Francis D., h.Mary, Sept.5,1818.GR1

Mary, w.Francis D., Dec.1,1823.GR1


Miron S., d.[sic] Samuel W., shoemaker, and Harriet, Feb.22,1845.


John, single, farmer, enl. Aug.31,1861, a.22.RR

Robert, Co. E, 6th Reg't. M.V.M., h.Elizabeth Kemp,末蔓末,1842.GR1

Elizabeth Kemp, w.Robert,末蔓末,1843.GR1


Adaline, d.Stephen and Eunice, Jan.30,1815, in Peterborough, NH.

Eunice M., d.Stephen and Eunice, Apr.15,1817. [Eunice Maria.CR1, Eunice M., w.Isaac Train Flagg.GR1]

Stephen F., s.Stephen and Eunice, Jan.8,1821.

Stephen, s.Stephen and Eunice, June1,1822.

Adaline, ch.Stephen and w., bp. May25,1823.CR1

Hannah P., "Mother,", w.Stephen,末蔓末,1824.GR1

Mary Elizebeth, d.Stephen and Unice, June4,1827. [Mary Elesebeth.CR1]

George Franklin, ch.Stephen, bp. July7,1833.CR2

Stephen,末蔓末,1841, [in lot with Isaac Train Flagg]GR1


Catharine, d.Edward and Elenor, Mar.17,1778.

Betsey, ch.Richard and Eleanor, bp. Oct.18,1778.CR1

Jeremiah Wood, ch.Richard and Eleanor, bp. June18,1780.CR1

James, s.Edward and Ellinor, Aug.12,1780.

Edward, s.Edward and Ellenor, Apr.14,1782.

Daniel, s.Edward and Ellenor, Apr.21,1784.

Sally, d.Ammi and 末末 [Agnis.CR1], Aug.4,1784.

Ammi, ch.Ammi and Agnis, bp. Oct.21,1787.CR1

Lucendy, d.Edward and Elnor, Jan.8,1788.

Elenor, d.Edward and Elenor, Mar.7,1788 [sic, ? 1786, see death and Lucendy]

Polly, d.Edward and Elinor, Dec.13,1789.

Polly, d.Edward and Ellenor [dup, Elinor], Apr.4,1792.

Oliver, s.Edward and Elinor, Nov.4,1793.

Hariot, d.Edward and Elinor, Sept.4,1795.

Mary, d.Edward and Susanna, Oct.9,1808.

Edward, s.Edward and Susanna, June21,1810.

Susanna, d.Edward and Susanna, Mar.28,1812, [Susan, w.Abraham M. White.GR1]

Daniel, s.Edward and Susanna, Aug.18,1814.

Oliver, s.Oliver and Polly, June14,1816.

Sophia, d.Edward and Susanna, Mar.11,1817.

Harriot, d.Edward and Susanna, Feb.14,1819, [Hariot.CR1 Harriet, w.Winthrop F. White.GR1]

Lucy, d.Oliver and Polly, Apr.20,1820.

Daniel, ch.Edward and w., bp. Sept.29,1821.CR1

Edward, ch.Edward and w., bp. Sept.29,1821.CR1

Mary, ch.Edward and w., bp. Sept.29,1821.CR1

Sophia, ch.Edward and w.bp. Sept.29,1821.CR1

Polly Elizabeth, d.Oliver and Polly, Dec.30,1822.

Daniel, ch.Daniel and Clarissa, Mar.25,1838.

Clara, ch.Daniel and Clarissa, Sept.16,1839.

Augusta Adelaide Putney, w.Daniel James, May30,1843.GR1

Daniel James, h.Augusta Adelaide Putney, Jan.23,1844.GR1


Frederick, see Fradrick.

Jonas Wood, see Jonas Wood.

Rebecca, see Beck.

Reuben, see Ruben.

Betsey, d.Joseph and Judeth, Aug.22,1794 [sic], [ch.Joseph and Judith, bp. Apr.13, 末末.CR1]

Thomas, s.Thomas and Mary, Feb.6,1723-4, in Concord.

Elener, d.Joseph and Ruth, Feb.20,1727-8, in Concord.

Martha, d.Joseph and Ruth, Sept.24,1730, in Bedford.

Lois, d.Joseph and Ruth, Aug.8,1733, in Concord.

Samuel, s.Joseph and Ruth, Oct.18,1734, in Concord now Acton.

William, s.Hezekiah and Sarah, Jan.1,1735-6.

