RAMSDAL (Ramsdell)

Elener of Concord and Eleazer Sartwell, int.Feb.8,1755. [m.Sept.11.CR1]

RAMSDELL (Ramsdal)

Isaac and Abigail Temple, int.Dec.1,1769.

Doratha [int.Dorotha] and William Green of Stow, Sept.8,1802.


Louisa, Miss, of Stow, and Cyrus Putnam, int.Aug.26,1826.

Sarah H., Miss, of Keene, NH, and Rev. Horace Richardson, int.Dec.6,1846.

George W. [W. written in pencil], carpenter, and M. [M. written in pencil] Augusta [int.Miss Mary A.] Sprague, Aug.4,1847.

RANDALL (Randell)

Lois (Randlal) [int.Randall] of Stow and Stephen [int.Stephan] Farr, Mar.1,1764.

Betsey [int.Elisebeth Randal] of Stowe and Simeon Hayward, Oct.30,1792, in Stowe.

RANDELL (Randall)

Releafe and Israel Brown, both of Stow, Aug.26,1805.*

Susannah, Miss, of Stow, and John Fletcher 3d, int.Feb.7,1841.

RAYMAND (Raymond)

Samuel of Lexington and Mary Piper, int.Sept.24,1757.

Mary and James Dudley [int.Concord], Apr.1 [int.Apr.8, dup. Apr.1], 1763, in Concord.

John of Winchendon and Mary Davies, Dec.10,1812.

Nathan [int.Raymon] of Boxborough and Betsey Cobbleigh [int.Cobleigh], Nov.16,1815. [Raymond of Boxborough and Betsey Cobleigh.CR1]

Nathan [int.Raymond] of Boxborough and Miss [int.Mrs.] Hannah Baulding, Jan.16,1834.

Ann B., Miss, and Jacob Littlefield, both of Boxborough, June10,1838, in Boxborough.*

Nancy, Miss, of Littleton, and Joseph Esterbrook, int.Feb.1,1846.

READ (Reed)

Mary and Mark White, int.Sept.17,1757.

REED (Read)

Nabby, see Abigail.

William [int.Read] of Marlboro and Sarah Wood, May28,1740, in Concord.

Thomas and Ame Parkhurst, both of Harvard, Dec.4,1791.*

Elisabeth of Bedford and Moses Dunsmore of Washington, Feb.13,1794.*

Betsey [int.Reed written after Wheeler crossed out], Miss, of Littleton, and Thomas Kendall [int.Kendal], Feb.18,1794, in Littleton.

Abigail [int.Nabby] and John Lawrence Jr. [int.Lawrance, omits Jr.] of Concord, Nov.24,1796. [Abigail and John Lawrence Jr. of Concord.CR1]

Ruthy [int.Ruthey] and Daniel Hayward Piper, Apr.12,1798. [Ruthy.CR1]

Sybil [int.Sybil] and Joseph Harris, Mar.17,1799. [Sybil.CR1]

Hannah and Thedore Wheeler, Apr.7,1803.

Thankfull and Jacob Davis of Concord, Nov.8,180[bound in, int.Oct.16,1803].

William Jr. and Mary Wheeler, Feb.21,1804.

Anna of Westford and Asaph Chaffin, int.Mar.15,1805.

Huldah, "risidence in Acton," and Isaac King, int.Mar.10,1807.

William 3d and Lucy Chaffin, June11,1812.

Theodore, Lt. [int.omits Lt.], and Hannah Barnard, Dec.14,1815. [Theodore.CR1]

Barnard and [int.Miss] Mary Handley, Apr.18,1819.

Jacob, residing in A., and Miss Raichel Durent of Carlisi, int.Oct.16,1819.

Nancy, Miss, and John Wilson of Carlisle, int.Dec.31,1823.

Avery of Westford and Miss Charlott [int.Charlotte] Faulkner, May17,1825. [Avary of Westford and Charlotte Faulkner.CR1]

Rufus and Miss Eliza Smith, int.June19,1825.

