WACKFIELD (Wakefield)

Elisabeth [Wakefeild.int.], and Daniel Trask of Beverly, at Beverly, July10,1744.*


Benjamin C[lifford, Rev. int.], of Woburn, and Ruth [Putnam.int.] Webb, July末,1831.*

Francis H., of Ipswich, and Ann E. [Eliza Ann. int.] Grant, May20,1845.*


Joseph [of Kensington, NH. int.], and Jane Buffum, certif. Nov.14,1786.*

Mary Ann, of Kingston, and Samuel Johnson, int.Nov.10,1810.

Matilda, and Samuel H. Dale of Bangor, ME, Aug.22,1836.CR12*

WADLEY (Wadleigh)

Ephraim, and Sally Fearless, certif. Feb.3,1805.*


Benjamin, and Hannah Southwick, Apr.22,1797.

Betsy, and Jonathan Palmer, certif. Oct.6,1805.*

Samuel, of Milton, and Ruth Thomas, Oct.18,1772.*

Susanna, and Benjamin Reeves, Oct.23,1804.*

Thomas, and Mary Crispin, Apr.4,1777.*

WAILING (Worling)

Thomas, and Mary Orington, int.Dec.17,1825. (Dec.19, forbidden by Tho. Worling.)

WAILS (Wales)

William, and Mary Stone, both of Beverly, Aug.21,1744.


Francis, Col., of Ipswich, and Madam Elizabeth Hirst, int.June23,1711. (He died before marriage.)

Samuel, of Ipswich, and Mrs.Mary Flint, Jan.27,1724-5.

WAIT (Waite, Waitt)

Aaron [formerly of Malden. int.], and Elisabeth Call of Charlestown, at Charlestown, Mar.10,1766.*

Ann H., and Jonathan Edwards, resident of Watertown [U.S. Ord.Dept. int.], Feb.8,1820.*

Elizabeth, and William Stone, Nov.15,1806.*

Harriet, and Nathaniel L. Rogers, Oct.24,1813.*

Lydia, and Israel Williams, May22,1796.*

Susanna, and Phillip Purvier, Sept.15,1815.*

WAITE (Wait)

Aaron, jr., and Hannah Randell, May31,1808.*

Betsy, and John Dodge, jr., Oct.2,1808.*

Thomas [of Newburyport. int.], and Mrs.Hannah Ethens, Nov.24,1811.*


Richard M., and Eliza [Elizabeth.int.] G. Hammond, Sept.30,1834.*

WAITT (Wait)

Hannah, Mrs., and Israel Cook, Aug.18,1811.*

Isaac B., of Boston, and Mary Cheever, May26,1833.*

Mary E., and George H. Rockliff, both of Danvers, Feb.22,1846.

Samuel, and Harriot Carter, both of Danvers, June6,1819.

Sally, and William Harran, May12,1808.*

William S., of Boston, and Sarah Newhall, May9,1820.*

WAKEFEILD (Wakefield)

Anne, and William Brown of Boston, int.Mar.20,1731-2.

Dorcas, and William Dove of Boston, June30,1715.*

Ebenezer, and Experience Thornton of Boston, int.Sept.5,1713.

John, and Sarah Gavett, int.Nov.13,1779.

Joseph, and Mary Griffis, Oct.20,1735.*

Samuel, and Elizabeth Dove, June2,1675.

WAKEFIELD (Wackfield, Wakefeild)

Elizabeth, and Samuel Ingersoll, Sept.5,1700.CTR

Harriet A., and William Jackson, Mar.31,1839.*

John, and Lydia Whittemore, Apr.3,1757.

John, and Sally Richards, July12,1812.*

Joseph, and Susanna Trask, Dec.10,1719.

Lucy, and Rankling [Ranking. int.] Brown, Mar.18,1804.*

Lydia, and William Miller [formerly of Lancaster, Great Britain, late of Boston. int.], Aug.21,1764.*

Mary, and Christian Minot [Minor. int.], Jan.4,1824.*

Rebecca, and William King, Sept.19,1717.

Sally, and Loammi Foster of Marblehead, int.July17,1802.

William, and Rebekah Littlefield, Mar.13,1698-9.CTR

William, and Susan Horton, Dec.3,1815.*

William, and [Mrs.int.] Elizabeth Grant, Aug.20,1839.*


John, s.Thomas, and Elizabeth Sowers [both of Gloucester?], May10, [bef. 1659?].

WALCOT (Walcott)

Elizabeth, wid., and John Needham, Feb.11,1739-40.*

Jabez, and Lydia [Elizabeth.int.] Flint, May29,1733.*

John, and Elisabeth Papilian [Pompilion of Boston. int.], at Boston, Jan.28,1730.*

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Smith, Nov.7,1727.*

Mary, and David Harrod, Jan.15,1700-1701.

Mary, and Nathaniell Wood of Ipswich, int.Nov.9,1728.

Mary, and William Brackenbury of Ipswich, int.Aug.14,1730.

WALCOTT (Walcot, Walcut, Wallcot, Wallcott, Wolcott)

Ebenezer, and Elizabeth Wiley of Reading, Nov.26,1717.

John, and Elizabeth Perkins, Oct.29,1717.

Jonathan, and Mary Sibly, 26:11m:1664.CTR

Josiah [Wilcot. dup.], 2d m., and Mrs.Mary Freke of Boston [at Boston.CTR], May1,1694.

Mary, of Salem Village, and Isaac Fawer of Woburn, Apr.29,1696.CTR

Mehittable, and Joseph Pickworth of Marblehead, Jan.3,1739.*

Samuel B., of Hopkinton, NH, and Martha Pickman [d.Hon. Benjamin.CR12], June1,1829.*

WALCUT (Walcott)

Experience, and John Oakes, int.July3,1732.

Jonathan, and Lydia Gale, May31,1785.*

WALCUTT (Walcott)

Abraham, and Ruth Hooper, 22:9m:1682.CTR

Abraham, and Abigail Brigs [of Reading.CR2], Apr.10,1689.CTR

Jerusha, and Frances Elliot of Boxford, int.Dec.3,1715.

Jonathan, 2d m., and Deliverance Putnam, Apr.23,1685CTR

WALDEN (Waldern, Waldon, Waldron)

Charles C., and Matilda E. Burbank, Nov.21,1841.*

Daniel, and Marian Caldwell, Nov.4,1813.*

Edward T., and Almira M. Bowmer of Wenham, int.Oct.8,1837.

Elias, and Elizabeth Newhall, int.Jan.22,1825. (Jan.24, forbidden by E. Newhall.)

Elias, and Mary Anthony of Marblehead, int.June11,1825.

Elizabeth, and Luke E. Dodge, Jan.25,1835.*

John, jr., and Abigall Cutler, July18,1717.

Joseph, and Mrs.Mary Ann Walden, Nov.5,1829.*

Joseph F., and Mary Austin, Nov.25,1841.*

Lucy D., and William Gowing, Dec.3,1840.*

Lydia F., and Joseph Pedrick, Sept.1,1835.*

Mary, wid., and John Twiss, jr., int.Dec.10,1747.

Mary Ann, Mrs., and Joseph Walden, Nov.5,1829.*

Nathaniel, and Mary Nurse of Lynn, int.Mar.17,1735-6.

Sarah M[aria.int.], and Charles C. Teel, Apr.22,1841.*

Tamsin, and Benjamin Chaplin of Lynn, at Lynn, Oct.10,1717.

Young F., and Susan Tucker, Nov.3,1811.*

Young F., and Lucy Dickson [of Charlestown. int.], Aug.15,1824.*

Young F., and Nancy Palfry, int.Jan.12,1833. (Certificate Jan.27.)

WALDERN (Walden)

John, and Dorcas Rise, Sept.25,1679.


Jonathan, and Mary Ropes, Apr.20,1780.*

Jonathan, and Milly Messinger of Wrentham, Feb.5,1783.*

Mary Jane, of Charletown, and Augustus J. Archer, int.Apr.11,1841.

Milly [Mrs.int.], and [Rev. int.] John Prince, Nov.27,1816.*

Sally, and William Wetmore, Esq., at Boston, Oct.8,1782.

WALDON (Walden)

Isaac, and Sally Short, Oct.末,1830.*

WALDRON (Walden)

Abraham, and Mary Scott, certif. Feb.2,1777.*

Hannah [of Marblehead.int.], and Nathaniel Swasey, at Marblehead, Sept.18,1746.*

WALES (Wails)

Hannah, and John Bessom of Marblehead, int.Oct.25,1823.


Abigail, Mrs., and Joseph Andros of Topsfield, Nov.2,1704.

Abigaill, and Samuell Osgood, Jan.21,1720.


Abbot, and Elizabeth K. Smith, Feb.末,1826.*

Alexander, and Martha West, Apr.16,1770.

Alexander, and Mercy Wendell, May27,1798.*

Alexander, and [Mrs.CR12] Judith Fowler, certif. June14,1807.*

Benjamin, and Susan Perkins Wilbur,末蔓末, [bef. 1826.]

Catherine C., and Daniel L. [I. int.] Cooper, Jan.10,1837.*

Daniel, and, wid.Mary Atkinson, int.Jan.13,1770.

David, and Sally Daniell, Dec.8,1805.*

David, and Mary Daniels, July25,1816.*

David, and Mary Richards, May5,1839.*

Eliza [Elizabeth.int.], and Jacob Caldwell, Apr.2,1835.*

Elizabeth, and Paul Carter, Aug.末,1804.*

Elizabeth S., and George Creamer, int.Mar.4,1849.

George, and Mary Hathorne, Dec.26,1788.

Harriet [Hannah L. int.], and George Ramsdell, July28,1833.*

Henry, and, wid.Mary Browne, both of Gloucester, 26:7m:1662.

Henry, and Nancy Hollis, int.Dec.2,1825.

Horton D., and Susan Maria Rugg, May17,1835.*

Isabella, and Thomas Carney, b. Ireland, Oct.28,1847.*

John, and Mary Donald [McDonald.int.], Nov.7,1784.*

John, and Betsy Munion, certif. July28,1801.*

Judith, and Philip Kimball, Nov.12,1815.*

Julia Arm, and Isaac A. Woodbury, June20,1827.*

Katherine, and John Blany [3d.int.], Nov.20,1712.*

Nancy, wid., and John Davis, Jan.3,1831.*

Parker D., and Margaret A. Janes, Mar.21,1842.*

Peter, and Sally Edey of Newburyport, int.Aug.31,1799.

Robert, and, wid.Elizabeth Andrew, Apr.19,1787.*

Robert, and Mary Hitchben, Mar.2,1788.*

Samuel L., and Sarah Burbank, both of Danvers, Nov.22,1840.

Sally, and William Cumbs, June24,1794.*

William, and Elizabeth Hoden, Jan.2,1803.

WALL (Walls)

William, and Susan Callum, int.Oct.4,1818.

WALLACE (Wallis)

Abigail, and John Skerry, int.Mar.1,1783.

Caroline, of Milford, NH, and Abel Lawrence, jr., int.Jan.6,1816.

Eliza, of Beverly, and Charles Pearson, int.Sept.7,1816.

Betsey, of Danvers, and Thomas Driscoll, int.Aug.22,1819.

Lucretia Ann, and William Canady, int.Apr.16,1837. (Stopped by order of Kennedy.)

Ruth [of Beverly.int.], and Edward Gavett, July11,1816.*

Sally [Sarah.int.], and Joseph Cary of Beverly, Mar.10,1793.*

Sarah E., and Asa C. Dix, trader, Oct.1,1848.*

William, and Marion Miller, int.Mar.3,1844.

WALLCOT (Walcott)

William, and Mary Felt, Aug.6,1712.*

WALLCOTT (Walcott)

Anne, and Joshua Felt of Boston, Jan.15,1712-13.*

WALLIS (Wallace)

Abigail, and John Lanquester, July末,1824. [Oct.2. int.]*

Ann, and Jacob Eams of Boxford, Feb.13,1744-5.*

Caleb, and Ruth Verry, Feb.25,1728-9.*

Caleb, jr., and Hannah Dimond, Jan.31,1753.*

Caroline, and Thomas H. Lefavour, int.Aug.29,1847.

David, and Lydia English, Aug.5,1821.*

David, of Beverly, and Lydia Marshall, int.Nov.28,1829.

David, of Beverly, and Lydia Marshall, int.Feb.12,1831. (Certificate Mar.4.)

Eliza, and John G. Willis, int.Oct.11,1846.

M.A., and Hezekiah Plummer, int.June7,1846.

Hanna, and Charles Hamilton, Sept.25,1777.*

Harriet, and John G. York, Sept.17,1843.*

Jane [M. int.], and Abraham L. Barringson, Aug.13,1837.*

Jemima, and Thomas Seymore, late of Boston, now resident of Salem, int.Jan.24,1761.

Joanna L., of Beverly, and Hasket D. Whitney, int.Jan.11,1834.

John, and Susanna 末末, at Reading, Apr.17,1807.

John, and Sarah G. Ramsdell of Marblehead, int.June2,1827.

Joseph, and Abigail Richards, Aug.16,1770.*

Joseph, and Sarah D. Hutchinson, Sept.28,1824.*

Joseph [of Beverly.int.], and Sarah Jane Porter, Dec.4,1845.*

Levi, and Mercy C. Bartoll, May8,1817.CR12*

Lydia, and Robert Goodale, Jan.30,1752.*

Lydia, and William Bryant of Beverly, Nov.3,1845.*

Margarett, and David Dolley, int.Mar.1,1711-12.

Mary, Mrs., and Benjamin Raymond of Beverly, at Beverly, Feb.4,1736-7.

Mary, and Jonathan Stone, Sept.20,1812.*

Mary, and John Crowley, Feb.16,1836.*

Nathaniel, of Beverly, and Sarah Dale, July1,1740.*

Rebekah, and Hubbard Oliver, at Boston, Aug.2,1769.

Robert, and Polly Aveson, Dec.13,1787.*

Robert, and Rebebca Hovey, Aug.26,1824.CR1*

Samuel, of Ipswich, and Ann Porter, at Topsfield, July7,1696.

Sarah, and Daniell Stone, July18,1699. [July20,1698.CTR]

Sarah, of Beverly, and William Harris, at Beverly, July25,1732.*

Sophia, and Elijah Bennet, Dec.2,1812.*

Thomas, and Mary Cummings, jr., Mar.1,1765.*

William, and Priscilla Blanchard, Nov.8,1827.*

WALLS (Wall)

Mary E., and M[oses.int.] Justin Plummer, June27,1843.*

WALPEY (Valpey)

Lydia, and Robert Maxwell, Oct.27,1782.

WALPY (Valpey)

John, and Abigail Groves, July12,1764.

WALSH (Welch)

Abraham, and Annis Janes, Oct.31,1813.*

Catherine, and Michael Fearman [Fearnan. int.; Tearnan.CR14], Sept.24,1839.*

Catherine, and William C. Murphey, b. Ireland, June17,1847. [July4. int.]*

Ellen, and James Oshea, June30,1839.*

Margaret [Welsh.int.], and David Harding [Hardy.int.], July3,1828.*

Mary, and Walter Arrington, Feb.12,1835.*

Patrick, and Catherine Roach, both b. Ireland, July25,1848.*

William [Welsh.int.], and Catherine Hifle, Nov.29,1826.*

William F., and Elizabeth Putney of Portland, ME, int.Dec.24,1843.

WALTERS (Waters)

Abigail, and John Jacobs, Apr.6,1704.

[Richard.CTR], and Martha Read, Mar.3,1697-8.

Ruth, and Benjamin Marsh of Sutton, int.Oct.21,1732.

Samuell, and Mary Hawkins, Aug.2,1698.

Thomas, and Mary Roundee, Apr.19,1695.


Catherine, a.28y., and Patrick Fahy of Boston, a.34y., laborer, s.末末 of Ireland, May19,1844.*

Clarisa Ann, and Joshua G. Barnard of Danvers, int.Mar.25,1838.

Ebenezer N., and Emeline Kimball, int.Oct.18,1846.

George D., and Margaret Hooper of Marblehead, int.Aug.6,1843.

Hannah M., and Albert A. Averell, int.Aug.25,1839.

J. Andrew, and Maria Hazeltine, Mar.17,1845.*

James, and Rebecca Bassett, int.June10,1826.

John, and Mary A. Manning of Marblehead, int.July7,1844.

Joseph, of Danvers, and Mary R. Cummings, int.Oct.16,1828.

Lydia Maria, and Edward Buxton, jr. of Danvers, int.May9,1847.

Martha A., and Joseph Corning of Danvers, int.Dec.7,1845.

Nathan M., and Eliza D. McLain, int.Dec.9,1849.

William J., and Harriet Rideout, Aug.9,1843.*

William A., and Eliza Ann Jewett, int.Nov.5,1848.

WANDERFORD (Vanderford)

Benjamin, and Sarah Kehou, Sept.25,1785.

WARD (Warde)

Abigail, and George Peal, jr., Jan.31,1723-4.

Abigail, and Samuel Griffith of Portsmouth [NH. int.], Dec.7,1752.*

Abigail, and William Hathorne, Sept.17,1768.

Abby R., d.Andrew, and George S.G. Spence of West Wrentham [of Boston. int.], clergyman, Apr.6,1847.*

Adeline, and Benjamin Farless, Mar.24,1828.*

Andrew, and Sarah Henfield, May末,1773. [certif. May11.CR12]*

Andrew [jr. int.], and Martha Babbidge, Jan.6,1793.*

Andrew [3d.int.], and Betsy Bowman, Nov.18,1798.*

Andrew, and Abigail R[ichardson. int.] Abbot, July11,1819.*

Anna, and Jonathan Mansfield, jr., Oct.27,1762. [Oct.21.CR1]*

Asa A., of North Reading, and Jane C. Sawyer, Sept.5,1837.*

Benjamin, and Deborah Gillingham, May5,1724.

Benjamin, jr., and Mary Osgood, May19,1751.*

Benjamin [3d.int.], and Elizabeth Babbidge, Nov.15,1770.*

Benjamin [Capt. int.], jr., and [wid.int.] Mary Carlton, May24,1801.*

Bethia, and Thomas W. Taylor, Feb.11,1823.*

Chipman, clerk, s.Joseph C., and Frances Le Vallois, Mar.31,1846.*

Content, and Samuel Skerry [jr. int.], certif. Sept.8,1798.*

Deborah, and Pinson Bickford, Dec.9,1756.

Eben [Ebenezer. int.] Butolph, and Abigail Waters, July13,1786.*

Ebenezer, and Rachel Pickman, Oct.23,1735.*

Ebenezer [jr. int.], and Mehitable Buttolph, Aug.10,1758.*

Eliza, Mrs., of Boston, and Jonathan Ward, int.Mar.15,1828.

Elizabeth, and Samuell Gray, Mar.23,1721-2.

Elizabeth, and William Pool, Oct. [10. int.], 1761.*

Betsy, and [Capt. int.] Richard Gardner, certif. July29,1797.*

Betsy, and Nathaniel Appleton, certif. Sept.24,1803.*

Betsy, Mrs., and Joseph Chamberlain, Sept.27,1812.*

Ellen Sophia, and William Henry Allen, int.Jan.6,1839.

Esther Gilbert, and Nathaniel Very, Sept.9,1821.*

Francis, resident in Salem, and Susanna Farmer of Danvers, June26,1796.

Frederick G., and Elizabeth C. Spenser, May9,1831.*

Gamaliel Hodges, and Priscilla Lambert Townsend, Aug.16,1808.*

Gamaliel E., and Louisa Hunt, int.Feb.9,1833. (Certificate Apr.13.)

