TABER (Tabor)

Rebecca, of Dartmouth, and Henry Bowers, int.Apr.28,1738.

TABOR (Taber)

David, and Betsy Nichols, Aug.25,1792.*

Elizabeth [], and James Whittle, Aug.31,1806.*

TAFTS (Tufts)

William [Tufts of Boston. int.], and Mary C. Anthony, Nov.23,1842. [1841.CR12]*


James, and Hannah Reid, Mar.6,1791.

TAILER (Taylor)

Mary [Tayler. int.], and Mihil Bacon, May24,1733.*

TALBERT (Talbot)

Thomas, and Elizabeth Darling, Dec.16,1770.*

TALBOT (Talbert)

Alice, and Bartholomew Hayes, both b. Ireland, June18,1848.*

Elizabeth, wid., and John Hewes, int.May29,1779.

Elizabeth, and John Wells, Sept.8,1809.*

James R., and Caroline Foster of East Machias, Oct.19,1846.CR1

Wilet, and William Peterson, int.Oct.12,1816. [Oct.19. dup.]


John, and Elizabeth Rogers, Feb.16,1795.*


Martha Matilda, of South Carolina, and Reuben Twist, int.Nov.5,1825.


John, and Elizabeth Boyden, 7:10m:1676.CTR


Robert, and, wid.Susanna Carwick, Dec.1,1793.*


Susanna, wid., and Charles Gowan, Nov.24,1795.*


Aaron A., and Jane Hinsman, July13,1848.

Henry, and [] Mary Wellman, Jan.26,1820.*

Henry Augustus, and Jane Kinsman, int.June25,1848.

Mary E., and Joshua B. Janes, Aug.15,1841.*

TAPLEY (Taply, Taplye, Toply)

Elizabeth [jr. int.], and John Cox, May15,1743.*

Elizabeth, and Peter Silver, int.May5,1781.

Florence E., of North Danvers, and David W. Bowdoin, int.Oct.14,1849.

Gilbert, jr., and Sarah Archer, at Beverly, Aug.21,1707.*

Gilbert, and Phebe Putnam, June17,1747.*

Hannah, and John Small, Feb.12,1701.

Jane, of Danvers, and Thomas Taylor, int.June18,1808.

John, and Elizabeth Buxton, Feb.15,1749-50.*

John, and Elizabeth Brewer, certif. Dec.30,1775.*

Joseph, and Margarett Mesury, Nov.27,1712.*

Joseph [jr. int.], of Lynnfield, and Mary Hunt, Apr.2,1818.*

Margaret, and John Davis, Feb.19,1810.

Mary, and Christopher Batten, Sept.19,1706.

Mary, and Pasco Foot, May9,1753.*

Mary, and Beniamin Hendfield of Danvers, Nov.25,1753.

Samuell, and Elizabeth Vealy, July15,1703.

William, and Elizabeth Cash, Mar.7,1697. [1698-9.CTR]

William, and Mary Barton, Nov.21,1734.*

William, and Mary Mascoll, Oct.17,1745.*

TAPLY (Tapley)

Elizabeth, and Joseph Browne, int.Apr.15,1732.

Elizabeth, and Joseph White, certif. Sept.22,1784.*

Gilbert, and Elizabeth Henderson, Jan.9,1721-2.

Gilbert, and Jane Pickering, June25,1779.*

TAPLYE (Tapley)

Gilbert, jr., and Lydea Small, Apr.10,1686.CTR

TAPPAN (Toppan)

John S., of Gloucester, and Hannah M. Shaw, d.X.H., Nov.11,1844.*

TARBALL (Tarbell)

Martha, and Thomas Mitchell, May18,1685.CTR

TARBEL (Tarbell)

Cornelius, jr., and Elizabeth Giles, int.Oct.19,1745.

Sarah, and Benjamin Hutchinsen, jr., Feb.7,1715-16.*

TARBELL (Tarball, Tarbel, Tarbol)

Cornelius, and Mary Sharp, Mar.5,1712-13.*

Elizabeth, and Obed Abbott, Feb.1,1721-2.

John, and Mary Nurse, Oct.25,1678.CTR

John, jr., and Hannah [Flint.CTR], Aug.25,1705. [Aug.21.CTR]

Mary, and James Smith, Dec.末,1705.CTR

Mary, and Abraham Goodale, June23,1725.

Nancy, of Beverly, and John Harwood, int.July12,1818.

Nathaniel, and Rachel Osborn, int.Nov.7,1750.

Sarah, and Samuel Stuart of Souhegan West, Jan.6,1747-8.*

TARBOL (Tarbell)

Jonathan, and Mary Felton, Nov.19,1741.*


Benjamin W., of Lynn, and Sarah A. Davis [at Lynn.CR5], Oct.14,1841.*

Caroline B., of West Thomaston, ME, and William S. Fowler, int.July4,1847.

Dorcas M., and John Anderson, int.Dec.9,1820.

Dorcas, and Elijah Very, Dec.7,1824.CR1*

Betsy, of Lynn, and Joseph Thomas, int.Aug.22,1806.

Hannah, and, Edward Standley, certif. Oct.14,1778.*

Mary, of Beverly, and Joseph Rogers, int.Oct.30,1830.

Nathaniell, of Lynn, and Ruth Frail, Dec.17,1723.

Rebecka, of Lynn, and John Gott of Wenham, July19,1693.CTR

Ruth, and Ebenezar [Batchelour?], both of Wenham, Sept.29,1699.CR2

Sarah, and John Shed, Aug.31,1806.*

Sally, of Beverly, and Aaron Knight, Mar.6,1827.*

Susannah, of Gloucester, and Joseph Clough, int.Jan.9,1747-8.

Thomas, and Sally Cook, Mar.31,1799.*

Washington, of Lynn, and Mary B. Berry, int.Oct.27,1832. (Forbid.)

William [of Lynn. int.], and Grace H. Wheeler, Oct.12,1817.*

William, and Harriet Gowing, Dec.2,1840.*

TARR (Torr)

Francis K., and Eliza McKarthey, Mar.24,1825.*

Jacob, and Mary Meader, Oct.16,1823.*

TARRANT (Tarrent)

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Fabens, Jan.25,1787.*

David, and Sarah McIntire, Aug.30,1767.

Edmund, and Sarah Collins, Aug.14,1762.*

Elizabeth, wid., and [Capt. int.] Nicholas Crosby, Mar.21,1797.*

Jonathan, and Katharine Blaney, Apr.10,1760.*

Margaret [H. int.], and Capt. John Osgood, jr., Feb.13,1812.*

Mary, and William Parker Stonton, int.Sept.11,1782.

TARRENT (Tarrant)

Alexander, and Ruth Marston, June14,1733.*


Mary, and Robert Nowell, 1:11m:1667.CTR


Elizabeth, and Daniel Farrington, Apr.19,1812.*

Elizabeth C., of Newburyport, and James Dunlap, int.Dec.27,1846.

Thomas, and Betsy Kire, July21,1791.*

William, and Sarah Nimmoo [married in her shift.CR11], Jan.19,1786.


Hannah, wid., and Tarrant Byrne, certif. June9,1796.*

James, and Sally Vanderford, June11,1792.*

Peggy, and Nathaniel Abbot, jr. of Beverly, int.June7,1806.

Sally, and Peter Willin, Feb.21,1808.


Elizabeth, and Samuell Ruck, June30,1699.


Abijah, and Betsey Tay of Sherburn, at Sherburn, May24,1797.*

Benjamin, and Jerusha Winn of Burlington, int.Nov.27,1799.

Benjamin, jr., and Hannah Larcom of Chelmsford, int.Apr.3,1830. (Certificate Apr.11.)

Ebenezer, and Sarah Winn of Woburn, at Woburn, Apr.28,1796.*

Betsey, of Sherburn, and Abijah Tay, at Sherburn, May24,1797.*

Jerusha, and Alfred Peabody, int.Nov.30,1833.

Mary, d.Benjamin, and [Capt.CR5] Benjamin Fabens, sr. 2d m., merchant, s.William, deceased, Sept.3,1849.*

Sarah, and William Jelly, Feb.22,1837.*

TAYLOR (Tailer)

Abigail, and Fyfield Holt of Andover, at Andover, Aug.31,1741.*

Abigail, and Israel Ober Hall, Sept.22,1811.

Asa, and Mary M. Fowler, Oct.22,1826.*

Benjamin, and, wid.Mary H. Rodman of Newport, RI, int.Apr.9,1812.

Caroline E., of Beverly, and Charles A. Nichols of South Reading, Feb.6,1849.

Catherine R. [], and John Robinson, Sept.23,1834.*

Chase [Esq. of Sanbornton, NH. int.], and Sarah Elkins [], Feb.6,1793.*

Dora A., and Daniel R. Beckford, Apr.24,1849.*

Eliphalet, of Southboro, and Ruth Flint, Sept.20,1739.*

Elizabeth, of Boston, and Joseph Mackmallion, int.June30,1711.

Elizabeth, and James Phillips, Feb.25,1724-5.

Elizabeth, see Tyler, Elizabeth.

Eunice, wid., and John Cockburn, int.Dec.9,1780.

George, and Hannah Peele, May1,1792.*

George, and Hannah Howard, Oct.29,1813.*

Hannah, wid., and John Lyons, int.Apr.14,1821.

Hannah, and Josiah Crocker, Mar.2,1828.*

Hannah S., and Ebenezer Hutchens, jr., Feb.7,1849.*

Henry, and Betsy Killen, Feb.16,1808.

Isaac, and Mary Hathorne, int.Mar.24,1781.

James, jr., of Beverly, and Esther Giles, at Beverly, Aug.6,1735.*

James [of], and Abigail Felton, Aug.25,1737.*

James, and Eunice Robertsen, int.Feb.15,1777.

James, and Mary Wiggin, June1,1821.*

John, and Elizabeth Felt, int.July15,1710.

John, and Lydia Ingalls, July19,1808.*

Jonathan, and Margaret Bray, Mar.12,1820.*

Joseph G., and Emily F. Edgerly, July23,1838.*

Joseph G., and Sarah E. Lunt of Beverly, int.June6,1841.

Margaret, and David Brower, int.Apr.25,1779.

Mary, and Jasper Swinerton, Feb.2,1720.

