Sarah Butler, Miss, of Boston, and Amasa T. Wild, int.Mar.15,1820.


Ruth of Bedford and Joseph Robbins, Apr.18,1751, in Bedford.[Joseph, s.Nathan and Dorethy Barker.PR3]

Abigail of Lincoln and Joseph Fletcher, May26,1778, in Lincoln.

BAKER (Barker)

William (Baker) [Baker in later handwriting, int.Baker] of Stowe and Sarah Fletcher, Dec.8,1769, in Stowe.

Daniel and Elisabeth [int.Elizabeth] Marsh, June6,1797. [Elisabeth.CR1]

Mary Angeline, Miss, of Westford, and Jonathan Wheeler, int.Feb.26,1834.

BALDWIN (Baulding)

Elizabeth, Miss, of Jeffery, NH, and Paletiah Brooks, int.Oct.25,1818.

George of Concord and [int.Miss] Hannah Hapgood, May12,1829.


Rebecca [int.Rebeckah] of Bolton and Nathan D. Hosmore [int.Nathan Davis Hosmer], Feb.17,1799, in Bolton.

Hannah of Bolton and Ephraim Hapgood Jr., int.Apr.11,1805.

Benjamin of Concord and Miss Mary Rogers, Mar.21,1822.

Roxana, Miss, of Townsend, and Nathan Davis, int.Nov.21,1834.


Robert and Eunice Blood, May24,1785, in Concord.*

Elisabeth [int.Elizabeth], d.Eunice, and Abijah Olivers [int.Oliver], Dec.21,1802. [Elizabeth and Abijah Olivers.CR1]

BARKER (Baker)

Dorethy and Nathan Robbins, "first of name to settle in Acton in 1669,"末蔓末, 末末.*PR3

Sarah and John Law, int.Aug.7,1737.

Joseph and Ann White, June23,1742.

Abigail and John Gill, Sept.1,1743, in Concord.

Francis and Dorothy White, int.Apr.28,1753.

Anna [int.Ann] and Daniel Fletcher, Sept.11,1766.

Joseph and Ruth Fletcher, Jan.23 [int.Mar.20], 1768.

William and Anna Holden of Concord, Aug.31,1769, in Concord.*

William and Lydia Holdin of Concord, int.Sept.1,1769.

Daniel and Mary Temple of Concord, int.Dec.17,1769.

Mary [dup. written on loose sheet Parker] and Elliot [int.Eliot] Powars [dup. written on loose sheet Eliot Powers], Mar.20,1770, in Concord.

John and Rachel Piper, int.July1,1774.

Daniel [int.Baker] of Concord and Elisabeth [int.Elizebeth] Dexter, Aug.18,1774.

Martha and Ephraim Bigsbee of Wesford, int.Aug.28,1775.

Francis and Lois Davis, Sept.4,1777.

Jonas and Submet Hosmer, Apr.24,1781.* [Submit.CR1]

Jonathan and Nancy Swan, both of Sudbury, Canada, June18,1788.*

Abigail and Thadeus [int.Thaddeus] Tuttle, Sept.24,1789. [Thadeus.CR1]

Mehitible and Silas Piper, June7,1791.* [Mehitabel.CR1]

Daniel and Rachel Barker, Mar.13,1792.

Judith [int.Judeth] and Joseph Wheeler, Apr.11,1793. [Judith.CR1]

Ebenezer and Lydia [int.Lydea] Adams, July29,1794. [Lydia.CR1]

Sally and Joseph Cole, Feb.13,1797.

Peter and Olive Wheelar, int.Aug.10,1800.

Jonathan and Rebeccah Hosmer, int.Sept.14,1800.

Daniel Fletcher and Esther [int.Easther] Hosmer, Apr.8,1802. [Esther.CR1 Esther.PR9]

Joseph 3d and Lucy Hosmer, Apr.4,1805.

Ruth and [torn]uel [Lemuel in later handwriting, int.Lemuel] Dole, Apr.15,1806. [Lemuel.CR1]

Nabby and [torn]mas [Thomas in later handwriting, int.Thomas] Thorp, May25,1806. [Thomas.CR1]

Daniel and Rebecca Davies, Nov.10,1807.

