William, and Caroline Bartlett of Newbury, int.Feb.1,1834.

TAPPAN (Toppan)

Christipher, of Hampton, and Sarah Eaton, Dec.14,1748.*

James, and Mary Allin, June10,1725.CR2*

John, and Ruth Herd [ wid.int.], Dec.2,1717.NCTBK*

Jonathan W., of East Kingston, and Hannah Eastman, int.Apr.13,1833.

Mary, and John Eveins, Dec.23,1714.NCTBK*

Sarah, and Jabis True, Jan.8,1707-8.NCTBK*


Edmund, and Martha Danford, int.June12,1830.

TAYLOR (Taylour)

Dorothy, and James Morse, both of Amesbury, June28,1810.

Betsey, of Amesbury, a.33y., d.John and Sarah, and Benjamin Johnson, widr., of Andover, a.40y., manufacturer, s.Benjamin and Ann, Apr.11,1847.

Harriet, of Amesbury, and Charles S. Blake, Sept.21,1841.*

Henry, and Mary Morse, both of Amesbury, Nov.15,1841.

John [of Amesbury.int.], and Anna Wadleigh, Oct.5,1810.*

Joseph, of Exeter, and Penelope Feavor, Oct.6,1718.NCTBK*

Sarah, and John Ashworth of Amesbury, int.Feb.6,1824.

TAYLOUR (Taylor)

Joseph [of Hampton. int.], and Sarah Morrill [ wid.int.], Jan.10,1733-4.NCTBK*

TEBBETTS (Tibbetts)

Israel B., and Eliza James of Kensington, NH, int.Jan.26,1833.

TENNEY (Tinny)


Merrill [of Newburyport. int.], and Sarah French, May8,1808.*


Isaac [jr., of Amesbury.int.], and Mary Tewksbury, May23,1815.*.

Mary, and Isaac Tewksbury [jr., of Amesbury.int.], May23,1815.*


Nathan, and Sally Read, Apr.19,1798.*

THOMPSON (Thomson, Tompson, Tomson)

Elizabeth B., and James Plunkett of Amesbury, int.June15,1836.

Ezra, of Kensington [Kingston.CR2], and Roda Perkens of Hampton [South Hampton.CR2], Dec.2,1805.

Jacob [of Ipswich.int.], and Judith Clough, Feb.16,1743-4.NCTBK*

John, widr., and wid.Mary Ash, jr. of Amesbury, at Amesbury.July28,1707.*

John, and Ora Poor of Rowley, int.Oct.8,1808.

Mary, and Samuel Blasdell [jr. of Amesbury.int.], Feb.17,1762.CR1*

Ruth, and Simeon Choate [resident of Salisbury.int.], May29,1770.CR1*

Thomas, and Dorothy Young of Kingston, int.Dec.15,1759.

THOMSON (Thompson)

Jacob, jr., and Hannah Palmer of Kensington, int.May4,1753.

THORN (Thorne, Thron)

Abigail, and William Buswell [jr. int.], July14,1731.NCTBK*

Barnard, and Apphia Norten, Dec.14,1769.*

James, and Hannah Brown, Jan.12,1702-3.NCTBK*

[Joa.TC]nah, and John Stevens, 17:12m:1669.

John, and Elizabeth Clough, Feb.13,1734-5.NCTBK*

John, of Kingston, and Elizabeth Brown, Oct.21,1742.NCTBK*

Lucy, and William Gale [of Amesbury.int.], Nov.22,1804.*

Martha, of Ipswich, and Zachariah Eastman, at Ipswich, June8,1703.*

Samuell, and Abigail Sandborn of Hampton, int.Oct.2,1736.NCTBK

THORNE (Thorn)

Samuell, and Abigaill Cram [of Hampton. int.], Mar.24,1731.NCTBK*


Jonathan [of Hampton. int.], and Hannah Dow, Sept.16,1736.NCTBK*

THRON (Thorn)

James [Thorne.CR2], and Mercy Morse, Feb.13,1745.*

James [Thorn. int.], of Kingston, and Hannah Brown, Jan.13,1748[-9].*

Sarah [Thorn. int.], and Samuell Buswell of Kingston, Aug.末,1748.*


Matilda J., of Newbury, and Joseph Pike, jr., int.Oct.6,1849.