Mary, and John Mitchel, int.Jan.8,1780.

Mary, wid., and Richard Needle, int.Nov.5,1785.

Mary, and Pesante S. Leon, Nov.29,1825.*

Mary Ann, and Thomas Symonds, 3d, Jan.22,1834.*

Mary, and Henry T. Glading, int.Apr.30,1837.

Mercy, of Beverly, and Joshua Ray, at Beverly, Mar.7,1715-16.*

Nancy, and Nathaniel Goldsmith, int.Sept.21,1811.

Nathan, and Abigail Foster, Jan.1,1719-20.

Nathan, and, wid.Mary Ray, int.Oct.末,1748.

Rebeccah, Mrs., of Lynn, and Timothy Orne, jr., int.May16,1747.

Robert, and wid., Sarah Collins, int.Mar.21,1777.

Samuel, and Hannah Peele, Oct.14,1795.*

Samuel [of], and Mehitable Byrne [], Nov.30,1800.*

Samuel, and Elizabeth E. White, int.Mar.6,1842.

Sally, and Robert Boyle, May3,1819.*

Sarah C., and William Caban [ Sept.15,1832. int.]*

Sarah, and Benjamin B. Sanborn, Dec.8,1833.*

Thomas, and Margeret White, Aug.27,1759.

Thomas, and Jane Tapley of Danvers, int.June18,1808.

Thomas, and Mary Collins, June26,1808.*

Thomas W., and Bethia Ward, Feb.11,1823.*

Thomas B[], and Catharine A[] Morse, Mar.11,1832.*

William, of Beverly, and Sarah Meacham, at Beverly, July4,1751.*


Abba H. and William A. Stevens, grocer, s.William, May12,1844.*

Amos G., and Betsey F. Ryon, May6,1822.*

Eliza A., and Joseph Lewis, July29,1821.*

Betsey, and James Chase, Sept.14,1823.*

Elizabeth [], and Benjamin Dodd, Jan.末,1825. [Jan.8. int.]*

Elizabeth, and Thomas Henderson, Feb.3,1834.*

Emeline A., and Thomas Henderson, May2,1837.*

Harriot, and Joseph Bryant [of], Sept.22,1816.*

John, and Sarah Glover, Feb.18,1755.*

John, and wid., Martha Crookshanks, Nov.12,1767.

John, and Rebecca Hilliard, Apr.末,1780.*

John, and Lydia Galloway, Sept.27,1801.*

John P., of Lynn, and Sarah T. Phillips, int.Oct.26,1833.

John H., and Mary Ann Skinner, int.Nov.12,1843.

Lydia, and Stacy Curtis, June20,1815.*

Martha, and William Manning, Nov.18,1798.

Martha, and William H. Moody, June4,1828.*

Mary, and Robert Hart, June24,1810.*

Mary, and James Nelson, May31,1812.*

Mary Ann, and William Holmes of Hudson, NH, July12,1840.*

Mary Ann, d.Thomas A., and John A. Barker, Sept.10,1847.*

Nathaniel, and Polly McIntire, May7,1784.

Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Hersey, Dec.5,1813.*

Priscilla, and Ebenezer Quimby, Nov.6,1808.*

Richard, and Susan Pain, Sept.17,1809.*

Robert, and Phebe [F. int.] Nichols, Jan.11,1827.*

Sally, and William H. Moody, Jan.1,1804.

Sarah E., and Amos Dinsmore, Apr.22,1842.*

Sarah A., and Israel H. Burke, int.June14,1846.

Thomas, and Lydia McIntire, Dec.11,1790.*

Thomas, and Sarah Brady, Nov.5,1820.*

Thomas A., s.Thomas A., and Emily E. Wiley, Mar.6,1848.*

William, and Priscilla Glover, June16,1784.*

William, jr., and Betsey Currier, Feb.12,1809.*

William, and Mary S. Lord, Sept.9,1834.*

TEEL (Teele)

Charles C., and Lydia Jerome, Mar.9,1837.*

Charles C., and Sarah M[] Walden, Apr.22,1841.*

George M., of Danvers, and Abigail E. Swan, Jan.29,1839.*

TEELE (Teel)

Joseph, and, wid.Rebecca Cook, int.July1,1790.


John, of Boston, and Mehitable Lawless, int.Mar.1,1783.

Joseph, and Mary Mackentire, Sept.11,1755.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Frye, certif. Oct.11,1774.*


John [of New York], and Susan S. Hopkins, Dec.5,1840.*

TENNEE (Tenney)

Mary, and Thomas West, 2d m., 14:8m:1674.CTR

TENNEY (Tennee)

David B., and Hannah P. Little of Hampstead, int.Aug.4,1816.


Calvin, of Enfield, CT, a.29y., clergyman, s.Solomon and Margaret, of Enfield, and Mary E. Brooks, a.23y., d.John and Harriet M., deceased, Feb.26,1846.*

Ebenezer, and Nancy Morgan, int.Jan.14,1838.

TEWKESBURY (Tewksbury)

Jane, and Abraham Wyatt, Nov.1,1750.*

Susanna, wid., and John George Frautveller [Traufoetter.CR1] of Beverly, July30,1767.

TEWKSBURY (Tewkesbury, Tuckesbury, Tuexbury, Tuksberry)

Jemima, and William Silver, certif. Apr.14,1786.*

Jonathan, and Susannah Tuckerman, July4,1765.*

Neomi, and John Jemminy, July24,1790.*

Sarah, and James Ingalls, Feb.6,1787.*

Susannah, and John Flagg of Concord, May25,1743.*


James, and Elizabeth Lawrens [Hannah Lawrance. int.], May30,1782.*


Benjamin, 2d [of], and Eliza Pike, Dec.6,1840.*

Elijah, and Ruth Henfield, int.Mar.28,1812. [Aug.17,1817. dup.]

John C., and Anna Packer [Parker. int.], May4,1806.*

Lucy [], and John Elsworth of Hardwick, certif. May10,1807.*

Nancy, and Joseph Gardner [jr. int.], Apr.24,1808.*

Oliver, and Rachel L. Bancroft, Apr.6,1824.*

R[achelPR304] Maria, and James S. [John S. int.] Jones, Nov.15,1849.*

Stephen, and Rebecca Oliver, certif. May27,1797.*

THESILL (Thistle)

Bethiah Loveit, of Beverly, and Paul Cahoo, int.Sept.1,1804.


Eunice, and John A. Callum, Nov.25,1810.*

THISSEL (Thistle)

Bethia, and Samuel Benson, May30,1813.*

THISTLE (Thesill, Thissel)

Hannah, of Beverly, and Christopher Crowell, int.Aug.6,1796.


Ann, and Benjamin Smith, int.Feb.14,1835.

Charlotte, and John Joseph, Mar.18,1807.*

Deborah, and John Croade, Dec. ]1.CTR], 1692.

Eli, and Sarah Twist of Danvers, int.July5,1806.

Eli, and Clarissa S. Curtis, Sept.24,1835.*

Eliza N., and Gideon Low [of Lynn. int.], May8,1843.*

Elizabeth, and Isac Pease, Apr.20,1696-7. [Apr.22,1697.CTR]

Elizabeth C., and Henry W. Burding of Danvers, int.Dec.1,1839.

Ellen F., of Lynn, and Thomas J. Dennis, int.Apr.26,1840.

Esther, of Belfast, ME, and Frederic W[] Stamper, Feb.7,1842.*

George, and Mary Graves, 28:10m:1667.CTR

George F., and Sarah B. Dwinnel, Aug.25,1841.*

George F., and Mrs.Sarah Ann Dwinnell, int.Sept.24,1848.

George Henry, and Sophronia Calderwood of Maine, int.Aug.12,1849.

Henry, of New York, and Hannah A[] Jenks, Oct.25,1815.*

Henry, and Sarah Barnard, Sept.13,1829.*

Humphry, and Elizabeth Norton, int.Oct.6,1711.

Inglish, and Susanna Felt, Mar.18,1787.*

Joannah, and Benjamin Williams, Oct.29,1772.*

Joseph, and Betsy Tarbox of Lynn, int.Aug.22,1806.

Josiah L. [of Lynn. int.], and Catherine L. Millet, June29,1843.*

Judith, and Rodman J. Davis [of Boston. int.], May19,1830.*

Margaret, and Daniel Curtis, jr., Oct.17,1754.*

Margaret, and Michael Pitman [Pickman. int.], Sept.9,1764.*

Mary, and Samuell Golthrite, Dec.2,1697.CTR

Mary, and Joseph Nurse, June12,1744.*

Mary, and Abijah B. Peach, int.Sept.21,1816.

Mary, and William Ford, Oct.24,1826.*

Mary E., and Harrison G. Sumner, Mar.17,1840.*

Moses, and Margaret Scott, certif. Aug.25,1786.*

Nancy, and Isaac Tuttle [jr. int.], July9,1809.*

Rebeckah, and Joseph [] Leath, May8,1785.*

Richard, and Elizabeth Gorden, certif. Nov.27,1802.*

Richard, and Hannah Reeves, Nov.16,1827.*

Richard, and Emily D. [A. int.] Wordsworth, July11,1843.*

Richard, and Hannah Manning, Mar.22,1848.*

Rowland, and Margaret Gould, Aug.2,1736.*

Ruth, and Samuel Wadsworth of Milton, Oct.18,1772.*

Samuel, and Ellenor Boyce, Dec.25,1735.*

Sarah, and James Collins, jr., Nov.25,1755.*

Sarah M., and Edward A. Low, Mar.15,1837.*

William, and Elizabeth Stileman, June6,1773.*

THOMPSON (Thomson, Tompson, Tomson)

Abigail S., and Ebenezer Eustis, Nov.18,1827.*

Anna, and Peeter Salmon, 4:4m:1677.CTR

Archibald, and Mary Ervin, Jan.2,1787.*

Augusta C., and William A. Russell [of Boston. int.], Oct.30,1845.*

Barbara, of Marblehead, and John Read, jr., int.Jan.25,1846.

Bartlet, and Susan Clayton, Nov.22,1832.*

Benjamin E., and Ann Gowin of Boxford, int.Feb.4,1838.

Cornelius, and Judith Browne, int.July4,1778.

