Harriet, Miss, of Concord, and Daniel Harris, int. May 6, 1837.

Lydia, Miss, of Concord and James Harris, int. Oct. 11, 1835.

DANSMORE (Dunsmore)

Rebecca of Luningbourgh and Joseph Robbins, int. Dec. 10, 1777.


Elnathan of Harvard and Lucy Chaffin, June 22, 1784, in Harvard.

Sarah of Concord and Jonathan Chaffin, int. Dec. 1, 1775.

DAVIES (Davis)

Eda [int. Miss] and Jonathan Wheeler, June 2, 1818.

Amasa (––asa) [Amasa in later handwriting, int. Amasa] and Lucy Hayward, Oct. 20, 1807. [Amasa. CR1]

Anna, and John Robbins 4th of Carlisle, May 10, 1810. [Davis. CR1]

Catharine [int. Mrs. Catharin] and Dr. John Swift, Dec. 3, 1767 [6 written over 7].

Daniel and Rebecca White, int. Sept. 27, 1772 [sic, ? 1774, rec. between two entries each dated Sept. 27, 1774].

Ebenezer, Lt., and Ester Conant of Stow, int. Jan. 14, 1748-9.

Ebenezer [int. Ebenezar] and Abigail Faulkner, Sept. 17, 180– [1801 in later handwriting, int. May 24, 1801]. [Ebenezer. Sept. 17, 1801. CR1]

Elijah [int. Davis] and Elisabeth [int. Betsey] Hayward, Sept. 10, 1793. [Davies and Betsey Hayward. CR1]

Esther, and Joshua Sawyer, Feb. 20, –––– [1810 in later handwriting, int. Apr. 5, 1809]. [Feb. 20, 1810. CR1]

Esther, and Amos Parlin of Concord, int. Mar. 26, 1757.

Gersham and Sarah Smith, Dec. 24, 1765.

James and Rebekah [int. Rebecca] Hayward, Sept. 2, 1779. [Rebecca. CR1]

Lois, and John Marble Jr. of Stow, Dec. 13, 1781.*

Lois [int. Miss], and Jonas Meriam of Concord, Nov. 26, 1801. [Miriam of Concord. CR1]

Lucy and Abraham Hapgood, int. Oct. 25, 1775.

Lucy, and Paul Litchfield of Carlisle, int. Aug. 30, 1801.

Lydia and –arner [Warner in later handwriting, int. Warner] Parlin, July 5, 1807. [Warner. CR1]

Mary, and John Raymond of Winchendon, Dec. 10, 1812.

Olive P. [int. Olive Parlin Davis], Miss, and Abel Hosmer of Concord, Oct. 2, 1821. [Olive P. Davis. CR1]

Rebecca and Daniel Barker, Nov. 10, 1807.

Rebecca and Reuben Barker, Aug. 27, 1809.

Ruben of Watertown and Betty Tuttle, Jan. 18, 1780. [Reuben of Watertown. CR1]

Sarah and Stephen [int. Stephan] Hosmer, Dec. 12, 1765.

Sarah [int. Mrs.], and Joseph Wright of Concord, Oct. 20, 180– [1801 in later handwriting, int. Sept. 27, 1801]. [Sarah, 17, and Joseph Wright, 80, of Concord, Oct. 20, 1801. CR1]

Seba [int. Davis, Miss] and James Conant, Nov. 4, 1810. [Davies. cR1]

Sophia [int. Miss Sophi] and Benjamin Wild [int. Jr.], Jan. 21, 1817.

Sukey and Nathan Conant, Sept. 26, 1816.

Susanna and John Adams, May 19, 1805.

DAVIS (Davies)

Abigail, and Able [Abel, el in later handwriting above le] Conant of Concord, Feb. 6 [6 written in pencil above 7 crossed out], 1785. [Abel of Concord, Feb. 6. CR1]

Abigail [int. Davies, Miss] and Dr. Harris Cowdry [int. Cowdrey.], June 19, 1828. [Davis and Dr. Harris Cowdry. CR1]

Annah, and Joseph Chamberlin of Wesford, int. Mar. 19, 1757.

Ann and John Jerrard, int. July 15, 1799.

Ansel, see Ancil.

Ancil, and Miss Caroline M. Scott of Westford, int. May 2, 1839.

Charlotte, Miss, and John M. Harlow, Jan. 5, 1843, [Dr. [Dr. written after Mr. crossed out] John, ––– ––, 1842. CR2]

David [int. Davies], and Polly [int. Polley] Hildreth of Westford [int. Chelmnsford], July 4, 1793, in Carlisle.

Deliverance, and Hannah Hildreth of Wesford, int. Sept. 9, 1749.

Dorothy, Miss, and Thomas Brooks of Lincoln, May 2, 1821.

Ebenezer Jr., and Miss Susan Bradford of Charlestown, int. Feb. 23, 1835.

Ebenezer and Miss Charlotte Handley, June 9, 1839. [May ––. CR2]

Elenor and Edward Wetherbee, int. Jan. 30, 1777.

