FAVER (Feavor)

末末, w.Philip, Aug.20,1734.NCTBK

Philip, June28,1741.NCTBK

FEAVOR (Faver)

Mary, w.Philip, Jan.12,1710.NCTBK

Richard, Nov.7,1710.NCTBK

FELCH (Feltch)

Samuel, "by a cart passing over his body," July17,1818.


Isaiah, Mar.16,1823, a.34y.GR6

FELLOES (Fellows)

An, w.Samuell, sr., Dec.5,1684.

Samuell, sr., Mar.6,1697-8.NCTBK

FELLOWES (Fellows)

Samuel, Dec.5,1729.NCTBK

FELLOWS (Felloes, Fellowes)

Abeigall, d.Thomas and Elizabeth, Dec.23,1715.NCTBK

Elizabeth, d.Thomas and Elizabeth, Dec.15,1715.NCTBK

Elisabeth, w.Thomas, June10,1773.

Hannah, d.Samuel and Hannah, Oct.7,1762.

Hannah, w.Samuel, July末,1803, a.73y.GR1

Hannah, w.Nathaniel, July末,1803, a.73y.GR1

Hannah, d.John [and Susannah.GR1], Aug.25,1814. [Aug.24, a.11y.GR1]

John, May25,1824, a.52y.

John, s.John and Susannah, at New Orleans, Oct.30,1843, a.30y.9m.GR1

John, Nov.30,1849.PR11

Joseph, Jan.9,1810, a.6d.PR 11

Nathaniel, Jan.20,1810, a.82y.GR1

Samuel, Jan.17,1804, in his 4th y.PR11

Samuel, Jan.20,1810, a.82y.GR1

Samuel, s.John [and Susannah.GR1], Jan.17,1811. [a.3y.GR1]

Samuel, s.John, Mar.末,1811.

Sarah, w.Samuel, July22,1803.

Susanna, wid.John, affection of the heart, Jan.14,1848, a.70y.

FELTCH (Felch)

Fanny m., d.Samuel and Betsy, consumption, Sept.14,1842, a.20y.

William, suddenly, Feb.21,1821.


Harriet Frances, d.Gardner and Hannah, fever and rash, Dec.15,1841, a.3y.7m.

John E., s.Gardner and Hannah [brain fever.PR 1], May30,1838, a.3y.7m.GR8


Nathaniel, s.Albert, Aug.22,1835.

FITTS (Fittz)

Abigail, w.Nathaniell, June12,1738.NCTBK

Abraham, s.Daniel and Ruth, Aug.6,1808, a.72y.PR3

Daniel [s.Richard and Sarah.PR3], Mar.30,1796. [in his 86th y.GR1]

Dorothy, w.Richard, Nov.8,1776, a.74y.GR2

Elizabeth, b. Danville, d.Ebenezer, consumption, bur. Danville, d.Oct.10,1848, a.19y.

Ezekiell, s.Daniell and Ruth, Jan.16,1740-41.NCTBK

Isaiah [Dea.GR1], yeoman, consumption, May12,1843, a.67y.

John, yeoman, s.[Dea.GR1], Isaiah and Hannah, erysipelas, Feb.6,1842, a.21y.

Joseph, s Moses and Lois, Apr.8,1842, a.57y.9m.PR3

Lois, erysipelas fever, Apr.7,1842, a.58y.

Louisa, [B.GR1], w.Moses [scarlet fever.PR3], Nov.22,1832. [a.34y.GR1]

Mehetable, w.Dea.Nathaniell, June11,1765.

Meriam, w.Joseph, Apr.12,1776. [a.37y.PR3]

Naomi, w.Dea.Nathaniell, Nov.21,1778.

Nathanel, Dea., Feb.6,1784.

Richard, Dec.3,1744. [a.72y.PR3]

Ruth, w.Daniel, June5,1788. [June3, in her 73d y.GR1; a.76y.PR3]

Sarah, w.Richard, Mar. abt. 1773, a.99 or 100y.PR3

Sarah [T.GR1], w.Moses, May17,1817. [May19, a.26y.GR1]

William [M.GR2], sailmaker, consumption, Apr.28,1843, a.46y.

