La ROCK (Learock)

Ebenezer, and Katey Brown, Oct.8,1797.*

Mary, and James Nicholls, jr., Dec.25,1786.*

LABAREE (Labree)

Peter, and Ruth Putnam, Oct.3,1746.*

LABATOUR (Labatut)

Susanna, wid., and Mark Sarvi, May28,1821.*

LABATUT (Labatour)

Amable, and Susanna Edey, Feb.16,1812.*

LABREE (Labaree)

Peter, and Eunice Skerry, Jan.21,1810.*


John, and Sarah Herrick, June29,1767.


Mary, and Thomas Vealee, 22:5m:1672.CTR


Catherine, and Michael Murphy, b. Ireland, June10,1847.*

LAHEE (Leahy)

John, and Bridget Hagerty, both b. Ireland, Oct.11,1849.*

LAHY (Leahy)

Jeremiah, and Catherine Broderick, both b. Ireland, Nov.28,1846.*


Lydia, and Michael Coffeen, both of Topsfield, Feb.20,1726-7.

Mary, and Lewis Hunt, Nov.27,1684.

Nathan, and Rebecca Beckford, int.Oct.29,1791.

Robert, jr., of Topsfield, and, wid.Ruth Bright, int.Apr.7,1821.

Robert, jr. [of], and Lucy Hobart, Oct.6,1831.*

Silas P., of Topsfield, and Arabella J. Goodale of Boxford, Oct.5,1848.

William, and Ann Stratton, abt. 6m:1661.CTR


Eben [Ebenezer. int.] K., and Jane Shillaber, June20,1826.*

Betsey, wid., and Samuel Ashby, int.Oct.18,1823. (Forbidden by overseers.)

Jacob [of], and Polly Felt, Mar.9,1806.*

John P., and Sally Brown of Ipswich, int.Mar.18,1820.

Joseph, and, wid.Hannah Foster, Aug.9,1767.

Lucy, of Ipswich, and Moses Spiller, int.Dec.15,1804.

Lydia P., Mrs., of Ipswich, and Francis Pulcifer, int.Jan.20,1816.

Mary, and James McCartney, int.June30,1815.

Mary, and John Waters, Aug.19,1816.*

Mary, and Benjamin G. Metcalf [of Lynn. int.], Mar.28,1833.*

Nathan [Dr., of Hamilton. int.], and Betsy Frye, Aug.29,1793 [certif.CR12].*

Samuel, see Colman, Samuel.

Samuel, and Eliza Martin, Sept.30,1829.*


John, and Mercy Dodge, July5,1712.*

LAMART (Lambert)

Francis, and [] Susanna Majore, Oct.4,1807.*


Elizabeth, and William Cook, Nov.18,1792.

Elizabeth, and Charles Raymond, Aug.20,1819.*

Hannah [M. int.], and Peter Harvison, Dec.22,1829.*

Mary M. [Ann. int.], and Thomas S. Peterson, Aug.12,1835.*

Simon, and Elizabeth Crowel, Dec.1,1757.PR78

Simon, and Abigail Bond, Oct.10,1790.

Simon, jr., and Elizabeth Mugford, June2,1793.

William, and Mary Ann Brown, Aug.30,1825.*

LAMBART (Lambert)

Daniell, and Mary Graye, June5,1682.CTR

Joseph, and Mary Williams, Feb.2,1726-7.

Preserved, and Thomas Mason, Oct.8,1719. [1718. dup.]

LAMBERT (Lamart, Lambart)

Abigail, and Joshua Chase, Nov.16,1812.*

Benjamin, and Mercy Cole, int.Oct.25,1732.

Daniell, and Margarit Horne, May6,1708.

Deborah, and Richard Evens, certif. June13,1798.*

Elizabeth, and William Cash, 末:8m:1667.CTR

Elizabeth, and Joseph Swasy, s.Joseph, Oct.16,1678.CTR

Elizabeth, and Moses Gilman of Exeter, int.June6,1713.

Elizabeth, and Henry Philips, May28,1771.*

Elizabeth, and Thomas Welcome, Sept.末,1782.*

Betsy [], and [Capt. int.] Robert Leach, jr., Jan.11,1807.*

Betsy, and Isaac Hacker, jr., int.Dec.23,1815.

Eunice, and William Steward, Jan.9,1733-4.*

Hannah, and Benjamin Manning, Dec.25,1718.

Hanna, and Moses Townsend, Apr.27,1758.*

Hannah, and Matthias Rice, Jan.3,1784. [Dec.17,1783.CR4]*

Henry, and Betsy Hendley, certif. Nov.6,1803.*

Henry L., clerk, s.Samuel, and Abba W. Moore, d.David, Apr.17,1849. [at Roxbury.PR351]*

Hester, and Jeremiah Booteman, 8:8m:1659.CTR

John, and Deborah Hacker, Apr.16,1769.

John, and Betsy Leach, Oct.9,1792.*

John, and Jane Bertram, July8,1831.*

John, and Margaret J. Neal, int.Apr.16,1843.

John, and Elizabeth D. Orcutt of Somerville, int.Oct.21,1849.

Jonathan, and Lydia Babbidge, Oct.14,1742.*

Joseph, and Lydia Ropes, Dec.30,1736.*

Joseph [jr. int.], and Mary Foot [], Jan.9,1755.*

Joseph, and Mary Scollay, int.June4,1774.

Joseph [jr. int.], and Abigail Obear, Apr.24,1782.*

Lydia, and Richard Palfray, Nov.2,1762.*

Lydia, and Moses Townsend, Apr.7,1785.*

Margarett [Lambard.dup.], and Joshua Tyler, Nov.13,1712.*

Margaret, and William White, May22,1754.*

Margaret, and Adam Wellman, Dec.6,1767.

Mary [jr. int.], and Andrew Presson [Preston.PR173], Feb.4,1753. [Feb.24,1752.PR173]*

Mary, and Benjamin Crowninshield, Nov.9,1780.*

Mary, and John Goodrich [Goodridge. dup.], July18,1826.*

Mary, Mrs., of Marblehead, and John Spencer, Feb.9,1837.

Mercy, and Peter Smith, Jan.18,1756.

Porter, and Julia Deland, June10,1842.*

Priscilla, and Daniel Ropes, Nov.19,1761.*

Priscilla, and Samuel Lambert, Aug.30,1792.*

Ruth, and John Davis, int.Dec.15,1826.

Samuell, and Margarit Browne,末蔓末, [bef. 1690.]

Samuell [jr. int.], and Mary Squire, May4,1710.CTR*

Samuel, and Priscilla Lambert, Aug.30,1792.*

Sarah, and Matthew Butman of Beverly, Jan.1,1755.*

Sarah, and Littlefield Sibley, Aug.19,1765. [Aug.29.CR1]*

Sarah, and Charles Meloy, Oct.25,1790. [certif.CR12].*

Thomas, and Olive Aspinwall, Apr.18,1805.*

LAMPEAR (Lamphear)

Mary E. [C. int.], and Benjamin Osborn [of], Feb.13,1825.*

LAMPEREEL (Lamprelle)

Hannah, wid., and Jeremiah Boyle, int.Mar.24,1796.

LAMPHEAR (Lampear)

James C., and Mary H. Webb, Nov.29,1832.*

Sarah B., and Edward S. Colby, int.Sept.24,1831. (Certificate May11,1832.)

LAMPRELLE (Lampereel)

Nicholas, and Hanna Watts, Sept.13,1774.*

LAMPSON (Lamson)

Thomas [Sampson. int.], and Betsey Wright, Mar.19,1833.*

LAMSON (Lampson)

Amos, and Elizabeth Symonds, Oct.17,1793. [certif.CR12].*

Amos, and [] Lydia More, Mar.16,1815.*

Amos [jr. int.], and Sally McIntire, Mar.末,1821.*

Asa, 2d, and Rebecca Vickery of Beverly, int.Sept.9,1814.

Asa, and Margaret Brown, Dec.11,1814.*

Charles, and Eliza L. Andrews, Nov.19,1843.*

Deborah, and Joseph Foster of Beverly, June10,1830.*

Francis [of], and Judith Holman, certif. May29,1774.

George Washington, and Susan M. Wendall, June24,1828.*

Isaac D., of Lynn, and Eliza Janes, Jan.5,1836.*

John B., and Lucy Ann Smith of Manchester, int.Jan.5,1828.

Lydia, and Elias Abbot, Jan.18,1818.*

Martha, and John Goldsmith, Mar.11,1762.PR227

Mary Ann, and Robert Peele [], 1827 or 1828. [June30,1827. int.]*

Nathaniel M., and Sarah R. Lord of Ipswich, int.Apr.24,1836.

Rufus, of Milford, NH, and Phoebe Russell, int.Sept.9,1814.

Samuel, and Sally Slewman, Feb.12,1804.*

Sarah, and Robert Trofatter, Nov.29,1821.*

Thomas, and Anna Goodale, Mar.17,1812.*

William, and Maria Lord of Beverly [ pencil.], int.July18,1829. (Certificate Aug.11.)

LANCASTER (Langester)

Daniel M. [of Newburyport. int.], and Lydia E. [G. int.] Cook, July末,1824. [July10. int.]*

Harriet N., and William B. Fairfield, Aug.27,1848.*

LANCE (Lancey)

Michael, and Ann Harvey, both b. Ireland, Oct.1,1848.*

LANCEY (Lance, Lancy)

John, and Sarah Cross, both of Marblehead, Apr.21,1751.

Margaret, and James Howell, June18,1812.*

LANCY (Lancey)

Henry, and Sally Bartlett, certif. Mar.29,1802.*

Sally, and Edward Hayes, Aug.7,1808.*

LANDER (Lardner, Launder)

Abigail, and Thomas Gilpen, int.Aug.2,1729.

Abigail, and Jasper Pope, Dec.20,1804.*

Benjamin, and Sarah Liscomb [Luscomb. int.], Feb.11,1762.*

Benjamin, and, wid.Abigail Gould, int.Nov.7,1778.

Benjamin, and Mary Kimball, May1,1791.*

Benjamin W., s.Benjamin, and Deborah B. Reed, Nov.28,1844.*

Dorcas [], and Andrew Ryan, July17,1832.*

Edward, and Eliza West, Oct.19,1813.*

Elizabeth, wid., and John Batten, July31,1750.*

Elizabeth, and John Pickworth of Marblehead, Oct.7,1756.

Elizabeth, and Henry Skerry, int.Apr.13,1781.

Betsey, and Robert Neal, Aug.24,1788.*

Eunice, and Joshua Richardson of Portland, Oct.31,1802.*

Hannah, and Benjamin Bray, Nov.8,1717.

John, jr., and Ruth Millet, June5,1757.

John, and Sarah Williams, int.Oct.4,1777.

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Slate, Oct.1,1745.*

Jonathan, and Sara Luscomb, Nov.24,1768.

Jonathan, Capt., and Sarah Felton of Danvers, at Danvers, Sept.24,1786.*

Joseph T., and Charlotte E. Holt of Pembroke, ME [NH. int.], Oct.16,1845.*

Loiza, and John Prince, jr. [s.Rev. John.CR1], Mar.12,1812.*

Lucy, and John Ingraham, June4,1809.

Lydia, wid., and James Bond, int.Mar.1,1760.

Lydia, wid., and Joseph Alexander, int.Oct.10,1761.

Lydia M., d.Benjamin, and Henry Stevenson, mariner, Nov.4,1849.*

Margaret, and Joshua Trask, certif. Apr.19,1783.*

Margaret, and William Biglow, Jan.13,1799.*

Margaret, and Thomas Kimball, Apr.15,1812.*

Martha, and Ephraim Glover, int.Apr.27,1776.

