John [of Newbury.int.], and Lydia Easman, May15,1729.CR2*

DALE (Deal)

Moses [jr. int.], and Judith French, July12,1803.*

DALTON (Dolten, Dolton)

Nabby, and [Capt. int.] James Lurvey [of Amesbury.int.], Aug.15,1793.*

Isaac, and Eleanor Merrill, Mar.4,1784.*

Lucy, and Caleb Eaton, June3,1798.*

Mary, and Edward French, jr., int.June15,1716.NCTBK

Meriam, and John Buswell, Sept.19,1796.*

Ruth, and Edward Dorr, July14,1782.*

Samuell, and Hannah Evins, Jan.末,1751. [Jan.4,1750. int.]*

Saley, of Newburyport, and James Lock, int.Nov.6,1803.

DANA (Denny)

Ann S., and Albert N. Edwards of Amesbury, int.Sept.10,1847.

William of Amesbury, and Ann Sargent, int.Mar.31,1827.

William, and Elizabeth Goodwin,末蔓末,1835. [Feb 7. int.]*


Martha, and Edmund Tattersell, int.June12,1830.

DANIELS (Dannills)

Abigail, and Moses Acres [of South Hampton. int.], Dec.20,1749.*

Allice, and Ruben Prescute of Kingston, int.Oct.10,1749.

Hannah, and Humphry Clough [of South Hampton. int.], Mar.9,1748.*

DANNETT (Dennett)

William, and Betsey Morrill, Jan.1,1801. [1800.PR61]*

DANNILLS (Daniels)

William, of Newbury, and Alice Wadleigh, Dec.10,1718.NCTBK*


John and Mary Page, int.Nov.6,1708.NCTBK

DAVICE (Davis)

Rhoda, and Henry Osgood, int.July9,1743.NCTBK

DAVIS (Davice)

Abel [jr. int.], and Judeth True [jr. int.], Apr.19,1758.*

Abigail M., and Jacob Pike, jr., May26,1828.*

Benjamin, jr., of Newburyport, and Eleanor S. Pike, int.Sept.29,1842.

Charles Wellington, of Newburyport, a.21y., carpenter, s.Asa and Ann, and Caroline L. Collins of Amesbury, a.20y., d.Winthrop and Mary, of Amesbury, Nov.25,1847.

Clarisa, and Leonard Manson of Portsmouth, int.May4,1833.

Elijah, of Amesbury, and Mary Ann Webster, int.Jan.23,1846.

Ephraim, of Haverhill, and Hannah Easman, Feb.7,1705-6.NCTBK*

Hanah ["sometime of Haverhill, now of Salisbury." int.], and John Griffin, Mar.28,1706.NCTBK*

Harriet, of Amesbury, and William Brown, int.Feb.7,1824.

James, of Newburyport, and Abigail Pike, int.Jan.5,1793.

James, of Amesbury, and Mary Osgood, Dec.12,1824.*

John [of Gloucester. int.], and Hannah Eaton, Nov.16,1779.*

John [of Hampton Falls.int.], and Sally Carr, Dec.3,1799.*

Jonathan C., and Mary Collins, int.Mar.11,1826.

Joseph, of Amesbury, and Jemimah Eastman, d.Nathanell, June14,1698.NCTBK*

Judeth, and William Buswell, jr., int.Oct.30,1713.NCTBK

Lois, and Alfred Herbert,末蔓末,1835.*

Lydia, and Joseph Merrill [jr. int.], Mar.29,1809.*

Lydia Ann, wid., of Amesbury, a.28y., d.Eliza Lapelle, and Charles Nutter of Amesbury, a.39y., carptenter, s.Nathan and Ruth, of Amesbury, Oct.24,1847.

Martha, and Moses French, 3d, int.July10,1845.

Mary Alice, d.John and Sarah, and Robert Lewis Brown of West Newbury, s.Robert and Susan L., 11:5m:1843.CR7

Mary, a.18y., domestic, d.James and Mary, deceased, and William H. Worthen, a.25y., shoemaker, s.David and Hannah, Apr.2,1845.*

Mercy, of Poplin, and Jacob Hacket, int.Jan.24,1789.

Moses O., of the Point, cordwainer, s.James and Mary, and Julia Ann Gale of Salisbury Mills, d.Benjamin, Oct.14,1844.*

Nancy D., and Simeon Lowell, jr., May9,1824.*

Nathaniel [of Newbury.int.], and Betty Flanders, June12,1766.*

Samuell, and Deborah Ba[rnes.TC]. 19:10m:[1663.TC].

