Mary, Mrs., and Charles M. Bond, jr., int. Nov. 5, 1842.


Mary Ann, and James Holt [of Andover. int.], Jan. 11, 1830.*

William, and Nancy Howlett, Oct. 4, 1832.*


James, and Lydia N. Penerson, int. Mar. 27, 1825.

Mary, and Jesse Holden, jr., of Malden, int. May 20, 1827.

Benjamin, of Lynn, and Adeline Shaw, July 11, 1829.*

James, jr., of Lynn, and Mary S. Brown, Oct. 16, 1832.*

Charles A., and Antionette Newhall, Sept. 12, 1833.

Mary J., and Isaac Smith, Aug. 10, 1837.*

George, and Elizabeth [R. int.] Mills, Sept. 23, 1838.*

Sarah, of Salem, and Samuel Sias, jr., int. Sept. 21, 1839.

William, and Lydia F. Cate, Apr. 4, 1841.*

Relief, and William Gabrill, Sept. 30, 1841.*

J[ames. int.] S., a. 21 y., shoemaker, s. James and Lydia, and Serena Newhall, a. 21 y., shoe binder, d. David and Phebe, Nov. 7, 1847.*

William F., shoemaker, s. James and Lydia, and Ann W. Mongar [Mungar. CR2], shoe binder, b. at Lynn, Jan. 30, 1848.*

Lucy B., of Malden, and Andrew J. Tuttle, int. Aug. 29, 1849.


George W., and Fanny W. Holbrook of Woburn, int. Oct. 19, 1833.

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