FALTCH (Felch)

Albert Bray, s.Samuel and Betsey, July30,1828.

Fanny Morrill, d.Samuel and Betsy, July30,1822.

Harriet Newell, d.Samuel and Betsey, Mar.17,1831.

Martha Moody, d.Samuel and Betsy, Feb.13,1834.

FAVER (Favour)

Mary, d.Philip and Sarah, Aug.17,1712.NCTBK

FAVOR (Favour)

Willebee, s.Philip and Mary, Jan.27,1705-6.NCTBK

FAVOUR (Faver, Favor, Feaver, Feavor)

Ann, d.Philip and Mary, Apr.12,1696.NCTBK

FEAVER (Favour)

John, s.Phillip and Mary, Mar.31,1692.

Richard, s.Phillip and Mary, Mar.31,1690.

FEAVOR (Favour)

Elies, s.Philip and Mary, Feb.13,1709-10.NCTBK

Jacob, s.Philip and Mary, July27,1707.NCTBK

FELCH (Faltch)

Amos, s.Daniel, bp. Nov.22,1761.CR1

Benjamin, s.Daniel, bp. Mar.31,1754.CR1

Daniel, s.Daniel, bp. July8,1759.CR1

Elizabeth Gill, d.Samuel and Betsy, July16,1815.

Jabez, s.Joseph, bp. Apr.20,1760.CR1

Jemima, d.Samuel, bp. Apr.25,1762.CR1

Jenny, d.Samuel, bp. July3,1757.CR1

John, s.Daniel, bp. Apr.8,1764.CR1

Molly, d.Daniel, bp. Apr.29,1753.CR1

Nanny, d.Joseph, bp. Nov.12,1758.CR1

Nicolas, s.Samuel, bp. Dec.21,1755.CR1

Rhoda, d.Daniel, bp. [bet. July25 and Oct.3], 1756.CR1

Samuel, s.Samuel, bp. Nov.25,1759.CR1

Sarah Jane, d.Samuel and Betsy, Aug.21,1818.

Susan, d.Samuel and Betsy, June3,1812.

FELLOES (Fellows)

Ann, d.Samuell and Abigayl, Apr.28,1690.

Ebenezar, s.Samuell [sr.CR1] and Abigail, Nov.10,1692.

Ellinor, d.Samuell [sr.CR1] and Abigail, Dec.末,1699.NCTBK

Hannah, d.Samuell and Ann, 15:7m:1648.

Hannah, d.Samuell [sr.CR1] and Abigill, July20,1697.NCTBK

Joseph, s.Samuell, jr. and Abigaile, Apr.23,1688.

Samuell, s.Samuell and Ann, 13:11m:1646.

Samuell, s.Samuell and Abigayl,末蔓末, [1683?]

Thomas, s.Samuell and Abegall, Jan.29,1685.

FELLOS (Fellows)

Thomas, s.Thomas and Elizabeth, Jan.24,1718-19.NCTBK

FELLOSE (Fellows)

Ruth, d.Thomas and Elizabeth, Apr.3,1723.NCTBK

FELLOWS (Felloes, Fellos, Fellose, Felows)

Abigall, d.twin, Thomas and Elizabeth, Dec.9,1715.NCTBK

Abigall, d.Thomas and Elisabeth, Nov.27,1716.NCTBK

Eliza, d.John and Susannah, June10,1802.

Elizabeth, d.twin, Thomas and Elizabeth, Dec.9,1715.NCTBK

Battey, d.Samuel and Hannah, Oct.5,1756.

Hannah, d.Samuel and Sarah, Sept.16,1760.

Hannah, d.Samuel and Hannah, Jan.14,1767.

Hannah, d.John and Susannah, Nov.28,1803.

John, s.Samuel and Hannah, Aug.1,1771.

John, s, John and Susannah, Feb.16,1812. [Feb.1.PR11]

Joseph, s.Samuel and Hannah, Oct.31,1762.

Joseph, Jan.3,1810.PR11

Joseph Stockman, s.John and Susanna, June1,1817.

Lucy, d.John and Susannah, Oct.7,1805.

Molly, d.Samuel, bp. Apr.10,1774.CR1

Molle, d.Samuel and Hannah, May1,1774.

Nanne, d.Samuel and Hannah, July12,1769.

Samuel, s.Thomas and Elisabeth, Jan.22,1727-8.NCTBK

Samuel, s.Samuel, bp. Dec.9,1764.CR1

Samuel, s.John and Susannah, Nov.6,1807.

Samuel, s.John and Susanna, Nov.2,1820.

Sarah, d.Thomas, jr. and Sarah, Oct.20,1746.

Sarah, d.Samuel and Sarah, Aug.7,1758.

Susannah, d.John and Susannah, Nov.1,1814. [1815.PR11]

FELOWS (Fellows)

Samuel, s.Samuel and Hannah, Nov.27,1765.


George, s.Robert, bp. Sept.21,1783.CR1

FIELDEN (Fieldon)

Andrew Howarth, s.Samuel and Betsey, May21,1836.

Caroline Crane, d.Samuel and Betsy, July8,1838.

FIELDON (Fielden)

Elizabeth Harlem, d.Samuel and Betsey, Feb.6,1832.

Helen Jane, d.Samuel and Betsey, Feb.28,1834.

Robert Scott, s.Samuel and Betsey, Mar.21,1830.


Charles S., s.Gardner, manufacturer, and Hannah, Aug.11,1843.

Harriet Francis, d.Gardiner and Hannah, Jan.16,1838.

John Edward, s.Gardiner and Hannah, Oct.10,1834.


Albert Lowell, s.Nathaniel and Lois, Mar.2,1810.

Ann Eliza, d.Benjamin E. and Eliza A., May24,1841.

Benjamin Evans, s.Nathaniel and Lois, Apr.25,1812.

Benjamin Lowell, s.Benjamin E., merchant, and Eliza A., b. South Hampton, NH, Sept.27,1848.

Nathaniel, s.Albert L. and Caroline, July4,1835.

Nathaniel, s.Albert L. and Caroline, Oct.4,1836.

Susan Elizabeth, d.Albert L. and Caroline, June6,1838.

FITTS (Fitz)

Abigail, d.Nathaniell and Abigaill, Jan.31,1723-4.NCTBK

Abigail, d.Richard, jr. and Sarah, Sept.10,1739.NCTBK

Abigail, d.Daniel and Ruth, Apr.5,1751.

Abigail L. [Ruhamah.PR3], d.Moses and Louisa, Sept.10,1831.

Abby Ann, d.William M. and Eleanor, June4,1840.

Abraham, s.Daniel and Ruth, Oct.24,1736.NCTBK

Almira Euphratia, d.Moses and Louisa [(Boynton).PR3], Oct.28,1826. [Oct.18,1827.PR3]

Anna, d.Nathaniel and Mehetabel, Mar.24,1744-5.

Anna, d.Isaiah and Hannah, Jan.17,1804.

Ann, d.Richard, jr. and Sarah, June10,1741.NCTBK

Daniell, s.Richard and Sarah, Apr.30,1710.NCTBK

Daniel, s.Richard and Sarah, Sept.25,1729.NCTBK

Betty, d.Richard and Sarah, Feb.5,1732-3.NCTBK

Elizebath, d.Daniel and Ruth, Apr.末,1753. [bp. Apr.22.CR1]

Betty, d.Joseph and Ruhamah, Feb.23,1780.

Elizabeth Augusta, d.Moses, farmer, and Maria, July20,1849.

Eunice, d.Joseph and Ruhamah, Sept.20,1787.

Ezekiell, s.Daniell and Ruth, Jan.15,1740-41.NCTBK

Isaiah, s.Joseph and Meriam, Apr.5,1776.

Jerusha, d.Richard and Sarah, Dec.10,1712.NCTBK

Jerushah, d.Daniel and Ruth, Dec.7,1748.

John, s.Jerusha, bp. Mar.13,1774.CR1

John, s.Isaiah and Hannah, Aug.18,1820.

John Prescott, s.Joseph, farmer, and Mary E., b. Kensington, NH, Nov.13,1848.

Jonathan, s.Richard and Sarah, July29,1734.NCTBK

Joseph, s.Daniell and Ruth, Dec.5,1741.NCTBK[Dec.16.PR3]

Lois, d.Joseph and Nahoma, June25,1784.

Louisa M., d.Moses and Maria [(French).PR3], Jan.17,1835.