Sarah, of Haverhill, and Nathaniell Easmon, int.Dec.4,1703.NCTBK

Sarah, and David Purrinton, Jan.4,1759.*

Sally, and James Buswell, both of Amesbury, Jan.9,1825.

Sarah E., of Newburyport, and Cyrus Ayer, int.June28,1839.

Sarah T., a.27y., d.John and Sarah, and David Chase, a.31y., wool sorter, s.Chivey and Abigail, of Weare, NH, Nov.2,1845.*

Sophronia B., of Newburyport, and James Batchelor, int.Dec.18,1830.

Stephen, and Mary Ann Folansbee, int.Oct.22,1831.

Timothy, and Judith Pettingal, Nov.18,1736.NCTBK*

William, and Lowes Morrill, July18,1798.*

William [of Amesbury.int.], and Clarissa Mann, May30,1816*

William Edward, and Susan Fowler, Feb.24,1831.


Asa, of Boscawen, and Hannah Blasdel, Nov.5,1787.*

DEAL (Dale, Deall)

Chastina B., a.20y., d.Joseph and Harriet, and John F. Eaton, a.24y., s.Jonathan and Betsy, Apr.5,1848.*

Ednah, and Otis Pike, Nov.29,1825.*

Esther, and Nicholas French, int.Apr.18,1824.

Hannah, a.32y., d.Moses and Judith, and Samuel P. Moulton, of North Hampton, NH, a.29y., farmer, s.Nathan and Charlotte A., May9,1847.*

Joseph, and Harriet Pike, Feb.5,1828.*

Mary, and David Moody of Newburyport, Apr.25,1841.*

Moses [Dale. int.], and Esther Greeley, Mar.22,1764.CR1*

Moses, and Elizabeth French, May22,1825.*

DEALL (Deal)

Aaron, Capt., and Sally Gillman of Newmarket, int.Dec.6,1794.

DEAN (Deane)

Henry, of Exeter, and Betsy Webster, Jan.26,1812.*

Jane M., and Samuel Webster, jr., June11,1818.*

Ward Clark [of Exeter. int.], and Anne Webster, July14,1781.*

DEANE (Dean)

Thomas, and Mary Flartee [Flarlee.CR2], July27,1727.NCTBK*

DEARBORN (Derben, Derbon, Derbourn)

Asa, of Kensington, and Ruhamah Choate, int.Apr.20,1797.

Cyrus, jr., and Ann S. Brown of Seabrook, NH, int.June4,1836.

Eliza L., of Amesbury, and James Worthen, int.Oct.13,1827.

John B., a.29y., trader, s.Cyrus and Betsey, and Hannah Barnard, a.27y., d.Edmund and Sally, Dec.1,1846.*


Henry, and Ann Benning, 8:4m:[1664.TC].


Lyman C., of South Hampton, NH, and Elisabeth Morse, int.May1,1845.

DENNET (Dennett)

Emily M[aria.PR61], a.25y., d.Thomas G. and Hannah, and Milan G. Carey of Amesbury, a.23y., physician, s.William and Sophia, May4,1847.*

DENNETT (Dannett, Dennet)

Charles, and Ruth Palmer, int.Apr.22,1826.

Horatio, and Maria J. Cheswill of Newmarket, NH, int.May18,1838.*

James Horton, and Maria Lowell, Oct.21,1847.PR61*

John, and Louisa Frost, Nov.15,1838.*

Louisa M., and Samuel P. Eaton [of South Hampton, NH. int.], June16,1847.PR61*

Moses M., and Sally Herbert, Dec.31,1826.*

Olive, and William Lowell, jr., Oct.14,1824. [Oct.24.PR2]*

DENNY (Dana)

John [Dana.int.], of Amesbury, and Nancy Morrill, at Amesbury, June11,1797.*


Thomas, and Lydia Ellenwood, int.Dec.29,1827.

DERBEN (Dearborn)

Benjamin, and Nabby Ingalls of Sandown, int.Apr.3,1805.

DERBON (Dearborn)

Mehetabel, of Chester, and Nathaniel Fitts, int.May19,1744.

DERBOURN (Dearborn)

Hannah, Mrs., of Hampton, and Philip Brown, July18,1776.*


Mary, and Eben H. Rowe of Rockport, int.Nov.22,1847.