Deborah, and Thomas Cox of Boston, int.July19,1746. (forbidden by her July21, withdrawn Aug.2.)

Eliza [], and Benjamin W. Brookhouse, Oct.16,1820.*

Elizabeth, and John Tink, Dec.13,1743.*

Eunice S., and William Larrabee, July5,1841. [July2,1842. dup.]*

George J. [of], and Ruth Richardson, Nov.5,1826.*

George J[efferson. int.], and Sarah R[] Morse, Dec.24,1848.*

Hannah [], and Edward Primrose, Mar.9,1842.*

Henry, and Abigail Gould, int.Jan.1,1825.

James, and Anna Patterson, June28,1767.

James, and Nancy Burns [of], Aug.末,1819. [Aug.14. int.]*

Jane, and Rev. William Willard Wheeler, both of Scituate, at Dedham, May28,1788.CR11

John, and Susan H[ill. int.] Gavett, Dec.25,1828.*

Joseph, jr., and Sally Parker of Carlisle, int.Oct.15,1808.

Joseph P., and Louisa H. Reynolds, Sept.2,1834.*

Luther, and Lydia Fisk of Danvers, Jan.26,1826.

Lydia, and Daniel W. Brookhouse, Nov.21,1813.*

Lydia A[nn. int.], and Daniel Parsons, Mar.15,1838.*

Mary, of Marblehead, and Andrew Valentine, at Marblehead, Nov.13,1785.

Mary, and Jonathan Shepard, Feb.22,1801.*

Mary, and George Baldwin of Malden, int.Dec.18,1842.

Mary J., and Stephen S. Skinner, int.Aug.18,1844.

Nancy, and John Kinsley, Aug.3,1845.*

Ruth, and John Findley, Sept.30,1841.*

Sarah, and George Ingalls, May17,1830.*

Sarah E[llen. int.], and John Hill, Dec.31,1839.*

Susan, and James Saunders, June5,1841.*

William, and Dorothy Gerrish [of Deerfield.NH. int.], Nov.7,1816.*

William D., and Margaret West, Apr.13,1843.*

THOMSON (Thompson)

Gabriel H., and [] Jane Carlton, Apr.6,1818.*

Henry, and Mary Smith, int.Jan.5,1782.

Joseph, and Mary Aborn, int.July4,1781.

Ruth, Mrs., and John Finley, int.July29,1838.

Samuel, and Lydia Wood, Aug.7,1838.*

Susan G., and Hezekiah Sleeper, Aug.4,1836.*

William, and, wid.Abigail Bell, int.Mar.6,1773.

William, and Betsey Tucker, Aug.15,1808.

William, 3d, of Marblehead, and Lydia Brown, int.Aug.25,1810.

William H., and Hannah Majury, int.Aug.10,1833.


Elizabeth, and Tobias Smothers, certif. Apr.17,1782.*

Mary V., and William Greenleaf, Oct.24,1824.*

William, and Mary Very, July27,1797.*


Anna, of Beverly, and Jacob Oliver, int.Apr.17,1779.

Anna [of], and Stephen Mascall, Apr.17,1800.*

Ebenezer B., of Boston, and Mary A.K. Peabody, int.Nov.28,1844.

Eliza, and Ebenezer C. Tuttle, of Montreal, Aug.25,1831.*

Betty, of Beverly, and Joseph Swasey, int.Dec.8,1759.

Herbert, and Mary Pellet, Aug.21,1808.*

Israel, Capt., of Beverly, and Anna Dodge, Oct.31,1784.*

James P., and Martha E. Hodgdon, Sept.25,1827.*

John H., of Boston, and Sarah Ann P[hillips.CR11] Thorndike, Sept.14,1843.*

Larkin, and Sarah Phillips of Lynn, int.Dec.1,1821.

Sarah Ann P[hillips.CR11], and John H. Thorndike of Boston, Sept.14,1843.*

William D., and Ann Stoddard, Feb.13,1834.*


John C., and Mary D. Bathrick, Oct.31,1842.*

Sally C., of Marblehead, and James Gwinn, int.Mar.7,1823.


Amos S. [of New York. int.], and Elizabeth Blackney, Jan.15,1827.*

Catharine, and Joseph Campbell, int.Apr.17,1830. (Certificate May2.)

Experience, of Boston, and Ebenezer Wakefeild, int.Sept.5,1713.

John, and Mary Putney [of], July6,1793.

John, and Charlotte Beers, June25,1829.*

Sally, and John Bigs of Danvers, int.July21,1798.

Sarah, and Richard Swasey, certif. Mar.19,1800.*

Thomas, and Sukey Pease, Sept.10,1767.

William, and Ann Hanet of Charlestown, at Boston, Aug.17,1697.


Edward, and Mary Poland, int.July7,1827. (July13, forbidden by Mr. Thorp.)

Edward, of Fairfield, CT, and Mary Poland, int.Sept.22,1827.

Mary, wid., and Walter Harris, int.Oct.1,1831.

THRASHER (Thrashier, Thresher, Trasher)

David, and Lydia Smeathers, Apr.11,1819.*

David, and Eliza Connery [Conner. int.], Oct.2,1823.*

Ebenezer, and Lucinda Marshall, int.Sept.5,1835.

Joseph, and Hannah Atkinson, certif. July15,1781.*

Mercey, and Jonathan Buffam, int.Oct.21,1710.

Phoebe, and George Farley, June28,1842. [June23.CR5]*

THRASHIER (Thrasher)

Anna, and John Green, both of Marblehead, July4,1775.

THRESHER (Thrasher)

Anna [late of], and Ephraim Glover, Nov.24,1763.*

Ebenezer, and Polly Pratt, May5,1816.*

Joseph, and Mary Watson of Dover, int.May26,1711.


Daniel, and Mary Stacy, certif. Sept.末,1805.*

Hannah, and Robert Palmer, int.July15,1781.

Hannah, and Hugh Malady, Sept.17,1786.

Henry W., and Margaret E. McKenzie, Apr.5,1849.*

Lovet, and Hannah Newton, int.Mar.13,1779.

Mary C., and John J. Nourse, int.Apr.9,1831.

Mary J., and Ebenezer H. Rand of Guilford, NH, Jan.16,1832.*


Sussanna, and William Garbit, int.Jan.8,1780.

TIBBET (Tibbets)

Henry, and Elizabeth Abbot, Dec.30,1784.*

TIBBETS (Tibbet, Tibbetts)

Benjamin R., of Danvers, b. Danvers, and Althea A. Woodbury, Dec.28,1848.

Henry [jr. int.], and Sara Ropes, Oct.8,1809.*

Henry H., and Mary J.P. Rust, int.Mar.1,1840.

Martha J. [of Liberty, ME. int.], and Samuel C. [E. int.] Woodbury, Nov.20,1848.*

Robert A., and Mary Olivia Procter, int.July7,1844.

Samuel, and Barbara Goodhue [], Sept.27,1801.*

Stephen, and Elizabeth Price, June19,1832.*

TIBBETTS (Tibbets)

Ebenezer, and Mary A. Breed, Jan.20,1847.*

Elizabeth [], and Isaac Osborn, certif. May8,1814.*

Samuel, and Mary Perkins of Newburyport, int.June15,1804. (Forbidden by Mary Perkins.)


Richard, and Mary Felmingame, 20:4m:1659.CTR


James, and Catherine Mathews, int.Jan.25,1846.

Mary, and Jeremiah Murphey, int.Oct.19,1845.

William, and Catherine Gill, int.Oct.17,1847. (Stopped by Tierney.)


John, and Alice [Alse. int.] Arnold, Jan.31,1836.*


Converse, and Mary Chamberlain, Apr.29,1821.*

TILER (Tyler)

Martha, and Thomas Downing, Aug.30,1744.*


John, of Boston, and Elenor Felt, Nov.25,1827.*


George P., of Danvers, and Eliza H. Dakin, int.Apr.12,1828.

Hanna [Finton. int.], a.30y., and James Crowley, a.34y., s.末末 of Ireland, June24,1844.*

Samuel D., and Hannah B. Fuller, Dec.8,1831.*

Samuel D., and Eliza D. Patch of Hopkinton, NH, int.Apr.7,1839.

William [of Middleton, NJ. int.], and, wid.Martha C. Barnard, July26,1825.*

TINK (Tinke, Tynke)

Elizabeth, and Morgan Morgan, Aug.23,1760.*

Elizabeth, and John Parnell, Sept.5,1767.

Hannah, and Samuel Larrabee, Dec.16,1769.*

Henry, and Phebe Osborn, Feb.27,1755.*

John, and Elizabeth Thompson, Dec.13,1743.*

Margaret, and George West, jr., certif. Dec.16,1775.*

Mary, and Michael Smithurst, jr., Nov.19,1750.*

Nancy, and Joseph Moreland, June14,1781.*

Sarah, and Jesse Batchelder, int.Oct.2,1819.

TINKE (Tink)

Thomas [Tynke. int.], and Sally West, certif. Feb.17,1785.*


Aaron G., and Ann Eliza Page of Boston, int.Apr.1,1826.

TIPLADY (Toplady)

James G., and Rebecca E. Edgerly, int.Mar.23,1845.

Joseph J., and Joann Welch, Mar.28,1813.*

Joseph, and Sally Burbank, int.May16,1835.

Joseph, and Mrs.Harriet Poland, int.Dec.24,1837.

Mary G., and Elisha A. [W. int.] Gunison, Nov.1,1841.*

Mehitable [], and Thomas Elkins, July26,1835.*

Sally, and Jacob Schult, int.July11,1812.

Sally, and Abraham Phippen, July6,1817.*

Thomas, and Elizabeth Giffords, certif. June17,1780.*

TITCOMB (Titcombe)

Betsy, of Newburyport, and Mathew Vincent, int.July6,1811.

Sarah, of Newbury, and John Ropes, joyner, s.John, shipwright,末蔓末, [bef. 1755.]

Sophia, and Robert Carey of Danvers, int.July10,1830. (Certificate July26.)

TITCOMBE (Titcomb)

Sarah, and Jeremiah B. Hobbes, Aug.27,1815.*


Asher [S. int.], and Betsy N. Ellsworth, Sept.13,1829.*

Laura, and Timothy J. Ellsworth [of], Aug.9,1832.*


John, and Eliza Maloney, int.Nov.2,1845.

