CALKINS (Carkins)


David of Ringe and Mrs. Sarah Hunt, int. June 27, 1808.

Mary Ann, Miss, of Lowell, and Alfred Durant, int. July 29, 1831.


Sibbel [int. Carken] and Jonathan Wheeler, May 20, 1792. [Corkens. CR1]


Hannah, Miss, and Alpheus Witt, Nov. 14, 1830.

Lucindia B., Miss, of Shirley, and Abraham Brown, int. June 4, 1842.


David, resident in Newton, and Anna Wood, Feb. 24, 1805.


Emily, Miss, of Madison, ME, and David Hobert, int. Sept. 27, 1846.


––––– and Amos Tenney, int. ––– ––, 1782.

Aaron and Betsey Procter [int. Proctor], Apr. 2, 1815. [Procter. CR1]

Alfred and Miss Caroline A. Mills of Littleton, int. Mar. 22, 1846.

Asaph and Anna Reed of Westford, int. Mar. 15, 1805.

Clarinda, Miss, and Zina Mosman of Sudbury, int. Mar. 27, 1839. [Mossman of Sudbury, m. Apr. ––. CR2]

Eleanor [int. Elenor] and Jacob Gilbert, Oct. 23, 1770.

Elias of Harvard and Sarah Davis, int. May 16, 1803.

Betsey and Thomas Peak of Lexington, July 1, 1810.

Betsey, Miss, of Pepperell, and Aaron Wheeler, int. Nov. ––, 1810.

Elizebeth [int. Miss.] and Daniel W. Hubbard, Mar. 22, 1848.

Francis and Rebecca Cummings [int. Rebeckah Cumming] of Littleton, Apr. 20, 1756.

Hannah and Shippia Townsend of Boston, Nov. 1, 1791.* [Sheppie of Boston. CR1]

Hannah and Charles Handley Jr., Jan. 28, 1808.

Jonathan and Sarah Darby of Concord, int. Dec. 1, 1775.

Joseph and Hepsabah David, Nov. 9, 1784.* [Hepsebah. CR1]

Joseph and Mrs. [int. Miss] Hannah Wheeler, Dec. 10, 1826.

Lewis, farmer, s. John, and Catherin [int. Catherine] E. Hubbard, d. Daniel of Walpole, NH, Mar. 25, 1845.

Lucinda, Miss, and Jason Holbrook of Randolph, int. Mar. 22, 1834.

Lucy and Elnathan Darby of Harvard, June 22, 1784, in Harvard.

Lucy and William Reed 3d, June 11, 1812.

Mary of Littleton and David Keyes, int. July 26, 1746.

Nancy and John Robbins of Mason, Feb. 7, 1804.

Nathan and Miss Abigail R. Oliver, int. Sept. 23, 1837.

Peter and Mary Whitney of Stowe, Mar. 20, 1787, in Stowe.

Robert and Hannah Tenney of Littleton, Nov. 19, 1777. [Robert and Hannah Tinney of Littleton. CR1]

Robert Jr. and Susannah [int. Miss Susanna] Conant, Nov. 7, 1819.

Samuel and Miss Ann F. Bowers of Concord, int. Mar. 23, 1839.

Sarah and [torn]s [Silas in later handwriting, int. Silas] Newtown of Spencer, Mar. 10, 1807. [Silas of Spencer. CR1]

Sally and John Tarbell [int. Tarbel] of Bolton, July 19, 1808. [Tarbell of Bolton. CR1]

Stephen [int. Stephean] and Miriam Hayward, June 2, 1786. [Stephen. CR1]

Susanna [int. Susana] and Ezekeil [int. Ezekiel] Davis, Feb. 25, 1779. [Susana and Ezekiel Davis. CR1]

Timothy of Holden and Sarah Forbush, int. May 21, 1760.

CHAMBERLAIN (Chamberlin)

Anna [int. Annah Chamberlin] of Westford and Mark White, May 14, 1742. [Anna Chamberlain of Westford. CR1 PR8]

Levi and Miss Mary Russell, int. Nov. 28, 1841.

Mary [int. Miss] and Abel Robbins, Aug. 20, 1818.

Sarah and Ezra Tuttle, both of Concord, Jan. 9, 1849.*

CHAMBERLIN (Chamberlain)

Anna and Joseph Brabrook, int. Feb. 6, 1761.

