WADELIGH (Wadleigh)

Merriam, and Moses Martin [of Amesbury.int.], Jan.8,1767.*

WADLEIGH (Wadeligh, Wadley)

Abba C., and John Coffin of Amesbury, int.Oct.27,1838.

Abigail, and John Currier, Mar.15,1764.*

Abigail, and Thomas Young of Newburyport, int.Sept.22,1778.

Abigail, and Richard Morrill of Amesbury, Mar.11,1819.*

Adams, and Sarah Greeley, Dec.30,1772.CR1*

Adams, and Naomi Wadleigh, May28,1796.*

Alice, and William Dannills of Newbury, Dec.10,1718.NCTBK*

Anna, and Samuel Adams [of Salisbury, NH. int.], Sept.16,1805. [1804.CR2].*

Anna, and John Taylor [of Amesbury.int.], Oct.5,1810.*

Benjamin, of Exeter, and Judeth Clough, Dec.24,1722.NCTBK*

Benjamin, and Judith Morrill, Feb.3,1737.NCTBK*

Benjamin, and Hannah Goodwin, Oct.5,1783.*

Benjamin D[ean. int.], and Lois Edwards, May14,1810.*

Benjamin D. [jr. int.], and Sarah A[nn Goodrich.int.] Goodridge of Amesbury, July10,1842.*

Benjamin, a.25y., laborer, s.Samuel and Miriam, and Saran Ann Merrill, a.24y., d.Eliphalet and Sarah, May3,1847.*

Benjamin, 2d m., a.26y., laborer, s.Samuel and Miriam, and Hannah Healey, a.21y., d.Samuel and Mary, Jan.16,1849.*

Clarissa A., and Ira F. Brown, Nov.30,1843.*

Dane, and Margaret Morrill, int.Dec.14,1745.

Edward, and Naomi Blasdel, July5,1779.*

Edward, and Meriam Morrill, Sept.9,1800.*

Eleanor, and Joseph Clefford [of Kingston. int.], Nov.30,1758.*

Eleazer L., of Amesbury, and Sally Wells, int.Jan.17,1829.

Elijah, and Rhoda Smith, Aug.4,1805.*

Eliphalet, and Betsy Currier, May8,1814.*

Eliza [a.int.], and Joseph Flanders, jr., May13,1833.*

Elizabeth, and Thomas Bordman, Dec.8,1807.*

Elizabeth, and Samuel Hoit of Amesbury, Apr.18,1811.*

Enoch, and Elizabeth Fowler, Oct.26,1809.*

Ephraim, and Sarah Addams of Amesbury, June28,1720.NCTBK*

Ephraim, and Molley Barnard, Feb.2,1784.*

Ephraim B., and Lydia Leonard of Amesbury, int.Mar.11,1812.

Ethelinda, of Amesbury, and Ebenezer Tucker, int.Oct.30,1831.

Ezekiel, and Betsy Blasdell, int.Feb.9,1822.

Hannah, and Elezer Goodin, Dec.17,1761.*

Hannah, and William Swett of Amesbury, at Amesbury, Jan.23,1799.*

Hannah, and Phillip Webster, Dec.25,1817.*

Hannah G. [of Newbury.int.], and Elias P. Dole, Feb.16,1832.PR28*

Henry, and Salley Titcomb of South Hampton, int.Nov.17,1810.

Jane, and Richard Allen, int.Aug.25,1833.

John, and Mary Carwithen, int.Feb.7,1718.NCTBK

John, and Rachel Phippeny [of Boston. int.], at Boston, Oct.21,1736.*

John, and Miriam Tuexbury, Nov.26,1812.*

Jonathan, and Mrs.Mary Leach of Amesbury, Nov.4,1839.*

Joseph, and Abigall Allin, Jan.9,1711-12.NCTBK*

Joseph, and Betty Morrill, Oct.27,1779.*

Joseph, and Anne Stevens, Feb.18,1790.CR1*

Joseph, and Jane Corser of Boscawen, int.Oct.2,1813.

Judith, and Philbrook Pamer of Kensington, int.Oct.29,1757.

Judith [of Amesbury.int.], and Joseph Gess, May21,1809.*

Judith, and Nathaniel Webster, Dec.14,1812.*

Levi C., of Haverhill, and Susan McCrillis, int.Sept.16,1843.

Lydia, and James Fowler, Mar.末,1822.*

Mary, and Josiah Dow, Jan.24,1744-5.*

Polly, and Peter Wadleigh [of Amesbury.int.], July4,1813.*

Mary, and John Rutherford of Newburyport, Jan.13,1820.*

Polly, and [Col. int.] Benjamin Evans, Aug.27,1821.*

Mary A., and George Morrill, int.Dec.18,1830.