Lucy, d.Joseph and Ruhamah, Feb.20,1782.

Lydia, d.Richard and Sarah, Nov.3,1737.NCTBK

Martha, d.Richard and Sarah, Jan.18,1701-2.NCTBK

Mary, d.Nathaniell and Abigall, Feb.26,1720-21.NCTBK

Molley, d.Joseph and Merriam [(Morrill)PR3], June27,1772.

Mary Locke, d.William H. and Hannah, Jan.1,1835.

Mehetabel, d.Nathaniell and Mehetabel, Apr.26,1747.

Mercy, d.Daniel and Abigail, Aug.6,1746.

Miriam, d.Joseph and Ruhamah [(French), 2d w.PR3], Jan.3,1779.

Meriam Morrill, d.Isaiah and Hannah, Sept.12,1801.

Moses, s.Joseph and Rahamah, May31,1791.

Nathan, s.Daniell and Ruth, Dec.13,1738.NCTBK

Nathanill, s.Richard and Sarah, July13,1699.NCTBK

Nathaniell, s.Richard and Sarah, Aug.22,1731.NCTBK

Rebecca, d.Nathaniell and Abigail, Dec.28,1727.NCTBK

Richard, s.Richard and Sarah, Jan.20,1704-5.NCTBK

Ruth, d.Daniell and Ruth, Mar.3,1743-4.NCTBK

Sarah, d.Richard and Sarah, July12,1697.NCTBK

Sarah, d.Richard, jr. and Sarah, Nov.27,1727.NCTBK

Sarah Tilton, d.Moses and Sarah [(Tilton).PR3], Feb.28,1817.

Ward, d.Richard and Sarah, June9,1707.NCTBK

William Hook, s.Isaih and Hannah, Oct.29,1806.

FITZ (Fitts)

Joseph, s.Moses and Lois [(Eastman), 2d w.PR3], June23,1821. [1822.PR3]

FLANDER (Flanders)

Benjamin Evans, s.John and Betty, Mar.24,1803.

Ralph Cross, s.Capt. Ralph and Saley, Sept.22,1803.

FLANDERS (Flander, Flarnders)

末末, s.Joseph and Ruth, Oct.29,1732.NCTBK

末末, s.Ebenezer, Mar.4,1743-4.NCTBK

Abia, d.Philip and Joanna, Jan.25,1727-8.NCTBK

Abigail, d.Steven and Abigail, Oct.22,1688.

Abigall, d.Philip and Johanah, Aug.15,1722.NCTBK

Abigail, d.twin, Jeremiah and Mehetabel, July22,173 [1734?]NCTBK

Abigaill, d.John and Sarah, May6,1731.NCTBK

Abigail, d.Benjamin and Meriah, Aug.29,1737.NCTBK

Abigail, d.Samuell and Mary, Feb.27, [1740-41?].NCTBK

Abby Perry, d.Jacob, wool sorter, and Sarah Ann, at School District No. 6, Mar.9,1845.

Abner, s.Richard and Mary, Mar.22,1747.

Abner, s.Philip, 3d and Hannah, Mar.23,1752.

Abra, d.Jonathan and Judith, June19,1729.NCTBK

Adriann, ch.Weld and Hannah, June11,1834.

Alfred, s.Nathan and Abigail, May20,1807.

Almira, d.James and Jemima, May30,1817.

Andrew Hacket, s.John and Lydia, Apr.3,1808.

Ann, d.Joseph and Hesster, June15,1701.NCTBK

Anne, d.Phines and Tabitha, Feb.26,1750.

Benaiah, s.Jarvis and Mary, June10,1769.

Benaiah, s.Jarvis and Mary, Feb.7,1772.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Mariah, Jan.11,1740-41.NCTBK

Benjamin Evans, s.John and Betty, Feb.20,1794.

Benjamin, s.Joseph and Nancy, Feb.25,1803.

Bennet, s.Jacob and Hannah, Mar.17,1772. [Mar.6. dup]

Bennet, s.Bennet and Ruth, Mar.13,1806.

Barnard, s.Jerediah and Eleaner, Apr.29,1741.NCTBK

Charles Worthen, s.Joseph and Nancy, Feb.9,1807

Charles Newell, s.David and Sarah, Sept.25,1823.

Charles Ashland s.Jacob, hatter, and Sarah A., May29,1848.

Charlotte, d.Enoch and Nancy [(Wadleigh).PR58], Dec.23,1816.

Christopher, s.Philip, 3d and Hannah, June25,1749.

Clarisa, d.Joseph and Nancy, Apr.22,1795.

Clarissa, d.Joseph and Nancy, Apr.22,1796.

Cyrus, s.Nathan and Abigail, Mar.8,1810.

Daniell, s.Steven and Abbigail, Mar.16,1674-5.

Daniell, s.Naomi Flanders, alias Eastman, bp. June4,1699.CR1

Daniell, s.Jerediah and Eleaner, Feb.5,1737-8.NCTBK

Daniell, s.Philip and Hannah, Mar.31,1738.NCTBK

David, s.Asa and Mehetabel, Jan.15,173. [1737?]NCTBK

David, s.Nehemiah and Sarah, Jan.22,1747.

David, s.Jacob and Hannah, May5,1774. [May6. dup]

Deliverance Clifford, d.John and Lydia, Aug.6,1812.

Darcus Philips, d.John and Betty, Sept.6,1798.

Dorothy, d.twin, Jeremiah and Mehetabel, July22,173. [1734?]NCTBK

Dorothy, d.Jeremiah and Mehetabel, Aug.21,1740.NCTBK

Ebenezar, s.Joseph and Hanah, May7,1705.NCTBK

Ebenezer, s.David and Salley, Mar.7,1805.

Elizabeth, d.John and Elizabeth, Sept.3,1693.NCTBK

Elisabeth, d.John and Sarah, Dec.30,1716.NCTBK

Betty, d.Phines and Tabitha, Jan.22,1744.

Betty Adams, d.Joseph, jr. and Elisabeth, Dec.2,1762.

Betty, d.Winthrop and Mary, Jan.1,1788.

Elizabeth, d.James and Eliza, Jan.8,1811.

Emeline, d.David and Sarah, Nov.24,1815.

Enoch, s.Jacob and Hannah, Oct.5,1792. [1791.PR58]

Enoch Currier, s.Enoch and Nancy, May12,1832.

Enos, s.Levi and Mary, Feb.14,1785.

Ephraim Wadleigh, s.Enoch and Nancy, Oct.31,1819.PR58

Ephraim Wadleigh, s.Enoch and Nancy, Dec.4,1821.

Eunice, d.Josiah and Mehetable, Mar.13,1734-5.NCTBK

Ezekell, s.John and Elizabeth, May29,1696.NCTBK

Ezekiell, s.Stephen, jr. and Sarah, Oct.24,1730.NCTBK

Ezekiel, s.Josiah and Mehetable, Sept.24,1732.NCTBK

Ezekiel, s.Hophni and Mehitable, Dec.5,1771.

Ezekiel Fowler, s.Ezekiel and Eunice, Nov.24,1822.

Ezra, s.Philip [3d.CR2] and Hannah, June3,1743.NCTBK

Francis W., s.Joseph and Hannah, Aug.31,1828.

Francis [Warren.PR58], s.Enoch and Nancy, Feb.3,1829.

George Edwin, s.Weld and Hannah, Oct.24,1836.

Gilman, s.James and Jemima, July23,1812.

Hannah, d.John and Elizabeth, Apr.16,1710.NCTBK

Hannah, d.Jerediah and Eleaner, Feb.1,1734-5.NCTBK

Hannah, d.Joseph and Ruth, May6 or 7,1738.NCTBK

Hannah, d.Nehemiah, bp. [bet. July4 and 25], 1756.CR2

Hannah, d.Jacob and Hannah, Jan.14,1778.

Hannah, d.Benaiah and Elizabeth, July23,1804.

Hannah Wells, d.Weld, yeoman, and Hannah, at School District No. 6, Aug.29,1844.

Harriot, d.David and Salley, Nov.15,1803.

Hezechiah, s.Nehemiah and Sarah,. July5,1742.NCTBK

Hophni, s.Phinehas and Tabitha, Nov.7,1746.

Ira, s.James and Eliza, Nov.4,1809.

Isaac, s.Asa and Mehetabel, Nov.13,1735.NCTBK

Isaac R., s.Bennet and Ruth, Feb.1,1805.