Partrick, and Elizabeth Coffin of Newburyport, int.Apr.21,1804.


Edward, and Nabby Austin, Oct.11,1807.*


Eliza [] Ann, and Luther Goldthwaite [jr. int.], Dec.25,1836.*

Fanny, and Isaac R. [K. int.] Moulton, May23,1836.*

Jeremiah, and Rebecca Fabens, Feb.23,1815.*

Jerehmiah, and Elizabeth M. Ball, int.June11,1837.

John, and Dorothy Hood of Boxford, int.Nov.15,1806.

John E.A., and Abby Fisk, June6,1839.*

Margaret, and Nathaniel A. Wardwell, Jan.12,1843.*

Mary [Polly], and Job Bryant, May2,1792.*

Thomas, see Dodd, Thomas.

Walter, and Sophia Jewett of Newburyport, int.May19,1804.

TOLLMAN (Tolman)

William, and Mary Weston, Dec.20,1826.*

TOLMAN (Tollman)

Sardis, of Wenham, and [] Elizabeth Nye, Oct.29,1848.*


Jonathan H. [of], and Sarah M[] Wiggins, June4,1826.*

TOMKINS (Tompkins)

Amy [], and Benjamin Porter, at Marblehead, Nov.26,1752.*

John, "ye younger," and Rebecka Knights, June26,1672.CTR

John, and Mary Reed, Nov.20,1693.CTR

Mary [], and Joseph Flagg of Concord, at Concord, Apr.29,1713.*

TOMPKIN (Tompkins)

Mary, and John Trask, int.Dec.2,1732.

TOMPKINS (Tomkins, Tompkin)

Deborah, and Nathaniell Silsby, 5:9m:1671.CTR

Elizabeth, and Samuell Rich, May16,1717.

Hannah, and Hugh Joanes, June26,1660.CTR

Jessee, and Elizabeth Ann Washington of Portsmouth, int.Aug.3,1845.

John, sr., and Mary Read, Sept.末,1673.CTR

Margaret, and Samuell Hartwell, May29,1717.

Mary, and John Felton, 29:9m:1670.CTR

Mary, and Daniel Rea, Dec.末,1708.CTR

Nathaniell, and Mary Pasco, July8,1703.

Prissillah, and Samuell Marsh, Aug.14,1679.CTR

Rebekah, and Nathaniell Massey, Nov.4,1708.

Sara, and John Waters, 1:6m:1663.CTR

TOMPSON (Thompson)

Peter, and Hannah Green, of Salem Village, at Marblehead, Mar.1,1693.

Thomazin, and Richard Smith, int.Dec.29,1733.

TOMSON (Thompson)

Anna, and Joseph Horne, 12:5m:1677.CTR

Thomas, of Marblehead, and Date Brown, int.Aug.28,1813.


Winkworth, and Martha Cottman, Jan.24,1762.


John, see Loomy, John.

TOPLADY (Tiplady)

Thomas [], and Mehitable Balch [of], Nov.25,1802.*

TOPLY (Tapley)

John, and Elizabeth Pride, Dec.6,1663.CTR

TOPPAN (Tappan)

Bezaleel, and Mrs.Mary Barton, June27,1734.*

Edward [of Newburyport. int.], and Rachel Smith, Feb.末,1783.*

Mary [jr. int.], and Benjamin Pickman [jr. int.], Apr.22,1762.*

TORR (Tarr)

Andrew, and Clarissa Stephens of New Durham, int.Apr.22,1826.

Eliza M., Mrs., and Thomas D. Pousland, Mar.11,1833.*

John C. [O. int.], and Elizabeth W. Benjamin, Feb.10,1834.*

Joseph, and, wid.Sally Brimblecom, Oct.20,1828.*

Nancy, and Almond B. Allard of Brooklyn, int.Oct.26,1845.

TORREY (Torry)

Francis, and Rebecca Carey, Aug.27,1840.*

Francis P., and Sarah A. Mack, Nov.末,1847.*

George, and Eunice Bowker, Feb.末,1826.*

Isaac, of Scituate, and Eliza C. Archer, int.Jan.19,1815.

James, of Falmouth, Cumberland Co., s.David, and Esther Southwick, d.Joseph, of Danvers, Nov.15,1770.CR7

Turner, of Weymouth, and Hannah M. Montcalm, int.Apr.2,1848.

TORRY (Torrey)

Mehitable, of Boston, and Nehemiah Adams, int.Aug.20,1802.

TOURET (Turet)

Benjamin [A. int.], and Elizabeth Bickford, May10,1846.*

Victor, and Sally Ward, Nov.28,1813.*

TOUSEL (Touzell)

John, and Susannah English, Nov.7,1720.

TOUZELL (Tousel, Towzel)

Mary, and William Hathorne, Mar.29,1741.*

TOUZER (Towzer, Tozer, Tozier, Tozzer)

Ebenezer, and Mary Patterson, July26,1795.*

Rebeccah, and William Patterson, int.Oct.10,1747.


William, and Mehitable Cree of Topsfield, int.Mar.25,1815.

William, and Eliza Fuller, June2,1833.*

TOWN (Towne)

Amos, and Polly Gavitt, Sept.23,1792.*

Amie, of Topsfield, and William Hobbs, Jan.10,1727-8.

Ebenezer [Eber.CR4], and [] Mary Rochstein [Roxsen. int.], Dec.20,1801.*

Jacob, and Hannah Hovey, Jan.29,1804.*

John, and Elizabeth Rea, Jan.末,1708.CTR

Jonathan, of Topsfield, and Mary Dean, Oct.31,1751.*

Joseph, and Jemima Bixby, both of Topsfield, June19,1727.

Joshua, and Susan Blood, Mar.8,1810.*

Jude, and Peter Twiss, May3,1744.*

Lucey, and Michael Dunnel, both of Topsfield, Sept.27,1727.

Martha, and Jewett Maxfield, int.June7,1835.

Phillip, and Dinah Hobbs, both of Topsfield, July30,1728.

Samuel [of], and Patty Williams, certif. Dec.13,1795.*

Samuel [of], and Patty Williams, certif. Nov.25,1796.*

Salomon, and Lydia Goodale, Dec.15,1801.*

TOWNE (Town, Towns)

Augusta, and George Turner, Nov.27,1835.*

Charlotte, and Ira Ingalls, Sept.26,1819.*

Eber, and Sarah Selman [], Aug.20,1826.*

Elijah, of Andover, and Lydia Leach, int.Apr.19,1816.

Elijah, and Nancy Crosby, Mar.19,1821.*

Hannah, of Andover, and Ebenezer K. Morrill, int.July23,1831. (Certificate Aug.12.)

Harriet, and Samuel Lewis, Jan.22,1838.*

Henry, and Judith Staniford, July24,1827.*

Hepsebah, and Joshua Trask, Jan.11,1824.*

Johanah, and Thomas Nichols, both of Topsfield, Dec.12,1694.CTR

John, and Lucy Cross, Mar.12,1821.*

Joseph, of Topsfield, and Margeret Case, Nov.9,1699.

Joseph, and Lydia Chapman, June13,1824.*

Martha, of Topsfield, and Isaac Larrabe, at Topsfield, June30,1715.

Mary M., and Joseph H. Avery of Loudon, NH, Apr.14,1822.*

Mary Ann, and Michael McCarty, int.May3,1840.

Nancy Ann, and Henry Clarke, Aug.29,1822.*

Samuel H., of Boxford, and Lydia D. Appleton, int.Sept.19,1841.

Sarah A., and Oliver T. Peabody of Boxford, May31,1825.*

Stephen, and Betsey Herrick, May19,1811.*

Susan G., and Joseph Wheeler of Reading, Dec.21,1819.*

William, and Ann Floyd of Lynn, Feb.26,1826.*

TOWNS (Towne)

George, and Susanna Smith, Sept.23,1766.

Martha, wid.[Downs.CR1], and Gideon Woodbury, Apr.9,1809.*


Dorcas, of Lynn, and James Punchard, int.May3,1760.

Eliza H., and John Morse, Sept.30,1819.*

Eliza, G., and Joseph G. Waters, Dec.8,1825.*

Betsy, and William Richardson, Mar.17,1788.*

Elizabeth, and David Becket, May1,1817.*

Hannah [jr. int.], and Stephen Masury, Nov.22,1752.*

Hanna, and John Ingersoll, May23,1779.*

Jacob, and Margaret West, Aug.24,1791.*

Jacob, and Sally Symonds, Oct.14,1792.*

Joseph, and Abigail C. Perkins, Oct.2,1827.*

Lydia, of Lynn, and Charles Mason, int.Sept.20,1751.

Lydia, and William Rice, Nov.18,1810.*

Polly, and John [Jonathan, jr. int.; Jonathan.CR12] Palfray, Aug.18,1789.*

Mehitabel, of Lynn, and James Gould, jr., at Lynn, Jan.3,1758.

Mercy, and John Upton, Dec.6,1812.*

Moses, and Hanna Lambert, Apr.27,1758.*

Moses, and Lydia Lambert, Apr.7,1785.*

Moses, jr., and Catherine G. Green, int.Dec.14,1833.

Penn, and Hannah Marsters, int.Aug.7,1731.

Penn, and Anne White, Dec.4,1755.*

Penn, and Martha Renew [], Dec.30,1786. [Dec.31.CR4]*

Penn, and Mary Richardson, Dec.1,1793.*

Penn, and Mrs.Sally Beckford, July10,1827.*

Penn, jr., and Elizabeth C.E. Kimball, Apr.20,1830.*

Priscilla Lambert, and Gamaliel Hodges Ward, Aug.16,1808.*

Samuel, and Mercy Stevens, Aug.7,1790.*

Samuel, and Allice Hooper, Oct.22,1817.*

Sarah E., of Boston, and Aaron D. Shaw, int.Dec.10,1837.

Susannah, and Michael Beard, int.Aug.28,1779.

Thomas, and, wid.Elizabeth Wood, June30,1793.*

William M., and Mary Ann Chipman, Apr.15,1827. [Apr.5. dup.]*

TOWZEL (Touzell)

Susannah, and John Hathorne, Oct.16,1746.