FITTZ (Fitts)

Joseph [s.Daniel and Ruth.PR3], Mar.1,1823, a.81y.[1824.PR3]

Lois [E.GR1], w.Moses, Sept.17,1822. [1823, a.30y.GR1]

FLANDERS (Flarnders)

末末, s.stillborn, Philip, jr. and Abigail, Oct.20,1724.NCTBK

末末, s.Joseph and Ruth, Oct.31,1732.NCTBK

末末, ch.Benaiah, bur. [bet. Aug.21 and Nov.10], 1797, a.3w.CR2

末末, ch.Jo., bur. Oct.20,1800, a.2w.CR2

末釦h, w.末末 Sers,末蔓末,1768, in her 60th y.GR2

Abigail, wid.Nathan, jr., Nov.9,1836.

Benaiah, Apr.13,1815.

Benjamin Evans [s.John and Betty.GR2], Oct.21,1796. [a.3y.GR2]

Bennet, s.Bennet, drowned in Plum Island River, June20,1821, a.15y.

Deliverance, w.Nathan, Feb.24,1822.

Ebenezer, s.David [and Sarah E., fever.PR1], Nov.4,1824. [a.19y.GR8]

Eliza [b. Exeter, NH.PR1], w.James [fits.PR1], Mar.24,1811. [a.21y.GR8]

Eliza Frances [b. Brooklyn, NY, d.Joseph, jr. and Eliza Ann, inflammation of the lungs, at Brooklyn, NY.PR1], Dec.28,1844, a.9m.GR8

Elizabeth, w.John, Sept.12,1713.NCTBK

Elizabeth, d.John and Elizabeth, Oct.20,1716.NCTBK

Betsey, wid., Mar.28,1834.

Ephraim Wadleigh, s.Enoch and Nancy (Wadleigh), July25,1822.PR58

Easter, w.Joseph, Mar.7,1701-2.NCTBK

Eunice, b. Newton, NH, w.Ezekiel, consumption, Mar.26,1847, a.58y.

Ezeciell, Jan.18,1717-18.NCTBK

Francis W[arren.GR8], s.Joseph, jr. [and Hannah.GR8], Dec.18,1828. [Dec.20, a.4m.GR8]

Hannah, w.Joseph, May5,1714.NCTBK

Hannah, d.Ebenezer, Sept.12,1735.NCTBK

Hannah, d.Benaih, Nov.5,1810.

Hannah, d.Jacob, deceased, Jan.4,1826.

Hannah, w.Joseph, jr. [consumption.GR8], Feb.20,1829. [Feb.24, a.25y.GR8]

Hannah, [ wid.Jacob.GR6], Jan.19,1831, a.83y.[a.84y.GR6]

Isaac R., s.Bennet, drowned in Plum Island River, June20,1821, a.17y.

Jacob [jr.GR6], Dec.7,1819. [in his 32d y.GR6]

Jacob, Dec.24,1821. [a.76y.GR6]

James [consumptionPR1], Aug.2,1819. [a.41y.GR8]

Jane, w.Steven, sr., 19:9m:1683.

John, sr., Dec.24,1716.NCTBK

John, Capt., Jan.29,1810. [a.41y.GR2]

Joseph, Dec.29,1734.NCTBK

Joseph, Jan.22,1776.

Joseph, Jan.21,1839, a.69y.

Joseph Francis, [b. Brooklyn, NY, s.Joseph, jr. and Eliza Ann, infantile, at Brooklyn, NY.PR1], Sept.30,1842, a.2y.6m.GR8

Josiah, s.Jeremiah and Mehetabel, Apr.11,1731.NCTBK

Lydia, w.John, May17,1817.

Martha, wid.Philip, Apr.19,1734.NCTBK

Mary, d.Steven, 4:3m:1650.

Mary, Nov.11,1719.NCTBK

Mary, w.Jarvic,末蔓末,1775.

Mary, d.Benaih, Sept.18,1796.

Moses, s.Nathan, Jan.4,1817.

Nancy [Anna.GR8, b. Amesbury.PR1], w.Joseph, Feb.10,1807. [a.37y.GR8]

Nancy [(Wadleigh).PR58], w.Enoch, Apr.26,1841.

