RANEY (Ranney)

Elijah and Mary Cook, Mar.2,1763.*

RANNEY (Raney)

Betsey [int.Betsy] and Reuben Ranney [int.of Ashfield, Franklin Co.], Oct.6,1817. [Betsey and Rueben Ranney.PR6]

Lucretia of Chatham, CT, and Lyman Rose, int.Mar.13,1825.

Orrin of Chatham and Betsy Gibbons, Nov.20,1810. [Betsey.PR6]

Reuben [int.of Ashfield, Franklin Co.] and Betsey [int.Betsy] Ranney, Oct.6,1817. [Rueben and Betsey Ranney.PR6]

Sarah S., 22, d.Reuben and Betsey, and J. Austin Scott, widr., 29, merchant, of Maumee City, OH, July7,1847.*

READ (Reed)

Melinda and George Taylor, Jr., int.Feb.14,1807.

REED (Read)

Willson Granby, CT, and Almira Marvin, Aug.15,1832.*PR6

REMINGTON (Remminton)

Fanny and William P. Barns, Dec.25,1809.

Hannah and Simon Clark, Apr.17,1817.*CR1

Hulah and Jacob Green Frost, int.Oct.25,1807.

John and Sally Tuttle, Jan.20,1809.

Joseph and Elizabeth Peebles, Apr.14,1824.*

Josiah and Sally Sherman, int.Feb.14,1807.

Lyman of Hartland, Ct, and Elvira M. Dickinson, Nov.末,1843.* [Nov.1.PR6]

Mary and Daniel Wells Dormant, Nov.8,1807.

Stephen of Suffield and Ama Gillett, int.Nov.3,1799. [Amy Gillet, m.Nov.27.PR6]

REMMINGTON (Remington)

John and Mary Parsons, Mar.1,1761.*


Steuben Esq., 33, lawyer, of Syracuse, NY, b. Syracuse, NY, s.John of Syracuse, and Elizabeth R. Cooley, 24, d.Noah, Feb.末,1849.*


Mary and Marcus A. Kasson of Granby, Hartford Co., CT, int.Oct.31,1824.


Charity, Mrs., of W. Springfield, and Kellogg Clark, int.Aug.12,1814.


John of Blandford and Relief Merritt of Blandford, Jan.31,1822.*


Catharine, Mrs., and Allen Case of Canton, CT, int.Mar.4,1816. [m.Mar.5.CR1]


Abner Jr. of Litchfield, NY, and Jane Coe, Mar.4,1802. [Mar.2.CR1]


Hannah of Gill and Joseph Strickland, int.Nov.7,1805.


Statira and Hosea Cooley, int.July29,1811.

Susanna and Timothy Miller Jr., Apr.1,1798. [Susannah.CR1]


Almeda, see Almeda Robinson.


Abigal and Benjamin Barnes Jr., Dec.30,1799.

Alice and Enos Boies of Blanford, Apr.1,1799. [Allis and Enos Bois of Blandford.CR1]

Almeda and Isaac Ward 2d of Pittsfield, Berkshire Co., int.Dec.1,1817. [Robins and Isaac Ward of Westfield, m.Dec.5.CR1]

Catharine and Rev. Publius Vergilius Booge of Winchester, Mar.2,1791. [Mrs.Catharine and Rev. Publius Virgilius Booge of Winchester, CT.CR1]

Chauncy and Polly Hubbard [int.of Tolland], Apr.19,1820.

Clarinda and Jacob Colton Jr. of Longmeadow, Jan.3,1827.

Clarissa and Adam Blair of Blandford, int.Feb.4,1810. [Adam Jr. of Blandford, m.Mar.1.CR1]

Destimance and Ezra Baldwin Jr., July19,1787. [Destimona.CR1]

Elezur and Betsy Baldwin, May27,1805.

Elizur and Patty Buttles, Dec.29,1813. [Dec.9.PR6]

Betsey and Jeremiah Barnes Jr., int.Apr.3,1803.

Emma E. and Capt. Ethan Coe, June5,1826.

Hannah and Lt. Isaac Miller, int.Dec.2,1797.

Harriet B. and Laban D. Hamilton, int.May31,1829. [Mariett B., m.June18.CR1]

Hezekiah and Rebeckah Cooley of Longmedowe, int.Dec.22,1799.

Huldah and Rev. Sylvester Sage of Westminister, Jan.20,1791. [Mrs.Orpha and Rev. Sylvester Sage of Westminster, VT.CR1]

Huldah and Eleazer May of Westminster, Sept.23,1792. [Elegar.CR1]

Irene and John Noble of Blandford, int.Jan.12,1815. [Irena and John Nobles, m.Jan.28.CR1]

Julia and Harvey Stebbins of Brunswick, OH, Nov.24,1818.

Linus and Parna Veal, June28,1795.*

Lois L., 23, d.Orin, and David A. Bordurthy, 28, joiner, of W. Springfield, b. W. Springfield, s.Alden (Bodurthy) of W. Springfield, May3,1848.*

Laurinda H. and Watson E. Boise of Blandford, Feb.23,1832.*PR6

Lucinda and Jacob Ward Esq. of Brunswick, OH, int.Dec.3,1818. [m.Dec.16.CR1]

Marietta B., see Harriet B.

