug.21,1776.

James, and Mary Leach.Sept.22,1784.*

John, and Polly Neal, int.Mar.15,1796.

Peggy, and Thomas Smothers, Apr.25,1797.*

Maria, and Frasier Carlton, Sept.29,1816.*

Martha, and Thomas Kendale, int.Dec.15,1781.

Martha F., and Samuel E. Hall of Boston, int.June27,1814.

Mary, and Simons Flanders, certif. May21,1809.*

Sally, and David N. Prime, Nov.25,1813.*

William, and Patty Frank, Aug.10,1798.*

BOYDEN (Boydon)

Elizabeth, and John Taly, 7:10m:1676.CTR

Sarah, and Robert Rogers, June27,1813.*

BOYDON (Boyden)

Asa, and Sara Luscomb, May10,1810.*


James [], and Rachel P. Ravell, Oct.15,1823.*

William, see Boyce, William.

BOYES (Boyce)

Hester, and Daniell Sothwick, 23:12m:1663.CTR

Hugh, and Sally Homan, Apr.17,1825.*


Ann, and John Nolan, Jan.11,1841.CR14

Ellen, and James Bolton of Manchester, NH, int.Mar.22,1846.

Jeremiah, and, wid.Hannah Lampereel, int.Mar.24,1796.

Robert, and Martha Reed of Danvers, int.Nov.8,1818.

Robert, and Sally Taylor, May3,1819.*


Alonzo C., and Mary T. Perkins, int.Nov.16,1833. ("Stopp pr order of Boynton. ")

Alonzo C., and Mary Ann Morgan of Manchester, Dec.15,1833.*

Ann, of Lynn, and Augustus J. Bryant, Apr.24,1839.

Caroline Ann, and Thomas Powers, Apr.23,1833.

Edmund, and Betsey Needham of Westford, int.Nov.27,1802.

Elvira, and John F. Hall,末蔓末,1826. [Nov.18. int.]*

Henry, of Rowley, and Eliza [] W. Chamberlain, Apr.21,1839.

Joshua, and Sarah Hugill [of], May24,1812.*

Joshua, and Vesty Clarke, Dec.6,1818.*

Lucy, and John Boonacamp, May8,1814.*

Nathaniel, and Hannah Collins, certif. Dec.24,1796.*

Sally, and John Withey, int.Feb.8,1834. [m.Mar.23.PR298]

Vesta [], and Peter Edgerly, Feb.21,1822.*


John, and Rebecca Peck, both of Marblehead, Dec.11,1738.


Ann M., and Benjamin Creamer, May1,1821.*

James, and Polly Doyle, Dec.11,1791.*

Mary E[], and Stephen Osborne, Sept.24,1827.*

Thomas D., and Sarah Odell, June29,1836.*

William, and Sarah Kane, Dec.6,1807.*

BRACEY (Bracie)

John B., and Mary R. [Pearl.PR568] Ravell [Ranvel. dup.], Feb.19,1849.*

BRACIE (Bracey)

Mary [Bracy.PR297], and Francis [Allen.PR297] Potter, June14,1838.*


Daniel, and Elizabeth Tyler [Taylor. int.andCR14], July16,1833.*


William, of Ipswich, and Mary Walcot, int.Aug.14,1730.

BRACKET (Brackett)

Thomas, jr., and Mary G. Godshall, June18,1818.*

BRACKETT (Bracket)

George P., of Lynn, and Lucy Manning, Apr.14,1835.*


Thomas, and Hannah Alley, Apr.23,1799.*


Mary, and [John.TC] Allen, May30,1698. [Apr.28.CTR]


James, and Margaret J[ane. int.] Ashby, Dec.25,1842.*

BRADEY (Brady)

James, and Sally Whittum, certif. July3,1801.*


Isaac, and Sarah Beckford, both of Boston, Nov.24,1833.

John W., and Sally Ann James, int.Aug.6,1843.


Nabby, and [Capt. int.] Peter Frye, certif. Dec.18,1802.*

Billings, and Sarah Austin of Charlestown, at Charlestown, Feb.1,1765.*

Sally [Sarah.CR12], and Joseph Felt, Dec.29,1793. [certif.CR12]*


Caroline, and Thales Winn, Jan.14,1819.*

Charles B., and Mary W. Glading, int.Nov.23,1845.

Eliza, and Daniel Symonds, both of Marblehead, June7,1849.

Sarah, and Benjamin Girden of Marblehead, Oct.27,1846.

Thomas, and Mary Allen, int.Mar.23,1816.


Elizabeth, and Rev. Joshua Spalding, July16,1805.*

Mary [], and Robert Peele, Feb.28,1781.*

Polly, and William Ives, Sept.12,1790.*

Mary, and William Molloy, Mar.22,1810.*

William, and Elizabeth Hubbard, int.Apr.10,1779.


Sarah, of Rowley, and Josiah Porter, at Rowley, Jan.11,1749.*

Simon, of Topsfield, and Annah [] Flint, Dec.16,1740.*

BRADY (Bradey)

John, late of Gloucester, now resident of Salem, and Mary Hubbard, int.Apr.15,1775.

Michael, and Rosanna Brady, int.Sept.24,1848.

Rosanna, and Michael Brady, int.Sept.24,1848.

Sarah, and Thomas Teague, Nov.5,1820.*


Henry, and Elizabeth Mackmallen, 17:10m:1677.CTR

Jonathan, and Phebe Pease, certif. Dec.7,1779.*


Hannah, and Joseph Edwards [jr. int.], July末,1824. [Aug.21. int.; m.Oct.5.PR413]*

BRANIGAN (Braniken)

Francis R., and Emma Victory, May5,1811.*

James, and Eliza Jane Bunker, June1,1848.*

BRANIKEN (Branigan)

Arthur, and Sarah Ramsdell, Mar.19,1844.*

BRANNAN (Brennan)

Bridget, and Bernard [] Farrell, b. Ireland, Nov.8,1847.*

BRANT (Brent)

Catherine, and William Smith, June16,1835.*

Mary, and Peter Brown, int.June1,1817.

Mary Ann, and William Butterfield, Dec.31,1833.*

BRASHIER (Brazier)

Jacob, and Lydia Raymond, int.July11,1812.


Mary, and Timothy Scanlon, int.Apr.5,1846.

BRAY (Braye, Brey)

Abigail, and Josiah Richardson, jr., certif. July13,1796.*

Benjamin, and Hannah Lander, Nov.8,1717.

Benjamin, jr., and Sarah Driver, July11,1746.*

Benjamin, and Margaret Hill Ellison, Mar.2,1794.*

Benjamin, and Mary Lane, Sept.8,1825.*

Christian, and William Cash, jr., June1,1716.

Daniell, and Hannah Browne, Aug.24,1701. [Aug.28. dup.]

Daniel, and Mary Ingalls, May15,1760.*

Daniel, jr., and Mary Hodgden, certif. Oct.30,1802.*

Daniel, 3d, and Pheba F. Skidmore [of], Oct.7,1828.*

Daniel H., and Rebecca Adams, Dec.25,1837.*

Eliza R., and Ezra Warren Mudge of Lynn, Jan.23,1837.*

Elizabeth, and John Ingersoll, jr., Nov.27,1740.*

Betsey, and John Willis, May17,1789. [certif.CR12]*

Eunice, and Thomas Stevens, Mar.13,1728-9.*

Eunice, wid., and Capt. Thorndike Deland, Aug.11,1782.*

Hannah, and Benjamin Webb, int.May24,1683.

Hannah, and William Mansfield, Nov.2,1721.

Hannah, and Thomas Poynton, Sept.8,1743.*

Hannah, and Robert Barr [2d, s.James and Mary (Ropes). dup.], Aug.18,1791.

Hannah, and William Nutter, int.Nov.25,1820.

John, and Elizabeth Driver, Apr.8,1750.*

John [jr. int.], and Eunice Becket, Nov.29,1774.*

John, and Margaret Roundy, Jan.12,1817.*

Margaret, and Francis Paul Astranan, Jan.29,1809.

Margaret, and Jonathan Taylor, Mar.12,1820.*

Mary, and Thomas Lisbell, Feb.27,1728-9.*

Mary, and Georg C. Chase of Newmarket, NH, July2,1827.*

Presilla, and Jonathan Webb, Mar.23,1713-14.*

Robert, and Alice Gifford of Marblehead, int.Nov.24,1711.

Robert, and Sally Ropes, Mar.25,1792.*

Sarah, and Michal Driver, Jan.17,1754.PR78*

Sarah, wid., and John Webb, 3d, Sept.16,1756.PR78

Sarah, and Robert Hale Ives, Mar.20,1766.

Sally, and George Batcheldor, certif. Oct.29,1795.*

Sarah W., of Ipswich, and Joshua Lowring, int.May30,1807.

Sarah, and John Parnell, int.Oct.26,1822.

Sylvia, and John Jennings, July9,1804.

Thomas, and Elizabeth Glandfield, Apr.1,1723.

BRAYE (Bray)

Margarett, and James Wilkins, Apr.20,1684.CTR

Robert, jr., and 末末, Nov.5,1685.CTR

BRAZER (Brazier)

John, Rev., and Anne [Warren. int.] Seaver, [of Worcester. int.], at Worcester [Mar.31,1821. int.; m.Apr.17.PR79]*

BRAZIER (Brashier, Brazer)

Harrison, and Betsy Turner, int.June13,1803.


Catharine, wid., and James Crig, int.July26,1823.


Edward, and Sally Vose, Dec.6,1793. [certif.CR12]*


William, and Hannah Sibly, at Marblehead, May19,1683.


Ann Maria, and Abraham R[andPR269], Frothingham, Feb.17,1834.*

Asa L. [of Lynn. int.], and Eunice Neale, Nov.21,1837.*

Asenath, of Lynn, and John Lerock [jr. int.], Mar.20,1816.*

Emeline A[], and Thomas Delf of New York, Nov.14,1837.*

Hannah, and John Larock. jr., Jan.5,1806.*

Henry A. [of Lynn. int.], and Catherine Hathorne, Dec.1,1825.*

Hermione, and George Hood, both of Lynn, Sept.11,1833.

Holten J., and Nancy Symonds, certif. Jan.15,1809.*

Hubbard, and Rebecca Stacey, Apr.3,1839.*

James A., of Lynn, and Lydia S. Webb, Sept.23,1835.*

Joseph, jr., and Hannah Elizabeth Cook of Charlestown, int.May17,1834.

Mary A[senath.PR476], and Ebenezer Tibbetts, Jan.20,1847. [July20.PR476]*

Orpah, and Winthrop Roberts, Oct.3,1809.*

Ruth Lindsay, and Eliezer Washburne, July12,1801.*

Sarah Ann, and Francis H. Tufts, int.May9,1835.

Susan E[lisabeth.PR476], and Nathaniel B. Perkins, Sept.9,1836. [Aug.18,1839. int.; m.Sept.9,1839.PR476]*

William, 5th, of Lynn, and Sarah Collins, int.Dec.2,1809.


John, and Rachel Batchelder, int.Feb.25,1844.

BRENNAN (Brannan)

Margaret, and Phillip Mallery [Mallely.CR14], Sept.22,1833.

BRENT (Brant)

Christopher [Brant. int.], and Mary Silver, Nov.15,1810.*

BRETT (Britt)

Lydia [], and John Aikins [Atkins.dup.], Oct.16,1803.*


Crispus, Capt., and Anna Gardner [jr. int.] of Danvers, at Danvers, Sept.19,1758.*

Elisabeth, and Joseph Kempton, Feb.20,1739-40.*

Elizabeth, and John Tapley, certif. Dec.30,1775.*

Betsy, and William Hill, certif. Nov.1,1807.*

Hannah, and David Smith, Mar.29,1741.*

James, of Boston, and Patty Webb, Aug.24,1794.*

John, and, wid.Mary Hodge, Aug.18,1689.CTR

John, and Mary Brown [Mary Newhall. int.], certif. Feb.17,1773.*

Mary, and George Trask, Aug.14,1748.PR78*

Mary, and Richard Satchwell, certif. June29,1775.*

Mary, wid., and Capt. Jacob Martin [of], Oct.6,1787.CR12*

Mary, and William Skerry, int.Nov.23,1811.

Sarah, and John Pratt, int.Apr.9,1780.

Sally, and Benjamin Robinson, Jan.17,1839.*

Thomas, and Elizabeth Nickolls, Dec.8,1715.*

Thomas, jr., and Margret Daniel, Apr.9,1740.*

Thomas, and Elizabeth Symonds, certif. Apr.7,1778.*

Thomas, jr., and Abigail Stone of Reading, int.Jan.29,1804.

William, and Sara Ives, Sept.30,1777.*


Abigail, and Ebenezer Monarch, int.Apr.5,1840.

Ira A., and Mary K. Swett of Pittsfield, NH, int.Nov.14,1829. (Certificate Dec.1.)

Susan G., and David Smith of Boston, Nov.27,1835.*

BREY (Bray)

Mary, and Benjamin Henderson, certif. June11,1785.*

BRIANT (Bryant)

Rebecca, of Beverly, and Philip English, int.Aug.6,1814.

Richard, and Sarah Flint, Nov.10,1720.

Sarah E., of Beverly, and Charles F. Bennett, int.Aug.25,1844.


Jeremiah [Brisk. int], and Hanah O'Donnell, both b. Ireland, Sept.17,1849.*


William, and Jane [Maria Jane. int.] Hetherington, Dec.20,1845.*


Ann Jenet, and John W. Pickett, Feb.17,1839.*


Michael, of Charlestown, and Eliza Learock [], Mar.26,1823.*

BRIDGE (Bridges)

Daniel [of New York. int.], and Mary [L. int.] Lummus, Apr.7,1847.*

Elianer, of Framingham, and Samuel Ingersoll, int.Apr.21,1781.

Mary, and Moses Brown [of], May3,1789.*

BRIDGES (Bridge, Bridget)

Anna, and Benjamin Archer, Jan.15,1710-11.CTR*

Henry G., and Eliza Chadwick, May12,1824.*

Mehitable B., of Beverly, and John H. Young, int.Apr.21,1844.

Ruth, and Robert Stiles, both of Boxford, Nov.10,1699.CTR

Thomas, and Susan Larkin, both of Marblehead, Jan.1,1739-40.

