TARBOX (Tarboxs)

Benjamin, s.Thomas and Ester, June10,1714.

Elizabeth, w.Samuel, Dec.15,1737, in her 57th y.

Easter, w.Capt. Thomas, Aug.20,1766, in her 85th y.

Expreance, wid., Mar.2,1738-9, in her 85th y.

Mary, d.Thomas and Easter, May末,1720.

Mary, d.Samuel and Elisabeth, Mar.2,1722-3. [a.6y.CR]

Mary, d.Thomas and Ester, May18,1734, a.14y.CR

Mary, wid.Dea.Samuel, Aug.2,1792, a.74y.GR1

Rebeckah, d.Thomas and Ester, July25,1711.

Robert Cue, s.Samuell, jr. and Mary, July1,1754, a.8ス y.

Samuel, Nov.21,1755.CR

Samuel, Dea., Apr.30,1784.CR [in his 69th y.GR1]

Thomas, s.Thomas and Easter,末蔓末, [abt. 1720.]

Thomas, s.Samuel, jr. and Mary, May20,1751, a.abt. 10w.CR

Thomas, [inf.CR] s.Samuel, jr. and Mary, Apr.4,1752.

Thomas, Capt., Jan.9,1774, in his 90th y.


Samuell Fiske, Oct. "last day," 1716.

THOMPSON (Tompson)

Hannah, d.Peter and Hannah, "drowned in a well," Aug.8,1696.


Lucy A., d.John, scarlet fever, Feb.17,1845, a.6m.15d.


Calvin, s.Joseph and Hannah, July27,1822, a.14m.CR

TROUT (Trowt)

Adaline F., w.Asa W., d.Andrew and Anna Dodge, fever, buried Beverly, d.Nov.11,1849, a.27y.8m.


Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Margaret, Feb.7,1738, a.56y.CR

Elizabeth, d.Benjamin and Margaret, Feb.11,1738.CR

Margaret, d.Benjamin and Margaret, Feb.4,1738.CR

Margaret, Apr.15,1748.CR

Mary, d.Tobias and Mary, Feb.19,1697-8.

Mary, Sept.8,1748. a.85y.CR

Richard, s.Tobias and Margaret,末蔓末,1697.

Solomon, s.Benjamin and Margaret, Feb.5,1738.CR


Samuel, Rev., Feb.10,1749-50, a.abt. 26y.

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