John, s.John and Sarah, Apr.29,1682.

MackREST (Macrest)

Benjamin, s.Benony and Lidia, Nov.16,1685.

Lidia, d.Benony and Lidia, Mar.27,1687-8.

Mary, d.Benony and Lidia, Apr.15,1690.

MacREST (Mackrest)

Joseph, s.Benony and Lydya, Aug.28,1683.

Lydia, d.Joseph and Sarah, July15,1712.NCTBK

Mary, d.Joseph and Sarah, Nov.19,1710.NCTBK

Samuell, s.Benony and Lidiah, Sept.3,1682.


Mary, d.Thomas and Sarah, 4:10m:1648.

Sarah, d Thomas and Sarah, 9:5m:1644.

Sarah, d.Thomas and Sarah, 1:6m:1646.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Sarah, 22:7m:1653.


Berblo Jane, d.Charles, laborer, and Sarah, Dec.19,1848.


Abram Colby, d.David and Mary O., Jan.28,1834.

Sarah Colby, d.David and Mary O., May22,1832.


Achsah, d.John and Anna, Apr.7,1798.

Anna, d.John and Anna, Sept.5,1750.

Anna, d.John and Anna, Dec.26,1782.

Benjamin, s.John and Anna, Dec.30,1788.

Bettey, d.John and Anna, Aug.7,1762.

Elizabeth, d.John and Anna, Jan.13,1796.

John, s.John and Anna, Sept.9,1756.

John, s.John and Anna, Oct.9,1800.

John Bartlett, s.John and Sarah, Dec.30,1841.

Lucy, d.John and Anna, May23,1803.

Martha, d.John and Anna, Sept.25,1786.

Mary, d.John and Anna, Oct.16,1753.

Sarah, d.John and Anna, May12,1760.

Sally, d.John and Anna, Nov.10,1784.

Timothy, s.John and Anna, Dec.29,1758.

Timothy, s.John and Anna [Nancy.dup.], Oct.7,1805.


Angela, d.David, shipwright, and Jane, at School District No. 5, Dec.9,1845.

Charles Henry, s.Charles and Mary O., July28,1837.

Charles Thomas, s.David, carpenter, b. Kittery, and Jane, b. Durham, NH, May27,1848.

David, s.David and Jane, July22,1839.

Dolly, d.David and Jane, Aug.9,1841.

George Albert, s.twin, David and Jane F., Nov.19,1831.

George Thomas, s.Charles, tanner, and Mary, at School District No. 6, Apr.24,1846.

Mary Elizabeth, d.David and Jane, Jan.22,1837.

Woodbury, s.twin, David and Jane F., Nov.19,1831.


Abigail, d.Joseph and Abigail, May9,1732.NCTBK

Abigill, d.Joseph, jr. and Elisabeth, July25,1765.

Dolley, d.John and Judith, Mar.7,1761.

Ebenezer Wells, s.Samuel, jr. and Abby W., Aug.30,1838.

Elizabeth, d.John, bp. Sept.29,1717.CR1

Elizebath, d.Joseph and Abigail, Sept.20,1734.

Elizebath, d.Joseph, jr. and Elizebath, Sept.16,1751.

Betty, d.John and Judith, Jan.11,1753.

Hugh, s.Joseph and Abigail, July14,1722.NCTBK

Jane, d.Lt. James, bp. Jan.13,1705-6.CR1

Jeremiah Wheeler, s.Samuel, of Ashby, bp. Oct.8,1769.CR1

John, s.John and Martha, Mar.19,1712-13.NCTBK

John, s.Joseph and Abigail, July5,1724.NCTBK

John, s.John and Judeth, July2,1758.

Joseph, s.John and Martha, July30,1715.NCTBK

Joseph, s.Joseph and Abigail, Sept.9,1727.NCTBK

Joseph, s.Joseph, jr. and Elisabeth, May26,1763.

Judeth, d.Lt. James and Mary, May13,1698.NCTBK

Judith, d.John and Judith, Dec.28,1751.

Mary, d.Joseph and Abigail, at Newbury, Dec.25,1719.NCTBK

Moley, d.John and Judeth, Mar.22,1756.

Moley, d.Joseph, jr. and Elisabeth, Nov.8,1760.

Mary, d.Samuel and Mary, Dec.25,1795.

Nanne [AnneCR1], d.Joseph and Abigail, Feb.9,1729-30.NCTBK

Offen, s.Joseph, jr. and Elizebath, Dec.19,1753.

Philip, s.John and Martha,末蔓末,1711.NCTBK [bp. Oct.28.CR1]

Samuel, s.Joseph, jr. and Lydia, Mar.22,1769.

Samuel, s.Samuel, jr. and Abigail W., June3,1835.

Sarah, d.Joseph and Abigail, at New bury, Oct.12,1716.NCTBK

Sarah, d.Joseph, jr. and Elisabeth, June11,1756.

Sarah Caroline, d.Samuel, jr. and Abigail W., May22,1842.


Mary, d.John, bp. at New Castle, June5,1709.CR1


Abigail, d.Jonathan and Mary, Dec.8,1818.

Isaac Cotton, s.Isaac and Mary Jane, Mar.4,1839.

MARTAIN (Martin)

Jacob, s.Jonathan and Lucy, Aug.17,1801.

Lucy, d.Jonathan and Lucy, July12,1804.

MARTIN (Martain, Martyn)

Chandler E., s.Thomas and Mary, Apr.11,1822.

Jacob, s.Hacket, and Abigail, Feb.14,1821.

Jacob H., s.Hackett and Abigail, Feb.14,1826.

Mary Ann, d.Thomas and Mary, July27,1819.

Nathan, s.Asa and Molley, Jan.末,1775.

Nathaniel, s.Abraham, bp. Mar.25,1733.CR1

Sarah, d.Hackett and Abigail, Oct.8,1822.

MARTYN (Martin)

Abigail, d.Georg and Susana, 10:7m:1659.

Georg, s.Georg and Susana, 21:8m:1648.

Hanah, d.Georg and Hannah, 1:12m:1643.

Hester, d.George and Susana, 7:2m:1653.

Jane, d.Georg and Susana, 2:9m:1656.

John, s.Georg and Susanna, 26:11m:1650.

Richard, s.Georg and Susana, 29:4m:1647.

Samuell, s.Georg and Susana, 29:7m:1667.

William, s.Georg and Susana, 11:10m:1662.


Sarah Harriet, d.Stephen R. and Sarah, Feb.5,1838.

MATHEWS (Matthews)

John Wesley, s.Samuel S., clerk, and Elizabeth S., Oct.20,1845.

MATTHEWS (Mathews)

末末, s.Samuel S., minister, and Elizabeth, June3,1847.

MAXFEILD (Maxfield)

Elisabeth, d.John, Jan.18,1694.NCTBK

John, s.John and Elizabeth, Oct.23,1680.

Joseph, s.John and Elizabeth, Mar.4,1691-2.

Margerie, d.John and Elizabeth, Nov.5,1686.

Mary, d.John and Elizabeth, Jan.10,1684.

Nathaniell, s.John and Elisabeth, Mar.1,1688-9.

Timothie, s.John and Elizabeth, Oct.末,1682.

MAXFIELD (Maxfeild, Maxfil)

末末, s.John and Sarah, July2,1711.NCTBK

Abegall, d.Joseph and Joannah, Jan.28,1718-19.NCTBK

Anna, d.Henry and Hannah, Sept.6,1768.

Benjamin, s.Joseph and Love, July18,1776.

Dudley, s.Samuel and Jemima, May4,1752.

Elisabeth, d.Joseph and Johanna, Nov.10,1725.NCTBK

Elisabeth, d.Nathaniell and Sarah, Aug.17,1735.NCTBK

Battey, d.Michel and Susannah, Aug.8,1759.

Betty, d.Michael, bp. Nov.30,1760.CR2

Hannah, d.Samuel and Jemima, Apr.17,1748.

Hannah, d.Henry and Hannah, Nov.19,1772.

Henry, s.Samuel and Jemima, Feb.17,1743-4.

Henry, s.Dudley and Sarah, Dec.27,1773.

Humphery, s.Joseph and Johanna, June10,1720.NCTBK

Janne, d.Joseph and Love, Apr.21,1764.

Jemimah Eaton, d.Henry and Hannah, Nov.25,1770.

Johannah, d.Joseph and Johannah, Sept.3,1728.NCTBK

Joanna, d.Joshua, bp. Nov.8,1767.CR2

John, s.John and Sarah, Dec.27,1709.NCTBK

John, s.Samuell and Jemima, Apr.25,1742.NCTBK

John, s.Michel and Susannah, Mar.25,1755.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Johannah, Apr.4,1737.NCTBK

Joseph, s.Joseph and Love, Jan.28,1767.

Joshua, s.Joseph and Johannah, Sept.20,17[40.TC]NCTBK

Judeth, d.Samuel and Jemima, Sept.2,1754.

Love, d.Joseph and Love, July11,1771.

Merriam, d.Samuel and Jemima, Nov.28,1759.

Margere, d.Nathaniell and Sarah, July5,1725.NCTBK

Martha, d.Samuell and Jemima, June7,1750.

Mary, d.Nathaniell and Sarah, Feb. -5 [25.TC], 1721-2.NCTBK

Obadiah, s.Nathaniell and Sarah, Mar.16,1726-7.NCTBK

Prudence, d.Joseph and Johanna, Mar.26,1722.NCTBK

Prudence, d.Joseph and Love, Nov.28,1778.

Richard, s.Michal and Susannah, Sept.20,1763.

Richard, s.Joseph and Love, Aug.12,1769.

Robert Carr, s.Michael, bp. Apr.3,1757.CR2

Roberd Carr, s.Michal and Susannah, Oct.20,1761.

Ruth, d.Nathaniell and Sarah, Mar.15,1728-9.NCTBK

Ruth, d.Nathaniell and Sarah, July3,1732.NCTBK

Samuel, s.Michal and Susannah, May20,1767.

Samuel, s.Dudley and Sarah, Aug.7,1779.

Sarah, d.Michel and Susannah, Apr.27,1753.

Sarah, d.Samuel and Jemima, bp. Sept.16,1753.CR2

Sarah, d.Henry and Hannah, Jan.30,1767.

Susannah, d.Michal and Susannah, May27,1769.

