Joseph D., and Judith Purbeck, Nov.2,1823.*

SAFFERD (Safford)

Sally, and William Randell, int.May7,1803.

William, and Thankful Goodale. Dec.25,1779.*

SAFFORD (Safferd)

Abigail, and John Leonard, May31,1796.*

Anna P., and I. Sexton James, M.D., of Philadelphia, int.May30,1847.

Charles F., and Emeline Buffum, int.Apr.10,1830. (Certificate May22.)

Daniel, of Ipswich, and, wid.Elizabeth Herbert, Nov.22,1753.*

David, and Dolly Bott, certif. June11,1809.*

Dolly, and Jeremiah Norris, Aug.30,1824.*

Ebenezer, and Elizabeth Ellison, Sept.7,1790.*

Ebenezer, and Hannah Osborn of Danvers, int.Oct.29,1808.

Eliza P., and Eleazer Austin, 1827 or 1828. [Apr.21,1827. int.]*

Elizabeth [], and Reuben Murray, Nov.16,1794.*

Elizabeth, and Henry White, jr., Nov.27,1803.*

Elizabeth E., and Dr. Cornelius Marquis, int.Sept.25,1819. (Oct.1, forbidden by Miss Safford, the names having been handed in without her knowledge or consent.)

Emma [Amme. int.], and Ebed Lewis, Sept.30,1784.*

Ephraim, and Sally Roberts of Hamilton, int.Dec.7,1822.

Hannah, and Josiah Dodge, int.Nov.1,1794.

Harriet N., and Samuel E. Mudge of Lynn, June6,1836.*

Joshua, and Dorothy Foy, Oct.15,1801.*

Joshua, and Ann V. Prince of Beverly, int.Apr.8,1815.

Joshua, jr., and Sarah B. Russell, Oct.6,1822.*

Joshua F., and Nancy Flint, Nov.20,1825.*

Judith, and Joseph Curtis, Oct.6,1816.*

Lois D., and William P. Leahy, int.Aug.26,1826.

Lydia, and George Foster, certif. Mar.30,1773.*

Nathan [of North], and Elizabeth Foster, certif. Sept.28,1785.*

Nathaniel, and Betsy Eveleth, certif. Dec.2,1799.*

Nathaniel F., and Sally Smith, Dec.8,1808.*

Nathaniel [F. int.], and Hannah Woodbury, certif. Oct.10,1813.*

Rachel, and Andrew Morgan, Dec.22,1796.*

Samuel A., and Frances Ann P. Percival of Boston, int.Dec.9,1838.

Sarah, and John Darby of Lynn, July16,1770.*

Sarah [], and Ephraim Abbot [of Andover. int.], Oct.4,1789.*

Sally, and Thomas Kanaly, Sept.3,1805.*

Sarah Ann, and Mathew Newport, int.Apr.3,1813.

Sarah F. [S. int.], and Jonathan L. Kimball May20,1840.*

Thomas, and Elizabeth Phelps, Apr.27,1764.*

Thomas, and Sara Lasser [], Nov.22,1785.*

Thomas, and Sally Osborn, Jan.5,1792.*

Thomas R., of Exeter, NH, and Lydia H. Bott, Aug.22,1831.CR1*

William, and Abigail Swasey, June7,1792. [June6. dup.]*

William B., and Dolly N. Bott, June7,1832.*


Daniel, and Deborah Silsbee, Oct.8,1786.*

Margaret, and Edward Putnam, int.May26,1839.

Mary Ann, and Ephraim Emmerton, June8,1826 [June10. dup.]*

Sarah, and Charles F. Putnam, Oct.28,1828.*

William, and Susanna Smith, Sept.29,1782.*

William, and Elizabeth Ingalls, Apr.26,1812.*

SALISBURY (Salsbery, Salsbury)

John, and Ruth Hacker, int.Dec.31,1775.


Elizabeth, and Joseph Traske, Dec.20,1693.CTR

SALMON (Samon)

Peeter, and Anna Thompson, 4:4m:1677.CTR

SALSBERY (Salisbury)

Anthony, and Hannah Deadman, int.May20,1780.

SALSBURY (Salisbury)

Amos, and Nabby Lord, July13,1806.*


John, of Marblehead, and Lydia Goodale, Dec.16,1726.

Lydia, and William Wroe, int.Mar.24,1730-31.


Deborah, and [Capt. int.] Zadoch Buffinton, June7,1789.*

Deborah, and Henry Buxton, Oct.18,1827.*

Julia A., and John W. Dodge of Methuen, int.June11,1837.

Ruth, and Samuel L[] Hicock, Jan.18,1831.*


Catherine P., and Edward B. Peirson, int.Apr.2,1846.

Leverett [of Haverhill.CR1], and Mary Eliza Saunders, Mar.14,1811.*

Lucy S., d.Leveret, of Boston, dec., and John F[] Tuckerman of Boston, physician, b. Boston, s.Gustavus, of Boston, June30,1847.*

Nathaniel, and Caroline Saunders, Nov.30,1820.*

SAMON (Salmon)

George, and Remember Felton Oct.末,1654.CTR


Eliza [Simpson. int.], and Charles F. Radford, Jan.25,1825.*

John, and Abigail Pudney, Dec.9,1718.

Joseph, and Patty Flint of Reading, at Reading, Apr.4,1790.*

Patty [], of Reading, and Capt. John Green, at Reading, Jan.31,1796.*

Sara [Samson. int.], and William Floyd, May31,1775.*

SANBORN (Sanborne)

Benjamin B., and Sarah Taylor, Dec.8,1833.*

Caroline, and David C. Kimball [of Boston. int.], July12,1848.*

Eliza, and Isaac M. Ireland, int.Oct.23,1842.

Elizabeth W., and Lewis W. Elliot of Danvers, int.June19,1842.

Franklin T., and Abba B. Hoyt, Nov.8,1842.*

George, and Joanna Francis, Oct.26,1837.*

Green W., of Pittsfield, and Sarah Colby, int.June19,1836 (stopped).

Green W., and Priscilla F. McIntire, July19,1846.*

Hiram, and Mary Ann Rowell, July24,1831.*

James, and Abigail F. Cate, Apr.17,1838.*

John, and Eliza M. Wiggin, July21,1833.*

Joseph W., and Mary Bedoe, May15,1845.*

Lucretia, and Daniel Nason, Apr.18,1842.*

Lydia O., and John P. Clough, int.Feb.11,1838.

Lydia, and George Russell, Dec.4,1843.*

Mark, and Christiana McPherson, Apr.2,1818.*

Martha J., and Calvin H. Parshley, carpenter, Nov.28,1844.*

Mary P., and William I. Lunt, Oct.12,1848.*

Moses, and Esther Kinsman, Apr.20,1815.*

Reuben F., and Jane L. Kinsley, Aug.23,1832.*

Theophilus, and Lydia Eustice, Mar.13,1809.*

True, and Mary [W. int.] Sheldon, Mar.11,1825.*

SANBORNE (Sanborn)

Elizabeth, and Samuel N. Glover, int.Mar.12,1831. (Certificate Apr.1.)

John, and Deborah R. Frothingham, Mar.14,1809.*

SANDER (Saunders)

Philemon, and Abigail Ruck, Oct.3,1745.

SANDERS (Saunders)

Daniel, and Sarah Peale, Mar.2,1770.

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Webb, jr., June22,1740.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph Hathorne, Apr.9,1769.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Williams, Nov.13,1790.*

Henry, and Mary Swett, both of Marblehead, Oct.7,1751.

James, and Elizabeth Vinning, Nov.22,1764.*

James, of Marblehead, and Jane Doust, June5,1796.*

John, and Hanna Pickman, Nov.5,1661.CTR

John, and Returne Shadock, Sept.24,1688.CTR

John, and [] Susannah Palmer [of] at Marblehead, Jan.1,1752.*

Philip, and Mary Elkins, Sept.9,1729.*

Philip, jr., and Elizabeth Estes, int.Oct.2,1762.

Thomas, and Esther Giles [of], at Beverly, July8,1773.*

William, and Mary Vokes, 30:9m:1669.CTR

SANDERSON (Saunderson)

Alice [Saunderson. int.], and James Holland [of Boston. int.], July31,1823.*

Catharine, and Henry Carwick, Jan.17,1819.*

Elijah, and Mary Mulliken [Mulekin. int.], of Lexington, at Lexington, Jan.12,1781.*

Emma A., and Rufus B. Gifford, int.Aug.22,1847.

Hannah K., and John Sweeten, Nov.19,1820.*

Jacob, and Katharine Harrington of Watertown, int.Apr.7,1781.

Sally, and William Roberts, certif. June16,1805.*


Charles, and Mary Luscomb, int.Aug.13,1814. (Aug.20, publishment stopped by Charles Sanford.)


John M., and Hannah Smith of Marblehead, int.Oct.末,1807. (Forbid.)

Polly, and Jonathan Horton, Aug.28,1785.


Augustus H., of Danvers, and Martha Stevens, int.Oct.2,1836.

Increase S., Dr. [of Hampden. int], and Ann D. Fales, Jan.14,1827.*

Joseph, and Sally Phipps, int.Apr.2,1805.


Samuel, and Joanna Kerdon, both of Marblehead, Oct.16,1752.

SARGEANT (Sargent)

Lucinda, and Daniel B. Dwinell, s.John, deceased, May19,1844.

SARGENT (Sargeant, Sergant, Sergeant, Sergent)

Asa [of Bradford, NH. int.], and Eliza [Elizabeth F. int.] Peabody, July21,1833.*

George W., and Sarah A. Beckford, int.Apr.30,1843.

Hezekiah E., and Mary Ann Peirce, Sept.16,1839.*

Lucinda, and Daniel B. Dwenell, int.July2,1843.

Marian, and Isaac Cross, Feb.7,1813.*

Mary H., and William R. Coombs, Apr.27,1824.*

Nancy D., and Henry E. Fifield, Nov.19,1826.*

Sarah, and Richard Wheelan, May16,1835.

Sarah M., and Thomas P. Fimby, int.Nov.30,1837.

Winthrop, and Eliza Beckford, May4,1823.*

Winthrop, and Nancy Cleaves of Beverly, int.Sept.30,1826.


Antonio Silver, and Mary Pascoll, certif. Jan.26,1806.*


Abigail, and John Byng, "heretofore of Portsmouth, in Great Britain, now for about five months last past resident at Salem," int.Nov.25,1769.

Ruth, and William Mansfield, jr., int.Sept.29,1750.

SARVEY (Sarvi)

Mark, and Betsy Williams, May19,1804.*

SARVI (Sarvey)

Mark, and, wid.Susanna Labatour, May28,1821.*


Hannah, and William Kinsman, July2,1818.*

SATCHWELL (Shatswell)

Richard, and Mary Brewer, certif. June29,1775.*


Sarah, and Samuell Cutler, Jan.20,1691.

SAUL (Sawl)

Betsy, and Nathaniel Reeves, certif. Apr.9,1799.*

John, and Martha Foye, Nov.30,1824.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth Heather, certif. Jan.12,1775.*

Joseph, and Mary Standley, Jan.6,1787.*

Joseph [jr. int.], and Nancy Harvey, Oct.13,1820.*

Joseph [jr. int.], and Eliza H. Winn, Jan.26,1842.*

Martha, and Michael Power, Dec.11,1774.

Martha, see Paul, Martha.

Mary, and Samuel Allen [of Boston. int.], Oct.11,1820.*

Mary Louise, of Saugus, and Henry B. Hill, int.Nov.30,1845.

Nancy, Mrs., and Stephen Palmer, July25,1838.*

Sarah, and William A. Ropes, June5,1828.*

Sarah E., and Franklin A. Merrill of Danver, int.Oct.4,1846.

Thomas, and Sally Foye, Nov.1,1812.*

SAUNDERS (Sanders)

Affable, and Cato Glover of Marblehead, Mar.20,1807.

Anne, and Charles Hunt of Worcester, int.Aug.9,1846.

Caroline, and Nathaniel Saltonstall, Nov.30,1820.*

Catherine, and [Hon. int.] Dudley L. Pickman, Sept.6,1810.*

Charles, and Charlotte Nichols, certif. Mar.10,1811.*

Daniel, jr., and Sarah Phippen Gill, Oct.11,1794.*

David E., and Henrietta A. Felt, int.Feb.11,1838.

Ebenezer S. [of], and Margaret Ferguson, Sept.24,1829.*

Eliza, and John Stevens, July22,1825.*

Eliza C., d.John, deceased, and John G. Peterson, widr., b. Sweden, watchman, Nov.10,1845.*

Emma, and Daniel Blanchard, Nov.12,1809.*

Eunice, and James F. Harrison, Dec.18,1810.*

George T., and Marianne [Mary Ann. int.] Brown, May末,1838.*

Henry, and Sarah Shillaber of Danvers, at Danvers, Aug.29,1795.*

Henry F., and Martha E. Morse, int.Sept.12,1847.

James, and Emma Roby, June5,1831.*

James, and Susan Thompson, June5,1841.*

James, of Augusta, ME, and Elizabeth Gould, int.Sept.25,1842.

Jane, and Joseph Warner, Nov.23,1831.*

John, jr., and Sally Crowninshield, certif. Sept.27,1783.*

John, and Susanna Mason, Feb.22,1784.

John, and Elizabeth Millet, Sept.5,1793.

Jonathan P[eele. int.], and Mary Adams, Dec.26,1811.*

Joseph, and Berlinda Stephens of Beverly, int.Oct.17,1807.

Maria M., and Rev. Joseph M. Driver of Reading, Nov.24,1828.*

Mary, and Thomas Standley, Oct.14,1792.*

Mary Eliza, and Leverett Saltonstall [of Haverhill.CR1], Mar.14,1811.*

Mary Ann, and Peter Drown of Boston, Aug.23,1835.*

Mary Ann, and John Battis of Marblehead, int.June28,1840.

Mary A., and William S. Cleaveland, Oct.30,1845.CR12*

Michael, and Judith Woodbury, Feb.12,1809.*

Nancy, and William H. Newhall, Nov.7,1837,*

Nancy, and Edward Fitzgerald, Oct.26,1847.*

Nathaniel W., of Lynn, and Philanda C. Knight, Apr.23,1839.*

Philip [], and Nancy Lerock, July12,1792. [certif. Dec.4,1788.CR12]*

Philip H. [of], and Eliza N. Josephs, Feb.12,1822.*

Phillip H., of Danvers, and Nancy True of Lowell, Dec.25,1834.

Rebecca, and Thomas Phillips of Waltham, Jan.30,1836.*

Robert S., of Danvers, and Louisa Courtis, int.Dec.11,1830. (Certificate Jan.28,1831.)

Sally, and Richard Lang [of Hanover, NH. int.], Aug.14,1791.*

Sally, of Beverly, and Jonathan Fisk, int.Sept.12,1801.

Sarah, and Emery Johnson, Mar.11,1824.*

Susan B., and Aaron Osborne, May28,1846.*

Susannah, d.John, and Daniel Hopkins, Mar.7,1771.*

Susannah, and Thomas Brooking [jr. int.], of Medford, June14,1838.*

Thomas, and Elizabeth Elkins, Apr.28,1782.*

Thomas M., and Eveline Allen, May8,1823.*

Thomas, and Louisa F. Holmes of Dorchester, int.Dec.8,1844.

SAUNDERSON (Sanderson)

David [Sanderson. int.], and Lucy Coates, certif. Dec.3,1796.*

David, jr., and Sally Balch of Topsfield, int.Apr.20,1822.

Jeremiah, and Lucy French of Hollis, int.Sept.6,1809.

John [Sanderson. int.], and Abigail Haskell, Dec.7,1824.*

Lydia, and Nathaniel Mulliken of Lexington, May6,1819.*

Mary, and Daniel Clark, certif. Dec.18,1803.*

Mary [Sanderson. int.], and Ephraim Symonds, certif. Nov.24,1805.*


Elizabeth, and Patrick Hare, May13,1781.*

Ezekiel, and Anna Hathorne, Dec.10,1797.*

Ezekiel, and Parnell Codman of Dorchester, int.Mar.6,1813.

James, and Sarah Macharty [], Nov.27,1746.*

James, and Sarah Ellinwood, int.Oct.18,1777.

Mary, and Eli Bushby of Danvers, int.Nov.27,1833.

Rebecca, and Benjamin MacFarlin, Dec.27,1807.*

Richard, and Bridget Narrey, int.Oct.30,1830. (Certificate Nov.18.)

Sara, and John Higgenson, jr., 9:8m:1672.CTR

SAVARY (Savory)

Joseph, and Jane F. Griffin, int.Sept.30,1820.

SAVORY (Savary)

Augustus, and Eliza Varney, June14,1829.*

Benjamin, and Mary Shale [] Stone, Feb.13,1831.*

Caroline, and John I. Scobie, int.May10,1846.

Elizabeth L., and Benjamin Webb, int.Aug.27,1843.

Emma [Emily L. int.], and Phineas B. Weston, Jan.7,1830.*

George, of Bradford, and Louisa Balch, Jan.31,1822.*

George, and Mary Ann Wellman, Dec.12,1839.*

Harriet E., and Henry P. Upton, int.Oct.11,1840.

Mary, and Joseph Hardy Millet, Jan.24,1828.*

Richard, and Betsy Lewis, Sept.11,1803.*

Richard F., mariner, s.Richard, deceased, and Elizabeth M. Lopez, Sept.30,1847.*

Robert, and Jane Hill of Beverly, int.Nov.12,1808.

Sarah A., and Charles A. Smith of Boston, int.Sept.1,1839.

Theresa M., d.Richard, deceased, and Daniel [R. int.] Bowker, mercbant, s.Joel, Oct.22,1847. [Nov.22.CR4]*

SAWL (Saul)

Thomas, and Martha Fowler, June18,1769.


Cynthiani, and Thomas Jones [of], Aug.31,1832.*

John, see Nawtell, John.


Asa, and Mary Chapman, Apr.9,1815.*

Caleb, and Mary Ann [Ame. int.] Sawyer, Feb.16,1824.*

Elizabeth, and William E. Perkins, carpenter, Dec.4,1845.*

Hipzibah, and John Underwood, Dec.28,1789. [Dec.27.CR4]*

Jane, and William Cowen, Dec.4,1774.

Jane C., and Asa A. Ward of North Reading, Sept.5,1837.*

John, of Newbury, and Sarah Sibley, int.Nov.20,1710.

John [of Haverhill. dup.], and Hannah Mansfeld, jr. [at Haverhill. dup.], Dec.19,1769.*

John, and Nancy Craft, int.July11,1801. (Forbidden by Nancy Craft.)

John, and Susan M. Cameron, Apr.18,1842.*

Leonard, and Ruth Clough, certif. Nov.19,1809.*

Leverett, and Martha Ann Kehew, Jan. [26 in pencil], 1830.*

Lydia, and Samuel Buffum [jr. int.], Apr.27,1800.*

Mary Ann [Ame. int.], and Caleb Sawyer, Feb.16,1824.*

Nathaniel, and Hannah Gerney, int.Feb.18,1815.

Nathaniel, and Mary Stevens of Andover, int.May11,1817.

Nathaniel, and Mary [A. int.] Kehew, Oct.18,1838.*

Samuel, and Polly Lyttlefield of Kennebunk, int.Dec.28,1804.

Susanna, and Aron Maservey, Nov.20,1695.

Thomas, of Boxford, and Sophia B. Howe, int.Jan.9,1848.

SAXTON (Sexton)

Orion Butler, and Merriam Smith Eldridge, Dec.21,1818.*


Anne, of Marblehead, and Joseph Mesury, int.Aug.23,1712.


Hannah, and Rufus Newhall of Lynn, int.Feb.5,1825.

Hannah, and John Laskey, Oct.18,1829.*

Mary Jane, and Edward T[] Russell [of Portland, ME. int.], July14,1825.*

William, and Lydia H[] Ward, Sept.7,1823.*


Mary, Mrs., and Capt. Jonathan Harraden, Oct.12,1797.


Anna, and David Peirce, int.Nov.7,1801.

Timothy, and Mary Brassel, int.Apr.5,1846.


Joseph, and Elizabeth Carwich [Carwick,], Nov.11,1806.*


Hannah, of Danvers, and John Jenness, July5,1801.*


Mathew, and Rebecca Richardson, int.July21,1821.


George, and Abigail Gerald [], May20,1789.*


[], Reinart, mariner, and Abigail Leflaw, wid., Jan.3,1845.*


John, and [] Elizabeth Murray, Nov.20,1803.*

SCHULT (Schultz)

Jacob, and Sally Tiplady, int.July11,1812.

SCHULTZ (Schult, Shults, Shultz)

Charles F., and Ruth Maria Gauss, Jan.17,1843.*

SCIAS (Sias)

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Joseph [] Perkins, Oct.7,1810.*


John, and Lydia Maley, Sept.4,1802.*

John I., and Caroline Savory, int.May10,1846.


John, of Lowell, and Hannah Burbank, int.Feb.7,1835.

SCOLLAY (Scolley, Scolly)

James, and Abigail Pickering, Nov.22,1764.*

Margaret [Mrs.CR1], and [Dr.CR1] Ebenezer Putnam, Oct.28,1764.*

Mary, and Joseph Lambert, int.June4,1774.

SCOLLEY (Scollay)

John, of Marblehead, and Elizabeth Prat, Feb.9,1721-2.*

SCOLLY (Scollay)

Abigail [], and William Baldwin, Mar.21,1782.*

John, jr., and Mary White, May5,1756.*

SCOT (Scott)

William, and Mary Ashby, Jan.17,1773.*

SCOTT (Scot)

Deborah, and James Arrington, certif. Mar.10,1797. [Dec.22,1797. int.]*

Elizabeth, and Francis Joseph, Aug.末,1774. [certif. Aug.21.CR12]*

Betsy, and Joseph Joplin, Oct.25,1789.

George, and Deborah Richards, Aug.3,1790.

Hannah, and Samuel Oakman, Sept.30,1787.*

James, of Ipswich, a.36y., laborer, s.末末, of Ireland, and Bridget Callaghan, a.30y., Sept.23,1844.

John, of Marblehead, and Susanna Carrill, int.Jan.2,1772.

Joseph, and Margaret Ingalls, Nov.11,1760.

Margaret, and Hugh Maleuky [Malcuhy.CR11], Jan.23,1775.

Margaret, and Moses Thomas, certif. Aug.25,1786.*

Mary, and Abraham Waldron, certif. Feb.2,1777.*

William, and Nabby Friend, Mar.26,1797.*


Elias, and Eliza [Elizabeth.CR1] Butler, Nov.27,1783.*


Joshua, and Anstiss Smith, May2,1832.*


Rebecca Bacon, of Barnstable, and Samuel P. Andrews, int.Oct.5,1845.

SCULLEY (Scully)

William, and Honora Hannavan, July14,1839.*

SCULLY (Sculley)

Honora, and James Causegriff, int.July5,1840.


Sally, and George S. Richards, July19,1824.*


Nancy, Mrs., and Jabez Morse of Pembroke, int.May22,1842.


Thomas, and Elizabeth Watts, both of Marblehead, Jan.1,1739-40.


John, and Mary Woltham, both of Marblehead, July20,1763.

SEARL (Searle)

Catharine, of Danvers, and Joseph W. Fornis, int.Oct.2,1830. (Certificate Nov.10.)

Damaris, and Joseph Phippen, sr., Apr.14,1686.

Daniel, and Ruth Wilson, May3,1812.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph Stone, Jan.24,1749.*

John [jr. int.], and Lydia Fairfield, Apr.9,1799.*

Joseph, and Sarah Knights, July15,1701.

Joseph, jr., and Martha Dean, Aug.10,1750.*

Joseph, of Beverly, and Elianer Smith, int.Aug.7,1784.

Mary [wid.CTR], and Joseph English, Dec.末,1693. [Dec.20,1694. dup.]

Mary, and William Smith, July31,1722.

Mary, and John Jones, July28,1808.*

Zachariah, and Betsey Bassett of Marblehead, int.Oct.28,1820.

SEARLE (Searl, Searls, Seirls)

Abigail, and Thomas Conner, int.Dec.24,1774.

Daniel S. [J. of], and Sarah E. Hazelton, Nov.29,1841.*

Elizabeth, and William Frost, Apr.5,1706.

Elizabeth, and Robert Bartlet [late of], Jan.6,1761.*

Elizabeth, and William Berry, June11,1822.*

John, and Mary Barret, Nov.21,1770.*

Joseph, and Mary [Ruth.CR1] Fowls, May17,1726.