Nathan, Oct.3,1816.PR35

Nathan, Jan.6,1819.

Nathaniell, s.Philip and Abigail, Aug.13,1738.NCTBK

Parker, Capt., Nov.22,1797.

Peter, s.Benet, drowned in Plum Island River, June20,1821, a.11y.

Philip, s.Steven, jr., Feb.23,1678.

Philip, Aug.27,1712.NCTBK

Phines, s.Phines and Tabitha, Mar.20,1754.

Ralph Croos, Capt., July29,1809, a.39y.

Rhoda, d.Nathan, Oct.15,1803.

Sarah, d.Steeven and Abegall, Jan.末,1715-16.NCTBK

Sarah, w.Stephen, Jan.20,1732-3.NCTBK

Sally, wid.Ralph C., Nov.17,1813. [a.40y.GR3]

Sally P., d.Ezekiel and Eunice, Dec.26,1826.GR3

[Sarah Eastman.GR8], w.David [consumption.PR1], Nov.2,1833. [Oct.26, a.49y.GR8]

Sophronia, d.John, May30,1814.

Steven, sr., June27,1684.

Susannah, d.Ebenezer, Sept.12,1735.NCTBK

Susanna, b. Marblehead, wid.Joseph, pleurisy fever, bur. at the Mills, d.Apr.18,1846, a.76y.

Tamzin, d.John and Sarah, Sept.11,1735.NCTBK

Thomas, s.Steven [jr.TC], Apr.12,1671.

Thomas, Oct.4,1741.NCTBK

Warren, s.James and Jemima [typhoid fever.PR1], Nov.27,1835, a.21y.GR8

William Davis, s.Benaih, Feb.5,1796.

William, insane, Dec.21,1816.

Winthrop, at Boston, June2,1790.

Winthrop, s.Capt. John, deceased, July末,1811.

FLARNDERS (Flanders)

Jarvis, Jan.24,1778.

Jeremiah, Aug.15,1801.

FLECHER (Fletcher)

Israell, w.Joseph, Mar.12,1699-1700.NCTBK

Joseph, Mar.15,1699-1700.NCTBK

FLETCHER (Flecher)

Mary, d.Joseph and Israell, Jan.23,1682.

FOLANSBEE (Follansbee)

Lydia, w.Joshua, May22,1834.

Sarah m., Oct.14,1830.

FOLENSBEE (Follansbee)

Joshua, Aug.16,1766.

FOLLANSBE (Follansbee)

末末, s.Samuel, Dec.12,1810.

Anna, wid.Joseph, Nov.13,1827, a.79y.

Dorothy, w.Daniel, Jan.9,1812.

FOLLANSBEE (Folansbee, Folensbee, Follansbe, Follensbe, Follensbee)

Charles E., s.Samuel C. and Mary S., b. 1829, d.末蔓末,1831.GR8

George w., s.Joshua and Adeline C., Apr.8,1848, a.9m.GR8

Lydia Ann, b. July11,1825, d.Apr.15,1841.GR6

Mary, wid.Joshua [d.Col. Moses Little.GR6], consumption, bur. at the Mills, d.Aug.28,1847, a.88y.

FOLLENSBE (Follansbee)

David, Capt., May2,1822. [a.50y.GR6]

David, s.David, Jan.10,1824. [Feb 12, a.26y.GR6]

Dorothy, w.Joshua, June末,1778.

Mehitabel, wid.David, Nov.26,1826. [Nov.27, a.50y.GR6]

Philip, s.Benjamin, drowned, Mar.26,1799. [a.8ス y.CR2]

FOLLENSBEE (Follansbee)

Dolly, d.Daniel, Jan.30,1808.

Joshua, Aug.26,1821, a.72y.

Nathanel Currier, s.Joshua, July10,1778.


Lowell, s.Lowell, deceased, Feb.13,1826.


Leonard, s.Isaac, Sept.20,1821.

Mary Ann, d.Isaac and Anna, affection of the heart, May6,1843, a.18y.