BRIDGET (Bridges)

Joseph, and Jemima Peas, June15,1797.*


Mary, and Samuell Smith, 8:2m:1673.CTR


Sarah, and Samuel Swasey, Dec.29,1793.*

BRIGGS (Brigs)

Abner, and Narcissa P. Giles of Newburyport, int.Sept.23,1815.

Ann, and Jabez Baldwin, Sept.2,1804.*

Ann T., and Aaron T. Low, May21,1835.*

Charles, and Lydia Ellsworth [], Nov.25,1827.*

Charles C., and Lucy A. Dowbridge, Oct.28,1844.*

Clarrisa, and William Sherwin, Nov.15,1837.*

Cornelius, and Nancy Tucker, Oct.25,1807.*

Elbridge G. [of Boston. int.], and Martha C. Lee, Aug.15,1839.*

Elijah [of Scituate. int.], and Hannah Buffinton, Aug.15,1789. [certif.CR12]*

Elizabeth, and Richard Wheatland [jr. int.], Oct.3,1822.*

Elizabeth C., and Eliphalet Hall, May末,1831.*

Francis, and Benjamin Lynde Oliver, jr., June5,1827.*

James B., and Mary Hosmer, May31,1821.*

Jeremiah, and Mary Crow, Apr.15,1794.*

Jeremiah, and Mary Collins [d.John and Mary.PR280], Sept.9,1807.*

Jeremiah, and Hepsebeth Collins of Danvers, int.Jan.22,1831. (Certificate Feb.6), [m.Feb.7,1832.PR280]

John, and Ruth Jones of Boston, int.Sept.2,1815.

John F., and Adaline R. Newhall, Nov.8,1846.*

Johnson, and Ruth Stileman, May12,1771.

Judith, and George Dean, Mar.28,1807.*

Lemuel, and Phebe Wright of Woburn, int.Dec.5,1807.

Mary, wid., and James Creed, int.May11,1811. ("Creed order'd discontinuance May24. ")

Mary, and Nathan Cook, Oct.27,1813.*

Mary W., and Lemuel Higby, jr., Aug.21,1836.CR12*

Rachael T[], and John Burley, July1,1830.*

Samuel [Lemuel. int.], and Elizabeth Wyman [], May26,1793.*

Samuel, and Sarah Hobbs, Apr.20,1806.*

Samuel, and Susanna Whittemore of West Cambridge, int.July13,1808. [m.Oct.16PR366]

Samuel, and Mary S. Bolles [Bowles.PR366], July5,1818.*

Sarah, and George Knight, int.July24,1779.

Sarah, and Thomas Beavens, int.Jan.15,1780.

Sally, and David Smith, certif. June24,1801. [June25.PR366]*

Susan [M. int.], and William H. Clark, May24,1847.*

Templar [late of Marblehead, now resident of], and Sarah Crowell [], Nov.28,1773.*

Thomas, and Anna Vincent, June20,1784.*

William A., and Susan P Goodale, Sept.28,1848.*


Sophia, and Rev. Juduthan Loomis [of Mt. Pelier. int.], Oct.8,1822.*

BRIGHT (Brite)

Abial, and James Hooper, certif. Mar.21,1777.*

John S., and Mrs.Mary Hall, int.May13,1849.

Jonathan, and Eunice E[] Huntington, Oct.18,1815.*

Lois, and Christopher Caves, certif. Nov.2,1780.*

Lois [Louise.PR96], and John Perkins [jr. int.], Dec.29,1803. [Dec.24.PR96]*

Polley, and John Clemonds, Jan.26,1788. certif.CR12*

Ruth, wid., and Robert Lake, jr. of Topsfield, int.Apr.7,1821.

Ruth E., and William B. Ashton, Jan.13,1839.*

Sally, see Anderson, Sarah, wid.

Sally, and Benjamin Hooper, certif. Nov.7,1801.*

Sally, and Francis Gercia [Gercier. int.], Mar.19,1807.*

Thomas, and Lois Henderson, Oct.16,1723.

Thomas, and Mary Gale, Sept.18,1749.PR78*

Thomas, and Ruth Robart [Hubbard.PR96], Mar.2,1817.*

William, and Mary Fabens, Sept.10,1772.*

William, and Nancy Quarles, Dec.1,1811.*

BRIGS (Briggs)

Abigail [of Reading.CR2], and Abraham Walcutt, Apr.30,1689.CTR

BRIMBLECOM (Brimblecomb, Brimblecome)

Ann F. [P. int.], and Herculis Crerie [Archelaus], June30,1822.*

Elizabeth Bartlett, of Lynn, and John Benyon, int.Oct.16,1830. (Certificate Oct.30.)

Hannah, of Lynn, and Samuel Brown, int.Oct.17,1807.

Merritt, jr., and Sally Wheeler, Aug.末,1819.*

Phillip H., and Sarah Benjamin, Aug.11,1834.*

Sally, wid., and Joseph Torr, Oct.20,1828.*

BRIMBLECOMB (Brimblecom)

Anna S. [J. int.], and Francis O. Wellman, Nov.2,1835.*

Sarah, and Thomas Newman, int.Aug.10,1776.

BRIMBLECOME (Brimblecom)

Hannah, of Lynn, and Henry Anderson, int.June1,1807.


Daniel [of], and Sally Chandler, July11,1824.*

John C.K., and Mary E. [C.PR114] Brown, int.July27,1845. [m.Aug.14.PR114]

Rebekah, of Beverly, and Edward S. Lang, int.June7,1823.

Sarah T., and William P. Dennis of Ipswich, Nov.7,1830.*


John, and Sally Bowditch, May12,1793.

Mary, and Thomas Reed, Oct.31,1819.*


Jane, see Brisco, Jane.


Esther, of Boston, and Samuel West, int.Dec.22,1733.


Jane [Brino.CR6], and Joseph Metcalf, Jan.30,1779.*


Jeremiah, see Brick, Jeremiah.


Elizabeth, and John Powell, Apr.17,1806.

BRITE (Bright)

Mary, and Giles Coree, Apr.11,1664.CTR

BRITT (Brett)

Michal, and Sally Valpy, Dec.8,1798.

Sarah, and William Garret [Gavet. int.], Feb.2,1808.*

Stephen, and Lydia Artur, certif. Dec.26,1801.*

William, and Catherine Murphey, Oct.24,1839.*

BRITTAIN (Britton)

Mary, and Isaac Chapleman, Dec.9,1714.*

BRITTON (Brittain)

Ann, and Joseph Holmes, June9,1822.*

David, and, wid.Sarah Dean, Feb.13,1728-9.*

Edward, and Mary Codner of Marblehead, at Marblehead, Dec.25,1692. [Jan.1,1692. dup.]

Edward, jr., and Hannah Felt, Jan.11,1727-8.*

Edward, and, wid.Elizabeth Leach, June4,1751.*

Edward, and Polly Trant, July29,1789.*

Elizabeth, and Samuell Foot, jr., Aug.1,1723.

Betsy, and Benjamin Smith, int.Feb.1,1797.*

Elizabeth, and Walter Marston, Apr.28,1816.*

Hannah, and Henry Pain, int.May30,1730.

Hannah, and Daniel Riddan, June28,1750.*

Hannah, Mrs., and Joseph Ropes, Nov.25,1751.*

Hannah, and Retiah Whittemore, int.Feb.6,1779.

Hannah A[], and William Hammond [of], June11,1821.*

Jane, and William Grafton, Oct.12,1721.

Joseph, and Joanna Tuttle of Chelsea, at Chelsea, Sept.4,1740.*

Rachel, and Joseph Cook, Apr.18,1734.*


Francis, and Elizabeth Barton, int.Aug.29,1730. (Publishing banns forbidden, as "Robt Williams & Wife can Testifie that they have often heard the said Broad say that he was a married man, and had a wife and two children in England.")

BROADOWAY (Broadway)

Richard, and Mary Woodmancy, int.Mar.26,1709.

BROADWAY (Broadoway)

Christian, and Arthur Stokes, int.July13,1728.


Nicholas, and Mehitabel Keene, int.Sept.13,1834.


Mary, and Thomas Damerrett, at Marblehead, Oct.22,1685.

Samuel, and Polly McIntire, Mar.25,1787.*

William, and Nabby Archer, Feb.12,1791.*


Catherine, and Jeremiah Lahy, both b. Ireland, Nov.28,1846.*


Patrick, and Julia Mooney [Julia M. McCann.CR14], int.Oct.11,1840. [m.Oct.12.CR14]


Sarah C., and Thomas H. Marsh [of], Nov.22,1814.*

BRONSON (Brunson)

Louisa, of Boston, and Pliney White, int.July14,1844.

BROOKES (Brooks)

Elizabeth, wid., and Capt. George Corwin, 22:7m:1699.CTR


Benjamin W[ebb.PR373], and Eliza [] Thompson, Oct.16,1820. [Oct.17.PR373]*

Daniel W., and Lydia Thompson, Nov.21,1813.*

Eliza S. [Elizabeth T. int.], and Henry F. Skerry of Bangor [ME. int.], June16,1845.*

Elizabeth, and Samuel Liscombe, jr., Mar.31,1785.

Betsey, and Joseph Craft [of Newton. int.], certif. Jan.26,1794.*

Elizabeth G., and Jonathan C. Perkins, Mar.4,1840.CR12*

John M., and Mary Mansfield, Oct.8,1815.*

Lydia, and Timothy Bryant, Sept.10,1786.*

Polly, and Benjamin Mansfield, Feb.1,1789.*

Mary, and William Maugrage, Apr.21,1805.*

Nathaniel, and Mary Webb, Sept.2,1777.*

Robert, and Sarah Mugford, Aug.18,1754.*

Robert, and Elizabeth Reeves, int.Dec.7,1776.

Robert, and Martha Farley of Newcastle, int.Mar.16,1805. [m.May21.PR202]

Robert [jr. int.], and Sara Archer, Oct.11,1812.*

Robert, and Elizabeth Woodbridge Grafton, May10,1818.*

Robert, and Mary Follansbee of Newburyport, int.Feb.17,1826. [m.Mar.6.PR202]

Robert, jr. merchant, s.Robert, and Anna O. Sutton, d.William, Apr.24,1845.*

Sally, and Robert Wilson, Nov.11,1791. [certif.CR12]*


Thomas [jr. int.], of Medford, and Susannah Saunders, June14,1838.*

BROOKS (Brookes)

Nabby, and Charles Converse, June7,1795.*

Abigail, [] and James Very, Feb.3,1805.*

Abigail, and Peter Ames, Sept.29,1822.*

Abner, and Mary P. Warner, June4,1832. [June14.CR10]*

Alfred R., and Susan B. Babbidge, Feb. [19. in pencil.], 1831.*

Alfred R., and Martha Perkins, May5,1835.*

Asa, and Ann Gill, Apr.25,1804.*

Asa, and Mary B. Ropes, May16,1830.*

Augustus T., and Emeline Smith, May7,1836.*

Caroline, and Samuel Steevens, [of Eastport, ME. int.], June28,1847.*

Cotton Brown, of Haverhill, and Jane Williams, Dec.13,1794. [Nov.13.CR1]*

Edward, and Hannah Cooby, Dec.30,1805.

Edward, and Rebecca Swaney, Mar.12,1849.*

Elizabeth, and William Goodhue, Oct.21,1810.*

Harriot, and Isaac [P. int.] Foster, Nov.17,1816. [Nov.16.PR434]*

Isaac C., and Sarah Gardner, Jan.4,1847.*

James, and Polly Caldwell, May16,1802.*

John, and Elizabeth Beans, Apr.12,1734.*

John, Capt., and Sally Hathorn [d.Mr. Estey.PR84], int.Dec.9,1780. [m.Jan.2,1781.PR84]

John, and Harriet Manning, Dec.14,1813.*

John, and Susan E[] Vanderford, July15,1833.*

John G., and Mrs.Mary P. Pearson of Gloucester, int.Dec.12,1835. [ Gloucester, Jan.5,1836.PR374]

John, and Catherine Pitman, June7,1848.*

Lucy Ann, of Eastport, ME, and Luke Brooks, 3d, int.Sept.26,1835.

Luke, and Polly Hathorne, June3,1798.*

Luke, jr., and Sarah 末末, at Eastport, Mar.21,1827.

Luke, 3d, and Lucy Ann Brooks, of Eastport, ME, int.Sept.26,1835.

Luke, jr., widr., s.Timothy, and Priscilla W. Seccomb, d.Ebenezer, deceased, Oct.3,1844.*

Luke, 3d, and Hannah B. Kilby, Dec.6,1848.CR4

Maria, and Samuel Brooks, May16,1819.*

Martha, and William Upton, Feb.1,1807.*

Martha, and William Gordon, int.July21,1821. ("Forbid by Overseers of Poor.")

Mary, of Medford, and Samuel Gray, at Medford, Apr.25,1799.*

Mary, and Enoch Dow, Oct.6,1805.*

Mary E., a.23y., d.John and Harriet M., deceased, and Calvin Terry of Enfield, CT, a.29y., clergyman, s.Salomon and Margaret, of Enfield, Feb.26,1846.*

Samuel, and Elizabeth Gill, Dec.21,1791. [Dec.22.PR374]*

Samuel, and Maria Brooks, May16,1819.*

Sarah M., and J. Francis Pitman [of Boston. int.], Feb.26,1845.*

Thomas, and Polly Richardson, Jan.29,1789.*

Thomas, jr., and Susan Flint, May5,1822.*

Thomas, and Margaret Berry, Nov.22,1829.*

Thomas, and Mary Webb [Wells.dup.], June17,1832. [Jan.17,1831.PR118]*

Timothy, jr., and Mary K. Mason, Mar.5,1809.*

William, and Abigail Oakes, June7,1821.*

William H., and Sarah Carter of Leominster, int.Aug.11,1832. (Certificate Aug.26.)

Zachariah, and Abigail Grant, June5,1795.*


Francis, and Nabby Brown of Marblehead, Nov.27,1808.*


Elenor, and Thomas Williams, both of Marblehead, June30,1779.

Margaret, and George Smith, int.Mar.7,1835.

Mary H., of Boston, and Amory Holbrook, int.Aug.8,1847.

William, and Margaret Cook, July9,1827.*


David, and Margaret Taylor, int.Apr.25,1779.

BROWN (Browne)

末末, and 末末 Stephens, both of Marblehead, July12,1739.

Abiah, wid., and John Fullington, Dec.5,1805.*

Abia A., [] and Benjamin F. Swain, [of Concord, NH,. int.], Oct.23,1834.*

Abigail [Mrs.CR1], and Joseph Blaney of Marblehead, May19,1757.