Nathan, s.Thomas and Mary, Sept.15,1735.

Sarah, d.Thomas and Mary, Jan.8,1736-7.

Phinehas, s.Samuel and Dorcu[torn], Jan.22,1736-7.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Ruth, Aug.17,1736.

Rachel, d.Hezekiah and Sarah, July3,1737.

Thomas, s.Thomas amd Mary, Mar.22,1738-9.

Enos, s.Joseph and Ruth, Sept.17,1738.

Sarah ([torn]arah), d.Hezekiah and Sarah, May13,1739, [Sarah.CR1]

Hezekiah, s.Hezekiah and Sarah, Mar.6,1740-1.

John, s.Joseph and Ruth, Oct.13,1740.

Sarah, d.Hezekiah and Sarah, Oct.2,1742.

Ruth, d.Joseph and Ruth, Apr.18,1743.

Abigail, d.Hezekiah and Sarah, Mar.31,1744.

Josiah, s.Nathaniel and Abigael, Aug.19,1745.

Molly, d.Joseph and Ruth, Aug.27,1745.

Hannah, d.Hezekiah and Sarah, Aug.17,1746.

Lois, d.Hezekiah and Sarah, May2,1748.

Samuel, s.Nehemiah and Susanna, June27,1748.

Oliver, s.Oliver and Abigail, Nov.13,1748.

Jacob, s.Nehemiah and Susanna, Mar.17,1750.

Jonathan, s.Oliver and Abigail, Apr.9,1750.

Beck, d.Hezekiah and Sarah, May9,1750.

Nathan, s.Nathan and Mary, July13,1750.

Tamar, d.Sampson and Sarah, Jan.19,1752.

Patience, d.Oliver and Abigail, May17,1752.

Rachel, d.Nehemiah and Susanna, June30,1752.

Huldah, d.Hezekiah and Sarah, Aug.5,1752.

Hannah, d.Sampson and Sarah, Aug.9,1753.

Amos, s.Hezekiah and Sarah, July12,1754.

Luther, s.Nathan and Mary, Aug.6,1754.

Joseph Procter, s.Nehemiah and Susanna, Nov.29,1754.

Thomas, s.Ezra and Rebekah, Apr.22,1755.

Amos, s.Sampson and Sarah, May1,1755.

Leonard, s.Oliver and Abigail, June24,1755.

Mary, d.Nathan and Mary, May6,1756.

Sarah, d.Sampson and Sarah, Aug.17,1757.

Miriam, d.Nathan and Mary, Feb.5,1758.

Abijah, s.Oliver and Abigail, Sept.20,1758.

Rebekah, d.Nehemiah and Susanna, Mar.6,1759.

Martha, d.Samuel and Martha, Oct.1,1759.

Nathan, s.Sampson and Sarah, Dec.30,1759.

John, s.Samuel and Martha, Jan.23,1761.

Joel, s.Oliver and Abigail, June2,1761.

Basmath, d.Ezra and Rebekah, June24,1761.

Amos, s.Lt. Nathan and Mary, Sept.13,1761.

Buler, d.Sampson and Sarah, Jan.5,1762.

Susannah, d.Nehamiah and Susanna, June15,1762.

Samuel, s.John and Hannah, Aug.11,1762.

Jonas, s.Samuel and Martha, Apr.17,1763.

Asa, s.Oliver and Abigail, July28,1763.

Lucy, d.Sampson and Sarah, Feb.26,1764.

Joanna, d.Nehemiah and Susanah, Nov.11,1764.

Joseph, s.Samuel and Martha, May3,1765.

Timothy Brooks, s.Roger and Eunice, Dec.5,1765.

Abigail, d.Oliver and Abigail, Jan.1,1766.

Moley, d.Sampson and Sarah, Mar.26,1766.

Olive, d.Nehemiah and Susannah, July20,1767.

Abigail, d.Roger and Eunice, Nov.27,1767.

William, s.Hezekiah and Mary, Apr.16,1768.

Ruben, s.Oliver and Abigail, June28,1768.

Bettey, d.Sampson and Sarah, Dec.13,1769.

Miriam, d.Roger and Eunice, Feb.5,1770.

Miriam, d.Roger and Eunice, Feb.5,1770

Hezekiah, s.Hezekiah and Mary, Nov.7,1770.

Nathan, s.Samuel and Martha, Nov.12,1771.