William, s.John and Elizabeth, Sept.末,1699.NCTBK

MAXFIL (Maxfield)

Alifalitt, s.Nathaniell and Sarah, Apr.20,1720.NCTBK

Elizabeth, d.John and Sarah, Apr.30,1716.NCTBK

Obadiah, s.John and Sarah, Sept.4,1712.NCTBK

Samuell, s.John and Sarah, Apr.12,1714.NCTBK


Mary Lavina, d.Patrick and Mary, Oct.12,1841.


William Chase, s.Jonathan and Abigail, Dec.6,1833.

MERILL (Merrill)

Susanna, d.Jacob, bp. July18,1714.CR1

MERRIL (Merrill)

Abell, s.Samuell, jr., bp. July17,1748.CR1

Dorothy Morril, d.William and Mary, May16,1812.

Lucinda, d.Caleb and Betsy, Jan.4,1809.

Moses Moody, s.Caleb and Betsy, Jan.11,1812.

MERRILL (Merill, Merril)

Aron, s.Steven and Mary, June2,1715.NCTBK

Aaron, s.Stephen, jr. and Joanna, Apr.10,1754.

Abba Ann, d.Daniel and Eliza, Nov.9,1836.

Aball, s.John and Mary, Jan.4,1702-3.NCTBK

Abel, s.Thomas, and Judeth, Aug.28,1709.NCTBK

Abel, s.Thomas and Hannah, Nov.14,1732.NCTBK

Abell, s.Thomas and Martha, Nov.2,1739.NCTBK

Abel, s.John and Jane, Sept.30,1800.

Abel Emery, s.Abel, yeoman, and Eleanor, Aug.2,1847.

Abiather [Morill.CR1], s.Stephen, jr. and Joanna, Sept.21,1751.

Abigail Lowell, d.Joseph and Mary, Dec.15,1814.

Abner H., s.Abel and Elenor, Oct.18,1825.

Adelade Barnard, d.Daniel, joiner, and Abigail, Dec.11,1843.

Andrew Jackson, s.Joseph and Lydia, Feb.7,1815.

Andrew Franklin, s.Andrew J. and Delia, Apr.4,1836.

Andrew Franklin, s.Andrew J. and Delia, June23,1839.

Anna Jewell, d.Thomas Jefferson and Sally (Pike), Sept.5,1830.PR48

Anne, d.Samuel and Anne, Oct.28,1744.

Ann Elizabeth, d.William J. and Elizabeth, Nov.27,1831.

Apphia, d.Moses and Mary, Dec.25,1704.NCTBK

Affee [Aphia.CR2], d.James and Mary, Apr.30,1741.NCTBK

Benjamin, s.Moses and Mary, Feb.16,1720-21.NCTBK

Benjamin, s.Moses, jr. and Sarah, Apr.26,1746.

Benjamin, s.Daniel, jr. and Elizebath, Mar.13,1748.

Benjamin, s.Ezekiel and Nancy, at Warner, NH, Oct.18,1798.

Benjamin L., s.Ezekiel, May21,1816.PR48

Caleb, s.John and Jane, Mar.7,1778.

Caroline Austin, d.Thomas J[efferson.PR48] and Sally, Sept.22,1835.

Charles, s.Ezra and Mary, Nov.17,1829.

Charles Washington, s.Daniel, jr. and Abigail, Dec.2,1836.

Charles Albert, s.Ezekiel and Sarah Helen (Homans), June10,1844.PR48

Christopher, "born of Mary Carr, son in Law to James Carr and Mary his wife," Apr.10,1778.

Daniell, s.John and Mary, May17,1707.NCTBK

Daniell, s.John and Mary, Mar.16,1709-10.NCTBK

Daniell, s.Steven and Mary, Apr.15,1711.NCTBK

Daniell, s.Moses and Mary, Apr.27,1723.NCTBK

Daniell, s.Daniell and Hannah, Jan.4,1740-41.NCTBK

Daniel, s.Daniel, jr. and Susanna, Jan.13,1765.

Daniel, s.Joseph and Polly, Sept.12,1799.

Daniel, s.Samuel and Eunice, June23,1811.

Daniel Sylvester, s.Daniel, joiner, and Abigail, June8,1848.

David, s.Ezra and Phebe, Oct.31,1807.

David, s.Stephen and Eunice, Jan.23,1834.

Dolle, d.Daniel, jr. and Susanna, Sept.29,1766.

Edwin Irvin, s.Lowell, mariner, and Mary Ann Francis, Oct.31,1843. [Oct.31,1844. on paper pasted in book.]

Elianer, d.Thomas and Martha, Sept.1,1732.NCTBK

Eleanor, d.William and Abigail, Aug.5,1815.

Elias, s.Daniel, jr. and Elizebath, Feb.1,1750.

Elijah, s.William and Mary, June30,1817.

Aliffalitt, s.Thomas and Judeth, Feb.14,1722-3.NCTBK

Bettey, d.Moses and Mary, Nov.18,1715.NCTBK

Elizabeth, d.Steven and Mary, July3,1717.NCTBK

Elisabeth, d.Nathaniell and Hannah, May14,1733.NCTBK

Beatty, d.Stephen and Joannah, Dec.27,1757.

Betty Adams, d.twin, John and Sarah, Nov.18,1761.

Elizabeth, d.Daniel, jr. and Susanna, Mar.8,1769.

Betsy, d.John and Jane, July27,1780.

Betsy F., w.James P. Currier, July27,1785.PR16

Bettsy, d.Joseph and Polly, Mar.10,1805.

Ellen Emery, d.Levi, farmer, and Allice, Aug.5,1848.

Eunice Eaton, d.Jeremiah and Sally, Oct.19,1823.

Ezekiell, s.Moses [jr.CR1] and Sarah, Sept.30,1736.NCTBK

Ezekiel Evans, s.Joseph and Mary, Mar.28,1813.

Ezekiel, s.Ezekiel and Elizabeth, Nov.20,1819.

Ezra, s.Steven and Mary, Apr.24,1723.NCTBK

Ezra [Morrill.CR1], s.Stephen, jr. and Joanna, Apr.29,1746.

Ezra, s.Melletiah and Sarah, Feb.11,1770.

Ezra, s.Ezra and Mary, Feb.2,1823.

Frank Herbert, s.Ezra, jr., cordwainer, and Mary Ann, July24,1846.

Frederick Warren, s.Ezra, 3d and Mary Ann, Nov.14,1842.

George Whitefield, s.Thomas J[efferson.PR48] and Sally, July15,1840.

George Warren, s.John F., tanner, and Sarah E., Sept.5,1848.

Gidian, s.John and Mary, Mar.23,1714.NCTBK

Gyles, s.Moses, jr. and Sarah, Mar.12,1738-9.NCTBK

Hannah, d.John and Mary, Dec.1,1712.NCTBK

Hannah, d.Thomas and Judeth, Oct.26,1717.NCTBK

Hannah, d.Thomas and Judeth, June20,1720.NCTBK

Hannah, d.Daniell and Hannah, Dec.17,1738.NCTBK

Hannah, d.Thomas and Martha, Feb.10,1741.

Hannah, d.Daniel and Susanna, May22,1776.

Hannah Evans, d.Ezekiel and Betsy, Sept.3,1813.

Hannah Louisa, d.Thomas J[efferson.PR48], harness-maker, and Sarah, July1,1843.

Hannah Olivia, d.John F., tanner, and Sarah E., Sept.18,1846.

Humphery, s.John and Mary, June4,1717.NCTBK

Umphory, s.John and Mary, Mar.14,1718-19.NCTBK

Humphrey, s.Thomas and Martha, Feb.27,1743-4

Irena, d.Joseph and Lydia, Dec.3,1817.

Israel Balch, s.William and Mary, July1,1821.

J. P[erkins, on paper pasted in book.], s.Abel and Elenor, Feb.9,1832.

Jabez, s.Moses, jr. and Sarah, Apr.3,1748.

Jabez, s.Moses, jr. and Sarah, Dec.9,1749.

Jabez, s.Daniel, jr. and Elizebath, June25,1753.

Jabez, s.Ezekiel and Abigail, Aug.9,1760.

Jabez, s.John and Sarah, Mar.21,1764.

Jabez, s.John and Jane, July9,1794.

Jacob, s.Moses and Mary, Sept.25,1719.NCTBK

Jacob, s.Moses [jr.CR1] and Sarah, May31,1732.NCTBK

James, s.Thomas and Judeth, May6,1719.NCTBK

James, s.Moses and Betsy, Oct.16,1825.

James Edward, s.Daniel and Abigail, Apr.5,1832.

Jane, d.Moses and Sarah, June29,1734.NCTBK

Jane, d.John and Jane, May1,1798.

John, s.John and Mary, Apr.14,1704.NCTBK

John, s.Thomas and Martha, July8,1735.NCTBK

John, s.Samuel and Anne, Dec.12,1746.

John, s.John and Sarah, Oct.26,1759.

John, s.twin, John and Sarah, Nov.18,1761.

John, s.Aaron and Marcy, Aug.14,1776.

John, s.Jabez and Sarah, Oct.14,1784.

John Locke, s.Moses and Betsy, Dec.18,1822.

Joseph, s.Thomas and Judeth, May12,1716.NCTBK

Joseph, s.Daniel [jr.CR1] and Elizebath, Nov.6,1744.

Joseph, s.Daniel and Susanna, Jan.22,1773.

Joseph, 3d s.Joseph and Polly, Mar.28,1810.

Joseph Annis, s.William and Abigail, July16,1824.

Joshua, s.Steven and Mary, Feb.29,1720-21.NCTBK

Joshua, s.Daniell and Hannah, Nov.6,1737.NCTBK

Judith, d.Thomas and Hannah, Nov.9,1738.NCTBK

Levi J., s.Abel and Elenor, Jan.30,1830.

Lowell, s.Ezra and Phebe, Oct.2,1810.

Melatiah, s.Melatiah and Rhoda, Aug.1,1773.

Mandana, d.Jabez and Sarah, Mar.22,1790.

Martha, d.John and Mary, May9,1721.NCTBK

Martha, d.Thomas and Martha, May15,1746.

Martha [Morrill.CR1], d.John [jr.CR1] and Sarah, July17,1755.

