FALCH (Felch)

Daniel, of Hampton, and Jane Paige, int.Dec.24,1748.

FALTCH (Felch)

Clarissa, and William Page, int.Sept.17,1824.

Clarissa, of Kensington, and Lowell Crocker, int.July8,1826.


Betty [Janning.PR37], and Jonathan Webster, Jan.6,1791.*

James, and Elisabeth Stevens, Oct.末,1783.CR2*


Alfred, and Hannah J. Page of West Newbury, int.Mar.16,1832.

FARNAL (Furnald)

John [Furnal, of Newburyport. int.], and Hannah Morrill, May30,1804.*

FAVER (Favor)

Ann, and Joseph Pike, int.Oct.8,1737.NCTBK

FAVOR (Faver, Feaver, Feavor)

John [of Pepperillborouth.int.], and Anna Hook, Nov.12,1767.CR1*


Charles, and Rhoda Morrill, Oct.7,1805.*


Martin P., 2d m., of Charlestown, a.43y., hairdresser, s.Antonine and Madaline, and Eliza Short, a.33y., d.Nicholas N. and Dolly Q., Mar.5,1849.*

FEAVER (Favor)

Phillip, and Mary Osgood,末蔓末, [1688 or 1689]

FEAVOR (Favor)

Mary [of Amesbury District. int.], and Micah George, Aug.11,1746.*

Penelope, and Joseph Taylor of Exeter, Oct.6,1718.NCTBK*

FELCH (Falch, Faltch, Felsh, Feltch)

Amos, and Mary Rendall, both of Seabrook, NH, Apr.2,1828.

Hepsibah, and Benjamin Joy [jr. int.], Feb.2,1791.*

Jacob, and Hannah Harris, Aug.5,1802.*

Jemima, and Belcher Dole, June23,1791.*

Jeremiah, and Matilda Janvin of Seabrook, May8,1821.

Reuben, and Almira Eaton, both of Seabrook, Nov.24,1831.

Samuel, jr., and Betsy Leach, int.Jan.1,1813.

Samuel, and Susan Dow, both of Seabrook, Nov.29,1827.

Samuel, jr., and Nancy Bartlet, both of Seabrook, Jan.20,1828.

Sally, of Seabrook, and John Morrill, jr., int.Jan.25,1812.

FELKAR (Felker)

Rhoda, and Joseph Chadbourn, Oct.20,1825.*

FELKER (Felkar)

Isaiah, of Amesbury, and Rhoda Currier, Nov.27,1814.*

FELLOES (Fellows)

[Samuell.TC], jr., and Abigail Barnerd, June2,1681.

Thomas, and Elisabeth Easman, Dec.10,1713.NCTBK*

FELLOS (Fellows)

Hannah, and Ebenezer Colcott of Kingston, Dec.10,1719.NCTBK*

FELLOWES (Fellows)

Hannah, and Nathaniell Brown, 18:8m:1666. [Nov.16.CTR]

FELLOWS (Felloes, Fellos, Fellowes)

Abigaill, and Benjamin Stevens, Feb.21,1739-40.NCTBK*

Abigail, of Kingston, and Theophilus Eaton, int.Nov.26,1742.NCTBK

Anna, and Henry Pike, Aug.31,1791.*

Elianor [Mrs.CR1], and Philip Hunton [Huntoon of Kingston.CR1], June16,1752.*

Eliza, and James Pike, Jan.5,1824. [Jan.24.PR15]*

Betty, and Levi Shaw [of Bakerstown. int.], Apr.14,1788.*

Hannah, and John Goodwin, int.May1,1787.

Isaac [of Kensington. int.], and Mary Merrill, Jan.21,1768.*

John, and Susana Page, Dec.3,1801.*

Joseph [of Corinth.int.], and Elizebeth Low, Feb.1,1791.*

Lucy, and Jonathan D. Eaton, Aug.12,1824.*

Priscilla, and James F. Hartshorn of Amesbury, int.Oct.4,1832.

Ruth, and Edward Shaw [jr. of Hampton. int.], May7,1746.*

Samuell, and Mrs.Hannah Buswell, Dec.17,1755.*

Samuel, of Kingston, and Molley Ring, int.Apr.11,1761.

Sarah, and Levi Shaw of Minot, int.Sept.18,1804.

Susanna, and Moses Pike, 3d, Dec.3,1834.*

FELSH (Felch)

Samuel, of Seabrook, and Sarah Dow, int.Aug.23,1785.

FELTCH (Felch)

Hannah, of South Hampton, and Paul Presey, int.Nov.30,1750.

Nancy D., of Seabrook, NH, and Stephen Green, int.Dec.23,1848.

Susan L., and Phineas Holbrook of Amesbury, at Amesbury, Apr.13,1838.*


Charity, and Warren Weymouth of Amesbury, int.Apr.5,1849.


Robert [of Newburyport. int.], and Sarah Graves, Mar.12,1782.*


Samuel, jr. [of Seabrook. int.], and Sarah Harris, "and that the said Sarah declared that she had no Estate that was her late Husbands, and the cloaths she had on were borrowd Cloths," Dec.21,1788.*


Samuel, and Betsey Scott, int.Apr.12,1829.


Albert L., and Caroline Paul of Durham, NH, int.Feb.15,1834.

Benjamin E., and Eliza Ann Merrill of South Hampton, NH, int.Dec.15,1838.

Enoch [of Salisbury, NH. int.], and Nabby Stevens, Dec.25,1799.*

Nancy, of Hampton Falls, and James Tucker, int.Feb.26,1803.