George Curwin, and Abigail Elkins, May30,1786.*

George, and Alicia Burrill, Oct.25,1797.*

George A., and Mehitable Cushing, Oct.5,1816.*

Hanah, and Eleazer Moises, June24,1697.CTR

Hannah, and Samuel Webb, Nov.9,1758.*

Hannah, and [Capt. int.] Jonathan Neal [jr. int.], May29,1791.*

Hannah, and Charles Hobart, Dec.14,1823.*

Israel, and Mary Murray, Jan.9,1803.*

Israel, jr., and Hannah Goodhue, May25,1824.*

Israel, and Sarah Gerrish, Aug.7,1831.*

Israel, 3d, and Fanny Wing, Feb.6,1832.*

James, and Mehitable Williams, July24,1783.*

James, of Eastport, ME, and Mary L. Chase, int.Oct.20,1839.

Jehedan, and Ebenezer Felton, Oct.26,1716.

John, and Jeheadan Harvy, at Marblehead, Aug.22,1689.

John, and Mrs.Hannah Higginson, Sept.26,1734. [ Sept.17. dup.]*

John, and Martha Batters, Sept.14,1758.*

John, jr. [s.John. int.], and Bethiah Archer [d.Abigail. int.], June4,1761.*

John, and Molly [wid.Mary.int.] Emerton, Oct.24,1784.*

John, and Christiana [Cresy.int.] Dean, Feb.25,1796.*

John, and Sarah Patterson, Dec.17,1822.*

John, jr., and Mary Cowen, Feb.6,1823.*

Jonathan, and Ruth Bott, certif. Feb.22,1811.*

Jonathan, and Mrs.Eliza Ward of Boston, int.Mar.15,1828.

Joshua, and Hanna Flint, 18:11m:1668.CTR

Joshua, and Sarah Trevet, Sept.17,1722.

Joshua, and Lydia Hawkes [wid.int.] of Marblehead, at Marblehead, Jan.21,1745.*

Joshua, Dea., and Ruth Woodward [wid., of Gloucester. int.], at Gloucester, June2,1773.*

Joshua, jr., and Elizabeth Whitworth, certif. Jan.25,1780.*

Joshua, jr., and Susanna Holyoke, certif. Aug.1,1799.*

Joshua, and Mrs.Susan Magee of Boston, int.Mar.31,1810.

Josiah, and Lydia Deland, at Newbury, Nov.6,1781.

Laura A., of Boston, and William H. Foster, int.Apr.6,1822.

Lucretia, and Joseph Osgood of Danvers, June14,1770.*

Lucy, wid., and John Gilson, int.Nov.8,1823.

Lucy, wid., and Jonathan Peirce, Nov.19,1826.*

Lucy Ann, of boston, and Charles Lawrence, int.Nov.2,1833.

Lydia H[enfield.int.], and William Scagell, Sept.7,1823.*

Malthus A., Dr., and Eliza Cheever, int.Apr.11,1829.

Margaret, and John West, jr., Mar.19,1730-31.*

Martha, and William Webster, Nov.21,1754.*

Martha, and Charles Adams of Brookfield, certif. May10,1807.*

Mary, and Adoniram Collins, Nov.20,1701.

Mary, and Thomas Dean, int.Oct.9,1731.

Mary, and John Berry, May11,1788.*

Mary, and Henry Osborn, Dec.25,1796.*

Polly, and John Colby, June3,1802.*

Mary, and William Farrington, June23,1805.*

Mary, and Joseph R. Chandler of Boston, Mar.29,1815.*

Mary A., and Samuel M.D. Bulson, 1827 or 1828. [June2,1827. int.]*

Mary P. and Charles Weston, Nov.26,1829.*

Mary H[olyoke. int.], and Andrew Nichols [of Danvers.int.], Oct.3,1833.*

Mary T[ownsend.int.], and Stephen Burchmore, jr., June3,1835.*

Mary Elizabeth, and Elliot F. Smith of Danvers, tailor, s.Elliot, dec., Mar.4,1846.*

Mehitable, and Henry Carwick, certif. Mar.25,1786.*

Melinda A., and Thomas [P. int.] Munroe, Sept.22,1826.*

Miles, and Sarah Massey, Sept.16,1697.CTR

Miles, jr., and Elizabeth Webb, Jan.3,1727-8.*

Miles, and Sarah Ropes, int.Jan.23,1730-31.

Miles, jr., and Mrs.Hannah Hathorne, Oct.10,1737.*

Miles, 3d, and Mrs.Hannah Chipman of Beverly, at Beverly, June28,1772.*

Nathaniel, and Polly Cutler, Aug.18,1799.*

Nathaniel, and Sally Trask of Danvers, at Danvers, Dec.12,1799.*

Priscilla L., and Joseph Rowell, Apr.3,1832.*

Rachel, and Edward Lang, Apr.末,1768.

Rachel, and Daniel Farrington of Springfield, VT, Jan.20,1791.*

Richard, and [Mrs.CR1] Mehetabel Curwen, Nov.8,1764.*

Richard, jr., and Lydia Robinson, certif. Apr.14,1805.*

Ruth, wid., and Joseph Clough, Mar.24,1771.*

Ruth, and Nehemiah Butman, int.Aug.5,1820. (Further proceedings postponed, at their written request.)

Samuel, and Priscilla Hodges, Jan.2,1768.

Samuel Curwen, and Jane Ropes, Oct.31,1790.*

Samuel Curwin, and Melvina T. Glover, int.Aug.23,1807.

Sarah, and John Ives, Mar.13,1755.*

Sarah, and Samuel Hobbs, certif. Jan.5,1778.*

Sara, and Nathaniel Knight, Oct.26,1784.*

Sarah, and James Cushing [of Sanbornton, NH. int.], Oct.31,1793.*

Sally, and Benjamin Felt, jr., certif. Oct.26,1794.*

Sarah, and John Plantine, Sept.23,1804.*

Sarah P., and Ira Eaton, Apr.20,1813.*

Sarah, and Aaron Tufts, Oct.24,1813.

Sally, and Victor Touret, Nov.28,1813.*

Sarah, of Lynn, and Charles Baldwin, int.Mar.26,1831. (Certificate Apr.18.)

Sarah P., Mrs., and Joseph Sibley, Nov.14,1841.*

Stephen, and Abigail Foster, Jan.8,1807.*

Susan, and Charles Osgood, June19,1838.*

Susanna, Mrs., and Capt. William Masury, May2,1750.*

Thomas, and Rebeccah Browne, int.Aug.7,1733.

William, and Ruth Putnam [jr. int.], May17,1761.*

William, and Mary Masury, Apr.19,1768.

William, and Martha Procter, Feb.16,1785.*

William [Capt. int.], and Joanna Chipman, Nov.14,1790.*

WARDE (Ward)

Lyddea, and Robert Glanfeild, July12,1665.CTR

Martha, and Pasca Foot, jr., 2:10m:1668.CTR


John, and Mary Nurse, July23,1769.

WARDEN (Wardin)

Catherine W., and Joshua B. Little of Danvers, tanner, Jan.28,1847.*

Betsy, and William G. Very of Lynn, May20,1823.CRl*

John, jr., and Rachel Ross, certif. Feb.9,1801.*

Sarah G., and Timothy Holmes [of Danvers.int.], Dec.1,1825.*

William R. and Almira H. Smith, int.Sept.22,1839.

WARDIN (Warden)

John [Warrin. int.], and Sarah Gorman, Nov.13,1772.*


Abiel, and Hannah Elledge, certif. Apr.28,1800.*

Abiel, Capt., and Esther Andrews, Jan.20,1811.*

Benjamin, and Sukey Hammond of Danvers, at Danvers Oct.20,1797.*

Benjamin, and Dorothy Moulton, certif. June1,1801.*

Clarissa, and Erastus Ware of Danvers, certif. Mar.14,1813.*

Ezekiel, and Mary R. Kate, May31,1829.*

Frances F., of Andover, and Moody Russell, int.May23,1829. (Certificate June8.)

Henry, and Sally Nichols of Danvers, int.Dec.7,1822.

John S., and Malvina [Lavinia.int.] H. Pace, June9,1836.*

Nathaniel A., and Margaret Todd, Jan.12,1843.*

Ruth, see Church, Ruth.

Sarah, and Jonathan Darling, Mar.31,1741.*

Simon [of Andover. int.], and, wid.Sarah Dole, Oct.14,1819.*

Susan, and Aaron Perkins, Nov.1,1826.*

William D., of Boston, and Mary Ann Patterson, int.Nov.29,1834.


Alfred, and Ruth Church [Wardwell. int.], Mar.10,1823.*

Benjamin P. [of Marblehead.int.], and Hannah U. Clifton, Oct.29,1846.*

Catherine P., of Marblehead, d.Erastus, of Marblebead, and James K. Cook, May28,1846.

Clara [W. int.], of Marblehead, and Joseph Rose, jr., Mar.5,1838.

Erastus, of Danvers, and Clarissa Wardwell, certif. Mar.14,1813.*

Erastus D., and Angeline Carroll of Lynn, int.Nov.26,1846.

Horace, and Allice H. Davis of Paxton, int.Nov.6,1819.

Laura H., and Walter W. Erving, Nov.11,1838.

Mary A., and Josiah L. Ham, int.Dec.14,1845.

WAREN (Warren)

Sara, and Robert Prince, 5:2m:1662.CTR


Eliphelet, s.Samuel, of Mendon, tanner, and Lydia Boyce, d.Jonathan, husbandman, Dec.10,1731.CR7

Lydia, wid., of Danvers, and Joseph Buffum, blacksmith, June13,1757.CR7


Anna G., and Richard Mathews [of Yarmouth.int.], May2,1844.*

Benjamin, of Brimfeild, and Ruth Needham, int.Apr.11,1733.

Caleb, and Mary Pearson of Ipswich., int.July1,1809.

Caleb, and [Mrs.int.] Mary Porter, July4,1819.*

Caleb, and Sarah Gould, Jan.28,1830.*

Charles, and Anne J. [S. int.] Warren, Feb.8,1849.*

Daniel, and Lucy Danforth of Londonderry, int.Dec.12,1807.

Hannah, and Amariah Peirce, May15,1813.*

Jane S., and Tappan U. [W. int.] Noyes, Oct.12,1840.*

John, jr., of Londonderry, NH, and Abigail Stone, int.Nov.11,1809.

John, and Elizabeth Goodhue, Apr.4,1816.*

John, and Eleanor Vicary, Aug.3,1828.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth Converse, Oct.15,1807.*

Joseph, and Jane Saunders, Nov.23,1831.*

Lorenzo D., of Danvers, and Mary Pope, int.Sept.3,1848.

Louisa A[nn. int.], and Joshua Buffum [jr. int.], Nov.14,1833.*

Martha, and Joseph Renew [Rincio.CR1], Nov.12,1765.*

Patty, and John [F. int.] Stephens, Nov.13,1806.*

Mary, and Jeremiah Hood, Mar.6,1812.

Mary P., and Abner Brooks, June4,1832. [June14.CR10]*

Matilda, and John Pluef of Lynn, int.Mar.30,1833. (Certificate Apr.15.)

Peter, and Elizabeth Pease, May22,1768.

Stephen, and Hannah Read, certif. Feb.5,1803.*

Susan P., and George F. Flint of Charlestown, Apr.21,1836.*

William F., and Emeline P. Call, Sept.3,1848.*

WARREN (Waren, Warring)

Anne J. [S. int.], and Charles Warner, Feb.8,1849.*

Emily G., and Caleb S. Currier of Danvers, int.Dec.4,1842.

George W., of Belfast, ME, and Mary Ann Reed, Mar.20,1837.*

George H., and Sarah A. Luscomb, Dec.21,1847.*

Hannah, and Osgood Stephens, Dec.29,1842.*

James G., and Eliza J. Porter, Nov.4,1835.

John, and Huldah Peabody of Middleton, int.Apr.22,1820.

John M., of Brimfield, and Charlotte K. Burley, int.Aug.13,1848.

Louisa A., of Leicester, and Amos D. Wheeler, int.July24,1830. (Certificate Aug.10.)

Lucy U. [M. int.], and Thomas Malloon, tanner, Dec.8,1844.*

Lydia Ann, and Lyman Bunker, Oct.17,1841.*

Mary, ana John Greene, 7:10m:1659.CTR

Polly, and Charles Rinaldi [of Boston. int.], certif. Mar.14,1785.*

Mary Ann [Mary E. int.], and Edward P. Burditt of Newburyport, Nov.13,1838.*

Sarah, and Jonathan Launder, May20,1787.

William W., and Elizabeth W. Burchstead of Beverly, Dec.8,1839.*

William S., and Elizabeth D. Haskell, Nov.11,1841.*

WARRING (Warren)

Benjamin, and Sarah Dove Jan.13,1759.


Mathew, and Susanna Gray, int.Oct.30,1731.

WASGATE (Wasgatt, Wesgate)

Cornelius, and Betsy [M. int.] Symonds, Apr.12,1832.*

Harriet, and Edward Rowell, Nov.25,1837.*

Mary Elizabeth, and Robert P. Clough, Aug.1,1848.*

WASGATT (Wasgate)

William, and Rebecca S. Henman, Mar.24,1816.*

William, and Ann Flowers, Dec.10,1829.*


Eliezer, and Ruth Lindsay Breed, July12,1801.*


Elizabeth Ann, of Portsmouth, and Jessee Tompkins, int.Aug.3,1845.


John F., and Emeline J. Brown, Apr.5,1847.*


Bridgett, wid., and Thomas Oliver, July26,1666.CTR

WATER (Waters)

Anne, Mrs., and Norden Pedrick of Marblehead, Dec.28,1713.*

WATERS (Walters, Water, Watters)

Abel, and Hannah Procter, July9,1751.*

Abigaile, and William Punchard, Oct.26,1669.CTR

Abigail, and Eleazer Porter, int.Sept.2,1732.

Abigail, and Eben [Ebenezer. int.] Butolph Ward, July13,1786.*

Andrew S. and Emeline [Eveline. int.] Very, Mar.29,1830.*

Benjamin, and Esther Gilbert of Ipswich, int.Apr.13,1745.

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Becket, Sept.13,1805.*

Christina [Christiana.CR4], and Nathaniel Weston, Sept.22,1819. [ Sept.12.CR4]*

Ellenor, and Addison Richardson, int.Oct.5,1833.

Elizabeth, and Timothy Mackmar, Sept.7,1716.

Elizabeth, and Isaac Cook, Jan.17,1726-7.

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Stacey, int.Nov.16,1745.

Elizabeth, and Henry Jacobs, int.Apr.23,1748.

Elizabeth, and Samuel F. Williams [Welman. int.], Oct.18,1807.*

Ester, and Edward Standley, June12,1803.*

Ester, and John Williams [jr. int.], July26,1818.*

Eunice, and Thomas Gardner, Feb.13,1728-9.*

Hanna, and Joseph Striker, 末:2m:1673.CTR

Hannah, and William Becket, Oct.7,1798.*

Joanna H., and Joseph A. Short, Oct.30,1831.*

John, and Sara Tompkins, 1:6m:1663.CTR

John, and Elizabeth Gardner, Nov.30,1721.

John, and Abigail Putnam, wid., Dec.8,1747.*

John [b. Newburyport. dup.], and Eleanor Shale of Beverly, at Beverly, Dec.1,1799.*

John, and Mary Lakeman, Aug.19,1816.*

John G., and Mary Neal, Aug.4,1825.*

John, 3d, and Abigail Whitney, Oct.16,1833.*

Jonathan, and Mehitable Gyles, Aug.10,1738.*

Joseph, and Mary Dean, July2,1782.*

Joseph G., and Eliza G. Townsend, Dec.8,1825.*

Lucy, and Mathew Adams Stickney, 2d m., Dec.25,1838.*

Lydia, and John Procter [jr. int.], Dec.14,1727.*

Lydia, and Thomas Dean [Jr. int.], Jan.11,1784.*

Mary, and Clement English, Aug.27,1667.CTR

Mary, and Nehem Barker, Nov.1,1716.

Mary, and John Felton, Apr.6,1721.

Mary, and Henry Williams, Jan.26,1727-8.*

Mary, and Tobias Johns, both of Marblehead, June14,1748.

Mary, and Daniel Gilbert [of Brookfeld.int.], May4,1806.*

Mary Ann, and John Nichols, Sept.22,1831.*

Mary Jane, and Israel E. Lovett of Beverly, Nov.27,1835.*

Mehittable, and Samuel Foster, Oct.26,1738.*

Mercy, and Thomas Gould, jr., Apr.7,1745.*

Nathaniel, and Mary Gardner, Nov.29,1737.*

Phebe, and Thomas West, 11:8m:1658.CTR

Robert, and Lydia Gellison [Gallison. int.], July1,1793.*

Samuel, and Bethiah Archer, Jan.1,1694-5.CTR

Samuel, and Silence Rogers, Jan.9,1726-7.

Samuel, and Sarah Purchase, Sept.21,1733.*

Samuel, and Mary Ropes [wid.int.], May1,1760.*

Samuel, and Sally Leach, Apr.3,1791.*

Sara, and Joshua Ray, Feb.26,1651.CTR

Sarah, d.John, and John Symons, Mar.3,1689-90.CTR

Sarah, and Benjamin Felt, jr., May4,1756.*

Sally, and Jesse Willis [of Boston. int.], Dec.3,1818.*

Sarah C., and Jonathan Wilson, Aug.2,1825.*

Stephen, and Hannah Frothingham of Charlestown, at Charlestown, Apr.23,1747.*

Stephen, and Ruth Hutchinson [wid.int.] of Danvers, at Danvers, Feb.13,1771.*

Stephen, and Jane Ulmer of Danvers, at Danvers, Apr.3,1775.*

Susanah, and Hezekiah Phillips, now resident in Salem, int.Nov.18,1710.

Thomas, and Joanna Hamilton, Mar.31,1800.*

William C., and Sally Masury, Nov.16,1823.*

William D., and Abigail Devereux, Feb.19,1827.*

William, and Martha A. Wright, May18,1838.*

William, of Andover, and Harriet Driver, Oct.24,1839.*

William, widr., painter, s.John, and Lucy B. Wright, June10,1845.*

William C., and Mrs.Susan W. Flint, int.Nov.22,1846.

Windsopher, and George C. Cook, Oct.24,1830.*


Andrew, and Elizabeth Miller, Feb.28,1813.*

Susan L., and Augustus Harrington of Danvers, Apr.30,1848.*

Thomas, and Elizabeth Felton, 29:9m:1678.CTR


Abigail, and William Bradstreet Parker, Apr.20,1800.*

Abraham, and [Mrs.int.] Elizabeth Pickering [July17,1736. int.].*

Avis, and William Hill, Aug.10,1843.*

Daniel P., and Lydia H. Stimpson, Jan.21,1849.*

Eliza, of Dover, NH, and Samuel P. Wood, Nov.17,1848.*

Elizabeth, and John Andrew, Oct.19,1769.

Elizabeth, and John Webb, May31,1819.*

Betsey P., and Charles F. Eaton of Beverly, int.Nov.30,1843.

Fenton, and Anna Butman of Lynn, int.Nov.26,1831. (certificate Dec.2.)

John, and Abigail White [jr. int.], June5,1770.*

John, and Judith McLain, Aug.29,1819.*

John, and Susanna Patterson [wid.int.], Oct.12,1823.*

John, and, wid.Susanna Peterson, Oct.12,1823.

John, and Mary Jane Staniford, int.Aug.1,1824.

Laura H., of East Windsor, CT, and Hugh K. Prentiss, int.Dec.3,1843.

Mary, of Dover, and Joseph Thresher, int.May26,1711.

Mehitabel, and Isaac Moor, July31,1722.

Nathaniel, and Mary Symonds, certif. Oct.19,1799.*

William, of Plymouth, and [Mrs.CR1] Elizabeth Marston, Sept.22,1756.

WATTERS (Waters)

Nathaniel, and Elizabeth King, Dec.12,1699.CTR


Bethiah, and Samuel Derby, Nov.11,1783.*

Charles, a.36y., baker, s.Robert, and Dorothy Huntress, a.32y., d.Nahum, Sept.21,1844.*

Elinor, and Jonathan Hudson, both of Lynn, June21,1698.CTR

Elizabeth, and Thomas Seal, both of Marblehead, Jan.1,1739-40.