Mary, and John Dolbear, Nov.29,1723.

Mary, and Jonathan Carril, July3,1753.*

Polly, and Moses Frye, certif. Aug.17,1801.*

Polly, and John Sparhawk Appleton, Apr.20,1807.*

Peter, and Rebecca 末末, June1,1768.PR309

Peter, 3d, and Hannah Francis, Apr.20,1824.*

Rachel, and John Gilford, jr., June20,1744.*

Rebecca [], and John Creesy, jr. of Beverly, at Beverly, May18,1790.*

Richard, and Lucia Hawkins of Marblehead, July13,1754.

Ruth, and John Collins, int.June4,1778.

Ruth, and John Leonard Hammond, July23,1780.*

Samuel, and Rachel Battin, Oct.10,1735.*

Samuel, and Lydia Woodwell, Sept.18,1757.

Sarah, and John Johnson, May15,1704.

Sarah, and George Bell, Nov.14,1740.*

Sally, and William Gould, May30,1784.*

Sally, and George Felt, May22,1806.*

William, and Margaret Henderson, Aug.7,1738.*

William, and Sarah More [Moore. int.], Oct.17,1759.*

William [jr. int.], and Elizabeth Gray [d.B. Gray, dec. int.], Mar.26,1761.*

William, and Hannah Davis, Mar.22,1795.*

William [jr. int.], and Mary Jenks, May26,1808.*

William, Capt., and [] Elizabeth Buffinton, Oct.21,1809.*

William W., and Dorcas Jackson, Sept.13,1818.*

William P., of New York, and Mary H. Miller [Millet. int.], May5,1835.*

William A., and Catherine E. Dodge, Sept.20,1837.*

William, and Mary Ann Conner, June2,1842.*

LANDEY (Landy)

Caroline, and Jessee Skinner, int.Jan.7,1844.

LANDRIGAN (Laundgran)

Thomas, b. Ireland, and Ellen Fenton, Feb.24,1848.*

LANDY (Landey)

Frances, and Nancy Thayer, 2d, Oct.3,1822.PR182


Abigail, of Boston, and Ittai Perry, int.Jan.16,1808.

Abigail, and James S. Kimball, Mar.17,1831.*

Abigail Wellman, and James Stanford Kimball, Mar.17,1831.*

Abigail K., and Ephraim K. Foss, Feb.21,1837.*

Anstis Pearce, and Benjamin Hill, Jan.4,1818.*

Charlotte, and Thomas Magoun, Jan.10,1802.*

Edward B., and Matilda Valpey, Mar.24,1836.*

Eliza, and William Kimball, Oct.18,1818.*

Elizabeth, and Josiah Gatchel, Feb.2,1800.*

Hannah, and Edward W. Morse, Feb.17,1825.*

Hanah, and John Conkly, both b. Ireland, Feb.17,1849.

Hannah, and Michael Sullivan, both b. Ireland, Oct.9,1849.*

Harriet, and Horatio Ferry, Sept.3,1808.*[No entry under Ferry for Horatio. It is Perry.Entries in the deaths for Perry would confirm this.]

Henry J., and Mary Heard, May19,1836.*

John, and Sally Ring, Dec.28,1817.*

Lydia, and Samuel Buffum [jr. int.], Feb.27,1808.*

Mary, and William Tozzer, July29,1802.*

Mary, and Nathan Fry, Nov.12,1815.*

Mary, and Benjamin Bray, Sept.8,1825.*

Nancy, and John Crandall, Oct.23,1791.*

Nancy, and William Gwinn, Mar.4,1821.*

Nicholas, and Mary Buffum [of Middletown, CT. int.], Mar.7,1802.*

Nicholas, and Mehitable M. Ring, Apr.27,1829.*

Oliver [Capt.PR581; of Gloucester. int.], and Charlotte Phippen, Dec.10,1822.*

Priscilla, and Mathew Leech of Danvers, Nov.25,1827.*

Samuel, jr., of Boston, a.29y., clerk, b. Boston, s.Samuel, of Boston, and Augusta P. Skerry, a.21y., d.Francis, jr., June20,1844.*

Sarah, and Nathaniel Delano, Nov.3,1799.*

Sarah G., and John Daland, 3d, int.July14,1823.

Susan N., of Boston, and Samuel Buffum, int.Oct.14,1826.

William, and Elizabeth Brown, Nov.27,1796.*

William, and Nancy Farless, Oct.15,1820.*


Alice [Long. int.], and James Lester, July14,1784.*

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Smethers [], Mar.4,1781.*

Benjamin, and Hannah B. Learock, Aug.9,1837.*

Bridget, and Kindall Flint, Aug.4,1793.*

Daniel, and Ann Hetherington, Sept.25,1848.*

Deborah, and William P. Richardson, Aug.6,1807.*

Edward, and Rachel Ward, Apr.末,1768.

Edward Symms, and Hannah Hiller, certif. June5,1796.*

Edward S., and Rebekah Brimmer of Beverly, int.June7,1823.

Eliza, and Hiram Goodridge, int.Apr.27,1833.

Eliza G., and Joseph Roble [Robb. int.], Apr.19,1837.*

Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Knights, certif. July31,1776.*

Elizabeth, of Danvers, and Jacob Winchester, int.Apr.4,1829. (Certificate Apr.24.)

Esther, and John Norris, jr., May27,1804.*

Frances [Lee. int.], and Thomas Adams, Mar.11,1834.*

Hannah, and Peard Febens, June29,1762.*

Hanna, and David Boyce, July27,1777.*

Hannah [], and John Adams, Dec.19,1823.*

Harriett, and Benjamin Howard [of Boston. int.], Nov.9,1817.*

Hasket D., and Eliza S. Sleeper of Exeter, NH, int.May22,1819.

Jeffry, and Hannah Symmes [Simes.PR335], jr., Aug.24,1732.*

Lucy, and Jery Lee Page, June27,1804.*

Martha, and Joseph Moseley [of Boston. int.], Nov.14,1816.*

Mary [], and William Osborn, Sept.1,1796.*

Mary Ann, and William Swaney, jr., Oct.12,1843.*

Nancy, and Wallis Rust of Boston, int.Sept.20,1794. (Oct.22, the marriage forbidden by her father, Dea.Richard Lang.)

Nancy, and Frederick Jordis, Dec.21,1794.*

Nancy, and Joseph Lovejoy, Sept.30,1830.*

Nathaniel, and Priscilla Symonds, certif. Oct.11,1778.*

Nathaniel, jr., and Dolly Wood, certif. June29,1806.*

Nathaniel, and Mrs.Lucy Brown, Oct.27,1808.*

Priscilla, and Samuel Goodridge, June28,1807.*

Richard, and Catharine Cox [jr. int.], Mar.16,1755.PR78*

Richard [of Hanover, NH. int.], and Sally Saunders, Aug.14,1791.*

Samuel, and Eliza Tucker, Sept.25,1803.*

Sara, and Henry Cloutman, Nov.19,1767.

Sally, and Joseph Edwards, certif. June5,1802. [Aug.8.PR413]*

Sarah, and Nathaniel Page, Sept.16,1817.*

Sarah Ann, and John Janes, May25,1835.*

Sarah, and Nathan Fellows, int.Apr.9,1837.

William, and Bridget Derby, Nov.10,1771.*

William, jr., and Fanny Dutch, Sept.4,1796.*


Joseph, of Danvers, and Mary Calley, Jan.11,1838.*


Jane, and Lewis Green, int.Dec.27,1834.

Lucy, and Capt. Pyam Dodge, Feb.20,1812.*

Paul [of Boston. int.], and Hannah Phillips, Sept.15,1715.*

Paul, and Mary Stacy, Aug.18,1718.

Sophia Ann, d.John and Charlotte L., of Portsmouth, NH, and William Raymond Lee Ward, s.Samuel Curwen and Malvina T., Dec.31,1839.

LANGESTER (Lancaster)

John, and Abigail Wallis, July末,1824. [Oct.2. int.]*


Abigail Ann C., and James Chase, Aug.11,1830.*

Frances P., and Nicholas Witham of Marblehead, int.Apr.18,1835.

Nathaniel, of Boston, and Bethiah Hacker, Nov.11,1734.*

Obediah, of Boston, and Jane Johnson, int.Aug.31,1833.


Alfred A., and Nancy W. Vivian of Vassalboro, ME, int.July30,1848.

Hannah W., of Chichester, NH, and Edward Pousland, int.Jan.17,1847.

Horatio R., and Elizabeth B. Baxter, July3,1844.*

Mary M., and Walter Leavitt, Oct.16,1843.*

Nancy P., and Benjamin H. Voller, [Dec.12,1841. int.]*

LANGSFORD (Lanksford, Lansford)

John, and Sarah Goldthwayt, Apr.27,1740.*

Priscilla, and Ebenezer Peele, Oct.27,1751.*

Sarah, and Eleazar Giles [jr., formerly of], Jan.6,1756.*


Mary [of], and Charles Adams, July30,1846.*

LANKSFORD (Langsford)

Ruth [], and Edward Simmes [Edmund], Sept.19,1749.PR78*

LANSFORD (Langsford)

Elias, and Sarah [] Ager, Apr.7,1712.*

John, and Priscilla Buttolph, Dec.6,1711.*

LAPTHORN (Lapthorne)

Sarah, and John Hantford, certif. July16,1785.*

LAPTHORNE (Lapthorn)

Hanah, and James Stone of Marblehead, Jan.3,1692-3.CTR

LARABEE (Larrabee)

Clara, and John Henfield, jr., June30,1816.*

Mary [], and John O. Diteson [Diteson. int.], Nov.10,1811.*

Rachael, and Ephraim Brown, int.May3,1818.


Ricardo M[], and Caroline Archer Sylva [Silver. int.], Feb.28,1835.*


Andros, and, wid.Sally Hanshaw, int.Nov.末,1807. (Forbid.)


Benjamin, of Beverly, and Abigail F. Hanson, June2,1839.*

Hannah, of Chelmsford, and Benjamin Tay, jr., int.Apr.3,1830. (Certificate Apr.11.)

Sarah, and John Everett, Aug.15,1782.*

LARDNER (Lander)

Sarah, and Edward Griffney [Giffney.CR11], July30,1769.

LARGEVAIN (Longeway)

Germain, and Mary Rue, Jan.26,1777.

LARIBEE (Larrabee)

Mary [Leatherbee. int.], and Jesse Foster, Nov.26,1812.*

LARKIN (Larking)

Eliza, and William Welch, int.Nov.6,1830. (Certificate Nov.23.)

Joseph [of Boston. int.], and Ruth R. Leach, Nov.9,1825.*

Susan, and Thomas Bridges, both of Marblehead, Jan.1,1739-40.

LARKING (Larkin)

Joanna, and Nathaniel Siblee, certif. Apr.4,1801.*

Thankful, and John Smith, int.Jan.23,1779.

LARNED (Learned)

Elisha, and Polly Ritchie, Aug.25,1789.

LAROCK (Learock)

John, jr., and Hannah Breed, Jan.5,1806.*

Sally, and William Deland, int.Dec.22,1792.

Sally, and John Godfray of Boston, int.Oct.10,1795.

LARRABE (Larrabee)

Isaac, and Martha Towne of Topsfield, at Topsfield, June30,1715.

LARRABEE (Larabee, Laribee, Larrabe, Larraby)

Benjamin, and Abigail C. Very, May7,1832.*

Charles R., and Emeline Lewis, int.May29,1830. (Discontinued June5.)

Charles W., and Jane B. Larrabee, Feb.1,1846.*

Charlotte A. [M. int.], and Benjamin Sweetser, Aug.17,1843.*

Dorcas, and William Haskell, jr., Feb.1,1818.*

Ebenezer L., and Hannah C. Peach, int.Apr.5,1846.