Elijah, Rev. [Pastor of Baptist Church.CR4], Sept.27,1834. [a.35y.CR4]

FOULER (Fowler)

Samuell, sr., Jan.末,1710-1711.NCTBK

FOWLER (Fouler)

末末, ch.Samuel, Apr.30,1790.

末末, ch.El., jr., bur. [bef. June, 1797].CR2

末末, s.[inf.GR3] John and [Hannah.GR3], July12,1825. [July8.GR3]

Alfred [Alfred L., s.James and Hannah.GR3], drowned [in the Merrimac.GR3], Dec.10,1831. [a.10y.5m.GR3]

Anna, unm., d.Daniel and Anna, consumption, Dec.10,1846, a.48y.

Ann Maria, d.Jonathan and Mary, consumption, Mar.24,1846, a.26y.8m.

Benjamin S., at the almshouse, Feb.6,1836.

Catherine, wid.Benjamin S., consumption, Feb.4,1846, a.45y.

Elijah, Lt., June27,1807.

Elizabeth, wid.Jacob, Sept.20,1832.

Betsey, w.Robert, Aug.24,1840, a.77y.

Enoch, Feb.7,1784.

Ezekiel, m., ship joiner, s.Ezekiel, dysentery, Sept.14,1849, a.74y.

Frank E[dwards.GR3], s.Robert and Susan, dysentery, Oct.2,1847, a.2y.6m.

Hannah, d.Enoch,末蔓末,1769.

Hannah [Blaisdell.GR3], w.James, Oct.6,1821. [a.26y.GR3]

Jacob, s.Jacob and Mary, June10,1730.NCTBK

Jacob, jr., Dec.5,1817.

Jacob, May9,1826.

John, s.John [and Hannah.GR3], Nov.2,1821. [a.1y.11m.GR3]

Molly, d.Samuel, Feb.25,1787.

Mary, w.Robert, May9,1796. [a.37y.GR3]

Molly, wid.[Capt.GR3] Samuel, Jan.29,1814, a.54y.

Mary, wid.Capt. Samuel, Feb.26,1816.

Mary Ann [d.John and Hannah.GR3; dropsy.CR2], Apr.8,1835. [a.17y.6m.12d.GR3]

Mary, w.Ezekiel, Nov.4,1839, a.64y.

Miriam, wid.Ezekiel, Dec.6,1814. [a.72y.GR3]

Moses G., inf.s.John and Hannah, Oct.23,1830.GR3

Nancy, d.Robert and Mary, Sept.24,1791, a.4y.GR3

Nancy, d.Elijah and Hannah, Dec.12,1796.

Nancy, d.Robert [and Mary.GR3], July18,1802. [a.6y.GR3]

Olive, Feb.20,1827.

Richard, s.Elijah,末蔓末,1779.

Richard, s.Elijah [jr., humor settled on the brainCR2], June18,1800. [a.13y.CR2]

Robert, shipwright, old age, June1,1842, a.83y.

Ruth, d.Thomas and Ruth, Sept.末,1770.

Ruth, at the McLean Hospital, Charlestown, Oct.16,1838.

Samuell, Dec.24,1737.NCTBK

Samuel [Capt.GR3], Jan.17,1814, a.52y.[a.53y.GR3]

Samuel, at Norfolk, July31,1814.

Sarah, w.Elijah, July17,1806.

Sarah E., inf.d.John and Hannah, Dec.10,1833.GR3

Susan, w.Ebenezer P., consumption, Dec.8,1842, a.23y.

Thomas, Nov.20,1792.

Thomas, yeoman, consumption, Apr.18,1842, a.85y.

Thomas, shipwright, smallpox, Dec.5,1842, a.70y.[a.69y.GR3]


末末, d.twin, Henry and Rebecca, May17,1741.NCTBK

末末, s.Josiah and Mary, Sept.3,1743.NCTBK

末末, s.Josiah and Mary, Jan.末,1745, a.2d.

Abigail, w.Samuell, Jan.11,1679.

Abigaill, May22,1734.NCTBK

Abigail, wid.Simon, Jan.27,1746.

Abigill, w.Samuel, May23,1759.

Abigail, d.Benjamin, Feb.19,1825.