Polly E., a.23y., d.Ezekiel and Betsey, and Ebenezer P. Fowler, widr., a.30y., painter, s.Daniel and Anna, June25,1846.*

Meriam [Anne. int.andCR2], and Simeon Lowel [of Amesbury.int.], Apr.23,1770.*

Miriam, and William Smith, May30,1812.*

Moses, and Sarah Rowell, at Amesbury, May24,1748.*

Nancy, and Enoch Flanders, Aug.18,1816.*

Nancy, and Moses Eastman, Aug.5,1830.*

Naomi, and Adams Wadleigh, May28,1796.*

Naomi, and Thomas Undewood, int.May16,1829.

Paulina, and David Carr, Jan.23,1825.*

Peter, [of Amesbury.int.], and Polly Wadleigh, July4,1813.*

Philip, and Hannah Cimball of Amesbury, int.Dec.14,1776.

Phillip, and Nancy Morrill, Dec.30,1824.*

Rhoda, and Benjamin Pigen [jr. of Danvers.int.], Aug.24,1766.*

Rhoda, and Stephen Greeley, Dec.14,1815.*

Ruth, and David Graves [of South Hampton. int.], May5,1768.*

Samuel, and Merriam Webster, Nov.10,1815. [Nov.11. int.]*

Samuel, jr., and Mary Ann Morrill of Amesbury, int.Dec.22,1849.

Sarah, and Moses Morrill, Apr.15,1742.NCTBK*

Sally, and William Swett [of Amesbury.int.], Nov.5,1794.*

Sally, and Enoch Currier [of Amesbury.int.], Oct.6,1806.*

Susannah T., and Solomon Garland of Haverhill, Oct.12,1836.*

WADLEY (Wadleigh)

Abigell, and Ezekiell Morrill, Jan.22,1704-5.NCTBK*

WADSON (Watson)

Sarah, of Exeter, and William Hook, jr., int.May16,1794.

WAIER (Ware)

Mollie, of Hampton, and Ephram Bradbury, int.Feb.13,1773.

WAIGHT (Waite)

Sarah, of Amesbury, and Jacob Morrill, jr., int.Nov.30,1734.NCTBK

WAIT (Waite)

Elizebath, and Macariss Carr, Dec.11,1750.*

Samuel [of Amesbury.int.], and Mary Fippen, Apr.8,1742.NCTBK*

WAITE (Waight, Wait)

Nancy, of Amesbury, and Benjamin Young, int.Nov.24,1821.

WALCH (Walsh)

Susan, and Henry a.Arnold of Boston, int.Sept.25,1836.


Isaac [of New Amesbury.int.], and Sarah Currier, June26,1769.*


Hannah, and [Lt. int.] Jeremiah Allin, Nov.20,1735.NCTBK*

Jane, and Jonathan Greeley, s.Philip, Mar.21,1697-8.NCTBK

Sarah, and John Stevens, Jan.28,1730-31.NCTBK*

Tabitha, and John Buswell, Apr.6,1727.NCTBK*

WALSH (Walch)

Joanna, a.56y., d.Michael and Hannah, and Thomas Buswell, widr., a.72y., housewright, s.Walker and Sarah, May16,1848.*

Michael, and Hannah Page, Sept.11,1784.*

WALTON (Wolton)

Abigail, and John Beckman, Apr.2,1828.CR3

Biel, of Winthrop, and Lydia Goodwrich, int.Nov.3,1787.

Caroline, of Seabrook, NH, a.18y., d.John and Nancy, of Seabrook, NH, and Aaron Pike, a.18y., cordwainer, s.Otis and Ednah, May13,1849.*

Daniel, jr., and Maltilda Brown, both of Seabrook, Nov.13,1828.

Elizabeth, and Abraham S. Pike of Exeter, Sept.11,1817.*

Hannah, of South Hampton, and Daniel Worcester, int.Sept.7,1744.

Henry, and Arvilla Eaton, both of Seabrook, Jan.12,1832.

James K., of Lynn, and Emeline Pike, int.Feb.24,1835.

John, and Nancy Eaton, both of Seabrook, May2,1824.

Laura, and Enoch Boyd, jr., both of Seabrook, NH, Apr.2,1828.

Mary, and Charles French, Mar.18,1827.*

Mary Jane, of Seabrook, NH, and Caleb P. Jones, int.June11,1848.

Mercy [of South Hampton. int.], and Nicolas Eaton, July29,1756.CR1*

Moses, and Martha French, Nov.26,1772.*

Nancy, and John Walker Buswell, Mar.19,1820.*

Phepe, and Levi Eaton of Seabrook, int.Apr.19,1783.

Rachel, of Seabrook, and John Greele, int.Feb.19,1774.

