Malvina [] H., and John S. Wardwell, June9,1836.*


Bethsheba, and William Remington, Nov.11,1823.*


Anna [Parker. int.], and John C. Thayer, May4,1806.*

Hannah, of Boston, and Samuel Dean, int.Mar.15,1800.


Thomas, and Elizabeth Humphrys, int.July17,1779.

PAGE (Paige)

Abigail, and Abel Lawrens [Lawrence. int.], Aug.6,1780.*

Anna, and James Lindall Giles, Jan.6,1794.*

Ann O., and Jeremiah Chapman, Oct.4,1807.*

Ann Eliza, of Boston, and Aaron G. Tinker, int.Apr.1,1826.

Bethia Ann, and Levi Witham, Feb.6,1840.*

Eliphalet, and Sarah F. McIntire, Feb.24,1828.*

Betsy, of Antrim, NH, and John Burley, int.Jan.15,1814.

Elizabeth, of Topsfield, and Andrew Eaton, at Danvers, July13,1815.*

Elizabeth A., Mrs., and John Osmore, int.Aug.2,1840.

Elizabeth W., and Josiah C. Cheever of Boston, May末,1841.*

Elizabeth K. [H. int.], and John Gray, Apr.20,1843.*

Elizabeth D., and Charles F. [L. int.] Heywood [of Boston. int.], both of Boston, Apr.15,1847.*

Esther, and Elias Trask, June28,1734.*

George L., of Louisville [KY. int.], trader, s.Samuel L., dec., and Esther S. Very, d.Nathaniel, July29,1845.*

Harriet, and Antonio Imperial, Aug.31,1828.*

Hazelton, of Hampstead, NH, and Mary Ann Cook, Nov.13,1835.*

Henry L., and Sarah Matilda Doten of Pomfret, int.Feb.27,1830. (Certificate Mar.14.)

Jacob, and Anna Young, Mar.1,1789.

Jeremiah, of Medford, and Sarah Andrew, June28,1750.

Jery Lee, and Lucy Lang, June27,1804.*

John, Col., and Esther Mackey, Jan.22,1792. [certif.CR12]*

John, Col., and Ruth Holman, July9,1793. [certif.CR12]*

John, and Mary Leland, certif. Apr.27,1801.

John P. [Capt.CR10], and Elizabeth D. Farnsworth, May20,1832.*

Lucy Derby, and Frederic Gardner, int.Nov.16,1805.

Lydia, d.Johnson and Lydia, of Heniker, and Paul Buxton, s.David and Ruth, of Heniker,末蔓末, [bef. 1825.]CR7

Mary, and Samuel Peters, Apr.2,1740.*

Mary, and James A. Dellinger [of New York. int.], Apr.19,1827.*

Mary P. [], and Lowell [Lovel. int.] Baker of Providence, RI, July27,1829.*

Mary L., and Albert G. Barker of Boston, int.Jan.31,1841.

Mary Jane, and Gilbert F. [T. int.] Sewall of New York, Dec.13,1843.*

Mary Ann, and Henry F. Mugford, mariner, Nov.1,1844.*

Mehitable, of Concord, NH, and John Palmer, int.Aug.31,1811.

Nancy, of Danvers, and John H. Andrews, int.Feb.12,1804.

Nathaniel, and Sarah Lang, Sept.16,1817.*

Ruth H., and James Cheever, int.Oct.31,1835.

Ruth H., and Joseph Cheever, Oct.7,1836.

Samuel, and Lois Lee, Aug.12,1773.*

Samuel L., and Mary J. Rust, certif. Dec.2,1810.*

Sally, and James Sweetser, Apr.30,1797.*

Sarah W., of Boston, and Charles Hill, int.Dec.8,1827.

Susannah, and Samuel Very, jr., Feb.17,1742-3. [Feb.16. dup.]*

William [jr. int.], and Sarah Ann Fiske, Oct.14,1832.*

Woodbury, and Martha Jones [of Cape Ann. int.], Dec.30,1810.*

PAIGE (Page)

John C., and Sarah S. Post of Newburyport, int.June11,1848.

PAIN (Paine)

Abigail, and John Burton, jr., of Middleton, May14,1734.*

Elizabeth, and William Morgan, Jan.18,1807.*

Henry, and Hannah Britton, int.May30,1730.

Henry, and Mary Andrews, both of Marblehead, Apr.19,1739.

John, and Abigall Harney [Harvey.dup.], June27,1705.

Mary, and Joseph Silsby, Dec.23,1735.*

Mary, and John Archer, Apr.2,1752.*

Sarah, and Stephen Daniel, July21,1762. [July31.CR1]*

Susan, and Richard Teague, Sept.17,1809.*

PAINE (Pain, Payn)

Anna, and Benjamin Gerrish, 2d m., Nov.12,1685.

Charles, of Worcester, and Margaret D. [P. int.] Webb, July26,1848.CR12*

Elizabeth, wid., and Samuell Gardner, sr., Aug.2,1680.CTR

Esther Orne, of Worcester, and Joseph Cabot, at Worcester, Nov.15,1795.

Irene F., and George D. Clark, Oct.20,1833.*

John L., and Harriot White, Sept.18,1831.*

Julia C., and Eward [Edward E. int.] Rice of Charlestown, June30,1842.*

Martin, of Boston, and Mary K. Shillaber, Feb.18,1816.*

Susan P., and Moses Colby, Dec.25,1838.*


Margaret, of Manchester, and Tobias Hanson, int.Feb.9,1833.


John, and Sarah Orne, Oct.21,1770.

PALFRAY (Palfrey)

Abigail, and Samuel Webb, Aug.18,1793.*

Andrew, and Nancy Oakman, int.Apr.15,1815.

Edward, and Eliza Cummins, Nov.30,1826.*

Eliza B., and Clark P. Fairbanks of Randolph, Dec.11,1849.*

Elizabeth, and Lewis Hunt, 2d m., Nov.30,1696. [Nov.25.CTR]

Elizabeth, and Oliver Berry, Apr.21,1757.

Elizabeth, and Richard Austin, jr., Mar.14,1824.*

George, and Mary Archer, Jan.24,1811.*

Hannah Ross, and Nathaniel Woodbury, Aug.29,1814.*

Hannah, and John D. Attwill of Lynn, int.Apr.2,1820.

Hunlock, and Sara Mascoll, Oct.13,1772.*

Hunlock, and, wid.Anna Plant, Jan.2,1798.*

John [Jonathan, jr. int., Jonathan.CR12], and Polly Townsend, Aug.18,1789. [certif.CR12]*

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Vincent, Sept.25,1787.*

Lydia, and Samuel Woodkind [], July10,1783.*

Lydia, and Jonathan Bosson, Nov.29,1810.*

Lydia, and John Masury, Mar.17,1811.*

Martha, and Abraham Hulen, Sept.15,1812.*

Martha Ann, and Jeremiah Moulton, Dec.28,1842.*

Mary, and James Very, Apr.13,1786.*

Nancy, and Thomas H. Peirce, May20,1807.*

Rebecca, and Stephen Phippen, Oct.29,1767.

Richard, and Hanna Harrist, June30,1704.

Richard, and Lydia Lambert, Nov.2,1762.*

Richard, and Hannah Ross, Apr.19,1796.*

Sally, and William Martin, int.Jan.22,1803. (Forbidden by Sally Palfray.)

Thomas, and Sally Putnam, certif. Nov.21,1780.*

Thomas, and Martha Gale [], Dec.31,1792.*

Thomas, and Hannah Dale, Dec.18,1821.*

Walter, and Margarit Manning, May7,1680.

Warwick, and, wid.Mary Ellis.Nov.2,1747.*

Warwick, jr., and Hannah Chapman, Apr.29,1787. [certif.CR12]*

Warwick, jr., and Betsey Roundy, Jan.29,1809.*

PALFREY (Palfray, Palfry, Polfry)

Anstis, and Richard Downing, Jan.1,1712-13.*

Margaret, and Nathaniel Phippen, June29,1710.*

Mary, and Capt. Jonathan Gardner, Nov.17,1757.

Sarah, wid.[], and [Capt. int.] Stephen Webb, certif. Aug.24,1784.*

Susannah, and Samuell Giles, Sept.10,1719.

Susannah, and James Jeffrey, Dec.2,1763.

Thomas, and Elizabeth Derby, Apr.17,1718.

Worwick, and, wid.Deborah Bickford, Mar.3,1763.*

PALFRY (Palfrey)

Elizabeth, and Joseph Grafton, June15,1715.*

Elizabeth, and Richard H. Gould of Boston, June28,1829.*

Flora, and Caesar Upton, Dec.16,1790, certif.CR12

Nancy, and Young F. Walden, int.Jan.12,1833. (Certicate Jan.27.)

Rachael, and Joseph Jewett, Nov.8,1832.*

Sally, and Samuel Hazelton, certif. Apr.28,1805.*

Sally R., and Samuel Pitman, June19,1821.*

Warwick, and Mrs.Elizabeth Hunlock, Nov.11,1714.*

William W[arwick.CR11], and Mary Barr, Nov.17,1823.*


Alice, and Samuel Very [jr. int.], Dec.4,1804.*

Charles, and Clarrisa L. Messer, int.Apr.26,1834.

Charles, and Caroline Newhall of Lynnfield, int.Sept.14,1845.

Ebenezer, and Mary Wright, Mar.24,1830.*

Enoch, and Margaret P. Grush, May5,1816.*

James P., and Mercy M. Clarke, int.Nov.5,1825.

John [Capt. int.], and Hannah Carnes, Dec.29,1782.*

John, and Mehitable Page of Concord, NH, int.Aug.31,1811.

Jonathan, and Hanna Skerry [] of Danvers, at Danvers, Feb.11,1798.*

Jonathan, and Betsy Wadsworth, certif. Oct.6,1805.*

Lydia, and Tobias Davis, jr., Dec.28,1732.*

Lydia, and Stephen Daniels, certif. Dec.12,1779.*

Lydia, and Walter Estabrook, June5,1811.*

Mary, and Samuel Foote, s.Isaac, Nov.12,1696.

Mary, and Samuel Cheever, Jan.13,1731-2.*

Mary, Mrs., and Capt. Amos Mansfield, Mar.22,1767.

Mary, and James Bowman, at Danvers, Oct.5,1773.*

Mary, Mrs., and Jackson H. Pickering, Dec.13,1832.*

Peter, and, wid.Esther Henfield, int.Dec.8,1821. (Dec.11, "P. Palmer requested in writing a discontinuance for reasons therein stated.")

Richard, and Mary Gilbert, 24:9m:1672.CTR

Richard, and Hanna Beadle, Oct.29,1706.

Richard, and Mary Poldren, July29,1714.*

Richard, jr., and Mary Reeves, July31,1745.*

Richard, and, wid.Abigail Bosson, int.Mar.12,1831.

Robert, and Hannah Thurston, int.July15,1781.

Samuel, and Hannah Cole, Nov.23,1802.*

Samuel, and Dorcas Cole [formerly of], certif. Nov.15,1807.*

Samuel, and Ruth Hutchinson, int.May28,1819. (June5, forbidden by Stephen Palmer.)

Sarah, and William Burden, Jan.24,1790.

Sophia, and [Dr. int.] Thomas Pickman, Dec.21,1815.*

Stephen, and Mary Pickering, certif. Aug.7,1814.*

Stephen, of Lynn, and Frances D. Pope, int.July27,1833.

Stephen, and Mrs.Nancy Saul, July25,1838.*

Susannah [wid., of], and John Sanders, at Marblehead, Jan.1,1752.*

PAPILIAN (Papillon)

Elisabeth [Pompilion of Boston. int.], and John Walcot, at Boston, Jan.28,1730.*

PAPILLON (Papilian)

Elizabeth, of Boston, and John Wolcott, Jan.28,1730.

PAPOON (Pappoon)

Ruth, and John Christian, Jan.2,1811.*

PAPPOON (Papoon)

Elizabeth, and Elias Bond, Mar.27,1798.*


Abraham, jr., of Bradford, and, wid.Hannah Hathorne, int.Feb.7,1745-6.

Anna, see Packer, Anna.

Ann T., see Baker, Ann T.

Benjamin, and Mary Cotteral, int.Jan.22,1837.

Bradstreet [Broadstreet. int.], and Hannah Parker of Bradford, at Bradford, Nov.7,1793.*

Caroline and Theodore D[ehon.CR11] Parker of Boston, Feb.24,1828.*

Charles, and Mary Killham, Nov.3,1816.*

Eben, and Sally Galeucia, int.May16,1812.

Ebenezar, and Jane Hersey, Oct.20,1833.*

Elizabeth L.B., of Boston, and William Henry Prince, M.D., at Boston, June27,1843.*

Amory, and Hannah Hathorne, certif. Oct.27,1778.*

Fred [Frederick. int.] A., Dr., and Sarah Winn, Aug.11,1825.*

Frederick A., and Mary Coggin of Tewksbury, int.Nov.30,1816.

Hannah, of Reading, and Thomas Symonds [jr. int.], at Reading, Nov.29,1739.*

Hannah, of Bradford, and Bradstreet [Broadstreet. int.] Parker, at Bradford, Nov.7,1793.*

Hannah, and Benjamin Amory, int.Nov.15,1794.

Hannah, and Elias Wyer, certif. June3,1797.*

Hannah, and Francis Olson, certif. Dec.13,1797.*

Hannah, and William Treadwell, Oct.13,1805.*

Harriot, and William Cross, Dec.24,1826.*

Hariet, and William F. Brown, Dec.25,1826.CR1

Henry, and Hannah Smith, certif. Dec.25,1803.*

Jeremiah, jr., of Roxbury, and Abigail Peale, Nov.27,1766.

John, and Mary Coree, May29,1673.CTR

John [Packer. int.], and Sara Smethers [], Aug.22,1779.*

John, and Lucy Munnis, int.Dec.16,1779.

John H. [of], and Mary G. Holman, Sept.6,1818.*

Jonathan, and Hannah Bancroft, Feb.20,1794.*

Lucy, and Robert Hodgdon, int.Jan.22,1803.

Lydia, and John Richards, Jan.3,1802.*

Lydia B., and Joseph Hartwell, Sept.4,1838.*

Mary, and William Morison, Sept.21,1786.

Mary [Molly.CR12], and John Adams, jr., certif. June23,1805.*

Mary, and Willard Heard, int.Oct.27,1839.

Nancy, and Anthony Lopaz, July9,1827.*

Nathaniel, Dr., and Mary Mellen of Hanover, at Hanover, Mar.12,1787.*

Oliver, and Sophia Pope, Jan.25,1824.*

Philemon, and Mary Stephens, jr., May6,1771.*

Presilla, and Samuell Wilkins, Feb.1,1698.CTR

Sarah, wid., and James Redford [], Dec.4,1796.*

Sally, and George Shaw, Jan.末,1804.CR1*

Sarah, and George Henshaw, May7,1804.

Sally, of Carlisle, and Joseph Thompson, jr., int.Oct.15,1808.

Sally, and Abner Nurse, int.Nov.15,1834.

Sarah [Park, of Augusta, ME. int.], and Increase Batchelder, jr., Mar.8,1835.*

Sarah W., and Benjamin Peirce, int.Sept.20,1846.

Susanna, and Joseph Small, July22,1706.CTR

Theodore D[ehon.CR11], of Boston, and Caroline Parker, Feb.24,1828.*

William Bradstreet, and Abigail Watson, Apr.20,1800.*


Abigaile, and John Trask, 19:12m:1662.CTR

Deliverance, and Sara Veren, 9:10m:1673.CTR

Deliverance, and Margaret Gardner, at Marblehead, June3,1685.

Mehitabell, Mrs., and George Curwin, July27,1711.*


Dana [of Boston. int.], and Sarah Lefavour, Sept.25,1826. [ Sept.12.CR1]*

Luther, of Boston, and Sarah Dutch, Feb.11,1816.*


Alfred S., and Sarah H. Jewett, Oct.8,1827.*

PARNAL (Parnell)

Benjamin, and Annis King, Dec.26,1728.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph Ayres, certif. June14,1780.*

Betsy, and James Short of New York, int.June14,1794.

James, and Mercy Henfield, certif. June9,1796.*

John, and Sally Buffum, May12,1791. [certif.CR12]*

Jonas, and Martha Henderson, May31,1745.*

Martha, and James Brown, jr., July22,1725.

Patty [Parnell. int.], and James Derby, June19,1798.*

PARNALL (Parnell)

Francis, and Mary Stacy, Jan.13,1667.CTR

Polly, and William Brown, certif. Mar.17,1798.*

PARNEL (Parnell)

Abigail, and Ezekiel Goodell of Bolton, int.Dec.8,1744.

Annis wid., and William Henfield, int.May6,1749.

Benjamin, and Mary Jonson of Beverly, at Beverly, Jan.18,1699-1700.

Elizabeth, and Samuel Clemons, Sept.3,1739.*

Jonas, jr., and Elizabeth Newhall of Lynn, int.Apr.28,1772.

Jonas, jr., and Miriam Bird, certif. Aug.25,1773.*

Jonas, and, wid.Eliza Phipps, int.July1,1801. (Forbidden by Elizabeth Phipps.)

Jonas, and Betsy Burroughs, certif. Sept.30,1801.*

William, and Mary Stevens, int.Oct.9,1778.

PARNELL (Parnal, Parnall, Parnel, Pennell)

Elizabeth, and Joseph Raddan, Dec.1,1805.*

James, and Mary Babbidge, Jan.11,1836.*

Joana, and Benjamin Green, Oct.27,1699.CTR

John, and Elizabeth Tink, Sept.5,1767.

John, and Sarah Bray, int.Oct.26,1822.

Jonas, and Mary Calum, May21,1768.

Lydia, and John Pease, 3d, Feb.28,1750.*

Martha D[], and Joseph Ross, May23,1830.*

Mary, and Samuell Woodin, Dec.8,1714.*

Mary, and James Odell, Oct.24,1727.*

Mary [], Mrs., and Charles Atkinson, Dec.1,1811.*

Moses, and Johanna Hoar of Beverly, Apr.25,1694.CTR

William, and Margaret Ann Price, Dec.4,1838.*


Francis George, of Danvers, and Elizabeth Martin, Dec.22,1816.

Francis G[eorge. int.], and Betsy Smothers [of], Nov.13,1825.*


Hepzibah, wid., and John Kelmam, int.July24,1824.

PARROT (Parrott)

Daniell, and Elizabeth Phippen, Sept.18,1738.*

Emeline J., of Danvers, and Ephraim Stevens, int.Apr.11,1835.

Hepsibeth [H. int.], a.22y., d.Archelaus of Danvers, and William E. Jeffry, a.24y., stone cutter, s.Edward, Nov.20,1844.*

James, and Sarah Allen, Apr.30,1749.

Nathaniel, of Lynn, and Hannah Swan, int.July17,1802.

Rufus, jr., of Lynn, b. Lynn, and Lucy Ann Stetson, d.Prince, Dec.17,1844.

Samuel, and Mary Carrol, certif. June12,1782.*

PARROTT (Parrot)

Elizabeth, and Joseph Marsh, jr., Oct.31,1753.*

PARSHLEY (Parsley)

Calvin H., carpenter, and Martha J. Sanborn, Nov.28,1844.*

David T., and Sarah E. Pitman, Aug.8,1844.*

Edward B., and Caroline A. Blake, Jan.7,1849.*

Mary Jane, and John Norton [of Boston. int.], Oct.19,1848.*

Nathaniel H., and Nancy McCrate, Jan.16,1839.*

Sylyester B., and Hannah M. Kendrick of Ipswich, May19,1839.*

Tamson, and Howard Egean, int.Nov.24,1839.

PARSLEY (Parshley)

Charles, and Martha Adaline May, Mar.29,1835.*

PARSON (Parsons)

Benjamin, and Mary Quarles, Dec.4,1809.*

PARSONS (Parson)

Alice, and Alexander Slowly, Feb.11,1778.*

Charles, and Mary Baker, July2,1837.*

Cyrus, and Catherine Wolton, int.Feb.18,1844.

Daniel, and Lydia A[nn. int.], Thompson, Mar.15,1838.*

Betsy, of Ipswich, and Daniel Chamberlain, int.Sept.3,1803.

Fanny, and Samuel Davis, May23,1813.*

Frederick [of Gloucester. int.], and Harriot Currier, Feb.2,1825.*

Hannah, and Benjamin West of Gloucester, int.Apr.13,1790.

Hannah, of Gilmanton, NH, and Joseph S. Frye, int.Apr.16,1825.

Hannah, Mrs., and Daniel Ingraham, Aug.30,1829.*

Harriet D., and Plummer Weeks [of Lawrence. int.], Dec.3,1848.*

John P. [J. int.], and Mary E. Day, Sept.15,1846.*

Jonathan, jr. [3d, of Gloucester. int.], and Mary E. Hiltz, Jan.6,1839.*

Joseph, and Martha U. Witham, both of Gloucester, Aug.30,1846.

Lydia, of old York, and Daniel Edey, int.Jan.23,1793.

Lydia, and David Davis, Dec.31,1793. [certif.CR12]*

Mary, of Amherst, and Rev. William Williams, int.Aug.11,1821.

Mary [], and Aaron Aborn, Mar.3,1822.*

Mary F., and William Hardy, Nov.5,1840.*

Mary, and James P. Cook, Nov.25,1841.*

Nancy Ann [Mary Ann of], and William Patch, July4,1833.*

Nancy T., Mrs.[Pearson. int.], and Augustus Eastman, Nov.26,1843.*

Oliver, and [] Betsy Ives, Apr.15,1816.*

Ruth, and William Clough, Aug.18,1789. [certif.CR12]*

Sarah, and Samuel North, both of Marblehead, May12,1753.

Susan P., and Bradbury S. Young, both of Lynn, June5,1837.

William, of Gloucester, and Sarah Quarles, Dec.29,1805.*

William, and [] Lois Perkins, May9,1819.*

William B. [P. of], and [] Nancy T. Chapman, July15,1838.*


Lydia, and Luther Spalding of Amherst, int.May4,1816.

PASCA (Pasco)

Hugh, and Sara Wooland, 20:2m:1670.CTR

PASCHAL (Paschall)

Joseph, and Patty [Polly.CR11] Bonfield, Nov.16,1800.

PASCHALL (Paschal, Pascoll)

Mary Ann, and Ebenezer Clarke of Newport, RI, int.Sept.10,1819.

Mary Ann, and Francis Giddings, int.Apr.15,1820.

Mary Ann, and Benjamin Pedrick, May6,1821.*

PASCO (Pasca)

Hugh, 2d m., and Mary Pease, Dec.16,1678.CTR

Mary, and Nathaniell Tompkins, July8,1703.

PASCOLL (Paschall)

Mary, and Antonio Silver Saris, certif. Jan.26,1806.*


Sarah, and 末末 末末,末蔓末, [1688?]CR2

Sarah, and John Hadlock, Jan.16,1694.CTR


Eliza, of Easton, and William Messervy, int.May19,1810.


Abigail [Sarah.CR11], and Isaac Woodward, Aug.23,1792.

Benjamin, and Susan Legrowe, July16,1694.CTR

Eliza D., of Hopkinton, NH, and Samuel D. Tilton, int.Apr.7,1839.

Ira H., and Hannah Dodge of Hamilton, int.Oct.3,1829. (Certificate Oct.19.)