Mary, d.John and Mary, Sept.26,1705.NCTBK

Mary, d.Moses and Mary, Oct.25,1709.NCTBK

Mary, d.John and Mary, July10,1727.NCTBK

Mary, d.Moses [jr.CR1] and Mary, Sept.20,1730.NCTBK

Mary, d.Daniel and Hanah, Jan.30,1744-5.

Mary, d.Samuel and Anne, Feb.20,1748. [bp. Feb.26,1748-9.CR1]

Mary, d.Stephen, jr. and Joanna, Dec.23,1748.

Mary, d.Aaron and Marcy, June30,1778.

Polly, d.Ezekiel and Nancy, at Warner, NH, Sept.27,1802.

Mary Susan, d.William and Mary, Sept.21,1809.

Mary Ann Brown, d.Daniel, jr. and Abigail, Sept.23,1835.

Mary Frances, d.Lowell, shoemaker, and Mary Ann, Apr.9,1848.

Mercy, d.Moses and Mary, Nov.4,1713.NCTBK

Moses, s.Moses and Mary, Dec.28,1707.NCTBK

Moses, s.Moses [jr.CR1] and Sarah, May18,1741.NCTBK

Moses, s.Daniel, jr., bp. Jan.15,1758.CR1

Moses, s.Daniel, jr. and Elisabeth, Sept.末,1760. [bp. Sept.14.CR1]

Moses, s.Aaron and Mary, Jan.18,1780.

Moses, s.Moses and Betsy, June12,1820.

Nancy, d.Ezekiel and Nancy, at Warner, NH, Dec.15,1794.

Nancy Abigail, d.Daniel and Abigail, Dec.23,1833.

Nanne, d.John and Mary, Feb.17,1715-16.NCTBK

Nanne, d.Thomas and Martha, Nov.3,1737.NCTBK

Nanna, d.Samuel and Ruth, Feb.7,1789.

Nathon, s.Thomas and Judeth, Jan.31,1713-14.NCTBK

Nathan, s.Thomas, 3d and Hannah, Dec.17,1736.NCTBK

Nathaniell, s.Thomas and Judeth, Feb.16,1707-8.NCTBK

Nathaniell, s.Nathaniel and Hannah, June18,1740.NCTBK

Newell Augustus Perkins, s.Daniel, jr. and Mary, Oct.9,1841.

Orlando, s.Thomas and Hannah, Dec.4,1734.NCTBK

Phebe Ann, d.Lowell, cordwainer, and Mary Ann F., at School District No. 3, Dec.8,1845.

Rhoda, d.Daniel, jr. and Elizebath, Jan.22,1746.

Rhoda, d.Daniel and Hannah, June27,1749.

Richard, s.Nathaniell and Hannah, Aug.29,173. [1738?].NCTBK

Richard, s.Nathaniell and Hannah, Oct.10,1730.NCTBK

Robert, s.Daniel and Hannah, July16,1747.

Robert Lord, s.Ezekiel and Nancy, July23,1806.

Robert Morrill, s.William and Mary, Aug.12,1807.

Ruth, d.John and Mary, July26,1711.NCTBK

Ruth, d.Thomas and Judith, Sept.25,1724.NCTBK

Ruth, d.Thomas and Martha, Aug.4,1730.NCTBK

Ruth, d.John and Jane, Dec.27,1784.

Ruth Evans, d.Daniel and Susanna, Apr.7,1787.

Samuell, s.Moses and Mary, July20,1711.NCTBK

Samuell, s.Thomas and Martha, Jan.8,1728-9.NCTBK

Samuel, s.Moses and Sarah, July17,1756.

Samuell, s.John, bp. Sept.6,1767.CR1

Samuel, s.Daniel and Susana, Aug.22,1781.

Samuel Chase, s.William and Mary, Feb.11,1815.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Eunice, Apr.5,1815.

Samuel P[ike.PR48], s.Thomas J[efferson.PR48] and Sally, Feb.27,1832.

Sarah, d.Moses and Mary, Apr.7,1706.NCTBK

Sarah, d.Thomas and Judeth, July14,1712.NCTBK

Sarah, d.Samuell and Ann, Jan.5,1736-7.NCTBK

Sarah, d.Stephen [jr.CR1] and Joannah, Feb.23,1740-41.NCTBK

Sarah, d.Moses and Sarah, Aug.18,1743.NCTBK

Sarah, d.Capt. John and Sarah, Apr.13,1771.

Sarah Tucker, d.John and Jane, Dec.4,1782.

Sally, d.Jabez and Sarah, May8,1794.

Sally [Swain. dup.], d.Joseph and Lydia, Sept.22,1811.

Sarah, d.William and Abigail, Oct.6,1822.

Sophrona Melissa, d.Andrew J. and Delia, Sept.14,1841.

Steven, s.Steven and Mary, June29,1713.NCTBK

Stephen, s.Millitiah and Sarah, May28,1764.

Stephen, s.Ezra and Phebe, Oct.8,1806.

Susan, d.Jabez and Sarah, May25,1788.

Susan Smith, d.Daniel, jr. and Abigail, Aug.4,1839.

Thomas, s.John and Mary, Dec.18,1708.NCTBK

Thomas, s.Thomas and Judeth, Jan.5,1710-11.NCTBK

Thomas, s.Ezekiel and Nancy, at Warner, NH, July2,1804.

William, s.Melletiah and Sarah, Apr.12,1767.

William, s.Daniel and Susanna, Mar.11,1779.

William, s.Jabez and Sarah, Mar.25,1792.

William, s.William and Mary, Sept.20,1805.

William Henry, s.Ezra and Mary, Jan.9,1831.

William Franklin, s.Thomas J[efferson.PR48] and Sally, July14,1838.

Zorade Frances, d.Samuel and Eunice, Mar.31,1837.


Hannah, d.Samuel and Anne, Mar.6,1768.


Charles Carroll, s.William O. and Mary, Sept.30,1828.

Dolly Clough, d.William O. and Mary, Mar.23,1833.

John Clough, s.William O. and Mary, Nov.15,1821.

Mary Jane, d.William O. and Mary, Oct.31,1830.

Sally Evans, d.William O. and Sally, Mar.11,1817.

Sally Evans, d.William O. and Mary, May16,1820.

William Osgood, s.Judith Osgood, Jan.6,1788.

William, s.William O. and Mary, Mar.28,1824.

William, s.William O. and Mary, Oct.6,1826.


Betty, d.末末, bp. June15,1729.CR1

John, s.末末, bp. June15,1729.CR1

MOODEY (Moody)

Abigail, d.Samuel, bp. Apr.29,1733.CR1

Benjamin, s.William and Elizabeth, Jan.16,1745.

Daniell, s.Daniell and Mary, Apr.末,1714.NCTBK

Hannah, d.Daniell and Elisabeth, Jan.2,1699.NCTBK

Joseph, s.Dannill [jr.CR1] and Mary, Aug.14,1710.NCTBK

Joshua, s.Samuel, bp. Apr.27,1735.CR1

Joshua, s.Samuel and Hannah, Oct.11,1744.

Judith, d.William, bp. Sept.22,1734.CR1

Martha, d.William and Elizabeth, Sept.10,1748.

Mary, d.Daniell and Mary, Mar.25,1712.NCTBK

Mary, d.Daniel and Mary, Mar.5,1759.

Samuell, s.Daniell and Elizabeth, Feb.22,1701-2.NCTBK

Samuell, s.Samuell and Hannah, June13,1728.NCTBK

Sarah, d.Samuel, bp. Aug.23,1747.CR1

Sarah, d.Samuel and Hannah, Oct.10,1750.

Sarah, d.Daniel and Mary, May21,1757.

William, s.William and Elizebath, Sept.12,1751.

MOODY (Moodey, Moudey, Moudy)

Abigail, d.Daniel and Elizabeth, Dec.10,1691.

Abigail, d.Samuel and Hannah, Feb.7,1739-40.NCTBK

Abigail, d.Samuell and Hannah, Feb.7,1740-41.NCTBK

Abigail, d.William and Eunice, Nov.30,1778.

Benjamin, s.William and Elisabeth, Aug.5,1729.NCTBK

Benjamin, s.Willim and Eunice, Dec.22,1780.

Benjamin, s.Joshua and Lucy, Aug.14,1813.

Daniell, s.Daniell and Elizabeth, Feb.16,1683.

Daniell, s.William and Elisabeth, Feb.28,1730-31.NCTBK

Daniel, s.Samuel and Judith, Mar.12,1781.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Jemima, July23,1810.

David Blasdell, s.Joshua and Lucy, Feb.22,1817.

Elbridge Buswell, s.Joseph, farmer, and Hannah, Aug.13,1843.

Elisabeth, d.William and Elisabeth, Nov.8,1736.NCTBK

Battey, d.Daniel and Mary, Apr.13,1761.

Elizabeth, d.William and Eunice, Aug.29,1788.

Betsy, d.John and Jane, Feb.25,1815.

Elizabeth Smith, d.Daniel and Jemima, Sept.6,1817.

Eunice, d.John and Jane, Feb.9,1812.

Gardiner Spring, s.Joshua and Lucy, Sept.22,1822.

George, s.Joseph and Hannah, Oct.29,1835.

Hannah, d.Samuell and Hannah, June17,1737.NCTBK

Hannah, w.Moses French, June11,1788.PR25

Henry, s.Samuell and Hannah, Dec.7,1730.NCTBK

Henry, s.Samuel and Judith, Apr.7,1777.

Henry, s.Joshua and Lucy, Aug.20,1805.

Henry, s.Henry and Miriam, Aug.12,1826.

Jacob, s.Samuel and Judith, Nov.18,1783.

Jane, d.John and Jane, Sept.23,1819.

Jeremiah Stevens, s.Daniel and Jemima, Apr.2,1822.

John, s.William and Eunice, Apr.18,1783.

John, s.Joshua and Lucy, June20,1810.

John, s.Joseph and Hannah, Mar.13,1841.

Joseph, s.William and Eunice, Dec.16,1798.

Joseph, s.Daniel and Jemima, Mar.22,1820.

Joshua, s.Samuel and Judeth, Mar.15,1772.

Joshua, s.Joshua and Lucy, May5,1808.

Joshua, s.John and Jane, May3,1817.

Judith, d.William and Elisabeth, Dec.1,1738.NCTBK

Judith, d.Samuel and Judith, Feb.14,1779.