Rebecca, of Seabrook, and Stephen Bartlet, Jan.28,1823.*

Rebecca, and William S. Janvrin of Seabrook, May1,1823.*

Samuel, Capt., and Nancy Evans, Oct.12,1797.*

Samuel, jr., and Elizabeth B. French, Oct.20,1825.*

Samuel, 3d, of Seabrook, NH, and Hannah T. Pike, a.24y., d.Samuel and Hannah, Dec.24,1846.*

Sally, and Samuel Rowe of Seabrook, Jan.7,1819.*

William, and Sarah Eastman, June26,1764.CR1*

William, and Nanny Kinrick, Oct.23,1766.CR1*

William, and Mary Anne Dole, June18,1826.*

William, and Elizabeth a.Janvrin, both of Seabrook, NH, Apr.30,1828.


William (Wemo), widr., of Dover, and wid.Elisabeth Maxfield, 21:3m:1708.CR7


Martha S., of Newburyport, and Samuel Fowler, 3d, int.May16,1813.


Benjamin F., and Hannah E. Wells, both of Andover, June14,1843.

Henry, of Andover, and Angelina Greenough, int.Sept.5,1836.

John, of Andover, and Hannah Trussell of Amesbury, July17,1842.

WARE (Waier)

Hannah C., a.19y., d.Frederick H. and Abigail, of Pomfret, VT, and Isaac Whittier, a.32y., bootmaker, s.Robert and Polly, of Newton, NH, Nov.26,1846.*


Susanna, of Ipswich, and Michel Hodge, int.Aug.2,1760.


James D., and Hannah Sandborn, June10,1830.*

William Dana, of Charlton, and Margaret Manning Lunt, Dec.25,1842.*

WATHEN (Worthen)

Ezekiell, and Hannah Martyn, 4:10m:1661.

Hannah, and Samuell Fowler, Dec.5,1684.

Hannah, of Amesbury, and Samuell Eaton, int.Oct.3,1713.NCTBK


Abigail, and John Beckman, both of Seabrook, NH, Apr.2,1828.

WATSON (Wadson, Wattson)

Abraham, and Mary Severance, Mar.14,1711-12.NCTBK*

Ebenezer, and Martha Rawlins [Rollins.int.] of Newbury, at Newbury, July10,1716.*

John, and Ruth Griffen, at Amesbury, Mar.22,1687-8.*

Thomas, and Mary Hubard, May19,1687.CTR


James, a.22y., manufacturer, and Isabella Bremner of Amesbury, a.18y., d.John and Margaret, Jan.16,1848.*

WATTSON (Watson)

Ruth [ wid.int.], and Thomas Ayers of Haverhill, Nov.14,1716.NCTBK*

WEARE (Wier)

Daniel, and Esther Eaton [both residents of Salisbury.int.], Aug.10,1778.*

Hannah, of Hampton, and John Allin, int.Feb.1,1717-18.NCTBK

John [of Seabrook. int.], and Thankfull Hubbard, Dec.14,1780.*

Lucy E., of Kensington, NH, and Jonathan Brown, int.Aug.11,1849.

Prudence, of Hampton, and Andrew Webster, int.Dec.10,1742.NCTBK

Ruth, and Paul Bradbury, Jan.17,1781.*


John [Oxford.PR49; of Newburyport. int.], and Nabby [Abigail D.PR49] Lurvey, Apr.6,1805.*

Samuel [of Salem.int.], and Molly Bartlett, Nov.25,1784.*


Joseph, Capt., of Vassalborough, and Mary Brown, July1,1800.*

WEBESTER (Webster)

Anne, and Phillip Colebey of Amesbury, int.May1,1703.NCTBK

Hannah, and Stephen Barttlit of Newbury, Dec.18,1712.NCTBK*

Israel, and Susanna Morrill, Nov.25,1714.NCTBK*

John, of Kingston, NH, and Sarah Greeley, int.Mar.13,1707-8.NCTBK

Mary, and Jacob Morrill [jr. int.], Oct.28,1712.NCTBK*

Sarah, and Thomas Bartlett of Newbury, Feb.14,1710-11.NCTBK*

WEBSTER (Webester)

Andrew, and Prudence Weare of Hampton, int.Dec.10,1742.NCTBK

Anna, and Simeon Lowell [of Amesbury.int.], Sept.13,1789.*

Ann, and Joseph Cottle of Newbury, int.Aug.22,1735.NCTBK

Anne, and Jacob True [of Falmouth.int.], Oct.末,1748.*

Anne, and Nathaniell Ring, Jan.11,1770.*

Anne, and Ward Clark Dean [of Exeter. int.], July14,1781.*

Ann J., a.17y., d.Moses and Lydia, and Francis Brown, a.22y., trader, s.Ezekiel and Sally, Sept.19,1847.*

Azor O., and Anna Clough of Amesbury, int.Jan.5,1828.

Benjamin, and Meriam Gorden, Oct.4,1801.*

Benjamin N., and Betsey F. Currier, Nov.18,1841.*

Benjamin N., and Harriet B. Worthen, int.Sept.9,1848.