Anna, Miss, and William Cook of Westford, Aug. 4, 1825. [Chamberlain. CR1]

Ezekiel [int. Chamberlain] and Miss Nabby Adams (Adanworn) [int. Abagail Adams] of Littleton, Jan. 20, 1821 [sic, ? 1825, int. Dec. 19, 1824]. [Chamberlin and Abigail Adams of Littleton, Jan. 20, 1825. CR1]

Joseph of Wesford and Annah Davis, int. Mar. 19, 1757.

Joseph Jr. [int. omits Jr.] and [int. Miss] Sally Adams, Aug. 12, 1819.

Rebeca and Jonathan More, May 12, 1774.*

Sarah and Samuel Averill of Westmimster, VT [VT. written in pencil], Feb. 27, 1781 [1 written over 0].* [Samuel of Westminster, VT, Feb. 27, 1781. CR1]

Silas T. and Miss Hannah S. Adams, Aug. 4, 1825. [Chamberlain. CR1]

CHASE (Chace)


Mary [Cheever written in pencil above Chever] of Concord and Robert Robbins, Dec. 29, 1785. [Cheever of Concord. CR1]


Samuel A. and Miss Sarah W. Brown of Littleton, int. Nov. 12, 1849.


Samuel and Miss Caroline B. Bickford, int. June 13, 1841


Mary Ann and Jonathan Hammond, Oct. 11, 1830.* PR7


Richard, resident in Lincoln, and Lucy Robbins, Apr. 14, 1805.

Robert I. and Mary Marsh, both of Charlestown, Oct. 31, 1802.*

CLEAVELAND (Cleveland)

Elisebeth and Calab Wright of Wesford, int. Mar. 25, 1760.

Jonathan [dup. Cleveland] and Dorothy Shepard [int. Dorathy Sheperd], June 16, 1743, in Concord.

Jonathan and Hannah Hays, int. Apr. 16, 1748.

Lydia and Josiah Spaulding of Westford, Feb. 15, 1763, in Westford.


Jemmima A., Miss, of Nashua, NH, and Charles B. Haynes, int. Nov. 13, 1846.


Daniel (––iel) [Daniel in later handwriting, int. Daniel] of Littleton and Thirza Gilbert, Mar. 30, 1806. [Daniel of Littleton. CR1]

CLEVELAND (Cleaveland)

Joseph [int. Cleaveland] and Dorothy Cragin, May 5, 1763.


John J. and Miss Elizabeth Wait, both of Lowell, Sept. 20, 1834.*


Hannah [int. Miss, of Strafford, N., sic, ? NH.] and Calvin Fletcher, farmer,, s. John S., Aug. 8, 1847.


John R. and Miss Sarah J. Kilburn of Bucksport, ME, int. Sept. 24, 1848.

COBBLEIGH (Cobbley, Cobley)

Betsey [int. Cobleigh] and Nathan Raymond [int. Raymon] of Boxborough, Nov. 16, 1815. [Cobleigh and Nathan Raymond of Boxborough. CR1]

COBBLEY (Cobbleigh, Cobley)

Ephraim [int. Cobley] of Bolton and Ruth Wheeler, Dec. 19, 1797. [Coblaigh of Bolton. CR1]

COBLEY (Cobbleigh, Cobbley)

Lois of Littleton and Nathan Wheeler, int. Aug. 31, 1799.


Ann of Concord and Samuel Davis, Dec. 5, 1755, in Concord.

Eliza Ann, Miss, of Littleton, and Thomas F. Lawrence, int. Aug. 12, 1833.

Eliza F., d. Eliza, wid., and Theodore L. Brown, merchant, of Sudbury, b. Sudbury, Nov. 27, 1844.

George B. and Miss Eliza Fletcher, Apr. 26, 1825.

Joseph and Sally Barker, Feb. 13, 1797.

Lucy F., Miss, and Daniel Hanscom of Eliot, ME, int. Dec. 6, 1845.

Martha of Concord and Daniel Conant of Stow, Jan. 14, 1772.

Sally [int. wid.] and Joseph Fletcher of Littleton, Mar. 19, 1818.

COLEMAN (Colman)


Susan, Miss, of Marlboro, NH, and Franklin Wheeler, int. Mar. 23, 1845.


James [int. Coleman] and Mary Hayward, Jan. 16, 1803. [Colman. CR1]


Able [Abel, el in later handwriting above le] of Concord and Abigail Davis, Feb. 6 [6 written in pencil above 7 crossed out], 1785. [Abel of Concord, Feb. 6. CR1]

Abraham, Lt., and Eunice Jones, May 6, 1813.