William 4th and Miss Anna Gleason of E. Sudbury, int.Mar.6,1826.

Mary and Samuel Whitcomb, both of Littleton, Nov.30,1826,*CR1

Mary Ann, Miss, and William Kendell [int.Kendall] of Littleton, Nov.27,1827. [Kendal of Littleton.CR1]

Hannah, Miss, of Littleton, and James Fletcher, int.Sept.22,1828.

Sarah C., Miss, and William Brown of Concord, int.Oct.24,1835. [m.Dec.3.CR2]

Andrew J. and Miss Rhoda M.F. Holden of Shirley, int.Feb.15,1840.

Mary, Miss, and Jessee [int.Jesse] Despo, Sept.11,1842. [Jesse Despeau.CR2]

Harriet, Miss, and Calvin Harris of W. Cambridge, Feb.26,1843 [Miss Harriot, removed to W. Cambridge, Mar.末.CR2]

Charlotte, Miss, and Marshall Blanchard of Boxboro, int.Mar.24,1844.

Isaac and Miss Sarah J. Hill of Billerica, int.Jan.25,1846 [6 written over 5].

Joseph, farmer, s.William 2d, and [int.Miss] Lucetta M. Avary [int.Avara], Apr.21,1846. [Lucetta Mary Avery.PR11]

Hannah M. [int.Miss.] and Thomas S. Russell, Nov.25,1849.


Betsey, see Polly.

Polly [int.Betsey] and Aaron Faulkner, July25,1796. [Polly.CR1]

Allen and Ruth Wheeler, Jan.26,1808.

Edward and Betsy Hammond, Apr.13,1809,*PR7

Moses, Lt., and [int.Mrs.] Miriam Merian [int.Meriam] of Concord, Sept.22,1816.

Ann [int.Miss Ann H.] and Elisha S. Thomson of Springfield, VT, Jan.11,1829. [Ann H. Richerson and Elisha S. Tompson of Springfield, VT.CR2]

Louisa [int.Loisa] Jane, Miss, and Zabine Curtis Burroughs, Sept.20,1829 [? in Littleton].

Charles F. and Miss Mary Davis, Nov.29,1839.

Ruth, Miss, and John G. Jaquith, Sept.11 [dup. Sept.18], 1842. [Ruth W. and Charles Jaquith,末蔓末,1841.CR2]

Charles and Miss Rebecca Evans of Lowell, int.June30,1844.

Horace, Rev., and Miss Sarah H. Rand of Keene, NH, int.Dec.6,1846.

Harriet W., d.Allen and Albert Palmer, mechanic, of Lowell, s.末末 of Thedford, VT, July19,1848.*


Elizabeth, see Elisabeth.

Elizabeth M., see Elisabeth M.

Lucy, d.John and Sally, and Rev. Winthrop F. Wheeler,末蔓末, 末末.*PR3

Nathan, "first of name to settle in Acton in 1669," and Dorethy Barker,末蔓末, 末末.*PR3

Jonas of Chelmsford and Mary Heald, May24,1738, in Concord.

Jacob of Wesford and Lydia Heald, int.Nov.25,1749.

Joseph and Ruth Bacon of Bedford, Apr.18,1751, in Bedford.[Joseph, s.Nathan and Dorethy Barker.PR3]

John of Wesford and Sarah Davis, int.May4,1751.

Elisabeth and Hugh Foster, int.Apr.20,1757.

Susannah [int.of Chelmsford] and Israel Heald, Dec.30,1760, in Chelmsford.

Esther of Littleton and David Keyes, int.Jan.24,1761.

Joseph of Gt. Barrington and Mary Robbins, int.Aug.24,1765.

Mary and Joseph Robbins of Gt. Barrington, int.Aug.24,1765.

John and Sarah Blanshard, int.Mar.26,1774.

Joseph and Eliazabeth Moore [int.Elizebeth More] of Sudbury, Jan.16,1775, in Sudbury.

Joseph and Rebecca Dansmore of Luningbourgh, int.Dec.10,1777.