Nathaniel, and Lois Lowell, Feb.8,1809. [Feb.5.CR2].*

FILBRICK (Philbrook)

Jonathan [Filbrook, of Hampton Falls.int.], and Sarah Pike, Dec.14,1762.CR1,*

FILLBROOKE (Philbrook)

Rachill, of Haverhill, and Epharaim Brown, jr., int.Sept.14,1723.NCTBK

FIPPEN (Phippeny)

Mary, and Samuell Wait [of Amesbury.int.], Apr.8,1742.NCTBK*


Paschal, and Hannah French, Dec.3,1842.*

Sally [of Roxbury.int.], wid.Luther, d.David Wait of Roxbury, and Jonathan Webster, 2d m., Oct.10,1802.PR37*

FITTS (Fitz)

Abigail, and Moses Collins, Nov.28,1780.*

Abraham, and Sarah Tomson, May16,1655.CTR

Anna, and Daniel Morrill [jr. int.], July6,1763.CR1*

Anna, and Jabez True, jr., Dec.3,1826.*

Daniel, and Ruth Brown, Nov.11,1735.NCTBK*

Daniel, of Candia, and Rachel French, Mar.3,1790.CR1*

Betty, of South Hampton, and Timothy Flanders, int.Dec.2,1752.

Elizabeth, and Enoch Jakman, Nov.17,1774.*

Betsey, and Jeremiah Sawyer, Aug.1,1804.*

Eunice, and John Griffin, June16,1808.*

Isaac, of South Hampton, and Nancy Bagley, int.July30,1814.

Isaiah, and Hannah Hook, Nov.27,1800.*

Jerusha, and Roger Easman, Jan.25,1730-31.NCTBK*

Jerusha, and [Jeremia.TC]h Stevens, Jan.3,1797.*

Joseph, and Merriam Morrill, Apr.17,1770.*

Joseph, and Ruhamah Judkins of Kingston, int.Nov.22,1777.

Joseph, a.26y., farmer, s.Moses and Lois, and Mary E. Hilton of Kensington, NH, a.19y., d.William, Dec.23,1847.*

Lucy, and William Odway [Samuel Ordway.int.], of Amesbury, May12,1806.*

Mirriam, and Samuel Morrill [of Amesbury.int.], Nov.26,1807.*

Martha, and John Easman, jr., Apr.14,1727.NCTBK*

Martha E., and William Currier of Lynn, int.Aug.13,1848.

Molly, and John French, Nov.30,1801.*

Mercy, and Enoch Hoyt [jr. int.], Nov.28,1768.CR1*

Miriam, and John Pike, jr., Jan.25,1826.*

Moses, and Sarah Tilton [of Kensington. int.], Nov.24,1815.*

Moses, and Lois Eastman of Kensington, int.Oct.28,1820.

Moses and Louisa Boynton of Dedham, int.Oct.2,1824.

Moses, and Maria French, Dec.19,1833.*

Nathaniell, and Abigall Heaes of Dover, int.Mar.18,1719-20.NCTBK

Nathaniel, and Mehetabel Derbon of Chester, int.May19,1744.

Nathaniel [Dea.int.], and Naomi Morrill, June18,1767.*

Rebeckah, and Eliphalet French, Apr.1,1747.*

Richard, and Sarah Brown, Apr.6,1727.NCTBK*

Richard [of South Hampton. int.], and Dorothy Evans, Apr. [7.CR2], 1757.*

Ruth, and Moses Gill, Dec.17,1777.*

Sarah, and Jeremiah Allin, Feb.8,1720-21.NCTBK*

Sarah T., and Abraham Collins, Sept.1,1842.*

William H., and Hannah Locke of Seabrook, Dec.10,1833.*

FITZ (Fitts)

Eleanor, wid., and David T. Tucker, widr., of Newbury, farmer, s.Samuel, Dec.6,1845.*

Emily, and Francis Ordway of Newbury, int.Oct.10,1845.

FLANDERS (Flarnders)

Abia, and Amos Page of Haverhill [at Haverhill. dup.], Sept.5,1749.*

Abigail, and Jabez Page, Jan.30,1735.NCTBK*

Abigail, and John Morrill, Dec.23,1737.NCTBK [1736.CR2; Nov.6,1736. int.]*

Abigail, and Joseph Jones [of Amesbury.int.], Jan.17,1743-4.*

Adaline, and Swett S. Brown, Mar.24,1825.*

Anna, and Isaac Tukesbury, int.Feb.17,1776.

Asa, and Mehitabell Page [Dow.CR2 and int.], Mar.16,1731-2.NCTBK*

Benaiah, and Betty Colby of Amesbury, at Amesbury, Sept.5,1793.*

Benjamin, and Mariah Brown, Nov.7,1734.NCTBK*

Bennet, and Ruth Randall of Amesbury, at Amesbury, Aug.18,1793.*

Barnard, and Anne Currier of South Hampton, int.Nov.17,1764.

Clarissa, and Daniel Morrill, Oct.15,1814.*

Clarissa, and James F. Barnard of Salisbury Mills, manufacturer, Nov.28,1844.*

Daniel [jr. int.], of Amesbury, and Elisabeth Easman [jr. int.], Nov.3,1726.NCTBK*

Daniel, and Sarah Weed of Amesbury, int.Nov.14,1761.

David, and Sally Eastman, May24,1803.*

Deliverance C., and Andrew J. Merrill, July10,1834.*

Eleanor, and Richard Hackit, Dec.20,1737.NCTBK*

Eleanor, and Parker Flanders of South Hampton, int.Aug.16,1766.

Elisabeth, and Bennet Greenfield [of Newbury.int.], May19,1737.NCTBK*

Betty, and Nathaniel Davis [of Newbury.int.], June12,1766.*

Battey, and Henry Gooden, int.Mar.2,1776.

Elisebeth, of Amesbury, and Thomas Jones, int.Nov.3,1804.

Betcy, and Abnor Greenleaf [of Newburyport. int.], Feb.12,1806.*

Betsy Tuxbury, and Page Ring, int.Feb.9,1816.