Abigail [d.John. int.], and Frederic Combs, Nov.22,1764.*

Abigail, and Thomas Downing, Mar.29,1770.*

Abigail, and Timothy Wellman [], Jan.28,1800. [1798.PR216]*

Abigail, of Ipswich, and Stephen Holt, int.Feb.12,1803.

Abigail, and Andrew Archer, Sept.24,1806.*

Nabby, of Marblehead, and Francis Brosse, Nov.27,1808.*

Abigail, Mrs., and John Brown, Dec.9,1810.*

Abigail, and Marshal Brown of Lynn, July6,1817.*

Abigail, and Ichabob Hoyt [of], Dec.4,1817.*

Abigail D., of Beverly, and Benjamin P. Kimball, int.Mar.10,1826.

Abigail N., and Leonard Tyler of Andover, May5,1842.*

Abraham, and Jerusha Raymond of Beverly, at Beverly, Nov.25,1731.*

Abraham, and Elizabeth Putnam of Sutton, at Sutton, Mar.2,1773.*

Adam, and Lavinia D. Jordon, Nov.5,1840.*

Adaline A., d.Ephraim, and Henry A. Tuttle, trader, Dec.末,1845. [Dec.9.CR4]*

Albert G., and Sarah S. Cox, Apr.10,1834.*

Alexander, and Mary Kennelly, both b. Ireland, Apr.29,1849.*

Alice, of Dover, NH, and Philip Chase, 6:3m:1806.CR7

Almira J., and Thomas B. Perkins, widr., May2,1847.*

Ammi, and Hannah Baker, at Ipswich,末蔓末, [bef. 1815.]

Anna, and George Trow of Beverly, at Beverly, Mar.28,1751.*

Anna, and Adam Wellman, Sept.5,1799.*

Anna Hazen, of Dvoer, NH, and Isaiah Hacker,末蔓末, [bef. 1820.]CR77

Anne, of Salisbury, and John Mansfield, at Salisbury, Dec.15,1748.*

Ann, and Archelaus Newhall of Lynn, int.July11,1824.

Ann, and William Tozzer [jr. int.] Apr.4,1830.*

Ann, and Richard Stokes, both b. Ireland, Nov.3,1849.*

Bartholomew, and Sarah Rea, Feb.26,1744-5.*

Bartholomew, jr., and Polly Smith, certif. Nov.18,1798.*

Benjamin, and Hannah Archer, Dec.16,1756.

Benjamin, jr. [], and Margaret Osborn, 2d, July16,1761.PR78*

Benjamin, and Sarah Ormand, May6,1769.

Benjamin, and Anna Goodhue, Apr.16,1772.*

Benjamin [jr. int.], and Elizabeth Andrews, Oct.23,1787.*

Benjamin, 3d, and Mary [] Pickard of Beverly, at Beverly, Apr.9,1793.*

Benjamin, 3d, and Hannah Dennis, June30,1810.*

Benjamin, F., and Sally Bott, Jan.23,1825.*

Benjamin, and Elenor Cutler of Medford, int.June24,1826.

Benjamin, and Sarah H. Sumner of Boston, int.June7,1828.

Benjamin, Jr., and Mary Clark, Apr.13,1834.*

Benjamin, H., s.Thomas, and Sarah F. Felton, d.John S., Feb.2,1846.*

Benjamin, [jr. int.], and Chris Eppes, [Christiana Eppesen. int.], June24,1847.*

Calvin, and Margaret R. Crowninshield, int.Sept.8,1839.

Catharine [], and Epes Sergent, Esq., of Gloucester, Aug.10,1744.*

Catherine, and Joseph Symonds, May18,1817.CR12*

Catherine, and George Dean [jr.PR403], Dec.28,1842. [1841.CR12 andPR510; Jan.28,1841.PR403; Dec.28,1842.PR510]*

Charles, and Sarah Eden of Danvers, at Danvers, Oct.30,1759.*

Charles, and Mary M. Bowen [Brown. int.], Oct.19,1809.*

Charles, and Mary Gallop, int.Oct.12,1817.

Charles E. [S. int.], of Danvers, and Mary Priarra, June1,1835.*

Charles Allen, of Boston, and Rebecca Putnam Andrews, Aug.25,1835.CR12*

Charles, and Hannah Gallucia, Aug.4,1844.*

Charles E., and Rebecca E. Symonds, int.Aug.31,1845.

Charlotte, and Lamberth Murphy, int.May10,1800. (Forbidden by mother, Rebecca Brown.)

Charlotte, and John Dougan, certif. Feb.10,1805.*

Charlotte, and John Farrington, May26,1805.*

Christopher, widr., and Grace Webster, wid., both of Beverly, 13:10m:1700.CTR

Daniel [of Lynn. int.], and Mary E. Clemons, Apr.25,1837.*

Date, and Thomas Tomson of Marblehead, int.Aug.28,1813.

David, and Hannah Preston, Jan.13,1800.*

David [of Bowdoinham, ME. int.], and Louisa Batten, Sept.末,1826.*

Dorcas B., and James R. Newhall of Lynn, Oct.25,1837.*

Edeth, and William Batchelder, int.Oct.5,1751.

Edmund, and Elizabeth Main, [of], Apr.8,1824.*

Edmund, and Susan Ann Woodbury, Aug.17,1835.*

Edmund, and Sarah Hodgdon, Feb.22,1842.*

Edward, jr., and Lydia Eustis, Oct.17,1813.*

Edward, and Eliza Osgood Dalton of Andover, int.June26,1842.

Eliza [] Ward, and James S. Hodgkins, Sept.末,1819.*

Eliza, and Jeremiah Fellows, Feb.20,1820.*

Eliza, and Edmund Henfield, int.Feb.25,1826.

Eliza Ann, and Nathan M. Lee,末蔓末,1831. [July9. int.]*

Eliza, and John R. Nichols, June30,1834.*

Eliza, and Michael Creesey, Nov.16,1834.*

Eliza H., and James K. Averell, Nov.10,1835.*

Eliza A., and Joseph W. Copeland of Boston, Jan.12,1843.*

Eliza A., and John Gelany [], Aug.13,1843.*

Eliza, of Ipswich, and John R. Norfolk, int.Dec.5,1847.

Elizabeth, and George Hacker, jr., Nov.10,1730.*

Elizabeth, and Thaddeus Riddan [jr. int.] of Lynn, Feb.19,1746-7.*

Elizabeth [jr. int.], and Benjamin Nurse, jr., Nov.30,1749.PR78*

Elizabeth, and John Hill, July8,1770.

Betsey, and Isaac Williams, at Newbury,末蔓末,1781.

Elizabeth, and John Newton, Nov.21,1784.*

Betsy, and John Hill, Oct.4,1787.*

Betsy, and Benjamin Henman, Sept.3,1789.*

Betsy, and John Gray, Nov.13,1794.*

Betsy, and Sparrow King, Oct.30,1796.*

Elizabeth, and William Lane, Nov.27,1796.*

Betsey [N. int.], John Davidson, Dec.11,1808.*

Betsy, and Aaron Osborn, certif. June18,1809.*

Betsey, and Antony Monteres [Montereo. int.], Jan.19,1812.*

Elizabeth A., and John S. Jones of Boston, int.Sept.22,1827. ( Sept, 29. forbid by E.A. Brown.)

Elizabeth S[avage. int.], and David Pulsifer, jr., July10,1832.*

Elizabeth S., and James S. Rowe, May28,1840.CR12*

Elizabeth, and Philip Marsh of Danvers, int.Oct.6,1844.

Ellen Maria, of Boston, and Johnson Felt, int.Feb.20,1830. (Certificate Mar.8.)

Ellen M., d.Jonathan, and David A. Becket, mariner, s.David, deceased, Apr.30,1846.*

Emily Ann, and Joseph Merrill, jr., int.Sept.5,1841.

Emeline J., and John F. Wason, Apr.5,1847.*

Enoch, and Hannah Blanchard of Andover, int.Oct.2,1802.

Epes, and Rebecca Williams, Dec.31,1824.*

Ephraim, of Lynn, and Anne Twiss, Feb.15,1742-3.*

Ephraim, and Polly Knowlton, Nov.9,1813.*

Ephraim, and Rachael Larabee, int.May3,1818.

Ephraim, jr., and Martha Wendall, Feb.3,1825.*

Ephraim, jr. [], s.Ephraim, and N. M[] Trumbull, Sept.17,1846.*

Eunice [], and Nathaniel Balston, Esq., of Boston, Sept.5,1751.*

Eunice, and William Morgan, int.Sept.1,1770.

Eunice, and John Kegin, Oct.27,1805.

Francis H., and Samuel Henderson of Andover, May27,1828.*

Francis, and Ellen M. Appleton, Mar.5,1840.*

Frederick, and Abial Neal, Oct.26,1794.*

George, and Lydia Lefavour, Nov.10,1811.*

George, and Judith W. Homan, Aug.24,1826.*

George A., and Abigail D. Lurvey, July20,1835.*

George F., and Lulu M. [Lutia] Symonds, Oct.13,1836.*

George, [jr. int.] and Elizabeth M. Carr, June4,1837.CR12*

Hannah, and John Rea, at Beverly, May25,1725.

Hannah, and Oliver Putnam, Dec.22,1743.*

Hanah [], and Gideon Putnam of Danvers, at Beverly, Jan.18,1752.*

Hanna, and James Brown, Dec.17,1780.*

Hannah, and Peletiah Brown, July27,1791. [certif.CR12]*

Hannah, and Joseph Vincent, jr., Aug.12,1798.*

Hannah, and Charles Berry, certif. Jan.18,1801.*

Hannah G., and Benjamin Horton, Oct.21,1810.*

Hannah, Mrs., and William Summers, Aug.4,1813.*

Hannah, and John Trumbull, May15,1814.*

Hannah, Mrs., and Hazen Chamberlain, Nov.13,1832.*

Hannah, and Herbert S. Smith of Beverly, int.Dec.7,1833.

Hannah, and Thomas T. [P. int.] Dodge, June18,1836.*

Harriet, and William Webb, 3d, Mar.25,1824.*

Harriet W., and Mark Pitman, jr., Aug.18,1836.*

Harriet M., and Thomas Anthony, Aug.27,1838.*

Harriet L[ang.PR109], and William B. Bates, Apr.26,1839. [Apr.25.PR109]*

Harvey, and Sally Robarts, Dec.31,1815.*

Henry, and Sarah Raymond, at Beverly, Jan.6,1725.

Henry, and Mary Williams, July30,1780.*

Henry, and Eunice Bacon, int.Sept.1,1804.

Henry, and Susan Stevens, at Boston, Dec.30,1826.

Henry, and, wid.Deborah S. Hawkes of Boston, int.Mar.23,1833. (Certificate Apr.22.)

Henry, 3d, a.24y., painter, s.Henry and Rebecca, and Mary E. Bartlett, a.24y., d.John and Sally, May13,1846.*

Henry F., and Caroline E. Butler, Nov.24,1846.*

J. Vincent, of Boston, and Mary P. Hodges, July26,1831. [July16. dup.]*

James, and Hanna Brown, Dec.17,1780.*

James, and Sarah Masury, Dec.5,1784.*

James [jr. int.], and Phoebe Buxton, May13,1798.*

James, and Lydia Vincent, Jan.4,1801.*

James, jr., and Elizabeth Perkins of Lynnfield, int.May15,1802.

James, 3d, and Susanna Symonds, Jan.8,1809.*

James, and Susanna Bailey, int.May27,1825.

James [P. int.], of Lynn, and Lois Knight, July28,1828.*

James M., and Elizabeth Leigh of Hallowell, ME, int.Nov.2,1845.

Joel, and Betsy R. Porter of Danvers, int.Sept.11,1830. (Cetificate Oct.1.)

John, and Sarah Borroughs, at Boston, Apr.21,1693.

John, and Elizabeth Frost, Sept.1,1726.

John, jr., of Boston, and Charity King, Nov.19,1747.*

John, [], and Elizabeth Webb [jr. int.], Mar.4,1763.*

John, and Elizabeth Trask, Sept.22,1767.

John, [], formally of Wenyaw, SC, and Elizabeth Davis, Aug.20,1770.*

John, 2d, and Hephzibah Perkins, May1,1773.*

John, and Polly Ropes, certif. Oct.9,1795.*

John, and Mary Hendly of Marblehead, at Marblehead, Nov.30,1795.*

John, jr., and Lucy Berry, certif. July6,1799.*

John, and Sarah Whittemore, int.Nov.27,1803.

John Potter, and Sally Cummings, certif. Oct.21,1804.*

John, [of Newburyport. int.], and Abigail Rider, Apr.7,1805.*

John, [jr. int.], and Mary Ashby, Aug.17,1806.*

John, and Esther Caroll, Apr.5,1807.*

John, P., and Mary Berry, certif. Nov.12,1809.*

John, and Mrs.Abigail Brown, Dec.9,1810.*

John, and [] Jane Cowing, Aug.9,1819.*

John, and Lydia Raymond, Oct.12,1820.*

John, and Lydia Ashby, Sept.25,1821.*

John, and, wid.Eunice Edwards of Gloucester, Apr.8,1826.

John, and Sibbey Akins, Dec.19,1830.*

John, and Hannah Stickney, int.June4,1837.

John, and Catherine Newport, Jan.1,1839.*

John, jr., and Lucy E. Mudge of Lynn, int.Feb.28,1841.

John, and Bridget Farley, int.Dec.24,1843.

Jonathan, and Sally Twist, int.Dec.23,1780.

Jonathan [jr. int.], and Sara Hill, Nov.25,1810.*

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Carrill of Marblehead, int.June1,1811.

Jonathan, and Eliza S. Nimblet, Mar.25,1827.*

Jonathan B., and Elizabeth G. Clark of Ipswich, int.Sept.22,1844.

Joseph [s.Eleazer. int.], and Bethiah Hutchinson, Nov.26,1751.*

Joseph, jr., and Sarah Cox, June5,1753.*

Joseph, and Esther Heron, at Danvers, Jan.3,1767.

Joseph, and Sally Nick [of], Oct.17,1790.*

Joseph, and Mary C. Becket, July22,1838.*

Josiah, and Rachel Wilson, int.Nov.4,1849.

