Nicholas, and Sarah Vincent, Nov.9,1823.*


Bridget, and Richard Savage, int.Oct.30,1830. (Certificate Nov.18.)


Betsey, Mrs.[], and Isaac Weston of Reading, Oct.1,1839.

William, and Betsey Smith, Sept.末,1822. [ Sept.14. int.]*


Abigail, and David Burditt, Aug.30,1785.

Daniel, and Lucretia Sanborn, Apr.18,1842.*

David, and Susanna Anderson, May16,1843.*

Samuel, and Elizabeth Bartlett, Feb.2,1841.*

Thomas, and Abigail Williams, Nov.3,1782.


John [Sawtell. int.], and Martha Goldsmith, Oct.25,1826.*


Joshua, and Sarah E. George, May12,1841.*

NEAL (Neale)

Abial, and Frederick Brown, Oct.26,1794.*

Ann [of Portsmouth, NH. int.], and Hiram Willey, Dec.3,1818.*

Benjamin, and Lydia Begoe, Oct.4,1742.*

Benjamin, and Polly Elliot, Apr.25,1793.*

Benjamin B., and Martha Southwick of Danvers, int.Oct.16,1842.

David, and Hannah Webb, June8,1752.*

David, and Mary Neal [], June5,1806.*

David A., and Harriot C. Price, int.June28,1818.

Eliza, Mrs., and Andrew Earle, Feb.10,1839.*

Elizabeth, and Nathaniell Littlefield, int.July20,1728.

Elizabeth, wid., and Edward Norris, jr., Nov.16,1743.*

Elizabeth, and Azor Hodgkins, May29,1833.*

Eunice, Mrs., and William Pickering, Apr.6,1738.*

Eunice, and Benjamin Bacon, Feb.20,1745.*

Hannah, and Charles Hooper, Nov.27,1718.

Hannah, and James Grant, Apr.4,1720.

Hannah, and Samuel Robinson of Boston, Dec.29,1737.*

Hannah, wid., and Samuel Peters, int.Sept.7,1765.

Hannah, and Joseph Smith, 3d, certif. May20,1776.*

Hannah, and William Presson, int.Nov.28,1778.

Hannah, and Asa Killam [jr. int.], Feb.13,1803.*

Jeremiah, and Mrs.Dorothy Lord, Oct.31,1707.

John, and Eliza Davis, int.Oct.10,1835.

John H., and Mary Bacon, Apr.22,1838.*

Jonathan, and, wid.Mary Marston, July19,1725.

Jonathan, and Elizabeth West, May25,1738.*

Jonathan [jr. int.], and Mehitabel Eden, Jan.11,1784.*

Jonathan [jr. int.], and Polly [] Dowst, Jan.23,1785.*

Jonathan [Capt, Jr. int.], and Hannah Ward, May29,1791.*

Jonathan, 3d, and Eunice Buffum, certif. Nov.10,1811.*

Jonathan, and, wid.Sarah Wilson, int.Feb.19,1820. (Feb.21, by request of Capt. Neal, discontinued, being ascertained to have been an imposition.)

Joseph, and Eunice Pickering, Dec.10,1724.

Joseph, and Hannah C. Hutchinson [of Middleton. int.], Dec.31,1817.*

Katharine, and David Boyce, jr., Sept.20,1744.*

Katharine, and Joseph Metcalf, Mar.3,1767.

Lidia, and Samuel Ropes, Jan.12,1709-10.*

Lydia, and Samuel Liscomb [Luscomb. int.], Aug.20,1752.*

Lydia, and Gidney King, July13,1766.

Lydia, and Isaac Osborn, int.July13,1771.

Margaret J., and John Lambert, int.Apr.16,1843.

Patty [], and John Doust, Nov.26,1789.*

Mary [], and Capt. John Foster, July9,1752.*

Polly, and John Boyd, int.Mar.15,1796.

Polly, Mrs., and James Wheeler, Dec.4,1796.*

Mary [], and David Neal, June5,1806.*

Mary, and John G. Waters, Aug.4,1825.*

Mehitable, and Amos Choate, May26,1833.*

Nancy, and Richard Davis, Oct.8,1805.*

Philip, and Polly Smothers, Nov.18,1790. [certif.CR12]*

Robert, and Hannah Elsey [Elson. int.], Nov.6,1712.*

Robert, and Katherine Daland, Feb.5,1738-9.*

Robert, and [Mrs.CR1] Hannah Bickford,末蔓末,1763.*

Robert, and Betsey Lander, Aug.24,1788.*

Sarah, and John Cash, Oct.18,1723.

Sally, and Joseph Gardner, Nov.14,1784.*

Sally, and Benjamin Shehane, certif. Feb.6,1801. [Jan.23,1802. int.]*

Sally, and John Marks, Nov.3,1816.*

Sarah A., and Andrew Ober of Beverly, int.May8,1842.

Sarah A., and Humphrey Whitten, both of Lynn, both b. Lynn, July3,1849.

Theodore A. [of], and Elizabeth B. Whittredge, May31,1849.CR12*

William H., and Sarah Ropes, int.Nov.7,1829. (Certificate Nov.23.)

NEALE (Neal)

Abigail, and Henry Elkins, Dec.6,1714.*

Elizabeth, and Phillip Barger [of Boston. int.], Nov.13,1712.*

Eunice, and Asa L. Breed [of Lynn. int.], Nov.21,1837.*

Jeremiah, and Sara Hart, June15,1668.CTR

Jeremiah, 2d m., and Mary Buffum, 22:7m:1673.CTR

Jeremiah, and Elizabeth Small, Mar.29,1705.

John, and Ann Nicholls,末蔓末, [bef. 1673.]CTR

Lidea, and Jonathan Hart, 末:9m:1671.CTR

Mary, and Nathaniel Ritter [Ricker. int.], Mar.6,1836.*

NEEDHAM (Needom)

Abigail, and Ebenezer Goodale, int.Dec.23,1729.

Alice, and Enoch Silsbey of Boston, May30,1799.*

Anthony, and Ann Potter, Jan.10,1655.CTR

Anthony, jr., and Mary Swinerton, Jan.3,1695.CTR

Bathsheba, of Danvers, and James Kelly, int.Nov.21,1829. (Certificate Dec.7.)