TIBBETS (Tibbetts)

Love, and Marcus Burr of Bellingham, Apr.2,1844.*

Reuben C., and Sarah Ann Morril, May19,1842.*

Ruth, b. Sanford, ME, and Ezra Worthen, b. Amesbury, July末,1831.PR33

TIBBETTS (Tebbetts, Tibbets)

Eunice, and Isaac Reed, Sept.1,1828.*

Eunice, and Philip G. Frost, int.Oct.24,1829.

James L., a.22y., manufacturer, s.Eliot and Polly, and Adeline Curtis, a.22y., d.Ashley and Betsey, Apr.21,1846.*

Sally, and Benjamin B. Gale, May1,1823.*


Washington, and Sarah Osborn of Newburyport, int.Sept.10,1825.


Dorothy C., of Amesbury, and Amos S. Follensbee of Newburyport, Nov.16,1825.

Fanny, and Gilman D. Cass of Newton [NH. int.], Nov.20,1831.*

Hannah, and Benjamin French, July23,1828.*

Josiah [of Hampton. int.], and Sarah Flanders, Feb.8,1732-3.NCTBK*

Sarah [of Kensington. int.], and Moses Fitts, Nov.24,1815.*

Sarah M., and True Morrill, jr., Oct.19,1828.*


Sally C. [of Amesbury.int.], and John L. Junkins末蔓末,1835. [Apr.5. int.]*


Alfred, and Dolly M. Merrill, int.Apr.2,1831.

Ann M., of South Hampton, NH, and Moses Gill of Amesbury, May22,1832.

Benaih, of South Hampton, and Jane D. Bagley, Apr.15,1832.*

Elisabeth, of Amesbury, and Samuel Swett, at Amesbury, Nov.9,1794.

Oliver [of Newbury.int.], and Anne Osgood, Oct.26,1752.*

P. Edward, and Mary M. Pettengill, Aug.13,1844.*

Salley, of South Hampton, and Henry Wadleigh, int.Nov.17,1810.


Ellen, and John O'Brien of Seabrook, NH, int.Apr.18,1846.


James P., of Rowley, and Lydia [M. int.] Gerrish, Aug.10,1842.*

TOMPSON (Thompson)

Elisabeth, and Eliphalet Maxfield, Mar.26,1741.NCTBK*

Hannah, and Phillip Brown, Feb.8,1756. [Jan 22,1757. int.]*

Mary [ wid.int.], and Joseph Flanders, Oct.16,1718.NCTBK*

TOMSON (Thompson)

Abia, and Caleb Clough [jr. int.], Nov.27,1728.NCTBK*

John, and 末末 Bruer.末蔓末, 末末. [bet. 1689 and 1691.]

Mary, and Stephen Edmonds, int.Oct.10,1767.

Miriam, and Ezekiel Clough, Oct.31,1754.*

Peter, and Hannah Osgood [ wid.int.], Sept.19,1715.NCTBK*

Rhoda, and Nathaniell Webster, jr., Nov.16,1769.*

Sarah, and Abraham Fitts, May16,1655.CTR

Thomas, and Judith [Lidiah.int.] Quinbe, Dec.3,1719.NCTBK*

TONGE (Tongue)

Sarah, and Nathaniell Maxfield, Jan.7,1718-19.NCTBK*

TONGUE (Tonge)

Stephen, and Mary Payne, at Amesbury, May31,1688.

TOPPAN (Tappan)

George T., of Newburyport, and Harriet Flanders, int.June21,1843.

James, and Abigail Morrill, jr., int.Nov.12,1731.NCTBK

Rachel [of Kensington. int.], and Benony Selly, Oct.9,1739.NCTBK*


Henry C., a.23y., harness-maker, s.Calvin and Ann, and Eliza a.Paine, a.18y., d.Edward and Mary Oct.14,1849.*


Ann B.L., and John Mason, both of Hampton, NH, July21,1831.

