Saloma [int.Siloma] of Middlefield, and Elijah Sanderson, Oct.19,1795.

Tabitha of Middlefield, and William Hamilton, int.Aug.28,1807.

Sands N. and Sarah Staunton of Norwich, int.Apr.15,1812.

Betsy and Elisha Wilcox Jr., Mar.4,1813.

Fanny and Daniel Coon of Hopkinton, RI, Dec.25,1817.

Hannah and Horace Smith, Apr.8,1819.*

James of Norwich, CT, s.Abel, and Susan Turner, d.John, Mar.31,1834 [sic, int.Mar.5,1844].

Camden H. and Nancy E. Pettis of Norwich, int.Oct.8,1842.

Camden H., widr., farmer, and Irene Sheldon of Suffield, CT, Sept.18,1844.*

Abel Jr. and Mary Elsworth, int.Mar.4,1849.


Elijah of Whites Town, NY, and Lucy Sizer, int.Apr.3,1791. "Objections Made by Miss Lucy Sizer Apr.11th 1791. "

Polly and Calvin Sanderson, int.June10,1804.

Rebekea [int.Rebecka] and Daniel Payn [int.of Hinsdale], Nov.14,1811.

Timothy Jr. and Eliza Ingell, int.Jan.25,1813.

BAILEY (Bayley)


Thadeus [int.Thaddeus], Maj., of Chesterfield, and Mr. Mary Prentice, Mar.16,1813.

Harriet and Henry Mallery [int.Harvey Mallerry], Dec.19,1822.

Margaret [int.Margret] E. and Daniel E. Bigelow, Dec.1,1831.

Alpheus M. of Lansingbury, NY and Miranda W. Hamilton, May25,1843. [Lansingburge.CR1]


Horace, MD, and Lavina Clark, int.Oct.15,1830. [Clarke, m.Nov.11.CR1]


Edward of Blanford [int.Granville], and Cyntha [int.Cynthia] Tinker, Aug.6,1805.


Experience and Timothy Lyman Jr., Jan.6,1808.


Sally and Isaac Alverd of Westampton, Oct.22,1800.

Betsy and Samuel Pain [int.Pane] of Westampton, Mar.4,1801.

Delight and Samuel Shaw [int.of Chesterfield], Feb.10,1802.

Miranda [dup. Meranda] and William Lindsey [int.Jr.] of Blandford, Apr.18,1811.


John of Westfield and Deliverance Hollyday, Jan.16,1772.

Esther [dup. of Westhampton], and Ephraim French, int.Feb.15,1794 [dup. Apr.17,1796].


Chauncey R. of Westfield, and Mary Wait, Oct.26,1824.


Alexis, 38, laborer, b. Maskinongi, Canada E., s.Francois and Catherine of Canada E., and Catherine Leclerc, 36, b. St. Denis, Canada E., d.Antoine and Jedugur Roi of Canada E., June17,1849.*


Adaline of Brimfield, and Rev. Alanson Alvord, int.Mar.11,1837.


Lovice of Middlefield, and John Manning, int.June1,1801.

Samuel [int.adds L.], farmer, of Northampton, s.末末撲f Northampton and Corinth E. Foot, Dec.6,1843. [Foote.CR1]

Noah S. and Mary S. Winchell of Norwich, int.May1,1848.

BARTON (Burton)


Aaron, Rev., and Patta Raymonds of Longmeadow, int.Jan.1,1792.

James and Helena Wales, Apr.24,1794.

Frances and Asahel Wright, Jan.17,1808.

Charlotte and Dr. Anson Boies, Mar.15,1810.

Theodosia and Dr. Anson Boies, Feb.27,1814.

Martha, Mrs., and Seth King of Suffield, Cann., Apr.24,1821.

Sarah of Southampton, and Capt. Daniel Collins Jr., int.Apr.26,1833.


Reuben [int.Ruben] of Western, and Nabby Wright, June末,1793.

Betsy [int.Bitsy] and Alba Coleman, Mar.25,1813.

Jane of Williamsburgh, and Job Cowing, int.Apr.25,1840.

Walter, Dea., of S. Hampton, and Mrs.Experience Lyman, int.Apr.15,1844.


Sally [int.Royley] and Sylvester Tinker, Jan.6,1799.


Susannah of Heartwood, and John Waid, int.July24,1774.

BEDLACK (Bidlake)

Polly [int.Bidlake] and John Kelso Jr., Jan.29,1795.

BEDORTHA (Bodortha, Bodurtha)

Harvey and Dolly Taylor, May28,1811.

