Warham and Eunice Foot, May30,1799.

John and Eunice Leffingwell of Norwich, int.Mar.6,1813.

Abbey of Norwich, and Charles Collins, int.Mar.20,1816.

Leverett of Blandford, and Mary Culver of Blandford, Mar.20,1833.*

Betsey E. of Blandford, and Joseph W. Otis, int.Nov.11,1844.


Europhia and Christopher Snow of Cummington, int.Feb.12,1842.

Lydia and Abner Tower Jr. of Chesterfield, int.Sept.3,1842.


Nathan and Ann L. Toogoo, Aug.22,1838.


Tryal of W. Springfield, and Elizabeth Smith, int.July25,1785.

Mehitable [int.Mitte] and Heman Prior, Oct.15,1789.

David of Conway and Cynthia Lackore, int.June12,1793.

Elijah and Saloma [int.Siloma] Babcock of Middlefield, Oct.19,1795.

Elnathan and Betsy [int.Betsey] Waters, Feb.12,1801.

Calvin and Polly Bacon, int.June10,1804.

Julia of Springfield, and Benjamin Hall, May3,1822.*

Samuel and Pamelia Skinner of Middlefield, int.Aug.8,1824.

Elisabeth [int.Elizabeth], 22, d.Calvin and Mary, and Jonathan Melvin, 28, farmer, s.James and Olive, Jan.11,1849.


Roswell of Littleton, NH, and Mylinda Campbell, Feb.8,1801.


William of Norwich, and Lovisa Miller, int.Oct.7,1787.


Nicolas and Sophira Moore, int.Sept.3,1812.

Joseph of Belchertown, and Polly Moore, int.Dec.24,1813.

SEARL (Searle, Searls)

Israel [int.Searles] of Southampton, and Clarisa [int.Clarissa] Lyman, Sept.22,1796. [Searl, and Clarissa Lyman.PR18]

Silas P., 24, farmer, s.Zenas and Julia, and Mary Ann Williams, 18, d.Sumner and Mary Ann, Feb.4,1847.

SEARLE (Searl, Searls)

Julia S. and Stephen Lyman, int.Mar.21,1836. [m.Apr.28.CR1]

Eliza B. and Ambrose B. Lyman, Nov.末,1836.

Zenas and Mrs.Mary Ann Williams, int.June20,1843.

SEARLS (Searl, Searle)

Job Jr. [int.Searles] of Southampton, and Esther Matthews 2d, July22,1787.

Miranda of Southampton, and Joseph Pomroy Jr., int.Dec.16,1809.

Zenas and Julia Shelden of Southampton, int.Jan.8,1813.

Rachel, wid.[int.Mrs.omits wid.], and Isaac Parsons [int.of Southampton], Oct.27,1813.

Achsa [int.Achcah] and Edward [int.Edwards] Clark [int.of Southampton], Apr.13,1814.

Rachel and Luther Edwards of Southampton, int.Aug.3,1817. [m.Aug.28.CR1]


Charles C. of Princeton, NJ, and Ann H. Emmons, int.Aug.18,1832.

SEAWARD (Seward)

Lydia and John Smith, int.Apr.9,1781.

Noadiah Jr. and Diadema McIntyre, Oct.3,1786.

Joel Jr. and Flavia Parsons, Nov.15,1791.

Eliphalet and Elanor Wharfield, int.Jan.15,1792.

Nathan [int.Seward] and Martha Bolton, Mar.12,1795.


Willy [int.Wiley] of Blandford, and Cordelia Fay, Jan.7,1841.


Hannah M. of Wilbraham, and Samuel B. Stebbins, int.Aug.26,1837.

SEWARD (Seaward)

Lorana and Asa Culver, Dec.20,1798.

Joel and Mrs.Irena [int.Irene] C Day, Jan.1,1806.


Samuel [int.of Chesterfield] and Delight Barker, Feb.10,1802.

Betsey of Chesterfield, Daniel Higgins, int.May24,1828.

Mary N. of Chesterfield, and Joseph E. Goodridge, int.Oct.10,1835.

SHELDEN (Sheldon)

Ebenezer of Middlefield, and Mary Mack of Middlefield, Jan.25,1787.*

Julia of Southampton, and Zenas Searls, int.Jan.8,1813.

SHELDON (Shelden)

Ephraim and Mary Kyle of New Haven, Oct.7,1818.*

Irene of Suffield, CT, and Camden H. Babcock, widr., farmer, Sept.18,1844.*

SHEPARD (Sheperd)

David [int.adds Dr.] and Lucinda Mather, Jan.7,1773. [Zinde.CR1]

Esther and John Grims of Chatham, int.June21,1784.