Betsy [int. Betsey], Miss, and Ephraim Haywood, Dec. 30, 1798.

Ephraim and Catharine Harrington [int. Herrington], May 4, 1794. [Catherine Harrington. CR1]

Everlina [int. Evelina], Miss, and Horace Tuttle, Jan. 8, 1824. [Evaline. CR1]

Ezekiel, and Mary Gibson of Stow, Feb. 28, 1743-4.

Ezekeil [int. Ezekiel] and Susanna [int. Susana] Chaffin, Feb. 25, 1779. [Ezekiel and Susana Chaffin. CR1]

Gershom [int. Garsham Davies] and Rebeckah Prescott, July 8, 1741, in Westford.

Hannah, Mrs., and John Lawrence [Lawrence written above Blanchard crossed out] of Littleton, June 27, 1771, in Littleton.*

Hannah, and Soloman Burges of Stow, Mar. 13, 1781. [Solomon of Stow. CR1]

Hannah and Samuel Jones Jr. [int. omits Jr.], July 30, 1782. [Samuel. CR1]

Hannah and David Barnard, Dec. 31 [31 written in pencil over 21], –––– [int. Oct. 5, 1786]. [Dec. 31, 1786. CR1]

Hannah and Amos Noyes, Feb. 28, 1793.

Harriet, d. Jonathan B., and Henry Brown, farmer, s. Nathaniel G., all, Oct. 24, 1844.

Henry S., and Miss Sarah Ann Holt of Boscawen, NH, int. May 10, 1829.

Hepsabah and Joseph Chaffin, Nov. 9, 1784.* [Hepsebah. CR1]

Isaac and Hannah Brown, Oct. 24, 1764.

Jacob of Concord and Thankfull Reed, Nov. 8, 180[bound in, int. Oct. 16, 1803].

John, and Lois Sanderson of Littleton, int. Dec. 25, 1790.

Jonathan and Elisabeth [int. Elisebeth] Emery, Jan. 23, 1771.

Jonathan B. and Sally Hosmer, Aug. 24, 1815.

Josiah and Sarah Billings, Sept. 17, 1782.

Lois and Francis Barker, Sept. 4, 1777.

Lucy and Samuel Parlin, Mar. 26, 1771.

Lucy, Miss, and Nathan Johnson of Littleton, Dec. 21, 1823. [Jonson of Littleton. CR1]

Lucy, Miss, and David Barnard, June 11, 1826.

Luther and Miss Elizebeth Horn, Nov. 14, 1839, in Lexington.

Mary, and Silas Taylor of Stow, Feb. 5, 1767.

Molley [dup. and int. Molly, int. Davies], and Samuel Keyes of Westford, Mar. 21, 1769, in Concord.

Polly, and Asa Wheeler of Carlisle, Mar. 25, 1784.

Polly and Noah Fitch, May 1, 1796.*

Polley [int. Polly] and Oliver Wetherbee, Feb. 29, 1816.

Polly B. [int. omits B.], Miss, and Simon Tuttle, Dec. 21, 1820. [Miss Polly B. CR1]

Mary, Miss, and Charles F. Richardson, Nov. 29, 1839.

Nathan, and Miss Roxana Ball of Townsend, int. Nov. 21, 1834.

Nehemiah of Concord and Dorathy Heald, int. Apr. 28, 1753.

Rebecca [int. Rebeca Davies], and Isaac Merriam [int. Miriam] of Concord, Dec. 2, 1768, in Concord.

Ruth, and Ephraim Taylor of Stow, Jan. 16, 1772.

Samuel, and Ann Cole of Concord, Dec. 5, 1755, in Concord.

Sarah, and John Robbins of Wesford, int. May 4, 1751.

Sarah and Josiah Piper, Nov. 29, 1764.

Sarah, and Elias Chaffin of Harvard, int. May 16, 1803.

Sarah [int. Davies, Miss], and William Phillips, Apr. 5, 1829. [Davis. CR1]

Sarah P., Miss [int.], and Ephraim Peabody of Dracut, Dec. 16, 1833.

Sarah C., Miss, and John P. Preist, int. Mar. 10, 1842.

Silas, and Miss Mercy E. Taylor of Stow, int. Nov. 6, 1839.

Simon and Catharine Hays, int. May 28, 1748.

Simon and Miss Harriot Noyes, May 2, 1822.

Stephen [int. Stephan] and Polly Brocks, Jan. 29, 1792. [Stephen. CR1]

William, and Miss Maryann Beaman of Winchendon, int. Sept. 4, 1830.


Elizebeth [int. Elizabeth] B, Miss, of Chester, VT, and John Horton, Mar. 25, 1828 [? in Chester, VT]


Charlotte, Miss, of Easton, and Jason Goward, int. Apr. 13, 184–. [? 1849, rec. between Mar. 25 and Apr. 12, 1849].


Dorcas G., Miss, and ––––– How of Concord, ––– ––, 1835,* CR2


Townsend, and Mary Nicols of Billeraca, int. May 30, 1761.