Benjamin, late of Salem, now resident of Marblehead, and Mary Luscomb, int.Jan.9,1772.

Daniel, of Marblehead, currier, s.Edmund, currier, and Sarah Buffum, d.Robart, blacksmith, Nov.2,1727.CR7*

Daniel, and Isabella Armstrong, at Boston, Jan.16,1728-9.

Daniel, jr., tailor, s.Daniel, and Hannah Boyce, d.Jonathan, of Danvers, June15,1770.CR7

Daniel [jr. int.], and Mary Symonds, July23,1780.*

Daniel, tailor, s.Daniel and Sarah, both deceased, and Hannnah Buxton, d.Thomas, of Danvers, deceased, and Sarah, 20:3m:1800.CR7

Daniel, and Sarah Foster, certif. Jan.17,1808.*

Desire, d.Edmund, trader, and Sarah, and Jonathan Dean, tanner, s.Jonathan, mariner, deceased, and Bethia, 19:2m:1795.CR7

Edmund, jr., and Peggy Winn [of], certif. Sept.9,1807.*

Eliza P. [eele. int.], and Henry Upton, Aug.14,1823.*

Eliza F., and Elijah Foster, Dec.25,1838.*

Elizabeth, and Richard Gray, May27,1786.*

Betsey, of Westford, and Edmund boynton, int.Nov.27,1802.

Betsey, of Danvers, and Joseph Cook, June16,1824.

Ezekiel, and Susannah B. Barnard, Nov.19,1840.*

George, and Rachel Goold, Apr.11,1717.

Hannah, of Danvers, and Moses Kelly, int.Mar.5,1831. (Certificate Mar.21.)

Isaac, and Mary Farrington, int.Apr.25,1735.

Isaac, and Margaret Sheldon, Dec.3,1742.*

Isaac, and Betty Pope of Danvers, at Danvers, Jan.12,1769.

Isaac, and, wid.Elizabeth Archer, certif. July24,1781.*

Isaac, and Sarah Kennedy [], Jan.12,1806.*

Isaac, jr., and Mary Burrill, Apr.15,1810.*

James, s.Daniel, and Alice Blaney, d.Thomas, deceased, Oct.11,1770.CR7

James, and Olive Wheeler, May21,1812.*

James, jr., and Caroline F. Peirce, June21,1838.*

Jasper, and Mary Cook, int.Nov.20,1731.

Joel F., of Danvers, and Content M. Newhall, int.Jan.2,1848.

John, and Elizabeth Walcot, wid., Feb.11,1739-40.*

John, and Ruth Twiss, July10,1749.*

John, and [] Sally Holman, certif. Mar.8,1800.*

John, jr., of Danvers, and Sarah Shillaber, int.Nov.20,1842.

Judith, and William Curtis, Mar.22,1687.CTR

Lydia, [,], and William Jenkins, Aug.8,1793.*

Martha, and George Archer, Dec.16,1764.*

Martha, and Joseph Ervin, Feb.21,1808.*

Mary, d.Daniel, currier, and Ezekiel Allen of Kittery, blacksmith, s.Frances, deceased, at Boston, Dec.14,1751.CR7

Polly [] and John Sinclair, jr., Feb.23,1806.*

Nathaniel, and Elizaheth Atkinson, int.July29,1781.

Nathaniel, and Sarah Cheever, Jan.25,1784.*

Rachel, and Daniel Butcher, int.Oct.31,1730.

Rachel, and John Stevens, int.Oct.2,1744.

Rachel, of Danvers, and Joseph Blood, int.Jan.25,1812.

Rebecka, and Michaell Chapliman, Jan.末,1675.CTR

Rebeckah, and Jonathan Felton, Jan.末,1718-19.

Rebecca, of Danvers, and Charles McColly, int.Mar.7,1809.

Ruth, and Benjamin Warner of Brimfeild, int.Apr.11,1733.

Ruth, of Danvers, and William Twist, int.Mar.13,1807.

Sarah, and Samuel Aborn, int.Sept.25,1731.

Sarah, and Benjamin Henderson [], July2,1761.*

Sarah, and William March, int.Jan.8,1780.

Sarah, and Alexander Moore, int.Aug.12,1781.

Sally, and Gabriel Dunzack, May22,1803.*

Sally H., and Samuel Leach, certif. Sept.19,1807.*

Sarah, and Jonathan Frothingham, certif. June24,1810.*

Sophia, and Jacob Hood, at Lynnfield, June1,1820.

Susannah, and Benjamin Glover, Apr.6,1727.

Thomas, and Mehitable Goldthwaite, int.Dec.12,1730.

Thomas, jr., and Mary Twist, int.July13,1751.

Thomas, and Seath Phippeny, Feb.17,1754.

Thomas, jr., and Lydia Lefavour, certif. Aug.4,1779.*

Thomas, and Mary Bell, certif. June17,1799.*

Thomas, and [] Abigail Buffum, Dec.4,1808.*

William, of Danvers, and Anna Maria Spiller, int.Aug.20,1843.


Richard, and, wid.Mary Taylor, int.Nov.5,1785.

NEEDOM (Needham)

Rachel, and William Small, Feb.21,1712.*

Thomas, and Ruth Sibly, Aug.8,1706.CTR


Joseph, and Mirriam Averill, both of Topsfeild, Sept.17,1734.


Sally, and Thomas Sparks, July16,1818.*


Dennis, and Ellen Collins, int.Oct.2,1842.

NEILL (O'Neil)

Honoria [O'Neal. int.], a.29y., and Mathew Mahoney, a.35y., laborer, s.末末 of Ireland, Aug.25,1844.*


Nicholas, and Mary Hibbert, 8:9m:1660.CTR


Abigail C., and Rev. George Leonard, July12,1827.*

Ann, and Douglass Osborn, July13,1840.*

Benjamin, and Anna Clearage, July29,1810.*

Catharine, and Richard Doran, at Danvers, May28,1818.*

George [Dr. int.], of Canaan, NH, and Eliza Chaplin, Feb. [20 in pencil], 1831.*

James, and Mary Teague, May31,1812.*

James, jr., mariner, and Mary C. Lefavour, Nov.21,1844.*

Lois, of Reading, and John Holman, int.July19,1806.

Marquis, and Emma Southward, int.Oct.29,1837.