Hanna, and Nicholas Lamprelle, Sept.13,1774.*

James, and Elizabeth Bowden, 26:5m:1661.CTR

John, and Mary Caryl, both of Salem Village, at Marblehead, Feb.20,1693-4.

Mary, and James Gould, jr., certif. Apr.7,1782.*

Mary [Mrs.int.], and William Richardson, Sept.25,1808.*

Robert, and Hannah Daland, May22,1755.*

Robert, and Sally Cox, Dec.31,1788.*


末末a, and 末ael Bacon, jr. of Billerica,末蔓末, [1694?].CR2


Frances, and Charles Lefavour, Mar.31,1834.*

Richard, and Catharine Marston, int.Mar.25,1826.

WEAD (Weed)

Charles W[inship.CR11], and Mary J[annette.CR11] Bailey [both of Lynn.CR11], Feb.8,1836.

WEATHERBEE (Wetherbee)

Eliphalet S., of Medford, and Eliza M. Pike of Danvers, Nov.30,1848


Abigail, and William Masury, jr., Apr.17,1757.

Abigail, and William Cordwell, Mar.27,1808.*

Abigail, and Edward Collins, May2,1824.*

Allen P., and Caroline Moore, int.June19,1842.

Anna, and William Price, Nov.8,1804.*

Benjamin, and Hannah Bray, int.May24,1683.

Benjamin, and Mary Dimon, Dec.8,1743.*

Benjamin, and Lucy Downing, certif. Jan.3,1774.*

Benjamin, and Mary King, Sept.23,1779.*

Benjamin, and Joanna Tuttle, Nov.29,1789.*

Benjamin, and Abigail Muckleroy, certif. Feb.15,1796.*

Benjamin, 4th, and Sally Felt, certif. May5,1810.*

Benjamin, and Elizabeth L. Savory, int.Aug.27,1843.

Daniell, and Mary Beckett, July20,1675.CTR

Daniell, jr., and Elizabeth Ropes, June5,1719.

Daniel, and, wid.Mary Becket, July27,1727.*

Daniel, and Joanna Emerton, Nov.26,1772.*

David, and Elizabeth Roach, Oct.16,1717.

David, and Abigail Glandfield, int.Dec.19,1730.

Deborah, and Nathaniel Kinsman, Mar.19,1797.*

Dolly, and Henry W. Perkins, July2,1826.*

Elizabeth, and Miles Ward, jr., Jan.3,1727-8.*

Elizabeth [jr. int.], and John Brown [2d.int.], Mar.4,1763.*

Elizabeth, 2d, and Robert MacIntire, May末,1773. [certif. May11.CR12]*

Elizabeth, and Jeremiah Sheppard, Jan.1,1775.*

Elizabeth, and Samuel Masury, Apr.11,1779.*

Elizabeth, and William Perkins, int.Jan.18,1783.

Elizabeth, and Capt. George Peirce, Dec.4,1806.*

Elizabeth, and Paul Jewett Burbank, Apr.29,1810.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph Holmes, Dec.20,1829.*

Elizabeth, and John Casperson, Aug.2,1835.*

Hannah, and David Neal, June8,1752.*

Hanna, and James Carroll, Oct.6,1772.*

Hannah, and John Murray, certif. July24,1780.*

Hanna, and John Patterson, Apr.27,1781.*

Hannah, and [Capt. int.] Joseph Hosmer, Aug.23,1789.*

Hannah, and James Gale, Sept.9,1821.*

Harriet, and James Chaney, Aug.5,1827.*

Henry, and Joanna Burrill, Nov.末,1796.*

Henry, jr., and Rebecca Stickney, Nov.29,1838.*

Joanna, and Charles Holland, July18,1822.*

John, and Bridgett Whitford,末蔓末, [bef. 1678.]CTR

John, and Elizabeth Phippen, Oct.18,1705.

John [jr. int.], and Elizabeth Callum, Nov.9,1738.*

John, jr., and Ammi Swasey, jr., Dec.6,1739.*

John, 3d, and Abigail Hooper, Dec.8,1748.*

John [cordwainer, s.Jonathan. int.], and Judith Phelps, Nov.5,1752.*

John, 3d, and, wid.Sarah Bray, Sept.16,1756.PR78

John, and Mrs.Elizabeth Smith, Apr.26,1818.*

John, and Elizabeth Watson, May31,1819.*

John K., and Sarah Jane H. Conway, Jan.11,1843.*

Jonathan, and Presilla Bray, Mar.23,1713-14.*

Jonathan, jr., and Elizabeth Sanders, June22,1740.*

Jonathan [Jr. int.], and Margaret Mackey, Oct.1,1780.*

Jonathan, and Harriet Northey, Jan.5,1825.*

Joseph, and Mercy Deveraux, Nov.26,1795.*

Joseph, jr., and Abiah Glover, June8,1806.*

Joseph, and Mercy Ropes, Aug.6,1826.*

Joshua, and Hanna Murray, Aug.15,1773.*

Joshua, and Lydia Beadle, Dec.16,1798.*

Joshua, and Eliza Fowler, Apr.5,1829.*

Judith, and James Jeffry [jr. int.], Sept.1,1790.*

Lucy, and Duncan MacPherson, certif. Aug.20,1780.*

Lydia S., and James A. Breed of Lynn, Sept.23,1835.*

Margaret, and Ebenezer Cooke, Oct.22,1718.

Margaret, and John Cook, Sept.23,1760.*

Margaret, and Peter Murray, May7,1771.*

Margaret, wid., and Robert Smith, Mar.23,1788.*

Margaret D. [P. int.], and Charles Paine of Worcester, July26,1848.CR12*

Patty, and James Brewer of Boston, Aug.24,1794.*

Martha, of Lynn, and Samuel McNeal, int.Mar.10,1839.

Mary, and Thomas Plaisted of Boston, Mar.9,1707-8.

Mary, and Samuell Whitefoot, int.Dec.20,1729.

Mary, and Joseph Cloutman, July16,1747.*

Mary, and William Murray, Jan.10,1775.*

Mary, and Nathaniel Brookhouse, Sept.2,1777.*

Mary, and Nathaniel Hitchings, jr., Mar.9,1800.*

Mary, d.Benjamin and Mary, and John Barton, Oct.18,1802. [Oct.17. dup.]*

Polly, and George Wheeler, resident of Salem, int.Mar.1,1803.

Polly, and David Blackmer, int.Oct.3,1804. (Forbidden by both.)

Mary [Wells.dup.], and Thomas Brooks, June17,1832.*

Mary H., and James C. Lamphear, Nov.29,1832.*

Mary Elizabeth, and George West, Oct.22,1845.CR12*

Mehetabel, and Richard Nutting, of Middleton, int.June10,1765. (June14, publishment forbidden by Richard Nuttting.)

Michael, and Ruth Putnam, Mar.2,1789.*

Michael, and Sally Tucker [wid.int.], Oct.30,1796*

Michael [jr. int.], and Abigail Moriarty, May27,1828.*

Nancy, and William Johnson, int.Dec.24,1803.

Nathaniel Gaiset [Goyet. int.], and, wid.Martha Archer, certif. July1,1773.*

Oliver, and Sara Elkins, June8,1783.*

Perez, and Sarah Robbinson, Aug.16,1704.

Perez, and Elizabeth Callum, int.Jan.8,1731-2.

Peter, and Bridget Moor, May21,1719.

Priscilla, and Gamaliel Hodges [jr. int.], Oct.9,1740.*

Priscilla, and David Ropes, jr., Oct.9,1760.*

Priscilla, and Thomas Beale [Beadle. int.] Welcome, at Danvers, Sept.26,1776.*

Priscilla, and Capt Nathaniel W. Williams, Oct.末,1808.*

Rachel R. [K. int.], and John R. Call of Beverly, Oct.15,1834.*

Ruth [Putnam.int.], and [Rev. int.] Benjamin C[lifford.int.] Wade of Woburn, July末,1831.*

Samuel, and Deborah Prince, Oct.14,1755.*

Samuel, and Hannah Ward, Nov.9,1758.*

Samuel, jr., and Mary Stone of Danvers, int.Mar.9,1777.

Samuel, and Mary Bartlett of Salisbury, int.Nov.13,1784.

Samuel, and Abigail Palfray, Aug.18,1793.*

Sally, and Benjamin Swett [of Marblehead.int.], certif. Sept.3,1803.*

Sarah, and George Hutchinson, Oct.17,1824.*

Sally, wid.Thomas, and Stephen Hoyt, May8,1826.*

Stephen, and Elizabeth Best, Nov.27,1746.*

Stephen, and Mary Manning, June7,1750.*

Stephen, and Mary Masury, at Manvers, July11,1774.*

Stephen, and Sara Allen, Oct.3,1779.*

Stephen [Capt. int.], and, wid.[Miss.int.] Sarah Palfrey, certif. Aug.24,1784.*

Stephen, and Hannah Gale, June7,1795.*

Stephen, and Martha T. Luscomb, Oct.5,1831.*

Stephen P., and Hannah H.B. Robinson, May26,1834.*

Susannah, and John Flint, Sept.29,1757.

Sussanna, and John Symonds, 5th, int.July22,1786.

Thomas, and Mary Smethurst, int.Aug.5,1780.

Thomas, and Sally Kilby of Hingham, int.Sept.26,1800.

Thomas Bray, and Elizabeth Williams, Oct.29,1818. [Nov.8. int.]*

Thomas, and Eliza Smothers, July27,1826.*

Thomas, and Elizabth Andrews, Feb.11,1830.*

William, and Abigail Riggs [of Gloucester. int.], at Gloucester, Mar.23,1741.*

William, and Hannah Allen, Dec.12,1790.*

William, and Elizabeth Lefavour, Jan.13,1793.*

William, 3d, and Harriet Brown, Mar.25,1824.*

William, jr., and Isabella Donaldson, Mar.29,1825.*

William, 4th, and Margaret Perkins, int.Mar.2,1833. (certificate Mar.19.)

WEBBER (Weber)

Abigail [Mrs.int.], and John [S. int.] Colburn, May30,1809.*

Abby [Abigail. int.], and Jacob Bawn [Bacon of Gloucester. int.], Mar.18,1847.*

Almina [Alvina.int.], and Samuel Brown, Dec.25,1842.*

Ann, and Samuel Batchelder, Mar.12,1820.*

Gehial, and Mary Cree, int.Sept.12,1835.

George Henry [of Marblehead.int.], and Ruth Leavett, certif. Nov.4,1784.*

Hannah, of Marblehead, and John Callum, 3d, Dec.23,1740.*

John, of Marblehead, and Sarah Hart, Jan.8,1733.*

John [jr. int.], of Marblehead, and Sarah Felton, June14,1739.*

John H. [of Hopkinton, NH. int.], and Lavina Kimball, Nov.23,1820.*

Josiah, and Louisa Emerson, May9,1848.*

Lydia, of Marblehead, and Thomas Gould [jr. int.], Apr.7,1743.*

Maria, and Luther Wilson, int.Sept.27,1834.

Mary Ann, and Mathew Lyons, int.Apr.13,1845.

Sarah, of Wenham, and Joseph Flint, int.May24,1781.

Solomon, and Bethia Hacker, Mar.24,1777.*

Susannah, or Marblehead, and Ebenezer Mackentire, May17,1744.*

Thomas, and Betsey Valpy, Nov.12,1786.*

Tristram D., of Beverly, and Eunice L. Pike, int.Sept.28,1845.

William and Mary E. Kimball, Sept.11,1824.*

WEBER (Webber)

Samuell, of Marblehead, and Elizabeth Gill, int.11:9br:1709.


Caleb, and Hannah C. Cremer, July29,1810.*

Caleb Augustus, and Lydia Ann Goodrich, Apr.22,1833.*

Caroline P., and Samuel G. Reed of Boston, July6,1842.*

Daniel B., and Sarah P. Noyes of Atkinson, NH, int, Nov.7,1847.

Elijah C., and Sally Dole, at Kensington, Nov.13,1803.

Elizabeth C., and Hiram Grimes of Oahu, Sandwich Islands [Aug.8,1841. int.]*

Eunice, and John Byrne, June20,1805.*

Grace, wid., and Christopher Brown, widr., both of Beverly, 13:10m:1700.CTR

John, of Danvers, and Martha A. Buffington, Mar.7,1832.*

Levi, and Mary Whitefoot, certif. Oct.15,1803.*

Lydia, and Peter Cheever, Apr.29,1739.*

Margaret S., and Horatio G.K. Calef of Boston, Mar.5,1839.*

Mary, and John West, both of Bradford, Mar.25,1696.CTR

Mary Gage, and John Frye, Oct.9,1823.*

Mary A[ugusta.int.], and Daniel C. Stanwood of Augusta, ME, Nov.7,1836.*

Peter E., and [Mrs.int.] Rebecca Chapman, Apr.25,1813.*

Peter E., and Nancy Baker [wid.int.], Sept.9,1822.*

Peter E., 3d m., and Louisa S.F. Jameson, 2d m., July31,1848.*

Phebe, and Edward Perry, Nov.2,1817.*

Rachel, and John Ledson, int.Aug.7,1824. (Forbidden by the overseers of the poor.)

Sara, see Western, Sally.

Sarah E., d.Caleb, and Ezekiel J. [P. int.; jr.CR5] Peirce of Chesterfield, NH, May1,1844.*

William, and Lydia Andrew, May24,1722.

William, and Martha Hicks, Aug.1,1751.*

William, and Martha Ward, Nov.21,1754.*

WEDGER (Widger)

Bethiah, and Daniel Shehan, Nov.24,1790.*

WEED (Wead)

Dan, and Charlotte Wellman, Apr.14,1844.*

Sarah Ann, and Samuel Kenny, July20,1848.*

WEEKES (Weeks)

Hana, and John Pikman, Aug.27,1667.CTR

WEEKS (Weekes)

Lydia, and William Le Conte [Lecount. int.], Jan.15,1808.*

Polly, Mrs., and William Ashby, Dec.22,1840.*

Plummer [of Lawrence. int.], and Harriet D. Parsons.Dec.3,1848.*

Stephen L., and Eunice P. Odell of Beverly, int.Nov.5,1843.

Susanna E., and Edmund S. Pepper, Dec.24,1840.*


Zorencs William, and Elizabeth Montiear, int.Jan.12,1828.


Peter, of Boston, a.32y., confectioner, s.末末 of Ireland, and Mary Conner, a.25y., May19,1844.

WELCH (Walsh, Welsh, Weltch)

Aaron, and Malvina [F. int.] Lyford of Centre Harbor, NH, Apr.1,1840.*

Abigail [Leach.int.], and Joseph Russell [of Lynn. int.], June22,1834.*

Eliza, and William McKeon, both b. Ireland, June27,1848.*

Hannah, and James Powers, Nov.4,1845.*

Joann, and Joseph J. Tiplady, Mar.28,1813.*

John, and Elizabeth Phillips, Sept.5,1791.

John, and Priscilla R. Dix, Apr.20,1847.*

John, and Ellen O'Conner, both b. Ireland, Nov.26,1848.*

Mary, and Munson Hawkins of Greenfield, CT, int.Nov.10,1832.

Mary, and James McClear, int.Jan.8,1843.

Mary, wid., and Richard Arnold [of Topsfield.int.], laborer, Feb.末,1845.*

Mary, 2d m., and Antonio Francis, 2d m., laborer, Oct.7,1849.*

Sara, and John Richardson, July9,1786.*

William, and Eliza Larkin, int.Nov.6,1830. (Certificate Nov.23.)

William, and Ann McCormich, both b. Ireland, June16,1849.*

WELCOM (Welcome)

Peeter, and Hittabell Hoggsdell, 3:9m:1665.CTR

WELCOMB (Welcome)

Margaret, and Benjamin Nurse, jr., int.Apr.16,1774.

Sally, and John Pirde, Nov.13,1808.*

Stephen, and Sarah Beadle, Nov.25,1739.

WELCOME (Welcom, Welcomb)

Elizabeth, and George Hodges [jr. int.], Dec.13,1812.*

Mary [Wellman, jr. int.], and Joseph Dane, at Danvers, Jan.12,1777.*

Mary, and John Williams, Nov.9,1781.*

Mary, and Robert Daland, Feb.3,1805.*

Sara, and Benjamin Masury [2d.int.], Dec.30,1764.*

Sally, and George Southward, Aug.12,1799.*

Susanna, and David Smith [late of Roxbury.int.], Apr.末,1771.*

Thomas Beale [Beadle. int.], and Priscilla Webb, at Danvers, Sept.26,1776.*

Thomas, and Elizabeth Lambert, Sept.末,1782.*

WELD (Wells)

Barbary, and Richard Hide, July3,1702.

Benjamin, and Peggy Mack, Sept.29,1793.*

Edward, Dr., and Mary Gardner, Apr.25,1699.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and John Gardner, Jan.11,1704.

Mary, Mrs., d.John Higginson, Esq., and James Lindall, May [3d.dup.], 1708.

Polly, and Matthew Orr, Oct.26,1800.*

Sally, and Simeon Hill, Apr.24,1808.*

WELDEN (Weldon)

Catherine, and John Collins, both b. Ireland, Oct.9,1849.*

WELDON (Welden)

Frances H., and Johnson J. [T. int.] Ellis, July9,1849.*

WELLES (Wells)

Benjamin, of Boston, and Susan Codman, Aug.1,1831.*

Hannah M., and Joseph Moore, June13,1831.*


Eliza, and Jonathan M. Burbank [of Andover. int.], July29,1821.*

Elizabeth S., and Samuel Archer, Feb.3,1842.*

Harriet, and Edward Phippen, July25,1834.*

Josiah, and Mercy Deadman, int.May15,1824.

Sarah, and Silas Burbank, int.Dec.12,1829. (Certificate Dec.27.)

WELLMAN (Welman, Welmon)

Adam, and Margaret Lambert, Dec.6,1767.

Adam, and Anna Brown, Sept.5,1799.

Ann, and William Messervy, Aug.14,1747.*

Augustus P., of Lynn, and Agusta L. Kimball, Jan.27,1845.

Charles W., and Mary W. Bryant, Dec.8,1849.*

Charlotte, and Dan Weed, Apr.14,1844.*

Edward W., and Lucy M[aria.int.] Francis, May10,1829.*

Eliza [Elizabeth.int.] W., and Josiah S. Burrill, trader, s.Josiah, dec., June2,1844.*

Elisabeth, and George Hull of Beverly, at Beverly, Aug.20,1674.

Elizabeth, and Philip Leach, Feb.9,1806.*

Ezekiel and Elizabeth Ellingwood, Apr.2,1775.*

Francis O., and Anna S. [J. int.] Brimblecomb, Nov.2,1835.

Hannah, and George W[hitefield.int.] Mullet, May13,1804.*

Lydia, and Jonathan Osborn [jr., of Danvers.int.], Oct.6,1805.*

Margaret, and George Kimball, Sept.15,1840.*

Mary [Mrs.int.], and Henry Tanner, Jan.26,1820.*

Mary Ann, and George Savory, Dec.12,1839.*

Oliver, and Sarah Chapman, certif. Dec.28,1784.*

Oliver K., and Urcilla M. Draper, Nov.6,1808.*

Rebecca, and Thomas Fhippen, jr., certif. Dec.27,1774.*

Rebecca, and Thomas Driver, June26,1791.*

Samuel, and Mary Kempton, June28,1752.*

Samuel E., see Williams, Samuel E.

Samuel, and Rachael M. Tufts, Oct.31,1830.*

Samuel, and Mary E. Hill, June13,1849.*

Sally, and Jacob Abrahams [of Boston. int.], Oct.19,1786.*

Sally, and William Swaanay, int.July15,1791.

Sarah, and Joseph Homan of Marblehead, int.Jan.7,1795.

Sarah, and William Homan of Marblehead, at Marblehead, Jan.15,1795.

Sarah, and James Stocker, Nov.23,1822.*

Sarah D., and Robert Weston, int.Oct.4,1840.