Elias C., and Caroline A. Bickford [], Mar.21,1844.*

Elizabeth, and John Munro "of North Briton & been resident in Salem about five months," int.Apr.21,1770. (May3,1770, Elizabeth Larrabee objected to further publication.)

Elizabeth, and Samuel Murrey [jr. int.], at Danvers, Mar.21,1773.*

George B., and Rebecca G. [Roxana G. int.] Nevils, Mar.26,1845.*

Hannah B., and James Collins, Dec.17,1820.*

Jane B., and Charles W. Larrabee, Feb.1,1846.*

Lois, and Samuell Odell, at Lynn, Apr.12,1768.

Lucy, and Oliver Berry, Dec.1,1811.*

Margaret [], and John King, Aug.4,1780.*

Maria, and George Bertram, Jan.17,1843.*

Mary, and Nathaniel Eastey, int.Nov.30,1799.

Mary, and Nathaniel Estis, Nov.9,1807.

Samuel, and Hannah Tink, Dec.16,1769.*

Samuel, and Rachel Buffum, May24,1804.*

Samuel, and Rebecca Knap, Mar.12,1809.*

Samuel N. [], and Mary Ann Felt, July8,1830.*

Sally, and Edmund Upton, jr., Feb.20,1825.*

Sarah Ann, and Levi Burley of Rockport, int.Nov.11,1849.

Somers N., and Mary C. Chamberlain [], June5,1823.*

Stephen [jr., of], and Judith Rhuee, July10,1808.*

William, and Eunice S. Thompson, July5,1841. [July2,1842. dup.]*

LARRABY (Larrabee)

Benjamin, now resident in Lynn, and Margaret Hather, Sept.30,1772.*

Joseph, of Lynn, and Elizabeth Trask, int.Jan.25,1745-6.

LARROCK (Learock)

Mary, and Isaac Goodhue, Sept.16,1818.*


Elizabeth, and John George of Marblehead, at Marblehead, Oct.21,1726.

LASKEY (Lasky, Liskey)

Esther, and Joseph L. Chase, int.Nov.3,1839.

George, and Elizabeth B. [P. int.] Peirce, Aug.18,1835.*

John, and Hannah Scagell, Oct.18,1829.*

Robert, of Marblehead, and Mary Fuller, Sept.16,1726.


Joannah, and Amos Trefry, both of Marblehead, Jan.4,1758.

John, and Eleanor Hammon, both of Marblehead, Mar.24,1746.

Mary, and Edward Cox, jr., Jan.16,1734.*

Sarah, and Joseph Twiss, int.Mar.25,1732.

Thomas, and Susanna Codner, Aug.12,1706.

Thomas, and Mary Rue, int.Nov.17,1732.

LASKY (Laskey)

William, and Sally Fabens, Nov.10,1792. [certif.CR12].*


George, see Lazell, George.

LASSEN (Leison, Lessin)

Peter, and Hannah Hitchens, int.July2,1837.


Sara [], and Thomas Safford, Nov.22,1785.*


Joseph, now resident in Salem, and Hanah Croade, int.Nov.18,1710.

LATHE (Leathe)

Elizabeth, of Lynn, and Isaac Oakman, at Lynn, Apr.2,1765.*


Stillman [of Boston. int.], and Betsy Berry, Feb.25,1808.*

LATTEY (Latty)

Lucy, Mrs., and Thomas Carlton int.June19,1819.


John J., of New York, and Harriet Augusta Emerson, int.May6,1849.

LATTY (Lattey)

Thomas, and Lucia Williams, June17,1803.*

LAUDEN (Loudon)

Andrew [], and Isabella Mickleroy [], Mar.31,1809.*


Charles, and Julia Conner, both b. Ireland, Oct.27,1849.*


Thomas, and Lydia Ann Pettey, Jan.10,1842.*


David [of Deering, NH. int.], and Mary Winslow, Apr.7,1808.*

LAUNDER (Lander)

Jonathan, and Sarah Warren, May20,1787.

Lydia, and John Harvey, June1,1788.

LAUNDGRAN (Landrigan)

Peter, and Elizabeth Dodd, Sept.11,1828.*

LAURENCE (Lawrence)

Nathan [of], and Elizabeth Millet, Mar.16,1814.*

Schuyler [of], and Cloe Minns, Feb.6,1817.*


Loren [Lorain. int.], and Rhoada C. Burton, Jan.16,1825.*


Richard, of Charlestown, and Mehitable A. Batchelder, Dec.25,1839.*

LAW (Laws)

George D., and Elizabeth L. Rose [Pease. int.], June12,1830.*

George D., and Hannah A. Ham, Mar.1,1846.*

Hannah, d.James, deceased, and Job Chase, jr., s.Job, of Swansea, husbandman, Sept.13,1743.CR7

James, and Hannah Osborn, Nov.15,1721.

Peter, and Elizabeth Lilley Green, both of Lynn, Apr.15,1799.


Mehitable, and John Templeman of Bostn, int.Mar.1,1783.

LAWRANCE (Lawrence)

David, and Anna Gilbert, certif. June24,1797.*

Hannah, and Thomas Reed, Nov.27,1796.*

James, of Marblehead, and, wid.Jane Symms, int.Dec.14,1765.

Jane [], and Thomas Honeyford, July18,1795.*

Joseph, and Hannah Pease, int.Oct.2,1779.

Polly, and Samuel Pease, Apr.12,1795.*

Polly, and Joshua Pierce, June27,1802.

LAWRENCE (Laurence, Lawrance, Lawrens)

Abel, jr., and Caroline Wallace of Milford, NH, int.Jan.6,1816.

Charles, and Lucy Ann Ward of Boston, int.Nov.2,1833.

Charles, and Eliza Ann Dockham, Dec.7,1837.*

Daniel S., a.28y., cigarmaker, s.Lewis, and Sarah B. Cook, a.27y., d.John M., June4,1846.*

Elizabeth, of Marblehead, and Stephen Driver, at Marblehead, Nov.16,1770.

Harriet, and Dr. Abel L. [awrence. int.] Peirson, Apr.18,1819.*

Jane, and Benjamin Perkins [of Hanover, NH. int.], Oct.27,1823.*

Joseph, a.24y., mariner, s.Lewis and Sarah, and Sarah E. Bruce (named changed by Legislature), a.22y., d.Asa and Sarah M. Holmes, July21,1846.*

Lewis, and Sarah Shehane, Jan.20,1811.*

Lewis, jr., and Lydia P. Dodge, Sept.18,1843.*

Lewis, laborer, s.Lewis, and Hannah Felt, June25,1845.*

Lydia, and Justin McCarthy, Apr.4,1790.*

Polly, and William Tuttle of Littleton, at Littleton, Dec.14,1775.

Mercy [of], and Samuel Fergurson, Oct.24,1824.*

Philip, and Polly Eastie, Sept.21,1784.

Sarah S., and George W. Endicott, int.Apr.19,1834.

Sarah, and Phillip Lorrene, Dec.13,1835.*

Susannah, of Boston, and Rev. Charles Mason, int.May13,1838.

LAWRENS (Lawrence)

Abel [Lawrence. int.], and Abigail Page, Aug.6,1780.*

Elizabeth [Hannah Lawrance. int.], and James Thatham [Shatherm.CR6], May30,1782.*

LAWS (Law)

John, and Mary Baker of Beverly, int.Mar.26,1809.


David, and [] Margaret Crumb [], Apr.15,1770.*

Margaret, wid., and Joshua Staner, int.June12,1779.

LAYTON (Leighton)

Lida, d.John, late of Oyster River, NH, deceased, and Isaac Meacham, blacksmith, s.John, laborer, Feb.17,1725.CR7


George [], and Margaret [] Crispin, Jan.30,1780.*


John, of Marblehead, and Mary Adams, Mar.2,1768.


William [Lecount. int.], and Lydia Weeks, Jan.15,1808.*

Le CRAW (Le Croix)

John, of Marblehead, and [] Mary Bolles, Dec.8,1834.*

Le CROIX (Le Craw)

Anna, and John Abbott, Oct.29,1725.

Le ROCH (Learock)

Sally [La Rock. int.], and Andrew Millet, certif. May26,1798.*

Le VALLOIS (Le Valois)

Frances, and Chipman Ward, clerk, s.Joseph C., Mar.31,1846.*

Le VALOIS (Le Vallois)

Francis, "alias Wallis," and Jane Longeway, Feb.4,1810.*

LEABETTER (Ledbetter)

Daniel, and Eliza Tuttle, Apr.26,1818.*

LEACH (Leache, Leech)

Abigail, see Welch, Abigail.

Abigail, and Benjamin Daniels, Nov.20,1803.*

Abigail, and John Hammond, Feb.13,1812.*

Anna, and Miler Fitz Henry [of Boston. int.], Aug.25,1754. [Aug.11.PR78]*

Benjamin, and Sarah Preston, July26,1772.*

Catherine, and Samuel Johnson, certif. Mar.9,1806.*

Charles, and Elizabeth Daland, Sept.12,1768.

Elizabeth, and Joshua Rae [s.Joshua.CTR], Oct.末,168.

Elizabeth, wid., and Edward Britton, June4,1751.*

Elizabeth, and John Bezune, int.Dec.27,1777.

Elizabeth, and John Hendy, Dec.7,1783.

Betsy, and John Lambert, Oct.9,1792.*

Elizabeth, and Daniel Rust, certif. Mar.5,1796.*

Elizabeth, and John Smile [], Sept.28,1808.*

Elizabeth, and Timothy Hawks [], Sept.29,1808.*

Betsy, and James Peterson, int.Feb.12,1814.

Betsey, and David [Daniel. int.] Marble, Oct.7,1815.*

Elizabeth, and Lot Peach, June14,1841.*

Emeline, and Thomas Ingalls, Nov.27,1817.*

Eunice, and Malachi Corning of Beverly, at Newbury, July21,1726.

George, and Betsey Cox, Sept.17,1780.*

George, and Mary Williams, Jan.9,1817.*

Hannah, and Zachariah Burchmore, Apr.22,1746.*

Hannah, and Robert Abbot, Sept.17,1761.

Hannah, and John Atkinson, Nov.28,1773.*

Hannah, wid., and Michael D. Barnes, mariner, Oct.5,1846.*

John, and Elizabeth Flint, May22,1667. [May20.CTR]

John, and Rachel Putnam, Jan.15,1723-4.

John, jr., and Ann Cox, Dec.25,1735.*

John, and Barshebee Curtin of Lynn, at Lynn, July18,1756.

John [jr. int.], and Elizabeth Hacker, July30,1758.*

John, 3d, and Sarah Hooper, int.Dec.28,1776.

John, and, wid.Sarah Welsh, certif. Aug.25,1781.*

John [Capt. int.], and Ruth Ropes, May18,1783.*

Joshua S. [T. int.], and Hannah Crandell, May12,1840.*

Levi, and Betsy G. Ricker, Nov.24,1839.*

Love, and John Stimpson, certif. June24,1804.*

Lucy, and John Appleton of Beverly, int.Dec.22,1804.

Lydia, and William Robson, Oct.17,1811.*

Lydia, and Elijah Towne of Andover, int.Apr.19,1816.

Mary, of Beverly, and Moses Preston, int.Nov.6,1736.

Mary, of Beverly, and Joseph Baker, June1,1747.*

Mary, jr., and Timothy Atkinson, Mar.2,1752.*

Mary, and Samuel Tuck of Beverly, July2,1761.*

Mary, and James Boyd, Sept.22,1784.*

Metthew Captel, and, wid.Sarah Derby, int.Jan.27,1781.

