Laura and Oliver Baker of Vernon, CT, int. Nov. 21, 1814. [m. Dec. 7. CR1]

LAMBSON (Lampson, Lamson)

Apollos and Lovisa Kellogg, int. June 14, 1819.

Jesse and Mrs. Betsy Roby of Southwick, int, Feb. 20, 1814.

LAMPSON (Lambson, Lamson)

Japhet, widr., 58, farmer, s. Jesse and Ruth, and Mary Messenger, wid., 51, of Granby, CT, d. Amisa Holcomb and Ruth of Granby, CT, Apr. 15, 1845.*

Jepthah and Polly Smith, int. Oct. 12, 1828.

LAMSON (Lambson, Lampson)

Joseph and Piety Holcomb, int. Oct. 4, 1801. [m. Oct. 28. PR6]


Abigail and Chancey Stiles of Suffield, CT, int. Nov. 6, 1815. [m. Dec. 1. CR1]

Enos of Hartland and Abigail Cornwell, Mar. 17, 1791. [Enos of Hartland, CT. CR1]

Loring and Laura Goodwin, Jan. 1, 1817. [Loren. CR1]

Loring Jr. [dup. omits Jr.], innkeeper, of Hartford, CT, s. Loring and Laura of Hartford, and Marytta Parson, 26, d. Joseph and Eliza, Nov. 27, 1845.* [Loring Jr. of Hartford, CT. CR6]


Simpson, see Simpson Forman.


Maria of Middletown, CT, and George A. Parsons, int. Apr. 20, 1817.


Lucy and Samuel Coe, ––– ––, [int. Sept. 25, 1805].

LEONARD (Lonarde)

Chester of Blanford and Anne Cockran of Blanford, Jan. 27, 1801.*

Nathaniel of Suffield and Olive Tibbals, Jan. 8, 1788. [Nathaniel of Sheffield. CR1]


George of W. Suffield, CT, and Emoline Spelman, int. May 10, 1829. [Emeline, m. May 27. CR6]


Abiather of Sturbridge and Mary Hill of Southwick, Nov. 9, 1791. [Abiathar Lilly of Sturbridge and Mary Hill of Granville. CR1]


Russel of Branford, CT, and Nancy Squire, int. May 6, 1822. [Squires, m. May 20. CR1]

LLOYD (Loyd)

Alexander of Blandford and Clarissa Goodley, int. June 30, 1804.

Darcas of Blanford and John Watson Jr. of Blanford, Mar. 6, 1796.*

Jane [int. Mrs.] and William Foote [int. Foot of Chester], Oct. 2, 1815. [Jane and William Foote of Chester. PR6]

Robert and Cynthia Moore, Oct. 26, 1809.*

LONARDE (Leonard)

Seth and Comfort Blancher, Nov. 14, 1771.*

LOOMIS (Loomiss)

Ammarilla of Southwick and Horatio N. Wright, int. Nov. 30, 1828.

Aurelia of Southwick and James S. Rowell, int. Sept. 28, 1828.

Caroline L. and Roswell Warner of Barnard, VT, Sept. 5, 1841.* PR6

Charles of W. Springfield and Sarah Ann E. Seymour, Apr. 25, 1832.* PR6

Electa of Westfield and John Shepard of Westfield, Jan. 18, 1802.* PR6

Milton B. of Suffield, CT, and Eliza H. Gillet, Apr. 18, 1838.* PR6

LOOMISS (Loomis)

Hannah and Gurdon Tillotson, Oct. 12, 1812, [Loomis. PR6]


Polly and Harley Osborn of Litchfield, Dec. 22, 1820.* CR1

LOYD (Lloyd)

Elizabeth and Robert Spelman, Jan. 11, 1787.* CR1

Mary of Blandford and Amos Hitchcock of Blandford, Apr. 17, 1787.* CR1

Rachel of Blandford and Nathan Knox of Blandford, Dec. 28, 1786.* CR1


Lorenzo of Canton, CT, and Charlotte A. Winchell, Sept. 6, 1837.* PR6

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