Aaron A., s.Charles A. and Eliza, dysentery, Aug.21,1848, a.14m.12d.

Anna M[aria.GR2], d.Fales and Harriet, fever, Jan.30,1847, a.5y.4m.

Benjamin, m., cordwainer, b. at Lynn, s.James, consumption, Feb.11,1845, a.45y.3m.

Charles J.,末蔓末,1833.GR2

David J.,末蔓末,1834.GR2

Ebenezer O., s.Jonathan and Hannah, Sept.15,1835, a.14m.GR2

Edward Everett,末蔓末,1839.GR2

E[meline.GR2] A.W., m., shoe binder, b. at Trenton, NJ, d.Elbridge and Betsy, fever, Nov.30,1848, a.26y.

George Payson, s.George and Elizabeth, July26,1832, a.3y.9m.GR2

Henry, m., shoemaker, b. at Lynn, s.James and Mary, fever, bur. at Malden, d.Dec.2,1848, a.62y.

Jacob, landlord, June18,1816, a.75y.GR1

Jacob, m., cordwainer, b. at Lynn, s.Jacob and Elizabeth, consumption, Jan.1,1847, a.66y.1m.20d.

Jacob, jr., m., shoe manufacturer, b. at Lynn, s.William and Susan, consumption, May6,1847, a.49y.6m.3d.

Lydia, w.Jacob, jr., July9,1835, a.30y.GR2

Martha S., m., b. at Lynn, d.John Stocker, palsy, July17,1844, a.66y.3m.

Mary Ellen, d.David and Phebe K., June7,1842, a.12y.6m.GR2

Mary A., d.W.P. and Mary A., dropsy, [abt. 1843.], a.7m.

Pheba R., b. at Andover [w.David.GR2], d.Moses and Hannah Kimball, consumption, Sept.22,1849, a.55y.7m.

Sarah, d.Samuel and Sarah, croup, Apr.10,1849, a.9m.

Squires O., s.Jonathan and Hannah, Apr.17,1824.GR2

Susan Pell, d.Fales and Harriet, June2,1829.

Susan, w.Jacob, jr., July14,1835, a.22y.GR2



Caroline A., dysentery, Sept.26,1848, a.1y.11m.


Abigail, w.Calvin, Dec.17,1833, a.28y.5m.13d.

Caroline Augusta, d.Calvin and Caroline, Aug.27,1843, a.5y.GR2

Joseph Gardner, Jan.26,1834, a.1y.7m.14d.GR2

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