Mary Ann, and John K. Nimblet of Danvers, int.Apr.5,1828.

Mary, and John Veal, Apr.16,1830.*

Mary H., and Stephen W. Ricliardson, Nov.23,1841.*

Peter, and Fanny Knight, Dec.17,1838.*

Peter, mariner, and Julia A. Benson, Aug.7,1848.*

Priscilla, of Reading, and Moses Abbot, int.Oct.17,1807.

Susan, and William H. Allen, mariner, Oct.13,1849.*

Thomas, and Alies Marsh, Dec.9,1714.*


John, and, wid.Abigail Cooley, Apr.20,1788.*


Adam, and Rebecca Dale, Sept.30,1823.*

Ellen R., d.Adam, of Beverly, and Nathaniel P. Shelden, b. Beverly, Sept.11,1845.


Rozilla, and James Y. Worster, Aug.30,1835.*


Sally, and Joseph [John. int.] Ranks, Nov.21,1831.*


John, and Elizabeth Bartlett, int.Dec.12,1816.


Margaret, and Edward Cook, Oct.10,1839.*


Rebecca G. [Roxana G. int.], and George B. Larrabee, Mar.26,1845.*


Darkis, and Joseph Burrill, Oct.28,1686.CTR

Mary, and Thomas Green, Nov.16,1671.

NEWCOMB (Newcome)

Bryant [of Boston.CR12], and Nancy Fabens, certif. Sept.24,1809.*

Caleb, of Worcester, and Annis P. Lee, int.Sept.17,1848.

Charles B., and Charlottee L. Magoun, Mar.2,1837.CR12*

George L., and Isanna [G. int.] Lee, May12,1840.*

John, and Hannah Crowel, July12,1717.

Margaret, and James Burwell, Mar.25,1741.

Mary, and Thomas Jarvis of Marblehead, Sept.17,1752.

Sarah Ann, of Haverhill, and Benjamin Fabens, jr., int.Sept.5,1841.

NEWCOME (Newcomb)

Sara, and Joshua Connant, Jan.9,1690-91.CTR

NEWELL (Newhall)

Jacob, of Lynn, and Abigail Locker, Jan.15,1707.

Joseph [Newhall. inL], and Sarah Smothers, July11,1839.*

NEWHALL (Newell)

Abigail, jr., of Lynn, and Isaac Willson, int.Nov.9,1744.

Abigail W., and Thomas Bott, Dec.26,1847.*

Adiline, of Lynn, and John B. Prime, int.Oct.6,1839.

Adaline R., and John F. Briggs, Nov.8,1846.*

Albert, and Susan Raymond, Oct.8,1798.*

Amos, of Lynn, and Margaret Southwick, Dec.7,1750.*

Anna, and Edward Still, int.June12,1782. (June16, forbidden by Anna Newhall)

Archelaus, of Lynn, and Ann Brown, int.July11,1824.

Benjamin, and Sarah Gray of Boston, int.Oct.2,1773.

Benjamin S., and Caroline M. Gray, Apr.28,1831.*

Calley, and Mary Dennis, int.Jan.13,1775.

Caroline, of Lynnfield, and Charles Palmer, int.Sept.14,1845.

Content M., and Joel F. Needham of Danvers, int.Jan.2,1848.

David, and Mary Johnson, June末,1766.

David, and Lydia Cleary, May4,1794.*

Dolly, of Lynn, and James Bott, Mar.15,1768.

Eli, of Danvers, and Fanny Smith, int.Sept.10,1808.

Eliza, of Lynn, and Benjamin Dodge, int.Mar.24,1811.

Eliza, and Patrick Doyle, Apr.7,1825.*

Eliza O., of Saugus, and Willard P. Upham, May22,1843.*

Elizabeth, and Stephen Cook, Oct.31,1765.*

Elizabeth, of Lynn, and Jonas Parnel, jr., int.Apr.28,1772.

Elisabeth, and John Ives, int.Apr.6,1782.

Betsey, and Samuel A. Pope, Nov.2,1823.*

Elizabeth, and Elias Walden, int.Jan.22,1825. (Jan.24, forbidden by E. Newhall.)

Elizabeth, and Augustus Restell, Apr.3,1842.*

Elvira, and Edward S[wain.CR11] Davis [both of Lynn, at Lynn.CR11], Mar.26,1835.

Gilbert, and Betsy Symonds, certif. Oct.7,1800.*

Gilbert G., and Eliza E. Gray, Apr.14,1829.*

Gorham P[], and Rebecca Horton, Oct.末,1823. [Oct.2. dup.]*

Huldah, and William Ramsdale, Jan.10,1791.*

Isaac, and Sally C. Lewis certif. Nov.19,1809.*

James R., of Lynn, and Dorcas B. Brown, Oct.25,1837.*

James B., and Elizabeth A. Gallucia of Lynn, int.Nov.30,1845.

Jemima, of Lynn, and Benjamin Very, June9,1698.CTR

Jeremiah, and [Mrs.CR1] Elizabeth Grant, Apr.7,1761.*

Joanna, and Lemuel Paysin, Apr.26,1801.*

John, and Margaret Shaw, Oct.26,1748.*

John, and Rebecca Yell, Nov.17,1771.*

John, of Charlestown, and Waitstill Kneeland, May8,1814.*

John F., and Maria H. Winn, Oct.5,1846.*

Jonathan, of Jamestown, RI, and Mary Peas, int.Jan.27,1727-8.

Joseph, and Rachel Pickering, Sept.2,1787.*

Joseph [jr. int.], and Sally Dunkle [of], Dec.21,1806.*

Lydia [Newall.CR4], and James Burgess [of Manchester. int.], Sept.28,1835.*

Lydia Ann, and George W. Granger of Danvers, int.May10,1846.

Patty, and Nathaniel Richardson, jr., certif. July9,1785.*

Martha A., and Edward A. Goldthwaite, July6,1848.*

Mary, and Jonathan Glover, Nov.29,1764.*

Mary, see Brown, Mary.

Mary [wid.CR4], and Joseph Crookshanks, Dec.19,1786.*

Polly, of Lynn, and Emery Moulten, int.Apr.5,1806.

Mary Ann, wid., and Joseph Batcheldor, int.July9,1831.

