Betsy of Brookfield, and William Bigalow, int.Aug.19,1792.

EALY (Ely)

Patty of Westspringfield, and Gideon Matthews Jr., int.Jan.4,1795.

EAMES (Ames)

Laura Ann of Washington, and David Smith, Oct.22,1845.


Benjamin and Mrs.Deborah Bowditch of Blandford, int.July8,1815.

Benjamin B., widr., 34, carpenter, s.Benjamin and Deborah, and Martha Fisk, b. Chesterfield, d.Moses of Chesterfield, Sept.30,1849.*


Vester of Northampton and Polly Smith, Nov.4,1789.*

Luther of Southampton and Rachel Searls, int.Aug.3,1817. [m.Aug.28.CR1]

EGELSTON (Eggleston, Eglestone)

Samuel and Mary Taylor, int.Feb.19,1774. [Egleston, m.May4.CR1]

Benjamin and Mary Gordon, int.Oct.9,1774.

Nabby [int.Eagleston] and Aaron Bell Jr., Mar.5,1795.

EGGLESTON (Egelston, Eglestone)

Electa and Hezekiah [int.Hezikiah] Nooney, Mar.18,1802.

EGLESTONE (Egelston, Eggleston)

Sally and John Taggart,末蔓末,1777.*CR1

Aaron and Hannah Collins, Jan.6,1785, in Middlefield.*CR1

Silence and Ethen [int.Ethan] Campbell, Dec.15,1803.


Betsy, see Elisabeth.

Charlotte, see Calotte.

Thomas and Margaret Moor of Rutland int.Nov.16,1772.

Elisabeth and Samuel Moors of Rutland int.Aug.20,1773. [Betsy and Samuel Moor, m.Nov.4.CR1]

John and Sarah Moor of Rutland int.Sept.6,1778.

Jael and Andrew Henry, int.Oct.6,1780.

Isabel and James Campbell of Blandford, Dec.18,1783.

William and Sarah Campbell of Westfield, int.Mar.8,1784.

Thomas [int.Eldar] and Nabby Fellows, Apr.17,1788.

Thomas Jr. and Nabby Taylor, Jan.3,1799.

Samuel and Sally Nooney, Apr.19,1802.

Thomas and Mrs.Polly Masters of S. Hadley, int.Dec.13,1802.

Calotte [int.Charlotte] and John Thompson [int.Thomson], Mar.22,1804.

John 2d and Electa Lyman, Oct.8,1805. [John, s.Thomas, and Electa Lyman, d.Dea.Stephen.PR16]

Kata [int.Katy] and John Stevens Jr., Nov.26,1807.

James and Betsey Prentice of Worthington, int.Nov.29,1807.

Artemas and Sally Phelps, May9,1811.

Samuel and Mrs.Roxana Niles of Norwich, int.Oct.21,1814.

Sarah and Alonzo Dewey of Homer, NY, Jan.22,1821.

Nored and Rebecca Russell of Middlefield, int.Jan.19,1823.

Lyman M. and Charlotte Whipple, int.Mar.28,1829. [Lyman M., ch.John (s.Thomas) and Electa (d.Dea.Stephen Lyman), m.Apr.末.PR16]

Caroline and Henry Dimock of Norwich, int.Feb.17,1832. [Dimack, m.Mar.末.CR1]

John Blair, ch.John (s.Thomas) and Electa (d.Dea.Stephen Lyman), and Dinah Tucker, b. Tiverton, Bath, Eng., Apr.22,1834.*PR16

Fidelia M. and Warren Hitchcock of W. Springfield, int.Dec.13,1834.

Harriet A. and William P. Masters, Nov.25,1838. [Harriet A., ch.John (s.Thomas) and Electa (d.Dea.Stephen Lyman).PR16]

Electa S. and Heman [int.Hemon] E. Moody of Belchertown, Apr.26,1841. [Electa S., ch.John (s.Thomas) and Electa (d.Dea.Stephen Lyman), and Herman E. Nooney.PR16]

Lucy M. and Stephen Chapin Jr., of W. Springfield,末蔓末 [int.Apr.23], 1842.

Dorothy T. and Elbridge G. Howe of Springfield, int.Sept.23,1842.

Henry S., farmer, of Cummington, and Sophia Williams, May2,1844.

