HABURN (Hoburn)

William, and Priscilla Mackintire, int.Jan.14,1775.


Bethia, and Isaac Fitch, Jan.29,1696-7.CTR

Bethiah, and John Darland [Darling.CTR], int.17:9br:1709. [Dec.21.CTR]

Bethiah, and Nathaniel Langley of Boston, Nov.11,1734.*

Bethiah, and John Lovel, int.Sept.5,1772.

Bethia, and Solomon Webber, Mar.24,1777.*

Deborah, and John Lambert, Apr.16,1769.

Elizabeth, and William Callum, Sept.10,1716.

Elizabeth, wid., and Daniel West, Nov.19,1744.*

Elizabeth, and John Leach [jr. int.], July30,1758.*

Eunice, and Joseph Basset, 1:10m:1737.PR5

George, and Bethiah Meachum, lst week Sept., 1672.CTR

George, jr., and Elizabeth Brown, Nov.10,1730.*

Ibrook, and Elizabeth Williams, Aug.4,1709.*

Ibruck [Ibrook. int.], and Elizabeth Kilcup, Dec.28,1732.*

Isaac, and Hannah Pope, Nov.25,1714.*

Isaac, s.Jeremiah, s.Isaac and Hannah, and Lydia Smith, d.John and Mary, 6:7m:1750.CR7

Isaac, jr., and Mehitable Berry, certif. May17,1795.*

Isaac, jr., and Betsy Lambert, int.Dec.23,1815.

Isaiah, and Anna Hazen Brown of Dover, NH,末蔓末, [bef. 1820.]CR7

Jeremiah,shoreman, and Anne Southwick, d.Joseph, of Danvers, tanner, Apr.7,1765.CR7

Lydia, d.Jeremiah and Lydia, "his late dife, deceased," and John Winslow of Falmouth, Cumberland Co., blacksmith, s.Nathan, late of Falmouth, deceased, and Charity, 22:6m:1780.CR7 [June2.PR204]

Margaret, and Joseph Humphry, int.Aug.2,1774.

Margaret, and John Masury, Dec.27,1776.*

Ruth, and John Salisbury, int.Dec.31,1775.

Ruth, and Benjamin Butman, July6,1777.*

Sarah, and John Daltin, Feb.24,1700.

Sarah, d.Isaac, cordwainer, and Joseph Buffum, blacksmith, s.Robert, blacksmith, Apr.15,1736.CR7

William, and Ruth Cox, Jan.27,1734-5.*

William Estes, s.Isaac and Anna, deceased, and Nancy Shove, d.Squiers and Esther, of Danvers, 20:5m:1813.CR7

HACKET (Hackett)

Isaac, and Betsey Browne of Ipswich, int.Aug.22,1801.

HACKETT (Hacket)

Henry, and Martha B. Richardson, int.Jan.24,1847.

HADEN (Hayden)

Richard, and Mary Hambleton, int.Mar.6,1779.


Eliza B., of Lynn, and William W. Bullock, Apr.25,1839.

George S., and Mary E. Brown, int.May6,1849.

Louisa J., of Dunbarton, NH, and Daniel Varney, Feb.19,1833.*

Rachel, and Joseph Cummings, Nov.30,1774. [Nov.20.CR1]*

Willis, and Mary Tuck, May16,1824.*

HADLOCK (Hadlocke)

James, s.James, and Abigaile Martin, Dec.3,1679.CTR

John, and Sarah Pasque, Jan.16,1694.CTR

HADLOCKE (Hadlock)

James, and Rebeca Hutheson, May末,1658.CTR


John, and Johana Hassett, both of Lynn, both b. Ireland, May21,1848.


Bridget, and John Lahee, both b. Ireland, Oct.11,1849.*


William, Rev., of Boston, and Mary B. Moriarty, Oct.12,1831.*

HAINES (Haynes)

John K., and Mrs.Martha H. Smith, Nov.12,1837.*

John K., and Cordelia H. Vivian of Vassalboro, ME, int.Dec.23,1849.

Joseph, and Patty C. [G. int.] Dwinnell, Sept.11,1806.*

Joseph, of Ipswich, and Ellen Regen, int.Jan.8,1843. (Stopped in pencil.)

Sara, and Moses Ebborne, 9:7m:1671.CTR

Thomas, and Sarah Ray, 15:10m:1676.CTR

HALE (Hales)

Anna, of Beverly, and William Bartlett of Marblehead, Sept.17,1740.

Benjamin, and Betsy Moses, Oct.9,1806. [certificate Oct.19.CR12]*.

Bradstreet, of Gloucester, and Betsy Beckford [Bickford.CR12], Nov.30,1792. [certif.CR12]*

Elisabeth [jr. int.], of Beverly, and Benjamin Ives, jr., at Beverly, Oct.12,1743.*

Elizabeth, and Hugh Pike, int, Oct.28,1820.

Harriet S., of Haverhill, and Augustus M. Coburn, int.May12,1839.

Henry, and Sarah W. Appleton, Oct.3,1833.*

John, and Sara Foster, Sept.8,1763.*

John, and Nancy Peirce, Jan.21,1819.*

Joseph, and Eunice Chute of Byfield, int.Aug.23,1806.

Joseph, and Mary Downing [of Danvers.int.], at Danvers, Apr.末,1836.*

Lydia, of Newburyport, d.Moses, deceased, and Pemberton Hale, widr., housewright, Sept.9,1845.*

Mary, and Henry Cooke, last of 7m:1678.CTR

Mary, and Edward Putnam, June14,1681.CTR

Mary, of Boxford, and Retiah Bacon, int.Feb.27,1740-41.

Mary, and Samuel W. Stickney, Aug.29,1836.*

Moses, of Newbury, and Mary More, Nov.21,1763.*

Nancy, Mrs., and Henry Patterson, int.July13,1833.

Orra Ann, and George Dodge, Jan.30,1827.*

Patrick M., a.27y., s.末末, of Ireland, and Bridget McNulty, a.25y., May6,1844.

Pemberton, and Martha Ford, Oct.11,1830.*

Pemberton, widr., housewright, and Lydia Hale of Newburyport, d.Moses, deceased, Sept.9,1845.*

Sara, and Edward Seawell, July3,1671.CTR

Sally, and Benjamin Downing, certif. Oct.31,1797.*

William H., and Mary E. Crowell [of Danvers.int.], Aug.29,1843.*

William, and Eliza A. Burnham, Oct.19,1848.*

HALES (Hale)

Dorcas, and Matthew Kelly, Sept.20,1785.*

George, and Dorcas Eden, Apr.2,1780.*

HALEY (Haly)

Martha R., and Samuel B. Hammond, mariner, Oct.16,1844.*

Nancy, and Simon W. Draper, both of Boston, Aug.27,1843.

Sarah, d.William, and Augustus Rogers, Dec.22,1844.*

Shillaber, and Lavina Pitcher, Oct.19,1834.*

Shillaber, and Mary Ann Evans, Sept.5,1842.*


末末, and Herbert Harthorne, July31,1799.PR79

Ami, of Lexington, and Eliza Crandall, Apr.21,1834.*

Daniel, jr., and Rhoda Dame, Apr.21,1831.*

Eliphalet, and Elizabeth C. Briggs, May末,1831.*

Elizabeth, and Calvin Goodwin, both of Danvers, May2,1849.

Hannah, and John Abbot, certif. June25,1796.*

Israel, and, wid.Mary Stevens, int.Nov.8,1794.

Israel Ober, and Abigail Taylor, Sept.22,1811.

John, and Mary Smith, int.July24,1779.

John F., and Elvira Boynton,末蔓末,1826. [Nov.18. int.]*

John, and [Mrs.int.] Sophronia Sherman, Dec.1,1842.*

John P.S., and Mary E. Crandell, int.Feb.18,1844.

Joseph F., and Eliza H. Messer, int.Oct.26,1833.

Lucy, and Cornelius Henrickson, Aug.5,1839.*

Lydia, and Moses Pettingill, Mar.23,1823.*

Margaret, and William Holmes, int.Sept.7,1782.

Martha, and Henry Skerry, jr., Oct.26,1809.*

Martha, wid., a.46y., d.末末 Ellison, and Charles Kehew, a.39y., laborer, s.Paul, deceased, Mar.30,1846.*

Mary [late of Portsmouth.int.], and Thomas Duckingfield, certif. Jan.22,1774.*

Mary, and Thomas Barker, Sept.7,1806.*

Mary C., and William Dedman, Dec.8,1816.*

Mary, Mrs., and John S. Bright, int.May13,1849.

Nancy, and Joel Benning [Bruning. int.], Nov.26,1829.*

Rachel, Mrs., and Francis P. Ashton, Dec.5,1819.*

Richard, and Sara Smith, Mar.14,1780.*

Samuel, and Sally Smuthers, int.May3,1806.

Samuel E., of Boston, and Martha F. Boyd, int.June27,1814.

Sarah B., and Rev. George D. Boardman [of New Sharon, ME. int.], July3,1825.*

Spence, and Mary Cottee [Cottel. int.] Obear, Dec.20,1781.*

Spence, and Rachel Gwinn, Nov.12,1809.*

Stephen, and Margaret Magraw, Mar.6,1777.*

Stephen W., and Louisa P. Williams, Jan.20,1836.*

Susanna, and Francis Cook, Apr.13,1780.*

William, and Margaret Byrn Felt, July27,1812.*

William, and Sally Phippen [wid.int.], Mar.21,1824.*

William H., and Martha J. [P. int.] Dowst, Nov.26,1846.*

Worthin, and Polly D. Lovewell of Nashua, NH, int.July16,1837.

HALLESEY (Hallesy)

Ellen, and Daniel Casey, int.Oct.8,1840.

HALLESY (Hallesey)

John, and Elizabeth Fitzgerald, int.Dec.29,1844.


William, and Ann Faulkner, both b. Ireland, Apr.19,1849.*


Lucy [O. int.; OHalloran.CR14], and Edward [O. int.] Rielly [ORielly.CR14], May20,1837.*


Mehitabel C., of Lynn, b. Lynn, d.末末 of Lynn, and John B. Peirce, widr., s.Henry B., May11,1846.*

HALY (Haley)

Lidea, and Peeter Cheevers, 19:2m:1669.CTR

Rachel, of Cambridge, and Antipas Steward, int.July31,1773.


Elias, and Jane Abbot, int.Nov.30,1833.

Francis, and Tamson B. Shaw, Sept.25,1834.*

Hannah A., and George D. Law, Mar.1,1846.*

James H., of Woburn, and Martha Buckman, int.Oct.7,1849.

Josiah L., and Mary A. Ware, int.Dec.14,1845.

Lane [Josiah Lane. int.], and Mary Clarke, Feb.15,1833.*

Mark W., and Ruth F. Shaw, int.Sept.11,1836.

Mark W., and Olivia Lovering, int.Sept.29,1840.

Mary Ann, and James M. Shorburn of Middleton, int.Jan.16,1848.

Moses, and Eliza Civit, June15,1817.*

HAMBLEDON (Hamilton)

Margaret, and Nicholas B. Monarck, int.Nov.25,1838 ("Stopd by C. Clerk, he having a wife now living. ")

HAMBLET (Hamlet)

Phillip A., and Malvina L. Martin, int.Jan.10,1841.

HAMBLETON (Hamilton)

Alexander, and.Mary Carryl, Oct.12,1727.*

Hannah, wid., and James Kenyon, certif. Nov.15,1795.*

Mary, and Richard Haden, int.Mar.6,1779.

Mary, and James Ford, June25,1797.*

Richard [Hamilton. int.], and Mary Green [of Danvers.int.], certif. Apr.10,1782.*

Robert [Hamilton. int.], and Grace Bowden, Aug.14,1791.*


Elijah L. [A. dup.], Esq., of Columbia, ME, and Eliza B. Choate, Oct.16,1825.*

Margaret A., and Joseph Burkley, int.Apr.15,1838.

Mary, and John Wright, Mar.18,1835.*

Thomas, and Mrs.Mary Durick, Dec.18,1811.*


Esther, and John Falem, Nov.19,1786.

HAMILTON (Hambledon, Hambleton, Hamblinton)

Alexander [Hambleton. int.], and Martha Pease, May20,1754.PR78*

Alexander, and Esther Cummings, Nov.30,1777.*

Alexander, and [Mrs.int.] Mary Joplin, Mar.26,1815.*

Alfred, of Boston, and Eliza H. Whitney, Nov.11,1828.*

Benjamin T., and Lois A. Mason of Andover, int.Dec.9,1849.

Charles, and Hanna Wallis, Sept.25,1777.*

Charles, and Joanna Herrick [of Beverly.int.], Aug.23,1798. [Aug.2.CR1]*

Elizabeth, and William Joplin, certif. Jan.末,1785.*

Joanna, and Thomas Waters, Mar.31,1800.*

John C., and Nancy Clark, June5,1845.*

Margaret, and Bloomfield Wilson, Apr.18,1848.*

Mary, and Richard Crispin, Feb.15,1731-2.*

Mary, and John West, mariner, int.May28,1774.

Mary, and Benjamin Bulson, certif. Nov.20,1779.*

Nancy, and Benjamin Stone, June3,1804.*

Sally, and Peter Roderick, Sept.21,1820.*

HAMLET (Hamblet)

Philip S[now.PR241], and Eliza [Elizabeth.PR241] Dove, July14,1807.*


Ann, and Joshua Phippen, 2d m., May5,1825.PR581

HAMMON (Hammond)

Adeline, and James Atkins, Oct.10,1817.*

Eleanor, and John Laskin, both of Marblehead, Mar.24,1746.

HAMMOND (Hammon, Hammonds, Hamond)

Abigail, and Benjamin Beadle, Apr.9,1713.*

Abigail [of Ipswich.int.], and Joseph S. Swasey, May9,1822.*

Abigail, and Aaron Holmes of Lynn, Jan.18,1836.*

Augustus, of Danvers, and Mary Ann Carter, int.July5,1828.

Augustus, and Eliza S. Millet, int.Aug.23,1846.

Clarissa, and Ephraim Skerry, Mar.2,1812.*

Daniel, and Mary Tuttle, Mar.1,1818.*

Eliza [Elizabeth.int.] G., and Richard M. Waitman[Wortman], Sept.30,1834.*

Elizabeth D., and George Hayes, Feb.4,1844.*

Hannah [wid.int.], and Joseph Bishop, Nov.17,1793.*

Hannah C., of Cherry Hill, and Robert G. Lee, int.May17,1840.

Jeduthan, and Hannah Homans, Dec.23,1804.*

John Leonard, and Ruth Lander, July23,1780.*

John L. [eonerd.int.], and Judith Carroll, Oct.19,1806. [Oct.18.PR227]*

John V. [incent. int.], and Rebecca Hanover, Dec.21,1806.*

John B., and Nancy Ashby, Aug.2,1807.*

John, and Abigail Leach, Feb.13,1812.*

John D., and Caroline R. Potter [of Hamilton. int.], July2,1843.*

Joseph, and Mary C. Hammond, Mar.18,1832.*

Margaret M., and Henry Vollore [Vollery.int.], Feb.18,1817.*

Martha R., and Eppes Cogswell, jr., int.Aug.22,1847. [m.Sept.9.PR205]

Mary, C., and Joseph Hammond, Mar.18,1832.*

Mary, and Charles C. Jelly, Mar.13,1834.*

Mary, and Richard M. Wortman, Dec.26,1841.*

Nancy, and Samuel Randall, Dec.18,1808.*

Philip, and Adeline Swann, Nov.18,1828.*

Phinias, and Hannah Smothers, int.Oct.23,1779.

Rachael, and Philip DeCruze, int.Nov.15,1823.

Rebecca, and Henry Hill, Dec.5,1819.*

Rebecca, and William Robinson, Apr.6,1837.

Ruth, and John Collins, Jan.25,1784.

Samuel B., mariner, and Martha R. Haley, Oct.16,1844.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Woodin, int.Apr.14,1742.

Sukey, of Danvers, and Benjamin Wardwell, at Danvers, Oct.20,1797.*

Susan, and Nathaniel Ashby,末蔓末,1826. [Nov.11. int.]*

Thomas A., and Lydia Curtis [wid.int.], Feb.29,1824.*

William [of Marblehead.int.], and Hannah A [dams.int.] Britton, June11,1821.*

William C., and Harriet G. Quimby, June17,1839.*

HAMMONDS (Hammond)

Hannah, and Samuel F. McIntire, certif. Jan.15,1804.*

HAMOND (Hammond)

William, and Abigail Carroll, Mar.3,1805.*


Benjamin, and Polly Richardson, certif. May13,1807.*

John, and [Mrs.int.] Hannah Ellison, Dec.1,1842.*

Ruthy, and Benjamin Daniels, int.Dec.1,1798.

HANDLY (Handy)


Ancilla, and Thomas Sears, Sept.14,1780.*


Fanny, and Dennis Moores, int.Oct.6,1813.

Fanny [Handly.int.], and Dennis Moore, Sept.9,1815.*

Joseph [John.CR11], and Margaret Mackay, Aug.1,1762.

HANES (Haynes)

Thomas, and Sally Roundy, July23,1809.*


Ann, of Charlestown, and William Thornton, at Boston, Aug.17,1697.


Edward, of London, mariner, s.Roger, deceased, and Hope Borden, late of Barbadoes, d.Joseph, of Barbadoes, merchant, deceased, Mar.26,1712.CR7

HANNAVAN (Hanovan)

Honora, and William Sculley, July14,1839.*


Daniel, and Hannah Murray, int.Jan.1,1780.

Daniel, and Mary Hiers, Apr.26,1804.*

HANNOVER (Hanover)

Sarah, and Charles Hunley, int.May22,1779.

HANOVAN (Hannavan)

Honora [Mary, of Lynn. int.], and William Higgins, Apr.29,1838.*

HANOVER (Hannover)

Hannah B., and Thomas Cloutman, May25,1814.*

Rebecca, and John V. [incent. int.] Hammond, Dec.21,1806.*

HANSCOM (Hanscomb)

James, and Ruth Pickworth, Feb.20,1803.*

James, and Martha D. [ennis.int.] Stanwood, Apr.22,1827.*

HANSCOMB (Hanscom, Hunscom, Hunscomb)

Mary A[nn. int.], and James Stetson, Oct.10,1848.*

Sally, and James Pratt, Dec.23,1810.*

HANSHAW (Henshaw)

Sally, wid., and Andros Laranteen, int.Nov.末,1807. (Forbid.)


Aaron [of Charlestown. int.], and Hannah Francis, Sept.22,1831.*

Abigail F., and Benjamn Larcom of Beverly, June2,1839.*

Ann E., and Rev. Rufus K. Sewall [of Burlington. int.], Nov.21,1843.*

Benjamin, of Dover, and Elizabeth Trask, Nov.26,1701.

Benjamin, of Dover, and Abigail King, int.Oct.21,1732.

Daniel W., and Mehitable Woodbridge, July3,1836.*

Daniel, and Elizabeth Gamage, Oct.20,1840.*

Elijah A., and Mrs.Margaret Mogridge, Aug.22,1836.*

Elizabeth, of Dover, and Samuel Buxton, int.Jan.7,1715-16.

John, and Mary Ann Whittier, Sept.14,1834.*

John A., of Boston, and Emily R. Farnham, d.P.J., Nov.23,1846.*

John B., and Mary E. [G. int.] Mullen, Apr.12,1849.*

Joseph, and Sarah Cheever, int.Oct.16,1836.

Joseph H., and Sarah Ann Slocum, Apr.29,1841.*

Luther C. [of Manchester. int.], and Emily E. Millett, Sept.5,1847.*

Mahala B. [D., of Ossipee, NH. int.], and George H. Smith, jr., Jan.31,1849.*

Mercy W., and Ebenezer Pope of Marblehead, int.Jan.31,1835.

Paul, and Lydia S. Berry of Montville, ME, int.June16,1844.

Robert, and Merriam 末末, 28:8m:1782.PR242

Robert, and Anna 末末, 23:8m:1796.PR242

Susan, Mrs., 2d m.[of Marblehead.int.], and Henry C. Clark, Dec.28,1848.*

Tamma [Hamson.PR597], and John S. Sibley, June24,1838.*

Thomas, and, wid.Mary Robisson, June3,1669.CTR

Thomas, of Piscataqua, and Margaret Maule, 9:8m:1701.CR7

Tobias, and Sukey Adams, Nov.26,1807.*

Tobias, and Margaret Pairt of Manchester, int.Feb.9,1833.


John, and Sarah Lapthorn, certif. July16,1785.*

John, and, wid.Hannah Holman, Mar.1,1792.*


Michael E., and Mary Moores, Oct.8,1810.