Joanna, of Beverly, and Isaac Chapman, at Beverly, Mar.18,1760.*

John, and Mehitabel McIntire of Reading, int.Nov.23,1816.

Jonathan, jr., of Beverly, and Elizabeth S. Hooker, int.Dec.4,1842.

Josiah, and Elizabeth Dodge of Hamilton, int.Jan.8,1803.

Nathaniel, and Penthea Stetson, Nov.7,1813.*

Sara, and Thomas Kinsman, Sept.17,1815.*

Sophia H., of Hopkinton, NH, and William H. Merrill, cooper, s.Jonathan, Feb.19,1846.*

William, and Nancy [] Ann Parsons [of], July4,1833.*

PATEE (Patty)

Elizabeth, and William B. Aikin, Dec.27,1836.*

Hannah E., of Danvers, and John Wood, Nov.16,1824.

PATERSON (Patterson)

Anne, and Seth Ring, Nov.25,1770.

PATEY (Patty)

Mary, and Philip Graley, Jan.26,1800.*


Elizabeth, and John C. King, Jan.5,1809.*

Joshua, and Nancy Dowsett of Gloucester, int.May21,1808.


Mary, and Eleazer Gidney, June6,1678.CTR

PATTASON (Patterson)

William, and Lydia Curtis, May18,1725.

PATTEE (Patty)

Lois L., of Danvers, and Henry Barker, Aug.8,1826.


David, and Sara Silsbee, Aug.14,1803.*

Hannah, and Andrew English, Apr.29,1787.*

Sarah, and Haffield W. Reed, Jan.28,1808.*

Susannah, and John King, int.Jan.13,1775.

PATTERSON (Paterson, Pattason)

Anna, and James Thompson, June28,1767.

Benjamin, and Sally Morse of Beverly, int.Dec.12,1801.

Benjamin, and Mary Barnes, June19,1803.*

Caroline H., and David P. Clark, int.Oct.22,1837.

Elizabeth [], and James Jackson, Dec.14,1806.*

Hannah, and Benjamin Trask, Oct.16,1803.

Hannah, and George Peirce of South Berwick, Jan.25,1820.*

Henry, and Mrs.Nancy Hale, int.July13,1833.

Huldah, and James May of Beverly, int.Oct.1,1843.

James, and Elizabeth Ingalls, certif. Feb.27,1797.*

John, and Anna Carnes, Aug.20,1752.*

John, and Hanna Webb, Apr.27,1781.*

John, and Susanna Eulen, June12,1803.*

Lydia, and Isaac Stileman, Jan.14,1734-5.*

Lydia, and John Trafton, July27,1780.*

Margaret S., and James Gavett, May29,1831.*

Mary, and Ebenezer Towzer, July26,1795.*

Mary, and Philip Allen, Dec.8,1808.*

Mary, and James Marvin, July15,1822.*

Mary Ann, and William D. Wardwell of Boston, int.Nov.29,1834.

Mehitable, and Clifford C. Byrne [jr. int.] Dec.27,1795.*

Mehitable S., and Augustus [A. int.] Melvin of Brighton, June23,1833.*

Nathaniel P.C., of Danvers, and Elizabeth Reith, int.Apr.21,1832. (Certificate June4.)

Peter, and Mary Diven, May29,1805.*

Priscilla, and Payson Wells, int.Aug.19,1820.

Sara, and John Symmes [Symn. int.], Feb.20,1780.*

Sarah, and John Ward, Dec.17,1822.*

Sally, and Daniel Southwick [of], Jan.10,1826.*

Sukey, and Ebenezer Fox, Apr.3,1808.*

Susan, and Benjamin W. Shepard, May6,1830.*

Susanna [], and John Watson, Oct.12,1823.*

Susanna, see Peterson, Susanna.

Thomas, and Betsy Trofatter, Sept.1,1793.

William, and Rebeccah Touzer, int.Oct.10,1747.

William, and Susannah Rewey, Apr.2,1764.

William, and Mehetable Smith, Oct.17,1769.

William [of], and Margaret Fuller, Mar.29,1789. [certif.CR12]*

William [jr. int.], and Sarah Archer, June2,1793.*

William, and Polly Williams, Nov.7,1804.

William, and Rebecca Southwick, July12,1812.*

William K., and Sara Snow, Sept.14,1815.*

William, of Danvers, and Elizabeth B. Upton, int.Feb.13,1830. (Certificate Feb.28.)

Zaccheus, of Londonderry, NH, and Sarah F. Farnham, Mar.18,1823.*

PATTEY (Patty)

John B., and Caroline E. Arnold, May9,1841.*

Mary Ann, and William Pickering, Dec.3,1835.*

PATTY (Patee, Patey, Pattee, Pattey)

Anna, and Samuel Howard, Oct.9,1808.*

Sally, and Peter Quinn [Gwin. of Boston. int.], Dec.30,1811.*


Francis, see Astranan, Francis Paul.

Jemima, C., and Thomas Moriarty, July8,1810.*

John, and Sarah Nurse, Nov.3,1737.*

John, and Margaret Bell, int.June7,1807.

Martha [Saul. int.], and William Galloway, Sept.18,1803.*

Sarah, and Jeremiah Stewart of Wells, May20,1744.*

PAYN (Paine)

James, and Elizabeth Pinn, both of Marblehead, May21,1786.

PAYSIN (Payson)

Lemuel, and Joanna Newhall, Apr.26,1801.*

PAYSON (Paysin)

Ann, of Boston, and John Johnston, int.Oct.3,1772.

Charlotte A., and Justin W. [M. int.] Dowst, Oct.15,1848.*

Edward R., and Amelia Mellus of Dorchester, int.Sept.29,1827.

PEABODY (Pebody)

Abigail, and Aaron Guilford, certif. Jan.13,1805.*

Abigail, and Moses W. Brown, of Ossipee, NH, Jan.1,1832.*

Alfred, and Jerusha Tay, int.Nov.30,1833.

Allen, of Danvers, and Polly Bryant, int.Aug.30,1823.

Allen, and Lucy Smith, int.May30,1841.

Andrew [jr., of], and Mary Rantoul [Polly Rantall. int.], May30,1808.*

Brackley R., and Lucinda Dodge, June1,1830.*

Brimsly, and Lucy Herrick, Apr.2,1809.*

Catherine E., and John L. Gardner of Boston, Oct.4,1826.*

Charles, a.23y., tanner and currier, s.Charles and Elizabeth, and Elizabeth Smitherst, a.18y., d.Thomas and Hanah, Aug.7,1845.*

Charlotte, and Thomas W. Southward, 1827 or 1828. [July28,1827. int.]*

Christiana, and Aaron Goldthwait, Nov.23,1817.*

David R., and Lydia E. Chandler, Oct.29,1843.*

Deborah, of Haverhill, and James Beckett, at Haverhill, Dec.11,1783.*

Eliza [Elizabeth F. int.], and Asa Sargent [of Bradford, NH. int.], July21,1833.*

Elizabeth, and Samuel [P. int.] Wood, 1827 or 1828. [Nov.25,1826. int.]*

Elizabeth A. [M. dup.], and Rev. Abner J. Leavenworth of Bristol, CT, June14,1831.*

Emily F., and Charles E. Farnham, Sept.22,1847.*

Ephraim [Rev., of Cincinnati, OH. int.], and Mary Jane Derby, Aug.5,1833.*

Eunice, and Fisher Metcalf, Mar.31,1836.*

Ezra, and Christiana Rose, July2,1795.*

Francis, of New Boston, NH, and Lydia Peabody of Topsfield, Dec.23,1819.

Francis, and Martha Endicott, July7,1823.*

George, and Clarissa Endicott [d.Samuel.CR12], Sept.6,1827.*

Hannah, and Amos [] Wilder, Oct.31,1820.*

Harriet F., wid., and William P. Endicott, widr., merchant, s.Samuel, dec., Dec.5,1844.*

Horace, and Nancy Currier, July末,1829.*

Huldah, of Middleton, and John Warren, int.Apr.22,1820.

Jacob, and Lucy Manning, Oct.21,1804.*

Jacob, and Lydia Manning, Oct.26,1814.*

Jeremiah, and Catharine Kimball of Bradford, int.Nov.17,1804.

Jesse, and Susan Leech of Andover, int.Nov.22,1823.

John [Capt. int.], and Elizabeth Manning, Jan.25,1807.*

Joseph, and Katharine Smith of Middleton, int.July23,1791.

Joseph, and Elizabeth Smith, certif. Oct.24,1795.*

Joseph Augustus, and Louisa Putnam, Sept.3,1821.*

Joseph F., and Hannah Maria Gowen of Danvers, int.Mar.3,1844.

Lavinia, and Paul H. Gerrish, Feb.3,1825.*

Lucy, and Miles Hubbard, Oct.27,1771.*

Lucy, of Andover, and James Phillips, int.June6,1805.

Lucy, and John Battis, Nov.1,1812.*

Lydia, of Topsfield, and Francis Peabody of New Boston, NH, Dec.23,1819.

Lydia A., and Benjamin Caban, Apr.1,1834.*

Martha F., and Edward F. Osborn of Lynn, int.Aug.8,1835.

Mary Ann, and Enos Knowlton, Dec.13,1818.*

Mary, and Ira Bates, Sept.7,1826.*

Mary A.K., and Ebenezer B. Thorndike of Boston, int.Nov.28,1844.

Nancy, and Jeremiah Burns, July15,1840.*

Nancy, and Henry Richers, Apr.2,1848.*

Nathaniel, jr., of Middleton, and Sarah Cheever, int.Apr.27,1744.

Nathaniel, of Danvers, and Mary Colster [McColester. int.], at Danvers, July1,1760.*

Nathaniel C., and Sarah E. Hibbard of Boston, int.Mar.14,1835.

Oliver, and Ruth Foster of Beverly, int June6,1812.

Oliver, and, wid.Nancy Williams, int.Feb.9,1822.

Oliver T., of Boxford, and Sarah A. Towne, May31,1825.*

Oliver, and Mary Ann Maffit, Nov.23,1825.*

Oliver, and Abigail Morse, July3,1834.*

Pamelia, and Joseph Arrington, May末,1824.*

Rhodea, and Jacob Beck, Dec.4,1808.*

Samuel, of Middleton, and Ruth Trask, at Beverly, Apr.13,1749.*

Samuel [of Middleton. int.], and Abigail [] Trask, certif. June22,1781.*

Samuel [jr. dup.], and Huldah Gould, 2d of Boxford, at Boxford, Nov.28,1799.*

Samuel, and, wid.Elizabeth Massey, certif. Feb.5,1804.*

Samuel, jr., 2d m., and Eliza Mussey of Lynn, Feb.12,1804.

Samuel Endicott, and Marianne [Marionne. int.] Cabot Lee, d.John C., Nov.28,1848.CR12*

Sarah M., and William Fosell of Boston, int.Jan.18,1846.

Susan, and Jonathan Very, jr., May5,1811.*

Susan, of Middleton, and Webster Emerson, int.May31,1818.

Susanna, and [Capt. int.] Jonathan Tucker, Aug.15,1790. [certif.CR12]*

Webster, and Sally Robbins.Nov.9,1818.*

William B.O., Rev., of Springfield, and Eliza Amelia White, Sept.8,1824.*

Zerobabel, of Middleton, and Jerusha White, int.July8,1743.

PEACE (Pease)

Catherine, and Ebenezer Hathorne, int.Apr.6,1843.

William, and Catherine Peterson, May9,1826.*


Abijah B., and Mary Thomas, int.Sept.21,1816.

Augusta S., and James F. Coburn, jr., int.Jan.30,1836.

Benjamin W., and Sarah R. Pickering, int.Mar.29,1840.

Edward F., and Hannah A. Monies, int.Dec.17,1848.

Eliza A., and Nathaniel W. Prince, June28,1849.*

Elizabeth, of Marblehead, and Benjamin Peirce, jr., int.Mar.22,1806.

Hannah C., and Ebenezer L. Larrabee, int.Apr.5,1846.

John, of Marblehead, and Sarah Stacey, at Marblehead, Nov.30,1700.

Lott, and Sarah J. Richardson, Jan.30,1831.*

Lot, and Elizabeth Leach, June14,1841.*

Lot, and Almira Ann Pease, int.Apr.18,1847.

Martha A.H., and John Church, int.Sept.8,1839.

Mary, and John R. Giles, Apr.1,1832.*

Mary T., and Thomas G. Martin of Marblehead, int.May5,1838.

Mehitable C., and William L. Ramsdell, May28,1842.*

Rachel F., and John Hathaway of Marblehead, Feb.18,1841.*

Sarah, of Marblehead, and Thomas Dissmore, at Marblehead, Feb.17,1746.*


Freeman, and Eliza Ann Pratt, int.Oct.8,1837.

PEAL (Peele)

George, jr., and Abigail Agur, July28, [bef. 1697].

George, jr., and.Abigail Ward, Jan.31,1723-4.

Hannah, and Roger Peal, May18,1736.*

Jonathan, and Sarah Willard, July28,1727.*

Jonathan, and Sarah Shattock, int.Aug.11,1739.

Martha, and Timothy Cummins, Jan.4,1753.*

Mary, and Robert Beans, int.Dec.5,1730.

Roger, and Margaret Kempton, wid., Nov.15,1709.*

Roger, and Hannah Peal, May18,1736.*

PEALE (Peele)

Abigail, and Jeremiah Parker, jr,. of Roxbury, Nov.27,1766.

Elizabeth, and John Sibley, July4,1695.

Eunice, and Michael Barnes, June10,1804.*

Hannah K. [Pease. int.andCR10], and Benjamin D. Hinman, Nov.25,1830.*

Jonathan, jr., and Margaret Mason [jr. int.], Aug.30,1750.*

Sarah, and Daniel Sanders, Mar.2,1770.

PEARCE (Pierce)

Hannah, and Ebenezer Gloyd, int.Oct.20,1733.

Lucy S[], and James Trask, Dec.3,1833.*

Lydia, and Robert Bartlet, Dec.24,1816.*

Marcye, and James Travis, both of Gloucester, 8:2m:1667.

Mercye, and Mannasses Mastone, Aug.23,1667.CTR


Elizabeth, and Thomas Venny of Marblehead, Oct.28,1703.

William, and, wid.Sarah Browne, Nov.25,1723.

PEARSE (Pierce)

Benjamin, jr., and Mary Mackentire, int.Mar.25,1772.

Mary, and William Anderton of Newbury, Feb.28,1736-7.*

Samuell, and Hannah Browne, Apr.27,1721.

Samuel, and Mary King, July12,1749.*

PEARSON (Pearsons, Peirson, Pierson)

Benjamin [jr. int.], and Elizabeth Beckford [], Nov.29,1838.*

Benjamin, jr., and E.C. Dame, Dec.9,1841.*

Charles, and Eliza Wallace of Beverly, int.Sept.7,1816.

Edward N., and Laura Roby, int.Nov.5,1837.

Eliphalet, and Hitty Estes, Jan.23,1795.*

Elizabeth, of Rowley, and William Williams, at Rowley, Feb.15,1794.

J.H., and Adeline Marston of Boston, Dec.4,1844.

Eunice, of Newbury, and Joel Bowker, int.Dec.2,1802.

Eunice, and George Prince, int.Mar.9,1845.

Jethro D., and Hannah F. Meeken, Dec.16,1821.*

John, and Abigail Goodhue of Deerfield, NH, int.Mar.30,1805.

Joseph, and Peggy Ross of Ipswich, int.Sept.15,1810.

Mary, of Ipswich, and Caleb Warner, int.July1,1809.

Mary P., Mrs., of Gloucester, and John G. Brooks, int.Dec.12,1835.

Mehitable, and Benjamin Nichols, July11,1814.*

Nathan, of Danvers, and Sally Abbot, int.Aug.26,1815.

Richard [Person. int.], and Hannah Batton, Sept.8,1779.*

Ruthy [J. of], and Jewett Hobson, at Ipswich, June12,1826.*

Simon T., of Bangor [ME. int.], and Elizabeth Perkins, Apr.24,1842. [Apr.26.CR5]*

Thomas, and Mary H. Plummer, of Haverhill, int.June16,1810.

William, and Anne Willis, int.Mar.4,1731-2.

PEARSONS (Pearson)

Josiah, and Suasanna Flint, int.Feb.1,1783.

Thomas Higgins, and Elizabeth Clarke, int.June21,1783.

PEART (Pairt, Pert, Purt)

Dorinda, and Jacob Crampsey of Beverly, Feb.18,1839.*

PEAS (Pease)

Benjamin [Pearse. int.], jr., and Mary Mackintire, Nov.26,1772.*

Hannah, and John Harwood, int.Oct.10,1730.

Hannah [Pease.CR12], and Tobias Smothers [Smethurst. int.], Nov.28,1792. [certif.CR12]*

Jemima, and Joseph Bridget, June15,1797.*

John, and Elizabeth Goodin of Newbury, at Newbury, July29,1725.

John, jr., and Mary King, int.Apr.5,1729.

Mary, and Jonathan Newhall of Jamestown, RI, int.Jan.27,1727.

Mary, wid., and Phineas Wintworth, Dec.8,1805.*

PEASE (Peace, Peas, Peese)

Almira Ann, and Lot Peach, int.Apr.18,1847.

Lotta [], and Joseph Vincent [], July13,1826.*

Daniel, and Sara Gray, Aug.22,1773.*

Elizabeth, and Hugh Makkoway, Mar.28,1701-2.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Sheenn "of Jameco," int.Aug.21,1731.

Elizabeth, and William French [], July3,1732.*

Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Whitemore, int.July14,1733.

Elizabeth, and Peter Warner, May22,1768.

Eunice, and Joseph Wilson, July11,1790.*

George W., and Sarah B. Henderson, June8,1842.*

Hannah, and Joseph Lawrance, int.Oct.2,1779.

Hanna, and Samuel Willard, Sept.16,1785.*

Hannah K., see Peale, Hannah K.

Isac, and Elizabeth Thomas, Apr.20,1696-7. [Apr.22,1697.CTR]

James, and Mary Erving, Dec.25,1767.

James, and Sally Newhall, certif. July13,1801.*

John, 2d m., and Ann Cummins, 8:10m:1669.CTR

John, and Margerett Adams, 30:11m:1676-7.CTR

John, 3d, and Lydia Parnell, Feb.28,1750.*

Jonathan, and Sarah Blake, Dec.11,1739.*

Jonathan, and Polly Pickworth, Sept.3,1798.*

Mary, and Hugh Pasco, 2d m., Dec.16,1678.CTR

Mary, and Allexander Renalds, July16,1686.CTR

Mary, and Samuel Frail, int.May23,1732.

Mary, and Samuel Crowell, Nov.24,1751.*

Mary, and William Munday ["formerly of ye city of London." int.], Apr.27,1760.*

Mary, wid., and Daniel Henderson, certif. May24,1777.*

Mary, wid., and Stephen Caldwell, int.Nov.7,1778.

Mary, and Nathaniel Holden, int.Oct.7,1797.

Mary, and Nathaniel Holden, int.June8,1799.

Mary, and Nathaniel Holden, int.Sept.6,1800.

Mary, and James Gilbert, jr., int.Aug.21,1824.

Mary [], and Benjamin C. Ingalls, Sept.5,1826.*

Mercy, and Gideon Henfield, Dec.11,1774.*

Nathanyell, and Mary Hobbs, Mar.15,1667.CTR

Nathaniell, and Elizabeth Ashby, Sept.末,1701. [Oct.20. dup.]

Nathaniel, and Jemima Munnion, Feb.19,1750.*

Nathaniel, and Sarah Bird, int.Dec.9,1775.

Nathaniel, and Love Mullin, certif. Apr.22,1784.*

Phebe, and Jonathan Bragg, certif. Dec.7,1779.*

Richard, and Polly Atkinson, Sept.21,1800.*

Richard, and Harriet N. Burnham, Sept.27,1842.*

Robert, jr., and Abigaile Randall, Dec.16,1678.CTR

Robert, and Hanna Woodman, Apr.12,1778.*

Samuel, and Polly Lawrance, Apr.12,1795.*

Samuel W., and Caroline E. Hogan, Jan.23,1845.*

Sara [], and Peter Clough, Jan.23,1777.*

Sara, and Jonathan Woodman, July2,1777.*

Sukey, and Thomas Thornton, Sept.10,1767.

PEASLEE (Peasley)

Jeremiah, of Danvers, and Sally Baker, int.Dec.8,1832.

Lydia, Mrs., of Haverhill and Edward Flint, at Haverhill, Nov.22,1733.*

PEASLEY (Peaslee, Peasly, Piesley)

Alce [Elce. dup.], d.Robert, of Haverhill, dec., and Thomas Blaney [Bleener. dup.], 6:11m:1742-3.CR8

PEASLY (Peasley)

Abigail, of Danvers, d.Jedediah and Miriam, of Sandwich, NH, both dec., and Moses Osborn, s.Robert and Lucretia, dec., of Henniker, NH, 19:3m:1835.CR7

Timothy, and Dorothy Kier, certif. Nov.2,1795.*

PEATFIELD (Patfield)


John, and Betsey Preble, int.Jan.23,1830.

PEBODY (Peabody)

Elizabeth, of Boxford, and Daniell Andrew, Feb.12,1701-2.

Hanna, and Daniell Andrew,末蔓末, [bef. 1702].

Hephzibah, and Daniell Rea, Apr.10,1678.CTR

Nathan, of Boxford, and Hannah Putnam, Nov.29,1711.*

Sarah, of Boxford, and Benjamin Smith, Oct.22,1700.


John M., and Rebecca Silsbee, July14,1811.*

Rebecca, and John Boyt, both of Marblehead, Dec.11,1738.

Thomas R. [of Boston. int.], and Sarah Silsbee, June10,1821.*


James, and Eliza French, Jan.11,1807.*

Joshua, and Sarah B. Grover, Aug.1,1833.*

William, and Lydia Ann Foster, Feb.28,1833.


Benjamin, and Betsey Morong, int.Nov.16,1817. (Forbidden by Betsey Morong.)

PEDERICK (Pedrick)

Susanna, and Stephen Wellman, both of Lynn, Jan.9,1740-41.

PEDRICK (Pedderick, Pederick, Pendrick)

Amy, and Henry Mapes, Oct.26,1828.*

Benjamin, and Mary Ann Paschall, May6,1821.*

Benjamin, of Marblehead, and Hannah H. Eaton, July16,1834.*

Joseph, and Lydia F. Walden, Sept.1,1835.*

Mary D., of Marblehead, and Henry David, int.Oct.13,1810.

Mary Ann [], and Benjamin Bartlett, June7,1826.*

Mary, of Beverly, and John Clarke, June9,1830.*

Norden, of Marblehead, and Mrs.Anne Water, Dec.28,1713.*

Rebecca, and Samuel Grover, Apr.30,1815.*

Richard, of Beverly, and Lydia Ricker, int.Oct.20,1827.

Susanna, and Nehemiah Hitchinson [Hutchinson. int.], May16,1815.*

PEEL (Peele)

Ebenezer, and Hannah Buxton, Sept.10,1738.