Elizabeth, and Dudley Maxfield, May25,1820.*

Elizabeth, and Cyrus Bradley of Plaistow, NH, June2,1840.*

Elisabeth, of South Hampton, NH, and Benjamin Morrill, 3d, int.Dec.28,1844.

Enoch, and Nancy Wadleigh, Aug.18,1816.*

Enoch, and Mrs.Naoma Scruton of Dover, NH, Jan.31,1843.*

Ezekiel, and Eunice Goodwin, Dec.5,1816.*

Ezra, of South Hampton, and Ruth Swett, Aug.14,1823.*

George, and Mary Woodman, both of South Hampton, Jan.3,1831.

Hannah, and Joshua Clough, int.Mar.26,1731.NCTBK

Hannah, and Adonijah Colbey [of Amesbury.int.], Feb.27,1760.*

Harriet, and George T. Toppan of Newburyport, int.June21,1843.

Hezeciah, and Martha Eastman, Dec.5,1765.*

Jacob, and Mercy Clough, int.Sept.27,1710.NCTBK

Jacob, and Hannah Greenfield, Jan.2,1769.*

Jacob, jr., and Elizabeth Long of Amesbury, int.Oct.24,1812.

Jacob, of Amesbury, and Sarah Ann Currier, Oct.5,1842.*

James, and Eliza Gilman, June30,1809. [July30.CR2].*

James, and Jemima Stevens, Sept.26,1811.*

Jane, and John Martin, jr. of Amesbury, at Amesbury, Jan.18,1710-11.*

Jane Evans, and Gilman Bean of Hawke, int.Sept.1,1820.

Jemima, Mrs., and Ezekiel Fowler, Oct.15,1840.*

Jerediah, and Judith Tukesbury of Newtown, int.Dec.30,1769.

Jeremiah, and Mary Haise, int.Feb.29,1723-4.NCTBK

Jeremiah, and Mehitabel Hoit [of Amesbury.int.], Dec.29,1726.CR2*

Jeremiah [of South Hampton. int.], and Miriam George, July30,1778.*

Joanna, and Nathan Bartlet of Newbury, May5,1740-41.NCTBK*

Joanna B., and James Chase of Epping, Mar.14,1820.*

John, and Elisabeth Sargent, at Amesbury, Jan.18,1687-8.

John, and Betty Herrman [Herriman. int.], Aug.11,1791.*

John, jr., and Lydia Manns, Oct.10,1807.*

John, and Ruth Dow, of Hampton Falls, int.Nov.29,1817.

Jonathan, and Judith Merrill, May2,1728.NCTBK*

Joseph, and H[torn], int.June末,1703.NCTBK

Joseph, and Mary Tompson [ wid.int.], Oct.16,1718.NCTBK*

Joseph [jr. int.], and Ruth Morrill, Jan.13,1731-2.NCTBK*

Joseph [jr. int.], and Bety Addams, Aug.21,1760.*

Joseph, jr., and Elisabeth Selley of Hampton Falls, int.Oct.17,1761.

Joseph, and Nancy Worthen of Amesbury, at Amesbury, Feb.19,1794.*

Joseph, and Susannah Penson, Oct.6,1807.*

Joseph [jr. int.], and Hannah Eastman, Nov.28,1827.*

Joseph, jr., and Eliza [a.int.]Wadleigh, May13,1833.*

Josiah, and Mehetabel Osgood, Jan.28,1724-5.NCTBK*

Loiza, and Cyrus Cammet of Amesbury, int.Oct.1,1836.

Lydia, of South Hampton, and Samuel Jewell, May19,1819.*

Mary, and John Lunt, int.Nov.12,1737.NCTBK

Mary, and Reuben Whicher, int.Jan.4,1739-40.NCTBK*

Polly, and Ephraim Currier of Amesbury, at Amesbury, Apr.7,1796.*

Mary, and Thomas Young, Jan.27,1822.*

Mehetabel, and Jacob Clough, Jan.29,1735-6.NCTBK*

Moses [of South Hampton. int.], and Elisabeth Bachelder, Dec.5,1765.*

Nancy, and John Lervey of Amesbury, int.July23,1803.

Noamy, and Benjamin Eastman, Apr.4,1699.NCTBK*

[Natha.TC]n, jr., and Naby Follensbe, Jan.11,1797.*

Nemiah, and Sarah Hackit, Feb.23,1737-8.NCTBK*

Parker, and Sarah Mitchell of Haverhill, at Haverhill, Apr.15,1755.*

Parker, of South Hampton, and Eleanor Flanders, int.Aug.16,1766.

Phillip, and [wid.TC; Martha.CTR] Collins [Nov.4,1686.CTR].

Philip, and Joanna Smith, Feb.2,1709-10.NCTBK*

Philip, jr. and Abigall French, int.Oct.20,1722.NCTBK

Philip, and Hannah Morrill, Oct.2,1735.NCTBK*

Philip, and wid.Mary Martin of Amesbury, at Amesbury, Oct.23,1753.

Phineas, and Tabitha Clough, Apr.10,1744.*

[Ralph Cross, Capt.TC], and Sally Follensbe, June20,1797.*

Rebecca, and Enoch Huntington of Amesbury, int.Sept.22,1821.

Ruth, and Jonathan Colbee [of Amesbury.int.], May末,1773. [May20.CR2].*

Samuel, and Mary Page. Jan.24,1733-4.NCTBK*

Sarah, and Josiah Tilton [of Hampton. int.], Feb.8,1732-3.NCTBK*

Sarah [jr. int.], and Abner Fowler, July24,1739.NCTBK*

Sarah [Mary.int.], and Nathan Dow, Oct.25,1739.CR2*

Sarah, and Joseph Cass, at Amesbury, Dec.19,1751.*

Selina [Serena.int.], and James Rowell of Amesbury, Sept.23,1831.*

Sophronia, of Amesbury, and True Colby, int.Sept.26,1823.

[Ste.TC]ven, and [Abig.TC]ail Carter, 28:10m:1670.