John, of Newburyport, and Sally Mills, int.Oct.9,1830.

DIAMOND (Dimond)

Hannah, of Amesbury, and John Mussey, at Amesbury, Dec.17,1713.*


John, and Hepsiba Morrill,末蔓末, [1688 or 1689.]


John, and Hanna Gough, 17:3m:1671.

John, sr., and Alice Roper, Apr.14,1681.

DIMOND (Diamond)

Reuben [of South Hampton. int.], and Elizabeth Ring, Jan.9,1752.*


Mehitable, of Beverly, and James Carr [jr. int.], at Danvers, Jan.3,1785.*

Richard, and Susan F. Noyes of Newburyport, int.Apr.30,1842.

DOEL (Dole)

Hannah, wid., and William Graves of Lynn, Mar.20,1721-2.NCTBK*

John, and Anne Smith, Jan.4,1732-3.NCTBK*

DOLE (Doel)

Abigail, and Philip Chever,末蔓末,1838.PR28

Albert W., and Hannah J. [P. int.]Palmer [of Hampton, NH. int.], May3,1840.PR28*

Anna, and Jonathan Leavitt [of Hampton. int.], Sept.16,1755.CR1*

Belcher, and Betty Carr, May21,1789.*

Belcher, and Jemima Felch, June23,1791.*

Belcher, and Eliza Gove, Apr.17,1820.*

Cutten, and Sarah Webster, Sept.24,1759.*

Eben P., and Elizabeth C. Joy [Toy of Newburyport. int.], Apr.5,1846.PR28*

Elias P., and Hannah G. Wadleigh [of Newbury.int.], Feb.16,1832.PR28*

Betsey, of South Hampton, and Moses Hoit, int.Oct.6,1810.

Elizabeth, and John McCrillis, Oct.2,1811.*

Elizabeth, and Merrill E. Currier, Dec.2,1838.*

Emily, and Charles H. Bright, both of Boston, Apr.26,1848.

Jane, and Samuel Moodey [of Newbury.int.], Feb.28,1765.*

John, and Abigail Blake [of Hampton. int.], Oct.20,1799.PR28*

Mary Anne, and William Walton, June18,1826.*

Nathanel, and Janne Purvear of Kensington, int.Dec.4,1794.

Nathaniel, and Mary Gove of Seabrook, May8,1821.*

Samuel, and Hannah Merrill [of Amesbury.int.], Dec.13,1787.*

Sarah, and John March [3d of Newbury.int.], Dec.9,1756.CR1*

Sarah, and Philip Gibbs [of Salem.int.], Oct.5,1779.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Elias Pike, sr., Nov.26,1789.CR1*

Sarah, and Moses Hoyt, Feb.7,1790.*

Sarah W., and Stephen M. Towle, Sept.23,1823. [ Sept.18.PR28]*


Betty, and Stephen Morrill, Oct.14,1792.*

DOLTEN (Dalton)

Abigaill, and John Hackett, Dec.末,1760.*

Molly, and Zebulon Morrill, Sept.20,1774.*

DOLTON (Dalton)

Elisabeth, and Jacob Morrill, Jan.5,1722-3.NCTBK [Feb 5.CR2; Feb.22,1722-3. int.]*

Hannah, of Haverhill, and Richard Osgood, int.Oct.14,1710.NCTBK

Hannah, and James Pecker, Oct.5,1779.


Nathaniel, of Newburyport, and Susan M. Quimby, May24,1843.*


Catharine, and John Doyle of Newbury, int.Sept.5,1846.


Edward, and Ruth Dalton, July14,1782.*

Edward, jr., and Mary Wessels of Newburyport, int.June13,1812.

Samuel, and Nancy Pearson, Aug.31,1809.*


Lucy R., of Amesbury, a.23y., d.David, and Joseph H. Cleaves of Braintree, a.23y., boot maker, s.Charles and Betsey, May12,1846.*


Aaron, and Bettey Goodwin, Nov.21,1782.*

Abigail, and Ephraim Collins, jr., int.Nov.10,1739.NCTBK

Amasa, and Hannah Briant of Greenland int.Sept.14,1728.NCTBK

Andrew E., of Seabrook, NH, and Louisa Pike, Dec.12,1838.*

Benaiah S., and Maria B. Shores of Amesbury, int.Jan.16,1824.

