SABIN (Sabine)

Temperance, Dec.29,1836, a.85y.GR6

SABINE (Sabin)

Emeline, d.Jedediah d.[and Betsy.GR6], July19,1836. [a.16y.GR6]


Anthony, drowned, 23:2m:1650.


Dearborn, unm, trader, consumption, Oct.18,1844, a.23y.

Helen Augusta [b. Portsmouth, NH.PR1], d.Jeremiah and Sarah m.[teething, at Portsmouth, NH.PR1], Aug.29,1849, a.6m.14d.GR8


John, s.John, 3:7m:1641.

SARGEANT (Sargent)

Mary, d.Moses, Nov.12,1820.

SARGENT (Sargeant)

Adaline w.[b. Exeter, NH.PR1], d.Dea.J.A. and Betsey O. [typhoid fever, at Amesbury.PR1], Dec.4,1841, a.25y.GR8

Anna [w.Hiram.GR6], Sept.16,1832. [a.22y.GR6]

Elizabeth, d.William, 14:7m:1641.

Elizabeth O., d.Dea.J.A. and Betsey O. [consumption.PR1], Mar.24,1832, a.9m.GR8

Betsey [O., b. Amesbury.PR1], w.[Dea.GR8] Jonathan A., fever, Sept.25,1841, a.45y.

Jane E., w.Stephen, Nov.末,1848.CR5

John m., s.Moses, Dec.9,1813.

Loiza, d.Moses, Oct.15,1808.

Lidia,末蔓末, [bet. 1660 and 1662.]

Nathan B. [b. Amesbury.PR1], s.Dea.J.A. and Betsey O. [typhoid fever.PR1], Oct.22,1839, a.16y.GR8


Jacob, Oct.17,1742.NCTBK

SAWYER (Sayer)

Betty [w.John, a fall.CR2], Apr.5,1800.

Hannah, d.John and Abigail, dysentery, Oct.11,1846, a.74y.

John, Mar.19,1796.

Joseph William, s.Enoch and Aphia, Aug.6,1840.

Judith, w.[Capt.GR6] George, Jan.3,1812.

Rosanna G., unm., b. Maine, brain fever, bur. Maine, the house of True Colby, Sept.28,1847, a.23y.

SAYER (Sawyer)

末末, s.Joseph and Dorothy, Dec.4,1733.NCTBK


Richard, s.Samuell and Hannah, Apr.24,1723.NCTBK

Samuell, s.Samuell and Hannah, Jan.29,1722.NCTBK


末末, d.John, 23:4m:1658.

Abigail, d.John, 7:1m:1641.

Abigail, w.John, 17:4m:1658.

Elizabeth, d.John, 5:12m:1662.

John, [sr.NCTBK], Apr.9,1682.


Bette, w.Levi, of Minot, and d.Samuel Fellows, Sept.30,1805, a.47y.GR1

SHEPARD (Sheperd, Shephard, Shepherd, Sheppard)

Alifalit, s.William, Feb.6,1715.NCTBK

Jesse, s.Jesse and Harriet, Sept.10,1830, a.2y.3m.GR6

Mary, wid., Feb.2,1717-18.NCTBK

Rachel, wid., May末,1764.

Samuell, "sometimes of Haverhill, Leate of Salisbury," June13,1707.NCTBK

SHEPERD (Shepard)

Sarah, wid.Solomon, Dec.1,1748.

SHEPHARD (Shepard)

Sarah, June9,1815.

SHEPHERD (Shepard)

Josiah, s.William and Elizabeth, July11,1705.NCTBK

Sarah, Nov.18,1835.

SHEPPARD (Shepard)

Israell, Apr.23,1742.NCTBK

John, Oct.16,1732.NCTBK [Oct.17, in his 42d y.GR2]

Solomon, July7,1731.NCTBK

SILLY (Cilley)

Eleaner, w.Benoney, Jan.27 or 28,1735-6.NCTBK

John, s.Benoney and Eleaner, Oct.21,1738.NCTBK


John, s.John and Mary, Apr.22,1704.NCTBK


末末, d.Elias, May21,1737.NCTBK

Ann, w.Robert, Aug.6,1711.NCTBK

Dolly, w.Jonathan, June4,1848, a.91y.GR2

Elias, s.Elias and Elisabeth, Jan.11,1729-30.NCTBK

Elias, s.Elias, May15,1737.NCTBK

Emma Eulalia, d.John and Sarah B., dysentery, Oct.13,1849, a.1y.3m.17d.