Margaret and Justin Rust, Aug.31,1787.

Mather and Harriet Day of Westspringfield, int.Oct.末,1796.

Lucinda and Martin King, int.Jan.13,1801.

Polly and Silas Spaulding [int.Spalding], Aug.8,1813.

SHEPERD (Shepard)

Sally (Shepid) [int.Shepherd, adds Mrs.] and Capt. [int.omits Capt.] Daniel Root of Middlefield, Jan.4,1816. [Sally Shepherd, wid., and Capt. Daniel Root of Middlefield.CR1]


John Jr. of Hadley, and Betsey Belden, Nov.3,1842.


Sally of Montgomery, and Robert Parks of Russell, Jan.1,1816.*

Elizabeth of Montgomery, and Horace Hatch of Montgomery, Apr.2,1817.*

Hannah of Montgomery, and Alfred Adams of Norwich, Dec.4,1817.*


Joseph and Polly Henry, Aug.13,1807.

Joseph N. and Elvira Coleman, int.Oct.22,1831. [m.Nov.末.CR1]


Judah and Isaac Johnson, Oct.14,1798.

SIBLEY (Sybley)


Elijah and Lucretia Anderson, Apr.10,1794.


Lucy and Elijah Bacon of Whites Town, NY, int.Apr.3,1791. "Objections Made by Miss Lucy Sizer Apr.11th 1791. "

Rachel [int.Rachell] and Darius Truesdell [int.Treusell of Worthington], Sept.14,1797.

William Jr. and Prudence Piper, int.Jan.13,1799.

Abigail and Jacob Fellows Jr., int.Mar.11,1799.

Clarisa and John Abbot, June2,1803.

Horace and Ruby Nooney, int.Dec.16,1812.

Amanda of Springfield, Hampden Co., and Theodore Nowel of Hartford, CT, June9,1823.*

Virgil and Susan Collins, int.June12,1825.


William Jr. [int.omits Jr.] of Middlefield, and Clarisa Tinker, May5,1803.

Augustus and Nancy Smith, int.Oct.1,1814.

Pamelia of Middlefield, and Samuel Sanderson, int.Aug.8,1824.


Ruth and Titus Culver, int.Aug.22,1814.

Almira and Jonathan N. Latham of Otis, Nov.24,1825.

Amanda R. of Worthington, and Edmund S. Smith, int.Oct.29,1842.


Asa and Susannah [int.Sussa] Anderson, Apr.14,1791.

Cynthia and William Moor Jr., Mar.22,1804.

Rebeckah [int.Rebeca] and Dr. Azel Parmentur [int.Parmenter], Jan.25,1810.

Charles [int.of Potsdam, NY] and Sally Ayres, Feb.3,1817.


Nathan E. of Tolland and Arletta D. Wolf, int.Nov.30,1833.


Peggy, see Margaret.

Polly, see Sally.

John and Abilene Cors, Nov.10,1767.*

Sarah and John Lackore Jr., and int.Oct.15,1773. [Lacore, m.Nov.11.CR1]

Abner Jr. and Abigail Pomeroy of Southampton, int.Aug.13,1775.

Ruth and William Foot, Sept.19,1777.*CR1

Margaret and Jonathan Wait Jr., int.May3,1778. [Peggy, m.May末.CR1]

Lorana and James Cambell, int.May10,1778. [Loraeny and James Campbell, m.May末.CR1]

Daniel and Keziah Pomeroy, int.Jan.4,1780.

Sarah and John Carlile, int.June24,1780.

John and Lydia Seaward, int.Apr.9,1781.

William and Lucy Convas, int.Apr.12,1781.

John 2d and Sarah Kelso, int.Sept.末,1783.

Joab and Elizabeth Lunnon, Apr.22,1784.

Ebenezer and Nice Pomeroy, Nov.25,1784.

Lola and Phineas King of Southampton, int.Mar.22,1784. [Lala and Phinehas King, m.Jan.11,1785.CR1]

Elizabeth and Tryal Sanderson of W. Springfield, int.July25,1785.

Lucy, Mrs., and Salmon Hulbert of Kent, CT, int.Oct.2,1786.

Daniel 3rd and Prude Wood, Apr.12,1787.

Ebenezer and Damaras Snow, Apr.19,1787.

Enos and Lucy Bently, Aug.16,1787.

Rebecca [int.Rebeckah 1st] and Timothy Cooley, Sept.12,1787.