Joseph, and Margaret Becket, Nov.20,1781.*

Martha [], and Daniel Collins, July6,1800.*

Mary, and Phillip Cross, Sept.25,1749.

Mary [], and Joseph Edey [Addey, jr. int.], June14,1761.*

Miles, and Sarah Stanley, June4,1808.*

Moses C., Rev., of Grafton, NH, and Mary Ann Smith, May3,1827.*

Thomas, and Elizabeth Bush, Apr.14,1697.CTR

Zechariah, and Sarah Trask, May17,1807.*

SEARLS (Searle)

Gorham G. [J. int.], and Sophia J. Kittredge, July18,1848.*

Nathaniel, and Almira M.C. Farland, Dec.18,1842.*

Sarah, and Joshua Grant, Apr.27,1757.


Thomas, and Ancilla Handmaid, Sept.14,1780.*

SEAS (Sias)

Abigail, and William Morgan, jr., Oct.3,1756.PR78

John [], and Abigail Wood, July23,1730-31.*


Anne [Warren, of Worcester. int.], and Rev. John Brazer, at Worcester [Mar.31,1821. int.]*

Thomas, and Rachel Wilkins, Mar.31,1811.*

SEAWELL (Sewall)

Edward, and Sara Hale, July3,1671.CTR

SECCOMB (Secomb)

Ann B., and Jonathan W. Perkins, int.Nov.24,1832.

Caleb B[], and Joanna Creecy, Nov.28,1802.*

Ebenezer, and Hannah Williams, certif. Nov.末,1802.*

Ebenezer [jr. int.], and Caroline A. Putnam, Nov.27,1834.*

Edward R., and Adeline Griggs of Brookline, int.Aug.2,1840.

Elizabeth [Mehitable Seccomb of], and Jonathan Frothingham [jr. int.], Oct.17,1782.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph Grant [of], Sept.14,1831.*

Hannah U. [W. int.], d.Ebenezer, deceased, and Alexander J. Sessions, clergyman, July30,1845.

John, and Sally Howard, Oct.1,1797.*

Martha E., d.Ebenezer, deceased, and David Moore, jr., merchant, s.David, Dec.30,1845.*

Mary, and Andrew Blaney [of], Apr.23,1799.*

Mary, and Benjamin Goodhue, jr., Feb.18,1831.*

Mehitable O., and Benjamin O. Peirce of [], Georgia, June15,1841.*

Priscilla W., d.Ebenezer, deceased, and Luke Brooks, jr., widr., s.Timothy, Oct.3,1844.*

Rebekah, and Ward Pool [of]. certif. Mar.21,1797.*

Thomas, and Polly James of Danvers, int.May16,1806.

SECOMB (Seccomb)

John [jr. int.], and Elizabeth McIntire, Oct.末,1825.*


John, and Elizabeth Swacy, May10,1703.


Franklin, mariner, and Charlotte M. Very, June17,1844.*

James H., and Mrs.Harriet Chipman, int.Aug.21,1842.


Sophia [P. Segee. int.], and C.L. Pike, June29,1840,*


Daniel, see Segorstromm, Daniel.

SEGGISTRUM (Segorstromm)

Daniel, and, wid.Sarah Anderson, June17,1821.*

SEGORSTROMM (Seggistrum)

Daniel [], and Eliza Henderson, Mar.7,1813.*

SEIRLS (Searle)

Joanna, and Joseph [Thomas.CR11] McLathning, Aug.20,1767.

SELDON (Sheldon)

Elizabeth, wid., of Danvers, and John Pitman, int.Feb.12,1803.

Robert, and Betsy Simmonds, Apr.28,1792.*


Jonathan, and Rebecca Kitchens, int.Dec.7,1805.


Esther L., of Marblehead, and John B. Leavett, int.Apr.8,1826.

Sarah [], and Eher Towne, Aug.20,1826.*

SEMMONS (Symonds)

John, and Mary Ann Pickering, int.Jan.18,1834.

SEMON (Symonds)

Joseph [Simon. int.], and Sally Caban, May3,1860.*

SENTER (Center)

Andrew, of Wenham, and Rachel Stevens, int.Oct.4,1735.

Ebenezer, and Eunice Anibel of Hamilton, int.Dec.16,1809.

William, and Mary M. Spinney of Lynn, int.May5,1827.

SERGANT (Sargent)

Richard, s.Richard, of Boston, deceased, and Lydya Boyce, d.Ebenezer, of Danvers, husbandman, Apr.28,1757.CR7

SERGEANT (Sargent)

Daniel, of Gloucester, and Mrs.Mary Turner [jr. int.], Feb.3,1763.*

Joseph, of Charlestown, and Polly Peirce, int.Mar.14,1796.

SERGENT (Sargent)

Epes, Esq., of Gloucester, and [] Catharine Brown, Aug.10,1744.*

Sarah [], and Nathaniel Allen of Gloucester, Nov.21,1754.*

SERVEY (Servi)

Mark, and [] Elizabeth Hodgdon, Oct.17,1813.*

SERVI (Servey)

Mark, and Deborah Allen, Mar.10,1811.*


Alexander J., clergyman, and Hannah U [W. int.] Seccomb, d.Ebenezer, deceased, July30,1845.*

SEWALL (Seawell)

Catherine, and William Pynchon, June30,1751.

David, of Bath, and Elizabeth Crosby, Oct.21,1806.*

Gilbert F. [T. int.], of New York, and Mary Jane Page, Dec.13,1843.*

Henry, Gen., of Augusta, ME, and Rachel Crosby, June3,1811.*

Jane, Mrs., and William Cooke of Cambridge, Mar.25,1723.

Margarett, jr., Mrs., and John Higginson, jr., Nov.11,1714.*

Mary, Mrs., and Nathan Goodale, Jan.1,1765.*

Mehitable, Mrs., and Thomas Robie of Cambridge, Jan.17,1722-3.

Mitchell, and Mrs.Mary Cabot, June4,1729.*

Mitchel, Esq., and Mrs.Elizabeth Price [jr. int.], Jan.20,1742-3.*

Rufus K., Rev. [of Burlington. int.], and Ann E. Hanson, Nov.21,1843.*

Samuel, of Marblehead, and Abigail Devereaux, Dec.8,1781.*

Sarah [], and Aaron Porter [of], Oct.22,1713.*

Stephen, and Margerett Mitchell, June13,1682.


Lydia C., of Ipswich, and Jason Wilkins, int.June5,1830. (Certificate June20.)

SEXTON (Saxton)

Timothy, and Mary Regin, int.Dec.29,1844.

Timothy, and Mary Ryan, int.June26,1845.

SEYMORE (Seymour)

Abigail, and Thomas Benson [Bonson.CR12], certif. Jan.13,1778.*

Jane, and Samuel Ropes [jr. int.], Sept.7,1755.*

Thomas, late of Boston, now resident of Salem, and Jemima Wallis, int.Jan.24,1761.

SEYMOUR (Seymore)

Stephen, and Abigail Bell [Feb. or Mar.] 末,1775. [int.Jan.26.]*

SHAD (Shed)

Henry, and Sally Beckford, certif. May30,1800.*

Reuben, and Katherine Coffrin, Apr.27,1792.*

SHADDOCK (Shattuck)

Elenor, of Marblehead, and James Dundass of Scotland, Nov.13,1762.

John, and Mary Crawley, Nov.11,1708.

Mary, of Boston, and James Babbidge, int.Mar.16,1727-8. (marriage forbidden by John Carter, Mar.25,1727-8.)

SHADOCK (Shattuck)

Returne, and John Sanders, Sept.24,1688.CTR


Eleanor, of Beverly, and John Waters [b. Newburyport. dup.] at Beverly, Dec.1,1799.*

Hannah [of], and Benjamin Swan, June29,1809.*

SHALLOTE (Shalote)

Desire, and John White, Nov.4,1726.

SHALOTE (Shallote)

Samuell, and, wid.Mary Collins, Nov.23,1696.CTR


Timothy, and Margaret Cain, both of Gloucester, both b. Ireland, Nov.25,1848.


Isaac W., and Emiline E. [A. int.] Harris, Jan.27,1833.*

Margaret [of Gilmanton, NH. int.], and James Nichols, Nov.28,1824.*

Mary, and Thomas Marjory, both of Marblehead, Oct.10,1752.

Richard, and Mary Konn, Sept.3,1764.


Elizabeth, wid., and Henry More of Wenham, Mar.11,1694-5.CTR

SHARP (Sharps)

Abigail, and Alexander Duglas, both of Lynn, May3,1700.CTR

Elizabeth, and Cristopher Phelps, 9:5m:1658.CTR

George, and, wid.Mary Green, int.Nov.18,1819.

Mary, and John Norton, Apr.3,1660.CTR

Mary, and Cornelius Tarbell, Mar.5,1712-13.*

Nathaniell, and Rebecca Marshall, 30:10m:1668.CTR

Rebecka, and John Merriam, May23,1694.CTR

SHARPS (Sharp)

Catherine, and Michael Stanton, int.July30,1848.

SHATSWELL (Satchwell)

Eliza, and Benjamin R. Symonds, int.Apr.11,1829.

Joseph, and Sarah Pulsifer, Jan.28,1829.*

Moses, and Lydia Snelling, Feb.13,1823.*

Richard, and Margaret H. Slueman, int.May19,1839.

Thomas, and Hannah Rowell, certif. July28,1805.*

William D., and Margaret Ingalls, certif. Nov.4,1810.*

SHATTOCK (Shattuck)

Samuell, jr., and Sarah Buckman, July24,1676.CTR

Sarah, and Jonathan Peal, int.Aug.11,1739.

SHATTOCKE (Shattuck)

Patience, and John Smith, July29,1689.CTR

SHATTUCK (Shaddock, Shadock, Shattock, Shattocke)

Helen Maria, and James Butters of Haverhill, int.Mar.1,1846.

Mercy, and Andrew Elliott, jr., at Beverly, Dec.9,1680.

Rebecca A., of Bradford, and J.E. Fisk, int.Feb.12,1837.


Aaron D., and Sarah E. Townsend of Boston, int.Dec.10,1837.

Abigail A., of Atkinson, and Joseph B. Felt, int.Aug.24,1816.

Benjamin, and Hannah Goodale, int.Nov.8,1729.

Benjamin, and Priscilla Prichard of Wenham, at Wenham, Dec.7,1765.*

Bethiah, of Beverly, and Nehemiah Howard, at Beverly, Sept.6,1711.*

Bithiah, and Nehemiah Hayward of Hingham, int.Mar.17,1729-30.

Daniel, and Hannah Foster, Apr.13,1727.*

Daniel and Elizabeth Cook, Mar.14,1733-4.*

Ebenezer, and Hannah Southick, Mar.17,1720.

George, and Sally Parker, Jan.末,1804.CR1*

Hannah, wid., and Ebenezer Hutchinson, Apr.5,1727.

Hannah, and Joseph Pope of Mortlake, CT, Oct.26,1743.*

Hannah, and Benjamin Trask, Mar.18,1799.*

Hannah, of Danvers, and Daniel Galicia, int.Nov.30,1823.

Hannah M., d.X.H., and John S. Tappan of Gloucester, Nov.11,1844.*

Harriet, of Danvers, and Allison Gallucia, int.Dec.6,1840.

Israel, and Elizabeth Booth, Dec.26,1695.CTR

John, and Sarah Dunklin, June23,1787.*

John, and Sally Curtis [of], Mar.22,1818.*

Jonathan, of Lynn, and Sarah Ann Gale, int.May14,1837.

Judith, and Timothy Phillips, Oct.8,1809.*

Lavinia, of Danvers, and Charles Curtis, int.Feb.4,1844.

Lydia, and Joseph Karier, Sept.21,1823.*

Margaret, and John Newhall, Oct.26,1748.*

Moses H., and Elizabeth Hood, Nov.19,1815.*

Peter, jr., of Beverly, and Elisabeth Meacham, at Beverly, May29,1753.*

Ruth F., and Mark W. Ham, int.Sept.11,1836.

Sarah [], and William Cordwell, certif. July20,1806.*

Sarah, and William Ashton, jr., Apr.19,1812.*

Sarah, and Stephen Bowen [Bourne. int.andCR11], Sept.16,1818.*

Tamson B., and Francis Ham, Sept.25,1834.*

Thankful, of Danvers, and Solomon McIntyre, int.Mar.2,1799.

William (Shae), and Elizabeth Frayle, 23:9m:1668.CTR

William, and Johanna Pudney,末蔓末,1683. [May17,1694.CTR]

William, and Eliza Barnard, Jan.15,1822.*

Zenophen H., and Eliza Haskell, July1,1821.*


Mary G., and Francis Cox, June12,1834.*


Catherine [Ryan. int.], and Nicholas Malone, both b. Ireland, Nov.26,1849.*

SHEAPARD (Shepard)

John, and, wid.Rebecka Fuller, 6:10m:1677.CTR

SHEARMAN (Sherman)

James L., and Nancy Remond, int.Feb.8,1834.

SHED (Shad)

Catherine, and William Hill, Dec.1,1811.*

Hannah M., of Danvers, and William O. Johnson, Sept.4,1842.

John, and Sarah Tarbox, Aug.31,1806.*

Lucy H., and Andross Clough, jr., int.Feb.9,1840.

Lucy [of Boston. int.], and William Lyons, Dec.5,1844.*

Lydia C., and Francis R. Cox, Oct.7,1838.*

Sarah, and William Staten, int.Nov.23,1833.

SHEENN (Shehane)

Joseph, "of Jameco," and Elizabeth Pease, int.Aug.21,1731.

SHEHAN (Shehane)

Daniel, and Bethiah Wedger, Nov.24,1790.*

SHEHANE (Sheenn, Shehan)

Abigail [W. int.], and Stephen Pope, Mar.13,1821.*

Benjamin, and Sally Neal, certif. Feb.6,1801. [Jan.23,1802. int.]*

Bethiah, and Hezekiah Wilkins, Nov.15,1818.*

Daniel and Sara Masury, Oct.8,1767.

Daniel, and Sarah Gamrell, int.Apr.26,1783.

Eliza, and Nicholas Florentine, June12,1827.*

Hannah, and Francis Gregory, int.Aug.3,1833. (Stopped Gregory having run off.)

Hannah, and Jacob Anderson, June21,1835.*

Sarah, and Lewis Lawrence, Jan.20,1811.*

William, b. Ireland, and Honora Ray, June24,1848.*

SHELDAN (Sheldon)

Pamila, and William Goldthwait of Danvers, int.Sept.28,1799.

SHELDEN (Sheldon)

Eliab, and Elizabeth M. Richards, Aug.18,1831.*

Hannah [], and Reuben Alley, jr., July31,1803.*

Lefe, and Zacheriah Marston, certif. Apr.5,1799.*

Lidia, and Ambrose Boden, Dec.14,1693.CTR

Nancy, and Daniel Gage, Sept.21,1807.*

Nathaniel P., b. Beverly, and Ellen R. Nesmith, d.Adam, of Beverly, Sept.11,1845.

Samuel H., and Sally French, Dec.26,1819.*

Sally, of Beverly, and Richard McColester, int.Nov.9,1805.

Susan, of Beverly, and Benjamin Perry, int.Feb.13,1812.

William [Skilden, "late of Philadelphia but resident at & dwelling in Salem from ye 24th of june last." int.], and Margaret Mansfield [], Nov.12,1770.*

SHELDON (Seldon, Sheldan, Shelden, Shelton)

Abigail, and William Berry, Dec.8,1816.*

Elenor, and E[] D. Dix, May31,1847.*

Ephraim, jr., and Polly Skerry, Feb.12,1799.*

Ephraim, and Nancy Kendar, Apr.8,1824.*

Francis, and, wid.Phebe Aborn, Sept.20,1788.*

Hephziba, and Skelton Felton, May29,1712.*

John, and Susanna Majury, Sept.24,1750.*

Margaret, and Isaac Needham, Dec.3,1742.*

Mary [W. int.], and True Sanborn, May11,1825.*

Sarah, and Joseph How of Middleton, Feb.16,1743-4.*


John, and Abigail Wendell, int.July29,1780.

SHELTON (Sheldon)

William, and Mary Roberts of Reading, at Reading, Oct.5,1714.

SHEPARD (Sheapard, Shephard, Shepherd, Sheppard)

Andrew J., and Sebra C. Cross, Jan.10,1843.*

Benjamin W., and Susan Patterson, May6,1830.*

Charles W., and [] E.C.G. [J. int.] Blackler, Oct.21,1847.*

David, and Sally Leach, Mar.24,1801.*

Emily C., and Joseph S. Merrill, Apr.10,1845.*

George F. [T. int.], and Martha Ann Crerie, Apr.30,1847.*

Harriet C., and Mathew Bolles, Oct.5,1842.*

Israel D., and Mary Anne Lee, int.Oct.16,1842.

James C., of Illinois, and Hannah S. Farley, int.June4,1848.

Jonathan, and Mary Thompson, Feb.22,1801.*

Jonathan, and Eliza B. Homan, Dec.16,1824.*

Martha M., d.Michael, and John B. Silsbee, merchant, s.Zach, May10,1849.*

Mary [], and Capt. Nehemiah Andrew of Carlisle, Mar.8,1807.*

Michael, and Matilda [Fairfax. int.] Clarke, Aug.14,1811.*

Samuel, and Mary Symonds, Feb.23,1812.*

Sally, wid., and Ephraim Russell of Boston, int.Nov.27,1813.

Sarah R., and Daniel H. Mansfield, jr. of Randolph, NY, int.Dec.7,1833.

Stephen W., and Eliza Rea, Sept.5,1813.*

Stephen W., and Elizabeth [T. int.] Mansfield, Apr.12,1821.*

Thomas, of Boston, and, wid.Susanna Wood [], Oct.1,1747.*

SHEPHARD (Shepard)

Susannah, and William Gray, 4th, Nov.5,1772.*

SHEPHERD (Shepard)

Martha, and Robert Wormsted, both of Marblehead, Oct.18,1778.

Mary, and Christopher Osgood, Apr.21,1772.*

SHEPPARD (Shepard)

Jeremiah and Elizabeth Webb, Jan.1,1775.*

Jeremiah [Capt. int.], and Ruth Chever, Dec.9,1810.*

Michael, and Harriot F. Clarke, May5,1816.*

SHERBURNE (Shorburn)

Joseph, of Boston, and Mary Plaisted, Jan.24,1750.*

SHERIDAN (Shoridan)

SHERMAN (Shearman)

Lydia, and James Gould, Apr.6,1762.*

Lydia, of New Bedford, and Simeon Bicknell, int.Oct.29,1825.

Sarah, of Lynn, and Josiah Gould, int.Nov.3,1764.

Sophronia [], and John Hall, Dec.1,1842.*


Thomas, and Elizabeth Mallen, int.Oct.21,1845.

William, and Clarrisa Briggs, Nov.15,1837.*


Charles G., and Harriet Dwyer, Mar.4,1844.*


Thomas L., and Catherine Collins, both b. Ireland, Apr.28,1847.

SHILLABAR (Shillaber)

Lydia, and Thorndike Procter, 3d, int.Nov.19,1749.

SHILLABER (Shillabar, Shillebar, Shillibar, Shullabar, Shullaber)

Benjamin [Capt. int.], and, wid.Jane Ropes, Sept.6,1795.*

Benjamin, jr., and Sarah Hathorne, Sept.7,1817.CR12*

Benjamin, and Sarah Austin, May28,1826.*

David, and Caroline Gallucia of Lynn, int.Oct.17,1835.

Ebenezer, and Hannah Jones of Beverly, int.June30,1804.

Betsy, and John Felt, certif. Oct.1,1809.*

George, and Mrs.Dorcas Hatch of Danvers, int.Apr.25,1835.

Hannah, of Danvers, and John Deland, at Danvers, Dec.5,1765. [int.Oct.19,1765.]*

Hannah, of Danvers, and Benjamin Peters, jr. [3d int.], at Danvers, Oct.8,1786.*

Hardy M., and Eliza M. Buxton, int.July4,1841.

Henry M., and Eliza S. Baxton [Buxton.CR12], Aug.16,1842. [1841.CR12]

Jane, and Eben [Ebenezer. int.] Lakeman, June20,1826.*

Jonathan, and Esther Hawks, of Lynn, int.Apr.13,1799.

Jonathan, jr., and Mercy Buxton of Danvers, int.Oct.13,1827.

Lydia, of Danvers, and John [Joshua, jr. int.] Eustis, at Danvers, July6,1786.*

Lydia R., and Charles Treadwell, May2,1819.*

Lydia, d.Jonathan and Esther, and Joseph Buxton, jr. of Danvers, s.Joseph and Dorcas, of Danvers, 20:6m:1822.CR7

Mary K., and Martin Paine of Boston, Feb.18,1816.*

Mary J., and William King, Aug.16,1831.*

Mary, a.31y., d.Jonathan, and James Richardson, a.28y., farmer, s.Henry, Feb.23,1846.*

Peter, and Sally Francis, June22,1806.

Samuel, and Susannah Reeves, Sept.22,1757.

Sarah [], of Danvers, and Edward Tucker, at Danvers, Apr.12,1759.*

Sarah, of Danvers, and Henry Saunders, at Danvers, Aug.29,1795.*

Sarah, and John Needham, jr. of Danvers, int.Nov.20,1842.

William, and Lydia Foster, Sept.9,1725.

SHILLEBAR (Shillaber)

Robert, of Danvers, and Elizabeth Procter, Nov.30,1758.*

SHILLIBAR (Shillaber)

William, and Sarah Hutchinson, int.Oct.31,1730.


Hannah, and Samuell Rhoads of Lynn, int.Jan.6,1781.


Charles J., and Harriet Nichols, May30,1830.*


Annis, and William R. Smith, int.May19,1844.

Elizabeth, and William Beckford, int.May14,1835.

John, and Martha Church, Dec.9,1832.*

John, and Caroline Church, Apr.12,1836.*

John [Jonathan. int.], and Harriet N. Hill, May27,1841.*

Mary H. [Mrs.Margaret. int.], and James Smith, Oct.25,1846.*

Mary, and Jonathan R. Church, Apr.29,1847.*

William, formerly of Loudon, and, wid.Elizabeth Atkinson, int.Apr.7,1759.

William, and Margaret H. Melzard, Oct.7,1831.*

SHORBURN (Sherburne)

James M., of Middleton, and Mary Ann Ham, int.Jan.16,1848.


John, and Priscilla Jow, Dec.29,1785.

John, and Hannah Tucker, Apr.5,1812.*


Catherine [Sheridan of Newburyport.CR14], and John Morrison [at Newburyport.CR14], June12,1836.

SHORT (Shot, Shott)

Eliza, and Mark Kimball, Nov.14,1824.*

Elizabeth, and Aaron Blanchard, int.May27,1820.

Hannah, and John Lynn, int.July26,1828.

James, of Kew York, and Betsy Parnal, int.June14,1794.

James, and Lydia A. Tucker, Apr.22,1824.*

John, and Elizabeth Foot, int.June24,1732.

Joseph A., and Joanna H. Waters, Oct.30,1831.*

Lydia Ann, d.Charles, and John A. Melchar, July31,1845.*

Mary and Jonathan Cloutman, Mar.3,1760.*

Moses, and Jane ChandLer, Apr.3,1803.*

Nancy, and Felix Molloy, Apr.10,1823.*

Philip, and Sarah Holmes, July5,1832.*

Philip, and Mary Baker, int.Sept.10,1831. (Certificate Oct.28.)

Samuell, and Mercy Callum, Sept.18,1719.

Sally, and Isaac Waldon, Oct.末,1830.*


Catherine H., and John R. Tuit of Bridgeport, int.Sept.21,1833.

SHOT (Short)

Hannah, and William Cline, Mar.8,1830.*

Philip, and, wid.Nancy Swift, certif. Nov.20,1803.*

SHOTT (Short)

Peter, and Sarah Trask, int.Aug.1,1779.

Peter, and Rebecca Ingalls of Lynn, int.Sept.4,1802.

Sally, wid., and Jonathan Richards, Oct.29,1791.*


Edward, jr., s.Edward, of Dighton, and Phebe Osborn, d.Samuel Apr.12,1739.CR7

Esther, d.Squires and Esther, and Stephen Bowen of Newport, RI, s.Jonathan and Sarah, 18:11m:1819.CR7

Jonathan, of Danvers, and Lucy Symonds, Dec.10,1819.*

Nancy, d.Squiers and Esther, of Danvers, and William Estes Hacker, s.Isaac and Anna, deceased, 20:5m:1813.CR7

Priscilla, and William Harrington, Oct.4,1801.