Matthew [jr. int.], and Sally Freeland, Feb.5,1805.*

Paul, and Sarah Osborne, int.Dec.28,1782.

Phillip, and Polly Stephens, int.June9,1804.

Philip, and Elizabeth Wellman, Feb.9,1806.*

Rebecca, and Charles Wilson, int.Apr.13,1845. (Stopped by order of Wilson.)

Richard, and Martha Woodbery of Beverly, int.Aug.26,1738.

Robert, of Manchester, and Mary Robbinson, Mar.15,1704-5.

Robert, and Mary Trask, Oct.4,1743.

Robert, and Abigail Luscomb, Nov.29,1770.*

Robert, jr. [Capt. int.], and [] Betsy Lambert, Jan.11,1807.*

Ruth, and Ambrose Hutchinson, June24,1709.CTR

Ruth, and William Fitzgerald [of], certif. June21,1777.*

Ruth R., and Joseph Larkin [of Boston. int.], Nov.9,1825.*

Samuel, and Ginger Porter, Sept.25,1699.

Samuel, and Hepsiba Rae,末蔓末,1709.CTR [Mar.11,1709-10. int.]*

Samuel, and Mary Field, Feb.16,1731-2.*

Samuel, and Hannah Lowell of Amesbury, int.Mar.19,1762.

Samuel, and Sarah Vickery of Marblehead, Nov.23,1767.

Samuel, and Lydia Becket, Dec.19,1792.*

Samuel, and Sally H. Needham, certif. Sept.19,1807.*

Samuel, and Rebecca Trask, Dec.21,1809.*

Samuel, jr., and Sarah P. [S. int.] Wheatland, Mar.3,1837.*

Sarah, and Samuel Herrick of Beverly, at Beverly, May15,1690.

Sally, and Samuel Waters, Apr.3,1791.*

Sally, and David Shepard, Mar.24,1801.*

Sally, and Aaron Knight, Mar.26,1801.*

Sally, and Benjamin Adams, Apr.8,1804.*

Sarah [], and Benjamin Chapman, certif. Mar.16,1805.*

Sally, and Amos H. Mills, Aug.15,1813.*

Sally, and Jonathan Smith, May19,1816.*

Sarah Augusta [d.Samuel and Sarah H.PR497], and John H. Nichols [s.George and Sarah.PR497], May27,1835.*

Sarah A., and George Tucker, int.Sept.28,1845.

Sarah, Mrs., and Israel Trask of Beverly, int.Jan.14,1849.

Susanna, and Alexander Atkinson, int.Apr.20,1782.

William, and Tryphosa Herrick, Feb.10,1703-4.

LEACHE (Leach)

Mary, and Thomas Feild, Mar.2,1680.CTR

LEAHY (Lahee, Lahy, Lehey)

Simon, and Mary S. Reed, int.Jan.26,1828.

William P., and Lois D. Safford, int.Aug.26,1826.


George, and Mary Slowly, int.Apr.1,1780.


Alexander, see Leon, Alexander.

LEARNED (Larned)

David, and Lydia Gallop [Gavett. int.], Dec.27,1812.*

LEAROCK (La Rock, Larock, Larrock, Le Roch, Lerock)

Eliza [], and Michael Bridgden of Charlestown, Mar.26,1823.*

Hannah B., and Benjamin Lang, Aug.9,1837.*

John M., and Sarah Ellen Treadwell, Mar.8,1841.*

Sarah M., and William L. Millet, Feb.19,1832.*


Mary [], and John Hunt, both b. Ireland, Nov.26,1848.*

LEATH (Leathe)

Joseph [], and Rebeckah Thomas, May8,1785.*

Levi T. [], of Lynn, and Ann Maria [R. int.] Putnam, Feb.末,1836.*

LEATHE (Lathe, Leath, Leth)

Elizabeth, wid., of Lynn, and Isaac Oakman, int.Mar.14,1789.

Hannah, and Daniel Stone, certif. June28,1800.*

Rebecca [], and Ebenezer Flagg, Dec.7,1794.*


Mary, see Laribee, Mary.

LEATHERBY (Letherby)

Isaac, jr., of Lynn, and Lucy Beckford, May3,1795.*


Richard, and Elizabeth Bates, int.Oct.20,1711.


Abner J., Rev., of Bristol, CT, and Elizabeth A. [m.dup.] Peabody, June14,1831.*

LEAVETT (Leavitt)

John B., and Esther Lindsey, at Marblehead,末蔓末, [bef. 1826.]

John B., and Esther L. Selman of Marblehead, int.Apr.8,1826.

Joseph S., and Mary F. Hobbs of North Hampton, NH, int.Nov.2,1822.

Lucy, of Pembroke, and Solomon Leavett, int.Aug.14,1802.

Ruth, and George Henry Webber [of], certif. Nov.4,1784.*

Sally, of Chichester, and Edward Melcher, int.Sept.12,1829. (Certificate Oct.1.)

Solomon, and Lucy Leavett of Pembroke, int.Aug.14,1802.

William, and Mary G[ardner. int.] Lemon [d.William and Mary (Gardner-Hersey).PR279], June10,1829.*

LEAVIT (Leavitt)

Anne, and Ephraim Twist, Dec.6,1770.*

LEAVITT (Leavett, Leavit, Levate, Levet, Levitt)

Benjamin D. [of Newburyport. int.], and Joann Stetson, July25,1814.*

Diana E., and John Jones of East Bridgewater, int.Apr.19,1846.

Dudley, Rev., and Mrs.Mary Pickering [jr. int.], Oct.17,1751.*

Elizabeth, of Haverhill, and William Pickman, int.Oct.10,1776.

Jos.S., jr., and Rachel Knowles of Northampton, NH, int.Oct.24,1841.

Joshua, and Eunice Richardson [d.Joshua and Abigail (Carter) of Woburn.PR297], Dec.1,1785.*

Lydia W., and Horace P. Gillpatrick, int.June17,1838.

Mary [wid.Levate. int.], and Richard Vincent Couch, Sept.15,1765.*

Mary, jr., and Joseph Orne of Beverly, int.Oct.8,1774.

Sarah F., and Stephen Merrill, innholder, Feb.末,1847.*

Walter, and Adeline H. Atkins, May1,1838.*

Walter, and Mary M. Langmaid, Oct.16,1843.*

LEBATTER (Ledbetter)

Daniel [Ledbater. int.], and Mary Collins, Oct.末,1781.*


Margaret, and Ebenezer Curtis, Dec.15,1762.


Abraham, and Deborah White, May4,1758.*


Daniel, see Lebatter, Daniel.

LEDBETTER (Leabetter, Lebatter)

Elizabeth, and Nehemiah Andrew, Aug.31,1805.*

Mary [wid.Lebatee. int.], and William Foy, Sept.23,1798.*

Mary, and Henry Foye, Dec.14,1805.*


John, and Rachel Webster, int.Aug.7,1824. (Forbidden by the overseers of the poor.)

LEE (Leigh)

Andrew, and Dorcas Dodge, Apr.28,1821.*

Anna [], and Isaac Perkins, Feb.25,1806.*

Annis P., and Caleb Newcomb of Worcester, int.Sept.17,1848.

Beulah Ann, and Zalmon Canney, int.Aug.14,1836.

Caroline M., and Benjamin S. Wheeler, Feb.4,1846.*

David, and Sarah G. Clark, Oct.24,1842.*

Deborah, and Richard Austin of Boston, Nov.29,1801.*

Dennis, and Bridget Egan, both b. Ireland, Oct.27,1849.*

Edward, and Anna Steward, Dec.21,1802.*

Edward, and Mrs.Fanny Frien [Trein. int.], Nov.4,1838.*

Elizabeth, and William Tuck [of Manchester. int.], May末,1779. [May2. int.]*

Betsy, of Wenham, and Simon Caswell, int.Sept.17,1803. [Oct.1. dup. int.]

Emily L., and William H. Nelson, Nov.26,1849.PR316*

Frances, see Lang, Frances.

George Gardner, and Lydia Gerry, Feb.6,1798.*

George, and Rhoda Clement, Sept.30,1838.*

George, of Boston, and Harriet Morris, int.Nov.10,1839.

George W., and Elizabeth P. Skinner, Nov.8,1849.*

Hannah S., and Henry Alexander S. Dearborn, int.Apr.20,1807.

Henry, of Manchester, and Hannah Hibberd, Aug.10,1788.*

Isanna [G. int.], and George L. Newcomb, May12,1840.*

James, of B;oston, and Susan Ann Taylor of Danvers, July21,1825.CR12

John, and Sally Jopplin, int.Dec.19,1789.

John, and Sarah Edey, Dec.27,1812.*

Joseph L., and Catharine Fogerty, Aug.18,1816.*

Joseph, and Eliza [], Stanley, Nov.27,1825.*

Lois, and Samuel Page, Aug.12,1773.*

Lydia, of Wenham, and Samuel Clifford, int.May16,1806.

Lydia, and Joseph Holmes, July10,1814.*

Margaret, and John Lyons, int.Apr.26,1834. (Stop'd.)

Marianne [Marionne. int.] Cabot, d.John C., and Samuel Endicott Peabody [s.Francis and Martha, grand, s.Sammuel and Elizabeth Endicott.PR92], Nov.28,1848.CR12 [Nov.23.PR92]*

Martha C., and Elbridge G. Briggs [of Boston. int.], Aug.15,1839.*

Mary, and Oliver Bland [Poland, of], May27,1830.*

Mary Anne, and Israel D. Shepard, int.Oct.16,1842.

Nathan M., and Eliza Ann Brown,末蔓末,1831. [July9. int.]*

Nathaniel Cabot, of Boston, and Mary Ann Cabot, Apr.11,1803.*

Richard, and Mary Black of Beverly, at Beverly, May12,1761.

Richard, Capt., and Elizabeth Ives, May31,1761.PR78*

Robert G., and Emeline [P. int.] Noble, June23,1832.*

Robert G., and Hannah C. Hammond of Cherry Hill, int.May17,1840.

Sarah [Lee], and Robert Buffum, Apr.20,1793.

Sally, and Christopher Darling, Sept.16,1810.*

Sarah, and James N. Archer, Sept.13,1827.*

Sally B., and Joseph A. Farnsworth [Nov.9,1845. int.]*

Sarah Jane, and Thomas S. Woodbury of Beverly, Mar.30,1848.*

Susannah, and Jacob Ashton, May16,1771.*

Thomas, and Mrs.Lois Orne, Dec.29,1737.*

William, and Jane Veley, Sept.26,1723.

William P., and Lois D. Safford, Nov.2,1826.PR317

William H., and Mrs.Sarah Derby, Oct.5,1834.*

William S. [L. int.], and Georgiana [H. int.] Whidden, Feb.28,1847.*

LEECH (Leach)

末末, and Benjamin Holten, July13,1708.CTR

Abigail, and John Ganson, Nov.末,1705.CTR

Anna, and Thomas Preston, June末,1708.CTR

Benjamin, and Mary Dean, int.Oct.20,1782.

Caroline M. [], and Steevens C. Flanders, Aug.9,1832.*

Catharine, and Henry H. Stuart, int.Aug.16,1800.

Charles, and Elizabeth Flint, Sept.21,1740.

Ginger [], and [Dr. int.] Benjamin Jones of Beverly, at Beverly, July17,1749.*

Hannah, and William Reed of Danvers, int.Sept.11,1824.

Hannah, and Nathaniel Reed, Oct.27,1831.*

Hepsibah, and Jonathan Raymond, jr., at Beverly, Jan.14,1728-9.*

John, and Mary Mackory, Feb.2,1709-10.*

John, jr., and Sarah Chipman of Beverly, int.Mar.10,1743-4.