Lydia Foster, d.Henry and Mary, Feb.14,1824.

Mary, d.Daniell [jr.CR1] and Elisabeth, July1,1694.

Mary, d.William and Elisabeth, Dec.20,1740.NCTBK

Mary Ann, d.Daniel and Jemima, Mar.30,1808.

Mary Abba, d.Joshua, farmer, and Jane, b. Seabrook, NH, Oct.30,1849.

Mehitable Stevens, d.Daniel and Jemima, Dec.6,1814.

Moses, s.William and Eunice, July6,1786.

Ruth Ann, d.Joshua F., yeoman, and Jane M., Aug.13,1847.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Hannah, Aug.29,1742.NCTBK

Samuel, s.Samuel and Judith, Oct.10,1774.

Samuel, s.Joshua and Lucy, Oct.20,1798.

Samuel, s.Joshua and Lucy, May6,1801.

Sarah, d.Daniel and Elizabeth, May8,1689.

Sarah, d.William and Eunice, July5,1791.

Sally, d.Joshua and Lucy, Dec.6,1796.

Sally, d.Joshua and Lucy, May9,1803.

Somerby, s.Rev. Joshua and Elisabeth, July24,1726.NCTBK

William, s.Daniell and Elisabeth, Sept.19,1704.NCTBK

William, s.William and Elisabeth, Sept.7,1732.NCTBK

William, s.William and Elisabeth, May23,1743.NCTBK

William, s.William and Eunice, June18,1794.


George Franklin, s.Benjamin F. and Ann, Feb.11,1847.

William Campbell, s.William, bp. May6,1827.CR3

William Henry, s.Benjamin F., butcher, b. Sydney, and Ann, b. Waterville, ME, May20,1849.


Mary Adaline, d.John, clergyman, and Adaline, July14,1846.

MORILL (Morrill)

Apphia, d.Jacob, bp. June12,1715.CR1

Henery, s.Jacob, jr., bp. June29,1718.CR1

MORRELL (Morrill)

Benjamin, s.Isaac, jr. and Abigill, Jan.27,1696-7.NCTBK

Hipsibah, d.Abraham, deceased, and Sarah, 末:11m:1662.

Israell, s.Jacob and Susanah, Mar.1,1698-9.NCTBK

Judeth, d.Abraham, jr. and Elizabeth, Nov.24,1696.NCTBK

Mary, d.Abraham and Elizebeth, Mar.7,1698-9.NCTBK

Sarah, d.Abraham and Sarah, Dec.18,1696.NCTBK

Susanah, d.Jacob and Susanah, June14,1696.NCTBK

MORRIL (Morrill)

Aaron, s.Aaron and Anna, Aug.30,1812.

Amos, s.Thomas and Polly, May10,1799.

Anna, d.William and Mary, Sept.22,1793.

Caleb Strong, s.Moses and Hannah, June28,1812.

Ebenezer, s.Joseph and Pemely, July20,1806.

Eliphalet M., s.Joseph and Pemely, Aug.14,1804.

Betsy, d.Thomas and Polly, July4,1803.

Jeremiah W., s.David and Susannah, June30,1810.

Joseph O., s.Joseph and Pemely, Mar.9,1810.

Josiah, s.David and Susannah, Mar.18,1807.

Judith, d.William and Mary, June13,1796.

Lurana, d.Thomas and Polly, Aug.11,1805.

Lurana, d.Thomas and Polly, July26,1807.

Lidia, d.Ezekiel, bp. [bet. June and Nov.23,1740.]CR2

Martha, d.Stephen and Betsy, Sept.1,1808.

Mary, d.twin, William and Mary, Aug.2,1790.

Polly, d.Thomas and Polly, Oct.17,1801.

Mary, d.Joseph and Pemely, Nov.27,1802.

Mary, d.Amos and Hannah, Sept.1,1812.

Moses, s.Moses and Hannah, Jan.1,1808.

Nathaniel H.G., s.Joseph and Pemely, Oct.6,1808.

Rebecca, d.William and Mary, Feb.7,1786.

Richard, s.David and Susanna, Oct.5,1804.

Sarah, d.twin, William and Mary, Aug.2,1790.

Sally, d.Stephen and Betsy, Nov.5,1810.

Sarah, d.John and Abigail, July13,1811.

Stilson, s.Benjamin, bp. Dec.16,1744.CR2

Susan, d.Enoch and Ruth, Apr.10,1812.

Tamzon, d.Micajah, bp. Nov.29,1741.CR2

Thomas, s.Thomas and Polly, Apr.11,1810.

Timothy, s.David and Susannah, Feb.13,1802.

William, s.William and Mary, Jan.11,1799.

William Merril, s.Moses and Hannah, June23,1810.

MORRILL (Morill, Morrell, Morril)

末末, s.Ezechill and Abigail, Aug.末,1715.NCTBK

末末, s.Benjamin and Ruth, Apr.23,1732.NCTBK

末末, s.Ebenezer and Abigail, Jan.末,1740-41.NCTBK

末末, d.Daniel, jr. and Elienor, Oct.22,1750.

末末,1st ch.Henry and Sarah Ann (Webster), May28,1828.PR37

Aron, s.Abraham and Sara, 9:6m:1658.

Aaron, s.Aaron and Joanna, Dec.25,1723.NCTBK

Aaron, s.Aaron, jr. and Hannah, Mar.4,1746.

Aaron, s.Thomas and Hannah, Feb.15,1772.

Aaron [jr.PR49], s.Amos and Nanna [Anna.(Osgood).PR59], May11,1793.

Aaron, s.John, 5th and Mary, Mar.12,1820.

Aaron Osgood, s.Aaron, jr. and Susanna [(Lurvey).PR59], Oct.15,1821.

Abell, s.Samuell and Hannah, July4,1736.NCTBK

Abell, s.Abraham and Anna, Dec.15,1737.NCTBK

Abel, s.Samuel and Nancy, Feb.18,1797.

Abel, s.Philip and Hannah, July24,1801.

Abigill, d.Isaac, jr. and Abigill, May6,1699.NCTBK

Abigail, d.Ezekiel and Abigail, Jan.27,1719.NCTBK

Abigail, d.Benjamin and Ruth, Sept.26,1725.NCTBK

Abigail, d.Ezekiel and Jemima, Aug.4,1732.NCTBK

Abigail, d.Ezekiel and Jemima, Oct.6,1735.NCTBK

Abigail, d.Benjamin and Ruth, Dec.11,1740.NCTBK

Abigail, d.Ebenezer and Abigail, Oct.24,1752.

Abigill, d.Abraham, jr. and Sarah, July5,1763.

Abigill, d.Ebenezer, jr. and Mary, Dec.7,1763.

Abigail, d.David and Susana, July24,1790.

Abigail, d.Moses S. and Abigail, June3,1794.

Abigail, d.Jonathan and Hannah, Sept.23,1798.

Abigail, d.Abraham and Mary, Sept.29,1818.

Abigail, d.Benjamin and Sally [(Morrill).PR54], Sept.28,1821.

Abby Ann, d.Joseph H., yeoman, and Olive, Jan.末,1844.

Abijah Kimball, s.Israel and Hannah, Apr.6,1813.

Abner, s.Ezekiel and Abigail, July12,1709.NCTBK

Abraham, s.Abraham and Sarah, 14:9m:1652.

Abraham, s.Isaac and Pheboe, 22:6m:1671.

Abraham, s.Jacob and Elisabeth, Dec.22,1703.NCTBK

Abraham, s.Abraham and Elizabeth, Nov.25,1705.NCTBK

Abraham, s.Abraham and Annah, Oct.5,1732.NCTBK

Abraham, s.twin, Abraham and Anna, Oct.7,1736.NCTBK

Abraham, s.Abraham and Elianer, Dec.10,1737.NCTBK

Abraham, s.Abraham and Annah, Aug.6,1739.NCTBK [Aug.5.PR54]

Abra, d.Micaiah and Mary, Oct.29,1744.

Abraham, s.Abraham, jr. and Sarah, May31,1776.

Adonijah, s.John, jr. and Betty, Apr.18,1748.

Agnes Ellen, d.Jeremiah, yeoman, and Mary, at School District No. 6, Mar.25,1845.

Alfred, s.Benjamin, jr. and Merriam, Aug.13,1817.

Alfred Lowell Fowler, s.Ezra and Ruth, June4,1842.

Algernon Stickney, s.William P., carpenter, and Elizabeth, May9,1843.

Alice Mary, d.Israel, 3d and Alice, May3,1830.

Almira, w.John, Aug.8,1806.PR52

Alphameo, s.Robert and Hannah, Sept.15,1842.

Amelia, d.Rev. Nathaniell and Sarah, at Rye, NH, May6,1731.NCTBK

Amos, s.Joseph and Prudence, May9,1748.

Amos, s.Daniel and Eleanor, Dec.9,1762.

Amos, s.Daniel and Betty, July13,1790.

Amos, s.Lt. Amos and Anna [(Osgood).PR59], Oct.14,1803. [1802.PR59].

Amos, s.Abraham and Mary, Aug.25,1809.

Amos Osgood, s.Amos and Ruth, Jan.29,1831.

Andrew Jackson, s.Benjamin and Miriam, Apr.11,1825.

Anger, s.Capt. Ephraim and Mary, Feb.9,1799.

Annah, d.Joseph and Tabitha, at Rye, NH, Jan.20,1728.NCTBK

Anna, d.Levi and Molly, Sept.12,1758.

Anna, d.Archelaus and Hannah, Feb.4,1772.

Anna, d.Dea.Daniel and Eleanor, Dec.4,1772.

Anna, d.Abraham, jr. and Sarah, Sept.2,1778.

Anna [Nancy.PR59], d.Amos and Anna, Mar.13,1800.

Anna R., d.Jonathan and Hannah, June26,1801.

Anna, d.Aaron and Anna, Nov.14,1802.

Anna Adams, d.Aaron, jr., housewright, and Abby, Feb.16,1847.

Anne, d.Elijah and Anne, Jan.13,1743-4.

Anne, d.Daniel and Elianor, Feb.8,1752.

Anne, d.Daniel, jr. and Elianor, June26,1753.

Anne, d.Ezra and Elizabeth, Feb.18,1769.

Anne, d.Thomas and Hannah, Mar.7,1770.