Squires [of], and Maria Hobert, May2,1837.*

Theophilus, of Dighton, glazier, s.Edward, of Dighton, and Philadelphia Osborn, d.Samuel, husbandman, Jan.18,1736.CR7

SHREEVE (Shreve)

Edward, and Jane Joseph, int.Mar.24,1832.

Isaac, and, wid.Mary Moulton, Nov.7,1820.*

Samuel V., and Sarah Price, Dec.1,1829.*

SHREVE (Shreeve)

Benjamin [jr., of Alexandria, DC. int.], and Mary Goodhue July8,1804.*

Elizabeth, and James Stone, jr., apothecary, s.James, Jan.1,1846.*

Hannah, and Ebenezer N. Price, May22,1828.*

Isaac [resident in], and Hannah Very, May2,1802.*

Isaac, and Margaret S. [P. int.] Curran, May19,1844.*

Louisa, and Henry Osborne, hatter, s.William, Nov.15,1848.*

Rebecca, and John Calif [of Saco, ME. int.], Apr.25,1825.*

Susan P. [Susannah W. int.], and Samuel Cully [], Jan.21,1849.*

SHULLABAR (Shillaber)

Mary, and Robert Wilson, Apr.7,1742.*

SHULLABER (Shillaber)

Rebecca, and John Gill, July5,1743.*

SHULTS (Schultz)

Charles F., and Mary Ann [B. int.] Peirce, June20,1833.*

SHULTZ (Schultz)

Charles F., and Ruth Maria Goss, Jan.17,1843.*


Charles, of Topsfield, and Mrs.Lydia Phillips, int.July15,1838.


Elizabeth, of Hingham, and Isaac Cushing, May25,1815.*

Jeremiah M., and Mary Gavit, Oct.19,1806.*

SIAS (Scias, Seas, Sies)

Aaron, and, Mary Emerson, Mar.25,1839.*

Elizabeth, and Thomas Day, int.Mar.6,1842.

Harriet B., of Danvers, and David Ross, int.Aug.9,1840.

Joseph, and Elizabeth Hunt, Apr.22,1804.*

William P., and Berlinda B. Evans, int.Mar.4,1838.

SIBBEE (Sibley)

Mary Elizabeth, and Edmond Marston, May8,1743.*

SIBBLE (Sibley)

William [], and Hannah Hutchinson [of], Jan.24,1771.*

SIBLEE (Sibley)

Nathaniel, and Joanna Larking, certif. Apr.4,1801.*

SIBLEY (Sibbee, Sibble, Siblee, Sibly, Sybly)

Abigail, and Joshua Buffum, Aug.30,1795.*

George V., and Phebe H. Abbot of Andover, int.Apr.7,1836.

Hannah, and Joshua Phippen, Oct.3,1764.*

Hannah, and John Crain, int.Dec.30,1780.

John, and Elizabeth Peale, July4,1695.

John [of Lynn. int.], and Zervia Goold [int.Nov.21,1713.]*

John S., and Tamma Hanson, June24,1838.*

Jonathan, of Sutton, and Mary Cutler, int.Feb.20,1728-9.

Joseph, and Elizabeth Crocker, Jan.31,1734.*

Joseph, and Dorcas Valpy, Oct.14,1810.*

Joseph, and Mrs.Sarah P. Ward, Nov.14,1841.*

Littlefield, and Sarah Lambert, Aug.19,1765. [Aug.29.CR1]*

Moses H., and Lucy Ann Knight, int.Feb.7,1842.

Nancy, and John Pierce, jr., July3,1796.*

Rachel, and Joseph Flint, Nov.16,1710.CTR*

Samuell, and Sarah Wells [Weld.CTR], Sept.13,1695.

Sarah, and John Sawyer of Newbury, int.Nov.20,1710.

SIBLY (Sibley)

Hana, and Steeven Smale, 25:12m:1676.CTR

Hannah, and William Breckett, at Marblehead, May19,1683.[Probably Beckett. See Marblehead VRs.Also, no Breckett births.]

Mary, and Jonathan Walcott, 26:11m:1664.CTR

Ruth, and Thomas Needom, Aug.8,1706.CTR

William, and, wid.Ruth Smale, 1:9m:1676.CTR


William O., and Elizabeth Burbank, July18,1832.*

SIES (Sias)

Samuel, jr., of Saugus, and Sarah Oliver, int.Sept.15,1839.

SILSBE (Silsbee)

Rachel, d.Ephraim, of Boston, shipwright, and Robert Buffum, jr., tailor, s.Joseph, blacksmith, at Boston, Mar.30,1765.CR7

SILSBEE (Silsbe, Silsbey, Silsby, Silsebey)

Benjamin H., and Elizabeth J. White of Dedham, int.Oct.4,1840.

Caroline, and William D. Pickman, int.May27,1849.

Deborah, and Daniel Sage, Oct.8,1786.*

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Archer, July11,1773.*

Emma, of Bradford, and Thorndike Procter, at Bradford, June30,1842.

Georgiana C., d.Nathaniel, and Francis H. Appleton of Boston, merchant, b. Boston, s.末末, of Boston, Mar.30,1846.*

Hanna, and Elijah Haskell, Nov.27,1764.*

Hanna, and John MacGregore, Nov.1,1781.*

Hannah, of Lynn, and Josiah M. Nichols, June21,1827. [June31. dup.]*

Joanna, and Mansfield Burrill, Dec.1,1763.*

John H., and Rebecca A. Dodge, May15,1838.*

John B., merchant, s.Zach and Martha M. Shepard, d.Michael, Mar.10,1849.*

Margaret, and John Young, Feb.15,1770.

Martha, and William Emerton, Oct.27,1761.*

Martha, and David Beadle, Jan.5,1806.*

Mary, and John Booth, Feb.28,1749-50.

Mary C., and Jared Sparks of Cambridge, May21,1839.*

Nathaniel [jr. int.], and Mary Daniels [Oct.24,1730. int.]*

Nathaniel, and Mary Crowninshield, Dec.12,1802.*

Nathaniel, jr., and Mary Anne C. Devereux, Nov.9,1829.*

Rebecca, and John M. Peck, July14,1811.*

Samuel, and Martha Prince, Jan.22,1756.*

Samuel [jr. int.], and Rebecca Reed, Oct.1,1786.*

Sara, and David Patten, Aug.14,1803.*

Sara, and Timothy Wellman [], Feb.12,1804.*

Sarah, and Thomas R. Peck [of Boston. int.], June10,1821.*

Sarah A., d.Zach F., and Jonathan Willard Peele, merchant, s.Willard, deceased, Mar.19,1846.*

William, and Joanna Fowles, Oct.17,1735.*

William, and Mary Hodges, Nov.14,1808.*

Zechariah F., and Sara Boardman, Nov.27,1810.*

SILSBEY (Silsbee)

Enoch, of Boston, and Alice Needham, May30,1799.*

Joseph, and Margaret Abbot, Jan.25,1743.*

SILSBY (Silsbee)

Benjamin, and Mary Manning, int.Nov.21,1730.

Elizabeth, and John Cairs, Feb.10,1720.

Ephraim, and Rachel Basset, Jan.23,1693.CTR

Hannah, and Jonathan Felt, July26,1721.

Hannah, and Joseph Prince, int.June29,1729.

Jane, and John Flint, Jan.2,1734-5.*

John, and Bethia Pitman, Feb.15,1673.CTR

Jonathan, and Abigail White, Apr.12,1720.

Joseph, and Mary Pain, Dec.23,1735.*

Margarett, and Ephraim Skerry, Mar.29,1711.*

Mary, and Zachary Marsh, 15:6m:1664.CTR

Mary, and Thomas Downing of Lynn, Dec.16,1753.*

Nathaniell, and Deborah Tompkins, 5:9m:1671.CTR

Nathaniell, jr., and Hanna Pickering, May27,1703.

Sarah, late of Boston, now resident of Salem, and John Gally, late of Boston, int.Oct.14,1775.

SILSEBEY (Silsbee)

Ruth, and Alexander Osborne, at Marblehead, Dec.1,1692.

SILVER (Sylva)

Augustus, and Ellen M. Smith, Apr.18,1847.*

Benjamin, and Polly Bullock, Dec.8,1798.*

Betsy, and George Cook, certif. May1,1784.*

Betsy, and Daniel Trask, certif, Oct.18,1794.*

Elizabeth, and Asa Pritchet, int.Oct.19,1822.

Elizabeth H., and Tucker Daland, May26,1823.*

Francis, and Hanna Silver, Nov.4,1761.*

Francis, and Sara Smith [], Aug.23,1774.*

Hanna, and Frands Silver, Nov.4,1761.*

Hannah, and Elisha Guunnison, Oct.13,1814.*

Harriet [], and Richard Muchmore, Apr.14,1825.*

Isabella, and Rollins W. Merrill, int.Aug.10,1815.

James, and Susanna Howard of Danvers, Feb.10,1793.*

James, and Eliza Stearns, Jan.26,1834.*

John, and Isabella Browne, int.Oct.29,1748.

John, jr., and Elizabeth Farrington [jr. int.], of Danvers, at Danvers, May12,1771.*

John M., and Hannah Hoyt, Oct.22,1839.*

Joseph, and [] Elizabeth Doyle, Aug.31,1828.*

Margaret, and Richard Wheatling, Dec.28,1787.*

Margaret, and Nathan Poor [of], certif. Jan.21,1810.*

Polly, and Jonathan Day, May9,1789.*

Mary, and Isaac Williams, int.June10,1809.

Mary, and Christopher Brent [Brant. int.], Nov.15,1810.*

Mary, and John Chamberlain, July末,1824.*

Mary, and Timothy Ropes, jr., June10,1829.*

Peter, and Elizabeth Caiten, Mar.6,1718-19.

Peter, and Elizabeth Tapley, int.May5,1781.

Peter, and Sarah Ann Alley [of Lynn. int.], Nov.16,1841.*

Samuel, and Grace Ellidge of Danvers [Eldridge. int.], at Danvers, May3,1789.*

Samuel, and Abigail Cloutman, certif. June13,1797.*

Sarah A., and Henry R. Daland [of Boston. int.], Oct.30,1832.*

Sophia, and Benjamin Conant, Apr.15,1835.*

Sophia W., and Charles F. Williams, Jan.21,1836.*

Susan [], and Jacob Putnam, July22,1819.*

Susan, and Nathaniel P. Averell, int.Apr.6,1833. (Certificate May20.)

Susanna, and Jonathan Symonds, 3d, int.Dec.3,1774.

William, and Jemima Tewksbury, certif. Apr.14,1786.*

William, and Mrs.Lydia Nimblet, Jan.24,1819.*

William, jr., and Frances Putnam, May19,1835.*

SIMES (Sims)

Archelaus, and Mary Ann Cheaisman, int.Jan.17,1835.


Elizabeth, and Ebenezer Phippen, Oct.27,1772.*

Sarah, and Joseph Cross, jr., Nov.21,1756.PR78

SIMMON (Symonds)

John [Simon. int.], and Mrs.Mary Pray of Quincy, Nov.22,1835.*

SIMMONDS (Symonds)

Betsy, and Robert Seldon, Apr.28,1792.*

Jane, and Joseph Hart, Mar.18,1798.*

Mary, and John Pitman, jr., int.May13,1781.

Nancy, and John Chammings, July21,1791.*

SIMMONS (Symonds)

Elizabeth [Mary Ann Elizabeth Simon. int.], and Francis Domingo [of N. York. int.], Apr.3,1832.* [Apr.30.CR14]

Lucy N. [Simon. int.], and John A[] Green, Sept.13,1835.*

Martha, of Beverly, and David Allen, int.May30,1812.

Robert [], and Abigail Wiley [], Dec.24,1780.*

Thomas, and Elizabeth Mugford, Dec.27,1759.

SIMMS (Sims)

Ann, and Mattis Whitworth, Sept.17,1752.

SIMON (Symonds)

Francis B., and Adaline Felt, Oct.25,1841.*

John, and Sarah R. Blood, Sept.20,1807.

Joseph, and Martha Mercy, May29,1814.*

Julia M.H., and Joseph [H. int.] Alley of Haverhill, Sept.27,1829.*

SIMONDS (Symonds)

Elizabeth, and Samuel Cook, jr., Dec.8,1754.*

James, and Mary Robinson, Mar.25,1697.CTR

John, and Sarah Foster, Mar.15,1710-11.*

John, jr., and Priscilla Smith, Nov.22,1722.

John, 3d, and Elizabeth Cavis [jr. int.] of Ipswich, at Chebacco, Nov.22,1750.*

Joshua B[], and Margaret Green, Feb.2,1806.*

Mary, and Jonathan Verey, Sept.16,1718.

Mary, and Samuell Stone, jr., Nov.22,1722.

Mary G., and James G. Gallagher of New York, Feb.14,1830.*

Phebe, and John Fuller, Jan.22,1704-5.

Richard, and Hannah Wells, Aug.16,1679.CTR

Samuell, and Mary Roach, Nov.16,1722.

Samuell, and Susannah Herbert, Dec.31,1724.

SIMONS (Symonds)

John [], widr., mariner, and Elizabeth Pickering, d.William and Mary, Jan.16,1845.*

Samuel, of Boxford, and Abigail Porter, at Topsfield, June8,1698.

Sarah [Symonds.CR1], and Samuel Stone [jr., Nov.22,1722.CR1]

SIMPSON (Simson)

Elizabeth, wid., and Antone Monteer, Dec.21,1819.*

Hiram N., of Southbridge, and Harriet Hobart, Jan.4,1849.*

James, of New Hampton, NH, and Harriet Dow, int.Oct.1,1837.

Martha, of Newburyport, and Ezekial H. Folsom, int.Sept.12,1847.

Thomas, of Marlboro, and Mary Chapman, Jan.14,1728-9.*

SIMS (Simes, Simmes, Simms, Symmes, Symms)

John D., of New York [of], and Mary E[] Osgood, Jan.19,1848.*

Mary, and Charles Mires, Aug.17,1755.

Richard T., and Deborah Nourse, Aug.15,1839.*

Sarah, and John Bolton, Mar.16,1788.

SIMSON (Simpson)

John, and Sally Ingalls, June26,1808.*

Sarah, of Boston, and Benjamin Symonds, int.Oct.6,1810.


Eliza N., and Edmund Blunt of New York [of New York], May3,1827.*

George, and Sarah Mascoll, Nov.17,1799.*

John, and Mehitable Ashton, Oct.末,1780.*

John, and Elizabeth Ropes, certif. May13,1781.*

John, jr., and Polly [] Needham, Feb.23,1806.*


Lydia, and Samuel Pratt Newhall [of Bridgewater. int.], Apr.30,1814.*


Mary, and Philip Dean, both of Marblehead, Jan.6,1739-40.


Brumby, and Hannah Whitford, int.末蔓末,1803. (Forbid.)


Mary, and Gabriel Munyan [jr. int.], Dec.29,1785.*


Abigail, and John Robinson, Oct.21,1810.*

Anna, and Nathaniel Piper, Nov.23,1806.*

Ann, and John Smith, Feb.6,1689.

Augusta P., a.21y., d.Francis, jr., and Samuel Lane, jr. of Boston, a.29y., clerk, b. Boston, s.Samuel of Boston, June20,1844.*

Deborah, and John Felt, Jan.1,1750.*

Elizabeth, and John Peters, certif. Sept.16,1777.*

Ephraim, and Martha Mellard, 末:7m:1671.CTR

Ephraim, and Margarett Silsby, Mar.29,1711.*

Ephraim, and Mary Cook of Danvers, at Danvers, Dec.14,1769.

Ephraim, and Clarissa Hammond, Mar.2,1812.*

Eunice, and Peter Labree, Jan.21,1810.*

Francis, and Mary Hodges, int.Feb.19,1714-15.

Francis, and Anna Symonds.Nov.11,1741.*

Francis, jr., and Jane Symonds, certif. July4,1778.*

Francis, and Phebe W. Bancroft, Oct.12,1819.*

Francis, and Mary M. Moneys, Oct.11,1827.*

Francis and Mrs.Rebecca McClintock, Mar.2,1834.*

George, and Hannah C. Foster, Sept.8,1835.*

Hannah, and Thomas Symonds, jr., Oct.15,1735.*

Hanna [], of Danvers, and Jonathan Palmer, at Danvers, Feb.11,1798.*

Hannah [jr. int.], and Joshua Ramond, June7,1807.*

Henry, and Pressilla Lunt, 9:9m:1665.CTR

Henry, and Hannah Sollas of Beverly, at Beverly, Feb.5,1744.*

Henry, and Elizabeth Lander, int, Apr.13,1781.

Henry, jr., and Martha Hall, Oct.26,1809.*

Henry F. of Bangor [ME. int.], and Eliza S. [Elizabeth T. int.] Brookhouse, June16,1845.*

John, and Mary Woodbury of Danvers, int.Apr.15,1775.

John, and Abigail Wallace, int.Mar.1,1783.

Jonathan, and Martha Richards, Mar.1,1801.*

Margaret [jr. int.], and Benjamin Symonds, jr., Feb.6,1744-5.*

Margaret, and Thomas Browne, July2,1769.

Margaret, and James Gardner, Mar.4,1789.*

Margarett, wid., and Mathias Collins of Boston, int.Mar.29,1822.

Martha, wid., and Richard Wells, 1:11m:1678.CTR

Martha H., of Boston, and William Millet, int.Dec.3,1837.

Polly, and Ephraim Sheldon, jr., Feb.12,1799.*

Mehitable P., and Richard Morse, Aug.14,1808.*

Nathaniel, and Hannah Ramsdel [of Lynn. int.], certif. Dec.24,1778.*

Robert, and Mary Ann [Sarah Ann. int.] Snethen, Mar.29,1824.*

Samuel, and Lydia Chever, d.Peter, Jan.11,1770.*

Samuel [jr. int.], and Content Ward, certif. Sept.8,1798.*

Samuel, and Bethiah Archer, Sept.3,1809.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Bullock, Mar.14,1771.*

Sally, and Mark Dodge, certif. July末,1802.*

Sally, and Samuel Symonds, Dec.31,1816.*

William, and Mary Brewer, int.Nov.23,1811.

William R., and Margaret Symonds, Oct.2,1814.*

William, and Hannah Symonds, Oct.14,1824.*


Henry T. [F. int.], and Mary B. Berry, Feb.8,1835.*

Pheba F. [of], and Daniel Bray, 3d, Oct.7,1828.*

Rachel, and Robert Holman, int.Mar.18,1806.

Stephen F., of Danvers, and Mary Fish, Nov.5,1832.*

William, of Danvers, and Sukey Corey, int.June6,1805.


Joseph, and Elizabeth Gott, May22,1713.


Barbary, and David Masury, May10,1750.*

Benjamin S., of Lynn, and Sarah Mansfield, June3,1841.*

Blanch, and Andrew Tucker, July25,1743.*

Charles, and Elizabeth Foot, Aug.29,1754.

Dorothy, and William Lewis, Nov.1,1812.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph Whitefoot, Oct.2,1706.

Elizabeth [], and John Mansfield [jr. int.], of Lynn, at Lynn, May3,1758.*

Elizabeth, and Samuel Swasey, May17,1758.*

Elizabeth P., and George W. Lee, Nov.8,1849.*

Hannah, and Judah Rogers, Mar.3,1694.CTR

Jesse, and Caroline Landey, int.Jan.7,1844.

John, and Jane Messervy of Marbelhead, Nov.20,1814.*

John K., and Hannah P. Ravel, Sept.23,1824.*

Mary, and Jonathan Ropes, Feb.28,1741-2.*

Mary Ann, and John H. Teague, int.Nov.12,1843.

Mary E., and Thomas J. Hutchinson, Jan.1,1844.*

Richard, of Marblehead, and Mary Graley, int.July19,1818.

Richard, jr., and Susan Hovey, Aug.5,1841.*

Stephen S., and Mary J. Thompson, int.Aug.18,1844.

William H., and Sarah S. Nichols, June14,1849.*


Katharine, of Danvers, and John Fitzgerald, int.Apr.13,1785.


Edward, of Swansea, husbandman, s.William, of Swansea, husbandman, deceased, and Deborah Buffum, d.Jonathan, husbandman, deceased, Sept.7,1736.CR7

John, and Martha Peirce, of Charlestown, at Charlestown, Mar.28,1771.

Samuel, s.Edward, of Swansea, husbandman, and Marcy Buffum, d.Jonathan, deceased, Sept.13,1743.CR7

William, and Elizabeth Becket, Feb.28,1724-5.


John, and Elizabeth Marble, Dec.25,1712.*


Elizabeth, and Jonathan Lander, Oct.1,1745.*

Hannah, and Peter Murry, Oct.29,1745.*

William, and Elizabeth Abby, Sept.23,1702.

SLEEMAN (Sluman)

John, and Margaret Felt, jr., June9,1745.*

John, jr., and Margaret Hooper, certif. Mar.11,1775.*


Eliza S., of Exeter, NH, and Hasket D. Lang, int.May22,1819.

Hezekiah, and Susan G. Thomson, Aug.4,1836.*

Nathaniel, and Maria Mansfield, July10,1820.*

SLEUMAN (Sluman)

Andrew C, and Abigail T. [V. int.] Dowst, Jan.27,1840.*

Benjamin H., and Ellen M. Adams, Aug.23,1849.*

Eunice, and John Bowles, Aug.9,1787.

Mary [], and [Capt. int.] Joseph Winn, Sept.14,1806.*

Mary H., and Hugh D. Caulfield, Apr.1,1821.*

Mary E[], and Edwin Jocelyn, May23,1823.*

Sarah, and Thomas F. [T. int.] Florence, Aug.27,1846.*

Thomas, and Sally Smith, Jan.2,1812.*

William, and [] Sally Smiley, June9,1811.*

SLEWMAN (Sluman)

Andrew, and Mary Elkins, Oct.10,1786.*

Hannah, and Samuel Luscomb, Mar.24,1782.

John [jr. int.], and Lydia Daniell, Nov.18,1804.*

Priscilla, and Hanse Peterson, Jan.17,1796.*

Sarah, and Thomas Stephens [Stevenson. int.], Nov.10,1779.*

Sally, and Samuel Lamson, Feb.12,1804.*

Thomas, and Priscilla Woodwell, July4,1737.*

Thomas, and Mary Marston, Apr.19,1772.*

SLEYMAN (Sluman)

Thomas, and Mary Glanfeild, Nov.24,1715.*

SLOACUM (Slocum)

Ebenezer, and Sally Becket, Sept.11,1791.*

Ebenezer, jr., and Harriet [] Masury, Nov.17,1816.*

SLOCUM (Sloacum)

Anstice, and William Hunt, Mar.24,1831.*

Harriet L., and Israel T. Howe of Beverly, int.July19,1846.

Sarah Ann, and Joseph H. Hanson, Apr.29,1841.*

SLOWLEY (Slowly)

Alexander, and Hannah French, May7,1754.*

Alice, and John Carwick, May13,1783.

SLOWLY (Slowley)

Alexander, and Alice Parsons, Feb.11,1778.*

Allice, and John Gaverick, int.Jan.19,1782.

Hannah, and Joshua Pitman, int.June27,1779.

Mary, and William Jones, int.Sept.4,1779.

Mary, and George Leake, int.Apr.1,1780.

Mary, and Tomas Kennedy, int.Nov.3,1781.

Mary, and John Nickson, int.Dec.28,1782.


Mary, and Joshua Beans, June23,1701.

Samuell, of Beverly, and Dinah Trask, Dec.28,1735.*

SLUEMAN (Sluman)

Andrew, jr., and Elizabeth S. Morgan, int.Oct.20,1839.

Margaret H., and Richard Shatswell, int.May19,1839.

Rebecca J. [S. int.], and John Hayman, jr. of Danvers, Dec.26,1839.*

Sarah H., and John Messervey, int.Aug.8,1841.

Susan, and George Stone, Sept.30,1839.*

SLUMAN (Sleeman, Sleuman, Slewman, Sleyman, Slueman)

Andrew, and Susan Goss of Marblehead, June17,1815.*

Hannah, and Jonathan Messarvey, int.Jan.19,1777.