HARADEN (Harraden)

Andrew, and Lydia Griffin, Sept.28,1757.PR146

Andrew, jr., and Augusta C. Obear, Nov.13,1834.*

Jonathan, and Peggy Donaldson, certif. July19,1802.*

Jonathan, and Sally [Sarah.PR244] Henfield, Oct.24,1805.*.

Lydia Ann, and Benjamin H. [alc. int.] Ives, Oct.29,1833.*

Martha E., of Lynn, and Amos J. Smith, int.Mar.19,1843.

Mary, and Henry Derby, Nov.5,1833*

Sarah H[ardy.int.], and William S. Rose, Oct.25,1832 [Oct.24.PR146]*

Stephen, and Rachel Bancroft, June11,1811.*

Timothy, and Abigail Flint, Nov.8,1807.*

HARBART (Herbert)

William [Harbert. int.], and Elizabeth Lull, of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Nov.23,1732.*

HARBERT (Herbert)

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Fowler of Ipswich, int.Jan.17,1735-6.

HARBURT (Herbert)

Elizabeth, and David Foster, int.Nov.18,1732.


Jehial, and Abigail Gavett, May4,1820.*

HARDEN (Harding)

Ann S., and John Burns, May22,1825.

Mary, and Patrick Kelly, int.Oct.16,1828.


Edward [Hartford.int.], b. Ireland, and Nancy Driscoll [of Lynn. int.], Aug.22,1847.*

HARDIE (Hardy)

Mary, of Beverly, and Samuel Hayward, at Beverly, June15,1699.

HARDIN (Harding)

Anna, and Benjamin Stacey, both of Salem Village, at Marblehead, Nov.30,1688.

HARDING (Harden, Hardin, Hawden)

David [Hardy.int.], and Margaret Walsh [Welsh.int.], July3,1828.*

Henry, of Medway, and Sally Pickering, Mar.16,1813.*

Margaretta E., of Springfield, and William O. White, int.Sept.10,1848.

Mary [Polly Whipple.PR269], of Hamilton, and Nathaniel Frothingham, int.Sept.6,1806. [m.Oct.4.PR269]


John, and, wid.Elizabeth Joseph, certif. June18,1782.*

Polly, and Peter Perry, int.Jan.16,1802.

Mary, and John D. Geperest [Gebherit. int.], certif. May21,1803.*


William, and Mehitable Crispin of Danvers, Dec.21,1784.

HARDY (Hardie, Hardye)

Abner H. [jr., of Westboro. int.], of Woburn, and Louisa A. Dunklee, Aug.29,1847.*

Augustus, and Elizabeth Ann Edwards, int.Sept.25,1842.

Bailey, of Bradford, and Ursula L. Knapp, int.Jan.22,1825.

David, see Harding, David.

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Pickman, July27,1667.CTR

Elizabeth, and Robert Stone, Dec.25,1712.*

Elisabeth, of Andover, and John Laman Mathews, at Andover, Feb.3,1791.*

Hannah, of Newburyport, and William King, int.Oct.16,1824.

Joseph, jr. [s.Joseph and Martha.PR303], and Mary Grafton [d.John.CTR], July25,1678.

Joseph, and Sarah Pickering, June25,1707. [July17.PR223]*

Lydia, and Edmond Henfeild, Oct.21,1742.*

Martha, and Benjamin Goodhue, Feb.25,1730-31.*

Mary, and Edmond Feveryear, June6,1688.

Niles T., of Bradford, and Isabella B. Knapp, int.Jan.22,1825.

Ruth, and Ezekiel Upton [of Reading. int.], Jan.23,1711-12.*

Ruth, and Benjamin Ropes, Mar.27,1746.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Mansfeild, Feb.21,1733-4.*

Sarah [Seeth.int.], and Nathaniel Phippen [jr. int.], Oct.14,1734.*

Seeth, d.Joseph, and Nathaniel Phippen, Oct.16,1736.

Sylvester, and Sarah Read, int.July18,1841.

Temple, and Sally Chapel, May8,1814.*

Temple, jr., and Mary A. Reeves, Aug.9,1835.*

Thomas, of Danvers, and Hannah Goldthwaite, int.Aug.6,1843.

William, and Mary F. Parsons, Nov.5,1840.*

William, and Ann Maria Richardson of Hollis, NH, int.Mar.19,1843.

HARDYE (Hardy)

James, and Ruth Marsh, June20,1687.CTR


Elizabeth, and Noah Hobart, Oct.17,1802.*

Patrick, and Elizabeth Savage, May13,1781.*

Sally S., and Benjamin Ruee, Dec.1,1816.

HARLOW (Harlowe)

Susan Ann B. [reed.int.], and George Ross, at Gloucester, Nov.24,1842.*

HARLOWE (Harlow)

Margaret, of Ipswich, and Richard C. Mason, int.Mar.5,1807.


John, and Mary Browne, int.Aug.18,1732.


Abigail [Harvey.dup], and John Pain, June27,1705.

George B., see Varnet, George B.

Martin, and Elizabeth Rhodes, June9,1793.*

HARRADEN (Haraden, Harridon)

Abby J. [I.CR5], and James B. King, Sept.19,1837.*

George [of Lynn. int.], and Susan Markoe, Sept.16,1835.*

Hannah, and [Capt. int.] John Ropes [jr. int.], Dec.11,1787.*

Jonathan, and Hannah Deadman, June8,1767.

Jonathan [Capt. int.], and Eunice Mason [wid.int.], Mar.11,1782.*

Jonathan, Capt., and Mrs.Mary Scallam, Oct.12,1797.*

Polly, and [Dr. int.] Thomas Pickman, Nov.28,1802.*

Stephen, and Mary Stocker, int.Jan.7,1844.

Stephen, widr., mariner, and Ann Rose, Dec.25,1844.*

HARRAN (Herron)

William, and Sally Waitt, May12,1808.*

HARRIDON (Harraden)

Jane, and William Felt, int.Oct.14,1780.

HARRIMAN (Herriman)

Susannah, and Jacob Putnam, July末,1735.

HARRINGTON (Herrington)

Augustus, of Danvers, and Susan L. Watkins, Apr.30,1848.*

Charles, of Danvers, and Mary Knight, int.May25,1845.

Elisha, and Martha Stocker, Dec.22,1793.*

Emeline, of East Cambridge, and Benjamin Brown Reed, int.Oct.31,1829. (Certificate Nov.15.)

Jonas, see Farrington, Jonas.

Joseph Allen [of Sheepscot. int.], and Mary Gunnerson, May13,1784.*

Katharine, of Watertown, and Jacob Sanderson, int.Apr.7,1781.

Leonard B., and Margaret G. Hersey of Roxbury, int.Dec.25,1830. (Certificate Jan.19,1831.)

Martha [wid.int.andCR1], and Alden Burrill, Feb.12,1804.*

Martha [W. int.], and Josiah A. Obier, Sept.26,1816.*

Ruth, and Richard Downing [of Danvers.int.andCR12], certif. Oct.14,1809.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Willis, July1,1821.*

William, and Priscilla Shove, Oct.4,1801.

William [H. int.], and Abigail B. Higbee, Sept.27,1841.*

HARRIS (Harrist)

Abigail, and William T. Morse, at Fitchburg, May3,1844.*

Daniel and Elizabeth Dodge, July1,1810.PR252

Daniel S., and Sarah Jane Vent, int.May15,1836.

Daniel M., and Nancy N. [W. int.; m.PR252] Davis, Jan.11,1844.*

David T., of New York, and Eliza Babbidge, Aug.末,1831.*

Dorothy, and Joseph Woodbery [jr. int.] of Manchester, at Manchester, Feb.5,1754.*

Eliza, and Jacob Lendall, 1827 or 1828. [Feb.17,1827. int.]*

Eliza, and Moses Gowell, June26,1830. [July26.CR12]*

Betsy, of Ipswich, and Jonathan Richards, int.Nov.2,1805.

Emiline E. [A. int.], and Isaac W. Shannon, Jan.27,1833.*

George O. [liver. int.] of New York, and Mary J. [ones.int.] Colman, July11,1837.*

Hannah, of Exeter, and Samuel Jones, int.Jan.25,1772.

Hannah, and Joseph Hunt, Oct.22,1841. [Oct.21.PR88]*

James, and Lucy Ann Kelleran, May10,1829.PR250

James, jr., clerk [trader. dup.], s.James, and Mehitable F. Brown, Oct.18,1848. [Oct.17. dup.]*

Jane [resident of Salem.int.], and Ambros Foy late of Cape Francois, Dec.30,1792. [certif.CR12]*

Jane M. [Monies.int.], and George S. Arrington, Nov.15,1831.*

Joel W., waggoner, and Caroline Guilford, d.Elbridge, Sept.25,1845.*

John, and Margaret Elson, May22,1695.CTR

John, of Marblehead, and, wid.Sarah Stone, int.Apr.14,1750.

John, and Betsy Barras of Portland, int.July27,1805.

Lucy, of Ipswich, and David Lord, jr., int.Jan.2,1808. [m.Jan.21.PR250]

Mary, and Silvanus Davis, both of Beverly, Mar.11,1707.

Mary, and William Procter, both of Marblehead, Jan.16,1753.

Mary P., of Ipswich, and Thomas S. Jewett, int.May22,1836.

Mehitable, and Rev. Joseph Bourn [of Honduras.int.], Aug.30,1827.*

Mehitable, and William Carpenter, Aug.15,1841.*

Peter, and Rebecca Glanfield, Apr.3,1763.*

Peter, and Lois Gaspee, Nov.8,1784.*

Rebecca [wid.int.], of Beverly, and Isaac Chapman, at Beverly, June10,1762.*

Rebecca, and John B. Grant, Nov.30,1826.*

Richard, and Hana Dove, Mar.10,1670.CTR

Richard, jr., of Marblehead, and Elizabeth Smith, Nov.5,1741.*

Robert, and Hannah Collins, certif. Jan.2,1785.*

Ruth, and Andrew Millet, Nov.18,1726.

Samuel, and Amy Chamberlain, Jan.24,1796.*

Samuel, and Hester [Esther. int.] Harvey, Apr.20,1840.*

Sarah, wid., and Jonathan Ramsdell of Lynn, int.Jan.16,1762.

Sarah, and John Symonds, 4th, int.Sept.19,1774.

Sarah G., and Charles Wilkins, June6,1843.*

Susan, and John Gould [of Dover, NH. int.], Sept.末,1826.*

Thomas, and Elizabeth Osborne, int.Sept.末,1781.

Thomas, and Deborah Wood of Danvers, int.Oct.11,1806.

Walter, and, wid.Mary Thorp, int.Oct.1,1831.

Walter S., and Charlottee C[orday.PR252] Phillips, int.Aug.29,1841. [m.Sept.16.PR252]

William, and Sarah Wallis of Beverly, at Beverly, July25,1732.*

William, Rev., and Mrs.Martha Clark of Lexington, at Lexington, Nov.3,1791.

William, and Elizabeth Hodge of Newburyport, Oct.27,1805.PR250

William, and Rebecca Benson, May10,1807.*

William, and Hannah Batchelder, July16,1809.*

William B., and Rebecca J. Tyler of Andover, int.Jan.5,1840. [m.Jan.20.PR252]


Catharine, and George Smith, Nov.26,1808.*

James F., and Eunice Saunders, Dec.18,1810.*

John S., and Elizabeth Sweetser, July22,1835.*

Newbegin, and Catharine Hazzard, int.May4,1782.

Newbigin, and, wid.Rebeckah Fabens, Nov.21,1758.*

Sally, and Hezekiah S. Smiley [of Haverhill. int.], June26,1809.*

Thompson [Thomas.int.], and Lydia Mackmallin, Feb.27,1743.*

HARRIST (Harris)

Hanna, and Richard Palfray, June30,1704.


David, and Mary Walcot, Jan.15,1700-1701.

John, and Em末,11:5m:1659.CTR

HARRON (Herron)

Hannah, and William Newhall, int.Aug.28,1824. [m.Sept.17.PR499]

Martha Ann, d.William, and John Gebaut, widr., laborer, Feb.13,1848.*

Samuel, see Heron, Samuel.

Samuel, and Elizabeth Daniels, Dec.4,1817.*


John, and Rachel Knights, Dec.1,1718.

HARSY (Hersey)

Sarah, and Thomas Meservy, May27,1787.

HART (Hartt)

Charles, and Frances Willington, Dec.5,1815.*

Charles, and Martha Sprawls, Sept.23,1832.*

David, and Malvinia Treadwell, int.Jan.24,1835.

Dorcas, and John Day, certif. Aug.31,1794.*

Dorcas, and George W. Felt, certif. Aug.24,1799.*

Elias, of Lynn, and Jane Massey, Aug.16,1752.*

Elizabeth, and Edward Flint, 20:8m:1659.CTR

Fanny, and Joseph Grant, Mar.1,1812.*

Frances, Mrs., and Rev. Benjamin C. Grafton of Taunton, int.Oct.26,1833.

Jane, and James Prior, int.Dec.25,1779.

Jesse, and Susan Pratt, Dec.19,1826.*

Joanna, or Jane, and Thomas Deal, Nov.22,1764.

Jonathan, and Lidea Neale, 9m:1671.CTR

Jonathan, and Sarah Maule, Jan.24,1705.

Jonathan, and Rebeckah Massey, Dec.20,1733.*

Jonathan, and, wid.Anne Ober of Beverly, int.Oct.24,1741.

Joseph, and Jane Simmonds, Mar.18,1798.*

Lucy, and Martin Hart, int.Dec.9,1820.

Lydia, and William Browne, jr., Dec.5,1727.*

Martin, and Lucy Hart, int.Dec.9,1820.

Polly, and George Horten [jr. int.], June14,1791.*

Mehitable [Hard.dup.], and Richard Gale, Sept.5,1824.*

Michael, and Catherine Lynch, both b. Ireland, Jan.7,1847.

Pheba, and John Wheeler, Oct.17,1824.*

Robert, and Mary Teague, June24,1810.*

Sara, and Jeremiah Neale, June15,1668.CTR

Sarah, and John Webber of Marblehead, Jan.8,1733.*

Sarah A., of Lynnfield, and Benjamin Symonds, int.May4,1833. (Certificate May21.)

HARTFORD (Hardford)


Michael E., and Mary Moores, int.Nov.2,1807.

HARTSHORN (Hartshorne)

Benjamin, of Danvers [Hathorne, of Salem.int.], and Elizabeth Furness [late of Salem, now resident at Ipswich.int.], at Danvers, Sept.15,1772.*

Elizabeth, and John Phippen, Nov.23,1709.*

Jonathan, and Nancy Mansfeild of Lynnfield, int.Mar.13,1802.

HARTSHORNE (Hartshorn)

Susanna, and Joseph Phippen, Jan.18,1719-20. [Jan.15.CR1]

Thomas, and Abigail Cleveland, Oct.7,1805.*

HARTT (Hart)

Abijah, and Elizabeth Hendley of Boston, int.Aug.10,1754.


Daniel, of Danvers, and Lucinda B. Rose, int.Sept.6,1840.

Joseph, of Bedford, and Jemima Batchelder, at Beverly, Dec.12,1750.*

Joseph, and Lydia B. Parker, Sept.4,1838.*

Nancy, and George Ashby, Jan.12,1808.*

Samuell [of Concord.PR642], and Margaret Tompkins, May29,1717.

HARVEY (Harvy, Hervey)

Abigall, see Harney, Abigall.

Ann, and Michael Lance, both b. Ireland, Oct.1,1848.*

Eliza, and Edward D. Winn, int.Mar.28,1829.

Eliza, and Edward Kimball, Apr.9,1829.

Hannah, and William Young, Aug.22,1826.*

Henry, widr., and Sarah Adams, wid., Dec.12,1700.CTR

Hester [Esther. int.], and Samuel Harris, Apr.20,1840.*

James, and Hannah Smothers, int.Nov.5,1803.

James, and Sarah E. Brown [Bacon. int.], Sept.28,1829.*

James C., and Harriet N. Giffords, int.Oct.24,1835.

John, and Lydia Launder, June1,1788.

John, jr., and Margaret Pratt, June27,1815.*

John M., of Lowell, and Emeline A. Gardner, Oct.7,1839.*

Lucy Ann [of Watertown. int.], and George Hinsman, Jan.4,1849.*

Lydia, and Andrew Tucker, 3d, July11,1805.*

Lydia, and Elias Jenks, Sept.8,1811.*

Lydia L., and William Rowley of Danvers, int.Jan.7,1849.

Nancy, and Joseph Saul [jr. int.], Oct.13,1820.*

Peeter, and Hana Gilbert, Jan.末,1670.CTR


Peter, and Hannah [M. int.] Lamb, Dec.22,1829.*

HARVY (Harvey)

Jeheadan, and John Ward, at Marblehead, Aug.22,1689.


Absalom, and Anna Boyce, Sept.22,1748.*

Alice, and Jonathan Nurse, jr., Aug.12,1743.*

David, and Margaret Cox, int.Mar.13,1730-31.

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Moulton, Oct.17,1734.*

Emm, and Ebenezer Mackentire, May23,1728.*

Hannah, and Ebenezer Twiss, int.Oct.5,1743.

Hannah, and Robert Bedne, Nov.17,1801.*

Hannah, and James Smith, Mar.25,1810.

John, and Hannah Peas, int.Oct.10,1730.

John, and Eunice Ridgeway, Dec.24,1809.*

John, and Nancy Tarbell of Beverly, int.July12,1818.

Jonathan, and Sarah Boice, Aug.18,1726.

Jonathan, jr., and Sarah Jacobs of Lynn, int.June17,1749.

Sally, and Samuel Very, jr. of Danvers, int.Nov.25,1820.

Sarah, and James Cruikshanks, Dec.23,1828.*

Solomon, and Abigail Phelps of Reading, Dec.20,1748.*

HASCALL (Haskell)

William, and Mirriam Hill, 1:3m:1679.CTR

HASCOLL (Haskell)

Hannah, and Stephen Hascoll of Gloucester, Dec.30,1794.*

Hannah, and Hubbard Hascoll, jr. of Gloucester, Sept.13,1795.*

Hubbard, jr., of Gloucester, and Hannah Hascoll, Sept.13,1795.*

Hubbard [of Newburyport. int.], and Anna Bullock, Apr.4,1796.*

Stephen, of Gloucester, and Hannah Hascoll, Dec.30,1794.*

HASELTINE (Hazelton)

Samuel, of Andover, and Sarah Mackintire, int.June30,1776.

HASKEL (Haskell)

Joel [Jacob. int.], and Mary Lovejoy, Nov.1,1833.*

HASKELL (Hascall, Hascoll)

Abigail, and John Saunderson [Sanderson. int.], Dec.7,1824.*

Caleb, of Essex, and Lucy T. Haskell, Nov.20,1823.*

Daniel, of Danvers, and Fanny McIntire, int.Jan.23,1808.

Daniel C., and Tamby F. Buxton, int.Oct.10,1835.

Dorcas, and John Henfield, 3d, May10,1838.*

Ebenezer H. and Fanny A. Fuller, int.Apr.23,1848.

Eleanor B., and John Nichols, June6,1824.*

Elijah, and Hanna Silsbee, Nov.27,1764.*

Elijah, and Anna Dennison, of Gloucester, at Gloucester, Apr.21,1794.*

Elijah [jr. int.], and Lucinda Wilson, June12,1837.*

Eliza, and Zenophen H. Shaw, July1,1821.*

Elizabeth D., and WilIiam S. Warren, Nov.11,1841.*

Hannah, of Ipswich, and Francis Pulsifer, int.Aug.24,1811.

Hannah S., and Charles Smith of Gloucester, July2,1840.*

Hubbart [3d, of Gloucester. int.], and Anna Millet, Nov.7,1793.*

Jacob, and Sarah Ann Lovejoy, Mar.2,1837.*

Jacob, and Cynthia R. Hood, int.June5,1842.

Judith, and Charles Dexter, int.Apr.22,1826.

Lucy T., and Caleb Haskell of Essex, Nov.20,1823.*

Mark, and Mary Smith, at Beverly, Mar.20,1678.

Mark, and Hannah Snow, July27,1823.*

Mary, and Donald Nicholls, July1,1779.*

Mary, and Lewis Richard, Sept.11,1808.*

Mary P., and Thomas P. Honeycomb, May5,1833.*

Mary F., Mrs., of Bangor, ME, and Daniel Millett, int.Sept.9,1838.

Sarah W., a.25y., d.Thomas, of Surry, ME, and John L. Pickett of Winchester, NH, a.28y., yeoman, s.Hosea, of Winchester, NH, May2,1848.*

Sukey, of Gloucester, and William Felt, int.July29,1809.

William, and Abigail Buxton of Danvers, at Danvers, Aug.21,1791.*

William, jr., and Dorcas Larrabee, Feb.1,1818.*

William S., and Louisa Rowe of Gloucester, int.Mar.15,1834.