Benjamin, 4th, and Hannah Souter, both of Seabrook, Feb.24,1826.

Benjamin, and Marriam Brown of Seabrook [NH. int.], Apr.21,1833.*

Benjamin, jr., of Seabrook, NH, and Elvira Ross, May2,1839.*`

Bildad, and Eleaner Selly, int.Mar.20,1735-6.NCTBK

Caleb, and Anna Cram of Seabrook, int.Feb.7,1784.

Charlotte, and David S. Bartlet of Newtown, int.Sept.25,1835.

Charlotte E., of Seabrook, NH, and John a.True, int.Oct.23,1841.

Christopher C., of Seabrook, NH, and Rachel [E. int.] French, Feb.15,1835.*

Cyntha P. [C. int.], and George W. Hunkins, jr., May20,1833.*

David [of South Hampton. int.], and Naomi [Nancy.int.] Carr, Jan.末,1753.CR2*

David [of Hampton Falls.int.], and Rebecca Brown, Nov.3,1763.CR1*

David, jr., of Seabrook, and Hannah Merrill, int.Apr.24,1801.

Ebenezer, and Lydia Runlet, int.Oct.24,1730.NCTBK

Edward D., and Rhoda Collins of Seabrook, Jan.6,1830.

Elihu, and wid.Mehitabel Eaton, May6,1728.NCTBK*

Elijah, and Elisebeth Bartlet of Amesbury, int.June17,1780.

Elijah, and Hannah Blazedel, May20,1781.*

Eliza, and Joseph Christian, Mar.16,1828.*

Elisabeth, and Joseph Perkins [of Hampton. int.], Oct.31,1734.NCTBK*

Elizabeth, d.Samuel, and Joshua Collins, cordwainer, s.Joshua, of Lynn, deceased, May20,1769.CR7

Betsey, and Jonathan Perkins [of Kensinton. int.], June26,1809.*

Betsy, of Seabrook, and Samuel Eaton, jr. of Weare, Apr.24,1825.

Betsey M., and Ezekiel F. Webster, Dec.27,1831.*

Enoch, and Roxana Poland of Hartford, int.Nov.4,1831.

Eunice, and David H. Page, int.Oct.6,1827.

Gideon, and Lydia Perkins of Hampton, int.Oct.25,1735.NCTBK

Hannah, d.John and Hannah, of Hampton, and Theophilus Page of Hampton, NH, s.Amos and Hannah, Dec.24,1730.CR7

Hannah, and Jonathan Thrasher [of Hampton. int.], Sept.16,1736.NCTBK*

Hannah, and Thomas Jordan of Newburyport, int.Nov.24,1784.

Harriet, of Seabrook, and Noyes Webster, int.Sept.20,1834.

Israel, and Olle Abbott of South Hampton, int.Mar.13,1784.

Israel, and Betsey Smith, int.Apr.13,1834.

Jabez, and Betsy Chace, Oct.10,1815.*

Jacob, jr., of Seabrook, and Sally Eaton, Jan.17,1822.*

Jacob, and Mary Merrill, May11,1825.*

Jacob F., of Amesbury, and Sarah Ann Bartlett, int.Apr.25,1848.

James, s.Joseph, and Mary Nickolus, d.John, of Amesbury, May24,1721.NCTBK

Jane, and William O. Bennett, int.Nov.2,1816.

Joannah, and Nehemiah Heath of Hampton, int.Mar.16,1716-17.NCTBK

Johannah, of Haverhill, and Moses Tucker, int.Aug.18,1727.NCTBK

Joanna, of South Hampton, and Elliot Carr, int.Nov.17,1764.

Joanna, d.Samuel and Marcy, both deceased, and Josiah Shove of Mendon, blacksmith, s.Nathaniel and Hannah, of Dighton, deceased, Sept.23,1778.CR7

John, of Haverhill, and [SarahTC] Browne, int.Apr.11, [1696.TC].NCTBK

John, and Dinah Severans, Jan.6,1713-14.NCTBK*

John, and Betsy Downer [Downs.CR2 and int.], June23,1805.*

John, jr., and Lavina Jackman of Amesbury, int.Feb.22,1834.

Joseph, jr., and Mary Challis, at Amesbury, May25,1687.