John, of Concord, NH, and Priscilla Bott, June13,1830.*

Lucy, and Samuel Kemp, Dec.27,1808.*

Thomas [Sleman. int.], and Mary Collins, Oct.28,1731.*

William [Sleeman. int.], and Hannah Osborn, Sept.15,1754.*

SMALE (Small)

Benjamin, and Martha Fisk, Jan.末,1671.CTR

Joseph, and Liddea Buxton, 26:10m:1672.CTR

Ruth, wid., and William Sibly, 1:9m:1676.CTR

Steeven, and Hana Sibly, 25:12m:1676.CTR

Thomas, and Ruth Cantlebury, 15:1m:1663.CTR

SMALL (Smale)

Anne, and Joseph Jacobs, int.Mar.6,1713-14.

Elizabeth, and William Allin, Mar.末,1695. [Mar.13,1694-5.CTR]

Elizabeth, and Jeremiah Neale, Mar.29,1705.

Betsy, and Samuel W. Trickey, Nov.7,1810.*

George, and Abigail Upton, Feb.23,1737-8.*

Hannah, and Benjamin Endicot of Topsfield, int.Mar.16,1709-10.

John, and Hannah Tapley, Feb.12,1701.

John, and Lydia Jacobs, int.Apr.20,1745.

John, and Mary Odlum, July10,1849.*

Joseph, and Susanna Parker, July22,1706.CTR

Lucinda F., and William Bickford [], Aug.19,1829.*

Lydia, and Joseph Hutchinson, sr., Feb. "last," 1678. [28:12m:1678.CTR]

Lydea, and Gilbert Taplye, jr., Apr.10,1686.CTR

Lydia, and Edward Trask, Oct.22,1734.*

Lydia, and Peter Pitman, July3,1808.*

Mary, and John Buxton, Mar.30,1668.CTR

Mary, and Samuell Cook, Jan.21,1702.

Rachel, and Samuell Stacy, jr., Aug.22,1712.*

Samuell, and Hannah Stacy, Dec.22,1715.*

Sarah, and Samuell Foster, Feb.16,1720-21.

Stephen, and Ruth King, Apr.6,1742.*

William, and Rachel Needom, Feb.21,1712.*

William, and Sarah Clark,末蔓末, [bef. 1736.]


Thomas, and Alice Ballard, int.Feb.18,1775.

SMEATHERS (Smithurst)

Harriet [], and Joseph Pickman, Aug.9,1818.*

Lydia, and David Thrasher, Apr.11,1819.*

Polly, and John Pratt, Nov.13,1803.*

SMETHERS (Smithurst)

Elizabeth [], and Benjamin Lang, Mar.4,1781.*

Sara [], and John Parker [Packer. int.], Aug.22,1779.*

Thomas [], and Hanna Edey, Jan.16,1787.*

SMETHERST (Smithurst)

Jonathan [], and Eliza [], Stone, certif. June16,1805.*

SMETHURST (Smithurst)

Edward, and Sarah Aberdeen, int.Apr.3,1779.

Elizabeth, and William Barre, int.Mar.27,1779.

John, and Sarah Robinson, Nov.20,1755.*

John, and Catharine Gray, June7,1772.*

Mary, and Thomas Webb, int.Aug.5,1780.

Sarah, and David Browne, int.June21,1779. ("Sarah Smethurst forbids the band of matrimony & says she never consented to be published.")

SMILE (Smiley)

John [], and Elizabeth Leach, Sept.28,1808.*

SMILEY (Smile)

Elizabeth [], and David Currier [jr., of], May9,1813.*

Hezekiah S. [of Haverhill. int.], and Sally Harrison, June26,1809.*

Sally [], and William Sleuman, June9,1811.*

William K., of Lynn, and Mary R. Spaulding, Dec.15,1843.*


Abigail, and Thomas Ritch, int.Feb.14,1712-13.

Abigail, and Stephen Foster of Andover, June28,1744.*

Abigail, wid., and James Ryan, certif. July9,1796.*

Abigail [], of Wenham, and David Ashby [jr. int.], June12,1804.*

Abigail K., of Marblehead, and John Swasey, Aug.26,1833.*

Addison, of Gloucester, and Mary Field, Dec.18,1838.

Agnes, and David Crowe, both of Boston, Oct.6,1849.

Almira W., and Erastus Nichols, Sept.10,1835.*

Almira H., and William R. Warden, int.Sept.22,1839.

Ammi, and Sarah B. Oliver, both of Lynn, Nov.7,1845.

Amos, and Mary Smith, d.Nathan, July28,1748.*

Amos, and Nancy Jewet, May21,1816.*

Amos F., and Martha H. Dwinnell, int.Oct.10,1829. (Certificate Nov.2.)

Amos, and Mehitable [S. int.] Adams, May18,1836.*

Amos J., and Martha E. Haraden of Lynn, int.Mar.19,1843.

Andrew, and Lucia [] Mansfield, Sept.10,1806.*

Andrew, jr., of Botson, and Julia Ann Alden, Dec.5,1833.*

Anna, and William Curtice, Dec.31,1692.

Anna, and Timothy Wilkins of Middleton, int.Nov.26,1730.

Anna, and Nathaniel Philips, Oct.3,1782.*

Ann G., and Thomas Jewell ( margin), int.Oct.5,1822.

Ann G., and Amos Niles, July末,1824. [ Sept.18. int.]*

Anstis, and Joseph Howard, Nov.2,1806.

Anstiss, and Joshua Scriggins, May2,1832.*

Augustus P., and Eliza W. Upton, June24,1827.*

Benjamin, and Sarah Pebody of Boxford, Oct.22,1700.

Benjamin, and Mercy Pickering, Apr.22,1713.*

Benjamin, and Mary Roundy of Beverly, at Beverly, Dec.23,1714.

Benjamin, and Polly Smith, int.Nov.7,1795.

Benjamin, and Betsy Britton, int.Feb.1,1797.

Benjamin, and Abiah Douglas of Plainfield, CT, int.Aug.25,1797.

Benjamin, and Susanna Preble of York, int.Aug.12,1815.

Benjamin, and Ann Thomas, int.Feb.14,1835.

Caleb, and Mary West, certif. Oct.5,1777.*

Caleb, and Jenny Miles, certif. Dec.25,1803.*

Caleb, of Danvers, and Betsey Winchester, int.June23,1810.

Caleb, and Sarah Jane Brown, Apr.10,1835.*

Caleb A., of Danvers, and Frances Maria Wilkins, int.Feb.23,1840.

Charles [], and Mary Munyan, Jan.29,1784.*

Charles, and Mary Stickney, int.Nov.4,1815.

Charles A., of Boston, and Sarah A. Savory, int.Sept.1,1839.

Charles, of Gloucester, and Hannah S. Haskell, July2,1840.*

Charles L., of Saugus, and Patience Clark, int.Oct.10,1847.

Charles, of Warren, a.31y., clergyman, s.Charles, and Caroline L[] Sprague, a.22y., d.Joseph E., Dec.8,1849.*

Daniel, and Eunice Malloon [], Aug.29,1784.*

Daniel T., and Lucretia H. Symonds, Apr.18,1849.CR12*

David, and Elizabeth Perkins of Andover, Dec.14,1726.

David, and Hanna Brewer, Mar.29,1741.*

David, jr., and Hannah Goodhue, formerly of Ipswich, now of Salem, int.Sept.7,1765.

David [late of], and Susanna Welcome, Apr.末,1771.*

David, and Polly Collins, Jan.29,1797.*

David, and Sally Briggs, certif. June24,1801*

David, and [] Deborah Badger, Feb.17,1805.*

David, of Boston, and Susan G. Brewster, Nov.27,1835.*

Ebenezer, and Sally Griffin, Mar.22,1789.*

Edward, and Elizabeth Orne, May7,1754.

Edward [jr. int.], and Sarah Very, Aug.22,1784.*

Edward G., and Sarah Bancroft, Nov.12,1820.*

Edward A., a.26y., trader, and Isabel T. [F. int.] French, Feb.10,1846.*

Edward A. [jr. int.], and Rachel R. Derby, Jan.25,1849.CR12*

Elianer, and Joseph Searl of Beverly, int.Aug.7,1784.

Alesta [], and Jewett Maxfield, June28,1829.*

Elisha, and Mary Butler Bass of Boston, int.Aug.22,1806.

Eliza [Mrs.CR10], and William Meacely [], Dec.3,1826.*

Eliza, and Joseph Rodrick, Aug.16,1831.*

Elizabeth, wid., and John Williams, seaman, 23:9br:1665.CTR

Elizabeth, and John Nurss, 1:9m:1672.CTR

Elizabeth, wid., and William Bennett, Mar.末,1674-5.

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Walcot, Nov.7,1727.*

Elizabeth, and John Dummer, int.Oct.19,1728.

Elizabeth, of Beverly, and Ebenezer Woodberry, Nov.24,1728.*

Elizabeth, and Stephen Remnant, int.Apr.27,1731.

Elizabeth, of Cambridge, and William Peters, at Watertown, June18,1740. [June29,1740. int.]*

Elizabeth, and Richard Harris, jr. of Marblehead, Nov.5,1741.*

Elizabeth, and Eleazer Giles, Apr.5,1743.*

Elizabeth, and John Felton, jr., Nov.8,1744.*

Elizabeth, and John Nurse, int.Apr.7,1750.

Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Barber, May20,1773.*

Betsy, and Robert Peele, jr., Apr.18,1793.*

Betsy, wid., and Edmund Johnson, Nov.10,1793.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph Peabody, certif. Oct.24,1795.*

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Dodd, Sept.25,1796.*

Betsy, and Samuel Henderson, Apr.25,1802.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph Smith, Mar.16,1806.*

Betsey, and Zachariah Stanley, May25,1816.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and John Webb, Apr.26,1818.*

Betsey, and William Nash, Sept.末,1822. [ Sept.14. int.]*

Elizabeth, of Manchester, and John W. Mann, int.Sept.10,1825.

Elizabeth K., and Abbot Walker, Feb.末,1826.*

Elizabeth G., and Samuel K. Appleton, int.Apr.6,1833.

Elizabeth, of Boston, and John Bryant, int.July20,1833.

Elizabeth H., and Charles F. Bates, Sept.7,1836.*

Elizabeth, and Henry Clement, tanner, Apr.6,1845.*

Ellen M., and Augustus Silver, Apr.18,1847.*

Elliot, and Nancy C. Lovis, Apr.23,1821.*

Elliot F., of Danvers, tailor, s.Elliot, deceased, and Mary Elizabeth Ward, Mar.4,1846.*

Emeline, and Augustus T. Brooks, May7,1836.*

Emmons, and Hannah Diamond, Feb.7,1773.*

Emmons, and Mary Gowen of Danvers, int.June19,1799.

Ephraim, and Anna Steward, Dec.16,1779.*

Ephraim, and Lois Mansfield, of Lynn, int.Oct.6,1792.

Ephraim [of Whitingham, VT. int.], and Martha Ireland, June8,1813.*

Eunice, of Ipswich, and Campbell Ripley, at Ipswich, Nov.28,1782. [Jan.4,1783. int.]*

Eunice, and James Trow of Beverly, int.Dec.20,1818.

Exercise, and Samuell Pope, Jan.28,1785.

Fanny, and Eli Newhall of Danvers, int.Sept.10,1808.

Fanny, and Lyman Holman, int.Dec.31,1837.

George, and Hannah Bickford, Nov.25,1756.

George, and Anna Peele, int.Dec.19,1772.

George [jr. int.], and Lydia King, Jan.13,1785.*

George, and Nancy Gould, Sept.7,1793.*

George, and Sally Driver, certif. June10,1796.*

George, and Mary Anthony, int.June23,1798.

George, jr., and Susanna Cook, certif. June26,1800.*

George M., and Hitty Symonds, June21,1801.*

George H., and Mary Prime, at Rowley, Feb.10,1803.

George, and Mary Marston, Aug.26,1804.*

George, and Mary Evens, int.June4,1808.

George, and Mary Eden, Nov.19,1808.

George, and Catharine Harrison, Nov.26,1808.*

George C., and Mary Barr, Dec.5,1811.

George H., and Mrs.Harriet Eldridge of Boston, int.Oct.13,1827.

George P., and Ellen F. Hoyt, Oct.12,1828.*

George, and Margaret Broughton, int.Mar.7,1835.

George E., and Mary G. Loring, Oct.18,1838.*

George H., jr., and Mabala B. [D. int.] Hanson [of Ossipee, NH. int.], Jan.31,1849.*

Hannah [of], and Benjamin Reaves, at Marblehead, Jan.10,1754.*

Hanna, and Simeon Browne, Apr.23,1771.*

Hannah, wid., and David Robinson, Dec.10,1771.*

Hanna, and Stephen Cloutman, Apr.1,1781.

Hannah, and Stephen St. George, int.Apr.5,1783. (Forbidden by H. Smith.)

Hannah, wid., and Benjamin Bartholomew, certif. May22,1794.*

Hannah, wid., and James Barr, Nov.30,1794.

Hannah, and Henry Parker, certif. Dec.25,1803.*

Hannah, and John Turner, Nov.20,1805.*

Hannah, of Marblehead, and John M. Sands, int.Oct.末,1807. (Forbid.)

Hannah, Mrs.and Benjamin Procter, Jan.2,1820.*

Hannah M., and Robert Twiss, June3,1828.*

Hannah, and Theodore Littlefield, Apr.5,1832.*

Harriet A., and Alfred Eaton of Reading, July8,1848.

Hazadiah, and Ruth Swinerton, May24,1723.

Henry B., and Elizabeth J. Lefavour, Aug.29,1839.*

Henry W., of Brooklyn, NY, and Mary Ann Wilkins, May4,1843.*

Herbert S., of Beverly, and Hannah Brown, int.Dec.7,1833.

Hugh, and Mary Phelps, May12,1772.*

Hugh, and Abigail MacIntyre, certif. Dec.5,1782.*

Hue [], and Ruth Perkins, Jan.13,1784.*

Hulda M., and Moses A. Gould, Nov.24,1845.CR12*

Isaac, of Wellfleet, Cape Cod, and Elizabeth Crowell, int.Oct.11,1794.

Issac W., and Catherine Johnson, Apr.2,1839.

Isabella, and John Staples, jr., Sept.30,1846.*

Jabez, and Jane Baker, May24,1818.*

Jacob, and Rachel Swasey, Aug.26,1804.*

Jacob J[ewett. int.], and [] Louisa Fairfield, May17,1848.*

James, and Mary Tarbell, Dec.末,1705.CTR

James, of Beverly, and Sarah Crecy, at Beverly, Feb.2,1718-19.

James, and Mercy Hood, June8,1742.*

James, and Jane Stevens, both of Marblehead, Oct.10,1752.

James, and Sarah Diamond, int.Nov.24,1759.

James, and Mary Diman, Apr.3,1760.

James, 3d, and Hannah Stone, int.Sept.30,1780.

James, and Mary Howard, Dec.17,1806.*

James, and Hannah Harwood, Mar.25,1810.

James, and Martha B. Melzard, Apr.24,1828.*

James, and Caroline T. Hutchinson, Aug.9,1839.*

James, and Sarah N. Hilton [Hiltz. int.], Sept.4,1843.*

James, of Lynn, a.33y., laborer, s.末末 of Ireland, and Rosanna Trainer, a.28y., Sept.15,1844.

James, and Mary [Mrs.Margaret. int.] H. Shirley, Oct.25,1846.*

Jane P. [], and David Crowell, May7,1832.*

Jeremiah, and Sarah Floyd, Feb.3,1829.*

Jesse, and Sarah Grant, certif. Aug.2,1785.*

Jesse, jr., and Priscilla Treadwell [of], at Ipswich, May22,1817.*

Jesse [3d int.], U.S. Navy, and Mehitable Smith, Dec.23,1821.*

John, malster, and Abigaile Dixy, 25:12m:1669.CTR

John, of Chadestown, and Marie Horne, at Charlestown, Oct.22,1677.

John, and Ann Skerry, Feb.6,1689.

John, and Patience Shattocke, July29,1689.CTR

John, and Mary Clark, Oct.3,1696. [1695.CTR]

John, and Sarah Elkins, Aug.8,1735.*

John, and Sarah Ingalls, Aug.7,1755.*

John, of Castle Williams, and Rachel Brown, Nov.25,1755.

John, and Mercy Callum, both of Marblehead, Feb.4,1766.

John, and Sara Masury [], Aug.21,1771.*

John, and Thankful Larking, int Jan.13,1779.

John, and Elizabeth Crowell, int.Jan.15,1780.

John, and Mary Gurler, int Jan.2,1781.

John, and Ruth McIntyre, int.Nov.30,1782.

John, and Mary Freetoe [of], Oct.9,1785.*

John [], and Polly Crosby, Nov.12,1786.*

John, and Rebecca Barton [], Aug.4,1787.*

John, and Susanna Emmons, int.Apr.9,1791.

John, and Elizabeth Phipps, Aug.22,1802. [Aug.2.CR1]*

John, and Betsy Milford, certif. Jan.1,1804.*

John, and Nancy Aspinwall, Mar.20,1806.*

John, and Rachael Smith, int.July4,1807.

John, and Nancy Vorhees, Apr.16,1810.*

John, and Sally Foster, Oct.31,1813.*

John H. [Jonathan H. of New York. int.], and Mary Oldson, Dec.15,1816.*

John, and Sally Stearns, May末,1819.*

John, jr., of Danvers, and Mary B. Blaney, int.Apr.29,1820.

John, and Mrs.Sarah Redfield, Oct.1,1820.*

John, and Martha Russell, Oct.9,1823.*

John, and Lydia J. Fausell, Mar.16,1842.*

John H., and Grace P. Mellen, Apr.5,1849.*

Jonathan, and Anstis Phippen, Sept.6,1789.*

Jonathan, and Sally Leach, May19,1816.*

Jonathan, of Danvers, and Eunice Knowlton, Nov.10,1816.*

Joseph, and Hannah Clemmons of New Salem, "but a resident in this town about 10 weeks the 9th of Dec.," Feb.8,1770.*

Joseph, 3d, and Hannah Neal, certif. May20,1776.*

Joseph, and Nancy Cummins, Jan.7,1798.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth Smith, Mar.16,1806.*

Joseph H., and Nancy Phippen, Sept.16,1810.*

Joseph N., and Harriot Bryant, Jan.21,1820.*

Joseph, and Sarah Ann Colcord, int.July10,1830. (Certificate Aug.19.)

Joseph, and Caroline M. Abbot, Jan.10,1833.*

Joseph, 4th, and Lydia Abbot, Nov.25,1841.*

Joseph N., of Charlestown, and Mary P. Batchelder, int.Apr.29,1849.

Katharine, of Middleton, and Joseph Peabody, int.July23,1791.

Lois, and Daniel Hilton, int.Jan.24,1819.

Lorain W., and Hannah Holman, Feb.10,1811.*

Lucretia D., and Stephen D. Massey [of Boston. int.], Apr.18,1839.*

Lucy, of Falmouth, Casco Bay, and Richard Derby, jr., int.Mar.5,1778.

Lucy, and Benjamin Morgan, Nov.26,1806.*

Lucy Ann, of Manchester, and John B. Lamson, int.Jan.5,1828.

Lucy, and Allen Peabody, int.May30,1841.

Lydia, d.John and Mary, and Isaac Hacker, s.Jeremiah, s.Isaac and Hannah, 6:7m:1750.CR7

Lydia, and Abel Hoyt, int.July2,1814.

Lydia, and William Moorhead [of New York], July末,1824. [Oct.16. int.]*

Lydia Frances [of Ossipee, NH. int.], and Nathaniel Wiggin, Jan.26,1848.*

Marget, d.George, trader, and Enos Pope, clothier, s.Joseph, deceased, 17:1m:1714-15.CR7*

Margaret, and John Mansfield, Nov.12,1719.

Margarete, and Nicholus Crosby, int.July17,1779.

Martha, and Benjamin Young, Dec.4,1811.*

Martha H., Mrs., and John K. Haines, Nov.12,1837.*

Martha Ann, and John S. Henderson, Apr.7,1847.*

Mary, and Samuell Nurse, Apr.5,1677.CTR

Mary, and Mark Haskell, at Beverly, Mar.20,1678.

Mary, and Alexander Johnson, Jan.27,1728-9.*

Mary, and Jonathan Ropes, Feb.25,1747.*

Mary, d.Nathan, and Amos Smith, July28,1748.*

Mary, and John Levate, Sept.22,1754.*

Mary, and John Hull, int.July24,1779.

Mary, and Henry Thomson, int.Jan.5,1782.

Mary, and Samuel Meads, int.Jan.24,1784.

Polly, and Thomas Bancroft, Aug.29,1793.*

Polly, and Benjamin Smith, int.Nov.7,1795.

Polly, and Francis Joseph, Nov.15,1798.*

Polly, and Bartholomew Brown, certif. jr., Nov.18,1798.*

Mary, and John D. Dinsdell, int.Sept.11,1802.

Mary, and Richrd Eddy, int.Oct.19,1804.

Polly, and Thomas Frye, Nov.22,1807.*

Mary, and George Turner, Dec.15,1807.*

Mary, and Samuel Brown, May26,1808.*

Mary D., wid., and Joseph Burne, int.June29,1811.

Mary L., and Capt. Benjamin Andrews of Marblehead, Dec.15,1812.*

Mary, of Boxford, and Aaron Cross int.Dec.30,1814.

Mary, and William Pitman, int.Mar.22,1818.

Mary, and Peter Johnson, int.July19,1818.

Mary, and Thomas Johnston, int.Sept.15,1820.

Mary, and William Wilkinson, July22,1821.*

Mary [], and Joshua Wilde, Dec.26,1822.*

Mary C., and John Bertram, jr., Oct.19,1823.*

Mary, and Ezra Glazier [of West Boylston. int.], Oct.23,1823.*

Mary of Topsfield, and Caleb M. Ames, int.Nov.1,1823.

Mary, and Samuel Osgood Baker of Danvers, int.Dec.24,1825.

Mary Ann, and Rev. Moses C. Searle of Grafton, NH, May3,1827.*

Mary, and John A[] Phipps, July5,1827.*

Mary C., and Robert Jameson of Dunbarton, NH, Oct.24,1827.*

Mary, and Henry Noyes, Feb.8,1829.*

Mary [], and Samuel Smith, Apr.16,1829.*

Mary Ann, and Ephraim Symonds, July26,1829.*

Mary, and William Ireland, Dec.21,1830.*

Mary [Mrs.Lydia], and Robert Bedney, Dec.28,1830.*

Mary E., and Nicholas L. Derby, int.Nov.12,1831.

Mary Ann C[aldwell. int.], and William Smith, Sept.27,1832.*

Mary Ann, and Charles B. Holmes [of Lynn. int.], Dec.17,1832.*

Mary Elisabeth, and Mathew Adams Stickney [of Danvers.dup.], Apr.17,1833.*

Mary N[elson. int.], and Samuel C[ook. int.] Clark, Feb.17,1834.*

Mary W., and William P. Wilson, Sept.3,1835.*

Mary C., of Manchester, and Albert A. Martin, int.June20,1841.

Mary, and Oliver Carlton, int.Aug.1,1841.

Mary Ann, wid.Thomas B. Ferguson, int.Oct.27,1844.

Mary B., and Ebenezer S. Baldwin, Jan.20,1847.*

Mary Ann, and William Batchelder, 3d [of], Dec.14,1848.*

Matilda, and [Capt. int.] George Norton, June20,1802.*

Matilda, d.Edmund, and James L[] Greene of Norwich, CT, Nov.14,1849.*

Mehetable, and William Patterson, Oct.17,1769.

Mehitable, wid., and George Crandal, int.Apr.6,1787.

Mehitable, and Peter Gennis, May1,1791.*

Mehitable, and Jesse Smith [], U.S. Navy, Dec.23,1821.*

Mehitabel, d.Aaron, and George B. Stedman, saddler, Sept.17,1846.*

Moses, and Mehitable Lord of Ipswich, at Ipswich, July14,1792.*

Moses, and Sarah Tuffts, Oct.4,1818.*

Nancy P., Mrs., and John H. Glover, June11,1832.*

Nancy, of Lynn, and Christopher Barney, int.Apr.8,1841.

Nathan, jr., and Mary Flint, July11,1750.*

Nathan P., and Dorcas C. Fay of Boston, int.Nov.14,1829. (Certificate Nov.28.)

Nathan, and Martha T. Pool, Mar.4,1831.*

Patrick, and Ellen Daley, both b. Ireland, Nov.29,1849.*

Peter, and Mercy Lambert, Jan.18,1756.

Peter, and Betsey House, int.Dec.25,1802.

Peter, and Sally Holland, int.July27,1805.

Peter, M., and Mary L. Edwards, int.Nov.1,1840.

Phebe, and Samuel Bickford, jr., int.Dec.13,1777.

