John, s.Francies and Sarah, Apr.23,1756.

SHAMWAY (Shumway)

John, s.Peeter, Jan.20,1679[-80].CTR

Samuell, s.Peeter, Nov.2,1681.CTR


Richard, s.David, bp. Apr.6,1707.CR


David, s.David, bp. Aug.26,1705.CR

SHERWIN (Shurwin)

Susanna, d.Ebenezer, Nov.9,1701.

SHUMWAY (Shamway)

Peeter, s.Peeter, June6,1678.CTR

Dorcas, d.Peter and Frances, Oct.16,1683.CTR

Joseph, s.Peter and Frances, Oct.13,1686.CTR

Jeremiah, s.Peter, bp. Mar.21,1702-3.CR

Oliver, s.Peter, bp. May10,1702.CR

David, s.Peter, bp. Dec.23,1705.CR

Mary, d.Peter, bp. May末,1708.CR

Samuell, s.Peter, bp. Apr.22,1711.CR

John, s.Peter, bp. Aug.16,1713.CR

SHURWIN (Sherwin)

Jonathan, s.Ebenezer, Jan.9,1703-4.


Lucy Abigail, d.Isaiah M. and Betsey, May7,1837.

William Amasa, s.Isaiah M. and Betsey, Sept.2,1838.

Isaiah Warren, s.Isaiah M. and Betsey, Dec.20,1841.

Mary Adelaide, d.Isaiah M., July5,1847.


William, s.Will, July17,1658.CTR

Pheby, d.Robert, Aug.26,1661.CTR

Rebecka, d.William, Mar.3,1662[-3].CTR

Ephraim, s.Robert, Oct.29,1663.CTR

Joseph, s.William, June28,1665.CTR

Benjamin, s.William, Jan.5,1667[-8].CTR

Amye, d.Robert, Aug.16,1668.CTR

Solomon, s.William, Mar.3,1669[-70].CTR

Sarah, d.Robert and Mary, June25,1670.

Samuel, s.William, Apr.6,1672.CTR

Nathaniell, s.Robert, Sept.7,1672.CTR

Jacob, s.Robert, Jan.29,1674[-5].CTR

Sarah, d.William, July10,1674.CTR

Moriah, d.Robert, Dec.18,1677.CTR

Mary, d.William, July3,1680.CTR

Penelopie, d.William and Martha, Aug.13,1687.CTR

Rebecka, d.William, bp. Dec.22,1689.CR

Martha, d.William, bp. Apr.26,1691.CR

William, s.William and Marhta, Aug.24,1694.

Mary, d.Ephraim, bp. Sept.1,1695.CR

Phebee, d.Samuell and Phebee, Oct.21,1695.

Elizabeth, twin d.Ephraim, bp. Apr.11,1697.CR

Hannah, twin d.Ephraim, bp. Apr.11,1697.CR

Sarah, d.Sarah, bp. May23,1697.CR

Nathan, s.Abraham, bp. July11,1697.CR

Mary, d.Samuell and Phebee, Sept.12,1698.

Samuell, s.Samuell and Phebee, Apr.2,1701.

Susannah, d.Samuell and Phebee, Mar.16,1702-3.

John, s.Benjamin, bp. June21,1702.CR

Mary, d.Sarah, bp. Aug.2,1702.CR

Priscella, d.Ephraim, bp. Sept.20,1702.CR

Hephzeba, d.Ephraim, bp. June11,1704.CR

Hanna, grand d.Corp. Curtis, bp. Aug.6,1704.CR

Solomon, s.Samuell and Phebee, Apr.13,1705.

Samuell, s.Samuell, bp. July末,1706.CR

John, s.Ephraim, bp. Nov.末,1706.CR

Joseph, s.Samuell and Phebee, Dec.31,1707.

Phebah, d.Samuel and Rebeka, Jan.8,1708-9.

Elizabet, d.Samuell, bp. [Nov. or Dec.] 1708.CR

Sarah, d.Ephraim, bp. Nov.末,1708.CR

John, twin s.Samuell, bp. Apr.15,1711.CR

Mercy, twin d.Samuell, bp. Apr.15,1711.CR

Margaret, d.Samuell, bp. June3,1711.CR

Mary, d.Samuel and Rebeka, Aug.14,1711.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, bp. Sept.28,1712.CR

Rebeka, d.Benjamin, bp. Sept.28,1712.CR

Sarah, d.Benjamin, bp. Sept.28,1712.CR

Stephen, s.Benjamin, bp. Sept.28,1712.CR

Abigail, d.Samuell, bp. Aug.30,1713.CR

Samuel, s.Samuel and Rebeka, Jan.26,1714.

Rebeckah, d.Samuel and Rebeka, Oct.1,1715.

Priscella, d.Samuell, bp. Oct.2,1715.CR

Rebecka, d.Samuell, bp. May25,1718.CR

Elizabeth, d.Samuel and Rebeka, July8,1718.