Olivia, of Beverly, and John Holman, Aug.24,1827.*

Phebe [Lindsey, 3d, d.John Lindsey of Lynn.PR206], wid., of Lynnfield, and James Bott, int.Oct.13,1804. [m.Oct.22.PR206]

Rachel, and John Bacheller [of Lynn. int.], May5,1811.*

Rufus, of Lynn, and Hannah Scagell, int.Feb.5,1825.

Samuell, and Mary Stone, July24,1718.

Samuel, and Rachel Johnson of Lynn, int.Nov.23,1799.

Samuel Pratt [of Bridgewater. int.], and Lydia Singer, Apr.30,1814.*

Sarah [d.Allen, of Lynn. int.], and William Ramsdell, at Lynn, Aug.25,1774.*

Salley, Mrs., and William Sprague, both of Malden, July19,1786.

Sally, and Samuel Muliken, Apr.19,1789.*

Sally, and James Pease, certif. July13,1801.*

Sarah, and William S. Waitt of Boston, May9,1820.*

Sarah [Newell. int.], and John Bassett, Aug.3,1835.*

Solomon, of Lynn, and Mary Blyth [wid.Mary], Nov.1,1744.*

Sukey, of Lynn, and Abraham Browne, int.Oct.25,1800.

Susan, and Crispus Rhodes, Dec.16,1827.*

Thomas, and Mehitable Cheever of Lynn, int.Nov.8,1783.

Thomas B., of Lynn, and Susan S. Putnam, May10,1842.*

William, and Hannah Harron, int.Aug.28,1824.

William, jr., of Lynn, and Mary Monroe, int.Feb.8,1834.

William H., and Nancy Saunders, Nov.7,1837.*


Elias, and Abigal French, int.Apr.1,1797.

Betsey, of Ipswich, and John Low, int.Aug.2,1810.

Henry, and Margerett Downing, Dec.16,1686.CTR

Henry, of Lynn, and Ruth Goldthwaite, Jan.6,1726-7.

Ruth, and William Flint, May24,1751.*

Sarah, of Lynn, and Ebenezer Goldthwait, Jan.16,1751-2.*

Thomas, and Sarah Brimblecomb, int.Aug.10,1776.


Joanna, and Ezekiel Upton, int.Nov.6,1731.


Catherine, and John Brown, Jan.1,1839.*

Lawrance, and Rachel Fuller, int.Jan.29,1780.

Mathew, and Sarah Ann Safford, int.Apr.3,1813.


Betsy, and Benjamin Stanley, int.Apr.25,1807.

Hannah, and Lovet Thurston, int.Mar.13,1779.

John, and Ruth Mansfield [], July2,1761.*

John, and Elizabeth Brown, Nov.21,1784.*

John H., and Emily M. Jepson, Mar.7,1849.*

Mary, and Anthony Romro, int.Sept.1,1781.

Oliver, and Mary Jane Woodbury, Feb.5,1844.*

Ruth [], and Isaac Hunt [of], Mar.11,1770.*

Sally, and Edward Durant, Oct.29,1786.*

William, and Sarah Cummins, Oct.10,1761.

NIBLET (Nimblet)

Robert, and Elizabeth James, both of Marblehead, Mar.1,1753.


Mehitable D., and John Peterson, widr., mariner, Dec.26,1844.*

William, and Hannah Chandler, int.Jan.15,1804.

NICHOLDS (Nichols)

Ichabod, tanner, s.Thomas and Hannah, and Cassander Frye, d, William and Tamesin, 8:12m:1796.CR7

NICHOLLS (Nichols)

Ann, and John Neale,末蔓末, [bef. 1673.]CTR

Donald, and Mary Haskell, July1,1779.*

Betsey, wid., and John Southwick of Danvers, int.Nov.13,1798.

George, and Sally Peirce, Nov.22,1801.*

James, jr., and Mary La Rock, Dec.25,1786.*

John, 3d, of Middleton, and Elizabeth Prince, Oct.2,1739.*

John, and Elizabeth Meek, Jan.3,1788. [certif.CR12].*

John, and Betsy Trask, Dec.1,1799.*

Lydia, and Aquila Wilkins, July12,1704.

Lydia, and Nathaniel Clarke, int.Mar.25,1780.

Margarit, and Joseph Wilkins, July8,1708.

Mary, and Daniel Abbot, int.Sept.25,1731.

Rachel, of Topsfield, and Humphry Case, at Topsfield, Jan.11,1698-9.

Sally, and John Colby, Sept.25,1808.*

Stephen, and Abigail Moulten of Somersworth, NH, int.Dec.30,1797.

Thomas, and Mary Buffum, Nov.23,1727.*

NICHOLS (Nicholds, Nicholls, Nickolls, Nickols)

Abel, of Danvers, and Sally Putnam, int.Apr.16,1814.

Abel, jr., of Danvers, and Catherine S. Peele, Sept.26,1838.*

Abigail [], and Benjamin Cox, Dec.1,1805.*

Abner, and Harriot Fowler, Jan.9,1825.*

Andrew, and Thirza Standley, int.Oct.16,1824.

Andrew [of] and Mary H. [olyoke. int.] Ward, Oct.3,1833.*

Anna, and William Vinning of Marblehead, Oct. [18.TC], 1723.

Benjamin R., and Mary Pickering of Wenham, int.Mar.20,1813.

Benjamin, and Mehitable Pearson, July11,1814.*

Caroline H., and Mathew F. Lesley, Aug.27,1832.*

Charles S., and Amelia A. Ainsworth of Roxbury, int.Apr.3,1845.

Charles A, of South Reading, and Caroline E. Taylor of Beverly, Feb.6,1849.