Charlotte S., of Amesbury, and Ezekiel a.Straw of Manchester, NH, at Amesbury, Apr.7,1842.

Daniel, and Abigail Ring, May10,1739.CR2*

Daniel, and Lidia Noyes [of Bradford.int.], Apr.28,1771.*

Daniel [jr. int.], and Nanne Lowell, Nov.13,1794.*

Daniel, jr., and Polly Swett, int.Dec.15,1827.

David C., and Nancy Lowell, Sept.28,1819.*

Ebenezer [of Salisbury, NH. int.], and Abigaill Eastman, Oct.13,1774.*

Betty, and Samuel Carr [jr. int.], July12,1764.CR2*

Betsy, and Henry Dean of Exeter, Jan.26,1812.*

Enoch, and Miriam Lowell, July13,1794.*

Enoch, and Nancy Barnard of Amesbury, at Amesbury, Aug.31,1796.*

Ezekiel F., and Betsey M. Dow, Dec.27,1831.*

Fanny, of Amesbury, and Nathaniel Blake, int.Jan.11,1834.

Hannah, and Joshua Sweat, May19,1737.NCTBK*

Hannah, and Thomas Hall, June25,1766.*

Isaac [of Newburyport. int.], and Salley Morrill, Dec.27,1806.*

John, and Anna True, Apr.22,1784.*

John [jr. int.], and Sukey Morrill, Nov.13,1803.*

Jonathan, and Betty Fanning [Janning.PR37], Jan.6,1791.*

Jonathan, 2d m., and Sally Fisk [of Roxbury.int.], wid.Luther, d.David Wait of Roxbury, Oct.10,1802.PR37*

Jonathan B., and Mary Morrill, July2,1820.*

Jonathan B., and Laura Linscott,末蔓末,1835. [Mar.21. int.]*

Jonathan B., and Abigail R. Ballard of Lancaster, int.Sept.28,1837.

Lydia, and John Christian of Amesbury, int.Oct.11,1849.

Merriam, and Samuel Wadleigh, Nov.10,1815. [Nov.11. int.]*

Mary, and Andrew Greely [jr. int.], Nov.5,1741.NCTBK*

Mary, and James Hackett, July15,1775.

Mary Ann, and Elijah Davis of Amesbury, int.Jan.23,1846

Meriam, and Ezekiel Fowler, May末,1764.*

Moses, and Judith Blasdael of Amesbury, int.Mar.17,1792.

Moses, of Amesbury, and Lydia Osgood, int.July18,1829.

Nancy, of Haverhill, and William Boardman, int.Aug.31,1811.

Nancy, and Archibald Campbell of Newburyport, Sept.19,1830.*

Nathan, and Sarah Ring [residing in Salisbury.int.], June26,1770.*

Nathaniell, and Anne Currier, Nov.15,1769.*

Nathaniell, jr., and Rhoda Tomson, Nov.16,1769.*

Nathaniel, and Judith Wadleigh, Dec.14,1812.*

Nathaniel, jr., and Mary Bartlet of Amesbury, int.May18,1817.

Noyes, and Harriet Dow of Seabrook, int.Sept.20,1834.

Philip, and Sally Mansfield, Nov.3,1803.*

Phillip, and Hannah Wadleigh, Dec.25,1817.*

Rebekah Wait, and Seth Clark, jr., June22,1823.*

Reuben, and Susanna Webster, June末,1765. [June15. int.]*

Ruth, and Thomas Bagley [of Amesbury.int.], Jan.22,1747.*

Samuell, Rev., and Elizabeth [Whiting.TC] of Concord.int.Sept.4,1742.NCTBK

Samuel [jr. int.], and Susanna Juell [of Amesbury.int.], Dec.24,1766.*

Samuel, jr., and Jane M. Dean, June11,1818.*

Sarah, of Kingston, and Orlando Weed, int.Sept.26,1740.NCTBK

Sarah, and Cutten Dole, Sept.24,1759.*

Sally, and Stephen Webster of Amesbury, May8,1814.*

Sarah Ann, and Henry Morrill, jr. int.Dec.3,1825.

Sarah Ann, and Lemuel S. Foot, int.Nov.26,1828.

Sally, of Amesbury, and Silas M. Foss, July11,1830.*

Stephen, and Hannah Sweat of Newbury, int.Nov.1,1734.NCTBK

Stephen, and Sally Bayly of Amesbury, int.May8,1793.

Stephen, of Amesbury, and Sally Webster, May8,1814.*

Susanna, and William Bagley of Amesbury, at Amesbury, Aug.18,1740.*

Susannah, and Reuben Webster, June末,1765. [June15. int.]*

Thomas Kitteridge, of Amesbury, and Clara Allen, Dec.5,1841.*


Joell, of Newbury, and Princes Siller, int.Nov.19,1768.