Levi T., see Leath, Levi.

Mary, and Samuel Putnam, Oct.29,1709.*

Mary, and Josiah Batchelder, at Beverly, Oct.26,1732.*

Mary, and Charles Gowen, int.Mar.13,1819.

Mary, and Patrick Welsh, July19,1821.*

Mathew, of Danvers, and Priscilla Lane, Nov.25,1827.*

Samuell, and Abigail Baker of Beverly, Mar.5,1718-19.

Samuel, and Abigail Raymond, at Beverly, Sept.7,1727.*

Samuel, and Hannah Jeffords, at Beverly, Nov.20,1735.*

Susan, of Andover, and Jesse Peabody, int.Nov.22,1823.


George [Rev.PR649], of Utica, NY, and Caroline Treadwell, June22,1843.*

LEFAVOR (Lefavour)

Amos, and Elizabeth Presson, May22,1788.*

Thomas, and Betsy Hovey, Sept.5,1802.*

William, and Sally Low, Mar.30,1806.*

LEFAVOUR (Favor, Favour, Lefavor)

Charles, and Frances Wayland, Mar.31,1834.*

Elenor, and David Allen, Oct.4,1827.*

Eliza [] A., and Horace Nutter, May23,1844.*

Elizabeth, and William Webb, Jan.13,1793.*

Betsy, and Thomas Hodgden, Dec.7,1801.*

Elizabeth [], and James Daniels [of], Dec.10,1822.*

Elizabeth, and Samuel Colby of New York, Aug.1,1830.*

Elizabeth J., and Henry B. Smith, Aug.29,1839.*

Hannah, and James Wildes, int.July19,1828.

Harriet, and Jacob Chase, int.June1,1816.

Harriot, and Jaazaniah Gross of Truro, int.Nov.22,1818.

John, and Hanna Archer, Jan.末,1810.*

Joseph, and Susanna Dike, Feb.15,1785.*

Joseph, and Margaret D. Reed, May12,1805.*

Joseph, and Mary Wilkins, Oct.3,1815.*

Lydia, and Thomas Needham, jr., certif. Aug.4,1779.*

Lydia, and Jonathan Symonds, 3d, Dec.17,1809.*

Lydia, and George Brown, Nov.10,1811.*

Mary, and Amos Adams, July23,1809.*

Mary C. [E.PR316], and James Nelson, jr., mariner, Nov.21,1844. [Nov.22.PR316]*

Nancy, and John Vincent, June3,1810.*

Nathaniel, and Hannah F. Jenness, Jan.16,1814.*

Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Mason, May7,1818.*

Robert, and Elizabeth Whitting [Whittell. int.], certif. May16,1773.

Sally, and Peter Bannard, int.Jan.17,1800. (Forbidden by Amos Lefavour.)

Sally, and Nathaniel Kimball, Oct.25,1812.*

Sarah, and Dana Parks [of Boston. int.], Sept.25,1826. [ Sept.12.CR1]*

Sarah B., and Jonathan Dean, Nov.2,1835.*

Sophia, and Samuel Rand, May1,1814.*

Susan F.J., and Cyrus Hayward, Nov.1,1838.*

Thomas, and Sally Morgan How of Beverly, int.Feb.9,1822.

Thomas H., and Mary Brown, Feb.23,1832. [1830.PR319]*

Thomas H., and Caroline Wallis, Sept.19,1847.CR4*

William, and Alzira Dodge of Beverly, Jan.15,1838.*


John [Lufflan. int.], and Abigail Ross, Nov.2,1834.*


Abigail, wid., and Reinart Schlettelburg [], mariner, Jan.3,1845.*


Mary, of Lynn, and Benjamin Blyth, Jan.4,1733-4.*


John, of Boston, and Tabitha Richardson, int.Dec.9,1749.


Sally [], and William Tozzer, Oct.28,1830.*


Charles A., a.31y., mariner, s.Edward and Maria, and Matilda C. Dalton, a.22y., d.Edward and Mary, Nov.25,1844.*

LEGRO (Legroe, Legrow, Legrowe)

Eunice, and Henry Coffin, Nov.17,1737.*

Hezekiah, and Mary Barker of Marblehead, int.Nov.7,1739.

John, jr., and Eunice Collins, Nov.1,1733.*

LEGROE (Legro)

Christian, and Joseph Swasey, int.Feb.14,1729-30.

Elizabeth, and George Johnson, int.Jan.28,1730-31.

John, and Martha Dutch, Apr.13,1699.CTR

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Wilkins, Nov.22,1716.

Jonathan, and Abigail Elkins, June12,1724.

LEGROW (Legro)

Abigail, wid., and James Chapman of Beverly, Jan.14,1747-8.*

Mercy, and William Mathews [jr. int.], May3,1744.*


Susan, and Benjamin Patch, July16,1694.CTR

LEHEY (Leahy)

Margaret, and John Lyons, int.May24,1834. ("Stop'd by order of the Lady.")


Elizabeth, of Hallowell, ME, and James M. Brown, int.Nov.2,1845.


Eliza Ann, of Boston, and John Cook, Sept.15,1841.*

LEISON (Lassen)

Jonathan, and Abigail Jefferds of Lynn, May11,1727.*

LEISTER (Lester)

Eliza, and Walter Peppard, Oct.3,1830.*


Mary, and John Page, certif. Apr.27,1801.


Jane, "A Jarzey maid," and John Blethen, May10,1676.CR7


Julia, and Timothy Curran, both b. Ireland, Nov.16,1846.

LEMMON (Lemon)

Hannah, and [torn]am [Samuell.CTR] Beadle, June10,1668. [June20.CTR]

John, and Sarah Hibbert, int.Dec.16,1732.

LEMON (Lemmon)

Ann, and Cornelius Matthews, May22,1766.

Ann O., and Moses S. Johnson, Apr.5,1841.*

Eliza P., and Lewis Plum [of Newark. int.], July27,1829.

Henry, and Elizabeth Lloyd, July20,1806.*

Henry, and Catharine S. Mallet, int.Apr.16,1831. (Certificate May4.)

Jane M.K., and William [G.CR1] Davis [of Boston. int.], Aug.23,1826. [Aug.26.CR1]*

John, and Sally Giles of Beverly, at Beverly, Oct.2,1798.*

Martha, and Bartholomew Gale, 25:5m:1660.CTR

Mary, wid., and Phillip Cromwell, Nov.19,1674.CTR

Mary G[ardner. int.; d.William and Mary (Gardner-Hersey).PR279], and William Leavett, June10,1829.*

Sara, and Charles Knite, May9,1667.CTR

Sara, and Francis Nickelson, Oct.6,1767.

Sarah, and John Peterson, May28,1829.*

William, and Mary Hearsey [], Nov.27,1796.*

LENDALL (Lindal, Lindall)

Jacob, and Eliza Harris, 1827 or 1828. [Feb.17,1827. int.]*

Sarah E., and Eliab P. Goldthwaite, May14,1846.*


Frederic, and Rebecca M. West, Aug.3,1840.*

LENIHAN (Linnahan)

Catherine, and Timothy Sullivan, both b. Ireland, Nov.3,1849.*

Ellen, and Patrick Relihan, both b. Ireland, Aug.5,1849.

LENOTT (Leonard)

Ellen, and Michael Wheland, both b. Ireland, Nov.29,1849.*


Alexander [Lear. int.], and Margaret Stevens, Oct.15,1809.*

Pesante S., and Mary Taylor, Nov.29,1825.*

LEONARD (Lenott)

Christopher, and Sarah Whitworth, certif. Nov.24,1781.*

Esther R., and Jonathan Gavett, Mar.末,1816.*

George, Rev., and Abigail C. Nelson, July12,1827.*

John, and Abigail Safford, May31,1796.*

Mary, and James Dolan, both of Gloucester, both b. Ireland, Feb.15,1849.

Sarah, wid., and Nathaniel Knight, May25,1800.*

Sally, and William Millet, Nov.8,1804.*


John, and Lydia Galley, Apr.14,1776.

LEROCK (Learock)

John [of Boston. int.], and Mary Gold, May31,1765.*

John [jr. int.], and Asenath Breed of Lynn, Mar.20,1816.*

Margaret, and Samuel Barker, Oct.22,1791. [certif.CR12]*

Nancy, and Philip Saunders [], July12,1792. [certif. Dec.4,1788.CR12]*

LERVEY (Lurvey)

Polly, and John Swasey, int.Mar.4,1781.


Mathew F., and Caroline H. Nichols, Aug.27,1832.*

LESSIN (Lassen)

James, and Mary McIntyre, int.May3,1783. (Forbidden by Mary McIntyre.)

LESTER (Leister, Lister)

James, and Alice Lang [Long. int.], July14,1784.*

LETH (Leathe)

Samuel, and Hannah Lowell of Amesbury, at Amesbury, Apr.15,1662.

LETHERBY (Larabee, Leatherby)

Mary, and John Omer, int.Oct.5,1811.


George, and Sarah Mojary, both of Marblehead, Jan.9,1752.


Thomas, and Mary [] Arter, May7,1808.*

LEVATE (Leavitt)

John, and Mary Smith, Sept.22,1754.*

LEVET (Leavitt)

Mary (Smith), wid., and James Pinnio, int.Sept.8,1764.

LEVITT (Leavitt)

Nathaniel, formerly of Stratham, NH, and Mary Giles, Nov.14,1749.*

LEWIS (Luis)

Abigail [of Lynn. int.], and Joseph Felt, at Lynn, Jan.13,1774.*

Alonza, and Frances Maria Swann, both of Lynn, Apr.7,1822.

Amelia, wid., and Thomas Johnson, Oct.16,1827.*

Caroline, of Marblehead, and William Rogers, int.Jan.21,1809.

Caroline A., and John W. Fabens, int.Sept.10,1843.

Dana, and Sarah Cheever, July8,1813.*

Daniel, Esq. [of Francistown, NH. int.], and Mary Epes, certif. June3,1804.*

David [of Woburn. int.], and [] Mary N. Butman, Aug.7,1834.*

Ebed, and Emma [Amme. int.] Safford, Sept.30,1784.*

Eliza Ann, and Ebenezer Hutchins, Oct.6,1844.*

Betsy, and Richard Savory, Sept.11,1803.*

Elizabeth [A. int.], and Jacob Striley, Apr.22,1835.*

Elizabeth N., and George N. Cheever, Sept.7,1848. [ Sept.9. dup.]*

Emeline, and Charles R. Larrabee, int.May29,1830. (Discontinued June5.)

Frederick A., and Catherine Stanwood of Gloucester, int.Aug.15,1847.

George, and Sarah Ann Marble, May24,1838.*

Hannah R., of Lynn, and John N. Berry, int.Apr.2,1843.

Hanson B., of Reading, and Sarah M. Morong, int.Mar.8,1834.

John, and Mary Hubbard, Mar.9,1779.*

John, and Patty Reed, Jan.10,1802.*

John, of Boston, and Lydia [A. int.] Burrill, Sept.30,1810.*

John W., and Mary A. Battise, int.Jan.16,1836.

Joseph, and Eliza A. Teague, July29,1821.*

Joseph, and Eliza Ann Niles, int.June13,1847.

Louisa [], and Thoimas Goldsmith [jr. int.], Sept.12,1824.*

Lucy Ann, and Isaac Stone, jr., int.July22,1838. [m.Nov.1.PR16]

Lydia, and Edward Morse [of Chester, NH. int.], June27,1802.*

Lydia, Mrs., and Jabez Allen [of Barnstable. int.], Nov.15,1814.*

Lydia, and Daniel Bliss, int.Dec.5,1816. (Certificate granted Oct.24,1819.)