Mary and Reynold Marvin Moore, Oct.30,1754.*

Mary C. and Thrall Blair [int.of Blandford], Mar.12,1820.

Melantha, see Samantha.

Miriam and Isaac Penfield, Dec.2,1786.*CR1

Naomi and Newton Colton of Longmeadow, Oct.21,1823.

Noah and Hannah Pormeley, Nov.8,1758.*

Orpha, see Huldah.

Orpha N., see Orpha H.

Orpah H. and Oliver Woodford of Farmington, int.Mar.31,1812. [Orpha N., m.Apr.5.CR1]

Oren and Olive Noble of Blandford, int.Oct.18,1818.

Phelomelia and Lt. Isaac Kneeland of Lowdin, int.Sept.1,1799. [Philomela, m.末蔓末[rec. between Aug.27 and Nov.17].PR6]

Phebe, see Phebe Parsons.

Rebeckah and David Parsons, Nov.4,1756.*

Ruth and John Wright, Oct.7,1768.*

Samantha and Sylvanus Keep, Jan.15,1790. [Melantha.CR1]

Samuel and Prudence Brockway, Jan.11,1786.*

Seth and Maley Coe, Aug.24,1797. [Mala, Aug.22.CR1]

Sophia and Joseph B. Elmore, Sept.27,1795.*

Timothy [dup. Timithey Roberson] and Catharine Roes [dup. Cartheran Roos], Feb.13,1755.*

William B. and Lydia Parker, int.Feb.3,1812. [m.Feb.8.CR1]

Zelotes and Rachel Hall of Blandford, int.Sept.28,1809.


Betsy, Mrs.Southwick, and Jesse Lambson, int.Feb.20,1814.


Joel and Manimia Clark of Windsor, CT, int.July14,1823.

Philo A., 21, hotel keeper of Westfield, b. Westfield, s.Almon, and Helen M. Johnson, 18, b. Westfield, d.William of Westfield, Apr.23,1848.* [Hellen M. of Westfield.PR6]

ROES (Rose)

Catharine [dup. Cartheran Roos] and Timothy Robinson [dup. Timithey Roberson], Feb.13,1755.*


Alva of Colebrook and Lydia William, int.Feb.28,1808.

Bela and Mina Hale, Apr.4,1808.

Ithuriel and Betsey Dodge, Oct.5,1800.

John S., see J.S.

John and Diodemia Beach of Hartland, CT, int.Feb.11,1801.

J.S., 28, farmer, b. Westfield, s.John, and M.S. Stocking, 22, d.Halsey, Mar.9,1849.* [John S. and Mariah L. Stocking.PR6]

Lucy M., 18, b. Westfield, d.John, and Jared V. Carpenter, 22, shoemaker, b. Granby, CT, s.John D. of CT, Dec.31,1849.*

Martin and Betsy Scoville, Oct.9,1798.

Sarah and Isaac Hardin, Oct.27,1791. [Harding.CR1]

Thomas and Ruth Snow, int.Apr.8,1810.


Anna and Jess Spelman, int.Dec.16,1799. [Jesse, m.Dec.末.PR6]

Clarissa and Bela Bancraft, int.Oct.12,1809. [Bancroft, m.Nov.29.PR6]

Eunice of Southwick and Recompence Miller, int.July22,1798.

Horace of Westfield and Mary C. Bancroft, int.Apr.25,1830. [m.May20.PR6]

Jacob S. and Clarimond Spelman, Apr.9,1839.*PR4

Jacob S. and Elnora Northway, May3,1842.*PR4

James and Sally Cadwell of Granby, int.Jan.16,1814.

Joel and Salley Ensign, int.Jan.22,1804. [Sally, m.Feb.16.PR6]

Joel and Clarissa Ensign, Mar.13,1811.

John Jr. and Avis Spencer, wid., Mar.20,1788.

Lucy and David Parsons Jr., Dec.14,1788. [Dec.11.CR1]

Lydia, see Lidia.

Lidia and Jesse D. Hawley, May6,1799.

Lyman and Margaret Barlow, Dec.末 [int.Dec.6], 1814.

Matthew L. of Paynesville, OH, and Emily Andrews, July9,1839.*PR6

Sarah Ann and Roger Sherman Moore Esq. of Southwick, Sept.6,1841.*PR6

Sibbel and Edmond Barlow, June3,1762.* [Sibyl, d.John of Hebron, CT, and Lt. Edmund Barlow, ch.James, Jr. and Mary (d.Nathaniel Hasmon [sic, Harmon] and Mary (Skinner) of Suffield).PR1]

Silas and Meriam Spelman, June29,1808. [Rev. Silas and Miriam Spelman, Apr.11.PR6]

ROSE (Roes)

Aaron and Wealthy Dibble of Granby, int.Jan.24,1808.