Charlotte, and Charles Saunders, certif. Mar.10,1811.*

Clarisa, and Samuel R. [B. dup.] Berry, Aug.8,1822.*

Daniel F., and Lydia F. Cheever, Aug.8,1827.*

David, blacksmith, and Hannah Gaskill, Feb.18,1730-31.CR7*

David, and Phebe Chase of Swansea, at Swansea, Nov.12,1754. [Sept.23,1758. int.]*

David, of Berwick, blacksmith, s.David, late of Berwick, deceased, and Phebe, and Sarah Pope, d.Stephen, deceased, and Mary, 12:11m:1787.CR7

David, and Betsy Buffinton, certif. Nov.17,1798.*

David, and Martha A[nn. int.] Procter, Apr.5,1835.*

Ebenezer, of Reading, and Anne Flint, June21,1711.*

Eliza, and Joshua Anderson, Oct.26,1826.*

Eliza G., teacher, and J. S[hove. int.] Symonds, Dec.24,1847.*

Elizabeth, and James Browne, Feb.22,1698-9.CTR

Betsy, and David Tabor, Aug.25,1792.*

Betsy, and Benjamin Gardner, Oct.10,1815. [Nov.19,1815. int.]*

Elizabeth [H.CR11], and Joseph Symonds, both of Middleton [at Middleton.CR11], May18,1834.

Betsy F., and William S. Robbins, July20,1835.*

Erastus, and Almira W. Smith, Sept.10,1835.*

George, of Cambridge, and Susan Farley Treadwell, Oct.7,1834.*

George, and Elizabeth Pierce, Sept.29,1836.*

Hanna, and Thomas Wilkins, May末,1667.CTR

Hannah, d.Thomas and Hannah, and William Estes, cordwainer, s.William.deceased, and Ruth, 24:10m:1799.CR7

Harriet, and Charles J. Shipman, May30,1830.*

Henry, and Sarah H[] Ropes, Feb.7,1822.*

Hero, and Mary Luscomb, Nov.14,1805.*

Hiram [of New York. int.], and [] Martha Hulin, Oct.15,1830.*

Hugh, and Priscilla Hill, Apr.26,1694.CTR

Humphrey, and Sally Johnson, Sept.8,1808.*

Ichabod, and Lydia Ropes, certif. Apr.12,1774.*

James, and Patience Hero [] of Danvers, at Danvers, Apr.10,1770.*

James, and Margaret Shannon [of Gilmanton, NH. int.], Nov.28,1824.*

Joanna E., and Stephen Curwen, Nov.28,1841.*

John, and Francis Elliot, June14,1686.CTR

John, of Topsfield, and Mary Golthright, at Topsfield, Dec.20,1710.

John [Jr. int.], of Middleton, and Martha Green, Nov.30,1738.*

John, and Flora Gilchrist, Mar.11,1781.*

John, and Elizabeth Rogers, Mar.23,1808.*

John, 3d, and Sally Lock, June28,1809.*

John, and Mary Tuffts, Dec.10,1815.*

John, and Eleanor B. Haskell, June6,1824.*

John [jr. int.], and Elizabeth Day, Sept.20,1828.*

John, and Mary Ann Waters, Sept.22,1831.*

John R., and Eliza Brown, June30,1834.*

John H., and Sarah Augusta Leach, May27,1835.*

Jonathan, and Lydia Peele, certif. May7,1774.*

Jonathan, and Lydia Frye, certif. Oct.26,1804.*

Josiah M., and Hannah Silsbee of Lynn, June21,1827. [June31. sic dup.]*

Louisa, and John D. Chappel, Sept.10,1840.*

Lucy, and Samuel Colby [], Nov.15,1806. [Nov.16. dup.]*

Lucy C., of Boston, and Charles Hill of Chelsea, Jan.27,1839.

Lydia Ropes, and Benjamin Peirce, certif. Nov.27,1803.*

Lydia, and David Swasey, Sept.8,1805.

Lydia, and Jacob Ellsworth [jr. int.], Nov.4,1821.*

Lydia P. [d.Jonathan and Lydia, deceased.CR7], and William Chase [s.Abijah and Mary.CR7], 26:9m:1839.

Margaret S. [P. int.], and Thaddeus Osgood, Apr.24,1843.*

Marian L. [uscomb. int.], and John A. Tyler [of Andover. int.], Dec.18,1831.*

Mary, jr., and Isaac Fowler, Mar.31,1751.*

Mary, and John Kent of Falmouth, Nov.20,1771.*

Polly, of Reading, and Joseph Eustis, at Reading, July3,1796.*

Mary, and Joshua Upham, Jan.27,1807.*

Mary H. [P. dup.], and Joseph Marshall, Oct.16,1831.*

Mary Ann, and William Willey, Sept.24,1835.*

Mary U. [M. int.], and Asa A. Whiting, Sept.14,1836.*

Nancy T., and Batcheldor B. Sanborn, int.Nov.27,1830.

Nancy T., and Warren Ashton, int.Oct.26,1833.

Nancy T. [Anna T. int.], and John P. Chapman, Nov.27,1835.*

Nathan, and Abigail Kempton, int.Oct.5,1776.

Nathaniel, and Experience Morse of Methuen, int.Oct.14,1820.

Phebe [F. int,], and Robert Teague, Jan.11,1827.*

Richard, and Patience Stevely, July17,1785.

Samuel, and Elizabeth Mackentire, July16,1758.*

Samuel, and Sara Cane, May10,1781.*

Samuel, and Mary M. Flint, Dec.17,1826.*

Samuel B., and Betsey L. Frye, Aug.23,1832.*

Sally, and James Ingalls [jr. int.], Sept.26,1815.*

Sally, of Amherst, NH, and Jesse Plummer, int.Nov.23,1817.

Sally F. [owler. int.], and Levi Felker, Apr.9,1822.*

Sally, of Danvers, and Henry Wardwell, int.Dec.7,1822.

Sarah, and Joseph A. Danforth, July10,1838.*

Sarah E. [], and Archelaus H. Trask, Nov.21,1841.*

Sarah S. and William H. Skinner, June14,1849.*

Stephen, blacksmith, s.Thomas, deceased, and Hannah, and Cassandra Southwick, d.Josiah, deceased, and Elizabeth, 29:10m:1812.CR7

Stephen, s.Thomas, deceased, and Hannah, and Mary Buxton, d.Henry and Eleanor, deceased, of Danvers, 19:4m:1821.CR7

Susannah, and John Cahill, both of Marblehead, Jan.19,1752.