Katharine, and Joseph Cook, Sept.10,1797.*

Katey, and Ebenezer La Rock, Oct.8,1797.*

Lavinia C., and Ezra R. [K. int.] Robinson, Sept.8,1834.*

Lois K., Mrs., and D[aniel. int.] P. Grosvnor [Grosvenor. int.], Dec.30,1843. [Apr.3,1842. int.]

Lucinda, and Josiah Austin [jr. int.], May25,1806.*

Lucy, Mrs., and Nathaniel Lang, Oct.27,1808.*

Lucy, and William Archer, 3d, May6,1827.*

Lucy Ann, and Charles A. Stetson of Boston, Apr.4,1832.

Lydia, and Isaac Stileman, May13,1750.

Lydia, and William Crerey, Nov.5,1770.

Lydia, and Joseph Jacobs, certif. Nov.8,1774.*

Lydia, and Jacob Reading [Ridden. int.], Sept.4,1797.*

Lydia, and Nathan Fuller, at Boxford, Mar.26,1805.

Lydia, William Thomson, 3d of Marblehead, int.Aug.25,1810.

Lydia, and Henry Batcheldor, int.July1,1821. (Forbid.)

Lydia, of Danvers, and Pinson Beckford [jr. int.], Nov.17,1823.*

Lydia, wid., and James Potter, Aug.1,1826.*

Lydia P., and Hervey Metcalf of [Lempster. int.] New Hampshire, Feb.25,1830.*

Lydia, and Samuel Howard, int.Mar.12,1837.

Lydia, and Zachariah Daniels, int.Sept.1,1839.

Lydia, N., and Francis Gardner of Boston, Aug.5,1841.*

Lydia, Mrs., and Joseph Farley of Ipswich, int.June10,1849.

Lydia S., and Henry A. Ballard [], Oct.14,1849.*

Margaret, and Benjamin Blanchard, Dec.4,1791.

Margaret, and John Edwards, Feb.14,1796.*

Margaret, and Asa Lamson, Dec.11,1814.*

Margaret, and Richard Low, June16,1816.*

Margaret, and Jonathan [R. int.] Southward, Apr.28,1819.*

Margaret, Savage, and John William Clark, int.May4,1831. (Certificate May18.)

Margaret, P. [S. int.], and George Bowditch, jr., July30,1843.*

Margaret, D.B., d.Thomas, and William H. Perley, printer, s.Jonathan, May5,1845.*

Margaret, and John FitzGerrald, int.Dec.28,1845.

Maria, and Orlando Tyler of New Rowley, int.May15,1832. (Certificate June18.)

Marianne [Mary Ann. int.], and George T. Saunders, May末,1838.*

Marshal, of Lynn and Abigail Brown, July6,1817.*

Martha, and Willard Goldthwaite, int.Sept.17,1848.

Mary M., see Bowen, Mary M.

Mary, and Benjamin Baker of Haverhill, at Haverhill,末蔓末, [after 1733.]

Mary, and William Comyns, Nov.6,1739.

Mary, [jr. int.], and Benjamin Baker of Haverhill, at Beverly, Aug.28,1749.*

Mary, of Lynn, and Ivory Blana, Oct.25,1753.*

Mary, [d.Capt. William,], and Oliver Berry, Jan.27,1762.*

Mary, of Danvers, and Eleazer Austin, at Danvers, Oct.8,1772.*

Mary, [Mary Newhall. int.], and John Brewer, certif. Feb.17,1773.*

Mary, and James Davison [Davidson. int.], Nov.26,1780.*

Polly, and Samuel Smith, Apr.8,1797.*

Mary, and John Burn [Byrne.CR6], Sept.17,1797.*

Polly, and Jacob Caldwell, jr., Jan.11,1798. [int.Feb.3,1798.]*

Polly, and John Marsh of Danvers, int.July28,1798.

Polly, and Joseph Gardner, jr. of Gloucester, int.Nov.13,1802.

Mary, and John Williams, Oct.11,1804.

Mary, and Robert Love, int.Mar.2,1805. (Forbid.)

Mary, and Robert Read, July20,1806.*

Mary N., and George Davis, Oct.2,1808.*

Mary, and John Clemmons [jr. int.], Nov.12,1812.*

Mary, Mrs., and Jonathan Bacheller [of Lynn. int.], May30,1813.*

Mary, wid., and Thaddeus Gwinn, Feb.13,1820.*

Mary, and Leonard Ranson [of Lynn. int.], Oct.13,1822.*

Mary Ann, and William Lamb, Aug.30,1825.*

Mary Ann, and Nathaniel Holden of Marblehead, July10,1826.*

Mary, and Joshua Kinsman, Oct.21,1830.*

Mary S., and Rufus Abbot, Aug.28,1831.*

Mary, and Thomas H. Lefavour, Feb.23,1832. [1830.PR319]*

Mary Ann, and Frederic Rupp, Aug.24,1836.*

Mary, and John Gibney, Nov.20,1837.*

Mary M., and John Beadle, jr., Mar.27,1838.*

Mary P., and Richard P[armer. int.] Tufts [of], Sept.18,1839. [Sept.19,1840.PR510]*

Mary M., and William Jackson, int.Sept.12,1841.

Mary R., d.Ephraim, and Samuel F. Upton, merchant, s.Samuel, Mar.26,1845.*

Mary, and Joseph H. Bain, int.May18,1845.

Mary E. [C.PR114], and John C.K. Brimmer, int.July27,1845 [m.Aug.14.PR114]

Mary Jane, and John R. Pope, int.Mar.11,1849.

Mary E., and George S. Hadley, int.May6,1849.

Mehitable, and Benjamin Creesy, jr., at Beverly, Sept.10,1747.*

Mehitable F., and James Harris, jr., clerk [trader. dup.], s.James, Oct.18,1848. [Oct.17. dup.]*

Mercy, and Francis Roach, Dec.24,1782.

Mercy, and Owen Jones, 1827 or 1828. [Apr.7,1827. int.]*

Michael, and Caroline S. [F. int.] Pitman, June10,1845.*

Miles, and Elizabeth Hutchinson, both of Danvers, Dec.9,1756.

Moses [of], and Mary Bridge, May3,1789.*

Moses W., of Ossipee, NH, and Abigail Peabody, Jan.1,1832.*

Nancy, and Samuel Masury [jr. int.], Aug.26,1792.*

Nancy, and Samuel Coneway, Aug.11,1807.*

Nancy, and Henry D. Gilman, Nov.29,1807.*

Nancy, and Thomas Baker, Jan.30,1816.*

Nancy [d.Nathanael and Mary Pickering.PR228], and Thomas Downing [jr. int., s.Thomas and Katy Williams.PR228], Oct.30,1823.*

Nathan, jr., and Sarah Ingalls, Nov.25,1764.*

Nathan, and Rebecca White, Apr.27,1779.*

Nathaniel, and Abigail Balch of Beverly, at Beverly, May11,1731.*

Nathaniel, and Anna Porter of Wenham, at Wenham, June15,1738.*

Nathaniel [s.Nathaniel and Nancy (Messervy).PR228], and Mary Pickering [d.Josep and Rachel Henderson.PR228], Mar.19,1797.*

Nathaniel, and Lydia Perley of Methuen, Mar.29,1809.*

Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Millet, Dec.9,1824.*

Paul K., and Nancy Hill of Beverly, int.Dec.31,1808.

Paul K., and Elizabeth C. Lord, Oct.27,1825.*

Peletiah, and Hannah Brown, July27,1791. [certif.CR12]*

Peter, and Mary Brant, int.June1,1817.

Philo, and Phebe Peterson, Jan.11,1789.

Phebe, d.John, of Hampton, NH, and Robert Pope, s.Samuel and Sarah, 20:10m:1739.CR8

Phebe, of Danvers [late of Boston. int.], and Henry White, at Danvers, Oct.末,1776.*

Phebe, and William Johnson, July8,1827.*

Prescott H., a.30y., smith, s.末末, of Ireland, and Bridget McMullen, wid., a.37y., Oct.27,1844.*

Priscilla, and Moses Perviere, Nov.4,1832.*

Rachel, and John Smith, of Castle Williams, Nov.25,1755.

Rachel, and Jonathan Gardiner, jr., Oct.9,1796.*

Rachel, and William T. Luther, Mar.11,1804.*

Rankling [Ranking. int.], and Lucy Wakefield, Mar.18,1804.*

Rebecca [], and [Capt. int.] Malachi Ewel, Nov.6,1793.*

Rebecca, a.22y., d.Henry and Rebecca, and Anthony Francis, a.32y., mariner, s.Anthony, Nov.28,1844.*

Robert, and Betsey Woodbury, int.Nov.19,1808.

Robert, and Mary Cleaveland, May21,1833.*

Rufus B., and Rosanna Gould of Hopkinton, NH, int.Oct.3,1841.

Samuel, and Mary Porter, at Beverly, Jan.7,1728-9.*

Samuel, and Nancy Twist, of Danvers, int.Aug.21,1798.

Samuel, and Hannah Brimblecom of Lynn, int.Oct.17,1807.

Samuel, and Mary Smith, May26,1808. [May27.PR510]*

Samuel, jr., of Marblehead, and Lucinda Austin, int.June19,1816.

Samuel, 3d, and Fanny F. Marsh of Danvers, int.Feb.14,1835.

Samuel, of Loudon, NH, and Maria A. Morse, Nov.12,1835.*

Samuel T., of Lynn, and Julia E. Draper, Nov.10,1836.*

Samuel, and Almina [Alvina,. int.] Webber, Dec.25,1842.*

Samuel, 3d, and Lucy A.W. Gardner, Jan.11,1843. [Jan.12.PR510]*

Sarah, and William Tozer, at Boston, Dec.4,1718.

Sarah, and Samuel Moses, July20,1755.*

Sarah, and Chantrell Collins, Dec.3,1761.*

Sarah, late of Danvers, and John Bushby, Feb.6,1764.*

Sarah, [], wid., and Joshua Bickford, Oct.25,1764.*

Sarah, and James Cheever, jr., at Danvers, July11,1776. [Oct.16,1773. int.]

Sarah, and Lemuel Noyes of Newbury, Nov.8,1781.*

Sarah, and Ebenezer Phelps [jr. int.], Nov.16,1788.*

Sarah, and Timothy Wellman [jr. int.], Jan.18,1795.*

Sally, and William Barry, certif. June10,1797.*

Sally, and John Berry [], Apr.12,1807.*

Sally [Sarah.PR427], and William Fabens, jr., Oct.9,1808. [certif.CR12; Jan.15,1809.PR427]*

Sally, and John M. Cook, Mar.30,1809.*

Sally, and John Bickford, Aug.3,1817.*

Sally, of Ipswich, and John P. Lakeman, int.Mar.18,1820.

Sarah, and Joseph Staniford, Oct.19,1823.*

Sarah, w[id.], of West Newbury, and Daniel Chamberlain, int.May13,1826.

Sarah E. [Bacon. int.], and James Harvey, Sept.28,1829.*

Sally, and Robert Peele [jr. int.], June12,1830.*

Sarah Jane, and Caleb Smith, Apr.10,1835.*

Sarah A., and Munson Hawkins of Greenfield Hill, CT, int.June30,1839.

Sarah M., and Nathaniel B. Osborn, Sept.19,1839.*

Sarah Ellen, and Daniel P. Fitz, June15,1843.*

Sarah Maria [of], and Charles Higbee, July20,1843.*

Sophia, of Boxford, and Richard C. Chaplin, int.Oct.26,1809.

Stephen D., of Lynn, and Caroline S. Barter, Dec.12,1824.*

Susan, and Alexander Foster, Apr.9,1820.*

Susanna, and George Eden, Feb.3,1799.*

Theodore, and Mary T. Marchant of Gloucester, int.Jan.17,1841.

Thomas, and Hannah Swasey, certif. Aug.30,1794.*

Thomas, and Elizabeth Howard, Nov.11,1798.*

Thomas W., and Esther S. Buxton, int.Apr.4,1847.

Timothy, and Mary Mansfield, Mar.14,1802.*

Timothy, and Nabby West, Oct.8,1807.*

Timothy, and Susanna Porter [Marston. int.], Oct.25,1807.*

Willard H., and Hannah Procter, int.Mar.9,1845.

William F., see Cross, William F.

William Esq., and Rebecca Bayley, at Boston, Apr.26,1694.

William, of Boston, and Anne Wakefeild, int.Mar.20,1731-2.

William, 5th, and Sarah Tozier, May20,1742.*

William [s.Capt.], and Abigail Elkins [], Jan.8,1743.*

William [a native of Exeter, in old England,. int.], and Lydia Dart, May16,1745.*

William, tailor [s.William, cordwainer, deceased,. int.], and Mercy White, Mar.16,1755.*

William, and, wid.Phebe Carlton of Andover, at Andover, June13,1786.*

William, and Polly Parnell, certif. Mar.17,1798.*

William, and Mary Orne, Jan.13,1807.*

William, and Hannah Foster, Feb.11,1808.*

William, and Rebecca Goodale, int.Oct.19,1816.

William, and Ann Baker, Apr.26,1824.*

William, [jr. int.], and Rebecca Upton [Wright. int.], June26,1825.*

William F., and Hariet Parker, Dec.25,1826.CR1

William, and Hannah B. Burrill of Lynn, int.Apr.28,1839.

William B., and Caroline M. Putnam, Dec.28,1841.*

William H., and Abigail [C. int.] Ross, Oct.24,1843.*

BROWNE (Brown)

Abraham, and Sukey Newhall of Lynn, int.Oct.25,1800.

Bartholomew, and Susanna Maul, May1,1693.

Bartholomew, and, wid.Lydia Verry of Beverly, int.Apr.18,1730.

Benjamin, and Mehitabel Fluent of Beverly, Nov.11,1723.

Benjamin, Esq., and [] Eunice Turner, June19,1729.*

Benjamin, 3d, and Lydia Connaway, int.Sept.26,1789.

David, and Sarah Smethurst, int.June27,1779. ("Sarah Smethurst forbids the band of matrimony & says she never consented to be published.")

David, and Rebecca Dyman, int.July10,1779.

Edward, and, wid.Katharine Porter, int.Jan.1,1780.

Eleazer, and Sarah Putnam, Dec.7,1716.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Grafton, 30:4m:1664.CTR

Elizabeth, and John Gusten, 10:11m:1676.CTR

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Joseph Stephens of Andover, Nov.13,1700.