Isaiah, s.Jeremiah and Mehetabel, July15,1727.NCTBK

Jacob, s.John and Elizabeth, Aug.5,1689.

Jacob, s.Joseph, bp. Aug.17,1746.CR2

Jacob, s.Jacob and Hannah, Mar.4,1788.

James, s.Philip, 3d and Hannah, Mar.1,1739-40.NCTBK

Jane, d.Steven and Abigail, Mar.5,1683-4.

Janne Evans, d.John and Betty, May23,1796.

Jarvis, s.Nehemiah and Sarah, Oct.13,1738.NCTBK

Jeremiah, s.Joseph and Mary, July6,1723.NCTBK

Jeremiah, s.Jeremiah and Mehetabel, Sept.15,1728.NCTBK

Jerimie, s.Steven and Abigayl, Sept.5,1686.

Joanna, d.Philip and Joana, May20,1719.NCTBK

Joanna Beal, d.John and Betty, Jan.14,1801.

John, s.Steven and Jane, 11:12m:1658.

John, s.Naomy, 21:12m:1683.

John, s.John and Elizabeth, Aug.22,1691.

John, s.Naomi Flanders alias Eastman, bp. June4,1699.CR1

John, s.John and Sara, Feb.21,1722-3.NCTBK

John, s.Benjamin and Moriah, Sept.27,1752.

John, s.Joseph, jr. and Elisabeth, Oct.14,1768.

John, s.Capt. John and Betsy, May28,1807.

John Francis, s.Weld, cordwainer, and Hannah, Jan.11,1847.

Jonathon, s.John and Elizabeth, Oct.23,1705.NCTBK

Joseph, s.Steven and Abigail, Mar.28,1677.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Hannah, Sept.9,1707.NCTBK

Joseph, s.Joseph and Ruth, May1,1735.NCTBK

Joseph, s.Jacob and Hannah, Aug.9,1769. [Aug 17. dup]

Joseph, s.Joseph and Nancy, Oct.16,1800.

Joseph, s.John and Betty, May31,1805.

Joseph Follansbee, s.Capt. Rhalf C. and Sally, Dec.15,1805.

Joseph Greely, s.John and Lydia, May26,1815.

Josephess, s.Joseph and Elisabeth, Feb.27,1773.

Josia, s.John and Elezebeth, July28,1700.NCTBK

Josiah, s.Jeremiah and Mehetabel, Feb.10,1735-6.NCTBK

Judith, d.Jeremiah and Mehetabel, Sept.7,1731.NCTBK

Loira, d.David and Sarah, May21,1812.

Levi, s.Nehemiah and Sarah, Feb.26,1754.

Lois, d.Josia and Mehetabel, Apr.15,1730.NCTBK

Lurana, d.David and Salley, Feb.5,1806.

Lidia French, d.Winthrop and Mary, Nov.1,1790.

Mariah, d.Benjamin, bp. Dec.3,1752.CR2

Mary, d.Steven and Jane, 7:3m:1650.

Mary, d.Steven and Sarah, Mar.23,1714.NCTBK

Mary, d.John and Sarah, Feb.21,1721.NCTBK

Mary, d.Joseph and Mary, Aug.6,1721.NCTBK

Mary, d.Samuell and Mary, Mar.7,1739-40.NCTBK

Molly, d.Hophni, bp. Mar.12,1786.CR2

Polley, d.Winthrop and Mary, Sept.10,1786.

Mary, d.Benaiah and Elizabeth, Sept.6,1796.

Mary, d.Bennet and Ruth, May7,1797.

Mary, d.Benaiah and Elizabeth, Oct.23,1798.

Mary Elisabeth, d.Weld and Hannah, June19,1839.

Mary Colby, d.Ephraim and Ann (Colby), Sept.26,1845.PR58

Mehetabel, d.Jeremiah and Mehetabel, Feb.4,1732-3.NCTBK

Mehitabel, d.Samuel, bp. Dec.5,1742.CR2

Merrill, s.Jonathan and Judith, Feb.24,1730-31.NCTBK

Miriam, d.Stephen, jr. and Sarah, Nov.27,1726.NCTBK

Miriam, d.Josia and Mehetabel, Feb.2,1727-8.NCTBK

Miriam, d.Benjamin and Mariah, Apr.27,1750.

Moses, s.Joseph and Mary, Nov.17,1727.NCTBK

Moses, s.Jeremiah and Mehetabel, June29,1737.NCTBK

Moses, s.Phenias and Tabatia, May18,1749.

Nancy, d.Jacob and Hannah, Mar.4,1783.

Naomy, d.Steven and Jane, 15:10m:1656.

Nathan, s.Joseph and Ruth, Sept.6,1733.NCTBK

[Nathan.CR2], s.Joseph and Ruth, Mar.4,1743-4.NCTBK

Nathaniell [NehemiahTC], s.Philip and Abigail, Nov.15,1737.NCTBK

Nehamiah, s.Joseph and Hanah, Feb.18,1709.NCTBK

Nehemiah, s.Nehemiah and Sarah, Sept.2,1749.

Olle [Olive.CR2], d.Nehemiah and Sarah, July20,1751.

Parker, s.Jonathan and Judith, June13,1733.NCTBK

Paulina, d.David and Salley, Nov.19,1808.

Peter O., s.Bennet and Ruth, May17,1810.

Phillip, s.Steven and Jane, 14:5m:1652.

Phillip, s.Steven and Abigail, Jan.10, [1678.TC]

Phillip, s.Steven and Abigail, Jan.8,1681.

Philip, s.John and Elesabeth, Oct.19,1702.NCTBK

Philip, s.Philip and Joannah, Mar.13,1712-13.NCTBK

Philip, s.John and Sarah, Apr.27,1739.NCTBK

Philip, s.Philip, 3d and Hannah, June22,1746.

Phinehas, s.Joseph and Mary, Jan.25,1719.NCTBK

Phines, s.Phines and Tabitha, Apr.30,1753.

Prince, s.John and Sarah, Nov.19,1728.NCTBK

Ralf Cross, s.Josephep, jr. and Elisabeth, Dec.6,1770.

Rebeckah, d.Bennet and Ruth, Mar.9,1794.

Rhoda, d.Samuell and Mary, Dec.19,1734.NCTBK

Rhoda, d.Benjamin and Meriah, Apr.19,1744.

Rhoda, d.Nathan and Abigail, Oct.14,1803.

Richard, s.Joseph and Mary, Nov.28,1712.NCTBK

Richard, s.Philip and Joanna, Apr.6,1725.NCTBK

Ruth, d.Joseph and Ruth, Oct.28 1741, or thereabout.NCTBK [bp. Oct.25.CR2]

Ruth, d.Bennet and Ruth, Aug.11,1799.

Sarah, d.Steven and Jane, 5:9m:1654.

Sarah, d.Steven and Abigaile, Dec.7,1679.

Sarah, d.Philip and Joannah, Nov.16,1710.NCTBK

Sarah, d.John and Sarah, Mar.20,1719.NCTBK

Sarah, d.Jeremiah and Mehetable, Mar.7,1729-30.NCTBK

Sarah, d.Jedediah and Eliner, June21,1730.NCTBK

Sarah, d.Asa and Mehetabel, Dec.24,1732.NCTBK

Sarah, d.Philip and Hannah, June10,1736.NCTBK

Sarah, d.Nehemiah and Sarah, Mar.30,1740.NCTBK

Sarah, d.Hophine and Mehitable, Aug.22,1769.

Sarah, d.Hophni and Mehitable, Mar.16,1774.

Sally, d.Nathan and Abigail [(Follansbee)PR35] May20,1797.

Sally, d.Bennet and Ruth, July23,1801.

Sarah Ann, d.David and Sally, Jan.14,1811.

Sarah Ann, d.Enoch and Nancy, Nov.7,1823.

Serena, d.Nathan and Abigail, Jan.21,1813.PR35

Seth Clark, s.Ezekiel and Eunice, June19,1820.

Sophronia, d.John and Lydia, July22,1810.

Steven, s.Steven and Jane, 8:1m:1646.

Steven, s.Steven and Abigail, 31:11m:1671.

Susanna, d.John and Sarah, Apr.24,1725.NCTBK

Susannah, d.Ebenezer and Mehetabel, Dec.16,1741.NCTBK

Susanna, d.Joseph and Nancy, May17,1798.