Thomas, and Johanah Towne, both of Topsfield, Dec.12,1694.CTR

Thomas, of Sutton, and Martha Prince, Dec.22,1747.*

Thomas, s.David, deceased, and Hannah Pope, d.Stephen, deceased, Oct.18,1768.CR7

Thomas, and Abigail Very, June12,1828.*

Thomas [jr. int.], and Nancy M. Cheever, May28,1835.*

William, and Sally Dutch, Sept.13,1801.*

William [jr. int.], and Sara Millet, Aug.2,1812.*

William F., and Abigail Buffington, June8,1830.*

William, and Abigail Osborn, Oct.12,1833.*

William F., and Phoebe Richardson, June9,1835.*

William H., and Eliza Gauss, int, Aug.13,1843.

NICHOLSON (Nickelson, Nicolson)

Ann, of Plymouth, and John D. Wilson, int.Aug.13,1814.

Elizabeth, and William Herbert, Nov.2,1704.

Ruth, and Ebenezer Martin, Nov.20,1820.

Sally, see Micholson, Sally.


Charles S.D., and [] Clarrisa Bickford, Apr.2,1837.*

Jonathan, and Sally Doyle, July10,1796.

Mary, and 末末 末末,末蔓末, [1688?].CR2

Sally [of Marblehead int.], and Joseph Brown, Oct.17,1790.*

Sally R., and Ephraim B. Norwood, Dec.30,1823.*

NICKELSON (Nicholson)

Daniel, and Hannah Joplan, int.Sept.30,1780.

Francis, and Sara Lemon, Oct.6,1767.


Hannah [Nicolson. int.] of Plymouth, and John Morong, at Plymouth, Jan.22,1794.*

NICKOLLS (Nichols)

Edward, of Topsfield, and Hannah Goldthwayte, int.Dec.31,1715.

Elizabeth, Mrs.Boston, and Capt. Joshua Pickman, int.May10,1712.

Elizabeth, and Thomas Brewer, Dec.8,1715.*

NICKOLS (Nichols)

Thomas, of Reading, and Elizabeth Flint, Nov.末,1709.CTR*


John, and Mary Slowly, int.Dec.28,1782.

NICOLSON (Nicholson)

Mary, of Plymouth, and John Allen, int.Feb.12,1801.


George Foster, and Sarah Vanderfoot, int.Oct.30,1779.


George N., and Ellen Luscomb, July20,1838.*


Amos, and Ann G. Smith, July末,1824. [ Sept.18. int.]*

Eliza Ann, and Joseph Lewis, int.June13,1847.

Mary, and Thomas Jackson, July6,1847.*

NIMBLET (Niblet)

Benjamin, and Lydia Odell, certif. July23,1803.*

Benjamin, and Lucy Hazleton, Sept.24,1829.*

Eliza S., and Jonathan Brown, Mar.25,1827.*

John K., of Danvers, and Mary Ann Nelson, int.Apr.5,1828.

Lydia, Mrs., and William Silver, Jan.24,1819.*

Mary, and Eleazer Pope, May24,1818.*

Mary A., and John K. Baker, int.Oct.10,1841.

Robert, and Harriet b. Jeffs, Aug.12,1849.*


Sarah [married in her shift.CR11], and William Tate, Jan.19,1786.


Henry [Nimmo. int.], and Sarah Gammell, certif. Oct.22,1783.*


Alice, and Primus King, Jan.30,1785.


John G., and Emily A. Winn, Aug.16,1844.*

Samuel, jr., wheelwright, s.Samuel, sr., and Susan Pitman, Dec.26,1847.*


Alonzo [of], and Sally Gavett, Apr.20,1830.*

Emeline [P. int.], and Robert G. Lee, June23,1832.*

Joseph, and Lucy Goldthwait, Feb.2,1815. [Feb.11. int.].*

Mary C., and William [H. int.] Pitman, July1,1846.*

Richard D. [S. int.], and Mary L. Preston, Oct.15,1838.*

Sarah S., and Amos Austin of Lynn, Apr.9,1832.*

Sarah B., and Luther Kezar, June19,1835.*

NOLAN (Noland)

Lawrence, and Susan McMahon, both of Lynn, int.June6,1841.

Thomas, of Lynn, a.35y., paper worker, s.末末 of Ireland, and Elizabeth Murphey, a.33y., May5,1845.

NOLAND (Nolan)

Bridget, and Thomas Dodd [], July7,1839.*

Catherine, and Dennis Carrol, both b. Ireland, Oct.21,1848.*

Dennis, and Margaret O'Donald, int.Apr.18,1841.

Mary, and Patrick McCabe, both b. Ireland, Oct.28,1848.*


Alice, and John Gogan, int.May10,1846.


Julia A. and George W. Crafts of East Boston, Sept.6,1849.*


Edward L., and Sarah M. Bettis, Aug.3,1841.*

John R., and Eliza Brown of Ipswich, int.Dec.5,1847.

Joseph, and Rebecca Moses, certif. May19,1814.*

Mary K., and Benjamin Gray, carpenter, Feb.18,1847.*

Rebecca F., d.Joseph, and John F. [S. int.] Jones [of], Apr.17,1849.*

Sarah L., and Samuel Floyd of Lynn, Nov.18,1841.*


Abigaill, and 末末 Andrew, May24,1695.

Arrabella, and John Balden, Sept.末,1664.CTR

Jacob, and Mary Gunnerson [], Nov.15,1795.*

John, and Mary Ropes, 17:9m:1663.CTR

Mary, and Theodore Atkinson, June13,1715.*

Mary [] and [Capt. int.] John Peters, Sept.16,1800.*

Richard, s.John, and Elizabeth Bullock, 13:11m:1671.CTR

Timothy, and Abigail Coale, Dec.20,1693.CTR

NORRICE (Norris)

Edward, and Mary Symonds, Dec.3,1685.CTR

Edward, and Remember White, Dec.30,1715.*

Edward, jr., and Mary Twiss, Aug.5,1739.*

Elisabeth, and Jonathan Williams, Apr.12,1716.*

James, and Joanna Field, Jan.20,1718-19.

James, and, wid.Lydia Begoe, May9,1728.*

John, and Rebeckah Mackentire, Oct.1,1719.

Lydia [], and Benjamin Bickford, Oct.2,1750.*

Mary, and James Mackmallion, Apr.13,1713.*

NORRIS (Norrice)

Ann [E. int.], a.18y., and John Murphey, a.27y., currier, s.末末, of Ireland, Feb.17,1845.*

Charles H., tailor, s.Jeremiah, deceased, and Caroline M. Coffin, Nov.11,1847.*

Edward, jr., and Elizabeth Neal, wid., Nov.16,1743.*

Edward, and Ann Churchill King, Dec.9,1804.