William, and Elizabeth M. Witt, both of Lynn, May14,1835.

William H., and Paulina Woodman, int.July24,1842.

HASKETT (Haskit)

Elizabeth, and William Bynn, June6,1684.CTR


Abigail, and Stephen Hutchinson, Feb.22,1737-8.*

HASKIT (Haskett)

Hanna, and Richard Symms, May11,1704.

Martha [Mrs.Martha Hescott. dup.], and Richard Darby [Derby.dup.], Feb.25,1702.

Sarah, and Samuell Ingersoll, July29,1702.


Exey, Mrs., and Lyman Cotton, int.Nov.19,1836.


Johana, and John Hagan, both of Lynn, both b. Ireland, May21,1848.

Patrick, and Margaret Foley, both b. Ireland, Nov.10,1849.*


William, and Husley [Hurley.int.] Knapp, Nov.6,1783.*


Joseph Stacy, and Betsy Fuller, certif. Jan.3,1795.*


Almira D., and Ezekiel Goss, May20,1839.*

Clarisa, Mrs., and Parker Richardson, int.Apr.6,1848.

Daniel C., of Belfast, ME, and Susan Meink, int.June17,1849.

Dorcas, Mrs., of Danvers, and George Shillaber, int.Apr.25,1835.

Francis, [of Portland.int.], and Almira Carleton, [Almyra Carlton. int.], Apr.23,1837.CR12*

Noble, of Lynn, and Clarissa Hunt, Dec.2,1824.*


John R., of Gloucester, and Eliza Stilwell, Jan.17,1841.*


Eleazer, and Eliza J. Gwinn, Apr.15,1847.*

John, and Sarah Ann Fogg, Apr.18,1833. [1839.PR64]*

John, of Marblehead, and Rachel F. Peach, Feb.18,1841.*

Lois H. [Mrs.int.], and Daniel A. Mansfield, Nov.10,1844. [Nov.11.PR518]*

Samuel R., and Elizabeth [W. int.] Foxley, Feb.3,1846.*

Thomas, of West Cambridge, and Sally Winship, Apr.15,1814.*

HATHER (Heather)

Margaret, and Benjamin Larraby, now resident in Lynn, Sept.30,1772.*

HATHORN (Hathorne)

Benjamin, and Hannah Estes, Jan.1,1754.PR78*

Eliezer, and Abigaile Corwin, 28:6m:1663.CTR

Nathaniel, and Elizabeth C. Manning, Aug.2,1801.*

Sally [d.Mr. Estey.PR84], and Capt. John Brooks, int.Dec.9,1780. [m.Jan.2,1781.PR64]

HATHORNE (Hathorn, Hawthorn, Hawthorne)

Abigail, and William Still, int.Aug.28,1779.

Anna, and Joseph Porter, Jan.27,1664.CTR

Anna, and Ezekiel Savage, Dec.10,1797.*

Benjamin, and Hannah Derby, jr., May25,1727.*

Catherine, and Henry A. Breed [of Lynn. int.], Dec.1,1825.*

Daniel, and Rachel Phelps, Oct.21,1756.

Ebenezer, and Catherine Peace, int.Apr.6,1843. [m.May4.CR1]

Elizabeth, and Israell Porter, 20:9m:1672.CTR

Elizabeth, and John Craig, certif. Oct.27,1777.*

Elizabeth, and Thorndike Procter, Apr.4,1788.

Elizabeth, and Capt. Stephen Ranney of Marblehead, certif. Oct.11,1812.*

Ellen, and Adams Bailey [Jr. int.] of Charlestown, Dec.25,1815.*

Eunice, and Aaron Porter, Feb.5,1788.*.

Hannah, Mrs., and Miles Ward, jr., Oct.10,1737.*

Hannah, wid., and Abraham Parker, jr. of Bradford, int.Feb.7,1745-6.

Hannah, and Capt. George Williams, July13,1752.*

Hannah, and William Browne, int.Apr.5,1777.

Hannah, and Amory Parker, certif. Oct.27,1778.*

Herbert, and 末末 Hall, July31,1799.PR79

Jane, and William Follet, certif. Dec.4,1798.*

Jane, and William Follet, certif. Dec.4,1801.

John, and Mrs.Ruth Gardner, 22:1m:1674-5.CTR

John, and Susannah Towzel, Oct.16,1746.

John, and Mary Foster, jr. [d.Capt. John. int.], May20,1754.*

John, and Susannah Herbert, Oct.18,1772.*

John, 3d, and, wid.Jane Davis, int.June20,1789.

John, jr., and Elizabeth Burchmore, Oct.3,1809.*

Joseph, and Mrs.Sarah Bowditch, June30,1715.*

Joseph [jr. int.], and Hannah Becket, Feb.20,1742-3.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth Sanders, Apr.9,1769.

Judith, and [Capt. int.] George Archer, Mar.2,1792.*

Lucy, and James Wood, int.Nov.3,1781.

Lucy, and John Browne, int.Jan.2,1785.

Lucy, and Joseph Symonds, [Jr. int.], Sept.13,1787.*

Mary, wid., and John Abbe, late of Mansfield, CT, now resident of Salem, int.Nov.6,1773.

Mary, wid., and John Belmore, int.Jan.19,1777.

Mary, and Isaac Mongumery, int.Apr.28,1780. (June5, banns forbidden by Mary Hathorn.)

Mary, and Isaac Taylor, int.Mar.24,1781.

Polly, and Jonathan Osborne, int.May23,1788.

Mary, and George Walker, Dec.26,1788.

Polly, and Luke Brooks, June3,1798.*

Mehitable, and Joseph White, certif. Aug.23,1781.*

Nathaniel, and Sarah Higginson, June22,1699.CTR

Rachel [Jr. int.], and Capt. Simeon [Simon. int.] Forrester, at Danvers, Dec.7,1776.*

Rebeckah, and Jeremiah Emerson, at Danvers, Dec.11,1776.

Ruth, Mrs., and James Putnam, jr., int.Jan.15,1714-15.

Ruth, and James Bott, Feb.11,1787.

Sally, and William Phippen, certif. June27,1797.*

Sally, and Chase Wiggins, Jan.14,1804.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Shillaber, jr., Sept.7,1817.CR12*

William, and Mary Touzell, Mar.29,1741.*

William, and Abigail Ward, Sept.17,1768.

William [jr. int.], and Mary Dutch, Apr.3,1800.*


Delia S., and John P. Marks, trader, s.John, May13,1844.

HAUKINS (Hawkins)

Martha, and Samuell Robbison, 15:6m:1664.CTR


Phillip, and Bridget Roache, int.June16,1845.

HAWARD (Hayward)

Josiah [Hayward.int.], and, wid.Elizabeth Griffis [Griffith.int.], Nov.7,1759.PR78*

HAWDEN (Harding)

William, and Sarah Barnard, int.Dec.27,1777.

HAWES (Haws)

John Q., and Nancy H. Wilson, May22,1845.

Stephen, and Sally Stevens, Feb.11,1816.*

William, of Danvers, and Alice C. Hogan, Nov.7,1843.*

HAWKES (Hawks)

Abigail, and Samuel Grant, Aug.2,1827.*.

Benjamin, jr., and Hannah Richardson, May30,1819.*

David, and Ruth Gallucia, int.Nov.10,1844.

Deborah S., wid., of Boston, and Henry Brown, int.Mar.23,1833. (Certificate Apr.22.)

Lydia [wid.int.], of Marblehead, and Joshua Ward, at Marblehead, Jan.21,1745.*

Lydia, of Lynn, and Ahijah Estes, int.Sept.26,1812.

Sarah T., and Charles W. Clark, Oct.9,1847.*

HAWKINS (Haukins)

Abigail, and Benjamin Bowden of Lynn, int.Sept.5,1749.

Caroline, and Antonio Manuel, int.Mar.21,1835.

Caroline, and William Ready, int.Mar.19,1837. (Stopped by order of Ready.)

Catherine, and Abraham Johnson, int.Mar.21,1835.

Jacob, and Abigail Furnex, Sept.25,1733.*

Juda, and John F. [Talor. int.] Dolliver, Apr.29,1804.*

Lucia, of Marblehead, and Richard Lander, July13,1754.

Mary, and Samuell Walters, Aug.2,1698.

Munson, of Greenfield, CT, and Mary Welch, int.Nov.10,1832.

Munson, of Greenfield Hill, CT, and Sarah A. Brown, int.June30,1839.

Rebeckah, and Jeremiah Meacham, int.Apr.1,1732.

Robert, of Marblehead, and Susannah Williams, May16,1745.*

Samuel, and Nancy Wyatt, int.Sept.8,1792.

Samuel, and Jane Wyatt, June19,1799.

Sarah, and John Bishop, Aug.2,1769.

Susannah, and John Osgood, Nov.24,1751.*

William, of Kent [formerly of Eltham in Kent.CR1], and Sarah French, May4,1767.

HAWKS (Hawkes)

Abigail, and Capt. John Ropes [3d.int.], Sept.23,1762.*

Benjamin, and Nabby Becket, Aug.14,1791.*

Elizabeth, and George Lilly, both of Lynn, Oct.15,1695.CTR

Esther, of Lynn, and Jonathan Shillaber, int.Apr.13,1799.

John, jr., of Lynn, and Mary Whitford, int.Apr.21,1711.

John, of Lynn, and Rachel Curtis, Jan.7,1816.

Joseph, and Betsey Trask, int.May27,1809.

Mary, and John Williams, July22,1804.*

Rebeccah, of Lynn, and Samuel Whitford, int.Nov.10,1732.

Samuel, of Lynn, and Philadelphia Estis, int.Apr.28,1727.

Timothy [Haws.int.], and Elizabeth Leach, Sept.29,1808.*


Timothy, see Hawks, Timothy.

HAWTHORN (Hathorne)

Ruth, and David Ropes, Sept.20,1762.*

Sarah, Mrs.[jr. int.], and Daniel Chever, Mar.18,1763.*

HAWTHORNE (Hathorne)

末末, and Mary Osborne, Jan.1,1767.


Edmund, of Boston, and Rebecca Godfray, Mar.15,1789.*

John A., s.Richard, deceased, and Mary C. [E. int.] F. Staniford, d.Charles, July3,1845.*

John A., and Caroline A. Lord, Aug.2,1849.*

John A., and Caroline A. Low [Lord.int.], Aug.2,1849.*

Lydia, and Ebenezer Pope, Jan.31,1790.*

Richard, and Ann Howard, Feb.1,1807.

Sally [of Boston. int.], and Jonathan Gavett, jr., Jan.12,1788. [certif.CR12]*

Sarah A., and Joseph W. Barker, Nov.30,1836.*

HAYDEN (Haden)

Mary, and Moses Plummer, June16,1816.PR593


Abraham, see Haynes, Abraham.

HAYES (Hays)

Albert, and Hannah More, Feb.20,1841.

Bartholomew, and Alice Talbot, both b. Ireland, June18,1848.*

Edward, and Sally Lancy, Aug.7,1808.*

Elizabeth, and John Henry [formerly of Norfolk, VA. int.], Aug.30,1835.*

George, and Elizabeth D. Hammond, Feb.4,1844.*

John, and Alley Macque, int.June5,1842.

Mary, and John Downs [of Beverly.int.], Feb.27,1831.*

Sarah Ann, wid., and Andrew Eldridge, int.Apr.15,1820.

William, and Mary Green [wid.int.], Sept.12,1820.*


William, and Almira Moulton, Mar.2,1846.*


John, and Abigail West, Sept.26,1813.*

John, jr., of Danvers, and Rebecca J. [S. int.] Slueman, Dec.26,1839.*

Margaret E., and Albert Day, June17,1847.*

HAYNES (Haines, Hanes)

Abraham [Hayens.int.], and Hannah Mascoll, certif. Mar.24,1781.*

Elizabeth, and Samuel Kimball, certif. Oct.27,1805.*

Francis, and Margaret [Peggy.int.] Hilliard, Jan.14,1779.*

Hannah, and William Phannel of Boston, Nov.21,1773.

Joseph N. [M. int.], a.26y., mason, s.David and Ann, of Raymond, NH, and Sophia W. Gove, Wid.[of Raymond, NH. int.], a.30y., Nov.17,1844.*

Mary, and Thomas Bailey, July31,1796.

Mary [Polly.int.], and Benjamin Bullock, Dec.1,1799.*

Thomas, late of Boston, ' and Mrs.Lydia Symonds, int.Apr.11,1807. (Forbid.)

William, and Elizabeth Ellison. int.May20,1782.

HAYS (Hayes)

Elisabeth, and Patrick Ryan, both b. Ireland, June4,1849.*

Jacob, and Lydia Raddan, Dec.29,1804.*

James, and Lydia Darlain, certif. June14,1780.*

John, and Margaret Murray, both of Ireland, Jan.21,1847. [Jan.24. int.]*

HAYWARD (Haward, Haywood, Heywood)

Aaron, and Eliza Glazier of Ipswich, int.July19,1818.

Abigail, and Edward Dodge of Beverly, at Beverly, Mar.14,1717.

Cyrus, and Susan F.J. Lefavour, Nov.1,1838.*

Eliza A., and Edward D. Loring, int.Dec.16,1849.

Elizabeth, and John Bickford, Oct.6,1724.

Betsey [Howard.int.], of Danvers, and Ezekial Goodale, at Danvers, Dec.11,1791.*

Ezekiel, and Ruth Rea, at Beverly, Oct.19,1725.

Hannah, of Reading, and John Chapman, at Reading, Dec.29,1725.

Jabez, of Reading, and Elizabeth Russell, int.Dec.15,1744.

James, and Elizabeth Dodge of Beverly, Mar.14,1716-17.

Jesse, see Howard, Jesse.

Jonathan, and Abigail Fuller, Nov.30,1715.*

Josiah, and Sarah Lord of Ipswich, int.Feb.19,1825.

Lydia [Howard.int.], and William Flint, July25,1734.*

Mary, and Benjamin Young, Jan.17,1722-3.

Mehitable, and Samuell Hayward, jr. of Reading, int.Aug.20,1730.

Nehemiah, of Hingham, and Bithiah Shaw, int.Mar.17,1729-30.

Nicholas, and Lydia Coltson of Reading, Apr.8,1718.

Paul, and Mehitabel Porter, Feb.24,1725.

Samuel, and Mary Hardie of Beverly, at Beverly, June15,1699.

Samuell, jr., of Reading, and Mehitable Hayward, int.Aug.20,1730.

Sukey, and John Adams, Aug.3,1786.*

HAYWOOD (Hayward)

Charles L., of Grafton, and Sarah P. Baker of Boston, Aug.22,1842.

Josiah [Hayward.int.], and Eunice Mackentire [jr. int.] of Reading, at Reading, Dec.8,1772.*

HAZARD (Hazzard)

Hannah [Mrs.int.], and James Williams, Apr.17,1832.*

HAZELTINE (Hazelton)

Andrew, and Abigail Phippen, Oct.20,1840.*

George W., and Hannah Balch of Danvers, int.Feb.26,1837.

Harriet E., and Enoch Plummer [jr. int.] of Newbury, b. Newbury, Apr.29,1845.*

Maria, and J. Andrew Walton, Mar.17,1845.*

Sarah, and William Austin, June22,1806.*

Timothy of Lynn [s.Joseph, deceased, and Ruth, of Concord, NH.CR7], and Mercy Osborn of Danvers [d.Paul and Eunice, deceased, of DanversCR7], 17:5m:1838.

HAZELTON (Haseltine, Hazeltine, Hazleton, Hazzleton, Hezelton)

Elizabeth, and John Batchelder, int.Feb.27,1830. (Certificate Apr., 1831.)

Hannah G. [P. int.], and Arney Wiley, at Danvers, Apr.30,1843.*

Jacob, and Lucy Goldthwait, int.Jan.12,1810.

James B., and Elisabeth Hitchins, int.Aug.20,1837.

John, jr., and Huldah L. [T. int.] Marston of Rye, NH, June14,1842.*

John [jr. int.], and Sarah J. Farnham of Concord, NH, Oct.9,1849.*

Marston, and Sarah F[itch.int.] Ashby, Aug.31,1826.*

Pierson, and Betsy Marston, July28,1801.*

Samuel, and Sally Palfry, certif. Apr.28,1805.*

Sarah E., and Daniel S. [J. int.] Searle [of Rowley.int.], Nov.29,1841.*

Susan R., and T[imothy.int.] K. Sweatt of Andover, NH, Sept.25,1827.*


Nathan W., of Andover, and Mary Pingree, Oct.21,1830.*

HAZLETON (Hazelton)

Lucy, and Benjamin Nimblet, Sept.24,1829.*

Samuel, and Sarah Very, Sept.9,1810.*

HAZZARD (Hazard)

Catherine, and Newbegin Harrison, int.May4,1782.

HAZZLETON (Hazelton)

John, of Salem, and Lucy Marshall of Danvers, Sept.16,1808. [certif.CR12].*


John, and Mary H. Messer of Londonderry, int.Mar.3,1821.

HEALEY (Healy)

Ann, and John Murphy, May25,1834.

Hannah, and John Butler, Nov.20,1827.*

Lucy A., and John J. Center, at Wenham, Sept.17,1838.*

HEALY (Healey)

Catherine, and Patrick Looby, both b. Ireland, Sept.18,1849.*

Louisa, and Jasper T. Baker, int.July28,1827.

HEANEY (Heany, Heeney, Heney)

Patrick, and Elizabeth Foy, 2d m., both b. Ireland, Oct.30,1849.

Rebecca, of Boston, and Peter Floyd, int.Aug.13,1796.

HEANY (Heaney)

Patrick, and Elizabeth McGragh, int.Oct.7,1849.


Daniel, and Mary Tucker, May17,1812.*

Eliza, and Frederick Oliver, seaman, s.William, May11,1845.*

Joan B., and Alfred Wiswell, May24,1838.*

Luke, and Polly Emerton, Mar.14,1790.*

Mary, and Henry J. Lane, May19,1836.*

Nathaniel, and Mary Glover, May8,1808.*

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel, deceased, and Mary O. [C. int.] Richardson, Mar.5,1849.*

Sarah, and Samuel Cheswell, int.Apr.2,1840.

Susan, and Thomas Lord, May23,1830.*

Susan, and Charles Ball [of Lynn. int.], Jan.1,1837.*

Thomas, 2d m., mason, and Catherine C. Chandler, July11,1848.*

Willard, and Mary Parker, int.Oct.27,1839.

HEARLEY (Hurley)

John, and Mary Murphey, int.Jan.18,1846.

HEARSEY (Hersey)

Abel [Hersey.int.], and Polly Gardiner, Sept.16,1793.*

Esther, Mrs., and Daniel Kilham, int.Jan.10,1819.

Mary [wid.int.], and William Lemon, Nov.27,1796.*

HEASEY (Hersey)

Freeman, and Mrs, Esther Fowler, int May21,1808. (Forbid.)


John A., of New Orleans, merchant, and S[arah.int.] Augusta Putnam, Aug.19,1847.*

HEATHER (Hather)

Elizabeth, and Joseph Saul, certif. Jan.12,1775.*

Mary, and Jonathan Peirce, certif. Apr.17,1783.*

Thomas, and Margaret Diamond, Aug.25,1753.

HEBBARD (Hibbard)

Ann, of Reading, and Joshua Withreall [jr. int.], at Reading, July2,1739.*


Anna, and John Amaraux, Feb.4,1823.*


Sarah, and John Donaldson, certif. July19,1780.*


Charlotte, and Samuel Bell, Nov.3,1831.*

Lucretia [wid.int.], and Robin [Robert. int.] Freeman [of Gloucester. int.], Aug.2,1830.*

HEENEY (Heaney)

Mary, and William Wren, int.Apr.21,1844.

HEFFENUN (Hefferon)

Mary, and William Smith, Sept.29,1735.*

HEFFERON (Heffenun)

Andrew, and Heston Fowler [of Lynn.CR14], Jan.26,1834.


William, and Hanah Bartlett, both of Marblehead, Oct.30,1738.

HEINS (Hynds)

Acquilla [Hanes.int.], and Ruth Ruck, Dec.13,1753.PR78*


Hannah, and David Howard, Dec.30,1754.

HELLIARD (Hillard)

Elizabeth, and Gilbert Peeters, Sept.14,1669.CTR


Hugh, and Deborah Carlton [d.Samuel and Eunice (Hunt). dup.], Oct.5,1783. [Oct.6. dup.]


Mary, and Abraham Read, int.Mar.28,1713.


Samuel, and Sally Upton, certif. Nov.14,1803.*


Elisabeth, and John Milk, at Marblehead, Aug.20,1689.


Mary, Madam, of Lynn, and Hon. Timothy, Lindall, int.Dec.6,1749.