Josiah Gilbert, s.Roger and Eunice, Aug.9,1772.

Simon, s.Sampson and Mary, Dec.16,1772.

Roger, s.Roger and Eunice, Oct.25,1775.

Theodore, s.Roger and Eunice, Feb.5,1777.

Hannah, ch.Samuell and Lydia, bp. Feb.15,1778.CR1

Josiah Davis, ch.Hezekiah.bp. May30,1779.CR1

Nathaniel, s.Roger and Eunice, Nov.12,1779.

Nehemiah, ch.Samuel and Lydia, bp. June11,1780.CR1

Sarah, ch.Hezekiah, bp. Nov.24,1780CR1

Anna, ch.Judah, bp. Aug.19,1781.CR1

Eunice, d.Roger and Eunice, [Unice.CR1], Mar.18,1782.

Ruben, ch.Hezekiah, bp. Apr.13,1782.CR1

Lydia, ch.Samuel and Lydia, bp. Nov.10,1782.CR1

Lydia, d.Hezekiah and Mary, June18,1784.

Joseph, twin s.Roger and Eunice [Unice.CR1], June28,1784.

Mary, twin d.Roger and Eunice [Unice.CR1], June28,1784.

John, s.John and Ruth, Nov.4,1784.

Aaron, s.Hezekiah and Mary, Apr.28,1786.

Jonathan, s.John and Ruth, Dec.11,1787.

Deby, d.Roger and Eunice, Jan.9,1788.

Ruth, d.John and Ruth, Apr.13,1791.

Abner, ch.Joseph and Judith, bp. Feb.15,1795.CR1

Joseph ch.Joseph and Judeth, bp. Jan.15,1797.CR1

Debby, ch.Roger and Unice, bp. June25,1797.CR1

Asa, s.Nathan and Lois, Nov.29,1799.

Nathan Jr., s.Nathan and Lois, Mar.21,1801.

Cyrus, s.Lt. Phinehas and Hannah, Jan.27,1803, [ch.Phineas and Hannah.CR1, h.Fidelia (Heald).GR1]

Submity, d.John and Ruth, July5,1803 [Submit.GR1]

Avery, s.Nathan and Lois, May23,1804.

Eliza, d.Ens.Theador and Hannah, June11,1804.

Lucy, d.Lt. Phinehas (Wheele) and Hannah, Aug.29,1804.

Thomas Jefferson, s.Ens.Theadoar and Hannah, Apr.23,1806.

Timothy, s.Lt. Phinehas and Hannar, Apr.3,1807.

Mary, d.Reuben and Rhoda, Feb.22,1810.

Fradrick, s.Ens.Theadore and Hannah, Mar.12,1811.

James W., h.Fanny,末蔓末,1812.GR1

Josiah D., s.Reuben and Rhoda, Jan.4,1812.

James Wetherbee, s.Nathan and Catharine, Mar.31,1812.

Lucy, ch.Phineas and Hannah, bp. July12,1812.CR1

Nancy, ch.Phineas and Hannah, bp. July12,1812.CR1

Fanny, w.James W.,末蔓末,1813.GR1

Catherine, d.Nathan and Catharine, Dec.17,1813.

Almira R., Reuben and Rhoda, Mar.17,1814.

Louis, d.Nathan and Catharine, Apr.10,1815.

Winthrop Faulkner, ch.Phineas and Hannah, bp. June11,1815.CR1

Elenor, d.Nathan and Catherine, Feb.23,1817.

Sarah D., d.Reuben and Rhoda, Sept.19,1817.

Eliza, ch.Theodore and Hannah, bp. May24,1818.CR1

Fredrick, ch.Theodore and Hannah, bp. May24,1818.CR1

Thomas Jefferson, ch.Theodore and Hannah, bp. May24,1818.CR1

Susan Lawrence, ch.Theodore and Hannah, bp. Nov.15,1818.CR1

Lucinda Jane, d.Jonathan and Eda [Eba.CR1], Sept.17,1819.

Reuben, s.Reuben and Rhoda, Dec.6,1819.

Daniel Cephas, s.Nathan and Catherine, Sept.25,182 [bound in, 1823 in later handwriting]

末末, d.John H., Dec.17,1820.CR1

Jonathan Davis Elbridge, s.Jonathan and Eda [Eba.CR1], Jan.26,1821.

Aaron, s.Reuben and Rhoda, July15,1821. [July18 末末.CR1]

Joseph Cobleigh, s.Joseph and Gratitude, June22,1823.