Dorothy and James Carlisle Jr., int.July13,1788.

Polly and Vester Edwards of Northampton, Nov.4,1789.*

William [int.2d] and Sally Anderson, Feb.10,1791.

Eunice, Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.], and Uriah Parks of Norwich, July3,1791.

Jesse and Louis [int.Lois] Parsons, Nov.22,1792.

Rebecah [int.Rebecca] and Seth Leonard of W. Springfield [int.Westspringfield], Dec.6,1792.

Isaac and Charrity Mallery [int.Malleroy], Nov.7,1793.

Sally and Justus [int.Justice] Bell, Oct.30,1794.

Huldah and Eli Johnson, Mar.29,1795.

Elizabeth [int.Elisabeth] and James Bell, Nov.21,1795.

Adah and Crispus Lyman, Jan.24,1796. [Jan.25.PR18]

Sally and Abner Sybley, int.June19,1796.

Rufus and Sally Smith, Nov.8,1798.

Sally and Rufus Smith, Nov.8,1798.

John Jr. and Persis Cowing of Chesterfield, int.Feb.22,1800.

John and Abigail Clap of Montgomery, int.Feb.7,1802.

Theodosia and Samuel Knox of Blandford, June17,1802.

John and Mrs.Damaris Strong of Southhampton, int.Aug.22,1802.

Serah and Daniel Cowing of Chesterfield, Jan.13,1803.

Phinehas and Roxy Pomeroy, Mar.8,1804.

John Jr. and Elisabeth Kelley of Worthington, int.June4,1804.

Nice and Sylvester Belding [int.Belden], June5,1805.

Caleb and Charlotte Soul, int.June9,1806.

Lydia and Orin [int.Orrin] Knox and Blandford [int.Blanford], Nov.13,1806.

Warham and Sally Bemiss [int.Bemis], May28,1807.

Russell and Olive Mallery, int.Feb.14,1808.

Lucinda and Elijah Sowl, Jan.5,1809.

Betsy [int.Betsey] and Edward Knox of Blandford, June8,1809.

Jesse [int.Jessa] 2d and Jerusha Steward, July23,1811.

Abner and Esther Smith, Nov.21,1811.

Esther and Abner Smith, Nov.21,1811.

William Jr. and Polly Martin, Dec.31,1812.

Artemas and Polly Carpenter, int.June5,1813.

John [int.1st] and Mary Leonard, wid., Mar.15,1814.

Zebina and Mary Rogers, Mar.21,1814.

Sally, Mrs., and Ebenezer Cole of Chesterfield, int.Aug.6,1814.

Nancy and Augustus Skinner, int.Oct.1,1814.

Sally [int.Polly] and William Campbell, May15,1815.

John and Mrs.Rachel Truesdel, Sept.12,1816.

Horace and Hannah Babcock, Apr.8,1819.*

Wealthy and John Crosby, May17,1821.

Mary B. and James B. Wood, Dec.2,1824.

Ruth and George Taylor, Jan.5,1826.

Maria and Elijah Meech, Dec.14,1826.

Horace of Norwich, and Martha Perry, July2,1829.

Elvira and Stephen C. Nichols of Brimfield, int.Dec.10,1831.

Daniel and Cynthia Nichols of Brimfield, int.Apr.28,1832.

Sylvester E. of Middlefield, and Julia ann Stevens, int.Aug.30,1832.

Persis and Luther Granger of Worthington, int.May9,1833.

Lucy and Elbridge G. Wilcox, int.Mar.15,1834. [Lucy [ch.Abner and Esther] and Elbridge G. Wilcox [ch.Asa and Relief (Colton)], m.Apr.3.PR4]

Alonzo and Mary Toogood, int.Apr.19,1834.

Enos and Mary A. Gibbs of Blandford, int.Apr.19,1834.

John K. and Orrel B. Burns of Westfield, int.Oct.22,1836.

James W. of Becket, and Rhoda M. Dewey of Westfield, Nov.末,1837.*CR1

Amok C. and Sarah [int.Sally] L. Belden, Nov.末 [int.Nov.2], 1839.

Mary and Nelson Porter, int.Dec.19,1840.

Edmund S. and Amanda R. Slade of Worthington, int.Oct.29,1842.

David and Laura Ann Eames of Washington, Oct.22,1845.

Ralph E. go Goshen, and Jane L. Gray, Nov.19,1845.

James and Harriet Prentiss of Worthington, int.Apr.26,1846.

James W., Dr. [int.omits Dr.], 24, and Ann A. Elder, 21, d.Nored and Rebeca, Apr.18,1848.