TOWZER (Touzer)

Elizabeth, and John Chipman, certif. Jan.30,1801. [Jan.16,1802. int.]*

TOZER (Touzer)

Ebenezer, and Abial Whitefoot, June21,1750.*

William, and Sarah Brown, at Boston, Dec.4,1718.

TOZIER (Touzer)

Damoras, and Daniell Darling, Jan.15,1721-2.

Elizabeth, and Andrew Millet, May9,1754.*

Eunice, and William Diman, int.Mar.28,1755.

Sarah, and William Brown, 5th, May20,1742.*

TOZZER (Touzer)

Abigail, wid., and James Cutler, int.Apr.6,1776.

Angelina S., and David Dodge, Nov.1,1838.*

William, jr., and Abigail Metcalf, May20,1756.*

William, and Mary Lane, July29,1802.*

William [jr. int.], and Ann Brown, Apr.4,1830.*

William, and Sally Segistrum [], Oct.28,1830.*

William, and Catherine Stevens, June13,1833.*

TRACEY (Tracy)

Caroline M., and Charles, M. Richardson, Apr.15,1835.*

TRACY (Tracey)

Cornelius, and Elizabeth Word, both of Rockport, both b. Ireland, Aug.26,1848.

Eunice, and William Cooper, Sept.末,1777.*

John, and Johana Maixsi, both of Rockport, both b. Ireland, Aug.25,1849.

TRAFFORD (Trefford)

George, and Elizabeth Cash, July23,1811.*

Rachel, and Joseph Nutting [jr. int.], July11,1819.*

TRAFTEN (Trafton)

Lydia [], and Obadiah Wilcox, Oct.26,1788.*

TRAFTON (Traften)

John, and Lydia Patterson, July27,1780.*

Lucy, and John Glover, Aug.2,1804.*

Mary S., a.20y., d.Joseph, and John A. Cate, a.26y., innkeeper, s.William, July8,1844.*


Rebecca M., of Marblehead, and Collins Ingalls, int.Nov.28,1829. (Certificate Dec.13.)


Rosanna, a.28y., and James Smith of Lynn, a 33y., laborer, s.末末 of Ireland, Sept.15,1844.


Jonathan, and Anna Luscomb, May25,1794.*

Polly, and Edward Britton, July29,1789.*


Sarah, and Peter Shott, int.Aug.1,1779.

TRASHER (Thrasher)

Hannah, wid., and Thomas Burke, int.Jan.27,1787.

TRASK (Traske)

Abba C., of Beverly, and George F. Berry, int.Feb.6,1848.

Abigail, and Robert Baker, July11,1723.

Abigail, and Jonathan Twist, June29,1727.*

Abigail, 2d.and Joseph Cloutman, 2d, int.Apr.14,1764.

Abigail, and Elijah Stoddard of Spencer, July12,1764.*

Abigail, and Benjamin Symonds, 4th, Nov.25,1769. [Nov.28.CR1]

Abigail [], and Samuel Peabody [of Middleton. int.], certif. June22,1781.*

Anna, and Joseph King, Jan.4,1727-8.*

Archelaus [H. int.], and Betsey Woodbury, Oct.18,1836.*

Archelaus H., and Sarah E[] Nichols, Nov.21,1841.*

Archelaus H., of Danvers, and Mary [A. int.] Peirson, Dec.10,1843.*

Benjamin, of Beverly, and Triphena Herrick, May9,1711.*

Benjamin, and Abigail Gilbert of Beverly, Nov.16,1727.*

Benjamin [of], and Anna Goodale [Goodell. int.], certif. Nov.30,1781.*

Benjamin, and Margaret Gray, certif. Feb.17,1785.*

Benjamin, and Hannah Shaw, Mar.18,1799.*

Benjamin, and Hannah Patterson, Oct.16,1803.

Benjamin, and Susan Kennedy, May26,1811.*

Christian, and Benjamin Creesey, June9,1725.

Daniel, of Beverly, and Elisabeth Wackfield [], at Beverly, July10,1744.*

Daniel, and Betsy Silver, certif. Oct.18,1794.*

Daniel, and, wid.Elizabeth Gallaway, certif. Jan.22,1801. [Jan.2,1802. int.]*

Daniel, and Sarah Rodrick, Mar.30,1823.*

Daniel S., and Louisa M. May, Nov.15,1827.*

Daniel S., and Abigail Currier, Feb.6,1838.*

Dinah, and Samuell Slue of Beverly, Dec.28,1735.*

Ebenezer, and Mary Rix [of], Mar.5,1729-30.*

Ebenezer, and Mrs.Elisabeth Trow [] of Beverly, at Beverly, Mar.30,1752.*

Edward, and Lydia Small, Oct.22,1734.*

Elias, and Hannah Marston, Oct.23,1701.

Elias, and Abigail Swinnerton, int.May17,1712.

Elias, and Esther Page, June28,1734.*

Elias, jr., and Hannah Beadle, Dec.12,1760.*

Elias, and Sarah Kempton, int.Apr.16,1774.

Eliza, and David Odell, Sept.28,1822.*

Eliza Ann, and John C. Huffington, Oct.2,1832.*

Elisabeth, wid., of Beverly, and John Gyells, widr., at Beverly, May5,1679.

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Hanson of Dover, Nov.26,1701.

Elisabeth, and Jonathan Backer [Baker. int.] of Beverly, at Beverly, Feb.6,1728-9.*

Elizabeth, and John Twiss [jr. int.], Mar.5,1728-9.*

Elizabeth, jr., and Thomas Horton, jr., Sept.27,1741.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph Larraby of Lynn, int.Jan.25,1745-6.

Elizabeth, and John Brown, Sept.22,1767.

Elizabeth, and John Hunt, Nov.19,1777.*

Elizabeth, wid., and Jonathan Peters, certif. June11,1796.*

Betsy, and John Nicholls, Dec.1,1799.*

Elizabeth K., and Jonathan Blaney, Mar.14,1802.*

Betsey, and Joseph Hawks, int.May27,1809.

Esther, and Peter McBerth, int.Aug.8,1755.

Esther, and Abraham Morse of Marblehead, Aug.23,1759.

Experience, and Josiah [] Trow of Beverly, at Beverly, Feb.2,1736-7.*

Ezra, of Beverly, and Hannah Green [], at Beverly, Apr.14,1747.*

Fanny, and Nathaniel Powell, Sept.23,1822.*

George, and Elisabeth Felt, Aug.1,1715.*

Hannah [], and James Muckford [], Sept.26,1743. [Apr.16. int.; forbidden by John Mugford, as his son James was a minor, Apr.29,1743.]

Hannah, of Danvers, and Daniel Herrick, at Danvers, Mar.29,1770.*

Hannah, of Danvers, and Samuel Trophater [Trofatter. int.], at Danvers, Aug.3,1791*

Hannah, and Francis Pulcifer, Oct.21,1792.*

Harriet, and Jonathan Butterfield, Apr.5,1837.*

Henry, and Keziah Very, Oct.17,1738.*

Henry [Jr. int.], and Deborah Phillips of Danvers, at Danvers, Jan.4,1770.*

Henry, of Danvers, and Hannah Cowan, at Danvers, Oct.14,1798.*

Henry, and Harriet A. Guy, int.May21,1837.

Henry P., of Boston, and Mary P. Kenney, int.Sept.6,1846.

Hepsibah B. [S. int.], and Daniel [] Kimball, Apr.7,1829.*

Israel H., and Charlotte A. Kimball [of], Feb.20,1837.*

Israel, of Beverly, and Mrs.Sarah Leach, int.Jan.14,1849.

James, and Lucy S[] Pearce, Dec.3,1833.*

Jane M., and Daniel Beckford, Apr.26,1818.*

Jane, and [Capt.CR5] Benjamin Jackson, July23,1835.*

Jerusha, and Thomas Preston, jr., int.Oct.24,1730.

Jerusha, and Peter Pride of Beverly, at Beverly, Dec.9,1736.*

Joanna, and William Hutchinson, int.Nov.9,1733.

Job, and Martha Gray of Marblehead, int.May21,1763.

Job, and Jane Diman, Feb.3,1788.*

John, and Abigaile Parkman, 19:12m:1662.CTR

John, widr., and Mary Dodg of Beverly, at Beverly, Oct.30,1690.

John, jr., and Hannah Osburn, Nov.26,1701.

John, and Mary Collins, Sept.13,1722.

John, 3d, and Elizabeth Reed, Dec.19,1727.*

John, and Mary Tompkin, int.Dec.2,1732.

John, 3d, and Dorcas Rogers [both of Royal Side in], June4,1734.*

John, and Mrs.Mary Mansfeild, Dec.1,1736.*

John, and Betsey Gale, int.Sept.6,1798.

John B. [of], and Eliza Wilson, Sept.1,1825.*

Jonathan, and Margarett Boice, Feb.23,1709-10.

Jonathan, and Mary Boyce, int.Nov.2,1709.

Jonathan, jr., and Ruth Southwick, int.Mar.30,1745.

Joseph, and, wid.Bethiah Whorfe, Nov.26,1758.*

Joseph, and Mary Masury, certif. June13,1780.*

Joseph, and Susanna Hovey of Beverly, int.Sept.22,1804.

Joseph [jr. int.], and Lucy Wiggins, Nov.12,1805.*

Joseph, and Mary Allen, July17,1845.*

Joshua, and Elizabeth Dolbier, int.May8,1736.

Joshua, and Molly Green of Danvers, at Danvers, Apr.26,1768.

Joshua, and Margaret Lander, certif. Apr.19,1783.*

Joshua, and Hepsebah Towne, Jan.11,1824.*

Josiah, and Mary Woodberry of Beverly, May13,1719.

Josiah, and Abigail Hutchinson, Jan.22,1733-4.*

Josiah T., of Beverly, and Sarah V. Trask, Dec.10,1844.

Levi, of Danvers, and Polly Grant, certif. July14,1805.*

Levi D. [of], and Rebecca Grant, Sept.8,1840.*

Lucy, wid., and Nathan Buell, int.Jan.3,1824.

Lucy, and John Henry De Francis, int.Dec.1,1832. (Certificate Dec.19.)

Lydia B., and John B. Fiske, int.Apr.29,1849.