Rachel and Daniel Barker, Aug.27,1809.

Dolley and Ammi Wetherbee, Feb.25,1810.

Betsey, Miss, and John Hoar of Littleton, May3,1821.

Reuben and Mrs.Eunice Hosmer, int.Mar.8,1825. [m.May13.PR9]

Jerusha, Miss, and Samuel Hosmer 2d, Oct.4,1825. [Oct.4,1824[sic].CR1 Oct.4,1825.PR9]

Isaac and Olive Hendley [int.Miss Olive Handly], Oct.22 [2 written over 0], 1829. [Handley, Oct.22.CR1]

Ebenezer 2d and Miss Elizabeth H. Robbins of Ashburnham, int.Aug.17,1831.

Jonathan and Miss Sarah Forbush, Nov.20,1832.

Lucy, Miss, and Joseph Noyes, Feb.14,1833[? in Stow].

Mary B. [int.Miss] and Joshua C. Berry [int.Barry] of Pittsfield, NH, Apr.21,1835.

Charles O. and Miss Dorathy T. Flanders, both of Methuen, Sept.3,1837, in Methuen*

Clarrisa, Miss, and Nathaniel F. Hubbard of Groton, Mar.14,1843.

Joseph and Miss Miranda Butler of Shirley, int.May31,1846.

Jame [sic], Miss, and Aaron Hubbard of Ipswich, int.Apr.24,1848.


James of Watertown and Sarah Piper, int.May12,1759.

David and Zerviah Tenney of Littleton, Oct.1,1782.*

David and Hannah Davis, Dec.31 [31 written in pencil over 21], 末末. [int.Oct.5,1786]. [Dec.31,1786.CR1]

Betsey and David Perham [int.Perhum Esq.] of Brewer, Aug.25,1814. [Perham Esq. of Brewer.CR1]

Hannah and Lt. [int.omits Lt.] Theodore Reed, Dec.14,1815. [Theodore.CR1]

Sally, Miss, and Josiah Bright Jr., Jan.4,1821.

Loring and Sally B. Roberson of Stow, int.July12,1823.

Nancy, Miss, and Davis Parlin, May6,1825. [Perlin.CR1]

David and Miss Lucy Davis, June11,1826.

BARNES (Barns)


Gairus [int.Jarius], s.Framingham and Miss Harriet [int.Harriot] Hosmer, Oct.14,1827. [Gairus, s.Framingham and Hariot Hosmer.CR1]


Sarah and David Fish of Wesford, int.June15,1767.

BARRAT (Barret, Barrett, Barritt)

Elisabeth [int.Barrit of Chelmsford] and John Heald, July18,1745, in Chelmsford.

BARRET (Barrat, Barrett, Barritt)

Nathaniel [int.Barritt of Chelmsford] and Martha Wheeler, Nov.30,1748, in Chelmsford.

BARRETT (Barrat, Barret, Barritt)

John [int.Barrit] of Chelmsford and Martha Heald, May24,1738, in Concord.

Samuel of Littleton and Sarah Holden, Oct.29,1749 [see Lemuel Barritt].*

Hannah [int.Barrit] of Concord and Seth Brooks Jr. [int.omits Jr.], July4,1796, in Concord.

BARRITT (Barrat, Barret, Barrett)

Lemuel of Littleton and Sarah Holden, int.Sept.5,1747. [m.Oct.29.CR1, see Samuel Barrett.]

Sarah of Chelmsford and John Craagin, Sept.26,1756 [date in later handwriting]. [Barret of Chelmsford and John Cragin, Sept.21.CR1]

BARRY (Berry)

Joseph B. and Miss Harriet Hapgood, int.Aug.29,1830.

BARTLET (Bartlett)

Anna [int.Bartlett] and Charles Brooks of Princeton, Oct.16,1803. [Bartlett.CR1]

BARTLETT (Bartlet)

Mary and Jonathan Law, Oct.14,1804.


Nehemiah and Lucy Hayward, July31,1766.*

Rebecah [dup. Rebeccah Batcheller, int.Rebeckah] of Boxborough and Elijah Woolson, Sept.7,1797, in Boxborough.