Eunice, 40, d.John and Elisabeth and Daniel Ames [int.Eames], widr.[int.omits widr.], 60, farmer, of Hinsdale Oct.25,1848.

Elizabeth, 42, d.John and Elizabeth S., and Moses Lyman, widr., 56, farmer, b. Southampton, s.Joel and Achsah L., Sept.19,1849.*


Damaras and Ebenezer Smith, Apr.19,1787.

Orindatus and Thankfull Hollon, June21,1792.

Sereno and Sally Abbot, Aug.19,1821.

Christopher of Cummington, and Europhia Sampson, int.Feb.12,1842.

Sereno of Milton, VT, and Sarah V. Lamb, Jan.14,1844.*PR7

Mary A. and Morgan Hall, Apr.23,1846.*PR17

Timothy F., widr.[int.omits widr.], 33, farmer, of Becket, b. Becket, s.Timothy of Becket, and Sarah Burton, 20, b. Norwich, d.Solomon of Norwich, Sept.23,1846.

Edward C., widr.[int.omits widr.], 42, farmer, of Becket, s.Levy of Becket, and Sally Biglow, wid.[int.omits wid.], d.Asa Willcox and Relief, Aug.23,1848.


Nelsoloon and Michael McArty, int.Jan.21,1841.

SOUL (Sowl)

Charlotte and Caleb Smith, int.June9,1806.

SOWL (Soul)

Elijah and Lucinda Smith, Jan.5,1809.

Olive and Hector Campbell, May14,1812.


Loisa of Russell, and Daniel L. Camplain, int.Nov.2,1833.


Silas [int.Spalding] and Polly Shepard, Aug.8,1813.

Mary, Mrs., and Isaac Gibbs of Blandford, Nov.8,1828.


Sally of Sandisfield, and Aaron Stevens, int.Nov.4,1811.

Sybel o. Sandisfield, and Asa Moor, int.Jan.14,1817.


Ezekiel 3d and Clarisia Stewart of Becket, int.Feb.17,1807.

Lydia of Russell, and Joel Pratt of Russell, Jan.5,1817.*

STANTON (Staunton)

Jabez and Ruth Woolworth, int.July23,1791. Forbid by "Abel Stanton of Norwich Father to Jabez Stanton. for the following Reasons Viz末 That his Son is a Minor and not come to years of Discretion and another Reason the great Disproportion between their Age末. "

Asher of Norwich, and Lucy Wait, Mar.24,1803.

Joseph of Norwich, and Grace Winchel, int.Aug.6,1804.

Weeden and Sally Wait, int.Jan.3,1809.

Martha [int.Patty of Norwich] and Quartus Rust, Oct.3,1816. [Martha.CR1]

Daniel and Almira Johnson of Blandford, int.Mar.30,1820.

Adeline E. of Norwich, and Havington Collins, int.Oct.8,1842.

Harmon of Norwich and Hannah R. Elder, Dec.末,1845.

STAUNTON (Stanton)

Sarah of Norwich, and Sands N. Babcock, int.Apr.15,1812.

STEATOR (Streator, Streeter)

Isaac H. Jr. and Clarissa Plum, Nov.29,1804.*


Samuel B. and Esther Ladd, Apr.13,1814.

Abiel of Brimfield, and Eunice Pomeroy [int.Pomroy], June11,1816. [Eunice M. Pomeroy.CR1]

Samuel B. and Mrs.Hannah McConikin of Coxsackie, NY, int.Apr.7,1831.

Mary and William Hamilton 1st, int.Feb.25,1833.

Franklin and Abigail R. Willcox [int.Wilcox], May11,1836.

Samuel B. and Hannah M. Sessions of Wilbraham, int.Aug.26,1837.

Franklin and Sarah M. Clark of Blandford, int.Oct.12,1839.

Elzina R. and James Tilson of Enfield, CT, Dec.6,1840.

Samuel and Arlina [int.Arlena] Mann, Dec.1,1842.


Nancy and Nahum Stowel of Norwich, Dec.5,1816.* [Steelle.CR1]

STEPHENSON (Stevenson)

Abigail, Mrs., and Israel Carpenter of Norwich, int.Sept.15,1802.


Lucy and William Taylor, Apr.6,1797.

Henry and Clarisa Taylor, Mar.15,1804.

John Jr. and Kata [int.Katy] Elder, Nov.26,1807. [Nancy Fisk, m.Dec.31.PR6]

Aaron and Sally Spelman of Sandisfield, int.Nov.4,1811.