Martha, and James Kimball of Beverly, at Beverly, July30,1753.*

Martha, and Stanford Flack of Marblehead, at Marblehead, May4,1780.*

Martha, of Danvers, and Isaac Bullock, at Danvers, Apr.11,1799.

Mary, d.Henry, and Jeremiah Meachum, s.Jeremiah, 3:11m:1672.CTR

Mary, and John Southick, Jan.8,1710-11.*

Mary, and Jonathan Green, Apr.3,1718.

Mary, wid., and Joseph Fowler of Ipswich, Aug.22,1722.

Mary, and Benjamin Rayment of Beverly, at Beverly, Dec.12,1723.

Mary, and Joseph Felton, Nov.11,1736.*

Mary, and Robert Leach, Oct.4,1743.

Mary, and Jonathan Perkins of Wenham, int.June2,1753.

Polly [of], and Samuel Ruck, Mar.22,1789.*

Polly, and Henry Shaw Tweed, int.Dec.31,1803.

Mary, and Epes Cogswell, Mar.27,1806.*

Mary, and Francis Oldsom, July12,1806.*

Mary, wid., and Joseph Holt, Oct.19,1822.*

Mary L. [S. int.], and David Prescott, May4,1830.*

Mary, and Erastus Hoyt, Nov.27,1834.*

Miriam, and Thomas Lull of Ipswich, Apr.23,1724.

Moses A., of Danvers, and Sarah E. Trask, int.Sept.25,1842.

Nancy C., of Danvers, and F.A.H. Chamberlain, Aug.9,1837.*

Nancy Ann, and Thomas N. Barnaby, mariner, May27,1849.*

Nicholas, jr., and Mary Martin of Marblehead, int.Mar.2,1727-8.

Osman, and Mary 末末,1:11m:1649.CTR

Osman, 2d m., and Elizabeth Gally, May22,1663.CTR

Osmon, of Beverly, and, wid.Elizabeth Davis, Jan.2,1752.*

Osman [2d int.], of Beverly, and Mrs.Mary Hooper, at Beverly, Aug.6,1771.*

Rebecca, and Noah Creesy [], at Beverly, Dec.13,1733.*

Rebecker, of Beverly, and John Eden, at Beverly, May18,1749.*

Rebeckah, and Jonathan Goldthwait of Danvers, at Danvers, July2,1770.*

Rebecca, and John Tynke, Apr.8,1788.*

Rebecca, and Samuel Leach, Dec.21,1809.*

Robert, and Abigail Carrill, Jan.26,1731-2.*

Ruth, and Samuel Peabody of Middleton, at Beverly, Apr.13,1749.*

Samuell, and Mercy Bell, int.Nov.6,1714.

Samuell [jr. int.], and Elizabeth Lyndsey, Mar.23,1727.*

Samuel, and Hannah Steward, Dec.28,1730.*

Samuel, and Mary Mason, int.Mar.29,1755.

Sarah, and Robert Meachem of Beverly, Nov.16,1727.*

Sarah, and Joseph Stacey, Mar.28,1734.*

Sally, and Ezekiel Carlton, int.Nov.4,1797.

Sally, of Danvers, and Nathaniel Ward, at Danvers, Dec.12,1799.*

Sarah, and Zechariah Searle, May17,1807.*

Sarah E., and Moses A. Trask of Danvers, int.Sept.25,1842.

Sarah V., and Josiah T. Trask of Beverly, Dec.10,1844.

Susana, and Samuell Ebborne, 19:12m:1663.CTR

Susanna, and Jonathan Fuller, Jan.3,1694.

Susanna, and Joseph Wakefield, Dec.10,1719.

Susannah, of Danvers, and Peter Stokes of Beverly, Dec.26,1756.

Susanna [Nancy Trask of], and Joshua Phippen, jr., certif. Mar.18,1799.*

Thomas, and Eliza W. Treadwell, May2,1842.*

William, and An Putnam, Jan.18,1666.CTR

William, and An Putnam, Jan.18,1686.CTR

William, and Abigail Foster, int.Jan.5,1733-4.

William, of Charleston [Charlestown. int.], and Sarah Chamberlain, Nov.29,1787.*

William, and Elizabeth Worling, Sept.23,1822.*

TRASKE (Trask)

John, and Mary Clarke, Feb.13,1717-18.

Joseph, and Elizabeth Salloes, Dec.20,1693.CTR


John George, of Beverly, and, wid.Susanna Tewksbury, July30,1767.CR1


Bridget, of Newbury, and Richard Window of Gloucester, Mar.30,1659.

James, and Marcye Pearce, both of Gloucester, 8:2m:1667.

TREADWELL (Tredwell)

Caroline, and George Leeds of Utica, NY, June22,1843.*

Caroline F., and Andrew T. Chipman, Nov.21,1845.*

Charles, and Lydia R. Shillaber, May2,1819.*

Eliza Ann, and Abijah Hitchens, Dec.4,1836.*

Eliza W., and Thomas Trask, May2,1842.*

Eliza, Mrs., and John Russell of Lynn, int.May27,1849.

E.M., and J. Whitney of Woburn, int.Oct.6,1844.

Jabez, and Betsey G. Homan [of], Nov.17,1811.*

Jacob [of], and Elizabeth White, Oct.2,1782.*

John, Rev. [of], and, wid.Dorothy Goodhue, July17,1781.*

John, Hon., and Hannah Austin of Charlestown, int.May18,1804.

John White, and Harriot Kendall Farley of Ipswich, int.Oct.2,1819.

Joshua, and Fanny Ingalls, Aug.22,1819.*

Martha, and Edward Cordis of Boston, Nov.26,1844.*

Mary H., and John Wills, jr., int.Nov.5,1837.

Mehitable, and Charles Cleveland, certif. Oct.28,1797.*

Malvinia, and David Hart, int.Jan.24,1835.

Priscilla [of], and Jesse Smith, jr., at Ipswich, May22,1817.*

Priscilla S., and Thomas Davis, Apr.9,1839.*

Sarah Ellen, and John M. Learock, Mar.8,1841.*

Susan Farley, and George Nichols of Cambridge, Oct.7,1834.*

Susan E., and Moses Eastman, Nov.29,1838.*

William, and Elizabeth Bancroft, May29,1803.*

William, and Hannah Parker, Oct.13,1805.*

William, and Eliza Mansfield, Jan.21,1835.*


Thomas, see Street, Thomas.

TREDWELL (Treadwell)

John D., and Dorothy Goodhue, certif. Mar.4,1804.*

Mary, and Samuell Stone, Jan.28,1674.


Mary, and Nathaniel B. Abbot, int.Mar.25,1838.

TREFFORD (Trafford)

William, and Rachel Valpy, certif. Dec.15,1784.*

TREFFRY (Trefry)

Sarah [T. Frye. int.], and John Mullen, Dec.7,1823.*


George, and Betsey M. Clarke, int.June20,1829.

TREFRY (Treffry)

Amos, and Joannah Laskin, both of Marblehead, Jan.4,1758.

Deborah, and Nathaniel Kelley, Nov.7,1816.


Fanny, see Frien, Fanny.


William, see French, William.

TREVET (Trevett)

Sarah, and Joshua Ward, Sept.17,1722.

TREVETT (Trevet, Trevitt)

Betsy, and Walter Kelly of Lynn, int.Oct.22,1812.

Henry [of], and Mary Blaney, at Marblehead, Dec.24,1747.*

Henry, and Elizabeth Riddan of Lynn, int.Apr.13,1754.

Richard, and Elizabeth North, Dec.19,1771.*


William, of Marblehead, and Rebecca Preston, int.Aug.28,1730.

TREVITT (Trevett)

Elizabeth, and Israel Phippen, Apr.11,1745.*


Elizabeth, and JObn Appleton, int.Jan.10,1819.

Samuel W., and Betsy Small, Nov.7,1810.*

Susan, and Chase Wiggin, July28,1811.*


Elizabeth Ann, and William Dowley, int.Nov.14,1835.

TROFATTER (Trautvetter, Trofeter, Troffater, Troffeter, Trophater)

Betsy, and Thomas Patterson, Sept.1,1793.

Robert, and Sarah Lamson, Nov.29,1821.*

Samuel, and Polly Curtis, May17,1795.*

TROFETER (Trofatter)

Hanna, and John Collier, Aug.27,1818.*

TROFFATER (Trofatter)

Esther Ann, and Charles Durgen, May24,1843.*

George L., a.23y., seaman, s.Robert and Sarah, and Hannah U. [M. int.] Cluff, a.22y., d.Abraham and Hannah Colburn, Nov.25,1845.*

TROFFETER (Trofatter)

Aseneth, and William Danforth, of Boston, at Boston, July14,1842.*

Polly, and Joseph Tucker, June24,1817.*

TROPHATER (Trofatter)

John, and Esther Gilford of Danvers, certif. July27,1813.*

Rachel P., and Jonathan Fisk,末蔓末,1831.

Samuel [Trofatter. int.], and Hannah Trask of Danvers, at Danvers, Aug.3,1791.*


Elizabeth, and Ebenezer Williams, Dec.26,1698.CTR


Charity, wid., and Abraham Cottee, Dec.20,1726.

Elisabeth, Mrs.[], of Beverly, and Ebenezer Trask, at Beverly, Mar.30,1752.*

George, of Beverly, and Anna Brown, at Beverly, Mar.28,1751.*

James, of Beverly, and Eunice Smith, int.Dec.20,1818.

Joan B., of Beverly, and George Dalan, int.July22,1809.

Josiah [], of Beverly, and Experience Trask, at Beverly, Feb.2,1736-7.*

Martha, of Beverly, and William Pert, at Beverly, June11,1728.*

Rebecca, of Beverly, and Abner Coffin, at Beverly, July11,1799.*

Solomon, and Charitie Prince, Mar.20,1722.


Abraham, and Elizabeth [M. int.] Matthews, Feb.4,1810.*

Abraham, and Frances P. Bowers, int.Oct.13,1827.

Eliza Ann, and Moses B. Moody of Haverhill, May30,1839.*

Joseph, and Polly Berry, Jan.10,1809.*

Nancy, of Lowell, and Phillip H. Saunders of Danvers, Dec.25,1834.


Andrew, and Mrs.Sarah Lurvey, at Beverly, July22,1779.*

Margaret, and William Austin, int.Mar.9,1799.

