GAINES (Gains)

Lydia and Harvey O. Bancroft, farmer, Mar.13,1844.*

GAINS (Gaines)

Abigail and Ephraim Howe Jr., int.Jan.23,1803.

Anne and Jabez Donham Jr., May20,1762.*

Daniel of Southwick and Corinthia West, Mar.8,1814. [Gaines of Southwich and Olive Cornithia West.PR6]

Nancy and Stephen Trunkey of Hartland, May28,1812. [Gaines.PR6]

Samuel and Mrs.Abigail Pomeroy of Suffield, int.Feb.17,1805.

William of Granby, CT, and Mercy Webster, int.Nov.29,1829. [Gaines of Granby, CT, m.Dec.16.PR6]


Mathhias [int.Matathias Garrit of Simsbury, CT.] and Theda Bacon, Jan.22,1817. [Mattathias Garret of Simsbury.PR6]


Marthar and Nathan Barlo, Mar.29,1748.*

Marvin of Bloomfield, NY, and Rachel Coe, int.Jan.14,1798.

GIBBINS (Gibbons)

Clarissa Harlow and Seymour Pomeroy of Franklin, NY, int.Feb.13,1803.

GIBBONS (Gibbins)

Abigail Almeida and Elizur Merriam of Whitelake, Mar.20,1839.*PR6

Adah and Samuel Spelman, Oct.17,1821. [Oct.18.PR6]

Alpheus and Tirzah [dup. Tirza] Spelman, May7,1817. [Tirza.PR6]

Amorett and Israel Godard of Granby, Hartford Co., CT, Jan.20,1824.

Apphia, see Affa.

Affa and Samuel Spelman, Nov.20,1810. [Affey.PR6]

Carlos and Almira Tinker, Feb.27,1815. [Mar.1.PR3 Feb.27.PR6]

Corintha and Gideon D. Seymour,末蔓末 [int.Dec.5], 1824.

Dameris and Lucius Gibbons, July9,1823. [Demaris.PR6]

Eliza and William Stannard of Westfield, int.Jan.26,1828.

Betsy and Orrin Ranney of Chatham, Nov.20,1810. [Betsey.PR6]

Elizabeth C. and Edward Holcomb, Jan.12,1847.*PR3

Hiram B. and Cynthia P. King of Suffield, CT, int.Mar.22,1824.

James [int.adds H.] and Philura Gibbons, Mar.1,1820. [James, Mar.3.PR6]

Lucius and Dameris Gibbons, July9,1823. [Demaris.PR6]

Lucretia and Lyman Smith, Dec.3,1846.*PR3

Lucy K. and Eliakim Pomroy of Suffield, CT, Nov.30,1826. [Eleakim Pomeroy of Suffield, CT.PR6]

Lydia, 28, d.Carlos, and John B. Holcomb, 25, whip maker, of Granby, CT, b. Granby, CT, s.Phyletus of Granby, May末,1849.* [May8.PR3]

Martha N., 22, spinster, d.Carlos and Almira, and Edgar Holcomb, 26, cabinet maker, b. Granby, CT, s.Harlow of Granby, Dec.30,1847.*

Polly and Timothy Hoag [int.of Laughkanick, NY], Oct.29,1816. [Timothy of Toughanock, NY.PR6]

Nancy and Timothy Botsford, May19,1819.* [Timothy of New Milford.PR6]

Orsamus L., 22, farmer, s.Lucius, and Sarah A. Noble, 20, d.Reuben, May21,1848.*

Peter and Sarah 末末, Nov.7,1751.*

Philura and James [int.adds H.] Gibbons, Mar.1,1820. [James, Mar.3.PR6]

Ruhamah [int.Reuhamah] D. and Adijah Dibble of Granby, CT, Jan.9,1823. [Ruhama D. and Adijah Dibol of Granby, CT.PR6]

Timothy Jr. and Abigail Seymour, Nov.21,1808.

Timothy Wells and Ruby Seymour, Apr.6,1820.