Enoch, s.Samuel and Mary (Gove), Oct.1,1817.PR56

Enoch [s.Col. Jonathan and Dolly (Gove).PR59], Aug.28,1833, [Aug.29, a.38y.GR2]

Hannah, d.Samuel and Mary (Gove), Apr.22,1753.PR56

Jabesh, Jan.15,1811, a.25y.GR4

John [s.Col. Jonathan and Dolly (Gove).PR59], Feb.2,1831, [a.38y.GR2]

Jonathan [s.Samuel and Mary (Gove).PR56], June17,1824, a.68y.

Joseph P., s.John and Sarah [B.GR4], scarlet fever, Oct.12,1842, a.3y.

Martha, w.Jonathan w., consumption, bur. at the Mills, d.Mar.16,1848, a.41y.

Mary [(Gove), w.Samuel.PR56], Jan.17,1786, [Jan.18, a.68y.GR2]

Mary Ann, d.William, Apr.26,1815.

Mary P., d.John and Sarah [B.GR4], scarlet fever, Oct.11,1842, a.5y.3m.

Miriam, wid., Sept.28,1838.

Nelson, s.Charles F. [and Ruthy.GR3], July9,1811, [a.16m.GR3]

Reuben, s.Samuel and Mary, Aug.4,1773, [1771.PR56]

Rhoda, d.Samuell and Mary [(Gove).PR56], Apr.19,1749.

Rhoda, d.Samuel and Mary (Gove), Apr.末,1754.PR56

Robert, s.Robert, Sept.10,1735.NCTBK

Robert, Serg., Dec.8,1738.NCTBK [in his 60th y.GR4]

Rufus, shipwright, consumption, Nov.21,1841, a.83y.

Samuel [s.Robert and Sarah (Gill), Oct.25.PR56], 1778, [in his 65th y.GR2]

Samuel, s.[Col.PR59] Jonathan [and Dolly (Gove).PR59], lost at sea, abt. Dec.末,1814.

Samuel, Aug.24,1815.

Sarah, w.Richard, July6,1682.

Sarah, d.Robert and Sarah, May11,1710.NCTBK

William, Oct.3,1748.

William, of Deerfield [NH.GR2; s.Samuel and Mary (Gove).PR56] at his brother's, Col. Jonathan Smith, July2,1816. [in his 69th y.GR2]

William, Oct.23,1817.


Sarah, wid.[Capt.GR6] Thomas [of Freeport, ME.GR6], consumption, Aug.11,1845, a.51y.


Larance, Capt. [Lorentz Spitzenfiel, native of Michelan, Germany.GR3], Feb.6,1804. [a.50y.GR3]

SPITZENFIEL (Spittingfield)

Nicholas, native of Michelan, Germany, Newburyport, bur. Jan.23,1795, a.46y.GR3


Almira Melvina, d.Stephen C., inflammation of the lungs, Jan.末,1844, a.1y.2m.


末末, wid.末末, of Hampton, May29,1724.NCTBK


Joseph, s.Joseph and Easther, July19,1726.NCTBK

STEEVENS (Stevens)

Benjamin [jr.GR1], Feb.23,1709-10.NCTBK [Feb.22, in his 33d y.GR1]

Dorithy, w.John, July5,1716.NCTBK

Dorithy, d.John and Dorithy, July20,1716.NCTBK

STEVANS (Stevens)

Jerimiah, Dec.11,1808.

Susana, d.Jeremiah and Mehetable, Feb.25,1779.

STEVENS (Steevens, Stevans)

末末, s.Jacob and Sarah, Oct.26,1736.NCTBK

Abigail, wid.John, July11,1810. [a.57y.GR3]

Anna, wid.Jacob, old age, Oct.18,1841, a.78y.

Ann, d.Jacob and Sarah, Oct.25,1736.NCTBK

Alphia, wid.Dea.John, Sept.11,1795.

Benjamin, Lt., Mar.13,1690. [in his 40th y.GR1]

Benjamin, Apr.20,1766.

Benjamin, Apr.2,1815, a.73y.

Elianor, d.John and Sarah, Oct.4,1753.

Elizabeth, d.John,末蔓末,1641.

