Mary, d.William and Mary, Apr.21,1845.


Augustus P., s.Thomas and Huldah W., June23,1843.

Edward Hammond, s.Thomas and Huldah W., May26,1834.

Rosamond Perkins, d.Thomas and Huldah W., Oct.22,1839.

Ruth Abigail, d.Thomas and Huldah W., Nov.22,1836.

Thomas Franklin, s.Thomas and Huldah W., b. at Danvers, July23,1832.


Abigail, d.Samuel, bp. Nov.26,1780.CR

Benjamin s.Nathaniell, bp. Aug.21,1774.CR

David, s.Nathaniel, bp. June6,1784.CR

Ebenezer, s.Nathaniell, bp. Apr.14,1782.CR

Ezra, s.Samuel, bp. July7,1776.CR

John, s.Nathaniel and Lydia, Aug.18,1769.

John, s.Amos and Mercy, June7,1839.

Jonas, s.Amos and Mercy, June24,1845.

Joseph Batchelder, s.Amos and Mercy, Jan.5,1837.

Lydia, d.Nathaniel and Lydia, Feb.26,1772.

Lydia, d.Nathaniell, bp. Apr.23,1780.CR

Mary Herbert, d.Amos and Mercy, June23,1841.

Moses, s.Nathaniel, bp. Aug.24,1777.CR

Nathaniell, s.Nathaniell, bp. June9,1765.CR

Ruth, d.Nathaniel and Lydia, May10,1767.

Samuell, s.Samuel, bp. Aug.29,1773.CR

Sally, d.Samuel, bp. Aug.3,1783.CR

Sarah Abigail, d.Amos and Mercy, Mar.8,1843.


Sarah, d.wid.Sarah, bp. Oct.24,1773.CR


Abigail, d.Abraham, bp. Apr.3,1737.CR

Abigail, d.Stephen and Rebeckah, Feb.25,1745-6.

Abigail, d.Thomas, bp. Apr.22,1753.CR

Nabby, d.Stephen, jr., bp. July7,1776.CR

Nabby, d.Abraham, jr., bp. Feb.24,1788.CR

Habijah, s.Eliazer, bp. Jan.末,1707-8.CR

Abraham, s.Abraham, jr., bp. July12,1696.CR

Abraham, s.Abraham, bp. May10,1719.CR

Abraham, s.Abraham, jr., bp. Apr.15,1787.CR

Allen, s.Thomas, bp. Apr.28,1751.CR

Amos, s.Benjamin, bp. May10,1702.CR

Amos, s.Abraham, bp. Dec.22,1728.CR

Anna, d.Thomas, bp. July末,1802.CR

Apphia, d.Jonathan, bp. Dec.8,1734.CR

Apphia, d.Jonathan, bp. Jan.13,1739-40.CR

Asa, s.Daniell, bp. Jan.21,1710-11.CR

Benjamin, s.Jacob, bp. Oct.6,1689.CR

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, bp. Nov.27,1709.CR

Caleb, s.Caleb, bp. June末,1708.CR

Charles Augustus, s.Stephen B. and Lucy, July17,1834.

Daniell, s.Abraham, bp. Apr.15,1705.CR

Daniell, s.Thomas, bp. Mar.21,1762.CR

David, s.Jacob, bp. June3,1711.CR

Deborah, d.Benjamin, bp. May7,1704.CR

Dorcas, d.Jonathan, bp. Jan.16,1757.CR

Dorcas, d.Richard, bp. "at Boxford, 1st Parish," Dec.6,1772.CR

Ebenezer, s.Thomas, bp. Apr.6,1755.CR

Edwin, s.Stephen B. and Lucy, Apr.19,1824.

Elijah, s.Thomas, bp. Mar.5,1748-9.CR

Elizabeth, d.Eliezer, bp. Feb.17,1705-6.CR

Elizabeth, d.Elijah, bp. Oct.28,1750.CR

Elizabeth, d.Philemon, "of Linebrook," bp. May22,1785.CR

Ezekial, s.Jacob, bp. Dec.31,1704.CR

Gideon, s.Benjamin, bp. Oct.16,1709.CR

Hannah, d.Daniell, bp. May6,1705.CR

Hannah, d.Nathaniell, bp. June5,1709.CR

Harriet Josephine Holmes, d.Edwin and Sarah M., May2,1849.

Isaac, s.Jacob, bp. Mar.16,1700-1.CR

Israell, s.Jacob bp. Mar.末,1706-7.CR

Jacob, s.Stephen and Rebeck, July26,1749.