Tabitha, d.Jacob and Mercy, Apr.7,1711.NCTBK

Tamsin, d.John and Elizabeth, Jan.9,1707.NCTBK

Tamzin, d.John and Sarah, June17,1733.NCTBK

Theodate, d.Josia and Mehetabel, Aug.末,1725.NCTBK

Thomas, s.Steven and Abigail, 17:12m:1670.

Thomas, s.Steven, jr. and Abigaile, Dec.3,1673.

Thomas, s.Benjamin and Meria, Nov.9,1747.

Thomas, s.Ezekiel and Eunice, Oct.24,1817.

Timothy, s.Jedediah and Elianer, Apr.末,1732.NCTBK

Wallace, s.twin, Weld and Hannah, Jan.13,1842.

Walter, s.twin, Weld and Hannah, Jan.13,1842.

Warren, s.James and Jermima, Sept.30,1815.

Weld, s.Benaiah and Elizabeth, Feb.14,1808.

William, s.Benjamin and Meriah, May26,1735.NCTBK

William, s.Jacob and Hannah, Apr.23,1786.

William Davis, s.Benaiah and Elizabeth, Nov.27,1795.

William, s.David and Sarah, Sept.8,1818.

William Henry, s.Weld and Hannah, May20,1833.

Winthrop, s.Joseph, jr. and Elisabeth, Jan.21,1765

Winthrop, s.John and Betty, Feb.18,1792.

Zelpha, s.Nehemiah and Sarah, Oct.14,1744.

Zipporah, d.Philip and Johana, Mar.4,1715-16.NCTBK

FLARNDERS (Flanders)

Jane, d.Levi and Mary, Apr.8,1783.

Mitte, d.Hophni and Mehetable, Feb.19,1781.

Moses, s.Hophni and Mehetable, June28,1779.

Nathan, s.Nathan and Deliverance, Apr.25,1773

Peter, s.Hophni and Mehetable, Jan.17,1783.


Mary, d.Joseph, Apr.9,1662.


Charlotte, d.Moses, laborer, and Charlotte, Dec.1,1847.

FOLANSBEE (Follansbee)

Charles Edwin, s.Samuel and Mary, July25,1833.

Mary Jane, d.Joshua and Lydia, Jan.31,1832.

FOLLANSBE (Follansbee)

Charles, s.Joseph and Judith, Nov.9,1823.

Daniel, s.Joseph and Judith, Dec.12,1820.

Elizabeth, d.Samuel and Mary, May1,1827.

Franklin, s.Joshua and Lydia, July15,1827.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Judith, Feb.16,1822.

Lydia Ann, d.Joshua and Lydia, July11,1825.

Mary, d.Joseph and Judith, Feb.16,1825.

Sally, d.Samuel and Mary, Sept.27,1825.

FOLLANSBEE (Folansbee, Follansbe, Follensbe, Folnsbe, Folnsbee)

Abba Morrill, d.Joshua and Adeline, Nov.16,1842.

Adeline, d.Joshua and Adeline, Dec.13,1839.

John Trussell, S. Joshua, blacksmith, and Adeline, at School District No. 6. Oct.18,1844.

Mehitable, d.Samuel, jr. and Mehetable, Dec.12,1797.

FOLLENSBE (Follansbee)

Albert Skinner, s.Samuel and Mary, Apr.7,1824.

David, s.Joshua and Dorathy, Nov.2,1772.

Dorathy, d.Joshua and Dorathy, July22,1770.

Joseph, s.Joshua and Dorathy, Apr.19,1775.

Nathan, s.John and Ruth, Sept.17,1823.

Nathanel Currier, s.Joshua and Dorathy, Mar.28,1778.

FOLNSBE (Follansbee)

Abigail, d.Benjamin and Rhoda, Apr.2,1778.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Rhoda, Feb.8,1786.

Daniel, s.Benjamin and Rhoda, Mar.4,1782.

Polley, d.Benjamin and Rhoda, May15,1780.

Tamzon, d.Benjamin and Rhoda, Mar.26,1784.

FOLNSBEE (Follansbee)

Joseph, s.Benjamin and Rhoda, Oct.30,1788.


John, s.Samuell and Hannah, 9:5m:1660.

Lemuel, s.Lowell and Betsey, Feb.12,1808.

William Randall, s.William and Mary, Aug.18,1824.


Abby Morrill, d.Isaac and Ann, Dec.17,1839.

Edwin, s.Isaac and Ann, Sept.18,1827.

Frances B., d.Isaac and Ann, Mar.15,1834.

Joseph, s.John, bp. at Greenland Apr.6,1707.CR1

Leonard C., s.Isaac and Nancy, Aug.18,1821.

Leonard C., s.Isaac and Nancy, Jan.18,1823.

Maria Webster, d.Silas and Sally, Apr.9,1837.

Mary Ann, d.Isaac and Nancy, Jan.14,1825.

Mary Ann, d.Isaac, manufacturer, and Ann, Aug.1,1846.

Nathan, s.Samuell, bp. at Greenland Apr.6,1707.CR1

Sarah Elizabeth, d.Isaac and Ann, May27,1831.


Benjamin, s.Joseph and Merriam, Feb.12,1769.

John, s.Joseph and Meriam, Feb.7,1772.

John Howard, s.Elijah and Mary Ann, Apr.23,1833.

FOWLER (Fowller)

末末, ch.Samuel and Molly, Apr.30,1790.

Abigail, d.James and Abigail, Apr.7,1817.

Abner, s.Jacob and Mary, Jan.24,1719.NCTBK

Abraham, s.Samuell and Hanah, Oct.26,1701.NCTBK

Abraham, s.David and Sarah, May3,1740.NCTBK

Alfred Lowell, s.James and Hannah, July23,1823.

Alfred Lowell, s.Charles B., mariner, and Mary, Mar.13,1848.

Anna, d.Ezekiel and Meriam, Aug.3,1778.

Anna, d.Robert and Molley, Aug.22,1787.

Anna, d.Daniel and Anna, Dec.12,1798.

Annah Elizabeth, d.Charles B. and Mary, Apr.11,1843.

Ann, d.Samuell and Hanah, June30,1696.NCTBK

Ann, d.Jacob and Mary, Mar.29,1717.NCTBK

Anne, d.Thomas and Ruth, Oct.2,1750.

Ann Maria, d.Jonathan and Mary, July8,1819.

Benjamin, s.Thomas, bp. July7,1745.CR2

Benjamin, s.Thomas and Ruth, Apr.12,1746.

Benjamin S., s.Daniel and Anna, Feb.17,1792.

Caroline, d.Jacob and Betsy, Dec.15,1809.

Charles, s.James and Hannah, Nov.30,1818.

Daniel, s.Ezekiel and Meriam, July20,1768.

David, s.Samuell and Jemima, Aug.30,1715.NCTBK

Ebenezer, s.Jacob and Betsy, Dec.2,1812.

Ebenezer Pardee, s.Daniel and Anna, Oct.23,1815.

Edmund Barnard, s.Obed R., painter, and Abby, May9,1847.

Edward, s.Jacob and Betsey, Jan.11,1805.

Elijah, s.Thomas and Ruth, Jan.31,1733-4.NCTBK

Elijah, s.Elijah and Sarah, May14,1765.

Elijah, s.Elijah and Hannah, Aug.1,1796.

Elizabeth, d.Samuell and Jemima, Sept.23,1712.NCTBK

Elizebeth, d.Thomas and Ruth, Apr.7,1742.

Betty, d.Enoch, bp. Aug.15,1762.CR2

Elisabeth, d.Ezekiel and Merriam, Mar.7,1773.

Betty, d.Benjamin and Lidia, Jan.1,1781.

Betsy, d.Jacob and Betsy, Nov.17,1789.

Betsey, d.Elijah and Hannah, Oct.26,1794.

Betsy, d.Robert and Betsy, Apr.1,1799.

Elizabeth, d.Jacob, jr. and Betsey, Feb.11,1811.

Enoch, s.Thomas and Ruth, Aug.11,1732.NCTBK

Enoch, s.Robert and Molly, June7,1790.

Ephraim, s.Samuel, bp. Sept.10,1758.CR1

Ezeciell, s.Samuell and Hanah, Jan.26,1697.NCTBK

Ezekiell, s.Thomas and Ruth, Apr.18,1740.NCTBK

Ezekiel, s.Ezekiel and Merriam, July2,1775.

Ezekiel, s.Jonathan and Mary, Mar.26,1824.