Jeremiah, and Mary Henchon, int.Nov.17,1848. (stopped by order of J. Henchon.)

Mary, and Jeremiah Henchon, int.Nov.17,1848. (stopped by order of J. Henchon.)

HENDERSON (Henerson, Hinderson)

Abigail, and Samuel Cook, Oct.22,1730.*

Abigail, and Charles Gouin, June7,1752.

Benjamin, and Eunice Daniel, Jan.9,1734-5.*

Benjamin [2d.int.], and Sarah Needham, July2,1761.*

Benjamin, and Mary Brey, certif. June11,1785.*

Benjamin, 2d, and Ruthy Millet, Nov.11,1790.*

Daniel, and Elizabeth Barton, Nov.5,1733.*

Daniel, and, wid.Mary Pease, certif. May24,1777.*

David, and Elizabeth Darling of Marblehead, Dec.12,1743.*

Ebenezer, and, wid.Mary Dolbear, Dec.2,1730.*

Eliza, and Daniel Segorstromm [Segerstrom.int.], Mar.7,1813.*

Elizabeth, and Gilbert Taply, Jan.9,1721-2.

Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Cockran, Nov.1,1753.*

Elizabeth, and Zechariah Marston, May23,1754.*

Elizabeth [jr. int.], and Thomas Odell, Nov.29,1764.*

Betsey, and Henry Mackintire, Oct.5,1842.*

Hannah, and James Frizzel, now resident in Salem, int.Feb.24,1732-3.

Isaac, and Eunice Callum [wid.int.], Feb.10,1822.*

Isaac, and Elizebeth [Deborah.int.] Marble [of Gloucester. int.], Sept.3,1826.*

Isaac L., and Paulina Ayers of Manchester, int.Oct.6,1832. (Certificate Oct.24.)

James, and Mary [Mrs.Polly.int.] Browne, Jan.6,1812.*

John S., and Martha Ann Smith, Apr.7,1847.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth Cook, Nov.11,1731.*

Joseph, jr., and Mehetabel Gyles, July18,1756.*

Joseph, and Sara Bishop, Oct.22,1783.*

Joseph, jr., and Polly Chapman, Apr.3,1791. [certif.CR12].*

Joseph, and, wid.Betsy Hibbard, certif. June末,1802.*

Joseph, and Mary Glazier, Apr.22,1821.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth Adams of Boston, int.Apr.3,1824.

Lois, and Thomas Bright, Oct.16,1723.

Margaret, and William Lander, Aug.7,1738.*

Martha, and Jonas Parnal, May31,1745.*

Mary, and Eleazer Moses, Nov.5,1730.*

Mary, and Timothy Wellman, jr., Feb.17,1754.*

Mary, and John Craft, certif. Aug.27,1780.*

Mary [wid.int.], and Richard Ames Wristbridge, Nov.2,1819.*

Mary, and Nicholas T. Snell of Boston, Sept.21,1835.

Mehetable, and John Hughes, July31,1773.

Mehitable, and John Gwinn, Dec.25,1780.*

Mehitable, and Watts Turner [of Charlestown. int.], Dec.21,1806.*

Olive, and William Gardner, int.Sept.7,1845.

Rachel, and Joseph Pickering, jr., Dec.4,1759.*

Robert, and Sara Carroll, Dec.7,1766.

Samuel, and Betsy Smith, Apr.25,1802.*

Samuel, of Andover, and Frances H. Brown, May27,1828.*

Sarah, and William Luscomb, Nov.16,1740.*

Sarah, and James Fabens, June25,1758.*

Sarah, wid., and Benjamin Chapman, Dec.10,1772.*

Sally, and Abraham Merriam of Boston, int.Mar.18,1808.

Sally, and Samuel Groce, May26,1818. [June14. int.]*

Sally, and Jeremiah Choate of Beverly, int.Aug.25,1839.

Sarah B., and George W. Pease, June8,1842.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Goodhue, jr., widr., housewright, June2,1847.*

Thomas, and Elizabeth Teague, Feb.3,1834.*

Thomas, and Emeline A. Teague, May2,1837.*

HENDFIELD (Henfield)

Benjamin, of Danvers, and Mary Tapley, Nov.25,1753.

HENDLEY (Henley)

Elizabeth, of Boston, and Abijah Hartt, int.Aug.10,1754.

Betsy, and Henry Lambert, certif. Nov.6,1803.*

John, and Eliza Carey of Beverly, May7,1828.*

HENDLY (Henley)

John, and Margaret Hutchinson, int.Sept.20,1778.

Mary, of Marblehead, and John Brown, at Marblehead, Nov.30,1795.*


Rachel Holmes, and James Ford Smith, at New York, Sept.13,1840.PR253


John, and Elizabeth Leach, Dec.7,1783.

HENERESY (Hennessy)

Mary, and Phillip Hennesy, both of Beverly, both b. Ireland, Feb.4,1849.

HENERSON (Henderson)

Maria, and James Farmer of Rowley, int.July13,1833.

HENEY (Heaney)

Peter, and Hanah Devitt, int.Oct.21,1849.

HENFEILD (Henfield)

Bartholomew, and Lydia Phillips, July29,1742.*

Edmond, and Lydia Hardy, Oct.21,1742.*

Mary, and Jonathan Millet, May15,1734.*

William, and Elizabeth Preston, July12,1671.CTR

William, and Mary Disemore, Nov.11,1740.*


Hannah, wid., and Joseph Blaney of Lynn, int.Nov.4,1797.

HENFIELD (Hendfield, Henfeild)

Amos, and Esther Ingersol, certif. Jan.3,1813.*

Amos, and Louisa D. Kent, Oct.24,1838.*

Edmund [jr. int.], and Mary Beadle, Apr.25,1772.*

Edmund, and Elizabeth Monday, certif. Dec.30,1804.*

Edmund, and Eliza Brown, int.Feb.25,1826.

Esther, wid., and Peter Palmer, int.Dec.8,1821. (Dec.11, "P. Palmer requested in writing a discontinuance for reasons therein stated.")

Esther [wid.int.], and Thomas Lord, Nov.19,1822.*

Gideon, and Mercy Pease, Dec.11,1774.*

John, jr., and Clara Larabee, June30,1816.*

John, 3d, and Dorcas Haskell, May10,1838.*

Joseph, and Lydia Boston, Sept.14,1710.*

Joseph, and Anna Mansfield [wid.int.], Feb.20,1780.*

Joseph [jr. int.], and Elizabeth Pickworth, Aug.7,1792. [certif.CR12].*

Lydia, and Benjamin Gale of Marblehead, Dec.28,1730.*

Lydia, and George Chapman, Nov.1,1762. [Nov.4.PR257]*

Lydia, and John Bott, Oct.21,1798.*

Lydia Ann, of New London, CT, and Joseph Chisholm, int.Aug.20,1837.

Mary, and Manasseh Marston, jr., Apr.10,1701.

Mary, wid., and Samuel Smith, int.Oct.9,1762. (Forbid by Elizabeth Lawson, Oct.12.)

Mary, and Joshua Goodale [jr. int.], Mar.末,1775.*

Mercy, and James Parnal, certif. June9,1796.*

Mercy, and John Weston, July13,1830.*

Peter, and Sarah Holman, Dec.7,1755.*

Ruth, and John Chapman, Mar.22,1792.*

Ruth, and Elijah Thayer, int.Mar.28,1812. [Aug.17,1817. dup.]

Sarah, and Andrew Ward, May末,1773. [certif. May.11.CR12]*

Sally, and Robert Mitchell, int.June23,1798.

Sally, and Isaac Goodhue, Sept.16,1802.*

Sally [Sarah.PR244], and Jonathan Haraden, Oct.24,1805.*

William, and Hannah Hutchinson, Mar.11,1717-18.

William, and, wid.Annis Parnel, int.May6,1749.

HENLEY (Hendley, Hendly, Henly)

Hugh, and Mary Morton, certif. Sept.13,1779.*

Mary A. [nn. int.], of Eastport, ME, and Edward A. Phippen, laborer, Sept.5,1847.*

HENLY (Henley)

Benjamin, and Susanna Hill of Boston, int.Apr.20,1804.

Clement, and Sarah Beans, Oct.26,1726.

HENMAN (Hinsman)

Benjamin, and Betsy Brown, Sept.3,1789.*

Betsey, and Henry Wheeler, int.Mar.15,1818.

John, and Hannah Bootman, July17,1734.*

John, and Sarah Fowler, May3,1756.*

Mary E., and Samuel P. Williston, cabinet maker, s.Samuel S., July29,1849.*

Rebecca S., and William Wasgatt, Mar.24,1816.*

Sally, and John Pettey, Aug.14,1808.*

Sally, and Manuel Joaquin, int.Sept.28,1817. (Forbidden by her mother.)

Thomas, and Peggy Coffin [Coffrin. int.], Jan.2,1793.*

HENNESSY (Heneresy, Hennesy)

Ann Maria, and James Femur [Farner, of Rowley.int.], Sept.1,1833.*

HENNESY (Hennessy)

Peter, and Hannah Davitt, both b. Ireland, Oct.18,1849.

Phillip, and Mary Heneresy, both of Beverly, both b. Ireland, Feb.4,1849.


Cornelius, and Lucy Hall, Aug.5,1839.*


Ann, and William Liscomb, Dec.8,1764.

John [formerly of Norfolk, VA. int.], and Elizabeth Hayes, Aug.30,1835.*

William, and Rispah Glass of Duxbury, int.Sept.15,1810.


Sarah, and Andrew English, int.May6,1809.

HENSHAW (Hanshaw)

George, and Sarah Parker, May7,1804.

John, and Sally Goodale, Oct.22,1804.*

Margaret, and Michael Keefe, both b. Ireland, May31,1848.*

HERBERT (Harbart, Harbert, Harburt)

Abigail, and Ellis Mansfield, Mar.19,1786.*

Elizabeth, wid., and Daniel Safford of Ipswich, Nov.22,1753.*

Elizabeth, wid., and Capt. John Gardner, Jan.3,1765.*

John, and Mary Follett, Apr.15,1672.CTR

Judith, of Wenham, and Dr. Edward Barnard, int.Nov.18,1780.

Mary, and John Dolbear, Jan.17,1714-15.*

Mary, and John Norris, Feb.22,1778.*

Patrick, and, wid.Betsy Mullin, certif. Dec.25,1795.*

Robert, and Hanna Phippen, Oct.19,1704.

Susannah, and Samuell Simonds, Dec.31,1724.

Susannah, and John Hathorne, Oct.18,1772.*

William, and Elizabeth Nicholson, Nov.2,1704.

HERICK (Herrick)

Elizabeth, wid., and Samuel Baker of New Market, NH, Jan.31,1773.*


John, and Mary Murphey, int.Feb.24,1846.


William [of Lynn. int.], and Martha S. [T. int.; P.CR1], and Martha S. Griffin, Sept.3,1832.*


Patience [wid.int.], of Danvers, and James Nichols, at Danvers, Apr.10,1770.*

Roland, and Patience Southwick of Danvers, at Danvers, Aug.26,1766.

HERON (Herron)

Esther, and Joseph Brown, at Danvers, Jan.3,1767.

John, and Mehitable Stacy, certif. May13,1797.*

Love, and Jonathan Cook, certif. Sept.18,1781.*

Samuel [Harron.PR499], and Hannah Monday [Mundy.PR499], Apr.24,1798. [Apr.23.PR499]*

Sally, wid., and Charles Flowers, June9,1822.*

HERRICK (Herick)

Abigail, of Beverly, and John Rea, Apr.22,1718.

Abigal, of Wenham, and James Wilson, int.Aug.23,1794.

Anna, and George Dodge [jr. int.], May8,1777.*

Barnabas, and Lydia Murray, Apr.2,1761.*

Daniel, and Elizabeth Swasey, July25,1754.*

Daniel, and Hannah Trask of Danvers, at Danvers, Mar.29,1770.*

Edith, and William Porter, Feb.末,1708-9.CTR

Elizabeth, and Cain Mckennie of Marblehead, Nov.3,1719.

Betsey, and Stephen Towne, May19,1811.*

Betsey M., and John F. Doty of Manchester, Sept.26,1847.*

Ephram, and Mary Cross, July3,1661.CTR

Hannah, of Beverly, and Ebenezer Cheever, at Beverly, May26,1799.*

Hannah C., and Jeremiah Goodhue, Sept.末,1815.*

Hannah, and Moses Dole of Danvers, int.Mar.29,1840.

Henry, and Susanah Beadle, July23,1694.CTR

Henry, 3d, of Beverly, and Anna Batchelder, int.Mar.18,1737-8.

Israel, and Mary Baldwin, June15,1829. [June25.CR12]*

Israel, and [Mrs.int.] Elizabeth Cassen [Capen. int.], July20,1848.*

Joanna [of Beverly.int.], and Jonathan Phelps, jr., at Beverly, Apr.20,1777.*

Joanna [of Beverly.int.], and Charles Hamilton, Aug.23,1798. [Aug.2.CR1]*

John, and Elizabeth F. Foster of Danvers, int.Jan.5,1828.

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Ravell, certif. Apr.30,1784.*

Joseph of Salem Village, and Mrs.Mary March of Newbury, at Newbury, Jan.29,1706-7.

Lucy, and Brimsley Peabody, Apr.2,1809.*

Martin, and Ruth Endecott, July17,1710.CTR*

Mary, and John Bacheler, Aug.14,1673.CTR

Mary, of Beverly, and Bennoni Maxy, Mar.25,1710.

Mary, and Gideon Rea, at Beverly, Jan.21,1722-3.

Polly, and James Stocker, certif. Dec.3,1794.*

Mary, of Beverly, and John Usher, int.June4,1808.

Nancy, and Ichabod R. [H.CR4] Hoyt, widr., shipwright, Jan.1,1845.*

Oliver, and Eliza [Mrs.Elizabeth.int.] Pitman, Dec.24,1838.*

Peter, and Polly Johnson, Oct.5,1791.*

Robert A., and Clarissa Munroe, Jan.23,1838.

Ruphus, and Sarah Phillips, June2,1714.*

Rufus, jr., and Mary Conant of Beverly, int.Sept.6,1740.

Ruth [of Beverly.int.], and Lemuel Perkins, at Beverly, Aug.12,1781.*

Samuel, of Beverly, and Sarah Leach, at Beverly, May15,1690.

Sarah, and Jonathan Moulton of Wenham, Jan.5,1699-1700.

Sarah, of Wenham, and John Baker, at Wenham, Nov.21,1723.

Sarah, of Beverly, and Israel Green, at Beverly, June14,1748.*

Sarah [jr. int.], of Beverly, and Jonathan Porter, at Beverly, Nov.14,1750.*

Sarah, and John Lacer, June29,1767.

Sally, and Daniel Woodbridge, June22,1825.*

Sarah, and Henry F. Turner, Nov.26,1835.CR12*

Triphena, and Benjamin Trask of Beverly, May9,1711.*

Tryphosa, and William Leach, Feb.10,1703-4.

William, and Bethiah Daland, Jan.31,1788.*

HERRIMAN (Harriman)

Jonathan, of Haverhill, and Hannah Candwich, int.Aug.24,1793.

Moses, and Hannah Very of Danvers, int.Mar.2,1805.

Reuben, of Haverhill, NH, and Mehetabel Putnam, June24,1747.*

HERRINGTON (Harrington)

Meribah, and Samuel Green, June25,1746.*

HERRON (Harran, Harron, Heron)

John, see Herror, John.

Susan, and John M. Cook, Sept.6,1818.*

William M. [Harron. dup.], and Lucy Hill, July7,1831.*


John [Herron. int.], and Love Luscombe, Sept.20,1770.*

HERSEY (Harsy, Hearsey, Heasey)

Benjamin, and [wid.int.] Sarah Stocker, May13,1801.*

Benjamin C., and Sarah Street, int.Mar.26,1825.

Benjamin C., and, wid.Nancy Littlefield, int.Oct.29,1825.

Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Teague, Dec.5,1813.*

Elizabeth H., of Sanbornton, NH, and Joshua E. Dennis, int.Oct.10,1847.

Jane, and Ebenezar Parker, Oct.20,1833.*

Josiah, jr. [of Sanbornton, NH. int.], and Anna Eldridge, Nov.25,1813.*

Margaret G., of Roxbury, and Leonard B. Harrington, int.Dec.25,1830. (Certificate Jan.19,1831.)

Maria F., and Nathaniel Tuttle, int.Jan.14,1838.

Mary D., and Leander S. Berry, Feb.20,1842.*

Mary C., and David W. Osborne, Jan.9,1848.*

Nancy, and William Mudget [of Danvers.int.], Dec.31,1815.*

Priscilla, d.Benjamin, and John Duffy, Dec.30,1849.*

Sarah [wid.int.], of Hingham, and Richard Derby, at Hingham, Oct.16,1771.*

HERVEY (Harvey)

Martha, see Hovey, Martha.

Martha, and Johnson Farrington, May10,1833.*

Sarah, and John Burton of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Feb.7,1704-5.


Martha, see Haskit, Martha.


Ann, and Daniel Lang, Sept.25,1848.*

Jane [Maria Jane. int.], and William Brickwell, Dec.20,1845.*


Abigail, and William K. Smith, Sept.30,1822. [ Sept.22.PR207]*

George, and Elizabeth Lunt of Danvers, Dec.5,1799.*

George, and Abigail Russell, Sept.21,1817. [1815.PR207]*

Jane L. [unt.PR207], and Benjamin Blanchard [jr. int.], Sept.末,1825. [June.PR207]*

Margaret, and Jonathan P[orter.PR207] Felt, certif. Sept.9,1810. [ Sept.10.PR207]*

HEWES (Hughes)

Christopher, and Margaret Masury, int.Nov.27,1779.

Debby, and 末末 末末, Nov.19,1761.PR79

James, of Lynnfield, and Hannah F. Crosby, int.May8,1830. (Certificate May23.)

John, and, wid.Elizabeth Talbot, int.May29,1779.

HEYWOOD (Hayward)

Charles F. [L., of Boston. int.], and Elizabeth D. Page, both of Boston, Apr.15,1847.*

HEZELTON (Hazelton)

Caroline E., and John Hodgkins, int.Jan.4,1846.

HIBBARD (Hebbard, Hibberd, Hibbert, Hibbord)

Andrew, and Mary [Betsy.int.andCR12] Orman, certif. Mar.28,1794.*

Betsy, wid., and Joseph Henderson, certif. June末,1802.*

Sarah E., of Boston, and Nathaniel C. Peabody, int.Mar.14,1835.

HIBBERD (Hibbard)

Andrew, and Betsy Orman, Mar.28,1794.*

Elizabeth, of Beverly, and Samuel Cole, int.Apr.28,1711.

Hannah, and Henry Lee of Manchester, Aug.10,1788.*

Hannah, of Marblehead, and Asa Morss, int.Mar.27,1806.

HIBBERT (Hibbard)

Anna [Hilbert. int.], of Danvers, and Samuel Liscomb [Luscomb, jr., gunsmith.int.], at Danvers, Feb.27,1774.*

Martha, Mrs.[wid.int.; alias Lee.PR432] of Manchester, and Capt. John Fisk, at Manchester, Feb.11,1783.*

Mary, and Nicholas Nelling, 8:9m:1660.CTR

Sarah, and John Lemmon, int.Dec.16,1732.

HIBBORD (Hibbard)

Deborah, and Ebenezer Russel, Sept.25,1710.CTR*

HICKES (Hicks)

Timothy, and Dorcas Veren, 21:12m:1671.CTR


Elizabeth, and Patrick Gould, int.Oct.3,1842.

James, and Elizabeth Archer [of Boston. int.], May30,1837.*

Patrick, and Elizabeth Pinson, both of Marblehead, Sept.2,1726.


Catharine Greene, of Boston, and William Prescott, int.Nov.30,1793.

HICKS (Hickes, Hix)

Elizabeth, and Daniel Mackey, Feb.7,1744.*

John, and Mrs.Mary Grant, Feb.5,1743-4.*

Joshua, and Martha Derby, Oct.22,1719.

Martha, and William Webster, Aug.1,1751.*

Mary, and Lt. James Grant, "of His Majesty's 45' Regiment, now resident at Salem," int.Jan.2,1762.


Samuel L. [ow.int.], and Ruth Saltmarsh, Jan.18,1831.*

HIDE (Hyde)

Barbara, Mrs., and Edmond Batter, May25,1714.*

Hanna, and Arther Gray, Nov.17,1668.CTR

Isaack, and Susana Bakstar, July12,1665.CTR

Mary, and Edward Bush, Oct.16,1665.CTR

Rebecka, and Jonathan Eager, 27:4m:1661.CTR

Richard, and Barbary Weld, July3,1702.