Jemima, d.Ebenezer, bp. Feb.末,1706-7.CR

Jemima, d.Jonathan, bp. Apr.18,1742.CR

Jeremiah, s.Timothy and Mary, May4,1701.

Jeremiah, s.Daniell, bp. June15,1707.CR

John, s.Jacob, bp. Sept.13,1702.CR

John, s.Caleb, bp. Nov.10,1717.CR

John, s.Abraham, jr., bp. Feb.13,1791.CR

Jonathan, s.Jonathan, bp. Sept.24,1693.CR

Jonathan, s.Caleb, bp. Dec.3,1704.CR

Jonathan, s.Jonathan, bp. Sept.23,1753.CR

Joshua, s.Jeremiah, bp. "at Boxford, 1st Parish," Oct.24,1762.CR

Katharine, d.Daniell, bp. Aug.23,1696.CR

Kezia, s.Benjamin, bp. May1,1707.CR

Lucy Salome, d.Stephen B. and Lucy, July10,1832.

Lydia, d.Caleb, bp. May16,1703.CR

Lydia, d.Thomas, bp. July末,1802.CR

Martha, d.Jacob, bp. July24,1709.CR

Mary, d.Jacob, bp. May17,1691.CR

Mary, d.Caleb, bp. Dec.30,1711.CR

Polly, d.Thomas, bp. July末,1802.CR

Matta, d.Stephen and Abigail, Aug.22,1765.

Mehetabel, d.Daniell, bp. Oct.19,1701.CR

Mehetabel, d.Thomas, bp. Mar.2,1760.CR

Mehitebel, d.Thomas, "of Linebrook," bp. Dec.3,1786.CR

Moses, s.Jonathan, bp. Apr.13,1755.CR

Nathan Ames, s.Abraham, jr., bp. Apr.15,1787.CR

Nathaniel, s.Stephen and Rebeckah, Jan.9,1743-4.

Nathaniel, s.Stephen, jr. and Abigail, Oct.31,1763.

Nathaniel, s.Philemon, "of New Boston," bp. Oct.17,1784.CR

Olive, d.Jonathan, bp. Aug.26,1744.CR

Philemon, s.Jonathan, bp. June6,1713.CR

Philemon, s.Jonathan, bp. Feb.19,1737-8.CR

Phineas, s.Daniell, bp. July25,1703.CR

Phebe, d.Thomas, bp. July末,1802.CR

Ruth, d.Ebenezer, bp. Feb.5,1709-10.CR

Ruth, d.Abraham, jr., bp. Mar.17,1733-4.CR

Ruth, d.Philemon, "of Linebrook," bp. Sept.2,1781.CR

Sarah, d.William, bp. July16,1693.CR

Sarah, d.Caleb, bp. Sept.8,1706.CR

Sarah, d.Caleb, bp. Sept.11,1715.CR

Sarah, Abraham, jr., bp. May末,1721.CR

Sally, d.Thomas, bp. July末,1802.CR

Stephen, s.Caleb, bp. Apr.30,1710.CR

Stephen, s.Stephen and Rebeckah, July13,1741.

Thomas, s.Abraham, bp. Aug.16,1724.CR

Thomas, s.Thomas, bp. Mar.30,1766.CR

William Henry Harrison, s.Stephen B. and Lucy, Feb.11,1839.


Elizabeth, d.John, bp. "at Byfield," Aug.16,1761.CR


Abner, s.John and Elesabeth, Nov.17,1699.

Elesabeth, d.John, jr. and Elesabeth, Apr.6,1696.

Jemimah, d.John and Elesabeth, Jan.31,1697-8.

John, s.John, Aug.26,1671.CTR

John, s.John and Elesabeth, Nov.22,1704.

Joseph, s.John and Elesabeth, Aug.10,1709.

Kezia, d.John and Elesabeth, July6,1702.

Lidiah, d.John, May17,1674.CTR

Martha, d.John, Aug.9,1669.CTR

Mary, d.John, bp. Oct.27,1706.CTR

Patience, d.John, Aug.23,1681.CTR

Phebe, d.John, May8,1667.CTR

Phebea, d.John, Feb.2,1678[-9].CTR

Richard, s.John, Aug.18,1676.CTR

Samuel, s.John and Elesabeth, Jan.29,1710-11.

Sarah, d.John, Mar.1,1664[-5].CTR


Sally, d.Mrs.Lucy, bp. Nov.14,1802.CR


Peggy, d.Mr. 末末, bp. Jan.14,1776.CR

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