Elizabeth, and Daniel Bell, Feb.17,1771.*

Lydia, and Joseph Cook, July26,1772.*

Patience, and John Peirce, May14,1771.*

Robert, jr., and Elizabeth Ropes, Dec.1,1763.*

Robert, jr., and Eunice Sterns, June10,1771.*

PEELE (Peal, Peale, Peel)

Abigail, wid., and Capt. Nathaniel Andrew, May20,1748.*

Abigail Mason, and John Dabney, June27,1790.*

Abigail R., and Benjamin Edwards, Oct.26,1834.*

Anna, and George Smith, int.Dec.19,1772.

Benjamin, and Mary Davis, Oct.29,1761.*

Benjamin, and Rebecca Gray, Apr.27,1783.*

Catherine S., and Abel Nichols, jr., of Danvers, Sept.26,1838.*

Ebenezer, and Priscilla Langsford, Oct.27,1751.*

Elizabeth, and Alexander Donaldson, Dec.14,1800.*

Hannah, and John Carnes, June14,1753.*

Hannah, and Samuel Howard, Dec.17,1767.

Hannah, and George Taylor, May1,1792.*

Hannah, and Samuel Taylor, Oct.14,1795.*

Hannah, and Samuel Cleeves, Apr.25,1816.*

Jane A., and Stephen C. Phillips, Nov.7,1822.*

John, and Mary Ann Berry, May17,1826.*

Jonathan, and Bethiah Allen, Feb.16,1744-5.*

Jonathan Willard, merchant, s.Willard, dec., and Sarah A. Silsbee, d.Zack F., Mar.19,1846.*

Joseph, and Lydia Davis, Oct.4,1768.

Joseph, and Mary Lufkin, Jan.27,1799.*

Lydia, and Jonathan Nichols, certif. May7,1774.*

Lydia N., and William Gardner, Oct.10,1827.*

Margaret, and William Reeves [jr. int.], Oct.17,1754.*

Margaret, and Joseph Hilliard, July14,1763.*

Margaret M., and Stephen C. Phillips, Sept.3,1838.*

Mary, Mrs., and Capt. John Gardner, Oct.29,1773.*

Mary, and William Mugford, July20,1791.*

Mary, and Benjamin Millet, Mar.13,1796.*

Mary [], and George S.R. Morgan, Mar.11,1840.*

Priscilla, and John Clark, May17,1778.*

Rebecca [], and Daniel Brittan Radden Dec.26,1793.*

Rebecca, and Joseph Preston, Feb.1,1807.*

Robert, and Mary Bartlett, at Marblehead, July3,1735.*

Robert, and Mary Bradshaw [], Feb.28,1781.*

Robert, and Hannah Benson, Dec.25,1790.*

Robert, jr., and Betsy Smith, Apr.18,1793.*

Robert [], and Mary Ann Lamson, 1827 or 1828. [June30,1827. int.]*

Robert [jr. int.], and Sally Brown, June12,1830.*

Sarah, and Peter Stoaks, int.Dec.3,1779.

Willard, and Margaret Appleton, May12,1800.*

William, and Elizabeth Becket, Jan.26,1762.*

William, and Susan Stodder, Apr.24,1821.*

William, and Sarah Johnson, July2,1832.*

William, and Eliza Anna Very, July17,1832.*

PEESE (Pease)

Lydia, and Joseph Browne, May13,1740.*

Robert [Pease.CR12], and Latty Clough, certif. Sept.16,1801.*

PEETERS (Peters)

Gilbert, and Elizabeth Helliard, Sept.14,1669.CTR

PEIRCE (Pierce)

Abigail B., and John Honnors [of Gloucester. int.], Mar.23,1828.*

Abraham, and Mary Procter, Aug.22,1744.*

Amariah, and Hannah Warner, May15,1813.*

Amelia, and James D. Farmer, Sept.21,1843.*

Asa, and Anna Mansfield, May19,1793.*

Benjamin, and Lydia Ropes Nichols, certif. Nov.27,1803.*

Benjamin, jr., and Elizabeth Peach of Marblehead, int.Mar.22,1806.

Benjamin O., of [] GA, and Mehitable O. Seccomb, June15,1841.*

Benjamin, and Sarah W. Parker, int.Sept.20,1846.

Benjamin, widr., ropemaker, and Sarah S. White, Feb.13,1848.*

Caleb, dyer, and Caroline Osborne, Nov.28,1844.*

Caroline F., and James Needham, jr., June21,1838.*

Charles [of NH. int.], and Priscilla Clemons, Apr.29,1827.

Daniel, and Elizabeth Mansfield, Jan.14,1781.*

David, and Anna Scallon, int.Nov.7,1801.

Ebenezer, and Lucy Pettengill, Jan.3,1808.*

Eliza A., and Gideon Foster, Aug.24,1806.*

Eliza O., of Waterborough, ME, and Josiah Clark, int.Apr.2,1837.

Elizabeth, and Edward Allen, Oct.10,1779,*

Elizabeth, and John Whitford, Sept.10,1797.*

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Cook, Dec.3,1797.*

Betsy, and Paul Upton, Apr.9,1801.*

Elizabeth, and Stephen Phillips, certif. Feb.19,1804.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph Odell, int.Sept.24,1825.

Elizabeth E. [P. int.], and George Laskey, Aug.18,1835.*

Elizabeth P., and T. Putnam Derby, Aug.2,1842.*

Ezekiel J. [P. int.; jr.CR5], of Chesterfield, NH, and Sarah E. Webster, d.Caleb, May1,1844.*

George, Capt., and Elizabeth Webb, Dec.4,1806.*

George E. [P. int.], and Mary Dodge, Sept.25,1812.*

George, of South Berwick, and Hannah Patterson, Jan.25,1820.*

George, and Eliza Mitchell of Portland, ME, int.May1,1836.

George C., and Caroline E[] Price, May28,1839.*

Hannah, and Charles Vanderford, June8,1806.*

Harriet, and Dr. Jacob Kittridge, Nov.17,1813.*

Humphry [Jr. int.], of Wenham, and Sarah Andrew, Dec.15,1748.*

Jerathmeel, and Sarah Ropes, Feb.6,1772.*

John, of Newbury, and Elizabeth Gerrish, June末,1719.

John, and Patience Peel, May14,1771.*

John B., widr., s.Henry B., and Mehitabel C. Hallowell of Lynn, b. Lynn, d.末末, of Lynn, May11,1846.*

Jonathan, and Mary Heather, certif. Apr.17,1783.*

Jonathan, and Lydia Osborn, Sept.24,1803.*

Jonathan, and Anstis D. Blanchard, June14,1807.*

Jonathan, and, wid.Lucy Ward, Nov.19,1826.*

Jonathan, shoe manufacturer, and Hannah Jane Russell, Apr.2,1846.*

Joshua [of], and Sarah Osborn [], Mar.10,1795.*

Lydia O[sborn. int.], and Samuel W[] Wyman, Oct.17,1826.*

Mark, and, wid.Lydia Frothingham, int.Oct.22,1825.

Martha, of Charlestown, and John Slade, at Charlestown, Mar.28,1771.

Molly, and John Wright, int.Dec.30,1780.

Mary [], and Daniel Cloutman, Nov.13,1785.*

Polly, wid., and Samuel Dean, Dec.24,1791. [certif.CR12]*

Polly, and Joseph Sergeant of Charlestown, int.Mar.14,1796.

Mary, and John Jamison, Mar.1,1812.*

Polly, see Prince, Polly.

Mary W., and Samuel Masury, Mar.30,1820.*

Mary Ann [B. int.], and Charles F. Shults, June20,1833.*

Mary Ann, and Hezekial E. Sargent, Sept.16,1839.*

Moses, and Mary A. Noyes, Nov.18,1848.*

Nancy, and Ezra Osborn, Oct.11,1812.*

Nancy, and John Hale, Jan.21,1819.*

Nathan, and, wid.Rebeckah Hill, int.July21,1770.

Nathan, jr., and Betsy Glover, Oct.26,1801*

Rebecca A., and Samuel Upton, certif. Mar.20,1810.*

Sally, and [Capt. int.] Joseph Holman, Feb.22,1791.

Sally, and George Nicholls, Nov.22,1801.*

Sarah B., and Nathaniel Stowers, Oct.30,1832.*

Sarah R., and Samuel G. Rea, Nov.2,1842.*

Susan C., and Nathaniel Mitchell, jr. of Portland, Sept.2,1843.*

Thomas, and Mercy Furbush, int.Dec.20,1731.

Thomas [of], and Lydia Cloutman, certif. June25,1797.*

Thomas H., and Nancy Palfray, May20,1807.*

William P., and Caroline Graves, Jan.16,1837.*

William A., and Mary Ann Whitaker, int.Oct.25,1840.

William, laborer, and Elizabeth Gilpatrick, wid., Nov.10,1845.*

PEIRSON (Pearson)

Abel L[awrence. int.], Dr., and Harriet Lawrence, Apr.18,1819.*

Edward B., and Catherine P. Saltonstall, int.Apr.2,1846.

Mary [A. int.], and Archelaus H. Trask of Danvers, Dec.10,1843.*

Rebecca, and John Williams, both of Lynn, Nov.6,1706.

Sarah N., and James R. Keniston of Newburyport, int.Dec.26,1847.


John J., and Rebecca D. Gale of Newton Lower Falls, int.Apr.16,1843.


Rebecca, and Amos Tucker, jr. of Lynn, int.Nov.12,1796.


Mary, and Herbert Thorndike, Aug.21,1808.*


William, and Susannah Jeffords of Lynn, Feb.27,1734-5.*


Kertland, and William Hollis [bef. 1672.]CTR

PENCER (Spencer)

Joseph, and Louisa Whipple, Nov.24,1811.*

PENDEGRASS (Pendergast)

Polly, and Amos Perkins, Sept.25,1802.*

PENDERGAST (Pendegrass)

James, and Mary Adaren Delbeck, int.July25,1845.

PENDRICK (Pedrick)

Deliverance, and Joseph Metcalf, certif. Feb.29,1797.*

PENNELL (Parnell)

Ann W., see Runnell, Ann W.

PENNEY (Penny)

William, and Sarah Grinwich, 15:3m:1676.CTR


Sylvia, and Peter Wright, Apr.5,1804.*

PENNY (Penney)

Abigail, of Woburn, and Samuel Johnson, int.July5,1806.

Allet F., and Affe Beadle, Dec.3,1818.*

Samuel, and Abigail French, certif. July28,1801.*


Joseph, and Hannah Duewell [Ducwell. int.], Oct.11,1818.*


Walter, and Eliza Leister, Oct.3,1830.*


Edmund S., and Susanna E. Weeks, Dec.24,1840.*

Edward, and Mary Can of Reading, at Reading, Aug.5,1707.

Eliza, Mrs., and John Huse, June25,1838.*

John W. [jr. int.], and Ann M. [] Ingalls, Sept.30,1847.*

Maria [D. int.], and Charles [H. int.] Staniford, Nov.29,1838.*

Thomas S., and Elizabeth B. Grover, int.Jan.28,1844.


Frances Ann P., of Boston, and Samuel A. Safford, int.Dec.9,1838.

PERKENS (Perkins)

Debora, wid., and Isaac Meachum, Dec.28,1669.CTR

PERKINS (Perkens)

末末, sr., and Mary Read,末蔓末, [1688?].CR2

Aaron, and Susan Wardwell, Nov.1,1826.*

Abigail C., and Joseph Townsend, Oct.2,1827.*

Abigail, and Rev. Silas Blaisdale of Amesbury, Aug.31,1841.*

Alice, and James Curtis of Hanover, int.Mar.27,1802.

Alice, and Isaac Clark, July17,1805.*

Amos, and Polly Pendegrass, Sept.25,1802.*

Ann Peirce, and Nathaniel Jones, May28,1839.*

Ann, and Perkins Russell, int.Aug.27,1848.

Augustin S., and Lucy A. Jones of Portsmouth, NH, int.Sept.24,1837.

Benjamin, of Topsfield, and Rebecca H. Ashby, May28,1809.*

Benjamin [of Hanover, NH. int.], and Jane Lawrence, Oct.27,1823.*

Bethiah, and Arte Cousins, int.Nov.13,1779.

Charles R., and Catharine Wilkins of Danvers, int.May1,1831. (Certificate May26.)

Daniel, and Sophia Stetson, Apr.25,1813.*

Daniel, and Lucy A[] Pulsifer, Nov.18,1827.*

Daniel [jr. int.], and Anstiss Chipman, Dec.1,1840.*

David, and Hannah Fabens, Oct.13,1793.*

Ebenezer, and Elizabeth Melzard, Oct.26,1824.*

Edward B., and Elizabeth P. Barrett of Danvers, int.Oct.15,1837.

Elijah, and Elizabeth Stone, May26,1782.*

Elisha, and Sarah Fabens, certif. Oct.20,1813.*

Elizabeth, and Moses Aborne, jr. int.Dec.4,1714.

Elizabeth, and John Walcott, Oct.29,1717.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Nathaniell Sparhawk, both of Lynn, Sept.26,1720.

Elizabeth, of Andover, and David Smith, Dec.14,1726.

Elizabeth, of Ipswich, and Elias Lowater, int.Oct.16,1731.

Elizabeth [of], and Joseph Porter, at Topsfield, Jan.1,1735-6.*

Elizabeth, of Lynnfield, and James Brown, jr., int.May15,1802.

Betsy, and Anthony Diver Caldfield, Aug.28,1804.*

Elizabeth, and Simon T. Pearson of Bangor [ME. int.], Apr.24,1842. [Apr.26.CR5]*

Emerson R, and Love R. Luscomb, Oct.3,1816.*

Eunice, and James Cox, int.Jan.9,1802.

Eunice, and Eleazer Burbank, Dec.28,1806.*

Ezra, and Mary Cole, Oct.27,1822.*

George A., and Ann R. Hitchens, Nov.26,1838.*

Hannah, and Robert Martin, July14,1805.*

Hanna, and James Standon, July8,1810.*

Hannah, and James Ropes, Dec.7,1826.*

Hannah, and Rev. Michael Carlton, int.July20,1833.

Harriet, and John Knight of Manchester, May4,1837.*

Harriet M[], and George Upton, May28,1839.CR12*

Harriet, and James Ayers, Dec.30,1846.*

Henry, and Lucy Gilbert of Gloucester, int.June17,1812.

Henry W., and Dolly Webb, July2,1826.*

Henry A., and Ruth C. Allen, int.Nov.17,1844.

Hephzibah, and John Brown, 2d, May1,1773.*

Irene, and John D. Jones, Apr.5,1847.*

Isaac, jr., and Olive Phippen, Mar.27,1790.*

Isaac, and Anna Lee [], Feb.25,1806.*

Jacob, and Mary Pratt, Sept.27,1821.*

James, and Hannah Porter, Dec.25,1799*

James, and Abigail Chever, June13,1802.*

James, jr., of Bangor, ME, and Mary Fisk, July [9. in pencil.], 1831.*

Jeremiah S., and Sally Millet, Mar.24,1822.

Jeremiah C., of Bustleton, PA, and Esther Ann Colcord, Sept.20,1835.*

Jeremiah S., and Elizabeth Millet, int.Mar.12,1837.

John, and Johannah Kerney, int.Sept.13,1778.

John, and Nabby Stevens, certif. Nov.10,1798.*

John [jr. int.], and Lois Bright, Dec.29,1803.*

John, and Mary Homan, Nov.12,1820.*

John, and Elizabeth McIntire, July22,1821.*

Jonathan, of Topsfield, and Elizabeth Porter, Dec.11,1722.

Jonathan, of Wenham, and Mary Trask, int.June2,1753.

Jonathan, and Sally Bowden, Nov.1,1807.*

Jonathan B., of Hopkinton. NH, and Harriet Twist, int.Mar.5,1825.

Jonathan W., and Ann B. Seccomb, int.Nov.24,1832.

Jonathan C., and Caroline S. Burgess of Essex, int.May14,1837.

Jonathan C., and Elizabeth G. Brookhouse, Mar.4,1840.CR12*

Joseph, and Mercy Robinson, both of Topsfield, Nov.20,1727.

Joseph [jr. int.], of Topsfield, and Mary Porter [], at Topsfield, Mar.9,1749.*

Joseph, and Margaret Orne, June2,1798.

Joseph, and Elizabeth Hunt,末蔓末, [bef. 1810].

Joseph [], and Mrs.Elizabeth Scias, Oct.7,1810.*

Joseph, jr., and Maria E. Burnham, Nov.26,1833.*

Joseph, jr., and Ellen Augusta Pulsifer, June4,1840.*

Kezia, and George Southwick, June22,1808.*

Lemuel, and Ruth Herrick [of], at Beverly, Aug.12,1781.*

Levi, and Mary [Maria.CR10] Jane Chase, Oct.14,1821.*

Lois [], and William Parsons, May9,1819.*

Love R. [], and William John Staniford, Jan.1,1826.*

Luke, and Martha Connant, May31,1688.CTR

Margaret, and William Webb, 4th, int.Mar.2,1833. (Certificate Mar.19.)

Martha, and Alfred R. Brooks, May5,1835.*

Polly, and James Fuller, Dec.24,1797.*

Mary, of Newburyport, and Samuel Tibbetts, int.June15,1804. (Forbidden by Mary Perkins.)

Mary, and William Clark, Mar.2,1806.*

Mary, and Stephen B. Ives, May16,1826.*

Mary, and Increase S. Hill, Nov.10,1829.*

Mary, of Ipswich, and Charles Holmes, int.May4,1833. (Certificate May26.)

Mary T., and Alonzo C. Boynton, int.Nov.16,1833. ("Stopped order of Boynton. ")

Mary, and James C. Lindegard, June16,1836.CR12*

N. Maria, wid., and Horatio Lyon of Munson, Oct.19,1846.*

Nancy, and Valentine Runnalds, int.July12,1805.

Nathan, of Newcastle, and Hannah Phelps, at Danvers, May10,1775.*

Nathaniel, of Newcastle, and Eunice Phelps, at Danvers, Aug.4,1773.*

Nathaniel B., and Susan E. Breed, Sept.9,1836. [Aug.18,1839. int.]*

Rebecca H., and John B. Marks, s.John, Dec.22,1844.*

Robert, and Phebe Holt, int.Aug.15,1823.

Ruth, of Topsfield, and Israel Cheever, May25,1750.*

Ruth, and Hue [] Smith, Jan.13,1784.*

Ruth, and John Aaron, May6,1832.*

Samuel B., and Rebecca G. [Sarah G. int.] Prescott, Oct.11,1835.*

Sally, and Frederick Ditmore, Oct.11,1812.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Samuel Gardner, Nov.19,1833.*

Sally, and Nehemiah Stone of Marblehead, Mar.7,1844.*

Sarah E., and William Cheever, jr., Dec.30,1847.*

Susan D., and William McFarland, int.Jan.21,1849.

Tarrant, and Margaret [] Chever, Apr.26,1795.*

Thadeus, of Boston, and Nancy Maria Baker, Feb.13,1840.*

Thomas, of Wenham, and Hannah Woodbury, at Beverly, Feb.8,1710-11.*

Thomas, and Betsey Story of Dunbarton, int.Jan.7,1804.

Thomas, and Mary Dustin, Dec.1,1823.*

Thomas B., widr., and Almira J. Brown, May2,1847.*

Timothy, of Andover, and Hannah Buckstone [Buxton. int.], at Andover, Feb.12,1713-14.*

William, of Andover, and Hannah Berry [], Apr.3,1728.*

William, and Elizabeth Webb, int.Jan.18,1783.

William A., and Hannah Louisa Barr, Oct.9,1845.*

William E., carpenter, and Elizabeth Sawyer, Dec.4,1845.*


Amos, and Hannah Carlton of Bradford, int.Mar.10,1810.

Arseneth [], and John Perley of Boxford, Feb.23,1832.*

Jacob, of Danvers, and Abigail Frothingham, int.Sept.29,1844.

John, of Boxford, and [] Arseneth Perley, Feb.23,1832.*

Jonathan, and Sally Smith, June20,1808.*

Jonathan, jr., and Francis Ann Oakes, Nov.15,1842.*

Lydia, of Methuen, and Nathaniel Brown, Mar.29,1809.*

Putnam [Dea.of], of Byfield, and Belinda Cheever of Saugus [of], Mar.22,1831.*

Rebecca, of Boxford, and David Putnam, at Ipswich, Feb.14,1728.*

Ruth P., of Danvers, and Thomas F. Odell, int.Jan.31,1824.

Sarah, of Boxford, and Jonathan Putnam, Dec.2,1736.*

William E., printer, s.Jonathan, and Margaret D.B. Brown, d.Thomas, May5,1845.*


Albert F., and Jane Hobbs, both of Danvers, May6,1849.

Benjamin, and Susan Shelden of Beverly, int.Feb.13,1812.

Edward, and Phebe Webster, Nov.2,1817.*

Elizabeth, of Danvers, and Charles Hill, int.Jan.12,1810.

Frances L., and Mary Ann Clough, Dec.8,1833.*

Harriet L., and Henry M. Barker, Jan.28,1841.*

Horatio, and Harriet Lane, Sept.3,1808.*

Horatio B., and Sarah Ashton. Oct.30,1834.*

Isreal J., jr., of Thomaston, ME, a.23y., merchant, s.Israel J., and Hannah D. Fowler, a.22y., d.Joseph, July28,1844.*

Ittai, and Abigail Lane of Boston, int.Jan.16,1808.

Ittai, jr., and Abigail Kinsman [Hinman. int.], Dec.8,1835.*

James A., of Danvers, and Caroline A. Ray, Mar.31,1848.

Julia Ann, and Oliver N. French, Nov.1,1840.*

Mary, and Richard Manning, Jan.7,1816.*

Mary Ann, and Henry S. Beckford [of Andover. int.], Feb.15,1830.*

Peter, and Polly Hardison, int.Jan.16,1802.

Rebecca, of Yarmouth, NS, and John Grover, int.Nov.2,1845.

Sally, and Ward Pool of Danvers, at Danvers, Feb.19,1792.*

Thomas, and Mary Hopkins, int Jan.4,1772.

William, of Beverly, and Rebekah Obear, int.Oct.30,1830. (Ceretificate Nov.21.]

PERT (Peart)

William, and Martha Trow of Beverly, at Beverly, June11,1728.*

PERVIER (Perviere)

Jeremiah [Perrier. int.], and Nancy K. Varnum of Bowdoin, ME, Aug.12,1838.*

PERVIERE (Pervier)

Clarissa H., wid., and John Basset, Oct.21,1822.*

Moses, and Priscilla Brown, Nov.4,1832.*


Betsy, wid., and James Kenney, int.May22,1830.

Betsy [], and Enoch P. Davis, May4,1832.*

PETERS (Peeters)

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Cloutman, Nov.22,1716.

Benjamin, and Sarah West, Nov.16,1752.*

Benjamin, jr., and Charity Tucker, Oct.21,1761.*

Benjamin, jr., and Elizabeth Johnson, certif. July4,1776.*

Benjamin, jr. [], and Hannah Shillaber, of Danvers, at Danvers, Oct.8,1786.*

Benjamin, and Nancy Osborn of Danvers, int.Oct.7,1826.

Bethiah, and George Deland, May10,1711.*

Bethiah, and William Dodd of Marblehead, at Marblehead, Jan.1,1756.*

Clarissa, and Moses B. Russell, both of Boston, Feb.19,1839.

Ebenezer, and Susanna Young, Nov.14,1716.