Ann Osgood, d.Amos, jr. and Ruth, Mar.6,1829.

Ann Elizabeth, d.Charles and Clarissa, Jan.3,1837.

Ann I., d.Adams, bp. May15,1840.CR5

Apphia Ann, d.Benjamin and Miriam, Aug.23,1809.

Archelaus, s.Israel and Mary, Aug.23,1723.NCTBK

Archelaus, s.Archelaus and Hannah, Nov.13,1754.

Archelous, s.Archelous and Mary, Dec.7,1782.

Archelaus, s.Israel, jr. and Hannah, Mar.20,1804.

Arrietta, d.Aaron, 3d, carpenter, and Paulina, Jan.4,1848.

Barzillai I., s.Adams, bp. May15,1840.CR5

Benjamin, s.Isaac, jr., bp. Mar.9,1700-1701.CR1

Benjamin, s.John and Mary, Feb.18,1707-8.NCTBK

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Ruth, Sept.23,1736.NCTBK

Benjamin, s.Joseph and Prudence, Sept.2,1754.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, bp. Sept.17,1758.CR2

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, bp. Apr.13,1760.CR2

Benjamin, s.Archalus and Hannah, June8,1760.

Benjamin, s.Isaac and Hannah, Apr.16,1767.

Benjamin, s.Marke and Anne, Nov.30,1768.

Benjamin, s.Robert and Affia, June2,1783.

Benjamin, s.Ebenezer and Mary, Feb.4,1785.

Benjamin, s.Bradbury and Salome [(French).PR6], Dec.24,1795.

Benjamin, s.Archelus and Hannah (Kimball), Aug.16,1797.PR54

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Abigail, Aug.16,1798.

Benjamin Franklin, s.Capt. Benjamin and Miriam, Oct.23,1820.

Benjamin F., s.Ebenezer and Eunice, May28,1825.

Blasdell, s.William, jr. and Mary A.J., Mar.10,1839.

Bradbury, s.Abraham and Sarah, Mar.22,1693-4.NCTBK

Bradbury, s.Daniel and Elanor, June9,1765.

Charls, s.Aaron, jr. and Suasannah, Sept.6,1759.

Charles, s.William and Abigail, May29,1810.

Charles Henry, s.Henry and Sarah Ann, May12,1832.

Charles William, s.Charles and Clarissa, Apr.23,1839.

Charles A., s.Adams, bp. May15,1840.CR5

Charles Augustus, s.Ezra, mariner, and Ruth, Nov.28,1846.

Charles William, s.William J., joiner, and Sarah A., June21,1848.

Christopher, s.Ebenezer and Abigail, May5,1736.NCTBK

Clara Flanders, d.Daniel F., printer, and Anna H., Nov.15,1848.

Clarissa, d.Enoch and Ruth, Mar.22,1811.

Cynthia Pike, d.John, 3d and Rhoda Ann, Jan.22,1832.

Cyrus, s.Benjamin, 4th and Sally [(Morrill).PR54], Mar.22,1827.

Daniell, s.Isaac and Phoeboe, Feb.18,1682.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Hannah, Nov.1,1724.NCTBK

Daniel, s.Israel and Naomy, Sept.27,1737.NCTBK

Daniel, s.Daniel and Elenor, July4,1760.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Betty, Dec.5,1788.

Daniel, s.Jonathan and Hannah, Dec.23,1794.

Daniel, s.Amos and Anna, Sept.19,1795. [Nov.19.PR59]

Daniel, s.Amos and Hannah, Sept.末,1812.

Daniel, s.Amos and Ruth, Oct.20,1841.

David, s.Ezekiel and Abigail,末蔓末,1724.NCTBK

David, s.Ezekiel, jr and Jemima, Jan.4,1733-4.NCTBK

David, s.Jacob and Sarah, Oct.17,1737.NCTBK

David, s.David and Abigill, May17,1767.

David, s.David and Susana, Sept.14,1799.

David W., s.Israel, jr. and Hannah, July3,1810.

David Plummer, s.Joseph and Pemela, May20,1813.

David Currier, s.Adams and Sophronia, June10,1841.

Dorothy, d.Benjamin and Ruth, Oct.1,1746.

Dolle, d.Jacob and Dorothy, Aug.10,1762.

Dolley, d.Archalaus and Hannah, Aug.14,1767.

Dolley [Dorothy.CR2], d.Isaac and Hannah, July18,1769.

Dolly, d.Jonathan and Hannah, Mar.30,1781.

Dolly, d.Moses and Martha, Dec.8,1834.

Dolly Bagley, d.Moses and Martha (Percival), Dec.8,1834.PR53

Dudley, s.Daniel, jr. and Anna, Oct.11,1768. [bp. Oct.9.CR2]

Estwick Evans, s.John B. and Hannah, Aug.5,1834.

Ebinezor, s.Daniell and Hannah, Dec.26,1707.NCTBK

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Abigail, Dec.15,1739.NCTBK

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Mary, June17,1788.

Edmund, s.Abraham and Mary, May29,1807.

Edmund, s.John, 4th and Sally [(Marston).PR52], Aug.9,1836.

Edwin, s.Benjamin and Miriam, Mar.15,1830.

Edwin Wallace, s.James F., blacksmith, and Dorothy J., at South Hampton, NH, Oct.11,1849.

Elbridge, s.Amos and Hannah, Dec.20,1810.

Elbridge Gerry, s.Amos, jr. and Ruth, Oct.19,1839.

Elbridge Foster, s.Joseph, housewright, and Mary, at School District No. 6, May18,1845.

Eliner, d.Daniell and Hannah, Jan.27,1710-11.NCTBK

Eleaner, d.Abraham and Eleaner, Oct.30,1742.NCTBK

Elenor, d.Daniel and Elenor, May21,1758.

Elenor, d.Col. Henry and Elenor, Apr.7,1773.

Eleanor, d.Daniel, jr. and Betty, Feb.23,1785.

Ealeanor, d.William and Molly, Dec.22,1797.

Aligah, s.Arron and Joanna, Oct.30,1719.NCTBK

Elijah, s.Elijah and Anne, Sept.26,1745.

Elijah, s.Robert and Affia, Mar.14,1781.

Eliza, d.Philip and Hannah, Jan.20,1798.

Eliza, d.Abraham and Mary, June14,1802.

Elisa, d.Stephen and Betty, Sept.11,1802.

Eliza, d.Israel and Alice, June1,1823.

Elizabeth, d.Abraham and Elizabeth, Apr.13,1708.NCTBK

Elizabeth, d.Jacob and Elizabeth, Nov.14,1715.NCTBK

Bettee, d.Israel and Mary, Sept.18,1726.NCTBK

Elisabeth, d.Jeremiah and Judith, Oct.6,1736.NCTBK

Elisabeth, d.twin, Abraham and Anna, Oct.7,1736.NCTBK

Elisabeth, d.Ezekiel and Jemima, Mar.2,1738-9.NCTBK

Battey, d.John, jr. and Bettey, Feb.6,1754.

Betty, d.Archalaus and Hannah, Oct.10,1762.

Bettey, d.Isaac and Hannah, May26,1764.

Bettey, d.Isaac and Hannah, May16,1765.

Elisabeth, d.Ezra and Elisabeth, Apr.14,1771.

Betsey, d.Israel and Betsey, Apr.16,1780.

Betsy, d.Moses S. and Abigail, May10,1781.

Betsy, d.Samuel and Martha, May26,1788.

Betty, d.Moses and Hannah, Feb.11,1796.

Betsey, d.Enoch and Ruth, July8,1800.

Elizabeth Lowell, d.Jacob and Nabby, June7,1806.

Elizabeth, d.John and Abigail, Jan.19,1816.

Elizabeth Gale, d.Aaron and Anna, Sept.24,1816.

Elizabeth, d.Thomas and Polly, Apr.12,1822.

Ella Frances, d.Henry, merchant, and Bridget [W. (Bailey).PR37], at School District No. 6, July18,1844.

Elvira Quincy, d.Israel and Alice, Dec.27,1836.

Emily Allen, d.Moses and Martha [(Percival).PR53], Apr.1,1839.

Emar Pantha, d.Benjamin F., farmer, and Paulina, Dec.31,1846.

Emeline, d.John and Sally, Oct.26,1818.

Emery Farlis, s.George and Mary Ann, July9,1835.

Enoch, s.Israel and Naomy, May12,1739.NCTBK

Enoch, s.Jacob., jr. and Mary, Oct.5,1760.

Enoch, s.Daniel, jr. and Anne, Apr.22,1764.

Enoch, s.Stephen and Elisabeth, Feb.24,1793.

Enoch Hoyt, s.Moses and Hannah, July12,1797.

Enoch, s.Moses and Hannah, Apr.12,1805.

Enoch Smith, s.Samuel, 3d and Judith, Sept.3,1814.

Enoch, s.James and Polly, June6,1827.

Enoch Osgood, s.Amos, jr. and Ruth, Dec.25,1832.

Enoch Fowler, s.Alfred, carpenter, and Sarah Ann, Sept.13,1843.

Ephraim, s.Ezekiel and Abigail, Dec.9,1717.NCTBK

Ephraim, s.Henry and Elenor, Aug.24,1767.

Eugene Fellows, s., William P., carpenter, and Elizabeth S., Oct.4,1847.

Unice, d.Abel and Sarah, Oct.7,1772.

Ezekiell, s.Jacob and Susana, Sept.29,1675.

Ezekiel, s.Ezekiell and Abigell, Sept.3,1707.NCTBK

Ezekiell, s.Abner and Lydia, Feb.17,1732-3.NCTBK

Ezekiel, s.Henry and Eleanor, Oct.15,1756.

Ezekiel, s.Moses S. and Abigail, Mar.26,1797.

Ezra, s.Elijah and Anna, Mar.24,1741-2.NCTBK

Ezra, s.Marke and Anne, Aug.4,1771.

Ezra, s.Ezra and Sarah, Apr.3,1787.

Ezra, s.George and Polly, Aug.末,1810.

Ezra C., s.John and Abigail, Sept.4,1822.

Fanny Webster, d.Capt. Ephraim and Mary, June3,1794.

Fanny Smith, d.James F. [Lurvey.PR56], laborer, and Abby S[mith (Evans).PR56], July18,1849.

Forest Trafton, s.Henry, jr. and Sarah Ann, Apr.30,1835.