Amos, s.Amos and Judith, Feb.13,1803.PR25

Amos, Jan.14,1814. [Jan.13, a.59y.GR1]

Ann, wid., Mar.9,1682-3.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Margaret, Jan.28,1723-4.NCTBK

Benjamin, May14,1804.

Benjamin, Aug.18,1810. [in his 26th y.GR1]

David, s.Obadiah and Hannah, Dec.14,1748.

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, Dec.30,1735.NCTBK

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, May21,1736.NCTBK

Edward, s.Joseph, 8:4m:1663.

Edward, Dec.28,1674.

Edward, July1,1730.NCTBK

Edward, s.Jacob, Feb.20,1735-6.NCTBK

Edward, Serg., Dec.末,1737.NCTBK

Edward, s.Joshua and Sarah, Mar.29,1742.NCTBK

Eliphalet, Mar.4,1756.

Elizabeth, d.Joseph [and Susana.CTR], 6:10m:1655.

Betty, d.Henry and Rebecca, Nov.20,1735.NCTBK

Elizabeth, d.Amos and Judith (Swett), Aug.6,1787.PR25

Elizabeth, w.Nicholas P., June19,1824, a.55y.GR1

Betsy A., wid.Joshua, Feb.15,1832, a.70y.GR1

Enoch, s.Joseph and Mary, June15,1731.NCTBK

Ezra, s.Benjamin, Mar.6,1776.

Fanny, d.Moses and Hannah, consumption, Oct.15,1849, a.22y.

Hanah, d.John, 13:7m:1665.

Hannah, d.Simon and Johanah, Feb.27,1699-1700.NCTBK

Hannah [Tilton.GR8], w.Benjamin, jr., Sept.22,1841, a.33y.

Henry, s.Henry and Rebecca, Apr.9,1733. NCTBK

Henry, s.Henry and Rebecca, Nov.8,1735.NCTBK

Hezekiah, s.Samuell and Mary, Aug.8,1730.NCTBK

Horace, unm., farmer, s.Moses and Hannah, consumption, June3,1845, a.21y.

Hosea, s.Moses and Hannah, Mar.10,1819.GR7

Jacob, Mar.10,1741-2.NCTBK

James, Feb.22,1717-18.NCTBK

James, s.Benjamin, Oct.2,1775.

Jane, w.Edward, Mar.24,1715.NCTBK

Jemima, d.Edward, jr., Sept.2,1725.NCTBK

Johanna, w Simon, May15,1704.NCTBK

Joanna, wid.Benjamin, Sept.30,1813, a.82y.

John, May4,1706.NCTBK

John, s.Timothy and Ruth, Aug.17,1712.NCTBK

John, s.Josiah and Mary, Dec.6,1742.NCTBK

John, Apr.2,1833. [a.53y.9m.GR7]

John, yeoman, palsy, Apr.24,1842, a.74y.

Joseph, jr., Dec.14,1683.

Joseph, June6,1710.NCTBK

Joseph, Dea., Aug.27,1749.

Joseph, Serg., Oct.22,1761.

Joseph, s.Amos and Judith (Swett), June1,1799.PR25

Joseph B., s.Elias [and Hannah.GR1], July21,1820. [July19, a.6w.GR1]

Joshua, Dec.12,1815. [a.67y.GR1]

Josiah, Apr.9,1789.

Josiah, Apr.29,1838, a.86y.

Judith, d.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, Jan.2,1729-30.NCTBK

Judith, d.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, Feb.29,1735-6.NCTBK

Judith, wid.Amos, Aug.8,1834. [a.85y.GR1]


Margerit, w.Benjaman, Oct.31,1719.NCTBK

Mary, wid., Sept.5,1721.NCTBK

Mary, w.Serg. Edward, Jan.4,1735-6.NCTBK

Mary, wid.Timothy, Jan.12,1748.

Mary, w.Joseph, Feb.17,1756.

Molly, w.Josiah, jr., Nov.15,1799. [in her 26th y.GR1]

Polly, d.Benjamin, Apr.11,1801.

Mary, wid.Josiah, June10,1805.

Mary, Oct.18,1816, a.70y.