Margaret, and William Cook, Sept.19,1803.


Washington, and Rebecca Kittridge of Tewksbury, int.Aug.27,1825.


Charles W., and Margaret L. Southward, Mar.27,1844.*

Edward H., and Mary Ann Ashby, July5,1847.*

John, and Hannah Brown, May15,1814.*

Lois A., and John Low, Nov.9,1840.*

Mary, of Beverly, and Rev. Edward Hollister of Danville, VT, Aug.25,1823.

N. M[], and Ephraim Brown, jr. [], s.Ephraim, Sept.17,1846.*

Nathaniel, and Hannah Pickett, Sept.11,1785.*

Nathaniel [jr. int.], and Sally Beckford, Sept.4,1808.*


Anthony Imanuel [Antonio Imanuel], of Marblehead, and, wid.Hannah Oakman, Dec.15,1771.*


Edward, and Betsey Groves, int.Oct.10,1807.

Margaret, and James Ruee, Jan.12,1842.*

Mary, of Kensington, NH, and Luther D. Barter, int.Nov.1,1818.

Mary, and Willis Hadley, May16,1824.*

Nancy L., and Edward R. Robinson, Apr.25,1839.*

Samuel, of Beverly, and Mary Leach, July2,1761.*

Sarah, of Beverly, and Robert Matthews, Sept.16,1751*

Susan, of Beverly, and William Varney, June19,1836.*

Susanna, of Beverly, and Gilbert Cox, at Beverly, Sept.7,1764.*

William [of Manchester. int.], and Elizabeth Lee, May末,1779. [May2. int.]*


Amos, jr., of Lynn, and Rebecca Pell, int.Nov.12,1796.

Andrew, and Blanch Skinner, July25,1743.*

Andrew [jr. int.], of Marblehead, and Abigail West [jr. int.], at Danvers, Aug.5,1772.*

Andrew [Capt. int.], and Patty Mansfield, Oct.18,1795.*

Andrew, 3d, and Lydia Harvey, July11,1805.*

Anna, and Peter Hodson [of], Sept.11,1803.*

Blanch, wid., and Jacob Tucker of Marblehead, Feb.29,1764.*

Caroline L., Mrs., of Dorchester, and Asahel Huntington, Esq., at Boston, Aug.15,1842.*

Caroline, and John Reeves, Jan.2,1848.*

Charity, and Benjamin Peters, jr., Oct.21,1761.*

David, and Ruth Richardson, Apr.24,1804.*

Dorcas, and John Pierce, certif. Apr.15,1804.*

Ebenezer, of Lynn, and Lucy C. Archer, Sept.19,1847.*

Edward, and Sarah Shillaber [] of Danvers, at Danvers, Apr.12,1759.*

Edward, and Sally Foster, int.Nov.18,1780.

Edward, and Elisabeth Stone of Lexington, at Lexington, Feb.24,1789.*

Edward, and Ann Flint of Reading, int.Nov.28,1812.

Eliza, and Samuel Lang, Sept.25,1803.*

Elizabeth, and Isaac Baly, both of Marblehead, Oct.30,1727.

Elizabeth, and William Osborn, jr., Nov.3,1737.*

Elizabeth, and John Daland, Dec.14,1794.*

Betsey, and William Thomson, Aug.15,1808.

Eunice, and Joseph Gardner, 3d, July18,1813.*

Eunice M., and Nathaniel S. Marshall, Nov.24,1825.*

Fanny, and Zacheus Whitney [of Boston. int.], certif. July1,1804. [July20.CR12]*

George, and Deborah Foster, Jan.1,1765.*

George, and Sarah A. Leach, int.Sept.28,1845.

Gideon, Esq., and Martha H. Goodhue, certif. May27,1804.*

Gideon, jr., and Eunice Randall of Saco, ME, int.July18,1835.

Hannah, and Daniel Foster, May4,1783.*

Hannah, and Samuel Noyes, May5,1801.

Hannah, and John Chipman, jr., certif. May14,1807.*

Hannah, and John Shorey, Apr.5,1812.*

Henry, and Esther Hilliard, int.June4,1774.

Henry, and Lydia Cox, int.Feb.24,1776.

Ichabod, Esq., and Mrs.Esther Orne Cabot, Oct.13,1811.*

Jacob, of Marblehead, and, wid.Blanch Tucker, Feb.29,1764.*

Jacob, and Hannah Whitefoot, Feb.4,1770.*

Jacob, and Mary Cox, May末,1774. [certif. May21.CR12; Aug.21. dup.]*

Jacob, and Prudence Buffinton, Sept.7,1788.*

John, and Sarah Riggs, both of Gloucester, May9,1681.

John, and Margaret Witridge of Danvers, int.May16,1789.

John [Capt. int.], and Sally Mansfield, June23,1793.*

John, and Nancy Minah of Boston, int.Oct.14,1826.

Jonathan, and Eunice Gardner of Danvers, int.June2,1753.

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Foster, Aug.3,1773.*

Jonathan [Capt. int.], and Susanna Peabody, Aug.15,1790.*

Joseph, and Polly Troffeter, June24,1817.*

Lewis, and Patty Chapman, Sept.19,1797.*

Lydia, and Thomas Meek, Oct.29,1758.*

Lydia A., and James Short, Apr.22,1824.*

Margaret, and Isaac Very, jr., May13,1792.*

Martha J., and Israel P. Porter, Sept.20,1841.*

Mary, and George Curtis, Feb.12,1746.*

Mary, and Daniel Heard, May17,1812.*

Mercy, and Daniel Hopkins Mansfield, int.Nov.11,1797.

Nancy, and Joseph Farmer, Oct.23,1804.*

Nancy, and Cornelius Briggs, Oct.25,1807.*

Richard H., of Beverly, and Mary McIntyre, Sept.27,1837.*

Robert, and Nancy Malloon, Nov.28,1791.*

Ruth [], and James Woodbury, Feb.14,1808.*

Samuel, and Desire Foster, int.Nov.27,1773.

Samuel, and Eunice Stevens, May26,1791.*

Samuel, and Nancy Jenks, Oct.19,1815.*

Samuel, and Nancy Gardner, Aug.14,1825.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Smitherst, Nov.27,1758.*

Sarah, and John West, jr., int.Dec.29,1781.

Sally [], and Michael Webb, Oct.30,1796.*

Sally, and Ebenezer Osborn [of], Apr.21,1808.*

Sally, and Solomon S[,] Whipple, June2,1822.*

Susan, and Young F. Walden, Nov.3,1811.*

Susanna, and John Callum, May31,1787.*


Isaac, and Sarah Reeves, int.Oct.26,1771.

John F[], of Boston, physician, b. Boston, s.Gustavus, of Boston, and Lucy S. Saltonstall, d.Leveret, of Boston, deceased, June30,1847.*

Susannah, and Jonathan Tewksbury, July4,1765.*

TUCKESBURY (Tewksbury)

Molly, and John Southwick, 4th, of Danvers, at Danvers, Feb.22,1776.*

TUEXBURY (Tewksbury)

Hannah, and Samuel Majory, s.Samuel, deceased, Jan.2,1752.*

Jonathan, and Catherine Beadle Dec.14,1740.*

TUFFTS (Tufts)

Mary, and John Nichols, Dec.10,1815.*

Sarah, and Moses Smith, Oct.4,1818.*

TUFTS (Tafts, Tuffts)

Aaron, and Sarah Ward, Oct.24,1813.

Deborah, of Charlestown, and Joseph Frothingham, int.Sept.3,1814.

Francis H., and Sarah Ann Breed, int.May9,1835.

Grimes, and Fanny Wilkins of Danvers, int.July19,1822.

Horace, and Sarah Caul [Aug. or Sept.] 末,1827 [July7. int.]*

Ivory, and Nancy Turell, Sept.4,1808.*

Lydia, of Medford, and John Albree, at Medford, Jan.6,1793.*

Mary A., and Benjamin M. Richards, int.June25,1837.

Rachael M., and Samuel Wellman, Oct.31,1830.*

Rebekah, of Medford, and Thomas Manning, at Medford, Mar.末,1774.*

Richard, and Mina Procter, Aug.14,1791.*

Richard, and Polly Symonds, Dec.9,1792.*

Richard P[armer, of], and Mary P. Brown, Sept.18,1839.*

Samuel C., of Cambridge, and Mary Ann Barr, Dec.12,1843.*

Sarah B., and John E. [C. int.] Pitman, 1827 or 1828. [Aug.25,1827. int.]*

Sarah T., of Lynn, and Harrison G. Sumner, Feb.3,1836.*

William, and Sally Burden, Nov.30,1806.*

William, of Boston, and Eliza Herbert Mansfield, int.Nov.10,1832. (Certificate Nov.25.)


John R., of Bridgeport, and Catherine H. Shorter, int.Sept.21,1833.


Francis, and Mary S. Gay of Boston, int.Feb.28,1835.

TUKSBERRY (Tewksbury)

Hannah [], and Thomas Manning, Oct.20,1782.*


Martha, and Henry Marceia末蔓末,1808.


William S., of Danvers, and Clarissa A. Barnard, int.Nov.1,1846.


Lydia, and Robert Whitehead of Andover, Apr.30,1837.*

Tunis, and Lydia Pope, May11,1806.*


Alice G., and Jonathan Preston, May30,1819.*

Benjamin F., and Mary P. Goodhue [Goodell int.], Apr.19,1840.*

John Aves, and Susan Swasey Hodgkins of Ipswich, Apr.5,1821.*

John A., of Boston, and Martha K. Pond, int.Nov.4,1849.

Nancy, and Ivory Tufts, Sept.4,1808.*

William B., and Elizabeth Green, Nov.26,1808.*

TURET (Touret)

Victor, and Mary Dennis, int.June29,1833. (Forbidden by the mother of Turet, he being a minor.)


Bartholomew, and Ellen Murphy, int.Feb.12,1831.


Abigail, and John Reed, Dec.15,1742.*

Catherine, wid., and John Felt, May19,1757.

Charles W., and Hannah M. King, Aug.8,1836.CR12*

Christopher, and Sally Osborne, June9,1791. [July9. certif.CR12]*

Constant, and Mary Wild, May30,1802.*

Elizabeth, and Eleazer Gidney, June9,1665.CTR

Elisabeth, and Charles Redford, at Marblehead, June19,1684.