Elizabeth [], and John Gavet, certif. Dec.23,1780.*

Elizabeth, and John Young, Oct.19,1818.*

Esther, and James Bickford, Feb.5,1765.*

George, and, wid.Elizabeth Gavett, Jan.21,1792.*

Hannah, and John Billinghurst, certif. June17,1782.*

James [of Lynn.CR5], and Frances Underwood, Sept.6,1835.*

John, and Elizabeth Skerry, certif. Sept.16,1777.*

John [Capt. int.], and Mary Norman [], Sept.16,1800.*

John, and Olive Bathrick of Durham, int.Sept.21,1816.

Jonathan, and wid.Elizabeth Wyman, int.Feb.23,1793. (The int.of marriage forbidden.)

Jonathan, and, wid.Elizabeth Trask, certif. June11,1796.*

Mary, and Joseph Cloutman, Nov.14,1717.

Mary, and Amos Rite, Apr.10,1744.*

Mary, and Benjamin Whittmore, Mar.6,1745-6.CR1*

Mary, and Jonathan Roberts of Boston, int.Sept.14,1782.

Nancy, and Nathaniel Pitman, Mar.15,1823.*

Samuel, and Mary Page, Apr.2,1740.*

Samuel, and, wid.Hannah Neal, int.Sept.7,1765.

Samuel, and Hannah Deland of Danvers, June6,1793.*

Susan, and Capt. Philip P. Pinel, Jan.5,1812.*

Susan Ann, and Joseph Francis, int.May23,1829.

Susannah, and Charles Vanderford, Sept.17,1754.*

William, and Elizabeth Smith of Cambridge, at Watertown, June18,1740. [June29,1740. int.]*


Andrew, and Mrs.Priscilla Wells, int.Feb.12,1825.

Catherine, and William Peace, May9,1826.*

Daniel, Dr., and Elizabeth Willet of Newbury, at Newbury, Jan.23,1719-20.

Hanse, and Priscilla Slewman, Jan.17,1796.*

James, and Betsy Leach, int.Feb.12,1814.

John, and Mrs.Mary TUrner, June29,1823.*

John, and Sarah Lemon, May28,1829.*

John, widr., mariner, and Mehitable D. Nicholas, Dec.26,1844.*

John G., widr., b. Sweden, watchman, and Eliza C. Saunders, d.John, dec., Nov.10,1845.*

Joseph, of Marblehead, and Mrs.Mary Dixey, int.Mar.18,1838.

Joseph, mechanic, and Harriet A. Pope [Oct.20,1844. int.]*

Phebe, and Philo Brown, Jan.11,1789.

Pricilla, and Alexander Johnson, Mar.30,1817.*

Susanna, wid., and John Watson, Oct.12,1823.

Thomas S., and Mary M. [Ann. int.] Lamb, Aug.12,1835.*

William, and Wilet Talbot, int.Oct.12,1816. [Oct.19. dup.]

PETINGILL (Pettingell)

Susan S., and Elias W. Fabens, Sept.10,1832.*

PETTENGILL (Pettingell)

Lucy, and Ebenezer Peirce, Jan.3,1808.*

PETTEY (Pettie)

John, and Sally Henman, Aug.14,1808.*

Lydia, Ann, and Thomas Laughlan, Jan.10,1842.*

PETTIE (Pettey)

Sarah, and Chauncey Owen, Dec.18,1821.*

Sally, and George F[rederick. int.] Clark, Nov.20,1827.*

PETTINGELL (Petingill, Pettengill, Pettingill)

John, and Hannah Melvill, Dec.15,1811.*

PETTINGILL (Pettingell)

Abigail, and Rev. James [] Fisk of Salem, NH, Apr.14,1841.*

Joseph, and Rebecca Smith, Jan.15,1801.*

Joseph [of], and Eliza E[] Whittemore, Sept.22,1833.*

Moses, and Lydia Hall, Mar.23,1823.*

Susan, and Jery L. Hutchinson, Nov.28,1833.*

William, and Abigail P. Mugford, Aug.29,1833.*


Julia, of Dedham, and Joshua Windship, int.Aug.2,1805.


George W. [of Gloucester. int.], and Mary Ann Babage, Nov.5,1829.*


William, of Boston, and Hannah Haynes, Nov.21,1773.

PHARR (Farr)


Patrick, and Mary MacElroy [], Sept.11,1781.*

William [Whealar. int.], and Sarah Curwin, Jan.9,1838.*


Abigail, of Reading, and Solomon Harwood, Dec.20,1748.*

Anne, and George Southward, Nov.25,1755.*

Charles P. [S. int.], and Veronica J. Hutchinson, Oct.15,1848.*

Cristopher, and Elizabeth Sharp, 9:5m:1658.CTR

Ebenezer, and Ann Woodman, Apr.6,1783.*

Ebenezer [jr. int.], and Sarah Brown, Nov.16,1788.*

Eliza, and John A. Innis, Apr.7,1825.*

Elizabeth, and Thomas Safford, Apr.27,1764.*

Emily C., and Joseph Poland [of Hamilton. int.], physician, May23,1844.*

Eunice, and Nathaniel Perkins of Newcastle, at Danvers, Aug.4,1773.*

Francis, of Danvers, and Abigail M. Churchell, int.Oct.27,1839.

Hannah, and Nathan Perkins of Newcastle, at Danvers, May10,1775.*

Hannah, and Crispus Richards of Lynn, int.May11,1793.

Hannah [], and Joseph Symonds, Oct.13,1793.*

Hannah H., and Samuel Hodgdon, Sept.17,1827.*

Hannah Dane, of Gloucester, and William Phelps, jr., int.Oct.8,1831. (Certificate Oct.31.)

Hannah H., and Samuel Goodwin, 3d [of], Jan.21,1834.*

Henry, of Reading, and Rachall Guppy, Dec.末,1706.CTR

Israel R., and Sarah V. Edgerly, June16,1831.*

John, of Reading, and Elizabeth Putnam, Mar.12,1701. [1700. dup.]

John P., and Lucy C. Phelps of Gloucester, int.Jan.10,1835.

Jonathan, jr., and Joanna Herrick [of], at Beverly, Apr.20,1777.*

Joshua, and Nancy Holman, certif. Feb.4,1801.*

Judith, and John Webb [cordwainer, s.Jonathan. int.], Nov.5,1752.*

Lucy C., of Gloucester, and John P. Phelps, int.Jan.10,1835.

Lydia, and William Holman, jr., certif. Oct.31,1795.*

Mary, and Hugh Smith, May12,1772.*

Mary, and Francis Grant [jr. int.], Aug.9,1789.*

Mary, and Joshua Cross, jr., Apr.7,1801.*

Meriam, and Nathan Hoag, Dec.13,1739.*

Nancy, and Samuel K[imball. int.] Putnam, Dec.14,1817.*

Nancy, and William P. Symonds, June15,1825.*

Nancy F[orester. int.], and Thomas Kinsley, Nov.1,1836.*

Nathan, of Boston, and Nancy Eaton, int.Aug.1,1807.

Rachel, and Daniel Hathorne, Oct.21,1756.

Sally, and William Millet, Nov.17,1831.*

Sarah S[], and Chaplin Conway, b. Baltimore, June22,1848.*

Sylvester, and Abby Wells Rider, int.Nov.27,1842.

William, and Hannah Holt of Andover, at Andover, Jan.4,1781.*

William, and SallY Punchard, Dec.29,1792.*

William, and Betsy Richardson of Beverly, int.July14,1804.

William, and Elizabeth Bowen, Sept.18,1822.*

William, jr., and Hannah Dane Phelps of Gloucester, int.Oct.8,1831. (Certificate Oct.31.)

PHILBRICK (Philbrook)

Samuel, s.Joseph and Lois, of Seabrook, NH, and Eliza Southwick, d.Edward and Abigail, of Danvers, 19:9m:1816.CR7

Sarah, of Hampton Falls, and Francis Marshall, int.June2,1750.

PHILBROOK (Philbrick)

Alvah, of Danvers, and Sarah E. Wheeler, int.Jan.10,1847.

PHILIPS (Phillips)

Henry, and Elizabeth Lambert, May28,1771.*

Mary [of Lynn. int.], and William Browne, Oct.3,1786.*

Matthew, and Sarah Blyth [Bleigh, jr. int.], Sept.24,1730.*

Nathaniel, and Anna Smith, Oct.3,1782.*

Ruth, and Nathaniel Eaton of Reading, Feb.26,1752.*

PHILLIPS (Philips, Phylips)

Aaron F., and Eliza Ann Pollard, Oct.19,1834.*

Abigail, and William Diman, Dec.13,1801.*

Andrew J., of Topsfield, and Sophia Mayo, int.July16,1848.

Ann, of Lynn, and William H. Hubbard of Richmond, VA, at Lynn, Sept.8,1817.CR11

Ann, and James Pollock, Oct.24,1848.*

Charlottee C., and Walter S. Harris, int.Aug.29,1841.

Content, of Lynn, and Robert Marshall, at Lynn, Feb.7,1788.*

Cornelia [], and Benjamin F. Vanderford, Nov.2,1846.*

Deborah, of Danvers, and Henry Trask [jr. int.], at Danvers, Jan.4,1770.*

Ebenezer B., and Maria L. Stanwood, Apr.5,1841.

Elizabeth, and Robert Edwards Endecott, Nov.24,1720.

Elizabeth, and John Welch, Sept.5,1791.

Elizabeth, and John Millet, Aug.5,1792.*

Betsy, and John Daniels, int.Sept.17,1803.

Elizabeth, of Topsfield, and Henry P. Edgar, int.Feb.6,1836.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Wheeler, Jan.23,1837.*

Erastus [] D.R., of Lynn, and Mary E. Dixey, Nov.29,1846.*

George, and Ruth Ingalls, Nov.9,1817.*

George, and Mary Fisher [], Apr.14,1831.*

George, and Betsey Fisher, Dec.16,1840.*

Hannah, and Paul Langdon [of Boston. int.], Sept.15,1715.*

Hannah, and Amos Putnam [jr. int.], Mar.18,1743.*

Hannah, of Topsfield, and Thomas R. Lewis, Mar.4,1841.*

Hezekiah, now resident in Salem, and Susanah Waters, int.Nov.18,1710.

James, and Sarah Stevens, Feb.12,1693-4.CTR

James, and Elizabeth Taylor, Feb.25,1724-5.

James, and Lucy Peabody of Andover, int.June6,1805.

Jane, and Benjamin Hutchinson, Nov.14, [1689.CR2]

Jane, of Lynn, and John Massey, at Lynn, Nov.27,1766.

John G., and Sally Jones, int.May23,1829.

John, of Topsfield, and Mrs.Sarah Williams, Mar.21,1844.*

John, of Lynn, b. Lynn, and Elizabeth L. [S. int.] Williamson, Oct.30,1849.*

Judith, of Lynn, and Hiram Pond, int.Mar.18,1826.

Judith, and Samuel G. Burt, July22,1827.*

Lemuel, and Sarah Caroll, May18,1806.*

Lemuel, and Mrs.Mary Dismore, int.Nov.30,1833.

Lucy [Mrs.CR12], and Philip Manning, certif. Jan.10,1808.*

Lydia, and Bartholomew Henfeild, July29,1742.

Lydia, Mrs., and Charles Shumway of Topsfield, int.July15,1838.

Mary, and George Abbott of Andover, Nov.29,1721.

Mary G., and Hiram Pond, 2d m.,末蔓末, [bef. 1837].

Olive, and Andrew Cox, Dec.24,1835.*

Richard, and Abigail Twiss, Jan.3,1739-40.*

Richard, and Elizabeth Butler of Danvers, at Danvers, May16,1775.*

Samuel, and Mary Emerson, May26,1687.

Samuell, 2d m., and Mrs.Sarah Mayfield, Apr.27,1704.

Sarah, and Ruphus Herrick, June2,1714.*

Sally, and Thomas Standley, jr., of Lynn, June22,1817.*

Sarah of Lynn and Larkin Thorndike, int.Dec.1,1821.

Sarah T., and John P. Teague of Lynn, int.Oct.25,1833.

Sarah E., a.17y., d.John G. and Sally, and John E. Chase, a.27y., cordwainer, s.Charles and Dorothy, Mar.17,1846. [Feb.21,1847. int.]*

Silence, and Daniel Rogers, int.Dec.9,1710.

Stephen, and Dorcas Woodbridge, Oct.9,1796.*

Stephen, and Elizabeth Peirce, certif. Feb.19,1804.*

Stephen C., and Jane A. Peele, Nov.7,1822.*

Stephen C., and Margaret M. Peele, Sept.3,1838.*

Susan P., and John Munday, Nov.13,1831.*

Thomas, of Waltham, and Rebecca Saunders, Jan.30,1836.*

Timothy, and Judith Shaw, Oct.8,1809.*

Walter, jr., of Lynn, and Elizabeth Blany, int.Oct.17,1713.

PHILPOT (Philpott)

Anna, and Benjamin Gale, Mar.5,1775.*

PHILPOTT (Philpot)

John, and Mary Wesgate, Dec.16,1714.*

John, and Elizabeth Ives, Dec.11,1718.


Maria [P. int.], and Paul Baker, June20,1830.*

PHIPEN (Phippen)

Sara, and George Hodges, 24:7m:[bet. 1665 and 1669.]CTR

PHIPPEN (Phipen, Phippin, Phippeny)

Abial, and David Chapin of Boston, int.Apr.12,1729.

Abigail, Mrs., and William Furnace, Oct.2,1707.*

Abigail, and Nathaniel Pike, Oct.11,1739.*

Abigail, and Joseph T. [J. int.] Knap, June10,1798.*

Abigail, and Andrew Hazeltine, Oct.20,1840.*

Abraham, and Sally Tiplady, July6,1817.*

Abraham, and Sally Fletcher, Nov.6,1825.*

Abraham W., and Jane [] Grover, Nov.20,1836.*

Ann, and Benjamin Ropes, Mar.10,1694-5.

Anstis, and Jonathan Smith, Sept.6,1789.*

Atwater, and Olive Butler, Mar.20,1750.*

Atwater, and Martha Phippen, Nov.7,1791.*

Benjamin, and Ruth Marston, Nov.1,1715.*

Benjamin, and Hannah Becket, July5,1739.*

Benjamin, and Mary Wells, Jan.15,1829.*

Charlotte, and Oliver Lane [of Gloucester. int.], Dec.10,1822.*

Charlotte, and Daniel Marshall, May14,1837.

Charlotte L., and William H[] Archer, Apr.25,1843.*

David, and, wid.Ann Eger, June26,1672.CTR

David, and Priscilla Bickford of Reading, May24,1738.*

David, and Nancy Cook, Feb.17,1799.*

Ebenezer, and Elizabeth Simmes, Oct.27,1772.*

Edward, and Harriet Wellington, July25,1834.*

Edward A., laborer, and Mary A[nn. int.] Henley [], of Eastport, ME, Sept.5,1847.*

Elizabeth, and John Webb, Oct.18,1705.

Elizabeth, and Henry Whilden, Apr.12,1722.

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Cook, Dec.24,1730.*

Elizabeth, and Daniell Parrot, Sept.18,1738.*

Elizabeth, wid., and Samuel Bagnel, June27,1749.*

Elizabeth, and Edward Archer, Oct.11,1795.

George Dean, s.Hardy and Ursula, and Margaret Barton, d.John and Mary, Apr.13,1840.*

Hanna, and Robert Herbert, Oct.19,1704.

Hannah, and Joseph Roberts, July7,1737.*

Hannah [Abigail. int.], and Benjamin West, Aug.9,1762.*

Hannah, jr., and William Matthews, Mar.22,1767.

Hannah, and [Capt. int.] George Hodges, Mar.25,1798.*

Hardy, and Ursula K. Symonds, d.Jonathan and Ursula, Mar.18,1804.*

Israel, and Elizabeth Trevitt, Apr.11,1745.*

Israel, and Sally Hutson, July24,1808.*

John, and Elizabeth Hartshorn, Nov.23,1709.*

John [jr. int.], and Hannah Hooper, Dec.10,1742.*

Jonathan, and Julia Ann Davis, Sept.22,1844.*

Joseph, and Seaborne Gooden, Dec.22,1670.CTR

Joseph, sr., and Damaris Searl, Apr.14,1686.

Joseph, and Susanna Hartshorne, Jan.18,1719-20. [Jan.15.CR1]

Joseph, and Nabby Dane, certif. Nov.27,1803.*

Joseph [jr. int.], and Lois Fairfield, Mar.1,1807.*

Joseph Hardy, s.Hardy and Ursula, and Susan Harris Lord, d.David and Lucy, Mar.26,1840.*

Joshua, and Hannah Sibley, Oct.3,1764.*

Joshua, jr., and Susanna Trask [Nancy Trask, of], certif. Mar.18,1799.*

Joshua, 2d m.and Ursula (Knapp) Symonds, wid.Jonathan, Oct.25,1801.*

Joshua, s.Hardy and Ursula, and Betsey Barr Holman, d.Jonathan and Betsey, Apr.22,1841.*

Lois, and Benjamin Balch, certif. Dec.13,1800.*

Louis, Mrs., and Josiah Clark of Hillsborough, NH, int.Oct.23,1824.

Lydia, and John Fiske, June12,1766.*

Lydia, and Andros G. Clough, Nov.27,1808.*

Martha, and Atwater Phippen, Nov.7,1791.*

Martha, and William Edwards, Sept.11,1838.*

Martha Ann, and William [A. int.] Frye, Sept.30,1845.*

Mary, and Edward Rose, [Oct.10. int.], 1730.*

Polly, and Benjamin Babbidge of Portsmouth, NH, int.Apr.13,1793.

Mary, and Elijah Fuller, certif. Apr.19,1805.*

Mary E[lizabeth int.], and Charles P. Cottle, Sept.16,1844.*

Nancy, and Joseph H. Smith, Sept.16,1810.*

Nathaniel, and Margaret Palfrey, June29,1710.*

Nathaniel [jr. int.], and Sarah [] Hardy, Oct.14,1734.*

Nathaniel, and Seeth Hardy, d.Joseph, Oct.16,1736.

Nathaniel, and Abigail Hooper, certif. May2,1779.*

Nathaniel, and Anna Picket, Sept.4,1786. [ Sept.3. dup.]*

Nathaniel, and Martha C. Clark, Dec.24,1820.*

Niles T. [Miles T. int.], and Mary Jane Grover, Apr.3,1839.*

Olive, and Isaac Perkins, jr., Mar.27,1790.*

Priscilla, and John Gill, Oct.5,1768.

Rachel, and James Cook, Sept.18,1732.*

Rebecca, and Robert Allen, Dec.3,1741.*

Rebecca, and William King, Mar.10,1785.*

Rebecca Maria, and Josiah Dow, Jan.5,1806. [Jan.15.CR1]*

Robert, and Abigail Gavet, certif. Feb.5,1809.*

Robert H., and Lydia A[nn. int.] Marston, Mar.5,1832.*

Ruth, wid., and Henry West, Dec.22,1726.

Ruth, and Mascoll Williams, June5,1740.

Samuel, and Rachell Guppy, 1:12m:1676.CTR

Samuel, and ELizabeth English, June12,1701.

Samuell, and Mary Beadle,末蔓末,1708.

Samuell, and Rebeckah Beadle, Mar.20,1718.

Samuel, and Mary Swain, Oct.27,1782.*

Samuel, and Sally Burns, Dec.2,1810.*

Sarah, and Benjamin English, June8,1699.CTR

Sarah, and Zerubbabel Williams, Aug.6,1725.

Sara, and [Capt. int.] Samuel Hobbes, May28,1780.*

Sarah, and Thomas Smith, int.May17,1783.

Sally, and George Dean, July26,1791.*

Sally, [], and William Hall, Mar.21,1824.*

Stephen, and Rebecca Palfray, Oct.29,1767.

Susan R. [K. int.], and Peter H. Jowders of Hamilton, Jan.6,1848.*

Susannah, and Henry West, Dec.2,1718.

Susanna, and Thomas Hovey, certif. July25,1773.*

Thomas, and Mrs.Mary Gedney, Oct.末,1706.

Thomas, and Margaret Driver, Nov.2,1749.*

Thomas [widr.CR1], and, wid.Sarah Smith, Apr.12,1766.*

Thomas, jr., and Rebecca Wellman, certif. Dec.27,1774.*

Thomas, jr., and Sally Lufkin, certif. Aug.8,1801.*

Ursula S., d.Hardy and Ursula, and Isaac N. Chapman [Joseph N., s.Isaac N. and Rebecca.dup.], Mar.10,1840.*

William, and Elizabeth Bush, Apr.4,1744.*

William, and Lois Hitchings, certif. Nov.22,1777.*

William, and, wid.Anna Ring, certif. Aug.6,1794.*

William, and Sally Hathorne, certif. June27,1797.*

PHIPPENY (Phippen)

Seath, and Thomas Needham, Feb.17,1754.

PHIPPIN (Phippen)

Joseph H., and Elizabeth Gayett, Feb.20,1828.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Thomas Dean, jr., July31,1751.*

PHIPPS (Phips, Phyps)

Charles W., and Mrs.Eliza Ray [], Mar.3,1829.*

Dudley, and Mehitable Knight, Aug.7,1841.*

Elias, and Harriet Swasey, Apr.10,1825.*

Eliza, wid., and Jonas Parnel, int.July1,1801. (Forbidden by Elizabeth Phipps.)

Elizabeth, and John Smith, Aug.22,1802. [Aug.2.CR1]*

George W., and Lydia J. Stevens of Gardiner, ME, int.June5,1842.

Hannah, and Thomas Francis, June29,1806.*

John, and Elizabeth Griffith, certif. Oct.20,1776.*

John, and Hannah White, certif. Aug.31,1797.*

John A[], and Mary Smith, July5,1827.*

Joseph, and Lois Burrill, Sept.21,1817.*

Joseph, jr., and Mary E[] Burnham, Oct.13,1839.*

Judith, and Samuel Smith, Oct.13,1823.*

Lois, and John D. Gurrin [of Gloucester. int.], Sept.17,1820.*

Louisa, and William B. Marshall [of Haverhill. int.], July27,1845.*

Martha, and William H. Buffum, Sept.6,1840.*

Mary [], wid., and Benjamin Gale, Aug.2,1741.*

Mary, wid., and James Christian Lindegarrd, int.May31,1828.

Mary K., and John C. Plummer, Nov.18,1830.*

Mary A., and Edwin Humphrey, June10,1838.*

Samuel, and Martha Pitman, Mar.12,1809.*

Samuel, jr., and Susan G. Grant, int.Nov.2,1833.

Samuel, and [] Nancy Wells, Apr.25,1841.*

Sally, and Joseph Sanger, int.Apr.2,1805.

Susan, and Nathaniel Davis, Nov.19,1828.*

William, and Adaline C. Luscomb, Sept.1,1843.*

PHIPS (Phipps)

John, and Mary Barker, Feb.4,1735-6.*

William, and Sarah Poor of Wenham, int.Sept.8,1827.

PHYLIPS (Phillips)

Lydia, and Benjamin Woodman of Wenham, Oct.7,1746.*

PHYPS (Phipps)

Mary, and Nehemiah Gould, July11,1758.*


Mary [], of Beverly, and Benjamin Brown, 3d, at Beverly, Apr.9,1793.*

PICKERING (Pickring)

Abigail, and James Scollay, Nov.22,1764.*

Abraham, and Hannah Marshall, [int.Sept.29], 1810.*

Abraham, and Sarah Ropes, Nov.14,1819.*

Benjamin, and Jane Hobby, Apr.27,1693.