Elizabeth, wid., and Joseph Jeffords, int.May29,1779. jr., Sept.3,1751.

Betsey, of Ipswich, and Isaac Hacket, int.Aug.22,1801.

Eunice, Mrs., jr. [d.Benjamin. dup.], and Ichabod Plaisted, jr., Sept.3,1751.*

Eunice, and John Kehew, Nov.13,1814.*

Hanna, wid., and John Swinerton, Mar.8,1679-80.CTR

Hannah, and William Pickering, June19,1695.

Hannah, and Daniell Bray, Aug.24,1701. [Aug.28. dup.]

Hannah, and Samuell Pearse, Apr.27,1721.

Hanna, and Thomas West, [formerly of Blyth, Northumberland, Eng. int.] June26,1763.*

Hannah, and Nathaniel Littlefield, int.July5,1783.

Isabella, and John Silver, int.Oct.29,1748.

James, and Hanna Bartholomew, 5:7m:1664.CTR

James, and Elizabeth Nichols, Feb.22,1698-9.CTR

James, jr., and Martha Parnal, July22,1725.

John, jr., and Hanna Hubberd, June2,1658.CTR

John, and Hanna Collins, Jan.27,1668.CTR

John, and Rachell Gardner, Aug.31,1686.CTR

John, and Mary Elsy, May27,1708.

John, and Mrs Lydia Gerrish, Dec.8,1725.

John [], and Susanna Masury, Apr.2,1728.*

John, of Newbury, and Mrs.Sarah Putnam, int.Nov.28,1733.

John, and Rachel Pitman, Sept.14,1769.

John, and Lucy Hathorne, int.Jan.2,1785.

John [], and Elizabeth Bishop, Feb.21,1813.*

Jonathan, and Abyhaile Burrill, 28:4m:1664.CTR

Joseph, and Sarah Bartell, Nov.24,1706.

Joseph, and Mary Hull, int.Mar.13,1729-30.

Joseph, and Elizabeth Tapley, int.Apr.15,1732.

Joseph, and Lydia Peese, May13,1740.*

Joseph [jr. int.], and Mary Bullock, May4,1763.*

Joseph, and Mary Becket, May7,1786.*

Judith, and Cornelius Thompson, int.July4,1778.

Lydia, and John Eustis, May6,1781.*

Margarit, and Samuell Lambert,末蔓末, [bef. 1690.]

Margaret (Osborn), wid., and Lemuel Holt, int.Nov.23,1765.

Margaret, and Isaac Very, jr., int.Apr.8,1775.

Mary, wid., and Henry Walker, both of Gloucester, 26:7m:1662.

Mary, and Benjamin Lynde [of Boston.CTR], Apr.27,1699.

Mary, and Jonathan Green, int.Jan.3,1712-13.

Mary, wid., and Robert Wood, Nov.1,1714.*

Mary, and Samuell King, Aug.20,1724.

Mary, and John Harmon, int.Aug.18,1732.

Mary, and William Ropes, June4,1780.*

Mary Corllat, and Nathaniel Gould, int.Apr.17,1784.

Mary, and Joseph Japlin, May29,1808. [certif.CR12]*

Mary [], and James Henderson, Jan.6,1812.*

Mehitabel, and John Kettle, June17,1718.

Mehitable, and Jacob Goodale, Dec.1,1737.*

Marcy [Mary, d.John, shipwright. int.], and Samuel Bagnal [Bagg. int.], Apr.26,1748.*

Nathaniel, and Anna Meservey, Dec.8,1771.*

Peter, and Rebeccah Wood, Nov.17,1718.

Rebeccah, and Thomas Ward, int.Aug.7,1733.

Rebeckah, of Reading, and Thomas Stimson, int.Oct.12,1765.

Rebecca, and William Ranking, Oct.29,1769.

Samuel, and Mrs.Unice Turner, May19,1695-6.CTR

Samuell, Col., Esq., and Mrs.Abigail Keetch of Boston, Feb.21,1705-6.

Samuel, and Sarah Gold, int.Nov.17,1733.

Sarah [Mrs.dup.], and Ichabod Plaisted, Oct.20,1720.

Sarah, wid., and William Peard, Nov.25,1723.

Sarah, and John Ingersoll, int.May23,1729.

Sara, and John Becket, Mar.16,1769.

Sally, and Amos Clough, Oct.18,1787.*

Sarah, and John Becket [jr. int.], Aug.2,1807.*

Simeon, and Hanna Smith, Apr.23,1771.*

Susanna, and Walter Polfry, Aug.9,1741.*

Thomas, and Margaret Skerry, July2,1769.

William, jr., and Hanah Corwin, 29:10m:1664.CTR

William, of Marblehead, and Hannah Joye, at Marblehead, Sept.6,1695.

William, privateer, and Mary Baker, Nov.4,1696.CTR

William, and Mary Clerk,末蔓末, [bef. 1702.]

William, jr., and Lydia Hart, Dec.5,1727.*

William, and Mary Frost, Dec.13,1733.*

William, and Mary Burnet [a.14ス y., d.Gov.PR83] in New York, Nov.14,1737.

William, and Hannah Hathorne, int.Apr.5,1777.

William, and Mary Philips [of Lynn. int.], Oct.3,1786.*

William, and Rebecca Goodhue, Dec.1,1816.


Zebedy G., of Providence, and Mary Ann W. Stone, int.Nov.28,1835.


Elizabeth, and James Symonds, 20:9m:1661.CTR

Sara, and Joseph Williams, 20:9m:1661.CTR


Aseneth, and Samuel P. Wilson [of], b. Danvers, Apr.25,1848.*

Charles, and Abigail Southwick, Dec.12,1822.*

Esther, and Jonathan Twist, Sept.6,1802.*

George W., and Eliza Ann Colby, int.June21,1846.

Hannah Maria, of Lynn, and Horace W. Davis, int.Oct.14,1849.

John [of], and Sally Proctor, Dec.30,1813.*

Jonathan, and Alice Utley, Feb.14,1782.*

Sally, and Aaron Wingate [of Boston. int.], Nov.24,1822.*

Sarah and Daniel Boardman, int.June25,1837.

Sarah A., of Salem, NY, and Stephen P. Dwinell, Oct.12,1837.*

Sarah E., (name changed by Legislature), a.22y., d.Asa and Sarah M. Holmes, and Joseph Lawrence, a.24y., mariner, s.Lewis and Sarah, July21,1846.*

William, and Martha Woodbury, Sept.22,1805.*

BRUNSON (Bronson)

Joanna, and John Marre, July18,1682.CTR


Ellen, and Patrick Egan, both b. Ireland, Nov.2,1846.*

BRYANT (Briant)

Abigail, of Malden, and Benjamin Jenks [late of Lynn. int.], at Malden, Mar.14,1765.*

Augustus J., and Ann Boynton of Lynn, Apr.24,1839.

Betsey, see Byrne, Betsey.

Enoch, and Mrs.Hannah Downing, May18,1834.*

Enoch, jr., and Maryann A. Downing, int.July24,1842.

Hiram K. [ing. int.], and Emeline Beckford, May3,1827.*

Job, and Mary Todd [Polly], May2,1792.*

John, and Phillis Dodge [of], Dec.4,1803.*

John, jr., and Melinda Young of Pelham, NH, int.Apr.11,1829. (Certificate May1.)

John, and Elizabeth Smith of Boston, int.July20,1833.

John J., and Elizabeth H. Pulsifer, Nov.10,1833.

Joseph [of], and Harriot Teague, Sept.22,1816.*

Lydia, and Henry Osgood of Baltimore, July7,1816.

Maria, and Allen Young of Pelham, NH, Aug.23,1832.*

Marriot, and Joseph N. Smith, Jan.21,1820.*

Polly, and Allen Peabody of Danvers, int.Aug.30,1823.

Mary, and James Welch of Gloucester, int.Feb.2,1831. (Certificate Feb.16.)

Mary W., and Charles W. Wellman Dec.8,1849.*

Sophia, and Timothy H. Dakin, June24,1827.*

Thomas, and Betsey Fuller, int.Nov.27,1803.

Thomas [of New York. int.], and Mary Millet [], Sept.末,1823.*

Thomas, and Phoebe Wood, Aug.26,1844.*

Timothy, and Lydia Brookhouse, Sept.10,1786.*

Timothy, jr., and Francis Howard, May19,1816. (The clergyman being in Deacon's orders the ceremony performed again Dec.7,1817.)*

William, of Beverly, and Lydia Wallis, Nov.3,1845.*


Sarah, and Ebenezer Collins, int.Dec.27,1735.

BUBIER (Boobier)

Elizabeth, and John Flakefield, int.Oct.17,1795.


Stephen B. [atchelder], and Beulah Goldthwait, Nov.27,1803.*


Alexander, and [] Elizabeth Gatchell, Dec.8,1805.*

Jesse, of Kendall, IL, and Henry Orne Ward, s.Samuel Curwen and Malvina T., Nov.3,1847.


Eleanor, and Joseph Daland, jr., Apr.16,1803.*

BUCKLEY (Buckly)

Dorcus, wid., and Joshua Felt of Lynn, June16,1736.*

Elizabeth M. [], and Edmund Caswell, Feb.4,1835.*

Ellen, and John Daley, both of Danvers, both b. Ireland, Sept.9,1849.

George J., and Susan Chapman, 1827 or 1828. [Nov.23,1827. int.]*

Mary, and William Cooney, int.Feb.12,1843.

Mary, and Thomas Dodd, both b. Ireland, July29,1849.*

William, and Abigell Caves of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Dec.21,1697.

William [of Middleton or], and, wid.Dorcus Faulkner, Feb.20,1734.*

BUCKLY (Buckley)

Priscilla, and William Stacy, s.Thomas, 28:9m:1677.CTR

BUCKMAN (Butman)

Martha, and James H. Ham of Woburn, int.Oct.7,1849.

Mary, and William Collins, Sept.10,1769.

Peter, and Caroline Johnson, int.Oct.16,1836.

Sarah, and Samuell Shattock, jr., July24,1676.CTR


Susan, of Framingham, and Dr. John Cotton, int.July19,1815.

BUCKNAM (Butman)

David, and Esther Sprague of Malden, at Malden, Mar.4,1745-6.

Mary, and Philemon Cassaday of Newbury, int.Jan.17,1766.


Elizabeth T., and Daniel B. Rugg, int.Feb.21,1841.


Hannah [Buxton. int.], and Timothy Perkins of Andover, at Andover, Feb.12,1713-14.*


Thomas, and Sarah Luscomb, int.June1,1805.


Nathan, and, wid.Lucy Trask, int.Jan.3,1824.

BUFFAM (Buffum)

Deborah, and Robert Wilson 12:6m:1658.CTR

Hannah [; d.Caleb.CR7], and John Osborn, 2d m.[husbandman, s.William, husbandman, May7,1713.CR7; Feb.14,1712-13. int.]

Jonathan, and Mercey Thrasher, int.Oct.21,1710.

Joseph [jr. int.], and Margaret Osborn, Mar.29,1737.*

BUFFENTON (Buffington)

Betty, and Nathan Putnam, Aug.2,1752.*

BUFFINGTON (Bouenton, Buffenton, Buffinton, Bufington)

Abigail, and Samuell King, jr., Aug.13,1714.*

Abigail, and William F[rye.PR376] Nichols, June8,1830.*

Hannah, and Jonathan Marsh, sr., Oct.7,1725.

Hannah, and Sylvester Procter, Dec.3,1761.*

Hannah B., and John Frost [of New York], June12,1832.*

James, and Elizabeth Gold, int.Feb.23,1732-3.

James [jr. int.], and Prudence Procter of Danvers, at Danvers, Feb.14,1765.*

John, and Mary Pitman, Aug.18,1767.

Lydia, and Robert Cook, jr., Mar.10,1767.

Martha A., and John Webster of Danvers, Mar.7,1832.*

Mary, and Stephen Field, jr., Apr.7,1829.*

Nehemiah, and Elizabeth Proctor, at Danvers, Sept.14,1774.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Chapman, Nov.24,1762.*

Thomas, jr., and Hannah Ross, Feb.28,1699.

BUFFINTON (Buffington)

Eliza [], and Nathaniel W[] Craft [of Boston. int.], June27,1809.*

Elizabeth, and William Butman, int.Apr.16,1763.

Betsy, and David Nichols, certif. Nov.17,1798.*

Elizabeth [], and Capt. William Lander, Oct.21,1809.*

Hannah, and Elijah Briggs [of Scituate. int.], Aug.15,1789. [certif.CR12]*

James, and Betsy Dennis, Dec.10,1797.*

James, and Abigail Osborn, certif. Apr.14,1801.*

Mary, and Thomas Gardner of Danvers, June13,1755. [July13.PR78]*

Nehemiah, and Elizabeth Ashton, certif. Jan.26,1786.*

Prudence, wid., and Daniel Frye, certif. Mar.15,1783.*

Prudence, and Jacob Tucker, Sept.7,1788. [certif.CR12]*

Sally, and Ebenezer Mann, Oct.31,1791. [Certif.CR12]*

Zadoch, and Abigail Procter, certif. [Aug. or Sept.], 末,1776.*

Zadoch [Capt. int.], and Deborah Saltmarsh, June7,1789.*

BUFFTON (Bufton)

Thomas, and Mary Coffen, Aug.22,1758.

BUFFUM (Buffam)

Abigail, and Daniel Clarke of Rhode Island, int.Apr.15,1728.

Abigal, d.Joshua, and Samuel Chase, s.Samuel, of Swansea, blacksmith, 13:6m:1730.CR7*

Abigail, and Benjamin Symonds, 6th, int.Jan.7,1775.

Abigail, and Samuel Derby [jr. int.], Nov.9,1808.*

Abigail [], and Thomas Needham, Dec.4,1808.*

Anna, d.Samuel and Anna, and David Osborn of Danvers, potter, s.Samuel and Sarah, of Danvers, 18:12m:1800.CR7

Anna, jr., d.Jonathan and Anna, and William Frye, jr. of Danvers, s.William and Tamesin; 21:10m:1813.CR7

Caleb, and Hanna Pope, Mar.26,1672.CTR

Caleb, s.Caleb, and Mary Gaskill, d.Samuel, sr., Sept.9,1703.CR7

Caleb, jr., and Mary Eliza Barr, Feb.3,1839.*

Charles C., a.20y., lumber dealer, s.David and Dolly, and Mary A. Richardson of Marblehead, a.20y., b. Marblehead, d.John and Sally, May17,1849.*

Damaris, d.Robert, and Thomas Ruck [Rock.PR477], 19:2m:1690PR42 [19:11m:PR477]

Deborah, d.Jonathan, husbandman, deceased, and Edward Slade of Swansea, husbandman, s.William, of Swansea, husbandman, deceased Sept.7,1736.CR7

Elizabeth, d.Joshua, and John Buxton, s.Joseph, 12:9m:1723.CR7

Elizabeth, d.Robert, blacksmith, and Ebenezer Pope of Boston, tailor, s.Samuel, of Boston, blacksmith, Oct.18,1744.CR7

Elizabeth, and Enoch Goodale, Feb.6,1746.