Andrew of Concord and Miss Eliza Sawyer, int. Aug. 27, 1831.

Charlottee [int. Charlotte] and Joseph Dole, Apr. 22, 1791. [Charlottee. CR1]

Charlotte, Miss, and Stevens Heyward of Boxboro, June 13, 1843.

Daniel of Stow and Martha Cole of Concord, Jan. 14, 1772.

Eliza, 19, d. Silas and Eliza, and George Lawrence, 21, carpenter, of Concord, b. Lincoln, s. Abel and Nancy of Lincoln, Jan. 31, 1849.

Betsy H., d. Simeon, and Luther W. Piper, farmer, s. Silas, all, June 25, 1846.

Emeline, Miss, and William H. Conant, Apr. 23, 1839.

Ester of Stow and Lt. Ebenezer Davies, int. Jan. 14, 1748-9.

Frances [sic] and Miss Sophia Goldsmith of Littleton, int. Nov. 21, 1841.

Frances [sic] and Miss Martha Ann Jones, int. Apr. 12, 1849.

Hannah E., Miss, and James W. Heyward, June 18, 1840. [Hayward. CR2]

James and Seba Davies [int. Miss Seba Davis], Nov. 4, 1810. [Davies. CR1]

Joel and Miss Betsy Spaulding of Ashburnham, int. Oct. 29, 1829.

Joel and Mrs. Charlotte Jewel of Stow, int. May 18, 1839.

Kezia [int. Keziah] and Elisha Jones of Hopkinton, Dec. 29, 1791. [Kezia. CR1]

Lois and Nathan Green of Concord, int. Aug. 11, 1759.

Lucy and Josiah Hayward, int. Nov. 27, 1761.

Lucy A., Miss, and Sylvester Hayward, both of Concord, Nov. 30, 1837, in Concord.*

Luther and Sukey Edward [int. Edwards], Jan. 3, 1813. [Edwards. CR1]

Lydia, Miss, of Concord, and Lt. Amos Noyes, int. Mar. 16, 1816.

Maria M., see Martha M.

Martha A., Miss, and Henry Fairbanks of Harvard, May 9, 1837. [removed to Harvard. CR2]

Martha M., Miss, and Obil Shattuck of Rockford, IL, int. Sept. 4, 1839. [Miss Maria M. and Obed Shattuck, m. Sept. 29. CR2]

Mary and Seth Lee of Concord, Feb. 8, 1753, in Concord.

Molly [int. Moley] and Seth Brooks, Feb. 19, 1767.

Mary and Elisha Perkins, both of Concord, Oct. 10, 1805.*

Mary, Miss, and [int. Capt.] Charles H. Spalding of Cambridge [int. Cambridgeport], May 11, 1837. [Spaulding, removed to Cambridge. CR2]

Nathan and Sukey Davies, Sept. 26, 1816.

Paul and Tilda Jewett [int. Jewit] of Boxborough, Apr. 8, 1817.

Rebeca, Miss, and Nathan Brooks, May 24, 1821. [Rebecca. CR1]

Samuel Potter and Rebecca Tuttle, Oct. 23, 1789.

Sarah and William Maxwell, int. Feb. 13, 1774.

Sarah of Stow and Joseph Wild, int. Sept. 23, 1815.

Silas and Mary Hayward of Concord, int. Apr. 4, 1807.

Silas and Miss Eliza Wheeler, Feb. 22, 1825, in Cambridgeport.

Simon I. and Miss Adaline Patch of Littleton, int. May 27, 1834.

Sophia, Miss, and Phinehas Harrington, May 5, 1842.

Susannah [int. Miss Susanna] and Robert Chaffin Jr., Nov. 7, 1819.

William and Dorothy Wooley of Concord, int. Mar. 9, 1745.

William and Huldah Puffer of Concord, int. Nov. 6, 1756.

William H. and Miss Emeline Conant, Apr. 23, 1839.

Winthrop F. and Miss Sophia Wetherbee, Dec. 29, 1842.


Polley and Josiah Williston, int. Feb. 22, 1776.


Erastus of Lyme, NH, and Miss Rebecca Handley, Jan. 27, 1842.


Samuel of Lunenburg and Miss Dolly Holden, Aug. 11, 1835.