Edward, Capt., and Judith King, Mar.13,1814.*

Eliza Holman, d.Henry, deceased, and William H. Jackson of Boston, trader, b. Boston, s.末末, of Boston, May12,1846.*

Elizabeth, and John Archer, jr., June28,1758.*

Elizabeth, wid.[d.Dea.Holman.CR12], and Benjamin King Churchill of Bristol, RI, Mar.3,1822.*

Emery, and Abigail M. Jeffs, int.Oct.5,1817.

George, jr., of Hamilton, and Hannah M. Call, int.Aug.1,1835.

Harriet E., and Edward S.L. Richardson of Kendall, IL, int.Sept.10,1848.

Henry L., and Eliza [Elizabeth.PR536] Holman, certif. Nov.25,1810.

Henry, L., of NY, and Sarah K. Churchell, Nov.2,1838. [1837.CR11]*

Jeremiah, and Dolly Safford, Aug.30,1824.*

John, and Mary Herbert, Feb.22,1778.*

John, jr., and Esther Lang, May27,1804.*

Judith, and James King, jr., certif. Sept.14,1777.*

Mary E., and Tristram E. Jeffs, int.Apr.23,1848.


David, and Elizabeth Ramsdell, int.Dec.4,1824.


Elizabeth, and Richard Trevett, Dec.19,1771.*

Samuel, and Sarah Parsons, both of Marblehead, May12,1753.

NORTHEE (Northey)

David, and Miriam Basset of Lynn, int.May13,1732.

NORTHEY (Northee, Northy)

Abigail W. [of], d.Abijah, and Samuel Barton, June23,1831.*

Abijah, and Abigail Wood of Charlestown, at Charlestown, Oct.31,1765.*

Abijah, jr., and Sally G. King, certif. May4,1795.*

Ezra, and Cynthia Winslow,末蔓末, [bef. 1825.]CR7

Harriet, and Jonathan Webb, Jan.5,1825.*

Sarah, and Benjamin King, Sept.27,1764.*

NORTHY (Northey)

Abijah [jr. int.], and Lydia Holman, Oct.10,1804.*


Elizabeth, and Humphry Thomas, int.Oct.6,1711.

George [Capt. int.], and Matilda Smith, June20,1802.*

John, and Mary Sharp, Apr.3,1660.CTR

John [of Boston. int.], and Mary Jane Parshley, Oct.19,1848.*

Lydia, of Newburyport, and Benjamin Louge, int.Mar.2,1805.

Margaret, see Morgan, Margaret.

Mary C., of Tisbury, and John H. Eagleston, int.Apr.16,1843.

Perkens, of Charlestown, and Jane B. Berry, int.June5,1836.


Ebenezer [of Gloucester. int.], and Dorcas Medley, Nov.9,1813.*

Ephraim B., and Sally R. Nick, Dec.30,1823.*

Henry, a.23y., mariner, and, wid.Mary Ann Hodgkins, a.24y., both of Gloucester, June9,1844.

Israel, and Lucretia Yeaton of Boston, int.Nov.23,1845.

Moses, and Sally Hohn, int.Apr.30,1814.

NOULTON (Moulton)

Hannah, and Stephen Flint, int.Nov.6,1714.

NOURS (Nourse)

Samuel, and Sally Worthin, May1,1791.*

NOURSE (Nours, Nurs, Nurse, Nurss, Nursse)

Calvin, and Caroline [S. int.] Locke, Nov.27,1834.*

Deborah, and Richard T. Sims, Aug.15,1839.*

Ebenezer, of Danvers, and Abigail Day, int.Jan.13,1815.

Howes, of Danvers, and Rhoda [Ann. int.] Powers, Aug.4,1836.*

John J., and Mary C. Thurston, int.Apr.9,1831.

Rebecca, and Joseph S. Kidder [of], Mar.30,1836.*

Samuel, and Abigail Cumbs, Nov.1,1795.*

Samuel [of], and Salone Rust, Feb.22,1829.*

Sara, and Robert Richardson, Jan.10,1768.


Harriet S., and John D. Howard, Jan.10,1836.*

Ledia, and Ebenezer Dodge, of Beverly, Jan.12,1696.CTR

Moses, of Rockport, and Mary S. Reith, int.Oct.8,1843.

Robert, and Mary Tatchell, 1:11m:1667.CTR

NOYCE (Noyes)

Hannah, of Newburyport, and Jacob Lord, int.Apr.10,1802.

NOYES (Noyce)

Abraham [John E. int.], and Rebecca W. Cross [Mary N.], Oct.29,1816.*

Charles D., and Susan R. Messervey [of Appleton, ME. int.], Aug.11,1848.*

Ebenezer, and Sarah L. Buffum, Dec.31,1826.*

Betsey, and Stephen Whittemore, May27,1808.*

Enoch K., and Margaret M. [H. int.] Felt, Oct.11,1843.*

Esther, and William Elsworth, Aug.19,1800.*

Esther S., of Roxbury, and Stephen Whitmote, jr., int.Sept.1,1832. (Certificate Sept.16.)

Harriet P., and Randell F. Hurd, Aug.1,1849.*

Henry, and Mary Smith, Feb.8,1829.*

Ira, of Haverhill, and Maria A. McIntyre, int.June12,1836.

Jeremiah, Rev. [of], and Lucy Johnson, Sept.18,1806.*

John E., and Mary N. Ford, int.末蔓末,1816.

John, and Nancy 末末, at Newburyport,末蔓末, [bef. 1820.]

Lemuel, of Newbury, and Sarah Brown, Nov.8,1781.*

Polly, and Peleg Corer, May29,1800.*

Mary Ann, and John S. Jones, int.Aug.11,1844.

Mary A., and Moses Peirce, Nov.18,1848.*

Michael, and Elizabeth [Abigail. int.] Symonds, Nov.23,1806.*

Rebecca, and Daniel Buxton of Reading, int.Feb.1,1818.

Samuel and Hannah Tucker, May5,1801.

Sarah P., of Atkinson, NH, and Daniel B. Webster, int.Nov.7,1847.