Christina Mercy, ch.Jonathan and w., bp. July27,1823.CR1

Nathan H.,末蔓末,1824, [on stone with William M. Shattuck]GR1

Nancy Barnard, d.Reuben and Rhoda, Feb.2,1825.

Samuel F., ch.Franklin and Mehitebell, Dec.26,1825.

John (Wheeller), s.Jonathan (Wheler) and Eda, Mar.12,1826. [Wheeler.CR1]

Amory Barker, s.Joseph and Gratitude, Apr.27,1826.

末末, chn. Ruben and w., bp. June24,1827.CR1

Hannah Davis, d.Jonathan and Eda, Feb.1,1829.

Ellen M. [? m.],末蔓末,1833, [on stone with Mason].GR1

Frederick, ch.Frederick and Lydia, July10,1833.GR1

Joseph Chancey, ch.Jonathan and Mary Angeline, May22,1834.

George Washington, ch.James W. and Fanny, Oct.4,1835.

Mason, single, farmer, of Concord, enl. Sept.9,1861, a.22.RR [Co. E, 26th Regt. M.V.M., b.末蔓末,1836, [on stone with Ellen M.]GR1]

Lydia Angeline, ch.Jonathan and Mary Angeline, Apr. [Apr. written over May] 22,1836.

Nathan R. [Nathan R. written in pencil]. ch.James W. and Fanny, Jan.5,1837.

Eunice Fisk, d.Reuben and Eliza, Mar.23,1838.

Caroline A.D., ch.Franklin and Mehitebell, Dec.26,1838.

Addison B., single, farmer, enl. Sept.9,1861, a.22.RR

James, ch.James W. and Fanny, Mar.15,1839.

Francis [sic] Ann, ch.Jonathan and Mary Angeline, Nov.25,1839.

Warren R., single, farmer, enl. Sept.9,1861, a.21.RR

Caroline, ch.Jonathan and Mary Angeline, Jan.11,1841.

Ellen Augusta, ch.James W. and Fanny, Feb.24,1841.

Everett, single, farmer, enl. Sept.9,1861, a.18.RR

Lincoln E., single, farmer, enl. Sept.7,1861, a.18.RR

Sanford, ch.James W. and Fanny [dup. Fanney], May6,1843.

Eliza, ch.Jonathan and Mary Angeline, Nov.末,1843.

Angenette, d.Cyrus and Fidelia, Nov.1,1843, [On stone with George H. Harris.GR1]

Susan [? m.], Jan.19,1847, [on stone beside that of Sanford]GR1

Calvin Norton, s.Calvin R., carpenter, of Boxboro, and Lydia of Farmington, ME, Nov.20,1848.

Angeline, d.James W., farmer, and Fanney, Apr.5,1849.

Albert, s.Nathan H., tailor, and Elizebeth H., Sept.15,1849.


Granville,末蔓末,1818, [on stone with Caroline Hoar]GR1

Frank H., m., milkman, enl. Aug.25,1862, a.24.RR [Capt., Co. E, 6th Regt. M.V.M., b. Jan.7,1838.GR1]

Edna L. [? m.],末蔓末,1847, [on stone with James H.]GR1

James H.,末蔓末,1847, [on stone with Edna L.]GR1


Samuel, s.Mark and Anna, Feb.5,1743-4.

Stephen, s.Mark and Anna, Mar.2,1743, [s.Mark Jr. and Anna.GR1, s.Mark and Anna, Mar.7, 末末.PR8]

Anna, d.Mark and Anna, June26,1745.

John, s.Mark and Anna, Oct.12,1746.

Mary, d.Mark and Anna, Mar.20,1748, [w.Capt. John Heald, Mar.2.GR2]

Thomas, s.Thomas and Hannah, Mar.9,1749-50.

John, s.Mark and Anna, Aug.23,1749.

Ebenezer, s.Mark and Anna, Jan.10,1751.

Rebekah, d.Mark and Anna, Sept.24,1752. [Rebeckah.PR8]

Ichabod, s.Mark and Anna, Sept.24,1754.

Mara, d.Mark and Anna, Dec.15,1755.

Ruth, d.Mark and Mary, Sept.3,1758.

Daniel, s.Mark and Mary, Apr.10,1760.

Sarah, d.Mark and Mary, Mar.27,1762.