BAULDING (Baldwin)

Hannah, Miss [int.Mrs.], and Nathan Raymand [int.Raymond] of Boxborough, Jan.16,1834.


Maryann, Miss, of Winchendon, and William Davis, int.Sept.4,1830.


Hannah W. [int.Mrs.], and James Mace of Boxboro, May5,1835.


Moses of Swansey and Rachel Hays, int.Oct.10,1761.


Mary, Mrs.Carlisle, and John Dexter, int.Aug.14,1827.


Charles, W. of Weston and Miss Eliza Handley, int.Mar.12,1835.


Abraham of Concord and Sarah Goodenough [int.Goodnow], Feb.28,1765, in Concord.

Louisa, Miss, of Dunstable, and Joel F. Osgood, int.May23,1830.

BERBECK (Burbeck, Burbick)

BERRY (Barry)

Joshua C. [int.Barry] of Pittsfield, NH, and [int.Miss] Mary B. Barker, Apr.21,1835.

John A. of Charleston and Miss Mary Wilde, int.Aug.16,1846. [Berrey of NH and Mary Wild, m.末蔓末,1848.CR2]


Betsey N. and Joseph Tilden, both of Lowell, July16,1837, in Sudbury.*

Caroline B., Miss, and Samuel Cilley, int.June13,1841.


Sally, Miss of Sherburn, and Nathaniel Stearns, int.Apr.22,1837.

Mary L., Miss, and Rev. Josiah W. Talbot, both of Boxborough, Mar.25,1838, in Boxborough.*


Ephraim of Wesford and Martha Barker, int.Aug.28,1775.

BILLING (Billings)

Mary and Simeon Hayward of Concord, July7,1763.

Lydia and Samuel White, June27,1765.

Dorothy and Samuel White, June4,1772.

Abigail [int.Abiagil] and Aaron Jones, Apr.8,1779.

Lois and Bezelial [int.Bezeliel] Gipson of Fitchbourg, Nov.25,1784. [Billings and Bezaleel Gibson of Fitchburg.CR1]

Ephraim and Esther Procter, Nov.27,1794. [Billings.CR1]

BILLINGS (Billing)

Sarah and Josiah Davis, Sept.17,1782.

James and Hannah Edwards, June5,1787.*

Jonathan Jr. and Rebecca Hapgood, Apr.24, 末[torn, 1810 in later handwriting, int.Mar.17,1810]. [Apr.24,1810.CR1]

Lois B. [int.Miss] and Dr. Peter Goodnow, Dec.26,1816.

Charlotte, Miss, and Luther B. [int.Blanchard] Jones, June28,1821. [Luther B.CR1]

Luther of Westford and Miss Maria Proctor, int.Mar.27,1827.

Polly [int.Miss Polly H.] and Horace Ward of Westford, Oct.13,1835.

Sophia, Miss, and Charles Robinson of Bedford, Sept.3 [3 written over 5], 1840. [Robertson of Bedford.CR2]

William and Miss Hannah W. Sargent of Boxboro, int.Aug.15,1841.

BIXBY (Bigsbee)

Luke of Boston and Nabby Adams, Oct.11,1804.

Martha A., Miss, of Framingham, and Winthrop E. Faulkner, int.July31,1830.

BLANCHARD (Blanshard)

Thomas [int.Blanshard] and Merah [int.Sarah] Foster of Littleton, Nov.29,1753, in Littleton.

Mary [int.Mrs.], and Samuel Hayward, Sept.18,1817.

Martha, Miss, of Boxborough, and Samuel Lewis of Stow, Apr.3,1834.*

J.K. of Boxborough and Miss Mary Ann Culver,末蔓末, [? 1840].*CR2

Marshall of Boxboro and Miss Charlotte Reed, int.Mar.24,1844.

BLANSHARD (Blanchard)

Sarah and John Robbins, int.Mar.26,1774.

BLODGET (Blodgett)

Joseph of W. Nottingham and Dorcas Wheeler, int.Apr.3,1756.

Jonas and Mrs.Ann Ester Wright Jones, int.Mar.22,1835.