Joseph, and Rhoda Eaton, Dec.9,1747.*

Joseph F., and Laura Ann Lake, Oct.29,1846.*

Josias, of Hampton [NH. int.], s.Joseph, deceased, and Mary, and Mary Purinton, d.James and Elizabeth, 6:9m:1710.CR7*

Joshua, and Nancy Eaton of Seabrook, int.July6,1799.

Joshua, jr., and Abiah Hunkins of Sanbornton, int.June10,1830.

Josiah, and Mary Wadleigh, Jan.24,1744-5.*

Juda, d.Henry, and John Mumford of Newport, RI, yeoman, s.John, of Newport, RI, yeoman, 16:3m:1728.CR7*

Judah, and Mary Wiber of Hampton, int.Sept.5,1740.NCTBK

Judith, d.John, of Hampton, and John Purenton, 4:4m:1740.CR7

Judith, d.Samuel, and Jacob Collins of Lynn, cordwainer, s.Joshua, deceased, July21,1770.CR7

Laura A[nn. int.] D., and John G. Colby of Amesbury, July9,1841.*

Levi, of Seabrook, and Nancy Eaton, Feb.4,1821.*

Lois, a.20y., d.Nancy, and Andrew Eaton of Seabrook, NH, a.22y., seaman, s.Christopher and Lydia, Oct.24,1844.*

Lidiah, and Samuell Gould of Amesbury, int.Oct.17,1719.NCTBK

Lydia, and Samuel Eaton of Seabrook, int.Nov.17,1770.

Lydia, of Seabrook, and Jacob True, int.Mar.20,1773.

Lidia, and John Newmarch Cushing, int.Mar.16,1799.

Lydia, a.19y., d.Levi and Nancy, and William Roberts of Amesbury, a.19y., shoemaker, s.William and Sarah, Apr.17,1848.*

Martha, d.John and Hannah, of Hampton, and George Conner, late of Salisbury, now of Hampton, s.John, deceased, and Elisabeth, Feb.15,1725-6.CR7

Mary, and Edward Beacham, Dec.29,1755.

Polly, and Jonathan Fullington, Mar.28,1793.*

Mary, and Isaac Brown, both of Seabrook, Oct.6,1822.

Mary, and Mark Silley, both of Seabrook, Dec.5,1825.

Mary [Mary Abigail. int.], a.16y., d.Jacob and Mary, of Seabrook, NH, and William Dow, jr., of Newburyport [of Salisbury.int.], a.22y., teamster, s.Daniel and Elizabeth, of Seabrook, NH, Nov.5,1844.*

Mary, a.24y., d.Levi and Nancy, and Nicholas P. French, jr., a.25y., house carpenter, s.Josiah and Hannah, Dec.20,1846.*

Mary E., a.18y., d.Samuel and Mary, and Theophilus Sanborn, a.20y., shoemaker, b. Hampton Falls, NH, s.Adnah and Polly, July9,1848.*

Mahittabill, wid., of Hampton, and Oneysiphorus Page, int.Nov.3,1711.NCTBK

Mehetable, and Benjamin Brown, int.Nov.30,1793.

Mercy, and John Page, int.Oct.26,1717.NCTBK

Mercy, and Archalus Adams, Apr.28,1737.NCTBK*

Nancy, and Daniel Morrison, s.Abraham and Mary, 22:7m:1812.CR7

Nancy, and Charles Osgood of Amesbury, int.Aug.16,1828.

Nancy, and Samuel Kendrick, jr. of Amesbury, Nov.9,1828.*

Nancy W., and Caleb Moulton, int.Feb.10,1832.

Naomi, and Abel Clough, Jan.13,1791.*

Nathan, and Sarah [Mary.int.] Flanders, Oct.25,1739.CR2*

Nehemiah, s.Samuel, jr. and Marcia, and Patience Brown, d.John, of Hampton, deceased, and Abigail, Feb.4,1756.CR7

Patience, and Onesiphorus Page [jr. int.], Oct.28,1731.CR2*

Perley, and Dorothy Brown of Seabrook, int.Feb.11,1784.

Philip, and Hannah Griffin, Jan.2,1723-4.NCTBK*

Pheobe, of Seabrook, NH, and David Clough, jr., int.Feb.13,1836.

Rebecca B., and Eli B. Howard of Amesbury, int.Sept.18,1835.

Reuben, and Sarah Ann Richardson, int.Nov.7,1846.

Rhoda, and Charles Chase of Seabrook, int.Jan.17,1783.