Elizabeth, d.Joseph, blacksmith, and Daniel Southwick, s.John, of Danvers, yoeman, Nov.17,1763.CR7

Emily F., and Samuel Raymond of Boston, int.June17,1838.

Emeline, and Charles F[orrester.PR5] Safford, int.Apr.10,1830. (Certificate May22.)

Esther, d.Benjamin, blacksmith, and Stephen Baker of Swansea, husbandman, s.Abraham, of Swansea, husbandman, Nov.18,1735.CR7

Eunice, and Jonathan Neal, 3d cert. Nov.10,1811.*

Hannah, d.Caleb, deceased, and Phillip Chase of Swansea, husbandman, s.Samuel, of Swansea, husbandman, Nov.18,1735.CR7

Hannah, and Clark Ames, int.Sept.26,1795.

Isaac, s.Joseph, blacksmith, and Eunice Goldthrite, d.Ezekiel, of Mendon, deceased, Dec.25,1766.CR7

James, and Susanna Bates, certif. Feb.6,1795.*

James Rice, and Susan Mansfield, Aug.16,1818.*

Jane, and Joseph Wadleigh [of Kensington, NH,. int.], certif. Nov.14,1786.*

Jonathan, husbandman, and Marey Gasskill, June25,1724.CR7

Jonathan C., and Phebe L. Chase of Fall River, 30:5m:1836.PR379

Joseph, blacksmith, s.Robert, blacksmith, and Sarah Hacker, d.Isaac, cordwainer, Apr.15,1736.CR7

Joseph, blacksmith, and, wid.Lydia Warfield of Danvers, June13,1757.CR7

Joseph, and Jane Fowler, int.Aug.7,1773.

Joshua, and Damaris Pope.CTR

Joshua, s.Joshua, and Elizabeth Beck, d.Henry, of Piscataqua, deceased, 17:7m:1702.CR7

Joshua, yeoman, and, wid.Jane White, 14:2m:1719.CR7

Joshua, yeoman, and Hannah Pope, 16:6m:1739.CR7

Joshua, jr., s.Caleb, and, wid.Elisabeth Osborn, May21,1741.CR7

Joshua, jr., and Sarah Lisbere, Dec.8,1743.*

Joshua, jr., and [] Rachel Beans, Mar.2,1760.*

Joshua, and Abigail Sibley, Aug.30,1795.*

Joshua, [jr. int.], and Louisa A. [nn. int.] Warner, Nov.14,1833.*

Joshua, and Ruth H. Garland of Boston, int.July14,1839.

Lidea, and John Hill, wheelwright, 26:6m:1664.CTR

Lydia, d.Joshua, husbandman, and Enos Pope, jr., s.Enos, clothier, Jan.19,1748-9.CR7

Lydia, and Jedediah Johnson, Nov.4,1781.*

Martha S., and Thomas J. Gifford, Oct.18,1842.*

Mary, and Jeremiah Neale, 2d.m., 22:7m:1673.CTR

Mary, and Thomas Nicholls, Nov.23,1727.*

Mary, wid., and John Southwick [], husbandman, s.Daniel, Jan.28,1730-31.CR7*

Mary, and Stephen Pope, Mar.27,1746.*

Mary [of Middleton, CT. int], and Nicholas Lane, Mar.7,1802.*

Mary Ann W., and Henry Barr, [s.John and Sarah (Peirce). dup.] Dec.16,1824. [1822. dup.]*

Mary C., and Joseph M. Fuller of Lynn, int.Jan.30,1842. [m.16:2m.PR379]

Mary Jane, and Isaac Reed of Randolph, int.Apr.14,1844.

Marcy [Mercy.PR5], d.Jonathan, deceased, and Samuel Slade, s.Edward, of Swansea, husbandman, Sept.13,1743.CR7

Peace, and Joseph A. Wood, Oct.2,1849.*

Rachel, and Samuel Larrabee, May24,1804.*

Robart, blacksmith, and Susanna Southwick, d.Joseph, of Mendon, Nov.25,1725.CR7

Robert, jr., tailor, s.Joseph, blacksmith, and Rachel Silsbee, d.Ephraim, of Boston, shipwright, at Boston, Mar.30,1765.CR7

Robert, and, wid.Lydia George, int.July16,1785.

Robert, and Sarah Lee [Lee], Apr.20,1793.*

Samuel, glazier, s.Caleb, deceased, and Lucretia Darby, d.Roger, saddler, Jan.11,1749-50.CR7

Samuel [jr. int.], and Anna Stow, June27,1771.*

Samuel [jr. int.], and Lydia Sawyer, Apr.27,1800.*

Samuel [jr. int.], and Lydia Lane, Feb.27,1808.*

Samuel, and Susan N. Lane of Boston, int.Oct.14,1826.

Sarah, d.Robart, blacksmith, and Daniel Needham of Marblehead, currier, s.Edmund, currier, Nov.2,1727.CR7*

Sally, and John Parnal, May12,1791. [certif.CR12]*

Sarah L., and Ebenezer Noyes, Dec.31,1826.*

Sarah S., and Alfred A. Raymond of Boston, Sept.19,1841.*

Susanna, and Thomas Jenkins, Mar.30,1800.*

Tamason, d.Caleb, and Lawrance Southwick, s.Daniel, husbandman, 24:6m:1704.CR7

William, and Francis K. Milod, Mar.14,1810.

William, and Mary Chase,末蔓末, [bef. 1811.]CR7 [at Somerset, 5:9m:1809.PR379]

William H., and Martha Phipps, Sept.6,1840.*

BUFINGTON (Buffington)

Sarah, and Ezekiel Marsh, jr., int.June24,1732

BUFTON (Buffton)

Mary, and Samuel Archer, May13,1813.*


Jeremiah, of Boston, and Rebecca Chever [] July22,1787.*


Abigail, and Thomas Barnard of Andover, Apr.28,1696.CTR


Adam and Rebecca Miller [Mellan, of Providence, RI,. int.] of Sherburn, at Sherburn, Dec.24,1784.*


Abigail, and Thomas Goss, int.July10,1779.

Abby, d.Isaac S., and Henry P. Caverly of Lawrence, Feb.6,1849.*

Anna, and Hubbard Hascoll [of Newburyport. int.], Apr.4,1796.*

Benjamin, and Sarah Skerry, Mar.14,1771.*

Benjamin, and Mary [] Haynes, Dec.1,1799.*

Benjamin, and Lydia L. Plumer, int.June24,1849.

Elizabeth, and Richard Norman, s.John, 13:11m:1671.CTR

Elizabeth, and Thomas Morse, May12,1758.*

Elizabeth, jr., and Joseph Millet, Oct.11,1759.PR78

Hannah, and Abraham Vernon, at Boston, Feb.5,1769.

Isaac, and Elizabeth Boyd, int.Aug.21,1776.

Isaac, and Martha Trask of Danvers, at Danvers, Apr.11,1799.

Isaac S. [tillman. int.], and Sally Clough, Dec.23,1804.*

James, and Eliza C. Archer, Aug.18,1816.*

John, and Mary Maverick, Aug.3,1681.CTR

John, and Mary Caryll, July20,1710.*

John, jr., and Elizabeth Stileman, Oct.27,1737.*

John, 3d, and Rosina Barberina Ulmerin, Sept.20,1762.*

John, and Elizabeth Cloutman, July3,1808.*

John, and Mrs.Mary Pomroy, Nov.24,1840.*

Mary, and Joseph Browne [jr. int.], May4,1763.*

Polly, and Benjamin Silver, Dec.8,1798.*

Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Crawford, int.Feb.26,1774.

Preserved, and John Mackmillion, at Danvers, Jan.7,1772.*

Sarah, and Cook Osborn, int.Sept.29,1780.

Sally, and George Whitefield Martin, Apr.11,1797. [Aug.12. int.]*

William W., and Eliza B. Hadley of Lynn, Apr.25,1839.

BULLYCOME (Biddlecome)

Charles [Biddycome. int.], and Margaret Cook, May27,1815.*


Benjamin, and Mary Hamilton, certif. Nov.20,1779.*

Benjamin, and Sally Dalton, certif. Jan.1,1803.*

Benjamin B., and Margaret M. Collins, Aug.16,1825.*

Margaret M., Mrs., and Thomas Street, Sept.27,1831.*

Mary A., and Augustus C. Boden, at Boston, Sept.10,1839.*

Samuel, M.D., and Mary A. Ward, 1827 or 1828. [June2,1827. int.]*

Sarah D., and Moses Spiller, July22,1821.*


Elisha G. [of Boston. int.], and Nancy S. [T. int.] Ring, May11,1823.*

Eliza Jane, and James Branigan, June1,1848.*

Harriet N., and Daniel W. Foss, Oct.10,1841.*

Lyman, and Lydia Ann Warren, Oct.17,1841.*

Maria, and Augustine Caldwell, int.Sept.15,1839.

Rebecca, of Fairhaven, and Rev. George W. Kilton, int.Mar.23,1833. (Certificate Apr.7.)

BURBANK (Burbanke)

Abner, and Sally Bancroft, Oct.19,1806.*

Abner, and Elizabeth Ervin, Aug.9,1808.*

Anna L., and Nathaniel Kelly, jr., Apr.2,1840.*

Caleb, and Hannah Mathews, Dec.27,1808. [certif.CR12]*

Caroline, and William H. Hobbs, Apr.6,1848.*

David H., and Charlotte [A. int.] Eddy, Nov.5,1846.*

Eleazer, and Eunice Perkins, Dec.28,1806.*

Betsy, of Newburyport, and Charles W. Furnald, int.Dec.18,1830.

Elizabeth, and William O. Sides, July18,1832.*

Hannah, and John Scoble of Lowell, int.Feb.7,1835.

Jonathan M. [of Andover. int.], and Eliza Wellington, July29,1821.*

Joshua, and Sophia Bancroft, June28,1812.*

Matilda E., and Charles C. Walden, Nov.21,1841.*

Nathan [of Newburyport. int.], and Nancy Jones, Oct.11,1812.*

Nicholas L., s.Caleb and Mary E. Mowatt, July24,1849.*

Paul Jewett, and Elizabeth Webb, Apr.29,1810.*

Sally, and Joseph Tiplady, int.May16,1835.

Sarah, and F.A.H. Chamberline, int.Aug.8,1835.

Sarah, and Samuel L. Walker, both of Danvers, Nov.22,1840.

Sarah E., and S. Augustus Carlton, June7,1849.*

Silas, and Sarah Wellington, int.Dec.12,1829. (Certificate Dec.27.)

BURBANKE (Burbank)

Timothy, and Rebecka Darling, July3,1695.CTR

BURCH (Birch)

Sarah, and Thomas Fisk, both of Wenham, Dec.8,1748.

BURCHE (Birch)

Mary, and John Collins, Dec.3,1688.CTR

BURCHMORE (Birchmore)

Elizabeth, and John Hathorne, jr., Oct.3,1809.*

George, and Caroline M. Jepson, int.Nov.28,1847.

John, and Mary Berry, July4,1779.*

Polly, and John Foster, certif. Aug.3,1794.*

Mary, and Hazen Chamberlain, Nov.8,1812.*

Sally, and [Capt. int.] Joseph Ropes, certif. Feb.3,1801.*

Sarah M., and Francis Austin, Mar.1,1849.*

Stephen, and Hannah Dunham, Apr.末,1806.*

Stephen, jr., and Mary T[] Ward, June3,1835.*

Stephen, M., and Francis Austin, Mar.1,1849.*

Zachariah, and Mary Glover, Apr.26,1723.

Zachariah, and Hannah Leach, Apr.22,1746.*

Zacharias, jr., and Mary [] W. Pomroy, May2,1839.*

BURCHSTEAD (Burchsted)

Elizabeth W., of Beverly, and William W. Warren, Dec.8,1839.*

Emily S., of Beverly, and Benjamin Gallucia, int.Dec.15,1844.

Job, and Hannah Beesom, Dec.13,1829.*

Mary B., and Asa Fly of New Castle, ME, Aug.2,1840.*

BURCHSTED (Burchstead)

Joanna, of Lynn, and William Farrington, int.Dec.26,1800.

BURDEN (Burding)

Sally, and William Tufts, Nov.30,1806.*

William, and Sarah Palmer, Jan.24,1790.

BURDING (Burden, Burdon)

Henry W., of Danvers, and Elizabeth C. Thomas, int.Dec.1,1839.


David, and Abigail Nason, Aug.30,1785.

Edward P., of Newburyport, and Mary Ann [Mary E. int.] Warren, Nov.13,1838.*

Sarah, and Thomas Dean, certif. Oct.22,1813.*

BURDON (Burding)

John, and Abigail Moulton, Jan.13,1725-6.

BURGES (Burgess)

Polly, and Samuel Smith, June8,1794.*

Mary, and Moses Kimball, int.Oct.15,1808.

Mary, Mrs., and Timothy Meeke, Oct.30,1808. [certif.CR12]

Sarah [], of Danvers, and Samuel Field, at Danvers, Apr.22,1781.*

Susanna [], and Benjamin Clark of Gloucester, Apr.11,1787.*

William, and, wid.Mary Underwood, int.Sept.15,1832.

BURGESS (Burges, Burgis, Burgiss)

Althea S., and Henry Martin, int.June10,1849.

Caroline S., of Essex, and Jonathan C. Perkins, int.May14,1837.

James, and, wid.Mary Jordan, int.Jan.1,1831.

James [of Manchester. int.], and Lydia Newhall [Newall.CR4], Sept.28,1835.*

John, and Bethiah McNeil, int.July2,1785.