George, s.Jacob and Betsey, Feb.11,1807.

Gertrude, d.Ebenezer P. and Susan, Mar.28,1841.

Gilbert Stewart, s.Obed R. and Abigail, May6,1839.

Hannah, d.Samuel and Hannah, Apr.30,1687. [Apr.3,.NCTBK]

Hannah, d.Samuell and Jemima, Aug.14,1717.NCTBK

Hannah, d.Jacob and Mary, Apr.3,1722.NCTBK

Hannah, d.Thomas and Ruth, Nov.26,1735.NCTBK

Hannah, d.Enoch and Anna, Mar.11,1755.

Hannah, d.Ezekiel and Merriam, June1,1771.

Hannah, d.Robert and Molley, Jan.5,1780.

Hannah, d.twin, Elijah and Hannah, Oct.4,1786.

Hannah M., d.Jonathan and Mary, June29,1821.

Hannah E., d.John and Hannah, Mar.19,1822.

Hannah Colby, d.Enoch and Polly, Sept.10,1822.

Harret, s.Jacob and Elisabeth, Aug.6,1799.

Harrison Bradly, s.Enoch and Mary O., June2,1817.

Helen T., d.Jonathan and Mary, Dec.21,1828.

Isabel, d.Obed R. and Abigail, Apr.14,1842.

Jacob, s.Samuell, jr. and Hannah [Judith.CTR], Dec.10,1690.

Jacob, s.Jacob and Mary, June5,1731.NCTBK

Jacob, s.Robert and Molley, Aug.21,1785.

Jacob, s.Jacob and Betsy, Aug.16,1792.

Jacob, s.Jacob, jr. and Betsy, Jan.28,1816.

James, s.Elijah and Hannah, Aug.24,1788.

James Ford, s.Jacob and Betsy, July28,1791.

James Ford, s.Jacob and Betsy, Apr.2,1803.

James, s.James and Abigail, May11,1815.

John, s.Samuel and Molley, May9,1794.

John, s.John and Hannah, Dec.7,1820.

John Warren, s.John and Hannah, Nov.18,1827.

Jonathan, s.Daniel and Anna, Jan.18,1795.

Jonathan Warren, s.Jonathan and Mary, Apr.15,1833.

Judath, d.Samuall and Hannah, June29,1712.NCTBK

Liddiah, d.Samuell and Hannah, Apr.17,1705.NCTBK

Lydia, d.Benjamin and Lydia, Oct.16,1777.

Mary, d.Samuel and Hanah, July10,1692.

Mary, d.Jacob and Mary, Nov.13,1724.NCTBK

Mary, d.Samuel, bp. Dec.21,1755.CR1

Molly, d.Enoch, bp. Nov.18,1764.CR2

Moley, d.Elijah and Sarah, Nov.18,1769.

Moly, d.Ezekiel and Meriam, May28,1780.

Molley, d.Robert and Molley, Sept.23,1783.

Molly, d.Samuel and Molly, July23,1786.

Molly, d.Samuel and Molley, Mar.6,1788.

Polly, d.Jacob and Elisabeth, Jan.16,1795.

Mary, d.Elijah and Hannah, May10,1802.

Mary Ann, d.Samuel, jr. and Mary, Feb.1,1808.

Mary Swett, d.Daniel and Anna, May7,1812.

Mary Ann, d.John and Hannah, Sept.26,1817.

Mary Ann, d.James F. and Mary, Jan.19,1823.

Mary Frances, d.Robert and Susan, Feb.2,1831.

Mary Emma, d.Obed R. and Abigail, Mar.4,1837.

Miriam, d.Jacob and Mary, Mar.4,1726-7.NCTBK

Miriam, d.David and Sarah, Jan.21,1737-8.NCTBK

Meriam, d.Ezekiel and Meriam, June6,1782.

Moses, s.Ezekiel and Meriam, Dec.15,1785.

Moses C., s.John and Hannah, July11,1830.

Nancy, d.Elijah and Hannah, Sept.21,1788. [1798?]

Nancy, d.Elijah and Hannah, Aug.7,1800.

Nancy, d.Jacob, jr. and Betsey, Dec.18,1807.

Nathanel, s.Elijah and Hannah, Apr.18,1804.

Obed Rice, s.Daniel and Anna, Sept.12,1809.

Olive, d.Jonathan and Mary, Feb.6,1827.

Richard, s.Elijah and Sarah, June10,1767.

Richard, s.twin, Elijah and Hannah, Oct.4,1786.

Richard, s.Samuel and Molley, May16,1802.

Robert, s.Samuell and Hannah, Jan.11,1699.NCTBK

Robert, s.Thomas and Ruth, Oct.26,1737.NCTBK

Robert, s.Samuel, bp. Mar.25,1753.CR1

Robert, s.Enoch and Ann, Dec.20,1757.

Robert, s.Enoch and Anne, Jan.21,1760.

Robert, s.Robert and Betsy, Aug.27,1805.

Robert Henry, s.Robert, merchant, and Susan, at School District No. 5, Mar.15,1845.

Ruth, d.Thomas and Ruth, May14,1748.

Ruth, d.Ezekiel and Meriam, Mar.5,1765.

Ruth, d.Elijah and Sarah, Mar.24,1771.

Ruth, d.Daniel and Anna, June8,1807.

Ruth, d.John and Hannah, Nov.11,1824.

Samuell, s.Samuell and Hannah, Oct.23,1685.

Samuel, Samuell and Jemima, July18,1722.NCTBK

Samuell, s.David and Sarah, June10,1742.NCTBK

Samuel, s.Thomas and Ruth, June4,1757.

Samuel, s.Elijah and Sarah, May7,1761.

Samuel, s.Elijah, bp. [bet. May24 and June7], 1767.CR2

Samuel, s.Samuel and Molly, Mar.22,1792.

Sarah, d.Samuell and Hannah, Mar.5,1693.NCTBK

Sarah, d.Elijah and Sarah, May27,1763.

Sally, d.Benjamin and Lydia, Dec.13,1778.

Sarah, d.Samuel and Molley, Sept.10,1784.

Sally, d.Elijah and Hannah, July23,1790.

Sarah Jane, d.James and Abigail, Nov.11,1812.

Sarah Ann, d.Enoch and Mary O., Aug.14,1814.

Sarah Edwards, d.John and Hannah, Feb.24,1832.

Sarah Edwards, d.John and Hannah, June27,1834.

Suckey, d.Jacob and Elisabeth, June6,1797.

Sukey, d.Robert and Betsy, Apr.29,1801.

Susan Pecker, d.Jonathan and Mary, May31,1823.

Susanah, d.Samuell [jr.NCTBK] and Hannah, Mar.10,1689.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Hannah, 16:1m:1665.

Thomas, s.Samuell and Hannah, Oct.19,1703.NCTBK

Thomas, s.Elijah and Sarah, Dec.14,1773.

Thomas, s.Elijah and Hannah, Sept.9,1807.

William, s.Samuel and Molly, July18,1799.

William E.C., s.Jonathan and Mary, July30,1831.

FOWLLER (Fowler)

Ebinezor, s.Samuell and Jemima, Aug.8,1709.NCTBK


James, s.James and Elizabeth, 16:1m:1666-7.

FRENCH (Frentch)

末末, d.twin, Henry and Rebecca, May13,1741.NCTBK

末末, s.Josiah and Mary, Aug.31,1743.NCTBK

末末, s.Josiah and Mary, Jan.末,1745.

Aaron, s.Joseph and Hannah, Jan.21,1732 [-3.TC]NCTBK

Aaron, s.Joseph and Hannah, Feb.2,1736-7.NCTBK

Abel, s.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, Feb.21,1725-6.NCTBK

Abigail, d.Samuell and Abigail, 17:5m:1666.

Abigaile, d.John and Mary, May6,1675.

Abigell, d.Henry and Elisabeth, Feb.27,1698-9.NCTBK

Abigaill, d.Joseph and Hannah, Aug.16,1698.NCTBK

Abigall, d.Joseph and Abigall, Sept.22,1710.NCTBK

Abigail, d.Timothy and Mary, Aug.15,1729.NCTBK

Abigaill, d.Daniell and Sarah, Mar.24,1730-31.NCTBK

Abigail, d.Joseph and Ruth, Feb.4,1731-2.NCTBK

Abigail, d.Joseph, 5th and Ruth, Dec.25,1736.NCTBK

Abigail, d.Obadiah and Hannah, May24,1749.