William of Westford and Miss Anna Chamberlin, Aug. 4, 1825. [Chamberlain. CR1]

COOLIDGE (Coollidge)

A.L. and Mary A. Buttrick, ––– ––, ––––. [? before 1850.* CR2]

Agustus [int. Coollidge] of Boxborough and Ruth Faulkner, Nov. 3, 1785. [Augustus Coolidge of Boxborough and Ruth Faulkner. CR1]

Elizebeth and Jonathan Hammond, May 3, 1785.* PR7

Jonathan and Elizebeth Hammond, Sept. 28, 1808.* PR7

Lois and Oliver Houghton [int. Holten] of Boxborough, Sept. 18, 1793. [Colledge and Oliver Houghton of Boxborough. CR1]

COOLLIDGE (Coolidge)

Abigael of Berlin and Nathan Foster, int. Aug. 15 [1 written over 2], 1785.

COREY (Cory)

Lucy [int. Cory] of Westford and Judah Wheeler, May 20, 1762, in Westford.


Eliza W. [sic, int. Miss Eliza McCoristine] and Asa Parker, farmer, June 11, 1845.

CORY (Corey)

Elisabeth [int. Elizabeth] and John Lamson, Jan. 10, 1764.


Thomas and Miss Maria Brigham of Stow, Apr. 21, 1839.


Harris [int. Cowdrey], Dr., and Abigail Davis [int. Miss Abigail Davies], June 19, 1828. [Cowdry and Abigail Davies. CR1]


Susannah [int. Susana] of Cambridge and Nathaniel Faulkner [int. Jr.], Jan. 21, 1798, in Cambridge.


James W. of Tyngsborough and Miss Catharine [int. Catherine] H. Lynn, Oct. 11, 1826. [Catharine H. CR1]

CRAAGIN (Cragin)

John and Sarah Barritt of Chelmsford, Sept. 26, 1756 [date in later handwriting], [Cragin and Sarah Barret of Chelmsford, Sept. 21. CR1]


Margaret and John Fletcher of Concord, int. Mar. 22, 1755.

Margaret and Oliver Lamson, int. Jan. 17, 1756.

CRAGIN (Craagin)

Anne [int. Anna] and Joseph Town of Oxford, ME [ME written in pencil, int. omits ME.], Apr. 28, 1772.

Dorothy and Joseph Cleveland [int. Cleaveland], May 5, 1763.

Francis and Elisebeth [int. Elisabeth] Law, Sept. 9, 1766.

Francis and Sibella [int. Sibil] Piper, Mar. 30, 1773.

Mary and Eliot Powers, int. Apr. 4, 1761.


James of Concord and Rebecca [int. Rebeckah] Adams, July 15, 1747, in Concord.


Cynthia, Miss, of Reading, and Edmund Farmer, int. Feb. 21, 1836.

Elisabeth [int. Elizabeth] and [torn]shua [Joshua in later handwriting, int. Joshua] Tower, June 30, 1805. [Elisabeth and Joshua Tower. CR1]


Mary Ann, Miss, and J.K. Blanchard of Boxborough, ––– ––, ––––. [blot, ? 1840]* CR2

CUMMING (Cummings)

Mary, and Samuel Smith of Ashuelot, May 12, 1741* [Samuel Swift of Ashuelot. CR1]

CUMMINGS (Cumming)

Mary E., Mrs., and Albert Haynes of Milford, int. Aug. 26, 1849.

Rebecca [int. Rebeckah Cumming] of Littleton and Francis Chaffin, Apr. 20, 1756.


James Foster and Polly Ingraham, both of Boston, Oct. 23, 1777.*


Elisabeth, and Ruben Hosmer of Mason, Jan. 9, 1794. [Reuben of Mason. CR1]

John and "Widow P. Brooks," Dec. 3, 1830,* CR1

Lucy, and John Jewell of Waterford, Nov. 23, 178–. [1788 written in pencil].* [Nov. 24, 1788. CR1]

Polly and Peter Puffer, int. May 6, 1810.

Sally, and [torn]eph [Joseph written in pencil in later hand int. Joseph] Robbins of Winchendon, Oct. 6, 1805. [Joseph of Winchendon. CR1]

Silas and Sarah Allen [int. Allun], Dec. 28, 1769.

William and Elisabeth Ruggels, Nov. 13, 1777.* [William Jr. and Elisabeth Ruggles. CR1]

William and Mrs. Sarah Brooks, Dec. 3, 1830 [see John]

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