Peter, a.30y., mariner, s.James, and Elizabeth E. Getchell, a.19y., d.William P., Sept.9,1844.*

Susanna, and Timothy Holt, Aug.20,1797.*

William, and Mary Joseph, certif. Nov.6,1798.*

BURGIS (Burgess)

Sarah, and Daniel West, Oct.23,1796.

BURGISS (Burgess)

William, and Susanna Prat, Aug.25,1771.*

BURK (Burke)

William, and Sarah Clements, Dec.4,1738.

BURKE (Burk)

Charles, and Patty Ashby, Dec.31,1801.*

Charlotte, and William Dodge, 2d of Beverly, Apr.13,1841.*

Betsy [of], and Sylvester Kilham, Sept.25,1825.*

Israel H., and Sarah A. Teague, int.June14,1846.

Jane, and Charles H. Berry, int.Dec.24,1825.

Joseph, and Sukey Montgomery, int.Apr.22,1815.

Margaret, of Gardiner, ME, and Frederic Rowell, Dec.2,1838.*

Mercy, and William White, Aug.29,1779.*

Nancy, and Gideon Wilkins, Oct.2,1825. [Oct.1.PR164]*

Susan, see Barker, Susan.

Thomas, and, wid.Hannah Trasher, int.Jan.27,1787.

Thomas, and Jane W. Fisher, both of Georgetown, Feb.20,1848.

William [formerly of], and Mercy Masury, Dec.12,1769.*


Gideon, and Margret Roberson, int.Mar.10,1781.

Joseph, and Margaret A. Hamblin, int.Apr.15,1838.


Alfred, and Abigail Pousland, Jan.17,1842.

Alfred, and Mary E. Upton, int.Feb.4,1844.

Charlotte K., and John M. Warren of Brimfield, int.Aug.13,1848.

John, and Betsy Page of Antrim, NH, int.Jan.15,1814.

John, and Rachael T[] Briggs, July1,1830.*

John, widr., of Beverly, s.John and Huldah, of Beverly, and Mary Ingersoll, wid., d.Lewis and Mary Hunt, June2,1848.*

Josiah, and Sarah Blaisdel of Thomaston, ME, int.Oct.5,1845.

Levi, of Rockport, and Sarah Ann Larrabee, int.Nov.11,1849.

Susan E., and Cortland B. Stebbins of New York, int.May7,1837.

BURN (Burns)

John [Byrne.CR6], and Mary Brown, Sept.17,1797.*

Mary, and Benjamin Felt, certif. Dec.7,1775.*

Nicholus, and Elizabeth Cox, int.Nov.13,1779.

BURNAM (Burnham)

Margaret, of Sutton, and Richard Mower, at Sutton, Feb.10,1763.*


Isaak, and Hanna Antrum, 8:9m:1658.CTR

BURNE (Burns)

Joseph and, wid.Mary D. Smith, int.June29,1811.

BURNET (Burnett)

Mary [a.14ス y., d.Gov.PR83], and William Browne, in New York, Nov.14,1737.

BURNETT (Burnet)

Sara, and John Sothwick, 3:12m:1668.CTR


Christopher, see Barney, Christopher.

BURNHAM (Burnam)

Abigail [of], and John Reith, Apr.10,1825.*

Abigail, and Calvin Coffin, June27,1833.*

Ann, of Essex, and Nathaniel Loveland, int.July6,1833.

Ann B., and George Freeman [of], Oct.5,1834.*

Asa, and Elizabeth Giddings, Dec.19,1813.*

Catherine, and Samuel Randell, June10,1805.*

Eliza A., and William Hale, Oct.19,1848.*

Elizabeth, and Joshua Kimball, June12,1823.CR1*

Emily, and John Rollins of Danvers, Jan.8,1837.*

Eppes, and Nancy Hodges, May3,1832.*

Eunice S., and William Lufkin, June13,1842.*

Gorham [of Gloucester. int.], and Sally Baldwin, Jan.20,1822.*

Hannah, and Frederick Horn, both of Boston, Jan.16,1764.

Hannah G., of Essex, and Isaac Farnham, int.June18,1825.

Harriet N., and Richard Pease, Sept.27,1842.*

Ira C., of Lynn, and Marietta Barker, int.Jan.4,1834.

Isaac, and Abigail Woodbury, May14,1838.*

John, and Betsy Pitman [], May18,1800.*

John, and Margaret Downing of Danvers, certif. Aug.25,1805.*

John, and Sophia Jane Felton, Jan.17,1826.*

John Fisk, of Essex, and Mrs.Mehitable Gale, int.Nov.6,1836.

Joseph P., and Sarah H. Chandler, June30,1842.*

Josiah, jr., of Essex, and Susan Getchell, int.Apr.9,1837.

Maria E., and Joseph Perkins, jr., Nov.26,1833.*

Martha L., and Ebenezer Stanwood, Oct.20,1833.*

Mary, and Isaac Farnham, int.July19,1828.

Mary E. [], and Joseph Phipps, jr., Oct.13,1839.*

Mary Eliza, and Stephen B. Ives, jr.,末蔓末,1848.PR277

Rebecca, and Samuel Damon, Oct.31,1807.*

Rebecca D., of Ipswich, and Robert Manning, int.Nov.27,1824.

Richard, and Eliza Ann Caban [Hubon. int.], June8,1831.*

Ruth, and Richard Groves, Dec.14,1823.*

Samuel, and Lydia P. Cloutman, Feb.17,1829.*

Sarah E. [Susan], and Thomas Magoon, jr., June14,1831.*

Sarah J., and Charles Price, Sept.27,1842.*

Timothy D. [ame, of], and Hannah L. [S. int.] Twist, Oct.24,1830.*

William H., and Caroline C. Cole of South Andover, int.Sept.9,1849.

BURNS (Burn, Burne, Byrne, Byrns)

Hannah, and Gamaliel Hodges, int.May4,1816.

James [Byrne. dup.], and Alice Carey, int.Apr.27,1845. [June1,1845. dup.]

Jeremiah, and Nancy Peabody, July15,1840.*

John, and Nancy Melzard of Danvers, Feb.27,1823.

John, and Ann S. Harden, May22,1825.

John, and Bridget Downing, both b. Ireland, Oct.14,1849.*

Nancy [of], and James Thompson, Aug.末,1819. [Aug.14. int.]*

Patrick J., of New Bedford, and Bridget McCaffery, int.Oct.29,1848.

Peter, and Margaret Cummiskey, both b. Ireland, Jan.26,1847.*

Sally, and Samuel Phippen, Dec.2,1810.*

Thomas, and Mary Green, int.Dec.9,1849.


Ephraim [Barr, of Southport, CT,. int.], and Eliza L. Ball, Nov.11,1839.*

Joseph [of Orrington. int.], and Sally Procter, Mar.26,1797.*

BURRELL (Burrill)

Abyhaile, and Jonathan Browne, 28:4m:1664.CTR

Ann, and Solomon Stanwood, int.Nov.30,1816.

John M. [jr. int.], and Rhoda Grover, May22,1832.*

Sarah [Burrill, d.John and Lois, of Lynn.PR644], and John Pickering, jr., June14,1683.CTR

BURRILL (Burrell)

Alden, and [] Martha Harrington, Feb.12,1804.*

Alicia, and George Ward, Oct.25,1797.*

Anna, and Nathaniel Crafts, Nov.6,1808.*

Anna, and Joseph Strout [jr. int.], Sept.8,1816.*

Charles, and Abigail Robinson of Lynn, int.Dec.3,1803.

Ebenezer, and Mary Wyatt, int.Jan.4,1783.

Ebenezer, and Mary E. Batcheldor, Feb.23,1832.*

Ebenezer, and Mary Day, int.Apr.7,1844.

Eliza, and Edward Mitchell, Dec.末,1826.*

Elizabeth, Mrs.[], and Joseph Evelith, Nov.15,1801.*

Elizabeth, and David Robbins, Apr.末,1805.*

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Symonds, jr., certif. Sept.8,1811.*

Elizabeth, and Henry C. Clarke, Nov.25,1828.*

Eunice, and Franklin Gerry, Mar.5,1815.*

Ezra, and Elizabeth Mansfield, Oct.13,1795. [Oct.15.PR498]*

Hannah B., of Lynn, and William Brown, int.Apr.28,1839.

Joanna, and Henry Webb, Nov.末,1796.*

Joseph, and Darkis Newbury, Oct.28,1686.CTR

Josiah G., and Sarah Smith, June15,1817.*

Josiah S., trader, s.Josiah, deceased, and Eliza [] W. Wellman, June2,1844.*

Lois, and Joseph Phipps, Sept.21,1817.*

Loiza, and Samuel Kehew, jr., Apr.23,1823.*

Lydia [A. int.], and John Lewis of Boston, Sept.30,1810.*

Lydia, and Joseph Emerson [of], Apr.23,1811.*

Lydia Hamat, and John Rumney of Alexandria, DC,末蔓末,1814.

Lydia, and Daniel Currier, jr., of Manchester, Jan.15,1833.*

Mansfield, and Joanna Silsbee, Dec.1,1763.*

Mansfield [jr. int.], and Sarah Randell, May18,1794.*

Mary, [], and Marshal Stocker, Dec.4,1785.*

Mary, and Isaac Needham, jr., Apr.15,1810.*

Mary E. [], wid., and Addison Flint of Reading, Oct.3,1833.*

Mary E. [], and John H. Stone of Lynn, Oct.21,1838.*

Matilda, and Thomas B. Flowers, May16,1836.*

Nathan, of Lynn, and Hannah Stone, May18,1727.*

Ruth, and Jabez Allen of Boston, Jan.1,1824.*

Samuel, and Mary E. Foster, Mar.23,1825.*

Sarah, and Thomas Hunting of Boston, int.Oct.7,1820.

Sarah, and John Hunting, Nov.12,1820.

William, and Eunice Coffin, Mar.7,1790.*


Charles, and Elizabeth Marston, Oct.3,1706.

Betsy, and Jonas Parnel, certif. Sept.30,1801.*

Gyles, and Elizabeth McIntyre, Sept.2,1768.

Jonathan, and Martha Procter, int.July3,1742.

Judith C., and James F. Bates, Aug.21,1848.PR109

Mary, and John Dyer, Feb.7,1796.*

Mary, and James Dennis, int.Mar.18,1808.

Mary, and James Ryan, May7,1811.*

Prisscilla, and William Cummings, int.Dec.16,1802.

Priscilla, and John Clemonts, certif. Mar.11,1804.*

William, and Elizabeth Ingersoll, Apr.16,1728.

BURROWS (Borroughs, Burroughs)

Betsey, of Boston, and John Jones, int.May15,1832.

William, and Polly Johnson, May15,1793.*


Abigaill, and Benjamin Sowthick, Apr.25,1722.

Elizabeth, and Nathaniell Goldthwaite, June5,1705.

John, and Mary Dennis, Apr.23,1841.*

Rachel, and Joshua T. Frost, Jan.6,1828.*

Samuel G., and Judith Phillips, July22,1827.*

Thomas, and Mary Sothwick, 18:9m:1672.CTR

BURTEN (Burton)

Hanna, and William Osborne, Mar.17,1672-3.CTR

BURTON (Burten)

Abial, and Samuel Cook, Aug.22,1751.*

Benjamin, and Abial Meservy, Apr.6,1733.*

Elizabeth, and Christopher Demce, Oct.29,1724.

Henry, and Sarah Clark, int.Aug.2,1715.

Isaak, and Susanna Putnam, Nov.末,1709.CTR

John, of Topsfield, and Sarah Hervey, at Topsfield, Feb.7,1704-5.

John, jr., of Middleton, and Abigail Pain, May14,1734.*

Rebecca, and Isaac Reed, Feb.24,1736-7.*

Rhoada C., and Loren [Lorain. int.] Lavenseller, Jan.16,1825.*

Susanna [Buxton.CR1], and John Cook, 2d, Dec.1,1762.*

Thomas, and Elisabeth Barber, Feb.8,1784.*

Warren, widr., of Boston, clergyman, and Mary Merritt, d.David, Sept.18,1845.*

William, and Mary Joseph, int.July2,1785.


James, and Margaret Newcomb, Mar.25,1741.


An, and Phillip Rounday, Nov.末,1671.CTR

Benjamin, and Mary Hooper, Oct.23,1718.

Charles, and Mary Joseph, certif. Mar.18,1810.*

Charles, and Sarah Adams, June15,1833.*

Edward, and Mary Hide, Oct.16,1665.CTR

Edward, and, wid.Elizabeth Pitnam, Aug.1,1678.CTR

Elizabeth, and Thomas Searle, Apr.14,1697.CTR

Elizabeth, and William Crowel, May19,1724.

Elizabeth, and William Phippen, Apr.4,1744.*

John, and, wid.Abigail Wells, Dec.31,1769.*

John, and Sarah Mackentire, d.Robert, int.Feb.10,1772.

John, and Peggy March, Aug.23,1801.*

Mary, and John Masury, Apr.19,1739.*


Eli, of Danvers, and Mary Savage, int.Nov.27,1833.

John, and Sarah Brown, late of Danvers, Feb.6,1764.*

John, jr., of Danvers, and Besthey [] Symonds, at Danvers, Apr.30,1794.*


Angelett, and Robert C. Rich, Apr.22,1838.*

Susan N., and Daniel Floyd, jr. of Warner, NH, int.Mar.7,1835.

BUSHNEL (Bushnell)

John, and Rebecca MacCartey [], Sept.5,1780.*

Thomas, and Hanna Crowell, July16,1780.*

BUSHNELL (Bushnel)

Hannah, and William Gray, 4th, Oct.17,1790.*


Susanna, and Samuel Gray, at Boston, Apr.15,1695.


Eben, and Catherine M. Driver, Apr.16,1826.*


Daniel, and Rachel Needham, int.Oct.31,1730.

BUTEMAN (Butman)

Sarah, wid., and Bartholomew Arey, int.Oct.2,1779.

BUTLER (Buttler)

Caroline E., and Henry F. Brown, Nov.24,1846.*

Eliza [Elizabeth.CR1], and Elias Scotten, Nov.27,1783.*

Elizabeth, of Danvers, and Richard Phillips, at Danvers, May16,1775.*

Ephraim K. [of], and Lydia Orne, July15,1821.*

Hannah, and William Becket, Aug.24,1794.*

Hannah [], and Pinson Beckford, July23,1797.*

James [of Boston. int.], and Mrs.Mary Bowditch, Sept.8,1715.*

James, and Mrs.Betsy Fuller, Nov.23,1825.*

James, and Emeline Clark, Apr.28,1842.*

John, and Hannah Healey, Nov.20,1827.*

Mary, and Peeter Morrall, both late of Jersey, 27:7m:1675.CTR

Mary, Mrs.[d.Capt. Bowditch.PR31], "tradition says Miss Babbidge," and Samuel Barton, Dec.26,1723.