Forest Trafton, s.Henry, jr. and Sarah Ann, May7,1837.

Frances Ellen, d.Alfred and Sarah A., Oct.5,1841.

[Francis E.PR56], s.James L[urvey.PR56], yeoman, and Abigail S[mith (Evans).PR56], Apr.14,1844. [1845.PR56]

George, s.Israel and Betsey, Sept.1,1783.

George, s.George and Polly, July15,1808.

George Washington, s.Aaron and Nanny, July1,1810.

George Washington, s.Bradbury and Salome, Aug.30,1814.

George Allen, s.Angier M. and Eliza, Jan.30,1828.

George Henry, s.George and Mary Ann, July22,1832.

George Albert, s.Adams and Sophronia, Oct.末,1834.

George Otis, s.Amos, jr. and Ruth, July2,1837.

George True, s.George W., yeoman, and Mehetable [(Williams).PR6], at School District No. 6, Jan.15,1845.

Green, s.Israel and Mary, Dec.19,1720.NCTBK

Green, s.Archelous and Hannah, May28,1752.

Hannah, d.John and Mary, Aug.10,1705.NCTBK

Hannah, d.Ezekiel and Abigail, Mar.16,1711.NCTBK

Hanah, d.Daniell and Hannah, July7,1713.NCTBK

Hannah, d.Samuell and Hannah, Jan.4,1738-9.NCTBK

Hannah, d.Aaron, jr. and Hannah, May20,1752.

Hannah, d.Micajah and Hannah, Dec.23,1752.

Hannah, d.Daniel and Eleanor, Jan.23,1756.

Hannah, d.Isaac and Hannah, Jan.11,1762.

Hannah, d.Abraham, jr. and Sarah, 末蔓17,1765.

Hannah, d.Archalaus and Hannah, July7,1765. [July4.PR4]

Hannah, d.Dea.Daniel and Eleanor, Dec.3,1769.

Hannah, d.Thomas and Hannah, Dec.20,1773.

Hannah, d.Jonathan and Hannah,末蔓末, [bet. 1789 and 1794].

Hannah, d.Philip, bp. Jan.12,1795.CR2

Hannah, d.Philip and Hannah, Apr.6,1795.

Hannah, d.Amos and Anna, Aug.10,1797.

Hannah, d.Moses and Hannah, Aug.6,1799.

Hannah, d.Benjamin and Abigail, May1,1800.

Hannah, d.Aaron and Nancy, Jan.24,1806.

Hannah, d.Israel, jr. and Hannah, Sept.20,1806.

Hannah, d.Jacob and Nabby, May29,1809.

Hannah, d.John and Sally, Oct.10,1816.

Hannah Evans, d.Samuel, 3d and Judith, June18,1817.

Hannah S., d.Ebenezer and Eunice, Jan.30,1818.

Hannah M., d.Ebenezer and Eunice, Sept.14,1822.

Hannah, d.David and Mary C., Sept.9,1834.

Harriate, d.Enoch and Ruth, Dec.21,1807.

Henrietta Blue, d.Israel and Alice, Mar.10,1828.

Henry, s.Aaron and Joannah, June20,1731.NCTBK

Henry, s.Philip and Hannah, Jan.24,1780.

Henry, s.Israel and Betsey, Sept.22,1786.

Henry, s.William and Sarah, Apr.5,1788.

Henry, s.Capt. Ephraim and Mary, Aug.15,1800.

Isaac, s.Abraham and Sarah, 10:5m:1646.

Isaac, s.Isaac and Pheboe, July24,1673.

Isaac, s.Isaac and Abigall, May20,1718.NCTBK

Isaac, s.Isaac and Hannah, Dec.10,1771.

Isiah, s.Miccah and Mary, Dec.29,1747.

Israel, s.Joseph and Sarah, Nov.1,1739.NCTBK

Israel, s.Jacob [jr.CR2] and Mary, Aug.12,1757.

Israel, s.twin, Archelaus and Hannah, Aug.15,1770.

Israel, s.Israel and Betsey, Mar.1,1800.

Jabez, s.Abraham and Eleanor, Feb.15,1744-5.

Jabez, s.Aaron, jr. and Hannah, May20,1750.

Jacob, s.Abraham and Sarah, 24:6m:1648.

Jacob, s.Isaac and Phoeboe, May25,1677.

Jacob, s.Jacob and Susanah, May [2.TC], 1689.

Jacob, s.Jacob and Elizabeth, Sept.3,1711.NCTBK

Jacob, s.Israel and Mary, Nov.23,1733.NCTBK

Jacob, s.Jeremiah and Judith, Jan.27,1742-3.NCTBK

Jacob, s.Jacob, jr. and Sarah, Apr.23,1749.

Jacob, s.Jacob, jr. and Mary, Aug.31,1764.

Jacob, s.Jonathan and Hannah, Feb.4,1785. [Feb.5. dup.]

Jacob, s.Stephen and Elisabeth, Aug.12,1800.

Jacob Stevans, s.Aaron and Anna, Apr.11,1808.

Jacob, s.Jacob and Nabby, Aug.26,1812.

James, s.Thomas and Hannah, Sept.16,1780.

James, s.Stephen and Elisabeth, June21,1795.

James, s.Bradbury and Salome, Feb.3,1802.

James, s.Aaron and Anna, Apr.26,1804.

James Lurvey, s.Aaron, jr. and Susannah [(Lurvey).PR59], July3,1819.

James, s.James and Mary, Mar.10,1822.

James French, s.Benjamin and Sally, Mar.30,1823.

James Albert, s.Charles, housewright, and Clarissa, July12,1846.

Jemima, d.Isaac and Phebe, Oct.9,1685.

Jemima, d.Abraham and Elizabeth, Dec.21,1712.NCTBK

Jemimah, d.Dannill and Hannah, Dec.9,1717.NCTBK

Jeremiah, s.Jacob and Elizabeth, Aug.7,1713.NCTBK

Jeremiah, s.Jacob, jr. and Sarah, Apr.13,1752.

Jeremiah, s.John and Sally, Dec.10,1814.

Johanah, d.twin, Jacob and Elisebeth, Feb.15,1702.NCTBK

Johannah, d.Jacob and Elizabeth, Feb.17,1707.NCTBK

Joanna, d.Aaron and Ebenezer, Apr.28,1742.NCTBK

John, s.Isaac and Phebey, Nov.2,1679.NCTBK

John, s.Ezekiel and Abigail, Mar.28,1713.NCTBK

John, s.John and Mary, Nov.17,1716.NCTBK

John, s.John and Betty, Feb.18,1741-2.NCTBK

John, s.Jacob and Dorithy, Apr.6,1759.

John, s.Jacob, jr. and Mary, Aug.6,1762.

John, s.Ezar and Sarah, Oct.5,1784.

John Brown, s.Philip and Hannah, Nov.8,1784.

John, s.Israel and Betsey, June24,1791.

John, s.David and Susana, Nov.10,1792.

John, s.Samuel and Martha, Jan.1,1795.

John Barnard, s.Capt. Ephraim and Mary, Aug.31,1797.

John, s.Bradbury and Salome, Apr.26,1800.

John, s.Abraham and Mary, Feb.5,1805.

John Bray, s.John and Sally, Nov.7,1812.

John Augustus, s.Ebenezer and Eunice, Oct.19,1820.

John Angier, s.Angier M. and Eliza Jan.10,1826.

John Adams, s.True and Sarah, Apr.1,1830.

John, s.Jeremiah and Mary, Jan.4,1840.

Johnathan, s.twin, Jacob and Elisebeth, Feb.15,1702.NCTBK

Jonathan, s.Jacob and Sarah, July23,1735.NCTBK

Jonathan, s.Jacob and Dorothy, Apr.6,1761.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Hannah, Apr.4,1787.

Jonathan, s.Israel, jr. and Hannah, Dec.4,1801.

Jonathan Burnah, s.Samuel and Nancy, May3,1802

Jonathan Martin, s.Joseph and Pamela, May13,1815.

Jonathan Evans, s.John and Mary, Feb.21,1822.

Jonathan Wadleigh, s.Richard and Abigail, July16,1823.NCTBK

Jonathan French, s.Ichabod B. and Ethelinda, Aug.2,1827.

Joseph, s.Isaack [jr.CR1] and Abigell, Nov.15,1703.NCTBK

Joseph, s.Joseph and Tabitha, Apr.8,1726.NCTBK

Joseph, s.Joseph and Prudence, July6,1752. [July13. dup.]

Joseph, s.Ebenezer, jr. and Mary, July5,1779.

Joseph, s.Samuel and Nancy, Dec.26,1795.

Joseph Chase, s.Samuel and Martha, July2,1802.

Joseph, s.William, jr. and Abigail, May12,1808.

Joseph Stickney, s.Samuel, 3d and Judith, Aug.11,1811.

Joseph Hubbard, s.Archelaus and Anna, Jan.26,1812.

Joseph Wadleigh, s.Richard and Abigail, Nov.26,1819.

Joshua, s.Isaac and Hannah, Nov.29,1760.

Josiah, s.Jerimiah and Judith, Feb.28,1749.

Josiah, s.Philip and Hannah, Oct.30,1792.

Josiah Bartlet, s.Aaron and Anna, June24,1814.

Judah Hackett, s.Jonathan and Hannah, Jan.23,1760.

Judath, d.Dannill and Hannah, Oct.8,1715.NCTBK

Judeth, d.Jacob and Alizabeth, July4,1719.NCTBK

Judith, d.Aaron and Johannah, May13,1733.NCTBK

Judith, d.Micaajah and Susannah, Oct.13,1758. [bp. Jan.1,1758.CR2]

Laban, s.Ezekiel, bp. Sept.28,1740.CR1

Laura Emma, d.John B. and Hannah, Mar.26,1837.

Lavina Almer, d.Enoch S., manufacturer, and Fatima, at School District No. 6, Mar.16,1845.

Leonard Nelson, s.Benjamin, 4th and Sally, June14,1834.

Levi, s.Samuell and Hannah, Nov.17,1731.NCTBK

Levi, s.Daniel, jr., bp. Feb.25,1759.CR1

Levi, s.Henry and Eleanor, Oct.15,1764.

Lois, d.Jacob and Dorothy, Sept.1,1755.

Lois, d.Moses S. and Abigail, Aug.18,1778.