Susanna, wid., and Steephen Daniell, Dec.3,1680.CTR

HIERS (Hires)

Mary, and Daniel Hannon, Apr.26,1804.*


George, and Abigail Berry [Bracey.int.], May6,1832.*

Margaret, and John Hoar, June26,1825.*

HIFLE (Hifield)

Catherine, and William Walsh [Welsh.int.], Nov.29,1826.*

John [Hifield.int.], and Catherine Dacres, Apr.21,1838.*

HIGBEE (Higby, Higgbee)

Abigail B., and William Harrington [H. int.], Sept.27,1841.*

Benjamin L., carrier, s.Lemuel, and Henrietta L. Masters, July19,1848.*

Charles, and Sarah Maria Brown [of Danvers.int.], July20,1843.*

Samuel [Lemuel. int.], and Betsey Francis, July5,1812.*

Susan F., and William Daniels, May24,1843.*

Thomas F., s.Lemuel, deceased, and Hannah M. Day, Nov.9,1847.*

HIGBY (Higbee)

Lemuel, jr., and Mary W. Briggs, Aug.21,1836.CR12*

Noah, and Jane Symns, Nov.11,1787.*

HIGGBEE (Higbee)

Jane, and George Jackson, certif. Mar.21,1805.*

HIGGENS (Higgins)

Joshua, and Priscilla Bixbey of Boxford, at Boxford, Oct.27,1720.

HIGGENSON (Higginson)

John, jr., and Sara Savage, 9:8m:1672.CTR

HIGGINS (Higgens)

William, and Honora [Mary.int.] Hanovan [of Lynn. int.], Apr.29,1838.*

HIGGINSON (Higgenson)

Deborah, and Stephen Cabot, certif. Mar.29,1777.*

Elizabeth, Mrs., and John Gerrish, Oct.22,1705.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Rev. Benjamin Prescot, Oct.20,1715.*

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Obediah Mors of Boston, Jan.9,1734.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph Cabot, Mar.30,1744.*

Esther, Mrs., and Capt. Daniel Mackay, Oct.6,1761.*

Francis, Capt., and Mrs.Esther Gardner, July15,1758.*

Hannah, Mrs., and Edmund Batter, Sept.25,1724.

Hannah, Mrs., and John Ward, Sept.26,1734. [ Sept.17. dup.]*

John, 3d, and Hannah Gardner, Sept.11,1695.

John, jr., and Mrs.Margarett Sewall, jr., Nov.11,1714.*

John, and Ruth Bordman of Cambridge, at Cambridge, Dec.4,1719.

John, and Mrs.Esther Cabot, Apr.28,1732.*

John, jr., and [Mrs.int.] Hannah Marsh of Braintree, Sept.19,1743.*

John, Capt., and Elizabeth Wolcott, Oct.4,1747.*

John, and [Mrs.int.] Mehitable Robie [jr., of Boston. int.] at Boston, Dec.29,1755.*

Mary, Mrs., and Thomas Gardner, jr., Apr.4,1695.CTR

Mary, Mrs., and Nathaniel Andrews, Sept.19,1729. [ Sept.20. dup.]*

Nathaniell, and Mrs.Hannah Gerrish, Apr.23,1702.

Sarah, and Nathaniel Hathorne, June22,1699.CTR

Sarah, Mrs., and John Cabot, jr., Dec.1,1732.*

Sarah, Mrs., and John Lowell of Newburyport, Jan.3,1767.

Stephen, and Mrs.Elizabeth Cabot, Apr.22,1743.*


Thomas, mariner, and Sarah Ogden, June11,1849.*

HILBERT (Hilbort)

Elizabeth, and Oliver Dennis, int.Oct.20,1827.


William, and Rebeckah Jacobs, int.Dec.20,1746.

HILBORT (Hilbert)

Nathan [of Danvers.int.], and Susanna Conier, certif. Mar.13,1800.*

HILDRETH (Hildrith)

Daniel, and, wid.Betsy Curtis, Apr.14,1825.

Paul, and Jane Morgan of Beverly, int.July28,1821.

Persis, of Chesterfield, NH, and John Rugg, int.Nov.2,1807.

HILDRITH (Hildreth)

Alvin, and Lydia H. [K. int.] Luscomb, Dec.26,1819.*

Alvin, and Mary Luscomb, Apr.5,1821.*

Paul, and Lucretia Morgan of Beverly, int.July5,1823.

Samuel, and Polly Morgan of Beverly, int.Nov.18,1819.

HILL (Hills)

Abigail, and Peter Crosby, int.Sept.9,1786.

Alexander A. [H. int.], and Ruth Millet, Jan.25,1824.*

Amos, and Mary Bartlett, Apr.27,1802.*

Benjamin, and Mary Whitford, Feb.29,1784.*

Benjamin, and Anstis Pearce Lane, Jan.4,1818.*

Benjamin D, and Eliza Weston, July14,1818.*

Benjamin, and Augusta C. Howes of Dalton, NH, June2,1846.*

Benjamin D., of Danvers, and Martha A. Clark, int.Oct.29,1848.

Caroline L., of Lynn, and Joseph Gardner, jr., int.Aug.20,1843

Catharine [Mrs.int.], and Robert Stoddard, Apr.4,1816.*

Catherine, and Cornelius Callighn, int.Jan.21,1849.

Charles, and Elizabeth Perry of Danvers, int.Jan.12,1810.

Charles, and Sarah W. Page of Boston, int.Dec.8,1827.

Charles, of Chelsea, and Lucy C. Nichols of Boston, Jan.27,1839.

Charles H., of Lynn, and Lucretia D. Mansfield, int.May12,1839.

Charlotte, and Fredrick Horn, Mar.10,1822.*

David, and Elizabeth Collins, Mar.1,1807.*

Eben B., and Susan H. Fuller of Canton, int.May28,1848.

Eliza, and William H. Bott, June2,1816.*

Betsy, and William Willis, int.Oct.6,1810.

George, of Lynn, and Martha P. Lewis, int.Feb.2,1845.

Hannah, and Joseph Rowell, Aug.30,1807.*

Hannah, and Joseph Merrill [Morrill. dup], July20,1823.*

Hannah B., a.20y., d.Alexander, and Samuel T. Damon of Danvers, a.21y., printer, s.Calvin, July24,1844.*

Harriet N., and John [Jonathan. int.] Shirley, May27,1841.*

Henry, and Rebecca Hammond, Dec.5,1819.*

Henry, widr., a.48y., cordwainer, and Ursula Dearborn, Feb.3,1845.*

Henry B., and Mary Louise Saul of Saugus, int.Nov.30,1845.

Increase S., and Mary Perkins, Nov.10,1829.*

Ira, and Elizabeth M. Littlefield of Lyman, ME, int.Jan.7,1844.

Jane, of Beverly, and Robert Savory, int.Nov.12,1808.

Jane S., and Samuel G. Fairfield, s.Samuel, Apr.29,1849.*

John, wheelwright, and Lidea Buffum, 26:6m:1664.CTR

John, and Elizabeth Oakes, Apr.27,1696.CTR

John, and Margaret Ingolls, June10,1726.

John, and Rebeccah Allen, Jan.21,1764.

John, and Elizabeth Brown, July8,1770.

John, and Betsy Brown, Oct.4,1787.*

John, jr., and Abigail Stephens, Nov.23,1806.*

John, and Sarah E. [llen. int.] Thompson, Dec.31,1839.*

Jonathan, of Marblehead, and Deborah Goold, Dec.12,1723.

Joseph, and Margaret Ulmar, Sept.25,1769.

Joseph, and Sally Fairfield, Nov.10,1811.*

Joseph, and Lydia Beckford, Aug.15,1833.*

Joseph [of Lynn. int.], and Mary W. Hovey, Sept.29,1833.*

Lucy, and William M. Herron [Harron. dup.], July7,1831.*

Lydia, and George C. Clark, Apr.5,1843.*

Margaret [jr. int.], and Jacob Clerk, June12,1751.*

Maria C., and William Lovejoy, Jan.13,1841.*

Mirriam, and William Hascall, 1:3m:1679.CTR

Mary [wid.int.], and John MacMillon, Aug.2,1780.*

Mary, and Daniel Kenny, Nov.20,1794.*

Mary [wid.int.], and Thomas Goldsmith, Oct.11,1799.*

Mary, and Robert Urskine, Mar.17,1805.*

Mary, and William Smith, Jan.27,1828.*

Mary C., and Amos W. Davis, seaman, July15,1844.*

Mary Ann, and Amos L. Vincent, July24,1844.*

Mary S., and Benjamin E. Chase [of Danvers.int.], Dec.14,1845.*

Mary E., and Samuel Wellman, June13,1849.*

Mehitable A., and Francis A. Winn, int.May30,1835.

Moses, of Marblehead, b. Maine, and Bethiah C. Mowult of Marblehead, Nov.6,1849.

Nancy, of Beverly, and Paul K. Brown, int.Dec.31,1808.

Philip, and Sarah Croad, 23:10m:1689.CTR

Priscilla, and Hugh Nichols, Apr.26,1694.CTR

Rebeckah, wid., and Nathan Peirce, int.July21,1770.

Rebecca, and Thomas Ashby, Feb.3,1789.*

Richard, and Lydia Andrew, certif. Dec.24,1809.*

Richard, jr., and Ursula N. [M. int.] Wellman, June13,1837.*

Robert, and Elizabeth Stevens of Ipswich, int.Sept.4,1727. (Forbidden by Robert Hill, Sept.6,1727.)

Robert, and Sarah Collins, Oct.11,1782.

Robert, and Lucia [Lucy.int.] Goodale, Feb.11,1810.*

Samuel, and Betsy Rawson, Apr.13,1800.*

Samuel, and Nancy D. Meare [Mace. int.] of N. Hampton, NH, Aug.3,1848.*

Sarah, and Simon Stacey, int.Apr.9,1715.

Sara, and Jonathan Brown [jr. int.], Nov.25,1810.*

Sarah, and Edward Wilson, Nov.5,1837.*

Sarah, of Dover, NH, and Albert B. Chamberlain, int.Apr.12,1846.

Simeon, and Sally Weld, Apr.24,1808.*

Sophronia, and Richard Elliot [of Danvers.int.], Feb.10,1829.*

Stephen, and Mary Molton, July21,1768.

Stephen, and Sarah Crane, July15,1792.*

Susana, and John Gavet, Mar.9,1777.*

Susanna, of Boston, and Benjamin Henly, int.Apr.20,1804.

William, and Rebecca Curtis, July18,1769.

William, and Betsy Brewer, certif. Nov.1,1807.*

William, and Catherine Shed, Dec.1,1811.*

William, and Martha Fuller, Mar.6,1814.*

William, and Abigail Very, int.May5,1832. (Certificate May22.)

William [jr. int.], and Martha Gavett, Nov.6,1836.*

William, and Avis Watson, Aug.10,1843.*

HILLARD (Helliard, Hilliard, Hilliyard, Hillyard, Hilyard, Hylliard)

Edward, and Esther Loverin, Dec.13,1723.

Experience, of Andover, and William Coffin, int, Feb.20,1713-14.

Joseph, and Rachell Allin, Oct.10,1694.

Joseph, and Hannah Bacon, June22,1722.

Martha, and Clifford Crowningshield, May15,1721.

Rachel, and Robert Crowel, May19,1726.


Hannah, and Edward Symms Lang, certif. June5,1796.*

Stephen G., Rev. [jr. int.], and Sarah R. Micklefield, June27,1839.*

HILLIARD (Hillard)

David, and 末末, Aug.15,1689.CTR

David, and Mary Swasey, Oct.26,1738.*

Edward, and Elizabeth Ma末末, int.May27,1732.

Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Massey, jr., int.Apr.3,1731.

Elizabeth, and Robert Frye, Nov.7,1753.*

Esther, and Henry Tucker, int.June4,1774.

Job, and Mary Oliver, Apr.1,1661.CTR

Joseph, and Margaret Peele, July14,1763.*

Margaret [Peggy.int.], and Francis Haynes, Jan.14,1779.*

Martha, and Emanuel Joseph, Sept.11,1776.*

Mary, and William West, 30:6m:1672.CTR

Rachel, and Joshua Bickford, Nov.18,1762.*

Rebecca, and John Teague, Apr.末,1780.*

Sara, and Gibson Clough, Dec.7,1762.*


Mary, and John Adams, int.May17,1783.

HILLS (Hill)

John, of Rowley, and Elizabeth Knapp, int.Dec.23,1815.

HILLYARD (Hillard)

Abigail, and James Wood, Dec.10,1780.*


Benjamin, and Elizabeth Foster, int.Dec.25,1779.

Daniel, and Lois Smith, int.Jan.24,1819.

Samuel, of Manchester, and Eleanor Griggs, at Beverly, Apr.12,1733.*

Sarah N. [Hiltz. int.], and James Smith, Sept.4,1843.*


Jacob C., and Deborah C. Low, int.Oct.18,1840.

Mary E., and Jonathan Parsons, jr. [3d.Gloucester. int.], Jan.6,1839.*

Rebecca A., and Henry A. Colburn, Nov.8,1846.*

Sarah N., see Hilton, Sarah N.

Sarah, and James Smith, Sept.4,1843.PR261

HILYARD (Hillard)

John, and Lydia Cole of Wenham,. at Wenham, Feb.21,1775.*

HINCKLEY (Hinkley)

Naomi, and Benjamin W. Dexter, int.Aug.10,1845.

HINDERSON (Henderson)

Abigail, and Jonathan Glover, Mar.31, [1699.CTR]

Benjamin, and Abigail Beadle, July22,1706.CTR

Ebenezer, and Elizabeth Marston, Nov.3,1715.*

John, and Abigail 末末, May6,1687.

John, and Hannah Farr [of Lynn. int.], Sept.10,1712.*

Mary, and John Clemens, Dec.3,1712.*

Peter, and Hannah G末末, Apr.2,1687.

Peter, and Elizabeth Beadle, Nov.10,1701.

HINDS (Hynds)

Matthew, and Mary Ellison [Elenson. int.], May20,1781.*


John, and, wid.Joanna Blackmen, int.June14,1806.

HINKLEY (Hinckley)

Betsy, wid., and Thomas Davis, Esq. of Boston, Sept.17,1797.*

Margaret, wid., and Richard Valpy, Aug.26,1788.*

HINMAN (Hinsman)

Abigail, and David S. Dimon, Aug.31,1823.*

Benjamin D., and Hannah K. Peale [Pease. int.andCR10], Nov.25,1830.*

Ebenezer, and Elizabeth Hunt, Feb.末,1815.*

Elizabeth, and George Horton, Aug.18,1822.*

Mary Ann, and William Smith, Dec.10,1829.*

Nancy, and William Robbins, Jan.5,1826.*

Sarah, and Christopher Rosanburg, July29,1821.*

HINSMAN (Henman, Hinman)

George, and Lucy Ann Harvey [of Watertown. int.], Jan.4,1849.*

Jane, and Aaron A. Tanner, July13,1848.

Sebastian, and Abigail E. Dean, int.Aug.2,1845.

HIRES (Hiers)

Charlotte, and John Vance, Nov.13,1808.*


Elizabeth, Madam, and Col. Francis Wainwright of Ipswich, int.June23,1711. (He died before marriage.)

Elisabeth, Mrs., and Capt. Walter Price, Feb.24,1715-16.*

William, and Mary Grove, July30,1674.CTR

HITCHBEN (Hitchborn)

Mary, and Robert Walker, Mar.2,1788.*

HITCHBORN (Hitchben)

Philip, and Martha Gould, May19,1830.*

HITCHENS (Hitchings)

Abijah, and Eliza Ann Treadwell, Dec.4,1836.*

Ann R., and George A. Perkins, Nov.26,1838.*

Benjamin, and Eliza Wild, May13,1810.*

Hannah, and Peter Lassen, int.July2,1837.

Mary, and Thomas Barker, Feb.2,1806.*

HITCHINGS (Hitchens, Hitchins)

Abijah, and Mary Cloutman, Dec.21,1795.*

Lois, and William Phippen, certif. Nov.22,1777.*

Mary, and John Whipple, Jan.8,1826.*

Mary, and John Day, Mar.28,1826.*

Nathaniel, jr., and Mary Webb, Mar.9,1800.*

Sarah, and Josiah W. Getchell, Feb.26,1826.*

HITCHINS (Hitchings)

Cynthia, and Israel Andrews, June10,1810.*

Betsy, and Benjamin Hutchinson, Sept.25,1791.*

Elisabeth, and James B. Hazelton, int.Aug.20,1837.

Sarah, and David Magoon, Jan.6,1803.*

Tabitha, and Joseph Beadle, Jan.19,1804.*

HITCHINSON (Hutchinson)

Nehemiah [Hutchinson. int.], and Susanna Pedrick, May16,1815.*

HIX (Hicks)

Mary, and Nathaniell Beadle, Apr.20,1670.CTR


Nathan, and Meriam Phelps, Dec.13,1739.*


Annis, and John King, Sept.10,1688.CTR

Johanna, of Beverly, and Moses Parnell, Apr.25,1694.CTR

John, and Margaret Hifield, June26,1825.*

HOBART (Hoberd, Hobert)

Charles, and Hannah Ward, Dec.14,1823.*

Clara, and Adna Sprague, jr., both of Boston, Oct.22,1848.

Deborah, Mrs., of Braintree, and Rev. Peter Clarke [at Braintree. dup.], Nov.6,1719.

Harriet, and Hiram N. Simpson of Southbridge, Jan.4,1849.*

Henry, of Danvers, and Mary L. Foss, Aug.11,1846.

Lucy, and Robert Lake, jr. [of Topsfield.int.], Oct.6,1831.*

Lucy Ann D., and John E. Dill of Boston, int.Oct.23,1836.

Noah, and Patience 末末, Nov.13,1783.

Noah, and Elizabeth Hare, Oct.17,1802.*

Ruth, and Thomas Bright, Mar.2,1817.*

Susan S., and Robert Hussey, May9,1842.*

HOBBES (Hobbs)

Jeremiah B., and Sarah Titcombe, Aug.27,1815.*

Ruth, and William Estes, Nov.11,1798.*

Samuel [Capt. int.], and Sara Phippen, May28,1780.*

HOBBS (Hobbes)

Abigail, and John Callum, Nov.3,1726.

Amos F. [of Wenham.int.], and Bethia Goodale, Mar.30,1819.*

Benjamin, of Topsfield, and, wid.Mary Janes, int.Feb.8,1812.

Dinah, and Phillip Town, both of Topsfield, July30,1728.

Betsy, of Topsfield, and Samuel Gavit, int.July5,1805.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Farnum, Mar.31,1811.*

James, and Elizabeth Roller of Gloucester, int.Apr.16,1843.

Jane, and Albert F. Perry, both of Danvers, May6,1849.

Joseph, and Jane Muckford, June25,1816.*

Lydia, of Wenham, and Nathan Farnum, int.Nov.1,1818.

Mary, and Nathanyell Pease, Mar.15,1667.CTR

Mary F., of North Hampton, NH, and Joseph S. Leavett, int.Nov.2,1822.

Rebecca, of Middleton, and Nathaniel Estes, int.Jan.28,1792.

Ruth, and Samuel Buxton of Danvers, Jan.25,1807.*

Samuel, and Sarah Ward, certif. Jan.5,1778.*

Sarah, wid., and Samuel Symonds, jr. of Middleton, int.Nov.13,1784.

Sally, and Jacob Kimball, July6,1800.*

Sarah, and Samuel Briggs, Apr.20,1806.*

Sarah W., and John Joseph, Sept.25,1826. [ Sept.16.CR1]*

William, and Amie Town of Topsfield, Jan.10,1727-8.

William J.C., of Lynn, and Nancy F. Buxton, Mar.16,1837.*

William H., and Caroline Burbank, Apr.6,1848.*


Jane, and Benjamin Pickering, Apr.27,1693.

HOBERD (Hobart)

Sarah, and Joseph Eustice, certif. Oct.22,1809.*

HOBERT (Hobart)

Maria, and Squires Shove [of Danvers.int.], May2,1837.*

Matthew, and Sally Mullen, Dec.20,1807.*


Clara B., and Samuel C. Wilkins of Boston, Nov.4,1835.*

Isaac, and Mary F. Oliver, Feb.5,1826.*

Jewett, and Ruthy [J. Pearson of Ipswich.int.] at Ipswich, June12,1826.*

Moses, and Nancy Masury, Nov.19,1815.*

Moses, and Lydia Fogg, Oct.15,1829.*

HOBURN (Haburn)

Catherine, and James E. Courtney, May5,1833.*

HODEN (Haden)

Elizabeth, and William Walker, Jan.2,1803.