Benjamin, and Lydia Stanley [of], May8,1827.*

Benjamin, and Lucy A. Priest [of Boston. int.], Aug.2,1846. [int.July, 1846.]*

Edward, and Hannah Going of Lynn, at Lynn, Mar.12,1724.

Elizabeth [], and Abraham Watson [July17,1736. int.].*

Elizabeth, and Adam Ravel, certif. Apr.28,1774.*

Betsy, and John Symonds, 5th, Mar.5,1793. [certif.CR12]*

Betsy, and Aaron Francis, jr., certif. Aug.23,1800.*

Elizabeth, of Wenham, and Hammond Dorsey of Baltimore, Aug.12,1816.

Elizabeth, d.William and Mary, and John Simons [], widr., mariner, Jan.16,1845.*

Eunice, and Joseph Neal, Dec.10,1724.

Eunice [Mrs., jr. int.], and Rev. Pain Wingate of Hampton Falls, NH, May23,1765.*

Hanah, and Daniel King, Mar.28,1695.CTR

Hanna, and Nathaniell Silsby, jr., May27,1703.

Hannah, and Adoniram Collins, Aug.20,1731.*

Hannah, and Joseph Foster, Dec.17,1762.*

Hannah, and Daniel Beckford, Apr.28,1793.*

Jackson H., and Mrs.Mary Palmer, Dec.13,1832.*

James, and Thankfull Moor of Lynn, int.Jan.6,1727-8.

James, and Sarah Kettle, Feb.5,1771.*

James, and, wid.Mary Carriage, certif. Nov.18,1784.*

James, and Sarah Rhodes of Danvers, at Danvers, Oct.13,1797.*

James, and Mary G. Grover, Jan.1,1844.*

Jane, and Samuell Aborne, July17,1723.

Jane, and Gilbert Taply, June25,1779.*

John, jr., and Sarah Burrell, June14,1683.CTR

John, and Hanna Ingersoll, Aug.6,1763.*

John, jr., and Sarah White, Mar.3,1805.*

John [jr. int.], and Elizabeth Southwick, Feb.14,1813.*

Jonathan, and Jane Cromwell, Mar.14,1665.CTR

Jonathan, jr., and Elizabeth Snow of boston, int.Mar.8,1711-12.

Joseph, and Sarah Symonds, June4,1733.*

Joseph, and Mary Procter of Danvers, Feb.8,1758. [Feb.5.CR1]*

Joseph, jr., and Rachel Henderson, Dec.4,1759.*

Joseph, and Hannah Morse, certif. Nov.7,1782.*

Joseph [jr. int.], and Nancy Farmer, June16,1829.*

Lois, Mrs., and Timothy Orne, Apr.7,1709.

Lucy, and Capt. Israel Dodge, June17,1766.

Mary, and William Reeves, Jan.16,1734.*

Mary, and Thomas Ellis, jr. of Beverly, int.July31,1740.

Mary, Mrs.[jr. int.], and Rev. Dudley Leavitt, Oct.17,1751.*

Mary, and James Arrington, Aug.2,1768.

Mary, and Nathaniel Brown, Mar.19,1797.*

Polly, and James Jordan, May1,1808.*

Mary, of Wenham, and Benjamin R. Nichols, int.Mar.20,1813.

Mary, and Stephen Palmer, certif. Aug.7,1814.*

Mary Ann, and John Semmons, int.Jan.18,1834.

Mercy, and Benjamin Smith, Apr.22,1713.*

Rachel, and Joseph Newhall, Sept.2,1787.*

Sarah, and Joseph Hardy, June25,1707.*

Sara, and Stephen Archer, June11,1766.*

Sarah, and Henry Day, certif. Aug.15,1798.*

Sally, and Henry Harding of Medway, Mar.16,1813.*

Sarah R., and Benjamin W. Peach, int.Mar.29,1840.

Sarah E., and George W. Emerson, int.July23,1848.

Timothy, and Mary Winget of Hampton, int.Oct.2,1728.

Timothy, Esq. [jr. int.], and Rebecca Wite, late of Boston and resident in Bradford, at Bradford, Apr.8,1776.*

William, and Hannah Browne, June19,1695.

William, and Mrs.Eunice Neal, Apr.6,1738.*

William, and Elizabeth Gray, certif. May18,1780.*

William, and Mary Morong, Oct.20,1805.*

William, and Mary Ann Pattey, Dec.3,1835.*

PICKET (Pickett)

Anna, and Nathaniel Phippen, Sept.4,1786. [ Sept.3. dup.]*

Nancy, and Edward Woodbury, Nov.13,1845.

Sally Ann, and Stephen W. Woodbury, Sept.23,1834.

PICKETT (Picket)

Hannah, and Nathaniel Trumbull, Sept.11,1785.*

Jane E., and William W. Berry, int.Jan.9,1842.

John W., and Ann Jenet Bride, Feb.17,1839.*

John L., of Winchester, NH, a.28y., yeoman, s.Hosea, of Winchester, NH, and Sarah W. Haskell, a.25y., d.Thomas, of Surry, ME, May2,1848.*

Lydia, and Samuel Russell, May26,1822.*

PICKMAN (Pikman, Pitman)

Abigail, jr., and Nathaniell Ropes, Oct.8,1724.

Abigail [], and William Epes, Esq., late of Chesterfield, VA, Apr.5,1750.*

Anna, and Magnus Mowett [of the] Orkneys [late of Shomness in the Orkneys.CR1], Mar.22,1767.

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Hardy, July27,1667.CTR

Benjamin, of Marblehead, and Elizabeth Woodwell, Nov.14,1700.

Benjamin, Capt., and Mrs.Abigail Lindall, Oct.26,1704.

Benjamin, and Love Rawlings, Oct.末,1731.

Benjamin [jr. int.], and Mary Toppan [jr. int.], Apr.22,1762.*

Benjamin, jr., and Anstis Derby, Oct.20,1789.*

Catherine S., and Richard S. Fay of Boston, May30,1832.*

Clark Gayton, and Sara Orne [4th, d.Timothy, dec. int.], July24,1770.*

Dudley L. [Hon. int.], and Catherine Saunders, Sept.6,1810.*

Eliza L., d.Dudley L., and Richard S. Rogers, widr., merchant, s.Nathaniel, dec., Mar.17,1847.*

Elizabeth, [], and John Nutting, Sept.11,1740.*

Elizabeth, Mrs.[jr. int.], and John Nuttings [jr. int.], Oct.8,1761.*

Elizabeth, and Daniel Abbot, Esq. of Dunstable [NH.CR12], certif. Aug.11 or 24,1805.*

Elizabeth, and Jacob Farley, Feb.11,1810.*

Elizabeth D., d.Hon. B., and E. Hersey Derby of Boston, Apr.18,1837.CR12*

Hanna, and John Sanders, Nov.5,1661.CTR

James [Pitman. int.], and Sarah Southwick of Danvers, at Danvers, May2,1776.*

John, and Margaret Morgan alias Norton, Feb.28,1733.

Joseph, jr., and Bethiah Chapman, int.Dec.10,1764.

Joseph, and Harriet Smeathers [], Aug.9,1818.*

Joshua, and Mrs.Abigail Willoughby, Nov.23,1704.

Joshua, Capt., and Mrs.Elizabeth Nickolls of Boston, int.May10,1712.

Judith [], and Edward Augustus Holyoke, June5,1755.*

Love [jr. int.], and Peter Frye, May2,1751.*

Martha [Pittman.CTR], and Edmund Batter, Oct.末 [Oct.26,1699.CTR]

Martha [d.Hon. Benjamin.CR12], and Samuel B. Walcott of Hopkinton, NH, June1,1829.*

Mary, and Jonathan Geffords, Nov.25,1708.CTR

Mary, 2d, and Isaac Osgood, Esq., certif. June28,1803.*

Rachel, and Ebenezer Ward, Oct.23,1735.*

Rebecca Taylor, and Isaac Osgood, Esq., certif. Dec.8,1794.*

Sarah, and George Curwen, Mar.18,1738.*

Sally, and Isaac Osgood, Esq., Oct.12,1790.*

Thomas [Dr. int.], and Polly Harraden, Nov.28,1802.*

Thomas [Dr. int.], and Sophia Palmer, Dec.21,1815.*

William, and Elizabeth Eastwick, 24:4m:1673.CTR

William, and Elizabeth Leavitt of Haverhill, int.Oct.10,1776.

William D., and Caroline Silsbee, int.May27,1849.

PICKRING (Pickering)

Alls, and Jonathan Gaskill, husbandman, Sept.9,1726.CR7

PICKWORTH (Picworth)

Elisabeth, and John Deggujo, int.Sept.23,1780.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Henfield [jr. int.], Aug.7,1792. [certif.CR12]*

John, of Marblehead, and Elizabeth Lander, Oct.7,1756.

Jonathan, and Polly Elson, int.Feb.3,1781.

Joseph, of Marblehead, and Hannah Verry, at Marblehead, Dec.15,1737.*

Joseph, of Marblehead, and Mehittable Walcott, Jan.3,1739.*

Polly, and Jonathan Pease, Sept.3,1798.*

Mary, and Benjamin Punchard, jr., July4,1802.*

Ruth, and James Hanscom, Feb.20,1803.*

Samuell, and Sara Mastone, 3:9m:1667.CTR

Sara, and Joseph Mazurye, Mar.25,1679-80.CTR

Sophia, and Willard Richards of Portland, int.May22,1813.

PICWORTH (Pickworth)

John, jr., and Mary Abbot, int.Jan.3,1778.

PIERCE (Pearce, Pearse, Peirce)

Benjamin, and Ruth Valer, Jan.25,1829.*

Eliza, of Tyngsborough, and Ebenezer S. Munroe, int May14,1837.

Elisabeth [of Boston. int.], and Capt. John Derby, at Boston, Oct.9,1787.

Elizabeth, and George Nichols, Sept.29,1836.*

Hanna, and Edmond Whittemore [jr. int.], Oct.20,1774.*

Humphry, of Marblehead, and Martha Procter, Oct.1,1716.

John, jr., and Nancy Sibley, July3,1796.*

John, and Dorcas Tucker, certif. Apr.15,1804.*

Jonathan, and Lydia Osborne, certif. Sept.24,1803.*

Joshua, and Sarah Johnson [both late of Boston. int.], certif. Jan.7,1776.*

Joshua, and Polly Lawrance, June27,1802.

Lydia, and Jonathan Southward, Nov.26,1783.*

Oliver, and Elizabeth Spencer, Jan.1,1829.*

Prudence S., of Windsor, ME, and Richard Bowditch, int.Jan.7,1844.

Rebecca, and Paul Upton, certif. Oct.5,1785.*

Sarah, and John Barr, May20,1784.

Thomas, of Beverly, and Hannah B. Loring, int.Feb.24,1839.

PIERSON (Pearson)

Abel L., jr., mariner, s.Abel L., and Elizabeth T. Sutton, d.William, July22,1847.*

Hannah, and Frederick Alborn, int.Mar.11,1797.

PIESLEY (Peasley)

Abigail F., of Lynn, and Jonathan Alley, 8:10m:1840.


Joseph, and Margaret White, certif. Sept.19,1780.*


Abigail, and John Knight, May27,1830.*

Benjamin, of Boston, and Esther Marston, June10,1801.*

Ebenezer, of Danvers, and Elizabeth Goodale, Apr.23,1788.*

Eliza, and Benjamin Thayer, 2d [of], Dec.6,1840.*

Eliza M., of Danvers, and Eliphalet S. Weatherbee of Medford, Nov.30,1848.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and John Dolhond, Dec.1,1737.*

C.L., and Sophia [P. Segee. int.] Seger, June29,1840.*

Eunice L., and Tristam D. Webber of Beverly, int.Sept.28,1845.

Hugh, and Betsy Marston, Dec.30,1810.*

Hugh, and Elizabeth Hale, int.Oct.28,1820.

Jacob, and Mary Floyd, Nov.18,1807.*

Lucy A. [M. int.], and Benjamin Dodge, May19,1844.*

Maria W., and William King, int.Sept.28,1833. (Stopped, he being already married.)

Mary, and Richard Woodmancy, Sept.10,1701. [Nov.13. dup.]

Mary, and Ahijah Estes, Apr.11,1728.*

Nathaniell, and Margarett King, int.Dec.22,1711.

Nathaniel, and Abigail Phippen, Oct.11,1739.*

Richard, and, wid.Elizabeth Orms, Jan.26,1715-16.*

Richard, and Elizabeth Jefferds of Wells, int.Apr.13,1751.

Richard, and Mary Blyth, Nov.12,1772.*

Sarah H., and Amos Cluff of Danvers [Aug.16,1832. int.]*

Susannah, and Joseph Hood, May4,1738.*

PIKMAN (Pickman)

John, and Hana Weekes, Aug.27,1667.CTR


Mary, and John Grant of Marblehead, int.Sept.11,1742.

PILLSBURY (Pilsbury)

Moses, and, wid.Susannah Symonds, int.Nov.6,1830.

PILSBURY (Pillsbury)

Benjamin, and Mary White, int.Oct.31,1795.

John M., and Mehala Libbey, int.Jan.23,1836.

Moses H[ale. int.], and Lucy McIntire, Nov.24,1825.*


William, jr., and Martha Elkens, Mar.4,1780.*


George W., and Priscilla Allen, Jan.15,1822.*


Philip P., Capt., and Susan Peters, Jan.5,1812.*


David, and Ann Maria Kimball of Plaistow, NH, int.Nov.19,1825.

Mary, and Nathan W. Hazen of Andover, Oct.21,1830.*

Thomas Perkins, and Abigail Garland of Danvers, July17,1828.*


Hannah F., d.Isaac, and Joseph L. Fitz, housewright, May5,1847.*


William, and Priscilla Bent, Jan.14,1813.


Elizabeth, and James Payn, both of Marblehead, May21,1786.


James, and, wid.Mary (Smith) Levet, int.Sept.8,1764.

PINSENT (Pinson)

William, and Rebecka Greene, 27:12m:167[5.TC]CTR

PINSON (Pinsent)

Elizabeth, and Patrick Hickey, both of Marblehead, Sept.2,1726.

Rebeccah, wid., and Joseph Boobier of Marblehead, Jan.1,1696-7.CTR


Elizabeth, and Moses Kimball, Aug.22,1827.*

James S., and Melinda [], Caldwell, Sept.13,1827.*

Nathaniel, and Anna Skerry, Nov.23,1806.*


John, and Sally Welcomb, Nov.13,1808.*


John, and Ann Comelius, int.Dec.8,1744.

Lavina, and Shillaber Haley, Oct.19,1834,*


Samuel, and Elisabeth Ashwood, at Marblehead, Feb.6,1684-5.

PITMAN (Pickman, Pitnam, Pittman)

Benjamin, and [] Catherine Carwick, July26,1825.*

Bethia, and John Silsby, Feb.15,1673.CTR

Bethiah, and Abel [] Gardner, Oct.6,1785.*

Bethia C., and Samuel Ropes, 3d, Nov.3,1841.*

Caroline S. [F. int.], and Michael Brown, June10,1845.*

Catherine, and John Brooks, June7,1848.*

Eliza B., and William H. Flowers, Oct.4,1838.*

Elizabeth [Pickman. int.], and John Ormes, May4,1710.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph Barrett, certif. Nov.25,1773.*

Betsey, and Samuel Roles of Danvers, int.Sept.23,1788.

Betsy [], and John Burnham, May18,1800.*

Betsy, and Daniel Jewett, Sept.22,1803.*

Eliza [], and Oliver Herrick, Dec.24,1838.*

Hannah, and John Rowell, Sept.5,1802.*

Hannah, and John Welsh [], June16,1822.*

Harriet, and Henry Clement of Boston, June23,1841.

J. Francis [of Boston. int.], and Sarah M. Brooks, Feb.26,1845.*

John, and Martha Very, Feb.8,1752.*

John, jr., and Mary Simmonds, int.May13,1781.

John, and, wid.Elizabeth Seldon of Danvers, int.Feb.12,1803.

John, and Sally Chapman, July14,1805.*

John E. [C. int.], and Sarah B. Tufts, 1827 or 1828. [Aug.25,1827. int.]*

John, and Hannah Pulsifer, int.Jan.31,1835.

Jonathan, and Sarah Collier, Nov.10,1808.*

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Davidson, int.Sept.28,1817. ("forbid by Overseers of the Poor. ")

Jonathan, and Betsy Davidson, May18,1819.*

Joseph, and Betsy MacIntire, certif. June5,1794.*

Joshua, and Hannah Slowly, int.June27,1779.

Joshua, and [] Mary Gamble [Gambrill. int.], Mar.23,1824.*

Joshua, and Mrs.Rebecca Carnes, int.Sept.22,1844. (Withdrawn.)

Mark, and Sophia Francis, Mar.10,1799.*

Mark, jr., and Harriet W. Brown, Aug.18,1836.*

Martha, and Benjamin Reed, int.Mar.18,1780.

Martha, and Samuel Phipps, Mar.12,1809.*

Mary, and Robert Hodg, June22,1665.CTR

Mary, and John Buffington, Aug.18,1767.

Mary, and Jonathan Morong, certif. May6,1785.*

Mary, and Edward B. Arnold, May20,1824.*

Mary, and George Driver, Apr.28,1829.*

Mary Jane, and Edward Arnold, Nov.10,1846.*

Michael [Pickman. int.], and Margaret Thomas, Sept.9,1764.*

Michael, and Sally Carwick, Nov.22,1788.*

Michael, jr., and Mary Bowditch, certif. Sept.18,1814.*

Nathaniel, and Nancy Peters, Mar.15,1823.*

Peter, "ordered to march with his regiment to NY," and Hannah Clemmons, certif. July17,1776.*

Peter, and Lydia Small, July3,1808.*

Rachel, and John Browne, Sept.14,1769.

Samuel, and Sally R. Palfry, June19,1821.*

Samuel C., and Caroline L. Stetson, Mar.11,1833.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Mayfield, Apr.10,1690.CTR

Sarah, and John Porter, certif. July21,1779.*

Sally, and Samuel Turner [of], Aug.31,1793.*

Sally, and Samuel Howard, May2,1805.*

Sarah, and George B. Porter of Danvers, int.June18,1808.

Sarah A., and Nathaniel Pulsifer, int.Oct.3,1835.

Sarah E., and David T. Parshley, Aug.8,1844.*

Susan, and Rufus Guilford [of Lynn. int.], Nov.22,1812.*

Susan, and Samuel Noah, jr., wheelwright, s.Samuel, sr., Dec.26,1847.*

Tabitha, and Edward Feveryeare, 30:6m:1664.CTR

Thomas, and Sarah Bachelder, int.Apr.12,1783.

William, and Sally Moses, Nov.18,1792.*

William, and Mary Smith, int.Mar.22,1818.

William H., and Abigail S. Battis, int.July7,1844.

William [H. int.], and Mary C. Noble, July1,1846.*

PITNAM (Pitman)

Elizabeth, wid., and Edward Bush, Aug.1,1678.CTR

PITTMAN (Pitman)

Jeremiah, and Martha Band, July2,1686.CTR

John, and Rachel Cimball, Aug.11,1748.*

John, and, wid.Sarah Daniels, int.Feb.12,1774.


Darling, and Mary F. Batchelder, July5,1838.*

Henry, and Sarah Ridley, Apr.27,1836.*

Judith, and Elisha P. Hurd, June2,1833.*

Nathaniel, and Mary Jane Stone, Sept.23,1833.*

Otis, and Releif Fisher, June1,1843.*

Thomas, and Caroline C. [E. int.] Kelley, May13,1838.*


J.M., of Boston, and Catherine M. Felt, July19,1835.

Ichabod, and [Mrs.dup.] Sarah Browne, Oct.20,1720.

Ichabod, jr., and Mrs.Eunice Browne, jr. [d.Benjamin. dup.], Sept.3,1751.*

Mary, Mrs., and Capt. Ellis Huske, 25:8br:1720.

Mary, and Joseph Sherburne of Boston, Jan.24,1750.*

Thomas, of Boston, and Mary Webb, Mar.9,1707-8.


John G., and [] Mary Ann [G. int.] Atkins [], Apr.29,1832.*


Anna, wid., and Hunlock Palfray, Jan.2,1798.*


John, and Sarah Ward, Sept.23,1804.*


George, and Lucy Ann Wilton [Willber. int.], Nov.25,1835.*


Samuel, of Rowley, and Philipa Felt, at Rowley, Nov.19,1682.


Eliza, and Ezekiel Hoyt, Apr.3,1832.*


John, of Lynn, and Matilda Warner, int.Mar.30,1833. (Certificate Apr.15.)


Lewis [of Newark. int.], and Eliza P. Lemon, July27,1829.*

PLUMER (Plummer)

Anne, of Rowley, and Benjamin Quimby, at Rowley, Nov.4,1742.*

Lydia L., and Benjamin Bullock, int.June24,1849.

PLUMMER (Plumer)

Enoch [jr. int.], of Newbury, b. Newbury, and Harriet E. Hazeltine, Apr.29,1845.*

Hezekiah, and M.A. Wallis, int.June7,1846.

James, and Abigail Upton, Feb.7,1819.*

Jesse, and Sally Nichols of Amherst, NH, int.Nov.23,1817.

John, and Elizabeth Obear [of], Sept.23,1781.*

John C., and Martha S. Frye, Oct.19,1828.*

John C., and Mary K. Phipps, Nov.18,1830.*

Joshua P., and Hannah F. Buxton, Sept.10,1829.*

Lucy P., and David C. Curtis, both of Boston, Dec.9,1847.

Maryann, Mrs., and William Plummer,末蔓末,1833. [Certificate Apr.15.]*

Mary H., of Haverhill, and Thomas Pearson, int.June16,1810.

Mary D. [J. int.], and John Frazer, Jan.4,1842.*

Mary Ann, and Timothy J. Wellman, June9,1842.*

M[] Justin, and Mary E, Walls, June27,1843.*

Sarah, and Moses Carr, Dec.2,1827.*

William, and Mrs.Maryann Plummer,末蔓末,1833. [Certificate Apr.15.]*

William H., and Sarah H. Foss, May1,1848.*

Zeba H., and Elvira A. Sweet, int.Nov.26,1848.

POERTER (Porter)

Ann, and Peter Clark, jr., int.Oct.3,1741.


David, and Bethia Woodberry, Apr.30,1812.

Elizabeth, and William Atkinson, certif. Dec.7,1776.*

Betsy, and Jonathan West, May17,1804.*

Harriet, Mrs., and Joseph Tiplady, int.Dec.24,1837.

Jacob, and Hanna Tuttle [], Apr.4,1784.*

Jacob, jr., and Mary Porter, Nov.24,1805.*

Jacob, and Betsey Hooker of Marblehead, int.Feb.15,1817.

Joanna, and Joseph Mascoll, int.July26,1777.

John, and Harriet Wyatt, May9,1832.*

Joseph [of Hamilton. int.], physician, and Emely C. Phelps, May23,1844.*

Mary, of Danvers, and Asa Whittemore, Nov.10,1768.

Mary Ann, wid., and David Foley, int.July28,1821.

Mary Ann [wid.CR10], and David Foley, June16,1822.

Mary, wid., and Peter Dorrenton, int.Mar.7,1823.