John, and Deborah Winsley, Nov.14,1650.CTR

Jonathan [of Amesbury.int.], and Hannah Hacket, Feb.22,1753.CR2*

Meribah [of Amesbury.int.], and Job Rowell, at Amesbury, Dec.13,1739.*

Nancy, and Thomas Challis, both of Amesbury, Nov.4,1812.

Orlando, and Sarah Webster of Kingston, int.Sept.26,1740.NCTBK

Sarah, of Amesbury, and Daniel Flanders, int.Nov.14,1761.


Hannah S., and William O. Smith, both of Newburyport, Sept.30,1840.

William [of Greenland.int.], and Elisabeth Hubbard, Feb.12,1769.CR1*

WELCH (Welsh)

John, and Dorithy Chapman, Oct.20,1718.NCTBK*

Jonathan, and Olive Morrill, Oct.29,1797.*

Richard, and Harriet Johnson, int.Nov.10,1832.


Abigail W., of Newburyport, and Samuel March, jr., int.Dec.8,1827.

Charlotte, and Jonathan Gove, int.Aug.9,1828.

Hannah, and Abijah Collins, June3,1810.*

Hannah E., and Benjamin F. Wardwell, both of Andover, June14,1843.

Martha, and Charles Carr, Feb.26,1795.*

Mary, of Truro, and Asa Buswill, int.Oct.10,1808.

Mary Jane, of Amesbury, and Philip Rowell, jr., int.Nov.13,1830.

Mary, of Amesbury, and Jeremiah Morrill, int.Dec.15,1837.

Nancy O., wid., a.54y., d.Daniel and Rhoda Osgood, and Jacob Brown, widr., a.60y., laborer, s.Jacob and Mehitable, Apr.6,1847.*

Nathan, and Hannah Bartlet of Amesbury, int.Mar.5,1803.

Nathan, jr. [of Amesbury.int.], and Clarissa Tuxbury,末蔓末, 末末 [ Sept.30,1829. int.]*

Obediah [of South Hampton. int.], and Jemima Wiburn, May25,1749.*

Samuel, and Sally Ballard, June21,1808.*

Sally, and Eleazer I. Wadleigh of Amesbury, int.Jan.17,1829.

Sarah, and John Bailey, both of Andover, Jan.19,1842.

Thomas, and Dolly Gould, of Amesbury, at Amesbury, May28,1795.*

Willibee, and Mary Kent of Danvers, at Danvers, Dec.7,1797.*

WELSH (Welch)

Dorothy, of Hampton, and Benjamin Ring, int.May20,1725.NCTBK

Tabitha, of Kingston, and John Clough, jr., int.Jan.5,1733.NCTBK

WENCH (Winch)

Hannah, and Rowland Lepage [mariner. int.], Feb.7,1733-4.NCTBK*

WENTWORTH (Wintworth)

Elisabeth, of Dover, and Nathaniel Brown [jr. int.], Nov.3,1713.NCTBK*

Samuell, of Dover, and Elisabeth French, Dec.9,1731.NCTBK*

William, of Dover, [of Somersworth.int.], and Abra Evens, Nov.25,1737.NCTBK*


Mary, of Newburyport, and Edward Dorr, jr., int.June13,1812.


Phebe, of Bradford, amd Zacaryah Easman, int.Dec.15,1718.NCTBK


Warren, of Amesbury, and Charity Fenno, int.Apr.5,1849.


Anne, and Thomas Riggs of Gloucester, at Amesbury [at Gloucester. dup.], Nov.22,1687. [Nov.27. dup.]

Elizabeth, and Samuell Brown of Rowley, May17,1716.NCTBK*

Jedidah, Mrs., and Jose Briant, Dec.31,1753.CR1*

Jeremiah, and [Mrs.int.] Pasienc Greele, Aug.10,1721.NCTBK*

Mary, and Thomas Harris, Oct.14,1702.NCTBK*

Rachell, wid., and Benjamin Allin, Sept.3,1686.

Rachel, Mrs., and Samuell March [of Townsend.int.], Oct.28,1765.*

Sarah, of Salem, NH, and Joseph Collins of Salem, Apr.5,1810.CR3


Maria, of Boston, and Robert Storey, int.Oct.17,1839.

WHICHER (Whittier)

Joseph, and Martha Evins, Jan.13,1743.NCTBK*

Ruben, and Deborah Pilsbury of Newbury, at Newbury, Dec.19,1708.*

Reuben, and Mary Flanders, int.Jan.4,1739-40.NCTBK

Sarah O., and Hiram Covill of Portland int.Mar.5,1836.