Stephen, and Sarah Blasdell of Amesbury, at Amesbury, June20,1706.*

Stephen [jr. int.], and Sarah Perkins, June27,1726.NCTBK

Stephen, and Elisabeth Stevens of Hampton, int.July7,1733.NCTBK

Susan W., and Moses Collins, jr., int.July13,1822.

Susanna [of South Hampton. int.], and David Easman, Aug.17,1742.NCTBK*

Tamzin, and Henry French [jr. int.], Jan.10,1726-7.NCTBK*

Thomas, and Kathorin Hacket, Mar.8,1710-11.NCTBK*

Thomas, of Gilmanton, and Eunice Eastman, int.Dec.2,1775.

Thomas, of South Hampton, and Hannah Fowler, int.Apr.27,1793.

Thomas, of South Hampton, and Presella Bartlet, int.Dec.22,1803.

Thomas, of Cornwoley [Corrville.CR2], and Sally Sawyer of South Hampton, Jan.13,1805. [Dec.30,1804.CR2].

Timothy, and Betty Fitts of South Hampton, int.Dec.2,1752.

Weld, and Hannah Carter of Haverhill, int.Dec.3,1831.

Winthrop, and Polly Buck [of Haverhill. int.], June8,1786.*

Zebulon [of South Hampton. int.], and Hannah French, June2,1777.*

Zipporah, and John Bartlet, Jan.17,1733-4.NCTBK*

FLARNDERS (Flanders)

Judith, and Jonathan Bager of Amesbury, int.July8,1801.

Judith, and Benjamin Hacket, Aug.6,1801.*


Mary [Flarlee.CR2], and Thomas Deane, July27,1727.NCTBK*


[Joseph.TC], and [Is末.CTR], [June.TC] 18, [1660.TC].


Surrel, and Dolly Goodwin, both of Amesbury, Jan.16,1804.


George H.L., of Poplin, NH and Sarah B. Collins, int.Apr.5,1849.


Betsy, and Gardner Towle, both of Epping,末蔓末,1809.CR3

Jeremiah [Rev., of Kensington. int.], July17,1739.CR2*

John, of Amesbury, and Betsy Palmer, int.Dec.14,1817.

Joseph, of Raymond, and Dolly Evans, Nov.30,1797.*

Josiah [of Raymond.int.], and Hannah Pecker, Mar.4,1810.*

Nancy, of Amesbury, and Henry Morrill, Apr.27,1817.*

Richard, of Seabrook, and Mary D. Chase, of Hampton Falls, May19,1829.

FOLANSBEE (Follansbee)

James, and Naomi Abbot, int.Aug.15,1829.

Joshua, and Adeline Brown, int.Jan.16,1835.

Mary Ann, and Stephen Davis, int.Oct.22,1831.

FOLENESBE (Follansbee)

Samuel, and Mary S. Morrill, Dec.5,1822.*

FOLENSBEE (Follansbee)

Benjamin, and Rhoda Osgood, Sept.7,1775.*

Joshua, and Dorothy Currier, Dec.7,1769.*

FOLLANSBE (Follansbee)

Daniel, and Dorothy Follansbe, May21,1786.*

Dorothy, and Daniel Follansbe, May21,1786.*

Hannah, and Henry Morrill Brown, Sept.25,1809.*

Joshua, and Mary Sawyer of Newbury, at Newbury, Sept.13,1779.*

FOLLANSBEE (Folansbee, Folenesbe, Folensbee, Follansbe, Follensbe, Follensbee, Follinsbee, Follinsby)

Abigail, and Enoch Huntress, Oct.17,1811.*

Abigail, and John Morrill, 4th, Oct.1,1817.*

Benjamin A., of Pittston, ME, and Aphia A.R. Tyler of Amesbury, Sept.末,1843.

Caroline, and Alexander Green of Lowell, Sept.13,1838.*

David [Capt. int.], and Mehitable [Currier. int.] of Amesbury, at Amesbury, Sept.5,1797.*

Joseph, and Judith Huntington of Amesbury, int.June15,1820.

Joshua [jr. int.], and Abigail Morrill, Aug.9,1792.*

Mehitable, and Thomas Goodwin, jr. of Amesbury, Jan.31,1819.*

Sally, and Joseph Currier of Freeport, Apr.2,1818.*

FOLLENSBE (Follansbee)

Naby, and [Natha.TC]n Flanders, jr., Jan.11,1797.*

Joshua, and Lydia Perkins, Apr.1,1824.*

Mary, and Peter Osgood, May19,1799.*

Samuel, and Elizabeth Ring, July1,1772.*

Samuel, jr. [of Amesbury.int.], and Mehitable Osgood, July9,1797.*

Sally, and [Capt. Ralph Cross.TC] Flanders, June20,1797.*

FOLLENSBEE (Follansbee)

Abigael, and William Sawyer [of Goffstown. int.], Oct.末,1778.*

Nabby, and Henry Gooden, jr., June11,1801.*

Amos S., of Newburyport, and Dorothy C. Tilton of Amesbury, Nov.16,1825.

Ann, and Nathaniel Brown, Jan.13,1820.*

Eliza, and Dr. Caleb Russell [Buswell. int.] of Warner, NH, Dec.1,1824.*

James, and Kezia Currier of Amesbury, int.Oct.23,1779.

Mary, and Jonathan Morrill, jr. int.Nov.12,1808.

FOLLINSBEE (Follansbee)

Joseph, and Anna Currier, Dec.10,1766.*

FOLLINSBY (Follansbee)

Hannah, and Jonathan Morrill, Jan.22,1781.*

FOOT (Foote, Foott)

Betsey, a.33y., d.Lewis and Mary, and Hezekiah S. Chase, widr., of Windham, NH, cordwainer, Aug.18,1846.*

Ephraim, and Sally Colby, both of Amesbury, Apr.2,1800.