Priscilla, and John Simonds, jr., Nov.22,1722.

Rachel, and John Ervin, Feb.27,1742-3.*

Rachel, and Edward Toppan [of Newburyport. int.], certif. Dec.12,1782. [Feb.末,1783.CR12 dup.]*

Rachel, and John Felt, Aug.7,1804.*

Rachael, and John Smith, int.July4,1807.

Rachel, and John Jerolum, Dec.30,1807.*

Ralph, and Sarah Lyndsey, Nov.27,1716.

Rebecca, and Benjamin Cook, Nov.2,1788.*

Rebecca, and Thomas Williams, Sept.7,1794.*

Rebecca, and Joseph Pettingill, Jan.15,1801.*

Rebecca, and Moses Fairfield, Jan.25,1807.*

Rebecca, and Michael Coombs of Marblehead, Aug.19,1830.*

Rebecca, and Hiram Butterfield, int.Aug.15,1835.

Richard, and Thomazin Tompson, int, Dec.29,1733.

Richard, and, wid.Sarah Dawson, int.May17,1779.

Robert, and Mary Ellinwood of Beverly, June7,1720.

Robert, jr., and Susannah Hollit of Marblehead, int.Nov.14,1747.

Robert, and, wid.Margaret Webb, Mar.23,1788.*

Robert, and Patty Luscomb, Dec.21,1806.*

Robert, and Elizabeth L. Richardson, May29,1831*

Ruth, and Benjamin Diman, Dec.9,1792.*

Ruth Jewit, and Calvin Coffin [formerly of], May17,1818.*

Samuell, and Mary Bridgman, 8:2m:1673.CTR

Samuel, and Sarah Curtious of Topsfield, at Topsfield, May12,1696.

Samuel, and Susannah English, Nov.21,1734.*

Samuel, and, wid.Mary Henfield, int.Oct.9,1762. (Forbid by Elizabeth Lawson, Oct.12.)

Samuel, and Rebeccah Lovet of Beverly, int.Apr.26,1765.

Samuel, and Mary Fowler [wid, Mary Fowle. int.], Apr.14,1771.*

Samuel, 2d, and Mary Gould, Nov.26,1771.*

Samuel, and Annice Stacy, certif. Oct.26,1785.*

Samuel, and, wid.Sarah Goodhue, Aug.19,1792.*

Samuel, and Polly Burges, June8,1794.*

Samuel, and Polly Blown, Apr.8,1797.*

Samuel, and Polly Chadwirk, Oct.8,1797.*

Samuel, and Susanna White, Aug.11,1808.*

Samuel, of Baltimore, and Mary Grant, int.Nov.8,1818.

Samuel, and Mary Grant, int.Oct.9,1819.

Samuel, and Sally Fisher, May8,1823.*

Samuel, and Judith Phipps, Oct.13,1823.*

Samuel, and Mary Smith [], Apr.16,1829.*

Samuel, and Catherine Jerome, June9,1835.*

Samuel [Capt.CR5], and Elizabeth Berry, Oct.19,1835.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Pope, June24,1710.CTR*

Sarah, Mrs., and Thomas Ellis, int.Oct.18,1712.

Sarah, wid., and David Boyce, int.Jan.29,1728-9.

Sarah [], and Uriah Wilkins of Middleton, Aug.9,1737.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Moulton, Jan.23,1739-40.*

Sarah, wid., and Thomas Phippen [widr.CR1], Apr.12,1766.*

Sara [], and Francis Silver, Aug.23,1774.*

Sarah, and Samuel Symonds, jr., certif. June5,1778.*

Sara, and Richard Hall, Mar.14,1780.*

Sara [], and James Gregory, Dec.19,1780.*

Sarah, and James Coady, Dec.26,1782.*

Sarah, and William Gray, Aug.13,1786.

Sarah, and Samuel Bowel, int.June14,1794.

Sally, and Abraham Ellidge, int.June30,1798.

Sally, and Benjamin Cox, jr., Mar.13,1803.*

Sarah, and Grorge Turner, int.June27,1804.

Sally, and Francis Cox, Nov.15,1804.*

Sally, and John Williams, Oct.13,1805.*

Sally, and Jeduthun Upton, jr., May12,1807.*

Sally, and Jonathan Perley, June20,1808.*

Sally, and Nathaniel F. Safford, Dec.8,1808.*

Sally, and James Stone, Aug.4,1811.*

Sally, and Thomas Sleuman, Jan.2,1812.*

Sally, wid., and John Bott, Mar.1,1812.*

Sarah Ann, and [Dr. int.] Joseph Eaton, Nov.30,1814.*

Sarah, and Josiah G. Burrill, June15,1817.*

Sally, and Nathaniel McIntire, int.Nov.11,1820. (Died, written beside the man's name.)

Sally [], and James Campbell, Oct.2,1825.*

Sarah, and John B. Fisk, Jan.10,1832.*

Sarah H., and Edward H. Colcord, Aug.4,1833.*

Sarah B., Mrs., and Stedman Willard of Orford, NH, int.Apr.15,1838.

Sarah, wid., and John Fisher of Maine, mariner, July31,1844.*

Sarah P., a.18y., d.Samuel, and Leonard McMoran of New London, CT, a.27y., rope maker, s.John, Oct.7,1848.*

Stephen, and Katharine Bender of Boston, int.Sept.12,1774.

Stephen, and Abigal Kimball of Wenham, int.Mar.11,1795.

Susan, and Andrew Currin, June8,1815.*

Susannah, wid., and Samuel Lummas of Ipswich, Feb.2,1746.*

Susannah, and Richard Aveson, July27,1757.

Susanna, and George Towns, Sept.23,1766.

Susanna, and William Sage, Sept.29,1782.*

Susannah, and Walter Jeffry, Mar.2,1788.*

Susanna, and Jacob Bailey, May28,1794.*

Susannah P., and Stephen Driver, jr., int.Aug.8,1835.

Tomasin, and Benjamin Nurse, Feb.21,1688.CTR

Thomas, and Mehitable Williams, Feb.4,1781.*

Thomas, and Mary Ramsdale, int.June10,1781.

Thomas, and Sarah Phippen, int.May17,1783.

Thomas, and Sally Crealey, May2,1808.*

Thomas, and Mary F. [Martha Ann. int.] Mercer, Feb.27,1831.*

Thomas, and Lucy Ann Berry, Oct.3,1844.*

Walter, and Ruth Fuller, June5,1717.

Walter, jr., and Mary Giles Jan.5,1741-2.*

William, and Mary Searl, July31,1722.

William, and Mary Heffenun, Sept.29,1735.*

William, and Margaret Batton, int.Dec.6,1777.

William, and Hannah Manning, Oct.9,1808.*

William, and Rachel Bartlett, "late residents in Beverly," Apr.5,1814.

William, and Eliza Ramsdell, Nov.10,1819.*

William K., and Abigail Heusler, Sept.30,1822.*

William B., and Mary Raymond, June8,1824.*

William, and Mary Swann, Dec.27,1824.*

William, and Jane Vickery, July17,1827.*

William, and Mary Hill, Jan.27,1828.*

William, and Mary Ann Hinman, Dec.10,1829.*

William, and Mary Ann C[aldwell. int.] Smith, Sept.27,1832.*

William E., of Bangor, ME, and Bethiah Howard, int.Sept.14,1833.

William, and Catherine Brant, June16,1835.*

William R., and Annis Shirley, int.May19,1844.

William C., and Mrs.Nancy English, int.Sept.22,1844. (Forbid, he having a wife.)

William, and Ellen Mahoney, Sept.18,1849.

SMITHERS (Smithurst)

Tabitha, and Woodward Abrahams, both of Marblehead, Nov.28,1751.

SMITHERST (Smithurst)

Benjamin, and Sarah Tucker, Nov.27,1758.*

Elizabeth, a.18y., d.Thomas and Hanah, and Charles Peabody, a.23y., tanner and currier, s.Charles and Elizabeth, Aug.7,1845.*

Hannah, and John Oakman, Dec.13,1758.*

SMITHURST (Smeathers, Smethers, Smetherst, Smethurst, Smithers, Smitherst, Smothers, Smotherst, Smutherst)

Michael, jr., and Mary Tink, Nov.19,1750.*

Michael, jr., and Hannah Reeves, jr., certif. Sept.10,1776.*

Peter, and Mary Davis, Dec.7,1756.

SMOTHERS (Smithurst)

Benjamin, and Eleanor Vorehees, int.Oct.24,1807.

Benjamin, and Eleanor Odell, Dec.27,1807.*

Eliza, and Thomas Webb, July27,1826.*

Betsy, and Ebenezer Beckford, jr., May20,1810.*

Betsy [of], and Francis G[eorge. int.] Parrier, Nov.13,1825.*

Elizabeth, and Edward Dodge, Oct.28,1826.*

Elizabeth B., and Jonathan A. Kenny, Aug.2,1835.*

Hannah, and Phinias Hammond, int.Oct.23,1779.

Hannah, and John Mason of Boston, int.Apr.4,1795.

Hannah, and Henry Clemmonds, certif. Aug.5,1797.*

Hannah, and James Harvey, int.Nov.5,1803.

Hannah, and Eliphalet Mace, certif. Feb.12,1804.*

Hannah, and James C. Stimpson, Sept.26,1822.*

Jonathan, and Hannah Douglass of Lowell, Oct.19,1830.

Lydia D., and Joseph Valpy, jr., int.Sept.30,1815.

Polly, and Philip Neal, Nov.18,1790.*

Mary [], and John Lindsay Gallucia, Mar.1,1799.*

Pamelia S., and William A. Berry, May8,1836.*

Peter, and Hannah Mugford, int.Nov.4,1779.

Sarah, and Joseph Newell [Newhall. int.], July11,1839.*

Thomas, and Peggy Boyd, Apr.25,1797.*

Tobias, and Elizabeth Thorn, certif. Apr.17,1782.*

Tobias [Smethurst. int.], and Hannah Peas [Pease.CR12], Nov.28,1792.*

SMOTHERST (Smithurst)

Samuel, and Mary Putnam of Marblehead, int.May12,1804.

Sarah, and Michael Ferrell, May31,1821.*

SMUTHERST (Smithurst)

Sally, and Samuel Hall, int.May3,1806.


Mary, and Phillip Lojee, 11:7m:1673.CTR

SNEATHEN (Snethen)

George, and Susan M. [Susanna H. int.] Glover, Apr.4,1844.*


Nicholas T., of Boston, and Mary Henderson, Sept.21,1835.CR12*


Elizabeth M. [N. int.], and Eleazer Ingalls, July15,1828.*

John, and Lydia Archer, certif. Aug.2,1800.*

John [jr. int.], and Sarah Ingalls, Oct.20,1826.*

Lydia, and Moses Shatswell, Feb.13,1823.*

SNETHEN (Sneathen)

John, and Hannah Abbot, Dec.18,1798.*

Mary Ann [Sarah Ann. int.], and Robert Skerry, Mar.29,1824.*


Henry [Shnupp. int], and Elisabeth Butman, Mar.23,1783.*


Ebenezer [of Woburn. int.], and Mary Pudney [May15,1714. int.]*

Elizabeth, of Boston, and Jonathan Pickering, jr., int.Mar.8,1711-12.

Hannah, and Mark Haskell, July27,1823.*

James, and Mary Gray, Dec.25,1785.*

Luther S., [of Dorchester. int.], and Lucretia Bancroft, Apr.8,1813.*

Polly, and Richard Doust, July13,1793.*

Mary E., of Danvers, and Luther Chandler, int.June12,1842.

Pamelia, and John Standley, July31,1828.*

Sara, and William K. Patterson, Sept.14,1815.*

SOLAS (Sollas)

John, and Hanna Wolfe, 9:10m:1655.CTR


Ann Maria, and Thomas H. Stone, Apr.23,1847.*

George, of Haverhill, and Hannah Monarch, Jan.22,1826.*

SOLLAS (Solas)

Hannah, of Beverly, and Henry Skerry, at Beverly, Feb.5,1744.*


Esther, and Isaac Swann, int.May20,1826.

Hannah, of Newburyport [of], and Richard Dowst, Apr.12,1825.*


Charlotte, of Gloucester, and John S. Edwards, int.Sept.22,1832. (Certificate Oct.9.)

Sara, and Henry Whitham, both of Gloucester, June15,1665.

SOTHWICK (Southwick)

Daniell, and Hester Boves, 23:12m:1663.CTR

John, and Sara Burnett, 3:12m:1668.CTR

Mary, and Thomas Burt, 18:9m:1672.CTR

Sara, and Thomas Bouenton, 30:10m:1671.CTR

Sara, wid., and Thomas Cooper, June12,1674.CTR

SOTHWICKE (Southwick)

Provided, and Samuell Gaskin [Gaskell, sr.CR7], 30:10m:1662.CTR


Polly [of], and Rufus Marshal, certif. Aug.9,1800.*


Sally, and Joseph Kidder [of Lyndeboro, NH. int.], certif. Feb.5,1804.*

SOUTHICK (Southwick)

Ellinor, and Samuel Osburn, June5,1695.CTR

Hannah, and Ebenezer Shaw, Mar.17,1720.

John, and Mary Trask, Jan.8,1710-11.*

Sarah, and Thomas Hutchins, Jan.7,1719-20.


Emma, and Benjamin Proctor of Marblehead, int.Sept.14,1822.

Emma, and Benjamin Proctor, int.Mar.29,1828.

Emma, and Marquis Nelson, int.Oct.29,1837.

George, and Anne Phelps, Nov.25,1755.*

George [jr. int.], and Sara Gale, Feb.24,1778.*

George [jr. int.], and Abigail Foot, Oct.27,1785.*

George, and Sally Welcome Aug.12,1799.*

Jonathan, and Lydia Pierce, Nov.26,1783.*

Jonathan [R. int.], and Margaret Brown, Apr.28,1819.*

Lydia [Peirce. int.], and Ephraim Cloutman, Apr.1,1804.*

Margaret L., and Charles W. Trumbull, Mar.27,1844.*

Polly, and Jonathan Reddicks, Jan.16,1791.*

Mary, and Edmund Upton, Apr.24,1822.*

Richard, and Maria Fillebrown, int.Aug.31,1817.

Thomas W., and Charlotte Peabody, 1827 or 1828. [July28,1827. int.]*

William, and Hannah Hutchinson, Nov.22,1788.*

SOUTHWICK (Sothwick, Sothwicke, Southick, Sowthick, Suderick)

Abigail, and Charles Bruce, Dec.12,1822.*

Abraham, jr., and Mary Aborn, Dec.28,1755.*

Anne, d.Joseph, of Danvers, tanner, and Jeremiah Hacker, shoreman, Apr.7,1765.CR7

Bathia, d.Joseph, of Danvers, tanner, and Jonathan Dean, cooper, s.Joseph, feltmaker, June25,1760.CR7

Caleb, and Ruth Gold, int.Apr.8,1732.

Caleb, tanner, s, Laurence, of Uxbridge, and Patience, and Phebe Osborn, d.Paul, of Danvers, and Abigail, 17:10m:1793.CR7

Cassandra, d.Josiah, deceased, and Elizabeth, and Stephen Nichols, blacksmith, s.Thomas, deceased, and Hannah, 29:10m:1812.CR7

Daniel, s.John, of Danvers, yeoman, and Elisabeth Buffum, d.Joseph, blacksmith, Nov.17,1763.CR7

Daniel Holt, [of Cambridge. int.], and Phebe D. Symonds, Apr.29,1824.*

Daniel [of], and Sally Patterson, Jan.10,1826.*

Daniel, of Danvers, and Esther Fowler, int.May30,1829.

Ebenezer, and Sarah Procter, Apr.9,1724.

Ebenezer, and Mary Whitman, Oct.18,1727.*

Eliza, d.Edward and Abigial, of Danvers, and Samuel Philbrick., s.Joseph and Lois, of Seabrook, NH, 19:9m:1816.CR7

Betty, and John Wilkins, Aug.末,1687.

Elizabeth, and Robert Wilson, jr., int.May26,1744.

Elizabeth, d.John, of Danvers, and Josiah Southwick of Danvers, s.Daniel, of Mendon, Apr.28,1767.CR7

Elizabeth, and John Pickering [jr. int.], Feb.14,1813.*

Esther, d.Joseph, of Danvers, and James Torrey of Falmouth, Cumberland Co., s.David, Nov.15,1770.CR7

George, and Kezia Perkins, June22,1808.*

Hannah [], and Zachariah King, Sept.28,1737.*

Hannah, d.John, of Danvers, husbandman, and Daniel Purinton of Danvers, cordwainer, s.Daniel, of Danvers, glazier, Oct.28,1756.CR7

Hannah, and Benjamin Wadsworth.Apr.2,1797.

Hannah, and Jonathan Berry [of East Andover. int.], Apr.8,1817.*

Hannah P[latts, of], and John P. [Jonathan] Berry, Oct.3,1826.*

Isaac, and Esther Clark of Well, int.June5,1731.

Isaac, and Mary Falton, int.Oct.12,1741.

James [of], and Eliza Hutchinson, Feb.12,1826.*

John, and Hannah Follit, Dec.23,1687. [1688.CTR]

John [], husbandman, s.Daniel, and Mary Buffum, wid., Jan.28,1730-31.CR7*

John, 4th, and Elizabeth Wilson, int.July21,1743.

John, 4th, of Danvers, and Molly Tuckesbury, at Danvers, Feb.22,1776.*

John, s.Josiah and Elizabeth, formerly of Danvers, and Rebecca Alley, d.James and Lois, of Lynn, at Lynn, Oct.19,1796.

John, of Danvers, and, wid.Betsey Nicholls, int.Nov.13,1798.

John A., and Elizabeth Kinsman, Oct.17,1826.*

John, and Nancy Manning, int.Nov.18,1849.

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Dowtey, Sept.17,1729.*

Jonathan, hushandman, s.Daniel, deceased, and Hannah Osborn, d.John, husbandman, May21,1735.CR7

Joseph, and [] Keziah Southwick, Oct.24,1813.*

Josiah, sr., and Mary Boyce, 13:10m:1653.CR7

Josiah, s.Laurence, deceased, and Tamzen, and Mary Cass of Hampton, d.Samuel, deceased, and Marcy, 20:1m:1735-6.CR8

Josiah, of Danvers, s.Daniel, of Mendon, and Elizabeth Southwick, d.John, of Danvers, Apr.28,1767.CR7

Keziah [], and Joseph Southwick. Oct.24,1813.*

Kesiah, and Joseph Farmer, jr., June3,1832.*

Laurance, s.Daniel, husbandman, and Tamason Buffum, d.Caleb, 24:6m:1704.CR7

Lois Mary [A. int.], and John Mansfield Ives, Sept.23,1827.*

Lydia, of Danvers, and Ebenezer Berry, int.Nov.18,1802.

Lydia [of], and George More, Sept.13,1812.*

Margaret, and Amos Newhall of Lynn, Dec.7,1750.*

Martha [of], and John Gardner, Nov.10,1816.*

Martha F[oote. int.], and Edward Boden, Apr.17,1828.*

Martha, of Danvers, and Benjamin B. Neal, int.Oct.16,1842.

Mary, and Benjamin Marke, int.July20,1728.

Mary, and Ebenezer King, Dec.25,1735.*

Mary, and Henry Hutchins, int.Oct.16,1736.

Mary, and John Hollyman, Oct.30,1749.

Mary, d.Josiah, deceased, and Nathaniel Vareny, s.Nathaniel, of Dover, NH, husbandman, Apr.28,1761.CR7

Mary, of Danvers, and Daniel Day, int.Aug.30,1778. [Feb.6,1779. dup.]

Polly [], and Samuel Swan, certif. Apr.11,1801.*

Mary, and Thomas Wheeler, Apr.13,1802.*

Mary, and Abraham Wilson, Oct.8,1832.*

Mary E., and Samuel W. Cate, int.June14,1834.

Mary D., and Henry L. Read, int.Oct.4,1840.

Mercy, d.Daniel, and John Osborn [s.William, husbandman, 9:3m:1704.CR7].

Patience, of Danvers, and Roland Hero, at Danvers, Aug.26,1766.

Phebe, of Danvers, and James Frothingham, at Danvers, May6,1784.*

Provided, and John Carrell, Jan.15,1728-9.*

Rebecca, and William Patterson, July12,1812.*

Ruth, and Jonathan Trask, jr., int.May30,1745.

Sarah, jr., and Joseph Stacey, int.May13,1749.

Sarah, and Nathaniel Clark, jr., of Wells, Oct.24,1751.*

Sarah, of Danvers, and James Pickman [Pitman. int.], at Danvers, May2,1776.*

Simeon [of], and Hanna Church, Sept.11,1814.*

Susanna, d.Joseph, of Mendon, and Robart Buffum, blacksmith, Nov.25,1725.CR7

Susanna, of Danvers, and Israel Morgan, at Danvers, Apr.27,1776.

Tamesin, of Danvers, d.Joseph, of Danvers, tanner, and William Fry, tanner, s.William, of Andover, yeoman, Nov.2,1773.CR7

William, and Elizabeth King, Sept.29,1748.*

SOUWARD (Southward)

Henry [], and Susannah Beadle, [], Apr.27,1780.*


Elizabeth, and John Wakely, s.Thomas [both of Gloucester?], May10, [bef. 1659.]


Rachel, and Mascoll Williams, Dec.5,1784.

SOWTHICK (Southwick)

Benjamin, and Abigaill Burt, Apr.25,1722.

SPALDING (Spaulding)

Joshua, Rev., and Sussanna Douglas of Plainfield, CT, int.Feb.19,1788.

Joshua, Rev., and Elizabeth Bradshaw, July16,1805.*

Luther, of Amherst, and Lydia Parton, int.May4,1816.


Julia, and Michael Duneven, int.Dec.28,1845.


Elisha, and Elizabeth Bertram, Aug.31,1823.*

John, Rev., and [] Jane Porter [of Boston. int.], Oct.4,1737.*

John, Rev., and Jane Porter, at Boston, Oct.4,1747.

John B., of Para, and Augusta M. Ashby, Sept.4,1845.*

Lucy, and John Daniels, June26,1808.*

Margaret, and Isaac Winslow of Boston, at Danvers, Nov.22,1770.*

Nathaniell, and Mrs.Elizabeth Perkins, both of Lynn, Sept.26,1720.

Nathaniel, and Betsey [] Bartlett of Haverhill, at Haverhill, Apr.24,1780.*

Priscilla, Mrs., and Nathaniel Ropes, Sept.25,1755.*


Jared, of Cambridge, and Mary C. Silsbee, May21,1839.*

John, and Betsy Williamson, Jan.3,1802.*

Thomas, and Sally Neet, July16,1818.*


Thomas, and Margaret Coleman of Hillsborough, NH, int.Feb.4,1803.

SPAULDING (Spalding)

Albert J., and Mary Berry, Nov.30,1830.*

Eli, and Abigail Whiting, Apr.3,1825.*

Josiah, and Rebecca Chapman, Apr.末,1825. [Apr.2. int.]*

Lucy, of Danvers, and John M. Abbot, Mar.15,1825.*

Mary R., and William K. Smiley of Lynn, Dec.15,1843.*

Rebecca R. [D. int.], and Nathaniel McIntyre, Feb.14,1843.*


George [of], and Susan H. Floyd, Sept.9,1821.*


Mary Ann, and George F. Berry, int.May22,1842.


George S.G., of West Wrentham [of Boston. int.], clergyman, and Abby R. Ward, d.Andrew, Apr.6,1847.*

Lucy A., of Boston, and Rev. Thomas D. Anderson, int.Apr.3,1842.

Richard, and Rachel Fuller, int.May5,1787.

SPENCER (Pencer, Spenser)

Abigail, and Samuel Ross of Ipswich [July14,1832. int.]*

Elizabeth, and Oliver Pierce, Jan.1,1829.*

John, and Mrs.Mary Lambert of Marblehead, Feb.9,1837.

Michaell, and Rebecka Swetman, 7:10m:1671.CTR

Susan, and Danyell Bacon, Aug.1,1664.CTR

SPENSER (Spencer)

Elizabeth C., and Fredrick G. Ward, May9,1831.*

Mary R[aiment. int.], and Daniel Carlton, Jan.5,1802.*

Rebecca, of Beverly, and Thomas S. Pope, int.Feb.26,1825.


Anna Maria, and William Needham of Danvers, int.Aug.20,1843.