Elizabeth, d.John, jr. and Hanah, June19,1674.

Elisabeth, d.Jacob and Sarah, July20,1736.NCTBK

Elisabeth, w.Capt., July1,1737.NCTBK

Elisabeth, wid.[decline.CR2], Mar.2,1798. [a.98y.CR2]

Elizabeth [Osgood.GR3], w.Jacob, jr., Mar.8,1819. [a.30y.GR3]

Elisabeth, d.Jacob and Elisabeth O., Oct.末,1819, a.8y.GR3

Hannah, wid., Feb.27,1711-12.NCTBK

Hannah, d.Jacob and Sarah, June29,1716.NCTBK

Hannah, wid.Jacob, Aug.13,1796. [a.57y.GR3]

Hannah, w.Joseph, Jan.19,1814. [Jan.20, in her 49th y.GR4]

Hannah, d.Jonathan [and Mary.GR3], Apr.22,1825. [a.26y.GR3]

Hannah, June7,1839, a.77y.

Jacob, May30,1791. [a.57y.GR3]

Jacob, Capt., at New Orleans, Feb.20,1829, a.48y.GR3

Jacob, jr. [Col., s.Jonathan and Mary.GR3], Aug.27,1834. [Aug.28, a.37y.GR3]

Jacob, s.Lemuel and Ruth, Nov.18,1839, a.79y.

James, s.John and Abigail, May21,1788, a.4y.GR3

James, s.Samuel, Aug.20,1795.

James, 2d, s.John and Abigail, June末,1815, a.25y.GR3

Jeremiah, Capt., Nov.19,1759. [Nov.24, in his 85th y.GR2]

Jerusha, wid.Jeremiah, Dec.1,1818. [Nov.30, a.70y.PR3]

Joanna, wid.Benjamin, Mar.4,1818. [a.67y.GR4]

John, sr., Feb.末,1688.

John, Lt., sr., Nov.26,1691. [in his 50th y.GR1]

John, Nov.3,1753.

John, Dea., June18,1792.

John, drowned, June26,1800.

John, s.Jeremiah, drowned, July27,1800. [bur. July26, a.20y.CR2]

John, Ens., June8,1805. [a.52y.GR3]

John, Feb.6,1807.

John, at Portsmouth, Oct.19,1836, a.35y.GR3

Jonathan, Dea., May3,1771, a.68y.5m.28d.GR2

Jonathan, s.Lemuel, Apr.9,1794.

Jonathan, jr. [s.Jonathan and Mary.GR3], Sept.19,1832. [a.30y.GR3]

Joseph, May4,1793.

Joseph, May7,1844, a.87y.GR4

Katherine, w.John, sr., last of July1682.

Lemeuel, May23,1795.

Mary, d.Jacob and Sarah, Oct.28,1736.NCTBK

Polly [Mary.GR3], w.Jonathan, Oct.14,1833. [Oct.15, a.62y.GR3]

Mehetable, w.Jeremiah, July22,1791.

Meriam, w.Joseph, Dec.25,1803. [in her 43d y.GR4]

Morrill, s.Jonathan [and Mary.GR3], Aug.16,1827, a.21y.

Moses, s.John, at sea, abt. Dec.30,1804.

Ruth, d.Jacob [and Nancy.GR3], July16,1803. [in her 18th y.GR3]

Ruth, d.John [and Abigail.GR3], Sept.3,1806. [ Sept.2, a.20y.GR3]

Ruth, wid.Lemuel, Jan.29,1812, a.76y.Apr.25,1811.


Samuel, jr., Oct.10,1815.

Samuel, Dec.31,1833. [a.66y.GR3]

Sarah, w.Maj. John, Aug.22,1725.NCTBK

Sarah, wid., Mar.14,1780.

Sarah, d.John, Oct.14,1808. [in her 77th y.dup.]

Sarah, wid.John, Oct.30,1832, a.82y.GR1

Theophilus, Mar.1,1729-30.NCTBK


Dorithy, w.Joseph, Feb.24,1809, a.41y.

Hannah, wid.Joseph, consumption, Dec.1,1848, a.82y.[a.81y.GR3]

Joseph, s.Joseph [dysentery.CR2], Aug.22,1798. [a.1y.CR2]

Joseph, cordwainer, dropsy, Apr.9,1842, a.82y.[a.80y.GR3]

William, s.Joseph [dysentery.CR2], Sept.7,1798. [a.10y.CR2]


Anna, d.John and Johana, Aug.25,1711.NCTBK

Anna, d.John and Joannah, Aug.22,1712.NCTBK

Charls, s.Moses and Mary, Sept.25,1747.