HODG (Hodges)

Robert, and Mary Pitman, June22,1665.CTR

HODGDEN (Hodgdon)

Martha, and George Church [Churd.int.], Feb.26,1792.*

Mary, and Daniel Bray, jr., certif. Oct.30,1802.*

Robert, and Betsey Byrne [Bryant. int.], Dec.15,1808.*

Samuel, and Betsy Gibbs Bariepo, July1,1798.*

Thomas, and Betsy Lefavour, Dec.7,1801.*

HODGDON (Hodgden)

Catherine S., and Peter Carraway, May6,1835.*

Dorcas J., and William A. Ottignon of Boston, s.F.P., Oct.7,1847.*

Elizabeth [Mrs.int.], and Mark Servey, Oct.17,1813.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph Oldson, Mar.1,1833.*

George C., of Boston, and Elizabeth F. Ropes, Apr.12,1838.*

Martha E., and James P. Thorndike, Sept.25,1827.*

Mary L., and William B. Dawes of Boston, Oct.27,1829.*

Robert, and Lucy Parker, int.Jan.22,1803.

Samuel, and Martha Masury, Mar.16,1775.*

Samuel, and Hannah H. Phelps, Sept.17,1827.*

Sarah, and Cotton L. Pratt, Nov.22,1831.*

Sarah, and Edmund Brown, Feb.22,1842.*

Susan S., and John F. Prince, Apr.15,1845.*

Thomas, and Sally Gray, int.Nov.13,1824.

HODGE (Hodges)

Elizabeth, of Newburyport, and William Harris, Oct.27,1805.PR250

Mary, and Richard Prisson, Sept.10,1688.CTR

Mary, wid., and John Brewer, Aug.18,1689.CTR

HODGEKINS (Hodgkins)

Joanna, of Ipswich, and John Fellows, int.Oct.27,1804.

HODGES (Hodg, Hodge)

Benjamin, and Hanna King, Nov.19,1778.*

Dorcas, and John Dedman, Apr.20,1714. [Apr.27. dup.]*

Elizabeth, and George Cleveland, Apr.27,1808. [Apr.17.CR1]*

Gamaliel, and Sarah Williams, Jan.25,1710-11. [Jan.27. dup.]*

Gamaliel [jr. int.], and Priscilla Webb, Oct.9,1740.*

Gamaliel, and Sarah Williams, Oct.6,1788.

Gamaliel, and Hannah Burns, int.May4,1816.

Georg, and Mary Hutson, 16:7m:1663.CTR

George, and Lydia Gale, Nov.26,1786.*

George [Capt. int.], and Hannah Phippen, Mar.25,1798.*

George [jr. int.], and Elizabeth Welcome, Dec.13,1812.*

Hannah, Mrs., and Samuel Ives, Nov.21,1737.*

Hannah, and [Dr. int.] Joseph Kitridge of Andover, Dec.19,1819.*

John, and Hanna Gill, Mar.15,1704-5.

John, and Mary Manning, Jan.5,1748-9.*

John, and Mary O. [sgood.int.] Daland, Dec.15,1833.*

Jonathan, and Betsey Ropes, Mar.30,1788.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth Stone, May13,1742.*

Joseph [jr. int.], and Mary Andrew, Sept.21,1783.*

Joseph [jr. int.], and Elizabeth Chipman, Jan.3,1819.*

Lydia, and Samuel Holman, jr. of New York [New York City.int.], Nov.28,1825.*

Margaret Manning, and [Dr. int.] George Choate, Dec.16,1825.*

Mary, and Francis Skerry, int.Feb.19,1714-15.

Mary, and Richard Derbe, Feb.3,1734-5.*

Mary, and William Silsbee, Nov.14,1808.*

Mary, and Ward Chipman, May24,1812.*

Mary, and John Stone, May2,1819.*

Mary P., and J. Vincent Brown of Boston, July26,1831. [July16. dup.]*

Nancy, and Eppes Burnham, May3,1832.*

Priscilla, and Samuel Ward, Jan.2,1768.*

Priscilla, and John Jayne, Nov.2,1809.*

Priscilla [Sparhawk. int.], and John Clarke, Sept.4,1821.*

Richard, and Sarah Cheever, May7,1786.*

Ruth, see Hogges, Ruth.

Samuel R., and Jane R. Kelleran of Portland, int.Nov.19,1831. (Certificate Dec.3.)

Sarah, and Stephen Archer, Oct.14,1697.CTR

Sarah, and Thomas Ropes, Aug.10,1731.*

Sarah, and Bartholomew Putnam, May13,1760.*

HODGKINS (Hodgekins)

Azor, and Elizabeth Neal, May29,1833.*

Charlotte S., and Nathan W. Carlton [Nathaniel W. of Danvers.int.], July27,1831.*

Clarisa R., and Nathaniel Kinsman, jr., Apr.24,1843.*

Elizabeth [P. int.], and Thomas Cooper [Capen, of Saugus.int.], Feb.28,1830.*

Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Gammage, Oct.27,1835.*

Elizabeth R., and Joseph T. Chandler, Apr.17,1838.*

Elizabeth, and John Stanton, Mar.3,1844.*

James S., and Eliza [Elizabeth.wid.] Ward Brown, Sept.末,1819.*

John R., and Lucy Ann Locke of Hallowell, ME, int.Nov.17,1832. (Certificate Dec.10.)

John, and Caroline E. Hezelton, int.Jan.4,1846.

Joseph S., and Lucy A. Osborn, Nov.10,1836.

Martha, of Ipswich, and Francis Pulsifer, int.May17,1806.

Mary [wid.int.], and William Jenkins, Oct.末,1825.*

Mary W., and Thomas H. Merritt of Marblehead, int.Dec.31,1825.

Mary S., and Joseph Pond [P. int.], Nov.3,1835.*

Mary Ann, wid., a.24y., and Henry Norwood, a.23y., mariner, both of Gloucester, June9,1844.

Susan Swasey, of Ipswich, and John Aves Turell, Apr.5,1821.*

Thomas, and Sally Osborne of Danvers, int.Apr.23,1802. [m.May16.PR563]


Thomas, and Katherin More, Oct.末,1661.CTR


Peter [of Marblehead.int.], and Anna Tucker, Sept.11,1803.*


Charles, and Ruth A. Felt, Sept.2,1835.CR12*

Charles [Capt.PR88], and Eliza A. King, Sept.8,1840.*

Malvina M., and Frederic M. Lord of Boston, June9,1846.*

HOGAN (Hogen)

Alice C., and William Hawes of Danvers, Nov.7,1843.*

Ann, and George Quinn, int.Aug.23,1846.

Caroline E., and Samuel W. Pease, Jan.23,1845.*

Catherine, and Thomas Kiley, int.Nov.12,1848.

Catherine, and Thomas Riley, laborer, both b. Ireland, Nov.15,1849.

John and Priscilla 末末, Feb.13,1785.CR6

Margaret, and John Cummins [Cunningham.int.], both b. Ireland, Sept.14,1849.*

Peter, and Elizabeth Donaldson, Jan.1,1797.*

Thomas, and Esther Renew, both of Marblehead, Apr.28,1751.

HOGEN (Hogan)

Harriet C., and Thomas D. Pousland, June8,1834.*


Martha M., and James Cook, jr., Apr.25,1819.*


Ruth [Hodges.int.], and Israel Gardner, Jan.10,1754.*


Hittabell, and Peeter Welcom, 3:9m:1665.CTR


Sally, and Moses Norwood, int.Apr.30,1814.


Amory, and Mary H. Broughton of Boston, int.Aug.8,1847.

Mary, and Edward Still, Feb.16,1785.*


Charles, and Sally Bishop, Jan.30,1794.*

Lucy, of Princeton, and Addison Richardson, int.Nov.12,1808.

Peggy, and Josiah Flagg of Reading, int.June21,1794.

Mary Ann, of Boston, and James Arrington, int.Sept.4,1836.

Michael, and Bridget Crow, Feb.5,1837.*

Nathaniel, and Margaret Ervin, Dec.13,1764.*

Nathaniel, and Mary Pease, int.Oct.7,1797. [June8,1799; Sept.6,1800. dup.]

Nathaniel, of Marblehead, and Mary Ann Brown, July10,1826.*


Theodate, d.Daniel, of Nantucket, shipwright, deceased, and Hannah, and Folger Pope, saddler, s.Stephen, deceased, and Mary, 18:6m:1781.CR7


James, and Maudlin Dwaniel of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Mar.3,1722-3.


James, and, wid.Deborah Graye, June14,1690.CTR


Mary, and Thomas Massey, Aug.末,1716.


Anne, of Boston, and William Candish, int.Sept.19,1713.

Charles J. [Isaac. int.], and Hannah West, Aug.10,1800.*

Charles, and Joanna Webb, July18,1822.*

Deborah, Mrs., and Henry Eage, June15,1834.*

Hannah, and John Battin, Oct.14,1734.*

Hannah [Mrs.int.], and James Davis, Nov.27,1808.*

James [of Boston. int.], and Alice Sanderson [Saunderson. int.], July31,1823.*

Josiah, of Boston, and Mary Preston [Presson. int.], Apr.16,1736.*

Louisa C., and Joseph L. [S. int.] Dodge, July14,1845.*

Lydia, and John Evens, May13,1804.*

Mary, of Pomfret, and William Prince, int.Sept.1,1744.

Mary, and James Morrison, int.Feb.28,1806.

Mary, wid., a.38y., and Lawrence Mellen [of Wenham.int.], a.40y., laborer, s.末末 of Ireland, Feb.17,1845.*

Porter, and Irena Drew, int.July22,1849.

Sally, and Peter Smith, int.July27,1805.

William, and Elizabeth Beckford, Sept.17,1786.*

William, and Sally Fabens, Nov.11,1810.*

HOLLIMAN (Hollyman)

John, and Susannah Pretice, May1,1722.

HOLLINGWORTH (Hollinworth)

Mary, and Phillip English, 1:7m:1675.CTR

Richard, and Elizabeth Powell, 23:6m:1659.CTR

HOLLINWORTH (Hollingworth)

Susana, and Robert Starr, 24:9m:1650.CTR


Nancy, and Henry Walker, int.Dec.2,1825.

William, and Kertland Pelud,末蔓末, [bef. 1672.]CTR


Edward, Rev., of Danville, VT, and Mary Trumbull of Beverly, Aug.25,1823.


Susannah, of Marblehead, and Robert Smith, jr., int.Nov.14,1747.


Abigail, Mrs., and Benjamin Gerrish, jr., Dec.25,1712.*

Edward, and Abigail Flint, June9,1704.

HOLLYMAN (Holliman)

John, and Mary Southhwick, Oct.30,1749.


Anna Elizabeth, of Beverly, and Nathan F. Wilson, int.July28,1844.

Deborah, and William Whipple, certif. Apr.14,1798.*

Eliza [Elizabeth.PR536], and Henry L. Norris, certif. Nov.25,1810.*

Eliza W., and Edmund Woodbury of Danvers, Oct.17,1841.*

Elizabeth [jr. int.], and Benjamin Archer, Apr.20,1766.*

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Carlton [s.Samuel and Eunice (Hunt). dup.], Mar.25,1787.

Betsey Barr, d.Jonathan and Betsey, and Joshua Phippen, s.Hardy and Ursula, Apr.22,1841.*

Esther, and Robert Fowler, jr., certif. Jan.25,1800.*

Gabriel, and Elizabeth Reeves, May6,1736.*

Gabriel [s.Gabriel and Elizabeth.PR264], and Sarah Goodhue [d.Capt. Benjamin.PR264], Feb.7,1764.*

Gabriel, 2d m., and Lydia Mansfield, d.Matthew, merchant, Aug.9,1774.PR264

Hannah, of Marblehead, and David Flint, jr., int.5:8m:1734.

Hannah, wid., and John Hantford, Mar.1,1792.*

Hannah, and Nathaniel King, certif. Oct.9,1797.*

Hannah, and Lorain W. Smith, Feb.10,1811.*

Hariot, and John Pope, 3d, Sept.11,1820.*

Jacob, and Polly Fabens, certif. Feb.16,1801.*

John, of Marblehead, and Huldah Flint, Nov.13,1724.

John, and Desire Metcalf, Mar.10,1769.

John, and Mary Rand, Aug.7,1774.*

John, and Lois Nelson of Reading, int.July19,1806.

John F., and Sally Byrns, May10,1807.*

John, and Olivia Newhall of Beverly, Aug.24,1827.*

John, of Ithaca, NY, and Hannah H. Orne, Nov.18,1835.*

Jonathan, and Betsy Barr [d.James, 2d and Eunice (Carlton). dup.], Nov.9,1815.*

Jonathan, and Sarah Barr [d.John and Sarah (Peirce). dup.], Oct.25,1832.*

Joseph [Capt. int.], and Sally Peirce, Feb.22,1791. [certif.CR12]*

Judith, and Francis Lamson [of Beverly.int.], certif. May29,1774.*

Judith, and Thomas Woodbury, 2d of Beverly, int.May25,1799.

Judith, and George Fowler, Mar.4,1804.*

Lydia, and Abijah Northy [jr. int.], Oct.10,1804.

Lydia, and Christopher C. Richardson [of Cambridge. int.], Nov.27,1815. [Nov.17.CR1]*

Lyman, and Fanny Smith, int.Dec.31,1837. [m.Jan.23,1838.PR266]

Mary, of Wenham, and Jonathan How of Danvers, Sept.26,1784.

Mary, and John Gray, Feb.19,1815.*

Mary G., and John H. Parker [of Beverly.int.], Sept.6,1818.*

Mary, Mrs.[wid.int.], and Oliver Pope [of South Reading. int.], Jan.25,1819.*

Mary S[mith.dup.], d.Jona[than and Betsey.dup.], and [her cousin. dup.] Samuel R[opes.dup.] Curwen, clerk, s.Samuel [and Priscilla (Barr). dup.], May15,1848.*

Nancy, and Joshua Phelps, certif. Feb.4,1801.*

Nancy P. [Holmes.dup.], and Alexander White of Beverly, Jan.26,1826.*

Robert, and Rachel Skidmore, int.Mar.18,1806.

Ruth, and Col. John Page, July9,1793. [certif.CR12]*

Samuel, and Ruth Hunt, jr. [d.William and Eunice (Bowditch). dup.], May2,1759.*

Samuel [jr. dup.] and Elizabeth King, d.Benjamin and Sarah, Mar.31,1790.*

Samuel, jr., of New York [New York City.int.], and Lydia Hodges, Nov.28,1825.*

Sarah, and Peter Henfield, Dec.7,1755.*

Sally [wid.int.], and John Needham, certif. Mar.8,1800.*

Sally, and James Russell, certif. Nov.5,1800.*

Sarah G., and William Procter, certif. Apr.11,1813.*

Sarah, wid., and John C. Coates, Feb.26,1820.*

Susan P., and George W. Estes, int.June9,1832. (Certificate June24.)

William, jr., and Lydia Phelps, certif. Oct.31,1795.*

HOLME (Holmes)

Peter, and Mrs.Deborah Chevry [wid.int.], Feb.2,1829.*

HOLMES (Holme, Holms, Homes)

Aaron, of Lynn, and Abigail Hammond, Jan.18,1836.*

Alexander S., and Margaret Frazer, Oct.18,1842.*

Ann S., of Cambridge, and Rev. Charles Wentworth Upham, int.Feb.17,1826. [m.Mar.29.PR79]

Benjamin D., and Patience F. Rowe, int.Jan.11,1815.

Charles B. [of Lynn. int.], and Mary Ann Smith, Dec.17,1832.*

Charles, and Mary Perkins of Ipswich, int.May4,1833. (Certificate May26.)

Elizabeth, and John Pool of Gloucester, July16,1719.

George, and Hannah Porter, July22,1804.*

James, and Margareet White, int.Dec.25,1779.

John, and, wid.Sara Kene, 21:2m:167.CTR

John C., of Lynn, and Lydia H. Glazier, Oct.8,1832.*

Joseph, and Lydia Lee, July10,1814.*

Joseph, and Ann Britton, June9,1822.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth Webb, Dec.20,1829.*

Louisa F., of Dorchester, and Thomas Saunders, int.Dec.8,1844.

Polly, and Philip Markoe, certif. Dec.11,1802.*

Robert, and Sally Molloy, certif. Sept.20,1794.*

Sally, and [Capt. int.] Timothy Ropes, June16,1796.*

Sarah E., and John Gould, June11,1820.*

Sally [wid.int.], and Joseph Merryman, Dec.16,1821.*

Sarah, and Philip Short, July5,1832.*

Timothy [of Danvers.int.], and Sarah G. Warden, Dec.1,1825.*

William, and Margaret Hall, int.Sept.7,1782.

William, of Hudson, NH, and Mary Ann Teague, July12,1840.*

HOLMS (Holmes)

Thomas, and Anna Cross, Feb.22,1807.*


Nicholas, and Sally Cain, int.Nov.16,1805.


Catharine, and Job D. Porter, Dec.29,1807.*

Charlotte E., of Pembroke, ME [NH. int.], and Joseph T. Lander, Oct.16,1845.*

Clarissa, of Andover, and Samuel E. Woodbury, int.Dec.9,1825.

Betsy, and Benjamin Beckford, jr., May24,1786.*

Ester, and Daniel Andrew, Sept.20,1807.*

Fyfield, of Andover, and Abigail Taylor, at Andover, Aug.31,1741.*

Hanna, and Robert Graye, Mar.8,1668.CTR

Hannah, of Andover, and William Phelps, at Andover, Jan.4,1781.*

Hannah, and Lemuel Horton, July9,1786.*

Jonathan, and Polly Tuttle, Feb.6,1791.*

Joseph, and, wid.Mary Trask, Oct.19,1822.*

Lemuel, and, wid.Margaret (Osborn) Browne, int.Nov.23,1765.

Lucy Jane, and David A. Ropes, Aug.22,1839.*

Martha, and John Very, Mar.24,1844.*

Mary, and Joshua Foster, June22,1794.*

Mary, of Andover, and James Allison, int.July20,1811.

Nehemiah, and Esther Varnum, July21,1771. [June20. dup.]*

Phebe, and John Duke, July23,1812.*

Phebe, and Robert Perkins, int.Aug.16,1823.

Sally, and Jonathan Marston, July5,1801.*

Stephen, and Abigail Brown of Ipswich, int.Feb.12,1803.

Timothy, and Susanna Burgess, Aug.20,1797.*

HOLTEN (Holton)

Benjamin, and 末末 Leech, July13,1708.CTR

Hannah, and Samuel Dale, certif. June2,1784.*

Lydia, wid., and Samuel Field, certif. June6,1779.*

Samuel [Houlton. int.], and Anna Edwards of Wenham, at Wenham, Jan.22,1728.*

Sarah, and Ebenezer Fowle of Charlestown, Nov.30,1705.CTR

HOLTON (Holten, Houlton)

Anna, and David Putnam, jr., int.Apr.27,1745.

Ebenezer, and Eunice Collins of Lynn, at Lynn, Feb.20, [1724.CTR]

Elizabeth, and John Buxton, 7:8m:1677.CTR

Henry, and Abigail Flint, Mar.4,1689. [1688.CTR]

John, and Mary Star, Jan.16,1688.CTR

John, Capt., and Lydia Gott of Wenham, at Wenham, Sept.25,1751.*

Samuel, and Hannah Gardner, int.Apr.28,1732.

Sarah, and [Lt.CTR] Benjamin Putnam, July1,1706.

Sarah, and Jonathan Procter, int.Mar.3,1732-3.

Sarah, and David Felton, Nov.14,1736.*

HOLYOCKE (Holyoke)

Ann, d.Edward and Prudence, "formerly of Tanworth, in Warwickshire (England)," and Thomas Putnam, s.John and Priscilla, "formerly Inhabytants of Abboteason, in Buckinghamsheare, (England)," 17:8m:1643.CTR

HOLYOKE (Holyocke)

Edward Augustus, and [Mrs.int.] Judith Pickman, June5,1755.*

Edward Augustus, Dr., and Mary Viall of Boston, int.Oct.13,1759. [m.Nov.22.PR79]

Edward A., jr., and Maria Osgood of Andover, int.Sept.30,1826.

Betsy, and Dr. William Kneeland, Oct.25,1763.PR79

Judith, and William Turner [of Boston. int.], certif. Oct.25,1795. [Oct.29.PR79]*

Susanna, and Joshua Ward, jr., certif. Aug.1,1799.*


Love, and John Steevens, July2,1661.CTR

HOMAN (Homans)

Eliza B., and Jonathan Shepard, Dec.16,1824.*

Betsey G. [of Marblehead.int.], and Jabez Treadwell, Nov.17,1811.*

Hans, and Betsey Manning, int.Aug.14,1836.

John, of Marblehead, and Margaret Robinson, int.Aug.26,1709.

Joseph, of Marblehead, and Sarah Wellman, int.Jan.7,1795.