Lois, d.Bradbury and Salome, Jan.27,1813.

Lucy, d.Daniel, jr. and Betty, Oct.4,1786.

Lucy, "offered by Oliver Osgood," bp. Oct.5,1794.CR2

Lucy, d.Moses and Hannah, Mar.21,1804.

Lucy Helen, d.Nathaniel S., joiner, and Laura, Mar.15,1849.

Lidia, d.Abraham and Sarah, 8:1m:1660.

Lydia Page, d.Nathan S., yeoman, and Lucretia, at School District No. 6, Mar.18,1845.

Lydia Jane, d.Jeremiah, laborer, and Mary, Oct.29,1847.

Margaret, d.Benjamin and Ruth, Jan.19,1723-4.NCTBK

Margaret Kellum, d.Israel, 3d and Alice, Nov.18,1833.

Mariah, d.Jeremiah and Judith, Apr.7,1745.

Meriah, d.Enoch and Ruth, Dec.10,1804.

Mariam, d.Danniell and Hannah, Feb.26,1720-21.NCTBK

Merriam, d.Marke and Anne, Apr.16,1775.

Marke, s.Ebenezer [jr.CR2] and Abigail, Nov.26,1743.NCTBK

Martha, d.John, jr. and Betty, Apr.7,1746.

Martha, d.Samuel and Martha, July22,1797.

Martha Burnham, d.Moses and Martha [(Percival).PR53], Dec.13,1829.

Martha Ann, d.Archelaus, jr. and Sally, Aug.5,1831.

Martha M., d.Adams, bp. May15,1840.CR5

Mary, d.Isaac and Pheboe, Sept.10,1689.

Mary, d.Jeremiah and Judith, July17,1739.NCTBK

Mary, d.Jeremiah and Judith, Jan.27,1740-41.NCTBK

Mary, d.Jacob and Sarah, Nov.24,1740.NCTBK

Mary, d.Samuell and Hannah, Nov.24,1740.NCTBK

Mary, d.Micajah and Mary, Nov.27,1741.NCTBK

Mary, d.Stephen, bp. Apr.7,1745.CR1

Mary, d.Elijah and Anne, Jan.19,1749.

Mary, d.John, jr. and Betty, Apr.4,1750.

Molly, d.Levi and Molly, Oct.2,1756.

Molley, d.Archalaus and Hannah, Dec.22,1757.

Molle, d.Abel and Sarah, Nov.21,1767.

Molly, d.Jacob, jr., bp. July1,1770.CR2

Mary, d.Henry and Eleanor, Aug.22,1770.

Mary, d.Jacob and Mary, Sept.27,1770.

Molley, d.Daniel, jr. and Anne, July29,1773.

Molly, d.Philip and Hannah, Feb.3,1787.

Mary, d.Abraham and Sarah, Dec.18,1787.

Polly, d.Moses S. and Abigail, Mar.10,1788.

Polly, d.Israel and Betsey, June28,1789.

Polly, d.Israel and Betsey, Mar.14,1794.

Mary, d.Capt. Ephraim and Mary, Sept.4,1795.

Polly, d.Enoch and Ruth, Jan.27,1798.

Mary Ann, d.George and Polly, Feb.7,1806.

Mary Ann, d.Abraham and Mary, Nov.25,1812.

Mary, d.Archelaus and Anna, Aug.8,1814.

Mary Ann, d.James and Mary, Mar.1,1819.

Mary Jane, d.John and Abigail, Feb.6,1826.

Mary E., d.Joseph and Jemima, Apr.19,1826.

Mary Ann, d.John, 3d and Rhoda, Apr.12,1828.

Mary Buswell, d.Timothy P. and Polly, July24,1830.

Mary Percival, d.Moses and Martha, Dec.13,1832.

Mary Eleanor, d.David and Mary C., July12,1836.

Mary Washington, d.John, 4th and Sally, Feb.22,1838.

Polly Ann Currier, d.Adams and Sophronia, Sept.2,1838.

Mary E., d.Adams, bp. May25,1840.CR5

Mary Frances, d.Joseph H. and Olive, Feb.28,1842.

Mary Abba, d.Joseph and Mary, Sept.27,1842.

Mary, d.Jeremiah, yeoman, and Mary, Dec.9,1843.

Mary Olive, d.Aaron, jr., housewright, and Paulina, at School District No. 6, Oct.2,1844.

Mary Elizabeth, d.William, farmer, and Ruth, Oct.20,1848.

Mary Abby, d.Aaron, jr., joiner, and Abby, June19,1849.

Mary Abby, d.George W., farmer, and Mehitable, b. Amesbury, Nov.13,1849.

Mahitabill, d.John and Mary, Mar.20,1709-10.NCTBK

Mehitabel, d.John, jr. and Battey, May10,1757.

Mehetabel, d.Henry and Elenor, May29,1762.

Mehitable, d.Daniel, jr. and Mehitabel, Sept.3,1765.

Mercy Elizabeth, d.Ebenezer and Eunice, Dec.24,1815.

Micajah, s.Benjamin and Ruth, Feb.2,1729-30.NCTBK

Micajah, s.Micajah and Susannah, July6,1760.

Micajah, s.Philip and Hannah, Oct.22,1775.

Michaiah, s.Isaac [jr.CR1] and Abegaill, July21,1708.NCTBK

Miriam, d.Ebenezer and Abigail, May25,1734.NCTBK

Miriam, d.Abner and Lydia, Nov.24,1736.NCTBK

Miriam, d.Micajah and Mary, Mar.20,1738-9.NCTBK

[Miriam.TC], d.Ebenezer and Abigail, June4,1742.NCTBK

Miriam, d.Jeremiah and Judith, Apr.7,1745.

Miriam, d.Philip and Hannah, Apr.2,1782.

Meriam, d.Timothy and Judith, Dec.22,1788.

Meriam, d.Moses and Hannah, June9,1801.

Moses, s.Abraham and Sarah, 28:10m:1655.

Mosis, s.John and Mary, May1,1719.NCTBK

Moses, s.John [of Amesbury.CR2] and Betty, Dec.8,1743.NCTBK

Moses Sargent, s.Jacob and Dorithy, Mar.2,1757.

Moses, s.Abraham, jr. and Sarah, May31,1770.

Moses, s.Moses S. and Abigail, Nov.29,1791.

Moses, s.John and Dorothy, Apr.8,1806.PR53

Nancy, d.Samuel and Nancy, Nov.14,1791.

Nancy, d.Israel and Betsey, Feb.1,1796.

Nancy, d.Samuel and Nancy, Dec.23,1799.

Nancy, d.Ezra and Ruth, Aug.5,1809.

Nancy Webster, d.James and Polly, Sept.14,1824.

Nancy, d.Israel and Alice, Oct.25,1825.

Nanne, d.Daniel, jr. and Anne, Apr.6,1771.

Nanny, d.Philip and Hannah, Dec.10,1777.

Nanna, d.Reuben and Betty, Dec.24,1792.

Nathaniell, s.Isaac [jr.CR1] and Abigall, July20,1701.NCTBK

Nathaniell, s.Benjamine and Ruth, Mar.24,1721-2.NCTBK

Nathaniell, s.Nathaniell and Sarah, at Rye, NH, Apr.26,1727.NCTBK

Noe, s.John and Betty, Sept.4,1739.NCTBK

Noah, s.John, bp. Sept.30,1764.CR2

Olive, d.Ebenezer and Abigail, Dec.26,1750.

Olive, d.Ebenezer, jr. and Mary, Mar.25,1776.

Oliver, s.Samuell and Hannah, Mar.17,1734.NCTBK

Oliver, s.Daniel, jr. and Betty, Jan.17,1784.

Paul, s.Isaac [jr.CR1] and Abegill, May5,1706.NCTBK

Philip, s.Abner and Lydia, Nov.7,1734.NCTBK

Philip, s.Micaiah and Mary, Dec.6,1749.

Pheby, d.Abraham and Elizabeth, Apr.23,1703.NCTBK

Phebe, d.Isaack and Abigail.末蔓末,1715.NCTBK [bp. Aug.7.CR1].

Phebe, d.David and Abigill, Mar.4,1762.

Rachell, d.Isaac and Phoebe, Feb.18,1681.

Rachell, d.Isaac and Phoeboe, Aug.24,1692.

Rebecca, d.Archelaus and Anna, Mar.14,1817.

Reubin, s.Abraham and Elezebeth, Feb.15,1700-1701.NCTBK

Reubin, s.Ezekiell and Jemima, May5,1737.NCTBK

Ruben, s.Abraham, jr. and Sarah, June7,1767.

Rhoda, d.Isaac and Hannah, Apr.20,1773.

Rhoda, d.Moses S. and Abigail, July29,1790.

Rhoda, d.William and Sarah, Apr.6,1795.

Richard, s.Abraham and Sara, 6:12m:1659.

Richard, s.Daniel, jr. and Anna, Feb.17,1767.

Richerson, s.Joseph and Prudence, Sept.18,1756.

Robert, s.Robert and Affia, June20,1785.

Robert, s.Benjamin and Miriam, Jan.2,1811.

Robey, s.Abraham and Anna, Aug.28,1734.NCTBK

Ruth, d.Jacob and Susannah, Oct.9,1686.

Ruth, d.Jacob and Alisabeth, Dec.16,1709.NCTBK

Ruth, d.Ezekiel and Abigail, Nov.9,1721.NCTBK

Ruth, d.Benjamin and Ruth, Aug.27,1727.NCTBK

Ruthe Jain, d.Enoch and Ruth, Nov.23,1802.

Ruth, d.Amos and Hannah, Apr.30,1814.

Salome, d.Lt. Amos and Hannah, Apr.1,1809.

Salome French, d.Benjamin and Sally, Jan.9,1825.

Samewell, s.Jacob and Elizabeth, Sept.27,1705.NCTBK

Samuell, s.Abraham and Anna, Dec.12,1730.NCTBK

Samuel, s.Robie and Elisabeth, Jan.5,1761.

Samuel, s.Abel and Sarah, Dec.21,1765.

Samuel, s.Ebenezer, jr. and Mary, Jan.26,1770.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Martha, May4,1790.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Nancy, Apr.14,1804.

Samuel Lamphere, s.Joseph and Jemima, June2,1824.

Sarah, d.Abram and Sarah, 14:8m:1650.