Mary Ingalls, d.Elias [and Hannah.GR1], Apr.11,1836. [Apr.10,1835, a.2y.GR1]

Mary [Davis.GR1], w.Moses, 3d, puerperal fever, Feb.28,1842, a.42y.

Mary, d.Charles and Mary, consumption, Nov.23,1843, a.16y.

Moses, s.James and Phebe, Aug.24,1719.NCTBK

Moses, drowned at Salisbury Beach, Jan.末,1767.

Moses, s.Benjamin, Oct.2,1775.

Moses, s.Micah and Julia Lewis, June20,1848, a.6y.6m.GR7

Nathaniell, s.Joseph [and Hannah.GR2], Oct.19,1720.NCTBK [a.18y.GR2]

Nehemiah, Feb.26,1756.

Nicolus, s.John and Mary, May3,1699.NCTBK

Nicholas, Mar.30,1742.NCTBK [in his 39th y.GR1]

Nicholas, s.Moses and Sarah, Sept.6,1746.

Nicholas, Lt., July17,1805.

Oliver, unm.s.Moses and Hannah, typhus fever, June22,1849, a.28y.

Philip, s.Timothy and Ruth, Aug.6,1716.NCTBK

Rebeckaha, d.James and Elizabeth, Mar.18,1705-6.NCTBK

Reuben, June3,1782.

Ruth, d.Timothy and Ruth, Sept.24,1709.NCTBK

Ruth, w.Timothy, May30,1716.NCTBK

Ruth, d.Samuell and Mary, Jan.23,1735-6.NCTBK

Samuell, July26,1692.

Samuel, Oct.17,1792.

Sarah, d.Joseph and Abigill, Dec.19,1700.NCTBK

Sarah, d.Daniell and Sarah, June5,1736.NCTBK

Sarah, wid., Feb.7,1767.

Sarah, d.Amos and Judith (Swett), Dec.27,1785.PR25

Sarah, wid., Aug.7,1797.

Sally [d.Josiah and Hannah.GR1], Nov.7,1834. [Nov.8. dup.; a.17y.11m.GR1]

Sarah, w.Josiah, May22,1836. [a.81y.GR1]

Simon, Apr.19,1732.NCTBK

Stephen, s.Jacob, Feb.22,1735-6.NCTBK

Susannah, w.Joseph, Feb.12,1687.

Susannah, Jan.17,1835. [a.55y.GR4]

Tamzin, w.Henry, jr., Mar.15,1731-2.NCTBK

Tamesin, d.Henry and Rebecca, Nov.11,1735.NCTBK

Timothy, May8,1742.NCTBK

Timothy, June19,1745.

Tirza, w.Reuben, June3,1782.

Wesley [s.Elias and Hannah.GR1], Feb.25,1835. [1834, a.11y.GR1]


Dolly Pike, d.Newel and Judith, Dec.16,1844, a.3m.[1845?]

Dolly Pike, d.Newel and Judeth [croup.PR1], Dec.16,1844, a.4y.5m.GR8

Betsey, w.Thomas, July4,1837. [July1, a.57.GR6]

Ira, ch.Thomas, Dec.20,1810.

Mary Ann, d.Philip G. and Eunice m., scarlet fever, Jan.6,1842, a.6y.

Sarah Elizabeth, d.Philip G. [and Eunice m.GR6], Sept.19,1837. [a.3y.11m.GR6]

Thomas, July18,1837. [July17.CR4; a.53y.GR6]


末末, ch.stillborn, John, farmer, and Abigail, Mar.24,1844.

Eliza Olive, b. Hampton Falls, NH, d.John and Abigail, typhus fever, Jan.7,1846, a.6y.2m.13d.

John, b. Seabrook, NH, s.John and Abigail, typhus fever, Dec.27,1845, a.9y.6m.17d.


John [b. Portland ME.PR1], inf.s.Capt. James [lost at sea.PR1] and Mary a.[at Portland ME.PR1], May5,1840.GR8

Nathan Winslow [b. Portland ME.PR1], s.Capt. James [lost at sea.PR1] and Mary a.[at Portland ME.PR1], Apr.27,1849, a.3y.GR8

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