Obediah, s.Mark and Mary, Apr.21,1764, [Obadiah.PR8]

Samuel, s.Samuel J[r.] and Lydia, Aug.25,1766.

Abel, s.Mark and Mary, Sept.23,1766, [末-26, 末末.PR6]

Lydia, d.Samuel and Lydia, Aug.7,1769.

Rhoda, d.Mark and Mary, Sept.19,1769.

Mark, s.Samuel and Lydia, Apr.23,1772.

Aaron, s.Mark and Mary, Nov.10,1772.

Meriam, d.Mark and Mary, Apr.17,1776, [Miriam.PR8]

Dorothy, d.Samuel and Lydia, June11,1776.

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Mary, Feb.21,1777.

Elisabeth, d.Samuel and Lydia, Nov.3,1779 [79 written over 80], [bp Nov.12,1780.CR1]

John, s.Daniel and Mary, Feb.24,1785.PR8

Polly, d.Daniel and Mary, Dec.25,1786.PR8

Daniel Jr., s.Daniel and Mary, Aug.5,1791.PR8

Abel, s.Daniel and Mary, May24,1797.

Ebenezer, ch.Ebenezer and Lucinda, bp. May27,1803.CR1

Sarah K., d.Dea.John (Whit) and Sarah, June10,1805.

Asa, ch.John and Sarah, bp. June29,1806.CR1

John Jr., s.John and Sarah, Mar.8,1807.

Moses Adams, s.Dea.John and Sarah, Apr.29,1810.

Abraham M., s.John and Charlotte, Aug.22,1812, [h.Susan [(Wetherbee)].GR1]

Charlotte, d.John and Charlotte, May1,1814, [w.Elbridge Robbins.GR1PR3]

John H.P., m., clerk, enl. Sept.2,1861, a.44.RR

Winthrop Faulkner, s.John and Charlotte, Sept.10,1817, [h.Harriet (Wetherbee).GR1]

末末, d.Daniel, Jan.22,1821.CR1

Luther B., s.John and Charlotte, July26,1822.

Mary Sophia, d.John and Charlotte, July2,1825.

John, s.John and Charlott, Oct.1,1831, [John Jr., s.John and Charlotte.PR8]

Susanna,末蔓末,1837, [on stone with Abraham M.]GR1

Marietta E., w.Abram, June29,1840.GR1

Sophia E.,末蔓末,1845, [on stone with Abraham M.]GR1


John, enl. Sept.2,1861, a.44.RR


Isaac, s.Isaac and 末末, Apr.18,1775.

Moses Gill, ch.Josiah, bp. Oct.2,1791.CR1

Jerome B., h.Harriet E.,末蔓末,1812.GR1

Harriet E., w.Jerome B.,末蔓末,1816.GR1

Josephine M., d.Jerome B. and Harriet E.,末蔓末,1839.GR1

William F.B., single, farmer, enl. Sept.2,1861, a.19.RR

Walter Harris, Nov.1,1849.GR1

WILD (Wilde, Wilds)

Sylvia, see Silve.

Elizabeth H., d.Benjamin [and] Silve, Nov.7,1787, in Braintree.

Benjamin Jr., s.Benjamin and Silve, Apr.13,1789, in Braintree.

Joseph, s.Benjamin and Silve, Feb.12,1792, in Braintree.

Amasa, s.Benjamin and Silve, Mar.20,1794, in Braintree.

William A., s.Benjamin and Silve, Jan.16,1797, in Williamsburgh.

Silve, d.Benjamin and Silve, Jan.17,1802, in Boston.

Nancy W., d.Benjamin and Silve, Aug.5,1805, [Nancy Williams Wild, ch.Benjamin.CR1]

Charles D., s.Benjamin and Silve, Apr.12,1810.

Charles Douglas, ch.Benjamin, bp. June30,1811.CR1

Andrew Jackson, s.Benjamin and Sophia, July16,1818.

Sarah Ann, d.Joseph and Sarah, June4,1819, [Wilde.CR1 Wilde, [w.末末望 Tasker.GR1]

Susan Davis, d.Benjamin and Sophia, Jan.2,1820.

George Marshall, s.Benjamin and Sophia, Mar.24,1822.

