Clarissa of Hinsdale, and Ira Day, int.July5,1807.

Louis and James Kelso, July3,1800.

CAMBELL (Campbel, Campbell)

James and Lorana Smith, int.May10,1778. [Campbell, and Loraeny Smith, m.May末.CR1]

CAMPBEL (Cambell, Campbell)

Elisabeth and Samuel Bell, int.June15,1780. [m.June22.PR14]

CAMPBELL (Cambell, Campbel)

Albert G. and Maria E. Moore of Worthington, int.Sept.10,1836.

Alvan and Polly Goodwill, Jan.3,1811.

Eliza F. and Roland Lewis, Sept.1,1841.

Ethen [int.Ethan] and Silence Eglestone, Dec.15,1803.

Hector and Olive Sowl, May14,1812.

James of Blandford and Isabel Elder, Dec.18,1783.

James 2d and Christian Ingell, Mar.1,1810.

Jenny and Ethan Marshal of Northampton, Mar.13,1792.

John H., 21, farmer, s.Hector and Harriett N. Clark, 21, of Worthington, d.Jotham, Sept.16,1847.

Joseph and Jemina Moor, Nov.6,1787.

Lorana and William Bracket [int.Brackett] of Littleton, NH, Feb.10,1811.

Luther W. and Eliza A. Cannon of Becket, int.Nov.4,1841.

Mariah E. and John J. Boles, int.Jan.4,1849.

Mary and Joel Pomeroy of Southhampton, June9,1796.

Matthew and Isabele Linsey of Blandford, int.Jan.25,1789.

Matthew and Sarah Bell of Oakham, int.Jan.9,1790.

Mylinda and Roswell Savage of Littleton, NH, Feb.8,1801.

Rosanna and William McIntyre, int.July25,1778.

Sarah of Westfield, and William Elder, int.Mar.8,1784.

Salla [int Sally] and Ebenezer Nathan Messenger of Becket, Dec.14,1786.

Susanna and Philip [int.Phillip] Loveland of Middlefield, Sept.12,1793.

Wareham S., Rev., and Paulina D. Wheeler of Hubbardston, int.Apr.2,1840.

William and Sally [int.Polly] Smith, May15,1815.


Mary and John Stratton, Mar.末,1776, in Blandford.*CR1

CANNON (Carnahah, Carnahan)

Eliza A. Becket, and Luther W. Campbell, int.Nov.4,1841.

Jane and Ashley Mann of Becket, May6,1819.*

Roxa E. of Blandford, and Linus H. Cook, int.Sept.17,1842.

Sally of Blandford, and Silas Gilmore, int.Feb.18,1799.

CARLILE (Carlisle)

John and Sarah Smith, int.June24,1780.

CARLISLE (Carlile)

James Jr. and Dorothy Smith, int.July13,1788.

Sophia and David Wilder, Feb.27,1800.

William and Lovisa [int.Lovina] Cooley, May28,1789.

CARNAHAH (Cannon, Carnahan)

Polly [int.Cannon] of Blandford [int.Blanford], and Robert Procter Jr. [int.3rd, omits Jr.], Sept.1,1796.

CARNAHAN (Cannon, Carnahah)

Elisha [int.Cannon] of Blandford, and Molly [int.Polly] Procter, Apr.12,1796.


Achsah of Norwich, and Nathan Ellsworth, int.Jan.21,1821.

Israel of Norwich, and Mrs.Abigail Stephenson, int.Sept.15,1802.

Polly and Artemas Smith, int.June5,1813.


John and Laura L. Phelps, Oct.18,1837.


Mary of Russell, and Otis Wait, int.Oct.13,1832. [Cartter, m.Nov.21.PR2]

Sally of Russel, and Charles Emmerson Wait, int.Feb.3,1838.


Daniel L. and Loisa Sparks of Russell, int.Nov.2,1833.


Calvin of Washington, and Sophia Medcalf, int.Jan.15,1831.


Howard [int.of Sheffield, Berkshire Co.] and Vianna [int.Vianne] Gamwell, May9,1811.

Sally of Sheffield and James Gamwell 2d, int.Nov.18,1809.

Stephen Jr. of W. Springfield, and Lucy M. Elder, [int.Apr.23], 1842.


Caroline of Russel, and Reuben Bradley of Russel, Mar.25,1819.*

Samuel of Becket, and Hannah Abbot, Apr.2,1810.


Reuben and Eunice Alexander, int.Nov.1,1802.