Hephzibah, d.Samuel and Rebeka, May12,1722.

Robart, s.Samuel and Rebeka, Apr.25,1724.

Susanna, d.Samuel and Rebecca, May2,1726.

Hannah, d.Samuel and Rebecca, Apr.5,1729.

Mary, d.Ephraim, bp. June8,1729.CR

Priscilla, d.Samuell, jr., bp. Jan.2,1736-7.CR

Samuel, s.Samuel and Priscilla, Oct.28,1737.

John, s.Rebeckah, bp. Aug.13,1738.CR

Vashti, d.Samuel and Priscilla, Oct.5,1739.

Susanna, d.Samuel, jr. and Priscilla, Jan.24,1741-2.

Asael, s.Samuel and Priscilla, Mar.7,1743-4.

Elijah, s.Robert and Susanna, Dec.5,1746.

Elisha, s.Robert and Susanna, Oct.4,1748.

Thomas, s.Robert and Susanna, June4,1751.

Anna, d.Nathaniell, bp. July5,1752.CR

Jacob, s.Nathaniell, bp. Dec.2,1753.CR

Miriam, d.Nathaniell, bp. Apr.27,1755.CR

Nathaniell, s.Nathaniell, bp. Jan.9,1757.CR

Ruth, d.Nathaniell, bp. Apr.9,1758.CR

Rebekah, d.Samuel, jr. and Rebekah, June29,1760.

Lydia, d.Samuel, jr. and Rebekah, Apr.14,1762.

Susanna, d.Samuel, jr. and Rebekah, Mar.9,1764.

Samuel, s.Samuel, jr. and Rebekah, Apr.1,1766.

Mary, d.Samuel, jr. and Rebekah, Mar.31,1768.

Jesse, s.Asael and Mary, Apr.20,1768.

Stephen, s.Asa, bp. Aug.28,1768.CR

Priscilla, d.Asael and Mary, Oct.21,1769.

Asa, s.Asa, bp. Mar.25,1770.CR

Jacob, s.Samuel, jr. and Rebekah, May24,1770.

Joseph, † s.Asael and Mary, July12,1771.

Anna, d.Samuel, jr. and Rebekah, Jan.8,1772.

Molly, d.Asa, bp. May24,1772.CR

Asael, s.Asael and Mary [b. Windham, NH], May21,1773.

Priscilla, d.Samuel, jr. and Rebekah, Oct.23,1773.

Hannah, d.Asa, bp. May22,1774.CR

末末, ch.still born, Samuel, jr. and Rebekah, Apr.13,1775.

Mary, d.Asael and Mary [b. Windham, NH], June4,1775.

Benjamin, s.Samuel, jr. and Rebekah, Feb.20,1776.

Manassah, s.Asa, bp. May5,1776.CR

Mary, d.Nathaniell, bp. Nov.18,1781.CR

Stephen, s.Nathanael, bp. May4,1783.CR

John, s.John and Barbra Fellows, b. at Portsmouth, Eng., May7,1818.

Augustus Willard,* s.Willard and Mary, Feb.5,1829.

Moses Welch, s.Willard and Mary, Apr.19,1833.

Caroline Elisabeth, d.Willard and Mary, Nov.12,1838.

Cynthia, d.Willard and Mary, Aug.1,1840.

John Phillips, s.John and Sarah, Apr.28,1843.

Judith Sarah, d.John and Sarah, Aug.10,1844.

Charles Henry, s.John and Sarah, June4,1846.

Charlotte Augusta, d.John, Apr.22,1848.


James, s.John and Fanny, [b. at Boston?] July10,1849.


William Henry Harrison, s.末末, Nov.11,1846.

STANDLEY (Stanley)

Mary, d.Jonathan and Abigail, Apr.20,1740.

Samuel, s.Jonathan and Abigail, Mar.15,1741-2.

Joseph, s.Jonathan and Abigail, Jan.17,1750-1.

Hannah, d.Jonathan and Abigail, Dec.1,1751.

STANDLY (Stanley)

Sarah, d.Corp. Samuell and Johanah, Jan.18,1694-5.

Nathaniel, s.Corp. Samuell and Johanah, May23,1697.

Mary, d.Corp. Samuell and Johanah, Sept.29,1699.

Abigail, d.Jonathan and Abigail, Mar.20,1738-9.

John, s.Jonathan and Abigail, Jan.29,1743-4.

Joseph, s.Jonathan and Abigail, Dec.16,1745.

Jedidiah, s.Jonathan and Abigail, Jan.31,1748.

