Mary, Mrs., and Charles M. Bond, jr., int. Nov. 5, 1842.


Mary Ann, and James Holt [of Andover. int.], Jan. 11, 1830.*

William, and Nancy Howlett, Oct. 4, 1832.*


Benjamin, of Lynn, and Adeline Shaw, July 11, 1829.*

Charles A., and Antionette Newhall, Sept. 12, 1833.

George, and Elizabeth [R. int.] Mills, Sept. 23, 1838.*

James, and Lydia N. Penerson, int. Mar. 27, 1825.

James, jr., of Lynn, and Mary S. Brown, Oct. 16, 1832.*

J[ames. int.] S., a. 21 y., shoemaker, s. James and Lydia, and Serena Newhall, a. 21 y., shoe binder, d. David and Phebe, Nov. 7, 1847.*

Lucy B., of Malden, and Andrew J. Tuttle, int. Aug. 29, 1849.

Mary, and Jesse Holden, jr., of Malden, int. May 20, 1827.

Mary J., and Isaac Smith, Aug. 10, 1837.*

Relief, and William Gabrill, Sept. 30, 1841.*

Sarah, of Salem, and Samuel Sias, jr., int. Sept. 21, 1839.

William, and Lydia F. Cate, Apr. 4, 1841.*

William F., shoemaker, s. James and Lydia, and Ann W. Mongar [Mungar. CR2], shoe binder, b. at Lynn, Jan. 30, 1848.*


George W., and Fanny W. Holbrook of Woburn, int. Oct. 19, 1833.

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