William, of Kingston, and Phebe Morrill, Feb.17,1736-7.NCTBK*


Nancy M., a.25y., d.Marshal, and Leonard C. Boardman of Amesbury, a.24y., cabinet-maker, s.Ebenezer, deceased, Jan.9,1845.*

WHITCHER (Whittier)

Deborah [ wid.int.], and Zechariah Easman, Sept.24,1724.NCTBK*

Mary, and Samuel French [jr. int.], May7,1729.CR2*

Nathaniell, and [wid.NCTBK] Mary Osgood, Aug.26,1685.


Bettey, of South Hampton, and John Hackett, int.July20,1776.

P.H., widr., of Amesbury, a.40y., manufacturer, and Minerva T. Whitney, of Amesbury, a.24y., d.David and Martha, Apr.11,1846.

John, and Hannah French, 26:9m:1662.

Nathanel [of South Hampton. int.], and Tabitha Morrill, Feb.22,1781.*

Sarah, and Samuell Collins, Mar.16,1689.NCTBK


Judeth, of Dover, and James Mussey, int.Oct.27,1705.NCTBK

Nathaniel, (or Whitehead) [Whitcher. int.], and Hannah Clough, Dec.3,1734.CR2*

WHITIER (Whittier)

Peter [S. int.], of Newton, NH, and Sarah J[ane. int.] Merrill, Feb.2,1843.*

WHITIN (Whitten)

Jonathan, of Portsmouth [NH. int.], and Rebecka Hacket, Aug.5,1695.NCTBK*

WHITING (Whitten)

Elizabeth, of Concord, and Rev. Samuell Webster, int.Sept.4,1742.NCTBK


Elizabeth, and Timothy P. Osgood, Jan.2,1831.*


Jacob [of Newbury.int.], and Hannah Carr, Sept.22,1785.*

Joshua, of Newbury, and Betsy Pearson, int.Aug.30,1817.


Minerva T., of Amesbury, a.24y., d.David and Martha, and P.H. White, widr., of Amesbury, a.40y., manufacturer, Apr.11,1846.

WHITTEN (Whitin, Whiting)

Mary J.G., of Newburyport, a.28y., d.David and Mary, and Valentine Bagley of Amesbury, a.32y., shoemaker, s.Valentine and Hannah, of Amesbury, Oct.10,1847.

WHITTER (Whittier)

Nathaniell [Corp. int.], and wid.Mary Ring, June末,1710.NCTBK*

Ruth, and Benjamin Greene of Dover, Apr.4,1723.NCTBK*

WHITTIER (Whicher, Whitcher, Whitier, Whitter)

Abigill, of Kingston, and David Morrill, int.June13,1761.

Benjamin, and Marcy Joy, int.May24,1755.

Elizabeth, and John Gorden, Feb.10,1828.*

Isaac, a.32y., bootmaker, s.Robert and Polly, of Newton, NH, and Hannah C. Ware, a.19y., d.Frederick H. and Abigail, of Pomfret, VT, Nov.26,1846.*

James, of Amesbury, and Mehetabel M. Brown, int.Feb.9,1822.

Polly, and Richard Bartlet [of Warner. int.], Feb.9,1794.*

Richard [of Haverhill. int.], and Molly Currier, Mar.9,1780.*

Ruth, and Joseph True, Apr.20,1675.

Ruth, and Amos Morrill, jr., int.Nov.3,1827.

Sarah, of Newtown, and Joseph Kimbal, int.Apr.13,1771.

Susannah, and Jacob Morrill, July15,1674.

William [of Newburyport. int.], and Polly Osgood, Mar.20,1790.*


Nancy, of Newbury, and John Eaton, int.Oct.12,1811.


Mary, of Hampton, and Judah Dow, int.Sept.5,1740.NCTBK


Jemima, and Obediah Wells [of South Hampton. int.], May25,1749.*

WIER (Weare)

Molley, and Thomas Bagley, May31,1773.*


Elizabeth L., and Samuel J. Brown, Nov.8,1832.*

John H., and Sarah T. Norton, June21,1843.PR39

Mary F[ollansbee.PR39], and Edwin J. Colby, May2,1836.*

Samuel, and Joanna Hackett, Sept.3,1809.*

William, and Mary B. Keniston [of Amesbury.int.], Apr.10,1842.PR39*


Ichabod L., of Livermore, ME, and Mary a.Gill. int.Feb.3,1837.


James, a.23y., manufacturer, s.John and Elisabeth, and Mary Ann Carswell, a.37y., d.Elijah and Mary, Aug.29,1849.*


John [of Rumney.int.], and Meriam Clough, Dec.29,1803.*


Benjamin, of Newbury, and Martha [Carr. int.], Oct.4,1748.*


Jonas G., of Amesbury, and Ann Boardman, Oct.1,1839.*


Hannah, and Lemuel Johnson, May4,1828.*

Henry, of Haverhill, and Nancy Tuxbury, int.Feb.4,1801.

Hester Jane, and Lemuel Johnson, Apr.9,1826.*

Lucy, and Richmond Tuttle of Newburyport, int.Mar.28,1836.

