Martha, d. Elbridge G., cordwainer, and Martha, Apr. 19, 1849.


Barzilla Reed, s. David and Sally, Jan. 11, 1825.


Harriet, w. Thomas, Sept. 19, 1819. GR2

Madaline, d. Thomas, expressman, and Harriet, May 4, 1848.


Elisabeth Janette, d. George and Fanny B., Feb. 29, 1832.

Henry C., s. James C., shoe manufacturer, and Lucretia, Dec. 21, 1846.

Edward Taylor, s. Ebenezer, cordwainer, and Nancy C., Feb. 24, 1849.

Sarah E., d. James, shoe manufacturer, and Lucretia, Aug. 17, 1849.

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