Dorithy, d.John and Sarah, Mar.19,1695-6.NCTBK

Elizabeth, d.John and Joannah, Aug.11,1731.NCTBK [Aug.12. dup.]

Hannah, d.John and Johannah, Aug.4,1728.NCTBK

Hannah, Nov.21,1754.

Hannah, wid.Joseph,末蔓末,1767.

Joannah, d.John and Johannah, Aug.2,1728.NCTBK

John, Dec.10,1686.

John, s.John and Joannah, Aug.12,1733.NCTBK

John, Jan.12,1744.

Joseph, Feb.17,1747-8.

Joseph, Oct.3,1754. [1753, in his 38th y.GR2]

Joseph, Capt., Aug.21,1821.

Lucy, d.Jonathan, May24,1818.

Mary, [d.Lt. Joseph and Mary.GR2], Nov.7,1754. [1753, in her 6th y.GR2]

Mary, Feb.7,1840.CR5

Mary [Miss.GR3], cancer, Sept.4,1841, a.61y.

Ruth, d.Joseph and Hannah, Oct.30,1718.NCTBK

Ruth [d.Lt. Joseph and Mary.GR2], Nov.13,1754. [1753, in her 4th y.GR2]

Ruth, w.Joseph, Mar.16,1814.

Samuel, s.John and Joannah, July22,1728.NCTBK [July24. dup.]

Samuell, s.John and Johannah, Aug.31,1731.NCTBK [ Sept.1. dup.]

Samuell, s.John and Joannah, Apr.22,1736.NCTBK

Sarah, wid., May6,1718.NCTBK

Sarah, d.John and Johanna, Jan.16,1724-5.NCTBK

Sarah, d.John and Joannah, Jan.16,1735.NCTBK

Sarah, w.Jonathan, Feb.22,1826.

William, s.John and Joannah, Aug.4,1728.NCTBK


Mary, d.Levi and Mary A., Dec.14,1838.


Ann [b. Cumberland Eng.PR1], w.Robert, [drosy on the heart.PR1], July10,1839, a.62y.GR8

Maria [b. England.PR1], w.Robert, consumption, May28,1842, a.39y.[a.40y.GR8]


Miriam, d.Samuell and Elisabeth, at Amesbury, Sept.14,1736.NCTBK


Alexander, at sea,末蔓末, [recorded in 1817.]

Mary, wid.Alexander, Oct.14,1817. [Oct.13, a.30y.GR2]


Lydia, w.Roger, Oct.19,1811.

Roger, drowned, Aug.8,1807.

SWEAT (Swett)

末末, ch.Samuel, dysentery, bur. [bet. Oct.1 and Nov.1], 1798, a.14m.CR2

SWEET (Swett)

Mary, d.Samuell and Elisabeth, Sept.28,1756.

Samuell, s.Samuell and Elisabeth, Oct.23,1760.

Stephen, s.Samuell and Elisabeth, July28,1764.

Theophilus, s.William and Anna, May4,1771.

SWETT (Sweat, Sweet)

Aaron, Feb.12,1815, a.52y.[Feb.11, a.53y.GR3]

Aaron [Dea.GR3], Jan.30,1832. [a.28y.GR3]

Abigail, w, Samuel, Feb.13,1795.

Abigail, wid., Dec.13,1802.

Anna, w.Capt. William [dropsy and consumption.CR2], June6,1798. [June5, a.59y.GR3; a.64y.CR2]

Benjamin, Feb.18,1813.

John, s.Aaron, deceased, Nov.13,1821.

Polly w., d.Aaron, Apr.10,1832.

Molly, wid.Aaron, dropsy, Sept.8,1842. [a.73y.GR3]

Moses, Dec.3,1831.

Nancy, w.Aaron, June24,1800.

Samuel, Oct.20,1804. [in his 71st y.GR6]

Samuel, m., caulker, old age, bur. at the Mills, d.May27,1844, a.83y.

Susanna,. wid., Apr.6,1760.

Timothy, s.Timothy and Polly, July15,1840.

William, jr., July23,1803.

William, Capt., Dec.9,1808.

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