Job [of], and Maria R. Barker, Oct.22,1818.*

Louisa A.W., d.Job, and David Mead of Lynn, b. Lynn, Sept.5,1849.*

Moses, and Lucy Lakeman of Ipswich, int.Dec.15,1804.

Moses, and Sarah D. Bulson, July22,1821.*


Emily D., of Kittery, ME, and William U. Dame, int.Apr.30,1837.

Mary M., of Lynn, and William Senter, int.May5,1827.


Adna, jr., and Clara Hobart, both of Boston, Oct.22,1848.

Caroline A., and John L. Draper of New York, Oct.17,1849.*

Caroline L[], a.22y., d.Joseph E., and Charles Smith of Warren, a.31y., clergyman, s.Charles, Dec.8,1849.*

Ebenezer, and Hannah Upton, of Danvers, int.Dec.15,1759.

Eliza B[artlett.CR1], and Maltby Strong [of Rochester NY. int.], Sept.9,1835.*

Elizabeth J., and Daniel W. Jenkins [at Nantucket.CR1], July17,1836.

Esther, of Malden, and David Bucknam, at Malden, Mar.4,1745-6.

Joseph, jr., and Peggy Osgood, certif. Feb.6,1801. [Jan.23,1802. int.]*

Joseph, jr., and Eliza Bartlet of Haverhill, int.July23,1808.

Joseph, E., and Sarah Leonard Bartlett of Haverhill, int.Apr.17,1819.

Joseph G., and Priscilla Gould, Nov.19,1823.*

Lydia T., and William Batcheldor, jr., Apr.28,1830.*

Mary L., and John F. Fellows of Boston, Dec.24,1843.*

Sally, and Dr. William Sterns, Dec.9,1781.*

Sarah, of Malden, and William Punchard, at Malden, Dec.6,1785.*

William, and Mrs.Salley Newhall, both of Malden, July19,1786.


Martha, and Charles Hart, Sept.23,1832.*


Miriam, of Beverly, and Michael Coes [], at Beverly, July18,1748.*


Mary, and Samuell Lambert [jr. int.], May4,1710.CTR*


Nancy, and John Melzard, Apr.12,1797. [Aug.26. int.]*

Richard, and Margaret Hoy, Mar.1,1780.*

Thomas, and Ruth Mansfield, Oct.30,1772.

SQUIRIL (Squirill)

Thomas, and Deborah Gottier, certif. July17,1779.*

SQUIRILL (Squiril)

Deborah, wid., and John Fletcher, certif. June10,1780.*


George [jr., late of South Hampton, Great Britain. int.], and Lydia Chapman, Aug.20,1763.*


Stephen, and Hannah Smith, int.Apr.5,1783. (Forbidden by H. Smith.)

STACEY (Stacy)

Anna, and James Whitemore, Feb.5,1733-4.*

Benjamin, and Anna Hardin, both of Salem Village, at Marblehead, Nov.30,1688.

Benjamin, and Mary Bacon, Sept.25,1735.*

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Waters, int.Nov.16,1745.

Benjamin, of New Salem, and Sarah King, Oct.22,1758.*

Elizabeth, wid., and Jonathan Ashby, Dec.7,1752.*

Elizabeth, and William Ravell, jr. of Marblehead, int.Feb.23,1760.

Hannah, and Timothy Upton, Dec.25,1740.*

Hannah, of Marblehead, and John Swasey, int.Aug.4,1804.

John, and Mary Clarke, at Marblehead, Aug.26,1689.

John, and Margaret Richardson of Marblehead, Dec.31,1740.*

Joseph, and Sarah Trask, Mar.28,1734.*

Joseph, and Sarah Southwick, jr., int.May13,1749.

Lucinda, and Joseph Rogers, Oct.22,1830.*

Mary, and Samuel Luscomb, Apr.17,1746.*

Mary, and Samuel Cate, June8,1809.*

Mary, [], and John Wright, Apr.6,1831.*

Michaell, of Marblehead, and Elizabeth Flint, Feb.18,1713-14.*

Nancy M., and Benjamin Fishley [of Portsmouth, NH. int.], May24,1812.*

Priscilla, and Abel Gardner, Aug.16,1734.*

Rachel, and Benjamin Cheever, Sept.18,1740.*

Rebecca, and Hubbard Breed, Apr.3,1839.*

Rufus, and Mary E. Chamberlain, Oct.22,1843.*

Sarah, and John Peach of Marblehead, at Marblehead, Nov.30,1700.

Sarah, and Moses Gillman of Exeter, NH, Aug.3,1742.*

Sarah, wid., and Daniel Gould, of Marblehead, int.Oct.15,1743.

Sarah, and Elijah Johnson [jr. int.], Nov.13,1803.*

Simon, and Sarah Hill, int.Apr.9,1715.

Varnum, and Eliza [] L. Ricker, Jan.31,1833.*

William, of Marblehead, and Mary Houlton, Aug.22,1723.

William, and Sarah Best, int.Jan.24,1735-6. (Posting int.forbidden by Sarah Best, Jan.24.)

William, and Abigail Ruck, int.Oct.15,1737.

William, and Elizabeth West, Aug.17,1739.*

STACY (Stacey)

Annice, and Samuel Smith, certif. Oct.26,1785.*

George, of Lynn, and Sally Morse, May9,1813.*

Hannah, and Samuell Small, Dec.22,1715.*

Harriet, and William Allen, July末,1824. [Aug.28. int.]*

Mary, and Francis Parnall, Jan.13,1667.CTR

Mary, and Paul Langdon, Aug.18,1718.

Mary, and Daniel Thurston, certif. Sept.末,1805.*

Mehitable, and John Heron, certif. May13,1797.*

Nancy, and Joseph Clap, int.June7,1806. (Forbid.)

Priscilla, and Jonathan Woodwell, May8,1716.*

Samuell, jr., and Rachel Small, Aug.22,1712.*

Samuel, and Mary Fabens, Aug.25,1829.*

William, s.Thomas, and Priscilla Buckly, 28:9m:1677.CTR

William, and [] Mary Hunt, Aug.10,1715.*


Thomas, of Marblehead, and Elizabeth Steward, Jan.4,1719-20.


Lydia M., and Henry S. Johnson of Cape May, NJ, Nov.23,1849.*

Michael, and Margaret Mathew [], Sept.16,1839.*

William, and Lydia Swasey, Dec.8,1816.*


Frederic W[], and Esther Thomas of Belfast, ME, Feb.7,1842.*


Sarah, wid., and George Green, June9,1714.*

STANDLEY (Stanley)

Edward, and Hannah Tarbox, certif. Oct.14,1778.*

Edward, and Ester Waters, June12,1803.*

Hannah [], and Robert Bartlet, Aug.2,1796.*

Hannah, and Thomas Swan, Apr.13,1802.*

John, and Pamelia Snow, July31,1828.*

Joseph [John. int.], and Elizabeth Hunt, Nov.18,1824.*

Margaret, and John D. Porter, int.May12,1839.

Mary, and Joseph Saul, Jan.6,1787.*

Mary, and Aaron Frost of Perry, ME, int.Nov.16,1833.

Nancy, and Joseph Doust, Sept.23,1798.*

Phebe, and Moses Davidson, Mar.14,1805.*

Samuel S., and Mary Upham, int.Aug.11,1832. (Certificate Sept.4.)

Thomas, and Mary Saunders, Oct.14,1792.*

Thomas, jr., of Lynn, and Sally Phillips, June22,1817.*

Thomas, and Lucy Andrews, int.Aug.24,1833.

Timothy, and Abigail Lucas of Beverly, at Beverly, Mar.29,1737.*

Thirza, and Andrew Nichols, int.Oct.16,1824.

STANDON (Stanton)

James, and Hanna Perkins, July8,1810.*


Joshua, and, wid.Margaret Lawson, int.June12,1719.


Charles, and Mary P. Doliver, Oct.15,1822.*

Charles [H. int.], and Maria [D. int.] Pepper, Nov.29,1838.*

Charles H., s.Charles, and Martha M. Ball, Mar.21,1847.*

Jeremiah, and Sarah Clifton, Mar.11,1827.*

Joseph, and Sarah Brown, Oct.19,1823.*

Judith, and Henry Towne, July24,1827.*

Margaret P., and Osgood B. Dane of Somerville, Nov.25,1847.*

Mary Jane, and John Watson, int.Aug.1,1824.

Mary C. [E. int.] F., d.Charles, and John A. Hay, s.Richard, deceased, July3,1845.*

William John, and Love [] R. Perkins, Jan.1,1826.*

STANLEY (Standley, Stanly)

Abigail, and Charles Poor, July末,1824. [ Sept.25. int.]*

Benjamin, and Betsy Newton, int.Apr.25,1807.

Eliza [], and Joseph Lee, Nov.27,1825.*

Hannah P., and Aaron F. Danforth of Danvers, int.Mar.5,1843.

Harriet, and Francis Dutra, Dec.31,1840.*

Lydia [of], and Benjamin Pickering, May8,1827.*

Ruth, and Josiah Fish of Barnstable, int.June4,1837.

Sarah, and Miles Searle, June4,1808.*

Zachariah, and Betsey Smith, May25,1816.

STANLY (Stanley)

Ann, and Abell Robinson, Jan.2,1735-6.*

Samuel, and Lydia Osborn of Danvers, int.Apr.18,1807.

STANTON (Standon, Stonton)

Charles N., and Mary Fuller, Dec.3,1826.*

John, and Elizabeth Hodgkins, Mar.3,1844.*

Michael, and Catherine Sharps, int.July30,1848.

Vesta E., and Robert M. Copeland, both of Watertown, July13,1845.


Catherine, of Gloucester, and Frederick A. Lewis, int.Aug.15,1847.

Daniel C., of Augusta, ME, and Mary A[], Webster, Nov.7,1836.*

Ebenezer, and Martha L. Burnham, Oct.20,1833.*

Maria L., and Ebenezer B. Phillips, Apr.5,1841.

Martha D[], and James Hanscom, Apr.22,1827.*

Samuel, and Martha Marston, Oct.16,1805.*

Samuel D., and Emily Gray, June19,1833.*

Sarah E., of Ipswich, and George Fellows, int.Dec.10,1848.

Solomon, and Ann Burrell, int.Nov.30,1816.


Emily, and Benjamin Canny, Dec.25,1836.*

James, of Danvers, and Julia A. Stone of Shapleigh, ME, Sept.16,1849.

John, and Mrs.Mary Floyd, Mar.6,1842.*

John, jr., and Isabella Smith, Sept.30,1846.*

STAR (Starr)

Mary [of Marblehead.CR2], and John Holton [of the Village.CR2], Jan.16,1688.CTR

STARKE (Starkey)

Mary, and Thomas Rue,末蔓末, [bef. 1718].

STARKEY (Starke)

John, and Susanah Batten, July19,1686.CTR

Susannah, and John Guppy, Jan.26,1699-1700.CTR

STARR (Star, Stars)

Hannah, and Isaac Follet, Apr.13,1699.

Robert, and Susana Hollinworth, 24:9m:1650.CTR

Robert, and, wid.Mary Concklin, 30:10m:1669.CTR

STARS (Starr)

Mary, and Michael Murphey, Jan.8,1833.

STATAN (Staten)

Mary [Straton. int.], and Adnais [] McDaniel, at Marblehead, May3,1781.*

STATEN (Statan)

William, and Sarah Shed, int.Nov.23,1833.

STEADMAN (Stedman)

Clarissa, Mrs., and [Dr. int.] Henry C. Tuttle, Jan.3,1832.*

Joseph T., painter, and Martha Lee Russell, Apr.30,1844.*

STEARNS (Sterns)

Charles O., and Adaline Eastman of Salisbury, int.Mar.24,1833.

Deborah, and George Osborn, Sept.28,1762.*

Eliza, and James Silver, Jan.26,1834.*

Elizabeth, and Francis Boorn, jr., of Swansea, Nov.2,1755.*

James White, and Lydia Porter Emerson of Topsfield, int.June3,1809.

Lucy T.G., and Henry Barrett of Malden, Jan.19,1848.

Martha L., of Worcester, and Joseph S. Cabot, int.July16,1843.

Sally, and John Smith, May末,1819.*

William, widr., seaman, and Ann Marbray, wid., Nov.18,1844.*


Cortland B., of New York, and Susan E. Burley, int.May7,1837.

STEDMAN (Steadman)

George B., sadler, and Mehitabel Smith, d.Aaron, Sept.17,1846.*

Luther, of Boston, and Clarissa Frye, June30,1811.*

Samuel [of Boston. int.] and Martha Frye, Nov.3,1805.*


Margaret, and Thomas Fowler, Jan.6,1726-7.

STEEVENS (Stevens)

John, and Love Holyroad, July2,1661.CTR

Rebecka, wid., and Symond Horne, Feb.28,1675.CTR

Samuell, and Rebecka Rea, 17:10m:1672.CTR

Samuel [of Eastport, ME. int.], and Caroline Brooks, June28,1847.*

STENSON (Stinson)

Christian, and John Dering, both of Manchester, both b. Ireland, Oct.9,1849.

STEPHENS (Stevens)

末末, and 末末 Brown, both of Marblehead, July12,1739.

Abigail, and John Hill, jr., Nov.23,1806.*

Bimsley, and Mary Lister [wid.Mary Lester. int.], Oct.9,1785.*

Berlinda, of Beverly, and Joseph Saunders, int.Oct.17,1807.

Belinda, and Daniel More, Oct.4,1808.*

Clarissa, of New Durham, and Andrew Torr, int.Apr.22,1826.

Betsey, of Bradford, and Ephraim Flag, int.Aug.11,1810.

Harriet, and William T. Felton, Aug.6,1842.*

Jane, and James A. Collins of Gloucester, May13,1823.*

John [F. int.], and Patty Warner, Nov.13,1806.*

Joseph, of Andover, and Mrs.Elizabeth Browne, Nov.13,1700.

Mary [], and Nathaniel Fairfield of Wenham, at Wenham, Apr.25,1734.*

Mary, jr., and Philemon Parker, May6,1771.*

Polly, and Phillip Leach, int.June9,1804.

Osgood, and Hannah Warren, Dec.29,1842.*

Thomas, now resident in Salem, and Sarah Roberts, int.June16,1711.

Thomas [Stevenson. int.], and Sarah Slewman, Nov.10,1779.*

STERNS (Stearns)

Eunice, and Robert Peel, jr., June10,1771.*

Hannah, and John Chapman, Dec.7,1694.

John, and Martha Willard, Sept.24,1718.

John, and, wid.Rebecca Beadle, Oct.27,1726.

Martha, and Samuel Masury, jr., July4,1753.*

Rebeckah, and Ebenezer Glover. Sept.末,1706.

Rebecca, and James Greenslid, int.Sept.1,1711.

William, Dr., and Sally Sprague, Dec.9,1781.*


Ann, and Benjamin P. Batchelder, int.Nov.17,1844.

Augusta, and William Kimball of Lynn, June8,1830.*

Caroline L., and Samuel C. Pitman, Mar.11,1833.*

Charles A., of Boston, and Lucy Ann Brown, Apr.4,1832.

Daniel, and Sagy Stetson, Mar.30,1819.*

Emma F., and Abraham F. Bosson, Oct.22,1838.*

Hannah, and Elrased Maxson, Oct.26,1823.*

James, and Mary A[nn. int.] Hanscomb, Oct.10,1848.*

Joann, and Benjamin D. Leavitt [of Newburyport int.], July25,1814.*

Lincoln, and Nancy Batchelder, Nov.10,1810.*

Lucy Ann, d.Prince, and Rufus Parrot, jr. of Lynn, b. Lynn, Dec.17,1844.

Penthea, and Nathaniel Patch, Nov.7,1813.*

Sagy, and Daniel Stetson, Mar.30,1819.*

Sophia, and Daniel Perkins, Apr.25,1813.*

William, and Mary Ropes, Aug.23,1801.*


John, and Patience Collins, Oct.29,1781.*

Patience, and Richard Nichols, July17,1785.

STEVENS (Steevens, Stephens, Stevins)

Abiel [of Boston. int.]. and Abigail Archer, July7,1811.*

Abigail, of Beverly, and Thomas Davis, at Beverly, Sept.27,1746.*

Nabby, and John Perkins, certif. Nov.10,1798.*

Abigail, and George Stevens, int.Nov.1,1802.

Benjamin P., and Melissa Down, int.Oct.15,1848.

Catherine, and William Tozzer, June13,1833.*

Cornelias D., and Mary Cook, int.Sept.10,1837.

Deborah, of Andover, and Samuel Carlton, at Andover, June20,1726.

Ebenezer, and Mary Millet, Mar.31,1742.*

Elizabeth, of Ipswich, and Robert Hill, int.Sept.4,1727. (Forbidden by Robert Hill, Sept.6,1727.)

Ephraim, and Emeline J. Parrot of Danvers, int.Apr.11,1835.

Eunice, and Thomas Barker [of], Nov.16,1762.*

Eunice, and Samuel Tucker, May26,1791.*

George, and Abigail Stevens, int.Nov.1,1802.

Hannah, and Samuel Gardner, Jan.31,1788.*

Hannah, of Andover, and Thomas Prime, int.May2,1812.

Jane, and James Smith, both of Marblehead, Oct.10,1752.

Jane, and Francis Verney, Mar.24,1785.

John, and Lydia Chevers [], Nov.26,1712.*

John, and Mary Currier, Dec.28,1736.*

John, and Rachel Needham, int.Oct.2,1744.

John, and Mary Dove of Marblehead, at Marblehead, Apr.7,1784.

John, and Eliza Saunders, July22,1825.*

John, and Pamela Bird, Oct.8,1826.*

John V. [of], and Louisa Flowers, Sept.23,1828.

John W., and Sylvia M. [Sylvinia M. int.] Emerson, Nov.4,1849.*

Lydia J., of Gardiner, ME, and George W. Phipps, int.June5,1842.

Margaret, and Alexander Leon [Lear. int.], Oct.15,1809.*

Margarett, and John Preston. jr., int.Aug.23,1840.

Martha, and Augustus H. Sanger of Danvers, int.Oct.2,1836.

Mary, and William Cox, Nov.9,1733.*

Mary, and William Parnel, int.Oct.9,1778.

Mary, and Benjamin Daniels, July30,1781.*

Mary, and Samuel Townsend, Aug.7,1790.*

Mary, wid., and Israel Hall, int.Nov.8,1794.

Mary, of Andover, and Nathaniel Sawyer, int.May11,1817.

Mary, and John Jackson, int.May1,1836.

Mary M., and John Restell, jr., int.Jan.4,1846.

Moses, and Sally Beckford, Oct.20,1816.*

Nathan, and Hannah Roche of Marblehead, int.Aug.30,1800.

Rachel, and Andrew Senter of Wenham, int.Oct.4,1735.

Rebecca, and Benjamin Moses, jr., certif. June27,1784.*

Ruth, of Beverly, and John Baxter Allen, certif. Nov.8,1784.

Sarah, and James Phillips, Feb.12,1693-4.CTR

Sarah, and Thomas Allen, Aug.15,1743.*

Sally, and Stephen Hawes, Feb.11,1816.*

Solomon, of Andover, and Nancy Symonds, Sept.29,1833.*

Susan, and Henry Brown, at Boston, Dec.30,1826.

Thomas, and Eunice Bray, Mar.13,1728-9.*

Thomas, and Mercy Mascol, Oct.末,1758.*

Thomas, and Elizabeth Atkinson, certif. July27,1783.

Thomas, and Mary Russel, certif. Sept.26,1783.*

William A., grocer, s.William, and Abba H. Teague, May12,1844.*


Henry, mariner, and Lydia M. Lander, d.Benjamin, Nov.4,1849.*

Sally, and Ebenezer Nutting, July3,1803.*

William, and Mary Miers, int.May20,1780. (Banns forbidden by Mary Miers.)

William, and Polly Powers, int.Mar.10,1781.

William, and Margaret King, int.June4,1791.

William, and Rebecca Carpenter Sept.30,1792.*


Peter E., and Sarah Griffin, July28,1833.*

STEVINS (Stevens)

John H. [of], Rev., and [] Elizabeth Andrews, May5,1818.*

STEWARD (Stewart)

Anna, and Ephraim Smith, Dec.16,1779.*

Anna, and Edward Lee, Dec.21,1802.*

Antipas, and Rachel Haly of Cambridge, int.July31,1773.

David, and Anna Bickford, certif. June27,1775.*

Deborah [of], and Daniel Britten Reading of Marblehead [of], Mar.22,1787.*

Deborah, and Amos Hovey, Dec.4,1791. [Dec.1.CR4]*

Eliza, and James Williams, May11,1835.

Elizabeth, and Thomas Stadden of Marblehead, Jan.4,1719-20.

Elizabeth, and John Whitefoot, int.Oct.23,1736.

Elizabeth, and Peter Kingate, int.Sept.4,1779.

Elizabeth, and Robert Cowen, certif. Oct.13,1782.*

Hannah, and Samuel Trask, Dec.28,1730.*

James, and Sarah Field, int.Aug.16,1788. (Forbidden by Polly Morgan of Beverly.)

Joseph, of Wells, and Sarah Goold, int.Jan.28,1728-9. (Marriage forbidden by the father, Joseph Goold, Jan.29,1728-9.)

Mehitabel, of Rowly, and Benjamin Foster, int.Jan.3,1727-8.

Nancy, and [Capt. int.] Henry Felt, Nov.30,1797.*

Phebe, and Nathanael Felt, jr., int.Apr.2,1774.

Sarah, and Samuell Foster, May14,1676.CTR

William, and Margaret Cox, Sept.20,1726.

William, and Eunice Lambert, Jan.9,1733-4.*

William, and Elizabeth Battoon, Jan.9,1769.

William Henry, and Hannah [] Dwyer, certif. Dec.29,1796.*

William, and Mrs.Mary Ann Foley, Aug.23,1838.*

STEWART (Steward, Stuard, Stuart)

Angelina B., and John D. Cushing, Sept.11,1820. [ Sept.4.CR11]*

George [George Stewart Johonnot.CR11], and Martha Grafton, May1,1806.

James, and Polly Morgan of Beverly, at Beverly, July23,1789.

Jeremiah, of Wells, and Sarah Paul, May20,1744.*

John [], and Mary [] Roberts, at Beverly, May21,1715.*

John, and Eliza Loud, Mar.24,1835.*

Moses, and Lydia Lyndsey, Nov.7,1734.*


Benjamin, and Martha Very, int.Aug.15,1812.

Charles, and Lois Dow, Dec.2,1814.*

Charles, and Margaret Dow, Nov.20,1821.*

Charles, and Lydia Ann Kehew, Aug.24,1843.*

Charles T., and Sarah E. Dexter, int.Jan.7,1844.

Hannah, and Nathaniel Ames of St. Andrews, Apr.2,1826.*

Hannah H., and David Ingersoll, Oct.15,1826.*

Hannah, and John Brown, int.June4,1837.

Jeremiah C. [of Lynn. int.], and Anne Frazier, Dec.24,1829.*

Joseph, and Hannah Hunt of Marblehead, int.Jan.6,1816.

Love F[rye. int.], and Joseph W. Fabens, July4,1843.*

Mary, and Charles Smith, int.Nov.4,1815.

Mathew Adams [of Danvers.dup.], and Mary Elisabeth Smith, Apr.17,1833.*

Mathew Adams, 2d m., and Lucy Waters, Dec.25,1838.*

Moses, of Beverly, and Dorcus Sweetland, Sept.9,1847.*

Peter F., and Sally Frye, Apr.28,1805.*

Rebecca, of Beverly, and Albert Knight, int.June5,1830. (Certificate June20.)

Rebecca, and Henry Webb, jr., Nov.29,1838.*

Richard, and Rebecca Jeffery, Feb.1,1814.*

Samuel W., and Mary Hale, Aug.29,1836.*

Stephen, and, wid.Martha Cook, Jan.27,1828.*

Susan, and Benjamin Glover, May26,1816.*

William, jr., of Rowley, and Judith Frye, int.Apr.10,1778.

William, and Elizabeth Byrne, Jan.23,1803.*

William, and Harriot Fowler, May2,1816.*


Elizabeth, and John Bullock, jr., Oct.27,1737.*

Elizabeth, and William Thomas, June6,1773.*

Isaac, and Lydia Patterson, Jan.14,1734-5.*

Isaac, and Lydia Brown, May13,1750.

Lydia, and Richard Batten, Jan.28,1759.*

Mary, and Robert Rimmington, Dec.3,1769.

Preserved, and Nathanael Lindall, Feb.17,1750.

Ruth, and Johnson Briggs, May12,1771.