STANLEY (Standley, Standly, Stanly, Stanlye)

John, s.Mathew, June21,1659.CTR

Zeruiah, d.Matthew, Feb.14,1664[-5].CTR

Rebecka, d.Mathew, Mar.2,1666[-7].CTR

Lucy, d.Matthew, Nov.9,1668.CTR

Benjamin, s.Mathew, Nov.12,1673.CTR

Samuell, s.Samuell, Oct.24,1678.CTR

Jacob, s.Samuel and Johnana, Jan.2,1684-5.CTR

Abigail, d.Samuell, bp. Aug.6,1688.CR

Jacob, s.Samuel, bp. Aug.6,1688.CR

Samuell, s.Samuell, bp. Aug.6,1688.CR

Thomas, s.Samuell, bp. Aug.6,1688.CR

Matthew, s.Samuell, bp. Apr.27,1690.CR

Joseph, s.Samuell, bp. Oct.16,1692.CR

Nathaniell, s.Samuell, bp. July4,1697.CR

John, s.Corp. Samuell and Johanah, Sept.11,1703.

Hannah, d.Samuel, jr. and Mary, Oct.26,1706.

Samuel, s.Samuel, jr. and Mary, Dec.10,1708.

Jonathan, s.Samuel, jr. and Mary, May2,1711.

Miriam, d.Jacob and Miriam, July7,1712.

Abigail, d.Samuel, jr. and Mary, Nov.9,1712.

Joannah, d.Jacob and Miriam, Feb.6,1714.

Matthew, s.Samuel, jr. and Mary, Sept.14,1714.

Ruth, d.Samuel, jr. and Mary, Oct.25,1715.

Rebekah, d.Jacob, and Miriam, Mar.28,1716.

David, s.Samuel, jr. and Mary, Sept.28,1717.

Jacob, s.Samuel, jr. and Mary, Sept.13,1719.

Elizabeth, d.Samuel, jr. and Mary, June4,1722.

STANLY (Stanley)

Hannah, d.Matthew, Feb.17,1659-60.CTR

Joseph, s.Mathew, Dec.14,1671.CTR

STANLYE (Stanley)

Abigail, d.Matthew, Apr.2,1663.CTR


Sarah, d.George, bp. July7,1745.CR

John, s.George and Sarah, Feb.12,1751.


William, s.George, bp. Mar.29,1747.CR

George, s.George, bp. Dec.18,1748.CR


Thomas Emerson, s.James and Lydia, "Of Salem," bp. June15,1823.CR


Charles H., s.Josiah and Elizabeth, Aug.18,1845.

末末, d.Josiah and Elizabeth, Mar.1,1847.


Mary, d.Thomas, bp. May19,1723.CR


Eunice, d.William, bp. Mar.2,1755.CR


John, s.John, bp. Dec.16,1688.CR

Mercy, d.John, bp. Dec.2,1694.CR

Jemima, d.Robart, bp. Mar.9,1700-1.CR


Harriet Ann, d.Hershel, May10,1846.


Lydia Ellen, d.William H., Apr.9,1848.


Esther Wildes, d.Dr. Jeremiah and Esther W., Dec.16,1828.

Susan Alzea, d.Dr. Jeremiah and Esther W., Feb.23,1834.

Lucy Cleaveland d.Oren J. and Lucy P., Feb.5,1835.

Augustus William, s.Oren J. and Lucy P., Apr.13,1836.

Moses Wildes, s.Dr. Jeremiah, and Esther W., July7,1836.

Jesse Oren, s.Oren J. and Lucy P., June22,1837.


Lydia, grandd.Tho. Andrew, bp. May27,1705.CR


Hanah, d.Samuel, Dec.25, [1664?].CTR

Grace, d.Samuell, Oct.14,1667.CTR

Mary, d.Samuel, Feb.26,1669. [-70].CTR

Samuell, s.Samuell, Aug.6,1672.CTR

John, s.Samuell, Mar.29,1674.CTR

Ruth, d.Samuell, Dec.24,1676.CTR

Rebecka, d.Samuell, May31,1679.CTR

John, s.John, bp. Feb.26,1743-4.CR

Ruth, d.Thomas and Annah, May27,1743.

Anna, d.Thomas and Anna, Jan.3,1744-5.

Mary, d.John, bp. July21,1745.CR

Mary, d.John, bp. Sept.7,1746.CR

Hannah, d.Thomas and Annah, Dec.25,1746.

Joanna, d.John, bp. Apr.3,1748.CR

Jacob, s.Thomas and Anna, Apr.10,1749.

Joseph, s.John, bp. Oct.29,1749.CR

Mehetabel, d.Joseph, jr., bp. Mar.24,1751.CR

Hephzibah, d.Thomas and Anna, June10,1752.

Samuell, s.Joseph, jr., bp. Oct.22,1752.CR

Joseph, s.Joseph, jr., bp. Aug.11,1754.CR

Mary, d.Stephen, bp. Dec.12,1756.CR

Martha, d.Stephen, bp. June4,1758.CR

Hannah, d.Jacob and Susanna, Jan.28,1778.

Phebe, d.Jacob and Susanna, July31,1779.

Jacob, s.Jacob and Susanna, Mar.6,1781.

Betsey, d.Jacob and Susanna, Aug.3,1783.

Lydia, d.Jacob and Susanna, Feb.26,1786.

Thomas, s.Jacob and Susanna, Jan.31,1789.

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