Mary, and Paul Baker, int.June11,1825.

Mary, and Edward Thorp, int.July7,1827. (July13, forbidden by Mr. Thorp.)

Mary, and Edward Thorp of Fairfield, CT, int.Sept.22,1827.

Oliver, see Bland, Oliver.

Oliver, seaman, and Tryphena F. Rennard, Jan.1,1846.*

Philip Oliver, and Mary Ann Madison, May8,1814.*


Mary, and Richard Palmer, July29,1714.*

POLFRY (Palfray)

Walter, and Susanna Browne, Aug.9,1741.*

Warwick, jr., and Mrs.Mary Bickford [of Reading. int.], May3,1738.*


Eliza Ann, and Aaron F. Phillips, Oct.19,1834.*

Ellen R., and Simeon Flint, Nov.27,1845.*

George, of Hallowell, ME, and Rebecca Punchard, int.May21,1820.

George [of Hallowell, ME. int.], and Hannah Adams, Oct.26,1826.*

John B., cordwainer, and Eliza Allen, June6,1847.*


James, and Ann Phillips, Oct.24,1848.*

POMEREE (Pomeroy)

John, and Mary Cowes, 22:5m:167[4.TC]CTR

POMEROY (Pomeree, Pomroy, Pummery)

Arad, and Sally Ropes, Feb.6,1806.*

Martha [], and Daniel Cross, Mar.11,1806.*

Richard, and Martha Glover, int.Jan.11,1777.

POMROY (Pomeroy)

Andrew, and Mrs.Mary Arnold, May15,1834.*

Fanny, Mrs., and Justus Russell of Warwick, May31,1835.*

Mary W. [Nancy W. int.], and Zacharias Burchmore, jr., May2,1839.*

Mary, Mrs., and John Bullock, Nov.24,1840.*

Samuel C., of Boston, and Emity A. Greenleaf, int.Mar.22,1840.

Sarah R., and John W. Downing, Jan.25,1836.*

Susan, and Henry Fox, May21,1835.*


Catharine, and Aaron Ordway [of Louden, NH. int.], May17,1818.*

J.S., and Hannah B. Lyndsey, Nov.28,1833.*

Hiram, and Mary L. Jenkins, May23,1819.*

Hiram, and Judith Phillips of Lynn, int.Mar.18,1826.

Hiram, 2d m., and Mary G. Phillips,末蔓末, [bef. 1837].

Joseph P., and Martha Morong, Apr.17,1826.*

Joseph [P. int.], and Mary S. Hodgkins, Nov.3,1835.*

Martha K., and John A. Turell of Boston, int.Nov.4,1849.

POOL (Poole)

John, of Gloucester, and Elizabeth Holmes, July16,1719.

Larkin W., a.36y., tobacconist, s.Isaac, and Adaline Kidder, a.22y., d.Daniel, Aug.18,1844.*

Maria M., of Boston, and Nathan Pool, int.Apr.24,1842.

Martha T., and Nathan Smith, Mar.4,1831.*

Matilda, and Nathan Pool, Oct.23,1837.*

Nathan, and Matilda, Oct.23,1837.*

Nathan, and Maria M. Pool of Boston, int.Apr.24,1842.

Sally, Mrs., and Rev. Charles C.P. Crosby, Sept.13,1825.

Ward, of Danvers, and Sally Perry, at Danvers, Feb.19,1792.*

Ward [of], and Rebekah Seccomb, certif. Mar.27,1797.*

William, and Elizabeth Ward, Oct. [10. int.], 1761.*

POOLE (Pool)

Haven, and Polly Chapman, certif. Oct.15,1804.*

Polly, and Jonathan Ingersoll, Feb.12,1793.

Rebecca, of Danvers, and Leonard Pratt, jr., int.July18,1847.

William, of Danvers, and Anna Richardson, late of Woburn, int.Aug.8,1807.

POOR (Poore)

Alice, wid., and Samuel Punchard, Apr.16,1788.*

Alice, and Joseph Ross, jr., Apr.1,1794.*

Charles, and Abigail Stanley, July末,1824. [ Sept.25. int.]*

Hannah E., and James S. Gwinn, int.July27,1833.

Harriett C., and John D. Farnsworth, Sept.26,1847.*

Henry, and Elsey Oaks, int.Sept.28,1777.

James [of], and Hannah Beckford [], Nov.10,1824.*

Judith, and Henry West, Feb.2,1704-5.

Margaret, of Danvers, and Luke Dodge of Hamilton, Oct.18,1827.

Nathan [of], and Margaret Silver, certif. Jan.21,1810.*

Nathan [of], and [] Hannah Merrill, Feb.27,1826.*

Samuel, and Mary York of Newburyport, int.Mar.9,1805.

Sarah, of Wenham, and William Phips, int.Sept.8,1827.

Sarah J., and John L. Dodge, Dec.14,1834.*

Tamison, and Obediah Kimball, Nov.8,1838.

William, of Danvers, and Eliza Messer, June24,1830.*

POORE (Poor)

Mary, and Samuell West, Jan.29,1690.CTR


Benjamin, and Sarah Smith, June24,1710.CTR*

Damaris, and Joshua Buffum,末蔓末, [bef. 1681].CTR

Ebenezer, of Boston, tailor, s.Samuel, of Boston, blacksmith, and Elisabeth Buffum, d.Robert, blacksmith, Oct.18,1744.CR7

Ebenezer, and Mehitable Carrol, int.Aug.7,1779.

Ebenezer, and Lydia Hay, Jan.31,1790.*

Ebenezer, of Marblehead, and Mercy W. Hanson, int.Jan.31,1835.

Eleazer, yeoman, s.Stephen, dec., and Mary, and Esther Buxton, d.Jonathan, of Danvers, and Elizabeth, 28:5m:1787.CR7

Eleazer, and Mary Nimblet, May24,1818.*

Eleazer, and Esther Reith, Apr.27,1823.*

Betty, of Danvers, and Isaac Needham, at Danvers, Jan.12,1769.

Elizabeth H., a.30y., d.James [and Lydia, both deceased.CR7], and Benjamin E. Valentine, widr., of Philadelphia [PA.CR7], a.42y., clerk in bank, s.Jacob, of Philadelphia [and Elizabeth Ann,of New York, both deceased.CR7], July27,1844. [27:6m:1844.CR7]

Enos, clothier, s.Joseph, dec., and Marget Smith, d.George, trader, 17:1m:1714-15.CR7*

Enos, jr., s.Enos, clothier, and Lydia Buffum, d.Joshua, husbandman, Jan.19,1748-9.CR7

Esther, and Henry Grant, May5,1813.*

Eunice, and Joseph Cook, jr., Nov.14,1728.*

Eunice, and John Baker, jr., of Ipswich, Nov.4,1745.*

Folger, sadler, s.Stephen, dec., and Mary, and Theodate Holder, d.Daniel, of Nantucket, shipwright, dec., and Hannah, 18:6m:1781.CR7

Frances D., and Stephen Palmer of Lynn, int.July27,1833.

Hanna, and Caleb Buffum, Mar.26,1672.CTR

Hannah, and Isaac Hacker, Nov.25,1714.*

Hannah, and Joshua Buffum, yeoman, 16:6m:1739.CR7

Hannah, and Israel Putnam, July19,1739.*

Hannah, d.Stephen, dec., and Thomas Nichols, s.David, dec., Oct.18,1768.CR7

Harriet A., and Joseph Peterson, mechanic, [Oct.20,1844. int.]

James, jr., and Lucy M. Lord of Ipswich, int.Oct.2,1821.

Jasper, and Abigail Lander, Dec.20,1804.*

Jerusha, and George Flint [jr. of Reading. int.], July9,1713.*

John, and Mary Eatton of Lynn, Apr.22,1736.*

John, 3d, and Hariot Holman, Sept.11,1820.*

John R., and Mary Jane Brown, int.Mar.11,1849.

Joseph, and Bethshaa Foldier,末蔓末, [bef. 1679].

Joseph, and Mehitabel Putnam, Jan.19,1715-16.*

Joseph, of Mortlake, CT, and Hannah Shaw, Oct.26,1743.*

Joseph, and Mary McIntyre of Reading, int.June20,1783.

Joshua, tanner, s.Stephen, yeoman, and Mary, dec., and Bethiah Dean, d.Jonathan, dec., and Bethiah, 18:8m:1791.CR7

Joshua, and, wid.Lucretia Johnson, Dec.21,1823.*

Lydia, and Tunis Tunison, May11,1806.*

Mary, and John Williams, Aug.19,1732.*

Mary, and Samuel Williams, jr. of Pomfret [CT. int.], Jan.5,1748-9.*

Mary, of Danvers, and William Deadman, jr., Dec.14,1758.*

Mary, d.Eleazer and Esther, and Joshua Buxton of Danvers, s.Henry and Eleanor, of Danvers, 18:5m:1815.CR7

Mary, and Lorenzo D. Warner of Danvers, int.Sept.3,1848.

Mehittable, and Joseph Gardner, Sept.29,1741.*

Mehetable, d.Enos, clothier, and Lydia, dec., and John Beede of Poplin, NH, yeoman, s.Jonathan, of Poplin, and Anna, dec., 16:10m:1794.CR7

Nathaniell, and Prisca [Priscilla.dup.] Chatwell, Dec.17,1703.

Nathaniel, and Mary Swinnerton, Mar.25,1746.*

Oliver [of South Reading. int.], and Mrs.Mary Holman [], Jan.25,1819.*

Orlando E., of Danvers, and Rebecca S. Fairfield, int.June9,1832. (Certificate June24.)

Phebe, and David Purss, June20,1809.*

Prisca, and John Meachum [of], May25,1711.*

Robert, s.Samuel and Sarah, and Phebe Brown, d.John, of Hampton, NH, 20:10m:1739.CR8

Ruth, and Archelaus Fuller, May30,1802.*

Samuell, and Exercise Smith, Jan.28,1685.

Samuel, and Martha Beanes, Dec.8,1709.*

Samuel, s.Samuel, blacksmith, and Sarah Estes [of Lynn. int.], d.Richard, 16:10m:1714.CR7*

Samuel C., and Frances Dissmore of Londonderry, NH, int.Oct.11,1806.

Samuel A., and Betsey Newhall, Nov.2,1823.*

Sarah, d.Stephen, dec., and Mary, and David Nichols of Berwick, blacksmith, s.David, late of Berwick, dec., and Phebe, 12:11m:1787.CR7

Sophia, and Oliver Parker, Jan.25,1824.*

Stephen, and Mary Buffum, Mar.27,1746.*

Stephen, and Abigail [W. int.] Shehane, Mar.13,1821.*

Susanna [of Boston. int.], and Stephen Driver, at Boston, Feb.21,1736.*

Thomas S., and Rebecca Spenser of Beverly, int.Feb.26,1825.

William A., a.24y., s.Ebenezer, and Elizabeth McCloy, a.21y., d.Alexander and Jane, Oct.31,1844.*


John, and Leah Cox, int.Sept.23,1732.

PORTER (Poerter)

Aaron [of], and Sarah [] Sewall, Oct.22,1713.*

Aaron, and Eunice Hathorne, Feb.5,1788.*

Abigail, and Samuel Simons of Boxford, at Topsfield, June8,1698.

Abigail, and John Dunkley, July15,1794.*

Alfred, and Clarissa Endicott, both of Danvers, Nov.17,1818.

Alice J., and John H. McIntire, July13,1841.*

Amee [Ammee. int.], of Danvers, and Nathan [Nathaniel. int.] Chamberlain, at Danvers, July7,1772.*

Andrew [of], and Mary Grant, Nov.7,1843.*

Anna, and William Elliott, jr., of Beverly, at Beverly, Oct.21,1708.

Anna, and Israel Andrew, Dec.22,1720.

Anna, of Wenham, and Nathaniel Brown, at Wenham, June15,1738.*

Anna, and Samuel H. Morris, Nov.30,1812.*

Ann, and Samuel Wallis of Ipswich, at Topsfield, July7,1696.

Asa, of Wenham, and Molly Batchelder, at Wenham, Apr.14,1768.

Benjamin, and Hannah Endicott, Apr.3,1712.*

Benjamin, and Hannah Giles, Apr.27,1737.*

Benjamin, and Eunice Nurse, Dec.13,1739.*

Benjamin, and Amy Tomkins [], at Marblehead, Nov.26,1752.*

Benjamin A., and Polly [] Stimpson, certif. May27,1804.*

Charles, and Deborah Evens, May6,1804.*

Deborah, Mrs., and Daniel Allen, Oct.18,1807.*

Dudley, of Gloucester, and Polly [] Austin, Apr.6,1793. [Apr.7. dup.]*

Ebenezer, of Wenham, and Hannah Creesy, int.Sept.19,1740.

Ebenezer [jr., late of], and Mary Ropes, d.John, Nov.10,1771.*

Edward, see Potter, Edward.

Eleazer, and Mary Flint, int.Nov.1,1729.

Eleazer, and Abigail Waters, int.Sept.2,1732.

Elijah [jr. int.], and Rebecca Abbot, Nov.28,1816.*

Eliza J., and James G. Warren, Nov.4,1835.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Putnam, Apr.21,1690.

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Perkins, of Topsfield, Dec.11,1722.

Elizabeth, and Amos Buxton, Mar.25,1724-5.

Elizabeth, and John Andrew, Mar.17,1736-7.*

Betsey, of Danvers, and Nathaniel Gould, at Danvers, Feb.4,1793.*

Elizabeth, and John Low, Oct.30,1808.

Betsy R., of Danvers, and Joel Brown, int.Sept.11,1830. (Certificate Oct.1.)

Elizabeth L., and Thomas S. Dodge, July24,1836.*

Elizabeth, and Abraham K. Hood, int.Apr.20,1837.

George B., of Danvers, and Sarah Pitman, int.June18,1808.

Ginger, and Samuel Leach, Sept.25,1699.

Ginger, and Elisha Hutchinson, Jan.12,1726-7.

Greenleaf, and Elizabeth Barrett, Feb.1,1805.*

Hana, wid., and Thomas Woodbery, Dec.2,1661.CTR

Hannah, and Joseph Fowle, int.Jan.15,1732-3.

Hannah, and James Perkins, Dec.25,1799.*

Hannah, and George Holmes, July22,1804.*

Hannah G., and Edwin A. Bailey of Marblehead, Oct.7,1830.*

Hepsiba, and Joseph Andrews of Boxford, June7,1711.*

Israell, and Elizabeth Hathorne, 20:9m:1672.CTR

Israel, and Sarah Putnam, Sept.12,1706.CTR

Israel, and Mary Batchelder of Wenham, at Wenham, Dec.28,1737.*

Israel P., and Martha J. Tucker, Sept.20,1841.*

Jane [Mrs., of Boston. int.], and Rev. John Sparhawk, Oct.4,1737.*

Jane, and Rev. John Sparhawk, at Boston, Oct.4,1747.

Jerusha, and Caleb Balch of Beverly, Feb.21,1739-40.*

Job, of Marblehead, and Susanna Dyer, int.Aug.15,1805.

Job D., and Catharine Holt, Dec.29,1807.*

John, of Wenham, and Elizabeth Putnam, Feb.末,1708-9.CTR

John, and Aphia Putnam, int.Oct.27,1733.

John, and Sarah Pitman, certif. July21,1779.*

John B., and Sarah M. Chipman, Dec.3,1837.*

John D., and Margaret Standley, int.May12,1839.

Jonathan, and Sarah Herrick [jr. int.], of Beverly, at Beverly, Nov.14,1750.*

Jonathan, and Catharine Felt, May13,1777.*

Joseph, and Anna Hathorne, Jan.27,1664.CTR

Joseph, and Mary Bayley, May3,1709.CTR*

Joseph, and Lydia Flint, int.Sept.5,1730.

Joseph, and Elizabeth Perkins [of], at Topsfield, Jan.1,1735-6.*

Joseph, and Mary Dorman [of], at Topsfield, May25,1738.*

Joseph, and Bethia Batchelder, at Beverly, Apr.21,1741.*

Josiah, and Sarah Bradstreet of Rowley, at Rowley, Jan.11,1749.*

Katharine, wid., and Edward Browne, int.Jan.1,1780.

Louisa, and Jacob Stratton of Ipswich, Oct.30,1841.*

Lydia, of Danvers, and Nathaniel Gould, at Danvers, May19,1795.*

Mary, and Thomas Gardner, Apr.22,1669.CTR

Mary, of Salem Village, and William Dodg of Beverly, at Beverly, Dec.12,1689.

Mary, and George Bigsby, Aug.6,1718.

Mary, and Uzziel Rea, Dec.27,1720.

Mary, and Samuel Brown, at Beverly, Jan.7,1728-9.*

Mary, and Jonathan Prince, int.Aug.24,1732.

Mary, and Joseph Putnam, jr., Jan.31,1744-5.*

Mary, wid., and Jonathan Kettle, Aug.27,1747.*

Mary [], and Joseph Perkins [jr. int.] of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Mar.9,1749.*

Polly, and John Felt, jr., int.Jan.29,1780.

Mary, and David Clarke of Danvers, Nov.13,1788.*

Mary, and Jacob Poland, jr., Nov.24,1805.*

Mary, d.Thomas, s.Elijah, b. in Topsfield, and Ruth (Allen), d.Edward, of Berwick upon Tweed in the north of Eng., and Seth Low, May23,1807.*

Mary, and Jonathan Millet, Oct.27,1816.*

Mary [], and Caleb Warner, July4,1819.*

Mahitable, and Thomas Cumings of Boxford, at Topsfield, Mar.20,1705.

Mehitabel, and Paul Hayward, Feb.24,1725.

Nancy W., and James Whittle, Feb.12,1832.*

Nathan, and Elizabeth Oakman, Feb.16,1812.*

Nathaniel, and Ellenor Dorman of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Dec.16,1701.

Nathaniel, jr., of Topsfield, and Abigail Jacobs, May25,1738.*

Robert, and Louisa Lufkin, May末,1830.*

Ruth, and Jessee Dorman, at Topsfield, Nov.26,1707-8.

Samuel, and Judeth Dorman of Topsfield, Jan.14,1695-6.

Samuel [jr. int.], and Hannah Flint, Sept.1,1737.*

Samuel, jr., and Sarah Eliot, Sept.2,1747.*

Sally, of Topsfield, and David Cummings, int.Mar.5,1812.

Sarah Jane, and Joseph Wallis [of], Dec.4,1845.*

Susanna, and James Becket, Feb.5,1804.*

Susanna [Marston. int.], and Timothy Brown, Oct.25,1807.*

Thomas, and Matthew Whart [Wharff. int.], certif. Jan.13,1776.*

Thomas [of], and Ruth Allin, Dec.29,1785.*

Tobias L., and Mary Goodale, Nov.11,1810.*

William, and Edith Herrick, Feb.末,1708-9.CTR

William, and Mrs.Mary Kittle, at Beverly, Dec.8,1725.

William, jr., and Lydia Batchelder, at Beverly, July5,1733.*

William, and Ruth Hunt, July13,1836.*

William R., and Lydia Ann Dennis, int.Sept.8,1844.

William, and Lucy G. Ives, Mar.7,1849.CR12*


John, and Sarah Whitefoot, int.Dec.10,1770.


Sarah S., of Newburyport, and John C. Paige, int.June11,1848.


Abigail, and George Cloutman, Aug.8,1819.*

Ann, and Anthony Needham, Jan.10,1655.CTR

Caroline R. [of Hamilton. int.], and John D. Hammond, July2,1843.*

Daniel, and Dolly Newhall Furguson, Mar.10,1824.*

Edward [Porter. int.], and Mary L. Knowlton, Mar.9,1843.*

Elizabeth, and Isaac H. Frothingham, July17,1832.*

Francis, and Mary Bracie, June14,1838.*

George W., and Charlotte B. FLoyd, Oct.14,1839.

Hannah W., and William Roache,末蔓末, [bef. 1692].CTR

Hannah W., and John Kimball, July5,1826.*

Henry, and Polly Baker of Wenham, int.June11,1819.

James, and, wid.Lydia Brown, Aug.1,1826.*

Jesse, and Susan Punchard, Nov.5,1819.*

John [Joel of Shelburne. int.], and Hannah Lovkin, certif. Oct.15,1803.*

Joseph, and Sarah Crowninshield, July16,1835.*

Moriah, of Lynn, and Samuell Berry, Feb. [11.TC], 1723-4.

Martha, and Nathaniel K. Allen, Nov.29,1827.*

Mary, of Marlboro, and Jonathan Estis, int.Apr.29,1728.

Mary, Mrs., and John B. Fairfield, May2,1831.*


Ann, and William Woodward, int.Dec.19,1807.


Maximillian [Poland.CTR], and Mary Voden, June2,1694. [July27.CTR]


Abigail, and Alfred Burley, Jan.17,1842.*

Edith D., and Perkins Fifield, Dec.17,1834.*

Edward, and Eliza Mansfield, Jan.10,1841.*

Edward, and Hannah W. Langmaid of Chichester, NH, int.Jan.17,1847.

Betsey, of Beverly, and Albert Knight, int.May13,1826.

George W., and Elizabeth C. Felton, May6,1836.*

Thomas D., and Mrs.Eliza M. Torr, Mar.11,1833.*

Thomas D., and Harriet C. Hogen, June8,1834.*

William, and Catherine L. Alley of Haverhill, int.July27,1845.

POWARS (Powers)

Joel, and Eliza Francis, June22,1827.*


Elizabeth, and Richard Hollingworth, 23:6m:1659.CTR

Frances [], and Barnard Razen [Raren. int.], June1,1828.*

John, and Elizabeth Brister, Apr.17,1806.

Nathaniel, and Fanny Trask, Sept.23,1822.*

Nathaniel, and Mary Ann Lyons, Dec.31,1849.*

Thomas, and Abigail Cowen, Jan.19,1764.

POWER (Powers)

Michael, and Martha Saul, Dec.11,1774.

Richard, and Mary Mires, Jan.6,1763.

POWERS (Powars, Power)

Henry, and Mehitabel Murphy, Sept.2,1804.

James, and Hannah Welch, Nov.4,1845.*

James, and Ellen Cunningham, int.Nov.28,1847.

Joel, and Rhoda Blood, Sept.8,1808.*

Joel, and Rachel Blood, Oct.1,1815.*

John, and Aphia [] Bixby [of], at Boxford, Feb.26,1771.*

Lucy, of Croyden, NH, and Robert Lilley, int.Mar.25,1838.

Polly, and William Stevenson, int.Mar.10,1781.

Rhoda [Rhoda Ann. int.], and Howes Nourse of Danvers, Aug.4,1836.*

Thomas, and Caroline Ann Boynton, Apr.23,1833.


James, and, wid.Mary Barnes, Aug.2,1670.CTR


Victor, and Mary Dennis, int.Jan.5,1833. ("forbid by the Father, he being a minor. ")


Thomas, and Hannah Bray, Sept.8,1743.*

PRAT (Pratt)

Elizabeth, and John Scolley of Marblehead, Feb.9,1721-2.

Mary, and Isaac Turner [of Marblehead.CR1], May15,1719.

Susanna, and William Burgiss, Aug.25,1771.*

PRATT (Prat)

Caleb, of Norwich, and Mrs.Ann Conway, int.Oct.17,1841.

Caleb, and Ann Conway, int.Nov.7,1841.