Mary, d.Joseph and Sarah, Sept.28,1823.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Sarah, Apr.12,1825, [Wilde.CR1]

William A., s.Joseph and Sarah, July11,1827, [Wilde.CR1]

John, ch, Joseph, bp. July21,1833.CR2

Sylvia Thayer, ch.Joseph, bp. July21,1833.CR2

WILDE (Wild, Wilds)

末末, s.Amasa, Feb.24,1821.CR1

Andrew Jackson, ch.Sophia, bp. May27,1827.CR1

George Marshall, ch.Sophia, bp. May27,1827.CR1

Susan Davis, ch.Sophia bp. May27,1827.CR1

George,末蔓末,1835, [on stone beside that of Sarah Ann]GR1

WILDS (Wild, Wilde)

William, s.Joseph and w., June4,1829.


末末, d.Zadock, Apr.9,1821.CR1


Henry L., Co. E, 6th Regt. M.V.M., h.Almira M.,末蔓末,1837.GR1

Almira M., w.Henry L.,末蔓末,1842.GR1


John, ch.George, bp. Dec.21,1786.CR1

Lois, ch.George, bp. Dec.21,1786.CR1

Dolly, ch.George, bp. Mar.1,1789.

George, ch.George, bp. May1,1791.CR1


Ruben, ch.Joel and Elisabeth, bp. Aug.17,1806.CR1

Dexter Lee, ch.Joel and Elisabeth, bp. Oct.14,1810.CR1

Joel Franklin, ch.Joel and Elisabeth, bp. Oct.10,1813.CR1

Stillman, single farmer, enl, Nov.22,1861, a.44.RR


Sybil P. [? m.],末蔓末,1805, [on stone with Betsey L. Lawrence and Benjamin F. Shattuck]GR1


Sarah Elizabeth, d.Andrew and Asenath, Apr.27,1828.

Ellen Maria, d.Andrew and Asenath, July4,1830.

William, single, cook, enl. Nov.13,1863, a.31.RR


Alpheus 2d, s.Alpheus and Jerusha, June17,1812. in Hubbardston.

Percis, d.Alpheus and Jerusha, Mar.31,1813, in Stow.

Moses Mason, s.Alpheus and Jerusha, Jan.9,1815, in Mendon.

Harriot, d.Alpheus and Jerusha, Mar.7,1816, in Mendon.

Henry, s.Alpheus and Jerusha, Sept.5,1819.

Jerusha Jane, d.Alpheas and Jerusha, Apr.8,1821 [1 written over 2], [d.Alpheus, Apr.9,1821.CR1]

Evelina, d.Alpheas and Jerusha, Aug.26,1822.

Mercy Wyman, d.Alpheas and Jerusha, Mar.29,1824.

George Washington, s.Apheas and Jerusha, Jan.29,1830.

WOOD (Woods)

Jonas, s.Rebecca Wheeler, [b. or d.]末蔓末, 末末.

末末, youngest ch.Jacob and w., bp. Aug.23,1744.CR1

Lowell, h.Tabitha (Hayward),末蔓末,1792.GR1

Isaac O., single hostler, of Providence, RI, enl. Nov.28,1864, a.39.RR

Lowel, s.L. and w., bp. July23,1826.CR1 [Lowell F., h.A. Louisa [(Hosmer)], b.末蔓末,1826.GR1]

Lewis, ch.Lewis and Abigail, Dec.11,1827, [Lewis Jr., h.Laura A. Hanscom.GR1]

Rebecca W., ch.Lewis and Abigail, Dec.7,1829, [w.Henry O. Lothrop.GR1]

William F., m., painter, enl. Sept.10,1861, a.30.RR [h.Mary A. (Piper), b.末蔓末,1831.GR1]

Laura, A. Hanscom, w.Lewis Jr.,末蔓末,1832.GR1

Georgiania, ch.Lewis and Abigail, Feb.12,1832.

George W.T., ch.Lewis and Abigail, Feb.14,1834.

Susan B., ch.Lewis and Abigail, Mar.21,1836.

Winthrop E., s.Lewis and Abigal M., May6,1838, [h.Lydia A.GR1]

James H., single, farmer, enl. Sept.2,1861, a.22.RR

Lydia, A., w.Winthrop E.,末蔓末,1842.GR1


J.T., Rev., May9,1803, in Francistown, NH.GR1

James T. Jr., May28,1829, in Bath, NH, [in lot with Rev. J.T.]GR1

Augusta, ch.Rev. J.F., bp. Sept.1,1833CR2

Charles, s.John, shoemaker, of Shirley, and Eliza of Northboro, Mar.5,1849.

Marrelia, d.Moses, machinist, and Harriet N., June20,1849.