Sarah A., and Ebenezer Beckford, Oct.2,1845.*

Stephen, and Susanna Pederick, both of Lynn, Jan.9,1740-41.

Stephen, and Charlotte Rollins of Salem, NH, int.Aug.14,1819.

Timothy, jr., and Mary Henderson, Feb.17,1754.*

Timothy, and Judith Bowditch, Apr.5,1791.*

Timothy [jr. int.], and Sarah Brown, Jan.18,1795.*

Timothy [3d.int.], and Abigail Brown, Jan.28,1800.

Timothy [4th.int.], and Sara Silsbee, Feb.12,1804.*

Timothy [3d.int.], and Deborah S. Cheever, Oct.3,1819.*

Timothy J., and Mary Ann Plummer, June9,1842.*

Ursula N. [M. int.], and Richard Hill, jr., June13,1837.*

Virgil O., and Mehitable Wilson, int.Jan.28,1844.

WELLS (Weld, Welles, Wills)

Abigail, wid., and John Bush, Dec.31,1769.*

Abigail, and John [Joseph.int.] Rider, Oct.17,1790.*

Anna, wid., and Adam Kenny, certif. Dec.14,1799.*

Arnold F[rancis.CR1; of Boston. int.], and Elisabeth L[aura.CR1] Derby, Sept.10,1833.*

Charles E., of West Buxton, ME, and Eliza Allen, int.Nov.26,1848.

Dennis, b. Ireland, and Sarah O. Farrell, Jan.23,1848.

Elizabeth, and Samuel Sweetser, int.Jan.20,1776.

Elizabeth, and James Ireland, certif. Dec.末,1802.*

Betsy, and James J. Farley, Oct.11,1812.*

Elizabeth F., and Richard F. Merchant of Gloucester, Dec.12,1847.*

Gideon P., and Susan Willington of Danvers, int.Feb.20,1808.

Hannah, and Richard Simonds, Aug.16,1679.CTR

Hannah, and Joseph Ropes, int.Mar.23,1776.

Hannah, and James Fisher, Dec.21,1788.*

James, and Mehitable A. Andrews, Apr.6,1837.CR12*

Johanna, and Michael Bacon, Nov.20,1694.CTR

John, and Abigail Butman, July15,1760.*

John, and Anna Devereaux, Aug.15,1784.*

John, and Elizabeth Talbot, Sept.8,1809.*

John, and Sally Atkins, Aug.2,1812.*

John, of Boston, and Lucy E. Woodward, Nov.27,1845.

Lucius, and Abigail Goodhue, Jan.15,1833.*

Lidea, and John Ropes, 25:7m:1669.CTR

Peggy, and Jonathan Horton, certif. Dec.31,1796.*

Mary M., and Benjamin Phippen, Jan.15,1829.*

Moses, and [Mrs.int.] Polly Corey, Mar.14,1809.*

Moses, and Betsey Creasy, May4,1828.*

Nancy [Mrs.int.], and Samuel Phipps, Apr.25,1841.*

Nathan, of Amesbury, and Nancy Osgood, Oct.5,1836.*

Olive, of Marblehead, a.29y., and Samuel G. Oakes, 2d m., of Marblehead, a.40y., seaman, b. Marblehead, Dec.13,1849.

Payson, and Priscilla Patterson, int.Aug.19,1820.

Priscilla, Mrs., and Andrew Peterson, int.Feb.12,1825.

Richard, and, wid.Martha Skerry, 1:11m:1678.CTR

Richard, and Mary Martin, Nov.24,1764.

Sara, and John Massy, 27:2m:1658.CTR

Sarah [Weld.CTR], and Samuell Sibley, Sept.13,1695.

Sarah, and Benjamin Butman, jr., int.Dec.17,1774.

Sarah, and John Prince, 3d, Jan.10,1819.*

Thomas, of Newbury, and Lydia Gale, Oct.12,1704.

WELMAN (Wellman)

Elizabeth, and Jesse Farson, Nov.15,1778.*

Hannah, and Benjamin Driver, int.Jan.28,1786.

Mary, and Samuel Cook [jr. int.], certif. Mar.21,1778.*

Nancy, and Samuel Bowditch, Aug.15,1790.*

Nancy, and Joseph [Jacob. int.] Reed, July24,1798.*

WELMON (Wellman)

Sarah, and William Symonds, jr., certif. Apr.14,1780.*

Timothy, and Sarah Wyatt, int.Feb.18,1778.


William, and Judith McLean, int.Sept.27,1818.

WELSH (Welch)

Bridget, wid., a.40y., and John Driscoll, a.34y., Laborer, s.末末 of Ireland, Aug.22,1844.*

Catherine, and James Rieley [Riley.int.], b. Ireland, Feb.1,1848.*

James, of Gloucester, and Mary Bryant, int.Feb.2,1831. (Certificate Feb.16.)

John [Walsh.int.], and Hannah Pitman, June16,1822.*

Patrick, and Katharine Turns, int.Aug.7,1779.

Patrick, and Mary Leech, July19,1821.*

Richard, and Catharine Lynch, int.Oct.30,1830.

Sarah [Welch.int.], and Thomas Dimand [Diamond.int.], Jan.28,1762.*

Sarah, and John Middleton, int.Apr.21,1781.

Sarah, wid., and John Leach, certif. Aug.25,1781.*

Thomas, of Danvers, and Mary Lowd, d.Mark, May27,1844.*

WELTCH (Welch)

Edward, and Mary Bellmore, int.Aug.26,1780.

WENDALL (Wendell)

Abigail, and Henry Cloutman, Jan.26,1793.*

Joanna, and John Davis, int.Dec.16,1780.

Martha, and Ephraim Brown, jr., Feb.3,1825.*

Susan M., and George Washington Lamson, June24,1828.*

WENDELL (Wendall)

Abigail, and John Shelock, int.July29,1780.

Abraham, and Martha Ballister, certif. Aug.14,1797.*

Eleanor, and Isaac Durant, certif. Dec.26,1784.*

Mary E[lizabeth.int.], and Hiram W. Stimson [Simpson. int.], of Boston, June18,1836.*

Mercy, and Alexander Walker, May27,1798.*

Sarah B., and Thorndike P. Read, Feb.23,1826.*

WENN (Winn)

Molly [Wynn. int.], and William Ruee of Danvers, at Danvers, Oct.20,1778.*


Sarah Ann [of Remond, ME. int.], and Samuel Hovey, Oct.17,1845.*

WESGATE (Wasgate)

Mary, and John Philpott, Dec.16,1714.*

Robert, and Mary Comer, July19,1706.

WESSON (Weston)

Thomas, of Reading, and Susannah West, June21,1722.


Abigail [jr. int.], and Andrew Tucker [jr. int.] of Marblehead, at Danvers, Aug.5,1772.*

Nabby, and Timothy Brown, Oct.8,1807.*

Abigail, and John Hayman, Sept.26,1813.*

Abigail Phippen, and Richard Gardner, Nov.25,1835.CR12*

Benjamin, and Hannah [Abigail. int.] Phippen, Aug.9,1762.*

Benjamin, of Gloucester, and Hannah Parsons, int.Apr.13,1790.

Benjamin, jr., and Rebecca Lilly, Feb.25,1816.*

Daniel, and, wid.Elizabeth Hacker, Nov.19,1744.*

Daniel, and Ruth Oliver, July12,1770.*

Daniel, and Sarah Burgis, Oct.23,1796.

Edward, and Elizabeth Mackey, May9,1790.*

Eliza, and Edward Lander, Oct.19,1813.*

Eliza, and Hiram Andrew, Dec.2,1832.*

Elizabeth, and John Baitman of Concord, Jan.17,1705.

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Neal, May25,1738.*

Elizabeth, and William Stacey, Aug.17,1739.*

Eunice [wid.int.], and Samuel Glover, June13,1771.*

George, and Abigail Cook, Apr.28,1751.*

George, jr., and Margaret Tink, certif. Dec.16,1775.*

George, and Alice Whittemore, int.Nov.23,1782.

George, and Deborah Ayers, Apr.1,1810.*

George, jr., and Mary Endicott, Dec.8,1842.*

George E[dward.int.], of Indianapolis, trader, s.Nathaniel, jr., dec., of Indianapolis, and Sarah E. Whittredge, d.Henry C., Oct.13,1845.*

George, and Mary Elizabeth Webb, Oct.22,1845.CR12*

Hannah, and Charles J. [Isaac. int.] Holland, Aug.10,1800.*

Hannah, and David Allen, Nov.30,1821.*

Hannah, and Asa E. Moulton [of Lynn. int.], Dec.19,1833.*

Henry, and Elizabeth Mirriam, Sept.7,1664.CTR

Henry, and Judith Poor, Feb.2,1704-5.

Henry, and Susannah Phippen, Dec.2,1718.

Henry, and, wid.Ruth Phippen, Dec.22,1726.

Hiram, and Abigail P. Oliver of Lynn, int.Mar.5,1825.

John, and Mary Webster, both of Bradford, Mar.25,1696.CTR

John, and Mary Dean, Apr.28,1720.

John, jr., and Margaret Ward, Mar.19,1730-31.*

John, jr., and Mary West [d.Daniel, deceased.int.], Feb.6,1766.*

John, mariner, and Mary Hamilton, int.May28,1774.

John, jr., and Sarah Tucker, int.Dec.29,1781.

John, and Sarah Ann Kelley, June22,1846.*

Jonathan, and Hannah Frye, certif. Mar.2,1781.*

Jonathan, and Betsy Poland, May17,1804.*

Jonathan, and Betsy [Elizabeth.int.] How, Dec.7,1806.*

Lydia, Mrs., and Dr. Francis Gahtman, Feb.7,1708-9.

Lydia, Y., and Devereaux Dennis, jr., Apr.20,1841.*

Margaret, and Jacob Townsend, Aug.24,1791.*

Margaret, wid., and John Coats, Jan.31,1792.*

Peggy, and Peter Berry, Dec.9,1804.*

Margaret, and William D. Thompson, Apr.13,1843.*

Martha, and Alexander Walker, Apr.16,1770.

Martha [Patty.int.], and Caleb Foote [Foot. int.], Jan.3,1802. [Dec.31,1801. certif.]*

Martha M., and James Emerton, Sept.8,1841.*

Mary, and Richard Prince, Nov.12,1702.

Mary [jr. int.], and John Beadle [jr. int.], Aug.9,1745.*

Mary [d.Daniel, deceased.int.], and John West, jr., Feb.6,1766.*

Mary, and Caleb Smith, certif. Oct.5,1777.*

Mary, and James Farley, jr., May24,1832.*

Mary, of Beverly, and Edward B. Felt, int.Feb.8,1834.

Mary Ann, and Charles A. Gardner of Reading, Oct.18,1835.*

Mathew Carey, and Mary Jane Fellows, Feb.27,1848.*

Mehitable, and George Williams, jr., certif. Sept.14,1777.*

Nancy [Mrs.int.], and Caleb Foot, Aug.16,1807.*

Nathaniel [Capt. int.], and Elizabeth Derby, May23,1783.*

Nathaniel, jr., and Mary B. White of Beverly, int.July6,1811.

Nathaniel, and Julia Houghton of Andover, int.June8,1816.

Rebecca M., and Frederic Lendholm, Aug.3,1840.*

Richard, and Dorcas H. Cleveland, Sept.15,1841.*

Samuell, and Mary Poore, Jan.29,1690.CTR

Samuell, jr., and Mary Gale, Nov.25,1714.*

Samuel, and Esther Brintnal of Boston, int.Dec.22,1733.

Samuel, Capt., and, wid.Mary Ingalls of Marblehead, Jan.3,1744.*

Samuel, jr., and Mary Massey, Oct.8,1747.*

Samuel Massey, and Polly Young, certif. Sept.8,1773.*

Samuel, and Hannah Foster, Apr.12,1808.*

Samuel, and Elisabeth Archer, Apr.28,1844.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Peters, Nov.16,1752.*

Sarah, and Richard Richards, June14,1761.*

Sally, and Thomas Tinke [Tynke. int.], certif. Feb.17,1785.*

Sally, wid., and Benjamin Daland, jr of Beverly, Nov.16,1788.*

Sally, and John Gardner, jr., Nov.9,1793.*

Sarah, and Joseph Wise of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Oct.28,1794.

Sarah, and William Manning, July1,1798.*

Susan, and John Rust of Louisville, KY, Aug.27,1840.*

Susannah, and Thomas Wesson of Reading, June21,1722.

Susannah, and Samuel Liscomb, Jan.12,1752.

Thomas, and Phebe Waters, 11:8m:1658.CTR

Thomas, 2d m., and Mary Tennee, 14:8m:1674.CTR

Thomas [formerly of Blyth, Northumberland, Eng. int.], and Hanna Browne, June26,1763.*

Thomas [Brintnall. int.], and, wid.Eunice Ropes, Aug.30,1764.*

Thomas, and Elizabeth Mosley, Apr.5,1807.*

William, and Mary Hilliard, 30:6m:1672.CTR

William, and Lydia Acres, Apr.17,1704.

William, and Mary Bickford, Nov.1,1750.*


Maria, and Emanuel Afoncio [Asonsco. int.], Nov.27,1808.*

WESTERN (Weston)

Sara [Webster. int.], and William Jefferson, Sept.20,1810.*

WESTON (Western, Wesson)

Charles, and Mary P. Ward, Nov.26,1829.*

Cutler, and Eliza Masury, int.Aug.1,1824.

Eben H., and Sarah A. Wyman of Lowell, int.Apr.18,1835.

Eliza, and Benjamin D. Hill, July14,1818.*

Isaac, of Reading, and Mrs.Betsey [Elizabeth.int.] Nash, Oct.1,1839.*

John, and Mercy Henfield, July13,1830.*

Jonas [of Lynn. int.], and Adaline A. Very, May22,1839.*

Lucinda, and Willis Richards, int.Nov.10,1821.

Mary, and Thomas Jeggle, Mar.末,1683.CTR

Mary, and William Tollman, Dec.20,1826.*

Nathaniel, and Christina [Christiana.CR4] Waters, Sept.22,1819. [ Sept.12.CR4]*

Phineas B., and Emma [Emily L. int.] Savory, Jan.7,1830.*

Robert, and Sarah D. Wellman, int.Oct.4,1840.

Ruth, and Henry Elver, Nov.末,1800. [Nov.8. certif.CR12]*

Ruth Elver, and Seth Rogers, Aug.10,1823.*

Sara, and John Milk, 3:2m:1665.CTR

WETHERBEE (Weatherbee)

David P., and Maria L[ouise. int.] Cassey, both b. Ireland, Jan.8,1849.*

WETMORE (Whitmore)

Elizabeth, wid., and [Hon. int.] Daniel A. White, Aug.1,1819.*

Sarah Waldo, of Boston, and Joseph Story, int.Aug.6,1808.

William, and Catharine Pynchon, Nov.5,1776.

William, Esq., and Sally Waldo, at Boston, Oct.8,1782.

William, and Eliza Orne, May7,1804.*

William S., of New York, and Anstiss Derby Rogers [d.John W.CR12], Sept.5,1843.*

WEYMAN (Wyman)

William, of Woburn, and Prudence Putnam, Dec.3,1719.

WHALEN (Wheelan)

WHARFE (Whart, Whorfe)

Hannah, of Ipswich, and Nathaniel Ropes, jr., int.June2,1770.

Matthew, and Bethiah Ruck [jr. int.], Oct.6,1754.*

WHART (Wharfe)

Matthew [Wharff. int.], and Thomas Porter, certif. Jan.13,1776.*


Hannah, and Joseph Marshall, Apr.19,1824.*

WHEATLAND (Wheatling)

George, and Hannah Bemis Richardson of Newton, int.Jan.12,1833. (Certificate Feb.7.)

Martha, and Robert E. Bemis [of Watertown. int.], Sept.18,1827.*

Richard, and Martha Goodhue, certif. Oct.29,1796.*

Richard [jr. int.], and Elizabeth Briggs, Oct.3,1822.*

Richard G. and Mary B. Richardson of Newton, int.Feb.8,1823.

Sarah P. [S. int.], and Samuel Leach, jr., Mar.3,1837.*

WHEATLING (Wheatland)

Richard, and Margaret Silver, Dec.28,1787.*


Tedman H. [Weeden. int.], and Mrs.Ann Crerie, Aug.5,1834.*

WHEELAN (Wheland)

Richard, and Sarah Sargent, May16,1835.


Amos D. and Louisa A. Warren of Leicester, int.July24,1830. (Certificate Aug.10.)

Ann, and Simon Wyatt [of Wenham.int.], Nov.14,1832.*

Austin [of Gloucester. int.], and Elizabeth Goodale, Apr.3,1832.*

Benjamin S., and Caroline M. Lee, Feb.4,1846.*

Ezekiel, and Lydia N. Dodge, int.Jan.31,1824.

George, resident of Salem, and Polly Webb, int.Mar.1,1803.

Grace H., and William Tarbox [of Lynn. int.], Oct.12,1817.*

Henry, and Betsey Henman, int.Mar.15,1818.

Isaiah, and Mary Ashby, June15,1806.*

Jacob, and Sally Twist, int.June7,1823.

James, and Mrs.Polly Neal, Dec.4,1796.*

John, b. Brookfield, and Sally Putnam, d.Simeon and Martha of Danvers, Apr.19,1818.

John, and Pheba Hart, Oct.17,1824.*

Joseph, Dr., and Mrs.Martha Wigglesworth, Nov.2,1704.

Joseph, of Reading, and Susan G. Towne, Dec.21,1819.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth Phillips, Jan.23,1837.*

Mary, and Joseph Foster, June27,1751.*

Mary F., of Boston, and William A. Rea, int.Oct.11,1834.

Michael S., and Susan Veal, Nov.25,1824.*

Olive, and James Needham, May21,1812.*

Peter, of Boston, and, wid.Christian Village, Nov.8,1741.*

Phoebe Ann, and Temple Dodge, Aug.5,1845.*

Ruth, and John Frye of Andover, at Andover, May15,1712.*

Sarah, of Salem, NH, and Joseph Collins, int.Mar.2,1810.

Sarah, and Ebenezer Richardson [of Lynn. int.andCR12], certif. May27,1810.*

Sally, and Merritt Brimblecom, jr., Aug.末,1819.*

Sarah E., and Alvah Philbrook of Danvers, int.Jan.10,1847.

Thomas, and Mary Southwick, Apr.13,1802.*

Thomas, jr., and Sally Roles [of Marblehead.int.], Jan.11,1814.*

William Willard, Rev., and Jane Thompson, both of Scituate, at Dedham, May28,1788.CR11


Amasa, jr., and Margaret Cullen, Dec.22,1834.*

WHELAND (Wheelan)

Michael, and Ellen Lenott, both b. Ireland, Nov.29,1849.*


Mary, and Joseph Miles, 18:11m:1661.CTR


John, and Elizabeth Murphey, int.July17,1836.

Michael, b. Ireland, and Ellen Carr, Oct.28,1847.*


Georgiana [H. int.], and William S. [L. int.] Lee, Feb.28,1847.*

Michael, and Hannah Morrill of Methuen, int.July22,1820.


Henry, and Elizabeth Phippen, Apr.12,1722.

WHIPPELL (Whipple)

Mathew, and Mary Bartholmew, d.William, 24:10m:1657.

WHIPPLE (Whippell)

Charles, of Newburyport, and Mary King, Sept.10,1807.*

Elizabeth, and Thomas Puttnam, at Ipswich, Apr.10,1705.

Henry, and Harriet King, Sept.25,1816.*

James, of Ipswich, and Mary Fuller, Jan.12,1703-4.

John, and Susana Commings of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Feb.14,1721-2.

John, and Mary Hitchings, Jan.8,1826.*

Jonathan, and Mary Cloutman, Sept.21,1817.CR12*

Joseph, and Sarah Swinerton, Nov.12,1724.

Louisa, and Joseph Pencer, Nov.24,1811.*

Lydia, and Nathaniell Goodale, June27,1723.

Mary, and Seth Hutson of Marlboro, Dec.23,1726.