BLODGETT (Blodget)

Lucy [int.Elisebeth Blodget] of Westford and John Pushee [int.Pusehe], Nov.22,1770, in Concord.


Mary of Concord and Samuel Fitch, May28,1766, in Concord.

Eunice and Robert Barber, May24,1785, in Concord.*

Oliver and Susanna Whitman, both of Stow, Dec.24,1797.*

Cynthia, Miss, of Pepperell, and Andrew Litchfield, Aug.27,1837, in Townsend.

Harriet, 31y., of Concord, d.Timothy of Concord, and George N. Pierce, 30y., mechanic,, s.George N. of Lexington, Aug.21,1844.

Amos of Lancaster and Miss Adeline Weston, int.June13,1849. [m.末蔓末,1849.CR2]


Lucy of Littleton and Bridges Worster, int.Nov.11,1797.


Enos and Polly Parker, Jan.7,1786, in Littleton.*

Lovell and Miss Eunice Oliver of Littleton, int.July8,1837.


Ann F., Miss, of Concord, and Samuel Chaffin, int.Mar.23,1839.

Charles R., shoemaker, and Mary Heyward, d.Aaron, Apr.3,1845.

Heman H. and Miss Roxanna Wakefield, int.Mar.25,1849.


Daniel of Sudbury and Mrs.Sarah F. Law, int.Mar.25,1849.


Esther, Miss, of Londondary, NH, and Sewall Worster, int.June28,1824.


Mary W., Miss, of Framingham, and Cyrus Robbins, int.Aug.29,1834.


Dorcas, Mrs., and Daniel Lock, int.Nov.23,1751.

Joseph and Anna Chamberlin, int.Feb.6,1761.

Benjamin and 末末 Taylor of Concord, int.Aug.6,1770.

Lydia and Ebenezer Woolson, Feb.17,1799.

Joseph Jr. and Sally Adams of Mason, int.July20,1805

Benjamin [int.Lt.] and [int.Mrs.] Betsey Brooks, May21,1809. [Benjamin and Betsey Brooks.CR1]


Susan, Miss, of Charlestown, and Ebenezer Davis Jr., int.Feb.23,1835.


Sarah and Timothy Fletcher, Dec.21,1764.


Eliza W., Miss, of Harvard [int.A.], and John Woodbury, Nov.8,1837, in Harvard.

Mary Ann, d.Wilson, and Albert H. Stacy of Northboro [dup. Springfield], Feb.4,1846.


Abigail of Dunstable and Jude Gilbert, July14,1772.


Maria, Miss, of Stow, and Thomas Cousens, Apr.21,1839.


Mary and George Robbins Jr., Jan.21,1808.

Josiah Jr. and Miss Sally Barnard, Jan.4,1821.

Hepsabeth, Miss, and John Burbick of Orange [int.adds Franklin Co.], Nov.23,1823. [Hepsey and John Berbeck of Orange.CR1]

Nancy, Miss, and Augustus Tower 2d of Stow, int.May4,1826.

Eliza, Miss, and William Wheeler [int.Wheeler], Sept.16,1838. [Wheeler, Sept.30.CR2]

Almira, Miss, and Asa P. Dudley of Concord, int.Oct.6,1839. [m.Nov.3.CR2]

BROOK (Brooks)

Asenath [int.Brooks] and Nathan Wright, Feb.22,1814. [Brooks.CR1]

Betsey and John H. Wheeler, Mar.25,1817.

BROOKS (Brook)

Lydia, see Lydia Proctor.

P., see 末末 Brooks.

David and Betty Buss [int.Elisabeth Bus] of Concord, Nov.13,1740, in Concord.

Daniel and Caroline Prescott, int.Feb.19,1757.

Timothy and Mary Gilbert of Brokfield, int.Dec.17,1757.

David and Elisabeth Brown, int.Dec.2,1758.

Seth and Molly [int.Moley] Conant, Feb.19,1767.

Daniel and Lydia Burrige [dup. and int.Burridge] of Concord, Dec.2,1768, in Concord.

Lois of Littleton and Josiah Gilbert, June30,1772.

Jonas and Esther Piper, Aug.31,1774 [? in Hollis, NH].*

Daniel and Sarah Russel, Mar.31,1778.*

Jonas and Mary White, Mar.4,1779.