Lydia Ann, and James Morris of Danvers, Mar.17,1846.*

Martha P., and George Hill of Lynn, int.Feb.2,1845.

Martha L. [Jane. int.], and Lewis D[] D. Voorhees, Oct.1,1848.*

Mary, and Henry Wilkins, Oct.22,1718.

Mary, wid., and John Mouin, int.Apr.22,1780.

Polly, and Richmond Stoddard, int.July6,1799.

Mary, wid., and John Adams, Jr., Nov.22,1826.*

Olive S., of Lynn, and Jessee S. Punchard, Jan.21,1844.*

Peter, and Sarah E. Foster, Nov.26,1829.*

Philip, and Polly Dyer [wid.CR11], Oct.29,1797.

Priscilla, and Henry Kenny, jr., May14,1691.CTR

Ralph, and Deborah Elliot, July10,1814.*

Rebecca, of Lynn, and Jessee S. Punchard, int.May5,1838.

Samuel, and Harriet Towne, Jan.22,1838.*

Sally, of Lynn, and Nathaniel Cloutman, int.Nov.29,1805.

Sally C., and Isaac Newhall, certif. Nov.19,1809.*

Sarah, and Rev. Barzillai Streeter, Aug.9,1821.*

Thomas R., and Hannah Phillips of Topsfield, Mar.4,1841.*

William, and Elizabeth Stone, int.Nov.27,1779. ("Elizabeth Stone was afterwards published to Rich'd Maberry.)

William, and Dorothy Skinner, Nov.1,1812.*

William, and Betsey Goldthwait, Oct.12,1824.*

LIBBEY (Libby)

John F., and Mary Beckford, July14,1842.*

Mehala, and John M. Pilsbury, int.Jan.23,1836.

William S., and Sally Farrington, Sept.24,1809.*

LIBBY (Libbey)

Jotham, of Portland, and Margaret House, int.Aug.3,1793. (Forbidden by Margaret House.)

Jotham, and Rebecca Cross, certif. Aug.27,1796.*

Mary Ann, and Russell Graves, int.May19,1844.


John, and Elizabeth Swasey, May末,1680.CTR

LILLEY (Lilly)

Ann, and Joseph Littlefield, June28,1818.*

Betsey, and Isaac Callington, int.Sept.24,1808.

Robert, and Lucy Powers of Croydon, NH, int.Mar.25,1838.

LILLY (Lilley)

George, and Elizabeth Hawks, both of Lynn, Oct.15,1695.CTR

Rebecca, and Benjamin West, jr., Feb.25,1816.*


Penelope S., of Worcester, and Mahlon D[ickerson, M.D.CR12] Caufield of Mays Landing, NJ, at Worcester, May24,1843.

LINDAL (Lendall)

Timothy, jr., and Elizabeth Gerrish, Oct.14,1753.*

LINDALL (Lendall)

Abigail, Mrs., and Capt. Benjamin Pickman [2d.PR639], Oct.26,1704. [1705.PR639]

Abigail [; d.Timothy and Mary (Verin).PR639], and Rev. William Jenison, May15,1730.*

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Edward Grey, jr. of Boston, Sept.13,1739.*

Hannah, wid., and Capt. John Bartoll of Marblehead, Jan.8,1767.CR1

James, and Mrs.Elizabeth Corwine, Dec.15,1702.

James, and Mrs.Mary Weld, d.John Higginson, Esq., May [3. dup.], 1708.

Jane, Mrs., and Francis Borland of Boston, Sept.22,1726.

Nathanael, and Preserved Stileman, Feb.17,1750.

Rachell, Mrs., and Thomas Barnard [jr. int.], May7,1713.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Lawrence Lutwych [of Boston. int.], May6,1736.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Capt. Benjamin Moreshed, July28,1737.*

Timothy, and Mary Veren, "last of" Feb., 1672. [1670.PR639]

Timothy [of Boston. int.], and Mrs.Bethiah Kitchen, jr., May27,1714.*

Timothy, Hon., and Madam Mary Henchman of Lynn, int.Dec.6,1749.

Timothy, and wid.Hannah Swasey, [June18. int.], 1763.*

LINDEGARD (Lindegarrd)

James C., and Mary Perkins, June16,1836.CR12*

LINDEGARRD (Lindegard)

James Christian, and, wid.Mary Phipps, int.May31,1828.

LINDSEY (Lyndsey, Lynsey)

Elizabeth, and John Adams, jr., int.May14,1831. (Certificate June10.)

Esther, and John B. Leavett, at Marblehead,末蔓末, [bef. 1826.]

Habakkuk, and Mary Green, Oct.6,1741.*

Mary, Mrs., and James Houlton, Nov.4,1706.

Mary, of Danvers, and John Eden, at Danvers, Dec.1,1774.*

Mary, of Marblehead, and Israel Putnam, int.June29,1817.


Edward, and Margaret Stone, int.May3,1783.

LINN (Lyn, Lynn)

James, and Mary Williams, Aug.7,1842. [1841.CR12]*

LINNAHAN (Lenihan)

John, and Bridget Collins, int.Aug.2,1845.

LINSKEY (Lynskey)

James, and Margaret Denovan, int.Nov.19,1843.


Abigaile, and Ezekiell Cheevers, June17,1680.CTR

LISBELL (Lisbrill)

Thomas, and Mary Bray, Feb.27,1728-9.*


Sarah, and Joshua Buffum, jr., Dec.8,1743.*

LISBRILL (Lisbell)

Daniel, and Hannah Girdler [of], Dec.1,1740.*

LISCOMB (Luscomb)

Elizabeth [Luscomb. int.], and Robert Cook [jr. int.], Danvers, Sept.15,1775.*

Mary, and Daniell Caton, July末,1681.

Samuel, and Susannah West, Jan.12,1752.

Samuel [Luscomb. int.], and Lydia Neal, Aug.20,1752.*

Samuel [Luscomb, jr.,], and Anna Hibbert [Hilbert. int.] of Danvers, at Danvers, Feb.27,1774.*

Sarah [Luscomb. int.], and Benjamin Lander, Feb.11,1762.*

William, and Ann Henry, Dec.8,1764.

LISCOMBE (Luscomb)

Samuel, jr., and Elizabeth Brookhouse, Mar.31,1785.

LISKEY (Laskey)

Ann, and Michael Killely, both b. Ireland, Apr.12,1847.*

LISTER (Lester)

Alice, and James Cotten, Jan.29,1788.*

Edward, and Mary Witherley, Sept.21,1757.

John, and Nancy Craft, certif. Oct.16,1802.*

Mary [wid.Mary Lester. int.], and Bimsley Stephens, Oct.9,1785.*


Deborah H., of Beverly, and John W. Archer, int.Sept.22,1821.

Hannah P., of Hampstead, and David B. Tenney, int.Aug.4,1816.

Joshua B., of Danvers, tanner, and Catherine W. Warden, Jan.28,1847.*

Mary, of Atkinson, and Stephen Marsall, int.Aug.20,1803.

Moses, and Elizabeth Williams, Apr.17,1799.*

LITTLEFIELD (Lyttlefield)

Daniel, and Priscilla M. Keith, Apr.5,1840.*

Elizabeth M., of Lyman, ME, and Ira Hill, int.Jan.7,1844.

Joseph, and Ann Lilley, June28,1818.*

Mary, and Samuell Fuller, Apr.末,1710.CTR*

Nancy, wid., and Benjamin C. Hersey, int.Oct.29,1825.

Nathaniell, and Elizabeth Neal, int.July20,1728.

Nathaniel, and Hannah Browne, int.July5,1783.

Peletiah, a.24y., tanner, and Matilda Fubush [of York, ME. int.], a.21y., Feb.2,1845.*

Rebekah, and William Wakefield, Mar.13,1698-9.CTR

Theodore [of Wells, ME. int.], and Mary Boden, June3,1827.*

Theodore, and Hannah Smith, Apr.5,1832.*


Robert, and Frances Ann Clarkson Goodhue,末蔓末, [bet. 1814 and 1838.]

LLOYD (Loyd)

Elizabeth, and Henry Lemon, July20,1806.*

Elizabeth, and Alexander Marshall, Feb.9,1819.*

Hannah, and David Bolland, int.July7,1827.

John, see Floyd, John.

LOCK (Locke)

Sally, and John Nichols, 3d, June28,1809.*

LOCKE (Lock)

Caroline [S. int.], and Calvin Nourse, Nov.27,1834.*

Lucy C., and David H. Colburn, Mar.18,1827.*

Lucy Ann, of Hallowell, ME, and John R. Hodgkins, int.Nov.17,1832. (Certificate Dec.10.)


Abigail, and Jacob Newell of Lynn, Jan.15,1707.


Achsah W., and Solomon Butterfield of Danvers, int.Sept.18,1842.


Charles M., and Elizabeth L. Goldsmith, Jan.1,1847.*

Louisa J., and Ezra W. Doe of Rumney, NH, Sept.13,1835.*


Mary, and Edmund Roberts, int.Jan.24,1783.


Alexander, and Hannah Goodwin of Beverly, int.Mar.29,1823.


Joseph, teamster, b. Ireland, and Ann Gill [Gall. int.], Nov.25,1847.*


Mary, and John Wilson, b. Ireland, June17,1847. [July4. int.]*

LOJEE (Lougee)

Phillip, and Mary Snasher, 11:7m:1673.CTR


Alice, see Lang, Alice.

Allice, and James McNamarough, int.Apr.19,1783.

Ellen, and John Mascall, Mar.末,1649.CTR

William, and Sarah Knap, July8,1810.*

LONGEVY (Longeway)

Thomas, and Anna Rue, Jan.18,1785.

LONGEWAY (Largevain, Longevy)

Anna, and Samuel Williston, certif. Nov.21,1801. [1802. dup.]*

Elizabeth, and Jeremiah Conner, certif. June18,1803.*

Jane, and Francis Le Valois, alias Wallis, Feb.4,1810.*

Jeremiah, and Mrs.Hannah Fletcher [], June20,1830.*

Polly, and James Lewis Bonfield, July10,1797.


Mary, and John Murphey, Feb.9,1838.*

Patrick, and Catherine Healy, both b. Ireland, Sept.18,1849.*

Thomas, and Catherine Culleton, July10,1836.*


Elizabeth, and John Kenne, s.Henry, June17,1675.CTR


Jeduthan, Rev. [of Mt. Pelier. int.], and Sophia Brigham, Oct.8,1822.*


John [], and Bridget O'Donnell, both b. Ireland, May21,1848.*

LOPAZ (Lopez)

Anthony, and Nancy Parker, July9,1827.*

LOPEZ (Lopaz)

Elizabeth M., and Richard F. Savory, mariner, s.Richard, deceased, Sept.30,1847.*

Nancy, and James Baxter, int.Dec.29,1839.


Abigaile, and Samuell Gray, 28:10m:1671.CTR

Abigaile, wid., and Resolved White, 5:8m:1674.CTR

Nabby, and Amos Salsbury, July13,1806.*

Andrew, and Mary Horton, Apr.3,1823.*

Caroline A., and John A. Hay, Aug.2,1849.*

Daniel, and Caroline Miles of Boston, int.Aug.14,1824.

Daniel B., and Nancy Davis, Dec.25,1832.*

Daniel B., and Hannah M. Prince, May16,1847.*

Daniel A., and Ellen A. Colby, Mar.4,1849.*

David, and Joanna Rider, Feb.11,1802.*

David, jr., and Lucy Harris of Ipswich, int.Jan.2,1808. [m.Jan.21.PR250]

Dorothy, Mrs., and Jeremiah Neal, Oct.31,1707.