Mary J[ennison. dup.], d.Henry, and George B. Jewett, teacher, s.末末, dec., May19,1845.*

Nathaniel [Matthew.int.], and Sarah Putnam of Bedford, at Bedford, Apr.4,1751.*

Ruth, and Seth Putnam, Sept.16,1718.

Ruth, and Samuel Upton, Nov.8,1726.

Sarah, and Phinehas Dodge of Wenham, Sept.21,1726.

Sarah, wid., and Solomon Martain of Andover, Oct.20,1748.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Batchelder, at Beverly, Apr.11,1750.*

Solomon S[mith.int.], and Sally Tucker, June2,1822.*

Stephen, and Martha P. Hood, int.Sept.22,1844.

Susanna, and Paul Upton, int.Feb.8,1731-2.

William, and Deborah Holman, certif. Apr.14,1798.*


William, and Elizabeth Kieff, Oct.20,1799.*

WHITAKER (Whittaker)

Hannah, of Springfield, and Willard L. Bowdoin, int.Nov.19,1848.

Isaac, and Ruth Grinslet, Nov.5,1724.

Mary Ann, and William A. Peirce, int.Oct.25,1840.

WHITAMORE (Whitmore)

Mehitable, and John Mackentire, Jan.3,1722-3.

Nathaniell, and Mary Roundy, July23,1718.

Nathaniell, and Deliverance Crowel, 23:xbr:1725.


Abigail, and Jonathan Silsby, Apr.12,1720.

Abigail [jr. int.], and Richard Michemore of Gosport [of Isle of Shoals.int.], Aug.11,1750.*

Abigail [jr. int.], and John Watson, June5,1770.*

Alexander, of Beverly, and Nancy P. Holman [Holmes.dup.], Jan.26,1826.*

Anna [Mrs.int.], and Jacob Morse, Nov.5,1815.*

Anne, and Perm Townsend, Dec.4,1755.*

Daniel A. [Hon. int.], and, wid.Elizabeth Wetmore, Aug.1,1819.*

Daniel A., and, wid.Ruth Rogers of Charlestown, int.Dec.28,1823.

Deborah, and Abraham Lecross, May4,1758.*

Deborah, of Boston, and John Jenks, jr., int.May4,1805.

Deliverance, and Benjamin Masury, Oct.23,1743.*

Dennis, and Bridget Byrne, int.Dec.16,1849.

Eliza Amelia, and Rev. William B.O. Peabody of Springfield, Sept.8,1824.*

Eliza A., and William Dwight [of Springfield.int.], Sept.16,1830.*

Elizabeth, and Thomas Elkins, Nov.7,1758.*

Elizabeth, and Jacob Treadwell [of Ipswich.int.], Oct.2,1782.*

Elisabeth, and Benjamin King, Apr.27,1783.

Elizabeth S., and Samuel C. Gray of Boston, int.June13,1829. (Certificate July1.)

Elizabeth, of Dedham, and Benjamin H. Silsbee, int.Oct.4,1840.

Elizabeth E., and Samuel Taylor, int.Mar.6,1842.

Florenda, and George G. Carver of Boston, int.Aug.26,1849.

George F., and Mary E. Ballard, d.James, Dec.1,1844.*

Hannah, and John Phipps, certif. Aug.31,1797.*

Harfield, and Rhoda Fears, June17,1809.*

Harriot, and John L. Paine, Sept.18,1831.*

Henry, and Polly Hunkins, int.June6,1774.

Henry, and Phebe Brown of Danvers [late of Boston. int.], at Danvers, Oct.末,1776.*

Henry, jr., and Elizabeth Safford, Nov.27,1803.*

Isaac [jr., of Boston. int.], and Deborah Bickford, Mar.22,1781.*

Jacob A., and Mrs.Elizabeth A. Goldthaite, int.Nov.6,1842.

Jane, wid., and Joshua Buffum, yeoman, 14:2m:1719.CR7

Jerusha, and Zerobabel Peabody of Middleton, int.July8,1743.

Joanna, of Charlestown, and James Darling, at Charlestown, Nov.17,1712.*

John, and, wid.Elizabeth Ives, Jan.16,1695.CTR

John, and Rebeckah Flint, Sept.23,1720.

John, and Desire Shallote, Nov.4,1726.

John, jr., and Abigail Blany, June4,1745.*

John, Capt., and Elizabeth Blackler of Marblehead, int.Sept.2,1807.

Joseph, of Sutton, and Sarah Gardner, Nov.23,1738.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth Stone [jr. int.], Oct.18,1770.*

Joseph, and Mehitable Hathorne, certif. Aug.23,1781.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth Taply, certif. Sept.22,1784.*

Joseph, jr., and Betsey Story of Marblehead, int.Jan.2,1808.

Josiah, of Danvers, and Mary Flint, int.Nov.3,1787.

Katharine, and Charles Wilson, int.July4,1778.

Margaret, and Thomas Taylor, Aug.27,1759.

Margareet, and James Holmes, int.Dec.25,1779.

Margaret, and Joseph Pigon, certif. Sept.19,1780.*

Peggy, and Thomas Fabens, May2,1792. [May22. certif.CR12]*

Mary, and Joseph Wilkins, Nov.22,1705.CTR

Mary, of Marblehead, and Lewis Gautier, at Marblehead, Aug.13,1735.*

Mary, and Joseph Davis, both of Marblehead, Aug.21,1739.

Mary, and John Scolly, jr., May5,1756.*

Mary, and [Capt. int.] Thomas Ashby, Mar.14,1791.*

Mary, and Benjamin Pilsbury, int.Oct.31,1795.

Polly, and Ephraim Gray, certif. July末,1801.*

Polly, and Thomas Gould, certif. Sept.6,1802.*

Mary Hendley, and Rev. Samuel Gile [of Milton. int.], June9,1807.*

Mary B., of Beverly, and Nathaniel West, jr., int.July6,1811.

Mary Wilder, d.Hon. Daniel A., and Caleb Foote, Oct.21,1835.*

Mary, and William Mathews, Apr.24,1838.*

Mary Ann, Mrs., and John Williams, Sept.17,1848.*

Mehitable, wid., and Bangs King, int.Apr.12,1783.

Mercy, and William Brown, tailor [s.William, cordwainer, deceased.int.], Mar.16,1755.*

Nancy, of Billerica, and Josiah Orne, at Billerica, Aug.2,1778.*

Phillip, and Elizabeth Rommery, Dec.29,1720.

Pliney, and Louisa Bronson of Boston, int.July14,1844.

Rebeckah, and Henry Michemore of Gosport [of Isle of Shoals.int.], Nov.12,1747.*

Rebecca, late of Boston and resident in Bradford, and Timothy Pickering, Esq. [jr. int.], at Bradford, Apr.8,1776.*

Rebecca [Rich.int.], and Eve Rue, Mar.10,1779.*

Rebecca, and Nathan Brown, Apr.27,1779.*

Rebecca, see Rue, Rebecca.

Rebecca D. [of Danvers.int.], and William M. Russell, Aug.1,1822.*

Remember, and Edward Norrice, Dec.30,1715.*

Resolved, and, wid.Abigaile Lord, 5:8m:1674.CTR

Robert, and Mary Gowen, certif. Mar.11,1777.*

Samuel, and Martha Pritchet, May10,1751.*

Samuel, of Haverhill, and, wid.Mary Davis [formerly of Newfoundland, more lately of Ipswich, now of Salem.int.], Mar.8,1756.*

Samuel, formerly of Wiltshire, England, late of Marblehead and Elizabeth Emery, Dec.26,1771.*

Sarah, and Ebenezer Chevers, June11,1718.

Sarah, and Samuel Whitford, Dec.30,1756.

Sara, and [Dr. int.] Caleb Rea, [of Topsfield.int.], Oct.4,1781.*

Sarah, and John Pickering, jr., Mar.3,1805.*

Sarah S., and Benjamin Peirce, widr., ropemaker, Feb.13,1848.*

Stephen, and Harriet Story of Marblehead, int.July23,1808.

Susan, and William Rollins, int.Mar.7,1809.

Susanna, and Samuel Smith, Aug.11,1808.*

Thomas, of Beverly, and Sarah Yaro, at Beverly, Nov.23,1709.

Thomas, and Ruth Hunt [wid.int.], May21,1771.*

William, and Margaret Lambert, May22,1754.*

William, and Mary Cavendish, int.Apr.19,1760. (Forbidden by Mary Cavendish.)

William, and Mary Diamond, jr., int.Dec.27,1760.

William, and Mercy Burke, Aug.29,1779.*

William P., Rev. of Pawtucket, RI, and Ann W. Stone, July17,1837.*

William O., and Margaretta E. Harding of Springfield, int.Sept.10,1848.

Zackariah, and Sara Rumery, 23:8m:1678.CTR


Abial, and Ebenezer Tozer, June21,1750.*

Ebenezer, and Elizabeth Mayberry, Jan.14,1763.*

Ebenezer, and Sally Vincent, Sept.5,1784.*

Elizabeth, and John Masury, jr., int.Jan.2,1747-8.

Hannah, and Jacob Tucker, Feb.4,1770.*

John, and Elizabeth Steward, int.Oct.23,1736.

John, see Whitford, John.

Joseph, and Elizabeth Skinner, Oct.2,1706.

Joseph, jr., and Sarah Mayberry, Aug.24,1760.*

Margaret, and Ciifford Byrne, Mar.19,1769.

Margaret, and Charles Johnson, Aug.17,1800.*

Mary, and John Carrill, jr., June11,1754.*

Mary, and John MacDaniel, Apr.8,1781.*

Mary, and Levi Webster, certif. Oct.15,1803.*

Samuel, and Mary Jerman, Nov.20,1712.*

Samuell, and Mary Webb, int.Dec.20,1729.

Samuel, and Elizabeth Groves, Apr.27,1817.*

Sarah, wid., and John Martins, Mar.8,1770.*

Sarah, and John Posea, int.Dec.10,1770.

Sara, and James Grey, Mar.11,1775.*

Sally, and Henry Edwards, Sept.11,1808.*


John, and Margaret Crispin, May7,1777.*

Margaret, wid., and Joseph Gillman int.Apr.22,1780.

Robert, of Andover, and Lydia Tunison, Apr.30,1837.*

WHITEMORE (Whitmore)

Ann, and Samuel Gavit, July21,1751.*

James, and Anna Stacey, Feb.5,1733-4.*

Joseph, of Charlestown, and Mehetable Raymont, Feb.21,1712.*

Mary [Whitamore. dup], and Isaac Aborn [Aborne. dup.], Nov.28,1723.

Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Pease, int.July14,1733.

WHITERIG (Whittridge)

Abigaile, and John Baxter, Nov.24,1667.CTR


Bridgett, and John Webb,末蔓末, [bef. 1678.]CTR

Elizabeth, and Richard Johnson, Aug.23,1716.

Elizabeth, and Elisha Odlin, Nov.4,1810.*

Hannah, and Brunby Sirabe, int.末蔓末,1803. (Forbid.)

John [Whitefoot. int.], and Mary Foot, Sept.21,1758.*

John, and Elizabeth Peirce, Sept.10,1797.*

Lydia, and Daniel Emerson of Danvers, int.Dec.22,1804.

Margaret, and Paul Mansfield, in. Sept.9,1758.

Mary, and John Hawks, jr. of Lynn, int.Apr.21,1711.

Mary, and Benjamin Hill, Feb.29,1784.*

Rebecca, and William Oliver, Nov.1,1789.*

Samuel, and Rebeccah Hawks of Lynn, int.Nov.10,1732.

Samuel, and Sarah White, Dec.30,1756.

Sarah, and John Dawson, Nov.26,1764.

Sara, and John Forbes, Sept.10,1782.*

William, and Els Hooper, int.Aug.15,1772.

WHITHAM (Witham)

Henry, and Sara Somes, both of Gloucester, June15,1665.

WHITIMORE (Whitmore)

Sarah, and Samuel Farn, int.Aug.27,1743.

WHITING (Whitting)

Abigail, and Eli Spaulding, Apr.3,1825.*

Asa A., and Mary U. [M. int.] Nichols, Sept.14,1836.*

Caleb, and Lydia Osborne of Danvers, int.Aug.3,1799.

Elizabeth, and John Hutchinson, Oct.25,1818.*

Sarah, and Solomon Dennis, July4,1802.*


Mary, and Ebenezer Southwick, Oct.18,1727.*

WHITMORE (Wetmore, Whitamore, Whitemore, Whitimore, Whittemore, Whittmore)

Benjamin [of Brooklyn, NY. int.], and Virginia Ross, June6,1843.*

Henry, and Harriet E. Putnam [June6,1841. int.]*

Joseph W[arren. int.], and Mary Ann Felt, Nov.24,1830.*

Rebecca M., d.Stephen, and Henry T. Mansfield, 2d m., clerk, s.J.H., Aug.29,1849.*

Sarah C., and William Ross, int.Oct.30,1842.

Stephen, see Whittemore, Stephen.

Stephen, and Elizabeth Stone, int.Mar.3,1832. (Certificate Mar.31.)

Stephen, jr., and Esther S. Noyes of Roxbury, int.Sept.1,1832. (Certificate Sept.16.)


Thomas, and Elizabeth Robbins, int.Dec.25,1779.


Abigail, and John Waters, 3d, Oct.16,1833.*

Benjamin [of Boston. int.], and Mary C. Creamer, Jan.30,1825.*

Eliza H., and Alfred Hamilton of Boston, Nov.11,1828.*

J., of Woburn, and E.M. Treadwell, int.Oct.6,1844.

Hasket D., and Joanna L. Wallis of Beverly, int.Jan.11,1834.

Havilah, and James W. Dutton [of Lowell. int.], Dec.13,1848.*

John, of Lynn, and Mary Munday, int.Apr.24,1808.

John [of New Haven, CT. int.], and Mary Russell, July14,1812.*

Jonathan [of Danvers.int.], and, wid.Susan Wilkins, Nov.27,1827.*

Mary E., and Perley Z.M.P. Putnam, int.July5,1840.

Thomas, and Hannah Dove, int.Aug.6,1803.

William W., and Susan W. Mack, Nov.11,1849.*

Zacheus [of Boston. int.], and Fanny Tucker, certif. July1,1804. [July20.CR12]*

WHITREDGE (Whittridge)

Eliza [Elizabeth.int.], and Tucker Daland, Mar.15,1818.*

WHITRIDGE (Whittridge)

Charity, of Beverly, and Edward Ford, int.Sept.7,1765.

Thomas C., and Susan L. Mead, May7,1827.*

WHITTAKER (Whitaker)

Elizabeth, and Robert Hooper, 5th of Marblehead, int.Sept.6,1777.

Ruth, and Isaac Dempsey, int.July12,1751.


Lydia, and Thomas Ackers, Dec.26,1699.CTR


Abigail, and Thomas Guy, int.Nov.18,1780.

Abigail, and Edward Gibaut, Mar.1,1795.*

Alice, and George West, int.Nov.23,1782.

Anne, and George Atkinson, July20,1800.*

Asa, and Mary Poland of Danvers, Nov.10,1768.

Charles C., and Sarah M. Clark of Groton, int.Oct.25,1846.

Daniel, husbandman, s.Thomas, dec., and Elenner Osborn, d.Samuel, jr., husbandman, Sept.10,1741.CR7

Edmund, and wid., Sarah Murray, Mar.27,1755.*

Edmond [jr. int.], and Hanna Pierce, Oct.20,1774.*

Eliza E[ddy.int.], and Joseph Pettingill [of Danvers.int.], Sept.22,1833.*

Elsy, wid., and Humphrey Fears, int.July29,1781.

Hannah, and Abraham Freeze [of Deer Island.int.], certif. June25,1777.*

Hannah, and Richard Richards [jr. int.], July9,1798.*

Hannah, of Danvers, and George Keen, int.Jan.16,1801.

James [jr. int.], and Abigail Yell, Dec.27,1770.*

James, and Patty [Margaret.CR4] Clemmonds, May8,1791.*

James, and Sally Preston [Hannah Presson. int.], Aug.27,1803.*

John, and Elizabeth Williams, Dec.25,1800.*

Joseph, and Alice Cutler, Oct.13,1767.

Joseph, and Sarah McDaniel, certif. Nov.9,1777.*

Lydia, and John Wakefield, Apr.3,1757.

Lydia, and Henry Lovett, Feb.11,1787.*

Mary, and John Rose, Oct.10,1779.*

Retiah, and Hannah Britton, int.Feb.6,1779.

Ruth, wid., and John Bezune of Marblehead, int.Mar.4,1775.

Ruth, and John Day, Dec.8,1792.*

Samuel, and Lucy Dana of Watertown, int.Oct.18,1800.

Samuel, and Sarah Williams of Beverly, int.Jan.30,1842.

Sarah, and Jonathan Gavit, Sept.22,1754.*

Sara, and Richard Dighton [Deighton. int.], Feb.6,1777.*

Sarah, and John Brown, int.Nov.27,1803.

Stephen [Whitmore. int.], and Ruth Felton [2d int.] of Danvers, at Danvers, Mar.18,1762.*

Stephen, and Betsey Noyes, May27,1808.*

Susanna, and Alexander Carlile, int.Nov.21,1790.

Susanna, of West Cambridge, and Samuel Briggs, int.July13,1808.

Thomas, and Hannah Makmallin, July10,1700.CTR

Thomas, and, wid.Hannah Swinnerton, Apr.10,1739.*


Humphrey, and Sarah A. Neal, both of Lynn, both b. Lynn, July3,1849.

WHITTERIDGE (Whittridge)

Margaret, and Josiah Dewing, Oct.11,1816.*


Elizabeth [wid.int.], and Joseph Daland, Apr.6,1794.*


Elizabeth, and William J.E. Kenny, both of Danvers, Dec.20,1829.

Mary Ann, and John Hanson, Sept.14,1834.*

Mary C. [d.Moses and Gertrude, dec., of Dover, NH.CR7], and Charles Jones, of Durham, ME, [of Brunswick, ME, s.Stephen and Eunice, of Brunswick.CR7], 29:9m:1837.

Moses, of Dover, NH, s.Obadiah, late of Dover, dec., and Sarah, and Gertrude Frye, d.William and Tamesin, 15:12m:1814.CR7

WHITTING (Whiting)

Elizabeth [Whittell. int.], and Robert Lefavour, certif. May16,1773.*


Henry, of Marblehead, and Sarah Jeffree, May21,1750.*


James, and [Mrs.int.] Elizabeth Tabor, Aug.31,1806.*

James, and Sarah Willing, Sept.27,1829.*

James, and Nancy W. Porter, Feb.12,1832.*

Lucy A., and John M. Fogg, Aug.27,1829.*

WHITTMORE (Whitmore)

Benjamin, and Mary Peters, Mar.6,1745-6.CR1*

WHITTREDGE (Whittridge)

Elizabeth B., and Theodore A. Neal [of Beverly.int.], May31,1849.CR12*

Sarah Waters, and [Dr. int.] George Osborn of Danvers, Dec.5,1831.*

Sarah E., d.Henry C., and George E[dward.int.] West of Indianapolis, trader, s.Nathaniel, jr., dec., of Indianapolis, Oct.13,1845.*

WHITTRIDGE (Witridge, Whiterig, Whitredge, Whitridge, Whitteridge, Whittredge)

Margaret, and Stephen Richardson, int.Mar.31,1806.

Rebecca, of Beverly, and Thomas Mansfield, at Beverly, Apr.25,1754.*


Sally, and James Bradey, certif. July3,1801.*


Anna, and David Bickford, jr., certif. Apr.18,1777.*

Elizabeth, and Joshua Ward, jr., certif. Jan.25,1780.*

Mattis, and Ann Simms, Sept.17,1752.

Samuel, and Mary Andrew, certif. Dec.6,1783.*

Sarah, and Christopher Leonard, certif. Nov.24,1781.*

WHORFE (Wharfe)

Bethiah, wid., and Joseph Trask, Nov.26,1758.*

WIATT (Wyatt)

John, and Mary Mansfield, June11,1745.*

William, and Sarah Chever, Dec.30,1756.