Mary, and Samuel Very of Danvers, int.Feb.10,1811.

Olive, and Atwater Phippen, Mar.20,1750.*

BUTMAN (Booteman, Bootman, Botman, Buckman, Bucknam, Buteman, Buttman)

Abigail, and John Wells, July15,1760.*

Anna, of Lynn, and Fenton Watson, int.Nov.26,1831. (Certificate Dec.2.)

Asa, and Betsy Creecy, Nov.3,1805.*

Asa, jr., and Sally Gray, May8,1806.*

Benjamin, of Beverly, and Elizabeth Marston, Dec.9,1725.

Benjamin, jr., and Sarah Wells, int.Dec.17,1774.

Benjamin, and Ruth Hacker, July6,1777.*

Elizabeth, and Robert Mackintire, Apr.19,1750.*

Elisabeth, and Henry Snoop [Shnupp. int.], Mar.23,1783.*

Elizabeth [], and Thomas Bell, July27,1834.*

Elizabeth, and Sylvester Procter of Danvers, int.May13,1849.

Esther, and Joshua French, Oct.12,1783.*

Hannah, Mrs., and Richard Willard, Oct.21,1714.*

Hannah, and Samuel Clemmons, Nov.25,1750.*

Joshua, and Nabby Procter of Danvers, int.May11,1805.

Luther C., s.Benjamin, and Mary Jane Gardner, Jan.21,1846.*

Mary N. [], and David Lewis [of Woburn. int.], Aug.7,1834.*

Mary E., and William L. [S. int.] Dockham, Nov.29,1849.*

Matthew, of Beverly, and Sarah Lambert, Jan.1,1755.*

Nehemiah, and Patty Mansfield, int.Feb.1,1794.

Nehemiah, and Ruth Ward, int.Aug.5,1820. (Further proceedings postponed, at their written request.)

Nehemiah W., and Mary N. Morong, Mar.3,1823.*

Sarah, and Joseph Rollings of Merrimac, NH, Oct.3,1756.PR78

Sara, and John Underwood, May22,1768.

Sally, and John Allen, Aug.24,1800.*

Thomas, and Polly Symonds, Mar.30,1800.*

Thomas, and Nancy Clarke, May1,1816.*

William, and Elizabeth Buffinton. int.Apr.16,1763.

William, and Betsy Dewing, Aug.14,1794.*

William, Capt., and Mary Dewing of Rutland, VT, int.Nov.24,1798.

William [of Rutland, VT,. int.] and [] Betsy Nutting, Jan.12,1804.*


Samuel B., and Ann A. Merritt, Jan.24,1833.*


Elizabeth P., and Noah Loud, Dec.末,1831.*

Hiram, and Rebecca Smith, int.Aug.15,1835.

Jemima, of Lowell, and Loami Coburn, int.Nov.12,1837.

Jonathan, and Harriet Trask, Apr.5,1837.*

Solomon, of Danvers, and Achsah W. Locklen, int.Sept.18,1842.

William, and Mary Ann Brant, Dec.31,1833.*


James, of Haverhill, and Helen Maria Shattuck, int.Mar.1,1846.

BUTTLER (Butler)

Edward, and Martha W. Cottle, Mar.9,1829.

BUTTMAN (Butman)

Benjamin, and Anne Rawlins, Nov.1,1750.*


Hanah, and Nathaniel Osgood, Mar.27,1710.*

John, and Hanna Gardner, 16:8m:1663.CTR

Mehitable, and Ebenezer Ward [jr. int.], Aug.10,1758.*

Priscilla, and John Lansford, Dec.6,1711.*

Priscilla, and Simon Willard, July25,1722.

Sarah, and John Allen, Nov.18,1713.*


Bartholomew [], and Remember Cox, Apr.24,1712.*

BUXSTON (Buxton)

Benjamin, jr., and Charity Mall, int.May30,1741.


Elizabeth, and Isaak Cooke, May3,1664.CTR

BUXTEN (Buxton)

Violet, of Beverly, and Cato Richardson, int.Dec.14,1782.

BUXTON (Buckstone, Buxston, Buxstone, Buxten)

Abigail, and Solomon Richardson of Middleton, May7,1741.*

Abigell, d.John, malster, and Abner Jones, s.John, of Amesbury, mason, Jan.11,1749-50.CR7

Abigail, of Danvers, and William Haskell, at Danvers, Aug.21,1791.*

Alice, d.Jonathan and Sarah, of Danvers, and Timothy Buxton of Danvers, s.David and Ruth, of Henniker, NH, 21:4m:1814.CR7

Amos, and Elizabeth Porter, Mar.25,1724-5.

Amos, and Mary Johnson, July9,1747.*

Anna, d.James, of Danvers, deceased, and Jacob Rowell, s.Philip, of Salisbury, yeoman, Jan.22,1761.CR7

Anthony, and Dorcas Gould, June1,1711.*

Bartholomew, and Keziah Pudney [] of Reading, at Reading, Mar.28,1732.*

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Hutchinson, May5,1724.

Daniel, and Rebeccah Fabins, certif. Oct.13,1773.*

Daniel, of Reading, and Rebecca Noyes, int.Feb.1,1818.

Daniel, and Anna Huntington, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth, of Weare, NH,末蔓末, [bef. 1820.]CR7

Daniel, and Martha G. Campbell of Bedford, NH, int.Oct.14,1826.

Dorcas, and John Giles, int.Dec.21,1728.

Dorcas, wid., and Edmond Faulkner of Andover, int.Aug.15,1730.

Edward, jr., of Danvers, and Lydia Maria Walton, int.May9,1847.

Eliza, see Baxton, Eliza.

Eliza M., and Hardy M. Shillaber, int.July4,1841.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Buxton, jr., int.Dec.19,1730.

Elizabeth, d.John, and Enoch Goodell, int.Nov.8,1746.

Elizabeth, and John Tapley, Feb.15,1749-50.*

Elisabeth, d.Jonathan, husbandman, and Ezekiel Fowler, blacksmith, s.Ezekiel, deceased, May9,1750.CR7

Elizabeth, d.Thomas, late of Danvers, deceased, and Sarah, and Benjamin Huntington of Weare, NH, yeoman, s.John, of Amesbury, yeoman, and Hannah, 14:10m:1780.CR7

Elizabeth, of Danvers [d.Jonathan and Sarah, of Danvers.CR7], and Newell Ordway of West Newbury [s.Thomas and Lydia of West Newbury.CR7], 16:4m:1840.

Emeline [of North Reading. int.], and Aaron Purbeck, jr., July13,1830.*

Enos, and Hannah Grinslate, Jan.24,1738-9.*

Esther, d.Jonathan, of Danvers, and Elizabeth, and Eleazer Pope, yeoman, s.Stephen, deceased, and Mary, 28:5m:1787.CR7

Esther, d.Henry, of Danvers, and Eleanor, and Soloman Varney, tanner, s.Shubael, of Dover, NH, and Sarah, 27:3m:1806.CR7

Esther S., and Thomas W. Brown, int.Apr.4,1847.

George, and Sarah Gladding, May29,1828.*

Hannah, and David Foster, Jan.13,1687.

Hannah, and Ebenezer Peel, Sept.10,1738.*

Hannah, d.Jonathan and Elizabeth, of Danvers, and Henry Buxton, jr., of Danvers, miller, s.Henry and Eleanor, of Danvers, 21:2m:1799.CR7

Hannah, d.Thomas, of Danvers, deceased, and Sarah, and Daniel Needham, tailor, s.Daniel, and Sarah, both deceased, 20:3m:1800.CR7

Hanna F., and Joshua P. Plummer, Sept.10,1829.*

Henry, and Eleanor Osborn,末蔓末, [bef. 1767.]CR7 [17:10m:1765.PR645]

Henry, jr., of Danvers, miller, s.Henry and Eleanor, of Danvers, and Hannah Buxton, d.Jonathan and Elizabeth of Danvers, 21:2m:1799.CR7

Henry, and Deborah [B.PR97] Saltmarsh, Oct.18,1827.*

Henry, and Mrs.Mary [C.PR97] Choate, int.Mar.24,1844. [m.Apr.15.PR97]

James, husbandman, and Elisabeth Woodward of Brookline, d.Thomas, deceased, Sept.16,1747.CR7

John, and Mary Small, Mar.30,1668.CTR

John, and Elizabeth Holton, 7:8m:1677.CTR

John, and Priscilla Lynn, Nov.26,1700.

John, jr., and Margaret Chick, Jan.1,1706-7.CTR

John, s.Joseph, and Elizabeth Buffum, d.Joshua, 12:9m:1723.CR7

John, and Marcy Osborn, both of Danvers, Oct.26,1759.

John, of Danvers, s.John and Mercy, dec., of Danvers, and Ruth Green of Weare, NH, d.Moses, dec., and Hannah, 25:8m:1831.CR7

Jonathan [jr. dup.], and Jane Hutchinson, Sept.8,1726.

Jonathan, yeoman, and, wid.Mary Collins, Dec.13,1753.CR7

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Cook, both of Danvers, June27,1757.

Jonathan, 3d, of Danvers, yeoman, s.Jonathan, of Danvers, and Elizabeth, and Sarah Osborn, d.Samuel, of Danvers, and Sarah, 15:5m:1794.CR7

Joseph, jr., and Elizabeth Buxton, int.Dec.19,1730.

Joseph, of Danvers, s.Thomas, of Danvers, deceased, and Sarah, and Dorcas Osborn, d.Paul, of Danvers, yeoman, and Abigail, 20:10m:1791.CR7

Joseph, of Danvers, s.Henry and Elenor, of Danvers, and Hannah Frye, d.William and Tamasin, 23:4m:1801.CR7

Joseph, jr., of Danvers, s.Joseph and Dorcas, of Danvers, and Lydia Shillaber, d.Jonathan and Esther, 20:6m:1822.CR7

Joseph, jr., and Catharine Davis, June2,1830.*

Joshua, of Danvers, s.Henry and Eleanor, of Danvers, and Mary Pope, d.Eleazer and Esther, 18:5m:1815.CR7

Liddea, and Joseph Smale, 26:10m:1672.CTR

Lydia, and Roger Derby, May末,1726.

Lydia, d.John, of Danvers, deceased, and William Huntington of Amesbury, husbandman, s.John, of Amesbury, deceased, Dec.17,1769.CR7

Mary, and John Cooke, Dec.28,1671.CTR

Mary, and Samuel Goodale, Dec.25,1697.

Mary, d.John, of Danvers, yeoman, deceased, and John Osborne, s.John, late of Danvers, yeoman, deceased, Jan.22,1761.CR7

Mary, d.Henry and Eleanor, deceased, of Danvers, and Stephen Nichols, s.Thomas, deceased, and Hannah, 19:4m:1821.CR7

Mary Ann, and Jonathan F. Carlton, May9,1832.*

Mercy, of Danvers, and Jonathan Shillaber, jr., int.Oct.13,1827.

Nancy F., and William J.C. Hobbs, of Lynn, Mar.16,1837.*

Paul, s.David and Ruth, of Heniker, and Lydia Page, d.Johnson and Lydia, of Heniker,末蔓末, [bef. 1825.]CR7

Paul, jr., of Danvers, and Judith Reed, int.Sept.4,1831. (Certificate Sept.22)

Phoebe, and James Brown [jr. int.], May13,1798.*

Rachel, and Joseph Fuller, Apr.10,1711.*

Rachel, and John Putnam, Mar.26,1717.

Rebecca, and Charles Hunley, int.June16,1781.

Samuel, and Elizabeth Hanson of Dover, int.Jan.7,1715-16.

Samuel, of Danvers, and Ruth Hobbs, Jan.25,1807.*

Sarah, and Thomas Darling, Apr.27,1704.

Sarah, d.Jonathan and Sarah, of Danvers, and Benjamin Huntington of Danvers, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth, of Weare, NH, 29:5m:1823.CR7

Tamby F., and Daniel C. Haskell, int.Oct.10,1835.

Thomas, s.John, malster, and Sarah Purintun, d.Daniel, of Mendon, husbandman, Jan.19,1748-9.CR7

Thomas, of Danvers, and Abigail Barker, Feb.23,1826.*

Timothy, of Danvers, s.David and Ruth, of Henniker, NH, and Alice Buxton, d.Jonathan and Sarah, of Danvers, 21:4m:1814.CR7

BYARD (Byerd)

Robert, and Abigail Glover, Nov.16,1763.*

BYERD (Byard)

Joseph, and, wid.Susanna [], Jackson, certif. Oct.4,1800.*


John, "heretofore of Portsmouth, in Great Britain, now for about five months last past resident at Salem," and Abigail Sarl, int.Nov.25,1769.

BYRNE (Burns)

Bridget, and Dennis White, int.Dec.16,1849.

Clifford, and Margaret Whitefoot, Mar.19,1769.

Clifford C. [jr. int.], and Mehitable Patterson, Dec.27,1795.*

Clifford C., and Harriet Glover of Beverly, Oct.30,1836.*

Edward, and Sally Gale, June8,1788.*

Elizabeth, and William Stickney, Jan.23,1803.*

Betsey [Bryant. int.], and Robert Hodgden, Dec.15,1808.*

Hannah, and Joseph Warren Williams, int.July13,1805.

Hannah, wid., and James Cunningham, Apr.26,1822.*

James, and Mehitable Yell, June20,1790.*

James, b. Ireland, and Ellen Rogers, Aug.9,1847.*

John, and Mary Crowninshield, Dec.25,1746.*

John, and Mary Manning, May18,1799.*

John, and Eunice Webster, June20,1805. [Aug.5,1804.PR343]*

Margaret, and George Felt, Jan.28,1822.*

Mehitable [], and Samuel Taylor [of], Nov.30,1800.*

Nicholas, and Sarah Dalrymple, Aug.31,1806.*

Tarrant, and, wid.Hannah Tatum, certif. June9,1796.*

BYRNS (Burns)

Sally, and John F. Holman, May10,1807.*


Frederic A., and Eunice D. Downing, Nov.19,1837.

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