Caleb, of Ashford, and Mary Averill, at Ipswich, July 9, 1719.

Sarah, and Joseph Hale, 3d, of Boxford, Dec. 7, 1749.*


Abigail, of Salem, and Nathaniel Porter, jr., at Salem, Mar. 25, 1738.

John, and Mary Putnam of Bedford. int. Mar. 16, 1760.

Mary, of Salem, and John Wildes, June 26, 1693. CTR

Silas T., and Louisa Snow, Sept. 27, 1844.*


Augustus, and Eliza C. Brown, both of Ipswich, Feb. 1, 1849.

Elisabeth, and John T. Ingalls. int. Nov. 12, 1847.

Eunice P., and James H. Conley, Dec. 29, 1844.*

Henry, and Anna Batchelder, Jan. 24, 1822.*

Mary [Mrs. int.], of Salem, and Benjamin Hobbs, Feb. 25, 1812.*

Phebe A., and John T. Ingalls of Lynn, Apr. 11, 1844.*

Samuel, and Elizabeth Boardman, Aug. 4, 1822.*


Isaac, of Ipswich, and Dorcas Hovey, June 12, 1695.

JEWITT (Jewet, Juit)

Abraham, of Rowley, and Sarah Dorman, Jan. 5, 1702-3.


Amelia, Mrs., of Salem, and Capt. John Adams. int. June 11, 1843.

Benjamin, of Ipswich, and Elizabeth Bordman. int. July 27, 1766.

Hannah, and Asa Perkins, Jan. 19, 1787.*

Rebecca, wid., and Joshua Towne, Aug. 7, 1739.

Ruth, and Richard Cree, Feb. 5, 1756.*

Stephen, and Rebeckah Towne, Dec. 2, 1730.


Frances Ann, of Boston, and John Q. [Quincy. int.] Adams of Topsfield, at Boston, Mar. 14, 1839.*

Joanna, of Boxford, and David Cummings, jr. int. July 16, 1748.

JUIT (Jewitt)

Jeremiah, and Elisabeth Kembal, both of Ipswich, Jan. 4, 1687-8. CR

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