BEEMIS (Bemis, Bemiss)

Joseph [int.Bemiss] and Nancy Chickering, Nov.6,1827.

Joshua, Capt. [int.Bemis], and Mary Clark, Dec.18,1828.

Joseph and Betsy [dup. Betsey] Cole of Norwich, int.Mar.9,1829.

BELDEN (Belding)

Ruth [int.Belding] and Oliver Moor, Dec.24,1801.

Salmon and Betsy Bemiss, Dec.10,1812.

Sarah [int.Sally] L. and Amok C. Smith, Nov.末 [int.Nov.], 1839.

Betsey and John Shipman Jr. of Hadley, Nov.3,1842.

BELDING (Belden)

Amos and Anna Day, May15,1800.

Sylvester [int.Belden] and Nice Smith, June5,1805.

Sally and Eliot Moor, Nov.1,1810.

Asenath and Alvah Foot, Apr.9,1817.

Abigail and Jonathan Wait Jr., Feb.22,1824.

Amasa and Ursula Rude of Norwich, June2,1841.

Mary and William Livermore of Waltham, June8,1841.


Molly, see Polly.

Samuel and Elisabeth Campbel, int.June15,1780. [m.June22.PR14]

Sarah of Oakham, and Matthew Campbell, int.Jan.9,1790.

Polly [int.Molly] and Nathaniel Goodwill, June23,1791.

Margaret of Skeensborough, NY, and Abel Foster of Skeensborough, NY, Feb.7,1793.*

James and Elizabeth [int.Elisabeth] Smith, Nov.21,1793.

Justus [int.Justice] and Sally Smith, Oct.30,1794.

Aaron Jr. and Nabby Egelston [int.Eagleston], Mar.5,1795.

James and Polly Eldridge of Hawley, int Apr.30,1797.

Simpson and Polly Gamwell, July10,1801.

James 2d and Nancy Lester of Becket, int.Dec.14,1801.

Patty of Western, and Osee Matthews, int.Feb.12,1805.

Patty and Moses Gamwell, int.Mar.4,1805.

Jean [int.Mrs.Jane] and Moses Hamilton, Mar.27,1806.

John C. and Anna Stewart of Becket, int.Mar.27,1809.

Betsy of Norwich, and Samuel Wait, int.June17,1809.

Betsy [int.Bill] and Stephen W. Newton of Washington, Berkshire Co., Dec.6,1810.

Aaron and [int.adds Mrs.] Lois Abbot, Jan.31,1811.

William 2d and Minerva Cross of Middlefield, int.Aug.14,1813.

Samuel Jr. Olive Lindsey of Blandford, int.Mar.22,1820. [m.Apr.19.PR14]

Chloe and Hugh Quigley Jr., Mar.1,1821.

Laura of Washington, and James Quigley, int.Jan.11,1824.

John L., M.D. of Williamstown, and Sophronia Lyman, int.Apr.10,1829.

William and Samantha Gibbs of Becket, int.Mar.15,1831.

Lucretia and David S. Johnson, int.Aug.10,1833.

William C., M.D. of Austerlitz, NY and Charlotte M. Boise int.Sept.27,1833.

Betsey and William P. Johnson of Middlefield, int.Mar.20,1835.

Sophronia L., Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.], and Moses Lyman, Nov.末 [int.Nov.12], 1836.

William Orton of Westfield, and Miriam [dup. and int.Mirriam] B. Tinker, Oct.5,1842.

Jane [int.adds D.] and Warren Fay, Nov.8,1845.


Clarisa of W. Springfield, and Roland Lewis, int.Nov.5,1848.

BEMIS (Beemis, Bemiss)

Polly and Elias Howe of Spencer, 末蔓22 [int.Sept.14], 1816. [Bemiss.CR1]

Lucy and Liberty Howe, Feb.28,1820.

Justus and Vashti Cole of Chesterfield, int.Apr.2,1820.

Ruth [int.adds.L.] and Washington Stevens, Jan.21,1833.

BEMISS (Beemis, Bemis)

Sally [int.Bemis] and Warham Smith, May28,1807.

Sally, wid.[int.Mrs., omits wid.], and John Crosier [int.of Peru], June25,1811.

Betsy and Salmon Belden, Dec.10,1812.


Minerva Dette and Putnam Ames of Becket, int.Dec.6,1844. [Minerva Detto Bumham and Putnam Eamess, m.Jan.1,1845.CR1]

BENJAMAN (Benjamin)

Keziah of Worthington, and Levi Leonard of Worthington, Oct.5,1786.*

BENJAMIN (Benjaman)

Rozell of Norwich, and Thankfull Cooley, int.Oct.13,1780.