Mehetabel, and George W. Morrill, Sept.28,1841.*

Thomas, and Susan Simpson of Newburyport, int.May4,1827.


John, and Elizabeth Wood, July28,1833.*

John, of Haverhill, and Charlotte Langley, June30,1843.*


Caroline B., and Newell Boyd, Oct.1,1837.*

Joseph, and Ann Osgood of Amesbury, int.Nov.21,1829.

Joshua [JosephCR2; Joshua.int.], and Lydia Osgood Greely, July12,1809.*

Lorenzo, and Elizabeth M. Hoit of Newton, NH, Mar.10,1844.*

Moses G., and Lydia Gove of Amesbury, int.Oct.1,1836.

Myra N., a.25y., d.James and Mary, and Aaron B. Osgood of Andover, a.25y., carpenter, s.Aaron and Elizabeth, Dec.21,1847.*

Nathanel [of Gilmanton. int.], and Elisabeth True, Mar.2,1790.*

WINCH (Wench)

George, and Sophia Dow of Amesbury, int.Oct.29,1836.

Mary, late of York, but now of Salisbury, and Ezekiel Carr, Feb.20,1723-4.NCTBK*


Thomas [of Danvers.int.], and Anna Fowler, Oct.21,1784.*


Hiram, of Amesbury, and Sally Badger, int.Jan.21,1832.

WINGATE (Winget)

Anna, and Enos Brown, Jan.20,1780.*

Jonathan, and Sarah Carriage, Jan.6,1781. [June6.CR2; May19. int.]*

Mary, and Daniel Brown, int.Oct.17,1829.

Sarah, and Benjamin Young, "and the said Sarah declared that she had no Estate that was her late Husbands Jonathan Wingate and the cloathes She had on were borrowed cloths," Apr.13,1788.*

WINGET (Wingate)

Edmund [of Dover. int.], and Elizebath Hacket, Nov.15,1749.*

Elisabeth, and Nathaniell Brown, Feb.11,1771.*


Enoch, and Mary Lock of Seabrook, int.Feb.7,1812.

Samuel, and Sally Swazey, Jan.31,1825.*

Sarah L., of Amesbury, d.Enoch, of Amesbury, and Amos R. Benney of Boston, Sept.17,1845.

Sally, 3d m., a.58y., d.Jonathan and Hannah Morrill, and Francis Boardman, a.40y., baker, s.Stephen and Martha, Nov.29,1848.*


Jonathan H., and Elizabeth S. Jepson, int.Aug.4,1849.

WINSLEY (Winsly)

Deborah, and John Weed, Nov.14,1650.CTR

Hannah, [jr. int.], and Reuben Morrill, Dec.26,1728.NCTBK*

Hannah, and Andrew Greely, Jan.11,1743.NCTBK*

Mary, and Edward French, sr., int.Sept.17,1695.NCTBK

Mary, and John Page, jr., May16,1720.NCTBK*

Samuell, and Kathorne Stevens, Apr.29,1696.NCTBK*

WINSLY (Winsley)

Ephraim, and Mary Grele, 26:1m:1668.

Nathaniell, and Mary Jones, 14:8m:1661.

WINTWORTH (Wentworth)

Gershom, of Quachecho, NH, and Hanah French, Mar.18,1695-6.NCTBK*

Paul, of Cochecha [Dover. int.], and Abra Brown, May24,1704.NCTBK*


Daniel, and Susan Hodgdon, int.June6,1829.


Lucy S., of York, ME, and Benjamin S. Goodwin, int.July10,1846.

Nathan, and Rhoda Osgood, Sept.20,1781.*

WOLTON (Walton)

William [Walton. int.], of Amesbury, and Susannah Maxfield, at Amesbury, Jan.17,1792.*


Elizabeth, and John Williamson, July28,1833.*

George, of Danvers, a.42y., tanner, s.John and Mary, and Nancy Shaw, a.42y., d.Benjamin and Sarah, Sept.2,1848.*

Lydia, and Samuel Stocker, int.July1,1826.

Moses E., of Haverhill, and Elizabeth Guest, int.Sept.22,1838.

WOODBERRY (Woodbury)

Isaac, Rev., of Haverhill, and Lucy Arnold of Hampton Falls, NH, June16,1840.

WOODBERY (Woodbury)

Moses, and Sarah True, Jan.20,1750-51.*

WOODBURY (Woodberry, Woodbery)

Caleb, jr., and Nancy Jones of Seabrook, Apr.18,1802.*

Eliphalet, and Abigail Brown of Newburyport, int.Nov.12,1814.

Humfry, and Mary Coffin, Aug.4,1801.*

Samuel M., and Deborah Hudson of Boston, int.Aug.10,1816.