Watson and Elizabeth Parsons, Apr.30,1834.*PR6


Abigail and Jonathan Beebe of Wilbraham, Jan.27,1790.*CR1

John M. of Becket and Almira Clark, Oct.12,1831.*CR1

Joseph J. of Becket and Mercy Church, Mar.29,1837.*PR6

Luther S. of Blandford and Mary Bacon, Nov.25,1828.


Silas of Hartland and Hannah Cornwell, Feb.20,1794.*


Noah of Blanford and Betsy Messenger of Berkhempsted, Mar.28,1793.


Mercy of Blandford and Archibald W. Keep, int.Feb.17,1823.

GILLET (Gillett)

Abijah of Litchfield, NY, and Sally Jones, Feb.12,1798. [Feb.11.PR6]

Annis and Jonathan Barlow, int.Oct.13,1804. [Anniss, m.末蔓末 [rec. between June20 and Nov.14].PR6]

Daniell and Edith Bates, int.Oct.14,1806. [Daniel, merchant, m.Nov.20.PR6]

Eliza H. and Milton B. Loomis of Suffield, CT, Apr.18,1838.*PR6

Elizabeth, see Elisebeth.

Elisebeth and Moses Allen, May12,1761.*

George and Huldah Ensign of Hartland, CT, int.Sept.12,1805.

Polly and Seth Holcomb of Canadagua, Feb.18,1796.*

Thomas and Elsebeth Barlo, June12,1744.*

GILLETT (Gillet)

Abigail and Paul Harman Jr. of Suffield, int.Mar.6,1831.

Ama and Stephen Remington of Suffield, int.Nov.3,1799. [Amy Gillet, m.Nov.27.PR6]

Chloe and Elisha Kasson of Colesville, NY, int.Apr.15,1827.

Jarvis and Lucy Clark, int.Dec.31,1825.

Joel and Betsey Black of Southwick, int.Feb.14,1830.

Laura and Sela Tallmage of Southwick, Feb.2,1814. [Gillet and Selah Talmadge of Southwick.PR6]

Lucinda and Josiah Kent Jr. of Southwick, Jan.16,1810.

Olive and Bazaleel Bristol of Turin, NY, int.Apr.30,1811.

Sarah and Phineas Rose, Jan.1,1782.*


Matilda and Gamaliel Bancroft of Blandford, int.Jan.28,1810. [m.Feb.22.CR1]


Elizabeth F. and Alfred Hodge, farmer, s.Asa of Westfield, Dec.24,1846.*


Asa and Jerusha Norton, Nov.11,1762.*

Joel and Keziah Smith, Aug.27,1789. [Koziah.CR1]

GOAL (Gould)

Thomose and Eunice Bancraft, Apr.10,1758.*

GODARD (Goddard)

Israel of Granby, Hartford Co., CT, and Amorett Gibbons, Jan.20,1824.

GODDARD (Godard)

Asaph of Granby and Mabel Rowell, Dec.25,1833.*PR6


Rosannah and Joseph P. Hart of Farmington, CT, Mar.9,1825. [Rosanna Goffe and Joseph C. Hart of Famington, CT, Mar.17.PR6]

Stephen and Rebeckah Scovil, Nov.30,1803.


David of Hartland, CT, and Abigal Winchel, int.Mar.20,1803. [Nabby Winchell, m.末蔓末,1803.PR6]


Clarissa and Alexander Lloyd of Blandford, int.June30,1804.


Horatio N. of New Hartford and Laura Ames,末蔓末 [rec. between Apr.16 and Apr.30], 1834.*PR6

James M., 28, farmer, s.Theodore, and Elizabeth S. Atkins, 23, d.Josiah, Oct.12,1848.*

Laura and Loring Lane, Jan.1,1817. [Loren.CR1]


Sarah and Enos Seward, Oct.31,1765.*

GOUDY (Gowdy)

Amanda of Russell and John W. Barnes, int.June14,1824.