Anthony F., of Newburyport, and Hannah O. Jones, int.Oct.30,1841.

Elisha, of Hampton, and Sally Bragg, int.Apr.8,1797.

Gardner, and Betsy Fogg, both of Epping,末蔓末, [1809.]CR3

Mary Ann, and James P. Blanchard, Apr.3,1829.*

Robert, and Hannah M. Pike, Jan.8,1833.*

Samuel F., of Newburyport, and Pamelia Ann Jones, int.Oct.6,1838.

Stephen M., and Sarah W. Dole, Sept.23,1823. [ Sept.18.PR28].*

Steven M., Capt., and Eliza Ann Barker, Apr.28,1844.*

TOWNSEND (Townshend)

Elizabeth, and Samuel Collins, Oct.12,1823.*

Jacob, and Polly Fowler, Sept.21,1828.*

Sarah, and John Pike, Dec.19,1754.CR1*

Timothy, and Martha Buswel, Feb.26,1733-4.NCTBK*

TOWNSHEND (Townsend)

Sarah, of Amesbury, and Thomas Hall, int.Apr.22,1847.


Mihell, and Mary Husse, June4,1678.PR65


Abel [of Royalsborough.int.], and Abigail Brown, Feb.11,1787.*

Abigill, and Joseph Page, Nov.22,1722.NCTBK*

Abigail, Mrs., and Jonathan Kimbal of Plaistow, Nov.29,1753.CR1*

Abigaill, and Simeon Cooper, both of Newbury, Jan.5,1808.

Abraham, and Sarah French of South Hampton, int.Feb.22,1744-5.

Abraham, jr., and Mary Locke of Seabrook [NH. int.], Nov.16,1831.*

Almira S., a.21y., d.Winthrop and Sally, and Edward Gordon, a.23y., joiner, s.Moses and Rhoda, Nov.26,1846.*

Anna, and John Webster, Apr.22,1784.*

Anna, and John Collins of Newburyport, Jan.1,1835.*

Anne, and William Smith, Aug.16,1770.*

Benjamin, and Mary Eaton, Jan.4,1715-16.NCTBK*

Benjamin, and Judith Morrill, Dec.26,1717.NCTBK*

Benjamin [jr. int.], and Mehitabel Osgood, Jan.25,1753.CR2*

Benjamin S., and Elizabeth Shaw of Hampton, NH, int.Nov.8,1844.

Cyrus, and Nancy M. Barnard, int.Dec.28,1849.

David, and Sarah Osgood, July26,1791.*

Dorothy, and Humphry Currier [of Amesbury.int.], Feb.14,1754.*

Dorothy, and Abel Jackman, Jan.30,1791.*

Dorothy, and George W. Baker, Sept.25,1825.*

Dudley, and Sarah Evins, Jan.5,1764.*

Ebenezer, and Ruth Stevens, Apr.21,1774.*

Ebenezer, and Fanny C. Howell of Portland ME, int.Apr.10,1830.

Eleanor, and Abraham Morrill, May15,1729.CR2*

Eleanor, and Daniel Morrill [jr. int.], Feb.2,1748.*

Eleanor, Mrs., and David Evans, July31,1760.*

Eleanor, and Stephen Osgood, Aug.31,1785.*

Elijah, and Susa Clefford of Kensington, int.Oct.3,1767.

Elisabeth, and Dr. Samuell Gyles, July2,1734.NCTBK*

Betty, and William Brown Clough, May末,1748.

Elisabeth, and Jonathan Evans, Dec.24,1761.*

Elisabeth, and Nathanel Wilson [of Gilmanton. int.], Mar.2,1790.*

Betty, and Parker Merrill of South Hampton, int.Apr.21,1792.

Elizabeth Ann, and Emery H. Twombley, June28,1840.*

Elvira M., and Joseph Merrill, jr., both of Amesbury, Dec.29,1833.