John [Wibird.int.], and Susannah Murfy [Murphy.int.], Feb.8,1781.*

WIDGER (Wedger, Widgher, Woodyer)

Joseph, and Mary Graly of Marblehead, at Marblehead, Mar.22,1789.

WIDGHER (Widger)

Polly, and Elisha Ballard, int.July20,1782.

WIGGEN (Wiggin)

John, and Mary Kennedy, Sept.8,1816.*

WIGGIN (Wiggen, Wiggins)

Abigail B., and, William Wyman, int.June21,1834.

Andrew, and Sarah Dolliver of Marblehead, int.Feb.19,1820.

Andrew N., and Sarah B. Messer, int.Nov.27,1824.

Asa, and Abigail Boardman of Ipswich, int.Sept.19,1812.

Chase, and Susan Trickey, July28,1811.*

Edwin N., of Franklin, and Mary Davis, int.June3,1849.

Eliza M., and John Sanborn, July21,1833.*

Elizabeth B[racket. int.], and Charles Wilkins, Nov.15,1831.*

Emily W., and John Maynard, both of Boston, May19,1838.

Joseph F., and Mary Ann R. Ashby, int.July11,1847.

Levi, and Caroline Felton, int.Jan.14,1849.

Margaret M., and Charles F. Adams, Feb.8,1847.*

Mark, and Lucinda H. Messer, Jan.3,1848.*

Martha, and Robert Cook, Apr.23,1835.*

Mary, and James Taylor, June1,1821.*

Mary Jane, and Lorenzo G. Prescott of Malden, Feb.17,1845.*

Nancy, and Joshua Goodridge, May26,1840.*

Nathaniel, and Lydia Frances Smith [of Ossipee, NH. int.], Jan.26,1848.*

Parker, and Eliza Moore, Apr.26,1827.*

Peirce L., and Margaret Blanchard, Dec.6,1838.*

Sarah Ann, of Danvers, and Nathaniel C. Robbins, int.Nov.28,1835.

Sarah F., and Phillip F. Floyd, Aug.2,1837.*

Sarah H., and George A. Dodge of Danvers, Sept.2,1841.*

Sarah B., and Charles H. Davis, int.July19,1846.

Susan B., and Asa Wilson, int.July24,1842.

Thomas D., and Mary Orne, May31,1818.*

WIGGINS (Wiggin)

Adaline J., and Dennison W. Goldthwait, Sept.20,1832.*

Asa, and Fanna Fish, Sept.11,1808.*

Chase, and Sally Hathorne, Jan.14,1804.*

George, and Betsy Lovit, int.Oct.11,1806.

James D., and Mary H. Ingalls, Dec.27,1818.*

Joseph, jr., and Sally Luscomb, Dec.23,1810.*

Lucy, and Joseph Trask [jr. int.], Nov.12,1805.*

Lucy Jane, and Jonathan M. Goldthwaite, int.May14,1843.

Nancy, of Stratham, and Moses Hood, int.June11,1808.

Peirce, and Anna B. Graves, Dec.23,1804.*

Sarah M[aria.int.], and Jonathan H. Tombs [of Danvers.int.], June4,1826.*


Martha, Mrs., and Dr. Joseph Wheeler, Nov.2,1704.


Joshua, and Hannah Hunt, certif. Oct.29,1802.*

Susan Perkins, and Benjamin Walker,末蔓末, [bef. 1826.]


Lucy, and Nathaniel Abbot, Jan.24,1837.*


Obadiah, and Lydia Traften [wid.Lucy.int.], Oct.26,1788.*

WILD (Wilde)

Eliza, and Benjamin Hitchens, May13,1810.*

Mary, and Constant Turner, May30,1802.*

Micah, and Deborah Foot, int.Nov.22,1799.

WILDE (Wild, Wildes)

Allen, tobacconist, and Ellinor Grigs, int.Oct.25,1729. (Forbidden by Elizabeth Kilcup Oct.27, allowed Mar.27.)

Joshua, and Mary Smith [wid.int.], Dec.26,1822.*


Amas [Amasa.int.], and Hannah Peabody, Oct.31,1820.*

Caty [of Boston. int.], and Thomas Beckford, certif. May21,1810.*

WILDES (Wilde)

James, and Hannah Lefavour int.July19,1828.

WILEE (Wiley)

Mary, and Andrew Cockran of Londonderry, May15,1739.*

WILEY (Wilee, Willey, Wily)

Abigail [wid.int.], and Robert Simmons [Summons.int.], Dec.24,1780.*

Arney, and Hannah G. [P. int.] Hazelton, at Danvers, Apr.30,1843.*

Elizabeth, of Reading, and Ebenezer Walcott, Nov.26,1717.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Dampney, Nov.6,1760.

Elizabeth H. [A. int.], and John H. Kellman, Oct.16,1848.*

Emily E., and Thomas A. Teague, s.Thomas A., Mar.6,1848.*

John, and Mary Cincaad [July10,1731. int.]*

Lydia, and David Beadle, Dec.17,1769.*

Mary, wid., of Lynn, and Thomas Fuller, int.Feb.2,1749-50.

William [John. int.], b. Ireland, and Mary Reynolds, Feb.2,1848.*

WILKENSON (Wilkinson)

John, and Elizaheth Read, 10:10m:1675.CTR


Abigail, and John Wilkins, jr., May26,1710.*

Abigail, of Middleton, and William Cod, June27,1743.

Abner, of Middleton, and Emma Marble, Dec.29,1737.*

Albert, and Hepzibeth Austin, Sept.29,1833.*

Amos S., of Cambridge, and Mary W. Moulton, Sept.2,1827.*

Anna, and Ebenezer Foster, Dec.19,1700.

Aquila, and Lydia Nicholls, July12,1704.

Archelaus, of Souhegan West, and Rachel Case, Nov.29,1744.*

Benjamin, and Priscilla Baxter, June3,1677.CTR

Benjamin, and Marjery Ruff of Concord, July20,1702.

Bray, and Rebekah Knight of Topsfield, Feb.10,1701-2.

Catharine, of Danvers, and Charles R. Perkins, int.May1,1831. (Certificate May26.)

Charles, and Nancy G. Jelly, May17,1825.*

Charles, and Elizabeth B[racket. int.] Wiggin, Nov.15,1831.*

Charles, and Sarah G. Harris, June6,1843.*

Charles R., and Harriet A. Swan, June2,1846.*

Daniell, and Mary Bailey, int.Oct.13,1714.

Daniell, and Mary Hutchinson, Dec.19,1721.

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Legroe, Nov.22,1716.

Elizabeth, and Daniell Roff of Concord, Sept.3,1718.

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Upton of Reading, at Reading, Sept.22,1724.

Esther Gardner, and John Allen, Oct.7,1824.*

Fanny, and [Capt. int.] Benjamin Ropes, May13,1804. [certif. Apr.21.CR12]*

Fanny, of Danvers, and Grimes Tufts, int.July19,1822.

Frances Maria, and Caleb A. Smith of Danvers, int.Feb.23,1840.

George W., and Sophronia R. Durgin, both of Providence, RI, Nov.20,1848.

Gideon, and Nancy Burke, Oct.2,1825.*

Hannah, of Middleton, and Humphry Case, int.May4,1747.

Henry, and Sarah Wilkins, July末,1703.

Henry, and Mary Lewis, Oct.22,1718.

Hezekiah, and Bethiah Shehane, Nov.15,1818.*

Israel, of Topsfield, and Margaret Case, July18,1726.

James, and Margarett Braye, Apr.20,1684.CTR

Jason, and Lydia C. Seward of Ipswich, int.June5,1830. (Certificate June20.)

John, and Betty Southwick, Aug.末,1687.

John, jr., and Abigail Wilkins, May26,1710.*

John, 3d, and Mary Goodale, int.Oct.24,1713.

John G., and Dorcas Merrill, of Salem, NH, int.Jan.28,1815.

Jonathan, and Hannah Rolf, int.Dec.6,1712.

Jonathan, of Middleton, and Abigail Goodale, Oct.5,1737.*

Joseph, and Mary White, Nov.22,1705.CTR

Joseph, and Margaret Nicholls, July8,1708.

Joseph, and Rebecca Yell [Bell. int.andCR1], Feb.1,1731-2.*

Joseph H. [of Concord, NH. int.], and Mrs.Susan Morgan, May15,1817.*

Lydia, and Mark How of Boxford, Dec.20,1725.

Mary, and Joseph Lefavour, Oct.3,1815.*

Mary Ann, and Henry W. Smith of Brooklyn, NY, May4,1843.*

Mary Ellen, and B.F. Bowles, clergyman, Feb.25,1849.*

Mercy, and Benjamin Chevers, Oct.20,1725. [Oct.21. dup.]

Miriam, of Topsfield, and John Case, Jan.31,1722-3.

Nehemiah, and Elizabeth Guppy, Dec.末,1708.CTR

Nehemiah, of Boxford, and Susanna Wilkins, int.Sept.15,1711.

Othniel, and Mary Veley [Tapley.int.], Jan.23,1728-9.*

Rachel, and Thomas Seaver, Mar.31,1811.*

Rebeccah, and Philip Mackintire of Reading, Feb.20,1694-5.CTR

Samuell, and Presilla Parker, Feb.1,1698.CTR

Samuel C., of Boston, and Clara B. Hobson, Nov.4,1835.*

Sarah, and Henry Wilkins, July末,1703.

Susan, wid., and Jonathan Whitney [of Danvers.int.], Nov.27,1827.*

Susanna, and Nehemiah Wilkins of Boxford, int.Sept.15,1711.

Thomas, and Hanna Nichols, May末,1667.CTR

Timothy, of Middleton, and Anna Smith, int.Nov.26,1730.

Uriah, of Middleton, and Sarah [Hannah.int.] Smith, Aug.9,1737.*

Zadock, and Sarah Knox, int.Sept.13,1828.

WILKINSON (Wilkenson)

William, and Mary Smith, July22,1821.*


Abigail, and Joseph H. Avery, int.Sept.8,1827.

WILLARD (Williard)

Anna, of Lancaster, and Hon. Benjamin Goodhue, int.Nov.1,1804.

Betsey, and William Ryan, Jan.22,1811.*

Hannah [wid.int.], and Philip Kimball of Andover, Apr.6,1806.*

Jacob, and Sarah Flint, May3,1704.

Josiah, and Mrs.Jane Jacob, Nov.24,1708.

Katherine, Mrs., of Boston, and Henry Gibbs, int.May2,1747.

Martha, and John Sterns, Sept.24,1718.

Richard, and Mrs.Hannah Butman, Oct.21,1714.*

Samuel, and Hanna Pease, Sept.16,1785.*

Sarah, and Jonathan Peal, July28,1727.*

Simon, and Priscilla Buttolph, July25,1722.


Elizabeth, of Newbury, and Dr. Daniel Peterson, at Newbury, Jan.23,1719-20.

WILLEY (Wiley)

Hiram, and Ann Neal [of Portsmouth, NH. int.], Dec.3,1818.*

William, and Mary Ann Nichols, Sept.24,1835.*

WILLIAMES (Williams)

Elizabeth, and Thomas Purchas, Dec.3,1679.CTR

WILLIAMS (Williames)

Abigail, and Thomas Massey, Jan.3,1698.

Abigail, and Jonathan Archer, Dec.末,1699. [Nov.8.CTR]

Abigail, and Thomas Nason, Nov.3,1782.

Nabby, and Josiah Gould, jr. [of Beverly.int.], Mar.17,1791.*

Alfred, of Saugus, and Sarah Davis, Feb.5,1835.*

Anna, and Abraham Victory, int.Apr.16,1801.

Anstis, and John Crowninshield, Sept.27,1722.

Benjamin, and Jane Gray, Mar.30,1769.

Benjamin, and Joannah Thomas, Oct.29,1772.*

Bethiah, and Obadiah Rich, July6,1661.CTR

Charles F., and Sophia W. Silver, Jan.21,1836.*

Deborah, and Joseph Gray, 10:6m:1675.CTR

Ebenezer, and Elizabeth Trott, Dec.26,1698.CTR

Ebenezer, and Mary Ann Coffin, int.Apr.11,1847. (Forbid by the Danvers overseers.)

Edward, and Caroline Johnson, int.Mar.26,1837.

Eliza [Elizabeth.int.] W., and John Chadwick, June10,1824.*

Eliza Ann, and Thomas M. Dix, Feb.26,1833.*

Elizabeth, and Ibrook Hacker, Aug.4,1709.*

Elizabeth, Mrs., of Hatfeild, and Samuel Barnard, Esq. int.Aug.24,1744.

Elizabeth, and Charles Boardman, int.Oct.4,1781. (Dec.12, forbidden by Elizabeth Williams.)

Betsy, and Michad Dean, Nov.12,1795.*

Elizabeth, and Moses Little, Apr.17,1799.*

Elizabeth, and John Whittemore, Dec.25,1800.*

Betsy, and Mark Sarvey, May19,1804.*

Elizabeth, of Chelsea, and Holten Dale, int.Aug.24,1811.

Elizabeth, and Thomas Bray Webb, Oct.29,1818. [Nov.8. int.]*

Esther, and John Strang, int.May20,1786.

Esther, and Jeremiah Russell, Aug.26,1792.*

Frances, and Enoch Swett, Feb.17,1799.

Frederick, and Phillis Procter, Nov.8,1804.

George, Capt., and Hannah Hathorne, July13,1752.*

George, jr., and Mehitable West, certif. Sept.14,1777.*

George H., and Julia A. Deland, int.July4,1835.

Hanna [Anna.int.], and James Fletcher, May2,1781.*

Hannah, and Ebenezer Seccomb, certif. Nov.末,1802.*

Hannah [Harriot. int.] W., and Samuel Bachelder, May28,1826.*

Henry, and Mary Waters, Jan.26,1727-8.*

Henry, and Abigail Russell of Andover, at Andover, Nov.1,1770.*

Henry D., and Mary Cox, Feb.2,1838.*

Henry L., and Elizabeth T. Daland, Oct.1,1845.CR12*

Isaac, and Sarah Mascoll, Nov.8,1716.

Isaac, and Betsey Brown, at Newbury,末蔓末,1781.

Isaac, and Mary Silver, int.June10,1809.

Israel, and Lydia Wait, May22,1796.*

James, and [Mrs.int.] Hanna Hazard, Apr.17,1832.*

James, and Eliza Steward, May11,1835.

James, and Susan Stiles, Apr.22,1845.

Jane, and Cotton Brown Brooks of Haverhill, Dec.13,1794. [Nov.13.CR1]*

Jane, and David Kieff, Mar.17,1816.*

Joanna, and Joshua Balch of Beverly, int.Sept.3,1743.

Johanna, a.36y., and Owen McCarthy of Lynn, a.45y., laborer, s.末末 of Ireland, May21,1844.*

John, seaman, and wid.Elizabeth Smith, 23:9br:1665.CTR

John, and Sarah Manning, Dec.8,1686.

John, and Rebecca Peirson, both of Lynn, Nov.6,1706.

John, and Mary Pope, Aug.19,1732.*

John, and Mary Robbinson [wid.int.], Aug.20,1752.*

John [2d, late of Pool, England.int.], and Anna Gray [wid.int.], June17,1770.*

John, and, wid.Lydia Valpy, int.Feb.24,1781.

John, and Mary Welcome, Nov.9,1781.*

John, and, wid.Jane Davis, int.Jan.22,1791.

John, and Mary Hawks, July22,1804.*

John and Elizabeth Farrow, Aug.5,1804.

John, and Mary Brown, Oct.11,1804.

John, and Sally Smith, Oct.13,1805.*

John, and Nancy Stone, July30,1807.*

John [jr. int.], and Ester Waters, July26,1818.*

John Stoddard, and Mehitable Oakes of Danvers, at Danvers, Apr.9,1834.*

John, and Margaret Day, Aug.10,1834.*

John, and Mary Ann Curtis, int.Oct.30,1842.

John R., and Georgiana F. Marbray, Oct.14,1844.*

John, and Mrs.Mary Ann White, Sept.17,1848.*

Jonathan, and Elisabeth Norrice, Apr.12,1716.*

Joseph, and Sara Browning, 20:9m:1661.CTR

Joseph, and Mary Couch, int.Sept.11,1779.

Joseph, and Elizabeth Sanders, Nov.13,1790.*

Joseph Warran, and Hannah Byrne, int.July13,1805.

Katy [Catherine. dup.], and Thomas Downing, Sept.12,1799.*

Louisa P., and Stephen W. Hall, Jan.20,1836.*

Lucia, and Thomas Latty, June17,1803.*

Lydia, and Theodore Lyman of Wells [of Arundal. int.], Jan.24,1786.*

Lydia, and Seth Richardson, Feb.23,1808.*

Margarett, and Alexander Lovell, at Ipswich, Jan.14,1719.

Patty, and Samuel Town [of Beverly.int.], certif. Dec.13,1795.*

Patty, and Samuel Town [of Beverly.int.], certif. Nov.25,1796.*

Mary, and Jeremiah Macartee, Nov.20,1701.

Mary, and Thomas Massey, 2d m.,末蔓末, [bef. 1717.]

Mary, and Joseph Gavet, May20,1725.

Mary, and Joseph Lambart, Feb.2,1726-7.

Mary, and Daniel Darling, int.Apr.3,1731.

Mary, and Benjamin Wooding, Mar.22,1742.

Mary, and Henry Brown, July30,1780.*

Mary [wid.int.], and James Coady Sept.21,1785.*

Mary, and William Pratt of Boston, Nov.18,1792.*

Polly, and William Patterson, Nov.7,1804.

Mary, and George Leach, Jan.9,1817.*

Mary, of Northborough, and Edward Orne, int.Aug.17,1822.

Mary, of Gloucester, and James H. Putnam, int.Dec.15,1827.

Mary, and James Linn, Aug.7,1842. [1841.CR12]*

Mascoll, and Ruth Phippen, June5,1740.

Mascoll, and Rachel Sowersbey, Dec.5,1784.

Mehitable, and Joseph Knights, Jan.16,1734-5.*

Mehitabel, and Capt. Samuel Carryl, Sept.16,1762.*

Mehitable, and Thomas Smith, Feb.4,1781.*

Mehitable, and James Ward, July24,1783.*

Mehitable, and Abraham Millet [of Gloucester. int.], certif. Oct.31,1801.*

Nancy, and John Stone, Sept.22,1794.*

Nancy, wid., and Oliver Peabody, int.Feb.9,1822.

Nancy, and Andrew Fitzpatrick of Yarmouth, Jan.3,1831.*

Nathaniel W., Capt., and Priscilla Webb, Oct.末,1808.*

Nathaniel L., of Boston, and Ellen Devereux, May17,1826.*

Rebecca, and Epes Brown, Dec.31,1824.*

Richard, and Lucy Glover, certif. Oct.18,1801.*

Robert, and Sarah Gedney, Oct.15,1717.

Ruth [of Danvers, late of Lynn. int.], and James Kepple [Kipple, late of Roddingham, Suffolk Co., Great Britain. int.], Sept.25,1771.*

Samuell, and Mary Veren, Apr.2,1662.CTR

Samuell, and Margarett Rust of Ipswich, Oct.24,1694.CTR

Samuel, jr., of Pomfret [CT. int.], and Mary Pope, Jan.5,1748-9.*

Samuel, and Hannah Foster of Danvers, int.May4,1754.

Samuel E. [Wellman. int.], and Elizabeth Waters, Oct.18,1807.*

Sarah, and Gamaliel Hodges, Jan.25,1710-11. [Jan.27. dup.]*

Sarah, of Gloucester, and Samuel Morehead, int.Aug.18,1739.

Sarah [d.Isaac, of Marblehead.int.], and Samuel Gerrish, certif. Feb.16,1773.*

Sarah, and John Lander, int.Oct.4,1777.