Judith W., and George Brown, Aug.24,1826.*

Mary, and John Perkins, Nov.12,1820.*

Ruth, and Jonathan Osborn, Sept.4,1814.*

Sally, and Hugh Boyes, Apr.17,1825.*

William, of Marblehead, and Sarah Wellman, at Marblehead, Jan.15,1795.

William, and [Mrs.int.] Sarah Stocker, Aug.24,1828.*

HOMANS (Homan)

Hannah, and Jeduthan Hammond, Dec.23,1804.*

Mary, and Joseph B. Clark, laborer, Feb.22,1846.

William A., of Beverly, and Sarah Downing, Jan.30,1820.*


James, of Amesbury, and Susan Lord, June8,1827.*

HOMES (Holmes)

Bengen, and Marey Ann Smith, Dec.17,1832.PR253

John, of Marblehead, and Mary Dwinel of Topsfield, Nov.23,1726.


Limon, and Lydia Graves, certif. Apr.10,1805.*

Lyman, and Clara Morse, Dec.19,1841.*


Edward, and Lydia Boardman of Chelsea, int.Mar.28,1807.


George W., and Mary E. Cross, Dec.22,1835.*

Hannah H., and Peter E. Wright, Aug.8,1838.*

Martha W. [ard.int.], and Daniel Eady, Apr.5,1821.*

Samuel R., and Mary B. Deland, int.Nov.26,1837.

Sarah B., and Thomas W. Gwinn, Mar.26,1832.*

Thomas P., and Mary P. Haskell, May5,1833.*

William H., and Martha Richards, Nov.29,1821.*

William H., and Sarah G. Boardman, June5,1832.*

HONEYFORD (Hunaiford)

Thomas, and [wid.int.] Jane Lawrance, July18,1795.*


John [of Gloucester. int.], and Abigail B. Peirce, Mar.23,1828.*


Abigail, and Peter Hulen, both of Marblehead, Mar.1,1749.

Abraham K., and Elizabeth Porter, int.Apr.20,1837.

Amos, of Lynn, and Sally Ramsdall, int.Oct.14,1792.

Asa, and Mrs.Martha Beedle, Nov.15,1812.*

Asa, and Susan Carey, int.May3,1834.

Asa, jr., widr., a.32y., farmer, s.Abraham, and Mary F. Cass, a.31y., milliner, d.Daniel, July7,1844.*

Asa, jr., and Sarah Bodwell of Danvers, int.Mar.4,1849.

Content, and John Phillips, 8:8m:1741.PR5

Cynthia R., and Jacob Haskell, int.June5,1842.

Cyrus [L. int.], and Eliza Ingalls, Apr.2,1846.*

David B[eadle.PR268], and Adelia [Abby.int.; Abigail Very.PR268] V. Dowst, Sept.28,1848.*

Dorothy, of Boxford, and John Todd, int.Nov.15,1806.

Eli, of Lynn, and Mary F. Batcheldor, int.July24,1830. (Certificate Aug.18.)

Eliza Ann, and William A. Preston. Feb.7,1842. int.*

Elizabeth, and Moses H. Shaw, Nov.19,1815.*

George [Wood.int.], of Washington, D.C., and Mary Ann Baldwin, June20,1831.*

George, and Hermione Breed, both of Lynn, Sept.11,1833.

Hannah, and William Frost, int.Nov.10,1801.

Harriet, d.Julia, and Stephen W. Bliss, widr., of Athol, silversmith, s.Stephen of Athol, Apr.20,1845.*

Hiram D., and Mary A[nn. int.] Woodman, Aug.30,1846.*

Jacob, and Sophia Needham, at Lynnfield, June1,1820.

Jeremiah, and Mary Warner, Mar.6,1812.

Joseph, and Susannah Pike, May4,1738.*

Joseph, and Sarah Ingersol, Jan.29,1761.*

Martha P[rince.PR167], and Stephen Whipple, int.Sept.22,1844. [m.Oct.10.PR167]

Mary Jane, and George C. Bosson of Chelsea, int.Apr.1,1849.

Mercy, and James Smith, June8,1742.*

Moses [of Topsfield.int.], and Sally Felt, June10,1784.*

Moses, and Nancy Wiggins of Stratham, int.June11,1808.

Rebeca, of Beverly, and Thadeus Osgood, 2d, int.June28,1846.

Richard, and Elisabeth Coy of Beverly, at Beverly, Apr.1,1747.*

Sarah, wid., and Israel Eaton of Marblehead, int.Oct.27,1802. (Forbid.)

Sarah [Mrs.int.], and John Jacobs, July16,1807.*

Sarah S., and John W. Russell, int.Nov.20,1842.

Susanna, see Wood, Susanna.


William, and Abigail Greenleaf, Mar.2,1800.*

William, jr., and Abigail Ross, int.Apr.4,1833.


Betsey, of Marblehead, and Jacob Poland, int.Feb.15,1817.

Elizabeth S., and Jonathan Patch, jr. of Beverly, int.Dec.4,1842.


Abigail, and John Webb, 3d, Dec.8,1748.*

Abigail, and Nathaniel Phippen, certif. May2,1779.*

Nabby K., of Danvers, and Lewis Allen, int.May11,1816.

Abby C., of Manchester, and Charles H. Story, int.Sept.13,1846.

Allice, and Samuel Townsend, Oct.22,1817.*

Benjamin, and Ellenor Clark, July20,1681.CTR

Benjamin, jr., and Mary Fowler, Aug.20,1751.*

Benjamin, and Sally Bright, certif. Nov.7,1801.*

Carlton, and Elisabeth Wheeler, July23,1804.CR6

Charles, and Mary Lowther, int.Nov.6,1714.

Charles, and Hannah Neal, Nov.27,1718.

Charles, and Abigail Bennet, Dec.1,1745.*

Dorothy, of Beverly, and William Bishop, Oct.15,1700.

Edward, of Danvers, and Lydia D. [avis.int.] Luscomb, June6,1819.*

Betsy Butman, and Elisha Dana, certif. Dec.12,1813.*

Els, and William Whitford, int.Aug.15,1772.

Greenfield, and Alis Oakes, certif. Sept.2,1810.*

Hannah, and John Phippen [jr. int.], Dec.10,1742.*

James, and Mary Feild, June11,1713.*

James, jr., and Sarah Blaney, Apr.10,1744.*

James, and Abial Bright, certif. Mar.21,1777.*

John T., jr., and Elizabeth M. Bartlett, int.Apr.5,1840. (Stopped by order of Hooper.)

Margaret, and John Sleeman, jr., certif. Mar.11,1775.*

Margaret, of Marblehead, and George D. Walton, int.Aug.6,1843.

Martha, and John Punchard, Nov.6,1706.

Mary, and Benjamin Bush, Oct.23,1718.

Mary, and Samuel Symonds, jr., July27,1733.*

Mary, and Samuel Gale, int.Sept.27,1746.

Mary, Mrs., and Osman Trask [2d.int.] of Beverly, at Beverly, Aug.6,1771.*

Mary S., wid., and John A. Gibson of Lynn, Nov.13,1847.*

Nathaniel, and Lydia McIntire, July26,1818.*

Robert, 5th, of Marblehead, and Elizabeth Whittaker, int.Sept.6,1777.

Robert S., and Mary S. Davis, Jan.9,1840.*

Ruth, and Abraham Walcutt, 22:9m:1682.CTR

Sarah, and John Leach, 3d, int.Dec.28,1776.

Stephen G., of Danvers, and Lucy Jane Wright, int.May21,1848.

Sukey, of Marblehead, and Isaac Weston Downes, int.Jan.30,1796.


Sally, and Michael Kearns, May8,1835.


Daniel, and Susannah Saunders, d.John, Mar.7,1771.*

John, of Boston, and Naomi Gray, int.Dec.4,1772.

Joseph, and Abigail Rand of Charlestown, at Charlestown, June24,1766.

Mary, and Thomas Perry, int.Jan.4,1772.

Mary, and Rev. Brown Emerson, Oct.29,1806.*

Susan [Susanna.int.], and Samuel H.G. Rowley [of Hanover, NH. int.], Feb.23,1809.*

Susan S., and John Tenbrook, [of New York City.int.], Dec.5,1840.*


Daniel, and Hannah Frothingham, Mar.19,1820.*

Joseph B., of the U.S. Army, and Sarah W. Grush, int.Mar.4,1815.


Jeremiah [Harragen. int.], of Danvers, a.32y., s.末末, of Ireland, and Catherine Barrett, a.27y., May9,1844.*

HORN (Horne)

Abigail, and Charles R. Goodritch, May6,1844.*

Frederick, and Hannah Burnham, both of Boston, Jan.16,1764.

Fredrick, and Charlotte Hill, Mar.10,1822.*

HORNE (Horn)

John, and Mary Clarke, Oct.30,1667.CTR

Joseph, and Anna Tomson, 12:5m:1677.CTR

Margarit, and Daniell Lambert, May6,1708.

Marie, and John Smith of Charlestown, at Charlestown, Oct.22,1677.

Symond, and, wid.Rebecka Steevens, Feb.28,1675.CTR


Isabella R. [Mrs.int.], and Charles S. Dudley of Cambridge, Jan.1,1840.*

Lucius A. [of Boston. int.], and Isabella Roby, June1,1836.*

HORTEN (Horton)

George [jr. int.], and Polly Hart, June14,1791.*

Lydia, and John Galloway, certif. Apr.25,1794.*

HORTON (Horten)

Abigail [Ashton.CR1], and Antonio de Damos, late of Parinhu, Brazil, June7,1768.

Benjamin, and Hannah G. Brown, Oct.21,1810.*

Eliza, and Joshua H. Cross of Danvers, May10,1826.*

Betsey, and Henry Bennet, int.June29,1799.

Elizabeth, and Jacob Mead, Apr.16,1800.*

George, and Mary Fern, Aug.23,1764.*

George, and Elizabeth Hinman, Aug.18,1822.*

George, and Mary Cole, June18,1826.*

Hannah A., and George C[ook.PR125] Cross [of Windham, ME. int.], Mar.13,1828.*

Harriot, and Joseph Swann, Sept.2,1821.*

John, and Sara Grant, June20,1779.*

Jonathan, and Lydia Donnel, May26,1772.*

Jonathan, and Polly Sands, Aug.28,1785.

Jonathan, and Peggy Wells, certif. Dec.31,1796.*

Jonathan, and Mary Churchill, Aug.21,1825.*

Lemuel, and Hannah Holt, July9,1786.*

Mary, and Samuel Mcleroy, May21,1772.

Mary, and Andrew Lord, Apr.3,1823.*

Mary, and James P. Elkins, Jan.24,1836.*

Mary E., and James B. Stimpson, tanner and currier, s.James C., Aug.7,1845.*

Nathaniel, and Martha Very, Aug.30,1827.*

Rebecca, and Gorham P[arsons.int.] Newhall, Oct.末,1823. [Oct.2. dup.]*

Sally B., of Marblehead, and Francis G. Clark, int.Jan.24,1819.

Sarah, and John Davidson, Dec.25,1836.*

Susan, and William Wakefield, Dec.3,1815.*

Thomas, and Abigail Mason, July1,1717.

Thomas, jr., and Elizabeth Trask, jr., Sept.27,1741.*


John, and Hester Craford, 23:10m:1669.CTR


Joseph [Capt. int.], and Hannah Webb, Aug.23,1789.*

Mary, and James B. Briggs, May31,1821.*


Eliza C., of Canterbury, CT, and Alden B. Robbins, int.Sept.3,1843.


Alonzo, of Boston, and Lucy Ann H. Dill, July18,1841.*

Julia [wid.PR638], of Andover, and Nathaniel West [Jr.PR638], int.June8,1816. [m.June23.PR638]

Nestor [of Boston. int.], and Deborah A[lthea.int.], Moriarty, July2,1832.*

Sarah [Houlton. int.], and John Farrington of Andover, Nov.末,1730.*

HOULTON (Holton)

Abigail, and Jacob Fuller, jr., Mar.16,1727.

Benjamin, Capt., and Mrs.Elizabeth Putnam, Nov.25,1736.*

Elizabeth, and Abraham Kemball of Wenham, int.Apr.25,1729.

Elizabeth, wid., and Edward Carleton of Haverhill, Nov.7,1745.*

Hannah, and James Houlton, int.Aug.8,1730.

Hannah, and Joseph Cresey of Beverly, Apr.25,1734.*

James, and Mrs.Mary Lindsey, Nov.4,1706.

James, and Hannah Houlton, int.Aug.8,1730.

Joseph, and Rebecca Felton, int.Mar.6,1730-31.

Mary, and William Stacey of Marblehead, Aug.22,1723.

Mary, and John Rea, Oct. [3.TC], 1723.

Mary, and Ebenezer Procter, Dec.1,1725.

Ruth, and Abraham Goodale [jr. int.], Jan.5,1737-8.*

Samuel, see Holten, Samuel.

Sarah, see Houghton, Sarah.

Timothy, and Kezia Rea, Mar.7,1715-16.*

HOUSE (Howe)

Betsey, and Peter Smith, int.Dec.25,1802.

Hepzibah, and John Forbes, Oct.23,1803.*

Margaret, and Jotham Libby of Portland, int.Aug.3,1793. (Forbidden by Margaret House.)

Peggy, and Thomas March, June30,1794.*

Sally Foscett, and Thomas Fuller, jr.,末蔓末, [bef. 1817.]

Snow, and Mary Crispin, int.Nov.11,1802.

Snow, and, wid.Nancy Ireland, int.Aug.1,1807.

HOVE (Hovey)

George [Hovee. int.], and Susan Curwin [Currin. int.], Jan.13,1817.*


George, see Hove, George.

HOVEY (Hove)

Amos, and Deborah Steward, Dec.4,1791. [Dec.1.CR4]*

Ann H., and Richard Fizbee, July3,1836.*

Betsy, and Thomas Lefavor, Sept.5,1802.*

Hannah, and Jacob Town, Jan.29,1804.*

John, and Sarah Campbell, Nov.9,1769.

John, and Tabathy Melvill, June19,1803.*

John [jr. int.], and Hannah B. Dunsack, Oct.30,1828.*

Joseph, and Margaret Cook, May20,1766.

Martha [Hervey.int.], and John Dolliver, Sept.25,1843.*

Mary W., and Joseph Hill [of Lynn. int.], Sept.29,1833.*

Rebecca, and Robert Wallis, Aug.26,1824.CR1*

Samuel, and Sarah Ann Wentworth [of Remond, ME. int.], Oct.17,1845.*

Sally, and Stephen Field, Oct.26,1794.*

Susan, and Richard Skinner, jr., Aug.5,1841.*

Susanna, of Beverly, and Joseph Trask, int.Sept.22,1804.

Thomas, and Susanna Phippen, certif. July25,1773. [Jan.25.PR484]*

HOW (Howe)

Betsy [Elizabeth.int.], and Jonathan West, Dec.7,1806.*

Ephraim, and Mary Blanchard of Tewksbury, Aug.1,1805.*

Jacob, of Marlboro, and Ruth Swinnerton, Dec.8,1742.*

John [jr. int.], of Middleton, and Mary Daggit, May6,1736.*

Jonathan, of Danvers, and Mary Holman of Wenham, Sept.26,1784.

Joseph, of Middleton, and Sarah Sheldon, Feb.16,1743-4.*

Mark, of Boxford, and Lydia Wilkins, Dec.20,1725.

Moses, of Marlboro, and Hannah Felton, into Sept.4,1746.

Sally Morgan, of Beverly, and Thomas Lefavour, int.Feb.9,1822.


Abigail, and Joseph Flint, Aug.6,1685.

Ann, and Richard Hay, Feb.1,1807.

Archelaus [jr. int.], of Danvers, and Polly Grant [wid.int.], Feb.3,1793.*

Archelaus, and Lydia Deland, Apr.16,1806.*

Benjamin [of Boston. int.], and Harriet Lang, Nov.9,1817.*

Bethiah, and William E. Smith of Bangor, ME, into Sept.14,1833.

Caroline, and Hugh M. Meislar [Neisler. int.], of Athens, GA, Nov.28,1838.*

Catharine, and Abraham Dodge, Sept.15,1761.*

Charles P., and Mary C. Rayner of Reading, int.Nov.14,1835.

David, and Martha Colfree of Lynn, into May4,1754.

David, and Hannah Heisering, Dec.30,1754.

Diadem, and Israel Eaton of Reading, at Reading, June21,1726.

Eliza Hamond, of Boston and Joshua Phippen, Apr.9,1820.PR581

Eliza, and William B. Reed of Boston, May21,1845.*

Betsey, see Hayward, Betsey.

Elizabeth, and Thomas Brown, Nov.11,1798.*

Frances, and Timothy Bryant, jr., May19,1816. (The clergyman being in Deacon's orders the ceremony performed again Dec.7,1817.)*

Hannah [of Beverly.int.], and John Hutchinson, May4,1710.CTR*

Hannah, of Beverly, and Nathaniel Wood, at Beverly, Mar.13,1721-2.

Hannah, and Zechariah Stone [of Beverly.int.], May19,1785.*

Hannah, and George Taylor, Oct.29,1813.*

Harriet N., of Chelmsford, and Isaiah Edwards, at Chelmsford, Dec.16,1841.*

Jesse [Hayward.int.], and Elizabeth Ruck, Feb.3,1771.*

John, and Lydia Masury [jr. int.], Dec.15,1755.*

John, and Jemima Young [wid.int.], certif. Mar.28,1780.*

John, and Priscilla Cheever, May7,1812.

John D., and Harriet S. Nowell, Jan.10,1836.*

John C., and Hannah R. Varney of Boscawen, NH, int.June5,1836.

Jonathan, and Mary Flint, Dec.29,1698.

Jonathan, and Betsey Daniels, int.Aug.19,1809.

Joseph, and Anstis Smith, Nov.2,1806.

Lydia, see Hayward, Lydia.

Mary, and Thomas Oakes, Jan.12,1806.*

Mary, and James Smith, Dec.17,1806.*

Mary Ann, and William Lufkin, Sept.3,1829.*

Matilda, and Curtis Munsey of Beverly, int.Sept.28,1833.

Nehemiah, and Ann Dixy, 11:6m:1657.CTR

Nehemiah, and Bethiah Shaw of Beverly, at Beverly, Sept.6,1711.*

Nicholas, and Jemima Rae, Sept.3,1700.

Phebe, and Abraham Upton [of Tyngsboro. int.], certif. Dec.31,1800.*

Samuel, and Hannah Peele, Dec.17,1767.

Samuel, and, wid.Sarah Campbell, int.Sept.1,1782.

Samuel, and Sally Pitman, May2,1805.*

Samuel, and Anna Patty, Oct.9,1808.*

Samuel, and Lydia Brown, int.Mar.12,1837.

Sally, and John Seccomb, Oct.1,1797.*

Sally W., and James L. Dodge of Wenham, Jan.16,1838.*

Stephen, and Bithia Raymont, Apr.19,1704.

Susanna, of Danvers, and James Silver, Feb.20,1793. [certif.CR12]*

William, and Margaret Majury, Apr.2,1764.


Betsey, of Danvers, and James Stott, int.May16,1829.

John, of Andover, and Lucinda Beckford, Aug.2,1833.*

HOWE (House, How, Howes)

Edward, Capt., and Deborah Cawly, Dec.6,1724.PR31

Eliza, and Edwin Grimson, Dec.26,1824.*

Israel T., of Beverly, and Harriet L. Slocum, int.July19,1846. [m.Aug.3.CR4]

James, and Mary M. Hunt, July20,1818.*

Samuel D., and Mary E. Frye, Oct.22,1811.*

Sophia B., and Thomas Sawyer of Boxford, int.Jan.9,1848.

Williard, and Lucy Martin, Oct.15,1828.


James, and Margaret Lancey, June18,1812.*


Isaac, formerly servant to the late Samuel Gardner, Esq. and Mary Banister of Boston, int.Mar.18,1774.

HOWES (Howe)

Augusta C., of Dalton, NH, and Benjamin Hill, June2,1846.*


Barnabas, and Nancy Crispin, int.Oct.17,1807.


Maria S., and Henry L. Norris, at New York, Oct.27,1847.PR536


Margaret, and Richard Squires, Mar.7,1780.*


Phillip E[dward.int.], and Martha E[llen. int.] Reeves, Apr.23,1848.*

HOYET (Hoyt)

Phinehas, and Anna Andrew, July5,1808.*

HOYT (Hoyet)

Abba B., and Franklin T. Sanborn, Nov.8,1842.*

Abel, and Lydia Smith, int.July2,1814.

Anna, and John Emerton, May16,1808.*

Caroline S., and Francis Austin, int.Dec.26,1847.