Abigail and Ebenezer Smith, Feb.12,1767.*

Abigail and Levi Woolworth, Jan.8,1794.*

Abigail and Elijah Strickland, Feb.11,1798.* [Feb.7.PR6]

Anne [int.Anna] and Moses Cooley, May14,1814. [ArtaPR6]

Calvin and Betsey Haskell of Blandford, int.May1,1803.

Christopher and Thankfull Babcock, Oct.31,1820.

Damerous and John Spelman Jr., June14,1764.*

Damaris and Nathan Knox of Russell, St. Lawrence Co., NY, int.Feb.8,1824.

Daniel and Achsah Ball, June25,1747.*

Elijah, s.John and Ruth, and Rebeckah Miller, d.Joseph and Lydia, Jan.9,1777.*

Eliza and Julius King, int.Feb.24,1823. [m.Apr.3.PR6]

Elizabeth, see Elisebeth.

Elisebeth and Aaron Spelman, Apr.22,1762.*

Elvira and Samuel Jones Jr. of Westfield, Feb.末,1844.*

Emily Ann 34, d.Peter and Anna, and Elijah C. Spelman, widr., 46, farmer, s.Elijah and Polly, Feb.22,1848.* [Elijah Chapman Spelman.PR6]

Giles and Hannah Adkins of Hartland, CT, int.Sept.25,1804.

Hannah and Martin Moses Jr., May29,1813.

Hiram and Sabra Cooley, Apr.29,1790.

Huldah and Ritchard Spelman, Dec.25,1771.*

Isaac and Lovisa Clark, Apr.10,1817. [Lovicy.PR6]

Jemima and Capt. William Marvin, int.Dec.6,1829. [Gemima, m.Dec.23.PR6]

John and Ruth Holcomb, May9,1745.*

John and Kisiah Haskil, June23,1761.*

Josephus and Orrilla Northway, Sept.19,1813. [Aurilla.PR6]

Justus and Ruth Dewey of Westfield, int.Dec.6,1810.

Justus Jr. and Sarah W. Bancroft, Sept.28 [dup. Sept.18; int.Sept.25], 1815. [Sept.18.PR6]

Lavina and Truman Hayes of Granby, CT, int.Apr.8,1827.

Levi Jr. and Polly Stow, int.Aug.31,1805. [m.Sept.16.PR6]

Lucy and Ethan Bancroft, int.Jan.22,1804. [m.Feb.9.PR6]

Lydia, Mrs., and Jesse Woolworth of W. Springfield, Mar.16,1761. [Wolcott of W. Springfield.CR1]

Lyman and Lucretia Ranney of Chatham, CT, int.Mar.13,1825.

Mariamne and Reuben J. Atkins of Westspringfield, int.Mar.12,1826. [Mariomme Ross and Reuben I. Atkins of W. Springfield, m.Mar.30.CR1]

Maritta and Harlow Hays of Granby, CT, Mar.17,1828. [Marytta and Harlow Hayes of Granby, CT.PR6]

Polly and David W. Bancroft, Jan.21,1808.

Mehitable and Jesse Thrall, Jan.25,1791. [Mehitabel and Jesse Thrall of Rutland.CR1]

Naomi and Dudley Hays Jr. [int.of Granby, CT], Mar.14,1816. [Hayes Jr. of Granby.PR6]

Nathan and Sarah Haskill, Mar.22,1767.*

Olive and John Tibbals, Mar.28,1759.*

Oliver and [int.Mrs.] Wealthy Rose, Dec.5,1822. [Wealthy.PR6]

Ormond and Luna Mott, Sept.14 [int.Sept.21], 1814. [Orman of Granville, OH, Sept.14.PR6]

Orpha and Alpheus Bancroft, Mar.20,1817. [Orpah.PR6]

Orvilla, Mrs., and Lyman Higley, int.Feb.13,1825.

Parney [int.Parna] Sevile and Chancey Hays [int.Hayes] of Granby, CT, Sept.23,1822. [Parney Sivila Rose and Chauncy Hayes of Granby.PR6]

Peter and Jemima Day of Westfield, int.Oct.14,1798.

Peter and Anner Wilcox of Symsbury, int.Oct.18,1801.

Phineas and Sarah Gillett, Jan.1,1782.*

Roswell and Anna Griffin of Granby, int.Mar.6,1797.

Rufus and Orpah Parsons, Jan.15,1803.

Ruth and Silas Winchel, int.Mar.31,1799.

Salem P. and Laurilla S. Graves, Apr.9,1829. [Salem Patric Rose and Laurilla P. Graves.PR6]

Seth and Sarah Bates, Nov.29,1789.

Silas and Esther Frost, int.Apr.26,1818.

Wealthy [int.Mrs.] and Oliver Rose, Dec.5,1822. [Wealthy.PR6]


Mariomme, see Mariamne Rose


James S. and Aurelia Loomis of Southwick, int.Sept.28,1828.

Mabel and Asaph Goddard of Granby, Dec.25,1833.*PR6

Narcissa and Jared Granger of Newhaven, CT, int.Mar.29,1824.


Meraum and Jese Monson, Apr.22,1767.*


Thomas of Russell and Phoebe Todd of Russell, Dec.5,1822.* [Phebe of Russell, m.in Russell.PR6]

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