Silas, of Newburyport, and Abiah Stone, certif. June22,1806.*

Simeon [jr. int.], and Lydia Symonds, Oct.21,1810.*

Tappan U. [W. int.], and Jane S. Warner, Oct.12,1840.*

NURS (Nourse)

Rebecca, and Jonathan Kenny, Dec.21,1709.CTR*

NURSE (Nourse)

末末, jr., and Dorothy Faulkner of Andover, Nov.25,1708.

Aaron [jr. int.], and Harriet M[] Kimball, Aug.26,1840.*

Abigail, and John Jacobs, jr., Apr.16,1734.*

Abner, and Sally Parker, int.Nov.15,1834.

Benjamin, and Tomasin Smith, Feb.21,1688.CTR

Benjamin, and Sarah Boston of Lynn [int.Sept.4,1714.]*

Benjamin, jr., and Margaret Welcomb, int.Apr.16,1774.

Benjamin, and, wid.Abigail Cumbs, Oct.8,1791.*

Calvin, and Abagail Nymes, at Sullivan, NH, Mar.11,1829.

Ebenezer, and Elizbeth Mitchel, Jan.4,1721-2.

Ebenezer, jr., and Hannah Rea, Nov.29,1750.*

Ebenezer, and Amee Cross, wid., Jan.9,1751-2.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph Doutee, Dec.4,1707.

Elizabeth, of Lynn, and Jonathan Twiss, Dec.8,1743.*

Elizabeth, and Caleb Putnam, jr., June20,1745.*

Elizabeth, and John Very, Dec.30,1747.*

Elizabeth, and Uzziel Rea, Oct.18,1790.*

Eunice, and Benjamin Porter, Dec.13,1739.*

Francis, and Eunice Putnam, Mar.19,1739-40.*

George, and Lydia Hutchinson,末蔓末,1709.CTR

George, jr., of Lynn, and Hannah Gould, int.Sept.5,1747.

Hanah, and John Verry, Oct.31,1709.*

John, and Elizabeth Smith, int.Apr.7,1750.

Jonathan, and Martha Twist, int.Mar.13,1713-14.

Jonathan, jr., and Alice Harwood, Aug.12,1743.*

Joseph, and Mary Thomas, June12,1744.*

Martha, and James Giles [jr. int.], Dec.20,1737.*

Martha, and Archelaus Putnam, jr., May18,1749.*

Mary, and John Tarbell, Oct.25,1678.CTR

Mary, and William Daggitt, Nov.29,1711.*

Mary, of Lynn, and Nathaniel Walden, int.Mar.17,1735-6.

Mary, and John Oakes, Oct.27,1747.*

Mary, and John Wardellow, July23,1769.

Nathaniel, and Mary Best, Nov.7,1754.*

Samuell, and Mary Smith, Apr.5,1677.CTR

Samuel, and Elizabeth Kellogg of Hadley, int.Dec.29,1739.

Sarah, and Peter Twist, jr., Dec.20,1699.CTR

Sarah, and John Paul, Nov.3,1737.*

Sarah, and Samuel Putnam, Apr.14,1742.*

Sarah, and Henry Elliot, int.Aug.13,1765.

Thomas, and Sarah Dodge, Feb.8,1835.*

NURSS (Nourse)

John, and ELizabeth Smith, 1:9m:1672.CTR

John, 2d m., and Elizabeth Verry, Aug.17,1677.CTR

NURSSE (Nourse)

Elizabeth, and William Russell, 25:8m:1678.CTR

Rebecka, and Thomas Preston, Apr.15,1669.CTR


Hezekiah, and Eliza [] Knox, July8,1832.*

Samuel M., and Lydia Blake, int.Aug.10,1833.


Eliza [] F., and Samuel A. Chamberlain [of Reading. int.], Oct.20,1828.*

Horace, and Eliza [] A. Lefavour, May23,1844.*

Rachael, wid., and Joseph Templeman Frye, int.Apr.4,1829. (Apr.10, forbidden by Mrs.Nutter.)

Willard, of Rochester, NH, and Emeline B. Dennis, int.Aug.25,1844.

William, and Hannah Bray, int.Nov.25,1820.


Ebenezer, and Sally Stevenson, July3,1803.*

Betsy, [], and William Butman [of Rutland, VT. int.], Jan.12,1804.*

Elizabeth, and Daniel Caldwell, Jan.9,1825.*

Eunice, Mrs., and Capt. John Crowninshield, s.Capt. John, Feb.6,1753.*

Hannah, and Nathan Frye, Dec.30,1785.*

John, and Mrs.Ruth Gardner, Feb.12,1719-20.

John, and [] Elizabeth Pickman, Sept.11,1740.*

John, and Sarah Follet, int.May15,1824.

Joseph, and Elizabeth Goss, May2,1793.*

Joseph [jr. int.], and Betsy Redfield, Feb.27,1814.*

Joseph, jr., and Betsey Hunt of Marblehead, int.July20,1817.

Joseph [Jr. int.], and Rachel Trafford, July11,1819.*

Joseph [G. int.], and Eliza A. Marshall, May10,1843.*

Martha, and John Kenny, 1827 or 1828. [ Sept.29,1827. int.]*

Philip B., and Mehitable S. Lord, Apr.13,1823.*

Richard, of Middleton, and Mehetabel Webb, int.June10,1765. (June14, publishment forbidden by Richard Nutting.)

Richard [jr. int.], and Betsy Cook, Nov.6,1790.*

Samuel, and Betsy Downing, int.June17,1805.

Sally, and James Vent, Dec.8,1808.*

Sally, and Enoch Knight, jr., Feb.25,1827.*

Susannah N., and Patrick Daily [both of Lynn.CR14], Oct.1,1836.

William G., and Eliza Ann Pratt, int.June13,1835.


John [jr. int.], and Mrs.Elizabeth Pickman [jr. int.], Oct.8,1761.*


Charles, and Mrs.Elizabeth Beckford [], July5,1840.*

Elizabeth [], and Sardis Tolman of Wenham, Oct.29,1848.*

Emily, and Benajah Cross [of Boston. int.], June7,1835.*

Harriet, and John Very, 1827 or 1828. [Dec.9,1826. int.]*


Abagail, and Calvin Nurse, at Sullivan, NH, Mar.11,1829.

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