Robert, and Susanna Morrill, July14,1777.*

Robert, jr., of Seabrook, NH, and Ruth True, int.Sept.24,1836.

Ruth, d.Henry, and John Morrill of Kittery, s.John, 13:11m:1724.CR7*

Ruth, of Hampton Falls, and John Flanders, int.Nov.29,1817.

Samuel, s.Joseph, deceased, and Mary, of Hampton, and Sarah Sheapperd ["of Salisbury, or now living in ye Provins of Newhampsher. " int.], d.Samuel, deceased, and Mary, 2:11m:1711.CR7*

Samuel [jr. int.], and Judith [Jedida.int.] Eaton, July28,1806.*

Samuel, and Mary Greenleaf of Seabrook, Apr.7,1831.*

Sarah, and Samuel Clough, Apr.25,1734.CR2*

Sarah, d.Samuel, jr. and Marcy, and Jonathan Marble, s.Daniel, of Danvers, and Easther, both deceased, Nov.25,1761.CR7

Sarah, and Samuel Felsh of Seabrook, int.Aug.23,1785.

Sarah, and Abel Bagley, June30,1801.*

Sarah, of Seabrook, and Jabez Eaton, jr., Jan.17,1822.

Sarah M., and William Story, Jan.23,1842.*

Simeon, and Susan Dow, both of Seabrook, Aug.19,1827.

Sophia, of Amesbury, and George Winch, int.Oct.29,1836.

Stephen, and Rebecca J. Curtis, Apr.20,1848.PR21*

Susan, and Simeon Dow, both of Seabrook, Aug.19,1827.

Susan, and Samuel Felch, both of Seabrook, Nov.29,1827.

Susan, and Richard Smith of Seabrook, NH, int.Nov.2,1838.

Tristram, jr., of Seabrook, and Hannah Bragg, Sept.20,1824.*

William, and Hannah Morrill, Mar.22,1826.*

William, and Margaret Brown of Amesbury, int.June28,1834.

William jr., of Newburyport [of Salisbury.int.], a.22y., teamster, s.Daniel and Elizabeth, of Seabrook, NH, and Mary [Mary Abigail. int.] Dow, a.16y., d.Jacob and Mary, of Seabrook, NH, Nov.5,1844.*

Zacheus, jr., and Betsey L. Brown, both of Seabrook, Nov.6,1831.

Zelpha, and John L. Brown of Seabrook, NH, int.Jan.7,1843.

Zelphia, of Seabrook, a.17y., d.Tristram and Hannah, and John Christian of Amesbury, a.18y., dyer, s.Joseph and Eliza, of Amesbury.Sept.20,1846.


Ambross, of Isle of Shoals, and Sarah Bradbury, Oct.3,1728.NCTBK*


Andrew [Ens.int.], and Mary Eaton, Jan.24,1739-40.NCTBK*

Betsy [Downs.CR2 and int.], and John Dow, June23,1805.*

Martha, and Richerd Palmer of Bradford, int.Mar.26,1702-3.NCTBK

Robert, and Sarah Eaton, May6,1675.

Sarah, and John Stevens, jr., Mar.13,1718.NCTBK*


Mary [of Newburyport. int.], and Amos French [jr. int.], Dec.3,1802.*


Eunice, and Samuel Merrill [jr. int.], Aug.8,1810.*

Lavinia T., and Webster Allen of Amesbury, int.Nov.11,1848.


John of Newbury, and Catharine Donnovin, int.Sept.5,1846.

DROWN (Drowns)

Daniel P. [of Portsmouth, NH. int.], and Lois S. Tuxbury, Nov.26,1811.*

Francis E., of Newburyport, and John Jones, jr., int.Nov.27,1841.

DROWNS (Drown)

Isabell and Thomas Beck of Portsmouth, int.Apr.19,1818.


Lucy M.F., of Exeter, and Ephraim D. Cogswell, Mar.18,1819.*


Ellen, d.Henry, of Amesbury, and James Woolfenden of Andover, manufacturer, May8,1845.*


Daniel [of Barnstead.int.], and Anna Clough, Dec.4,1782.*

Samuel [of Gilmanton. int.], and Sarah Clough, Nov.7,1771.*


William, and Sobriety T. Coombs, July3,1836.*


William, a.30y., wheelwright, s.Jonathan and Lydia, and Martha Eaton, wid., a.33y., d.Levi and Jemima Jackman, May29,1847.*

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