Cotton L., and Sarah Hodgdon, Nov.22,1831.*

David M., and Releif Story [of Essex. int.], Nov.12,1835.*

Eliza Ann, and William G. Nutting, int.June13,1835.

Eliza Ann, and Freeman Peacock, int.Oct.8,1837.

Henry J., and Lucy A. Winn of Bangor, int.Aug.19,1849.

James, and Sally Hanscomb, Dec.23,1810.*

John, and Mrs.Margarit Maverick, July29,1691.

John, and Sarah Brewer, int.Apr.9,1780.

John, and Susanna Esty, July16,1797.*

John, and Polly Smeathers, Nov.13,1803.*

John, and Mehitable Valpy, July末,1824. [Oct.16. int.]*

Jonathan, and Sarah Beckford [], June27,1802.*

Joseph, and Margaret Chever, Apr.16,1759.

Leonard, jr., and Rebecca Poole of Danvers, int.July18,1847.

Margaret, and James Foster, May15,1719.

Margaret, and John Harvey, jr., June27,1815.*

Mary, and David Moore, Sept.29,1804. [ Sept.19.CR1]*

Polly, and Ebenezer Thresher, May5,1816.*

Mary, and Jacob Perkins, Sept.27,1821.*

Ruth, Mrs., and James Jeffery, int.Nov.25,1732.

Samuel, and Mary Withey [of Lynn. int.], Apr.9,1835.*

Sarah, and William Price, certif. Mar.22,1800.*

Sally, and Francis Joseph, int.Dec.末,1807. (Forbid.)

Susan, and Jesse Hart, Dec.19,1826.*

William, of Boston, and Mary Williams, Nov.18,1792.*

William Q., and Harriet N. Richards, int.Oct.24,1835.


Isaac C., and Sylvia Wright, Feb.27,1834.*

Lewis, and Mary Ann Clark of Wilmington, int.Oct.2,1836.

Mary, Mrs., of Quincy, and John Simmon [Simon. int.], Nov.22,1835.*

Pamelia, and James M. Usher of Lynn, June11,1838.*

Reuel, and Mehitable Kindar, Mar.17,1830.*

PREBBLE (Preble)

Nathaniel, and Rachel Prebble, int.Mar.12,1714-15.

Priscilla, and Joseph Carrill, July末,1695.

Rachel, and Nathaniel Prehble, int.Mar.12,1714-15.

PREBLE (Prebble)

Eben [of Gorham, ME. int.], and Agnes D.T. Archer, June20,1829.*

Ebenezer, of Falmouth, and Polly Derby, June9,1785.*

Ebenezer [of], and Elizabeth Derby, July2,1795.*

Betsey, and John Peaty, int.Jan.23,1830.

Susanna, of York, and Benjamin Smith, int.Aug.12,1815.

PREIST (Priest)

John, and Elizabeth Gray, 25:12m:1672.CTR

John, and Hannah Gill, Mar.4,1699-1700.CTR

PRENTISS (Pretice, Prettice)

Abigail, of Roxbury, and Francis A. Fogg, Nov.24,1842.*

Christopher, of Marblehead, and wid, Fanny Moore, int.Jan.23,1826.

Elizabeth, and Henry T. Ropes of Lynn, Jan.6,1836.*

Hugh K., and Laura H. Watson of East Windsor, CT, int.Dec.3,1843.

Sarah M[], and Samuel Benson, Mar.14,1832.*

Susan T., and Ephraim Gray, jr., June5,1825.*

PRESCOT (Prescott)

Benjamin, Rev., and Mrs.Mercy Gibbs of Cambridge, int.May19,1732.

PRESCOTT (Prescot)

Benjamin [Rev. int.], and Mrs.Elisabeth Higginson, Oct.20,1715.*

Benjamin [jr. int.], and [] Rebecca Minot of Concord, at Concord, Aug.12,1741.*

Benjamin, Rev., and Mary Colman [of Easton. int.], at Boston, Oct.6,1748*

David, and Mary L. [S. int.] Trask, May4,1830.*

Elizabeth, Mrs., and William Frost, Esq. of New Castle, int.Aug.25,1750.

Hannah, Mrs., and Daniel Epes [jr. int.], Dec.29,1737.*

Henry A., and Delia A, Graves, June25,1845.*

Lorenzo G., of Malden, and Mary Jane Wiggin, Feb.17,1845.*

Lydia and Thomas A. Glines of Lowell, Jan.18,1838.

Mercy, and Henry Gibbs, at Danvers, Oct.29,1781.

Mercy Gibbs, of New Castle, NH, and Benjamin Frost, int.Dec.31,1783.

Peeter, and Elizabeth Redington, May22,1679.CTR

Rebecca G. [Sarah G. int.], and Samuel B. Perkins, Oct.11,1835.*

William, and Catharine Greene Hickling of Boston, int.Nov.30,1793.

PRESSON (Preston)

Andrew, and Mary Lambert [jr. int.], Feb.4,1753.*

Elizabeth, and Amos Lefavor, May22,1788.*

William, and Hannah Neal, int.Nov.28,1778.

PRESSTON (Preston)

John Diamond, of Boston, and Sarah Forbes, int.Feb.21,1795.


Eliza, and Samuel Cheswell, Dec.26,1833.*

PRESTON (Presson, Presston)

Eliza Ann, and Nathaniel H. Felt, Oct.3,1839.*

Elizabeth, and William Henfeild, July12,1671.CTR

Hannah, and David Brown, Jan.13,1800.*

Harriet E., and George W. Kingsley, May18,1848.*

John, and Mrs.Mary Rea, Dec.28,1736.*

John [jr. int.], and Hannah Putnam, July12,1744.*

John, and Sally Driver, Sept.26,1811.*

John, jr., and Margarett Stevens, int.Aug.23,1840.

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Voden, Aug.10,1714.*

Jonathan, and Alice G. Turell, May30,1819.*

Joseph, and Rebecca Peele, Feb.1,1807.*

Lucy, and Pelham Orcutt, jr., of Cambridge, Nov.25,1841.*

Margaret F., and Thomas Melzeard, jr., Oct.24,1843.*

Martha, and David Judd, Dec.7,1705.CTR

Mary, and Nathaniell Ingerson, 8:8m:1670.CTR

Mary, and Peter Cloyce. Dec.13,1693.CTR

Mary [Presson. int.], and Josiah Holland of Boston, Apr.16,1736.*

Mary, and Robert Rantoul, Nov.3,1774.*

Mary [], and Jeremiah Eastey, Apr.4,1824.*

Mary L., and Richard D. [S. int.] Noble, Oct.15,1838.*

Mehitable, of Beverly, and Nathaniel Easty [], at Danvers, Sept.26,1771.*

Moses, and Mary Leach of Beverly, int.Nov.6,1736.

Philip, and Ruth Putnam, June29,1747.*

Priscilla W., and Alva Kendall of Lynn, Oct.13,1836.*

Rebecca, and William Trevie of Marblehead, int.Aug.28,1730.

Ruth, wid., and Samuel Kimball of Andover, Jan.2,1751-2.*

Samuel, and Mary Fisher, Oct.31,1819.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Leach, July26,1772.*

Sally [Hannah Presson. int.], and James Whittemore, Aug.27,1803.*

Thomas, and Rebecka Nursse, Apr.15,1669.CTR

Thomas, and Anna Leech, June末,1708.CTR

Thomas, jr., and Jerusha Trask, int.Oct.24,1730.

Thomas [jr. int.], and Rebeckah Gross [Grose. int.], of Marblehead, at Marblehead, Dec.9,1731.*

William A., and Eliza Ann Hood, Feb.7,1842. int.*

PRETICE (Prentiss)

Susannah, and John Holliman, May1,1722.

PRETTICE (Prentiss)

Anne, and Benjamin Cox, June13,1706.CTR


Mary, and Charles E. [S. int.] Brown of Danvers, June1,1835.*

PRICE (Prise)

Adaline M[], and Samuel Rowell, Jan.6,1842.*

Benjamin, and Hanna Bowden, Feb.22,1817.*

Caroline E[], and George C. Peirce, May28,1839.*

Charles, and Sarah J. Burnham, Sept.27,1842.*

E. Augustus [Augustus E. int.], and Ann Maria Symonds, Mar.29,1849.*

Ebenezer N., and Hannah Shreve, May22,1828.*

Elizabeth, and John Croad, [17:1m:1658.CTR]

Elizabeth, Mrs.[jr. int.], and Mitchel Sewall, Esq., Jan.20,1742-3.*

Elizabeth, and William R. Woodward, int.Aug.9,1823.

Elizabeth, and Stephen Tibbets, June19,1832.*

Emily, and Samuel Ferguson, jr., int.Aug.19,1838.

Ephraim S., and Mary B. Doyle, June10,1828.*

Hannah, and Hilliard Veren, May4,1670.

Harriot C., and David A. Neal, int.June28,1818.

John, and Sarah Wolcott, d.Henry, Esq. of CT, Jan.末,1673-4.

John, and Susan Fillebrown, Apr.6,1826.*

Margaret Ann, and William Parnell, Dec.4,1838.*

Mary J., and Edward H. Judkins of Danvers, int.Apr.6,1845.

Sarah [], and Joseph Bartlet, Mar.18,1739-40.*

Sarah, and Samuel V. Shreeve, Dec.1,1829.*

Theodore, and Anne Wood [Aug.1,1667.CTR]

Thomas, formerly of Cedar Point, MD, and Mary Fowler, int.Apr.12,1760.

Walter, Capt., and Elizabeth 末末, at Bristol, Eng.末蔓末, [bef. 1645].

Walter, Capt., s.Capt. John, and Freestone Turner, d.Capt. John, Mar.30,1699.

Walter, Capt., and Mrs.Elisabeth Hirst, Feb.24,1715-16.*

William, and Sarah Pratt, certif. Mar.22,1800.*

William, and Anna Webb, Nov.8,1804.*

William, and Elizabeth Galloway, Oct.3,1819.*

PRICHARD (Pritchard)

Priscilla, of Wenham, and Benjamin Shaw, at Wenham, Dec.7,1765.*


Elizabeth, and John Toply, Dec.6,1663.CTR

Peter [jr. int.], of Beverly, and Jerusha Trask, at Beverly, Dec.9,1736.*

PRIEST (Preist)

Charles, and Betsy Glover, certif. Nov.26,1799.*

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Ashby, 27:10m:1700.CTR

Lucy A. [of Boston. int.], and Benjamin Pickering, Aug.2,1846.*


David N., and Sally Boyd, Nov.25,1813.*

Hannah S., and William M. Sanborn of Newark, OH, Aug.21,1843.*

James M., and Sarah J[ane. int.] Wood, Aug.5,1848.*

John B., and Adiline Newhall of Lynn, int.Oct.6,1839.

Joshua [S. int.], and Eliza [] B. Cook, Jan.4,1846.*

Mary, and George H. Smith, at Rowley, Feb.10,1803.

Mary Ann [Prince.CR4], of Danvers, and Benjamin Becket, June6,1839.

Samuel L., and Sarah H. Cummins, int.Jan.28,1849.

Thomas, and Hannah Stevens of Andover, int.May2,1812.


Edward, and [] Hannah Thompson, Mar.9,1842.*


Abell, and Hannah Eatton, July31,1735.*

Ann V., of Beverly, and Joshua Safford, int.Apr.8,1815.

Charitie, and Solomon Trow, Mar.20,1722.

David, and Phebe Fuller, Dec.3,1724.

Deborah, and Samuel Webb, Oct.14,1755.*

Elizabeth, and John Nicholls, 3d of Middleton, Oct.2,1739.*

Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Goodale, Dec.19,1751.*

Betsey, of Beverly, and Enoch Davice, int.Sept.26,1809.

George, and Eunice Pearson, int.Mar.9,1845.

Hannah, and John Mascoll, Oct.26,1739.*

Hannah M., and Daniel B. Lord, May16,1847.*

Henry, and Sarah Millet, Feb.15,1785.*

Henry, jr., and Ruth H. Ropes, May21,1812.*

Henry, and Mrs.Elizabeth Kimball, Apr.29,1832.*

James, and Hannah Putnam, int.Oct.9,1730.

John, and Hannah Frost, Jan.23,1734-5.*

John [Dr. int.], and Martha Derby, Sept.16,1762.*

John, Rev., and Mary Bayley of Boston, int.Mar.11,1780.

John, jr., and Martha Derby, Nov.1,1801.*

John, jr. [s.Rev. John.CR1], and Loiza Lander, Mar.12,1812.*

John [Rev. int.], and [] Milly Waldo, Nov.27,1816.*

John, 3d, and Sarah Wells, Jan.10,1819.*

John F., and Susan S. Hodgdon, Apr.13,1845.*

Jonathan [Dr. int.], and Abigail Roger of Billerica, at Billerica [Aug.10,1730. int.]*

Jonathan, and Mary Porter, int.Aug.24,1732.

Joseph, and Elizabeth Robbinson, Jan.3,1698-9.

Joseph, and Hannah Silsby, int.June29,1729.

Martha, and Thomas Nichols of Sutton, Dec.22,1747.*

Martha, and Samuel Silsbee, Jan.22,1756.*

Mary, and Steephen Daniell, July26,1666.CTR

Mary, see French, Mary.

Polly [wid.Polly Peirce. int,], and William Foy, Nov.26,1815.*

Mary, and Henry Ropes, Mar.27,1821.*

Nathaniel W., and Eliza A. Peach, June28,1849.*

Rebecka, and John Putnam, 3:7m:1652.CTR

Rebecca, and Robert Glandfield, Dec.25,1727.*

Richard, and Sarah Rix, Dec.25,1677.CTR

Richard, and Mary West, Nov.12,1702.

Richard, jr., and Marcy Marston, int.Oct.19,1745.

Richard [jr. int.]. and, wid.Sarah Glover, Feb.3,1750.*

Richard, and Sarah Ober, Apr.11,1784.

Robert, and Sara Waren, 5:2m:1662.CTR

Robert, and Mary Fowls, int.Mar.5,1728-9.

Sarah, and Thaddeus Reddin, Sept.26,1717.

Sarah, and John Mascoll, jr., int.Aug.2,1729.

Sarah, of Beverly, and Joshua Ray, int.Jan.4,1743-4.

Sara, and John Wiiliams Osgood, Jan.14,1810.*

Timothy, and Mary Putnam, Nov.8,1744.*

William, and Mary Holland of Pomfret, int.Sept.1,1744.

William Henry, M.D., and Elizabeth L.B. Parker of Boston, at Boston, June27,1843.*


James, and Jane Hart, int.Dec.25,1779.

PRISE (Price)

Sarah, and William Jamison of Charleston, at Charleston, Oct.18,1677.


Richard, and Mary Hodge, Sept.10,1688.CTR

PRITCHARD (Prichard)

Alice [of], and James Clemons, Nov.8,1831.*

Harriet M., of Newburyport, and John Barton, Mar.23,1841.

Laura Ann, and Edward A. Conway, Sept.13,1841.*

Thomas, and Mehitable Moneys, Nov.30,1820.*


Asa, and Elizabeth Silver, int.Oct.19,1822.

Martha, and Samuel White, May10,1751.*

PROCTER (Proctor)

Abigail, and Samuel Goldthwayt [jr. int.], Aug.22,1738.*

Abigail [jr. int.], and George Daland, jr., Oct.5,1744.*

Abigail, and Zadoch Buffinton, certif. [Aug. or Sept.] 末,1776.*

Nabby, of Danvers, and Joshua Butman, int.May11,1805.

Benjamin, and Mary Witheridge, Dec.18,1694.

Benjamin, and Hannah Archer, Feb.13,1803.*

Benjamin, and Mrs.Hannah Smith, Jan.2,1820.*

Beniamin, and Emma Southward, int.Mar.29,1828.

Daniel, and Mary Foster [], Aug.17,1800.*

Daniel L., and Olivia Richardson, Aug.5,1821.*

Deborah, and Marcus Gillet, Oct.15,1809.*

Ebenezer, and Mary Houlton, Dec.1,1725.

Ebenezer, and, wid.Sarah Hutchinson, July10,1735.*

Elizabeth, and Thomas Very, s.Samuell, Mar.28,1681.CTR

Elizabeth, and Samuell Elsey, Dec.2,1714.*

Elizabeth, and Robert Shillebar of Danvers, Nov.30,1758.*

Elizabeth, of Marblehead, and Solomon Gould, int.Sept.21,1790.

Elizabeth, and Samuel Abbot [of Boston. int.], Nov.17,1803.*

Francis, and Kezia Darling, int.Dec.27,1712.

George, of Danvers, and Rebecca Kenny, int.May27,1820.

Hannah, and John Balcam of Mansfield, CT, int.Apr.20,1745.

Hannah, and Matthew Mansfield, June14,1750.*

Hannah, and Abel Waters, July9,1751.*

Hannah, of Danvers, and Isaac Very, Sept.19,1790.*

Hannah, and Willard H. Brown, int.Mar.9,1845.

John, and Elizabeth Bassett, Apr.1,1674.CTR

John [jr. int.], and Lydia Waters, Dec.14,1727.*

John, 3d, and Mary Collier of Marblehead, int.Nov.6,1736.

John, 4th, and Mary Goldthwayt, Nov.23,1738.*

John, jr., and Mary Epes, int.Nov.6,1751.

Jonathan, and Sarah Holton, int.Mar.3,1732-3.

Jonathan, and Desire Jacobs, Mar.18,1735-6.*

Joseph, and Priscilla Lyndescomb, both of Marblehead, Nov.23,1738.

Joseph, and Sara Ramsdall [], Sept.30,1780.*

Lydia, jr., and Jonathan Flint, jr. of Reading, int.Aug.1,1751.

Lydia, and Benjamin Symonds, 3d, Apr.21,1763.*

Martha, and Humphry Pierce of Marblehead, Oct.1,1716.

Martha, and Jonathan Burroughs, int.July3,1742.

Martha, and William Ward, Feb.16,1785.*

Patty, and William Johnson [of], Apr.16,1800.*

Martha A [nn. int.], and David Nichols, Apr.5,1835.*

Mary, and Robert Wilsen, Mar.6,1717-18.

Mary, and Abraham Peirce, Aug.22,1744.*

Mary, wid., and Daniel Marble, int.July2,1748.

Mary, of Danvers, and Joseph Pickering, Feb.8,1758. [Feb.5.CR1]*

Mary, and Benjamin Epps [of Lyndeboro. int.], Oct.19,1793.*

Polly, and Nathan Luther [of Newport, RI. int.], Nov.12,1797.*

Mary Ann, and Nathaniel Jackson, May13,1830.*

Mary Olivia, and Robert A. Tibbets, int.July7,1844.

Mina, and Richard Tufts, Aug.14,1791.*

Nathan, and Mary Reed, May14,1723.

Nicholas, and Elizabeth Ingalls, Aug.3,1836.*

Phillis, and Frederick Williams, Nov.8,1804.

Priscilla, and Jonathan Foster, Nov.10,1720.

Prudence, of Danvers, and James Buffington [jr. int.], at Danvers, Feb.14,1765.*

Rachel, and Jonathan Mackmallon, July20,1732.*

Robert, and Hannah Favour, int.Oct.23,1774.

Robert, and Lydia Kilbern, Nov.13,1808.*

Sara, and John Dodg, s.William, 末蔓10,1659.CTR

Sarah, and Edward Munnion of Lynn, Oct.23,1700.CTR

Sarah [], and James Darling [], Mar.24,1711-12.*

Sarah, and Ebenezer Southwick, Apr.9,1724.

Sarah, and Capt. Charles Worthen, Dec.15,1768.

Sarah, and Benjamin Clough, int.Oct.22,1774.

Sally, and Joseph Burr [of Orrington. int.], Mar.26,1797.*

Sarah A., and James H. Battis, int.Jan.21,1844.

Sylvester, and Hannah Buffington, Dec.3,1761.*

Sylvester, of Danvers, and Abigail Gale, Jan.18,1763.*

Sylvester, of Danvers, and Elizabeth Butman, int.May13,1849.

Thorndick, and [wid.CTR] Hannah Endicot, Dec.15,1697.

Thorndike, jr., and Abigail Wilson, Apr.5,1721.

Thorndike, and Mrs.Sarah Allen of Marblehead, int.Mar.31,1739.

Thorndike, 3d.and Lydia Shillabar, int.Nov.19,1749.

Thorndike, jr., and Mary Goodhue, Feb.21,1771.*

Thorndike, and Elizabeth Hathorne, Apr.4,1788.

Thorndike, and Elizabeth M. Rust, July3,1814.*

Thorndike, and Emma Silsbee of Bradford, at Bradford, June30,1842.

William, and Mary Harris, both of Marblehead, Jan.16,1753.

William, and Elizabeth Masury, certif. Nov.8,1783.*

William, and Sarah G. Holman, certif. Apr.11,1813.*

William, and Lydia Ann De Costa, Feb.18,1846.*

PROCTOR (Procter)

Benjamin, of Marblehead, and Emma Southward, int.Sept.14,1822.

Cassandra, of Essex, and David Clifford, int.May18,1845.

Eben, and Martha Gott of Danvers, at Danvers, Mar.29,1769.

Elizabeth, and Nehemiah Buffington, at Danvers, Sept.14,1774.*

Elizabeth H., and Nathaniel [W. int.] Osgood, jr., Apr.12,1848.*

Harriet E., of Marblehead, and Samuel G. Jones, int.Jan.2,1842.

Mary, and Robert Foster, Feb.27,1766.*

Mary, and Benjamin Dow of Boston, Dec.28,1815.*

Sally, and Samuel Field, June9,1811.

Sally, and John Bruce [of], Dec.30,1813.*

Thorndike [], of Danvers, and Sarah Aborn, at Danvers, Jan.24,1771.*


Sarah, and Samuel Goodale, int.Nov.28,1777.


Jacob, and Issabell Mosier, Oct.28,1666.CTR

Jane, and Richard Cross, 24:9m:1670.CTR

PUDNEY (Putney)

Abigail, and John Twist, Nov.20,1718.

Abigail, and John Sampson, Dec.9,1718.

Benjamin, and Abigail Baily, Nov.25,1718.

Elizabeth, and Phillip Clemens, Feb.17,1725-6.

Hannah, and James Gloid of Abington, Oct.5,1722.

Johanna, and William Shaw,末蔓末,1683. [May17,1694.CTR]

John, and Judith Cook, [18:9br:1662.CTR]

John, 3d, and Anna Alley, int.Dec.29,1710.

Jonathan, and Martha Green, Dec.13,1706.

Joseph, and Sarah Mackintire, May18,1697.CTR

Joseph, and Mehitabel Giles, Mar.27,1724.

Keziah [], of Reading, and Bartholomew Buxton, at Reading, Mar.28,1732.*

Martha, and Eliezer Mackentire, Oct.16,1735.*

Mary, and Ebenezer Snow [of Woburn, May15,1714. int.]*

Samuell, and Martha Gloyde, Nov.25,1717.

PUDNY (Putney)

John, jr., and Mary Jones, d.Heugh, 1:11m:1683.CTR

PULCIFER (Pulsifer)

David, and Elizabeth S. Caldwell of Ipswich, int.July19,1840.

Francis, and Hannah Trask, Oct.21,1792.*

Francis, and Mrs.Lydia P. Lakeman of Ipswich, int.Jan.20,1816.

Mary, of Gloucester, and Samuell Goldthwaite, int.Oct.24,1730.