Elizabeth, and William Godsoe, 17:2m:1680.CTR

Elizabeth C., and Paul K. Brown, Oct.27,1825.*

Ephraim, of Lynn, and Matilda Barker, May31,1836.*

Frederic M., of Boston, and Malvina M. Hoffman, June9,1846.*

Jacob, and Hannah Noyce of Newburyport, int.Apr.10,1802.

James, and Sarah Mann, Dec.14,1824.*

James H., clerk, s.David, deceased, and Maria Benson, d.Samuel, Feb.5,1846.*

Jonathan, and Mary Lord, Oct.28,1787.

Joseph [], and Mrs.Mary Radford, Aug.22,1813.*

Joseph H., of Cambridge, and Judith Mansfield, Apr.11,1819.*

Lucy M., of Ipswich, and James Pope, jr., int.Oct.2,1821.

Lucy Ann, and Nathaniel Cleaves, Feb.3,1829.*

Maria, of Beverly [ pencil], and William Lamson, int.July18,1829. (Certificate Aug.11.)

Mary, and Jonathan Lord, Oct.28,1787.

Mary, wid., and Alexander Geddes, certif. Mar.5,1794

Mary S., and William Teague, Sept.9,1834.*

Mehitable, of Ipswich, and Moses Smith, at Ipswich, July14,1792.*

Mehitable S., and Philip B. Nutting, Apr.13,1823.*

Sarah, of Ipswich, and Josiah Hayward, int.Feb.19,1825.

Sarah R. of Ipswich, and Nathaniel M. Lamson, int.Apr.24,1836.

Susan, and James Homer of Amesbury, June8,1827.*

Susan Harris, d.David and Lucy, and Joseph Hardy Phippen, s.Hardy and Ursula, Mar.26,1840.*

Thomas, and Esther Henfield [], Nov.19,1822.*

Thomas, and Lydia Boardman of Danvers, int.Apr.12,1828.

Thomas, and Susan Heard, May23,1830.*

William, jr., and Mary Moulton, Apr.7,1680.CTR

William, and Dorothy Beadle, Aug.10,1693.CTR


Louis, and Sally Dennis, May31,1808.*


末末, of Boston, and Marianne Putnam, June4,1840.PR188

末末, and Elizabeth Peabody, Jan.15,1846.PR188

Edward D., and Eliza A. Hayward, int.Dec.16,1849.

Elias, of Boston [mariner.CR2], and Ann Gollishan, May11,1694.CTR

Ellis Gray, of Boston, and Louisa Gilman, Oct.29,1827.*

Hannah R, and Thomas Pierce of Beverly, int.Feb.24,1839.

Polly, and John Baudy, Feb.8,1787. [certif.CR12]*

Mary G., and George E. Smith, Oct.18,1838.*

Samuel, and Hannah Gwinn, Dec.25,1811.*

Sarah C., and John D. Hunt, May8,1834.*


Phillip, and Sarah Lawrence, Dec.13,1835.*


John A., and Maria Monarch, Jan.29,1831.*

LOTHROP (Lathrop)

LOUD (Lowd)

David, and Betsey Goodrich [of Lynn. int.], July24,1830.*

Eliza, and John Stewart, Mar.24,1835.*

Noah, and Elizabeth P. Butterfield, Dec.末,1831.*

LOUDON (Lauden, Louiden)

Robert H., and Sarah L. King, Oct.31,1833.*

LOUGE (Lougee)

Benjamin, and Lydia Norton of Newburyport, int.Mar.2,1805.

Hugh Bartis, and Rebecca Collins, Nov.26,1809.*

LOUGEE (Lojee, Louge, Lougie)

Ithiel S. of Danvers, and Louisa Lovejoy, int.Dec.29,1832. (Certificate Jan.13,1833.)

Thomas, and Hannah [] Batcheldor, Oct.1,1823.*

LOUGIE (Lougee)

Charlotte K., d.Joseph, and William F. Chappell, Mar.11,1849.*

LOUIDEN (Loudon)

Anders, and Elizabeth Felt, int.Nov.10,1810.


Robert, and Mary Brown, int.Mar.2,1805. (Forbid.)


Hepsey, and George Bloom, Apr.27,1834.*

John, and Elizabeth P. Archer, Aug.10,1837.*

Joseph, and Hepzibah Baker of Beverly, int.Sept.18,1802.

Joseph, and Nancy Lang, Sept.30,1830.*

Louisa, and Ithiel S. Lougee of Danvers, int.Dec.29,1832. (Certificate Jan.13,1833.)

Mary, and Joel [Jacob. int.] Haskel, Nov.1,1833.*

Sarah Ann, and Jacob Haskell, Mar.2,1837.*

William, and Maria C. Hill, Jan.13,1841.*

LOVEL (Lovell)

John, and Bethiah Hacker, int.Sept.5,1772.


Nathaniel, and Ann Burnham of Essex, int.July6,1833.

LOVELL (Lovel, Lovil)

Alexander, and Margarett Williams, at Ipswich, Jan.14,1719.

John, and Hannah Joplin, int.June21,1777.


Barnard, and Elizabeth Donelson, Sept.17,1837.*

LOVERIN (Lovering)

Esther, and Edward Hillard, Dec.13,1723.

LOVERING (Loverin)

Olivia, and Mark W. Ham, int.Sept.29,1840.

LOVES (Lovis)

Mary, and John Anthoney, both of Marblehead, Nov.26,1785.

LOVET (Lovett)

Rebeccah, of Beverly, and Samuel Smith, int.Apr.26,1765.

LOVETT (Lovet, Lovit, Lovitt)

Charlottee S. [E. int.], and Benjamin [] Owens, Nov.1,1836.*

Henry and Lydia Whittemore, Feb.11,1787.*

Israel, of Beverly, and Elisabeth Batchelder, at Beverly, May30,1728.*

Israel E., of Beverly, and Mary Jane Waters, Nov.27,1835.*

James [of], and Elizabeth Archer, certif. July10,1802.*

Joanna T[horndike.PR232], and Richard G. Ross [; Richard Girdler Goss.PR232], Aug.13,1829.*


Polly D., of Nashua, NH, and Worthin Hall, int.July16,1837.

LOVICE (Lovis)

Benjamin, and Nancy Chapman, certif. Oct.24,1797.*

LOVIL (Lovell)

Alexander, of Ipswich, and Elisabeth Maskol, at Beverly, Oct.28,1703.

LOVIS (Loves, Lovice)

Abigail C., and Samuel Church, Aug.16,1824.*

Grace, and Joseph Twing [Thwing. int.], Apr.1,1817.*

Nancy C., and Elliot Smith, Apr.23,1821.*

LOVIT (Lovett)

Betsy, and George Wiggins, int.Oct.11,1806.

Mary, of Beverly, and John Crecy, at Beverly, Nov.20,1717.

LOVITT (Lovett)

Abigail, and Benjamin Frye [jr. int.], Feb.12,1804.*


Hannah, and John Potter [Joel, of Shelburne. int.], certif. Oct.15,1803.*

LOW (Lowe)

Aaron T., and Ann T. Briggs, May21,1835.*

Abigail, and Joseph Hiller Fenno [of Boston. int.], certif. Sept.9,1804. [ Sept.28.CR12]*

Asa, and Lucy Ann Jackson, both of Boston, Mar.28,1839.CR5

Caroline A. [], and John A. Hay, Aug.2,1849.*

Daniel, and Mary Luscomb, certif. Jan.1,1774. [Jan.2.PR325]*

Daniel, of New York, and Alice Orne, Sept.27,1818.*

Deborah C., and Jacob C. Hiltz, int.Oct.18,1840.

Edward A., and Sarah M. Thomas, Mar.15,1837.*

Gideon [of Lynn. int.], and Eliza N. Thomas, May8,1843.*

James W. [of New York. int.], and Ellen O. Richardson, May4,1841.*

John, and Polly Chandler, certif. Oct.1,1803.*

John, and Elizabeth Porter, Oct.30,1808.

John, and Betsey Newman of Ipswich, int.Aug.2,1810.

John, and Lois A. Trumbull, Nov.9,1840.*

Mary, and Joseph Elkins, Dec.19,1824.*

Mary E[lizabeth.PR325], and Benjamin M[ores.PR325] Chamberlain, Oct.29,1843.*

Priscilla C., and Richard Cutts, Feb.5,1839.*

Richard, and Margaret Brown, June16,1816.*

Samuel, and Dorothy Fogerson of Shapleigh, ME, int.Nov.8,1834.

Samuel, and Lydia Rhodes of Waterborough, ME, int.May1,1836.

Sally, and William Lefavor, Mar.30,1806.*

Seth, and Mary Porter, d.Thomas, s.Elijah, b. in Topsfield, and Ruth (Allen), d.Edward, of Berwick upon Tweed in the north of Eng., May23,1807.*

Susan, and John [R.PR325] Morgan, Apr.19,1812. [Apr.20.PR325]*

Thomas [], and Abigail Goss, Mar.12,1808.*

William, and Sukey Glover, certif. Nov.12,1799.*

William, and Susanna Dennis of Ipswich, int.Oct.19,1805.

William Henry, and Abigail Knapp, Aug.7,1823.*


Elias, and Sarah Daniel, Oct.27,1725.

Elias, and Elizabeth Perkins of Ipswich, int.Oct.16,1731.

LOWD (Loud)

Mark, and Lydia Johnson, May12,1833.*

Mark, and Sophia C. Fuller, May13,1838. [May17.PR311]*

Mary, d.Mark, and Thomas Welsh of Danvers, May27,1844.*

LOWE (Low)

Aziel [Ariel, of], and Lucinda C. Dame, Jan.9,1833.*

John, and Mary Ann Cole, Oct.15,1834.*


Hannah, of Amesbury, and Samuel Leth, at Amesbury, Apr.15,1662.

Hannah, of Amesbury, and Samuel Leach, int.Mar.19,1762.

John, of Newburyport, and Mrs.Sarah Higginson, Jan.3,1767.

John, Esq. [of Newburyport. int.], and Susanna Cabot, certif. May29,1774.*

John A., of Boston, and Elizabeth C. Putnam, d.Hon. Samuel, Apr.5,1829.CR12*

LOWREN (Lowring)

Joseph, and Hannah Beckford, int.Aug.2,1823.

LOWRING (Lowren)

Joshua, and Sarah W. Bray of Ipswich, int.May30,1807.

Samuel, and Polly Clough, Apr.29,1784.


Abigail, and Benjamin Allen, Dec.10,1724.

Elizabeth, and John Callam, Oct.1,1717.

John [Loader.CTR], a.27y., and Elizabeth Curtice, a.19y.,末蔓末,1686. [Apr.6,1687.CTR]

Martha, and Paul Kemball, Oct.5,1725.

Mary, and Charles Hooper, int.Nov.6,1714.

William, and Ruth Giles, Dec.13,1711.*

LOYD (Lloyd)

Thomas, and Elizabeth Groves, July1,1798.*


Abigail, and John Bailey, Apr.15,1703.

Abreham, and Hope Foster, Jan.22,1712-13.*

LUCAS (Luckes, Luckus)

Abigail, of Beverly, and Timothy Standley, at Beverly, Mar.29,1737.*

Oscar F., of Boston, and Rebecca H. Nelson, Jan.17,1847.CR4

LUCKES (Lucas)

Oliver, and Rebecca Verin, of Boston, int.Mar.20,1713-14.

LUCKUS (Lucas)

Jemima, of Marblehead, and George Felt, at Marblehead, Feb.27,1695-6.

LUDWIG (Lutwych)


Edmund M., of New York, and Eliza Merritt, int.Jan.2,1830. (Certificate Jan.17.)