Abigail, d.Samuel and Elisabeth, Nov.15,1760.

Abigill, d.Benjamin and Joanna, July29,1765.

Abigail, d.Joseph, bp. Dec.7,1766.CR1

Abigail, d.Charles and Mary, Aug.4,1834.

Alvin Watson, s.Benjamin, yeoman, and Betsey, Oct.31,1847.

Amos, s.Moses and Sarah, Mar.28,1755.

Amos, s.Amos and Judith (Swett), Nov.20,1774.PR25

Amos, s.Amos [jr.CR1] and Mary Sept.27,1803.

Amos, s.Josiah, jr. and Hannah, Dec.27,1814.

Andrew, s.Nicholas and Jane, Nov.30,1766.

Anna, d.Jacob, bp. Sept.12,1756.CR2

An, d.Joseph and Susana, 10:1m:1659.

Ann, d.Edward and Mary, Aug.18,1703.NCTBK

Ann, d.Edward [sr.CR1] and Mary, Oct.3,1704.NCTBK

Afia, d.Nehemiah and Judith, Feb.16,1748. [bp. Feb.26,1749.CR2]

Barzillai, s.Daniell and Sarah, Sept.6,1735.NCTBK

Benjamin, s.Henry and Elizabeth, Oct.6,1696.NCTBK

Benjamen, s.Henery, bp. June4,1699.CR1

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Margerit, Oct.11,1719.NCTBK

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Judith, Dec.3,1724.NCTBK

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Joanna, Feb.8,1757.

Benjamin, s.[Lt. dup.] Josiah, jr. and Sarah, Oct.18,1783.

Benjamin, s.John and Molly, Mar.16,1806.

Benjamin, s.John and Elizabeth, Feb.17,1811.

Benjamin, s.John and Elizabeth, Jan.21,1812

Caleb, s.Joseph and Abigil, Aug.18,1762.

Caroline, d.Charles and Mary, June18,1836.

Charles, s.Nicholas P. and Elizabeth, Aug.8,1805

Charles Coffin, s.Charles and Mary, Apr.21,1842.

Clara Allen, d.Benjamin and Betsey, July20,1841.

Clarissa Ann, d.Benjamin and Hannah, May6,1838.

Damaris, d.Joseph, 4th and Hannah, Mar.23,1726-7.NCTBK

Daniel, s.Joseph [jr.CR1] and Abigall, Aug.21,1708.NCTBK

Daniel, s.Daniell and Sarah, July18,1738.NCTBK

David, s.Obadiah and Hannah, May7,1743.NCTBK

Davis, s.Moses, 3d and Mary, Jan.23,1834.

Deborah, d.Samuell and Mary, Mar.2,1741-2.NCTBK

Ebenezer, s.Joseph [jr.CR1] and Abigell, Jan.3,1703-4.NCTBK

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, Nov.1,1730.NCTBK

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, Mar.15,1735-6.NCTBK

Ebenezer, s.Obadiah and Hannah, May26,1755.

Edward, s.Joseph and Susana, 14:3m:1663.

Edward, s.Joseph and Susana, 6:2m:1667.

Edward, s.John and Mary, July20,1672.

Edward, s.Jacob and Ann, Aug.3,1731.NCTBK

Edward, s.Joshua and Sarah, Feb.15,1740-41.NCTBK

Elias, s.Lt. Josiah and Sarah, Aug.13,1790.

Eliphelit, s.Edward [sr.CR1] and Mary, July22,1712.NCTBK

Eliphalet, s.Eliphalet, bp. Mar.25,1750.CR1

Eliephelet, s.Nathanel and Sarah, Mar.6,1775.

Elisha, s.Edward [sr.CR1] and Mary, Aug.12,1696.NCTBK

Eliza, d.Josiah and Hannah, Oct.24,1818.PR19

Elizabeth, d.Joseph and Susana, 5:9m:1655.

Elizebeth, d.Edward [sr.CR1] and Mary, July5,1700.NCTBK

Elizabeth, d.Henry and Elizabeth, Feb.21,1705-6.NCTBK

Elizabeth, d.Jeames and Elizabeth, Aug.11,1708.NCTBK

Elizabeth, d.Joseph and Hanah, Aug.31,1708.NCTBK

Elizabeth, d.Timothy and Mary, Apr.29,1721.NCTBK

Elisabeth, d.Henry and Tamzin, Oct.23,1729.NCTBK

Elisabeth, d.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, Apr.19,173 [1737?]NCTBK

Elisabeth, d.Henry, jr. and Rebecca, May12,1739.NCTBK

Elizebath, d.Nehemiah and Judith, May4,1744.

Bettey, d.Obadiah and Hannah, Mar.2,1752.

Elizebath, d.Benjamin and Joanna, Dec.7,1753.

Elisabeth, d.Samuel, bp. Apr.1,1764.CR1

Elisabeth, d.Amos and Judith [(Swett).PR25], May16,1778.

Bettey, d.Capt. Joshua and Bettey, Oct.5,1782.

Bettey, d.Moses and Bettey, Feb.19,1786.

Elisabeth, d.Amos and Judith, Aug.11,1787. [Oct.11.PR25]

Betsy, d.Nicholas P. and Elizabeth, July15,1807.

Elizabeth Cushing, d.Moses and Hannah (Moody), Oct.23,1830.PR25

Emily Jane, d.Benjamin, jr. and Betsy, Dec.3,1838.

Enoch, s.Joseph and Mary, June1,1731.NCTBK

Enoch, s.Samuel and Abigail, May25,1750.

Esther Deal, d.Josiah and Hannah, July16,1823.

Ezekiel, s.Henry, jr. and Tamzin, Jan.6,1727-8.NCTBK

Ezra, s.Joseph and Hannah, Mar.5,1734-5.NCTBK

Ezra, s.Joseph and Hannah, at South Hampton, Apr.20,1742.NCTBK

Ezra, s.Benjamin and Johanna, Mar.13,1770.

Fanny, d.Moses and Hannah (Moody), Jan.11,1828.PR25

Francis, s.Josiah and Mary, Aug.21,1737.NCTBK

George Harrison, s.Josiah and Hannah, July8,1839.

Gould, s.Daniel and Sarah, Sept.17,1741.NCTBK

Hannah, d.John and Mary, 9:6m:1665.

Hannah, d.John and Mary, 28:8m:1666

Hannah, d.Samuell and Abigail, 15:1m:1668-9. [Oct.10,1668.CTR].

Hanah, d.Edward [sr.CR1] and Mary, Aug.19,1706.NCTBK

Hanah, d.Henry and Elizabeth, Aug.12,1711.NCTBK

Hannah, d.James and Phebe, June20,1717.NCTBK

Hannah, d.Joseph and Hannah, Mar.17,1738-9.NCTBK

Hanah, d.Josiah and Mary, June6,1755.

Hannah, d.Moses and Sarah, Jan.21,1757.

Hannah, d.Amos and Judith, Apr.26,1793.

Hannah, d.Nicholas P. and Elizabeth, Apr.7,1812.

Hannah, d.Moses and Hannah (Moody), Mar.26,1819.PR25

Henry, s.Samuell and Abigail,末蔓末,1673.

Henry, s.Henry and Elizabeth, Feb.24,1703-4.NCTBK

Henry, s.Henry, jr. and Tamzin, Mar.12,1731-2.NCTBK

Henry, s.Henry and Rebecca, May24,1733.NCTBK

Henry, s.Samuell and Mary, Sept.23,1739.NCTBK

Henry, s.Nehemiah and Judith, Jan.7,1741-2.NCTBK

Hester [Esther.CR1], d.Samuell and Hester, Sept.22,1688.

Hezekiah, s.Samuell and Mary, Feb.26,172[5-6.TC]NCTBK

Horace, s.Moses and Hannah, July14,1823.

Hosea, s.Moses and Hannah, May9,1815.

Jabez, s.Joseph, jr. and Abigill, Jan.17,1757.

Jabis, s.Benjamin and Judeth, Mar.7,1720-21.NCTBK

Jacob, s.Edward [jr.CR1] and Jane, Oct.15,1704.NCTBK

Jacob, s.Jacob and Ann, Jan.1,1729-30.NCTBK

James, s.John and Mary, Aug.15,1679.

James, s.Symon and Johanna, Nov.6,1692.