Ephraim, of Seabrook, and Anna Osgood, Nov.10,1823.*

Eunice, and John Merrill, Dec.12,1786.*

Unes, and Samuel Lambre Brown of Hampton, int.Apr.10,1805.

Ezekiel, of North Yarmouth, and Mary Morrill, int.Apr.20,1744.

Ezekiel, jr., and Mary True, Nov.9,1780.*

George W., and Eliza J. Morrill, Dec.7,1842.*

Hannah, and James Tucker, June15,1721.NCTBK*

Hannah, and Samuel Moodey, Mar.9,1726-7.NCTBK*

Hannah, and Thomas Brown of Kensington, int.Oct.31,1746.

Hannah, and Caleb Pike, 3d.int.Jan.19,1811.

Hannah, and Newell Locke of Seabrook, NH, int.Dec.30,1837.

Harriet N., and Alden B. Morse of Amesbury, int.Sept.6,1845.

Henry, and Jane Bradbury, 15:1m:1668.

Henry, jr., s.Capt. Henry, and Abigail French, d.John, Dec.20,1699.NCTBK*

Henry, and Ann Allin, int.Sept.19,1727.NCTBK

Henry, and Mary Morrill [4th.int.], Apr.5,1757.*

Ira, and Rhoda Pettengill Hook, July12,1847.PR26*

Israel, and Mary Carr, Aug.20,1761.*

Jabis, and Sarah Tappan, Jan.8,1707-8.NCTBK*

Jabez, jr., and Sarah Eaton, Feb.10,1740-41.NCTBK*

Jabez, and Hannah Eaton of Hawke, int.Nov.29,1782.

Jabez, and Ruth Brown, Nov.9,1786.*

Jabez, jr., and Anna Fitts, Dec.3,1826.*

Jacob, and Elizabeth Carr. Feb.15,1732-3.NCTBK*

Jacob [of Falmouth.int.], and Anne Webster, Oct.末,1748.*

Jacob, and Lydia Dow of Seabrook, int.Mar.20,1773.

Jacob, and Irena C. Haynes of Louden, NH, int.June3,1837.

Jane [d.Capt. Henry.NCTBK], and Edward French [s.John.NCTBK], June16,1702.*

Jane, and Daniel Page, June5,1725.CR2*

Jane, and Joseph Eaton, jr., Jan.11,1736-7.NCTBK*

Janne, and [BenjamTC] in Choate, Oct.6,1796.*

Jemima, and Thomas Bradbury, Oct.30,1700.NCTBK*

Jemima, and William Gill, Jan.10,1722-3.NCTBK*

Jemima, and Joseph True, Feb.18,1741-2.NCTBK*

Jemima, and Benjamin Bradbury, Mar.28,1749.*

John, and Martha Merrill, June16,1702.NCTBK*

John, jr., and Mary Brown of North Yarmouth, Sept.4,1730.NCTBK

John, and Mehitable Cram of Hampton Falls, int.Nov.3,1786.

John, and Joanna Baker, Oct.7,1817.*

John A., and Charlotte E. Dow of Seabrook, NH, int.Oct.23,1841.

Jonathan, and Ann Stevens of Stratham, int.Sept.21,1745.

Joseph, and Ruth Whittier, Apr.20,1675.

Joseph, and Kezia Hubard, Dec.16,1701.NCTBK*

Joseph, and Jemima True, Feb.18,1741-2.NCTBK*

Joseph, and Abigail Page, int.Nov.4,1749.

Joseph, and Roxanna Currier of Amesbury, Feb.18,1849.*

Judith, and William Osgood [jr. int.], Mar.9,1738-9.NCTBK*

Judeth [jr. int.], and Abel Davis [jr. int.], Apr.19,1758.*

Judith, and William Carlisle, Nov.17,1809.*

Judith, and Jonathan Collins, int.Dec.22,1849.