Nancy and Joseph Beemis [int.Bemiss], Nov.6,1827.


Benjamin of Lee, and Harriet Meach, Dec.5,1821.

Franklin L. of Springfield, and Eunice E. White, int.Nov.12,1831. [m.Nov.末.CR1]


Charles and Hannah Percivel, Nov.4,1819.* [Percival.PR5]

Charles and Dolly H. David, int.Mar.1,1841. [Dolly W. David, d.Joseph Abbott, m.Apr.1.PR5]

Elijah and Eleanor Nooney, Mar.10,1777.*PR5

Hannah Maria and Baxter E. Johnson of Hinsdale, int.Mar.3,1844. [Baxter Johnson of Brookfield, m.Mar.28.PR5]

Lucy, 29, d.Charles and Hannah C., and Lyman Johnson, 39, farmer, of Washinton, b. Washington, s.Isaac and Judith J. of Washinton, Oct.4,1849.* [ch.Charles and Hannah (Percival).PR5] [Lucy S. and Lyman Johnson, ch.Isaac and Judith (Shumway).PR17]

Sophia and Jesse Johnson, int.Jan.25,1824. [Jesse, ch.Isaac and Judith (Shumway), m.Feb.末.PR17]

CLAP (Clapp)

Abigail of Montgomery, and John Smith, int.Feb.7,1802.

David Pomeroy of Easthampton, and Patty Gould, Jan.23,1795.

Joseph of E. Hampton, and Susannah [int.Susanna] Lyman, May28,1789.

Orpha [int.Clapp] and Aaron Ensign, Feb.14,1810.

Rachel and Harvey Stone, Oct.6,1807.

CLAPP (Clap)

Alonzo and Esther Day, int.Dec.22,1832.

Alonzo and Fidelia Taylor, Sept.10,1834.

Anson of Montgomery, and Priscilla Clark of Montgomery, Dec.末,1829.*CR1

Charles W. and Louisa W. Day, Dec.8,1824.

Hophne of Hinsdale, and Sarah M. Stevens, int.July29,1842. [Hophni, m.Aug.18.CR1]

Lewis H. and Mary E. Granger, July1,1840.

Pamelia and Otis Taylor, Apr.27,1820. [Apr.20.PR1]

Theodosia [int.Theodocia Clap] and Eleazer Ring [int.of Chesterfield], Jan.30,1812.

Terzah of Southampton, and Barney Pomroy, int.Oct.17,1812.

CLARK (Clarke)

David of Worthington, and Lydia Benjamin of Worthington, Jan.18,1787.*

Dorothy of Northampton, and Epaphre Phelps, int.Mar.1,1810.

Edward [int.Edwards of Southampton], and Achsa [int.Achcah] Searls, Apr.13,1814.

Electa and Ansel Ely, May19,1819.*

Betty and Reuben Parks of Westfield int.July20,1777. [Betsy and Ruben Parks, m.Mar.26,1778.CR1]

Erastus of Northampton, and Dorrathy [int.Dolly] Moor, June5,1799.

Hannah of Southampton, and Dea.Stephen Lyman, int.July3,1786. [Hannah, wid.m.July10.PR18]

Harriett N., 21, of Worthington, d.Jotham, and John H. Campbell, 21, farmer, s.Hector, Sept.16,1847.

Israel D., 24, Merchant, s.John L., and Cynthia A. Williams, 19, b. Becket, d.Jabin B. and Lydia W., Dec.14,1846.

John and Selah Anderson of Chesterfield, int.Sept.28,1782.

Lavinia and Horace Ballard, MD, int.Oct.15,1830. [Clarke. m.Nov.11.CR1]

Mary and Capt. Joshua Beemis [int.Bemis], Dec.18,1828.

Mercy and Nathan P. Millard of Becket, Nov.3,1818.*

Olive and James Melvin Jr., Mar.8,1802.

Olive of Blandford, and Charles W. Knox, int.Dec.15,1837. [m.Jan.7,1838, in Blandford.PR8]

Pharez and Betsy [int.Betsey] Quigley, Dec.14,1809.

Pricilla of Montgomery, and Anson Clapp of Montgomery, Dec.末,1829.*CR1

Sally of Blandford, and Roswell Moor, int.July26,1807.

Sarah M. of Blandford and Franklin Stebbins, int.Oct.12,1839.