WOODS (Wood)

Moses, s.Moses and Kezia, Oct. [Oct. written above Dec. crossed out] 21,1772.

Aaron, s.Moses Kezia, Dec.21,1773.

Joseph, s.Moses and Kezia, Nov.17,1775.

Henry, s.Moses and Kezia, Feb.18,1777.

David, s.Moses and Kezia, Aug.6,1778.

Anna, d.Moses and Kezia, Mar.2,1780, [Anne.CR1]

Daniel, s.Moses and Kezia, Nov.21,1781.

Nancy, d.Moses and Kezia, May16,1788.

Sally, d.Moses and Hasadiah, June9,1794.

Clarissa, d.Moses and Hasadiah, Aug.7,1795.

Polly, d.Moses and Hasadiah, July18,1796.

John, s.Moses and Hasadiah, Dec.18,1797.

Aaron, s.Moses and Hasadiah, Apr.9,1799 [Wood.CR1]

Clarissa, d.Moses and Hasadiah, June20,1800.

Charlotte, d.Moses and Hasadiah, Sept.25,1801.

Charlotte, ch.Moses and Hazadiah, bp. Nov.13,1803.CR1


Sarah, d.Joseph and Hannah, July12,1751.


Suky, d.Ebenezar and Lydia, Feb.20,1800

James, s.Ebenezer and Lidia, Mar.16,1802.

Paul, twin s.Ebenezer and Lydia, Mar.14,1804.

Silas, twin s.Ebenezer and Lydia, Mar.14,1804.


Oliver, h.Lois (Johnson), Jan.16,1741.PR9

Hannah, d.Samuel and Rachel, May17,1757.

Rachel, d.Samuel and Rachel, Sept.21,1759.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Rachel, June7,1762.

Lucinda, ch.Oliver and Lois (Johnson), Jan.8,1764.PR9

Hannah, d.Samuel and Rachel, Apr.15 [5 written over 0], 1765.

Sarah, ch.Oliver and Lois (Johnson), Apr.16,1766.PR9

Samuel, s.Samuel and Rachel, Feb.28,1768.

Samuel, ch.Oliver and Lois (Johnson), Mar.1,1768.PR9

Polly ch, Oliver and Lois (Johnson), Jan.24,1770.PR9

Luther, s.Samuel and Rachel, Apr.19,1770.

Lois, ch.Oliver and Lois (Johnson), Feb.12,1772.PR9

Calvin, s.Samuel and Rachel, July30,1772.

Betsy, ch.Oliver and Lois (Johnson), Oct.16,1773.PR9

Cyrus, s.Samuel and Rachel, July30,1774.

Hannah, ch.Oliver and Lois (Johnson), Nov.3,1776.PR9

Rebecca, ch.Oliver and Lois (Johnson), Oct.5,1778.PR9

Eunice, ch.Oliver and Lois (Joshson), Dec.15,1780.PR9

Joseph, ch.Oliver and Lois (Johnson), Jan.12,1783.PR9

Lydia, ch.Oliver and Lois (Johnson), Jan.15,1785.PR9

Nabby, ch.Oliver and Lois (Johnson), May2,1787.PR9

Luther, s.Samuel and Lois, Nov.9,1792.

Sophia, d.Samuel and Lois, May1,1795.

Hannah, w.Almon,末蔓末,1797.GR1

Cyros, s.Samuel and Lois, July24,1801, [Cyrus.CR1]

Calvin, s.Samuel and Lois, July1,1804.

Mary, w.Amos Handley, w.Robert Chaffin,末蔓末,1807.GR1

Ester, d.Nathan and Asseneth, Dec.30,1817.

Rebecca Champney, w.James M.,末蔓末,1818.GR1

Elisabeth, "Mother" [w.James S.]末蔓末,1820GR1

James S., "Father" [h.Elisabeth],末蔓末,1820.GR1

Mary, d.Nathan and Asseneth, Nov.22,1822.

George C., h.Susan H.,末蔓末,1823.GR1

Susan H., w.George C.,末蔓末,1823.GR1

James M., Co. B, 32d Regt. Mass.Vols., h.Rebecca Champney,末蔓末,1837.GR1

Thomas of New Orleans, enl. Mar.21,1863, a.22.RR


Jerusha Dexter, ch.David and Jerusha, bp. Apr.19,1812.CR1

David, ch.David and Jerusha, bp. July19,1812CR1

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