Anna, and William Brown of Chester, NH, int. June 22, 1799.


Anna, Mrs., and Daniel Conant, jr. of Beverly, July 8, 1767.*

Ebenezer, of Lynn, and Sarah Hull, int. Feb. 5, 1718-19.

Esther, and Matthew Pebody of Topsfield, int. Oct. 18, 1740.

Easther, Mrs., and Phillip Town of Topsfield, Aug. 15, 1751.*

Eunic, Mrs., and George Raymond of Beverly, Jan. 30, 1766.*

Hannah, and John Batcheler, int. Nov. 28, 1702.

Lucy, Mrs., and Elisha Perkins of Topsfield, Mar. 6, 1750-51.*

Lydia, Mrs., and Richard Wood [Whood. int.] of Topsfield, Feb. 15, 1776.*

Mary, and Ephraim Kimball, Dec. 8, 1720.*

Mary, and Robart Dodge of Beverly, Dec. 17, 1745.*

Mary, Mrs., and Jonathan Moulton, May 21, 1760.*

Mahetable, and John Herrick of Beverly, Dec. 8, 1720.*

Rebeckah, and John Darby of Ipswich, May 16, 1728.*

Rebecca, Mrs., and Josiah Moulton, Jan. 29, 1767.*

Samuel, and Elisabeth Maxcy, at Beverly, Jan. 19, 1715-16.*

Samuel, and Mary Cue, Apr. 20, 1737.*

Sarah, and Ebenezer Batcheler, int. Dec. 15, 1699.

Susanna, Mrs., and Samuel Raymond of Beverly, May 18, 1768.*

Thomas, and Hester [Ester. int.] Edwards, at Beverly, Mar. 13, 1706-7.*

TAYLOR (Tailer)

Anna, Mrs., and Abraham Knowlten, int. July 6, 1777.

Asa, of Beverly, and Polly Edwards, Mar. 31, 1796.*

Jeremiah, Rev., and Elizabeth Pride, of Springfield, PA, d. William W. and Hannah T., Oct. 17, 1849.

Josiah, of Beverly, and Betsey Dodge, Apr. 14, 1796.*

Thomas, of Concord, and Elizebeth Shaw, int. Nov. 26, 1737.

William, of Beverly, and Mrs. Mary Baker, Apr. 8, 1756.*


Rhoda, Mrs. and Abraham Knowlton, Dec. 17, 1771.*


Hannah Allford, and Aron Jones, int. Sept. 26, 1714.


Elizebeth, of Beverly, and William Payton, int. May 31, 1740.

Hannah, of Beverly, and Caleb Coy, at Beverly, Oct. 24, 1750.*

Susanna, of Beverly, and Bartholemew Dodge, at Beverly, Apr. 26, 1753.*


William, and Abigail Webb of Gloucester, Dec. 8, 1772.


Mercy, of Ipswich, and Ephraim Kimball, at Ipswich, Nov. 16, 1752.*


Abegail, Mrs., of Beverly, and Benjamin Edwards, at Beverly, June 17, 1756.*

Bethiah, Mrs., and Jesse Dodge of Beverly, Nov. 6, 1766.*

Emma, Mrs., and John Conant, jr. of Beverly, Feb. 21, 1764.*

John, of Beverly, and Mrs. Elizabeth Dodge, Jan. 17, 1750-51.*

Mary, Mrs., and Ebenezer Lee of Manchester, Mar. 29, 1768.*


Mary, of Ipswich, and Richard Dodg, Nov. 16, 1724.*


David, and Judith M. Clark, int. June 25, 1843.

TINNEY (Tiney)

Eli W., a. 27 y., cordwainer, b. Shapleigh, ME, s. Daniel and Phebe, of Shapleigh, ME, and Emily J. Wells, a. 25 y., b. Shapleigh, ME, d. Naham and Olive, of Shapleigh, ME, Jan. 24, 1844.*

Sarah, and John Cummins, of Topsfield, int. May 24, 1777.


Ebenezer, and Betsey Kimball, Apr. 30, 1809.*

Elizebeth, Mrs., of Rowley, and John White, int. Aug. 20, 1748.

Esther P., a. 30 y., d. S. and L., of Topsfield, and Ebenezer F. Gay, widr. of Dedham, a. 29 y., merchant, s. O. and M., of Dedham, Sept. 5, 1849.

Jane, and Nicholas Freman of Ipswich, Oct. 21, 1745. CR*


George, and Rebecca Larcum, at Ipswich, Nov. 1, 1725.*

Joshua, of Newburyport, and Clarissa Perkins, int. Sept. 2, 1817.

TOWN (Towne)

Ephraim, of Topsfield, and Sarah Bragg, Mar. 30, 1749. CR*

Phillip, of Topsfield, and Mrs. Easther Tarbox, Aug. 15, 1751.*


Elizabeth C., a. 18 y., d. Benjamin and Catherine F., and William W. Lennon of Bevrly, a. 21 y., cordwainer, s. John and Abigail, Feb. 21, 1849.

Joseph, and Hannah Dodge, int. Mar. 17, 1821.

Mary, of Beverly [of Salem. int.], and Jonathan Perkins, at Beverly, Feb. 7, 1754.*

Osmond [jr. int.], of Beverly, and Mrs. Mary Bean, Mar. 26, 1767.*

TREADWELL (Treadwel)

Jonathan, of Ipswich, and Ruth Patch, Nov. 29, 1738.*

Martha and Jeremiah Satchel, int. July 16, 1757.

TREMBLET (Trimlett)

Hannah, and William Payton, Dec. 12, 1745.*

Hannah, and Francis Knowlton of Pelham, int. May 21, 1749.


Israel, and Hannah Smith, at Ipswich, Mar. 22, 1725.*


Thomas [of York. int.], and Susannah Peacifull [of Beverly. int.], Oct. 6, 1765.*

TROUT (Trowt)

Asa W., and Adaline F. Dodge, Apr. 24, 1842.*


Benjamin, and Margritt Rogers, Feb. 23, 1729-30.*

Mary, and Nathanill Bragg, May 7, 1722.*

Susanna, Mrs., of Beverly, and James Friend, Jan. 27, 1818. CR*


John, of Beverly, and Mrs. Susannah Martin, Jan. ––, 1788.*


Barnard, Dr., of Beverly, and Lucy Kimball, Oct. 9, 1797.*

Martha Reed, and Daniel Rogers, int. Feb. 14, 1778.

Richard, and Lydia Burnham of Essex, int. Dec. 1, 1831.

Sarah, of Beverly, And Benjamin Kenniston of Beverly, a. 20 y., farmer, s. Benjamin and Sally, Oct. 19, 1846.


George, of Salem, a. 37 y., laborer, s. George and Mary, and Mary C. Batchelder, wid., a. 47 y., d. Benjamin and Hannah Edwards, Mar. 18, 1847.


John, of Boston, and Hannah L. Ward, Dec. 5, 1822.*

Mary, of Lynn, and Abner Haggett, at Lynn, Feb. 12, 1782.*

TYLER (Tiler)

Lydia, of Boxford, and Jonathan Porter, int. Aug. 30, 1724.

Mehittable, of Boxford, and Isac Dodge, Apr. 1, 1730.*

Sarah, of Boxford, and Benjamin Porter, int. Dec. 11, 1715-16.

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