Robert and Mary Chever [Cheever written in pencil above Chever] of Concord, Dec.29,1785. [Cheever of Concord.CR1]

Elisabeth M. [M. written in pencil, int.omits M.] and Elisha Gates [int.Gatts] of Stow, Aug.21,1791. [Elisabeth More Robbins and Elisha Gates of Stow.CR1]

John and Sally Jones, Dec.15,1791. [John, s.Joseph (s.Nathan), Dec.29,1790.PR3]

Rebecca and Joseph Spaulding of Dunstable, int.Nov.8,1795.

Tilly [int.Tille] and Molly Fletcher, June4,1799. [Tilly.CR1]

John Densmore [int.Dunsmoor] and Hannah Burgis [int.Burges], Apr.29,1802. [John Densmore Robbins and Hannah Burgis.CR1]

Joseph and Eunice Parlin, June12,1803.

John of Mason and Nancy Chaffin, Feb.7,1804.

Lucy and Richard Clark, resident in Lincoln, Apr.14,1805.

Joseph (末eph) [Joseph written in pencil in later hand int.Joseph] of Winchendon and Sally Cutting, Oct.6,1805. [Joseph of Winchendon.CR1]

Benaiah (墨aiah) [Benaiah in later handwriting, int.Benajah] and Mary Gilbert, Aug.15,1807. [Benaiah.CR1]

Dolly and Moses Hayward, Jan.14,1808.

George Jr. and Mary Bright, Jan.21,1808.

George Washington and Rebecca [int.Rebeckah] Robbins, Feb.2,1809. [Rebecca.CR1]

Rebecca [int.Rebeckah] and George Washington Robbins, Feb.2,1809. [Rebecca.CR1]

John 4th of Carlisle and Anna Davies, May10,1810. [Davis.CR1]

Ebenezer and Lydia Proctor [int.Procter], Jan.23,1812. [Proctor.CR1]

Polley [int.Polly] and Capt. Amos Sarjent [int.Serjant] of Stow, Dec.14,1815. [Polly and Capt. Amos Sargent of Stow.CR1]

Abel and [int.Miss] Mary Chamberlain, Aug.20,1818.

Louisa [int.Miss] and James Fletcher, Mar.11,1819.

Sukey, Miss, and Abel Forbush [int.Furbush], Sept.3,1820. [Furbush.CR1]

Joseph and Miss Charlotte [int.Mrs.Charlot] Parker, Jan.23,1823. [Charlotte.CR1]

Mary, Miss, and Gaius W. Allen, Apr.1,1827.

Tilly, 2d, and Miss Joanna H. Noyes, Dec.11,1827.

Luke Jones and Catharine Josephine Wilson, Aug.8,1829, in New Orleans,*PR3

Benjamin and Miss Harriet [int.Harriot] Haynes, Apr.10,1830.

Emeline A., Miss, and James B. Steward of Sudbury, July4,1831, in Sudbury.*

Elizabeth H., Miss, of Ashburnham, and Ebenezer Barker 2d, int.Aug.17,1831.

Mary Ann, Miss, and Joshua Page of Bedford, int.Mar.24,1832.

Elbridge and Miss Charlott [int.Charlotte] White, Jan.16,1833 [? in Concord]. [Charlotte.PR3]

Lucy, Miss, and Ivory [int.Ivery] Keyes, May14,1833.

Hannah, Miss, and Perez Hill of Saco, ME, May19,1833.

Luther E. and Miss Emerline Augusta [int.Agusta] Smith of Stow, June30,1833.

Francis and Miss Nancy Spofford of Temple, NH, int.Aug.18,1833.

Cyrus and Miss Mary W. Boyinton of Framingham, Aug.29,1834.

Eliza, Miss, of Mason, NH, and Nathaniel Brown, int.Oct.11,1834.

Lydia, Miss, and James Keyes [int.Lexington], Nov.11,1834. [James 2d, removed to Lexington.CR2]

Mary, Miss, and Luke Smith, int.July19,1835.

