Wyman V., 26, b. Carthage, ME, of Cambridge, s.Simon and Artemas [sic] of Carthage, ME, and Susan F. Wilson, May11,1848.*


Abram D. of Medford, and Maria M. Wood, Sept.13,1840.*


Samuel B., 25, b. Newburyport, of Newburyport, s.Joseph and Sarah B. of Newburyport, and Lydia M. Teel, Jan.27,1847.*


Horace W. of Leominster, and Charlotte A. Leach, Feb.29,1840.


Elizabeth C., 25, d.William and Rhoda of Woburn, and Sherman Converse, Feb.19,1847.*


Emma P. and Caleb Richardson Jr., Jan.1,1845.


Ammi C. and Sarah Cutter, Sept.11,1814.

Eliza of Charlestown, and Henry Wellington, Sept.19,1819.

Emeline, b. Somerville, of Somerville, and James Schouler, May3,1848*

George S., b. Cambridge, of Boston, s.Ammi C. of Cambridge, and Rebecca J. Hill, Oct.3,1844.

Gershom of Medford, and Susanna Adams, Oct.3,1776.*PR

Jonathan of Medford, and Lydia Cutter, Apr.7,1776.*PR

Jonathan W. of Charlestoun, and Emeline Leonard, Apr.13,1836*

Jonathan of Cambridge, and Martha A.P. Cottle, Dec.11,1845.*

Joseph of Charlestown [int.Charlestoun], and Mary Locke Frost, Mar.23,1823.

Keziah of Charlestown, and William A. Russell, June16,1811.*

Louisa L., 18, d.Joseph and Mary, and William H. Whittemore, Sept.21,1845.

Lydia M., 20, d.Thomas H. and Lydia, and Samuel B. Tappan, Jan.27,1847.*

Mary of Charlestown, and William Frost, Feb.21,1811.*

Mary of Charlestown, and James Frost, Jan.2,1814.*

Mary E., 21, d.James and Mary, and John W. Lawrence, Oct.22,1845.

Rachel of Charlstown, and William Dickson Jr., Dec.8,1753.*PR

Samuel of Medford, and Jane Dickson, Apr.3,1755.*PR

Samuel P. of Charlestown, and Eunice Swan [in pencil], Nov.26,1812.

Sarah C. of Cambridge, and Stephen C. Hanscome [int.Hanscom], Aug.20,1843.

Thomas H. and Lydia Russell, Aug.25,1814.

Thomas of Charlestoun [int.Charlestown], and Susan Frost, Mar.24,1822.


Peter of Attleborough, and Sarah A. Esbrook, May6,1849.*


Francis of Charlestown, and Susanna Hill, July11,1771.*PR

THOMPSON (Thomson)

Abijah 3d, 20, b. Woburn, of Woburn, s.Benjamin F. and Hannah, and Maria S. Swan, Apr.27,1848.*

Eliza W., 22, and John Locke, May20,1847.*

THOMSON (Thompson)

Unice of Cambridge, and Richard Hunnewell, June20,1764.*PR


Cyrus and Sussanna White, int.Oct.28,1821.

THORP (Thorpe)

Elizabeth and Jason Russell, int.Mar.4,1809.

Sabina [int.Sabrina Thorpe] and William Stuart [int.Stewart],末蔓末, 末末 [int.Oct.29,1809].

THORPE (Thorp)

Mary W. and Jonas C. Nickerson, int.Aug.27,1843.

Sarah Elizabeth and Jefferson Cutter, int.Jan.19,1840.

Thomas E. and Eliza Frost, Apr.28,1842.


Ann of Lancaster, and Stephen Bates, int.Dec.20,1807.


Columbia and Mary Shepardson, Sept.28,1841.*


Mary J. and Stephen K. Blaney, int.July17,1842.


Elizabeth of Hancock, NH, and Nathaniel Down, int.May14,1825.

William Jr. "late of Boston," and Mary Miles, Apr.7,1776.*PR


Betsy, wid., 45, of Woburn, and Levi Towne, Dec.5,1847.*

Levi, widr., 38, of Woburn, s.Simeon (Town) and Olive of Woburn, and Betsy Towne, Dec.5,1847.*


Hannah C. and Amos Prentiss, Sept.23,1813.

Moses C. and Mary C. Cutter, Sept.23,1831.


Anstress B. of Mt. Vernon, NH, and Seth Frost, int.Oct.5,1823.


Abigail of Charlestown, and Joel Tufts Jr., Feb.7,1833.*

Abigail C. and William A. Whittemore, Jan.8,1838.*

Almira and Ichabod Fessenden, May29,1834.

Anna, Mrs., and Benjamin Chamberlain, int.Feb.13,1820.

Caroline of Charlestown, and Gershom Whittemore, int.Oct.24,1824.

Caroline and Michael Ryan, int.Feb.23,1834.

Ebenezer of Medford, and Abigail Cook, Apr.23,1760.*PR

Eliza and Abner Peirce, Nov.2,1826.

Hariot of Charlestown, and James Russell Esq., int.Apr.8,1821.

Isaac of Medford, and Martha Frost, Apr.16,1769.*PR

James C. and Chloe R. Stanley, int.June16,1822.

Joel Jr. of Charlestown, and Abigail Tufts, Feb.7,1833.*

John 2d and Lucy Ann [int.A.] Locke, June8,1833.

Joseph Jr. of Medford, and Hannah Cutter, Mar.21,1754.*PR

Joseph of Medford, and Esther Dickson, Dec.23,1779.*PR

Joseph Esq. of Charlestown, and Helen Whittemore, int.June10,1827.

Lucy of Charlestown, and Gershom Whittemore, Oct.末,1831.

Mary of Medford, and Seth Stone, Aug.6,1776.*PR

Mary of Medford, and John Stone, Apr.13,1780.*PR

Nathan and Mary Adams, June6,1750.*PR

Peter Jr. of Charlstown, and Anna Adams, Apr.19,1750.*PR

Peter 3d of Charlestown, and Hannah Adams, Feb.22,1773.*PR

Rebecca [int.adds C.] and Phillip Bemis Fessenden, Aug.31,1820.

Rebecca, Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.], and James Russell, July13,1833.

Rebecca of Charlestown, and Thomas S. Brackett, Apr.19,1837.*

Samuel 2d of Medford, and Martha Adams, May11,1769.*PR

Sally of Charlestown, and Amos Locke, Oct.21,1813.*

William 4th of Medford, and Susanna Dix, Dec.20,1753.*PR

William and Anna [int.Almira] Cutter, Nov.12,1812.


Sarah of Cambridge, and Samuel Adams, Feb.25,1776.*PR


Silas and Fany Stanely, int.Nov.8,1818.

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