Sarah, and William Deblois [of Boston. int.], Oct.8,1785.*

Sarah, and Gamaliel Hodges, Oct.16,1788.

Sarah, of Beverly, and Samuel Whittemore, int.Jan.30,1842.

Sarah, Mrs., and John Phillips of Topsfield, Mar.21,1844.*

Stephen, and Alice Orne, July14,1799.*

Susannah, and Robert Hawkins of Marblehead, May16,1745.*

Thomas [now resident in Salem.int.], and Elizabeth Collier, Aug.29,1710.*

Thomas, and Elenor Broughton, both of Marblehead, June30,1779.

Thomas, and, wid.Elizabeth Symmes, Aug.17,1788.*

Thomas and Rebecca Smith, Sept.7,1794.*

Thomas [Capt. int.], and Elizabeth Cotton [wid.int.], Nov.末,1796.*

Thomas R., and Ruthy Abbot, June22,1806.*

Thomas F., and Sophronia Kegmore of Lynn, Feb.12,1838.*

Thomas, and Charlottee Dolliver, Apr.28,1840.*

Thomas, and Clara Aaron, June7,1845.*

Willard, of Boston, and Betsey Osgood, Dec.22,1820.*

William, and Elizabeth Pearson of Rowey, at Rowley, Feb.15,1794.

William, and Lydia Munyan, int.Mar.12,1796.

William, Rev., and Mary Parsons of Amherst, int.Aug.11,1821.

Zerubbabel, and Sarah Phippen, Aug.6,1725.


Charles, and Mrs.Mary Gladding, Dec.17,1820.*

Betsy, and John Sparks, Jan.5,1802.*

Elizabeth L. [S. int.], and John Phillips of Lynn, b. Lynn, Oct.30,1849.*

Margaret M., and John P. [D. int.] Morse [of Beverly.int.], May18,1845.*

Mercy, Mrs., and John Young, int.July19,1834.

Thomas, and Mary [Mercy.dup.] M. Francis [wid.int.], Sept.12,1826.*

Thomas H., and Lydia A. Dowst, Aug.20,1849.*

WILLIARD (Willard)

Stedman, of Orford, NH, and Mrs.Sarah B. Smith, int.Apr.15,1838.

WILLIN (Willing)

Peter, and Sally Tatum, Feb.21,1808.

WILLING (Willin)

Sarah, and James Whittle, Sept.27,1829.*


Frances, and Charles Hart, Dec.5,1815.*

Seba, of Danvers, and Benjamin Reed, int.Oct.4,1806.

Susan, of Danvers, and Gideon P. Wells, int.Feb.20,1808.


Elizabeth, and Isaac Moor, int.Oct.3,1730.


Anne, and William Pearson, int.Mar.4,1731-2.

Anthony, and Amelia Francis, int.July27,1822.

Benjamin, and Sarah Harrington, July1,1821.*

Eliza, and Benjamin Upton, Oct.11,1831.*

Ellen, and Charles Chamberlain of Lynn, int.July8,1849.

Jesse [of Boston. int.], and Sally Waters, Dec.3,1818.*

John, and Betsey Bray, May17,1789.*

John, and Mary Gale, Sept.3,1820.*

John G., and Eliza Wallis, int.Oct.11,1846.

Mary, and Joseph Martin, Apr.4,1773.*

Mary E., and Stephen Tuttle, Apr.8,1844.*

Nancy, and Jeremiah Knights [of Danvers.int.], Oct.25,1817.*

William, and Betsy Hill, int.Oct.6,1810.


Ann, and Francis Russell Martin, int.May5,1821.

Elizabeth, and Peter Clemons, int.July14,1821.

Mary [L. int.], and Jere [Jeremiah.int.] L. Ford, May5,1825.*

Samuel, and Anna Longeway, certif. Nov.21,1801. [1802. dup.]*

Samuel, and Rebecca Francis, Aug.27,1826.*

Samuel P., cabinet maker, s.Samuel S., and Mary E. Henman, July29,1849.*


Abigail, Mrs., and Joshua Pickman, Nov.23,1704.

Charles D., and Amanda M. Young, int.Feb.27,1848.

Francis, and Mrs.Bethia Gedney, Apr.26,1705.

Mary, and Thomas Barton, May10,1710.*

Sarah, and Samuell Cutler of Charlestown, Apr.11,1706.

William, s.Francis, bp. July28,1706.CR1

WILLS (Wells)

John, jr., and Mary H. Treadwell, int.Nov.5,1837.

WILLSON (Wilson)

Experience, and James Estes, Nov.1,1827.*

Isaac, and Abigail Newhall, jr. of Lynn, int.Nov.9,1744.

John [jr. int.], of Cambridge, and Lydia Meek, at Cambridge, Mar.31,1793.*

Jonathan, and Prudence Goldthwait, certif. June12,1801.*

Lucy F., and Benjamin B. Gardner, Dec.28,1823.*

WILSEN (Wilson)

Robert, and Mary Procter, Mar.6,1717-18.

WILSON (Willson, Wilsen)

Abigail, and Ebenezer Stone [of Newtowne. int.], June12,1711.*

Abigail, and Thorndike Procter, jr., Apr.5,1721.

Abraham, and Mary Southwick, Oct.8,1832.*

Andrew, and Betsy Beckford, Nov.29,1807.*

Anna, wid.Robert, and Joseph Foster, Nov.21,1683.CTR

Archelaus, and Charlotte Farnum, int.Oct.9,1812.

Asa, and Susan B. Wiggin, int.July24,1842.

Bloomfield, and Margaret Hamilton, Apr.18,1848.*

Caroline, and Joseph D. Dennett, May6,1838.*

Charles, and Katharine White, int.July4,1778.

Charles, and Mary Millet, Aug.31,1800.*

Charles W., of Danvers, and Ann P. Batcheldor, July22,1830.*

Charles, and Rebecca Leach, int.Apr.13,1845. (Stopped by order of Wilson.)

David, and Elizabeth Barker, July2,1809.*

Deborah, and Christopher Foster, at Marblehead, Sept.6,1681.

Edward [of Portland.int.], and Mary Collins, Sept.18,1796.*

Edward, and Sarah Hill, Nov.5,1837.*

Edward, of Danvers, s.末末, of Ireland, and Eliza A[nn. int.] Boston, Apr.4,1844.*

Elijah G., and Mary Ann Jones, Dec.15,1833.*

Eliza, and John B. Trask [of Danvers.int.], Sept.1,1825. [Oct.8. int.]*

Elizabeth, and Samuell Cook, Apr.18,1705.

Elizabeth, and John Southwick, 4th, int.July21,1743.

Esther of Danvers, and Aaron Wood, certif. Feb.13,1814.*

Eunice M., Mrs., and Moses Rogers, int.Nov.2,1833.

Hannah, of Lynn, and Nathaniel McIntyre, int.July2,1785.

Henrietta J., and Ivory H. Bedee, Dec.17,1848.*

Hugh, and Isabella Killgour, int.May25,1845.

Isaac, and Mary Stone, Jan.9,1717-18.

Jacob, and [Mrs.int.] Sally Berry, Dec.末,1822.*

James, and Abigal Herrick of Wenham, int.Aug.23,1794.

James, and Mary Very, Sept.18,1823.*

John, and Hannah Davis, int.Nov.16,1781. (Forbidden by Hannah Davis.)

John, and Patty Mansfield, Oct.15,1797.*

John, and Mary Punchard, May1,1803.*

John D., and Ann Nicholson of Plymouth, int.Aug.13,1814.

John, b. Ireland, and Mary Lohan, June17,1847. [July4. int.]*

Jonathan, and Mary Beans, Sept.17,1766.*

Jonathan, and Sarah C. Waters, Aug.2,1825.*

Joseph, and Eunice Pease, July11,1790.*

Joseph, of Danvers, and Edith Very, int.Aug.4,1821.

Julia A., and Henry G. Tuttle, Dec.2,1841.*

Lucinda, and Elijah Haskell [jr. int.], June12,1837.*

Luther, and Maria Webber, int.Sept.27,1834.

Lydia, and Thomas Roberts, Oct.7,1810.*

Mary Collins, and John Chamberlain, Apr.5,1818.*

Mary A., and John Battis, int.Sept.1,1839.

Mary, and John W. Rhodes, Jan.3,1841.*

Mary, and Timothy Roberts, at Danvers, Nov.24,1842.*

Mary, and Caleb Carpenter, Apr.6,1848.*

Mary G., of Marblehead, and Samuel A. Fabens, int.June4,1848.

Mehitable, and Virgil O. Wellman, int.Jan.28,1844.

Nancy H., and John Q. Hawes, May22,1845.

Nathan F., and Anna Elizabeth Holman of Beverly, int.July28,1844.

Rachel, and Josiah Brown, int.Nov.4,1849.

Rebecca V., and John Abbot [of Portsmouth, NH. int.], Nov.25,1802.*

Robert, and Deborah Buffam, 12:6m:1658.CTR

Robert, and Mary Shullabar, Apr.7,1742.*

Robert, jr., and Elizabeth Southwick, int.May26,1744.

Robert, and Sally Brookhouse, Nov.11,1791.*

Robert, and Eunice M. Fabens, Sept.16,1821.*

Ruth, and Daniel Searl, May3,1812.*

Samuel, and Mehitable Wood of Danvers, int.Aug.17,1811.

Samuel P. [of Danvers.int.], b. Danvers, and Aseneth Bruce, Apr.25,1848.*

Sally [jr., of Danvers.int.], and Ebenezer Rand, July31,1808.*

Sarah, wid., and Jonathan Neal, int.Feb.19,1820. (Feb.21, by request of Capt. Neal, discontinued, being ascertained to have been an imposition.)

Sarah P., and James Dailey, Nov.9,1832.*

Susan, and Joshua Evans, int.Mar.21,1835.

Thomas, and Rhoda R.S. Eldridge of Roxbury, int.Sept.24,1837.

William, and Charlotte Orne, June25,1826.*

William P., and Mary W. Smith, Sept.3,1835.*


Lucy Ann [Willber. int.], and George Plato, Nov.25,1835.*

WILY (Wiley)

John, and Abigail Bell, Sept.20,1772.


Bancroft, and Sarah Low Frost of Danvers, int.Nov.8,1818.

Betsey, and Caleb Smith of Danvers, int.June23,1810.

Eunice, and Henry Cook of Danvers, int.Nov.23,1816.

Jacob B. [of Gloucester. int.], and Mary Richardson, Dec.5,1825.*

Jacob, and Elizabeth Lang of Danvers, int.Apr.4,1829. (Certificate Apr.24.)

Jacob, 2d m., s.Jacob, and Sarah Turner, 2d m., May24,1847.*

Maria, and Dr. Joseph Osgood of Danvers, int.Sept.29,1832. (Certificate Oct.24.)

Richard H., of Gloucester, and Elizabeth J. Richardson, int.Aug.22,1841.


Mary [S., of Amesbury.int.], d.Enoch and Mary, of Amesbury, and William Cleveland Barton, Dec.23,1840.*


Peter, and Mary Balston, July26,1705.


Richard, of Gloucester, and Bridget Travis of Newbury, Mar.30,1659.

WINDSHIP (Winship)

Joshua, and Julia Petts of Dedham, int.Aug.2,1805.


Fanny, and Israel Ward, 3d, Feb.6,1832.*

Rebecca, and Henry Archer, jr., Apr.26,1818.*

WINGATE (Winget)

Aaron [of Boston. int.], and Sally Bruce, Nov.24,1822.*

Elizabeth R., and George W.H. Davis, int.Apr.6,1845.

Pain, Rev., of Hampton Falls, NH, and [Mrs.int.] Eunice Pickering [jr. int.], May23,1765.*

WINGET (Wingate)

Mary, of Hampton, and Timothy Pickering, int.Oct.2,1728.

WINN (Wenn, Wyn)

Charlotte M., d.Joseph R., and Charles Blodgett [of Lexington. int.], Apr.10,1845.*

Edward D., and Eliza Harvey, int.Mar.28,1829.

Eliza H., and Joseph Saul [jr. int.], Jan.26,1842.*

Elizabeth [Eliza Maria.int.], and John M[inot. int,] Fisk [of Charlestown. int.], Oct.10,1823.*

Elizabeth A., and John Reed, jr., int.June18,1843.

Elizabeth A., and Artemas Reed of Woburn, int.Nov.16,1845.

Emily A., and John G. Noah, Aug.16,1844.*

Esther R[ussell. int.], and Amos Anger of Lexington, Nov.4,1828.*

Francis A., and Mehitable A. Hill, int.May30,1835.

Jerusha, of Burlington, and Benjamin Tay, int.Nov.27,1799.

John, jr., and Sarah W. Flint, Nov.24,1818.*

John D., and Abigail Knight, Dec.10,1832.*

Joseph, and Mary [Mercy.int.] Hunt, Dec.14,1788.*

Joseph B., and Hannah Dove, July29,1804.*

Joseph [Capt. int.], and [Mrs.int.] Mary Sleuman, Sept.14,1806.*

Joseph, jr., and Hannah C. Stimpson, Feb.16,1829.*

Lucy J., and Joshua Symonds, jr., of Lexington, Dec.25,1842.*

Lucy A., of Bangor, and Henry J. Pratt, int.Aug.19,1849.

Peggy [of Danvers.int.andCR12], and Edmund Needham, jr., certif. Sept.9,1807.*

Maria H., and John F. Newhall, Oct.5,1846.*

Phoebe Ann D., and John C. Dalton, widr., stable keeper, July28,1845.*

Samuel [of Boston. int.], and Lucy B. Twist, Sept.7,1823.*

Sarah, of Woburn, and Ebenezer Tay, at Woburn, Apr.28,1796.*

Sarah, and Dr. Fred [Frederick. int.] A. Parker, Aug.11,1825.*

Thales, and Caroline Bradley, Jan.14,1819.*

WINSHIP (Windship)

Mary, of West Cambridge [of Boston. int.], and Jacob Reed,末蔓末,1809. [Nov.3. int.]*

Sally, and Thomas Hathaway of West Cambridge, Apr.15,1814.*


Cynthia, and Ezra Northey,末蔓末, [bef. 1825.]CR7

Elijah, and Lydia Ramsdale, int.Oct.9,1790.

Elizabeth [Mrs.int.], of Marshfield, and Benjamin Marston, at Marshfield, Nov.20,1729.*

Elizabeth, Mrs., of Boston, and Samuel Gardner, int.May25,1758.

Isaac, of Boston, and Margaret Sparhawk, at Danvers, Nov.22,1770.*

John, of Falmouth, Cumberland Co., blacksmith, s.Nathan, late of Falmouth, dec., and Charity, and Lydia Hacker, d.Jeremiah and Lydia, "his late wife deceased," 22:6m:1780.CR7

Joseph, and Martha Robison, May14,1695.CTR

Martha, and William Beans, Oct.29,1702.

Mary, and David Laughlin [of Deering, NH. int.], Apr.7,1808.*


Edward, and Debara Golt, 17:9m:1669.CTR


Margerett, and John Corwin, May末,1665.CTR


Phineas, and, wid.Mary Peas, Dec.8,1805.*


Joseph, of Ipswich, and Sarah West, at Ipswich, Oct.28,1794.


Alfred, and Joan B. Heard, May24,1838.*

Samuel W. of Danvers, and Sarah Messer, int.July12,1828.

WITHAM (Whitham)

Deborah [of Gloucester. int.], and Nathaniel Reed, Oct.27,1813.*

Levi, and Bethia Ann Page, Feb.6,1840.*

Martha U., and Joseph Parsons, both of Gloucester, Aug.30,1846.

Nicholas, of Marblehead, and Frances P. Langley, int.Apr.18,1835.

WITHE (Withey)

Martha, and Thomas Ives, 1:2m:167[2.TC]CTR


Mary, and Benjamin Procter, Dec.18,1694.

WITHERILL (Withreall)

Joshua, and Dinah Ingolls, Aug.15,1715.*


Mary, and Edward Lister, Sept.21,1757.

WITHEY (Withe)

John, and Sally Boynton, int.Feb.8,1834.

Mary [of Lynn. int.], and Samuel Pratt, Apr.9,1835.*


Jane K., of Chilmark, and Josiah B. Andrew, int.May4,1819.

WITHREALL (Witherill)

Joshua [jr. int], and Ann Hebbard of Reading, at Reading, July2,1739.*

WITRIDGE (Whittridge)

Margaret, of Danvers, and John Tucker, int.May16,1789.


Ann, and Jacob Barny, 26:2m:1660.CTR

Elizabeth, and John Goodale, Sept.8,1703.

Elizabeth M., and William Haskell, both of Lynn, May14,1835.


Michael, and Ann O'Bryan, both b. Ireland, Sept.13,1848.*

WOLCOTT (Walcott)

Elizabeth, and Capt. John Higginson, Oct.4,1747.*

Friek [Freeke. int.], Mrs., and Edward Kitchen, Nov.19,1730.*

John, and Elizabeth Papillon of Boston, Jan.28,1730.

Josiah, and Mrs.Penelope Corwine, Feb.19,1684-5.

Josiah, 2d m., and Mrs.Mary Freke of Boston [at Boston.CTR], May1,1694.

Sarah, d.Henry, Esq. of CT, and John Price, Jan.末,1673-4.


Hanna, and John Solas, 9:10m:1655.CTR


Mary, and John Seamer, both of Marblehead, July20,1763.


Catherine, and Cyrus Parsons, int.Feb.18,1844.


Lydia Greenleaf, of Gloucester, and Samuel Giles, int.Nov.3,1812.

Patience, of Newburyport, and Israel Martin, int.Aug.14,1802.


Aaron, and Esther Wilson of Danvers, certif. Feb.13,1814.*

Abigail, and John Seas [Seais.int.], July23,1730-31.*

Abigail, of Charlestown, and Abijah Northey, at Charlestown, Oct.31,1765.*

Anne, and Theodore Price [Aug.1,1667.CTR]

David, and Dorcas Mansfield, Dec.2,1824.*

Deborah, of Danvers, and Thomas Harris, int.Oct.11,1806.

Deborah [of Danvers.int.], and William Johnson [Apr.1,1808. int.]*

Dolly, and Nathaniel Lang, jr., certif. June29,1806.*

Ede, of Beverly, and Samuel Woodberry [jr. int.], at Beverly, Jan.29,1746.*

Elizabeth, wid., and Thomas Townsend, June30,1793.*

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Felton,末蔓末, [bef. 1817.]

Emily D., and John Galloway, Sept.23,1838.*

Ephraim, and Mary Cole [of Beverly.int.], 1827 or 1828. [Apr.14,1827. int.]*

Fanny, of Boxford, and George Underwood, at Boxford, July27,1799.*

George, and Mrs.Martha Barnard, Aug.26,1823.*

George, and Margarett Gardner, Oct.2,1828.*

George, see Hood, George.

Hannah, and Archibald McMillion, Aug.6,1809.*

Jacob, and Clarissa Osborn, Oct.25,1814.*

James, and Abigail Hillyard, Dec.10,1780.*

James, and Lucy Hathorne, int.Nov.3,1781.

James, and Elizabeth Deiger, May23,1784.

Jane, and Nicholas Girdler, both of Marblehead, Dec.21,1738.

John, of Lynn, and Hannah Riddan, jr., int.July18,1776.

John, and Hannah E. Patee of Danvers, Nov.16,1824.

Joseph A., and Peace Buffum, Oct.2,1849.*

Lydia, and Samuel Thomson, Aug.7,1838.*

Martha Ann, and John Mitchell, int.Sept.26,1847.

Mary, of Charlestown, and Samuel King, at Charlestown Sept.13,1770.

Mehitable, of Danvers, and Samuel Wilson, int.Aug.17,1811.

Mercy, of Reading, and Edmond Morgon [Munnion. int.], at Reading, June1,1727.*

Moses, and Clarisa Abbot, July13,1834.*

Nathan, and Susanna Russell, Aug.25,1791.*

Nathaniel, and Hannah Howard of Beverly, at Beverly, Mar.13,1721-2.