Keturah, and Enoch March, Feb.11,1741-2.NCTBK

Lydia, and Benjamin Greeley, Feb.24,1772.CR1*

Martha, and Abraham Eaton, Dec.19,1742.NCTBK*

Martha, and Jonathan Clough, Dec.10,1776.*

Martha, and Winslow Page [of Gilmanton. int.], Jan.13,1784.*

Mary, and Ephraim Eaton, Feb.5,1688.

Mary, and Isarel Shepard, Apr.3,1718.NCTBK*

Mary, and Henry Eaton, Aug.10,1727.NCTBK*

Mary, and Nehemiah Page, Feb.28,1728-9.NCTBK*

Mary, and Reuben Osgood, June末,1755.

Mary, of South Hampton, and Jacob Morrill [jr. int.], Dec.29,1756. [Oct.21.CR2].*

Mary, and Moses Merrill [jr. of Biddeford.int.], Oct.25,1763.CR1*

Mary, and Jonathan Edmonds, int.Feb.3,1776.

Mary, and William True, Jan.29,1778.*

Mary, and Archelaus Morrill [jr. int.], Feb.18,1779.*

Mary, and Ezekiel True, jr., Nov.9,1780.*

Polly, and Joseph Merrill, May8,1799.*

Polly [of Newbury.int.], and Jacob Bartlet, Oct.14,1810.*

Mary, and Aaron O. Morrill, int.Nov.25,1848.

Miriam, and Jonathan Perkins of Hampton, int.Oct.27,1752.

Meriam, of Seabrook, and Joshua Pike, int.Sept.28,1799.

Moses, 3d, and Abigill Currier of Haverhill, int.Dec.28,1771.

Moses, and Sarah True. Feb.26,1787.*

Moses, jr., and Hannah Brown, Dec.14,1794.*

Moses, and Ruth Greeley, Jan.5,1813.*

Moses, jr., and Elizabeth Hook, Dec.25,1834.*

Rebecca, of Kensington, and Joseph Bagley, jr., int.Oct.11,1812.

Reuben, and Hannah Osgood, Apr.19,1758. [July12.CR2; June10. int.]*

Rhoda, and Joseph Bagley [jr. int.], Feb.末,1763. [Jan.6.CR2].*

Ruth, and John Gilles of Casco, Oct.26,1703.NCTBK*

Ruth, and Benjamin Baker, Jan.22,1735-6.NCTBK*

Ruth, and Nathanel Gillman [of Gilmanton. int.], Feb.20,1791.*

Ruth, and Robert Dow, jr. of Seabrook, NH. int.Sept.24,1836.

Samuell, and Ann Currier, Jan.15,1735-6.NCTBK*

Samuell, and Sarah Evins, Jan.末,1754,*

Samuel [jr. int], and Mrs.Hannah Haseltine of Haverhill at Haverhill, Apr.11,1754.*

Samuel, and Sarah Mials of Newbury, int.Aug.29,1772.

Samuel [jr. int.], and Anna Pike, Mar.2,1783.*

Samuel, 3d, and Mary Edwards, July5,1807.*

Samuel, 4th, and Joanna Stevens, Sept.30,1813.*

Samuel, 4th [5th.int.], and Mary Adams [of Amesbury.int.], Feb.13,1838.PR42*

Sarah, and Moses Merrill [jr. int.], Dec.11,1729.NCTBK*

Sarah, and Jabez Eaton, Jan.16,1732-3.NCTBK*

Sarah, and Moses Woodbery, Jan.20,1750-51.*

Sarah, Mrs.and Joseph French, Dec.16,1756.*

Sarah, and Jacob Buswell, Jan.16,1770.CR1*

Sarah, and Samuel Paage [of South Hampton. int.], Mar.5,1771.*

Sarah, and Moses Pike [jr. int.], Jan.9,1774.CR1*

Sarah, and Moses True, Feb.26,1787.*

Sally, and David Woodman of South Hampton, Nov.5,1820.*

Susan G., and Edmund N. Sargent of Amesbury, int.Jan.3,1849.

Thomas, of South Hampton, and Sarah Clough, int.Aug.25,1753.