James, s.James and Elizabeth, Nov.16,1710.NCTBK

James, s.James and Elizabeth, bp. July26,1719.CR1

James, s.Henry and Rebecca, Sept.22,1736.NCTBK

James, s.Benjamin and Joanna, Aug.19,1760. [bp. Aug.4.CR1].

James Pike, s.John and Elizabeth, Jan.2,1815.

James Batchelder, s.Moses, 3d and Mary, June26,1839.

Jane, d.Jacob and Ann, Mar.17,1727-8.NCTBK

Jane, d.Josiah, jr. and Sarah, June15,1777.

Janne, d.Capt. Joshua and Elisabeth, Jan.17,1789.

Jemima, d.Edward [jr.CR1] and Jane, Mar.17,1706-7.NCTBK

Jemima, d.Jacob and Ann, June10,1740.NCTBK

Jemima, d.Josiah and Mary, Nov.27,1753.

Jemimah, d.Moses and Sarah, Jan.7,1761.

Jemimah, d.Josiah and Sarah, Oct.6,1781.

Jemima T., d.Benjamin and Hannah, Apr.6,1832.

Jenny, d.Samuel, bp. Nov.24,1765.CR1

Jenny, d.Nicolas, bp. Apr.11,1773.CR1

Joanna, d.Samuell and Hester, Dec.16,1683.

Joannah, d.Samuell and Mary, Sept.16,1684.NCTBK

Johanah, d.Simon and Johanah, June26,1699.NCTBK

Johanah, d.Joseph [3d.CR1] and Mary, May26,1718.NCTBK

Joannah, d.Obadiah and Hannah, Sept.13,1738.NCTBK

Joanna, d.Benjamin and Joanna, Dec.12,1750.

Joanna Pike, d.John and Elizabeth, Dec.23,1820.

John, s.John and Mary, 12:10m:1660.

John, s.Samuell and Hester, June9,1686.

John, s.Timothy and Ruth, Aug.27,1710.NCTBK

John, s.James and Elizabeth, Dec.2,1712.NCTBK

John, s.Nehemiah and Judith, Aug.5,1736.NCTBK

John, s.Josiah and Mary, Aug.9,1742.NCTBK

John, s.John and Mary, Sept.22,1761.

John, s.Benjamin and Johanna, Jan.29,1768.

John, s.Nicholas [jr.CR1] and Anna, June17,1772.

John, s.Josiah, jr. and Sarah, July3,1779.

John, s.Josiah and Sarah, bp.末蔓末,1799.CR3

Joseph, s.Joseph and Susana, 16:1m:1654.

Joseph, s.Joseph, jr. and Sarah, Mar.26,1679. [Mar.25.TC]

Joseph, s Symon and Johannah, Feb.28,1689.

Joseph, s Joseph and Abygell, Feb.27,1701-2.NCTBK

Joseph, s.Joseph and Hannah, Sept.15,1713.NCTBK

Joseph, s.Joseph, 3d and Mary, Mar.29,1726.NCTBK

Joseph, s.Joseph and Hannah, June23,1729.NCTBK

Joseph, s.Joseph and Hannah, Feb.21,1730-31.NCTBK

Joseph, s.Joseph, 5th and Ruth, Feb.2,1738-9.NCTBK

Joseph, s.Joseph, jr. and Abigill, Feb.28,1754.

Joseph, s.Jacob, bp. June14,1761.CR2

Joseph, s.Amos and Judith, May30,1782.

Joseph, s.Nicholas P. and Elizabeth, Jan.19,1800.

Joseph Banfield, s.Elias and Hannah, June11,1820.

Joshua, s.Edward [jr.CR1] and Jane, Feb.22,1712-13.NCTBK

Joshua, s.Timothy and Mary, Dec.6,1725.NCTBK

Joshua, s.Josiah and Mary, Oct.26,1748.

Joshua, s.Joseph and Abigill, May18,1764.

Josiah, s.Timothy and Ruth, Mar.14,1713.NCTBK

Josiah, s.Josiah and Mary, July22,1752.

Josiah, s.Lt. Nicholas and Jane, Mar.2,1775.

Josiah, s.Lt. Josiah and Sarah, Mar.29,1788. [Mar.30. dup.]

Josiah, s.Josiah, jr. and Hannah, Mar.1,1813.

Judath, d.Edward [jr.CR1] and Jane, Mar.31,1711.NCTBK

Judith, d.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, Oct.15,1727.NCTBK

Judith, d.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, May24,1732.NCTBK

Judith, d.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, Jan.2,1739-40.NCTBK

Judith, d.Joshua and Sarah, Apr.9,1747.

Judith, d.Amos and Judeth, Feb.5,1784.

Judith Eliza, d.Josiah, jr. and Hannah, Oct.24,1818.

Julia, d.Moses and Hannah [(Moody).PR25], Mar.16,1813.

Levie, s.Samuell and Mary, June14,1741.NCTBK

Luther Dimick, s.Josiah, jr. and Hannah, Apr.19,1830.

Liddiah, d.Edward [jr.CR1] and Jeane, Apr.3,1709.NCTBK

Margarit, d.Benjamin and Judith, Jan.2,1726-7.NCTBK

Margaret, d.Nicholas P. and Elizabeth, July4,1799.

Maria, d.John and Elizabeth, Jan.1,1808.

Merriam, d.Moses and Sarah, Oct.28,1758.

Martha, d.Henry and Elezebeth, Jan.6,1701-2.NCTBK

Martha, d.Edward [sr.CR1] and Mary, July7,1709.NCTBK

Martha, d.Moses and Sarah, July17,1753.

Mary, d.John and Mary, 12:4m:1663.

Mary, d.Simond and Johanah, Sept.2,1696.NCTBK

Mary, d.Edward, sr. and Mary, June2,1698.NCTBK

Mary, d.James and Elizabeth, June19,1715.NCTBK

Mary, d.Timothy and Mary, June14,1718.NCTBK

Mary, d.Timothy and Mary, Oct.28,1727.NCTBK

Mary, d.Samuell and Mary, June22,1732.NCTBK

Mary, d.James and Phebe, July20,1735.NCTBK

Mary, d.Samuel, bp. Sept.19,1736.CR1

Mary, d.Jacob and Ann, Nov.27,1736.NCTBK

Mary, d.Joshua and Sarah, Mar.15,1744-5. [Mar.16,1744. dup.]

Mary, d.Josiah, bp. Dec.21,1746.CR1

Mary, d.Benjamin and Joanna, Mar.2,1748.

Mary, d.Eliphalet and Rebeckah, Apr.30,1748.

Mary, d.Moses and Sarah, Nov.6,1749.

Mary, d.Eliphalet, bp. Sept.13,1755.CR1

Mary, d.Benjamin and Joanna, Nov.26,1776.

Mary, d.Moses and Elisabeth, Feb.19,1792.

Mary, d.Charles and Mary, July10,1827.

Mary I., d.Elias and Hannah, Mar.3,1834.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Nicholas and Esther, Oct.11,1834.

Mary Jemima, d.Elias and Hannah, June5,1836.

Mahitabill, d.Timothy and Mary, Oct.16,1710.NCTBK

Miriam, d.Samuel and Mary, Jan.11,1727-8.NCTBK

Moses, s.James and Phebe, Apr.30,1719.NCTBK

Mosis, s.Joseph [3d.CR1] and Mary, Oct.6,1720.NCTBK

Moses, s.Samuell and Mary, Dec.20,1736.NCTBK

Moses, s.Nehemiah and Judith, Jan.15,1738-9.NCTBK

Moses, s.Moses and Sarah, Oct.11,1751.

Moses, s.Samuel and Abigaill, Feb.9,1755.

Moses, s.Moses, jr. and Sarah, June末,1762.

Moses, s.Nicholas [jr.CR1] and Anna, Dec.21,1769.

Moses, s.Benjamin and Joanna, Mar.5,1775.

Moses, s.Moses, bp. July7,1776.CR1

Moses, s.Nicholas [sr.CR1] and Jane, May10,1777.

Moses, s.Amos and Judith, Apr.9,1790.

Moses, s.Andrew and Sarah, July30,1801.

Moses, s.Nicholas P. and Elizabeth, Dec.23,1808.

Nanne, d.Jacob and Ann, Nov.1,1738.NCTBK

Nathaniell, s.Samuell and Abigail, Dec.8,1678.

Nathaniell, s.Samuell and Mary, Jan.13,1723-4.NCTBK

Nathaniel, s.Eliphalet and Rebekah, Oct.17,1752.