GOULD (Goal)

Samuel P. of Rochester, NY, and Caroline E. Hatch, Oct.2,1827. [Col. Samuel P. of Rochester, NY, and Caroline Elizabeth Hatch.PR6]

GOWDY (Goudy)

Noble C. of Blandford and Lydia W. Graves, Oct.7,1835.*PR6

Porter E., 25, joiner, of Cabotville, b. Russell, s.Alexander and Bethia of Russell, and Julia H. Bates, 20, d.Charles F. and Julia, Jan.1,1845.* [Porter E. of Springfield, Jan.1,1846.PR6]

Salome B. of Russell and Lucas B. Chapin of Springfield, Aug.7,1840.*PR6


Isaac of Suffield and Judith Graves,末蔓末,1802.*PR6

Israel W. [int.of Canton, CT.] and Parmelia [int.Permelia] Ensign, Oct.29,1817. [Israel W. of Canton and Parmelia Ensign.PR6]

Warren of Canton, CT, and Mary Ensign, Feb.26,1823.


Clarissa and Amasa Dutton Gridley of Southington, CT, int.Jan.19,1818. [Clarasy and Amaza D. Gridley, m.Jan.20.CR1]

Heaton [int.of Granby CT.] and Amanda Cooley, Nov.13,1815. [Heaton of Granby.PR6]

Eliza and Horace Perkins of Southwick, int.Apr.11,1830.

Betsy and Allin Bidwell, Oct.9,1805.

Harriot and Loring Fowler, int.Aug.17,1810.

Jared of Newhaven, CT, and Narcissa Rowell, int.Mar.29,1824.


Asher and Elizabeth Spelman, Sept.30,1788.*

Chloe and John Bates, Apr.20,1766.*

Clarissa, see Statira.

Enoch of Champlain, Clinton Co., NY, and Doritha Tibbals wid., int.Nov.28,1802.

Isachar and Ruth Blakely [dup. Blakeley] of Hartland, CT, int.Nov.23, [dup. Dec.末 crossed out], 1807.

John of Guilford, CT, and Rebecca Willcox, Sept.22,1816. [John of Hartford, CT, and Rebecca Wilcox, "Oct. or Sept.,"CR1]

Jonah [dup. Josiah] and Hannah Cooley [dup. Cooley written below Whitney crossed out], Feb.7,1798. [Josiah and Hannah Cooley.PR6]

Josiah Dwight of Belchertown and Abigal Whelock Pomery, Feb.5,1799. [Abigail Wheelock Pomeroy.CR1]

Judith and Isaac Graham of Suffield,末蔓末,1802.*PR6

Laurilla S. and Salem P. Rose, Apr.9,1829. [Laurilla P. and Salem Patric Rose.PR6]

Lydia W. and Noble C. Gowdy of Blandford, Oct.7,1835.*PR6

Statira and John Phelps of Colebrook, Litchfield Co., int.Oct.3,1802. [Clarissa, m.末蔓末,1802.PR6]

Susanna, see Susannah Hale.


Abigail of Blandford and David Mott (?) of Blandford, Apr.17,1787.*CR1


Amasa Dutton of Southington, CT, and Clarissa Granger, int.Jan.19,1818. [Amaza D. and Clarasy Granger, m.Jan.20.CR1]


Anna of Granby and Roswell Rose, int.Mar.6,1797.

GRISWOLD (Griswould)

Harvey of Suffield, Hartford Co., CT, and Susan P. Parsons, Nov.18,1819.

Homer [int.of Granby, CT.] and Abigail Winchel [int.Winchell], Sept.28,1819. [Homer of Granby, CT, and Abigail Winchell.PR6]

GRISWOULD (Griswold)

David of Granby and Lydia Clark, wid., int.Dec.27,1812.

Hannah and Aaron Curtis, May11,1763.*


Elizabeth T. of Southwick and Aaron Spelman 2d, int.Oct.31,1814.

Joseph K. and Mary Spelman, Mar.1,1814.


Lorenzo (Gunner ?) and Sophronia Moore of Tolland, Mar.16,1836.CR1

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