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Gerrish, 3d m., Sept.24,1696.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Thomas Berry, Esq., of Ipswich, May2,1728.*

Betsy, and Harrison Brazier, int.June13,1803.

Unice, Mrs., and Samuel Browne, Mar.19,1695-6.CTR

Eunice [], and Benjamin Browne, Esq., June19,1729.*

Freestone, d.Capt. John, and Capt. Walter Price, s.Capt. John, Mar.30,1699.

George, and Sarah Smith, int.June27,1804.

George, and Mary Smith, Dec.15,1807.*

George, and Augusta Towne, Nov.27,1835.*

George, and Mrs.Mary Batchelder of Beverly, int.Feb.28,1847.

Habbcuck, and Mary Gardner, Apr.30,1670.CTR

Henry F., and Sarah Herrick, Nov.26,1835.CR12*

Isaac [of Marblehead.CR1], and Mary Prat, May15,1719.

James H., and Joanna D. Upton of Danvers, int.Aug.6,1831. (Certificate Aug.22.)

John, and Elizabeth Roberts, 2:10m:166. [bef. 1669CTR]

John, Capt. [Maj. dup.], and Mrs.Mary Kitchen, May22,1701. [May15. dup.]

John, jr., and Mrs.Mary Osborn of Boston, int.Apr.22,1738.

John, jr., and Catharine Berry, jr., Sept.29,1752.*

John, and Hannah Smith, Nov.20,1805.*

John, and Mary Fithien, Oct.4,1825.*

Mary, and John Marston, Sept.15,1686.CTR

Mary, Mrs., and Ebenezer Bowditch, Aug.15,1728.*

Mary, and John Foot, Jan.12,1745-6.*

Mary, Mrs.[jr. int.], and Daniel Sergeant of Gloucester, Feb.3,1763.*

Mary, Mrs., and John Peterson, June29,1823.*

Samuel [of], and Sally Pitman, Aug.31,1793.*

Sarah, and Henry Gardner, Oct.19,1769.

Sarah, 2d m., and Jacob Wincheter, 2d m., s.Jacob, May24,1847.*

Watts [of Charlestown. int.], and Mehitable Henderson, Dec.21,1806.*

William [of Boston. int.], and Judith Holyoke, certif. Oct.25,1795.*


Katharine, and Patrick Welsh, int.Aug.7,1779.


Bridget Ann, and Thomas Clark [both of Lynn.CR11] May10,1842.


Charles [of Boston. int.], and Sally Austin, Feb.5,1804.*

Damaris, of Chelsea, and John Doust, int.July20,1751.

Daniel, and Nancy Cummins, int.Oct.5,1793.

Ebenezer, and Hannah Stone [of], certif. Feb.9,1778.*

Ebenezer C., of Montreal, and Eliza Thorndike, Aug.25,1831.*

Ebenezar, and Sarah Mills, Nov.19,1838.*

Edward, and Hannah Oliver, Mar.5,1767.*

Edward, and Elizabeth Foye, Sept.3,1797.*

Eliza, and Daniel Leabetter, Apr.26,1818.*

Elizabeth, and John Davis, Jan.29,1838.*

Francis W., a.24y., clerk, and Frances E. Goodhue, a.22y., Dec.29,1845.*

Hanna [], and Jacob Poland, Apr.4,1784.*

Hannah, and Henry Mansfield, June2,1788.*

Henry C. [Dr. int.], and Mrs.Clarissa Steadman, Jan.3,1832.*

Henry G., and Julia A. Wilson, Dec.2,1841.*

Henry A., trader, and Adaline A. Brown, d.Ephraim, Dec.末,1845. [Dec.9.CR4]*

Isaac, and Mary Cloutman, Jan.12,1786.*

Isaac [jr. int.], and Nancy Thomas, July9,1809.*

James Chapman, and Abigail Cloutman, Nov.24,1798.*

Joanna, of Chelsea, and Joseph Britton, at Chelsea, Sept.4,1740.*

Joanna, and Benjamin Webb, Nov.29,1789.*

John, and Elizabeth Robbins of New York, int.May29,1830. (Certificate June13.)

Mary, of Kittery, and Joseph Masury, 2d, int.Jan.26,1771.

Polly, and Jonathan Holt, Feb.6,1791.*

Mary, and Daniel Hammond, Mar.1,1818.*

Mary Ann, and John Dailey [both of Lynn.CR14], Nov.26,1836.*

Nancy, of Concord, NH, and Joshua Grant, jr., int.Jan.3,1824.

Nathaniel, and Betsy Merrett, Jan.1,1807.*

Nathaniel, and Maria F. Hersey, int.Jan.14,1838.

Nathaniel, currier, and Mary E[] Gearing [of Gloucester. int.], Sept.28,1845.*

Samuel, and Zerviah Chapman, Jan.21,1768.

Sarah, and Benjamin Cummins, int.Dec.13,1777.

Sarah C., and Benjamin Cummins, int.May13,1781.

Stephen, and Mary E. Willis, Apr.8,1844.*

Susan, of Lynn, and Job Lurvey, int.Jan.16,1810.

William, of Littleton, and Polly Lawrence, at Littleton, Dec.14,1775.

Willis, and Sally Grant, Aug.4,1811.*

Zurriah, of Concord, NH, and Joseph Ropes, jr., int.Sept.20,1834.


Henry Shaw, and Polly Trask, int.Dec.31,1803.


Joseph [Thwing. int.], and Grace Lovis, Apr.1,1817.*

TWISS (Twist)

Abiel, of Amherst, NH, and Mary Mullet, Feb.16,1806.*

Abigail, and Richard Phillips, Jan.3,1739-40.*

Abigail, and Daniel Marsh, Apr.6,1749.*

Anna, and Thomas Bowlin, Dec.12,1784.

Anne, and Ephraim Brown of Lynn, Feb.15,1742-3.*

Deborah, and Michael Chapman, Dec.5,1745.*

Ebenezer, and Hannah Harwood, int.Oct.5,1743.

Edward, and Hannah Eborne of Lynn, Feb.3,1708.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Doughty, jr., July28,1747.*

John [jr. int.], and Elizabeth Trask, Mar.5,1728-9.*

John, jr., and, wid.Mary Walden, int.Dec.10,1747.

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Nurse of Lynn, Dec.8,1743.*

Joseph, and Sarah Laskin, int.Mar.25,1732.

Joseph, and Hannah Kimball, Nov.26,1809.*

Lydia, and William Flint, int.Jan.25,1745-6.

Mary, and Edward Norrice, jr., Aug.5,1739.*

Mary, of Danvers, and Isaac Knapp, at Danvers, Nov.2,1762.*

Peter, sr., and Anne Callum, Oct.26,1680.

Peter, and Jude Town, May3,1744.*

Robert, and Hannah M. Smith, June3,1828.*

Ruth, and John Needham, July10,1749.*

Sarah, and Joseph Gold, July16,1735.*

William, and Mary Doughty, June6,1728.*

William, jr., and Elizabeth Cook, jr., Aug.28,1750.*

TWIST (Twiss)

Anna, and Thomas Bowland, int.June7,1777.

Daniell, and Mary Aborn [Eborne. dup; of Lynn. int.], Dec.22,1714.*

Daniel, jr., s.Daniel, and Lydia Callam, d.Caleb, Dec.8,1737.CR7

Ebenezer, and Betsey Duncklea of Danvers, int.June28,1800.

Ephraim, and Anne Leavit, Dec.6,1770.*

Hannah L. [S. int.], and Timothy D[ame. int.] Burnham [of], Oct.24,1830.*

Harriet, and Jonathan B. Perkins of Hopkinton, NH, int.Mar.5,1825.

John, and Abigail Pudney, Nov.20,1718.

Jonathan, and Abigail Trask, June29,1727.*

Jonathan, and Esther Bruce, Sept.6,1802.*

Lucy B., and Samuel Winn [of Boston. int.], Sept.7,1823.*

Lydia, of Danvers, and Ebenezer Varney of Dover, NH, yeoman, Jan.14,1764.CR7

Martha, and Jonathan Nurse, int.Mar.13,1713-14.

Mary, and Thomas Needham, jr., int.July13,1751.

Nancy, of Danvers, and Samuel Brown, int.Aug.21,1798.

Peter, jr., and Sarah Nurse, Dec.20,1699.CTR

Reuben, and Martha Matilda Tallus of South Carolina, int.Nov.5,1825.

Sarah, and Thorndike Verry, Oct.8,1719.

Sally, and Jonathan Brown, int.Dec.23,1780.

Sarah, of Danvers, and Eli Thomas, int.July5,1806.

Sally, and Jacob Wheeler, int.June7,1823.

Sally, and Elijah Very, Jan.末,1833.CR1*

William, and Lydia Marsh, Jan.9,1722-3.

William, and Ruth Needham of Danvers, int.Mar.13,1807.


George A., of Charlestown, and Elizabeth G. McKenny, May18,1848.*

TYLER (Tiler)

Benjamin, and Martha Luscomb, Oct.19,1740.*

Elizabeth [Taylor. int.andCR14], and Daniel Bracken, July16,1833.*

Eunice, and John Stroud, int.Jan.10,1778.

Jesse, and Mary Berry of Middleton, int.July14,1821.

John A. [of Andover. int.], and Marian L[uscomb. int.] Nichols, Dec.18,1831.*

Joshua, and Margarett Lambert [Lambard.dup.], Nov.13,1712.*

Leonard, of Andover, and Abigail N. Brown, May5,1842.*

Margaret [wid., jr. int.], and Aaron Crumb [late of Haverstraw, NY. int.], Apr.24,1764.*

Mary, and Jacob Manning, July2,1745.*

Mary, and John H. Read, Nov.8,1807.*

Orlando, of New Rowley, and Maria Brown, int.May15,1832. (Certificate June18.)

Rebecca J., of Andover, and William B. Harris, int.Jan.5,1840.

TYNKE (Tink)

John, and Rebecca Trask, Apr.8,1788.*


Eleanor, and William Ruee, Aug.21,1808.*

Margaret, and Daniel Anderson, Jan.24,1813.*

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