Ellen F., and George P. Smith, Oct.12,1828.*

Erastus, and Mary Trask, Nov.27,1834.*

Ezekiel, and Eliza Ploom, Apr.3,1832.*

Hannah, and John Stocker of Ipswich, May24,1832.*

Hannah, and John M. Silver, Oct.22,1839.*

Ichabob [of Amesbury.int.], and Abigail Brown, Dec.4,1817.*

Ichabod R. [H.CR4], widr., shipwright, and Nancy Herrick, Jan.1,1845.*

Joseph B., of Utica, and Margaret H. Gardner, int.Oct.31,1829. (Certificate Nov.24.)

Nancy, of Danvers, and John Cory, int.June22,1817.

Simeon [of Guilford.int.], and Sarah Allen, Sept.21,1828.*

Stephen, and Sally Webb, wid.Thomas, May8,1826.*

HUBARD (Hubbard)

Grace, and Edward Gillman, certif. Nov.11,1804.*

HUBBARD (Hubard, Hubbart, Hubberd, Hubburd)

Elizabeth, and Peter Grealy, both of Marblehead, Apr.末,1739.

Elizabeth, and William Bradshaw, int.Apr.10,1779.

Hiram, and Hannah Archer, July1,1812.*

Jane, and Thomas Connel, Aug.20,1832.

Patty, of Beverly, and John Fairfield, at Beverly, June29,1795.*

Mary, and John Brady, late of Gloucester, now resident of Salem, int.Apr.15,1775.

Mary, and John Lewis, Mar.9,1779.*

Miles, and Lucy Peabody, Oct.27,1771.*

Ruth, and Thomas Bright, Mar.2,1817.PR96

William H., of Richmond, VA, and Ann Phillips of Lynn, at Lynn, Sept.8,1817.CR11

HUBBART (Hubbard)

Zachariah, of Boston, and Mary Atkinson, Sept.1,1751.PR78

HUBBERD (Hubbard)

Hanna, and John Browne, jr., June2,1658.CTR

HUBBURD (Hubbard)

Hasina, and Joseph Graften, at Hingham, 29:8m:1657.CTR


Henry, and Ann Beckford, Jan.5,1812.*

Henry, and Frances Dwyer, Dec.13,1818.*

Mary D., and Abraham W. Jackson, int.May24,1840.

HUCHENSON (Hutchinson)

John, and Sara Putnam, July末,167[3.TC]CTR

Richard, and wid, Susana Archer, Oct.末,1668.CTR

HUCHINSON (Hutchinson)

Nathaniel, and Mary Commings of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Jan.24,1722-3.

HUDDEL (Huddell)

William, and Polly McIntire, Sept.1,1799.*

HUDDELL (Huddel)

William, jr., and Mrs.Sarah Clark, Mar.7,1832.*


Eliza, and William W. Kimball, Jan.27,1833.*


Charles H., of Newburyport, and Clarissa Balsh, d.Benjamin, Mar.14,1837.CR12*

Jonathan, and Elinor Watts, both of Lynn, June21,1698.CTR

Polly, of Lynn, and Thomas Bagnal, int.May27,1775.


John C., and Eliza Ann Trask, Oct.2,1832.*

HUGHES (Hewes, Huse)

John, and Mehetable Henderson, July31,1773.

Mary Ann, and Joseph Miller, seaman, Dec.19,1847.*

Robert, and Mary Ann Barrett [Barnet. int.], Sept.7,1845.*


Sarah [of Marblehead.int.], and Joshua Boynton, May24,1812.*

HULEN (Hulin)

Abraham, and Martha Palfray, Sept.15,1812.*

Peter, and Abigail Hood, both of Marblehead, Mar.1,1749.

HULIN (Hulen)

Edward, and Mary Batton, May15,1774.

Martha [Mrs.int.], and Hiram Nichols [of New York. int.], Oct.15,1830.*

Mary, and Richard Goss, Nov.24,1799.*


Anne, of Beverly, and John Ayers, int.Nov.20,1813.

Edeth, and John Best, Feb.1,1692-3.

George, of Beverly, and Elisabeth Wellman, at Beverly, Aug.20,1674.

Mary, and Joseph Browne, int.Mar.13,1729-30.

Mary E., and David B. Dowst, int.Mar.12,1848.

Sarah, and Henry Swetten of Rehoboth, int.Oct.16,1714.


George, seaman, s.Thomas, deceased, and, wid.Catherine Garrett, May27,1847.*

Thomas, and Elizabeth Richardson, Feb.7,1827.*

HUMPHREY (Humphris, Humphry, Humphrys)

Edwin, and Mary A. Phipps, June10,1838.*

HUMPHRIS (Humphrey)

Thomas, and Elizabeth Ashby, May25,1719.

HUMPHRY (Humphrey)

Joseph, and Margaret Hacker, int.Aug.2,1774.

Joseph, and Elizabeth Rowel, int.Feb.8,1777.

Phillis, and John Oliver, Oct.28,1725.

HUMPHRYS (Humphrey)

Elizabeth, and Thomas Padfield, int.July17,1779.

HUNAIFORD (Honeyford)

Thomas, and Mary Daniels, int.Aug.20,1785.

HUNKIN (Hunkins)

C.D., of Haverhill, and Sarah Stone, June2,1847.*

HUNKINS (Hunkin)

Polly, and Henry White, int.June6,1774.

HUNLEY (Hunly)

Charles, and Sarah Hannover, int.May22,1779.

Charls, and Mary Andross, int.Aug.26,1780.

HUNLOCK (Hunloke)

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Warwick Palfry, Nov.11,1714.*

HUNLOKE (Hunlock)

Sarah, Mrs., and Daniell Batter, Feb.12,1704.

HUNLY (Hunley)

Charles, and Rebecca Buxton, int.June16,1781.


Nathaniell, and Priscilla Kitchin, Oct.末,1672.CTR

HUNSCOM (Hanscomb)

Mary, and Jonathan Ropes [jr. int.], certif. Dec.25,1802.*

HUNSCOMB (Hanscomb)

James, and Mary Ropes, Aug.13,1770.


Alexander Chamberlain [Dr.CR11], and Elizabeth Hyslop, Sept.20,1795.

Catherine, of Boston, and William E. Richards, int.Jan.29,1843.

Charles, of Worcester, and Anne Saunders, int.Aug.9,1846.

Clarissa, and Noble Hatch of Lynn, Dec.2,1824.*

Deborah, and Rev. Michael Carlton [of Hopkinton, NH. int.], Apr.27,1825.*

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Joseph Bowditch, July22,1725.

Elisabeth, and William Matthews, Dec.2,1784.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph Sias, Apr.22,1804.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph Perkins,末蔓末, [bef. 1810.]

Elizabeth, and Ebenezer Hinman, Feb.末,1815.*

Betsey, of Marblehead, and Joseph Nutting, jr., int.July20,1817.

Elizabeth, and John Flock, int.Mar.22,1818.

Elizabeth, and Joseph [John. int.PR190], Standley, Nov.18,1824. [Nov.17.PR190]*

Esther, of Newburyport, and Robert Clousten, int.Oct.24,1807.

Eunice, jr., and Joseph Glover, int.June13,1752.

Eunice [jr. int.; d.William and Eunice (Bowditch). dup.], and [col. dup.] Samuel Carlton [jr. int.], Oct.27,1754.*

Eunice, and John Russell, Dec.3,1806.*

Frederic, and Hannah Cane, Apr.30,1809.*

Hannah [jr. int.; d.William and Eunice (Bowditch). dup.], and Ebenezer Bickford [Beckford.int.] of Danvers [both of Salem.int.], at Danvers, May26,1772.*

Hannah, and Joshua Wilbur, certif. Oct.29,1802.*

Hannah, of Marblehead, and Joseph Stickney, int.Jan.6,1816.

Hannah [Mrs.int.], and John Fletcher, Jan.2,1825.*

Hannah, and Joseph M. Davis of Danvers, int.July27,1833.

Isaac [of Ipswich.int.], and Ruth Newton [wid.int.], Mar.11,1770.*

John, and Elizabeth Trask, Nov.19,1777.*

John, and Deliverance Robinson, Sept.8,1805.*

John [jr. int.], and Elizabeth P. Clark, Oct.18,1810.*

John D., and Sarah C. Loring, May8,1834.*

John, and Alice Churchill, int.Oct.31,1835.

John, and Mary Leary [OLeary.int.], both b. Ireland, Nov.26,1848.*

Joseph, and Hannah Harris, Oct.22,1841.*

Lewis, and Mary Lake, Nov.27,1684.

Lewis, 2d m., and Elizabeth Palfray, Nov.30,1696. [Nov.25.CTR]

Lewis [s.William and Eunice (Bowditch). dup.], and Sara Orne, Nov.22,1770.*

Lewis [2d m., s.William and Eunice (Bowditch). dup.], and Mary Bowditch, Apr.7,1782.*

Louisa, and Gamaliel E. Ward, int.Feb.9,1833. (Certificate Apr.13.)

Lydia, and Thomas Jones, certif. Mar.21,1801.*

Lydia C., and Daniel Goodhue, May1,1830.*

Mary [Mrs.int.], and William Stacy, Aug.10,1715.*

Mary [d.William and Eunice (Bowditch). dup.], and Abraham Rand, Jan.2,1760.*

Mary [Mercy.int.], and Joseph Winn, Dec.14,1788.*

Mary, and William Allen [jr. of Manchester. int.], Feb.12,1804.

Mary, and Joseph Tapley [jr. int.] of Lynnfield, Apr.2,1818.*

Mary M., and James Howe, July20,1818.*

Mary, and John Ingersoll, jr., Sept.1,1822.*

Mary, and Edward Farrington, Feb.25,1836.*

Nancy, and Solomon W. Macintyre of Danvers, Nov.15,1836.*

Rebecca, and William Clemmons, June25,1817.*

Ruth, jr. [d.William and Eunice (Bowditch). dup.], and Samuel Holman, May2,1759.*

Ruth [wid.int.], and Thomas White, May21,1771.*

Ruth, and William Porter, July13,1836.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Symonds [3d.int.], July28,1805.*

Sally, and James Felton, jr. of Boston, int.Nov.18,1815.

Sally, and Thomas Street, Apr.25,1824.*

Susanna, and Benjamin Cayson, Oct.27,1791.*

Susanna, and Robert Richardson, Jan.5,1793.*

Susanna P., and Samuel Foye, Apr.15,1830.*

Tamah, and Elnathan Blood, certif. July5,1800.*

Thomas [formerly of Waterford, Ireland.int.], and Susanna Jefferds [wid.int.], Apr.3,1770.*

Thomas, and Sally [Sarah.PR190] Chapman, certif. Dec.10,1794. [Dec.11.PR190]*

Thomas, and Elizabeth C. Keen [Elizabeth Cook.PR272], Oct.16,1834.*

William [s.Lewis and Elizabeth.dup.], and Mrs.Eunice Bowditch, Dec.12,1728.*

William [jr.CR1; s.William and Eunice (Bowditch). dup.], and Elizabeth Gilman, Nov.26,1767.

William, and Mary Dean, Oct.30,1803.*

William, and Anstice Slocum, Mar.24,1831.*

William P.U., and Mary Ann Frizell, Feb.1,1848.*


Eleanor, and Michael Moran, both of Marblehead, Apr.14,1763.

Silence, of Topsham, and Richard Adams, int.Aug.13,1814.

Thomas, and Margaret Fuller, int.May10,1783.


末末, and May Green, Oct.27,1701.PR30

John, and Sarah Burrill, Nov.12,1820.

Thomas, of Boston, and Sarah Burrill, int.Oct.7,1820.


Anna, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth, of Weare, NH, and Daniel Buxton,末蔓末, [bef. 1820.]CR7

Asahel, Esq., and Mrs.Caroline L. Tucker of Dorchester, at Boston, Aug.25,1842.*

Benjamin, of Weare, NH, yeoman, s.John, of Amesbury, yeoman, and Hannah, and Elizabeth Buxton, d.Thomas, late of Danvers, deceased, and Sarah, 14:10m:1780.CR7

Benjamin, of Danvers, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth, of Weare, NH, and Sarah Buxton, d.Jonathan and Sarah, of Danvers, 29:5m:1823.CR7

Eunice E[dward.int.], and Jonathan Bright, Oct.18,1815.*

William, of Amesbury, husbandman, s.John, of Amesbury, deceased, and Lydia Buxton, d.John, of Danvers, deceased, Dec.17,1769.CR7


Dorothy, a.32y., d.Nahum, and Charles Watts, a.36y., baker, s.Robert, Sept.21,1844.*

HURD (Heard)

Elisha P., and Judith Pitts, June2,1833.*

Fernal, of Newfield, ME, and Martha W. Elwell, June5,1834.*

Nathan, and Sarah Barker of Topsfield, Jan.26,1834.

Randell F., and Harriet P. Noyes, Aug.1,1849.*


John, and Mehitable Mansfield, certif. Apr.8,1780.*

HURLEY (Hearley)

Margaret, and Mathew Sullivan, both b. Ireland, Nov.14,1846.*

HUSE (Hughes)

John, and Mrs.Eliza Pepper, June25,1838.*

HUSEY (Hussey)

Joseph E., and Hannah McIntire, certif. Apr.20,1806.*


Ellis, Capt., and Mrs.Mary Plaisted, 25:8br:1720.

HUSSEY (Husey)

Daniel, s.Joseph and Sarah, of Henniker, NH, and Elizabeth M. Osborn, d.Paul and Eunice, of Danvers, 26:10m:1815.CR7

Phebe, of Somersworth, NH, and Isaiah Chase,末蔓末, [bef. 1824.]CR7

Robert, and Mrs.Hannah Conklin, Dec.24,1810.

Robert, jr., and Hannah Conklin, Dec.4,1837.*

Robert, and Susan S. Hobart, May9,1842.*

HUTCHENS (Hutchins)

Ebenezer, jr., and Hannah S. Taylor, Feb.7,1849.*

HUTCHING (Hutchins)

Ebenezer, and Harriot Symonds, Oct.25,1818.*

HUTCHINS (Hutchens, Hutching)

Augustus, and Susan B. Reeves, Dec.21,1845.*

Ebenezer, and Eliza Ann Lewis, Oct.6,1844.*

Henry, and Mary Southwick, int.Oct.16,1736.

Thomas, and Sarah Southick, Jan.7,1719-20.

HUTCHINSEN (Hutchinson)

Benjamin, jr., and Sarah Tarbel, Feb.7,1715-16.*

HUTCHINSON (Hitchinson, Huchenson, Huchinson, Hutchinsen, Hutheson)

Abigail [jr. int.], and Benjamin Putnam, Mar.5,1727-8.*

Abigail, and Josiah Trask, Jan.22,1733-4.*

Abigail, and Amos Hutchinson, int.Aug.30,1733.

Abigail, and Thomas Cave, jr. of Middleton, int.Sept.18,1742.

Abigail, and Nathaniel Chever, Jan.15,1804.*

Ambrose, and Ruth Leach, June24,1709.CTR*

Amos, and Abigail Hutchinson, int.Aug.30,1733.

Amos, and Hannah Hutchinson, July7,1737.*

Benjamin, and Jane Phillips, Nov.14, [1689.CR2].

Benjamin, and Abigail Foster [wid.int.], Jan.26,1714-15.*

Benjamin, and Betsy Hitchins, Sept.25,1791.*

Bithiah, and Benjamin Putnam, June9,1715.*

Bethiah, and Joseph Brown [s.Eleazer. int.], Nov.26,1751.*

Caroline T., and James Smith, Aug.9,1839.*

David P., of Danvers, and Ann Maria Clarke, int.Dec.3,1843.

Ebenezer, and Hannah Gold, Aug.13,1718.

Ebenezer, and Mary Bound, Dec.13,1726.

Ebenezer, and, wid.Hannah Shaw, Apr.5,1727.*

Elisha, and Ginger Porter, Jan.12,1726-7.

Eliza, and James Southwick [of Danvers.int.], Feb.12,1826.*

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Buxton, May5,1724.

Elizabeth, and Miles Brown, both of Danvers, Dec.9,1756.

Eunice, and Holyoke Putnam of Middleton, int.Sept.17,1731.

George, and Elizabeth Bickford of Middleton, int.May18,1748.

George, and Sarah Webb, Oct.17,1824.*

Ginger [wid.int.], and Daniel Andrew, Sept.20,1730.*

Hannah, and William Henfield, Mar.11,1717-18.

Hannah, and Amos Hutchinson, July7,1737.*

Hannah [of Beverly.int.], and William Sibble [Sibly.int.], Jan.24,1771.*

Hannah, and William Southward, Nov.22,1788.*

Hannah C. [of Middleton. int.], and Joseph Neal, Dec.31,1817.*

Israel, and Anne Cue of Wenham, int.Dec.15,1748.

Jane, and Jonathan Buxton [jr. dup.], Sept.8,1726.

Jery L., and Susan Pettingill, Nov.28,1833.*

John, and Mary Gold, May7,1694.

John, and Hannah Howard [of Beverly.int.], May4,1710.CTR*

John, jr., and Abigail Giles, Nov.17,1720.

John, jr., and Hannah Wooden, int.May30,1745.

John, and Sally Callum, int.Aug.2,1800.

John, and Elizabeth Whiting, Oct.25,1818.*

John, and Abigail Crowell, Mar.30,1838.*

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Ganson, Jan.30,1734-5.*

Joseph, sr., and Lydia Small, Feb. "last", 1678. [28:12m:1678.CTR]

Joseph, and Rebekah Knight of Topsfield, Jan.30,1700-1701.

Joseph, and Bethyah Gold, Oct.19,1710.CTR*

Joseph, and Abigaill Goodale, Jan.19,1719-20.

Josiah, of Middleton, and Sarah Dean, Dec.8,1748.*

Lydia, and George Nurse,末蔓末,1709.CTR

Lydia, and Benjamin Ganson, int.Oct.18,1740.

Lydia, and Jonathan Frothingham [jr. int.], June14,1807.*

Margaret, and John Hendly, int.Sept.20,1778.

Margaret, and Roderick McKenzie of Sedgwick, int.June30,1827.

Mary, and Daniell Wilkins, Dec.19,1721.

Mary, and David Ropes [jr. int.], Apr.23,1786.*

Polly, and William Orne, jr., June24,1792.*

Mary E. [Nancy.int.], and Benjamin S. Grush, Jan.1,1844.*

Nehemiah, see Hitchinson, Nehemiah.

Richard, and Rachell Bance [Prance. int.], Feb.16,1713-14.*

Robert, and Elizabeth Putnam, Dec.27,1711.*

Robert, and Sarah Putnam, June6,1717.

Ruth, and Josiah Putnam, Feb.19,1712-13.*

Ruth [wid.int.], of Danvers, and Stephen Waters, at Danvers, Feb.13,1771.*

Ruth, and Samuel Palmer, int.May28,1819. (June5, forbidden by Stephen Palmer.)

Samuel, and Elizabeth Judd, Nov.13,1735.*

Samuel, and Mary Ingersoll, Apr.25,1826.*

Sarah, and Cornelius Putnam, Nov.17,1725.

Sarah, and William Shillibar, int.Oct.31,1730.

Sarah, wid., and Ebenezer Procter, July10,1735.*

Sarah, of Middleton, and Job Swinnarton, Sept.1,1748.*

Sara, and Josiah Choate, Dec.11,1803.*

Sarah D., and Joseph Wallis, Sept.28,1824.*

Solomon, of Souhegan, West, and Hannah Putnam, int.Oct.22,1746.

Stephen, and Abigail Haskings, Feb.22,1737-8.*

Thomas, and Nancy Boden, Dec.13,1818.*

Thomas J., and Mary E. Skinner, Jan.1,1844.*

Veronica J. and Charles P. [S. int.] Phelps, Oct.15,1848.*

William, and Joanna Trask, int.Nov.9,1733.

HUTHESON (Hutchinson)

Rebeca, and James Hadlocke, May末,1658.CTR


Betsy, and Isaac Currier, Sept.7,1806.*

Esther A., and Jacob Caldwell, July23,1820.*

Mary, and Georg Hodges, 16:7m:1663.CTR

Sally, and Israel Phippen, July24,1808.*

Seth, of Marlboro, and Mary Whipple, Dec.23,1726.

HYDE (Hide)

Jerusha P., and Hiram F. Wyman, May13,1840.


Sally, and Timothy Emerson, jr., of Danvers, int.May27,1802.

HYLLIARD (Hillard)

Rebeckah, and David Callum, jr., June11,1746.*


Peggy, and Phineas Richardson, Jan.7,1802.*


Andrew, and Mary Ashby, Dec.3,1797.*

HYNDS (Heins, Hinds)

Sally, and Benjamin Meads, Dec.26,1790.*


Elizabeth, and [Dr.CR11] Alexander Chamberlain Hunt, Sept.20,1795.

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