Betsey Saphronia [int.b. Sophronia] and Bishop Hemeston [? Hemeston, illegible] [int.Humeston] of W. Springfield, Nov.21,1844.

Hannah R. and Harmon Stanton of Norwich, Dec.末,1845.

Stephen N. and Abigail [int.Abigal] Nooney, Jan.21,1846. [Stephen N., ch.John (s.Thomas) and Electa (d.Dea.Stephen Lyman), and Abigal Nooney, Jan.20.PR16]

Sarah Ann, ch.John (s.Thomas) and Electa (d.Dea.Stephen Lyman), and Alvah Foote, Nov.28,1846.*PR16

Ann Eliza, 19, d.Almon, and William P. Cushman, 22, merchant, of Charelemont [int.Charlemount], s.Solomon, Dec.20,1847.

Ann A., 21, d.Nored and Rebeca, and Dr. [int.omits Dr.] James W. Smith, 24, Apr.18,1848.

Augustus A., 25, farmer, b. Pittsfield, s.Almon and Eliza, and Adaline R. Howe, 27, d.Liberty and Lucy, Feb.28,1849.


Polly of Hawley, and James Bell, int.Apr.30,1797.

ELLICE (Ellis, Elliss)

Sally [int.Elliss] and Hollibut Herrick [int.of Worthington], Nov.1,1798.

ELLIS (Ellice, Elliss)

Polly and Quartus Rust, Aug.26,1813.

Sala and Solomon Burton [int.Barton] of Norwich, Mar.29,1829.

Hannah of Norwich, and Noah Ellis, Feb.20,1839.

Noah and Hannah Ellis of Norwich, Feb.30,1839.

Keziah [int.adds C.] and Spencer H. Phillip [int.Phillips], May7,1845.

Shepard E., 26, farmer, b. Meadville, PA, s.John and and Betsy of Meadville, PA, and Francis [sic] N. Fry, 23, d.Daniel and Mariah, Nov.26,1849.*

ELLISS (Ellice, Ellis)

Rosa of Heabron, CT, and Zebulon Isham, int.Oct.1,1780.

Elizabeth and William Prior, int.Dec.7,1782.

Samuel and Dolly Tracy, Apr.29,1791.

Margaret and Silas Freeman Jr., Aug.11,1791.

John and Polly Wood, Dec.15,1791.

Ebenezer and Ruth Stiles, int.July28,1801.

Noah and Clarissa Webber, Oct.1,1801.

ELLSWORTH (Elsworth)

Hezekiah and Laurana Lomis, July21,1793, in Windsor, CT.*

Nathan and Achsah Carpenter of Norwich, int.Jan.21,1821.

Hezekiah and Eunice Gibson, 末蔓22 [int.Apr.12], 1826.

Fanny and James Crookes of Blandford, Hampden Co., Jan.1,1827.

Betsey and James Morton of Blandford, int.Apr.1,1830.

Eunice and Joseph C. Webster of Bloomfield, CT, Nov.20,1838.


Anne of Glasgow, and Alexander Morrison, Oct.末,1776.*CR1

ELSWORTH (Ellsworth)

Mary and Abel Babcock Jr., int.Mar.4,1849.

ELY (Ealy)

Alfred of Westspringfield, and Laura Ladd, int.Aug.26,1814.

Ansel and Electa Clark, May19,1819.*

EMERSON (Emmorson)


Sylvester Esq. and Altimira Hinsdake of Hinsdale, Berkshire Co., int.July25,1811.

Harmony of Middlefield, and Samuel Hamilton, int.Sept.30,1826.

Monroe of Hinsdale, and Seraph Hutchins, int.Apr.30,1830. [Munroe, m.June17.CR1]

Ann H. and Charles C. Sears of Princeton, NJ, int.Aug.18,1832.


Samuel M. Rev., and Charlotte Bulkley of Williamstown, int.Aug.25,1815.


Deodatus [int.Ensine] of Westfield, and Abigail Woolworth, Feb.9,1780.

Lyman and Phebe Holladay of Norwich, int.Dec.22,1800.

Aaron and Orpha Clap [int.Clapp], Feb.14,1810.


William of Sand Lake, NY, and Corrinth E. Hamilton, int.Apr.15,1837. [Corinth E., m.May5.CR1]

EVERETT (Averet)

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