Tryphena and Gaius Lyman, int.July14,1793. [m.Aug.16,1795.PR18]

Zipheniah and Zulima Cooley, Aug.20,1778, in Middlefield.*CR1

CLARKE (Clark)

Edward A. [int.Clark] of Easthampton, and Clarissa [int.Clarrissa] M. Cook, Oct.22,1835. [Clark, and Clarissa M. Cook.CR1]

Jotham [int.Clark] and Eunice Ring, Jan.12,1825. [Clark.CR1]


John and Anna Jones of Middlefield, int.Apr.13,1794.


Benjamin of Norwich, and Emily Miller, int.Nov.5,1831. [m.Nov.22.CR1]

COLE (Cowls)

Ebenzer of Chesterfield, and Mrs.Sally Smith, int.Aug.6,1814.

Electa of Chesterfield, and Thomas Witt, int.Mar.21,1811.

Betsy [dup. Betsey] of Norwich, and Joseph Beemis, int.Mar.9,1829.

Rosanna, Mrs.Chesterfield, and Capt. Reuben Cowing, int.Nov.5,1814.

Vashti of Chesterfield, and Justus Bemis, int.Apr.2,1820.


Alba and Betsy [int.Bitsy] Bates, Mar.25,1813.

Eliphalet and Patty Kelley of Worthington, int.Sept.23,1805.

Elvira and Joseph N. Shoals, int.Oct.22,1831. [m.Nov.末.CR1]

Emerson of Columbia, SC, and Frances A. Coleman, Sept.9,1845. [Emus.CR1]

Frances A. and Emerson Coleman of Columbia, SC, Sept.9,1845. [Emus.CR1]

William, Dr., of Middlefield, and Atchsa Lyman, July19,1792.


Adelia A. and Calvin Torry of Westfield, May24,1842.

Charles and Abbey Sacket of Norwich, int.Mar.20,1816.

Daniel and Anna Williams of Worthington, int.Oct.19,1788.

Daniel Jr. and Emily Hatch of Norwich, int.Oct.9,1830.

Daniel Jr., Capt. and Sarah Bascom of Southhamption, int.Apr.26,1833.

Flavia A. and Charles H. Pitt of Hinsdale, Nov.16,1840.

Francis [sic] [int.Frances] A., 22, d.Charles and Abigal, and Anson Gleason, 30, plane maker, s.Chancy and Deborah, Dec.21,1848.

Gilbert and Cathrine R. Dewey, int.Aug.30,1834.

Hannah and Aaron Eglestone, Jan.6,1785.*CR1

Havington and Adeline E. Stanton of Norwich, int.Oct.8,1842.

Lewis and Eunice Weaver of E. Greenwich, Oct.24,1820, in Greenwich, Kent Co., RI.*

Lucius of Blandford, and Caroline Herrick, int.July29,1841.

Lucy of Worthington, and Asahel Printice of Worthington, May30,1787.*

Mehitabel and John Dewey, Jan.26,1809.

Susan and Virgil Sizer, int.June12,1825.


Ebenezer of Longmeadow and Cynthia Whitman of W. Springfield, Dec.26,1826.*

Releaf and Asa Willcox, Nov.8,1804.*

CONVAS (Converse)

Lucy and William Smith, int.Apr.12,1781.


Samuel [int.adds.M.] of Worthington and Sarah Rebecca Ladd, Jan.19,1843.

Sarah of Worthington, and Erastus Pease, int.Mar.9,1827.


Clarissa [int.Clarrissa] M. and Edward A. Clarke [int.Clark] of Easthampton, Oct.22,1835. [Clarissa M. and Edward A. Clark.CR1]

Erastus H. of Windsor, CT, and Cynthia Metcalf, Aug.3,1831.

John J. and Lucy S. [int.omits S.] Taylor, June末,1834.

Linus H. and Roxa E. Cannon of Blandford, int.Sept.17,1842.

P. Burt, s.Pearly, and Anna O. Williams, d.John, Dec.20,1848.*

Perley and Lovina Burt of Southampton, int.June7,1795.

Sally and Daniel Pitcher of Boonsville [int.Broom Ville], NY, Mar.15,1824.


Harvey and Deborah Reed of Shutesbury, Dec.4,1817.

Keziah of Springfield, and Jonathan Hart Webber, int.Dec.22,1771.

Lovisa [int.Lovina] and William Carlisle, May28,1789.

Seneca and Elizabeth Mann of Prescotts Grant, int.Jan.23,1798.

Thankful and Rozwell Benjamin of Norwich, int.Oct.13,1780.

Timothy and Rebecca [int.Rebeckah] Smith [int.1st], Sept.12,1787.