Lydia of Worthington, and David Clark of Worthington, Jan.18,1787.*

BENTLEY (Bently)

Abigail of New Marlborough, and Timothy Fay, int.Nov.5,1804.

BENTLY (Bentley)

Lucy and Enos Smith, Aug.16,1787. William of Tyringham, and Pleiades [int.Pleidas] Williams, Feb.15,1821. [Pleiades.CR1]


Daniel of Tolland CT, and Marcia [int.Marsha] Ladd, Nov.27,1821. [Marcia.CR1]

BIDLAKE (Bedlack)

Jonathan and Betsy Stewart, int.Jan.19,1799.

Daniel and Sally Hancock of Norwich, int.Feb.20,1804.

BIGALOW (Bigelow, Biglow)

John and Persa Wright, Nov.29,1787.

Daniel and Mercy [int.Marcy] Wood, Jan.27,1791.

William and Betsy Eager of Brookfield, int.Aug.19,1792.

BIGELOW (Bigalow, Biglow)

Martha [and] Nelson Porter of Pittsfield, Mar.26,1829.

Daniel E. and Margaret [int.Margret] E. Baker, Dec.1,1831.

Julia A. and Abraham [int.Abram] Hunter, Oct.21,1840.

Lois [int.adds E.] and William Twiss, June20,1842.

Mercy M. [int.W.] and Leonard B. Wight of Wales, Nov.29,1842. [Mercy M.CR1]

BIGLOW (Bigalow, Bigelow)

Sally, wid.[int.omits wid.] d.Asa Willcox and Relief, and Edward C. Snow, widr.[int.omits widr.], 42, farmer of Becket, s.Levy of Becket, Aug.23,1848.

BILL (Bell)


Alva of Russel, and Electa Doolittle of Russel, Oct.1,1818.*

Electa of Chesterfield, and Sacket Root, int.July6,1833.


David [dup. Blak] and 末末 of Blandford,末蔓末,1771.*CR1

Elisabeth and Samuel Boys Jr. of Blandford, int.Apr.24,1773.

Georg and Ann Boys of Blandford, int.Apr.4,1774.

William and Polly Miller, Feb.13,1794.

Francis and Susannah Kelso, Feb.23,1796.

Betsey [int.Betsy] and Comfort Plum, Oct.24,1799.

Rufus [int.of Middlefield, NY] and Lois Riley, Feb.24,1802.


Polly and Abner Pease, Dec.26,1790.*

Elijah Jr. and Lucy Austin, int.Apr.23,1797.

Samuel and Esther Hamilton, Mar.7,1805.


Anna of Western and Stephen Lyman, int.Aug.25,1770.

Dolly, Mrs., and Dea.John N. Parmenter, Feb.19,1806.*

David and Eunice Niles of Worthington, int.Sept.28,1845.


Cynthia and Olivar Miller, int.Jan.30,1791.


Mary Ann of Blandford, and Elijah Hunter Jr., Nov.27,1834, in Russel.


Oliver of Middlefield, and Sarah Mack of Middlefield, June1,1786.*


Caleb [int.of Westspringfield] and Joan [int.Joanna] Wilcox, Nov.25,1813.


Charity and Burnham Lyman, Sept.9,1807.*


William D., Widr. [int.omits widr.], manufacturer, of Middlefield and Harriet M. Stone, Feb.8,1848.

BODORTHA (Bedortha, Bodurtha)

Walter and Lucresia [int.Lucretia] Henry, Aug.17,1802.

BODURTHA (Bedortha, Bodortha)

Jerri and Lovina Brown of Blandford, int.Oct.19,1811.

BOIES (Boise, Boys)

Anson, Dr., and Charlotte Bascom, Mar.15,1810.

Anson, Dr., and Theodosia Bascom, Feb.27,1814.

BOISE (Boies, Boys)

Charlotte M. and William C. Bell, M.D. of Austerlitz, NY int.Sept.27,1833.


John J. and Mariah E. Campbell, int.Jan.4,1849.


Martha and Nathan Seaward [int.Seward], Mar.12,1795.

Hannah and Moses Adams of Norwich, Aug.27,1812.


Lovice and Joseph A. Rust, int.June16,1799.


Lovina, Mrs.and James Farrington, int.Jan.4,1803.

BOSWORTH (Bozworth)


Deborah, Mrs., of Blandford, and Benjamin Eastman, int.July8,1815.


Amos G., widr.[int.omits widr.], 37, blacksmith, of Blandford, s.Willard and Sally, and Lavina [int.Lovina] A. Willbur [int.Wilbur], 23, d.Joseph and Elisabeth, Mar.26,1848.