Thomas, and Mary Hubbard, June27,1769.CR1*

William [jr. int.], and Annah Bradbury, Nov.9,1721.NCTBK*

William [jr. int.], and Miriam Clough, Jan.17,1764.*

William, and Mary True, Jan.29,1778.*

William, and Betty Tucker, Feb.15,1787.*

William, and Susana Lowell, Mar.15,1802. [Mar.14,1801.PR46].*

Winthrop, and Dorothy Currier, June15,1732.NCTBK [June16.CR2].*

Winthrop [jr. int.], and Sarah Smith, Jan.30,1766.*

Winthrop, and Sally Sanborn of East Kingston, int.Feb.7,1824.

TRUSEL (Trussell)

Polly, of Amesbury, and Richard Osgood, int.Feb.21,1801.

TRUSSEL (Trussell)

John, of Amesbury, and Hannah Goodwin. int.Oct.11,1823.

TRUSSELL (Trusel, Trussel)

Hannah, of Amesbury, and John Wardwell of Andover, July17,1842.

Mary, of Amesbury, and William Bartlett, Apr.28,1841.*


Anna M., and Abel Morrill, Apr.3,1825.*

Benjamin, and Betsy Q. Gale of Amesbury, Nov.26,1826.*

Benony, and Ebenezer Nicols, June末,1686.

Clarissa, and Charles Morrill, int.Dec.11,1835.

David T., and Ann R. Morrill, Dec.14,1820.*

David T., widr., of Newbury, farmer, s.Samuel, and Eleanor Fitz, wid., Dec.6,1845.*

Ebenezer, and Deborah Blake of Hampton, int.Dec.25,1731.NCTBK

Ebenezer, and Mary Adams, Dec.5,1758.*

Ebenezer, and Hope Prescut of Kensington. int.Dec.18,1802.

Ebenezer, and Ethelinda Wadleigh of Amesbury, int.Oct.30,1831.

Elizabeth, and Stephen Batchelder [of Hampton. int.], Mar.19,1747.*

Betty, and William True, Feb.15,1787.*

Betsey R., and William Chadbourn of Amesbury, int.Mar.21,1829.

Jabez, and Ruth Morrill, Jan.5,1748.*

James, and Hannah True, June15,1721.NCTBK*

James, and Miriam Osgood, Feb.6,1753.CR2*

Janet, and Nancy Fifield of Hampton Falls, int.Feb.26,1803.

Joseph, and Phebe Page, int.Oct.14,1695.NCTBK

Joseph [jr. int.], and Elisabeth French, Jan.11,1727-8.NCTBK

Katherine, and Jonathan Severance, Feb.24,1725-6.CR2

Livonia, a.25y., d.James and Nancy, and Benjamin S. Blake of Andover, a.24y., cabinet-maker, s.Joseph and Nancy, Sept.27,1846.*

Martha, and Chase Osgood, Nov.22,1750.*

Martha, and Samuel Huntoon of Salisbury, NH, int.Mar.18,1801.

Mary, and Jonathan Edmans, Mar.3,1776.

Mary, of Poplin, and William Tucker, int.Dec.13,1788.

Mary, and James Chase [of Amesbury.int.], June14,1795.*

Polly, and Timothy P. Morrill, int., Dec.3,1825.

Mary A., and Asa F. Kimball, int.Mar.8,1829.

Meriam, of Gilmanton, and Joseph Stevens, jr., int.Aug.19,1784.

Morris, and Elizabeth Stevens, 14:8m:1661.