Nathaniell, of Ipswich, and Mary Walcot, int.Nov.9,1728.

Phoebe, and Thomas Bryant, Aug.26,1844.*

Rachel C., and James S. Cate, Dec.10,1834.*

Rebeccah, and Peter Browne, Nov.17,1718.

Rebecca [2d.int.], of Charlestown, and Nathaniel Gould, at Charlestown, Apr.24,1760.*

Rebecca, and William Barr, Aug.27,1786.

Robert, and Mary Browne, wid., Nov.1,1714.*

Rosanna, and Charles Green, int.Oct.27,1827.

Samuel [P. int.], and Elizabeth Peabody, 1827 or 1828. [Nov.25,1826. int.]*

Samuel P., and Eliza Watson of Dover, NH, Nov.17,1848.

Sarah L., and Benjamin H. Knox of Danvers, Mar.8,1843.*

Sarah J[ane. int.], and James M. Prime, Aug.5,1848.*

Stephen, and Harriet Millet, May3,1810.*

Stephen W., and Hannah Guilford.Oct.4,1832.*

Susanna [Hood.int.], wid., and Thomas Shepard of Boston, Oct.1,1747.*

WOODARD (Woodward)

John, and Sarah Benjamin, int.Nov.28,1829.

WOODBERRY (Woodbury)

Anna, and Benjamin Cleaves, jr., of Beverly, at Beverly, Oct.9,1746.*

Bethia, and David Poland, Apr.30,1812.

Bezaleel, of Newbury, and Lucy Clark, int.Aug.7,1761.

Ebenezer, and Elizabeth Smith of Beverly, Nov.24,1728.*

Elisabeth, and John Creesy, at Beverly, Dec.24,1740.*

Hannah, and Caleb Dodge of Beverly, at Beverly, July8,1736.*

Israel, of Beverly, and Mary Woodberry, at Beverly, Nov.1,1716.

Israel, and Elisabeth Raymond [Rayment. int.], of Beverly, at Beverly, May10,1748.*

Joshua, of Beverly, and Sarah Woodberry, at Beverly, Sept.20,1711.*

Kezziah, of Beverly, and John Masury, at Beverly, Dec.9,1714.*

Mary, and Israel Woodberry of Beverly, at Beverly, Nov.1,1716.

Mary, of Beverly, and Josiah Trask, May13,1719.

Phoebe, and Alpheus Bancroft, Nov.末,1809.*

Samuel, of Beverly, and Hannah Dodge, at Beverly, Oct.29,1713.*

Samuel [jr. int.], and Ede Wood of Beverly, at Beverly, Jan.29,1746.*

Sarah, and Joshua Woodberry of Beverly, at Beverly, Sept.20,1711.*

WOODBERY (Woodbury)

Abigail, and William Ellinwood of Beverly, Feb.14,1711-12.*

Hanna, and Cornelious Baker, Apr.26,165[2.TC]CTR

Hugh, and Mary Dixy, Dec.末,1650.CTR

Joseph [jr. int.], of Manchester, and Dorothy Harris, at Manchester, Feb.5,1754.*

Martha, of Beverly, and Richard Leach, int.Aug.26,1738.

Susanna, and William Bartoll,末蔓末, [bef. 1680.]CTR

Thomas, and, wid.Hana Porter, Dec.2,1661.CTR

WOODBERYE (Woodbury)

Elizabeth, and Francis Moore, last of Aug., 1666.CTR


Benjamin [of Boston. int.], and Mrs.Mary Osgood, Sept.9,1715. [1714. dup.]*

Daniel, and Sally Herrick, June22,1825.*

Dorcas, and Stephen Phillips, Oct.9,1796.*

Dudley, and Dorcas March of Andover, at Andover, Jan.19,1763.*

Elizabeth, and Thomas Dean, jr. of Exeter, int.Feb.21,1746-7.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Grafton, jr., Dec.20,1752.*

Joshua C., and Mebitable C. Woodbury, Sept.1,1829.*

Maria, and Archelaus Rea, Apr.7,1814.*

Mary [Mrs.int.], and Samuel Gillman of Exeter, Feb.19,1746.*

Mary Gilman, see Gilman, Mary.

Mehitable, and Daniel W. Hanson, July3,1836.*

Nathaniell, and Anne Millet, 27:8br:1719.

Patience, and Woodbridge Grafton, Dec.17,1789.

WOODBURY (Woodberry, Woodbery, Woodberye)

Aaron, and Eunice Kemp of Groton, int.July7,1804.

Abigail, and Giles Keiser, int.Jan.19,1805.

Abigail, and Isaac Burnham, May14,1838.*

Althea A., and Benjamin R. Tibbets of Danvers, b. Danvers, Dec.28,1848.

Andrew, and Mary Bartlett, both of Marblehead, Oct.29,1738.

Benjamin F., and Emeline G. [Jane. int.] Flower, Dec.30,1830.*

Edmund, of Danvers, and Eliza W. Holman, Oct.17,1841.

Edward, and Nancy Picket, Nov.13,1845.

Betsy, and Stephen Masury [jr. int.], at Beverly, Jan.24,1774.*

Elizabeth, of Hamilton, and Isaac Killam, int.Dec.6,1800.

Elizabeth, and William Messervy, Jan.1,1804.

Betsey, and Robert Brown, int.Nov.19,1808.

Elizabeth, and William Barth, int.Jan.4,1812.

Betsey, and Archelaus [H. int] Trask, Oct.18,1836.*

J.B., of Boston, and Mary A. Putnam, Jan.7,1846.*

Esther, and John Rose, Dec.20,1812.*

Eunice, and Rev. Leonard Worcester of Peacham, VT, Jan.25,1820.*

Ezra, and Elizabeth Knight, June29,1847.*

Gideon, and, wid.Margaret Bell, certif. Jan.22,1804.*

Gideon, and, wid.Martha Towns [Downs.CR1], Apr.9,1809.*

Hannah, and Thomas Perkins of Wenham, at Beverly, Feb.8,1710-11.*

Hannah, and Patric Dwire, Aug.22,1802.*

Hannah, and Nathaniel [F. int.] Safford, certif. Oct.10,1813.*

Harriet O., and Thomas L. Reed, int.Feb.25,1849.

Isaac A., and Julia Ann Walker, June20,1827.*

Isaiah [Josiah.dup.; Isaiah.int.], and Susan A[ugusta.int.] Appleton, May31,1832.*

Israel, and Susan Luscomb, Jan.16,1816.*

Issachar, and Abigail Archer, June15,1769.

James, and [Mrs.int.] Ruth Tucker, Feb.14,1808.*

James, and Lucy Mansfield, May31,1838.CR12*

John, and Elizabeth Symonds, certif. May29,1782.*

John E., and Ann M. Clark, int.Feb.16,1845.

Josiah [of Beverly.int.], and Mary Masury [late of Boston. int.], Jan.6,1765.*

Josiah, and Sara Punchard, Sept.4,1768.

Josiah, and Margaret Mascol, Feb.27,1772.*

Judith, and Michael Saunders, Feb.12,1809.*

Lucy E., and Jonas A. Bettis, Sept.22,1834.*

Lydia, and Samuel Croel, int.Nov.15,1777.

Martha [late of Danvers, now resident at Salem.int.], and Joseph Richards, Oct.27,1765.*

Martha, and William Bruce, Sept.22,1805.*

Mary, of Danvers, and John Skerry, int.Apr.15,1775.

Polly, and Tobias Davis, Aug.25,1799.*

Mary Jane, and Oliver Newton, Feb.5,1844.*

Mehitable C., and Joshua C. Woodbridge, Sept.1,1829.*

Nathaniel, and Sarah Merritt, Sept.11,1785.*

Nathaniel, and Hannah Ross Palfray, Aug.29,1814.*

Rebecca, and John Cleveland, Apr.24,1808.*

Ruth, Mrs., and Paul Keheu, May15,1817.*

Ruth, and Charles Boden [Baker. int.], July4,1830.*

Samuel E., and Clarissa Holt of Andover, int.Dec.9,1825.

Samuel C., and Martha J. Tibbets [of Liberty, ME. int.], Nov.20,1848.*

Sally, and Samuel Archer, jr., Nov.16,1788.*

Stephen W., and Sally Ann Picket, Sept.23,1834.

Susan Ann, and Edmund Brown, Aug.17,1835.*

Thomas, 2d, of Beverly, and Judith Holman, int.May25,1799.

Thomas and Martha Collins, Aug.6,1809.*

Thomas S., of Beyerly, and Sarah Jane Lee, Mar.30,1848.*

Timothy, and Ann Greely, Dec.31,1826.*

WOODEN (Woodin, Wooding)

Hannah, and John Hutchinson, jr., int.May30,1745.

Hepsibah, and Phillip Mackentire, Nov.15,1721.

John, jr., and Hannah Gloyd, Apr.18,1711. [certificate given May18. int.]*

Samuell, and Abigail Crocker, Sept.22,1720.

Samuell, and, wid.Rebecca Davis, int.Oct.31,1730.

WOODIN (Wooden)

Benjamin, and Sarah Hammond, int.Apr.14,1742.

Samuell, and Mary Parnell, Dec.8,1714.*

WOODING (Wooden)

Benjamin, and Mary Williams, Mar.22,1742.


Samuel [Watkins.int.], and Lydia Palfray, July10,1783.*


James, and Abra Bassy, int.Sept.5,1835.


Abigail, and Benjamin Archer, Aug.19,1792.*

Ann, and Ebenezer Phelps, Apr.6,1783.*

Benjamin, of Wenham, and Lydia Phylips, Oct.7,1746.*

Daniel, and Lucy Cavett of Beverly, at Beverly, Dec.6,1770.*

Hanna, and Robert Pease, Apr.12,1778.*

Henrietta, and Charles W. [M. int.] Batchelder, July22,1849.*

Jane, and Richard Batchelder, Sept.2,1841. [ Sept.5.CR5]*

Jonathan, and Sara Pease, July2,1777.*

Lucy, and Enoch Knight, Oct.17,1797.*

Lucy [wid.int.], and Robert Foster, Dec.1,1808.*

Lydia, and Abner Goodrich, int.Aug.26,1780.

Lydia, and Absalom Goodrich, Sept.10,1780.

Mary A[nn. int.], and Hiram D. Hood, Aug.30,1846.*

Nancy P., of Frankford, ME, and James B. Davis, int.June20,1847.

Paulina, and William H. Haskell, int.July24,1842.

Rachel, and Jonathan Archer, 3d, int.Nov.10,1781.

Sarah, and William Ball, int.Dec.23,1780.

Sarah, and Nathaniel Archer, Jan.20,1799.*

William, and Mary G. Dodd, Dec.6,1825.*

William, and Lavinia [Lorain. int.] Guilford, June21,1837.*


Mary, and Richard Broadoway, int.Mar.26,1709.

Mary, and Samuell Masury, May18,1724.

Richard, and Mary Pike, Sept.10,1701. [Nov.13. dup.]

WOODWARD (Woodard)

Abigail B., and John Archer, jr., Nov.6,1823.*

Elisha, and Hannah English, Nov.10,1808.*

Elisabeth, of Brookline, d.Thomas, dec., and James Buxton, husbandman, Sept.16,1747.CR7

Eunice [of Middleton. int.], and Josiah Dodge, jr., May15,1823.*

Isaac, and Abigail [Sarah.CR11] Patch, Aug.23,1792.

Lucy E., and Joseph Wells of Boston, Nov.27,1845.

Margaret, and William M. Dodge, Dec.15,1836.*

Ruth [wid.Gloucester. int.], and Dea.Joshua Ward, at Gloucester, June2,1773.*

William, and Ann Potts, int.Dec.19,1807.

William, and Elizabeth Ramsdell, Sept.末,1809.*

William R., and Elizabeth Price, int.Aug.9,1823.

William R., and Sarah Murphey, int.Apr.16,1837. (Stopped by order of S. Murphey.)


Dorcas, and Stephen Chapman, Nov.5,1707.

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Pickman of Marblehead, Nov.14,1700.

Elizabeth, and Samuel Emery of Newbury, Apr.16,1747.*

Elizabeth, wid., and Samuel Murray, June10,1756.*

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Babbidge, Oct.21,1762.*

John, and Elizabeth Gillingham, Aug.28,1739.*

Jonathan, and Priscilla Stacy, May8,1716.*

Lydia, and Samuel Lander, Sept.18,1757.

Mary, and Samuel Archer [3d.int.], Aug.31,1762.*

Priscilla, and Thomas Slewman, July4,1737.*

Priscilla, and Eleazer Gyles, jr., May29,1759.*

Priscilla, and Jonathan Glover, Nov.21,1765.*

Samuell, and Elizabeth Carrill, Nov.10,1715.*


Alcenith [Althear M. int.], and Daniel Caldwell, Mar.2,1828.*

WOODYER (Widger)

Thomas, and Alice Girdler, Sept.27,1744.

WOOLAND (Woolland)

Sara, and Hugh Pasca, 20:2m:1670.CTR

WOOLLAND (Wooland)

Elizabeth, and Richard Crannever, Apr.7,1665.CTR


John, and Margareet Crispin, int.Dec.4,1779.


Abigail A.C., and William S. Merrill, Feb.28,1842.*

Ebenezer, and Polly [Mary.int.] Punchard, Nov.14,1804.*

Ebenezer, and [Mrs.int.] Elizabeth Gerrish, Mar.末,1826.*

Elizabeth L., and Rev, Warren H. Beaman of North Hadley, Apr.27,1841.*

Fidelia [Z. int.], and Samuel W. [H. int.] Archer, Oct.21,1823.*

Jonathan F., and Mary [H. int.] Punchard, Oct.15,1833.*

Jonathan F., and Hannah Derby, int.Oct.8,1837.

Jonathan Fox, and Mary Barton, Sept.9,1841.*

Leonard, Rev., of Peacham, VT, and Eunice Woodbury, Jan.25,1820.*

Mary H., and Samuel B. Foster, Feb.21,1842.*

Samuel M., and Susan [Mary.CR10] Dix, May29,1825.*


Elizabeth, and Cornelius Tracy, both of Rockport, both b. Ireland, Aug.26,1848.


Emily D. [A. int.], and Richard Thomas, July11,1843.*


John, and Martha Ballard, both of Lynn, Nov.21,1752.


Edward, and Ellen Morris, Nov.12,1844.*

Elizabeth, and William Trask, Sept.23,1822.*

Maria, and Joseph Monarch, jr., May2,1824.*

Matilda, and John Cole, Oct.7,1832.*

William, and Sally Glover, int.Mar.10,1826.

WORMSTEAD (Wormsted)

Maria P., and William Purbeck, jr., Dec.2,1821.*

WORMSTED (Wormstead)

Robert, and Martha Shepherd, both of Marblehead, Oct.18,1778.


Ruth, of Eastport, and John B. Russell, int.Jan.12,1840.

WORSTER (Worcester)

James Y., and Rozilla Ness, Aug.30,1835.*

WORTHEN (Worthin)

Charles, Capt., and Sarah Procter, Dec.15,1768.

WORTHIN (Worthen)

Sally, and Samuel Nours, May1,1791.*


Sarah U. [of So. Ware, NH. int.], and William R. [P. int.] Fields, mariner, Oct.7,1849.*


Richard M., and Mary Hammond, Dec.26,1841.*

WREN (Rinn)

William, and Mary Heeney, int.Apr.21,1844.

WRIGHT (Right, Rite)

Caroline A., of Lowell, and Granvill Bell, int.June14,1846.

Charles W., and Mary L. Remon, Nov.13,1849.*

David, and Sarah Vineing [Winning. int.] of Marblehead, at Marblehead, Apr.28,1799.*

David, jr. and Margaret Cheever, Oct.9,1827.*

Eliza, Mrs., and William H. Moody, int.Oct.24,1835.

Betsey, and Thomas Lampson [Sampson. int.], Mar.19,1833.*

George, and Mary Clearage, Dec.29,1811.*

George W., of Norwich, CT, and Sophronia F. Upham, d.Joshua, Oct.12,1846.*

Harriet, and George W. Goldsmith, Apr.9,1840.*

James, and Betsy Giles of Beverly, at Beverly, May18,1790.*

John, and Molly Peirce, int.Dec.30,1780.

John, and Mary [Sarah.int.] Stacey, Apr.6,1831.*

John, and Mary Hamblin, Mar.18,1835.*

Lucy B., and William Waters, widr., painter, s.John, June10,1845.*

Lucy Jane, and Stephen G. Hooper of Danvers, int.May21,1848.

Martha, and Asa Story of Charlestown, Apr.2,1835.*

Martha A., and William Waters, May18,1838.*

Mary, and Ebenezer Palmer, Mar.24,1830.*

Mary P., and Charles H. Allen, Apr.7,1836.*

Nathan R., and Eliza C. Melvin of Washington, NH, int.Dec.6,1834.

Peter, and Sylvia Penniman, Apr.5,1804.*

Peter E., and Hannah H. Honeycomb, Aug.8,1838.*

Phebe, of Woburn, and Lemuel Briggs, int.Dec.5,1807.

Sarah H., and William E. Allen, int.Dec.27,1829.

Sarah V. [B. int.], and Alonzo Jones of Charleston, Jan.27,1833.*

Sylvia, and Isaac C. Pray, Feb.27,1834.*

Sylvia E., and Francis P. Goss, Sept.26,1838.*

William, and Nancy Moore, int.Apr.20,1816.


George, and Abigail Diman, Oct.4,1807.*


Mary, wid., and Joseph Carter of Boston, int.Apr.11,1829.

Richard Ames, and Mary Henderson [wid.int.], Nov.2,1819.*


William, and Lydia Salter, int.Mar.24,1730-31.

William, and Hannah Furbush of Reading, int.Mar.25,1740.


John [Wamsley.int.], and Jane Day, Sept.30,1816.*

WYAT (Wiatt, Wyatt)

George, and Priscilla Putnam, int.Oct.13,1733.

WYATT (Wyat)

Abraham, and Jane Tewkesbury, Nov.1,1750.*

George, and Sarah Stone, Oct.31,1750.*

Harriet, and John Poland, May9,1832.*

Jane, and Samuel Hawkins, June19,1799.

Mary, and Ebenezer Burrill, int.Jan.4,1783.

Nancy, and Samuel Hawkins, int.Sept.8,1792.

Samuel, and Sally Claxton of Beverly, int.Sept.22,1832.

Sarah, and Timothy Welmon, int.Feb.18,1778.

Simon, of Wenham, and Lucy Andrews, int.July23,1831.

Simon [of Wenham.int.], and Ann Wheeler, Nov.14,1832.*

William, jr., and Mercy Beadle, int.June7,1783.

William, jr., and Elizabeth Rhoden, int.Apr.17,1784.


Elias, and Hannah Parker, certif. June3,1797.*

WYMAN (Weyman)

Abigail, and Joseph French, Aug.19,1792.

Edward, of Boston, and Mary Anna Doyle, d.Thomas, Oct.10,1844.*

Elizabeth, wid., and Jonathan Peters, int.Feb.23,1793. (The int.of marriage forbidden.)

Elizabeth [wid.int.], and Samuel [Lemuel. int.] Briggs, May26,1793.*

Hiram F., and Jerusha P. Hyde, May13,1840.

Levi, of Yazoo City, MS, and Matilda Felton, d.John, dec., Aug.29,1844.*

Margaret, and Samuel Choate of Cambridge, May15,1793.

Polly, of Danvers, and Benjamin Becket, at Danvers, Nov.9,1790.*

Samuel W[ood.int.], and Lydia O[sborn. int.] Peirce, Oct.17,1826.*

Sarah A., of Lowell, and Eben H. Weston, int.Apr.18,1835.

Susan, of Medford, and James Gilchrist, int.May11,1805.

Thaddeus, of Cambridge, and Betsy Gale, at Cambridge, Mar.19,1778.

William, and Abigail B. Wiggin, int.June21,1834.

WYN (Winn)

John, and Sarah Appleton of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Nov.2,1793.*

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