Neahamiah, s.Henery and Elizabeth, Dec.3,1714.NCTBK

Nehemiah, s.John and Mary, Jan.15,1758.

Nelson, s.Moses and Hannah, Jan.22,1817.

Nicolas, s.John, Oct.28,1677.

Nicolus, s.Edward [jr.CR1] and Jane, Apr.5,1703.NCTBK

Nicholas, s.Josiah and Mary, Nov.4,1740.NCTBK

Nicolaus, s.Moses and Sarah, Apr.11,1746.

Nicholus, s.Moses and Sarah, Nov.28,1747.

Nicholas Pettengail, s.Amos and Judith, June17,1780.

Nicholas, s.Andrew and Sarah, Dec.25,1797.

Nicholas Pettengill, s.Josiah, jr. and Hannah, Apr.16,1821.

Nicholas Pettengill, s.Charles and Mary, Sept.6,1831.

Obadiah, s.Joseph [jr.CR1] and Abigall, Sept.29,1716.NCTBK

Offen, s.Samuell and Mary, Mar.28,1729-30.NCTBK

Oliver, s.Moses and Hannah, May17,1821.

Peter, s.Moses and Bettey, Jan.23,1788.

Philip, s.Timothy and Ruth, Aug.18,1715.NCTBK

Phebe, d.Samuel and Elizabeth, Sept.24,1762.

Rachel, d.Jacob and Ann, Feb.22,1741-2.NCTBK

Rachell, d.twin, Henry and Rebecca, May13,1741.NCTBK

Rachel, d.Benjamin and Joanna, Sept.29,1762.

Rachel Evans, d.Elias and Hannah, Sept.7,1817.

Rebecka, d.Jeames and Elizabeth, Mar.5,1704-5.NCTBK

Rebecka, d.Jeames and Elizabeth, Jan.12,1706-7.NCTBK

Reubin, s.Samuell and Mary, Jan.21,1729-30.NCTBK

Ruben, s.Ruben and Tarzee, Oct.1,1756.

Ruben, s.Joseph and Abigill, Feb.14,1761.

Rhoda, d.Benjamin and Joanna, Jan.21,1755.

Ruhamah, 2d w.Joseph Fitts, Feb.28,1749.PR3

Ruth, d.Timothy and Ruth, July20,1709.NCTBK

Ruth, d.Timothy and Mary, Dec.9,1713.NCTBK

Ruth, d.Samuell and Mary, Apr.16,1732.NCTBK

Ruth, d.Joseph and Ruth, Sept.21,1733.NCTBK

Ruth, d.Samuell and Mary, Feb.6,1736-7.NCTBK

Ruth, d.Joseph, 4th and Ruth, July2,1744.

Ruth, d.Josiah and Mary, Aug.12,1744.

Ruth, d.Capt. Joshua and Elizabeth, Apr.15,1785.

Salome [d.Benjamin.CR1], Oct.30,1771.PR6

Solome, d.Benjamin and Joanna, Oct.30,1772.

Sallome, d.Lt. Josiah and Sarah, Sept.17,1785.

Samuell, s.Samuell and Abigail, 24:1m:1670-71.

Samuell, s.John, bp. Apr.8,1694.CR1

Samuel, s.Joseph and Hannah, Dec.11,1699.NCTBK

Samuell, s.Henry and Elizabeth, Oct.18,1708.NCTBK

Samuell, s.James and Phebe, Aug.8,1723.NCTBK

Samuell, s.Samuell and Mary, Aug.14,1734.NCTBK

Samuel P., s.Moses, jr. and Joanna, Apr.3,1823.

Samuel Curtis, s.Moses and Hannah, Sept.25,1825.

Sarah, d.John and Mary, 27:10m:1669.

Sarah, d.Symon and Johannah, Mar.18,1685-6.

Sarah, d.Joseph [jr.CR1] and Abigall, Nov.20,1700.NCTBK

Sarah, d.Timothy and Mary, Mar.18,1708.NCTBK

Sarah, d.Joseph [3d.CR1] and Mary, Dec.31,1715.NCTBK

Sarah, d.Timothy and Mary, June5,1724.NCTBK

Sarah, d.Joseph, 4th and Hannah, Mar.29,1725.NCTBK

Sarah, d.Daniel and Sarah, Jan.16,1733-4.NCTBK

Sarah, d.Samuel and Mary, Aug.31,1739.NCTBK

Sarah, d.Joshua and Sarah, Jan.21,1742-3.NCTBK

Sarah, d.Moses and Sarah, Nov.22,1744.

Sarah, d.Samuel, bp. May10,1752.CR1

Sarah, d.Joseph, jr. and Abigill, Mar.9,1755.

Salley, d.Josiah and Sarah, Sept.17,1785.

Sarah, d.Amos and Judith, Dec.25,1785.

Sarah, d.Moses and Elisabeth, Apr.12,1790.

Sarah, d.Josiah, jr. and Hannah, Nov.24,1816.

Sarah Lavina Morrill, d.Benjamin and Hannah, Feb.17,1835.

Sarah Esther, d.Nichoasl, mariner, and Esther, at School District No. 2, Jan.31,1845.

Silas, s.Lt. Josiah and Sarah, Oct.10,1795.

Symond, s.Joseph and Susanna, 24:8m:1657.

Symon, s.Joseph, jr. and Sarah, Aug.26,1683.

Simon, s.Joseph and Ruth, Oct.27,1740.NCTBK

Simon, s.Abra Carr, Mar.9,1761.

Solomon, s.Timothy and Mary, Mar.9,1722-3.NCTBK

Solomon, s.Joseph, jr. and Abigaill, Mar.31,1759.

Squire Basto Haskell, s.Nicholas and Esther, July1,1825.

Stephen, s.Jacob and Ann, July2,1733.NCTBK

Stephen, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, July28,1767.

Stephen T., s.Benjamin and Hannah, Oct.20,1829.

Susannah, d.Symon and Johannah, Mar.23,1687-8.

Susana, d.Edward and Mary, Mar.2,1701-2.NCTBK

Susanah, d.Timothy and Mary, Nov.24,1705.NCTBK

Susanah, d.Jaames and Phebey, Dec.11,1720.NCTBK

Susanna, d.Benjamin and Joanna, May31,1779.

Tamzin, d.Henry and Rebecca, Feb.16,1734-5.NCTBK

Timothie, s.Joseph, jr. and Sarah, June16,1681.

Timothie, s.John and Mary, Aug.15,1681.

Timothy, s.Timothy and Mary, July10,1731.NCTBK

Timothy, s.Timothy, bp. June10,1736.CR1

Timothy, s.Josiah and Mary, Apr.28,1739.NCTBK

Timothy, s.Josiah, bp. May13,1750.CR1

Warren, s.Nicholas and Esther, Jan.31,1829.

Wesley, s.Elias and Hannah, Aug.17,1823.

William, s.Jacob and Ann, Mar.14,1734-5.NCTBK

William, s.Obadiah and Hannah, Apr.29,1746.

William Hook, s.Josiah, jr. and Hannah, Feb.11,1832.

Winthrop, s.John and Mary, Aug.29,1759.

Zephaniah, s.Benjamin and Judeth, Mar.23,1722-3.NCTBK

FRENTCH (French)

Nathaniell, s.Joseph and Hannah, Aug. [2.TC], 1702.NCTBK


Amos Mason, s.William, jr. and Lucy P., June8,1840.

Dolley Pike, d.Newel and Judith, July11,1840.

Dolly Pike, d.Newel, farmer, and Judith, at School District No. 6, Apr.20,1845.

Betsy Greeley, d.Thomas and Betsy, Jan.31,1812.

Emeley Dolanson, d.Newel and Judith, Nov.17,1838.

Harriet Newell, d.James and Hannah, Dec.5,1833.

Ira, s.Philip G. and Eunice M., Mar.25,1831.

Jane Newel, d.Newel and Judith, Nov.4,1841.

John, s.John, bp. at New Castle, June5,1709.CR1

Julius B., s.William and Abigail, Mar.31,1833.

Mary Ann, d.Philip G. and Eunice M., Jan.10,1836.

Nelson Greeley, s.Newel, farmer and Judith, July1,1847.

Newel, s.Newell, farmer, and Judith, July1,1843.

Sarah Elizabeth, d.Philip G. and Eunice M., Oct.25,1833.


Judith Ann, d.John, yeoman, and Abigail, at School District No. 6, June29,1845.

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