Jude and Mary [int.Polly] Ayres, July13,1815.

Ira and Sarah Rust, Nov.12,1818.*

Ruth and Capt. A. [int.Albert] G. Henry, Oct.6,1831.

Julia Ann and Sylvester E. Smith of Middlefield, int.Aug.30,1832.

Washington and Ruth [int.adds L.] Bemis, Jan.21,1833.

Betsey and Samuel H. Knight of Norwich, int.Feb.16,1833.

Frances N. and Salmon Thomas Jr. of Norwich, int.Oct.5,1833.

Thomas E. and Harriet L. Abbot, int.Nov.1,1837. [Abbott, m.Nov.末.CR1]

William [int.Stephens] and Susan S. Kyle, Jan.19,1842. [Stevens.CR1]

Aaron Jr. of Worthington, and Sophia [int.Sopia] P. Stone, Mar.17,1842. [Sophia.CR1]

Sarah M. and Hophne Clapp of Hindale, int.July29,1842. [Hophni, m.Aug.18.CR1]

Nancy and Samuel C. Tinker of Norwich, Dec.7,1842.

William and Laura Ann Pease of Middlefield, int.Apr.30,1848.

Charlott B., 26, d.Joshua and Nancy B., and Arnold Pease, 29, farmer, of Middlefield, b. Middlefield, s.Dan of Middlefield, June16,1848.

STEVENSON (Stephenson)

John and Nella Walker, int.Jan.17,1790.

STEWARD (Stewart)

Jerusha and Jesse [int.Jessa] Smith 2d, July23,1811.

STEWART (Steward)

James and Susanna [int.Susannah] Flint, Feb.7,1796.

Betsy and Jonathan Bidlake, int.Jan.19,1799.

Betsey of Russel, and Cyrus Culver, int.Oct.26,1800.

Solomon of Blandford, Mrs.Mary Gillmore, int.Mar.5,1804.

Clarisia of Becket, and Ezekiel Squire 3d, int.Feb.17,1807.

Lucretia and Ashbel [int.Ashbell] Day, Aug.17,1807.

Anna of Becket, and John C. Bell, int.Mar.25,1809.

Sarah and Erastus Wright, Nov.7,1815.*PR13


Ruth and Ebenezer Elliss, int.July28,1801.


William and Mehitabel Phelps of Northhampton, int.Apr.28,1783.

William, Lt., and Roxanna Mosley of Westfield, int.Sept.11,1796.

Lydia of Blandford, and Dr. James Holland int.Sept.26,1798.

Cephas and Sally Copley of Russel, int.July16,1803.

Harvey and Rachel Clap, Oct.6,1807.

Sally and Abner McMaster [int.McMasters], Dec.31,1807.

Sophia and Jonas Parmenter, Oct.11,1810.

William Jr. and Aurelia Lyman, May23,1822. [Amelia.CR1]

Mary M. and Cooley Howard, int.Apr.16,1833.

Sophia [int.Sopia] P. and Aaron Stevens Jr. of Worthington, Mar.27,1842. [Sophia.CR1]

Harriett M. and William D. Blush, widr.[int.omits widr.], manufacturer, of Middlefield, Feb.8,1848.


Anna of Blandford, and Samuel B. Wolworth, int.Sept.17,1811.


Nahum of Norwich, and Nancy Steele, Dec.5,1816.* [Steelle.CR1]


John and Mary Canada, Mar.末,1776, in Blandford.*CR1

STREATOR (Steator, Streeter)

Miranda and Benjamin Matthews, Feb.4,1802.

Orilla and Nathaniel E. [int.Eglestone] Matthews, Dec.1,1803.

STREETER (Steator, Streator)

Elisabeth of Becket, and Jesse Wright of Middlefield, Feb.8,1798.*


Amos of Middlefield, and Betsy Gordon of Middlefield, Oct.9,1788.*

Damaris, Mrs.Southampton, and John Smith, int.Aug.22,1802.

Benajah of W. Hampton [int.Westhampton], and Dolly Henry, Feb.18,1817.

Calvin of E. Hampton [int.Easthampton], and Lydia Henry, Mar.20,1826.

Wolcott H. and Sarah A. Harris of Becket, int.May1,1848.


George R., 25, stone cutter, of Lee, b. Lee, s.末末 of Lee, and Hannah A. Kyle, 22, d.Forbes and Rebeca, June29,1847.

SULLIVAN (Solavan)


Abner and Sally Smith, int.June19,1796.


Gershom of Chesterfield, and Polly Durgee French, Nov.18,1788.

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