OLIVER (Olivers)

Abigail R., see Nabby.

Lucy, d.Abiyah (Olivers) and Elizabeth, Dec.25,1803.

Abigal, ch.Joel and Esther, Nov.15,1805.

Rachal, d.Abiyah and Elizabeth, Mar.13,1807.

Mary, ch.Joel and Esther, Dec.14,1808.

Eliza, d.Abiyah and Elizabeth, July12,1810.

Ephriam, ch.Joel and Esther, July31,1810.

Susan, ch.Joel and Esther, June14,1813.

Eunice, d.Abiyah and Elizabeth, July3,1814.

Keziah, ch.Joel and Esther, June25,1817.

Nabby, d.Abijah and Elizabeth, July30,1817, [Abbie R., w.Nathan Chaffin.GR1]

William, s.Abijah and Elizabeth, Dec.2,1820

Susan, ch.Joel and Esther, Sept.16,1821.

Martha, ch.Joel and Esther, Nov.11,1823.

Sally [dup. Olivers], d.Abijah (Olover) and Elizabeth [dup. Betsy], Mar.9,1824.

John, ch.Joel and Esther, Nov.11,1825.

Mary, ch.Joel and Esther, July22,1829.

OLIVERS (Oliver)

Abijah, Mar.8,1772.

Easter, d.Fatima, Oct.19,1804.

John, s.Fatima, May10,1805.


Phinehas, s.Phinehas and Hannah, Sept.3,1739, in Holleston.

Louisa, ch.Joel F. and W., bp. Oct.,1832.CR2

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