Lemuel S., and Sarah Ann Webster, int.Nov.26,1828.

Lowell, of Amesbury, and Elisabeth Barnard, int.Oct.10,1807.

Lucien, and Lydia Eaton of Seabrook, NH, int.Oct.23,1836.

Susan, of Amesbury, and Ebenezer P. Fowler, Feb.4,1841.*

Thomas [of Amesbury.int.], and Aphia Stevens, Apr.28,1798,*

FOOTE (Foot)

Mary, and Ezra Merrill, Feb.末,1822.*

FOOTT (Foot)

Sammuell, and Hannah Currier, June23,1659.CTR

FORSTER (Foster)

Asa, of Boxford, and Dolly Morrill, Jan.20,1802.*

David, of Andover, and Judith Norton, Oct.4,1748.*


Isaac, and Nancy Currier, June1,1820.*

Silas M., and Sally Webster of Amesbury, July11,1830.*

FOSTER (Forster)

Asa, of Boxford, and Mary Morrill, Nov.1,1834.*

Lydia, and Levi Jackman [jr. int.], Nov.29,1825.*

Mary, Mrs., and Joseph Morrill, Oct.18,1838.*

Miriam, of Amesbury, and Henry Moody, int.July16,1821.


Daniell [of Exeter. int.], and Huldah Easman, Aug.16,1738.NCTBK*

Jeremiah, of Exeter, and Abigail Rollins, int.Apr.11,1726.NCTBK

FOWLER (Fowllur)

Abner, and Sarah Flanders [jr. int.], July24,1739.NCTBK*

Anna, and Thomas Wines [of Danvers.int.], Oct.21,1784.*

Anna, and Timothy Currier [of Amesbury.int.], Nov.25,1790.*

[Ann. int.], and Samuel Goodale of Salem, at Salem, July4,1717.*

Ann, and Richard Collins, Jan.6,1737.NCTBK*

Benjamin, and Lydia Martin of Amesbury, int.Mar.15,1777.

Benjamin Swett, and Catharine Page of Newburyport, int.Oct.21,1820.

Charles B., and Mary Hoyt, int.Nov.9,1842.

Daniel, and Anna Swett of Amesbury, at Amesbury, Mar.10,1791.*

David, and Sarah Selley, Mar.8,1737-8.NCTBK*

Ebenezer, and Abigaill Worthen, int.Sept.23,1730.NCTBK

Ebenezer, and Phebe Tucker, Sept.30,1731.NCTBK*

Ebenezer P., and Susan Foot of Amesbury, Feb.4,1841.*

Ebenezer P., widr., a.30y., painter, s.Daniel and Anna, and Polly E. Wadleigh, a.23y., d.Ezekiel and Betsey, June25,1846.*

Elijah, and Sarah Solleridg [Sorteridge.CR2], Dec.末,1759.*

Elijah [jr. int.], and Hannah Abbott, July3,1786.*

Elizabeth, and Thomas Silley, Jan.6,1731-2.NCTBK*

Elisabeth, and John Selly [of Hampton Falls.int.], Jan.19,1762.*

Bettey, and William Misserve [of Marblehead.int.], June8,1782.*

Elizabeth, and Enoch Wadleigh, Oct.26,1809.*

Elizabeth, and Israel Eaton, both of Seabrook, May2,1822.

Betsy, and Frederick Bagley of Amesbury, Dec.13,1825.*

Enoch, and Nancy Goodale, July8,1754.*

Enoch, and Mary O[diorne. int.] Colby, Nov.20,1813.*

Eunice, and Theopilus Swain Pevier, int.Oct.17,1812.

Eunice, and Benjamin Bagley, Jan.3,1814.*

Ezekiel, adn Meriam Webster, May末,1764.*

[Ezekiel.TC], jr., and Polly Pencil, May23,1797.*

Ezekiel, and Mrs.Jemima Flanders, Oct.15,1840.*

Hannah, and Jarves Ring, Dec.24,1685.

Hannah, and Judah Hackit, Dec.22,1714.NCTBK*

Hannah, and Thomas Flanders of South Hampton, int.Apr.27,1793.

Hannah, and Daniel Carr, Oct.30,1806.*

Hannah, and Joseph S. [Lunt. int.] Colby [of Newbury.int.], Aug.30,1812.*

Hannah M., and Benjamin Evans of New Bedford, May27,1841.*

Hannah C., and Charles K. Colby of Amesbury, int.Oct.4,1845.

Harriet, and Nathaniel Gurney, jr. of Newburyport [of Newbury.int.], Mar.27,1823.*

Harrison B., and Ruth P. Greeley, Nov.26,1840.*

Henrietta M., and Benjamin Johnson of Newbury, int.Feb.17,1844.

Jacob, and Mary Jones of Amesbury, at Amesbury, May3,1716.*

Jacob [jr. int.], and Betsy Morrill, May23,1807.*

Jacob, 3d, and Susan Eaton of Seabrook, Oct.16,1817.*

Jacob, 3d, and Sarah Jane Eaton of Seabrook, Oct.10,1830.

James, jr., and Hannah Blasdell, Dec.11,1817.*

James, and Lydia Wadleigh, Mar.末,1822.*

James F., and Mary Eaton of Seabrook, June16,1822.*

John, and Hannah Osgood, Apr.28,1816.*

Jonathan, and Mary Pecker, Nov.4,1818.*

Judith, d.Samuel and Hannah, and Tristram Collins, s.John and Elizabeth, Jan.7,1730-31.CR7*

Lydia, and Rowland Norton, June24,1725.CR2*

Lidia, and David Eaton, Mar.11,1756.*

Margrit, and William Challic, both of Amesbury, Jan.2,1698-9.NCTBK

Mary, and Enoch Sweat [of Amesbury.int.], Mar.23,1788.*

Mary, and George Morrill, Oct.26,1805.*

Mary, and William Morril [Merrill, of Amesbury.int.], Aug.4,1809.CR2*

Polly, and Jacob Townsend, Sept.21,1828.*

Mary Sweat, and Adariel Hearsys Hodgdon [of Newbury, July4,1833. int.]*

Miriam, and Joseph Rogers, Dec.7,1758.CR1*

Nancy, and Joseph Boardman, int.Apr.19,1800.