Charlotte [int.Miss] and George Tarbell, Mar.24,1836.

Nehemiah B. of Littleton and Miss Mary Whitcomb of Harvard, Oct.6,1836, in Harvard.*

John D. and Miss Lucy Ann Wetherbee of Boston, int.Nov.21,1839.

Nancy B., Miss, and Cyrus Law of Littleton, May2,1841.

Lucy J., 17, d.Lucinda, and William R. Shattuck, 23, trader, s.William and Elizebeth, Sept.20,1846.

Lois, 25, d.Abel and Mary, and John Grimes, 30, farmer, s.Thomas and Margaret, Nov.22,1846.

Sally, 23, d.Abel and Mary, and Daniel L. Veazey [zey in later handwriting over erasure], 30, stonecutter, s.Daniel (Veasy) and Eliza, Feb.24,1847.*

Elbridge and Mary Elizabeth Hapgood, June6,1849,*PR3

ROBERSON (Robinson)

Sally B. of Stow and Loring Barnard, int.July12,1823

ROBINSON (Roberson)

Jesse of Lexington and Rebecca Tidd, Nov.21,1793, in Lexington.

Charles of Bedford and Miss Sophia Billings, Sept.3[3 written over 5], 1840, [Robertson of Bedford.CR2]


Foster and Patty Faulkner, [both of Acton in later handwriting], May26,1785. [This entry crossed out.] [CR1]

Abigail of Concord and Ephraim Forbush, int.Mar.6,1806.

Mary, Miss, and Benjamin Ball of Concord, Mar.21,1822.

Phebe E., Miss, of Boston, and Aaron Wheeler, int.Mar.29,1846.

Lucy W., Miss, of Newbury, and Lucas B. Gilman, int.Oct.9,1849.


Lewis Jr. and Miss Sophia M. Potter of Concord, int.Mar.15,1840.

John P., shoemaker, s.Lewis, and Marion W. Handley, d.Eleazer S., Nov.12,1844.

Hannah, d.Lewis, and Eli Litchfield, farmer, s.末末 of Littleton, Apr.8,1845.


Mary, Miss, and Jotham Horton, int.June4,1848.

Henderson, mechanic, s.Artemas, and [int.Miss] Hellen A. Burgess of Littleton, Oct.22,1848.

Leander, s.Artemas, and Susan M. Fuller, d.Alden, Dec.20,1849.*

RUGGELS (Ruggles)

Elisabeth and William Cutting, Nov.13,1777.* [Ruggles and William Cutting Jr.CR1]

RUGGLES (Ruggels)

John of Boston and Elisabeth Fletcher, int.June9,1737.

RUSSEL (Russell, Russill)

Abigail and Zakeriah 末末肪lote of Wesford, int.Jan.3,1761.

James and Lydia Potter, both of Concord, Dec.15,1764.*

Amos and Love Adams, int.June22,1774.

Sarah and Daniel Brooks, Mar.31,1778.*

RUSSELL (Russel, Russill)

Betsy [int.Betsey Russel] of Bolton and Nathan Lampson [int.Lamson], Feb.11,1795, in Bolton.

Jason and Miss Elizabeth Thorp, both of W. Cambridge, Apr.10,1809.*

Josiah of E. Sudbury and Miss Nancy Hosmer, int.Aug.15,1819.

George W. of Amherst and Miss Susan M. Faulkner, Jan.1,1835. [Miss Susan Maria.CR2]

Mary, Miss, and Levi Chamberlain, int.Nov.28,1841.

Eli B. and Miss Maria R. Garfield of Waltham, int.Feb.16,1845.

Thomas S. and [int.Miss] Hannah M. Reed, Nov.25,1849.

G.W. and Catherine E. Smith, 末末,* "Dis.Dec.2,1849 to Dorchester,"CR2

RUSSILL (Russel, Russell)

Micajah Jr. and Miss Hannah Graves, both of Lynn, July22,1838, in Lynn.*

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