Morris, of Tiverton, RI, and Sarah Fowler, 16:12m:1717.CR7 [1717-18. int.]*

Morrice [of Kensington. int.], and Lydia Carr. Dec.20,1753.*

Moses, and Johannah Dow of Haverhill, int.Aug.18,1727.NCTBK*

Nancy, and Hiram Collins, Nov.18,1832.*

Phebe, and Ebenezer Fowler, Sept.30,1731.NCTBK*

Ruamy [D. int.], and John C. Jewell of South Hampton, NH, July8,1840.*

Samuel Adams, and Moly [Polly.int.] Tuxbury, Nov.14,1793.*

Samuel A., and Betty Gove, Dec.19,1803.*

Sarah, and John Brown, jr., Nov.13,1816.*

Sarah B., a.32y., d.James and Nancy, and Enoch S. Morrill, 2d.m., a.35y., manufacturer, s.Samuel and Judith, June24,1849.*

Sophronia, a.27y., d.James and Nancy, and Moses Merrill, a.28y., currier, s.Moses and Betsey, Nov.30,1848.*

William, and Mary Tucker of Poplin, int.Dec.13,1788.

TUEXBURY (Tuxbury)

Miriam, and John Wadleigh, Nov.26,1812.*


Prudence, of Woburn, and Capt. Richard Carr, int.Mar.29,1727.NCTBK


Anna, of South Hampton, and Josiah Tukesbury, int.Jan.19,1771.

Isaac, and Anna Flanders, int.Feb.17,1776.

James, and Sally Coffin of Hampton, int.Dec.26,1810.

Josiah, and Anna Tukesbury of South Hampton, int.Jan.19,1771.

Judith, of Newtown, and Jerediah Flanders, int.Dec.30,1769.

William, of Amesbury, and Eliza Morrill, int.Oct.29,1842.


Persis, and William T. Osgood of Amesbury, int.Nov.8,1834.

Richmond, of Newburyport, and Lucy Williams, int.Mar.28,1836.

TUXBEARY (Tuxbury)

David, Dea., and Dorothy Currier of Amesbury, int.Sept.18,1779.

Hannah, and Timothy Challis of Amesbury, int.Jan.13,1780.

Sarah, and Daniel Page of South Hampton, int.Feb.1,1782.

TUXBERY (Tuxbury)

Daniel, and Hannah Hoit of Amesbury, int.Sept.8,1785.

TUXBURY (Teuksbury, Tewksbury, Tuexbury, Tukesbury, Tuxbeary, Tuxbery)

Nabby, and Theophilous Steven of Deerfield, int.Mar.27,1801.

Abigail, and Thomas Currier, jr., int.Sept.1,1803.

Clarissa, and Nathan Wells, jr. [of Amesbury.int.],末蔓末, 末末 [ Sept.30,1829. int.]*

Daniel, and Polly Burgan of Allenstown, int.Nov.13,1801.

Daniel, and Sally Woodman of Candia, int.Mar.18,1815,

David, Dea., and [Mrs.CR2] Sarah Clark, Nov.7,1799.*

Elizabeth, and William Rowell [of Newtown. int.], Dec.31,1795.*

Betsy, of Amesbury, and Charles Jewell, Oct.29,1822.

Frederick W., of Amesbury, a.25y., yeoman, s.Daniel and Sally, of Amesbury, and Elizabeth F. Peaslee of Newton, NH, a.18y., d.Richard and Elizabeth, of Newton, May7,1846.

Hannah B., and Asa Hutchinson, jr. of Fayette, int.June20,1834.

Lois S., and Daniel P. Drown [of Portsmouth, NH. int.], Nov.26,1811.*

Lidia [of Amesbury.int.], and Timothy Osgood, Jan.23,1806.*

Moly [Polly.int.], and Samuel Adams Tucker, Nov.14,1793.*

Moses, and Lidia Merrill of South Hampton, int.Mar.27,1784.

Nancy, and Henry Williams of Haverhill, int.Feb.4,1801.

Sally, and Joseph Hoyt of Newtown, Jan.28,1806.

Sally, and Bradbury M. Carr, July4,1824.*

TWOMBLEY (Twombly)

Emery H., and Elizabeth Ann True, June28,1840.*

TWOMBLY (Twombley)

Benjamine, of Dover, and Hannah Evens, July10,1721.NCTBK*


Aphia A.R., of Amesbury, and Benjamin a.Follansbee of Pittston, ME, Sept.末,1843.

Jonathan [of Newburyport. int.], and Mary Osgood, Jan.12,1809.*

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