Lydia and Simon Hunt, Mar.4,1779.

Jerusha and John Dexter, Nov.16,1779.

Polly and Stephen [int.Stephan] Davis, Jan.29,1792. [Stephen.CR1]

Betsey [int.Betsy] and Joseph Meeds [int.Meed] of Bolten, Apr.26,1792. [Betsey and Joseph Meeds of Bolton.CR1]

Seth Jr. [int.omits Jr.] and Hannah Barrett [int.Barrit] of Concord, July4,1796, in Concord.

Caroline and Augustus [int.Agustus] Emerson, Apr.13,1797. [Augustus.CR1]

Nathan and Elisabeth [int.Elizebeth] Wright, Oct.22,1797. [Elisabeth.CR1]

Paul and Betsey Noyes, June12,1800.

Lydia [int.Lidia] and Eleazer [int.Eleazar] Sartwell, Dec.14,1802. [Lydia and Eleazer Sartwell.CR1]

Charles of Princeton and Anna Bartlet [int.Bartlett], Oct.16,1803. [Bartlett.CR1]

Pallatiah and Eunice Gleason of Worcester, int.May10,1806.

Sally and 末末房torn, Jesse in later handwriting, int.Jesse] Gleason of Worcester, Feb.24,1807. [Jesse of Worcester.CR1]

Paletiah and Miss Elizabeth Baldwin of Jefferey, NH, int.Oct.25,1818.

Thomas of Lincoln and Miss Dorothy Davis, May2,1821.

Nathan and Miss Rebeca Conant, May24,1821. [Rebecca.CR1]

Luke of Stow and Miss Lucy Durant, Apr.9,1822.

Lucy H., Miss, of Lincoln, and Asa White, int.Oct.9,1830.

Sarah, Mrs., and William Cutting, Dec.3,1830. [see 末末 Brooks]

末末 ("Widow P. Brooks") and John Cutting, Dec.3,1830.*CR1

Jerusha [int.adds P.], Miss, and Thomas J. Noyes, Mar.24,1831. [Jerusha P.CR1]

Sarah, Miss, of Lincoln, and Simon Tuttle, int.Sept.15,1833.

Palatiah and Mrs.Susannah Wheeler of Boxboro, int.Mar.21,1841.

Rebecca, Miss, and Joseph A. Smith of Concord, int.Feb.11,1849.


Elisabeth and David Brooks, int.Dec.2,1758.

Charles and Sarah Taylor of Concord, Dec.15,1763, in Concord.

Hannah and Isaac Davis, Oct.24,1764.

Hannah and Samuel Farrar, Nov.15,1764.*

Mary and Samuel Hayward, Dec.20,1764.

Eunice of Concord and James Forbush, int.Oct.25,1775.

Oliver of Concord and Susana Law, Apr.6,1780. [Susanna.CR1]

Joseph and Bettey [int.Betty] Putnam of Stow, Mar.18,1790. [Betsey of Stow.CR1]

Samuel Jr. of Concord and Betsey Tuttle, June5,1800. [Betsy.CR1]

Joseph and Susanna Dodge, both of Concord, Sept.2,1802.*

Releef of Stow and Joseph Houghton, int.June12,1803.

Israel and Releafe Randell, both of Stow, Aug.26,1805.*

Nathaniel G. and Betsey Gibson of Ashby, int.Jan.7,1808.

Howard, and Sally Walcott of Bolton, int.Dec.31,1808.

Fraincis Barker and Miss Dorothy Gibson of Ashby, int.Jan.1,1810.

Amanda, Miss, and Asa Wheeler, May12,1825.

Nathaniel and Miss Eliza Robbins of Mason, NH, int.Oct.11,1834.

Louisa S., Miss, and John Wetherbee Jr. of Boxborough, Jan.1,1835.

William of Concord and Miss Sarah C. Reed, int.Oct.24,1835. [m.Dec.3.CR2]

Mary H. [int.Miss] of Concord and Rufus Holden, Feb.2 [int.Feb.7], 1836, in Concord.

Isaac, Rev., and Miss Harriet Tuttle, int.May3,1839.