DENSMORE (Dansmore, Dunsmore)

DERBY (Darby)


Samuel, shoe maker, of Charleston, and May M. Knights, d. –––––, Nov. 16, 1847.*

DESPO (Despeau)

Jessee [int. Jesse] and Miss Mary Reed, Sept. 11, 1842. [Jesse Despeau. CR2]

DEXTER (Dextor)

Elisabeth [int. Elizebeth], and Daniel Barker [int. Baker] of Concord, Aug. 18, 1774.

Jerusha and Ebenezer White, Apr. 19, 1804.

John and Jerusha Brooks, Nov. 16, 1779.

John, and Martha Miles of Westminister, int. Aug. 15, 1785.

John, and Mrs. Mary Belknap of Carlisle, int. Aug. 14, 1827.

Mary S., Miss, of Boston, and Clarrence M. Procter, int. Oct. 4, 1842.

Sarah, and Jacob Melvin of Concord, Jan. [Jan. written over July, dup. Jan.] 8, 1789, in Concord.*

DEXTOR (Dexter)

John Jr., and Perses Juel of Stow, int. Dec. 14, 1799.


Dolly [int. Dolley Dickerson] of Concord and David Law, May 19, 1799, in Concord.

DICKSON (Dickinson)

Lydia [int. Dixon] of Charlestown and Samuel Prentice, Oct. 17, 1765, in Charlestown.


Rhoda of Littleton and ––ben [Reuben in later handwriting, int. Reuben] Wheeler, Apr. 29, 1806. [Reuben. CR1]

DIXON (Dickson)


Philena P. and Samuel Philbrick, both of Sudbury, July 16, 1837, in Sudbury.*


Nehemiah of Littleton and Jerusha Edwards, int. Nov. 19, 1748.

Susanna and Joseph Brown, both of Concord, Sept. 2, 1802.*


Cyrus, and Miss Sarah A. Hodgman of Bedford, int. Apr. 25, 1836.

Jerusha P., Miss, and Stevens Hayward 2d, ––– ––, 1846,* CR2

Joseph and Charlottee [int. Charlotte] Conant, Apr. 22, 1791. [Charlottee. CR1]

Joseph and Miss Lucy Fletcher, int. Apr. 10, 1841.

Lemuel (––uel) [Lemuel in later handwriting, int. Lemuel] and Ruth Barker, Apr. 15, 1806. [Lemuel. CR1]

Reuben and Miss Elizabeth H. Jones, int. Mar. 16, 1834.

Ruth, Miss, and Daniel Fletcher, Mar. 3, 1833.


Hannah, Miss, of Westford, and Amos Handley, May 19, 1837.


Angelina, Miss, of Wilton, NH, and Reuben Houston, int. Nov. 13, 1831.


Nabby and John Harris Jr. [int. omits Jr.], Dec. 7, 1796. [John Jr. CR1]

Asa P. of Concord and Miss Almira Bright, int. Oct. 6, 1839. [m. Nov. 3. CR2]

Ephraim and Abigail Shepard, May 16, 1764.

James, [int. Concord] and Mary Raymond, Apr. 1 [int. Apr. 8, dup. Apr. 1], 1763, in Concord.

Joseph, and Lucy Maynard of Sudbury, June 16, 1791, in Sudbury.*

Josiah [int. Dubley], and Betsey Smith of Sudbury, July 6, 1792, in Sudbury.

Lucy [int. Mary], and Amasa [int. Ameasa] Green of Royalston, Nov. 17, 1783, in Royalston.

Mary, Mrs. [dup. and int. omit Mrs.], and Joseph Flagg of Carlisle, May 12 [dup. May 9], 1756. [Mrs. Mary Dudly, and Joseph Flag of Carlisle, May 12. CR1]

Rebecca, and Abraham Whitney of Bolton, Feb. 28, 1776, in Concord.

Rebeca and John Olivers, int. Jan. 29, 1820.

Samuel of Littleton and Rebekah Hayward, int. Sept. 20, 1755. [Haywood, m. Jan. 15, 1756. CR1]


Thomas of Concord and Jenny Parker, int. Aug. 31, 1805.

DUN (Dunn)


William of Quincy and Miss Nancy C. Swett, int. Nov. 9, 1845.


Lucy Ann [int. Dun], Miss, and John Brown, Dec. 28, 1843.

DUNSMORE (Dansmore)

Moses of Washington and Elisabeth Reed of Bedford, Feb. 13, 1794.*

DURANT (Durent)

Alfred, and Miss Mary Ann Calton of Lowell, int. July 29, 1831.

Henry and Lucy Hunt, Apr. 9, 1799.

Lucy [int. Mrs.] and Capt. Stevens Hayward, Nov. 14, 1816.

Lucy, Miss, and Luke Brooks of Stow, Apr. 9, 1822.

Lydia, and Benoni Spaulding of Billerica, Apr. 1, 1790, in Billerica.*

DURENT (Durant)

Raichel, Miss, of Carlisle, and Jacob Reed, int. Oct. 16, 1819.


William [int. Dutten] of Westford and Phebe Temple, Dec. 17, 1777, in Westford.

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