Sarah, d.Isaac and Phoeboe, May29,1675.

Sarah, d.John and Mary, July4,1713.NCTBK

Sarah, d.Jacob and Elisabeth, June22,1722.NCTBK

Sarah, d.Nathaniel and Sarah, at Rye, NH, Feb.8,1724-5.NCTBK

Sarah, d.Ezekiel and Abigail, Apr.29,1728.NCTBK

Sarah, d.Samuel and Hannah, July10,1741.NCTBK

Sarah, d.Jacob, jr. and Sarah, Mar.24,1745-6.

Sarah, d.John, jr. and Betty, Mar.17,1752.

Sarah, d.Aaron, jr. and Susanna, May10,1755.

Sarah, d.Jonathan and Hannah, Nov.4,1757.

Sarah, d.Theofhilous and Sarah, Aug.16,1758.

Sarah, d.Abel and Sarah, Apr.8,1760.

Sarah, d.Abraham, jr. and Sarah, Mar.12,1774.

Sarah, d.Zebedee and Sarah, Jan.7,1777.

Sally, d.Samuel and Martha, Oct.9,1783.

Sally, d.William and Sarah, Feb.2,1786.

Sally, d.Jonathan and Hannah, June18,1789.

Sally, d.Phillip and Hannah, Mar.21,1790.

Saley, d.Benjamin and Abigail, May11,1795.

Sally, d.Enoch and Ruth, Dec.3,1795.

Sarah, d.Moses and Hannah, Oct.15,1802.

Sally Stevens, d.William and Molly, Apr.20,1804.

Sally Jonson, d.Benjamin and Sally J., July1,1806.

Sally, d.Henry and Nancy, Feb.28,1820.

Sarah, d.John and Sally, July7,1826.

Sarah Elizabeth, d.Timothy P. and Polly, Jan.29,1828.

Sally, d.William, jr. and Mary, Sept.10,1837.

Sarah Emeline, d.John B. and Hannah, July30,1839.

Sarah Emily, d.John, 3d and Sally, Nov.19,1840.

Sarah Elizabeth, d.George W., farmer, and Mehitable, Sept.25,1846.

Sargent, s.Moses S. and Abigail, Oct.15,1786.

Smith, s.Joseph and Sarah, Apr.20,1735.NCTBK

Smith, s.Joseph and Prudence, Jan.29,1749.

Sophia Pecker, d.Benjamin and Merriam, July21,1813.

Stephen, s.Jacob, jr., bp. July1,1770.CR2

Stephen, s.Thomas and Hannah, Mar.31,1778.

Stephen, s.Stephen and Elisabeth, Oct.4,1798.

Stephen, s.Amos and Hannah, Mar.3,1816.

Susan, d.Samuel and Martha, Aug.25,1792.

Susan, d.Adams, bp. May15,1840.CR5

Susan Lurvey, d.James L[urvey.PR56], farmer, and Abby S[mith.PR56], Feb.14,1847.

Susannah, d.Jacob and Mary, Aug.5,1714.NCTBK

Susannah, d.Ezekiel and Abigail, Jan.10,1722-3.NCTBK

Susannah, d.Aaron and Joannah, Dec.7,1728.NCTBK

Susanna, d.Jeremiah and Judith, Aug.24,1746.

Susanna, d.Aaron, jr. and Hannah, Oct.30,1748.

Susannah, d.Aaron, jr. and Susannah, Mar.4,1757.

Susannah, d.Micajah and Susannah, May2,1761.

Susanna, d.twin, Archelaus and Hannah, Aug.15,1770.

Susana, d.David and Susana, July20,1797.

Tabethy, d.Theophilus and Sarah, Jan.20,1760.

Tamsin [Merrill.CR1], d.Isaac and Abigall, Oct.16,1712.NCTBK

Temporance, d.Nathaniell and Sarah, at Rye, NH, Aug.24,1733.NCTBK

Theeodate, d.Arron and Joanna, Dec.1,1721.NCTBK

Theodate, d.Aaron and Joanna, Nov.24,1725.NCTBK

Theodate, d.Aaron and Joannah, Nov.24,1726.NCTBK

Theophillus, s.Joseph and Tabitha, at Rye, NH, Dec.19,1730.NCTBK

Thomas, s.Ezekiel and Abigail, Sept.19,1715.NCTBK

Thomas, s.Jacob and Sarah, Aug.29,1743.NCTBK

Thomas, s.Aaron and Ebenezer, Feb.10,1744-5.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Hannah, Jan.8,1776.

Thomas Adams, s.Aaron and Anna, May31,1818.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Polly, Aug.15,1824.

Timothy, s.Ebenezer and Abigaill, Dec.24,1745.

Timothy, s.Ebenezer, jr. and Mary, Nov.27,1766.

Timothy Pilsbury, s.Timothy P. and Polly, Nov.29,1833.

True, s.Zabedee and Sarah, Apr.3,1771.

True, s.Bradbury,末蔓末,1793.PR54

True, s.Benjamin and Abigaill, May8,1793.

True, s.Bradbury and Salome (French), Sept.18,1805.PR6

Walter Roby, s.Roby, farmer, and Mary, May14,1849.

Webster Clark, s.Henry and Sarah Ann [(Webster).PR37], Nov.28,1829.

William, s.Abraham and Elianer, Apr.21,1735.NCTBK

William, s.Henry and Eleanor, Apr.16,1760.

William, s.Daniel and Eleanor, Dec.23,1767.

William, s.Archelous and Mary, July11,1781.

William, s.Ezra and Sarah, Nov.6,1789.

William, s.William and Sarah, Feb.28,1791.

William, s.Daniel and Betty, Mar.19,1792.

William, s.Samuel and Nancy, Mar.26,1794.

William, s.William and Molly, Aug.3,1801.

William True, s.Bradbury and Salomy, Sept.18,1805.

William Ezra, s.John and Abigail, July13,1813.

William Pecker, s.Benjamin and Merriam, May19,1815.

William Bagley, s.Zebedee and Hannah, June22,1823.

William Blake, s.William and Abigail, July2,1827.

William, s.Amos and Ruth, Jan.25,1835.

William Caldwell, s.Moses and Martha, June11,1837.

William Richard, s.Richard, hatter, and Olive, June21,1848.

Zebedee, s.Abraham and Elianer, Aug.4,1740.NCTBK

Zebedee, s.David and Susana, Apr.5,1795.

Zebulon, s.Ebenezer and Abigail, Oct.25,1732.NCTBK

Zebulon, s.Ebenezer and Abigail, June26,1738.NCTBK

Zebulon, s.Daniel, jr. and Eleanor, Nov.12,1748.

Zilpah, d.Micajah and Mary, July18,1735.NCTBK


Charles Henry, s.John, U.S. Seaman Boatswain on board the "Ohio," at School District No. 2, Feb.14,1845.

Franklin Gerrish, s.John and Eliza, Nov.19,1842.


Alexander Clark, s.Daniel and Nancy, Dec.24,1812.

Alfred, s.Daniel and Nancy, Apr.2,1819.

Edward Gove, s.Daniel and Nancy, Mar.31,1825.

Sarah Ann Bagley, d.Daniel and Nancy, Sept.30,1822.

MORSE (Morss, Moss)

Abel, s.Anthony, bp. Nov.13,1759.CR1

Amos Merril, s.末末, bp. Nov.1,1840.CR5

Anthony, s.Anthoney and Martha, Mar.31,1746.

Ebenezer Redford, s.Reuben, bp. Nov.3,1799.CR2

Edmound Noyes, s.Reuben and Hannah, June17,1793.

Edward Wingate, s.Darius, bp. Nov.21,1841.CR5

Hannah, d.Reuben and Hannah, Sept.11,1804.

Harriet Ann, d.Lorenzo and Sally Salome, Dec.19,1836.

Humphrey, s.Anthony and Martha, Oct.21,1744.

Isabel, d.Darius, manufacturer, and Clarissa, Nov.16,1843.

John, s.Anthony and Martha, June3,1751.

Redford, s.Reuben and Hannah, Oct.23,1799.

Reuben, s.Reuben and Hannah, Sept.7,1795.

Reuben, s.Reuben and Hannah, Apr.6,1802.

MORSS (Morse)

Anna, d.Anthoney and Marthew, Sept.28,1757.

Caleb, s.Anthony and Marthew, Mar.8,1750.

Emeline, d.Darius, laborer, and Clarissa, at School District No. 6, Oct.3,1845.

Hanah, d.John and Sarah, May22,1700.NCTBK

Joanna, d.Anthoney and Mathew, July25,1752.

Judith, d.Anthony and Martha, Jan.15,1747.

Martha, d.Anthoney and Martha, Mar.27,1766.

Moses, s.Anthoney and Marthew, Jan.15,1754.

Reuben, s.Anthony and Mathew, Mar.10,1768.

MOSS (Morse)

Abiah, d.John and Sarah, Aug.19,1695.NCTBK

Benjamin, s.John and Sarah, Oct.24,1698.NCTBK

Joseph, s.John and Sarah, Jan.11,1693-4.

Mary, d.John and Sarah, Mar.4,1697.NCTBK

MOUDEY (Moody)

Elizabeth, d.Danell and Elizabeth, Feb.11,1696-7.NCTBK

Peirce, s.Daniell [jr.CR1] and Mary, Jan.12,1708.NCTBK

MOUDY (Moody)

Josuah, s.Daniell and Elizabeth, Oct.20,1686.


Sally, d.Joseph, bp. Sept.22,1779.CR1

MUDGET (Mudgitt)

John, s.Ann, bp. Mar.16,1700-1701.CR1

Mary, d.Thomas and Sarah, 30:2m:1667.

Temperance, d.Thomas and Sarah, 10:8m:1670.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Ann, Jan.3,1698-9.NCTBK

William, s.Thomas and Ann, Oct.16,1696.NCTBK

MUDGITT (Mudget)

Thomas, s.Thomas and Ann, Dec.17,1700.NCTBK


末末, d.John and Elisabeth, Apr.19,1738.NCTBK


John, s.Richard and Jane, Sept.9,1834.

MUSSEE (Mussey)

Elisabeth, d.John and Hannah, Apr.22,1716.NCTBK

MUSSEY (Mussee)

John, s.John and Hanna, Nov.14,1714.NCTBK

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