LUFFIN (Lufkin)

Ellen, and John Dalton, int.June1,1845.

LUFKIN (Luffin)

Abigail, and John Masury [], Dec.14,1829.*

Betsey, and Anthony Caleb, Dec.29,1822.*

Betsey [], and John Jerome, May6,1824.*

Louisa, and John Daland, int.Mar.8,1828. ("Forbid by Mr. D. day of its pub. ")

Louisa, and Robert Porter, May末,1830.*

Mary, and Joseph Peele, Jan.27,1799.*

Mary, and Lewis Gaddat, Sept.21,1824.*

Rebecca, of Beverly, and Nehemiah Addams, Jan.11,1794.*

Sally, and Thomas Phippen, jr., certif. Aug.8,1801.*

William, and Mary Ann Howard, Sept.3,1829.*

William, and Eunice S. Burnham, June13,1842.*

LUIS (Lewis)

Thomas [], and Nancy Ober of Beverly, at Beverly, Dec.10,1797.*


Elizabeth, of Ipswich, and William Harbart [Harbert. int.], at Ipswich, Nov.23,1732.*

Thomas, of Ipswich, and Miriam Trask, Apr.23,1724.


Lewis, and Ruth Clark of Marblehead, int.Aug.26,1780.

LUMMAS (Lummus)

Samuel, of Ipswich, and, wid.Susannah Smith, Feb.2,1746.*

LUMMUS (Lummas)

Ann [Cummins,], and Edward B. Emerson, May10,1841.*

John, of Boston, and Mary Jane Edgerly, Apr.6,1835.*

Mary [L. int.], and Daniel Bridge [of New York. int.], Apr.7,1847.*

Sally, and William Ball [jr. int.], Nov.17,1805.*


James, and Hannah B. Dodge, int.July28,1832. (Certificate Aug.20.)

William, and Lydia Barrett, Mar.23,1835.*


Elizabeth, of Danvers, and George Heusler, Dec.5,1799.*

John C., and Catherine [B. int.] Foster, Oct.12,1825.*

Martha G., of Beverly, and William Carey, int.Apr.17,1836.

Pressilla, and Henry Skerry, 9:9m:1665.CTR

Richard, and Elizabeth Chapman, June23,1765.*

Sarah E., of Beverly, and Joseph G. Taylor, int.June6,1841.

William I., and Mary P. Sanborn, Oct.12,1848.*

LURVEY (Lervey)

Abigail D., and George A. Brown, July20,1835.*

Job, and Susan Tuttle of Lynn, int.Jan.16,1810.

Sarah, Mrs., and Andrew Truelove, at Beverly, July22,1779.*

LUSCOMB (Liscomb, Liscombe, Luscombe)

Abigail, and Robert Leach, Nov.29,1770.*

Adaline C., and William Phipps, Sept.1,1843.*

Anna, and Jonathan Trant, May25,1794.*

Benjamin, and Mary Luscomb, certif. July5,1783.*

Benjamin, and Betsy Luscomb, Apr.21,1799.*

Catharine, and John McIntire, May30,1821.*

Catherine, and Joseph P. Russell, Dec.3,1840.

Deliverance, wid., and Abner Raymond, Sept.28,1819.*

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Abbot, Oct.19,1740.*

Elizabeth, and Thomas Marston, June18,1764.*

Betsy, and Benjamin Luscomb, Apr.21,1799.*

Betsey, and Aaron Kemp, May19,1808.*

Ellen, and George N. Nights, July20,1838.*

George G., and Mary E. Call, May14,1841.*

Henry, and, wid.Mary Gray, certif. Dec.1,1784.*

Henry, jr., and Mary Bach [ pencil.] of Topsfield, int.Mar.25,1809.

Henry, and Sarah A. Eastman [of Concord, NH int.], Oct.15,1834.*

Jane, and Jonathan Johnson of Kittery, Aug.7,1766.

John, and Mary Earle, Dec.13,1723.

John C., and Sarah Friend, Nov.30,1826.*

Joseph, and Lucy Ann Daniels, Nov.3,1833.*

Love R., and Emerson R. Perkins, Oct.3,1816.*

Love Rawlins, and John William Stanteford, Jan.1,1826.PR565

Lucy O., and Abner Goodhue, jr., June30,1828.*

Lydia, and Jeduthun Upton Day, int.Mar.1,1816.

Lydia D. [], and Edward Hooper of Danvers, June6,1819.*

Lydia H. [K. int.], and Alvin Hildrith.Dec.26,1819.*

Martha, and Benjamin Tyler, Oct.19,1740.*

Martha, and Richard Luscomb, certif. July1,1776.*

Martha, and Joseph Bird, int.Jan.11,1806.

Patty, and Robert Smith, Dec.21,1806.*

Martha T., and Stephen Webb, Oct.5,1831.*

Mary, and John Mugford, Mar.9,1721-2.

Mary, and Benjamin Needham, late of Salem, now resident of Marblehead, int.Jan.9,1772.

Mary, and Daniel Low, certif. Jan.1,1774. [Jan.2.PR325]*

Mary, and Benjamin Luscomb, certif. July5,1783.*

Mary, and Hero Nichols, Nov.14,1805.*

Mary, and Charles Sandford, int.Aug.13,1814. (Aug.20, publishment stopped by Charles Sanford.)

Mary, and Alvin Hildrith, Apr.5,1821.*

Mary, and Benjamin C. Rhodes [of Baltimore. int.], June4,1822.*

Mary M. [W. int.], and Samuel R. Blaisdell, June15,1837.*

Mehitable, and Thomas Driver, May20,1821.*

Rebecca, and Elisha Day, Nov.11,1793. [certif.CR12]*

Richard, and Martha Luscomb, certif. July1,1776.*

Richard, and Lucy Putnam of Danvers, at Danvers, Nov.29,1787.

Richard, and Deliverance Curtis, June8,1789. [certif.CR12]*

Samuell [Liscomb. int.], and Elizabeth Beal, Jan.10,1715-16. [Jan.20. dup.]*

Samuel [jr. int.], and Hannah Ashby, Nov.19,1744.*

Samuel, and Mary Stacey, Apr.17,1746.*

Samuel, and Hannah Slewman, Mar.24,1782.

Sarah, see Liscomb, Sarah.

Sara, and Jonathan Lander, Nov.24,1768.

Sarah, and Thomas Budd, int.June1,1805.

Sarah, and Alexander McDogle, int.Mar.26,1808.

Sara, and Asa Boydon, May10,1810.*

Sally, and Joseph Wiggins, jr., Dec.23,1810.*

Sarah, and Aaron Russell, Aug.23,1829.*

Sarah A., and George H. Warren, Dec.21,1847. [Dec.12.PR327]*

Susan, and Israel Woodbury, Jan.16,1816.*

Thomas, and Meriam Dike, May19,1747.*

William, and Sarah Henderson, Nov.16,1740.*

William, 3d, and Susannah Cook, certif. Jan.20,1773.*

William, and Sarah Dinon [Dixon, wid.CR11], June8,1788.

William [], and Mehitable [] Mansfield, Sept.14,1794.*

William, jr., and Elenor D[ixson. int.] Gardner, Apr.29,1821.*

William H., and Mary Jane Gilman, May22,1823.*

William H., and Hannah Goodhue, int.Aug.20,1843.

LUSCOMBE (Luscomb)

Hanna, and Jonathan Ropes [], Dec.23,1770.*

Love, and John Herror [Herron. int.], Sept.20,1770.*


Nathan [of Newport, RI. int.], and Polly Procter, Nov.12,1797.*

William T., and Rachel Brown, Mar.11,1804.*


John, and Mary Ropes, Aug.3,1768.


Lawrence [of Boston. int.], and Mrs.Sarah Lindall, May6,1736.*


Nicolas, and Mary Elkins, Jan.6,1715.*


Edward, and Mrs.Susannah Corwine, Nov.29,1694.CTR


Malvina [F. int.], of Centre Harbor, NH, and Aaron Welch, Apr.1,1840.*

Sarah Ann, of Centre Harbor, NH, and Edward Rowell, int.Sept.10,1848.


Mary, of Springfield, and Robert Emery, int.Apr.29,1815.

Susanna, Mrs., of Boston, and Daniel Epes, Esq., int.Sept.24,1743.

Theodore, of Wells [of Arundel. int.], and Lydia Williams, Jan.24,1786.*

LYN (Linn)

Ellen, and Raluph Elenwood, Mar.14,1655.CTR


Ann, b. Ireland, and James Quinn, both of Manchester, both b. Ireland, Feb.9,1847.

Catharine, and Richard Welsh, int.Oct.30,1830.

Catherine, and Michael Hart, both b. Ireland, Jan.7,1847.

Daniel, and Johanna Ahern, both of Manchester, both b. Ireland, Apr.25,1847.

John, and Mary Ann O'Keefe, both b. Ireland, June27,1849.*

Joseph, and [Mrs.CR10], Elizabeth Conners, Sept.10,1826.*

Mary, and John McGuigan, int.Feb.12,1843.


Catherine, and John Rafter, both b. Ireland, Feb.6,1849.

Catherine [], and Owen Cook, laborer, both b. Ireland, May13,1849.*

LYNDE (Lynes)

Benjamin [of Boston.CTR], and Mary Browne, Apr.27,1699.

Benjamin, jr., Esq., and Mrs.Mary Goodridge of Roxbury, at Roxbury, Nov.1,1731.*

Hannah, of Malden, and Nathaniel Frothingham, int.Apr.4,1795.

Lydia, d.Benjamin, jr., and Rev. William Walter, minister of Trinity church, Sept.30,1762.PR83

Mary, jr. [d.Benjamin, jr.PR83], and Andrew Oliver [jr. int.; s.Hon. Andrew.PR83] of Boston, May28,1752.*

William [a deaf mute, of South Woburn. int.], and Caroline F. Estes [], June14,1848.*


Priscilla, and Joseph Procter, both of Marblehead, Nov.23,1738.

LYNDSEY (Lindsey)

Elizabeth, and Samuell Trask [jr. int.], Mar.23,1727.*

Hannah B., and J.S. Pond, Nov.28,1833.*

Lydia, and Moses Stewart, Nov.7,1734.*

Ralph D., and Liva A.H. Gray of Sedgewick, ME, int.June3,1849.

Richard, and Sophronia Fisk, Feb.14,1837.*

Sarah, and Ralph Smith, Nov.27,1716.

LYNES (Lynde)

Mary, and Michael Kelley, int.Feb.6,1848.

LYNN (Linn)

John, and Hannah Short, int.July26,1828.

Priscilla, and John Buxton, Nov.26,1700.

LYNSEY (Lindsey)

Naomy [Linzey.CR7], and Thomas Maule, July22,1670.CTR

LYNSKEY (Linskey)

Catherine, and Michael Raffter, int.Jan.21,1849.

LYON (Lyons)

Horatio, of Munson, and, wid.N. Maria Perkins, Oct.19,1846.*

LYONS (Lyon)

John, and Sarah Abigail Daniels, int.Sept.15,1820.

John, and, wid.Hannah Taylor, int.Apr.14,1821.

John, and Margaret Lee, int.Apr.26,1834. (Stopp'd.)

John, and Margaret Lehey, int.May24,1834. ("Stop'd by order of the Lady.")

Margaret [Mary Ann. int.], and Francis Oldson, July13,1834.*

Mary Ann, and Nathaniel Powell, Dec.31,1849.*

Mathew, and Mary Ann Webber, int.Apr.13,1845.

William, and Lucy Shed [of Bostgn. int.], Dec.5,1844.*

LYTTLEFIELD (Littlefield)

Polly, of Kennebunk, and Samuel Sawyer, int.Dec.28,1804.

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