Nancy, and John Sawyer of Amesbury, int.Mar.17,1826.

Nathaniel, and Rebecca Roan of Portsmouth, NH, int.Mar.18,1849.

Obed R., of Boston, and Abigail Barnard, Dec.25,1833.*

Robert, and Mrs.Molly Lowel of Amesbury, Jan.末,1781.*

Robert, and Betsy Morrill, Aug.20,1797.*

Robert, jr., and Susan Edwards, Oct.10,1830.*

Ruth, and Peter Cassady, Feb.13,1787.*

Ruth, and Joseph J. Harcourt of Newburyport, int.Mar.12,1831.

Samuell, and Hannah Wathen, Dec.5,1684.

Samuel, jr., and Jemima Clough of Amesbury, at Amesbury, Dec.31,1707.*

Samuel, and Molley Blazdael [of Amesbury.int.], Feb.1,1784.*

Samuel, and Mary Osgood, June29,1807.*

Samuel, 3d, and Martha S. Warden of Newburyport, int.May16,1813.

Sarah, and Morris Tucker of Tiveton, RI, 16:12m:1717.CR7 [1717-18. int.]*

Sarah, and Benjamin Carr, jr., Feb.6,1804.*

Sally, and John Edwards, July9,1806.*

Sally, and Amos Bagley, int.May18,1811.

Sarah Ann, and Alfred Morrill, Nov.11,1840.*

Sukey, and Ignatius Bagley of Amesbury, May26,1818.*

Sukey, and Jacob R. Currier, May25,1820.*

Susan, and William Edward Davis, Feb.24,1831.

Suzanah, and John Jones of Amesbury, int.Apr.28,1711.NCTBK

Thomas, and Ruth Hackit, Jan.21,1730-31.NCTBK*

Thomas, and Polly [Mary.int.] Bacheldor, Dec.29,1799.*

FOWLLUR (Fowler)

Martha, of Ipswich, and Lt. John March, int.Aug.19,1710.NCTBK


Jabez, of Falmouth, and Mrs.Annie Jones, Nov.18,1746.*


Hanah, and John Hartshorn, jr., Mar.16,1695-6.NCTBK

Sarah, and John Chalic, both of Amesbury, Jan.26,1698-9.NCTBK

Susanna, of Amesbury, and Caleb Norton, at Amesbury, Mar.6,1699-1700.*


Betsy, and Levi Atwood, Dec.17,1806.CR3

FREESE (Freezes, Freise)

Betty, of Epping, and Benjamin Osgood, int.Mar.23,1787.

FREEZES (Freese)

Mary, and Benjamin Gill, Jan.27,1745.*

FREISE (Freese)

John, and 末末 Carr, int.July25,169[6.TC].NCTBK


[末rah.NCTBK], wid, and Solomon Shepherd, Aug.4,1684.

Abigail, d.John, and Henry True, jr., s.Capt. Henry, Dec.20,1699.NCTBK*

Abigall, and Philip Flanders, jr., int.Oct.20,1722.NCTBK

Abigail, and Thomas Easman [of Kingston. int.], Jan.16,1729.NCTBK*

Abigail [Mrs.CR1], and Joseph French, 3d, Jan.9,1753.*

Abigaill, and Daniel MacPerson of Kingston, int.Apr.3,1756.

Abraham, Dr., and Hanah Stevens, both of Hawke, Nov.23,1809.CR3

Amos [jr. int.], and Mary Downing [of Newburyport. int.], Dec.3,1802.*

Andrew, and Sally Jackman, Feb.5,1793.*

Anna, and Richard Long, 21:5m:1680.PR65

Ann, and Josiah Hook, Jan.12,1726-7.NCTBK*

Aphia, and Pierce Yell, Apr.7,1772.*

Benjamin, and Margrit Allin, Mar.20,1718.NCTBK*

Benjamin, and Judeth Greely, Apr.5,1720.NCTBK*

Benjamin [of Kingston. int.], and Elisabeth Eaton, Oct.9,1754.CR1*

Benjamin, and Hannah Tilton, July23,1828.*

Benjamin, jr., and Betsy Moody, Dec.14,1836.*

Charles, and Mary Walton, Mar.18,1827.*

Daniell, and Sarah Gould, May28,1730.NCTBK*

Ebenezer, and Elisabeth Gould [of Amesbury.int.], Apr.8,1725.CR2*

Ebenezer [of South Hampton. int.], and Molly Morrill, Nov.25,1790.*

Edith [of Seabrook. int.], and Enoch Smith, May22,1809.*

Edward, sr., and Mary Winsley, int.Sept.17,1695.NCTBK

Edward [s.John.NCTBK], and Jane True [d.Capt. Henry.NCTBK], June16,1702.*

Edward, jr., and Mary Dalton, int.June15,1716.NCTBK

Elias, and Hannah Jackman, Aug.9,1815.PR23*

Eliphalet, and Rebeckah Fitts, Apr.1,1747.*

Eliza, and Thomas Pearsons, jr. of Haverhill, int.May6,1842.

Elisabeth, and Jacob Hook, Jan.14,1719-20.NCTBK*

Elisabeth, and Joseph Tucker [jr. int.], Jan.11,1727-8.NCTBK*

Elisabeth and Samuell Wentworth of Dover, Dec.9,1731.NCTBK*

Elisabeth, and Nathaniell Morrill, June25,1741.NCTBK*

Elisabeth, and Ezra Juell [of Amesbury.int.], Dec.17,1761.*

Elisabeth, and Timothy French, Nov.12,1772.CR1*

Betsey, and Benjamin Eaton, Apr.11,1805.CR1*

Elizabeth, of Candia, and Joseph Gerrish, int.Dec.24,1820.