STILES (Still, Style)

Dean, and Rebecca H. Dennett, int.Apr.18,1835.

Dean and Mary Ann L. Gray, int.Mar.22,1840.

Lydia B., and Beckford Pulsifer, Jan.5,1836.*

Robert, and Ruth Bridges, both of Boxford, Nov.10,1699.CTR

Susan, and James Williams, Apr.22,1845.

STILL (Stiles)

Abigail, and John McGway, Sept.11,1786.

Abigail, and Stephen Cooper, Oct.25,1801.

Edward, and Anna Newhall, int.June12,1782. (June16 forbidden by Anna Newhall.)

Edward, and Rebecca Caldwell, Nov.3,1782.*

Edward, and Mary Holbrook, Feb.16,1785.*

Mary, wid., and Henry Marshall, int.Dec.2,1786.

Mary, and John Atkins, int.Mar.20,1790.

Sally, wid., and Charles Boden, Jan.1,1827.*

Thomas, and Susan Dix, int.Oct.13,1844.

William, and Abigail Hathorne, int, Aug.28,1779.

William, and Sally Millet, July18,1805.*


Eliza, and John R. Hate of Gloucester, Jan.17,1841.*

STIMPSON (Stimson, Stinson)

Abby L., and Benjamin P. Adam of Topsfield, June2,1841.*

Fanny, and Joseph Kimball, certif. Oct.21,1803.

Hannah C., and Joseph Winn, jr., Feb.16,1829.*

Hooper, and Hannah Fletcher, int.Sept.8,1827. (Forbid Mr. Stimpson having a wife living.)

James C., and Hannah Smothers, Sept.26,1822.*

James C., and Mary Marshall, Jan. [13. in pencil], 1832.*

James [Simpson. int.], and Sarah F. Batchelder, Aug.13,1837.*

James B., tanner and currier, s.James C., and Mary E. Horton, Aug.7,1845.*

John, and Love Leach, certif. June24,1804.*

John, and Mary Oakes, July22,1816.*

Lydia H., and Daniel P. Watson, Jan.21,1849.*

Polly [], and Benjamin A. Porter, certif. May27,1804.*

Mehitable [of], and William Purbeck, certif. June27,1801.*

Meriam [], and John Jones, Oct.17,1830.*

Thadeus [of], and Hannah Cook, Mar.31,1799.*

STIMSON (Stimpson)

Hiram W. [Simpson. int.], of Boston, and Mary E[] Wendell, June18,1836.*

Sarah, and Eleazer Marsh of Killingly, Oct.16,1727.*

Thomas, and Rebeckah Browne of Reading, int.Oct.12,1765.

STINSON (Stimpson)

Eliza, of Dunbarton, NH, and Silas Peirce Mosure, int.Sept.9,1804.


Jacob, and Sara Fiske, Dec.19,1771.*

STOAKS (Stokes)

Peter, and Sarah Peele, int.Dec.3,1779.


Eliza, and Daniel A. Mansfield, Feb.6,1826.*

James, and Polly Herrick, certif. Dec.3,1794.*

James, and Sophia Campbell of Amherst, NH, int.Jan.5,1805.

James, and Sarah Wellman, Nov.23,1822.*

John, and Bethia Johnson, Sept.13,1810.*

John, of Ipswich, and Hannah Hoyt, May24,1832.*

John W., and Bersheba N. Dunsack, Aug.4,1838.*

Margery, of Lynn, and James Mansfield, Mar.29,1769.

Marshal, and Mary [] Burrill, Dec.4,1785.*

Martha, and Elisha Harrington, Dec.22,1793.*

Mary, and Stephen Harraden, int.Jan.7,1844.

Samuel, and Sarah Punchard, Nov.1,1792. [certif. Nov.1,1788.CR12]*

Sarah [], and Benjamin Hersey, May13,1801.*

Sarah [], and William Homan, Aug.24,1828.*


Eunice, and Amos Foster, int.Feb.24,1732-3.

William, and Mary Green, Oct.末,1718.

STODDARD (Stodder, Stodderd)

Ann, and William D. Thorndike, Feb.13,1834.*

Benjamin, and Mary Ann Bedee, Sept.18,1837.*

Daniel, and Hannah Bowker, certif. Feb.21,1801.*

Daniel, and Martha J. Frye, May3,1827.*

Elijah, of Spencer, and Abigail Trask, July12,1764.*

Richmond, and Polly Lewis, int.July6,1799.

Robert, and [] Catharine Hill, Apr.4,1816.*

STODDER (Stoddard)

Ann [Mary Ann. int.], and Samuel Gavett, jr., Sept.20,1826.*

Ebenezar C[], and Mary Very, Dec.12,1814.*

Hannah, Mrs., and Thomas Symonds, Apr.7,1836.*

Herschal, and Rebecca Kenny of Topsfield, Dec.6,1819.*

Joseph, and Harriot Kenny, int.Apr.7,1821.

Laban, and Mary W. Conant of Ipswich, int.Aug.11,1832.

Ruth B., and Samuel B. Osborn, int.July10,1824.

Sally, and William Cowillard, of Bath, int.Apr.6,1805.

Sally, and George Bowditch, Oct.11,1807.*

Simon, and Hannah Coombs, int.Jan.11,1822.

Simon, and Mary Eliza Symonds, int.Sept.29,1840.

Susan, and William Peele, Apr.24,1821.*

STODDERD (Stoddard)

Lydia B., and Thomas C. Blaisdell of Danville, NH, int.June28,1840.

STOKES (Stoaks)

Arthur, and Christian Broadway, int.July13,1728.

Peter, of Beverly, and Susannah Trask of Danvers, Dec.26,1756.

Richard, and Ann Brown, both b. Ireland, Nov.3,1849.*

Sarah, wid., and David Callum, certif. Sept.14,1784.*

Sussanna, and Edward Ryon, int.Apr.5,1777. (Apr.11,1777, forbidden by Susannah Stokes.)


Abiah, and Silas Noyes of Newburyport, certif. June22,1806.*

Abigail, of Reading, and Thomas Brewer, jr., int.Jan.29,1804.

Abigail, and William Emerton, May21,1809.*

Abigail, and John Warner, jr. of Londonderry, NH, int.Nov.11,1809.

Nabby, Mrs., and John Baker, May13,1810.*

Abigail, and William Carnes, Apr.20,1814.*

Ann W., and Rev. William P. White of Pawtucket, RI, July17,1837.*

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Berry, Dec.9,1743.*

Benjamin, and Nancy Hamilton, June3,1804.*

Benjamin [of], and Hannah Murphy, July18,1816.*

Charles, and Angleine E. Francis, int.Sept.15,1844.

Daniell, and Sarah Wallis, July18,1699. [July20,1698.CTR]

Daniel, and Hannah Leathe, certif. June28,1800.*

Ebenezer [of Newtowne. int.], and Abigail Wilson, June12,1711.*

Ebenezer, and Lucinda Eppes, Aug.6,1820.*

Ebenezer, and Nancy Epps, Mar.11,1830.*

Eliza [], and Jonathan Smetherst [], certif. June16,1805.*

Eliza, and Jonathan French of Saugus, int.Nov.12,1837.

Elizabeth, and Thomas Symonds,末蔓末, [bef. 1710].

Elizabeth, and Joseph Hodges, May13,1742.*

Elizabeth, of Danvers, and John Manning, at Danvers, Oct.28,1769.

Elizabeth [jr. int.], and Joseph White, Oct.18,1770.*

Elizabeth, and William Lewis, int.Nov.27,1779. ("Elizabeth Stone was afterwards published to Rich Maberry.")

Elizabeth, and Richard Maberry, int.Mar.4,1780.

Elizabeth, and Elijah Perkins, May26,1782.*

Elisabeth, of Lexington, and Edward Tucker, at Lexington, Feb.24,1789.*

Elizabeth, and William Crispin [jr. int.], Mar.31,1814.*

Elizabeth, and Stephen Whitmore, int.Mar.3,1832. (Certificate Mar.31.)

Elizabeth, and Daniel C. Eddy of Lowell, clergyman, s.Daniel, Apr.9,1846.*

George H., of Waltham, and Mary C. Davis, Oct.16,1834.*

George, and Susan Slueman, Sept.30,1839.*

Hannah, and Nathan Burrill of Lynn, May18,1727.*

Hannah, and Joseph Flint, 3d, July28,1738.*

Hannah [of], and Ebenezer Tuttle, certif. Feb.9,1778.*

Hannah, and James Smith, 3d, int.Sept.30,1780.

Hannah, wid., and John Gorden, May2,1797. [int.May6,1797.]*

Hannah, and Benjamin Fabins, Sept.11,1808.*

Hannah, d.Samuel and Love, of Danvers, and Daniel Osborn, 3d, of Danvers, s.Robert and Lucretia, of Henniker, NH, 21:12m:1820.CR7

Hannah [], and Benjamin S. Galucia, Jan.31,1822.*

Hannah E[], and John T. S[] Bascom of Boston, July21,1846.*

Isaac, and Sarah Marshall, certif. Mar.10,1805.*

Isaac, jr., and Lucy Ann Lewis, int.July22,1838.

James, of Marblehead, and Hanah Lapthorne, Jan.3,1692-3.CTR

James, of Danvers, and Elizabeth Griffiths, int.Dec.1,1773.

James, and Mary Fowler, certif. Nov.15,1774.*

James [of], and Polly Stone, Oct.24,1805.*

James, and Sally Smith, Aug.4,1811.*

James, jr., apothecary, s.James, and Elizabeth Shreve, Jan.1,1846.*

Joane, and Isaack Read, Mar.10,1673.CTR

John, and Nancy Williams, Sept.22,1794.*

John, and Betsy Reeves, June11,1797.*

John [Capt. int.], and Catharine Dodge, Nov.9,1806.*

John, and Mary Hodges, May2,1819.*

John H., of Lynn, and [] Mary E. Burrill, Oct.21,1838.*

John, 3d, and Elzabeth Merrill, Apr.6,1841.*

Jonathan, and Mary Wallis, Sept.20,1812.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth Searl, Jan.24,1749.*

Joshua B., and Mary Fabens, Feb.27,1839.*

Judith, Mrs., and Jefferson Putnam of Danvers, Dec.8,1836.*

Judith Ann, and John Bagley of Danvers, int.Oct.19,1845.

Julia A., of Shapleigh, ME, and James Staples of Danvers, Sept.16,1849.

Lucy Pickering, and John Robinson, June6,1839.*

Lydia, and Martin Canosa, Nov.27,1782.*

Margaret, and Thomas Osborne, May18,1727.*

Margaret, and Edward Linglate, int.May3,1783.

Mary, and Isaac Wilson, Jan.9,1717-18.

Mary, and Samuell Newhall, July24,1718.

Mary, and William Wails, both of Beverly, Aug.21,1744.

Mary, wid., and Samuel Ropes, Apr.3,1764.

Mary, of Danvers, and Samuel Webb, jr., int.Mar.9,1777.

Mary, and David Kallum [], May27,1785.*

Mary, of Beverly, and Asa Baker Edwards, June7,1798.

Polly, and James Stone [of], Oct.24,1805.*

Mary Shale [], and Benjamin Savory, Feb.13,1831.*

Mary Jane, and Nathaniel Pitts, Sept.23,1833.*

Mary Ann W., and Zebedy G. Brownell of Providence, int.Nov.28,1835.

Mary C., and Christopher C. Knapp of Worcester, Feb.1,1847.

Matilda, and Abraham C. Osborne of Danvers, Dec.10,1843.*

Mehitable D., and Thomas B. Fergurson, Aug.21,1827.*

Nancy, and John William, July30,1807.*

Nehemiah, and 末末 末末, Oct.13,1745.

Nehemiah, of Marblehead, and Sally Perkins, Mar.7,1844.*

Priscilla G., and George W. Cloutman, Aug.14,1849.*

Robert, s.Robert and Hannah Eager, Aug.27,1685.CTR

Robert, and Elizabeth Hardy, Dec.25,1712.*

Robert [of], and Mary [] Aborn, at Danvers, Dec.20,1752.*

Robert, and Anstis Babbidge, May14,1772.*

Robert, jr., and Rebecca Osgood, May15,1808.*

Robert, jr., and Mary Jane Rollins, Nov.26,1845.*

Ruth, and Samuel Merrett, certif. Oct.22,1785.*

Samuell, and Mary Tredwell, Jan.28,1674.

Samuel [jr.CR1], and Sarah Simons [Symonds, Nov.22,1722.CR1]

Samuell, jr., and Mary Simonds, Nov.22,1722.

Samuel, jr., and Elizabeth Bickford [jr. int.], Dec.6,1744.*

Samuel, and Mary Ulman, June22,1762.

Sarah, and Jacob Manning, May4,1683.

Sarah, wid., and John Mackmallion, int.Aug.1,1713.

Sarah, and William Croel, Dec.28,1749.

Sarah, wid., and John Harris of Marblehead, int.Apr.14,1750.

Sarah, and George Wyatt, Oct.31,1750.*

Sara, and Jacob Clark, Aug.25,1776.*

Sarah, of Danvers, and Manuel Chizzel, at Danvers, Aug.12,1777.*

Sally, and James Dunlap, Sept.18,1793.*

Sarah G., of Lynn, and Benjamin C. Beckford, int.Aug.31,1821.

Sarah, and Josiah Maxfield, Jan.15,1835.*

Sally, and Joseph Fabens, Dec.31,1837.*

Sarah, and C.D. Hunkin of Haverhill, June2,1847.*

Stephen, and Priscilla Upton, May6,1821.*

Susanna [Foster. int.], of Beverly, and Nathaniel Appleton, July7,1805.*

Thomas, jr., of Lynn, and Susanna Galucia, int.Sept.15,1827.

Thomas H., and Ann Maria Soley, Apr.23,1847.*

Tryphena J., and Henry D. Moody, Dec.20,1835.*

Volney C., and Mary E. Bickford.[Nov.21,1841. int.]*

William, and Elizabeth Wait, Nov.15,1806.*

William of Danvers, and Hannah Evans, int.June18,1837.

William, and Mellisa T. Munroe of Danvers, int.Feb.11,1844.

Zechariah [of], and Hannah Howard, May19,1785.*


George, and Mary Annis, Jan.1,1724-5.

STONTON (Stanton)

William Parker, and Mary Tarrant, int.Sept.11,1782.

STOREY (Story)

Alexander, and Sarah Myers, int.June3,1780.

STORY (Storey)

Asa, of Charlestown, and Martha Wright, Apr.2,1835.*

Charles H., and Abby C. Hooper of Manchester, int.Sept.13,1846.

Charlotte, of Marblehead, and John Forrester, int.Sept.29,1810.

Elizabeth, and Thomas Clouteman, July26,1672.CTR

Betsey, of Dunbarton, and Thomas Perkins, int.Jan.7,1804.

Betsey, of Marblehead, and Joseph White, jr., int.Jan.2,1808.

Eloisa Adeline, and John Tucker Mansfield, Feb.20,1820.*

Franklin Howard, and Elizabeth Gorham Gray of Medford, int.Nov.15,1822.

Harriet, of Marblehead, and Stephen White, int.July23,1808.

Helen M., and William Johnson, Aug.18,1836.*

John, and Nancy Blood, int.Mar.22,1823.

Joseph, jr., and Lydia Symonds, int.May29,1802. (Stopped.)

Joseph, Esq., and Mary Lynd Fitch Oliver, Dec.9,1804.

Joseph, and Sarah Waldo Wetmore of Boston, int.Aug.6,1808.

Releif [of Essex. int.], and David M. Pratt, Nov.12,1835.*


James, and Betsey Howarth of Danvers, int.May16,1829.


John, and Elizabeth Bateman, Apr.19,1849.*


Anna, and Samuel Buffum [jr. int.], June27,1771.*


Hannah L., and John B. Osborn, July [27. in pencil], 1831.*


Joseph, and Mary [Carlton. int.] Frye, Nov.26,1829.*

Mary, and Samuel Fuller, int.Oct.28,1849.

Nathaniel, and Sarah B. Peirce, Oct.30,1832.*


Joseph W., and Mrs.Mary Elkins, int.Jan.12,1845.

William, of Providence, and Susan Very, int.Mar.25,1838.


John, and Esther Williams, int.May20,1786.


Ann, and William Lake, abt. 末:6m:1661.CTR

Elizabeth, wid., and Paul Mansfield, jr., Oct.13,1727.*

Jacob, of Ipswich, and Louisa Porter, Oct.30,1841.*

Lemuel P., and Sarah [B. int.] Johnson, Aug.8,1831.*


Isaiah, and Rhoda Merrill of Salem, NH, int.Apr.6,1822.

John, and Zerviah Dow, Dec.24,1740.*

Martha A[nn. int.], and Henry Moulton, Oct.26,1847.*

Oceanus, and Elizabeth Goodwin, Feb.5,1846.*


Eliza, and Joseph Martin, Apr.30,1821.*

Sarah, and Benjamin C. Hersey, int.Mar.26,1825.

Thomas [Treat. int.], and Sarah Edwards, Aug.4,1799.*

Thomas, and Sally Hunt, Apr.25,1824.*

Thomas, and Mrs.Margaret M. Bulson, Sept.27,1831.*


Barzillai, Rev., and Sarah Lewis, Aug.9,1821.*


Abigail, and Benjamin Endicot of Boxford, int.Mar.23,1731-2.

Joseph, and Hanna Waters, 末:2m:1673.CTR


Jacob, and Elizabeth [A. int.] Lewis, Apr.22,1835.*


Elizabeth, and Samuel King, June8,1794.*

Maltby [of Rochester, NY. int.], and Eliza B[artlett.CR1] Sprague, Sept.9,1835.*

STROUD (Strout)

John, and Eunice Tyler, int.Jan.10,1778.

STROUT (Stroud)

Joseph, and Polly Giddins, int.Nov.18,1780.

Joseph [Capt. int.], and Margaret Dorrell [], Dec.15,1784.*

Joseph [jr. int.], and Anna Burrill, Sept.8,1816.*

STUARD (Stewart)

Marye, and John Foster, "the younger," Mar.18,1672.CTR

STUART (Stewart)

Henry H., and Catharine Leech, int.Aug.16,1800.

James, and Elizabeth Cash, int.Apr.17,1714.

Samuel, of Souhegan Vlest, and Sarah Tarbell, Jan.6,1747-8.*


Margaret, and Edmond Gale, May4,1784.*

STYLE (Stiles)

Mary, of Danvers, and John Griffin, int.Feb.17,1839.

SUDERICK (Southwick)

Benjamin, and Sarah Suderick of Reading, at Reading, Mar.24,1719.

Sarah, of Reading, and Benjamin Suderick, at Reading, Mar.24,1719.


Catherine, and Edward Fitzgerrald, int.Feb.13,1848.

Cornelius, and Catherine Casey, both b. Ireland, Jan.12,1847.

Cornelius, and Winny Jordan, both b. Ireland, May21,1849.*

Elizabeth, and Isaac Oakman, Sept.12,1804.*

Ellen, and John Donevan, both b. Ireland, June8,1847.*

Honoria, a.27y., and Patrick Murphey, a.29y., laborer, s.末末 of Ireland, Apr.16,1845.*

John, and Bridget Casey, both b. Ireland, Feb.16,1847.*

John, and Bridget Regan, both b. Ireland, Nov.8,1849.*

Mary, and Robert Jaques, June23,1846.*

Mathew, and Margaret Hurley, both b. Ireland, Nov.14,1846.*

Michael, and Ellen Cosgrove, int.Apr.21,1844.

Michael, and Ellen Dwyer, both b. Ireland, Oct.13,1846.*

Michael, and Hannah Lane, both b. Ireland, Oct.9,1849.*

Thomas O., and Bridget Gafney of Danvers, int.Oct.22,1843.

Timothy, and Elizebeth Swasey, int.Apr.29,1780.

Timothy, and Lois Cox, int.May10,1783.

Timothy, and Catherine Lenihan, both b. Ireland, Nov.3,1849.*


William, and Mrs.Hannah Brown, Aug.4,1813.*

William, and Mary Upton [], June24,1832.*


Ann, and Thomas Fuller, Sept.23,1810.*

Harrison G., and Sarah T. Tufts of Lynn, Feb.3,1836.*

Harrison G., and Mary E. Thomas, Mar.17,1840.*

Joseph [jr. int.], of Shrewsbury, and Rebecca Jeffry, Oct.25,1797.*

Nancy, and Andrew Osborn, int.May27,1809.

Sarah H., of Boston, and Benjamin Brown, int.June7,1828.


James, and Mary E. Kent, Jan.21,1849.


Anna O., d.William, and Robert Brookhouse, jr., merchant, s.Robert, Apr.24,1845.*

Elizabeth T., d.William, and Abel L. Pierson, jr., mariner, s.Abel L., July22,1847.*

William, jr. [of], and Nancy Osborn, Oct.4,1821.*

Woolman, and Rebecca Archer, May29,1755.

SWAANAY (Swaney)

William, and Sally Wellman, int.July16,1791.

SWACY (Swasey)

Elizabeth, and John Sedgwick, May10,1703.

John, and Christian Gray, Oct.22,1695.CTR

Mary [wid.CTR], and Edward Cox, Nov.28,1695. [1694.CTR]

SWAIN (Swayn)

Benjamin F. [of Concord, NH. int.], and [] Abia A. Brown, Oct.23,1834.*

Eliza M., of Reading, and Daniel H. Fletcher, int.Sept.30,1826.

Mary, and Samuel Phippen, Oct.27,1782.*

Perkins, and Vesta C. Gifford [], Nov.28,1839.*

SWAN (Swann)

Abigail E., and George M. Teel of Danvers, Jan.29,1839.*

Benjamin, and Mehitable Symonds, certif. May18,1806.*

Benjamin, and Hannah Shale [of], June29,1809.*

Eliza A. [Swain. int.], and William F. Goodhue, Jan.2,1845.*

Betsy, and John Devaraux, Nov.7,1790.

Betsy, and William Dawson, certif. July末,1802.*

Betsy, and Reuben Irish, certif. Dec.15,1805.*

Hannah, and Nathaniel Parrot of Lynn, int.July17,1802.

Hannah Shale, and Simon Gardner, Mar.15,1832.*

Harriet A., and Charles R. Wilkins, June2,1846.*

Horatio [Horace. int.] B., of Boston, and Sally Elwell, Feb.29,1836.*

Jane, and N.F. Flanders of Boston, int.May14,1848.

John, and Christian McPherson, Jan.8,1807. [Jan.18.CR11]

John [of Charlestown. int.], and Sarah H. Mason, Oct.31,1816.*

Joseph, and Sara Symonds [3d int.], Nov.19,1772.*

Joseph W., and Lucy B. Morse, Dec.14,1843.*

Polly, and John Chandler, [Nov.26. int.; certif. Dec.31.CR12], 1796.*

Mary Eliza, and Thomas Barker, 3d, Mar.31,1836.*

Rachel, and Vincent Coomer, Oct.末,1828.*

Robert, of Marblehead, and Elizabeth Symonds, June21,1770.*

Samuel, and Polly [Patty T. int.andCR12] Southwick, certif. Apr.11,1801.*

Sally, and Loami Baldwin, certif. Mar.5,1799.*

Sarah J., and Frederic Bemis of Waltham, Oct.3,1836.*

Susan, and Ebenezer Griffin, jr., Oct.11,1835.*

Thomas, and Rachel Collier, certif. May30,1801.*

Thomas, and Hannah Standley, Apr.13,1802.*

SWANEY (Swaanay)

Joseph B. [P. int.], and Sarah E. Gardner, July7,1846.*

Rebecca, and Edward Brooks, Mar.12,1849.*

William, and, wid.Rebecca Grover, int.Apr.29,1820.

William, and Rebecca Glover. May14,1820.

William, Jr., and Mary Ann Lang, Oct.12,1843.*

SWANN (Swan)

Adeline, and Philip Hammond, Nov.18,1828.*

Frances Maria, and Alonza Lewis, both of Lynn, Apr.7,1822.

Isaac, and Esther Somerby, int.May20,1826.

Joseph, and Harriot Horten, Sept.2,1821.*

Thomas W. [of Boston. int.], and Rachel Cross, June16,1816.*

Thomas H., of Reading, and Mary N. Allen, Jan.13,1829.*

SWASEY (Swacy, Swasie, Swasy)

Abigail, wid., and Edward Russell, Dec.8,1768.