Salley, and Daniel Bacheldor, Oct.29,1806.*


Aaron P., of Haverhill, cordwainer, s.末末, of Haverhill, and Judith B. Sawyer of Salisbury Mills, milliner, d.George, Sept.5,1844.

Ann, of Newbury, and Theophilus Bradbury, at Newbury, Aug.4,1730.

Azor G., and Temperance R. Porter, int.Oct.25,1844.

David, of South Hampton, and Sally True, Nov.5,1820.*

Betty, of South Hampton, and Ebenezer George, int.Jan.3,1794.

Ezekiel, of South Hampton, and Dorothy Knowles, Sept.6,1819.*

Hilton [of Newbury.int.], and Hannah Clough, Nov.26,1741.NCTBK*

Judith, of South Hampton, and Joseph Jewell, int.Sept.14,1799.

Mary, and George Flanders, both of South Hampton, Jan.3,1831.

Nathanel, of South Hampton, and Susana Morrill, int.Nov.8,1793.

Sally, of Candia, and Daniel Tuxbury, int.Mar.18,1815.

Sarah E., of Amesbury, a.22y., d.Ezekiel and Dolly, and Henry L. Leach of Boston, a.24y., machinist, s.Benjamin and Mary, Mar.24,1847.

Stephen [of South Hampton. int.], and Sally Osgood, June11,1834.PR45*


Mary, and Benjamin Gill, Dec.12,1728.NCTBK*


Polly, of Danvers, and Rev. William Balch, int.Aug.30,1805.


James, of Andover, manufacturer, and Ellen Duckworth, d.Henry, of Amesbury, May8,1845.*

WORCESTER (Worster, Woster)

Daniel, of Newbury, and Joanna Pettingal, Aug.29,1727.NCTBK*

Daniel, and Hannah Walton of South Hampton, int.Sept.7,1744.

Elisabeth, and John Gill, June4,1730.NCTBK*

Mary, and Josiah French, Dec.22,1736.NCTBK*

Susanah, and Henry Ambross, Oct. "last weeke", 1672.

William, and Rebecka Hall, 22:5m:1650.CTR

WORSTER (Worcester)

Mary, of Bradford, and Capt. Joseph Eaton, int.Nov.21,1726.NCTBK


Sarah, and Samuell Gill, Nov.5,1678.

WORTHEN (Wathen, Worthin)

Abigaill, and Ebenezer Fowler, int.Sept.23,1730.NCTBK

Abigail, and Moses Sergeant Morrill, Nov.20,1777.*

Amos [of Amesbury.int.], and Ruth Stockman, Nov.4,1792.*

Daniel, of Amesbury, a.27y., cordwainer, b. Amesbury, s.Josiah and Mary, of Amesbury, and Sarah Brown, a.25y., d.Amos and Lydia, Oct.12,1845.*

David, jr., of Amesbury, and Hannah Colby, int.Apr.27,1816.

Eliza, and Thomas Young, Aug.25,1840.*

Ezekiel, jr., of Amesbury, and Abigail Carter, at Amesbury, Dec.26,1704.*

Ezekiel, and Eunice Mansfield, May12,1799.*

Ezekiel, and Ruth Herbert, int.Feb.5,1837.

Ezra, and Mrs.Mary Currier, both of Amesbury, Nov.25,1812.

Ezra, b. Amesbury, and Ruth Tibbets, b. Sanford, ME, July末,1831.PR33

Hannah, of Amesbury, and Thomas Morrill, int.Dec.19,1767.

Hannah, and Jonathan Gooden, Oct.18,1801.*

Hannah, of Amesbury, and Elisha Colburn of Hebron, Nov.28,1813.

Harriet B., and Benjamin N. Webster, int.Sept.9,1848.

James, and Eliza L. Dearborn of Amesbury, int.Oct.13,1827.

Lidia, and Mark Rowell, Feb.18,1805.*

Martha, of Amesbury, and Paul Morrill, int.Feb.16,1739-40.NCTBK

Mary, and John Clough, int.Jan.21,1826.

Mehitable, of Amesbury, and Theophilus Hackett, of Amesbury, May19,1790.*

Nancy, of Amesbury, and Joseph Flanders, of Amesbury, Feb.19,1794.*

Ruth, and Ezra Morrill, Oct.9,1808.*

Ruth, Mrs., and Philander Paddock, July3,1842.*

William H., a.25y., shoemaker, s.David and Hannah, and Mary Davis, a.18y., domestic, d.James and Mary, deceased, Apr.2,1845.*

WORTHIN (Worthen)

Mary, and Samuel Buswel [jr. int.], Jan.3,1726-7.NCTBK*

WOSTER (Worcester)

Mehetebel, of Andover, and Benjamin Collins, at Andover, May30,1722.*

WRIGHT (Right)

Lucy A., of Belchertown, and Randall B. Blasdell, int.Nov.6,1841.

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