Elizabeth, and Moses Deal, May22,1825.*

Elizabeth B., and Samuel Walton, jr., Oct.20,1825.*

Enoch, and Miriam Collins, Nov.末,1775.

Esther D., and James M. Pilsbury, int.Sept.27,1844.

Ethelinda, of Amesbury, and Ichabod B. Morrill, Mar.28,1824.*

Ezra, and Mary Hoyt, Sept.22,1757.CR1*

Hannah, and John White, 26:9m:1662.

Hanah, and Gersham Wintworth of Quachecho, NH, Mar.18,1695-6.NCTBK*

Hannah, and Abraham Pettingal, Feb.29,1727-8.NCTBK*

Hannah, and Nathaniel Merrill, Feb.27,1729.NCTBK*

Hannah, and David Norton of South Hampton, int.July13,1744.

Hannah, and Zebulon Flanders [of South Hampton. int.], June2,1777.*

Hannah, and Enoch Jackman, Mar.13,1781. [Mar.15.CR1].*

Hannah, and Josiah French, jr., Sept.24,1812.*

Hannah, and Joseph S. Pike, Jan.23,1832.*

Hannah, and Paschal Fisk, Dec.3,1842.*

Henry, and Elizabeth Collins, Nov.7,1695.NCTBK*

Henry [jr. int.], and Tamzin Flanders, Jan.10,1726-7.NCTBK*

Henry [jr. int.], and Rebecca French, July27,1732.NCTBK*

Jacob, and Ann Hook, Apr.20,1727.NCTBK*

James, and Elizabeth Carr, int.Dec.8,1703.NCTBK

James, and Phebe Gill, May7,1717.NCTBK*

James [of South Hampton. int.], and Ruth Currier, Dec.5,1773.*

Jane, and John Moody, Mar.16,1811.*

Jemima, and David Mason, Dec.13,1781. [Dec.15.CR1].*

Jemima, and Siles Pike, Apr.17,1800.*

Johannah, and Stephen Merrill [jr. int.], May21,1740.NCTBK*

Joanna, and Robert Collins [of Kingston. int.], May8,1760.*

Joanna, and Benjamin Stevens, Jan.14,1784.*

Joanna T., a.27y., d.John and Elizabeth, and Benjamin Collins of South Hampton, NH, a.27y., farmer, s.Nathan and Ruth, Oct.17,1847.*

John, and Mary Noyce, Mar.23,1659.CTR

John, and Mary Sately of Amesbury, at Amesbury, June24,1756.*

John, and Molly Fitts, Nov.30,1801.*

John [jr. int.], and Elisabeth Pike, May2,1805.CR1*

Joseph, jr., and Sarah Easman, June13,1678.

Joseph [jr. int.], and Abigall Browne, Dec.20,1699.NCTBK

Joseph, and Mary Pilsbury, Aug.19,1714.NCTBK*

Joseph, and Hannah Gould of Amesbury, Jan.10,1722-3.NCTBK*

Joseph, and Ruth Knowls [of Hamton. int.], July22,1731.NCTBK*

Joseph, 3d, and [Mrs.CR1] Abigail French, Jan.9,1753.*

Joseph, and Mrs.Sarah True, Dec.16,1756.*

Joshua, and Sarah Carr [jr. int.], Dec.20,1739.NCTBK*

Joshua, Capt., and Betty Adams Merrill, Jan.1,1782.*

Josiah, and Mary Worcester, Dec.22,1736.NCTBK*

Josiah [jr. int.], and Mrs.Sarah Eaton of Seabrook, Feb.20,1777.*

[Josiah.TC], jr., and Molly Buswell, Nov.20,1796.*

Josiah [of Spaldingtown. int.], and Hannah Gill, June12,1805.*

Josiah, jr., and Hannah French, Sept.24,1812.*

Judith, and Ezekiel Evins, Oct.5,1732.NCTBK*

Judeth, and Samuel Blasdel [of Amesbury.int.], Jan.25,1759.*

Judith, and Moses Dale [jr. int.], July12,1803.*

Julia, and Micah [P. int.] Lewis of Newbury, Oct.3,1839.*

Lydia, and Thomas Silley, June22,1736.NCTBK*

Margaret, and Stephen Griffin, Dec.30,1824.*

Maria, and Moses Fitts, Dec.19,1833.*

Martha, and Lazarus Goodwin [of Newbury.int.], Apr.27,1727.NCTBK*

Martha, and Jonathan Greely, jr., Mar.13,1735.NCTBK*

Martha, and Moses Walton, Nov.26,1772.*

Mary, and Joseph Eaton, Dec.14,1683.

Mary, and James Jackman, 3d of Newbury, Dec.8,1720.NCTBK*

Mary, and Joseph Eaton, jr., Mar.25,1725.NCTBK*

Mary, and Benjamin Ladd [of Kingston. int.], Feb.11,1746. [1745-6.CR2]*

Mary, and Jacob Stevens, Dec.14,1762.CR1

Mary, and James Pike, Aug.23,1768.CR1*

Mary, and Moses Gill, May28,1775.

Mary Ann, of Kensington, NH, and Eleazar a.Johnson int.Aug.11,1838.

Mehetabel, and Benjamin Smith [of Exeter. int.], Sept.4,1729.NCTBK*

Meriam, and Roland Bradbury, Oct.1,1800.*

Moses, and Sarah French, May9,1744.*

Moses, jr., and Sarah Morrill of South Hampton, int.Oct.10,1761.

Moses, and Sarah Greenleaf [of Seabrook. int.], Aug.12,1773.CR1*

Moses, and Molly Smith, Mar.25,1784.CR1*

Moses, and Martha Buswell, int.Dec.22,1804.