Abigail, and William Safford, June7,1792. [June6. dup.]*

Abigail, and Joseph Marston Black, certif. Dec.31,1801.*

Ammi, jr., and John Webb, jr., Dec.6,1739.*

Charles W[arren. int.], printer, and Lucy Ann Babbidge, d.John, deceased, Mar.11,1849.*

David, and Lydia Nichols, Sept.8,1805.

Edwin A., of Cincinnati, OH, and Nancy Goldsmith, Sept.9,1839.*

Eliza, and George Rea, Mar.7,1824.*

Elizabeth, and John Lightfoot, May末,1680.CTR

Elizabeth, and Daniel Herrick, July25,1754.*

Elizebeth, and Timothy Sullivan, int.Apr.29,1780.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Symmes, Oct.5,1783.*

Hannah, and John English, int.Nov.6,1731.

Hannah, wid., and Timothy Lindall, [June18. int.], 1763.*

Hannah, and Thomas Brown, certif. Aug.30,1794.*

Hannah [], and John Beckford, Apr.26,1821.*

Harriet, and Elias Phipps, Apr.10,1825.*

John, and Sarah Archer, Mar.24,1718-19.

John, and Elizabeth Meek, Dec.26,1745.*

John, and Polly Lervey, int.Mar.4,1781.

John, and Hannah Stacey of Marblehead, int.Aug.4,1804.

John, and Abigail K. Smith of Marblehead, Aug.26,1833.*

Joseph, and Christian Legroe, int.Feb.14,1729-30.

Joseph, and Betty Thorndike of Beverly, int.Dec.8,1759.

Joseph S. and Betsey Gevereaux, int.Nov.8,1818.

Joseph S., and Abigail Hammond [of], May9,1822.*

Lydia, and Thomas Masury, Dec.17,1788. [Dec.7.CR4]*

Lydia, and William Stafford, Dec.8,1816.*

Lydia, Mrs., and Crispus Rhodes, Jan.19,1839.*

Margaret, jr., and William Crispin, June15,1755.*

Margaret, and Daniel Moore, July8,1798.*

Mary, and David Hilliard, Oct.26,1738.*

Polly, and Joseph Millet [jr. int.], June1,1794.*

Nathaniel, and Hannah Waldron [of], at Marblehead, Sept.18,1746.*

Rachel, and Jacob Smith, Aug.26,1804.*

Rebecca, and Retiah Becket, certif. June4,1794.*

Richard, and Sarah Thornton, certif. Mar.19,1800.*

Samuel, and Ann Ayres of Boston, int.Dec.30,1710.

Samuell, jr., and Margaret Dimond, int.Apr.12,1729.

Samuel, and Elizabeth Skinner, May17,1758.*

Samuel, and Mary Groves, July6,1762.*

Samuel, and Sarah Briers, Dec.29,1793.*

Samuel S., and Ellen A. Reed, Sept.24,1849.*

Sally, and Charles Benjamin, certif. Sept.10,1799.*

William, and Lydia Foster, Nov.14,1816.

SWASIE (Swasey)

Sarah, and John Kelcum, Oct.5,1769.

SWASY (Swasey)

Joseph, s.Joseph, and Elizabeth Lambert, Oct.16,1678.CTR

SWAYN (Swain)

Margaret, of Reading, and Joseph Allen, at Reading, July7,1720.

SWEATT (Swett)

T[] K., of Andover, NH, and Susan R. Hazelton, Sept.25,1827.*

SWEENEY (Sweney)

Catherine, and Patrick Gould, June4,1834.*

Daniel, and Mary ONeile, both b. Ireland, Oct.27,1849. [Oct.28. int.]*

SWEET (Swett)

Elvira A., and Zeba H. Plummer, int.Nov.26,1848.

Harriet M., of Newburyport, and William L. Batchelder, int.Mar.3,1844.

SWEETEN (Swetten)

John, and Hannah K. Sanderson, Nov.19,1820.*


Dorcas, and Moses Stickney of Beverly, Sept.9,1847.*

SWEETSER (Sweitser)

Nabby, and James Austin, July8,1804.*

Benjamin, and Charlotte A. [M. int.] Larrabee, Aug.17,1843.*

Betsy, and Micah Rider, July16,1797.*

Elizabeth, and John S. Harrison, July22,1835.*

Hannah M., and James Emerton, Dec.15,1816.

James, and Sally Page, Apr.30,1797.*

Lucy Ann, and Seth W. Fowle of Boston, Apr.9,1839.*

Mary, of South Reading, and Ebenezer H. Orne, int.Dec.14,1833.

Samuel, and Elizabeth Wells, int.Jan.20,1776.

Sally, and Benjamin Kimball [of Boston. int.], Oct.25,1815.*

Sirena, and John Bowler [both of Lynn.CR11], July8,1835.

Thomas A., of Danvers, and Clara J. Rider, Sept.23,1849.*

SWEITSER (Sweetser)

Henry, Dr., and Mrs.Mary Flinder, int.Jan.7,1715-16.

SWENEY (Sweeney)

Ellen, and Mathew Rinn, int.Jan.6,1840.

William, and Sally Abrahams, Aug.21,1791.


Phidelia, of Andover, and Reuben Reed, int.July24,1824.

Louisa, and Benjamin Millet, Nov.20,1831.*

Mary, and William Smith, Dec.27,1824.*

Rebecka, and Michaell Spencer, 7:10m:1671.CTR

Thomas, and Dolly Archer, int.Sept.25,1824.

Thomas, and Priscilla Clemons, July13,1827.*

SWETT (Sweatt, Sweet)

Benjamin [of], and Sally Webb, certif. Sept.3,1803.*

Enoch, and Frances Williams, Feb.17,1799.

Mary, and Henry Sanders, both of Marblehead, Oct.7,1751.

Mary K., of Pittsfield, NH, and Ira A. Brewster, int.Nov.14,1829. (Certificate Dec.1.)

Prudence, of Wenham, and Joel Richards, int.Sept.20,1783.

Samuel, and Lucia Gray, Aug.24,1807.*

SWETTEN (Sweeten)

Henry, of Rehoboth, and Sarah Hull, int.Oct.16,1714.


John, and Nancy Crowell, certif. Oct.15,1797. [Oct.7. dup.]*

Nancy, wid., and Philip Shot, certif. Nov.20,1803.*

Patrick, of Lynn, and Mary Malin, int.Apr.5,1846.

SWINERTEN (Swinerton)

Hannah, and Jonathan Flint, Jan.3,1716-17.

SWINERTON (Swinerten, Swinnarton, Swinnerton)

Benjamin, and Alice Marble, Feb.12,1734.*

Benjamin, and Margaret Beadle, int.June1,1734.

Jasper, and Mary Taylor, Feb.2,1720.

Jobe, and Ruth Symons, 19:5m:1658.CTR

Job, 2d m., and Hester Baker, 2:7m:1673.CTR

John, and, wid.Hanna Browne, Mar.8,1679-80.CTR

Joseph, jr., and Hannah Fuller, July26,1722.

Mary, and Anthony Needham, jr., Jan.3,1695.CTR

Mary, and Thomas Dismore, Jan.10,1717-18.

Mary, wid., and William Ellinwood of Beverly, May14,1735.*

Ruth, and Hazadiah Smith, May24,1723.

Sarah, and Joseph Whipple, Nov.12,1724.

SWINNARTON (Swinerton)

James, and Emma Putnam, July20,1748.*

Job, and Sarah Hutchinson of Middleton, Sept.1,1748.*

SWINNERTON (Swinerton)

Abigail, and Elias Trask, int.May17,1712.

Benjamin, and Hannah Darling, Feb.末,1731-2.*

Elizabeth, jr., and Jasper Swinnerton, int.Nov.6,1742. (Forbidden by Elisabeth Swinnerton, Nov.18,1742.)

Esther, and John Giles, May9,1709.CTR*

Hannah, wid., and Thomas Whittemore, Apr.10,1739.*

Hannah, and Joseph Fowle, Sept.9,1741.*

James, and Sarah Dier, June9,1715.*

Jasper, and Elizabeth Swinnerton, jr., int.Nov.6,1742. (Forbidden by Elisabeth Swinnerton, Nov.18,1742.)

John, and Mrs.Margaret Grafton, Sept.19,1711.*

Joshua, and Elizabeth Giles, Feb.8,1737-8.*

Margaret, and William Owen of Marblehead, Dec.9,1755.

Mary, and Nathaniel Pope, Apr.25,1746.*

Ruth, and John Putnam, jr., Feb.4,1741-2.*

Ruth, and Jacob How of Marlboro, Dec.8,1742.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Upton, [Nov.9. int.], 1736.*


John, and Mrs.Margarett Beckitt, Nov.13,1712.*

Margaret, and Phillip Cowen, May16,1723.

SYBLY (Sibley)

Joseph, and Susannah Follet, Feb.4,1683.CTR

SYLVA (Silver)

Caroline Archer [Silver. int.], and Ricardo M[] Laranja, Feb.28,1835.*

SYMEND (Symonds)

Archelaus, and Polly Moss, int.Dec.23,1786.


Elizabeth, wid., and Thomas Williams, Aug.11,1788.*

George, and Jane Davis, May11,1762.*

Hannah, jr., and Jeffry Lang, Aug.24,1732.*

John [], and Sara Patterson, Feb.20,1780.*

Joseph, and Elizaheth Swasey, Oct.5,1783.*

Zachariah P., of Beverly, and [] Elizabeth Young, Oct.4,1835.*

SYMMS (Sims)

Edmond, and Sarah Collins, Oct.16,1723.

Jane, wid., and James Lawrance of Marblehead, int.Dec.14,1765.

Jane, and Noah Higby, Nov.11,1787.*

Richard, and Hanna Haskit, May11,1704.

Sarah, and William Campbel [Carmel int.], Dec.11,1770.

SYMOND (Symonds)

Nathaniel G., and Harrio Fillebrown, Jan.12,1832.*

SYMONDS (Semmons, Semon, Simmon, Simmonds, Simmons, Simon, Simond, Simonds, Simons, Symend, Symond, Symons)

Nabby, and Asa Reeves, certif. Mar.29,1812.*

Abigail, and Jonathan Clarke, Nov.17,1816.

Anna, and Francis Skelly, Nov.11,1741.*

Anna, and James Fabens [jr. int.]. certif. Apr.14,1780.*

Ann Maria, and E. Augustus [Augustus E. int.] Price, Mar.29,1849.*

Benjamin, and Hannah Battin, Dec.14,1738.*

Benjamin, jr., and Margaret Skerry [jr. int.], Feb.6,1744-5.*

Benjamin, 3d, and Lydia Procter, Apr.21,1763.*

Benjamin, 4th, and Abigail Trask, Nov.25,1769. [Nov.28.CR1]

Benjamin, 5th, and Elizabeth Masury, certif. Apr.7,1773.*

Benjamin, 6th, and Abigail Buffum, int.Jan.7,1775.

Benjamin, 3d, and Lydia Aborn, Nov.3,1796.*

Benjamin [], and Sarah Hunt, July28,1805.*

Benjamin, and Sarah Simson of Boston, int.Oct.6,1810.

Benjamin, jr., and Elizabeth Burrill, certif. Sept.8,1811.*

Benjamin, and Eliza Grant, Dec.25,1822.*

Benjamin R., and Eliza Shatswell, int.Apr.11,1829.

Benjamin, and Sarah A. Hart of Lynnfield, int.May4,1833. (Certificate May21.)

Benjamin R., and Mrs.Mehitable Kettelle, Aug.20,1843.*

Besthey [], and John Bushby, jr. of Danvers, at Danvers, Apr.30,1794.*

Catharine, and Joseph Joye, jr., June29,1828.*

Charles E., and Mary Jane Young, int.Jan.21,1844.

Daniel, and Eliza Bradley, both of Marblehead, June7,1849.

Dean C., and Martha Knight, June29,1841.*

Deborah, and Joseph A. Chandler, May24,1812.*

Ebenezer, and Polly Danforth, May2,1784.*

Edward, and Eliza Bateman, Mar.26,1822.*

Edward B., and Lucinda B. Felt, July3,1836.*

Edward C., and Hannah E. Dowst, Jan.6,1842.*

Eliza, and Rev. James A. Boswell of Danvers, July11,1819.*

Elizabeth, and William Davis, Oct.16,1735.*

Elizabeth, and Robert Swan of Marblehead, June21,1770.*

Elizabeth, and Thomas Brewer, certif. Apr.7,1778.*

Elizabeth, and Samuel Fuller, certif. Dec.19,1778.*

Elizabeth, and John Woodbury, certif. May29,1782.*

Elizabeth, and Amos Lamson, Oct.17,1793.*

Betsy, and Gilbert Newhall, certif. Oct.7,1800.*

Elizabeth [Abigail. int.], and Michael Noyes, Nov.23,1806.*

Elizabeth, and Richard McCollester [of], Oct.27,1808.*

Betsy [M. int.], and Cornelius Wasgate, Apr.12,1832.*

Ephraim, and Elizabeth Downing, Mar.20,1770.*

Ephraim, and Susannah Symonds, certif. Feb.26,1803.*

Ephraim, and Mary Saunderson [Sanderson. int.], certif. Nov.24,1805.*

Ephraim, and Mary Ann Smith, July26,1829.*

Ephraim G., and Priscilla E. Quiner of Beverly, Nov.28,1834.*

Fenton, and Mary Symonds, Nov.30,1826.*

Fenton, painter, and Sarah Dalton, Aug.29,1847.*

George, and Sally M. Clarke, Jan.22,1819.*

Hannah, and Daniel Bancroft of Reading, now resident at Worcester, Aug.14,1770.*

Hannah, and Asa Reeves, certif. Aug.21,1796.*

Hannah, and John [Jonathan. int.] Symonds, Dec.4,1800.*

Hannah, and John Symonds, 5th certif. Apr.14,1804.*

Hannah, and William Skerry, Oct.14,1824.*

Hannah, and Josiah Moulton, jr., Nov.15,1830.*

Hannah, and William Fowler, Apr.21,1831.

Hannah D., and Thorndike Symonds, int.Oct.8,1843.

Hannah D., Mrs., 2d m., and Stephen H. Symonds, Apr.19,1849.*

Harriot, and Ebenezer Hutching, Oct.25,1818.*

Harriot, and Elijah Fuller, Nov.8,1829.*

Harriet E., and Edward F. Carlton, July25,1844.*

Herbert, and Abigail Cook, certif. Nov.14,1786.*

Herbert, of Marblehead, and Elizabeth Bolton, Sept.2,1810.*

Hulday, and James Cutler, May17,1787.*

Isabel and Richard Austin, May16,1797.*

J. S[hove. int.], and Eliza G. Nichols, teacher, Dec.24,1847.*

Jacob, and Rhoda Berry, June15,1800.*

James, and Elizabeth Browning, 20:9m:1661.CTR

James, and Mary Cloutman, Nov.24,1741.*

James, jr., and Mehetabel Putman of Danvers, Dec.22,1763.*

James, 3d, and Hannah Chapman, Dec.5,1765.*

James [], and Elizabeth Bird [of], Jan.2,1770.*

James, 4th, and Mercy Cook [of], certif. Dec.1,1782.*

James, 6th, and Polly Gardner, Mar.4,1787.*

James, and Mary Reed, Oct.14,1804.*

James, and Elizabeth Pierce Cloutman, int.June28,1834.

Jane, and Francis Skerry, jr., certif. July4,1778.*

John, of Haverhill [of Methuen. int.], and Ruth Metcalf, Nov.12,1758.*

John [Jonathan,], and Ursula Knap, May1,1771.*

John, 4th, and Sarah Harris, int.Sept.19,1774.

John, 5th, and Sussanna Webb, int.July22,1786.

John, 5th, and Betsy Pickering, Mar.5,1793.*

John [Jonathan. int,], and Hannah Symonds, Dec.4,1800.*

John, 5th, and Hannah Symonds, certif. Apr.14,1804.*

John C., and Susan Symonds, Sept.1,1822.*

John D., and Lucy Kilham of Manchester, int.Nov.29,1834.

John D., and [] Lavinia Chappel, Nov.25,1841.*

Jonathan, and Mary Ramsdell, Jan.8,1767.CR1

Jonathan, 3d, and Susanna Silver, int.Dec.3,1774.

Jonathan [jr., of], and Elizabeth Gurler [], certif. July21,1778.*

Jonathan, 3d, and Lydia Lefavour, Dec.17,1809.*

Jonathan, and Lucy Symonds, Jan.5,1812.*

Jonathan F., and Alice B. Grush, both of Lynn, June6,1841.

Joseph [jr. int.], and Mary Very, Nov.15,1743.*

Joseph, jr., and Sarah Gardner, Feb.6,1766.*

Joseph, and, wid.Abigail Gardner, certif.末蔓末,1781. [Nov.3. int.]*

Joseph [jr. int.], and Lucy Hathorne, Sept.13,1787.*

Joseph, and Hannah Phelps [], Oct.13,1793.*

Joseph, jr., and Lydia Connoway, certif. Apr.13,1794.*

Joseph, and Catherine Brown, May18,1817.CR12*

Joseph, and Elizabeth [H.CR11] Nichols, both of Middleton [at Middleton.CR11], May18,1834.

Joseph P., and Eliza Roberts, of Essex, Mar.27,1842.*

Joshua, jr., of Lexington, and Lucy J. Winn, Dec.25,1842.*

Lavinia, and Samuel Chapel, Mar.末,1831.*

Lois, and Thomas Barrett, int.Dec.11,1784.

Lois, and Thomas Bennet, Apr.7,1785.

Louisa, and Joseph W. Carey [of], Sept.14,1817.*

Lucretia H., and Daniel T. Smith, Apr.18,1849.CR12*

Lucy, and Jonathan Symonds, Jan.5,1812.*

Lucy, and Jonathan Shove of Danvers, Dec.10,1819.*

Lucy, and Joseph Farmer, jr., carpenter, s.Joseph, June21,1849.*

Lulu M. [Lutia], and George F. Brown, Oct.13,1836.*

Lydia, and Joseph Richards, July30,1797.*

Lydia, and Joseph Story, jr., int.May29,1802. (Stopped.)

Lydia, and Frederick Cumbs, Sept.4,1803.*

Lydia, Mrs., and Thomas Haynes, late of Boston, int.Apr.11,1807. (Forbid.)

Lydia, and Simeon Noyes [jr. int.], Oct.21,1810.*

Lydia, Mrs., and John Melcher, May8,1842.*

Margaret [jr. int.], and Benjamin Ropes [jr. int.], Feb.6,1772.*

Margaret, and Dudley Kimball, Aug.29,1809.*

Margaret, and William R. Skerry, Oct.2,1814.*

Margaret, and Andrew Evens, int.Mar.12,1825.

Margaret, and Joseph Capulla, int.Mar.12,1837.

Martha A., and Philander R. Basford, both of Danvers, Mar.31,1844.

Mary, and Edward Norrice, Dec.3,1685.CTR

Mary, and Benjamin Osgood, Nov.16,1749.*

Mary, and Francis Benson, Aug.3,1777.*

Mary, and William Dowst, jr., int.Aug.7,1779.

Mary, and Daniel Needham [jr. int.], July23,1780.*

Mary [], and John Gavit [Jonathan. int.], June8,1783.*

Mary, and Angier MacIntyre, certif. Aug.31,1783.*

Polly [Gardner.CR6], and Richard Tufts, Dec.9,1792.*

Mary, and Nathaniel Watson, certif. Oct.19,1799.*

Polly, and Thomas Butman, Mar.30,1800.*

Mary, and Samuel Shepard, Feb.23,1812.*

Mary, and George Alley of Lynn, Sept.15,1822.*

Mary, and Moody Foster, Feb.1,1825.*

Mary, and Fenton Symonds, Nov.30,1826.*

Mary Eliza, and Simon Stodder, int.Sept.29,1840.

Mary, and Joseph Farmer, jr., mason, s.Joseph, Oct.5,1845.*

Hitty, and George M. Smith, June21,1801.*

Mehitable, and Benjamin Swan, certif. May18,1806.*

Mercy, and John Berry, certif. Oct.21,1794.*

Nancy, and Holten J. Breed, certif. Jan.15,1809.*

Nancy, and Solomon Stevens of Andover, Sept.29,1833.*

Nathan, of Danvers, and Sarah Chappell, Dec.3,1835.*

Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Downing [], Aug.20,1761.*

Nathaniel, jr., and Elizabeth Gardner, certif. Nov.17,1779.*

Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Baker of Ipswich, int.Oct.19,1805.

Nathaniel D., and Hannah Kelham of Manchester, int.Sept.9,1826.

Phebe D., and Daniel H[olt. int.] Southwick [of Cambridge. int.], Apr.29,1824.*

Priscilla, and Nathaniel Lang, certif. Oct.11,1778.*

Priscilla, and James Barr, June18,1786.

Rachel, and Brackly Rose, Dec.11,1791.*

Rebecca, and Isaac Needham Chapman, certif. June7,1799.*

Rebecca E., and Charles E. Brown, int.Aug.31,1845.

Rispah, and Charles Rand, 1827 or 1828. [Dec.23,1826 int.]*

Ruth, and William Osgood, Mar.29,1750.*

Samuell, and Elizabeth Andrewes, 14:2m:1662.CTR

Samuel, jr., and Mary Hooper, July27,1733.*

Samuel, 3d, and Mary Cook, Aug.10,1760.*

Samuel, jr., and Sarah Smith, certif. June5,1778.*

Samuel, jr., of Middleton, and wid.Sarah Hobbs, int.Nov.13,1784.

Samuel, jr., and Betsy Cook, Aug.22,1789.*

Samuel, and Sally Skerry, Dec.31,1816.*

Samuel C., trader, s.Samuel, and Lydia Augusta Griffin, d.Nathaniel, May5,1844.*

Sarah, and Joseph Pickering, June4,1733.*

Sara [], and Joseph Swan, Nov.19,1772.*

Sally, and Jacob Townsend, Oct.14,1792.*

Sarah, and Elias Grant, certif. Mar.25,1797.*

Sally [], and Ezekiel Goodale [jr. int.], Sept.14,1823.*

Sally, and Jonathan Very, Jan.21,1838.*

Sophia, and Samuel J. Glover, Aug.末,1831.*

Stephen H., and Mrs.Hannah D. Symonds, 2d m., Apr.19,1849.*

Susan, and John C. Symonds, Sept.1,1822.*

Susannah, and Samuel Daland, certif. Apr.24,1779.*

Susanna, and Benjamin Deland, June21,1796.*

Susannah, and Ephraim Symonds, certif. Feb.26,1803.*

Susanna, and James Brown, 3d, Jan.8,1809.*

Susannah, wid., and Moses Pillsbury, int.Nov.6,1830.

Thomas, and Elizabeth Stone,末蔓末, [bef. 1710.]

Thomas, jr., and Hannah Skerry, Oct.15,1735.*

Thomas [jr. int.], and Hannah Parker of Reading, at Reading, Nov.29,1739.

Thomas, and Mary Chapman, Apr.10,1769.

Thomas [jr. int.], and Eliza Cumbs, July10,1806.*

Thomas, and Mary Felt, Oct.21,1821.*

Thomas, 3d, and Mary Ann Taylor, Jan.22,1834.*

Thomas, and Mrs.Hannah Stodder, Apr.7,1836.*

Thomas G., and Laura A. Andrews, int.Jan.11,1846.

Thorndike, and Betsey Gurley, Dec.20,1789. [1788. certif.CR12]*

Thorndike, and Martha Daniels, Dec.8,1816.*

Thorndike, and Hannah D. Symonds, int.Oct.8,1843.

Ursula (Knapp), wid.Jonathan, and Joshua Phippen, 2d m., Oct.25,1801.

Ursula K., d.Jonathan and Ursula, and Hardy Phippen, Mar.18,1804.*

William, and Mary Beadle, Dec.19,1754.*

William [jr. int.], and Eunice Gardner, Nov.15,1772.*

William, jr., and Sarah Welmon, certif. Apr.14,1780.*

William, jr., and Elizabeth Raddan, Oct.9,1792.*

William Phipps, and Peggy Ropes, certif. Apr.28,1798.*

William F., and Betsey M. Bowditch, Mar.7,1824.*

William P., and Nancy Phelps, June15,1825.*

William A., and Mary Jamison, int.June7,1840.

William H., and Julia A. Goldsmith, Sept.14,1843.*

William H., and Emily A. Andrews, Mar.14,1847.*

SYMONS (Symonds)

John, and Sarah Waters, d.John, Mar.3,1689-90.CTR

Ruth, and Jobe Swinerton, 19:5m:1658.CTR


Patrick, and Sally Robertson, int.Sept.8,1781.

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