Zulima and Zipheniah Clark, Aug.20,1778.*CR1

COON (Coons)

Daniel of Hopkinston, RI, and Fanny Babcock, Dec.25,1817.

COONS (Coon)

Catherine E. and John K. Henry, June11,1832.*PR3


Harriett L., 19, b. Hartford, d.Melvin and Lucian B. Williams, 22, merchant, b. Becket, s.Jabin B., Sept.1,1847.

Lucinda B., 21, b. Hartford, CT, d.Melvin and Lucinda B., and Henry D. Filley, 23, lawyer, b. Otis, s.Lester and Corintha of Otis, Sept.1,1847.


Sally of Russel, and Cephas Stone, int.July16,1803.


Abilene and John Smith, Nov.10,1767.*


Daniel of Chesterfield, and Serah Smith, Jan.13,1803.

Job of Norwich, and Clarissa [int.Clarrissa] Taylor, Sept.3,1828.

Job and Jane Bates of Williamsburgh, int.Apr.25,1840.

Persis of Chesterfield, and John Smith Jr., int.Feb.22,1800.

Reuben of Chesterfield, and Lydia French, Mar.15,1792.

Reuben, Capt. and Mrs.Rosanna Cole of Chesterfield, int.Nov.5,1814.

COWLS (Cole)

Chester [int.Cole] Dr. [int.of Granby], and Sally Wade, Apr.25,1811.


Anna and Dexter Green, Dec.5,1793.


Amaziah [dup. adds widr., gunsmith, int.Amasiah B.] of Springfield, and Mary [int.adds L.] McMasters [dup. and int.Masters], Dec.21,1843. [Amiziah, and Mary Masters.CR1]

Mary of Washington, and William Hamilton 2d, int.Aug.18,1832.

Mary A. of Becket, and Elihu Brown Jr., int.Feb.25,1843.


Dryden [int.Cressey] of Cherry Valley, O, and Sarah Lyman, Sept.20,1841.

CROOKES (Crooks)

James of Blandford, Hampden Co., and Fanny Ellsworth, Jan.1,1827.

CROOKS (Crookes)

Thomas of Blandford, and Artemina Wright, int.Mar.13,1816.


John and Wealthy Smith, May17,1821.

William W. of Blandford, and Sarah M. Wright, int.Mar.11,1841. [Sarah Mariah [ch.Erastus and Sarah (Stewart)], m.Apr.4.PR13]


John [int.of Peru] and Sally Bemiss, wid.[int.Mrs., omits wid.], June25,1811.


Bershaba and Samuel Woolworth, int.July26,1786.

Susannah and Luke Hitchcock of Western, int.Dec.15,1783.


Minerva of Middlefield, and William Bell 2d, int.Aug.14,1813.


Chester R., Dr., and Miranda B. Lindsey of Blandford, int.Sept.17,1843.


David and Hudah Button, int.Dec.6,1770. [m.末蔓末,1771.CR1]

Martha and Daniel Twadwell [int.Twadweel], Jan.9,1772. [Treadwell.CR1]


Joshua P., 26, merchant, of Ware, s.Joshua (Crowel), and Rhoda Pease, 27, Enfield, CT, d.Thomas, Feb.27,1848.*


Asa and Lorana Seward, Dec.20,1798.

Asa of Blandford, Hampden Co., and Margaret King of Blandford, Hampden Co., June4,1821.*

Cyrus and Betsey Stewart of Russel, int.Oct.26,1800.

John of Blandford, Hampden Co., and Rebecca Holdridge of Hopkinton, RI, Apr.9,1818, in Blandford.*

Martha of Blandford, and Liberty B. Gould, int.Jan.29,1842.

Polly and John Tiffany of Montgomery, int.Apr.6,1804.

Mary Blandford, and Leverett Sacket of Blandford, Mar.20,1833.*

Mary and Aziel Griffin, int.June16,1838.

Nancy and George Mul Holland [int.Mulhollon], Mar.1,1798.

Timothy and Margaret Williams, int.Mar.4,1771. [m.末蔓末,1771.CR1]

Titus and Ruth Slade, int.Aug.22,1814.


Diana of Sheffield, and Watson Brown, int.Dec.28,1838.


Clarissa of Worthington, and Barney Prentis, int.Mar.12,1830.

Thankful P. of Worthington, and Daniel Higgins, int.Dec.5,1824.

William P., 22, merchant, of Charelemont [int.Charlemount] s.Solomon and Ann Eliza Elder, 19, d.Almon, Dec.20,1847.

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