Abraham and Miss Lucindia B. Carter of Shirley, int.June4,1842.

Josiah [int.adds W.] and Miss Harriet [int.adds N.] Parker of Westford, Oct.23,1842.

Frances [sic] and Miss Charlotte S. [sic, L.] Jones of Stow, int.Nov.13,1842.

John and Miss Lucy Ann Dunn [int.Dun], Dec.28,1843.

Dolly, Miss, and George R. Taylor of Boston, int.Apr.7,1844.

Henry, farmer, s.Nathaniel G., and Harriet Davis, d.Jonathan B., all, Oct.24,1844.

Theodore L., merchant, of Sudbury, b. Sudbury, and Eliza F. Cole, d.Eliza, wid., Nov.27,1844.

Betsy Ann and Joseph M.D. Johnson, butcher, both of Lowell, Nov.26,1848.*

Sarah W., Miss of Littleton, and Samuel A. Childs, int.Nov.12,1849.


Abel of Fitchburg and Mrs.Sally Tarbell [int.Miss Sally Tarbel], Apr.11,1826. [Mrs.Sally Tarbel.CR1]


Henry and Miss Mary Miles of Concord, int.Jan.19,1840.


Isaac, farmer, b. Mason, NH, and Frances A. Lovejoy [int.Miss Ann F. Lovejoy of Boston], Apr.15,1847.

BURBECK (Burbick)

Thomas and Miss Lucy Anna Heyward of Boxboro, int.Oct.9,1842.

BURBICK (Burbeck)

John of Orange [int.adds Franklin Co.] and Miss Hepsabeth Bright, Nov.23,1823. [Berbeck of Orange and Hepsey Bright.CR1]

BURGES (Burgess, Burgis)

Soloman of Stow and Hannah Davis, Mar.13,1781. [Solomon of Stow.CR1]

Loami of Tingsborough and Sarah Whitney, int.Nov.18,1791.

Mary, Miss, and Benjamin F. Tenny [int.Tenney] of Littleton, Dec.5,1824. [Berges and Benjamin F. Tenny of Littleton.CR1]

BURGESS (Burges, Burgis)

Annice [int.Anness Burges] and David Hosmer of Concord, Mar.14,1799, in Concord.

Hellen A. [int.Miss] of Littleton [int.A] and Henderson Rowell, mechanic,, s.Artemas, Oct.22,1848.

BURGIS (Burges, Burgess)

Hannah [int.Burges] and John Densmore [int.Dunsmoor] Robbins, Apr.29,1802. [Burgis and John Densmore Robbins.CR1]

Ruth [int.Burges] and Ebenezer Lamson, Feb.28,1808. [Burgis.CR1]


Robert, farmer, of Ashby, and [int.Miss] Jerusha Piper, June5,1845.


Lydia [dup. and int.Burridge] of Concord and Daniel Brooks, Dec.2,1768, in Concord.


Lydia, Mrs., of Littleton, and Jonas Handley, int.Apr.12,1849.


Guy S. and [int.Miss] Fanny Fletcher, Sept.4,1828. [Burrows and Fanny Fletcher.CR1]

Zabinc Curtis and Miss Louisa [int.Loisa] Jane Richardson, Sept.20,1829 [? in Littleton].


Betty [int.Elisabeth Bus] of Concord and David Brooks, Nov.13,1740, in Concord.


Miranda, Miss, of Shirley, and Joseph Barker, int.May31,1846.


Daniel and Miss Susanna Goodwin of Boston, int.June21,1818.

Hiram, 29, miller,, s.Nathaniel, and Lucinda J. Wheeler, 24, dress maker, d.Jonathan, Aug.25,1844. [Lucinda Jane.CR2]

Hiram and Miss Mary Ann Palmer, int.Nov.10,1849.


Mary of Concord and Ephraim Forbush, int.Mar.25,1784.

Abial, and Elizeabeth Robbins Gates of Stow, int.May13,1810.

Nabby, Miss, and Joseph Warner, Sept.19,1824. [Buthrik.CR1]

Mary A. and A.L. Coolidge,末蔓末, [? before 1850.*CR2]

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