Annis, d.John and Annis, of Boston, and John Jenks, 3d m., Oct.13,1791.

Annis, and John Jenks, Oct.13,1799.*

Edward, Esq., and Lois Robinson, Apr.21,1796.*

Mary R., and Dr. Daniel Oliver, Dec.1,1817.*

PULSIFER (Pulcifer)

Beckford, and Lydia B. Stiles, Jan.5,1836.*

David, jr., and Mary C. Fletcher of Chelmsford, int.May7,1825.

David, jr., and Elizabeth S[avage. int.] Brown, July10,1832.*

Ebenezer, jr., and Sarah Frye, Nov.18,1831.*

Elias T., and Hannah Richardson of Danvers, int.May10,1822.

Elizabeth H., and John J. Bryant, Nov.10,1833.

Ellen Augusta, and Joseph Perkins, jr., June4,1840.*

Francis, and Martha Hodgkins of Ipswich, int.May17,1806.

Francis, and Hannah Haskell of Ipswich, int.Aug.24,1811.

Hannah T., and Clarke Reed of Lynn, Jan.12,1825.*

Hannah, and John Pitman, int.Jan.31,1835.

Joseph, and Susan Felt, Nov.2,1823.*

Lucy A [], and Daniel Perkins, Nov.18,1827.*

Nathaniel, and Sarah A. Pitman, int.Oct.3,1835.

Nathaniel, and Lucy Ann Kinsman, Sept.3,1838.*

Nathaniel, widr., painter, and Huldah H. Davis [of Trenton, ME. int.], b. Trenton, ME, June3,1847.*

Sarah, and John P. Babbidge, Aug.8,1813.*

Sarah, and Joseph Shatswell, Jan.28,1829.*

Sarah, and David Odell, int.Sept.27,1846.

PUMMERY (Pomeroy, Pomroy)

Mary, and John Foster, July12,1692.


James J., of Lynn, a.28y., gardner, s.末末 of Ireland, and Hanna Fitzgerrald, a.24y., Apr.5,1845.


Abigail, and William Knights, Apr.14,1807.*

Ann, wid., and Nathaniel Chamberlain, May13,1821.*

Benjamin, and Hannah Epes, Dec.末,1739.*

Benjamin, jr., and Mary Pickworth, July4,1802.*

Eleanor M., and Paul Jewett, Sept.1,1813.*

Hannah, and Richard Aveson, Dec.9,1762.

Hannah, and William Epps, May6,1798.*

James, and Dorcas Townsend of Lynn, int.May3,1760.

James [jr. int.], and, wid.Ann Banks, Sept.10,1798.*

Jessee S., and Rebecca Lewis of Lynn, int.May5,1838.

Jessee S., and Olive S. Lewis of Lynn, Jan.21,1844.*

John, and Martha Hooper, Nov.6,1706.

John, jr., and Hannah Marston, Oct.22,1730.*

John, jr., and Sarah Bickford, Mar.22,1753.*

John, and Kezia Masury, July26,1783.*

Josiah P. [Jonathan P. int.], and Hannah W. Bowie, May2,1844.*

Mary, and John Wilson, May1,1803.*

Polly [], and Ebenezer Worcester, Nov.14,1804.*

Mary [H. int.], and Jonathan F. Worcester, Oct.15,1833.*

Mary S., and William B. Davis, Apr.15,1847.*

Rebecca, and John Derby, 4th, July7,1819.*

Rebecca and George Pollard of Hallowell, ME, int.May27,1820.

Samuel, and Susanna Bickford, Apr.16,1762.*

Samuel, and, wid.Alice Poor, Apr.16,1788.*

Sarah, and John Chamberlain, Dec.25,1766.

Sara, and Josiah Woodbury, Sept.4,1768.

Sarah, and Samuel Stocker, Nov.1,1792. [certif. Nov.1,1788.CR12]*

Sally, and William Phelps, Dec.29,1792.*

Sarah S., and Jonathan Millet, May2,1814.*

Susan, and Jesse Potter, Nov.5,1819.*

William, and Abigaile Waters, Oct.26,1669.CTR

William, and Sarah Sprague of Malden, at Malden, Dec.6,1785.*

William, and Sarah Annover, Apr.9,1795.*


Aaron, and Judith Munion, Sept.21,1791.*

Aaron, jr., and Emeline Buxton [of North Reading. int.], July13,1830.*

Aaron, jr., and Mrs.Lydia C. French of Boston, int.Jan.12,1840.

Judith, and Joseph D. Sadler, Nov.2,1823.*

Maria L., and Thomas B. Masury, Jan.22,1845.*

William, and Mebitable Stimpson [of], certif. June27,1801.*

William, jr., and Maria P. Wormstead, Dec.2,1821.*

PURCHAS (Purchase)

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Felt, at Marblehead, Jan.3,1694-5.

Ruth, and Joseph Mascoll, Dec.31,1724.

Thomas, and Elizabeth Williames, Dec.3,1679.CTR

PURCHASE (Purchas)

Elizabeth, and Joseph Ropes, Oct.29,1719.

Sarah, and Samuell Waters, Sept.21,1733.*

Thomas, and Hannah Cook,末蔓末, [bef. 1710].

PURENTON (Purinton)

Anne, d.Joshua, of Hampton, and Damaris, and Jacob Osbon, s.John, Oct.25,1743.CR8

PURINGTON (Purinton)

Huldah A., and William B. Oliver of Lynn, 28:5m:1835.

PURINTON (Purenton, Purington, Purintun)

Daniel, of Danvers, cordwainer, s.Daniel, of Danvers, glazier, and Hannah Southwick, d.John, of Danvers, husbandman, Oct.28,1756.CR7

Elizabeth, d.Samuel and Abigail, dec., of Danvers, and Paul Rogers of Berwick, s, Isaac and Lydia, of Berwick, both dec., 15:2m:1816.CR7

Lydia, of Danvers, d.Daniel, of Danvers, dec., and Enoch Johnson of Kensington, NH, husbandman, s.Obadiah, of Kensington, husbandman, 13:10m:1770.CR7

PURINTUN (Purinton)

Daniel, of Salisbury, "now of Salem," glazier, and Sarah Osborn, d.Samuel and Sarah, Feb.2,1726.CR7

Ebenezer, s.Jedediah and Elizabeth, and Bethier Frye, d.William and Tamesin, 16:10m:1806.CR7

James, jr., cordwainer, s.Jedediah and Elizabeth, and Tamesin Frye, d.William and Tamesin, 20:8m:1801.CR7

Mary, d.Daniel, of Danvers, cordwainer, and Hannah, and Ezekiel Fowler, jr., blacksmith, s.Ezekiel, blacksmith, and Elizabeth, 21:10m:1779.CR7

Matthew, tanner, s.Samuel, of Danvers, and Abigail, and Betsey Collins, d.Enoch, hatter, and Rebekah, both dec., 7:10m:1793.CR7

Ruth, of Danvers, and John Morrill, of Berwick, Oct.10,1771.CR7

Sarah, d.Daniel, of Mendon, husbandman, and Thomas Buxton, s.John, malster, Jan.19,1748-9.CR7


David, and Phebe Pope, June20,1809.*

PURT (Peart)

Israel, and Margaret Archer, Nov.28,1839.*


Jeremiah, and Clarissa Harlow Richardson, Mar.27,1816.*

Phillip, and Susanna Wait, Sept.15,1815.*

PUTMAN (Putnam)

Mary B., and Harvey Galucia, June27,1831.*

Mehetabel, of Danvers, and James Symonds, jr., Dec.22,1763.*

Ruth, wid.and Benjamin Goodhue, Feb.24,1771.*

PUTNAM (Putman, Putnum, Puttman, Puttnam)

Abigail, and John Deal, Jan.31,1716-17.

Abigail, wid., and John Waters, Dec.8,1747.*

Adaline A., and Charles B. Goodhue of Boston, Oct.11,1836.*

Adaline A., and Samuel E. Abbott of Danvers, Sept.19,1841.*

Amos [jr. int.], and Hannah Phillips, Mar.18,1743.*

Amos P., and Mary Ann Gomes, May25,1843.*

Anna, and Jethro Putnam, Apr.14,1726.

Anna, and Daniel Gardner, Dec.23,1734.*

Anna, Mrs.[], of Danvers, and Capt. Samuel Carlton, at Danvers, Jan.17,1754.*

An, and William Trask, Jan.18,1666.CTR

An, and William Trask, Jan.18,1686.CTR

Ann Maria [R. int.], and Levi T. Leath [], of Lynn, Feb.末,1836.*

Aphia, and John Porter, int.Oct.27,1733.

Archelaus, and Mehittable Putnam, Apr.12,1739.*

Archelaus, and Ruth Flint, Dec.4,1740.*

Archelaus, jr., and Martha Nurse, May18,1749.*

Asa, and Sarah Putnam, Nov.30,1738.*

Bartholomew, and Mrs.Mary Putnam, July6,1710.*

Bartholomew, and Ruth Gardner, Nov.20,1735.*

Bartholomew, and Sarah Hodges, May13,1760.*

Benjamin [Lt.CTR], and Sarah Holton, July1,1706.

Benjamin, and Bithiah Hutchinson, June9,1715.*

Benjamin, and Abigail Hutchinson [jr. int.], Mar.5,1727-8.*

Benjamin, jr., and Sarah Putnam, July28,1741.*

Bethiah D., of Danvers, and Hiram E. Gordon, Sept.11,1843.*

Caleb, and Silence Duncklee, Dec.7,1720.

Caleb, jr., and Elizabeth Nurse, June20,1745.*

Caroline A., and Ebenezer Seccomb [jr. int.], Nov.27,1834.*

Caroline M., and William B. Brown, Dec.28,1841.*

Charles F., and Sarah Sage, Oct.28,1828.*

Cornelius, and Sarah Hutchinson, Nov.17,1725.

Daniell, and Rebeccah Putnam, Feb.25,1718-19.

David, and Rebecca Perley of Boxford, at Ipswich, Feb.14,1728.*

David, jr., and Anna Holton, int.Apr.27,1745.

David, jr., of Danvers, and Sarah Abbot, int.July6,1805.

Deliverance, and Jonathan Walcutt, 2d m., Apr.23,1685.CTR

Eben [Ebenezer. int.], and Elizabeth Appleton, Sept.25,1827.*

Eben [Ebenezer. int.], of Danvers, and Priscilla Dutch, May7,1844.*

Ebenezer [Dr.CR1], and [Mrs.CR1] Margaret Scollay, Oct.28,1764.*

Ebenezer, and Sally Fisk [d.Gen. John. dup.], May22,1791.*

Ebenezer, 2d m., and Eliza [Elizabeth.dup.] Fisk, d.Gen. John, Nov.13,1796.*

Edmond, and Anna Andrew, jr., int.June22,1745.

Edmund [of], and [] Sara Choate, Sept.19,1813.*

Edward, and Mary Hale, June14,1681.CTR

Edward, and Sarah Miles of Concord, at Concord, May10,1705.

Edward, and Margaret Sage, int.May26,1839.

Eleazer, and Hanah Boardman,末蔓末, [bef. 1694].

Eleazer, of Salem Village, and Elizabeth Rolfe of Newbury, at Newbury, Nov.14,1711.*

Eliel, and Rebecca Ingalls, int.Sept.27,1823.

Eliphas A., of Boston, and Lydia Ann Fletcher, Nov.17,1841.*

Elisha [of], and Hannah Marble, Feb.末,1710-11.CTR*

Elisha [of], and Susanna Fuller, Feb.15,1713-14.*

Eliza, and James B. Goodhue, June29,1823.CR1*

Eliza M., and Henry A. Rice of Dorchester, June1,1843.*

Elizabeth and John Phelps of Reading, Mar.12,1701. [1700. dup.]

Elizabeth, and John Porter of Wenham, Feb.末,1708-9.CTR

Elizabeth, and Robert Hutchinson, Dec.27,1711.*

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Putnam [jr. int.], Feb.12,1713-14.*

Elizabeth, and William Putnam, Jan. [30.TC], 1723-4.

Elizabeth, and John Gardner, Mar.26,1730.*

Elizabeth, and Daniel Farrington of Andover, int.July24,1731.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Capt. Benjamin Houlton, Nov.25,1736.*

Elizabeth, and Samuell Putnam, Dec.30,1736. [Dec.29. dup.]*

Elizabeth [], and Jonathan Orne, June28,1748.*

Elizabeth, and William Putnam, Nov.5,1751.*

Elizabeth, of Sutton, and Abraham Brown, at Sutton, Mar.2,1773.*

Elizabeth, and Winthrop Gray, Oct.27,1791. [certif.CR12]*

Betsy, of Sterling, and Capt. Samuel Endecott, int.Apr.18,1794.

Betsy, and John Derby [2d int.], Aug.24,1794.*

Elizabeth C., d.Hon. Samuel, and John A. Lowell of Boston, Apr.2,1829.CR12*

Emma, and James Swinnarton, July20,1748.*

Esther, and Daniell Marble, June22,1721.

Eunice, and Francis Nurse, Mar.19,1739-40.*

Eunice, Mrs., of Danvers, and Nathaniel Richardson, at Danvers, Oct.17,1771.*

Ezra, of Topsfield, and Elizabeth Fuller, Mar.16,1719-20.

Ezra, of Middleton, and Lucy Putnam, June21,1750.*

Frances, and William Silver, jr., May19,1835.*

Francis, and Alice R. Upton, int.Sept.11,1842.

Frederick, and Sally Marsh of Danvers, int, Apr.23,1796.

Gideon, of Danvers, and Hanah Brown [], at Beverly, Jan.18,1752.

Hannah, and David Richardson, Sept.14,1702.

Hannah, and Nathan Pebody of Boxford, Nov.29,1711.*

Hannah, and James Prince, int.Oct.9,1730.

Hannah, and John Preston [jr. int.], July12,1744.*

Hannah, and Solomon Hutchinson of Souhegan West, int.Oct.22,1746.

Hannah, and Thomas P[oynton. int.] Bancroft, Dec.9,1822.*

Hannah P., and Cyrus Chadwell of Lynn, int.July3,1836.

Hannah Phillips, and Henry Cogswell, int.June20,1847.

Harriet E, and Henry Whitmore, June6,1841. int.*

Henry S., and Mahala M. Downs of Great Falls, NH, int.Sept.26,1847.

Holyoke, of Middleton, and Eunice Hutchinson, int.Sept.17,1731.

Huldah, and John Flint, Jan.8,1746-7.*

Isaac, and Anna Fuller, Dec.14,1720.

Israel, and Hannah Pope, July19,1739.*

Israel, and Mary Lindsey of Marblehead, int.June29,1817.

Israel [of], and Mary L. Putnam, Sept.5,1837.*

Jacob, and Susannah Harriman, July末,1735.

Jacob, and Susan [] Silver, July22,1819.*

James, jr., and Mrs.Ruth Hathorne, int.Jan.15,1714-15.

James, Lt., and Mary Rea, Mar.16,1719-20.

James H., and Mary Williams of Gloucester, int.Dec.15,1827.

Jefferson, of Danvers, and Mrs.Judith Stone, Dec.8,1836.*

Jepthah, and Ruth Fuller, Mar. [11.TC], 1723-4.

Jethro, and Anna Putnam, Apr.14,1726.

John, and Rebecka Prince, 3:7m:1652.CTR

John, s.Nathaniell, and Hanna Cutler, Dec.2,1678.CTR

John, and Rachel Buxton, Mar.26,1717.

John, and Mary Ford, July14,1737.*

John, jr., and Ruth Swinnerton, Feb.4,1741-2.*

John F., and Sarah A. Duncan, May13,1834.*

John P., wood dealer, s.Perley, and Helen M. Alden, d.Lott, Jan.13,1848.*

Jonathan [jr. int.], and Elizabeth Putnam, Feb.12,1713-14.*

Jonathan, and Sarah Perley of Boxford, Dec.2,1736.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth Porter, Apr.21,1690.

Joseph, and Lydia Flint, Jan.3,1720-21.

Joseph, jr., and Mary Porter, Jan.31,1744-5.*

Joshua, and Rachel Goodale, Feb.2,1721-2.

Josiah, and Ruth Hutchinson, Feb.19,1712-13.*

Lincoln S., and Lydia Richardson, int.Mar.14,1841.

Louisa, and Joseph Augustus Peabody, Sept.3,1821.*

Lucy, and Ezra Putnam of Middleton, June21,1750.*

Lucy, of Danvers, and Richard Luscomb, at Danvers, Nov.29,1787.

Lydia, and Thomas Flint [jr. dup.], Jan.6,1703-4.

Lydia, and David Goodale, Mar.2,1737-8.*

Mary, Mrs., and Bartholomew Putnam, July6,1710.*

Mary, and William Cleeves, jr. of Beverly, int.June9,1744.

Mary, and Timothy Prince, Nov.8,1744.*

Mary, and Samuel Endicott, jr., Feb.27,1751-2.*

Mary, and John Berry, June15,1757.

Polly, and Nathaniel Cummings, certif. Dec.4,1803.*

Mary, of Marblehead, and Samuel Smotherst, int.May12,1804.

Mary, of Danvers, and William Putnam int.Oct.12,1805.

Mary, and William Edwell [Elwell. int.], Apr.11,1811.*

Mary L., and Israel Putnam [of], Sept.5,1837.*

Mary A., and Joel G. Fogg, Apr.18,1844.*

Mary A., and J.B. Woodbury of Boston, Jan.7,1846.*

Mehitabel, and Joseph Pope, Jan.19,1715-16.*

Mehittable, and Archelaus Putnam, Apr.12,1739.*

Mehetabel, and Reuben Herriman of Haverhill, NH, June24,1747.*

Mercy G. [], and James Kimball, June26,1834.*

Miriam, and Stephen Putnam, May30,1718.

Meriam, and Elisha Flint, Jan.28,1741-2.*

Nathan, and Betty Buffenton, Aug.2,1752.*

Nathan, and Mary Abbot, Mar.17,1822.*

Nathaniell, and Hannah Roberts,末蔓末,1709.CTR [Jan.6,1709-10. int.]*

Oliver, and Hannah Brown, Dec.22,1743.*

Perley, and Betsey 末末, at Danvers, Nov.5,1801.

Perley Z.M.P., and Mary E. Whitney, int.July5,1840.

Phebe, and Gilbert Tapley, June17,1747.*

Priscilla, and George Wyat, int.Oct.13,1733.

Priscilla, and Capt. Henry Clarke, Nov.11,1787.*

Prudence, and William Weyman of Woburn, Dec.3,1719.

Rachel, and John Leach, Jan.15,1723-4.

Rebecka, and John Fuller, s.Thomas, 22:2m:1672.CTR

Rebeccah, and Daniell Putnam, Feb.25,1718-19.

Rebecca G., and Joseph Adams, jr., Oct.5,1837.*

Ruth, and Samuell Flint, Mar.6,1722-3.

Ruth, and Peter Labaree, Oct.3,1746.*

Ruth, and Philip Preston, June29,1747.*

Ruth [jr. int.], and William Ward, May17,1761.*

Ruth, and Michael Webb, Mar.2,1789.*

Samuel, and Mary Leech, Oct.29,1709.*

Samuell, and Elizabeth Putnam, Dec.30,1736. [Dec.29. dup.]*

Samuel, and Sarah Nurse, Apr.14,1742.*

Samuel, and Sarah Gooll, Oct.28,1795.*

Samuel K. [imball. int.], and Nancy Phelps, Dec.14,1817.*

Sara, and John Huchenson, July末,167[3.TC]CTR

Sarah, and Israel Porter, Sept.12,1706.CTR

Sarah, and Eleazer Browne, Dec.7,1716.

Sarah, and Robert Hutchinson, June6,1717.

Sarah, Mrs., and John Browne of Newbury, int.Nov.28,1733.

Sarah, and Asa Putnam, Nov.30,1738.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Putnam, jr., July28,1741.*

Sarah, of Bedford, and Nathaniel [] Whipple, at Bedford, Apr.4,1751.*

Sarah, and Capt. Jonathan Gardner, jr., Jan.2,1752.*

Sarah, of Danvers, and Joseph Flynt, int.Dec.14,1752.

Sarah [], of Danvers, and Capt. Robert Foster, at Danvers, Sept.16,1779.*

Sally, and Thomas Palfray, certif. Nov.27,1780.*

Sally, and Nathaniel Ropes, Apr.17,1791.*

Sally, of Danvers, and David Davis, int.July1,1809.

Sally, and Abel Nichols of Danvers, int.Apr.16,1814.

Sally, d.Simeon and Martha, of Danvers, and John Wheeler, b. Brookfield, Apr.19,1818.

Sarah G., and Francis B. Crowninshield [of Boston. int.], June15,1831. [Mar.3,1832. int.; Mar.20,1832.CR12]*

Sally, and George W. Elliot, int.Oct.13,1832.

Sarah K., of Wilton, NH, and Benjamin Baldwin, Nov.6,1842*

Sarah Abbot, and Ebenezer Dodge, jr., int.July4,1847.

S[] Augusta, and John A. Heath of New Orleans, merchant, Aug.19,1847.*

Seth, and Ruth Whipple, Sept.16,1718.

Solomon, and Sarah Endicott, int.Jan.23,1747-8.

Stephen, and Miriam Putnam, May30,1718.

Susan S., and Thomas B. Newhall of Lynn, May10,1842.*

Susanna, and Isaack Burton, Nov.末,1709.CTR

Tarrant, and Elizabeth Bacon [of], June8,1715.*

Tarrant, and Priscilla Baker of Boxford, int.Oct.16,1742.

Thomas, s.John and Priscilla, "formerly Inhabytants of Abboteason in Buckinghamsheare (England)," and Ann Holyoke, d.Edward and Prudence, "formerly of Tanworth, in Warwicksheare (England)," 17:8m:1643.CTR

Thomas, Lt., and, wid.Mary Veren, 14:9m:1666.CTR

Thomas, jr., and Ann Carr, 25:9m:1678.CTR

William, and Elizabeth Putnam, Jan. [30.CT], 1723-4.

William, and Elizabeth Putnam, Nov.5,1751.*

William, and Mary Putnam of Danvers, int.Oct.12,1805.

PUTNEY (Puddenney, Pudney, Pudny)

Elizabeth, and Charles G. Marshall of Gloucester [of Reading. int.], Dec.20,1840.*

Elizabeth, of Portland, ME, and William F. Walsh, int.Dec.24,1843.

Hannah, and John Bardon, jr. of Sutton, int.Dec.25,1745.

Hannah [of], and Samuel Very, certif. July13,1776. [certif. Aug.15. dup.]*

Harriet, and James Freeman, Jan.19,1842.*

Mary [of], and John Thornton, July6,1793.

PUTNUM (Putnam)

Nathan, and Caroline Messer of Piermont, NH, int.Mar.19,1848.

PUTTMAN (Putnam)

Mary, and Thomas Flint, jr., 2d m., Jan.8,1712-13.*

PUTTNAM (Putnam)

Thomas, and Elizabeth Whipple, at Ipswich, Apr.10,1705.

PYNCHEN (Pynchon)

Patty [Mrs.CR11], and Joseph Grafton, Mar.22,1788.

PYNCHON (Pynchen)

Catharine, and William Wetmore, Nov.5,1776.

Sarah, and Thomas Fitch Oliver, June7,1778.*

William, and Catherine Sewall, June30,1751.

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