BOYS (Boies, Boise)

Samuel Jr. of Blandford, and Elisabeth Black, int.Apr.24,1773.

Ann of Blandford, and Georg Black, int.Apr.4,1774.


Orpha of Montgomery, and Charles Goreham of Montgomery, Feb.29,1816.*


William [int.Brackett] of Littleton, NH, and Lorana Campbell, Feb.10,1811.


Reuben of Russel, and Caroline Chapman of Russel, Mar.25,1819.*


Samuel D. [int.Bradner] of Becket and Louisa B. Holland Oct.28,1824. [Bradner.CR1]


Holly [int.Hawly] and Juliette [int.Julieette] Grant of Montgomery, 末蔓4 [int.Mar.6], 1861.


Garret and Lucy Mathew [int.Matthews] Apr.19,1792.


Nathan C. of Wendell, and Aurelia B. Marble, Apr.5,1837.


Elisabeth of Stoningtown, and James Wood, int.Jan.4,1795.

Jasper of Washington, and Theodosia Lyman, Oct.12,1796.

Harmony of Becket, and Jonathan Taylor, int.Aug.29,1814.


James and Issabel Quigley, May29,1808.


Frances M. and James R. Foot, Feb.9,1843. [Bromly, and James.R. Foote.CR1]

Mary Ann and Ralph Dewey of Westfield, Apr.7,1843. [R.W. Dewy.CR1]

William F. of Blandford, and Electa Phelps, Nov.末,1844.


Harvey [int.Brownson] of Russell, and Prudence C. Brooks, Apr.27,1843.


Polly and Lucas Matthews, Apr.29,1790.

Anna and Abraham Day Jr., Jan.29,1796.

Samuel M. [int.Morgan of Westspringfield] and Eunic [int.Eunice] Ladd, Feb.20,1811.

Prudence C. and Harvey Bronson [int.Brownson] of Russell, Apr.27,1843.


Solomon of Blandford, and Lydia Walton, int.July10,1797.

Lovina of Blandford and Jerri Bodurtha, int.Oct.19,1811.

Daniel and Abigail Matthews, Apr.14,1813.

Samuel and Roxana Martin, int.June5,1813.

Elizebeth of Dover, and Amasa Pomroy, int.May13,1815.

Mary Ann and Sumner Williams, Apr.15,1827.

Watson and Diana Curtiss of Sheffield, int.Dec.28,1838.

Elihu Jr. and Mary A. Crane of Becket, int.Feb.25,1843.

William L., 26, mechanick, s.Nicholas and Fanny of Blandford, and Clarisa Rounds, 20, d.Stephen and Polly of Bakersfield, VT, Feb.15,1849.


Samuel of Chesterfield, and Susanah Palmer, int.Jan.8,1771. [m.末蔓末,1771.CR1]

BUCKMAN (Bucknum)

Dolly [int.Bucknum of New Marlboro] and Nathan Abbot, Nov.21,1811.

BUCKNUM (Buckman)

Polly of New-Marlborough, and Joseph Abbott 2d, int.Oct.9,1808.


Patrick and Ama Williams, int.Jan.16,1773. [Bukley, and Ana Williams, m.Jan.21.CR1]

Charlotte of Williamstown, and Rev. Samuel M. Emmorson, int.Aug.25,1815.


Anna of Blandford, and Nathaniel Alexander Jr., int.Nov.23,1795.


Orrel B. of Westfield, and John K. Smith, int.Oct.22,1836.


Lovina of Southampton, and Perley Cook, int.June7,1795.

BURTON (Button)

Solomon [int.Barton] of Norwich, and Sala Ellis, Mar.29,1829.

Sarah, 20, b. Norwich, d.Solomon of Norwich, and Timothy F. Snow, widr.[int.omits widr.], 33, farmer, of Becket, b. Becket, s.Timothy of Becket, Sept.23,1846.

Mary O., 24, of Becket, b. Norwich, s.Soliman of Norwich, and James M. Dewey, widr., 37, whip maker of Westfield, Nov.18,1847.*

BUTTALPH (Buttolph)

Hannah [int.Buttolph] and Adam Quigley, Oct.17,1798.

BUTTOLPH (Buttalph)

Polly and Asher Holdridge of Worthington, int.Mar.30,1798.

Rachel of Worthington, and Ephraim Miller Jr., int.Feb.24,1800.

BUTTON (Burton)

Hudah and David Crow, int.Dec.6,1770. [m.末蔓末,1771.CR1]

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