Moses, and Hannah Moody, Sept.24,1812.*

Moses [jr. int.], and Joanna Eaton, May6,1822.*

Moses, and Mary Brown of Newburyport, int.Jan.29,1831.

Moses, 3d, and Martha Davis, int.July10,1845.

Nathaniel [of Kingston. int.], and Abigail Easman, Sept.19,1728.NCTBK*

Nehemiah, and Judith Osgood, Nov.13,1735.NCTBK*

Nicholas, and Sarah French, Nov.24,1741.NCTBK*

Nicolas, and Jane Greeley, May2,1765.CR1*

Nicolas, and Anna Pike, June6,1769.CR1*

Nicholas Pettingell, and Betty Coffin, May12,1799.*

Nicholas, and Esther Deal, int.Apr.18,1824.

Nicholas P., and Mary Bell of Newburyport, int.Oct.15,1825.

Nicholas P., jr., a.25, y., house carpenter, s.Josiah and Hannah, and Mary Dow, a.24y., d.Levi and Nancy, Dec.20,1846.*

Obediah, and Hannah Boyington of Kingston, int.Nov.1,1737.NCTBK

Phebe, and Jesse Carr, Aug.12,1784.CR1*

Rachel, of South Hampton, and Lt. William Brown, int.Aug.22,1789.

Rachel, and Daniel Fitts of Candia, Mar.3,1790.CR1*

Rachel [E. int.], and Christopher C. Dow of Seabrook, NH, Feb.15,1835.*

Rebecca, and Henry French [jr. int.], July27,1732.NCTBK*

Rebeckah, and Orlando Bagley [of Kingston. int.], Apr.27,1757.CR1*

Reuben, and Tirzah Ring, int.Jan.4,1754.

Rhoda, and John Maxfield, Dec.17,1777.*

Richard [of Newbury.int.], and Nabby Collins, Apr.17,1798.*

Ruth, and John Currier [of Amesbury.int.], Apr.29,1736.NCTBK*

Ruth, of Kingston, and James George, int.Sept.30,1769.

Ruth, and Samuel Eaton, 3d, June14,1803.*

Silome, and Bradbury Morrill, Nov.20,1794.*

Samuell, and Abigail Brown, 1:4m:166[4.TC].

Samuell, and Mary Colins, Nov.23,1721.NCTBK*

Samuel [jr. int.], and Mary Whitcher, May7,1729.CR2*

Samuell, and Abigail Jackman, Aug.1,1749.*

Samuel, and Lizzy Eaton, Jan.17,1760.*

Sarah, and Joseph Clefford of Kingston [NH. int.], Apr.13,1710.NCTBK*

Sarah, and Theophilus Clough, Jan.4,1727-8.NCTBK*

Sarah, and Enoch Hoyt, Dec.3,1735.NCTBK*

Sarah, and Nicholas French, Nov.24,1741.NCTBK*

Sarah, of South Hampton, and Abraham True, int.Feb.22,1744-5.

Sarah, and Moses French, May9,1744.*

Sarah, and Israel Pike, Oct.25,1768.CR1*

Sarah, and John Stevens [jr. int.], May12,1782.CR1*

Sarah, and Merrill Teuksbury [of Newburyport. int.], May8,1808.*

Sally, and Samuel Eaton, jr. [of Solon. int.], Feb.21,1811.*

Simon, and Mrs.Abigail Noyes of Newbury, at Newbury, May8,1707.*

Simon, of Kingston, NH, and Sarah Heard, int.Oct.7,1709.NCTBK

Simon, and Betty Baker, Feb.18,1782.*

Stephen [of Seabrook. int.], and Sarah Morrill, Feb.20,1794.*

Susana, and Robert Carr, Dec.4,1712.NCTBK*

Susanna, and James George [of Amesbury.int.], Apr.12,1724.CR2*

Susanna, and Joseph Hoyt, Dec.3,1746.*

Timothy, and Mary Heriman of Haverhill, int.Dec.16,1704.NCTBK

Timothy [jr. int.], and Ruth Greeley, Apr.29,1708.NCTBK*

Timothy, of Kingston, and Sarah Hered, Nov.24,1709.NCTBK

Timothy, and wid.Mary Pike, June28,1722.NCTBK*

Timothy, and Elisabeth French, Nov.12,1772.CR1*


John, and Abigail Boyd of Seabrook, NH, int.Apr.18,1844.


Betsy, of Haverhill, and Paul Pilsbury, int.Feb.29,1812.


Ellot [of Ryols Burrer. int.], and Sarah Bagley, July28,1774.*

Esther, and Levi B. Pierce of South Hampton, Mar.19,1835.*

Louisa, and John Dennett, Nov.15,1838.*

Mary, and Ephraim Eastman of Newburyport, Aug.20,1839.*

Newell, and Judith Bagley, Oct.11,1835.*

Philip G., and Eunice Tibbetts, int.Oct.24,1829.

Thomas, and Betsy Greely [bet. June3 and June10], 1805.CR2*

William, jr., and Lucy [P. int.] Collins, Aug.11,1839.*


John [Fulford.TC], and Abigail Souter, both of Seabrook, Dec.31,1827.


Rachill, of Hampton, and John Bond, int.July29,1719.NCTBK

Sarah H., of Amesbury, a.21y., d.Samuel and Persella, and Josiah Grant, widr., of Amesbury, a.26y., manufacturer, s.Joshua and Olive, July19,1846.

FULLERTON (Fullington)

James, of Portland [ME. int.], and Mary Ann Morrill, Sept.15,1839.*

FULLINGTON (Fullerton)

Jonathan, and Polly Dow, Mar.28,1793.*

Polly, and John Low of Kensington, int.Sept.9,1815.

FURNALD (Farnal)

Nancy T., of Exeter, and Hollis Smart, int.Dec.28,1832.

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